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Distressingly for Rajapaksa administration ‘Accountability’ will be the elephant in the room

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by Gibson Bateman

Sri Lanka’s Minister of External Affairs, G.L. Peiris, has recently given one additional reason for the passage of a resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva: “collective commitments.”

Evidently, Mr. Peiris had been informed by one of his European counterparts that certain members of the European Union (EU) were unsupportive of the resolution, but were compelled to vote in favor of it, since a group decision had been taken by the EU.

Mr. Peiris went on to say that even some US Congressman did not view the HRC in a positive light, due to the fact that the body is “politicized.” (It is unclear to this writer how a United Nations forum where nation states meet to discuss human rights could be apolitical, but I will not belabor that point).

In addition, Mr. Peiris also announced in Parliament that the government would not tolerate foreign intervention of any kind.

If this is post-Geneva government policy, what does all of this mean?

The Sri Lankan government mismanaged its time and resources in Geneva. Besides, it was never really clear who was leading the delegation anyway. Was it G.L Peiris or was it Plantation Minister and Special Human Rights Envoy Mahinda Samarasinghe?

It will be interesting to see how Rajapaksa’s administration handles questions related to the resolution, national reconciliation and international diplomacy moving forward. Having just been embarrassed in Geneva, now would be an appropriate time to show more political maturity and to craft a practicable strategy that the government can act upon over the next twelve months.

What Next?

The recent remarks made by G.L. Peiris miss the point: irrespective of “collective commitments,” the flaws of the HRC and the seemingly contradictory stance of some Western nations on this matter, the resolution on Sri Lanka has been passed. The Rajapaksa administration should spend more time talking about how it is going to comply with the resolution and less time making excuses for its feckless diplomacy and failed policies, both domestic and foreign. Instead, President Rajapaksa is busy talking about how his country has been “victimized” as a result of biased media coverage.

The president forgot to mention that, when it comes to media, Sri Lanka is one of the least free places in the world. And, particularly when it comes to print media, there are virtually no strident critics of government policy.

Unfortunately, these are all early indications that Rajapaksa’s insecure government is still unable to face reality. The merits of the resolution on Sri Lanka can be debated endlessly, but the fact that 40 nations signed on as co-sponsors is telling. It appears that Sri Lanka’s shoddy human rights record will continue to garner attention, at least until March 2013. At that time, the HRC will reconvene for its 22nd session and the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) will present a report as to how it has worked with the Sri Lankan government to implement the LLRC recommendations.

Now, according to the resolution, OHCHR can only “assist” the government with the regime’s consent. But, just a few days after the passage of this resolution, the government is still talking about Western conspiracies, lamenting the faults of the HRC and making it clear that it wants and needs no foreign assistance.

It is unfortunate that the appetite for a stronger resolution in Geneva did not materialize this time around. However, what will happen if the government continues to prevaricate when it comes to implementing the LLRC recommendations and responds tepidly to offers of international support?

The Endgame

If the Rajapaksa administration does not take this resolution seriously, it is obviously making the following political calculation: Nothing will happen (except inertia and empty rhetoric) at the 22nd session of the HRC.

Relatedly, political grandstanding and intransigence on this issue, while concurrently extolling the virtues of Sinhala nationalism, will continue to resonate with the masses in Sri Lanka; so the Rajapaksa administration will keep those exhortations alive.

If the government is right about the HRC, President Rajapaksa will have played his hand brilliantly and would further consolidate his power. Yet, if he is wrong, Sri Lanka will again be embarrassed at a United Nations multilateral forum and may face consequences (like another (tougher) resolution or perhaps economic sanctions) at that time.

And, most distressingly for the Rajapaksa administration, that dreaded “A” word, accountability, will be the elephant in the room. The continued deterioration of the rule of law, the lack of respect for minority rights and, most importantly, the government’s refusal to act upon the recommendations outlined in its own presidentially-appointed commission are what (hopefully) give the words “independent investigation” meaning nearly three years after the end of the civil war

Gibson Bateman is an international consultant based in New York City. He is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Bateman has worked for leading NGOs in Latin America, Africa and South Asia.This article first appeared in International Policy Digest and next in Foreign Policy Journal

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  1. The corrupt regime in Colombo is too arrogant to listen. Their motto is “shape keraganda puluwang” when it comes to the 22nd session of the UNHCR. Real modayas, they fall into the class of Mugabe, Gadafi, Milosavich, Mubarak, Azad and the like. They are too corrupt to recover, delving in illusionary power! Keeping the illiterate rural voting population in the dark. The latest campaign is 150 LTTE retrained cardres having arrived from India! May god bless Srilanka and its ruling US nationals!

