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By downgrading ties with India and US, Sri Lanka is in danger of cutting its nose to spite its face

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By Sudha Ramachandran

BANGALORESri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka’s recent announcement that Colombo was considering raising the issue of the safety of India’s nuclear power plants with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been widely interpreted in the Indian media as retaliation for India’s vote supporting an anti-Sri Lanka resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) recently.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka ~ image courtesy of: champikaranawaka.com

“We respect the right of India to have nuclear power stations,” Ranawaka told journalists in Colombo. “But our concerns are on the possible radiation affects they could have on Sri Lanka,” he said.

Ranawaka drew attention to nuclear plants located in southern India and pointed out that in the event of a nuclear disaster in India, Mannar in Sri Lanka’s northwest would be hit hard.

Just a narrow, 20 kilometer-wide strip of shallow sea separates Mannar from the Indian coastline. It is a mere 250 kilometers from the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district.

Coming in the wake of the UNHRC resolution, Ranawaka’s statement was interpreted in the Indian media as aimed at embarrassing India.

India’s support of a UNHRC resolution that urged the Sri Lankan government to “credibly investigate” allegations of violation of international humanitarian law by government forces in the final stages of the civil war has raised hackles in Colombo.

In the run-up to the vote in Geneva and in the wake of the resolution’s passage, Sri Lanka has been engulfed by a tidal wave of nationalist emotions especially among the island’s Sinhalese majority. Demonstrations led by monks and Sinhala nationalists have hurled abuse at the United States, which sponsored the resolution, and India for its “betrayal” of Sri Lanka.

Commentators in the Lankan media have accused India of “backstabbing”. Reports have sought to malign India. The Island, a pro-government English daily, for instance reported that 150 terrorists trained in Tamil Nadu “have returned to Sri Lanka and are hiding in the north and the east to carry out a destabilization campaign” in the island. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the eastern city of Batticaloa was damaged recently.

Ranawaka’s comment on the safety of India’s nuclear plants comes at a time when Delhi is struggling to quell a mass protest in Tamil Nadu over the safety of the Kudankulam nuclear plant. The protest, which has captured global media attention, has embarrassed Delhi.

An Indo-Russian collaboration, the Kudankulam nuclear power plant has been beset with delays. Then August last year, just months ahead of the scheduled commissioning of one of its units, a mass protest erupted. Villagers in its environs went on fasts to pressure the government to shut down the nuclear plant.

They blocked roads and laid siege to the project site to prevent employees from entering. In a highly publicized campaign activists claimed the plant was unsafe and called on the government to make safety analysis and site evaluation studies public. Local residents raised fears that radioactivity from the plant and unsafe disposal of nuclear waste would endanger their health.

Fishermen expressed concerns that water used to cool reactors and flushed into the sea would contaminate fish in the Gulf of Mannar. Villagers said that in the event of a Fukushima-type disaster, a rapid evacuation would be impossible as over one million people live within a 30-kilometer radius of the plant.

The government deployed experts to convince locals that the nuclear plant was safe and extended development packages to the region. But locals are unconvinced and the agitation continues.

Ranawaka’s raising of the nuclear safety issue in such circumstances is bound to have irritated Delhi, particularly since talks on nuclear technology-related issues, including that of nuclear safety, are reportedly continuing between India and Sri Lanka at the bilateral level.

Both governments have clarified that contrary to Ranawaka’s claims, Colombo taking the issue to the IAEA is not on the cards.

It seem Ranawaka was engaging in some empty muscle flexing aimed at impressing his Sinhala Buddhist supporters, who are livid with India for its support of the UNHRC resolution.

Ranawaka is general secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a party led by radical Buddhist monks that is part of the ruling coalition and has been at the forefront of the rallies opposing the UNHRC resolution

The JHU has called for a rethink of economic ties with India. “We should not grant favors to countries merely because they are our neighbors. India was the only Asian country that sided with the US” in voting on the UNHRC resolution, JHU spokesperson, Udaya Gammanpila, has said

The UNHRC resolution has provided an excuse for hardline Sinhalese politicians, several of them ministers in President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, to burnish their “patriotic” credentials as “defenders of the motherland”. Each is seeking to outdo the other by announcing punishment to be meted out to those who “betrayed the motherland” by supporting the UNHRC resolution.

