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Has LTTE leader Prabhakaran embraced death?

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Speculation is rife among knowledgeable circles in Colombo that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is no more among the living.

It is widely believed that the 54 year old tiger supremo who was born on November 26th 1954 has committed suicide along with more than 300 of his deputies and senior cadres in the Mullivaaikkaal area of Karaithuraipatru AGA division in Mullaitheevu district.

[Velupillai Prabhakaran]

Though the Defence ministry website says that the tiger leader trapped with his deputies is planning to commit mass suicide there are reports that the “Thalaivar” (leader) and “poraligal” (fighters) have already committed “Veeramaranam” (heroic death).

Unconfirmed reports say that the injured LTTE leader and several of his senior deputies had embraced death voluntarily in keeping with the LTTE practice of suicide.

There were also conflicting reports that the LTTE had triggered off a huge explosion in which their bodies were destroyed after taking cyanide first.

Another report said the armed forces had identified the “structure” in which Prabhakaran was staying and demolished it through powerful explosives.

It is said that the announcement about Prabhakaran’s “death” is being withheld until tomorrow Sunday May 17th to be revealed publicly by President Mahinda Rajapakse in a special address to the nation.

Apparently the President is cutting short his trip to Jordan to return home and personally announce the “historic” event.

President Rajapakse hinted at the latest development when he addressed the G-11 summit held in Jordan.

The President said:

Many in the world believed that the LTTE is invincible, but, I am proud to announce at this august gathering that my government with the total commitment of our Armed Forces, has in an unprecedented humanitarian operation, finally defeated the LTTE militarily. I will be going back to a country that has been totally freed from the barbaric acts of the LTTE. This freedom comes after 30 long years. My government’s precise and well coordinated humanitarian operation has so far succeeded in rescuing over 210,000 civilians who were being used as human shields by the LTTE. The defeat of the LTTE on the ground heralds a new era in Sri Lanka.

The key phrases “I will be going back to a country totally freed” and “finally defeated the LTTE militarily”, “defeat of the LTTE on the ground” etc are interpreted as indicators that the tiger hierarchy is now eliminated.

There is also a move to celebrate Monday May 18th as a “victory day over terrorism” throughout the Country. Already householders in Colombo and outstation towns are being instructed to fly the national flag.

The President is expected to declare the 18th as a national holiday.

There had been many theories earlier about the whereabouts of Velupillai Prabhakaran.

While some felt he had fled the country others said he had moved to the Wanni jungles.

The LTTE political commissar Balasingham Nadesan however said the leader was “with the people leading and guiding us in battle”.

According to a defence-related source who spoke on condition of anonymity the military had been convinced the LTTE leader was in the Mullivaaikkaal area through intercepts of communication between some tiger cadres.

Further confirmation had come when the wife of Thillaiambalam Sivanesan alias Soosai the sea tiger special commander surrendered to the Navy with some others.

She had allegedly revealed that the LTTE leader was seriously injured and was staying in a well-guarded location with other senior leaders like her husband Soosai and Pottu Amman.

She had also said that a team of 300 bodyguards are positioned around the place where Prabhakaran is staying and that the tiger leader is prepared to take his own life rather than surrender if surrounded.

Soosai’s wife is the sister of Sathiyanathan alias Shankar the first LTTE cadre to be killed.

He died on Nov 27th 1982 and the LTTE has been observing that date as “Maaveerar Thinam” or “great heroes day” annually since 1989.

The military received further confirmation when a team of doctors from the LTTE’s “Thileepan medical unit” surrendered to the Army at Karaiyamullivaaikkaal.

One of the medical personnel who had been attending to Prabhakaran personally had divulged further information including guidelines to the exact spot Prabhakaran was in.

The military had then moved further into the area and encircled the swathe of territory Prabhakaran was in.

The defence official refused to comment when asked whether the LTTE Leader was alive or not.

He also declined to answer whether Prabhakaran and the LTTE had committed mass suicide by blowing themselves up or by consuming cyanide.

When asked whether the military had identified the place where Prabhakaran was staying and had blown it up with powerful explosives the official again refused to respond.

Another authoritative source who also requested anonymity indicated in a round-about way that the LTTE leader was dead.

Using a cricket metaphor the well-informed official observed cryptically;

“Match Over, Series won, captain’s wicket gone, stumps drawn, players heading for pavilion. That’s all I can say for now”.

At least three other officials I spoke to refused to answer any questions on the subject.

One of them said “We cant open our mouths (kata arinda baa) until “lokka” (boss) gets here”.

An informed source in Europe regarded as being close to the LTTE declined to respond when asked about Prabhakaran and the LTTE saying he had no information and did not want to deny or confirm anything.

There were also reports that the LTTE had begun blowing up its arms dumps and arsenals.
Important documents were also being destroyed.

More than 200 tiger cadres had surrendered to the army on May 15th, reports said.

Among those who surrendred was Isaichelvi the widow of former tiger political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan.

At least two senior leaders Sornam and Sasi master had died in battle.

Three other senior tigers whose names are being withheld have also turned themselves in to the army.

It was also reported in sections of the media that the LTTE leadership had held a high-level conference where decisions of tremendous importance were made.

Associated at this conference were the right and left hands of Prabhakaran namely Pottu Amman and Soosai.

Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse told the BBC that the soldiers had successfully rescued thousands of civilians from the LTTE’s clutches.

In a separate development some tiger cadres from the Wanni telephoned their relatives abroad and bade “farewell”.

They said their families will be surrendering to the Army while they themselves would either fight and die or swallow cyanide.

Unconfirmed reports about Prabhakaran’s death and mass suicide of more than 300 tigers has also begun circulating amidst diaspora circles.

President Rajapakse’s return to Colombo is being eagerly awaited.

If the news about Prabhakaran’s death and mass suicide of tigers is confirmed beyond doubt, it would no doubt be the most significant development in contemporary Sri Lanka.

The event will have far-reaching consequences and is likely to herald a new direction in the on-going Tamil struggle to win their lost rights in the Island.

I can be reached onEmail: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Did govt really have a choice? I give them credit for finishing this idioting war that should have never happened. I feel deeply about the civilians killed and the thousands Tigers who were brainwashed to their deaths. I hope now we can put all this behind us and rebuilt the nation. Reconciliatin is paramount. And I hope the Tamils sympathetic to the LTTE are able stop spreading hate and do the right thing. I hope they have learnt their lesson.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed……DBSJ

  2. DBS, This news may true or false, Understand one thing… You also tamil. We should understand we are not going to lose always… There will be many prabaharan’s will be there and we will fight against Sinhala government.

    One of the main reason for these loses, due to selfish tamils within us and show their boss – sinhala government, See… what this mahinda go to tell.. Now tamils going to be slaves in Sri Lanka.

    Tamil live in overseas. Donot forgot our liberation struggle and we need to liberated from Sinhala government. Donot give support to Sri Lanka goods or any government movements and India too..

    South India’s mouth speakers, you all proves that you all just speak and no action taken for us… we can not trust any more…. DBS, try to explain the world abt our real struggle and truth behind that as now Mahinda going to cover up with terrorism…

    Take it easy, this news is not confirmed yet……….. DBSJ

  3. If it is true, it opens up an avenue for Tamils who have some brains to focus on practical aspects of the current Sri Lanka.

    There are always going to be some selfish and not so smart people in the comfort of their homes in Western countrries, stiring things up among the Tamil youth.

    But hopefully the thousands of IDPs will get an oppotunity to receive the help they so badly need and be resettled with dignity.

    The people that are still carryng the tiger flags & their ideals overseas need to realise, these people don’t need your emotional “Eelam” talk – they need tangible help.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  4. DBS,

    At least you can spell now it is GENOCIDE taking place.

    Please Save the Doctors at least if you can using your good office with Canada- NAM

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  5. IF this is true We salute him for his courage. And thank him for getting the Tamils to every corner in the world. and also internationalsing the tamil struggle. Every man has to die one day. That includes mahinda rajapakse and gotabay rajapakse. & sartah Fonseka.

    But the need of the hour for the Tamils is to find a more ferocious sucessor. We need to makemore use of the brain, diplomacy and then the rest.

    The sinhalese might think it is a victory, yes temparily, but the Tamil Sturggle should now continue even more intensly. The younger generation should be involved as this battle have to be fought generations to come.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  6. Why dont you tell about the future of the tamils …!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  7. There is a glimmer of hope for Tamils as we were able to go abroad and help fellow tamils due to 1983 riots.
    LTTE misled us and used our funds to a misguided target.
    Now we should live as equals as we did before.
    We held most of the top postes in Sri lanka now it’s that time again.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  8. Hi Guys

    We need peace for sri lanka. 40% population in colombo are tamil and they live harmony with other races.

    We all need to celebrate this . Terrorisum is over and peace has come. It is for all . we can go out with out any fear that bomb would not blast.

    we have to live in sri lanka. your guys are in different countries and put petrol into fire.

    please donot let it happen.
    please let us live peace. we shouls have that right.thatis why thousands of people all belongs to different race die.
    let us celebrate this

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  9. What Heroic Death? It’s a shameful death. These terrorist should go to a special hell for killing innocent people.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  10. This is too easy for him. He deserves slow death. Must be stoned to death. Stupid day dreamer.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  11. The Norwegians spurred him on. Then when the chips were down they didn’t lift a finger to help him. Can’t say I blame the ole Vikings, that is what they have done for generations!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  12. Hello Tamilian. Who are you to threat DBSJ. He is a good reporter. You are a covert too. You are a terror sympathiser. YOu also should go to hell with those terrorist shameful bastards.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  13. Thanks DBSJ for the report. Tamils living overseas can write,demonstrate and fund the war initiated by a modern day Hitler who is a sick man. Tamils need to understand the importance of living in reality. Tamils have far better opportunities than sinhala village kids who are being denied equal opportunities. My research on sri lankan society are evident to the facts. Tamils living overseas should visit sri lanka and see for themselves.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  14. if indeed pirabaharan is gone it is time tamils had a good think about whom to give the leadership to. pirapaharans leadership any way was a imposed one through the barrel of a gun. tamils must not make the mistake of dividing up between srilankan tamils and tamilnadu tamils. the thalaivar has to be the leader of the tamilnadu tamils however unpalatable it can be for some srilankan tamils. the tail cannot wag the dog. 3 million tamils here cannot just pretend that 65 million exist jus around the corner and only go running for help when their asses are on fire. even when the tamil kingdom existed it was always a vassal state of either the cholas or pandyas. a egomaniac like pirapaharan will never accept the tamilnadu leader as the supreme leader. it is time that srilankan tamils realised that they cant go it alone and hand over the leadership to jayalalitha and just consider tamils as one tamil people regardless of whichever part of the world they are in.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  15. It is confirmed yako . waiting for the final ceremony ..he he

    You are really what your name suggests. Good choice of pseudonym ……… DBSJ

  16. im a sinhalies but i got to tell you this.we sinhalies can kill 1000 prabahkarans but untill we meet with tamil brothers and sisters needs and start to treat them like our equals this struggle not going to be over.you can kill this prabahkaran but there going to be nother hundreds of prabas waitting to take his place unless we start treating them like our own ppl…

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  17. What a great news!!!!
    I have been expecting….from now onwards nobody can stop the sri lanka’s journey. All sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others will live happily!!!!!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  18. Sad day for the most Tamils living around the world, since fall of PTK, most of us expected that dreaded result is very imminent but they fought for 45 days with bravery . Real conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese will continue for many years to come.It may be seen as end of one chapter but many chapters to be seen in coming years. I don’t think Tamils and Sinhalese are born to be friendly to each other live in a harmonious society.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  19. Yes the inevitable conclusion has happened !

    Going by all info circulating, DBS assertion that VP is gone is becoming clear. It’s a matter of time that the president is to announce it officially.

    However, euphoric it may be for the larger Sri Lankan population, a minority of tamils will have a soft corner for him for leading a struggle for 30 years beyond anyone’s imagination; however right or wrong. If the reports are true, it’s nothing but bravery of VP to remain till the very last in Vanni, as against running like a coward.

    The Diaspora including that of KP may be helpless at this moment because now they don’t have field people on SL soil to continue their struggle for a separate homeland. The experiment has been deadly, expensive and above all has lost the IC’s initial sympathy since 1983.

    Now, what’s in store for the tamils and diaspora who stood with the LTTE ideology? If at all it will be futile to scream as some in this blog continue rhetoric that the struggle is not over. It’s over and remain to be a loosing psycho-defence.

    So let the tamil diaspora continue with their long term objective of securing jobs, visas and citizenship in the west. Let the remaining ordinary tamil masses live & continue education, farming, industrial ventures, and rebuilding lost property in Sri Lanka. We ordinary sinhalese will help in what ever means to our brothers & sister tamil friends.

    Let there be a day in two three years, as tamils now live in Wellawatte where I being a sinhalese with Ahmed from Puttalam could do business together with Arun & Gauri in Killiochchi.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  20. We all can see very well LTTE buling tactics of Tamil Diaspora in Western World now a day. Do you think that this tamil Diaspora would send their own sons and daughters for the so-called libration struggle? Never. Those who has been sacrifycing their lives are from poor and helpless tamil farmers’ daughters and sons. Not a bad technique tamil diaspora – Peelam on somebodyelse’s lives.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  21. I am very sad. But we(at least some of us) saw this coming as soon as Mr Prabhaharan chose to elect Mr Rajapakse over Mr Wickramasinghe(the moderate). Like the Tamils there aren’t many moderate Sinhalese(something we have in common!) either! However, I salute Mr Prbhaharan for his courage but his methods were misguided.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  22. Well done SL Forces and the GoSL for achieving this magnificent goal. We are all very proud and honoured by your commitment and dedictaion.
    Sri-Lankans were never against the Tamils but against Terrorism that is destroying nations and cultivating ideas based on hatred and anger.
    We as a nation have to hold hands with all Tamils in Sri_Lanka and show the world that we are not separated by race or religion, but stand as one, stand as SRI-LANKANS and build up this beautiful country to it’s former glory!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  23. Guess this is a journalist’s basic instinct to be the first one to break momentous news at work here!

    Anyway, VP has been killed so many times by Srilankan sources in the past 30 years. Let’s wait and see!


    My dear Namesake!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed.

    This has nothing to do with a journalist’s basic instinct or whatever. You seem to have no idea of who I am and what I am trying to do. So please be careful in posting your thoughts here.

  24. Tamils only suffered for 30+ years. So many wasted opportunities. So many lives lost. We are a conqured people.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  25. VP may more Dangerous when he is not alive,

    Seems Nadesan too was no more per London times.

    This leaves the Tamils fate to the EU and USA as UN and India were muted.

    It is not my wish, but if Srilanka to ignore the signs, There will be more Matches to follow.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  26. If any of this confirmed then it certainly is a beginning of a whole new direction for the Tamils to win back their rights. However, as much as I blame LTTE for the destructive path that they have taken Tamils over the last 3 decades, there is a level of sadness that I genuinely feel now that SL GOV’T ‘victory’ had to come at the expense of so many innocent lives including the lives of the Tigers and their brutal ‘leader’.

    SAD SAD SAD – period in the history of Tamils and their struggle.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  27. As Dayan Jayatilleke said (in jest) in 89 when he heard the news that Wijeweera and Gamanayake were killed – “it could not have happened to a bunch of nicer guys”!

    Mahinda Rajapaksa Valga! He will be remembered like Lord Rama after he slew Ravana.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed .Be careful about invoking Ramayana here………………..DBSJ

  28. Whether the GOSL believes it or not, the LTTE leader’s death will only serve to raise his legendary status. If oppression continues then we will definitely see more “Prabhakarans” in our lifetime. If “LTTE families” have surrendered, then this truly seems to be the end of the LTTE. Although the LTTE committed many mistakes, news of obvious defeat is heartrending. Whatever grievances Tamils have against the LTTE, these individuals, not just the leaders, died fighting for Tamil rights. The Tamil Tigers are freedom fighters, yet they are also guilty of many crimes but this duality is common among liberation organizations. Essentially all is lost; the Congress along with the treacherous DMK has swept the Indian elections, the SL Armed Forces are on the brink of military victory at the cost of civilian lives, Western governments are giving the silent treatment to Tamil protesters (we have ourselves to blame for that), and Tamil Nadu continues to abet Colombo by keeping slient during the massacre of fellow Tamils. Overall, 2009 has not been a good year for Sri Lankan Tamils.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  29. I an feeling extremely sad, not specifically for Priabakaran’s death, the loss of human life in this 30 year strruggle. All these lose for nothing. Back to square one?? What next??

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  30. My high school daughter’s reaction: “Even if Prabhakaran is a horrible man, he deserves to live. God gave him life and no one should take it away, even if he has not given others the right to life.”

    If grown ups can understand what children instinctively know, we would have a far better world.

    No man’s death is a matter for gloating or celebration.

    Jeevan , The News is yet to be Confirmed but I agree with you and your daughter ………………..DBSJ

  31. Prabhakaran is alive and well in Malaysia. Have no fear, folks. Charles Anthony is also here. When you hear certain “fireworks” go off in Colombo very soon, you feel the presence of the Leader.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  32. Dear DBS
    You have done your home work and you get full credit for the hard work. So you will have your place in history as the first Journalist to break the news of Prabah’s death and the end of LTTE. So Congrats for a job well done !

    Asoka R

  33. Thambi looks smarter than before( In this pic).
    He lives in our heart.

    I am afraid Douglas and Ananthasankari tamil become alternative leaders?
    Karuna may be drag to court for his offenses?
    Tomorrow “our President”

    We have to thank, Chinese for material help?
    Good job by Indian central government and Karunanithy
    keeping tamil nadu at bay.

    adimai makaan

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  34. I dont know how much I sent to LTTE for this Eealm mania. We all brainwashed. Some one says here he is in Malaysia. Please dont destroy malasiya.
    If some one thinks he is stiil alive and re grouping it is a joke. Who will have to suffer. Another 30 years. Come to the civilized world. World is beautiful. I Live in Canada. Can I get a separate country in Canada ? Bull sh****

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  35. Hoooooorrayyyy!!!!!!!!!!! The bloodiest terrorist leader has died at last..People who live abroad doesnt feel the horrible time he gave to the citizens of Sri Lanka.(Sinhala,Tamil,Muslim,etc) So, such people can write what ever they want. But, we know Pirapaharan is not a human being. It is a Barbarian, who killed thousands and thousans of poor people in cold blood. PIRAPAHARAN DOES NOT DESERVE TO LIVE !!!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  36. DBSJ

    Today’s Hindu Newspaper has this to say

    “Sri Lanka and Belarus will be granted dialogue partner status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) at the group’s summit next month.” Needless to say SCO is a group formed to match NATO after Warsaw pact became defunct.

    See The Hindu

    If Sri Lanka joins SCO how would India react? I believe Congress led India did not do much as the elections were on the cards. Now that the elections in India are over and Congress is much stronger and bolder I believe it will make a strong show of strength to Sri Lanka very very soon.

  37. No worries guys, there are thousands of Charles Anthonys. Every Tamil is a tiger. Fight will go on.

    During the 25 years of our struggle, we have seen so many fireworks by the Sri Lankan Government.

    Rajapaksa family will get us Tamil Eelam soon.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont boast please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  38. I think this site is also supporting tigers. Ok post this message. May he attain nibbana. No re-birth. We all can live peacefully.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  39. I am relieved that finally the terror group LTTE leadership is finished. I am sad so many innocent lives were lost. Those innocent lives includes junior LTTE cardres as well.

    Tamil diaspora friends, I can understand your feeling of loss and your sadness at this hour. However, there was no choice. LTTE became the obstacle for any lasting peace in Sri Lanka. So they had to ‘go’. You will understand in a few years time that the current episode had to end in this way if peace and prosperity was to return to our country. LTTE was similar to JVP. They fought for what they believed in, though misguided, and I admire them because of that.
    Now it is for Mahinda to rpopose a resonable devolution package which is acceptable to the people living in Sri Lanka. I have no doubt he is determined to do and will do that. You will forgive his then. So be patient.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  40. //This has nothing to do with a journalist’s basic instinct or whatever. You seem to have no idea of who I am and what I am trying to do. So please be careful in posting your thoughts here.//

    Sir, meant no disrespect. I do know what you do here, and that people come here more for your views and not for the news.

  41. David Anna,

    Have u forgotten me already? Check initials. VP came here few weeks back. Already we r planning next great strike. For time being, we r focusing on killing Sri Lanka leadership.

    Blog is nice, Anna, do not forget u r still armchair analyst. One of these days I will send u postcard.

    Greetings from Malaysia,

    Kumar P.

    P.S: Charles is teaching Velu Anna English. He is fast learner. 1 day I will ask him to write.

    I think you need counselling badly………… DBSJ

  42. Praba is no more now. Everybody in SL should be happy and to hoist the National flag to celebrate the event. Well done armed forces to eliminate to LTTE

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  43. This this true.WE hope that.We congratulations to HE. E. the president and his brother, Gen. Sarath Fonseka and other Comd. of the Arm Forece and brawe soldiers

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  44. Hi, Jayraj,
    Now you will have to turn to an another side for financial benefits as the Tigers will no more provide you with your financial needfs. The best avenue is to turn the subject to political crisis and political solution in Sri Lanka. Probably you may be able to get some money from those NGO,’s or UNO. You may have seen how the west the EU , USA, were making every attempt to save the murderer, your leader and the savior of the ruthless murderes of Tamils in Sl.They did not have any symphathy about the Tamils in general same as you. They wanted to save only Prabha and his leaders in order to drag this war untill the end and not the civilions. Do you feel disapointed now or do you feel defeated?
    Being a news reporter in the arena of the free news media , you will find another way to harress inniocent people in a more prominant and


    Love you Lowe. you shouldn’t take your name seriously and sink low you know. For someone with excreta in brain you write real good. And thanks for concern and advice. for a shitty “moley” you really bright

  45. One must not gain any satisfaction at the death of another. But in this case, I am willing to make an exception.

    Velu’s was a life wasted. Perhaps if he had never fought this war along ethnic lines, and bombed the living daylights out of the sinhalese, alienated the muslims with ethnic cleansing and murder, and killed all moderate tamil voices, things may have been different.

    With his undoubted ingenuity and organisational skills, if he has focused them in a positive manner to develop the country in large, he could have been a hero to all, and even aspired to the highest office.

    Instead he became a garden variety terrorist loathed by the sinhalese and muslims, condemned by most of the civilised world, and probably hated by most tamil civillians in the north and east do to the final insult of holding them hostage to save his cowardly skin.

    One also has to wonder what the diaspora think of a leader who pushed his followers to take the cyanide capsule and stated that if he ever deviated from the goal of eelam, for them to kill him – yet he was prepared to surrender in his final moments to save himself… what a hypocrite..

    I will not gloat at his possible passing. But I won’t be shedding tears at his loss either.

    Good riddance… I will let you fill in the rest..

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  46. This is totally untrue, DBS had written couple times same allegation on and on, we are not here to believe this, VP is not in the safe zone, he already been gone, that is that true,

    Hey DBS let me tell you something, you watch out what you write, we know who you are, we?ve seen you, when you had lunch with your wife.

    We all can say, you are an Anti Tamil. You?ll be punished by the true people soon. You work for Srilankan intelligences.

    What a nice name Nayanie. Derived from Nayanam (eye) So your ” nayanam” was watching me having lunch with my wife ah? why do you want to replicate the earlier bashing you all gave me in front of my wife? If this news is not true why get so hot and bothered? Dont beat up the mailman for bringing bad news kiddo!

  47. If confirmed this is one sad day for Tamils and turning point for three decades long Tamil struggle for freedom. I won’t agree with Pirabaharan everything but he led our struggle more the last 25 years.

    I don’t know what is next for our Tamils?

  48. What is the big deal.Be happy! You know why? Everyone can live happily.You guys can get at least federal status.Pirapaharan didnt let you to have it. Dont try to threten us with unrealistic ways.you know what?Truth is the person who saw the seeds must reaped the harvest.It is absolutely commen for you and me, and everyone in this world. We will wait and see!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  49. The entire world will await the death announcement of the ruthless LTTE leader. Congratulations to Mahinda Rajapakse and the entire country!!! My fervent hope is that Sri Lanka will return to the peaceful serendipity it enjoyed before the LTTE’s brutal origin.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  50. “KP | May 16th, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Prabhakaran is alive and well in Malaysia. Have no fear, folks. Charles Anthony is also here. When you hear certain fireworks go off in Colombo very soon, you feel the presence of the Leader.”

    OK KP, so your leader ran to safety after hiding behind women and children causing them to die in vain. I thought that the ltte carders are supposed to commit suicide when they are about to be captured by the enemy. As in many cases rules are not applied to the leaders it seems.

  51. In a way it is sad that Prabhakaran may be dead, even though I never liked him. However, what did he really accomplish in 30 years? He could have at least settled for devolution for tamils if he allowed Ranil to become President. His own success caused his own defeat. A man that uses children to fight his freedom struggle will have to pay the ultimate price. I hope this will be the start of a new era for all people in sri lanka. This may be a day to be happy. Even if the glass is half empty it’s still half full.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  52. If this is true or not, I salute all the fallen Tamil youths (Heroes) for their determination and passion for Tamils plight to some degree, I have to say.

    Lets not boast about the death of VP and other leaders like but for once lets pay respect and move on, we have lots of work to do.

    This can only be the end of “Chapter 2” of the Tamils fight for equal rights.

    Chapter 3 must start now with the help of all (Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, the international community) and so on.

    Lets wait and see how the State and the South react to this. Their so called victory at the expense of thousands of Tamil people is under enormous criticism in fact some are calling for investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity.


  53. A lesson for all the short-minded inexperienced gangs in the world, whose strategy and devices depend on terrorism in oder to come tompower, the NGOs as well as Non-NGOs both inland and overseas and the all so- called humanists in the West, that are in the ignorant thoughts that they are the men on the earth.Indeed, if the news is true, compared to the deasths they made on the unarmed innocent people, apart from the forces, this suicidal task should have happened many years ago. If it were thus, how many of the people could be still living. Really, one’s death is sad, but if they were the terrorists, how could one be sad over such?