  2. Dear Jeyaraj,

    Could you please write about ‘Kaval Kottam’ by Su.Venkatesan, the winner of Sahithya Academy Award 2011 and Canada Tamil Association Award?

  3. Many terms are used in a confusing manner in Sri Lanka. Sovereignty of the country is often confused with that of the system – the state- that governs it. The state defends the sovereignty of a country. However, the sovereinty of the country does not confer impugnity on the state. The other is politics. In a country where politics and politicians are a pervasive force and defile and destroy most things they touch. Politics however, becomes a bad word, when it is used aginst them.

    We are are monarchy in substance and democratically elect our monarchs to do as they wish for possibly two and now, infinite, terms. The elected King or Queen, derives unquestionable authority from God him/herself. We are lucky, we get our chance to change our monarchs once in six years!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  4. Many terms are used in a confusing manner in Sri Lanka. Sovereignty of the country is often confused with that of the system – the state- that governs it. The state defends the sovereignty of a country. However, the sovereignty of the country does not confer impugnity on the state. The other is politics. In a country where politics and politicians are a pervasive force and defile and destroy most things they touch, politics however, becomes a bad word, when it is used aginst the political establishment by others.

    We are are monarchy in substance and democratically elect our monarchs to do as they wish for possibly two and now, infinite, terms. The elected King or Queen, derives unquestionable authority from God him/herself. We are lucky, we get our chance to change our monarchs once in six years! We of course have been electing the best of what is available for the top-most post without fail and have paid the price for the lack of star studded choices.

    Thank God, we have short memories, an inherently forgiving nature, vast reserves of stoic patience and lots of faith in the Gods we pray to, as a people. The politicians and political establishment should thank their stars for this gift from heaven.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  5. The Endgame

    There is no end game in this open ended killing field.

    Sri Lankan state structure and governments irrespective of whichever party in power continue to create conflict between state and its people hoping to build a cohesive society, namely “One People, One Nation Under One Leader” deliberately avoiding multiethnic nature and demand for democratic system of governance, opening the way for foreign intervention.

    Thirty odd countries enticed MR to “go the whole hog” to terminate LTTE and supported Sri Lanka in every way possible in that business venture. The International community now wants its capital plus return on capital back on their “joint Enterprise”.

    Grandstanding might help to sustain MR’s grassroot Sinhala/Buddhist (out of their stupidity) support but not for long. People on both sides of the ethnic devide want their peace dividend now after enduring a long period of suffering under stupid Sinhala/Buddhist leadership/goverments for 64 years.

    MR will be shown the door where to get off in a possible boardroom coup. Dayan J’s change of polemics is an indicator of things to come. After all International Community has always been an active partner in the killing Business.

  6. All the heads of states of our time Sri lanka are corrupt. They and their generations enjoy the comfort of that corruptions. Same will be with the present head of SL. The UNHCR resolution resonate now and one can observe it from the mouths of some personnel. Will the resonance cause some cracks and then amplify it. wait and see.

  7. Gibson Bateman is being selective in his criticism of Sri Lanka. Unlike Sri Lanka Israel has had 46 resolutions against it in the UNHRC and not much has happened since. It just shows the bias western nations and their associated NGOs and INGOs have against Sri Lanka.

    UNHRC can pass resolutions ’till the cows come home’ and nothing substantial will happen, mainly because the UNHRC does not have the power to implement its resolution. Only the UN Security Council has the power as it is apparent in the situation in Syria. As Syria Sri Lanka is protected by the veto powers of China and Russia as is Israel by the veto power of the USA. Is it because Sri Lanka is a developing nation and easier to beat up? If so Mr. Bateman will have to be reminded that despite protestations from the most powerful western nations to give the LTTE a breathing space towards the end of the war, Sri Lanka gave their request scant regard and finished off the LTTE for good. Not only that it showed the western press and their supporters the door – the repercussions are still being felt today aka the Channel 4 documentaries. Unfortunately for all the western media can throw at it, Sri Lanka and its citizens are made of sterner stuff and will weather the storm in the most appropriate way.

  8. Rajapakse government concentrates mainly on the next elections irrespective of what happens to the country. Though the government tries to create an image that they are against to America in order to win the elections using this propaganda to cheat poor Sinhala massess while secretly handing over Sri Lanka’s soverignity to America. Ultimately, Rajapkse thinks Sinhalese are fools.