If the JHU wants Sri Lanka to downgrade its economic ties with India, the Jathika Nidhahas Peramuna wants the US to be punished. Its leader Wimal Weerawansa, who is minister for housing and common amenities, has called for a boycott of American brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Google’s e-mail service Gmail.

Minister for Public Relations Mervyn Silva, who belongs to Rajapaksa’s party, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has gone a step further and warned certain Sri Lankan activists and intellectuals at a public rally that he would break their limbs in public.

Contrary to claims that they are true “patriots”, some analysts say the politicians and parties calling for defiance of the UNHRC resolution are harming the interests of their “motherland”, while others have drawn attention to the perils of a confrontationist course.

“Hereafter Sri Lanka will be an agenda item of the UNHCR and if it defies the Council, the Council will refer the matter to other UN bodies with more teeth,” warned Kumar David in The Island.

“It is dangerous for Colombo to defy the international community and set itself on collision course; the consequences will be drastic,” he writes. “Make no mistake, going before the Council next time with a fail grade on its report card will reduce its support to zilch; even the Chinese and Russians will duck as they are now doing at the Security Council about Syria. Defying the UN High Commission is the road of self-immolation.”

Economic boycotts and a downgrading of economic ties are options that Sri Lanka can ill afford.

While confrontationist calls for “taking on India” may boost support for help Ranawaka, Weerawansa and others, India remains Sri Lanka’s largest trade partner and source of FDI. Every fifth tourist to Sri Lanka is an Indian. The US accounts for 21% of Sri Lanka’s export market. “Teaching them a lesson” by downgrading ties is bound to boomerang on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is in the midst of an economic crisis. With fuel prices rising by 40% in recent months, prices of food and other essential commodities and transport have soared. The Sri Lankan rupee has fallen by 15% since the beginning of this year and is showing no signs of stabilizing. There have been mass demonstrations protesting the economic crisis.

The UNHRC resolution might be a headache in the long-run for the government but for now it’s likely proving a vote winner.

It “came at a good time for Rajapaksa”, R V Radhakrishnan observes in Frontline, an Indian fortnightly news magazine.

Sri Lanka was roiled in anti-government protests against price rises when the UNHRC resolution came up. The ruling coalition then focused on mobilizing protests against the “external enemies” and “internal traitors.”

In the process, it was able to turn public attention away from the government to “enemies of the Sinhala-Buddhist people.”

Thus the UNHRC resolution provided the government with an issue to deflect public attention away from its own shortcomings.

The question is, how long will public attention remain diverted?

“There is only so much of diversion that people can put up with,” points out Radhakrishnan. “Conventionally, a full stomach produces a vocal patriot. As pressure mounts on the common man to make ends meet each day, he is unlikely to bother about what the man in the White House is up to in the cozy comforts of climate-controlled hotels in Geneva. He might just decide to trek to Temple Trees – the Sri Lankan president’s official residence – and demand his meal. And, he is unlikely to be alone.

Rajapaksa’s popularity in Sri Lanka remains high for now. Sri Lanka’s “victimization” at the UNHRC has helped tone down the heat at home.

The president’s cheerleaders should realize that steps to downgrade ties with Sri Lanka’s main economic partners would deepen the island’s already serious economic crisis, providing momentum to more power protests against the government in the future.

“Bigger economic protests” will surface in another year or two, warns David.

Sri Lankans are hailing support Colombo received from its “true friends”, China and Pakistan at the UNHRC. They are saying that India must be made to pay a price for its treachery. They are calling on the government to “teach Indian a lesson” by deepening relations, especially military ties with China.

