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Northern Chief Minister Wigneswaran who Once Wanted Army to Quit North Now wants to Unleash Army Against “Black Sheep” in Jaffna

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Northern province chief minister Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Wigneswaran who earlier demanded that all the armed forces should be withdrawn from the North is now singing a different tune after the majority of Northern provincial councillors have indicated they have no confidence in him as chief minister. Wigneswaran who pompously and pugnaciously who earlier declared “Army Go, go, Air Force Go, go, Navy Go go” has now shamelessly changed his stance.

CV Wigneswaran

Wigneswaran now has threatened to utilise the services of the armed forces and unleash the army against people described by the chief minister as “Karuppu Aadugal” (Black goats or black sheep).

Religious leaders in Jaffna were shocked by Wigneswaran’s announcement that he would unleash the army if necessary when a delegation called on the chief minister to express concern over the tense and volatile situation in Jaffna. Wigneswaran however refused to reduce the tensions. He arrogantly declared “Let them withdraw the no confidence motion against me. Otherwise volatile situation will continue”.

When the religious leaders expressed aprehensions about violence eupting in the prevailing volatile situation, Wigneswaran dismissed such fears lightly.

He said the people who are protesting will not engage in violence but if some “Karuppu Aadugal” (Black Sheep) engage in violence, I will see that it is crushed by the Police. I will even unleash the army if necessary to destroy those involved in violence”.

The delegates shocked by Wigneswaran’s volte face in threatening to uleash the army in Jaffna after demanding the withdrawal of the armed forces earlier returned home in a state of dazed shock!

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