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JVP are ‘Bolsheviks’ using Nationalism as tactic to gain power

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Rohana Wijeweera

by Patali Champika Ranawaka

There is still much debate surrounding the alleged abduction of Premakumar Gunaratnam. It is yet to be established whether he faked his own abduction, or whether he was indeed abducted by members of the security forces.

Nevertheless, Sri Lankan society, especially the Sinhalese community, should re-examine the background behind the formation of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) and the future of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). This is because the same movement launched two uprisings (in 1971 and 1987-89) against the state, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of village youth.

The JVP was established on May 14, 1964, with its leaders claiming that the Chinese Communist Party was not launching a workers’ rebellion in Sri Lanka. The way FSP spokespersons criticise the JVP leader duo of Somavansa – Tilvin today is quite similar to the way Wijeweera and Sanath criticised Shanmugadasan back then. As I pointed out before, theoretically and practically, the JVP is two-faced.

On the surface, they seemed like nationalists as far as theoretical beliefs went. However, in reality, they were Bolsheviks who hated nationalism. Nationalism was simply a tactic they used in their attempt to grab power. Practically, there was a group of JVP leaders who were openly active in politics. They campaigned for the party during elections. However, there was a group inside the party which believed in Bolshevism and an armed wing which operated secretly within the party. For them, elections were simply a strategy of taking their rebellion forward.

Nationalistic slogan

Premakumar Gunaratnam belonged to the group which theoretically believed in Bolshevism and was secretly engaged in politics within the party.

Premakumar’s elder brother was Ranjithan Gunaratnam. He took over the Inter University Students’ Federation from Upali Jayaweera after the JVP was banned in 1983. Ranjithan was fluent in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. Though opposed to him politically, those who held leftists, and rightist views respected him for his dedication and leadership skills.

The 1987-89 uprising was led by his seniors including C. M. Ananda, M. B. Herath, Saman Piyasiri Fernando, Lalith Wijeratne, Ananda Edamegama, Upali Jayaweera, and Shantha Bandara. Wijeweera and Gamanayake’s involvement at organisational level was actually quite small. Wijeweera’s goal was to assemble a military force under the nationalistic slogan ‘Maubima Nethnam Maranaya’ (Motherland or Death) and then launch a Bolshevik rebellion under the slogan ‘Samajavaadaya Nethnam Maranaya’ (Socialism or Death).

The result was that all JVP leaders, except those who were aided by Indian intelligence, were killed, along with countless others who were either with or were against the JVP. I personally will never forgive the JVP leadership for the attempt to launch a Bolshevik revolution while posing as nationalists and using India’s interference in Sri Lanka as a rallying call. The events of 1987-89 and 2004-2007 proved how dangerous it was to dream of fulfilling nationalist needs through the JVP

The problem is that, despite repeated failures and divisions within the party, the JVP still refuses to change its policies. If policies are proved to be incorrect, then those policies should be dropped. New, more practical policies should be adopted in their place. A case in point is the story of the ‘Sandinistas’ of Nicaragua, who rose to power through a revolution in 1979. This revolution was a cause of celebration for the JVP at the time. However, the Sandinistas were later defeated by a combination of covert US political and military involvement, along with attacks launched by US backed ‘Contra’ fighters. This prompted Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega to change his policies.

Instead of strict Marxist policies, he created a liberal form of socialism which suited the national thinking of Nicaraguans. Thereafter, he won two successive elections. Brazil’s Lula Da Silva, who won two successive elections after being defeated three times, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela all adopted similar policies. Both the JVP and FSP need to think along these lines. There is much they can do for this country by changing their line of thinking. They have only brought destruction upon themselves and others through the sacrifices made in the past.

Failure of Marxist model

There were two viewpoints regarding socialism. One was that the sense of the ‘collective’ was a biological need given humans’ biological characteristic of gathering in groups. The other view was that unlike other creatures, as humanity represented a society where culture and intelligent thought was present, the idea of a selfless collective would stand to create a higher society.