Given the geographic proximity between Sri Lanka and India and the close ethnic and other ties between them, working with Delhi rather than baiting or defying it would be Colombo’s best option

However tempting it might be for a jilted Colombo to court China this would be a perilous path. “If thumbing its nose at the international community is slow asphyxiation, a military game with China, such as a naval base, will be sudden death,” warns David

Colombo must heed these voices of sanity. It is in danger of cutting its nose to spite its face.

Sudha Ramachandran is an independent journalist/researcher based in Bangalore. This article appeared under the heading “Sri Lanka-India resolution row goes nuclear” in “Asia Times Online” (www.atimes.com) which holds the Copyright for this article . It is re-produced here with due permission

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  1. If not for India, Rajapaksa bros will be occupying a cell next to Manuel Noriega today!

    Don’t forget the stand China took regarding Namal Rajapaksa’s friend Qadaffi.

  2. China did not train the LLEin Chinese military bases and cut them loose in Sri Lanka to destabilize this poor island nation. China therefore did not get any of its prime minister’s sons arse blown off either.

    India cannot and shoud not be trusted. China’s continuing assistance to Sri Lanka is one big thorn in India’s eye but is helpless do anything about. China’s assistance to Sri Lanka during the past three years has a psychological destabilizing effect on india. Where it will all lead to only time will tell.

  3. China did not train the LTTE In Chinese military bases and cut them loose in Sri Lanka to destabilize this poor island nation. China therefore did not get any of its prime minister’s sons arse blown off either.

    India cannot and shoud not be trusted. China’s continuing assistance to Sri Lanka is one big thorn in India’s eye but is helpless do anything about. China’s assistance to Sri Lanka during the past three years has a psychological destabilizing effect on india. Where it will all lead to only time will tell.

  4. i wish srilanka with its fragile economy which has been temporarily bolstered by latest installment of imf loan teaches india and america a lesson or two.india having an ambition of becoming global power in future does not have the temerity to make srilanka pay a price for its rantings against india.instead its prime minister is writing an apologetic letter to srilankan government as if it hqw committed a crime against srilanka by supporting the american sponsored resolution in geneva.india needs to behave like an aspiring super power if it does not then even a country like maldives will cock a snook at it.

  5. It is always better to remind any power of their limits…. Don’t give easy time for anyone as nobody gives out to us easily and we as a small nation are always made to go behind someone or the other… Even for an obvious matter they would ask all sorts of questions from us, so why we should not..?? Like so-called ‘concerned’ nations trying to be big brothers of Sri Lanka, we should keep raising concerns over things happening in their countries….

  6. India has no teeth against the criminals like Seeman or Gopalasamy and not prepared to stop the pro-LTTE propagandas even today! Tamil Nadu is housing many LTTE terrorists. If Indians need good neighbourly relations, cleanup Tamil Nadu first.

    The issue of radiation is true and Ranawaka cannot be wrong in this issue.The author brings “Sinhala-Buddhist, UNHRC” issues unnecessarily while Indian state government or Centre is unable to stop agitations against Koodankulam Reactor. She did not elaborate anything about the Indian people who oppose the reactor.

    Another interesting issue is over Koodankulam interesting. Most of the HARD drugs like Heroine and Hashish reach SRI LANKA through the same Koodankulam area. Colombo still a transhipment point of DRUGS to the WEST. The Indian security presence is felt as a main disturbance for the smugglers. The pro-LTTE elements involvement in Koodankulam is suspicious.

    Both India and Sri Lanka must stop the DRUG menace first. India’s refusal for joint-patrolling of Palk Strait is questionable in this issue.

    Siding with USA proves India is not matured enough to lead the nations in the region and behave like a colonial puppet to USA without knowing the real intentions of the USA over Sri Lanka!

  7. I think it is a legitimate concern that all should have in the wake of Fukushima and the heightened likelihood of Earth quakes and Tsunamies in the Indian Ocean. The potential risks should be assessed and this is not purely an internal issue for India when Sri Lanka is in such close proximity. India must give due consideration to reasonable fears (well, if this concern is deemed reasonable). Unfortunately, the timing is such that it could easily be misconstrued as a “tit-for-tat” for the recent vote in UN.