  9. Sri Lanka will not be scared in to submission as this writer seems attempt.Sri Lanak is not afraid of elephants any more anyway.
    Sri lanka will implement what it will in the LLRC report and it will not implement what it will not. Threats and resolutiions not cease

  10. “……… that dreaded “A” word, accountability, will be the elephant in the room.”

    Does this mean UNP will get into MR.’s room/seat if MR proceeds to take any action with the accountability issue? If it is so, there is some truth in the allegation of the conspiracy theory that the motive of the West is to change regime.

  11. Merlin Van Tweest writes that ‘Gibson Bateman is being selective in his criticism of Sri Lanka’ which is hilarious as Merlin is well known in these parts for shamelessly defending the Rajapaksa regime despite them declaring war on unfriendly journalists and preceding over a breakdown in law & order with white van abductions continuing with frightening regularity despite LTTE ending in May 2009.

    Merlin then boldly declares that ‘nothing substantial will happen, mainly because the UNHRC does not have the power to implement its resolution’ though this is very much asking for trouble as it will not take much effort for the US and its allies to enforce sanctions on Colombo if no progress is made by 2013, just like they are putting trade restrictions on Iran (which feeble Sri Lanka has complied with despite the strong relationship enjoyed by Mahinda and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

    Merlin then continues to write further nonsense by declaring ‘Sri Lanka is protected by the veto powers of China and Russia as is Israel by the veto power of the USA’ which is something that Serbia was no doubt thinking whilst it was committing atrocities in Kosovo (Russia and Serbia are slavic brothers). A more intelligent person might seek to advice the SL govt, that rather than heading for a direct confrontation with the West (like Mahinda’s old friends Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad) a more sensible approach would be to engage with the West & its allies however this family-run govt has shown on countless occasions how truly incompetent it is thus will likely incur further wrath in the future.

    Merlin then declares how Sri Lanka withstood pressure from the West in the latter stages of Ealam War IV however recently released embassy cables released from Wikileaks reveal that when confronted by the same Western nations about the unacceptable Tamil civilian casualty rates in 2009, Rajapaksa declared how after finishing the LTTE, he would look to implement ’13th amendment-plus’ in order to resolve national question. Reassured by this, and by India’s insistence that Prabhakaran be annhilated, the western powers chose not to censure Sri Lanka more. 3 years later virtually no political agreement has been reached to resolve ethnic problem and whilst Mahinda continues to beg for more time, the Western nations can see him getting easily distracted by launching failed bids for Commonwealth Games and making failed speeches at Oxford Uni campus so have issued a gentle warning to Mahinda of the promises he has failed to keep thus far. The attitude of the President and his sycophantic supporters like Merlin will ensure that further punishment is waiting down the line for Sri Lanka in 2013 and beyond, aided by further shocking Channel 4 footage.

    Merlin then ends his comments by declaring how the sturdy Sri Lankan nation has withstood pressure from the western media, though most intelligent observers not enamoured by the Rajapaksa ruling family will declare that of more concern to them, is the campaign by this regime against its own journalists and people, which in turn is leading to worsening corruption and misrule. Also would Merlin like to comment on his President using the UK-based media and PR company Bell-Pottinger to help Rajapaksa craft his speeches as it seems very odd to us how Merlin can declare Sri Lanka has ‘weathered the storm’ caused by the western media whilst his dumb President Mahinda enjoys utilising the services (using SL taxpayer money) of this same western media for his own nefarious purpose.

  12. Merlin Van Tweest’s attitude that nothing can touch Sri Lanka, and its sovereignty is invincible typifies the thinking of Sinhala Buddhist extremists ill-prepared to face reality; when the rubber finally meets the road, Russia nor China will come to the rescue of Colombo. The only reason that the Obama administration gave 12 months (instead till the Periodic Review) is because they’ll be engrossed with the upcoming US general election.

    Come next year this time an emboldened 2nd term US president will insist on significant devolution on the island, and if the Sinhlese are unwilling, the US/West/India will lead an effort for bifurcation where China and Russia would abstain. Despite the many examples of the past the intransigent Sinhalese are in denial and don’t seem to comprehend the combined power of the vast democratic block led by the US/West and this time with India on its side. The reasoning would be simple: all avenues have been explored and exhausted to bring the Sinhalese and Tamils together, and if these two are unable to co-exist peacefully (within a just framework), they would have to be separated – and the Sinhala-Buddhist extremist idiots would have handed what the Tamil separatists hav longed for.

    I disagree with the author’s assertion that the intent of the US sponsored machinations is war crimes tribunals. The democratic world clearly knows dragging Rajapaksas in tribunals will not accomplish the desired goal: a final and sustainable solution to the 6 decades old ethnic problem.