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  54. The bastard is dead who killed so many innocent people in Sri Lanka. If this bloody Prabakan is the Liberator of tamil people why on earth will he kill innocent tamil people for the past so many years.

    Do any one of you who have commented know that LTTE has kept inocent Sri Lankan tamil people preventing giving any water, food and shelter?

    I salute Mr. Rajapakse for his efforts and giving us a free country.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  55. The LTTE slide began with the death of the articulate Thamilchelvam. History will look at VP in different perspectives. Hero to as many as humbug to others. When it became clear the Sinhala polity from both its political main formations was simply ignoring Tamil popular demands, it gave birth to VP and the politics of the gun radicalising the Tamil struggle for justice. He gained the admiration of most Tamils for this until he began treading the path of fascism, when he ousted anyone whom he disagreed with.

    This included a galaxy of brilliant and irreplaceable Tamil minds Rajini, Amir,Yoges, Tambimuttu, Padmanabha, Sri Sabaratnam, Uma Maheswaran, Neelan being only a few. It was the intellectual depth that comes with a good education VP lacked and so he became fascistic with his mind mistaking pluralism and tolerance with treachery. If Prabakaran has gone the way described, he is unlikely to die. He will live in the memory of many Tamils throughout the world friend and foe – for resisting terrible organised atrocities against ordinary Tamils by an armed State that had lost its mind and direction. His name will be linked with romantic revolutionary justice.

    He certainly appears to have embraced weeramaranam and will go down in the annals of history along with men like Che Guevera, Peruvian Abimai Guzman of the Shining Path and the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan of the PKK. Even his most strident detractor in the Sinhala supremacist side will acknowledge this comparing the ease and cowardice with which Rohana Wijeweera the Sinhala counterpart of VP spilled the beans once he was cornered by the same army. VP clearly was made of much different and sterner stuff and chose heroic martyrdom.

    VP’s name will be remembered with contempt by all those Sinhala and Tamils whose lives were ruined by his misplaced political strategies that eventually consumed him and his ardent comrades. I was among the many who criticized his ways and predicted years ago he will cause tremendous harm to Tamils. In a way 9/11 was a watershed that worked against him and his movement that has a following in India, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, South Africa and many other. The Rise and Fall of Prabakaran is a lesson that politics ‘both civil and armed’ is a delicate business to be undertaken by the astute and level headed. Like Wijeweera at the latter stages, VP’s mental equilibrium also came into question in the post-1990 period. That the LTTE was VP-centric and had no room for self-criticism was yet another factor that hastened its demise. This creature of post-1956 Sinhala Only politics, he inflicted on both his comrades and the civilians, many of whom he recklessly took as hostages, intolerable pain and harm.

    Politicians from the Tamil extreme too had a hand in the harm that befell their people. What is left now is for both the Sinhalese and the Tamils to recall the wisdom preached by George Santayana ‘Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to relive it.’ And so, the chances of the cry ‘Prabakaran is dead Long Live Prabakaran’ in the Wanni is predictably unlikely. It is now left to the Sinhala polity to ensure that there are no more reincarnations of a man who was a hero and anti-hero simultaneously as he was loved and despised on both sides of this unfortunate Sinhala-Tamil spectrum.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  56. If this story is true, Then it is the beginning of a new form of liberation struggle.
    Any way we Tamils have to thank VP for making our problems known on the world stage.
    The difficult time for GoSL is jet to come.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont boast please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  57. We know who you are from day one. You are slave of the Sinhala regime. Let’s see who’s correct. Dosen’t matter LTTE is wiped out, us Tamils are still alive. We will make our dream come true and that day you traitors will be eliminated.


    So the killing spree will continue you say? How many Tamils have you killed as traitors and what have you achieved?

  58. May the arch-terrorist, Velupillai Pirapaharan, rot in hell in a pain amplifier for eternity regardless if that has been “confirmed” or not..

  59. Someone says whose live in overses, about the own country Sri Lanka.So why do you live in overses?

  60. we are srilankan lions, never to be defeated. You tamilians, that always talk about liberation struggle, got to find yourself your own piece of land. Sri Lanka should be thanked for even letting you guys put your foot down on their territory. You not only want to reside in our home land but want a share of it too. Although not yet true, you tamilian should remain slaves in the eyes of all sri lankans. Army should be thanked for their tremendous effort in trying to rehabilitate tamil civilian, who at one point were terrorists. Yet the tamilians use this to say that sri lankan have captivated the tamil civilians. For those who claim that the sri lankan government is a terrorist organization using chemical weapons, it should be clear now who the real terrorists are. Prabhakaran, hope you are dead and if not hope that you will die in pain.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  61. that 30 years Prabhakaran took the weaknesses of earlier politicians for granted ( JR, Premadasa, Chandrika – how ever not so much- she liberated Jaffna from tiger clutches) but HE the great president Mahinda Rajapaksha became finest match for this blood thursty beast. There won’t be any Prabhakarans in the future… you dumb tamil diaspora… Even if there’s some one to be taken this seat in the future… the history will repeat over again. 1000s of innocent tamils will be killed because of your diaspora idotic ideas. Now you calling this tamil denocide. Now how many tamils left in Sri Lanka compare to 80s??? significantly low percentage. If you stupid diaspora fuelling another prabhakaran to be emerged.. history will repeated again. Us Sinhalese will never let this country be divided. Listen… people these things had been taken place centuries ago but history is keep repeating leaving innocent tamil people massacared with own tamil militancy. Now you idots calling this genocide and threatning there will be more Prabhakarans to be born.. let me remind you again tamil diaspora… every time history repeats tamil percentage in this country significantly be reduced in great numbers… End of the day tamil genocide has been commited by tamil themselfves… The day these idots understand this there will be no tamils left in Sri Lanka and that day you can turn your dumb heads to Tamil Nadu and take refuge inside Jayalalitas skirt… or pants…

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  62. Someone says whose live in overses, about their own country in Sri Lanka.So why do you live in overses?

  63. There are reports that the LTTE has offered to surrender to a third party by contacting the US. Do you have any information on this?

  64. Thank God that assole is gone !! Now the country along with the Tamil people will have peace in that nation !!
    Long live Mahinda

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  65. When compared to Hitler and his ideology of National Socialism, Prabhakaran and his insane idea of cleansing Sinhalese and Muslims in Sri Lanka will never find a place in the history. There are people who make the history but a corrupt short-term history has made this ruthless Prabhakaran a criminal and his outfit the most ruthless terrorist organisation. The final defeat to the LTTE clearly denotes the extent of corruptions in which Prabhakaran and his associates were indulged in.

    Any senseless person would identify this ?Leader? as a hero but all what he did to his own community will clearly show that he was just a villain in the recent history of Sri Lanka. Some even went to the extreme to compare this insane leader with Jesus and some identified him as an incarnation of Krishna. By doing this, they only insulted a great religious Teacher and a significant God of Hinduism.

    Stop hatred, cultivate love and extend compassion to everyone with the hope of reconstructing the battered nation and elevating the country to one of the most developed country in the region. Whatever the ethnic difference, please come forward to share the duties and responsibilities in the task of building the nation. There is only one option. Be a brave Sri Lankan and prepared the soil to cultivate mutual trustworthiness and cooperation. There is always a place for good thoughts but not for hatred. No Tamil will become a prisoner or slave under Sinhalese as there is no Sinhalese government or Sinhalese Police but a Government of Sri Lanka. It is Mother Lanka, which always embraces all her sons and daughters disregarding their ethnic differences.

    If you love her and protect her, she will also give you back more than what you could expect from her.

    Dr. Edward Perera


    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  66. Prabhakaran has joined the list of arrogant dictators in the way he died. In Mahabharatha, Duruyodhanan gave a great funeral to all his generals but when it was time for his death there was no one to give him a decent funeral and he died alone by bleeding to death. The same fate occured to Hitler. He died a unknown death in his bunker. Now, we have prabhakaran sharing a similar end.

    In all these cases, it is sad to see the senseless death of the followers who died for their leaders.

    I have no sympathy for Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman. But truly feel sorry for the innocent cadres who have lost their life in the past 25 years.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  67. I hope that the unnecessary killing will finally stop. The government of Sri Lanka was obligated and expected to provide security to every citizen of the country irrespective of race, colour of skin and or religion. Finally the single minded focus of eliminating the menance destroying the beautiful country of Sri Lanka has been achieved. This victory was possible only because the democratically elected President decided to take control and directed the war. This is a lesson that all governments should take heed. Do not allow foreigners to take over the responsibility of Government duly elected by its citizens.

    My hope is that the government get on with the job. Make sure that every citizen be it Tamil or Sinhalese will enjoy the fruits of this victory.
    As the Buddha said “Hatred cannot be overcome by Hatred” The Government should sow seeds of sincere love to her people…every citizen of the country.

  68. It is finally over. Now we need to think of us Sri Lankans not Tamil or Sinhala and help these people to have a normal life. The innocent people caught up in this need help to rebuild their lives. I hope the Tamil diaspora who helped a monster terrorist organisation to create so much distress to human life will also now help these innocent people to have lives similar to what they are enjoying overseas. Imagine if the money spent on building terrorism was spent on helping the people in the north “North of Sri Lanka would have been a paradise today” not a living hell.

    Sri Lanka as a nation suffered enough for the mistakes of our leaders and I hope we can unite now and build a paradise in our mother land.

  69. …Prabhakaran is alive and well in Malaysia. Have no fear, folks. Charles Anthony is also here. When you hear certain ‘fireworks’ go off in Colombo very soon, you feel the presence of the Leader….
    KP, my comment is for you.
    Whether VP is in Malaysia is not the issue..
    What you are suggesting is the same route LTTE took and as a result lost the sympathy of the world.. One would think people would learn especially after losing so many innocent lives…VERY SAD.


    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  71. dei D.B pundai,
    do you know who fuck your mom, stoped your reports we know what true. i know your home in toronto I will fuck your wife also so close your mouth

    you are not nice nor wise but full of vice. Too bad!! …………..DBSJ

  72. Dear Friends,


    In the past history of the human life ,we came to know some of the fascists leaders like Hitler ,Musolini ,ect. They are the enemy of the majority of the human being but, they are the beloved leaders of the Rulling class.The same thing is applicable to fascist leader like Prabhakaran. I like to ask once more to think back of the past incident which has happened in a Mosque in Kathankudi -Batticola in the Eastern region ,where there are many people who have been praying in a Mosque and in the same moment they are mssacred by the LTTE mafia without any mercy. It was the history that Hitler and Musolini had suicided after they were defeated by the Soviets and the Coalition forces.There is no different between the Saiva,Vellala tamil rulling class or Christian ,Vellala rulling class.
    Here I like to bring my own experience to your kind notice . In 1980s after the Operation liberation in Vadamaradchchi ,One of my comrade and myself visited to our Unions’ members houses . When we are cycling through the lanes and phalmarah farms we came accross and show many human bodies which were bruned by some one else or by the Army.Then we met one of our union member at his home. He has met Mr. Prabhakaran before he escaped from the fighting site. Our friend told us that Mr.V.P. had talked to him and asked the following question, Is it possible for myself to become the leader of the Tamil Eelam after we have defeated the Srilankan Army? From this question it is obvious that he knew very well that he is not allow to rule the Tamil people By the Saiva ,vellala rulling class.Then why he has been continue to fight for the Tamil Eelam and destroyed the society ?

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  73. is this a statement?

    [The event will have far-reaching consequences and is likely to herald a new direction in
    the on-going Tamil struggle to win their lost rights in the Island.]

  74. what ever it is all should live in this Island with all rights, and in peace.

    in this modern world, there is no place for racism. one and only existing race is Homo sapien Sapien.

    All have to think only about their own personal achievments and goals. which will lead to development of the country.

  75. 30 years of war is over! My people are freed from terrorism finally! A new era has dawned for our children!!!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed.………………..DBSJ

  76. Prabha was roasted by SLAF attack.That’s the truth.From now onwards Tamil mothers will be breathing freely since their children are not abducted by anybody anymore.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  77. Mr Hoole, I can say your, kid is brain washed, While your kid enjoy the luxary of studying in high school same age kids with LTTE are either dead now or surrendered and under going vocational training in Ambepussa, Sri Lanka

    In short you agreed all the killings LTTE have done, blowing buses and trains , attaching econimic and soft targets.(if you ever pardon LTTE)

    West who were all quiet for 30 years , many were preaching how to do a war to Sri Lanka. hundreds of army personels and LTTE men are all Sri Lankans were killed, due to the need Of Prabha and group, while diospora enjoyed western luxary education health and benifits.

    Its time to people like, Hoole to join in hand and help your own people, Sri Lankan government help these innocent people.I know occations in south of Sri Lanka who collected clothing and essential food and medicine for the displace tamils who came out of the war.
    Rather than feeling sad, what did the others here(Expats), who feel sad about Prabhakaran end do for these innocent people.(May be sending money to LTTE to buy arms)
    Sri Lankans have no issues with tamils.There were problems in 1983 due to idiotic policies of JR and some other stupid lots
    Over the years Sri Lankans have moved a long way.

    I wish all end of this monster; will lead to peace and ethnical harmoney among all Sri lankans

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity . Also Mr. Lanka Perera, I think your reference to Hoole and daughter shows you have misunderstood and misjudged that comment very badly ………………..DBSJ

  78. Why you all said sad…do you really sad about past 30 yrs and sad about killing of thousands of innocent people either sinhala, tamil or muslims…what was happenend when bus explosions, road explosions or any innocents kill unneccessay. any of you write even sympathy messages to their families. but, now all of you said sad about this mass murderer….

  79. Even if this news is confirmed there will be certain elements in the population who will not believe it innocently or intentionally resulting in disbelief amongst the common Tamils, particularly amongst the diaspora. Since it is relevant I wish to paraphrase what once professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics, Harold Laski said. “What someone believes or wishes to believe depends on the his or her ways and means of living.” I am sure the peace-loving Tamils and Sinhalese are mature enough to grasp the lesson in this statement.

    However, I think that this is the moment to do a course correction by extremist elements on both sides in order to resolving the issues the Sri Lankan Tamil community has been experiencing. To succeed,we, being intelligent animals, need not repeat mistakes made by predecessors.

  80. Dear DBSj,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts. Its very sad to see the innocent lives has been vaste on this war. Some people don’t want to understand reality of the life. They react as they have born to live for ever. This was the sad part of Ltte attitude. What ever it is its all over. Your report is almost everything correct. But I’m also waiting to here the declartion from President of Sri Lanka about defeting Terrorism from the country. After all Tamil Muslim Sinhalees can live like they were use to be.

  81. DBS – you have been a beacon of light throughout the many years over which this sad story has evolved. that “hate” persists, and seems impossible to combat is saddest of all. as the lyric asks: when will it ever end?

    Bob Dylan – “the answer my friend is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind” …… DBSJ

  82. News of Pirabhakaran’s death, escape or capture is of little consequence at this point… the Tamils of Sri Lanka (diaspora included) would do well to reflect on the fact that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are suffering more now than anytime in history.

    They are also more vulnerable and subject to more discrimination, hate and contempt than they ever have been.

    Furthermore, a political solution is now more remote than it ever has been

    So it doesn’t matter if Rajapaksa will parade Pirabhakaran in chains or in a coffin. It doesn’t matter what he says – the winner takes it all !!

    Despite what the Rajapaksa propaganda machine says, the loser is not Pirabhakaran. The losers are in the barbed wire camps.

  83. What a great news. I think this is the end of Tamil people suffering. This butcher destroyed all our pride and put us back a worst situation.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  84. I was hoping they’d get him alive so they can inflict a slow and painful death.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  85. The Sri lankans are very friendly, giving,helping,caring people. I mean generally all nationalities in Sri- Lanka. Sinhalese, Tamil, muslims and burgers etc. We have been betting along very well until Prabhakaran wanted to be the Star of North.But look what happened? He lived like the king of the jungle, with all the aminities he wanted for good life.Same time he used the innocent civilians as his slaves.Until today that was the what he did.He did live like a king.But the Tamil public had to work hard and got nothing. He looted their life.Eventually he tried to kill innocent civilians.I would like to tell now, the Tamils who still thinking of the Eelam, please give up the hatred.Be united with Sihalas, Muslims and burgers who live in the Island.Develope the country. Share the wealth what we can and we have so many natural resources to be a great nation as SRI-LANKANS, without deviding into racial branches. Develope the country and say we are Sri Lankans.It does not careSinhalese, Tamil, Muslims or Bhurgers. We are a one nation.You noticed that in this hard, terrible time, our Sri Lankan soldiers did not care this is a Tamil person .They cared like their own family. They carried the Tamil people out of the danger, they fed them,they lullabyed tamil babies. At least now, if you are a Tamil seperatist, think, think.W are not eternal. So we have to live a peaceful life until we live in this small island.Learn the deversity. Be a one nation, develop the country, Have a good future. Be a Sri Lankan. Do not devided as Sinhalese, Tamil or Burgers.Be a great Sri Lankan and develope the Sri Lanka nation. Lean the deversity.Get rid of the hatred out of your dirty heart and be a clean person

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  86. Its so SAD that for 30 years the country suffered on account of this brutal leader. He was responsible for the killings all the tamil intellectuals and misguiding the tamil youth and killing their own children for war which was not called for. I am sad that some of the tamil community still do not realize what damage he had done to the tamil community. We hope a new leader like the GREAT MAHATMA GHANDI will emerge and lead the tamil community and bring PEACE to SRI LANKA and all over the world.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  87. its suprissing to see how tamils around the world doesn’t know the meaning of the word “Peace” the fight was against terrorism not against the tamils. the mentalities of sinhalese people have changed after all these years but the tamils still want the bloodshed. it shows howmuch prabhakaran has corrupted the minds of the tamil people. think about it…. at leaset lets do some change. nobody has stoped you from coming to this country. even though with all the attacks around the world for sinhalese people we still hold the tamil baby as a baby of sri lanka not as a a tamil…

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  88. There is no point in arguing whether Praba is dead or not. It is understood that VP died the very first day he started violating the CFA which was crafted by himself in his favour. He only proved to the world that he has no genuine concern about Tamil people’s suffering except of his dream of becoming a leader of a mono ethnic state. He abused the CFA to the maximum possible extent by suppressing all possible avenues of reaching peace through negotiations.

    He wanted war that is the only reason why he suppressed voters from voting at presidential elections paving the way for Mahinda to become president.

    Just after MR becoming president Praba started exploding claymore mine by blowing off security personnel in dozens in each day. Then he unsuccessfully tried to blow up Country’s Army head Sarath and secretary of defence Rajapakse.

    Having failed to achieve war, finally he closed the sluice gate of a reservoir at Marvilaru by suppressing much needed for the farming community in the part of Eastern province.

    So Tamils, is their any reason why you are trying express your sadness for the loss of lives due to the events unfolded by the actions of your terror leader. Shame on you..

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  89. If anything this 30 year old episode proved violence is a fools means of progress. Let’s learn from this dark chapter in Sri Lankan history. Harmony is a powerful force. May peace be with you all!

  90. Dear DBS, I am a Sinhalese. I supported the war on LTTE in the same vein as Kadiragmar supported the war. I am honestly sad about the suffering of the Tamil community since 83. You wrote the true situation of the Tamils on the LTTE 32nd anniversary. How come majority of the Tamils could not understand what you were saying. LTTE was illogical and their supporters were blind. Diaspora should share a good portion of the responsibility for predicament of the Tamil community today. Even as a Sinhalese I wanted to see the Tamils saved. I count myself among the minority of Tamils who are anti LTTE.

    I too am somewhat sad. What VP did since the fall of Kilinochci and then Mulativ I just cannot fathom. I kept telling my Tamil friends “Try to understand the “resolve” on the Sinhala side”.

    I understand how all Tamils feel. But if any one is surprised, well I have nothing to say.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  91. I must say that this is a tremendous victory by Sri Lanka as a whole, which includes Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays etc. It is very clear that LTTE never represented the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. LTTE always followed agenda of V. Prabhakaran, whose only objective was to be the leader of his own dreamland called ?Eelam?. Prabhakaran always believed in war and was trying to achieve his objectives militarily. He assassinated all those (even the Tamils) who were in the view that Tamil demands should be gained politically. He ignored all the opportunities he had to address the Tamil issues. He cheated not only several Sri Lankan governments, but also several foreign governments that acted as negotiators of this process. What is sad about this whole story is that all who have supported Prabhakaran financially (mainly the Tamil Diaspora) did not understand that they were supporting to destroy their own people. Please come and see the destruction that you have made to your own people. You do not feel the hardships that normal Tamil community has undergone during the last 2-3 decades under the LTTE clutches. It is clearly visible now that LTTE has never spent your money to develop the Tamil community either physically or psychologically. There is a total destruction of infrastructure in these areas – No roads, no hospitals, no schools. Everything is converted into a war mentality – war memorials, nice burial grounds, runaways, high-tech warfare. Those who are in abroad do not feel this as you are enjoying everything in your lives. You enjoy the best medical facilities. You have good jobs and earn a lot. You have good houses to live. Your children get the education of highest standards. The Tamils living in LTTE controlled areas during the last 2-3 decades have enjoyed none of these. Do not forget that the GoSL has been supporting these people by sending food, medicine etc. despite all these problems. LTTE even controlled and sometimes robbed them. Your money was spent to purchase weapons and never to feed the Tamils in so called Eelam. In other words, the GoSL has fed to fight against it. So, the question is what Prabhakaran or the LTTE has done to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. For me, it?s only the destruction. Please think about this genuinely ? come to SL and help to build it. We, as Sinhalese, do not have any problems with the Tamils. We have been living in harmony for several centuries as friends and hope to do so in the future as well.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  92. Thanks DBSJ for your report. I do not understand why Tamils in Sri Lanka feel they are discriminated. All problems they are facing are common to Singhalese as well. LTTE exploited ths fact and tried to convince it as a discrimination.
    Now that history is in a new chapter why do not you join together to make SL a better place. I think both Tamils and Sinhalese should consider Country first and race second.
    Prabakaran’s death would make a bridge for both nations to join together.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  93. comment 32-sivanesan

    i dont agree with your last staement. i know of many tamils whose best friends are sinhalese and wise versa. look at indian history.there was wars and wars and wars. now see how peacefully they are living together. they had leaders like nehru who had foresight and vision. we had arrogant bullying type of leaders. that is the difference. nothing to do with the people. i dont think you have lived among the sinhalese.

  94. ROT IN HELL FOREVER for killing so many innocent civilians in every part of our island of Srilanka for 30 and more years. TRUE JUSTICE HAS FINALY COME AND HAS BEEN DONE. Long live our Armed forces, OUR TRUE HEROES.Hail to our President, Mr. Rajapakse.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  95. LTTE………………you are lost FOREVER. Our Heroes are OUR ARMED FORCES AND OUR PRESIDENT. We salute you.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  96. well done DBS you have done your job as brilliant journalist , I proud of your hard work , keep it up

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  97. Even if he is dead, I don’t think anything will change!!! (at least looking at the hatred in some of the comments). Nothing will ever change unless and until we change ourselves and look at cohabitation!!!
    You can have thousand more VPs & thousand more MRs in future, but nothing will change until we change ourselves.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  98. We tamil guys came to Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA with all bogus Asylam claims. How can we stand here if no war existing in Sri Lanka? These foriegn idiots will figure out now, that we were lieing on our asylem claims.

    Will they deport us? All our genocide cry went on waste. Please do not deport us. Our lives are much comfortable here.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  99. Please those tamils and sinhalese who preach hatred stop and think as Sri Lankans. Race should not matter in humanity. The only way we can build our motherland is by uniting and helping each other. Life is two short for hatred.

    We now have a chance for peace after a long struggle not only from LTTE but remember JVP, so let us embrace it and help build a paradise in our motherland.

  100. If this is true, its a great victory for the government. However, I have deep sympathy for those who have lost their lives in the past 30 years. I personally know of people who have been killed by LTTE or in combat.

    We as Sri lankans (Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims…etc.) need to work together before something like this occurs again.

    For the Tamils that have suffered before and after the independence of Sri Lanka, remember this you can make a change and gain more rights by doing it the proper way not the way of the LTTE. Instead of going against the government by using violence wont work. Find ways to work within it and bring about social change for the better of your people and overall equal rights to all Sri Lankans. Without violence more can be done.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  101. most of you guys are missing the point.if person dies its not nice to say hooray……..he fought for tamil rights when he began this war 30yrs ago…he was a hero.then somehow he forgot what hes fighting for.
    try to understand tamils man without jumping up and down..and i heard there going to be fireworks and all that hoopla but even prabahkaran he is a solider pay him some respect.learn some respect from history.he fought for good 30yrs,only him alone.he didn’t have anybody to releave him from his duty every 6 or 12yrs.damn you ppl if hes dead pay some respect.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments. It is most appreciated.………………..DBSJ

  102. These cowards promoted suicide, inflicted death on innocent people of peaceful Sri Lanka. Ultimately they chose their own cowards way of death, good riddance to VP, his wife, children and all other psychopaths.
    This movement was funded by intelligent members of the tamil diaspora, like ex attorney generals, GPs (languishing inUS jails) New York stock brokers. It’s time all these unpatriotic parasites understand, Sri Lanka will never be devided, may be Tamil Nadu is an option.
    The TN political jokers were neber important to GOSL
    and, now they will be eating their own dung.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity. Your comment is distasteful………………..DBSJ


    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  104. I am a Sinhala person who got discrminated by tamil teachers, i haev proof. hope sinhala/Tamil leaders will do something to eliminate discrimination against sinhalese.
    That is forgotten in this war.

  105. I guess the generation that was worst affected by this war were all born in the 70’s (Tamils/ Sinhala and Muslims). This war has costed so many lives, Tamils and Sinala. Like the JVP killed so many Sinhalese, the LTTE killed a lot of Tamils too and harrassed the ones who fled abroad for money. I know Prabha is a leader but think of all the Sinhala leaders they killed, Premadasa and so many more. Its sad, but they all should have thought about it way before so many innocent lives were taken.