    It will be rather stupid of GoSL to engage in such cheap games with India if this is not a genuine concern. Well you never know, these politicians act wisely one minute and then be hopelessly stupid the very next minute.

    For us Tamils howver, when we are already displeased with the GoSL, everything they do can look tactless and wrong……….

  8. US and India are big bullies and thugs. Look at how India is not letting northern sri lankan tamil fishermen not fish freely in their own seas their own waters and earn what is truely their due. India even wants the IMBL changed. One law for the big bullies and the big sharks and another for the small fishes such as sri lanka.

  9. How ridiculous is for Mr David Kumar to say that a Chinese Naval Base is a sudden death?.

    Srilanka is a sovereign Nation. It has the sovereign right to have naval or any other bases as long as the majority of the population agree.

    US, UK and the rest of the English speaking nations have contributed nothing to the current economy which is a USD 60 Billion operation and growing at 8% on IMF calculations.

    Mr Radhakrisnan’s prediction of gloom for the Srilankan Economy is also equally uninformed.

    Even the Vietnamese Govt acknowledges that the Srilankan Economy is doing well.

    Their prediction is that the Srilankan Economy will be a USD 100 Billion operation in a couple years.

    And Vietnam is a Tiger Economy and her Leaders know what they are talking about.

    If the empty stomachs are going to take to the streets ,it will most likely to be in Mr Radhakrishnan’s own back yard.

    Because there are no signs of the Eonomic Development in his country, benefiting the great majority of poor there.

    It is only a few weeks ago that Ms Arundathi Roy said that the great majority of her people, to the tune of 800 Million survive on RS 20 a day.

    Nuclear Plants so close to the Srilankan coast is a serious matter, that concerns not only current human lives, but also the environment that can affect generations to come.

    A small land mass like Srilanka hasn’t got the luxuary of abandoning vast areas in case of a Nuclera disaster.’

    Srilankan inhabitants have all the right to be informed and involved in the disscussions relating to the safety of the lives of not only themselves but also their children and their grandchildren.

    After Japanese accident there is no guarantee that any Nuclear Plant can be classed as safe.

    In case of a disaster, half the Srilankan land mass will be affected.,

    The inhabitants of the North and the East must have a strong say about this issue, for them and their environment will be in the forefront of a Nulear accident.

    If the disscussions about human safety is an annoyance to Indian Govt, then so be it.

  10. Like dogs barking at the moon bravely, stupid Sinhalese can be very brave uttering utter nonsense at India, US or the West. But they must remember that this country has been given one year’s time to improve its HR record and address the accountability issues. US warned SL that they would get SL at Geneva this year and they did it. They would definitely bring in other resolutions and restrictions and sanctions if SL fails to address the outstanding issues.

    These stupid Sri Lankans are confronting the mighty West and India in a hilarious way: some stupid monks chant Pirith and light a coconut oil lamp hoping it would give them strength to challenge the West; some fools, government politicians and their henchmen engage in protests holding anti-west cutouts and uttering slogans against the West hoping to intimidate the West while another donkey engages in a hunger strike opposite US embassy while secretly eating biscuits! Have these buffaloes ever wondered if any confrontation ever to take place between India let alone mighty US and Sri Lanka which does not turn out even a single gun or bullet with what are they going to attack India? As MR himself once asked is it through “Labba” that they are going to hit India? And moreover do they think China would ever come to a confrontational encounter with India or US or any of the West powers? The ground reality in Sri Lanka is that a bunch of imbeciles who are blind to world geo-political realities are thinking the world is in Sri Lanka and that they can manage world geo-political affairs in the same way they are managing the stupid masses in Sri Lanka through fake elections, deceits, fake CB statistics, empty propaganda, impunity and oppression.