Karl Marx, who rejected both these viewpoints, stated a day would come when capitalism would fail to enhance production (The Crisis of Capitalism) collective production was essential. The fall of the Soviet Union, and the successful results subsequently achieved by Russia and China through the implementation of market capitalism and commercial nationalism, have shown the failure of the Marxist model.

However, towards the end of the 20th century, Western environmentalists gave a new interpretation to socialism. The interpretation stated that as modern development was driving human civilisation towards a crisis due to environmental pollution and lack of resources, establishing collective economic units was the way to sustain society. However, I cannot agree with this version of socialism.

If capitalism suppressed man’s human qualities with money, it also has to be said that socialism suppressed man’s creativity. Both the JVP and FSP are presently facing a situation where they’re unable to move forward as they’re unwilling to let go of the burden of Bolshevism that has been passed down from Wijeweera.

Such ‘lost’ movements ultimately become tools of foreign forces. Even if the US launches a sustained diplomatic assault on Sri Lanka from all fronts, the Ranil-Sambandan alliance is still not strong enough to aid the operation from within the country. That is why the US needs the help of the Bolsheviks. courtesy: The Nation.lk

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  1. Is this Champika man for real? Where was he educated? In a monastery during the medieval period? Now that would be an insult to the medieval monastery?

  2. Be it socialism, nationalism, communism et al are the by products of Satanism as it was practised and performed achieving best results in the 19th & 20th century by the followers of Madame H.P.Blavatsky’s many writings. She was the beginning of the world’s worst atrocities committed by mythology “ARYAN” master race concept. Arriosophy was propounded in her book ‘THE SECRET DOCTRINE” which became at a later stage the magical mantra of the Hitler’s Nazism that was responsible for millions death & destruction.

    She was a Buddhist who founded the evil Theosophical Society which has a branch in Sri Lanka which a major center for racist policies that were thrust on the GOSL for implementation on a daily basis for the last 100 years. Anagarika was one such ardent fan of her who is famous for his racist remarks and drivel that is still driving most of the Nationalist who have made murder a simple thing. Mind you Hitler was a strict vegetarian himself who hates animal food but simply loves to kill human beings. So is our nationalists they love Intemidation, rape, descrimination, looting, killing, insulting the dead bodies….etc. Its all their genes. Their symbol of power is the SWASTIKA.

    Well done!! Racists keep on doing your work until the cock comes home to roost!!!!

  3. Beware Champika; of hundred people just one determined Bolsheviks is enough to bring fear and pandemonium to all other 99. And we have seen it all in practice, not once but twice. In addition we have had a continuous separatist war for the last thirty years. So, it is the duty of the government to rout all subversive elements out for we cannot afford to face similar mayhem again.

  4. Mr Champika Ranawaka and the JHU rode to Parliament on the backs of the Racists as they addressed to thevpeople based on the Religion (Buddhism) & Race (Sinhala) besides the Ven Gangodawila Soma Thera’s untimely death…They also were voted in mainly from the Western Province , the strong holds of the so called Traditional Left of the yester years….the JHU have miserably failed to address the issues of the educated unemployed youth of his Country who are wondering in the wilderness and will never be able to muster the support of this segment at any of the future elections as these youth have a much much broader view of the social problems that the through the spectacles of Mr Ranawake and the JHU cannot see anymore…if not they would have whole heartedly supported the JHU that need not have confined only to the Western Province….. The future politics of this Country unless otherwise suppressed by this Government surviving only on racism will take a radical path …..certainly away from Racism….obviously by realizing the end times is near ..the JHU and Mr Champika Ranawaka has gone mad …the article clearly display his crazy mind… because he suddenly have come to the conclusion that the JVP & perhaps the new Party FSP would come into power on the same theory that the JHU came into power who commands a broader voter base……. Anyway it is matter of time.