  106. From now on, try to be a Sri Lankan . But not identifying you as a race. Sihalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burgers have lived in a harmony until this individual, Pirahakaran created this Tiger play.He really did not think about Tamil people. He wanted to have a great life . Even he did live in the jungle , he did live a good life with all the luxuries those a regular Tamail person could not to afford.He had a great life with the money those the Tamils people sent to him from all over the world.He used all the Tamils as his slaves. Prabhakarans army killed thousands of inocent Sihales peple, They hit the Sinhalese babbies on the tree trunks and smashed the skulls.But look how our Sinhalese soldiers treated innocent Tamil people whe LTTEshot them while they were trying to escape,our soldiers carried them out of the danger.Tey fed them.Took to the shelters. without following Prabhakarans hateful heart, be a real Sri Lankan.Get together with other races and celebrate the deversity. Build a great nation as Sri -Lankan.But if you are thinking of doing the same mistake Pirahakaran did,you are dreaming.I do not think that until the Sri_lanka exists on the earth,no seperation in that soil.If any body say that there are many Prabhakarans to be born, think about this,So many Dutu gamunus, Rajapakshes, Sarath Fonsekas, Gothabayas to be born in the future.They will be more vigilant in order to protect the Sri Lanka dveepa.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  107. “high school daughter’s reaction: ‘Even if Prabhakaran is a horrible man, he deserves to live. God gave him life and no one should take it away, even if he has not given others the right to life.’ If grown ups can understand what children instinctively know, we would have a far better world. No man’s death is a matter for gloating or celebration.
    Jeevan , The News is yet to be Confirmed but I agree with you and your daughter ………………..DBSJ”
    Now I am puzzled?? (earlier I was surprised remember me?) Are you just tapping the mourners? Or what?
    Prabhakaran asked for it, he discarded golden opportunity of implementing CFA twice; first not allowing Ranil to come to power second being too ambitious, over thrilled with Mavil Aru blunder.

    DBJS, keep it up with your “ change of cause” push for a political solution, ask your buddies to be true Sri Lankans, not just being Tamils. I always ask from mine not to be chauvinist Sinhala Buddhists but to be true Sri Lankans.



    its a philosophical and ethical issue based on belief. Sometimes we need to be childline as opposed to being childish. Being human and humane is better than being ethnic, religious or patriotic. Please read what Hoole wrote and reflect.Thanks

  108. (DELETED)
    The Tamils outside of Sri Lanka is taking the world for a ride. Where were all the media and attention when 1000 of Sinhala/tamils were blasted through suicide bombers ?

  109. Good bye LTTE. At last,Sri Lanakan Tamils can enjoy the values of a democratic society. LTTE is a group kill any one against their wishes. They are all about a seperate state for them to rule. They were slave of LTTE meniacs.

    LTTE is a group does not match with the modern society democratic values. They operate as a primitive barbarian tribes. That is why they did not last long.That is why they did not get the help or accepted as a freedom figters by the comunities of the rest of world.

    Tamils must understand this. If the LTTE raise its ugly head again it is massive disaster for Tamils in future. I wish Sri Lankan tamils god luck . Please embrace democratic society values and give up your mythical hopes about your own paradise.

    independant commentaator,

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  110. All readers and DBSJ again,

    Try to see how singhalese mentality with their comments, even they shown up there minds as tamil’s name or english names. That is their mentality. True tamils always respect the solider.

    Just understand one thing, you may seen news today that there were few army prisoners were rescued from safety zone.

    “Over 50,000 civilians have been rescued by forces since Thursday. Among those who were saved are 2 Army and 4 Navy prisoners of war.” Check LankaTruth or any of your news sites..

    See… That is Praba… What you guys may did… i am sure that you will not do like we are doing… I donot think we can live with you together until you guys correct your mind sets…

    I know there were 100,000s of tamils in south. but, can you say they are live happily. how many in police stations and hardships they are facing every day… No point of argue with guys…. We will achieve our goal one day… Wait and see…

  111. Prabakarans Death to me would be the same as Hitlers death to people over europe in the 1940’s. What a reign of Terror he commited over the last 30 years to both Tamils and Singhalese. Finnaly now there can be peace and Unity. To all the Singhalese, embrace your Tamil Brothers now, help anyone who didnt belive or support Terrorism. Long live love and prosperity. Lets start the party now that the worst Criminal in the world is DEAD.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  112. DBS,
    Calls from Sri Lanka say that what you wrote is true. I will not have any tears for him, but I have plenty of tears for The Tamils of Sri Lanka. I would also like to say to my Singhalese brothers and Sisters, if we are not magnanimous in victory and make sure that Tamil needs in Sri Lanka is met and develop a plural society where every ethnic group feels safe and inclusive, we will be talking about new Prabhakarans in the future. To the Tamil Diaspora I say to you I feel your loss. I also say to you that you have to stop living in the past. 1983 is 26 years ago. The country now is a different place. Give it another chance. Don’t poison your younger generation with hate. Once a mind is poisoned, it is very difficult to undo the harm and hate will consume you all in the end. Lets make sure that this 30 years is never repeated. Both communities have paid an impossible price for this.

  113. Prabakaran died , No doubt there but still to confirm officially.
    Prabakaran & ELAM was a none- logical, unfair attempt created by UK & USA governments via weak Politicians in Sri Lanka. EU, UK, USA invested money & Expat Tamils funded for their ultimate dream Of ELAM + they choose existing war situation in srilanka to get refugeee status for family members. UK, USA, EU funded due to demolize powerful India & China by creating unstable political ground in Asian region.
    Prabakaran, Ranil , Chandrika, JR & Most of Politicians ( Mangala, SB, Jayalath , Dilan, wicramabahu, Mano ganesan, etc) + NGO community took wages, donations for spreading ELAM opinion by various forms among International + srilanka community.

    Prabakaran was the Managing director of this project & he used innocient, uneducated Tamil civilians at various age groups for this project as raw meterials in various forms ( sea tigers, intelligent wing, political wing etc..) to satisfy shareholder groups.

    Please see the faces of civilians who fled the war zone to government control area & identiify who is prabakaran & LTTE. Go through comments of International community & identify share holders of this project. We are Srilankans who born in Sri lanka soil and we belong to Sri Lanka. We are educated than other communities, we know hospitality, we know sarrow/ hapiness/ humor than others in the world.

    Lets work together and develop Srilanka as a nation – We all srilankans.
    My Salut for Hon. President , & Government + Three forces + Srilankan community here.
    Think as Srilankans and work as Srilankan. Proud to be a Sri Lankan.


    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  114. I am a free thinking sinhalese speaking Sri Lankan.

    I have been reading your articles in the ST during the days your were with them and had been occassionally raeding teh web. Today was hunting for news about the latest develoments in sri Lanka and came accross your article.

    As many readers have mentioned LTTE is two faced organisation. While fighting for a seperate Tmil Land there were also carefully eliminating strong Leaders of the sinhala poupulation in the pretext of figting for a Tamil cause. Thise where they went wrong. They speperated the tamils from Sinhalese. They did nothing to develop harmony between the two groups. They wanted to identify Tamils as Tamils and Sihalese as Sinhalese. Hence by doing taht they aggarvated the race issue taht had been prevailing for some time in Sri Lanka. they failed to identify both Tamils and sinhalese as Sri Lankana. Many tamils got caught to this trap and so much so could not get out of it.

    So atleast now an opportunity after 30 years have arisen where the tamil Speaking Sri Lankans to start a worthty dialog with Sinhalese Speaking Sri Lankans.

    Moment you identfy the Sri lankana by their race the majority Sinhalese will come down hard since an opprtunity has been created by the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. We must not forget that there are elements who try to thrive on dispute rather than in marmonious environments.

    Terminating the LTTE leadership will not resolve the conflict unless and until both sides start thinking Sri Lanka as a country for both Tamil speaking and Sinhalese speaking Sri Lankans could live together in harmony. Otherwise another LTTE or some leader will evolve to take raeins from where it ended. Do we want that to happen??

    Let us start changing the mindset of our people.

  115. Thalaivar gone. he had achieved nothing. This is a great victory for Mahinda and the sinhala nation.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ


    You are a moron with a false e-mail address ………….DBSJ

  117. This is true!! In reply to your blog ” Tamils should consider course correction” I wrote yesterday already about this.

    I am glad that the whole saga had come to an end after 30 years. A tyrant who has been massacring civilians of all sides and in the last stages taking his tactics to the foreign countries like Canada finally did the right thing by taking the cyanide without waiting for the forces to take him which could have led to the death of many hostage civilians too and getting the government in to a unfavourable situation in the eyes of the world. I am sad about all the people Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim killed in the course of this war since 1976 but have not sad an iota for these megalomaniac leaders and hardcore who fiollowed him blindly and for money. They led a luxurious life as proved by the family picture albums and never expected this to happen. Mavil Aru was their Waterloo and turning point. Well done Sri Lanka forces!

    The government now has to embark on the proposed devolution process in the indian model and silence the tamil diaspora and the coutries like UK ,US and France who are attempting to enforce UN sanctions.



    You are a moron with a false e-mail address ………….DBSJ

  119. Lol Go S L army, navy and airforce!!!!!:D We all knew that they would not have a full time power



    You are the same Moron with a different false e – mail……………..DBSJ

  121. LTTE has killed the president of Sri Lanka, Mr. R. Premadasa. They also killed the prime-minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Ghandhi. They have killed several Ministers of Sri Lanka including Mr. Lakshman Kadiragarmer, Mr. Jeyarai Frenandophulle. They have blasted more than 100 buses and trains transporting civilians. They haves blasted bombs all over the island killing tens of thousand civilians. They have invaded numerous Sinhala villages and killed all the civilians including small children. They have blasted most of our public property like Sri Lankan Air Port with more than half of the planes and Central Bank and World trade center buildings. They have put bombs from air planes to our capital 7 times. They have blasted bombs and did indiscriminating shooting at the most religious places in Sri Lanka. Arn’t they terrorists? What do you all want to do without killing him

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  122. hip hip hoorayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    we r the sri lankans .with sinhala ,tamil, muslim ,
    withuot terrisom…………………….
    we r the real sri lankan champions………victory of the our president mr mahinda rajapaksha……………………
    (hayawana mahinda raju.)
    who lives with fire , dies with fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    every householders must hang a national flag ………..

    The News is Confirmed………………………………

    east or west sri lanka is the best………
    proud to be a sri lankan ……………………………………….

    everywhere fireworks fireworks fireworks……………….

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  123. If this is true, as Thamilan i will keep my head high and ask the fellow Tamils to do the same. He lived, lead and martyred up to his commitment. Our leader and the other martyrs need to be remembered and saluted as heroes in the Tamil’s history , Tamils please be united and help to achieve our leader’s wish and our ultimate goal of Tamil eelam . Thamilarin Thagam Thamil Eela Thayagam.

  124. Let us keep the LTTE & the S.L government aside. Let us focus and discuss about the number of civilians and children (OUR FUTURE!!!!) died and dying regularly. How SAD is this? We are here in a safe country, protesting with children who are born and educated safely or was migrated when they were very young. We have to think why did we decide to leave the country with our children? Is it because of the govenment or we do not want our children to get involved in terrorism? We have no rights to talk about what is happenning there as most of us including our children are not facing any problem like the people back home. HOW ABOUT THE CHILD SOLIDIERS?????
    When our children get hurt (no matter how old), we take care of them with a hug and panic. How about the child soldiers mothers and their family?? As a father and mother did we ever thaught of this????
    Hope our Tamilians in future live peacefully with freedom in their mind and life.
    The best step we should take is to help the families and children to rebuild their families. May be this is how we should encourage our children.

    Very well said, Priyadarshini ………. DBSJ

  125. We can not be happy even on dead of our own enamy. We all going to die. But the reality is this unwanted war distroyed un-valuable youth life (Tamil and sinhala) and billion of our resources. I beleive we all no matter tamil or sinhalies, having same problems. Our future are not secure since we are from unprivilage class in the country.

    If tamil dispora can fund to upheld the unprivilage tamils economy, It may be maximum they can do twommoro. Not a waging a another war.

    My wish, all who died reborn in our country as more harmless in their next life

  126. Well, finally those Tamil who were against Praba can look forward a secure future in hands of Racist Singhala Nation. I am sure all the selfish tamil politician can start licking boots of you singala leaders.

    Great future awaits the Tamils who have silently watching the war.

    Please dont curse the Tamils who have suffered enough………….DBSJ

  127. I have mixed feelings! VP only knew how to wage a brutal war but never was a skilled-politician. Even with the war, he was not a good strategist at the end. I wished him dead the day he killed Neelan. His biggest mistake was to make Tamils boycott last presidential elections. It was thanks to VP that Rajapakse’s are running the show today. I am no fan of Ranil but at least he was willing to consider a federal set-up. Now with a war won and all the chauvinistic force with Rajapakses, I am not sure we will even see any kind of devolution. What doe stell us? All the reasons for this 26 year brutal war will be alive. Our politicians have no brains to see this unfortunately!

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  128. What Prabakaran did all these years. KILL…KILL…..KILL….
    A Thug has been killed as he did to rest of the human beings..

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. please show some sensitivity.………………..DBSJ

  129. Since human civilization began there were so many brutal dictators, great warriors, and very clever people in different fields left their legacy and touched people’s heart and mind in so many different ways. As all others, I am sure Prabakaran will be seen as a freedom fighter, liberator and a great leader by some people. Others will remind him as a brutal dictator or mass murderer. Last thirty years Sri Lanka as a country suffered very badly due to this brutal civil war. As a Sinhalese I genuinly feel very sad about innocent Tamil people who had suffered and ill treated by both parties (LTTE and GOSL). VP’s legacy can only be written by those Tamil people who lived through this brutal civil war in the northern and eastern part of the country, but not by the Tamil diaspora who live in abroad. We have suffered enough due to this civil war for last 30 years. Looking back, how do we feel about this brutal war??Do I feel happy that SLA finally got rid off VP and won the war??. I feel sorry for Tamil people, I feel sad that we couldn’t save those innocent lives from both parties, I feel lost opportunities and wasted valuable time. Do majority of Tamil people who live through this war feel sad that they lost their leader and freedom struggle or do they feel relieved ?? is it worth to sacrifice more than hundred thousand lives for the name of justice, when you can achieve this by other means??. If there is any injustice for Tamil people who live in SL, it is time to think that we can achieve this in a democratic path way. I am counting days to see another OBAMA in SL within the Tamil community but not a another Prabakarn. As a Sinhalese I am looking forward to give my vote to that person and not to use the gun. For the name of justice I am with you Tamil people but only only through non violent way

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  130. DBS !


    what about we srilankan tamils & singalease find some compromise and align with China ignoring INDIA totally ?

    Though Singalese discriminate tamils, worst race is indians who will always manipulate us purly based on their interest. some geniune support is there in tamil nadu but there are powerless

    Recently Hariharan or Raman concluded in a article with the pharase ” End of LTTE , but long live tamils struggle” so that they can easily manipulate us for their benifits . Its OK for them that we contnue to suffer

  131. Even after all these years of lost lives the some of the Tamil Diaspora can only hope for more horrors like Prabakaran to rise up and destroy them and SL again.

    When is your hatred going to end and allow a moderate approach to the problem. I’m a Sinhalese christian and I have so many buddist friends who do not speak ill of the Tamils. I hope and pray that the IDPs will be looked after and their children cared for by all concerned. They have gone through hell, just because one rabid man decided that nothing else than eelam was good for them.

    You have to know that we will not allow the country to be divided. If you want another 30 40 years of blood bath in the country you can surely aim for it. But, if you want peace and equal opportunity to all Sri Lankans, then stop these vicious and hate filled predictions and start helping your brothers and sisters in the camps. I for one know how much the common sinhalese people are doing right now to collect new clothes and food for the IDPs. I spoke to my aunt who had just returned from packing these items to be sent to them. What have the Tamil diaspora done for the IDPs?

    Just stop the hatred against the sinhalese and allow your heart and mind to observe things too. We do not hate you, we feel for you and want the Tamils to live as equals in SL. But, remember this, we will never allow the country to be divided.

    I’m glad if Prabakaran is gone. There is a time for all of us to go, and if his time has come so be it. The world, especially for those who suffered at his hands will be a better place without him. The Tamil diaspora who worship him from afar, I have one question for yoy?

    If Prabakaran had attained his elusive eelam, would you have gone and lived under that maniacs’ rule?, putting your childrens’ lives under his wishes?

    You’ve directed a pertinent question at diaspora, anuladevi….DBSJ

  132. For all you comment on Praba’s terrorism (in your words, even we did not agree):

    Who is real terrorist?

    1. Allow prisoner of wars (Your SL army) to leave even in losing point and dieing time
    Give hardship to even family members of LTTE leaders and very old aged people helped LTTE for liberation struggle…

    2. Tried to give news to world in hard time
    Killed news reporters or deported for published the truth to world… Your Mahinda brother – firing on tamil reportes recently and then released by legal system as no choice, what is punishment for him. Did he apologized?

    Just compare tamils vs your country websites
    3. Censor reader’s comments in web site and publish only some slected news – Daily mirror
    This DBSJ website one example where he allow comments against too him also…

    Now you need to punish your terrroists just back to country… And his brothers include all US Green card holders…

  133. Its most probable that this unconfirmed report is true. Everything indicates that possibility.
    It was expected but sad to digest.
    They should have predicted this long ago and atleast saved the civilians from the agony they were forced to undergo for the past few months. not to mention the thousands of death all around-civilians, tigers and armed forces.
    Probably they pinned their last hope on a change of Indian government, which did not materialize.

    whats next is the trillion dllar and million lives question.
    We have to find out who have matryed and who escaped.
    If Baby Subramaniam survived and escaped to India, he, KP and Mathivathani Prabhaharan might carry on the strugle from overseas. These would cover all sections of the tiger supporters and the overseas assets and network would become handy.
    So it is upto the Sri Lanka Goverment to come out with a political package soon and avoid another round of armed conflict.

  134. What a Cowardly Sun God

    Killer who sent 80000 people over 30 years to untimely death and poverty ,commited suicide without achieving anything for Tamils.

    Good Bye Sun God

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  135. SRH Hoole said;

    “My high school daughters reaction: Even if Prabhakaran is a horrible man, he deserves to live. God gave him life and no one should take it away, even if he has not given others the right to life.

    I wish your daughter got to say this to Prabhakaran while he was alive about the the hundreds of people that HE ordered to kill. Didn’t all of them deserve to live? These people were not even horrible people.

  136. It’s like the end of Saddam Hussain every one is feeling sad. Just look back, what has he done to every society in Sri Lanka

    Tamils – Asylum seekers, IDPs, Disabled due to war – TOTAL LOSS OF DIGNITY, and the title Tamils=Terrorists

    Sinhalese – Massacres after massacres in border villages, bought poverty

    Muslims – Massacres in mosque, ethnic cleansing from the EELAM (lol), IDPs

    To all Sri Lankans – 30 years of serious economic consequences, check points, poverty and a SORRY LIFE

    May pottu-amman, K Pathmanathan and Velupillai Pirabakaran burn in the lowest hell after their death.

    Aggressive tamils in diaspora(not the many in Colombo or in Vanni) please try to live together, rather than organize another fight (which you cant) or you will face the same!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Its the time for singhala peoples and the president Mahinda Rajapakse to take care of the nation in a professional way. if the singhalese starts Jaathi Bedhaya-
    again with others will face more problem.

    prabakaran gone may god bless to my country the pearl in the indian ocean – its a taste of paradise.


  138. We need to learn something from this tragedy. I blame no one else but the opportunistic Sinhalese/Tamil politicians.
    This is a victory for the people of Sri Lanka against LTTE & diaspora.

    Our ultimate victory comes when all Sri Lankans feel proud to be Sri Lankans.

    This was not a war against Tamils. DBS please don’t publish stupid comments of some Sinhalese.

  139. Hi DBSJ

    Anybody’s death is not a time to celebrate. Nonetheless, the amount of gruesome killing of innocent Sinhala villagers – those chena cultivators who did not know whether they were Sinhala or Tamil – LTTE can not expect anything different from average human beings. Let’s not forget that Great Sinhala King Dutugemunu did not die a contented death because as a Buddhist he could not accept anything different to what Emporor Ashoka suffered thinking about the blood letting of tens of thousands on his ambition for conquest.

    Buddhism as we follow has no Nirvana for killing even for the sake of your mother land because Buddhists have nothing called mother land.

    I strongly believe that Sinhalese, as always they have done in the past will forgive and forget. Why shouldn’t they when we are the closest to each other in shape, colour, beliefs and finally humanists. We must initiate the process of making these two communities one through renewed blood links.

    Wasantha Ranagala

  140. The conventional war has been won. Let’s hope the peace will be won by giving our Tamil friends the right to guide their own destiny in SL. Power must be devolved. President Rajapaksha, with his tremendous popularity, can easily sell a meaningful political solution to the sinhala masses. Even though I was only 10 years old at the time, when I witnessed my neighbour’s house being burned in 1983 I knew life in my country would never be the same. I feel that way again today. We are at another crossroad in the history of our country. We must do the right thing this time.

    Thank You Johan……………DBSJ

  141. Some of Hitler’s military pursuits were legendary. However, only few Germans revere him as a great hero. Germans are smart enough to know copy cats of him will only bring similar misery. I fervently hope the sentiments remain same here.

  142. DBS, Either you are with the majority of tamils or against them. Tamils identify themselves with the LTTE. Hence they still carry our sacred flag internationally. Tamils know how to treat the traitors. How much are you being paid by Mahinda and Co? I won’t be surprised if you end up as a minister in the SL Government.
    Soon you will not be able come out of your house. Because tamils will give you what you deserve!


    I am always on the side of truth and justice not with “my race” simply because I was born Tamil. I identify with the “majority” but not the racial majority you think of.

    It is the silent majority that I identify with. The silent majority of decent people cowed into silence while a vicious minority of people like you threaten and intimidate them.

    I will always speak out for the underdog and try as much as I can to be a voice for those silenced voices.

    OF course some Tamils identify with the LTTE but not ALL Tamils. The greatest defeat for the LTTE was not on the military front but in losing the hearts and minds of civilians living in tiger territory for nearly two decades.

    Why dont you explain how “tamils” treat traitors? Why substitute Tamil for tigers?

    After blocking traffic on Gardiner expressway you want to surround my house?

    Is that where the Tamil struggle is going nowadays?

    Appane Selva Nee Selvaai!

  143. Like every war in history, this war has also taken its toll. Again history will decide its true value. For better or worse Sri Lanka has been given a chance for a fresh start.

    What we and all the diaspora have to do right now is to pay utmost attention and support for the IDPs. In long term we have to take this as a fresh starting point and unite while being prepared to make compromises from both sides.

  144. Irrespective of the final out come as a Sinhalese I would humbly request everyone to show some restraint and tone down the gloating.

    While VP and his men were terrible in the eyes of many thousands of lives were lost from all communities for a foolish war.

    Please show some decency and say a prayer to all the departed,.

    Thank You Nimal…………DBSJ

  145. Sri Lankan, predominant Sinhala identity has survived over 3000years against many adversarial happenings and our people have time and again overcome hurdkes many thought impossible. Those who attempted to harm us have always met destruction one way or another.

    It doesn’t have to be devine providence, and instead tells those who are capable of understanding the obvious, a thing or two about the people; their tenacity and unconquerable spirit.

    Velu’s death will drive the hatred of the pro-LTTE rabid racist tamil groups into blowing up. There’ll be other attempts made to bring destruction to Sri Lanka. Our people will learn how to deal with them and vanquish them.

    We’ve been here for 3,000 years and faught many adversaries. What’s another couple of thousands of years of entertaining conflict, knowing that in the end we will emerge victorious? We always do. Always will.

    In another 3,000 years, Sri Lanka will still be undivided.
    That’s a promise from every last drop of Sinhala blood.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  146. At last our great soldiers were able to rescue our mother land… Now all Sri Lankans will be able to live happily in this small country.
    There’s no racism between Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims in Sri Lanka. Piribaharan killed not only Sinhalese, but Tamils, Muslims also.
    If we give Tamil Elam to them will all the other Tamils (who lives in Colombo and other area with Sinhalese) will go to stay in North? No Never. They also hate this Piribaharan’s violence. What he expected by killing innocent civilians all over the country? Can anybody tell: “Is this the Liberate that Pribahara’s wanted?”

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  147. Every Sri Lankan immaterial of his / her race LIVING IN SRI LANKA understand the pain & miseray brought about by the LTTE under its leader Prabhakaran. We do not wish for any ones death. However, natural justice will prevail. Prabha had such great leadership qualities he could have put in to good use thru the political stream. Unfortunately, who chose the wrong path to make him heard and brought death and distruction to Tamils, Singhalese and muslims. Those who still sing hosanna for Prabha are the uneducated, low quality LTTE supporters outside SL who are living as refugees and need this war to remain in those countries.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  148. Tamilian

    Do not wish for any more Prabhakarans. No matter how many will come in the future the fate will be the same. The results is endless suffering of human kind. Howmany of tamils already sacrificed for nothing. Enough is enough. you are alive. Do not send any more to deth. Live with Sinhalas as you Live now with Suddhas in western countries or try to obtain elam in Norway. Not in India nor in SL pl.

  149. The chief of the Hell is supposd to have faced a big problem. There is no room in the lowest level of accommodation, for it’s now filled with those went from LTTE. The chief is making a new pit of “POO” to dump the latest arrivals, the “Biggest Tiger & his disciples”

    Dear moderate Tamils, please do not be mislead again. You have done enough sacrifices by way of your children as child soldiers, your hard earned money, your properties in Sri Lanka and also your good reputation already. Now let us come together as a nation and help each other to live in peace.

    At least after 30 long years let’s breath a sigh of relief.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  150. Terrorist shouhd be killed.I do congrate to Srilankan Aarmy for their bravery.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  151. 30 years he was fighting just to be the global tamil leader, sacrificing all SL tamil and sinhalese lives while global tamils enjoy their lives in oversea.

    Does he have a right to live??

