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“All’s well that ends well”- Sampanthan and Wigneswaran Write Letters Addressing Each Other as “Dear Wignes” and “Dear Sam”.

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Opposition and TNA leader R Sampanthan has written to Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran that the no-confidence motion against the latter will be withdrawn. The former has assured the latter that there will be no punitive action against two ministers.

In his letter to the Chief Minister dispatched yesterday Samapanthan said that he had informed the Governor of the Northern Province that the no-confidence motion would be with drawn.

Sampanthan has, in his letter, said the dispute had been sorted out thanks to the mediation of Srila Somasundara Thesika Ganana Sambanda Paramachchariyar Swamy and Jaffna Bishop Justin Bernard Gnanapragasam.

The motion, handed over to the Northern Governor by ITAK members against Chief Minister Wigneswaran, will be withdrawn by the ITAK itself. The TNA leader says in his letter that he will communicate to two ministers alleged to have involved in corruption that they should not in anyway impede an independent legal inquiry.

Last Thursday majority of members of the Northern Provincial Council (21 out of 38) handed over a no confidence motion against Wigneswaran to Governor Reginald Cooray. The motion was handed over after the Chief Minister’s call for two provincial ministers to resign and to two others to go on compulsory leave, following a report on corruption charges against them. A committee appointed by Wigneswaran found two of the accused ministers guilty while inquiry found insufficient evidence against the two others, whom the Chief Minister nevertheless asked to go on leave.

Sampanthan has addressed Wigneswaran as ‘Dear Wignes’ in his response to the latter. Wineswaran calls Sampanthan ‘Dear Sam’ in his letter.

Courtesy:The Island

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