    This moron Electricity Minister and the regime have awakened to reality only after Geneva debacle while the rest of the time they have been daydreaming and spreading utter lies about power crisis in the country! These are the fools managing responsible affairs in the country and the region! This nuclear issue ought to have been addressed and discussed at the very inception of its construction! Should disaster strike on this nuclear plant there is a definite danger for Sri Lanka. There is no question about that matter. India too should have informed Sri Lanka about its plans and the matter discussed and agreements reached prior to construction. Going nuclear is not panacea for all ills. Instead alternatives must be explored and if not found population expansion and demand for power must be curtailed! You can’t substitute nukes for condoms!

    The current despotic government in Sri Lanka is incorrigible and is making a big grating in the international space but delivers nothing internationally or locally. The world has no time to waste trying to realign a derailed government. The best option is to help its people to create a new government that would address all the outstanding issues failed to address by the current regime including accountability issues.

  11. India has intervened in SL affairs’ several times and all has ended up in a disaster. For example they trained the tigers and tigers in turn killed Rajiv. They sent the IPKF and IPKF had to go back disgraced. India has become a pawn for USA and this is not so good for India. USA is scared of China and supports India as a comrade in arms. If India remains non aligned, this will be it’s best position. Currently India’s hands are tainted. The Tamils in the south of India are destabilising India. They are a pack of jokers as General Fonseka correctly described. If India thinks they can bully SL, it’s a very silly attitude.

  12. Jagam ,

    If India is free to act it will unconditionally support SL. TN is a real problem for India. India has to balance betweem the TN and the SL. On the other hand SL has to balance nicely between India and China.

  13. “Colombo was considering raising the issue of the safety of India’s nuclear power plants with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been widely interpreted in the Indian media as retaliation for India’s vote supporting an anti-Sri Lanka resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) recently…”

    Not sure what is the intension of GOSL, if it is not for any revenge, I believe SL has the right to know the full security measures. Not just SL, but Kerala, Karnataka, Andra, Maldives and other neighbors must be included in the official koodamkulam security discussion loop. Local Koodamkulam people and people around them must be given the proper assurance.

    TN is suffering from power shortage; the plant is one of the solutions to TN. If this is not open now, it will affect all in TN severely (Farmers, business people, industries, development etc..). On other hand, after what happened in Japan it is not something to take easily; possible chronic/sudden/short-term/long-term effects associate with the plant. It not only affects people, but animals, fish, plants, soil, tree, etc…

    I think when it comes to something like this, for human sakes, all will need to be included and must do a proper security drill and take proper measures to protect all live-stocks, land, sea, water resources… Dirty politics or revenge or selfish agendas should not come into this at all; it is beyond all dirty politics…

  14. Chinthaka – spot on Sri Lankan!
    Sutha – thanks for your concerns and worries about Sri Lanka but we can manage. Majority Sri Lankans never liked India, and never wanted your interventions in our internal affairs. Shamelss Indian forces it’s way in our Island. To be crystal clear from an ordinary Sri Lankan to Politician, India is not welcomed in Sri Lanka. All along Tamils rallied behind India, now that they have learned their lesson they too have the same feeling towards India. My question to you is that why would India never allow another country in the neighbourhood prosper? jealousy? or it just runs in their blood? India is known for being the king for backstabbing and betraying, as Sri Lankans we learned our lesson and we’ll remember this for rest of our life at the same time we’ll educate our grandchildren about Indians. Anyways, that being said. That nuclear project is so close to our country and it’s definitely a concern for our livelihood and as a soverign country we have all the rights to raise this issue at the int’l stage and we definitely will. You can take this protest however you want but end of the day we care about our motherland and anything that distrubts our land will be resisted either politically or peacefully or forcefully. As for your concern on our vocal politicians, first fix your back yard as you have plenty of mess to clean up before pointing out our internal issues. For your record, we can take care of our internal matters and we suggest you to focus more on your internal issues and focus more on fixing them. I am not sure why in the world that shameless Indians are not getting our message, KEEP OFF LANKA. JRJ said it, Premadasa said it, now our politicians are saying it.

  15. Koodankulam(nuclear power plant) and the abysmal human rights record of the Government of Sri Lanka are two different matters and they should not be mixed up.For once I have to agree with Champika if he is concerned with its danger both to Tamil Nadu People and People of Sri Lanka especially according to him Manaar people.The recent Tsunami scare makes Koodankulam all the more dangerous.But he should not be selective. Although Coal Power plant is not all that dangerous like the nuclear plant still he can not have a different view about the proposed Sampoor Coal Power plant with the assistance of the very same Indian Government unless it was a ploy by his government to permanently uproot the Tamil people from that traditional Tamil village about which ‘Konesar Kalvattu* speaks about (as to how it got that name).I think India too is a sovereign state like Sri Lanka and can decide in what way to vote in Geneva.Dr.Mervind e Silva is the Minister for Public Reløations in the Government of Sri Lanka who is ready to break the limbs of Nimalka et al returning from Geneva.That speaks for itself and does not need any explanation.I recommendall to read what and what undertakings were given by Mahinda Samarasinghe at the Last Universal Periodic Review(UPR) at Geneva at the 12th meeting held on 13 May,2008.Amongst other things he promised to ‘implement the 17th Amendment thoroughly at the earliest and ensure the pluralistic character of Sri Lanka and to stop kidnapping,forced disappearances and extra judicial killings.Well you know what is happening in SL these days and the first thing the GOSL did was to repeal the 17A to abolish the independent Constitutional Council so that all the President’s wo/men could be appointed to all the commissions including the Human Rights Commission (which has to be constituted according to the ‘Paris Principles’).On another point ‘sovereignty’ does not lie in the Government but it lies with the people in a democracy.

  16. I find it rather interesting that article after article is appearing in Indian media about Sri Lanka’s reaction to Indian actions in Geneva. What did they expect? It was a given that GOSL and the Sinhalese hard-liners were going to exploit any Indian actions that they think are against SL. Why is that Indian media is acting so surprised? I wonder what the reaction would be when in a future UNHRC, the issue of Kashmir or the plight of NE Natives are discussed.

    As for the nuclear project on the Indian coast, SL govt has every right to be asking questions. While you can not equate Fukashima with the Indian nuclear project and not everything that happened in Japan is relevant to India, surely SL govt. and the people has a legitimate interest in the Indian nuclear project which is a only a few hundred kilometres from Sri Lankan coast. I am surprised (or not) that Tamil politicians are so silent on this matter because, it is so called traditional Tamil lands that will be affected most if something happens.

    The reason the it was not brought up earlier could be for strategic reasons with GOSL weighing other considerations against bringing this issue up openly. Obviously after Geneva, GOSL must have reasons to believe that “other strategic considerations” are of less important.

  17. So Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan was detained at a US airport yesterday and questioned for 90 minutes before the immigration released him. Now if that happened to a celebrity/politician from Tamil Nadu at Colombo all hell would have broken lose and most likely Indian Air Force would have been over Colombo dropping Parippu.

  18. The former PM of India utterd or claimed that Chinese and Indians are blood relations or something to that effect in the early 1990s. Majority of Srilankans always claimed and still claims they are related to majority of the Indians because all have Aryan blood. Majority of the Europeans and Americans are also light skinned and Aryan origin.

    Blood is thicker than water. So the oppressed dark skinned minorities and oppressed religious minorities within South Asia have no choice but to continue to suffer, economically politically and culturally because UN powers are in the hands of superior DNA people whether they are from Western world , Eastern world or South Asia.

    The Power masters of the world will have their own bonds with I scratch your back you scratch my back behind the scenes by having political & economic deals.

