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SLMCLeader/Cabinet Minister Rauff Hakeem asks Govt to Issue “Shoot at Sight”Orders to Enforce Curfew in Violence Affected Areas


Kelum Bandara

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Minister Rauff Hakeem yesterday asked the government to issue ‘shoot at sight’ orders to enforce the police curfew in the affected areas.

Mr. Hakeem told the Daily Mirror there were lapses initially in dealing with the situation, but the incidents could not be solely blamed on the government.

He said there were problems in the preparedness in facing the violence of this scale.

The SLMC leader urged the government to probe the failure on the part of the intelligence authorities to assess the scale of violence in advance and take preemptive measures.

“Definitely, there were issues regarding intelligence services. They failed to assess the scale of violence to be unleashed and give some forewarning. That has to be probed. We were not prepared to face violence in such high scale,” he said.

Also, he said there were some underground movements involved in the violence.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror