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TNA Leader Sampanthan Advises CV Wigneswaran to Seek the Guidance and Political Advice of ITAK President “Mavai” Senathirajah to resolve NPC Crisis

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Leader of the opposition and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader Rajavarothayam sampanthan has urged his revolting Chief minister of the Northern Province, Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Wigneswaran to abide by the advice and political guidance of Ilankai Thamil Arasuk Katchi (ITAK)’s c president Mr. Somasundaram Senathirajah known popularly as “Mavai”Senathirajah in matters concerning the current crisis prevailing in the Northern provincial council if and when necessary. Mr.Sampanthan in a letter sent as reply to Mr. Wigneswaran’s earlier missive has reminded the chief minister of his declaration in front of all leaders of the TNA constituent parties that he would require Mr. Senathirajah’s ” political advice and guidance in the administration of the Northern Provincial Council”. Mr. Sampanthan has asked Wigneswaran to pose the question to himself as to whether the chief minister had fulfilled the pledge he made in 2013 about adhering to Mr. Senathirajah’s advice. Sampanthan also points out the sacrifices made by Senathirajah and observes that a leader of his worth cannot be sidelined.

CV Wigneswaran “Mavai” Senathirajah & R. Sampanthan

The letters sent by Mr. sampanthan to Mr. Wigneswaran have been released to the media by the TNA Media office. Mr. Wigneswaran has not responded to requests by the media that he release copies of his leters to the media

The text of Mr. Sampanthan’s reply to Mr. Wigneswaran is as follows –

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran
Chief Minister – Northern Province

My Dear Wignes,

Thank you for your letter dated 17.06.2017.

I shall only deal with the issue before us, whether any punitive action is justified at present against the two Ministers who have not been found guilty by the Board of Inquiry appointed by you. It is this punitive action taken by you against the said two Ministers, despite their not having been found guilty by the board of inquiry, which is the cause of the present crisis.

You have suggested, as per a proposal of the Leaders of the other three constituent parties of the Tamil National Alliance who met you, that I give an assurance on behalf of the two Ministers in regard to their conduct pertaining to any inquiry and that if I did so they would support my view that remedial action should be taken in regard to the said two ministers.

I do not understand how it can be suggested that I guarantee the conduct of these two Ministers pertaining to the inquiry, and I certainly will not give any such guarantee. I am only trying to be helpful to resolve a crisis in the Northern Provincial Council consequent to action taken by you which I have already stated is in violation of the principles of natural justice. I will however certainly advise the said two Ministers that they should not impedean independent legal inquiry.

I do not think that this matter should be delayed any longer and that you should act very early.

You have referred to the Ilankai Tamil ArasuKadchi (ITAK) and the need for me to influencethe functioning of that party. The current President of the ITAK is Mr.MavaiSenathirajah and the current Secretary General is Mr. K. Thurairajasingham. The Central Committee of the ITAK meets regularly.

I am a senior member of the ITAK and its one time President.

The ITAK and the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) led by Thanthai Chelvanayakam, are the only political organizations to which I have ever belonged.

When it was decided by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) that you would be the Chief Ministerial Candidate for the Northern Province, and when this was conveyed to you, you told Mr. Mavai Senathirajah in the presence of all the Leaders of the TNA that you would need his political advice and guidance in the administration of the Northern Provincial Council. You may perhaps ask yourself whether this was fulfilled. Mr. Mavai Senathirajah is a Leader who has experienced much suffering and, made several sacrifices on behalf of the party and our people. People of this worth cannot be sidelined.
You can however have my assurance that I will always endeavor to be a positive influence on the functioning of the ITAK.

The remedial action you need to take, needs to be taken without delay.


R. Sampanthan
Leader of Tamil National Alliance

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