  5. “….In 1919, the Society spawned the German Workers Party. Starting later that year, Dietrich Eckart, a member of the inner circle of the Thule Society, initiated Hitler into the Society and began to train him in its methods for harnessing vril to create a race of ARYAN supermen. Hitler had been mystic-minded from his youth, when he had studied the Occult and THEOSOPHY in Vienna. Later, Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf to Eckart. In 1920, Hitler became the head of the German Workers Party, now renamed the National Socialist German Worker (Nazi) Party.”

    Read full article:

    See how Tibetan Buddhism became a part of the Nazi grand plan. Still, Maithreya never appeared to save the Aryans…according to Blavatsky+Tibetan phylosophy. Anagarika embraced the whole crap of Arayan and injected the poison to his followers and the future generations of the Nationalists to continue the murder & killings which is still going on SUCCESSFULLY.

  6. This man is a total waste – just came into politics by making the death of Ve, Soma with a clever manipulating and now talk about JVP and other natinaalists.

    What has happened to the Urumaya after clinging into the Satakaya of the corrupt to the core Rajapakshas.

  7. Hetti Archie says:

    “Where was he educated? In a monastery during the medieval period? ”

    Definitely in Sri Lanka either by a Sinhalese or a Tamil.

    You should know better. In medieval period there were men of intellectual substance who were well versed in 6 languages. During Parakmabahu VI reign fluency in six languages was considered to a desirable accomplishment.

    Galaturumula fraternity of 13th or 14th century was the first person to be referred to by the title Sadbhasa Paramesvara, the lord of six languages.

    Nannurutun Minisannas a Tamil prince composed the Sinhala lexicon Namavaliya.

    The author of Kokila Sandesa was proud of his ability to preach in both Sinhala and Tamil.

    I can give you many incidents in which intellectual development was actively pursued by many unlike at this present Sinhala/Buddhist Mahinda Yuga. However my intention is not to defend brutality of medieval or modern era.

  8. See, Henry Steele Olcott was an occultists until his death. He’s the one who along with Blavatsky formulated the plans to plant the seed of evil “Buddhist revivalism”…What do you mean by revivalism….Just take look at Anagarika Dharmapala (His name Dharma is quite opposite to its meaning at large) hate speeches against the CHRISTIANS, MOSLEMS & HINDUS…. He’s the prime motivator of the hate campaign which is still going on in the country.

    Olcott conceptualised the Buddhist flag during his tenure in the revivalism. See how cleverly he avoided the color GREEN…. That is the hate he had against the Moslems. The bo tree has green leaves…So, how come in his world of colours the GREEN became a MOSLEM color and he avoided using it????? He’s satanist. He has his ways.

    He established Ananda College. Its the masterpiece of Racism. It is one of the prime buddhist school that provided the Mass murderers to the nation. Half of the Sri Lankan forces is composed of Anandians. That’s how the satanism works. When it is touched by the satan. What comes out of it all will be evil.

    Even in 1983, we saw Ananda school boys attacking Tamil business places and doing the lootings. Evil outcome from the evil beginning. Thank you Olcott for showing us how bad a human being could be driven into evil thoughts and action.

    READ ABOUT: Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire

    Alice Bailey & Master Djwhal Khul: A Satanic Communion

    The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great Work

  9. Why is a minister in the government sending out these ludicrous messages.We are Sri Lankans.We know about the uprising of the JVP,we have seen the slaughter of the singhala youth.
    Rani and Sanbanthan Operation to aid the operatio within ,about ‘lost movements’ and sustained US diplomatic assault on all fronts which will not win if they do not have the support of the ‘Bolsheviks within’.

    WO !- Champika you are indeed a rascist.

    well,nothing new in Sri Lanka.
    This has been a systematic operation within dear mother Lanka

    Muslim Mospues burnt down as we speak.
    Tamils being systematically taken out.raped,murdered,homes looted as we speak.
    Estate Loborers attacked and all goods looted by singhala thugs who came down from the villages
    into the estates – as we speak.

