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Hirunika Premachandra will seek justice for her father in Sri Lanka and will not internationalize issue

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Hirunika Premachandra

by A Special Correspondent

The daughter of slain Presidential Trade Union Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra said that she is in possession of vital evidence which could further implicate the chief suspect in the case pertaining to her father’s gruesome murder on October 8 last year.

In an interview with LAKBIMAnEWS she maintained that she will release the details of such evidence to the media only if the case pertaining to her father’s murder would show positive signs of justice being meted out to the aggrieved party.

Procedings slanted towards suspect

She said that she is feeling both despondent and distraught over the manner in which the proceedings relating to the assassination of her father were being conducted. Hirunika Premachandra said that it was patently clear that the ongoing inverstigations concerning the slaying of her father were being deliberately slanted towards the chief suspect in the case – UPFA Colombo district MP and Kolonnawa SLFP chief organizer Duminda Silva, by the police.

“At the moment, I feel despondent and distraught,” she said. “It seems as though this case is now heading in one direction and that is to help the chief suspect who is clearly responsible for the murder of my father.”

Presidential Trade Union Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and two of his bodyguards were shot dead, while controversial UPFA Colombo district MP Duminda Silva suffered critical head injuries during the shooting incident that took place at Kotikawatta, Mulleriyawa on October 8 last year, during the voting for the Local Government polls.

The critically injured and maverick UPFA parliamentarian Duminda Silva who was admitted to the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital was flown to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore at the request of his family.

Premachandra who has been on a crusade to seek justice for her beloved father, prominent SLFP and former SLMP (Sri Lanka Mahajana Party) politician Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra who was slain charged that the CID is acting in cahoots with the chief suspect and his family members. She alleged that the CID from the outset of the case had been working favourably towards the chief suspect, knowing that he is a government MP who is known to have the backing of the top echelons of power.

“Everyone in the country who is aware of the Mulleriyawa shooting incident, know who is backing the chief suspect behind the scenes,” Premachandra stated. “He (chief suspect) has been helped throughout this case by the CID who has been showing one face to the rest of the country while they are inwardly helping to ease the plight of the suspect. “I do not know for sure as to who and who are involved in helping him, but it is clear that there is very strong backing for him by a very powerful person from within the government.”

Seek justice at home

Hirunika Premachandra commented that she was misquoted by certain media establishments recently – attributing certain comments she purportedly had made that she was determined to take to the streets with the public if those responsible for the cold-blooded murder of her father were not brought before the law.

She asserted that she was not the kind of person who would give vent to her feelings on the spur of the moment, but stressed that she would be doing her utmost to seek justice for her assassinated father within Sri Lanka unlike those who are trying to do so outside these shores. “I have no intention of taking my father’s case to the international lobby,” she stressed.

“That would be inviting scorn not only on my family but also getting labelled as a traitor to the motherland. I will fight this case here, and seek justice for my father, and not internationalize it at any stage.”

Asked what course of action she would pursue in the face of waht she sees as continued support allegedly given to the chief suspect with regard to invetigations in the case which saw her father being shot dead, Premachandra opined that she would not rest till those responsible for the brutal murder of her beloved father are punished.

She added that in the face of clear favouritism and backing given by the CID to the main suspect she has lost confidence in the judicial process pertaining to the case.

“I now consider it a futile exercise and even a waste of time having spent all my time trying to become a lawyer given this turn of events in this country,” a clearly despondent Hirunika Premachandra pointed out. “I am expected to take my oaths next year, but now I have to rethink whether an attorney could work according to his or her conscience and seek justice for the aggrieved party given the extreme political pressures the judicial process is subjected to in this country. There has to be a serious rethink about it,” she added

Witch hunt

Premachandra went on to say that certain websites and media establishments were carrying out a scurrilous campaign to tarnish her image in the eyes of the public since the demise of her father by publishing photographs of her participation at a Miss Sri Lanka pageant some time ago.

“Certain bankrupt websites are carrying out a witch hunt against my family after we decided to fight this case against the chief suspect,” she remarked. “They have even vilified my character saying that I am not morally upright. But those who know who I am disregard such malicious statements. I am not ruffled by such stories but my mother and brother abhor such remarks. However, I am determined to fight the case pertaining to my father’s murder to the very end.” courtesy: Lakbima News

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  1. She faces an uphill struggle. I respect her courage.

    It was not just her father that was slained in broad daylight by UPFA thugs, but any hope of any form of Justice in Sri Lanka as well.

    Sri Lankans must unite to protect the integrity of the judiciary against unprecedented political attack by UPFA cronies.

    Today it is Hirunika’s family under siege, tomorrow it will be yours. Hirunika’s struggle is Sri Lanka’s struggle.

  2. Marusira

    I think this applies to everyone who does so, not just one party. Even the powerful govt figure who is behind this.

  3. In supressing the march forward, what happens to the widow being appointed a
    Presidential Consultant and your actions?

  4. Hirunika – I dont think your slain dad was a saint either and with todays politicians – you cannot find a saint as well.

    In here – you are fighting with the regime chief and his brother the all powerful defence sec and Kudu Duminda is nothing but a creation of these brothers at power.

    The odds here for you to fight with them is against and its better to get whatever the regime will give as goodies like the house in summit flats and the govt vehicle your dad got as a presidential advisor and keep quiet other than ending in a white van.

    Another choice is to migrate to Canada where your dads siblings are settled and move on other than fighting a battle against the regime.

    a two cents from a voter in Colombo.

  5. She is a clever young lady and knows how to handle the fire without burning her clothes. One wrong word uttered in the public and the bias media in the country going against her portraying negatively, could be an automatic booking of white van parking near her doorstep.

  6. Helaya I agree with you. See what happened to all mighty Military Commander spending time at his majesty’s residence. But politics is like a drug, and in Sri Lanka, as we all know
    one’s death (especially a violent death) could be a blessing in disguise for a sibling.

    You go girl. Hirunika good luck.
    By the way you look like my daughter who is same age as you.

  7. Has her mother not been appointed as a Co-ordinating Secretary to HE the President recently. There was a meida report saying this. If that is so, is there a split between the mother and the daughter on the issue.

  8. Looks like she doesn’t agree with her mother’s decision. Yes there is a rift between them created by Maharaja!!

  9. Hats off to this youg lady full of fire.

    I agree with Helaya that there are no Saints here.

    However she is fighting for her dad and who are we to vilify her Father.

    Like Marusira said.

    You go girl ! fight the legal way. Lots of people admire your courage.

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