  19. there is a saying in tamil adu ninaiygirathe enru onaiy ayuthatham which means hyena is shedding tears over the goat getting drenched in the rain likewise when did sinhalese start exhibiting concern for northern tamils who will be affected by koodankulam project if something goes wrong.india has every right to build nuclear plant in its territory and if srilanka is going to lodge any complaint to iaea fine it will be consigned to nearest dustbin.how come srilanka suddenly realise that koodankulam project will affect its country is it after the vote in geneva?.as far as kashmir is concerned we indians dont lose sleep over it and we have provided enough concessions.jammu and kashmir has got all rights which no other state enjoys through article 370 of the indian constitution.except for external affairs,issuing its own currency it has got all powers to make.a resident of new delhi or mumbai cant buy a property in jammu and kashmir.kashmir valley despite not having numerical superiorority continues to have chief ministership and any girl who gets married to a non kashmiri does not get a share in the property nor her husband can become a citizen of jammu and kashmir.this has been done to preserve the kashmiri identity will sinhalese give those powers to tamilians of north and east.

  20. M.Sivananthan says:

    “Tamil Nadu is housing many LTTE terrorists. If Indians need good neighbourly relations, cleanup Tamil Nadu first”

    Tamilnadu and rest of Indian states provided not only safe haven for terrorists but also training in the art of terrorism for EPRLF (Douglas was former military Commander), TELO, PLOTE, LTTE, EROS and other all and sundry militants.

    South India also provided safe haven to Dr N M Perera and other anti colonialists when they were fugitives. Included in the asylum seeking Sri Lankans were

    leaders of all Tamil militant groups including Douglas

    Leaders of all Tamil parties

    Leaders and cadres of JVP including Somawansa

    The present ambassador who is in difficulty

    Former DIG Udugampola

    A few army deserters who used South India as a transit point to escaped to the west.

    Exiled last Kandyan king died in Tamilnadu

    Numerous Sinhala and Tamil kings sought refuge in Tamilnadu if you care learn history I am willing to supply their names.

    What is your problem?

    You say:

    “The issue of radiation is true and Ranawaka cannot be wrong in this issue”

    Champika has had nearly twenty years to protest since early 1990s. Kalpakkam has been functioning since 1983.

    Why did the stupid Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryan Champika not make a fuss about the both nuclear power stations.

    Didn’t Geneva trigger the nuclear disaster paranoia while Sri Lanka itself is political disaster zone for the past 63 years under the leadership of both stupid Tamils and stupid Sinhalese?

  21. Anonymous, after a long time, welcome joker! Everyone knows buffaloes eat grass and Punnakku. I wonder what you eat for living! For your information, a country when attacking another country use arms and ammunition, but India used merely Misoor Parippu to stop SL troops! You are like the drunken mice that accidentally swallowed illicit liquor and suddenly become very brave for a few minutes and went on to challenge the lion before eaten by the passing cat!!!!!!!!

  22. Stupid racist Power Minister and the whole MARA Regime and its bootlicking politicians know nothing about power generation let alone nuclear energy! If they knew Norochcholai fiasco wouldn’t have occurred. Where they have expertise are 10% commissions, excavating hidden ancient treasures, sword hunting without knowing how to hold a sword, vote rigging and driving the country towards a precipice. It is so simple to understand: this nuclear facility has not come into being suddenly and overnight but has taken many years to plan and build. Where was MARA regime and the racist Champika all this time? Why didn’t they raise their concerns when the things were in budding stage? Didn’t they have geo-political intelligence and alertness into things happening around in the region? Was the high commissioner in India growing banana while all this was taking shape in India? And all of a sudden why now this nuke phobia? Is this the intelligence of a state that boasts of eradicating one of the ruthless terror outfits in the world? Or is it that some other professionals deserve the credit for war victory and MARA regime just try to own credit they really do not deserve because a truly qualified government wouldn’t create so much international errors, omissions, blunders, scars and stupidities?