    I say NO

  152. By the way Tamilians, U have destroyed the Sri Lanka and now have to put up again. You live in every part of Sri Lanka and Sinhalese and Muslims are limited to West and south. You do your studies in Colombo, Business in Colombo. We had classes in 1983 where it took us to a bloodbath. United as a once Nation leave the dam racism behind and try to develop the country and stand united against the third world.

    The whole world is looking to destroy Sri Lanka the pearl of Indian Ocean. Rather than having a war you put your educated brains to develop the country than destroying.

    In case you have your homeland are you willing to take all the Tamils living in other parts of Sri Lanka to your dream homeland? For an example people who are living and continuing their business in Colombo will move to your homeland or are you by force taking them to your so called dream homeland.

    Dear tamilians don?t forget that you all came from India to Sri Lanka and We Sinhalese was living in Sri Lanka. We don?t need to have these conflicts any more in Sri Lanka. All we & our new generation need is a peaceful developed once country to live our short life. This what you can do to Sri Lanka to be successful than destroying it.

    Your knowledge of history is as minimal as your sensitivity…………..DBSJ

  153. Pirabakaran died on his terms. But he didnt give that choice to the hindu priest in Santhaiveli (batticalo) or Maheswary Velautham or hundreds others who were ruthlessly gunned down in front of thier family by LTTE goons.

    This man’s death is nothing to celeberate.

    Nadesan has reportedly placed a despearte, last minute call to a British journalist hours before they all died, begging the journalist to arrange a security gurantee from one of two western powers. More details will emerge in the next 24 hours-

    LTTE and the flag-waving Tamil diaspora are equally responsible for the death of hundreds, if not thousands of Tamils, as the shelling from the armed forces- Shame on you Tamil Diaspora. Your disguised protests to save LTTE leadership in the name of ‘stop genocide’ miserbaly failed!!!!





  155. My dearest fellows no one need anything in this manner to end up with disaster VP is a guy that he trust him self only and other are always suspected and did this prabakaran do any good thing for the Tamils can any of you guys say to me,
    LTTE is a brutal terrorist out fit there is no sympathy for them you Tamils be focus on the truth how luxury life that VP had lived in Vanni did he care of any poor Tamils or the guys in overseas LTTE heavily funded by you guys living out side the country do you think Eelam can happened in Sri Lanka do not even think of it again think good tray to learn lesson from the mistakes of yours if you cant live with Sinhala you fellows have to find new place in this earth or go back to Madras now don?t cry VP is gone there will be no more VP will born again in Sri Lanka and we will never ever keep any chance to happened again we are in the right track now we know what to next Ok sorry my friends I have to say like this learn to live in peace where ever you?re

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  156. Hom many more riots (56, 77, 83 etc) to kill the innocent tamils the sinhalese govt is planning after killing all the innocent tamil to capture VP. Isn’t this a genocide to kill 10,000 innocent civilians in the aim of capturing/killing 1000 tigers.
    Get real. The rajapaksa brothers will be brought to justice by the world by hiding the truth and killing the true journalists who told the truth to the world.

    Don’t you think the western world know why the journo’s have been deported? Get real once in for all.

  157. Dear DBS,
    Whether the contents of your report is confirmed or not,one thing for sure is that the GOSL does not want to capture VP alive,for two reasons.
    !. If GOSL try him in courts l the worst punishment will be 25 years hard labour as SriLanka does not impose death penalty.Which means he will be the rallying point for the LTTE every where and will come back with a vengeance.It will be worse than the LTTE Mark I.Remember JVP Mark II.

    2. India would not want him either as India also does not impose death penalty. LTTERS word wide would love him in India as Madras is the ideal long term destination for a Tamil Elaam.

  158. In my young days we never thought of people as Sinhala or Tamil – there were many successful marriages between the two races. Colombo has always been cosmopolitan and we were taught by Tamil teaches and we continue to have Tamil friends. It is time to start again and the Sihalese have a special responsibility to reach out and recognise that Tamil rights are not something Sinhalese happily dish out but those rights are inalienable.
    Prabahkaran is the single cause of death of both Sinhalese and Tamils. Its time for smart Tamils to map out a strategy and integrate with all other communities with dignity and equality.

  159. Assuming MR doesn’t magically become a dove of peace, Tamil nationalism will weather the loss of the totalitarian LTTE.

    Like a phoenix, Tamil nationalism will rise from the ashes of the LTTE, and doused in Sinhalese triumphalism it will emerge more stronger than ever before.

    Hopefully this time around the leadership will be more politically and diplomatically savvy. The Tamils of the diaspora should be prepared to put their sons and daughters where their money and voices have been.

    The game will go on!

  160. VP was dead when he enforced the boycott allowing MR to come to power. VP missed the last opprtunity that day. VP did not know that day he was commitiing suicide. VP was not an educated man to think intellectually. VP did not have political skills. Only history will judge whether VP is a hero or not. I have mixed feelings about VP. Tamil people were not living happilly before VP came into existence. Sinhalese rulers created VP. Sinhalese rulers and VP were the same. Among the SLFP rulers, MR is the worst from the perspective of Tamils. If Sri lanka wants peace, they have to present radical political reforms. Otherwise Sri Lanka will see Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims etc and will not see a Sri lankan nation consisting of Sinhalese, tamils, Muslims etc. There is no point in talking that everyone has equal rights. Individual rights will not help the country. Sri Lanka need to recognise collective rights, Need to recognise political equality for the Tamils and the Muslims. To achieve these, Sri Lanka need radical political reforms. MR will not do it because he is a Sinhalese rather than a Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka need a balanced person to articulate these things. MR is no different to Hitler.

    I presume that there is no LTTE from this moment. International community particularly, US, UK and FRance will have to look after the rights of the Tamil people with respect to humanitarian and political aspects. IC must provide urgent attantion to the Tamil peolpl in the concentration camps to allow freedom and dignity to the Tamil people. I have no failth in India.

    We hope for the best

  161. 5. Tamilian ‘s comments –

    prove again that LTTE supporters blame everybody but themselves. they sound crazy wanting the violence to continue even after completely losing the civilian base. they obviously think it’s like a cricket series with several matches to go. they want to buy the tickets as spectators & just watch while the players hammer themselves to death.

    make no mistake the LTTE has lost the tamil civilian support permanently. (in the north east where it really matters). ironically they are gaining in support in the west & colombo in defeat. only an incident which is much worse that 1983 can get back that lost local support. that ain’t going to happen. the sinhala seems very versatile to learn from their misakes while the LTTE tamils seems stuck in the mud unable to adapt.

    there are even videos called “tamil prostitutes” posted by diaspora LTTE tamils on utube to tarnish the image of people like douglas, karuna & siddarthan. at this rate all the tamils in sri lanka will have to be labelled as prostitutes by the diaspora. if they are called prostitutes the diaspora can claim to be pimps.

    instead of wasting their time & money by investing in madmen like thalaivar diaspora should have invested in sri lanka or anywhere else they liked for economic development. not spending endless $ on death & destruction of sinhala & muslims. history has proven that sponsoring senseless violence has a nasty way of backfiring on the sponsors. killing their way to eelam indefinitely as a strategy is a terrible & ill conceived idea.

    if the LTTE diaspora forced thalaivar to go for a political solution instead of drinking champagne & celebrating the killings of tamil political activists they would have been much happier today with their billions of investments paying off in a peaceful & prosperous sri lanka. they would have been a much prouder lot.

    it’s obvious that the diaspora have neither the guts to go against the LTTE or the inclination for that. (except for a few individuals like DBS who are the vast tamil minority by far). now they have lost everything including their standing in countries like canada. but they are shouting for more thalaivars & more deaths to sinhala.

    doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results is the definition of madness. time to change.

  162. Let the lives lost (Tamil and Sinhalese) be not in vain.
    Some of us have lived in west where they strive to achieve equality among human beings irrespective of race, religion, cast, ….
    Let us work with those – irrespective of their race -to facilitate such a future

    Thank You Jay2……………DBSJ

  163. I read that, after the US civil war in the 19th Century, many of the Confederate leaders and generals lived long life after they were defeated. They did not commit suicide. There weren’t prosecuted too harshly.

    I think only difference it that they never lost their honor.

    Prabakaran and his people did not have any honor and there for couldn’t live.

  164. (EDITED)

    His body is brought to Colombo and will be destroyed shortly. Other high profile leaders followed their leader.

    Anyway, the high profile LTTE leaders were managed to send their wives and children to safe area while keeping other civilians as a human shield.

  165. If this news is true then expected outcome of the end game that was waiting to happen for a while now has come to be. Also if it is true then , Anita P was wrong about her analysis of VP of his ability to dodge the end game. I wish this had dawned on LTTE leadership many months ago so that we could have saved thousands of innocent people’s lives. MR did offer a stark choice earlier on, “Surrender and save your people”. Anyway Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism has come a full circle. I hope we have the flexibility, maturity and ability in Sri Lanka as well as abroad to respond to reality that we are a smaller minority with less power than that we began this quest 200 years ago with the Savite revivalism. We need to first truly take care of the civilian causalities. I mean we have to do that with the same tenacity that the Diaspora and Tamils in Sri Lanka have shown thus far. This is no time to quit on the causalities. It is time to create non partisan and neutral NGO’s and take care of widows, invalids, orphans and other sundry needs for the foreseeable future and we need to do it without competing with Sri Lankan state, we need to be humble and compliment what the Sri Lankan state does. Always keep in mind that the Diaspora can muster greater resources and is far richer than anybody else in Sri Lanka except the government. So hat ever we do should not create antagonism amongst the common poor people. Then it is also incumbent upon us to try to forge a Sri Lankan identity like the Sri Lankan Muslims. This is far more difficult a task but a task that Tamils have historically managed to do without the help of politicians for the last 500 years from Puttalam to Matara.

  166. If he committed suicide a month ago (when everyone knew defeat was inevitable), so many lives – civilians, junior cadre, forced civilians/kids, army soldiers etc would have been spared. what a waste. In this context, DBS why are you asking for sensitivity?

    why VID dont you know why? ………….. DBSJ

  167. (DELETED)

    A Comment in very poor taste under an obviously false name……………..DBSJ


  169. If its true I hope GOSL rests the ghost of VP by adopting a federal solution. Otherwise VP’s ghost would haunt them forever same like Rajiv Gandhi ghost haunting LTTE till today.

  170. It isall over….
    only tears and laments are left…
    not sad tears, only frustrated tears, therefore keep all in your overseas hideouts in foreign eelam…
    never come back!

    we freed the por tamil population in vanni,
    not the big bucks in luxury western countries.

    stay away as long you live, you never deserve to come back!


    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  171. The diaspora tamils – whose children have gone to schools in Canada, UK and Australia and for whom Sri Lanka is some strange, far away country – must now forget about Sri Lanka. They must not interfere with the post-war process, but must allow Sri Lanka to heal into a country where all communities can get a fair deal and all its citizens can call themselves Sri Lankans.

  172. If any senior LTTE surrendered at army do not keep them with alive kill all them otherwise again they might destroy this country and create another terrorism any LTTE cader kill them on the spot, like killed Prabakaran. where is uncle P.Nadesan still aliving kill him first that basdart.

    Whoever you are you are a stupid man. Why are you asking the armed forces to engage in war crimes?………………………DBSJ

  173. dream on guys, maybe there will be another tsunami to swallow all sri lanka. dream on as you think prabha was your liberator!
    therefore dream on, then one day you wil see your mislead spirits… or not who cares.

  174. This news about his death does not bother us.becz he was born to die.


    People make mistakes,but once they realize they are welcome to correct the mistakes. Why you foolishly think of a seperate state for Jaffna tamils,is it only they who should live in peace?All nationalities should live together. Prabakaran is one person he made a mistake, should others also make another mistake by
    taking up arms for a seperate state.No Never. Let us live together. We are all one.This country belongs to all peace loving people.

  175. The venom spouted by Tamils could be attributed to opportunism.
    Velu was a higly talented persn in his own right moreso
    mre that many qualified Tamils who have spouted here.
    Like them, Velu too used his talents in a selfish mode to serve himself.
    There was not a single Tamil wh could draw him to the righteous path, this is iorny of it.
    This where the Tamils whether Diaspora r locally failed. Everybody harnessed a selfish intention.
    it will take a very long time to find another VP.

    As for Rajan Hole’s High School daughter, Darling you crrect when you state nobody has the right to take the life of God’s creation.
    BUT…. Neither did GOD permit anyone t take his OWN LIFE… In short commit suicide.

    In this world there is an element missing in mankinds life and hence we read f such happenings.
    I wish you be a just citizen nt only for the Tamils & Sinhalese but to the world as a whole..

    I am a sinhalese & feel sad but this was inevitable.
    Hence, be strong to become a just and a righteous
    person without any prejudice.
    Best wishes on your studies. The day you achiecve success, I will be proud for the fact you are a Sri Lankan or at least with Sri Lankan rots.

  176. beign a tamil and liveing in sri Lanka. i dont know for what sake our tamils fights. we makes the things worse. very recently i got a high government job in . we never feel that we are discriminated by the SL gvt. if you are a success person no one can defeat or discriminate you. so shall we live our short life peacfully and die.

  177. Well, Game Over!! Prbha and their supporters all around the world has no anything to claim, since they have ruled the innocent tamils most ruthless way for last 30 years.

    One thing is very clear according to rules of play. There is no existence of any type of terrorist organization that they could survive not mare than 25 years. This has been proved again.

    Now the next chapter has already begun to develop the areas and deployment of lively hood programs to bring the normalcy of the public life in the east and north.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  178. It is true that all are harping arround an unconfirmed news. But what is not confirmed is the way VP died and not that he is dead. As our brothers envisage, there will be lot more Prabakarans to take the leadership. There will be lot more so called international tamil diapora to fund the struggle. But two things are sure.
    1. We will crush them again
    2. You cannot fool the innocent tamils again to guard any new leaders as they are the one who paid the huge price by sacrificing the children and all the hardships brought to them by so called savoirs.

  179. I don’t have any sympathy on LTTE, but they were the world’s best at what they were doing; Terrorism. Well I don;t know whether to be proud or to be ashamed of that. But i know one thing, if LTTE didn’t brainwashed them , they could have contributed to a better Sri Lanka. I have a good respect to Tamil nation as hard working, brainy nation. So all we need is a better, far far better leadership for tamils in Sri Lanka (not a one which false-represent tamils by pointing guns and keeping their mouths shut) …

  180. There are thousands of tamils living with sinhalese
    people peasefully. all these bloodthurst tamils living in foreign countries should think again.


    Sri Lanka does not belong to anyone. We her children belong to her. It certainly does not belong to the Sinhalese alone. …………….DBSJ


  183. (EDITED)

    Lets live long ever after as good happy people. I want the Tamils to prosper in Sri Lanka, within a peaceful One Nation Sri Lanka

  184. Thank god.. the war ends in SL.
    may war happen in many other countries and let hundreds of people die. then only they will feel the miserability of war. only if you loose yr wife, children from a bomb you will never like war happen again.
    my only wish is to spread terrorism to countries which had not experience that yet, and let these people to feel what it is to live with a war

    If you had really suffered from war you would not want even your worst enemy to suffer it. Your idiotic comment shows you have really not suffered the ravages of war………..DBSJ

  185. he( Praba) should Have been capture alive so all the sri lankans can stone him to death .. trag him on the road naked and stone with millions of stone for his curse blood to be washed to the hell . and then he should be hang in front of his family .. his daughter .son and Wife ..
    Then they should be hang … oh noo may be the family should be hanged first so he can suffer .. then he should be hanged.. oh my god ifi was the president .. i will make him suffer for count less number of soilders that sri lanka lost countless number of inecent people that sri lanka lost .. count number of tear of the war hero families….

    but only i wish !!!!!!

    Thank God you are not the President and only a wanabe Sinhaya……………DBSJ

  186. guys time to forget about terrorism and the destruction made by ltte and velu.its over now.no point of crying.

  187. Sri Lankan leaders made two great mistakes in the latter half of the 20th century. First, they would not listen to those who believed in negotiation. Second, they tried to negotiate with those who believed in violence.
    Now the second mistake has been corrected, at an unbelievable cost!!!!! violence has been answered with violence.
    Now I hope they will correct the first mistake, and listen to those who wish to speak.
    May there never be anymore bloodshed, Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim!!!!


  188. Jeyaraj,

    I’m sure that you wont publish this, but please read it before deleting.

    Iwas so angry when I heard you were attacked by Tamil in Canada, some years ago. Until now I have been condemning it.

    At that time, a Tamil news paper put a cartoon saying when you want to hit a dog, you should stop its barking for good.

    I’m sorry I have to take the news paper point.

    Shame on you a son, of a cross bread bitch.

    Ravi Kumar

    Why dont you mention the name of the rag you are referring to you pure bred fascist goon? If the Society for prevention of cruelty to animals hears of how you want to kill dogs who bark you’ll be facing charges you dog – hater.. By the way its BRED not BREAD. Maybe you were thinking of the Food Bank ah?

  189. 160. Johan ‘s comments are very timely.

    Mahinda defeated the LTTE. only mahinda & sinhala majority can make life normal for tamils in sri lanka. the sinhala will trust mahinda to safeguard their interests without arousing suspicion of treachery.

    but the question is “how can mahinda keep both sides happy ?”. each side may want their pound of flesh after the bloody showdown. it really was bloody. the bitterness will prevail for years because both parties have lost a lot.

    the problem is very well reflected in the western polls results where the tamils have voted for ranil/UNP in a very convincing manner. those are the only electorates that the UNP won. so the tamils (at least in colombo & most probably the diaspora) seem to crave for ranil. but it’s extremely unlikely that ranil will ever come to power as long as the sinhala are a majority. the sinhala will never trust him ever again. that’s final.

    so let’s face reality. the majority of sinhala trusts mahinda while the majority of colombo & diaspora tamils trust ranil. to me it seems like the same old equation. only more polarised.

    but the north eastern tamils may sway towards mahinda & UPA in a future election. so it looks like the tamils of sri lanka will be electorally broken to 4 sectors with seperate leaders for each. the north, east, colombo & up country. it’ll happen eventually with GOSL encouragement. mahinda is a master at that.

    the sole representative will be gone for good & the SL tamil vote split . the GOSL will sponsor, corrupt & play one against the other.

    this will be the inevitable SL tamil political future.

  190. DBSJ,
    If Tamil majority supported LTTE and it’s separate state stand, then Tamils did two fundamental errors.

    1. Tamils belived, supported and funded to a military path to achive their separate state goal.

    2. Tamils fell in to the Indian trap and expected as the final reserve to achive the goals.

    What about your throughts?

  191. to sinhalese,
    hey, the sinhala guys over their in other countries! we know you people are so much fear for the war and left the country. we know you people are very selfish you only needed to save your loved ones. if you are a product of SL free education remember you still owe to country.
    but PLEASE DONT come back here you selfish. be there where you are. that is for the betterment of mother SL.
    you just be there and work for PARA SUDDA.


  193. now there is a big problem started. how they are collecting money from poor and middle class people. so there are nearly 100000 agents around the world selling the name of prabakaran to make there lives luxeryersly. they are the people who organised worldwide protest against SL government as genoside drama to protect praba and nothing else than this. now the money machine has slept in hell same as worldwide agents

  194. End of theWar is not the end or soluation for any problem.to day we need more undestanding amoung the communities of Sri Lanka.

  195. I called up my friend (whos uncle is Shavendra Silva). He says they strongly feel that Prabha has committed suicide and blasted his hide out. However, they are yet to find proof.

    He says the LTTE has given up the fight. it looks like there are few cadres still remaining in the area without an idea of what to do. No signs of senior leader including Prabha.

    My comment on his demise: He should leave for any bodys betterment. As an Easterner, I hold him responsible for exporting terrorism to Easter province. Even Karuna is a product of Prabha.

  196. Why you afraid for the name?
    yes that is the best army in the world. hip hip hurrey!

    my biggest thank to all 3 forces people who sacrified their life over this 30 years. we owe you a lot. please let us to work under you as slaves in our next birth to pay the debt. we will never forget you dear SL army


  197. DBSJ, you are brave. In my multi-ethnic circles, we do not even talk about these issues, as we do not want to offend others. But it is good that you have given a chance for people to steam out all that hatred!! I hope all these views are read and given thought to especially by those who habour such hatred, and are obstinantely refusing to consider alternative views.
    This country has a long way to go, starting from building trust amongt people who are different – may be due to the ethnicity or religion they are born into, or the views they subscribe to.


    No big idea just a teeny – weeny idea to let you have an idea or rough idea of what may have happened. Got the idea now? ………………………DBSJ

  199. Thank you for this very important information. Thank you for your effort to find the truth.
    I believe that prabhakaran is dead.! Now the time has come to unite we all sri lankans, regardless of race and gender, leave behind all past hatered and build our country as a united Sri Lanka.

    News is yet to be Confirmed. Thank You for your sentiments.………………..DBSJ

  200. Dear Sri Lankans n ppl who love SLankans,

    Its a great day in SL history in eradicating the terrorism from motherland..
    Now all can live together with peace n harmony..
    Satan’s Curse has been eradicated..
    All SLankanans, lets get to gether n build up the nation.. n to expedite the country’s deveopment..

    May Tripple gem bless all our heroes..

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  201. If confirmed, the biggest obstacle to Tamil self-determination in the northern parts of Sri Lanka has been removed. A momentous occasion indeed!! Now that the ‘sole representative’ seems to have relinquished his duties, the GoSL can (& should) talk to moderate sections of the Tamil population to seek a political settlement.

  202. (EDITED)

    Please stop your childish comments under patently false names………. DBSJ

  203. I embraced VP as a great freedom fighter of our oppressed people but when he overstepped the legitimate scope of armed resistance I became disillusioned with his strategy.

    He failed to grasp golden opportunities as they opened up in 1987 & 2002.

    Today I am deeply saddened to hear this distressing news.

    Now Mahinda will go down in the history as a brutal terrorist as the atrocities he has committed in the NE since he became the President begin to unfold

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  204. “If Sri Lanka joins SCO how would India react? I believe Congress led India did not do much as the elections were on the cards. Now that the elections in India are over and Congress is much stronger and bolder I believe it will make a strong show of strength to Sri Lanka very very soon.”

    India is an observer state of SCO as well!!

  205. Pay back time for all the heartache caused to the innocent families… Now your time to feel the pain of leaving families, loosing family members..

  206. I am crying. I can’t eat and drink. I also want to die. My whole world is lost. I really thought we will have a separate state, now everything is gone. I want to die.

  207. As I can see from most of the comments from those with Sinhalese names, this war is going to go on for another 50 years unless the GOSL is prepared to devolve power.
    If there is only triumphalism from the majority, hatred will build up and will be unleashed like a fury that hell has not yet seen. This is how it always has been and always will be. Look at Palestine.
    Only in this instance India will be forced to make a play and probably send in troops in to SL again to prevent riots in TN.
    DBSJ readings a lot of these comments makes me think that we Sri Lankans really deserved what we got all these years. Maybe God is judging us in this present life! There is no love in our country anymore only hatred on all sides!

  208. This is what happens when you get too greedy. Prabha was fighting to crunch more 35% of Sri Lanka land for about 15% of population (Tamils). “Thanha ya jayathi soko” – greediness cause sadness. I’m not sorry for any of LTTE supporters.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  209. I appreciated the President Mahinda Rajapaksha and Millitary commander General Fonseka with Secretary of Defence and All Forces for their continously effort to finish this baberic LTTE from Srilanka. Tamils must understand one thing if you are real human been, LTTE animal prabakaran how many innocent people killed all over srilanka by sucide attack. Do you believe it acceptable? Also how many decades he spoil our economy for doing this baberic strugle? LTTE destoyed value of Tamil people in the world and now they out from srilanka. LTTE cant do anything accept stay in the jungle with luxury life. Prabakaran must caught and hang. Tamils never ever going to have land in this earth until they died. Salute to President

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  210. mi5 cia both were involved in rescuing prabakaran pottu amman and soosai.today at 2am people and the armed forces observed an object coming from sky .like spear type .object now its confermed it was 5 objects have com from aircraft carrier from international waters all are F35

  211. These are a bunch of animals who believed in revenge and murder of innocent people instead of using the ballot box. This “liberation” game has always been to get citizenships abroad for the “haves” at the expense of poor innocent “have nots” in the north.
    To carry on with your comfortable lives in the west NOT EVEN speaking Tamil, you guys have the cheek to talk about liberating a dried up area as if you are ever going to return there!
    You are comfortable getting fat in the West while the poor people left behind are being sacrificed for your “permanent visas”. Your children don’t speak Tamil or even would never dream of rubbing shoulders with those peasants in the north!! That is the saddest part!
    Stop using the “cause” as a means to your “economic refugee” end.

  212. At last the ruthless terrorist outfit has been annihilated. I hope all the peace loving Sri Lankans could live together in this beautiful country of ours.

    One should understand, one who takes the sword die by the same. Also, finally karmic effect has been realized on Prabakaran who was responsible for sending innocent tamil youth to their deaths through suicidal missions and many killings

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  213. It’s all over now.So we shall live in peace.But LTTE supporters must have to be eliminated from the internationally heights.

    So now the war will be expanded internationally ah?wow!……………DBSJ

  214. what have probhakaran done to the tamil people? or to the country? OHM i got realy good one it ‘s call distruction.

  215. These martyrs lived and died like heroes, please respect these martyrs even if you are a sinhalese.

  216. i’m glad he is dead. time to celabrate..

    The News is yet to be Confirmed ………………..DBSJ

  217. Siva writes that there are hundreds of thousands of Tamils living among the Sinhala. I would like to see atleast thousands of Sinhala living among the Tamils as they used to , in the past.

  218. Dear All,

    Forget the past and we have to face the future as a nation. Now there are thousands of sri lankans displaced whithout knowing what to do and they have suffered enough. SL gvt, you have a great responcibility on these people to make them feel that they are truly free. Dont use this for political popaganda.

    Terrorisum should be eleminated but find a solution for them. They are shouting, giving their lieves for what cause. SL GVt has nominated a commitee to find the current situation witout appointing any tamil.