  10. Ravanas

    wait for the game to start in one year

    (a) West and India will bring Economic sanctions

    (b) Most of the countries in Humanrights council will vote for impartial Investigations in Lanka over War crimes

    (c) Russia will never give up its friendship with India for tiny Ravana Land .
    China may not be with you in a long run. You beggers have become a pain in the ass for every one
    Since India proved its nuclear abilties China will not even think of helping Ravanas in the near future
    Paki , Thaliban will be the best friends for Ravanas in a long term

    (d) Most likly Amma ( Madam Jeyalalitha) will form 3rd party which will rule India
    What are u going to do ?

  11. Hello Mr.Power minister,

    There is no different between JVP and JHU or any other racist partys using Nationalism as tactic to gain power. when Sarath Fonseka signed agrement
    with TNA to resolve some national issues how your alliance UPFA misrepresented
    in south,not a tactic to gain power?

    Do you think Srilanka Nationalism is only Sinhala Ultra Nationalism?
    Not share the power,wealth,history with other Natives of Lanka? or respect their
    human rights and political rights to empower their social and cultural life within

    Truth is when you are speaking about “Nationalism” you are hiding your
    ‘Nazi Sinhala Buddhist’ face under ‘Srilankan’ identity but your every
    actions are harming other Srilankan society and bring disaster to the whole island.

    I can prove your misconception and misunderstanding about Srilankan Native Tamils
    by showcasing this video that clearly explain your corrupt ideology aginst Native Tamils.


    National anti-war Front? or you(JHU)advocate ethnic cleansing and the war that killed over 40,000 Native Tamils and put them in the open prision?, which one
    considered as Srilankan Nationalism??

    Mr. Power minister, If you keep all the power with you and refusing to share with people,Country will be in ‘Dark’,you will expereince ‘Shocks’.It is same case in sharing Political Power with Native Tamils.I hope you will think and correct your
    path and educate your colleagues.

  12. Hey Baratha,

    deram on mate, this is an interlectual war between your “baratha” and ravana’s land…. History repeats, we will split your baratha with USA in another 5 years, then you will go to your much deserved bottom place of the asian poor countries once agin.

    Just 5 years… You mutt, most of the SL leaders and USA agents, just wait and see.

  13. Dear DBS,

    Althouh I’m not agree with your comments over Sri lankan war and terrorists issue, I’m really thankful to you for your balance reporting. By refrainig racism, you have built trust even among the Sinhalese as a real journalist.

    Dr. Bharath,

    A person who self appointed him self as a Doctor, at least should learn how to comment as a doctor and should not behave like a racist monkey. By reading your comments I really doubt which kind of doctorate you have obtained and who granted you this. I don’t know about India but in Sri lanka, people like you will never qualified even for a Bus conDOCTOR job.

    Bolshevik, Socialist, democratic, liberal or any other system in Sri lanka proves how rich we are in politicaly. The choice depend on the people of Sri lnaka. All above systems should practise while eliminating racists, separatists and terrorists from the country.

  14. Anti racism- you seem to go off on a tangent and not really comment on the authors article. Maybe you should consider writing one yourself expanding on your topic.

    Having said that it is important more people know of the so so called renaissance in eASTERN THOUGHT brought about by the Theosophy/ Madame Blavatsky and its connection to totalitarianism. As you correctly point out she had racial superioty complex and a sympathiser to Nazi ideolgy. She brough her warped understanding to South ASia and reinterperted it incorrectly on local systems and created division. The current Aryan/ Dravidian discourse developed in colonial/post colonial times can be directly attributed to her and its implications are played out to this day.
    These aspects need to be widely known in SOuth Asia.