    Surely this is a reaction to the Geneva debacle and nothing else! Had India stood by the MARA regime this issue would never have been arisen. This is the nature of the MARA regime; they make the extraordinary look ordinary and the ordinary the extraordinary a trait of moronism! Nuclear issues involve not just days, months or years but thousands of years! Generation upon generation, entire living populations including animals for many many years into the future can be affected through miscarriage of nuclear phenomenon. For the imbecile MARA regime and racist Champika it is narrowed down to several more years of family politics and day-today existential politics! How about giving them two three nukes at their disposal!!!? I am pretty sure they will threaten to bring down even the Hubble telescope if they feel provoked and their scandals revealed!! This is how every despot operates and therefore this government would only mess up with this issue for a while and turn to other day-today survival issues to keep the suffering masses preoccupied to sway the public opinion away from real issues. If anyone cares about really doing something about real problems in the country, region and the world then he must first think about creating a new government run by educated people according to the rules of the world and not jungle law of Madamulana!

  23. I am not against India having nuclear power and I am not against Iran having nuclear power. It is their right and they have every right to excercise that right. At the same time,in the excercise of that right one must not trample upon others right to life and safty etc.also.
    But,I am against nuclear power in general.I feel the risk is just not worth it. I feel the nuclear scientists and the power companies are not telling the whole truth about the costs when they say it is the cheapest.It may be the cheapest way to produce electricity but initial costs are very high. Most important is the cost of waste management and I am not too sure if the costs involved in this aspect are added when they claim its the cheapest.On the other hand their is no sure way of disposing this waste. One way is to recycle and the other is to store away. Both are wrought with dangers and costs. Now the Developed world seems to have got the message and Germany taking the lead has already decided to shut down all its nuclear plants.The rest will hopefully follow and an alternate source will soon be found as going back to hydrocarbons is as bad.It is quite puzzling with all these leaps in technological development why still the technology is struggling with solar power which should and will be the ultimate source of energy for the world.

  24. What these GOBBAYAS are so famous and professional is in intimidating and terrorising the minorities for many many years. This experience has led them to believe that they’re some mighty nation ever-ready to attack anyone who is QUESTIONING their right to KILL philosophies.

    Look, the Indian visiting delegates are to be taken to the birth place and the head-quarters of racism “MAHABODHI” at Maradana. This is the place where the Christian convert Anagrika (A)Dharmapala (Racist/Father of hate culture & the inciter of terror) established the Theosophical Society with Henry S. Olcott ( The satanist/Occultist ) along with Blavatsky. What benefit is it going to make on the etnic problem by visiting this particular evil santuary????

    If these guys still do spread lies about the so called Catholic or Christian conspiracy, then Anagarika (The racist) is the biggest criminal in that conspiracy by brain washing the entire Sinhala Buddhist psyche in portraying the minorities as the (imagined) enemy and created the hell for the future as an effect of its evil process. The Nationalist still saving the cow and killing the minorities in large numbers with innovative skill.

    Sinhala Aryan Race – Root Cause of the Conflict: The `Mahavamsa Mindset`

    `Perhaps more than any other person, Dharmapala was responsible for popularizing the faulty impression that Tamils and Sinhalese had been deadly enemies in Sri Lanka for nearly 2000 years. He often quoted Mahavamsa as if it were a completely factual account, and his favourite passages were those that made the Tamils sound like pagan invaders who were running the island. Much of his preaching and writing was racist. Dharmapala insisted that the Sinhalese were racially pure Aryans ? by which he meant that they had racial ties with the North Indians, Iranians and Europeans, He contrasted the Sinhalese racial line with that of the Dravidian Tamils, which he claimed was inferior.`

  25. Why is srilanka getting involved with the nuclear power palnt in india.If the indians can live with it much closer to them,why can’t the srilankans.Anyway the indians are fighting against it,so when they are doing our dirty work,why aare we going and antagonising india uneccessarily?

    One of the mistakes mahinda has made is to make people like champika ranawaka,wimal weerawansa and mervyn silva part of his inner circle.They will drag mahinda down with them one day.If he and the country want to prosper in the future he has to clean the stables and get rid of the JHU,wimal’s party whatever it is called and all the goons and rubbish like mervyn.Otherwise goodbye mahinda,thanks for getting rid of the LTTE,but we can’t continously have a winston churchill even after the end of the war and suffer with our bellies.

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