    Listen to these people, and ask from your selves why these pople are keep saying that they are slaves under the Sinhala GVT.

    As sinhalese we should give them the opportunity to work with us to build our nation.

    Lots of lieves been lost even tamils sinhalese … but we all should achieve somethig for our future generation,

    Give tamil people what they desirve , then we can built good resources to build our nation.

    Its reaaly unfortunate to see geaths of innocent civilians and may god give hapiness to their lives.

    I want to see a better srilanks of which all races can live with dignity. Dear Jay use your pen for this future

    Well said Indika and Thank You for saying it………………..DBSJ

  219. I feel sick when i read some of the postings. I read one which had threatend DSBJ’S with sexual attack.

    I am a sinhalese and I feel ashamed about what they have written. VP and the men fought for a cause. They took arms in the fitrm beleif that aseperate state could bring them and the larger tamil community much deserved recognition. They failed but probably someone else will emerge and the course will take another turn.

    We have to respect the dead. We used to bow our heads or stand when we passed a funeral procession. VP did not kill innocent people until Sinhalese killed innocent.

    He derverves respect from all. He fought like a hero and died like a hero. I am sure Tamils will remember him as one who gave them a voice.

    May his and the souls of others who died with him rest in ternal peace.

    Dear Leo, Thank You but I think the person who made explicit sexual threats was Tamil not Sinhala……………..DBSJ

  220. (EDITED)

    I haven’t seen anything ‘New’ in this article (except for the claim that VP is dead).

    But I don’t blame you for this article. It’s worthwhile reading. Makes us Think!

  221. Subject to the confirmation of news, why didn’t he choose this path two months ago? A lot of innocent lives could have been saved. He is no hero!! He is a coward!!

  222. VP is finished or may be not yet. But SL sorted out a huge military problem that was destroying the country.

    Moving forward will take lot of hardwork. The biggest strength Sri Lankans have as a nation is that they are lot wiser today than they have ever been and they are lot freer today than they have been for 30 years.

    May triple gems watch over & god bless my country.

  223. Every one is willing to live, love, laugf, and enjoy life with under the control of whatever spiritual rules and acceptance. By the LTTE, all of those rights have been breaking for 30 years in the contry. I is not affected only for tamils, but also every Sri Lankans. The way of LTTE followed to achieve whatever objective is not accepted. So, finally the humanity has been conquered. That is the nature.

  224. Even though I don’t support LTTE I have some sympathy for VP and others. When Tamils were treated as second-class citizens in 70’s, VP and other guys came forward to lead the struggle. Later, of course VP has changed the course and did a lot of atrocities in the name of freedom for Tamils. A former LTTE central Committee member has stated that it is Anton Balasingham who misguided VP.

  225. “Those who believe in weapons will perish with weapons”! It’s encouraging news for majority of peace-loving Sri Lankans to look forward to the future sans terrorism! Like Prabakaran there will be hundreds of Mahinda Rajapaksas will be born in Sri Lanka in future to fight against the terrorism. As well, I endorse the views expressed by Shammike Dissanayake.

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  226. Dear DBS,

    Time has come for all of us to move on I guess DBS – from now on, there will be only Sri lankans in sri lanka – no more calling fellow sri lankans by “sinhales”, “tamils” or “muslims”.


    I hope so but that depends on how govts reach out to minority communities amd make them feel equal citizens , agree?….DBSJ

  227. Think as human being and make this world a better place where everybody has it own rights. what a waste of time and so many casualties. rather that human source and money would have used for development of our nation. I don’t know why people have this attitude and ego which has lead to so many casualties. I want everybody to think as one. we got this opportunity of a life time of this wonderful life. make use of it. i am really amazed and disappointed after seeing some of there comments above.I don’t understand there are some comments which clearly says they need more violence. please STOP this war. Join hands and live peacefully.


  228. Cheers to all in Sri Lanka. Specially to the Government and the military Personals.
    The long awaiting movement has arrived with cheerful news. This is the first ever Government which write a new history in the world of fighting against the Organized Terrorism.The first ever country in the world to claim victory over terrorism.
    It`s also new Hopes for Tamil comunity having beeing freed from the prison of LTTE.
    This is a historic movement and lets get together to celebrate with the Good News of Peace as a one nation. “Not as enemies”

    The News is yet to be Confirmed. Dont gloat please.Please show some sensitivity ………………..DBSJ

  229. What ever happend, the truth is Tigers and and its leadership lifted the Tamil struggle to an unseen height, against all odds. (You must know that, howmany enymies they faced)

  230. DBS, I’m quite impressed about the network of sources yov’ve built to get inside info! The mainstream media must be extremely envious of you as I just saw BBC flapping like a fish out of water trying to catch up with networks like Al Jazeera!!! But you seem to be quite a few steps ahead….

  231. There really is nothing to celebrate in war. victory would have been a solution without war (If that could have been possible with VP). I say this because I know the horrors of war and the sacrifices made by the Armed forces.

    Another struggle that involves all Sri Lankans within and outside have just begun – The struggle for economic prosperity, equality and dignity for all, teaching our children to respect diversity, meeting the Tamil political aspirations and finding a common platform to live in peace and prosperity.

    If we do not address these issues, the sacrifices of our valiant soldiers who died protecting our lives will be in vain (not forgetting the deaths of many innocent civilians and other combatants). And our future generations will curse us for another golden opportunity lost!

    You’ve made very good points, Chammika…………………DBSJ

  232. (EDITED)

    The lion is a brave, noble animal. Hyenas and Jackals shouldn’t do leonine masquerades….DBSJ

  233. DBSJ
    you are asking people to show some sensitivity , but it is imposible for anybody who knows Prabhakaran.

  234. Dear Mr, Jeyaraj,
    Du you think Brabakaran was a genius or a leader who was at the right place at the right time in the history?

  235. Tamil people who think and thought they can co exist with sinhala barbarians, do you really think can do so after reading and seeing this much of hatred.

    All you wanted was extermination of the LTTE , tell me now what you going to do with those people in interment camps, sinhala genocidal regime definitely going to do a lot of harm to them, what about the Tamil people living in the open prisons and under paramilitary rule.

    Who you going turn around and blame, who is going to give you the protection you needed, because of the LTTE the frequency of the nation wide anti Tamil riots were minimized, but now we can expect one soon, so be prepared.

    No more dignified life in Srilanka, it is almost an ethically cleansed sinhala Buddhist state.

    Live and die with dignity like our Great Leader.Please unit together, see the sinhalese how unanimously they are showing their hatred against us, the full 100% hatred.

    No body is going to safe us only we can safe our selves from these hard times.

  236. Jeyaraj I warn you if you write lies that VP is dead I will come after you in Toronto. You don’t know how much I am shocked about this. My Leader is immortal. He will flee to Malaysia, but you write and say he died!! Oh I can’t eat and drink. I want to die too with my Leader. I gave so much money to LTTE

  237. I hope the diaspora are ashamed of all the support they have given LTTE. The diaspora has blood on its hands. At least wash that blood off by donating to the rebuilding of North sri lanka.

  238. Somebody had written:

    “we are srilankan lions, never to be defeated. You tamilians, that always talk about liberation struggle, got to find yourself your own piece of land. Sri Lanka should be thanked for even letting you guys put your foot down on their territory. You not only want to reside in our home land but want a share of it too. Although not yet true, you tamilian should remain slaves in the eyes of all sri lankans. Army should be thanked for their tremendous effort in trying to rehabilitate tamil civilian, who at one point were terrorists. Yet the tamilians use this to say that sri lankan have captivated the tamil civilians. For those who claim that the sri lankan government is a terrorist organization using chemical weapons, it should be clear now who the real terrorists are. Prabhakaran, hope you are dead and if not hope that you will die in pain.”

    Tamils had settled in Sri Lanka before the Sinhalese came, so stop spouting garbage. It is because of people like you that there are people misguided into terrorism for their rights.

  239. I feel sad that Tamils have paid a terrible price. As an outsider, i feel that this moment is sad for a community being humbled. But I can’t help thinking that the LTTE ruthlessly massacred civilians and politicians alike with no distinction – even killed it own folk who did not share the same view.
    I sincerely hope that Sri Lankan government shows magnnimity and addresses all the greivances of Tamils with appreciation and respect.
    My prayers for the dead and those who suffered from all sides.

  240. Dear DBSJ,

    If the mass suicide is in fact is confirmed, it will be another sad loss of life. One more tragic event in our history.

    Please let’s not make suicide some form of heroism. Contrary to some member comments, I believe there is no heroism in this suicide of a large number of people. In fact I see it as an ultimate betrayal of the people the LTTE claim to fight for.

    It would be much more heroic to take responsibility for the actions, argue your own case, represent the interests and point of view of the people who support(ed) you to the whole world. And help build a new leadership…

    Again, with sincere sadness for the loss of lives, and due respect and condolences for the families who survive them… let’s not glorify killing or dying. Let’s find ways to live and let live. Millions of us live amicably in the rest of the country; not perfect for sure, but let’s make it better.

    Thank you as always for your courageous service.

  241. I am so happy… was waiting to hear this for 20 yrs…

    Now I can die peacefully and my kids could leave peacefully too…

  242. For me this is not a new “News”, this is expected long time ago, but innocent civilians……………all for nothing.

  243. Let us treat this news with sober reflection and not gleeful revel in the death of any, not even our fallen foes – at least as a mark of our greater humanity. Let us look to the fate of starved bombed destitute and homeless and how we win the peace as the true marker of victory.

  244. As an Indian tamil has been following the war, I cant help but think of the number of opportunities that were missed in pursuit of a utopian goal. What a change from 2000 when we all thought LTTE would embrace mainstream politics and settle for a federal set up. Prabhakaran could have been the head of the northern province. The world has changed after sep-11 and its a unipolar world whether you like it or not.
    The suicide cult, lack of democratic institutions,a diaspora who funded the LTTE out of guilt (or fear) while leadng comfortable lives themselves and fratricidal killings by the LTTE( which the politicians here conveniently forget) have all contributed to this sad state.
    As for the sri lankan tamils, take a leaf out of the experience of the sikhs. The sikhs magnanimoulsy forgave the hindus and continued to be part of the Indian mainstream after the anti sikh riots and we have a sikh PM who is going to start his second term.

    Forgive, forget and start a new life- you have already wasted one generation in fighting this war. Make an effort to take part in the reconcilation process though it would be difficult to swallow this defeat.

  245. alive or dead , a question we must all ponder is that for all his stead fast resolve to achieve one political end at the expense of all moderates and all opposing views
    will anyone from either side of the political spectrum say that V Prabhakahran,

    has left Sri Lanka and indeed Sri Lankan Tamils in a better situation than when he first arrived on this earth and started leading the cause ??

  246. From what we hear from multiple sources, the news is true. I really feel sorry for the those civilians who cannot make the difficult journey out of the area due to age, disability, sickness and injury, as well as the remaining cadre who are poor foot soldiers of LTTE. Whilst the leadership would have taken their own lives and the privileged lot (the families) connected to the inner circles (upper rung of LTTE) managed to escape (even perhaps stage “arranged capture” by the forces to save their lives), the remaining cadre continues to fight a lost battle with out having any direction from anyone even to surrender eventhough “official” websites making announcements of laying down arms!. Every attempt to ensure a dignified surrender by the remaining cadres who are after all human beings and fellow citizens of country, was thwarted by the LTTE and the Government. Finally the real suffering will be for the poorest of the poor families of both communities who sent their sons and daughters voluntarily or otherwise for a lost cause. However, we cannot lose hope. As some commentators in this column demonstrate, there are many sane voices both in Sinhala and Tamil communities who would want to dream of a new Sri Lanka who do not want a Sinhala hegemonic state and who want the rights of minorities guaranteed. When one think of that challenge, in my opinion, the death or “non-death” of LTTE leader is a non-issue. It is high time for the Tamil diaspora to accept the fact that violence failed and will continue fail achieve rights and justice for the Tamil people. In the same vain, the Sri Lankan political leaders will soon realize that the military victory alone would not guarantee peace in the country.

  247. and dont ever think Karunanidhi (or Jayalalitha ) are going to help you in any way. He is working very hard in trying to secure plum ministries for his son and nephew. But he will surely write a cliched poem grieving the loss which is of no use to anyone.

  248. Isn’t it sad that most people think that Prabhakaran was/is the problem?

    Isn’t it terrible that innocent people were killed and injured in the “humanitarian operation” to liberate them from the “terrorist” who had killed and injured innocent people?

    Isn’t it horrible that more innocent people were killed in the attempt to kill Prabhakaran than even he had managed to kill in his 30 years at the top of the LTTE?

    Isn’t it inconvenient that we can no longer blame the Goni Billa (Prabhakaran) for not having a glorious Sri Lanka?

  249. I sympathise with innocent Tamils who have suffered so much. It is painful to see the pics of children suffering in hospitals. Now Sinhalese should never be allowed to expolit our Tamil brothers. I also would humbly request all Tamils to shed their ‘narrow’ Tamil only mentality and intergrate better to the world around them. The general feeling in India is that Tamilians still keep a separate mentality that is not approppriate to live in a modern world. I believe that reason for the failure in Lanka is due to this parochial approach which many Tamil leaders had cleverly used to exploit poor good-hearted people of TN. Remember the words of Vaiko during the election campaign.

    To become a successful state, Tamil Nadu should show more humanitarian approach towards their neighbour states like Karnataka, Kerala etc. two years ago Tamil leaders did everything to stop Kerala getting a railway Zone. Not only that they grabbed a major chunk of Palghat division to form a new railway division in Salem. In demanding your share of water there should be justice. All are humans and all need water. We can all share whatever we have. Let there be no greed for it putitng down the genuine needs of others. Everyone shoud lknow that you can cheat your neighbour but remember that you are losing your heart.

    I have no ill feeling towards towards my Tamil brothers, I just want them to prosper and live as good citizens. I hope Sri Lankan Govt would find a political solution respecting the dignity of Tamils. The first thing is to provide humanitarian assistance to all the suffering people and give whatever help possible. I also hope Indian Govt would lead a humanitarian assistance programme for Tamils. Let peace be prevailed in Tamil Nadu and Lanka. May God bless all Tamils and help them prosper

    Sunil Soman

  250. DBS you also Tamil, Please don’t hurt our heart, Very bad time for Tamils who are in Lanka. From this point god only can safe Tamils

  251. PRABHAKARAN is born to acheive the freedom of tamils and to form a tamil nation……….

    he will not die until a Seperate Tamil Homeland is achieved………..

    all these fake msgs being spoken by Mahinda is making me to laugh

  252. as i said in earlier discussions LTTE is not, may be “was not” the safe passage for Tamils living in Sri Lanka.. Prahha gave Tamil people a Dream of separate land which was far from reality.. some actually followed it and so many was dragged in to it by LTTE.. and those who went to western countries for refuge supported to wage a war against govt so they could keep their refugee status until they become permanent citizens of those countries.. while war is waging in Srilanka and lots of innocent lives is being LOST to in both parties…
    now its time to stop all these chaotic events.. govt forces are on the verge of wiping out all the LTTE legs from the face of srilanka.. whether you people like it or not its going to happen…
    no one should be feeling happy about once death but when that person is a terrorist who has mastered on how to kill innocent people and mislead a whole world with his lies and stymie a whole country i guess no one should moan about it either..
    he may be dead or still alive but what he has created on the face of the earth must be vanquished.. that’s whats happening right now.. eliminating LTTE.. if some one is calling this a genocide well he or she must be nuts.. if LTTE is a separate nationality or separate group of people, yes that is genocide.. because this will go ahead until the last of LTTE is dead or captured..
    all those who repel this and moan at this moment are either LTTE sympathizers that helped LTTE to wage war in Srilanka or LTTE themselves… because true Tamil lives and values are still being protected…
    So those who moan and wish prabha the fat headed pig is still alive and will start again his chaotic action with a great explosion in Colombo should consider that whether you are a true Tamil lover or a self centered thick headed stupid LTTE sympathizer..!

  253. 1) Prabakaran’s body, if he is dead, will never be “found” because of the problem of what to do with it.

    2) The reason why the LTTE collapsed is less to do with the prowess and valour of the Sinhala armed forces and even less to do with the Rajapakse brothers.
    The powers of the IC wanted the LTTE out of the way and they have got their way now with the help of the man-power of the Sinhala armed forces, but of course the Rajapakse brothers will take all the glory even though all they did was threaten and kill people including journalists.

    3) The horrors that have been inflicted on the Tamil civilians by the GOSL forces is far far worse than anything the LTTE ever did to anyone. So who believes terrorism has been defeated? Rather, terrorism seems to have won! And the terrorisation of the Tamil civilians continues behind razor wire death camps. So there is nothing to celebrate.

    4) Since the root cause Sinahala extremism is still very much alive and thriving and the normal Sinhalese have no say anymore things look very dire.

  254. Ilanko Kumaran

    Dear Brother

    Please don’t be disappointed. There will be a day when all Tamils of Lanka will live in dignity. belive your Hero Prabhakaran has done his part. I don’t say good or bad. But I am sure all Tamils will live a good life in the land. So cheer up, have food, mourn if you feel sad. But never take your life. Best wishes

    Sunil Soman

  255. To Tamilian who put note here…

    Do not lie.. in public… We all live in one country,,, one nation… I think u a one LTTE member… All people now happy.. all are one lanka…

    Sinhala & Tamil friends…..

  256. When you read all the comment it is clearly visibal that the county is alrady divide into two. I’m wating for your thoughts about post-VP era.

    When it comes to per-VP era there are two names people will never forget. It’s VP and DBSJ ! You always gave us food for thought.


  257. How come the Tamil Diaspora is still spewing so much hatred? Aren’t you glad that the war is over now, and that all attention can be focused on looking after the IDPs and especially the little kids who have seen and experienced things that none of should. Think about them, stop your hate. Turn to your religion and make an attempt to calm your minds. After all “those who take the sword shall perish by the sword”. We all die and causes here on earth have to be folded up. Some our good causes and must be carried on, but causes that brought misery to human beings should never be unfolded.
    Look back in History: learn from it, violence and spilling of human blood never achieved the aimed for goals. Look at Hitler, look at Polpot, look at SL’s own Wijeweera. They took the violent way, spilled so much human blood on the earth and perished in the end, with nothing achieved.
    Do not contemplate on revenge and having a horror like the LTTE come up again. Remember that the Tamils in the North bore the brunt of this madness. No proper education for the kids, no proper food, no freedom (‘cos LTTE was after them to recruit them as soldiers), no entertainment that kids deserve to have, and mostly sometimes no parents!!!!
    The adults in the North suffered too. I remember a conversation I had with a Jaffna uni lecturer (a Tamil). We were retuning from a conference in India and I asked him “so do you believe that the LTTE is doing good for you people”. His answer was “no, they have ruined our way of life. Right now we can’t do anything about it. But, if someday free and fair elections are held in the North, we will show the LTTE just what we think of them”. So, don’t underestimate the resistance from the people of the North against any repetition of the LTTE madness. If the Tamil diaspora really cared about the tamils in SL you would not have them go thorugh those horrors again. How come you have allowed your minds and hearts to be so eaten up with hatred and revenge, that all that you can think about is spilling more blood on the earth.
    Give the SL govt a chance to fix the issues. Maybe MR will be a genuine peace maker too. Prabakaran was so wrong about MR not taking on the LTTE. You people could also be wrong about MR. he might end up addressing most the grievances that are there for the Tamils.
    We support him 100% in the effort he took with the war against the LTTE, and we now expect him to address the issues of the IDPs and the other Tamil issues.

    You will have to learn to work with moderates (if you have any after the LTTE had killed them all) to get things done. No one I know in SL (most of them Sinhala buddist )are reveling in the fact that IDPs are suffering!!! No one is happy with that. But, we are happy that the LTTE is no more. They not only brought death and destruction to Sinhalese, but also to Muslims and Tamils. How many young Tamil kids were sacrificed at Prabakarans’ rabid ego, while his precious kids were very well fed and looked after.
    I have read about King Elara and the legends of his rigtheousness, I greatly admired people like Kardirgamar. But it seems that kind of decency and fair mindedness is no longer present in the Tamil Diaspora.

    Don’t hate the Sinhalese so much. Remember that some of them went out of their way to protect the Tamils in the horrors of 1983. Don’t support terrorism and murder. For once a man kills another, then all hell breaks for him, he will kill again and again and won’t stop from turning his weapons on you too. Look at the world, who funded the Taliban first – the USA, to fight the Russians. Now see where the guns are turned at!!!!
    Sri Lanka has had enough human blood spilled on it and the Bible says “the blood cries out from the earth to God”. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, turn to your own religion, I’m sure it does not advocate revenge and murder.
    Take a step back, let things settle. Even as you mourn the loss of a group you admired and we considered terrorists remember that violence achieves nothing but heartache, loss and tears.
    Even if eelam had been achieved, could you have been 100% happy knowing that it was achieved with so much heartache, tears and loss of precious lives, Tamil, Sinhala and Musilm?
    It is horrible that innocent Tamils got caught in the middle of the war in the past couple of months. It is heartbreaking to think of them, but the LTTE could have let them go free at any time. The govt of SL can’t be held to ransom by the LTTE by hiding behind the civilians. If the govt didn’t care about these people they would have finished the whole thing a long time ago.
    So, why didn’t the Tamil diaspora try to influence the LTTE to let these civilians go?
    How come the Tamil Diaspora have become so callous and vengeful, that they ignored the suffering of the civilians and never urged or commanded the
    LTTE to let the people go. How come? How come that you allow yourselves to disregard the law of the new country that you live in and make a nuisance of yourselves there? A lot of the comments I have read about the protests mention the fact that people are not fooled by where the real sympathies of the protesters are with – not with the hostage civilians, but with the leaders of a terror group.
    How come the Tamil diaspora have stooped so low as to say that a murderer and leader of a group that murdered people, smuggled drugs and people, made kids fight in the front line and got kids involved in war fare was their “only hope”, their “only freedom fighter”?
    If that is what the Tamil diaspora believes in, I don’t think that any extremist in SL or any where need to bother about having a agenda to wipe out the Tamils.
    The Tamil diaspora have begun the process themselves. Once you loose your ability to think and choose wisely and see things clearly without allowing pure hatred and revenge cloud your mind, you have ceased to be a human being. It is sad indeed. I pity you the Tamil diaspora, not because the LTTE is eliminated, but because it seems that the LTTE has managed to rob you not only of your cash but also of your precious soul and humanity.

  258. Also, let us not forget that Sarath Fonseka and the forces had advisers from many other countries from time to time and ongoing Indian intelligence and strategic/tactical advice.

    All that the SL armed forces hierarchy did was follow the given advice and command the lower ranks.

    So if there are fireworks and celebrations, is it to thank those outside powers?

  259. [TamilNet, Sunday, 17 May 2009, 08:22 GMT] … To save the lives of our people is the need of the hour. Mindful of this, we have already announced to the world our position to silence our guns to save our people,” Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the head of LTTEs International Diplomatic Relations has said in an urgent statement issued Sunday.

  260. comment 240 -ilanko

    thats the way when you get a shock. dont worry tomorrow you will be okay and eating buriyani

  261. No one has won or lost anything here. Everyone has won and lost here.

    Sum up the story. The tamil oppression could have been depleted if not totally averted had they relied on more peaceful means of persuasion. d

  262. What a waste! Everybody worries only about their own side. Nobody worries about thousands killed/wounded on the otherside despite all are humans.

    This is not the end. By fighting each other we made arms manufactures rich and richer and secured jobs for people in the arms industry. So why should we stop now? we will keep on fighting and let others take the advantage!

  263. at leaset the menace is over. our country can rebuild again.
    to all the tamil expats overflowing with hate…. do you people know how many tamils live in other parts of the country in peace…….
    our country is for all people not just tamil or sinhalese

  264. Having militarily defeated the LTTE, the government must now provide a political solution acceptable to all parties with much emphasis on the grievances of tamil people. The president must also ensure not to make the same mistakes made by his predecessors such as SWRD for political gain. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the next series.

  265. Guys the war is gonna be over sooner or later…
    If u Diaspora people still believe u can get a eelam here… lol.. why dont you guys get together and try again???

    The truth is the Sinhala and Tamil people living in colombo and the rest of the country have no problem with each other… I live here so I see this.
    The bottom line is the tamil population is only 12% of the Sri Lankan population! whatever anyone says you are a minority! many may not know but only Sri Lanka has tamil as an official language in the whole world! (just for 12% of the people). Tamils in SL have many privileges that other minorities in the world dream of.

    If you think we dont treat you guys good enough.. please leave this country if ur still here… itll be easier for everyone.

    sorry DBSJ for not being sensitive… but i’m soo tired of these people who try to meddle in SL’s problems who haven’t even set foot in the country!

  266. DBSJ

    On a personal note, I have been quite impressed with your ‘evolution’ (excuse me if that sounds patronising – tt was not the intent) to a balanced and well rounded reporter in the finest tradition and a man for all people – be they tamil, sinhalese or muslim

    As you will know the victor writes the history. However we don’t need another continuation of the mahavamsa, as inspiring as it may be to us sinhalese.

    However the time has come to stop thinking as Sinhalese or Tamils or Muslims and start thinking as Sri Lankans.

    What we Sri Lankans (and more to the point the future generations of Sri Lankans) need is a balanced accounting of events from 1956 to 2009.

    There is definitely a book to write about this period somewhere. What we need is the author with the right credentials and more importantly the capability

    Why not volunteer DBSJ? You will be doing our country and all its people a great service.

    And perhaps it is time for you to go back home? The country will need people such as yourself at this time.

    Give it some thought eh!

  267. Even though we hate Pirabaharan for his killing culture. I get tears in my eyes while I am reading this. I used to read more..as I know…I feel Pirabaharan is a real good character person but he has been mislead.
    Now I am really so scared about the Tamils’ future in Srilanka..for my knowledge we don’t have any other political leader for us to help.
    I feel so scared and sad..only God has to save us..if its true….I pray it shouldn’t be true..at least we get a solution..