    Having said that I am also suspicious of your arguements since you say theopsphy etc is the work of the ‘satan”. There is no satan apart from in the warped minds of some Jedeeo/Islamic and Christian supremicists. It seems you seem to find fault with Theosophy etc( quite rightly) to further your own warped ieology of “satan/absolute evil’ and present yourself as the sole purveyor of truth- the parochial interpretation which claims Christianity as the sole purveyor of truth

  15. Hay Ranawaka,

    In 1980’s I can still remember how you supplied tons of Marxist ideas to the innocent youth in Horana Bus Stand. Later you joint Jathika Chinthakaya to pool another set of youth. Now being a minister by clinging to to a most corrupted Jarapakshe government you keep telling JVP are Marxists. When you stop spreading BS? If JVP is racists what about your JHU? What JHU stands for?

  16. I can now see why S.L.Gunasekara left the singhala urumaya because of the intolerent singhala buddhists with the mahavansa mindset.

  17. Its obvious that most of these comments are from Tamil people living overseas. They see the color RED when they come across the name of Champika Ranawaka, who has been identified by the Tamil journalists as a ultra-nationalist and a Sinhala racist.
    Most comments are a reaction to this perception they have of Champika and not to what he was saying.

    Its a display of how the Tamil media has succeeded in brainwashing the Tamil population – especially the so called diaspora, among whom are thousands of young people who have been born overseas and never visited Sri Lanka!

    The Tamil racist media has succeeded in creating black and white individuals – Mahinda Rajapkse, Champika Ranawaka, Wimal Weerawanse, etc are extremist Sinhala racists. Ranil Wickremesinghe is moderate; what the TNA and pro-LTTE politicians and paid western agents such as P Saravanamuttu say is the Gospel Truth. Not only politicians, even media personalities and some civil society activists are branded as anti Tamil Sinhala racist, if they identify the LTTE as a terrorist organization.

    Its time the Tamil media gave a true picture about the ground situation in the country – especially in the North and East. Does the majority of the Tamil people living in those areas crave for a separate state or Eelam? In what ways are they discriminated in comparison to their Sinhala counterparts?

    There will never be true peace and reconciliation until the Tamil media becomes more moderate and face reality and look at issues from a Sri Lankan perspective, without brain washing the Tamil community with anti Sinhala, racist ideology.

  18. Champila says “The fall of the Soviet Union, and the successful results subsequently achieved by Russia and China through the implementation of market capitalism and commercial nationalism, have shown the failure of the Marxist model.” In response it must be said the “Marxist model” as really envisaged by Karl Marx was not practised in Russia or China under the dictatorial rule of Stalin and Mao. They practised their own perverted version of Marxism. Marxism disowns Nationalism of any sort. So a truly Marxist party cannot promote or live on the slogan of Nationalism and, in the context of the Multi-ethnic and Multi-Religious structure of Sri Lanka, even if it does it will not be accepted as a party of all divides and end up in failure as it happened to the old JVP. The new FSP has to realise this. In an un-official discussion with a few members of the FSP in the UK I mentioned this to them and they were receptive. Despite the divisive opinion fed to the majority Sinhala people in Sri Lanka developments after the war indicate that the new Sinhala generation is beginning to understand that the slogan of Sinhala Nationalism within a section of the Sri Lanka polity, like the JHU< NFF, etc. are not in the best interests of the Sinhala community. In that context if the FSP could gear-up to act according to this development it could, for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, truly become a party of all the peoples of Sri Lanka. Particularly it could even embrace the most religious conscious Muslims who are now being subjected to various harassments by the Sinhala-Buddhist extreme elements who are backed by the Govt. Such a change would be necessary if Sri Lanka is to mover forward as a united, peaceful and stable nation.

  19. @ANBU:
    Anti racism- you seem to go off on a tangent and not really comment on the authors article. Maybe you should consider writing one yourself expanding on your topic.

    Yes, Anbu. I wanted to take the topic off-the main hook. Because, one must do a research on these barbarians (Sinhala Nationalists) are still successful in getting Impunity status in this 20th century after so many murders????? What is the origin of their hate???? You try to trace the pathway along the line in will end up near OLCOTT/Blavatsky occultism. And there was this Racist still venerated in the Buddhist temples as a reborn Buddha – Anagarika Darmapala. The one guy who is responsible for the deaths of so many people due to his hate speeches and its circulation among the 90% of the Buddhists turning them into monstrous kind of evil beings waiting for a slight provocation (or mostly Auto Provocation) into go on a killing & destruction spree.

