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Violence Unleashed Against UNF Supporter by SLPP Supporters After Polls Victory is an Indication of the Mayhem That Would Set in if Podu Jana Peramuna Formed A Govt Points out Cabinet Minister Champika Ranawaka.

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The relevant authorities should intervene to stop acts of post election violence in the country since Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP) supporters have come on to the streets after their victory to destroy cut outs of government party candidates and threaten and even assault people who supported United National Front candidates, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patlai Champika Ranawaka said.

He was addressing a meeting at the residence of United National Front candidates Dharuska Ramanayake who contested the Maharagama UC elections.

Minister Ranawaka asked as to what precedent SLPP supporters were trying to set for the people of the country.

It gave a preview of the mayhem the SLPP and its supporters would set if by chance the SLPP took up reins of government.

“It also proved that the SLPP was trying to reverse the era of law and order and discipline ushered in by the Good Governance government and take the country back to the dark era,” Minister Ranawaka said.

“This was quite in contrast to the two earlier elections held in the country.

Even though there was no Election Commission at the time of the 2015 Presidential election and the General Election, members of the government never allowed their supporters to damage the cut outs of members of the previous regime, including the former President or Minister Basil Rajapaksa or threaten or intimidate their supporters. As such he would request the law enforcement authorities act firmly against persons resorting to post election violence,” Minister Ranawaka said.

“They had already collected information regarding some of these incidents and brought them to the notice of the Elections Commission and other relevant sections,” the Minister added.

Courtesy:Daily News

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