  268. ” If we do not address these issues, the sacrifices of our valiant soldiers who died protecting our lives will be in vain”

    Who are these “valient” soldiers you speak of? Bunch of illiterate armed hooligans given a free license to kill Tamils. What this war “proves” is that “Sinhala-Buddhism”
    is nothing but a farce. Real Buddhism is what is practiced by the Dalai Lama.

  269. If this is true…….

    Whover said what. He is a real hero. He has done a master’s job perfectly by killing him self rather than kneeling to anyone.

    His abilities and growth were intollerable by the super power dreamers..

    He will be in our hearts and souls for ever.

  270. How any of you know LTTE ?

    i ma telling few facts,
    if the 13 yr old girl child doesnt carry gun, she will be Raped till death,
    so, she chosen the bullet.

    they havent killed single Indian peace keeping force military, they removed the weapons from them, and asked them to leave srilanka,

    if any budy in the Srilankan peace keeping force. the army men know the real fact.

    but the Indian arrmy has did diffrent thign, they looted the house, shops, they brought Tons of goods from srilank to india, also killing sexual abuse to womens and female childs.

    till today sriankan force bombs over the protected area and blaming on LTTE. the survivals from the protected area know the fact,
    any one you from one of the survivals?
    then he must reply to it.

    why the LTTE need to kill the Doctors and Health workers? did the doctors and ealthworkes work for Singalas? they are working to save the lifes of tamilians whose get injured and striving to death..
    why they need to kill them.

    why the Srilankan protected the media, because these all the things will caome to know to the world.

    because none of you dont know the fact, unless other wise you are not in that site of war.

    yes now you can blame the LTTE. …

  271. Dear DBSJ,
    Lets all pray for all the departed soul. Let’s not do postmortem on what has happened.
    “What ever happed has happened for the best.
    What is happening is happening for the best.
    what will happen will happen for the best”. Do not worry about the future.
    The present is on.
    Life is too short. Eliminate hatetredness in our mind
    Let us all pray for Eternal Peace in the world.

  272. (Reuters) A body believed to be that of Tamil Tiger founder leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran has been found but the identity of the corpse has not been confirmed, Sri Lankan military sources said on Sunday. “They are taking the body for checks to confirm it is the real Prabhakaran,” one military official told Reuters on conditions of anonymity. Four other military sources confirmed the recovery and said identity checks were under way

  273. Tamil Eelam struggle is not a one man show. Mr Prabakaran is dead or alive is irrelevant to Tamil cause.

    When Manhinda regime get indicted for warcrimes by UN, the seeds will be sown for Democratic,Open and Free future Tamil Eelam by UN.

    So on the name of humanity, I am asking EVERONE to work for Tamil Eelam which will pave way for permanant peace in the island.

  274. Great website.

    It is a pity that tamil diaspora was taken for a ride by VP.
    At least now admit that you have made a mistake and try to live peacefully with other communities without spreading more hate. All Sri Lankans should visit Sri Lanka now, because there will not be any bombs going around. By visiting SL you can give our motherland much needed foreign exchange, while visiting our relations and having a great holiday. If you visit north and east,then the economy of these areas will develop. It is so sad to see that both Sinhala and Tamil communities have suffered over the past 30 years. VP gave a very bad reputation for the tamil people all over the world. When you say you are a tamil, any one will ask , are you a tamil tiger terrorist.
    Ordinary people does not know that there are highly educated tamils all over the world. This is the reality. It will take years to rectify the damage done by VP to the tamil community. SL Govt. is correct in not giving the this news(about VP killing himself) to the general public at once. There are idiots in Sinhala community too. No body wants another Black July.

    As for DBSJ you are a person who can get some sense into radical people. You can come out strongly and explain the reality. You have done it before, but in vain.

    God bless all.

  275. He has to die. He killed so many and God has given him the right punishment for him. After all he was a smuggler and fooled others. Well done Srilanka!


    DBS, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how the ‘post ltte years’ would pan out for Sri lanka as well as the diasporas.

    I see a few things happening:

    1) Sri Lanka will continue to mistreat the Tamils. This is party due to the fact every Singhalese now is in euphoria over winning the war and have a vendetta against all N and E Tamils. Already A9 is being planned to be called MR road.

    2) The mistreatment of the 250,000 IDPs will keep growing, they will more than likely be IDPs forever and will not be allowed to return to their area. Instead, Singhala resettlement will happen in these areas.

    3) SL will look to the west for development money. With the current economic crisis, and the untold amount of money that was squandered during the war, there is hardly any money left in SL reserves to feed even the Singhalese. Apart from China, Iran, and a few countries, most Western nations will not donate money until it sees some positive change.

    4) SL will start to allow independent journalist into some of these areas for the first time to look good to the Intl community. The areas International journalist to visit will be the areas being colonized as said in #2, not the IDP camps. Time to time you will continue to see Channel4 type events surface.

    5) Tamil diasporas strength will continue to grow. What the govt tried to deprive the Tamils some 60 years back, the diasporas achieved it: Higher education, economic freedom and political power in the West now. The combined income / power of the diasporas will always be higher than the SL govt’s GBP. The diasporas will take an active role in Western politics that will have some but not total control on SL policies.

    6) SL will see more violence, this time the command and control will not come from Vanni, but likely from outside. More terror by new groups against army installations. Chances of more rioting by the Sinhalease as a result. And more terror all over the island.

    7) LTTE will continue to show its strengths. Its roots are buried far too deep for it to die because it lost its leader. It will no longer play by the rules of war. It has nothing to achieve from the west anymore. Similar to how Russian mafia has former kgb agents running it, one will see similar activities by the ltte.

    8) SL will continue to stay the list of rogue nations and become a forgotten nation in the west. Many new Sinhala politicians will come and go, but the injustice against Tamils will continue. The 2nd and 3rd generation of Tamils living abroad will start forgetting about SL and continue with their lives.

  277. I have mixed feelings after reading your article. If the death of VP is confirmed then:

    I am happy that VP is no more to lead the Tamil youths in a suicidal path BUT I am sad that Tamil people have lost a son who devoted his whole life for an honourable solution for their ethnic struggle.

    I am happy that the ordeal of the Vanni Tamil civilians is over and they are freed BUT I am sad that it had to end in this fashion after the death of hundreds of valiant Tamil youths who were true to their goal of achieving a an honourable settlement for the Tamil people.

    I am happy that the war is finally over BUT I am sad that defenseless Tamil people are now left in the hands of undisciplined SL armed forces and some Sinhalese nationalists.

    I am happy that the end of VP will bring a new beginning to the freedom struggle of Tamil people BUT I am sad that Tamil Diaspora is still living in an illusion with total disregard to the welfare of the Tamil IDP in Sri Lanka.

  278. Dear DBS

    Re: 262. shehan

    I think president rajapakse is genuinely interested in coming up with a lasting solution. With the LTTE out fo the euation and working with the moderate tamils, I am very optimistic that amend swill be made and things will be good for all sri lankans. No one wants to go back to those dark days of brutality and huma suffering!!! So I am sure everyone will want to give peace a chance.

  279. VP has almost certainly died and his body has been burned.

    Kumaran Pathmanathan has issued the Tamil Tiger surrender.

    The Tiger’s military assets have all been destroyed.
    The Tamil people no longer have the will power to fight.

    It is all over. The defeat of the Tigers will be recorded in the annals of counter-insurgency. Coercive air-power, resettlement camps, 2002 ‘peace talks’ as containment, unrelenting offensive using every available weapon, disregard for excessive collateral damage. Diplomatic isolation of the Tigers. Attacking Tiger supply lines from the sea. Curbing Tiger funding from Tamils in Canada and EU.
    Convergence of support from International Community, India, China, Russia, and every imaginable country.

    If Sinhalam could defeat the Tamil Tigers, then surely they can develop Sri Lanka.

    Finally, the people can live in peace.

    If you torture a person enough, the person will ask only not to be tortured anymore.

    Tamil people will only ask to not be tortured anymore. They will no longer ask for a separate state or federal solution. They will only ask to live peacefully with dignity.

    Finally, the rural people can live in peace. No more economic conscripts from the South. No more teenage conscripts from the Vanni. Thousands of rural families have lost their sons and daughters on the frontline.

    Hopefully, the Sri Lankan people will learn from their past mistakes.

  280. I did not like the tactics, but then again I am against any war. Having said that if any country want to fight a war then they should use the GSL tactics as their handbook. Evethough I was appalled many times, they have shown how to fight and win a war. I did not think I would say this ever, but I congratulate the President and the Armed forces on their success.

    But now the war seems have been won, I hope that the President and the ruling party will address the Tamil grievences without delay. They should encourage a dialog between the moderate Tamils and SL government. If not the war might have been won, but not the peace.

  281. Wish he lives somewhere in the world. He would have done mistakes. However he is a real leader for the cause which he believed. The whole world was watching the genocide just because LTTE is a banned organization. Let us see what the international community and the Indian govt is going to do now. They may send congrats mails to Rajapakse?……

  282. Dear moderator,
    Please allow me add only four pictures. Every body should know Bunker Thamby’s (Prebakaran) real file.

  283. However, I shoud not be a correct news. If government says Terrorism is over then its fine. But we need Prabhakaran to be alive. He is one of our leader. We have lost enough. Atleast the tamilian can be proud that one of our leader who has fighted long time for a separate land for Tamil. No more power but let him be alive somewhere in the world. We can be atleast happy on that. Becuase we are not sure what happiness that is remain in Sri Lankan Goverment. I am not telling that Governemnt is not helping tamil. but we shouldnt be treated as different people. That is the only request.

    I am proud that i am in this world when prabhakaran was alive.

    Its doesnt mean that i am supporting prabhakaran blindly. Even I am thinking of Karuna, Douglas and all. These are all for our people. We can not say these people are selfish and against to tamil freedom. But they understand the reality now.

    Hope for the best



  284. We will miss him for sure.
    After 30 years of fight its the time to reflect now Tamil brothers and sisters. Sinhalese will never tolerate and agree to seperatism. Pease have realistic aspirations. Think about the aspirations of the IDPs now. They want food and shelter.
    I am a Sinhalese and certainly agree that some LTTE fighters demontrated admirable bravery. But sadly I cannot say Velu was from to that category.


  286. The death of Prabhakaran, if found to be true, reminds me of a Bible saying, “Those who swear by the sword, will die by the sword”.

  287. A new nation was born in the World today. The new nation needs recognition which will follow, shortly. Thanks to the Rajapakse brothers. They should now increase the fleet of white vans that help govern the population in the south of Sri Lanka. To do this, the Rajapakses are looking for a loan from the IMF.

  288. Lets not celebrate his death but the survival of the innocent Sri Lankan people who gone through the immense suffering to realise its finally over.

    Tilak Ranasinghe

  289. I think there is no point blaming VP and his followers. The real culprits (for the destruction of sri lanka) are SJV Chelvanayagam & Co who wanted a separate country for Tamils through the infamous Vattukottai Resolutions. Had they demanded for Federal State instead of Separate country this colossal calamity would have been averted.

    My heart and soul goes out to all those (Hudnreds of thousands) innocent civilians who died since 1983

  290. Once you are labled a terrorist you always will be treated as such. Terrorism is a modern art of war and it is here to stay as an option for the oppressed. LTTE had a good strategy to mix guerrilla, conventional and “terrorism”.
    They only lost becasue of giving up the “terrorism” to earn the good name at the world stage. They had hoped until the last minute that IC will intervene. This is the end result. They should have directed their firepower south long time ago…just like the old times ….only way GOSL will listen.

  291. DBS,

    Its now the time for the Tamils to be united and work with India, US,K and EU and force a Federal Solution In Sri Lanka.A new Tamil Ledaership should negoatiate for a Federal State for Sri Lanka and get rid of the Thugs Karuna & Pillyan. The world will witness the truthfullness of the Budhist Sinhala government !!!! Mat evn give a clue to the rest of the world, Why the LTTE was born !!!!!



  293. 3 cheers for the Tamil & Sinhala harmony!! the greatest obstacle to it now being eliminated, sorry it took soo long and came with a huge price. Let us all live in harmony and get the country on a rapid development path. May the triple gem bless all!

  294. Gloating at anyone’s death, no matter how much you didn’t like them, is appealing to our most base desires.

    to quote from the Dhammapada:

    “He abused me, he struck me, he overpowered me, he robbed me.” Those who harbor such thoughts do not still their hatred.
    “He abused me, he struck me, he overpowered me, he robbed me.” Those who do not harbor such thoughts still their hatred.
    Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.
    There are those who do not realize that one day we all must die. But those who do realize this settle their quarrels.

    we must not forget that many lives have been lost on all sides. Only taking positive steps would do justice to them.

    So much more work needs to be done to help the IDPs, reconciliation between the communities, rehabilitation, on the political and reconstruction front etc..
    I hope all this celebratory energy goes into those more productive venues.

  295. Great news! Finally the killing of innocent civilians will come to an end. Prabhakaran should have done this long ago and spared a lot of people so much suffering. He has all of their blood on his hands.

  296. Prabakaran iranthu vittathaga solvathu verum vathanthi.

    singala raanuva naygaley prabakaran irakka villaiyada. innum uyirodu than irukirar.

    millian kanakil prabakaran thondri kondu than irupargal. ungalal enna kizhikka mudikirathu endru naangalum parkirom.

    thaniya pidikka vakkillanu kootu sathi thittam vera thetikitu irukenga. TAMIL EEZHAM malarnthey therum
    thadupathu inthiya arasaga irunthalum ethirthu nirka thayaragi vittom.


  297. His death, if confirmed, will be that of a HERO to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and to the diaspora. May there be more Prabhakarens to come for the Tamils!

  298. Mahinda is the King of Sri Lanka – a united, strong, self believing great nation.
    He eliminated a bunch of animals who believed in revenge & murder of the innocent instead of using ballot box. The “liberation” game has always been about citizenships abroad for the “haves” at the expense of poor innocent “have nots” in the north -to carry on with their comfortable lives in the west NOT EVEN speaking Tamil.

    The Diaspora has the cheek to talk about liberating a dried up area as if they are ever going to return there!
    They are comfortable getting fat in the West while the poor people left behind are being sacrificed for their “permanent visas”. Their children don’t speak Tamil or even would never dream of rubbing shoulders with those peasants in the north!! That is the saddest part!

    It is time the diaspora stopped using the “cause” as a means to your “economic refugee” end.
    Let us ALL from NOW show we care by donating all we can to build a strong great nation of Sri Lanka. Come on all Sri Lankans let us give our wealth and energy to build the nation instead of paying for ringside seats to watch destruction.
    Long live MR our Hero.

  299. The larger Sri Lankan community may feel jubilant at this juncture, but with reflection in the long run, it may be seen differently. Despite all follies and blunders of LTTE including its murdering Rajiv Ghandhi, Premadasa, ethnic cleansing of Muslims from North, the massacres of Muslims and Sinhalese in the East and elsewhere, the core fighters of LTTE have to admired for their steadfastness and bravery. I do not subscribe to the jingoism that is rife now about the vanquishing of the LTTE. The immense suffering of the fleeing Tamil people from the war zone melts my heart just as it did when Jaffna and Mannar Muslims walked all the way to Puttalam in the past. Whoever it is, it is our people and our brethren. This victory is at the expense of so many lives and so much suffering. I pray and hope for true reconciliation devoid of majoritianism whether Sinhalese or Tamil (in the East)

  300. The News is yet to be Confirmed.
    I wonder what News is yet to be Confirmed.
    The news that whether Thecia Thalaivar is alive?
    Or whether the news that Methahu is dead?

    Both doubts are not the same be’cos no one had heard his voice for the last, at least 8 months.

    Secondly, does it matter whether VP is dead or alive? At least you have the confirmation that the sick man is seriously injured.

    to ISS 63 – I am not angry with LTTE and/or VP but with the so called educated and the [pseudo] intellectual Tamils who sailed with the LTTE all these days and failed to stand up against the LTTE terrorism all these days.

    I am not waiting for the fall of the LTTE but the prosecution of war crimes against all of these LTTE supporters including professionals.

    At this time, I wish DBS also will show some sensitivity to the commentators becos being sensitive is also a two way street somthing that totally lacked from LTTE and its hooligans

  301. Hello DBS,

    Thanks for the information and really value your ability to get information from both sides. Good journalism and very balanced. Over the years your one of the very few people who has been able to do it as a “true journalist” for this I salute you.

    VP was a great hero but like his ideal’s (Chandra Bose) he never reached the final goal. No one doubted his commitment but his methods were just out of sync with the real world. I salute the boys and girls of the LTTE who sacrificed their lives for all of us.

    However I hope the tamils will seek a different method to gain their rights and not go down this path of self destruction anymore.

  302. Dont Cry for us Sri Lanka

    Sinhala language took the pole position
    Subjugating the rich Tamil language,
    Sinhala nationalist leader assassinated by
    Saffron robe wearing Buddhist monk
    Dont cry for us Sri Lanka
    And you made Chelvanayagam and Co go on peaceful protests. You ridiculed them and you failed to meet our demands then

    In the name of standardisation
    Intelligent Tamils deprived of
    Income generating careers
    Inclining Tamil youth towards militancy
    Dont cry for us Sri Lanka
    And You help form TULF which sawed Separation in the Tamil minds. You crushed them violently and you failed to meet our demands then..

    1958, 1977, 1983
    Hindu priests was burned alive
    Houses and businesses were robed
    Hounded Tamils chased away to Tamil
    Homeland in Buses, Trains and Ships
    Dont cry for us Sri Lanka

    You then inadvertently fostered Tamil Militancy. Which left over 100,000 dead and Millions $ loss and counting. And you created the Tamil Diaspora.

    Death and destruction to the every Tamil
    Displacement and detention for the survivors
    Diplomatic efforts rebuffed
    Driving Diaspora Tamil youth to demonstrations
    Dont cry for us Sri Lanka
    You might look to have crushed the Tamil Militancy and you might now have to occupy the Tamil lands forever with a brutal military power.

    One day in future
    PathaticSrilankan Leaders in war crime tribunals
    Pariah state in the eyes of the world
    Problems galore on economic and social fronts
    Prospering neighbour in Tamil Eelam
    Dont cry for us Sri Lanka
    You now have to deal with the Tamil Diaspora which will look to avenge all the losses and destructions their forerunners suffered.

    We are not done yet.

  303. Dear DBSJ

    If one era is going to over.
    Do you think that SL Sinhalease will solve the issue genuienly.

    Or it will continue till all tamils be killed by……

  304. I agree with Raj #216.

    Lets be positive about this by putting the pressure on the leaders as well as working together as one nation.

    After all the bible says, “For we brought nothing into [this] world, [and it is] certain we can carry nothing out”

  305. Dear David,

    I have always appreciated your unbiased articles (as unbiased as humanly possible that is). Although I have never felt the need to write and thank you for them.

    I normally start off each Sunday morning by listening to music and reading the news. Today’s musical selection was the Bruckner 7. What a coincidence! The very music that was played when the announcement of the death of another “Leader” was made 64 years ago.

    Keep up the good work. All the best.


  306. All sholud know, there is end to any stories, but this one is longer (fat 30 years long), but game is over. Some ignorant says more Praba’s will come forward, let as many as come, if he/she don’t kill anyone, then they are welcome, because we are mass sortage of humans.

  307. When Dutugemenu killed Elara he ordered that his vanquished foe would be buried and honoured by every passerby who passed the tomb. This continued for millenia.

    Wonder if MR will do the same for Prabakaren. Then again maybe VP is no Elara.

  308. Hi DBS,
    I have enjoyed reading your reports. They some times read like a novel describing the landscape etc while telling the story.

    I guess now the captured LTTE carders will be prosecuted for war crimes. What so many people fail to understand is the crimes committed by the SL government. Forget about tearing to bits the very people you are clamming to be saving from the raging tiger. I wonder whether the figures involved in the following will ever be brought to book.

    1. 83 riots.
    2. 83 prison riots.
    3. Kent farm, Dollar farm, and countless villages where ethnic cleansing took place. (I wonder whether the mass graves will ever be found?)
    4. Individual who disappeared in Jafna Colombo etc.
    5. Journalists who were murdered.

    If you talk purely on numbers the amount of civilians killed by the government will far outweigh the number killed by the LTTE. Not that comparing notes is proper on peoples death, but to point out to all the people that say LTTE is horrible the governments of Sri Lanka are even worse.

    Seems to me the same people that performed those acts are still present in the government and security establishment. I feel angry that we could not achieve anything.

    The political path has been tried and failed. The military path also has failed with disastrous consequences. Just look at the number of Tamils entering university. I feel we don’t have any other alternative now other than getting another country UN to intervene. Fat chance that this will happen. However I do know one thing this is not the beginning of piece. That’s an illusion. Time will tell. I cant live in this country any more hope I can leave it soon.

  309. Thank God he is dead. He has kiled thousands of innocent people including Tamils. This war should end.
    Tamils should have accepted a peaceful solution long time back.

  310. let us hope that this is the end and a new beginning can be made for this country and everyone will now work towards everlasting peace and equility. this is maybe the only chance we get after a very long time and this should not be missed. personally i do

  311. It will be intersting to see how simhalese acceept tamils into their societynow. As a indian i am happy that VP died, but I sincerely hope that simhalese stop torturing tamils.

  312. Prasad again.

    Tamilnet is down. This seems to add credence to your article.

    I hope now that the LTTE has been defeated, the people of Sri Lanka will learn to live as human beings. Without judging each other based on cast, creed or race.

    As a friend mentioned the other day, you don’t go into lengthy interrogatory conversations if someone on the road asks you for directions, you just give them.

    I sincerely hope that the deaths and sacrifices made by the people of Sri Lanka for the past 30 years have not been made in vain.

  313. Oh man! I can not believe how many people (terrorists)
    want to kill this mail man . You really need to contact RCMP at least for the sake of your family’s protection. After all we all need to live first to agree, disagree, …………….and do shadow boxing.

  314. If Praba did die, atleast he went down like a Man, fighting and giving his life for his land and cause, unless the Shameless Congress and DMK Scoundrels, who only live to Thieve. If Praba was a ‘Terrorist’ so was the Bofors Thirudan and Tamil-Sikh Killer Rajiv ‘Gandhi’. History will only decide that. But Praba will live in the Eternal memory of Tamils unlike the ‘Karunas’ in TN or Sri Lanka or the Congress scumbags led by an Italian Fascist in Delhi!
    Praba reminds me of Omar Mukhtar in Libya who heroically went down to the Italians. But Libya got their freedom in the end and so will Tamils. But what happened to the Italian Fascist Mussolini and his Mistress Claretta Pettacci, at the handsof the Italian people themselves? History repeats itself, one should not forget that!

  315. some one said that the demise of LTTE started when Thiruchelvam was killed. I think the beginning of the end of LTTE started long ago when V sornalingam aka Shanker the brain behind LTTE was killed , rumoured to be an insider job.

  316. Comment number 268 hit the nail on the head. There is no victory in war. The real victory comes in the future when the SL gov. build a prosperous Sri Lanka where every human live in harmony. Hope the end of war is the stepping stone for that.

  317. the bad time starts for raja bakshey,
    he also ont day killed by the world human rights organization,,
    its just a roomer
    prabhakaran never be killed by the lankan army, if he die means it is a natural death that’s all..
    all over the world well known what is happing for the tamilians in lankan army camp .. if the humidity is still live in the world one day that raja bhashey also killed
    and indian congress leader sonia gandhi is only the responsible for huge amount of innocent people death

  318. News of Prabakaran’s death, though yet unconfirmed must be 99% true considering the enormity of the pyrotechnics which took place shown on TV.
    It was Mr.SJV.Chelvanayagam who said many years ago “………those who live by the gun will die by the gun…” That has come true now. Of course the governments and leaders of his time neglected to deal with the national question and the rest is history. The question now is whether history will repeat itself or not ?

  319. Assuming VP is gone and LTTE is no longer is as previously potent does this automatically bring us
    peace and prosperity that all of us need and desire? Certainly not. However, the occasion and the mood is just right to begin re-making of the State and a single Nation. Is this possible in today’s context? The Buddhist clerical hierarchy will demand its pound of flesh and the Buddhist Sinhala extremist political groupings will only settle for the much criticized Sarath Fonseka’s doctrine ‘This is a Buddhist Sinhala majority country.

    Minorities can live here only if they behave’ This is not only his voice but the shared policy of this dangerous cabal. Are we mature and strong enough to ask our clerics Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim to remain in their places of worship; in the performances of their traditional functions outside and keep out of airports to bless Cricketers; Govt office openings; swearing in of Cabinet Ministers etc., This was never there earlier and we were no less Buddhist or Sinhalese. Religion has to be a private affair if we are to politically mature.

    The sooner we separate religion from politics the better. I am not against a priest taking to politics but that should be for politics only. Priests trying to convert politics to fit in a religious agenda is the height of hypocracy. LTTE gone is not the end of the struggle for Tamils for their rights to run their political affairs, their language writes and so on. Until this is addressed, the struggle will recommence under different leaderships and political groupings. You simply cannot wish this away as we foolishly did since 1956. The malady is far worse than it was in the 1950s. Events of recent months have made it far deeper with greater global ramifications. Many Tamilsin the South and the Plantation areas lived in fear when State-inspired Tamashas were held in their areas to celebrate the taking of Kilinochi. For days Tamils going about their normal business in the road, in public transport etc were subject to insulting verbal diatribes particularly from the rif-raf in the Sinhala community. The more educated and cultured Sinhalese behaved in a much more civilised fashion.