    You know about the recent incident involving the Mosque at Dambulla I suppose. Did you hear the Chief Monk(ey) speaking to the crowd wiith hurling insults on the Moslems and their religion Islam…and the thugs heckling???Like what you saw in the Killing Fields…? This is their nature and the culture. You can’t expect decency or any civilised mannerism from them. That’s why they’re called the Sinhala Buddhist Nationalists. They’re the only State sponsored Terrorists still carrying on the 1940’s Nazi idealism of ARYAN SUPREMACY without any hindrance until the Geneva and beyond.

    Did you see how the GOSL reacted in a cool manner with no arrest and no condemnation. Inspite of all the foolish Arabs and the Islamic Organisation who supported this lot of barbarians from accountability. Sri Lanka is not an inncoent small country. If you study the history of harassment they’re causing to the minorities, the world will be shocked to see how these guys have fooled the entire world into believing their Buddhism crap with Maithreya, Karuna & Muditha….blah…blah. Next month the barbarians will gleefully watch the blinking bulbs on Vesak to start the murder again after the events.

    They fear none. Until, the oppressed unite and ask for justice in one single voice from the WORLD.

  20. Sunny 197,
    Al jazeera, Channel 4 and BBC not the Tamil Media to brainwashing the Tamil population,whatever Champika saying is rubbish.Mightbe Sinhala Media doing this job
    for racist ideas among poor sinhalese.

    He has no moral to write about’JVP are ‘Bolsheviks’ using Nationalism as tactic to gain power’ then somavansa also can write ‘JHU are ‘nazis’ using Nationalism as tactic to gain power’.

    We have to warn all not to listen both hypocratics but have to adress genuine Grievances of the people.

    Here is the very recent one for your question- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17816285

  21. Native Vedda

    My dear forefather, you must forget our Dravidian origin like mythical sinhala buddhist forget Ravanas Hindu Kingdom well established within four corners of the island before buddhism and Sinhala Language.

    Veddar/Veduvar Dravidian-Tamil word connection with Tamil God ‘Murugan-Valli’ marriage (‘Kathirgama Theiyo’) We all start to live in the empty island
    from BC 35,000 years are ‘Natives of Lanka’ and Veddas,Tamils,Sinhalese all same origin; moreover,Genetically Dravidian.( I will prove another time with detail evidence, until that please do not lost in the jungle)

  22. Native Tamil

    I sometimes wonder why Sinhalese and Tamils have been and are trying to outsmart each other to win the race for stupidity.

    Just like your Sinhalese brothers and sisters your people in Sri Lanka too have identity crisis.

    According to Dendrogram my people remained further away from the rest of the groups compared in the study;

    1. The Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils, Indian Tamils and South Indian Muslims formed one cluster.

    2. The Gujaratis, Punjabis, and West Indian Muslims formed another cluster.

    3. The Bengalis formed a third group distinct from the above two but unrelated to the populations of the Middle East and Europe.

    4. The Veddas remained further away as a genetically isolated group.

    Kshatriya G K 1995

    – Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka by Dr Siva Thiagarajah

    So why do the stupid Tamils and stupid Sinhalese very often make the false claim of being closely related to my people?

    Isn’t it about the land and inheritance rights of the land in my ancestral island?

    Please note neither Sinhalese nor Tamils have the right to ownership of the land. Land belongs to the future generations, not to the present generation. You are occupying the land on renewable lease and please get the idea that it is not freehold real estate.

    Lets us have some hard evidence to support your sweeping claim.

  23. your political party too responsible for creating unrest situation in the country.you must stop monk doing politics as sooner not later.this is wrong which section of Buddhism permitted to do this.these monks mislead the political leaders for bad action.if they need to do politics need to remove yellow cloths first and be normal person.you party is real problems today to find any reasonable solution to major issues in the country.you are educated man just thinks about you party position is never according to teaching of Buddhism.all member of monks in your party violated basic principle of Buddhas’s teaching.creating such party based on religion created thousands of problems to future of the country.

