1. It is fladergasting that a Srilankan, with a militant background can penitrate the Australian homeland security cordon.

    It is even more flabergasting that he duped the Imimmigration Dept, and got an Australian passport under a Sinhala name and sneaked into Srilanka.

    The outcome of this “disappearance” is that the Australian Govt must seriosly look at their HomeLand Security and the Passport Office.perhaps with a Royal Commission.

    Although Srilanka with its limited resources seems well ahead of Australia in security matters pertaining to foreign elements, the Govt should seriously consider allocation funds in the forthcoming budget to install, Face Detection Technologe and finger print detection at the arrivals counter.

    This is a must for all Srilankans, arriving on Foreign Passports.the same way our new mentor, the US does.

  2. The two “abducted” members of the FSA have proved once again that Sigmund Freud is correct. Political ideologies are secondary to animal instincts.

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