    Today, is is doubly necessary Tamil civilians in these areas are not subject to ridicule and humiliation simply because the LTTE has lost. These Tamils, in the main, had nothing to do with the LTTE and probably in many cases had reason to disagree with them more than many Sinhalese. It requires wise and able political leadership to show the way. The country is also broke as can be seen from the unheard of CoL. Seer fish (kg) at Rs.1,200; Rice/Rs100; Sugar/Rs75; Chicken/Rs400; small fish/Rs150; Average vegetables/Rs50. Even the upper middle class and rich complain this is beyond them. What about the poor working class and the marginalized already dealt a death blow by inflation? What are we going to do with nearly 150,000-200,000 men in uniform who will become redundant after the war. The thought a fair portion of them will become part of the armed underworld is frightening. An armed Bank robbery in the heart of Colombo recently carried out by an army officer and the son of a DIG stealing over Rs15 million is not the first we have seen in recent times and neither will it will be the last. Our poor ‘mariakade’ type of diplomacy has earned us a lot of powerful enemies in the world with many of them calling for the country and leadership to be ostracized. Do we have what it takes to overcome the many challenging situations or has Mahinda Chintanaya done us in?

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  320. I feel sad because of one thing. If anyone could put this “exceptional abilities, determination, bravery and skills” into a right direction, I know Sri Lanka is very very much better than what we are in today.

  321. Whether this news is true or not, Pirabakaran is a best leader to all Tamils around the world. Unlike the Tamil Nadu politicians who have selfishiness, Pirabakaran is lived and will be living in the minds of the world Tamils forever. Eventhough he might have done some mistakes in his Ealam struggle, he can not be forgotten even by the enemies of him.

    If the SL govt thinks it suceeded in the Ealam struggle, then it is a great mistake by the govt. This massive Tamilian genocide like 1983 massacre will be remembered by each Tamilian forever.

  322. Interesting news
    Piraba group killed many many people incuding intellectuals from Lanka like Thamil leader Amirthalingam , Yogswarun , Prime Ministers like Our beloved PM Rajive Gandhi
    It is sad LTTE killed all these people with wrong Intentions

    Now like to know when Lankan leaders and curent leadership will be arrested under UN mandate
    Rajabaksa brothers know that UN and Western world is after them
    How could a Government kill its own people bomb the hospitals churches , Temples

    My understanding is UN embargo , sanctions from Western world, Ban Lankan products , No tourists to Lanka are the main talk all over the World

    When Lankans suffer economicaly, their money valus go down , Unemployment rise too much , Their wil be a huge crisis They will change the Government and New Govt wil arrest Rajabaksa brothers and Military chief s after pressure from UN and Western World like US and UK. They will be handed over to UN tribunal where They will meet former serbian leaders commanders HAiti Rwanda Liberia leaders and Generals .That will be their home for ever
    UN , Western world will lift sanctions Embargo after that

  323. I am addressing to every citizen and every leader.

    Please choose the peaceful solution by negotiation with all concerned. The unpeaceful solution proves the existence of some stupidty in the society. Armed solution should be considered as a final step.

    The result comes after the Peaceful solution is uncountable. It is the real solution. Whoever deprives of it is really an unlucky.

    Now Thinking collectively, for a countrywide peace, still it is not too late to lead a civilized life.

    To prevail a peaceful life, a bright negotiation, a broad meeting is required.

    All dear peace lovvers please unite collectively put pressure on both the parties to cease the hatterdness and forge the peace for ever and for your future generations.

    Otherwise none of you is the winner. Do you want to who is the winner, it is the enemy of the peace. It is DEVIL

  324. You know if as all of you say that you care about the innocent Tamils why don’t you actually send some funding or help to reach them.. Instead of funding a selfish coward like Prabakaran.. Atleast now let Sri Lanka be a united country where all races live as one.. If you haven’t noticed it was the Sinhalese, Tamils ,Muslima and all other nationalities in this country coming together to help the IDP’s by sending aid… not any of you who live abroad and keep adding fuel to the fire trying to just make this dream of elaam a reality. There doesnt need to be a seperate state in Sri Lanka … All nationalities can live together in this island as a majority of the population does.. So why don’t all of you just enjoy your time abroad and if you ever decide to come back to Sri Lanka when it is a united and peaceful nation.. I suggest you change your mindset of requiring a separate state… and start thinking as Sri Lankans!

  325. Dear Tamils friends,
    You should not be misled any longer. Dear terrorist Tamil diaspora (not all Tamils) if you wanna fight again against SL forces for so-called Elam, please send your children. Our poor SL tamils have had enough suffering. They don’t need to get their children killed any longer for achieving diaspora’s dream Elam. What poor SL Tamils live in North need is to live their life peacefully as other community in rest of SL.

    At the end of the day, poor Tamil community were rescued from the clutches of brutal Tamil tiger terrorists by the SL security forces. They lost their loved once due to activities of brutal tigers. Most Tamil diaspora must share a big deal of this brutal ism since they provide facilities for LTTE while they are living a good live in the West.

    If you really want an Elam, start fighting somewhere else with your child solders and get lost yourself. Please stop pushing SL tamils to troubles anymore.

    We sinhalese love to share equal opportunity with all communities as longer as they think they are true sri lankans. We never allow to seperate our country on ethnic basis.

    We Sinhalese don’t like most so called tamil leaders because they talk about only tamils. They talk about separation from Sri lanka to end suffering of Tamils. But it’s not correct- it leads to further suffering since Sinhalese don’t like it. Lets understand the real ground situation. They major problems is poverty which common to most sri lankans. Lets work together to lift the life of poor people allowing them to have education, living means and other necessary facilities to improve their lifestyle regardless of race, religion ect., which is main agenda of the present government. Sri Lankan diaspora (Sinhala ,Tamil and Muslim) can help for this purpose.

    I guess most Tamil diaspora, who send large amount of money to LTTE for destruction of Sri Lanka, understand the truth soon.Furthermore you will see how brutally LTTE treated our Tamils and how SL security forces helped them to save their life when you see/listen directly to tamils saved by SL forces.

  326. DearDBSJ,
    I refer to comment 1 above signed by Sri.
    This comment was not posted by me.
    I usually post my comments under this name for the last couple of years in the Transcurrent.
    During the past few weeks I observed somebody impersonatimg me .
    I beleive this is a criminal act.
    Could this not be prevented?
    I always post from the same e mail address!’
    Please help me!

  327. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    As someone who has only recently started reading your writings, I can only say I wish I had had the opportunity to do so earlier. I am grateful for your voice of reason amongst the cacophony of extremist views emnating from the different sides of the current divide in Sri Lanka.

    It is sadenning to note that not all in the diaspora community feel the need for a course correction, (see http://www.smh.com.au/national/tamils-sinhalese-clash-in-westmead-20090517-b7ek.html) and are trying to incite inter-communal violence wherever they happen to be. The Sri Lankan community needs to make sure this type of confrontation doesn´t happen again. The elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka is an opporunity to reflect on all that has gone wrong over the past 30-odd years in Sri Lanka, and recognise that the only way forward is for all communities to come together as a single Sri Lankan nation. I fervently hope that the President´s address to the nation on Tuesday will reflect this sentiment.

    I hope community leaders in Sydney, from both sides of the current divide, strongly condemn this clash and take steps to ensure that it doesn´t happen again. For the Sri Lankan diaspora across the world, lets make sure that this incident in Sydney is the exception rather than the rule. Show the world that the majority of us, irrespective of our ethnic origins, are peace loving people who are happy to live in harmony with each other.

    Any joy at the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka *must* be tempered with compassion for all those have sufferred in the past and who continue to suffer.

    As Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” … and we need our vision to be 20/20 if we want to build a Sri Lanka where we can all leave in peace and enjoy prosperity

  328. we write our own destiny; we become what we do Madame Chiang Kai-shek

    Whatever is VPs destiny, it is the Tamil Media, Tamil Diaspora and those so called Tamil nationalists who need to worry . They have whole heartedly instigated him throughout and, failed even to give a friendly advice whenever VP made unexcusable and unforgivable mistakes throughout the so called liberation struggle.

    Now the war seems to be coming to an end, all the Sri Lankans Singhalese, Tamils and Muslins – should embark upon a programme of peace and reconciliation which is much more difficult pursuit than war.

  329. Dear DBS,

    “ we write our own destiny; we become what we do” – Madame Chiang Kai-shek

    Whatever is VP’s destiny, it is the Tamil Media, Tamil Diaspora and those so called Tamil nationalists who need to worry . They have whole heartedly instigated him throughout and, failed even to give a friendly advice whenever VP made unexcusable and unforgivable mistakes throughout the so called ‘liberation struggle’.

    Now the war seems to be coming to an end, all the Sri Lankans – Singhalese, Tamils and Muslins – should embark upon a programme of peace and reconciliation which is much more difficult pursuit than war.

  330. A former LTTE central Committee member has stated that it is Anton Balasingham who misguided VP.

    Well he suggested he should follow the Oslo process. It was Praba’s ignoring that advice that led to the present disaster for him.

  331. hey south sinhalese people
    you forget you will have more resisitance in the coming decades
    we the jaffna tamil tiger people will never forget yyour gnocidal attempts on our people
    we will never forget this whole island was ours until you invaded
    tamil eelam is a stupid concept
    the whole isalnd was ours not only north and east
    we wil rise in our new thrst and pay you back
    sinhalese will experience rapes tortures and all unprecedneted forms of our tamil pride in the future
    no matter what the world or you do we will take on new wings
    no more shall tamils form defensive stupid ragtag groups
    we shall soon form a miltary dedicted to liberate our homeland and kill all you bastard
    then you will lament if LTTE and tamils were really good or bad for you

  332. Dear Jeyaraj,

    If the news is correct (it is also possible that he and others escaped towards Welioya in this morning?s major attack from the lagoon side), it spells an end of an era that both you and I grew up with, and possibly the opening of another era where, unless the Government of Sri Lanka and my fellow brethren sinhalese takes cognisance of the aspirations and the dignity of the tamils and other minorities living amongst us, a lots of more Prabhakarans will emerge and lots more Sarath Fonsekas will also emerge.

    Being amongst the few sinhalese to have seen Prabhakaran first hand and having heard him speak, I do wish, nay pray fervently, that there will never be another. But, nor am I one of those who would gloat over the death, if that is so, simply because the death also represents the capitulation of the aspirations, however misguided they were, of a large section of the people of my country.

    These aspirations will rear again and this time, we need leaders who will and are willing to mould and nurture these aspirations through a democratic path. The point has been made, empathetically enough, by the LTTE and others like them, that tamils must be heard. Now it will be left for those to follow, to find the better way of being heard.

    Aruna Kulatunga

    Nice to hear from you Aruna………….DBSJ

  333. Excuuuse us Sri Lankans DBSJ, for feeling relief at the news that one of the most brutal megalomaniac in the history of the world is now dust!
    You talk being sensitive and not gloating! That is exactly what most of the LTTE supporting Tamils did every time a suicide bomber dispatched by the Maniac blew up innocent civilians. That is exactly what the Tamil Diaspora has been doing for the past two decades, everytime the LTTE terrorists took over more land and killed indiscriminately.
    So EXCUUUUUUUSE US, TRUE SRI LANKANS, If we feel entitled to a sense of relief and happiness at the fact that MAYBE, our children at least could grow up in a society free of hatred and fear!!

  334. my friends if LTTE wants to kill innocent people like goverment does They would have killed so many but their aim it’s not to kill inocent people, They always respect lives. but however some occation they have to show that they can also do like goverment. I always salute praba. don’t say this is victory after begging china, india, and paaki for help.

  335. dear mr jeyaraj, i never miss any of your articles be they ltte related or otherwise ie…gamini fonseka of sinhala film fame. nambiyar or nagesh. and i am eagerly waiting to see how your coming article going to be. to be frank after reading the comments and your answer for most -SENSITIVE – i prefer to keep mum.

  336. Can you really celebrate victory when the deaths of thousands of people have taken place? Some of you on here should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves

    I am deeply saddened by the comments of many on this site. I am aTamil living in England who believes that EVERY person in this world have a right to life.

    If the reports of Prabhakarens death and fellow colleagues are true, it is a sad day indeed.

    We must not forget that whilst India celebrates elections and cricket, 1000’s of people are dying and have been left mamed by the Sri-lankan government and the Tamil tigers.

    If reports are true 10,000 people were instructed by the Sri-lankan gvt to walk in a field filled with mines, 2500 men, women and children lost their lives.

    How can the Sri-lankan gvt then claim that this is victory when the homelands of the tamil people have been shelled every day since January. Ask yourself this question :

    How would YOU feel if you were shelled, your family killed and your children mamed?

    Concentration camps set up by the Srilankan army only serve to hold 1000’s of people without resettlement since 1995.

    I am disgusted at the thought that this day could be seen as a celebration by any human, whether they are sinhalese or otherwise. Those of you that celebrate should consider how you would feel.

    Remember this that there are 2 sides to every story. The LTTE and the Sri-lankan forces have been as capable and brutal to each other and the innocent are injured.

    My father was held in Sri-lanka in the btter war of 1987 and he was saved, yes I said saved by the Tamil Tigers from persucution by the Sri-lankan gvt. So, for every person that calls Prabhakaren a terrorist, there is also one that will call him a freedom fighter.

    For those of you that wish to judge him. This is not your place. The courage and determination that is required to be a leader of any movement is immense and you might want to ask yourselves when was the last time you did something as courageous?

    The pill will be bitter sweet for many. For every leader that dies, another survives. The Sri-lankan gvt needs to engage with a political process that ensures equality of rights for the tamil people.

    If you havent personally been touched by the conflict, ask yourself the question :

    how would you feel knowing 1000’s have dies and that your mother and father and son or daughter had been victims.

    This should be a day of mourning, not one of victory and celebration.

    I find the pleasure that people seek to celebrate today distasteful.

    Only a hard heart cannot understand and not be moved emotionally by the exceptional ethnic cleansing that has just taken place.

    beest wishes to all even those of you that are misguided.

  337. VP and the LTTE used the civilians as shields and caused all the death and suffering. Thankfully, we have now released all the civilians and established democracy throughout our country. Congratulations to the Sri Lankan security forces for defeating terrorism and ending the war! The challenge for all Sri Lankans now will be to re-construct the war ravaged north and east and provide all Sri Lankans with the means and opportunity to live as equals in a united Sri Lanka free of terrorism.

  338. It is not a matter for celebraration. The problem is started not for FUN. So, all sri lankans should think a way get rid of Hateness and learn to avoid these type of problems arising again. All communities should live with equal rights in SL. Else, One day, we may see another prabha or vijeyweera again.

  339. DBS,

    Loving the new comments facility.

    But do be careful… i never quite realised before what sort of nutters you as a tamil moderate has to deal with.

    I think we all have far more in common to share over a beer than either side would ever dare admit to.

    Keep up the good work. Though i don’t always agree with you, having seen these comments, i have new-found respect for you.

  340. VP has escaped to S africa long ago (before Kilinochi fall)
    but we must I dentify one of the body as VP then it will bring
    an end to the speculation of continuation of the struggle.
    but if LTTE wants to continue then it has to expose the VP
    then Interpol has to start finding him.

  341. First of all I wish death to nobody……and the life of prabakaran is no exception contrary to the damage he has done to himself and to the others in Sri Lanka…..but i honestly do believe he new what the final outcome of his campaign would be.
    He even earned himself a place in the FBI books as the leader of the most ruthless terrorist outfit while hundreds of thousands of tamil diaspora around the world considered him to be there thalaivar who would carve a seperate tamil homeland….
    Some would say he was a great military strategist but then again he had not acheived his final objective of securing the Tamil Eelam.
    But the million$$$$ question is why did he do it………?????Why did he keep fighting a war which he knew he couldnt win….why did he invest so much of resources and lives into a cause if he didnt see a positive outcome……..?????
    Why didnt he negotiate a settlement with the government when he still had a chance????? Why did he have to risk his life and the lives of the civillians and that of both the LTTE rebels and armed forces????? I assume he was “human” tooo….coz all humans makes mistakes.
    prabakaran usually was able to pull rabbits out of his hat like a magician and surprise military commanders but one stunt went all wrong for him when the blasting of a water resevoire and launching a counter offensive didnt bring the expected yields to him.
    Then he was banking on the international community to preassurise the government for a ceasefire as the civillian body count increased as a result of the military offensive…that also didnt go anyfurther than juzt “talk talk” !!
    It would be correct to assume that he was let down by the WHITE MAN who juzt made use of him and discarded him safegard there own interests.
    Anyperson with sound military knowledge would have been able to say that continuing to offer resistance in the last 3 or 4 months was not a viable option since it served no purpose but the cost in terms of human lives could have been minimised if surrenderd earlier.
    I honestly do not believe that it would be the right moment to make a carnival out of somebodys death…….!! Instead we should act with wisdom and remember that it was the shallow political greed of few politicians that lead to 30 years of blood shead……Our country is economicaly and socialy handicapped because of the war.
    The war is concluding and its time to unite together as Sri Lankans and rebuild our country. We should stop spreading communal hatred and start thinking in more broader lines.

    I wish the next Tamil and Singhalese teams will only play cricket with bats and balls and not with grenades and civillian lives…………..

  342. President Mahinda Rajapakse is the Ancient Sinhalese King Dutugemunu reborn..He has defeated the brutal terrorist enemy and taken the country back. He defended the territorial sovereingty of Sri Lanka and decisively won. LONG LIVE SRI LANKA AND LONG LIVE RAJAPAKSE!!!

  343. If this is true (and let’s assume it is) rather than cheering wildly or going into despair (depending on where you stand), the real question that needs to be asked is why did it come to this?

    GOSL has had to field an army larger than that of Great Britain to defeat an insurgent army less than a tenth its size. This ought to be the first reality check for those celebrating. Secondly, think of the expenditure in life and resources this has taken, which could have been better employed in development (look how India forges ahead). Thirdly, what kind of victory is this if is comes at the cost of maintaining that huge militiary on a long term basis to hold down the North?

    And finally, will we just see the same thing happening again in another generation, this time, underpinned from the very start from a wealthy and vengeful diaspora?

    It need not be like this – but everything will depend on whether GOSL will change tack in a major way or go back to its stupid old ways. I do not know the answer.

  344. It is a sad news to hear but at the same time those who sow will reap. Even though he did for the Tamil people but amount of the blood was shed is far too much. So many Sinhaleese as well as Tamils (he used tamils as human shield for his justification to continue the war) kiled in thousands for the last 20 years. In Bible God told King David to fight the battles yet when he came to build the temple God said your hands are soaked with blood let your son Solomon build the temple. Now some one else has to take the mantle (Political Leadership) for entire tamils in a political way. No more blood but non violent way. My heart vexed with so much grief when I remember all these wasted years of war nothing but tears.

  345. Those who criticizing about LTTE and the leader conveniently forgot their(Sinhalese) atrocity committed against innocent Tamil civilians such as the series of mass violence 1958, 1977, 1983 riots etc. They are pretending to be nice people. If it isn’t for India, China, Paki and US SLA will be eating grass. Those who advocating Tamils should be evicted and sent to India are now singing “we (Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim) as one peace loving people”. This is pure BS. I salute the fallen LTTE HERO’s in this war and not the Sinhala racist and rapist army.

  346. Whether or not Prabaharan is alive, whether or not he is our ‘leader’ and ‘representative’ and whether Tamils have suffered at the hands of SL gov’t more than Prabkaran shouldn’t be the main focus right now.

    Anyone with a clear conscience knows Tamils have been persecuted by all players in the last 30 some years of bloody war. But, if we dwell on this too much then we will lose more lives. We all know that we
    can never get back the precious lives lost. But we Tamils CAN do something to make sure that there is NO MORE lives lost to any form of violence. I feel that one thing that could UNITE all Tamils is that if
    we channel all of our anger and frustration or any other feelings of defeat into something constructive. The more we let our anger take control of our mind the more we become more revengeful, but less wise.

    If we can all genuinely work together to rebuild the lives of the displaced Tamils, it will give them a glimpse of hope for their future and it will also tremendously help them with their path to recovery. That is what the Tamils in Sri Lanka need right now. Only then they will be able to focus in solving the bigger issue: winning their rights and freedom back. We expatriate Tamils have so many educated and intellectuals like DBSJ in our community who can guide the Tamils back home in a positive direction. But, imposing our views and beliefs on them is almost the same as marrying your daughter or son to someone against their will. It is the Tamils in Sri Lanka who are going to live there with the other ethnic groups, NOT any of us in the diaspora.

    A true ‘victory’ should be celebrated only after Sri Lanka accepts its historical mistakes and accepts that the country belongs to all the ethnic groups not just one group and therefore creates a political solution where everyone will be treated equally regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and language.

  347. Prabakaran’s death will open a new era in the persecution of the tamils. Already there are reports that tamis in colombo are being taunted that their leader is dead and that have to be careful, and that tamil householders are being compelled to fly the lion flag – a massive celebration is about to commence,orchestrated by political elements and enforced on all especially tamils, by the armed forces,police and state goons.
    Travails of tamils are just commencing. There will be no political or constitutional concessions in the foreseeable future. The regime is preparing for a presidential election to entrench the Rajapakse Junta in power for another six years The 120 megacabinet sycophants, sidekicks and mercenaries masquerading as spin doctors & diplomats are bound to assist in this for their own survival. The motorcycle hit squads, police assassins who have killed and are killing persons in custody,the white van abducters, and the paramilitaries of EPDP,TMVP & others remain intact. The terror regime will continue.

  348. i’m half tamil & half sinhalese but i lived amongst tamils & suffered back in sl.i feel sad fr vp no matter what he has done he stod up for tamils when we were misstreated.
    he had made sacrifices for that & hard decisions.now is the time for sinhalese to build a country along with tamils & muslims treating others fair & as their equvals.

  349. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,

    You are among the most respected and reliable Sri Lankan journalist I have come across and it’s a pity people of your reputation have to live and work outside our country. I wish you the best and hope the environment will soon change to accommodate people like you back in Sri Lanka.

    VP deserves this and more for all the crimes he has committed towards his own and our country and I sincerely hope this is his end. For the sake of a united Sri Lanka, I sincerely hope this information is confirmed soon. Jayaveva !!

  350. This is the best birthday present I ever had in my life! And the best thing is, the whole country, well all the true Sri Lankans in the WORLD celebrated the demise of the LTTE murderous bunch on my birthday! Wow…. how happy I am, in years to come, people will forget about the significance of this day, but not me , never, it’s my birthday, double celebration for me each and every year….!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. Dear Jeyaraj, please be a tamil man and try to explain the world about our real struggle and truth behind that. why we are fighting for many decades… don’t you you have symphathy towords us, we all tamil, make our people happy first rather than support to srilankan govt
    please don’t hurt us…..

  352. A note to that brainless oaf going as Nilanka (#69) Sinhalese? What the hell is that? The iconic Sinhala family the Bandaranaikes are Neelaperuamal pandarams. Cyril Mathew, that super patriot of July 83 is of tree-climbing origin from caste Kerala. That super-Sinhala hero of the 60s/70s KMP Rajaratna is a Konar from Tamilnadu. S.India. Sapumal Kumara, adopted son of Parakrama Bahu, is Tamil. Even the Army hero Sarath Fonseka says he is of Tamil extraction. This goat Nalin must do some learning before he starts commenting. If you are looking for the quintessential Sinhalese they came off that blood-drinking woman of easy virtue Kuveni. Remember Mangala Samaraweera calling Susantha Jayasinghe that African Kaapiri Clearly, few Sinhalese want to take that line. Weirdo, you have to be one or the other and you are faced with Hobsons Choice. The Tamils in the diaspora have more sense and education than you show. The day you realize you are nothing but achcharu is the day wisdom will dawn on your likes. I am sorry if I hurt the feelings of good Sinhalese but this twit needs to be faced.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  353. வருவார் .மீண்டும் வருவார் .மீண்டு வருவார் .ஈழம் மீள மீண்டும் வருவார். பிரபாகரன் குறித்த செய்தியை யாரும் நம்பவேண்டாம்….
    பிணம் தின்னிகளின் வதந்தி ,,,இதை யாரும் நம்பவேண்டாம்…..
    தருமத்தின் வாழ்வு தன்னை சூது கவ்வும், மறுபடியும் தருமமே வெல்லும் எனும் வாக்கு உண்மையாக இருந்தால் மீண்டு வருவார் அந்த தன்மானத் தலைவன்அவரை நெருங்க முடியாது. பலமுறை இறந்தவர் நீடிய ஆயுல் அவருக்கு…தமில் ஈழம் மீள மீண்டும் வருவார் .மீண்டு வருவார்,மிக விரைவில்.தமில் ஈழம் மலரும் ….

  354. LTTE is a mere hit-n-run guerilla organization and SL Army is the Army of a democratic country. How in the world could LTTE ever think that they can win this war?

  355. #340. from my perspective this was never a civil war of sinhala vs tamil but a war of Sri Lanka vs a brutal terrorist group. I am sinhalese but i care not about if someone is tamil or sinhalese or black or white or purple. if you are my friend, my neighbour, my countryman and if we can live in peace and prosper that is all that should matter. Who cares what race/caste/creed/religion someone is in this day and age?

  356. The ethnic conflict in Sri-Lanka started long before VP was born and the LTTE was formed. LTTE is just a mere symptom of the disease that debilitating the Sri-Lankan State.

    Forthe thugs who slaughter the Tamils,
    The operation is success but the patient is died.

    The voices for a separate country for Tamils are more louder and clear than ever before from all the world capitals. And this island is dependent on China and India. That is not independent any more.

    It is a matter of when the thugs who commited war crimes against the innocent Tamils will be brought to justice.

    As I am writing this every move of the Sri-Lankan Terror regime is closely watched by India and the West.

    According to an Indian military official whom I met 20 years ago told me it would take only 7 minutes to bring the Sri-Lankan island under their control.

    The current regime will continue to subjugate Tamils and there will be no more LTTE-excuse for these countries just to sit and watch.

    The events unfolding in the last couple of days will have a lasting impact on the collective identity of the Sri-Lankan Tamils at home and abroad.
    I suggest Mr DBSJ its time for you to wright about the Sri-Lankan Tamils’ right to self determination.

    As an ethnic group who posses their own language, culture and traditions, a well defined continous geographical area as their traditonal home and a sound economy deserve the right to govern themselves regardless what the Sinhala state terrorists want.


  357. Well said Dencil!!!
    Its high time we too bacame articulate of our feelings like Tamil (Tiger) diaspora. Let’s see what they have to say when HE announces the death of their EELAM dream!