  24. @ANBU: says
    “…Having said that I am also suspicious of your arguements since you say theopsphy etc is the work of the ‘satan”.

    Anbu, if that is wrong and you can’t accept, give me a damn good reason/explanation why& how a whole community (Sinhala Nationalists) with 100 years old project, with so much of damage, killings, rapings & against all sort of common sense and against the ethics of the 21st century reasoning is still carried on with so much of hate??????

    See, according to the general belief Buddha never told these guys to build his statue and venerate it. They did the opposite. His struggle was against it. Now, these guys are doing the killings to erect his statue under any cost. Do you see any sense in it?

    No one knows what Buddha preached. Because, all about him in written form appeared 300 years after his death. The joke is the present political reality is that whatever was uttered yesterday was denied the next day. S.M.Krishna & Rajapakse 13+ matter is a good example. Then, how can you believe what has been told 300 years back will be written in the same exact way and that also, in the absense of the person who uttered the words????? Sounds funny, hey.

    Look, the evil plan was hatched long before the independence of Ceylon. Henry Pedris – a terrorist during the time of the British massacred the Muslims over a pre-planned provocation. Then there was this pogrom against the Muslims all over the country. The Brits found him guilty and shot him dead. The F.R.Senanayaka, D.B.Jayatilake, D.S.Senanayake, etc. The clans (The Racists) were jailed. Then, ponnambalam Ramanadan pleaded with the Brits to get them released.

    Look at the repeat of the history…. Ponnambalam Ramanadan knew that he was helping the Racists…Then after so many years after the independence the community of Ramanadan got the hammering until today. That is the curse! You help the racists and then it came upon them. That’s very sad. That’s how the God’s reply came as a result. Had they defended the victims they would not have been the victims by themselves ever again in the future.

    On the other hand, do these Sinhala Buddhist Nationalists know anything called GRATEFULNESS? No! Even now the Muslims are getting the beatings for supporting the demons like what they did to Ponnambalam’s progeny. They didn’t even respect the dead body. They were kept naked as a mark of insult and a warning to others.

    I mean, don’t they have educated, sensible people in their lots???? Have, but are silent because that’s the allegiance to the concept that some called the SATAN. They may look normal but when they get into the mood of killings they really kill boy. Do I need to be more graphic. Check out the Killing Fields. Or ask a friend who expereinced their evil reaction.

    You know something. They all love to talk about the killing of the cow for food. Even the Nawaloka Hospital has gone the racist ideology and put up ANTI-COW SLAUGHTERING CAMPAIGN in their OPD area, but never hesitate to kill or even lend the vocal support to kill a Tamil, a Muslim or a Christian. They do this out of sheer religiousness. Because, it helps to safeguard their Buddhist ideology…what the _— Buddha’s religion to be defended by BLOOD???? See, That’s Satan.

    Even the Text book given to the children by the GOSL have a lot of racistic material with the twisting of the history. The Nationalists know that the books are being studied by all the kids of different ethnicities. So, the grade 9 HISTORY book has a list of RACISTS being painted as National Heroes and the 1915 riot history being re-cooked to portray them as victims of colonilism. WHAT A PLAN!!!! They are teaching the very same muslim and the tamil kids that Anagarika was hero — I am asking to whom????? He was a PLAIN, DEAD RACIST. Imagine, if jewish kid is being taught Hitler as a hero in the present German school????? That’s how it is.

    The Sinhala Nationalist have embarked on cooking the history of all minority communities. JHU is in the business of history cooking, Future murder projects, Anti Muslim/Tamil business campaign, religious persecutions, school entry descrimination (the muslim mothers of kids cannot where their hijab when entering a govt. school be it a Christian or Buddhist one) Such is their projects.


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