  358. Dear Thevan 365

    தருமத்தின் வாழ்வு தன்னை சூது கவ்வும், மறுபடியும் தருமமே வெல்லும் எனும் வாக்கு உண்மை.
    That is why the Humpty Dumpty VP fell from grace. He will never rise again because தருமமே வெல்லும்.

  359. Now this complete chapter is closed (mahaveer LTTE leaders conform all dead truth will win biggest lie terrorist propaganda will sink deep down the heal for ever DBS for your information.

  360. ken leclair seems to be dreaming after smoking some good hashish 🙂 where can i get some? India has no interest in a Tamil state right in it’s own backyard. It has enough problems to deal with as it is. Neither is the west interested in it. Tamils and Sinhalese can both live equitably in a united Sri Lanka and they do so even today in most parts. It is nationalist pipe dream of a Tamil national state that has led to today’s catastrophic outcome.

  361. Isn’t it a wild world, so many people saying so many different things… In my point of view, he was no true leader, death comes to all in one form or the other, we do not celebrate his death, we celebrate the death of terror.

    There are so many Tamils among us, living happy lives in harmony and peace, where does this talk of inequality come from? Yes, there may have been times when our ancestors had not made the right decisions, but why live in the past when the present is so different???

    I work with Tamils, I travel with Tamils, I have eaten with them, I share my own water bottle with one for godssake!!!

    And once, I had no idea the person I had been having lunch with and sitting with for THREE days at a conference was a Tamil until I overheard her speak to someone over the phone in Tamil and asked, to hear from her that all along she thought I was a Tamil!!! We had a good laugh over it and I assure you all (who have doubts) it changed nothing.

    Why don’t you see that we are all the same, we hold no grudge against you, is it not evident? Why the need to fight for something that is already yours? Why not learn to SHARE than to OWN? Live with us, not away from us. We carry more humanity in our hearts than a ruthless man, who died with none. We shed tears of sorrow and pain for Tamils and Sinhalese alike when we see them in pain, even now I feel a sense of sadness for his children and family although I know they wished our downfall and death and killed my brothers and sisters by birth. But no, not for him… who lead the innocent on a path to hell.

    Purify your hearts, let go of the hatred. Our hearts are open, so are our doors, you are always welcome. Please understand we too lived in fear for our children, fear for our family, fear for our lives, in fact we still do, because we know that as yet the hatred in the hearts of some, who have not learned to love, has not died…

    Hoping for a new day and a new beginning, with love.

  362. Even though its yet to be confirmed, Lose of VP brings an ache to the heart.

    It brings back all the memories how Jaffna felt when Late Sivakumar’s death was released in mid Seventies.

    Whether you like VP or hate him, one cannot deny that he and his associates showed the world the problem we have in SriLanka. Somewhere along his path, he has been misguided by the people around him . On the other hand, what goes around HAS to come around.

    It is sad to see that quite a lot of comments are attacking the writer. Please dont shoot the messenger
    “A pen is mightier than the sword”.


  363. Why should people show sympathy/sensitivity towards the death of VP? This one man has caused untold suffering to the ppl of Sri Lanka be they tamil, sinhala muslim etc. He destroyed a nation and is not worthy of any sympathy. A world without him is only a better place. We should feel for the tamil people and their grievances. We should all join hands and rebuild this country. We should see ourselves first as human beings and extends our hearts with compassion. But the ruthless VP deserves no sympathy. He brought nothing but shame to a dignified community. If he really cared for his ppl why did he hold them back against their will and shoot at them when they tried to escape?! Are those the marks of a brave leader??! History will pen him down to be the barbaric person he was.

  364. comment 374 rajah

    i dont agree with you .i think the demise of the ltte started when they rejected the indo lanka accord and went to war with india. that was the greatest mistake pirabaharan made. like the mistake hitler and napolean made when they attacked russia.

  365. Tamils could certainly live together in peace and safety with those Sinhalese like Sunil Soman #298 : “…There will be a day when all Tamils of Lanka will live in dignity. belive your Hero Prabhakaran has done his part. …

    Unfortunately not all Sinhalese are able to feel such magnanimous and noble thoughts.

    Sadly it is the murderous extremists who now have power. So while the day will come it may not be in the immediate future.

    Murugan #331: “If Sinhalam could defeat the Tamil Tigers, then surely they can develop Sri Lanka.”

    Not at all! SInhalam did not defeat the Tamil Tigers, rather it was the IC powers that did with the help of the Sinhala man-power/labour. And that was because the West decided that the LTTE was in the way of their plans for the region.
    Sinhalam was helpless and reeling until the West stepped in.
    In fact the reason Sinhalam took so long to get to Killinochi was because the West/India ordered them to wait. When the ok was given Sinhalam proceeded to go into Killnochi. That is why there was nothing in Killinochi at the time.

    Sinhalam tried to fool the West/IC by pretending to go slow and until the last few weeks.

    re my above comment N2 #304:
    Slight correction: The SL armed forces hierarchty more or less followed the outside (tactical and strategic) advice ONLY until it was clear that they had gained the upper hand.
    They pretended that they would be fair to the Tamil civilians
    until then.
    Then they not only proved their vicious anti-Tamil extremism to the whole world but also became abusive toward the IC/West/India.

    So there is no way “Sinhalam” could ever develop Lanka under the present kind of thinking and its support base.

  366. Pakistan is proud of it because we know the reallty of these types of gurillas, i read Prabhakaran history, if he could use himself then he would be more famous than being notorius as he is now. Anyhow, Sinhali Government should also respect the tamils and make them part of their structure. Sri lanka is called tear of India, but it can be the pear of indian ocean only by giving respect to Tamils.
    Ali (Pakistan)


    & &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ALLL

  368. Don’t say like that. Do you know what was happend there ?U should recognise the position of prabhar.

  369. The death of Prabhakaran, if found to be true, reminds me of a Bible saying, “Those who swear by the sword, will die by the sword”.

    I toally agree with the above comment…
    there’s a similar phrase in sinhalese

    “avi gaththo aviyenma nasithi”
    thats what happened to VP…he killed so many Tamils with Cynaide/suicides, killed so many Sihalese with bombs and chased the Muslims out of his ‘eelam dream”
    and finally everything came back to him..

    long rest in hell praba…for all the murders u committed!!!

    Now perhaps Miliband could take over!!…lol..

  370. Well, it is confirmed now, Official, military sources confirm that prabhakaran, pottu amman and soosai were shot and killed while attempting to flee in an ambulance from advancing Sri Lankan troops. This follows the death of Charles Anthony and Nadesan earlier in the day. This completes the routing of the majority of the LTTE leadership save those that are in exile overseas such as KP.

  371. I defenetly want to see all sinhala’s face, including the sinala president’s face, WHEN VP ANNA shows his face again to his people…

  372. Congratulations DBS.You need to be recognised and rewarded by our government.You and few of our Tamils had the courage in fighting terrorism.Tamils can live with peace and dignity now.Do you have any plan to take the Tamil leadership now?
    Please continue your good work

    Thank You but I will continue with my journalism…………….DBSJ

  373. Primarily ,I been hearing these type of news since few years ” He is Still Alive “” !, other hand commenting on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue , its quiet imposible that unless there is a political solution with equal rights the Lanka will never find Pe@ce !!
    Most Important Message:- forget about tamils and sinhaleesh relation I am sure sihaleesh are never trust worth and they can not live honest !! THEY ALWAYS CHEAT AND LIE !!

  374. Dear DBSJ

    We Wish VP is Dead. And burning in hell. There is no hatred between Sinhalese and Tamils. This is created for fund raising from the DIE ASS PORA. Please Tell them to come and help their own brothers and sisters to live with dignity and peace without holding protests and shouting as idiots. We can see the difference of the people in the DIE ASS PORA and the IDPS. They are shouting and carrying slogans well dressed, well fed and we think a little educated.

    Look at your brothers and sisters who suffered under your so called leader.

    But don’t worry our Government, Our brave heroes who killed Velu, Charley, Pottu and Company will assure you that we will look after them because they are our brothers and sisters too.

  375. vp is alive and his interview will be show after that gay mad his announcement tomorrow morning.

  376. hey Tamilian,
    you such an ass hole to publish this kind of comment.
    this country for everyone and stupid people like you are always thinking your self to saying to start a war again. supit people like prabhakaran doesnt care any one either sinhala or tamil he wants only the power. therefore dont try to be a fool guy and dont put supid things to thers head. if you want just go and kill ur self rather than distroying the humality. i m saying srilanka is for everyone.

  377. It seems almost confirmed with some twists for obvious reasons.
    The President would make an official statement tomorrow in the Parliament , perhaps with some reference to a devolution plan for the consumption of the IC.
    The Pro LTTE medias are still denying it (ofcourse they still deny the demise of Theepan and Vidhusha)

    Now that the war in Wanni is over could they send
    Brig Shavendra Silva and 58 Div to Toronto
    Brig Prasanna Silva and 55 Div to London
    Brig Kamal Gunaratne and 53 Div to Oslo
    Brig Nandana Udawatte and 59 Div to Melbourne
    Maj Gen Jegath Dias and 57 Div to Amsterdam
    Brig Rohana Bandara and TF2 to Berlin
    Brig Sathyapriya Liyanage and TF3 to Milan
    Col G.W.Ravipriya to Genewa
    Col Nishantha Wanniarachchi to Washington

    and save us diaspora Tamils from the clutches of LTTE

  378. The end of LTTE reminds me of the famous quote by German General Jodl while surrendering the German Forces after World war II. “We are surredering our forces and accept our defeat. Our only hope is that the victors will show magnani,ity and treat us with diginity.”

    Now that the final protective shield of the Sri Lankan Tamils are gone, we should hope that President Rajapakshe will lead his people to give the tamils equal rights and treat them as the citizens of Sri Lanka.

  379. …………no result ……….neither any proved can be given by MR ,President UNTILL today,today one V prabhakaran dies thousand born…………………………!

  380. Regardless of what you think of the Eelam agenda, it is very difficult to believe everyone is going to go home and live happily ever after under the Lion flag. As I saw it, Prabhakaran made too fatal errors after the CFA 2002. The first was to assume the traditional superior position of the Yarlpanni Tamils could be maintained now that the two communities were no longer fighting a common enemy. Especially since eastern Tamils had suffered heavily in the 1997-9 Vanni campaign. The split by Karuna then happened and the government got all that intelligence on the movement. The second mistake was to boycott the 2005 Presidential election, given that Rajapaksa was committed to militarily destroy the LTTE and had boosted both the army size and bought much more sophisticated equipment that Chandrika, Premadasa or Jayawardene ever had. The irony is that the LTTE successfully transformed from a guerrilla to a conventional force but this actually made the movement more vulnerable. And now? The government is stuck. If it allows the 300,000 IDPs back to their homes, surviving LTTE cadres can easily rebuild a network in about 1 year. If it keeps them in the camps for three years, you will have 300,000 LTTE fanatics come out in 2012. Also, if the government keeps 50,000 troops in the north and 50, 000 in the east, it will mean more kidnappings, rapes, extortion etc. Even anti-LTTE Tamils will push for Eelam. The LTTE may be destroyed but a new movement could arise within a few years. The Army is built for conventional war, not counter-insurgency. Such a movement won’t need the huge ammounts of money and weaponry that the LTTE needed for Eelam War IV. It might also get Indian support again without VP leading it because the Gandhi issue will be ancient history by then. Certainly politicians like Vaiko will support a new organisation. The Indians will not like China’s new ‘influence’ over their little island neighbour


  382. Our Tamils are struggling for past more than 30years, the govt which is not able to give fundamental rights and freedom for their people have no deserve to as say govt ,it is null. The govt continuous doing harm to our tamil people. For govt of lanka dont say LTTEs as terrors, they all our freedom fighters. I salute our captain Mr. Prabhakaran and his troop . Rajapaksa down down..

  383. His Body Found! time is 3:15PM in Singapore…

    Lets not celebrate his death but the survival of the innocent Sri Lankan people of all race creed cast religion who gone through the immense suffering to realise its finally over.

    Tamils all who sensitive to this information i have only one request. Lets grow beyond 48,56,58,and 83 etc… whatever the root cause for the LTTE.

    Task ahead is well beyond the news….

    Tilak Ranasinghe

  384. That Prabaharan was shot dead while trying to escape in an ambulance is SInhala-extremist GOSL propaganda.

    The point of the propaganda is to vilfy and ridicule both Prabaharan as well as those who (at least in some way) admired him.

    What the GOSL wants to say (as they have always done) is to say that Prabaharn is a coward who not only tried to escape but did so in an ambulance!
    Well, that is the nature of Sinhala-extremism: and by this stupidity they have ruined another chance at reconcilliation building.

    And as further proof of stupidity that is brought upon by raging extremism the Sinhala-extremists/GOSL now has to explain why its soldiers fired on an ambulance!

  385. That Prabaharan was shot dead while trying to escape in an ambulance is SInhala-extremist GOSL propaganda.

    The point of this propaganda is to vilfy and ridicule both Prabaharan as well as those who (at least in some way) admired him.

    What the GOSL wants to say (as they have always done) is to say that Prabaharn is a coward who not only tried to escape but did so in an ambulance!
    Well, that is the nature of Sinhala-extremism: and by this stupidity they have ruined another chance at reconcilliation building.

    And as further proof of stupidity that is brought upon by raging extremism the Sinhala-extremists/GOSL now has to explain why its soldiers fired on an ambulance!

  386. comment 457 -tom

    a very good analysis. i would like to add a few things.
    before the 2 serious mistakes you mentioned ltte made a more serious one when they opposed rajiv and attacked the indian army. when they did this they turned a powerful friend into an enemy. if india says there will not be a seperate state for tamils, thats it. end of story full stop. with rajivs support gradually we could have got the best possible deal other than seperation.
    dont rely on vaiko toomuch. his party got only i seat out of total of 39. jajalalitha too was a huge dissapointment with only 9 seats though it was an improvement over her dismal performance at the last elections when she was wiped out whithout any seats. we are back to square one with karunanithi and manmohan singh combination. now what some obdurate srilankan tamils cant understand is that that duo and there way of thinking cannot be changed and we have to work within their framework and policies. we have to accept karunanithi as thesupreme tamil leader whether we like it or not,albeit temporaly until he meets his maker. the tail can never wag the dog. only the tree that can sway with the wind can survive.

  387. History has sighted that when a country is ruled unjustly people will rise against the institution. We see this around the kglobe everyday. Government actions are not just and therefore people are reacting in different ways. Most people use or try to use peaceful methods to resolve conflicts be it at home or between countries. But in todays war games that the developed so called civilized countries play weapons of destruction of all sorts are sold to conflicting groups thus faning the flame from a mere quarrel to a great war. Such is the GREED of the so called democratic leadership of today that to them, selling arms to Governments killing thousands of civilians and encouraging desperate people turned rebels to buy arms is childs play. Oh mother earth why have you deserted us in this time of dire need to produce Good leaders who have integrity to govern nations for your people.

  388. Dear Tamilian,

    First of all let me tell you, learn to live peacfully and co-exists with everyone..If you are staying in south India then first of all you are Indian..now if you asahmed to call yourself an Indian then you have no right to stay and live in India..The country that is giving you food and shelter…is the country that you want to destroy..shame on you…

  389. I think its time now that the supporters of the LTTE realize that the end of all this terror has come… All nationalities of Sri lanka are giving their fullest support to ensure that the Government has the necessary means to ensure that the IDP’s are properly taken care of.. All of you who funded Prabakaran and his selfish dream of Elaam please open your eyes now and see that he was no freedom fighter..he only caused suffering to our Tamil brothers and sisters.. So please now atleast send some aid and funding to help our own Tamil brothers and sisters who want to be able to live a normal life… The entire nation is doing their part in this.. I think its time that all of you who once supported the LTTE see the reality and help the IDP’s who were affected by Prabakaran and his greedy dreams of power to restore their lives and all work towards a prosperous Sri lanka that our future generations can be proud of… Stop this hate and anger… There is no hatred between the Sinhalese and Tamils so please stop trying to create any tension…

  390. lets pray god, there is a real hero for tamilians is there, i hope he will be alive and he will achieve his goal.

  391. Dark days are to come for SriLanka. Twist and turns of events will unravel gift of Dhama for this mass killing committed by GOSL. The majority community of Srilanka will be fighting against the their own monster created by them and resort to help from Tamils. Eventually India would see the disastrous consequences of their foreign policy and relations and pay heavy price to restructure their foreign policy. Tmails would resort to more cunning and prudent path to establish their future. International community would go ahead with their global fight and loose control of the structures that are created by them. This is what I see as the future directed by the events that had taken place during last 5 years.

  392. mr.prabakaran was a forced creation of sinhalese.never never sinhalese will treat tamils equal.look at the video clippings of the joy of sinhalese on hearing news of prabhakaran death.all those who do not know the suffering of tamils in srilanka can never understand the whole issue.prabakaran is a freedom fighter not terrorist.shame ON tamilnadu politicians who are sitting at delhi and bargaining for portfolio for their family members.shame on them.they were earning vote by using ltte issues.tamilnadu politicians used to call prabhakaran as their own brother.now since brother is dead why bother about him.earn more for family members.they could have done definitely something earlier to avoid drastic death of VPP.SHAME SHAME TAMIL NADU POLITICIANS.LONG LIVE PRABAKARAN’S IDEOLOGY.

  393. He is a brave soldier, fought for his people and died for them
    There are many other so called leaders, who run the show for money.VP could have easily gave up his ideology and would have got a cushion for SL govt and might have turned a politican with better life,instead he stood by his ideology I salute him for that

  394. everyone here supporting to ltte is not livin in srilanka right now. thats why they talking like this. they dont know the truth. all da tamils living in srilanka now supporting government. becouse u people dont knw realy wats da truth. u just get some msgs from other people. just think wat did he do?? just killing people not only sinhala people. he was killing tamils alot of tamils. he burn them alive. did srilanakan eve did so?? u idiots shud kow the truth not wat other people telling you. how many tamil people living here very well. tamils never be slaves. u think so bcz u r living thr. now every one shud proud to be srilanakan. one nation. one country. look now sinhala people saying lyk this. no fight anymore. everyone is free. u can breth freely. but u tamils still want to fight.. y?? come here and understand the truth. always tamils living other countries never like to end this. but u knw all tamils living here very very happy about this. u shud knw that.

  395. It is very so sad news, really upset. He is really struggle for tamil and tamil people. Really really very very sad news. If he is really alive, Thanks to god Am very upset i heard this news. sad news…………………….. God bless him……………..

  396. Its sad. Death bothers me. who ever it may be, death by slaughtering or by suicide, hurts my conscience. Anyhow Mr.Prabhakaran has made everyone hear the sufferings of his fellow ethnic minorities and by his death confined the srilankan government, which has no other go but approve equal rights of the Tamils. Human community in the earth should ensure unbiased and fair governance with equal rights in srilanka. Every one of us is having liability to establish fair and just governance. Just hating war and terror alone is not enough and it means continuance of war and terror in every part of the world.

  397. It may be bad news for the tamils (who don’t have any problem with this war) who live in foriegn Countries..
    But it defenitely good news for the Tamils who live inside the Sri Lanka.. we don’t need Tamil EElam.. ne just a peaceful life..
    Defenitely its a good news,,

  398. The World leader in this wanted quality should not die. please come back the world, you are wanted for this kind of service to the human need. The world today have many political civilians robbers using their brains, so a leader like you is needed in this world in every corners.

    Any how I don’t trust your death.

  399. My personal opinion is that “those who take the knife will fall by the knife”. This cannot be changed.

    Please Leaders, drive your people towards pease not like this.

    Now that the controversy is over and its Lankan Governments responsibility not to re-create such a situation again. Lets not go to the stone age period once again.

    My question is why there should be discrimination between people who live in same country by saying Tamilian or Srilankan, after all they share one country.

    Let the people and the Government (for the People) stop this and start concentrating to improve the economy of the country. Sri Lanka is a very good place for tourism concentrate to increase the revenue by more tourists (this one of many ideas).

  400. Dear DBS,

    In my opinion “Only when we are slaves to GOD ,then you and I can be free.” It’s a paradox. And unless we are freed you cannot think of liberating others.When you yourself have no feeling of emancipation ,how can you work for it?
    Theoretically you can talk of so many things ,but they are practically impossible.
    Let us all have this experience of being slaves to GOD ,which will enable us to travel in the right path.

    well wisher

  401. One last thing, All said and done he is a true leader who lived for his values, may GOD bless the soul of Vellupillai Prabhakaran…

  402. Why do you People think that you are illtreated don’t you
    know you live out of Sri Lanka and get the best and involve
    the poor innocent people to do you bloody ‘PAKILI’ work,
    The government should now endorse on all Birth Certificates as of 18th May 2009 that the Nationality is ‘SRI LANKAN’ and you people should be PROUD to be ONE.

    Please stop degrading your self and your mother land.

  403. what nonsense is this…abt LTTE leader being made a hero…i think Tamilians everywhere r one of the most prosperous people on earth..which is the place u do not find them..schools, colleges, all industries r filled by their presence…so where is the opression..?? i think they need to stop being such fanatics and open their minds and hearts to make this world a better place to live…instead of funding the terrorist organisations..why isnt money from overseas spent for educating, financing poorer people for their upliftment…its crazy.. really donno which world do they still live in….

  404. Justice will be done when Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brother and Sarath Fonseka is prosecuted by the international courts. They behaved like terrorist too, killing 5000 plus innocent Tamils. I am Sinhalese. We need to treat anyone
    who killed innocent people like terrorist. Pl dont send any money to Sri Lanka until corruption is stopped.

  405. War is over what about Peace. This is agood opportunity to propose a meaningful settlement after along struggle and the loss of several lives. Let us hope permanent peace will dawn with a geniune solution to the problem at least at this late stage.

  406. may this is not true…………….or govt is giving fake photoes.
    ……………………..or anyone revive it…… but keep LTTE alive…..yhe only fighter group of friendly , religious ‘ best in world,………….. The hindus .
    i love you .prabhakaran….you are brave & immortal.

  407. I pray to god. prabhakaran to safe in his life. he will serve the srilangan tamil people more than 100.

  408. Srilangan Tamilan all lost every thing. But i hope that Mr. Prabhakaran is alive. he is safe some where. i pray god

  409. He is a real life Hero . It is very hard to create a army like this and lead the people. He did it …..

  410. Dear Mr.DBS,

    Hope you read “Nakeeran’s ” article .Is Prabhakaran still safe somewhere?
    How do you feel?
    Well wisher

    The LTTE Leader is not among the living. Nakkeeran is nuts……. DBSJ

  411. Praba is dead and I am very happy as a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Sri Lanka. All the Tamil Diaspora who fueled terror in Sri Lanka now go to hell and leave us alone to live our life normally.

  412. Dear DBS,

    What do you say about the image shown to us? Is it Prabhakaran’s or is it a doctored one?

    Well wisher

    Mr. Thiruvenkadam Velupillai Prabhakaran is not among the living…………..DBSJ

  413. He stod up for what he beleived in til the last minute. He even sacrificed his son as he asked from others.
    ” karmaveeran”.

    “Rajakopuram engal thalaivan”

  414. manoharan T stupid idiot…

    show mercy la… u must b Sinhalese idiot…


    Your racist comments will be totally deleted in future…………..DBSJ

  415. Many thanks for your articles.


  416. Dear DBS,

    Can you please tell us what happened to Prabhakaran’s wife and the other two children.Are they among the living?

    well wisher

  417. Dear DBS,
    Can you please tell us what happened to Prabhakaran’s wife and the other two children.
    Are they among the living?
    well wisher

    As far as I know, NO……….DBSJ

  418. Dear DBS,
    How do the people in Jaffna feel now?
    We know you are a Christian Tamil and we are happy and proud that we have found a good ,reliable and a well balanced journalist in you.
    Wishing you all the best in your career.
    Well wisher

  419. Dear DBS,
    You have given your new year greetings in your mother tongue. Good. But ,it should be “PUTHAANDU VAAZHTHUKKAL”
    I understand that you have successfully completed 32 years in your profession. “Congratulations”.
    You have said “I love writing” I feel it’s high time you realized and started using your GOD-GIVEN talent in writing, to win many a soul for GOD.
    You can also create blogs and enable people to share their testimonies through your blogs, so that you can be an effective instrument in HIS hands for the extension of HIS kingdom.
    May God bless you.

    Well wisher

    If that is God’s will so be it……DBSJ

  420. Dear Sir,
    Please comment on the proposed action on the “War crimes”of Rajapaksa by the Inter National community.
    Thank you.

  421. I have been browsing lots of Tamil related web sites last 2 weeks. You know what they all have in common. CONTRIBUTION or DONATION link. (Not this site). I think these people are taking our Tamil brothers and sisters for a ride. They are robbing your hard earn money. 10$ hear and 10 $ there soon you are talking billions.

  422. Dear Sir,

    I have been awaiting your comment on the proposed action on the ” war crimes’ of Rajapaksa.
    Now that the tension is over in Sri Lanka,have you any idea of getting back to your mother country?

    Thank you

    Dear Clarence, Is the “tension” over for Tamils and independent journalists?…….. DBSJ

  423. Hi friends,
    those who are still have a faith about our national hero (praba) i hats of you. but he has to come out quickly, he should not hide any more.
    the news also saying he will show his face on great hero day, black tiger’s day. days are gone but his voice also not heard.
    still i have the hope. lets pray the GOD.

  424. Prabhakaran shot his family and the entire ltte leadership committed suicide for a cause ‘TAMIL EALAM’.

    Now, armed struggle came to an end and ltte got martyr’s death. Of course, ltte committed blunder in utilizing the civilians.

    How to re-start? Because the real sufferers are from the North & East. They are already dead soul without the yearn for living.

  425. hey prabhakaran didi not died his struggle will continue he is safely in……… country we r waiting for his order he is severly wounde in war its true but he has flew to other country who supports ltte he is waiting for politics change.The body shown was not him it is the boby of someother people its the fake one .Scientific technique was followed bu rajapakshae and soniagandhi to escape from us and other countries they will deseve it soon .honest man will come soon

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