    Those who say “nothing substantial will happen” are the very ones who were confident that the US/West will never expend its valuable resources on tiny Sri Lanka, and that the HRC resolution will never get through! These same ones are those who will ensure that the division of the island – my motherland.

    Not only is Native Veddha correct in saying that the international community now wants its ROI, it is sick and tired of the seemingly never ending problem on the island. If not solved, expect Obama to draw a new boundary in a few years.

  13. @Dias, new boundary ?! Gimme that piece of hash…

    On the ground, the realistic picture is, say when you are into your old age, say, 80, and when you look back, you will still see the same single Sri Lanka, because India doesn’t want it split.

  14. I agree jc nars- India will never allow Ealam to be created as this will cause problems in Tamil Nadu amongst Dravidian nationalists looking to unify all Tamil lands under 1 administration. However India cannot allow Sri Lanka to continue brutalising its Tamil population as this will again cause massive uproar in Tamil Nadu state. You would hope some intelligent person in the SL govt would realise India’s predicament and make moves to strengthen links with it by agreeing to hold northern provincial council election, reduce army presence from North, implement 13th amendment and LLRC recommendations as well as prosecute everyone (LTTE or SL army) found guilty of war crimes. But Rajapaksa brothers are clearly too thick-headed or unwilling to do this (and have also welcomed China through the back door into Hambantota) so India has been left with little choice with ally itself with the West. This should send alarm bells to sinhala nationalists as such a move may eventually lead to Tamils being awarded enhanced rights including further devolution of powers to provinical councils, just like how Indian intervention in 1987 gave us Tamils the 13th amendment. Therefore if the sinhala nationalists want to maintain the status quo in terms of political status, they should engage with the West early instead of bringing more pressure on themselves and being forced to make concessions under threat of sanctions later in the day.

  15. Go, Mahinda, Go. That’s the way to go.

    The era of VP seen many of the Tamil intellectuals gone quiet while he and his ‘boys’ roaming around arms to the teethes.

    When they are done and dusted, we see that the intellectuals come out and doing fantastic job intentionally.

    Now when MR and his men are doing the same as that of VP, the Sinhala intellectuals going quiet. First sign is Dr Dayan J.

    In fact the Kadirkamar took up the moral high ground by pointing out LTTE’s human right record such as child conscription, suicide killings.

    Now the moral high ground affairs swapped side.

    For the people like Merlin who think exactly like what MR think that if he sit tight, nothing will happen, VP thought the same. VP lost his Kingdom.

    Sudan’s Al-Basheer’s similar stand resulted in a referendum and he lost a part of the country. Indonesia’s uncompromising position on East Timor resulted in a referendum and then losing it. Kosovo was won by similar referendum. Already referendum talks are becoming louder from the diaspora and soon it would be a political demand from the Tamil Nadu in the next general election.

    So, sitting tight is good for the Eelam dreamers and their current prayer is: Go, Mahinda, Go. That’s the way to go.

  16. jc nars Says: You will still see the same single Sri Lanka, because India doesn’t want it split.

    India is now an outsider in the SL affairs as they lost the plot to China. Because of this US has directly handling this as India proved that they failed miserably and also it is unfortunate they don’t having any reliable friend in the island. NO SINHALES, NO TAMILS SPEAKING PEOPLE will trust India anymore.

    Moreover it is highly unlikely Congress will return to power with absolute majority in the future and is that scenario 40 MP seats from Tamil Nadu and Puducheri will decide the next govt. What happened it the Indian Parliament recently on UNHCR issue is an indication how all 40 Tamil MP’s will behave in the future if Rajapakse sit tight.

    Remember unlike Sri Lanka, in a democracy such as India the Sovereignty is with Parliament and not with Prime Minister or Presidents and the UNHCR resolution support decision proves this.

  17. Accountability is now a laughing material when the terrorists involved. What about the accountability over the invasion of Iraq by USA and the continuous occupation and killings by Jews? LTTE was a product of USA/UK axis.

    Further CH4 is another laughing matter. Are these British think Photos, Sound recordings or Video are true?

    British Privy Council refused to accept Photos and Sound recordings as evidence in the case against the 1960 COUP of Sri Lanka. How then CH4 photos or videos acceptable?

    Ch4 showed some videos. The LTTE made those videos while they kill their Tamil victims. We know very well that more than 4000 Tamils were jailed by LTTE in Kilinochchi! Not a single Tamil person came alive from the THUNUKKAI prison of LTTE. Sofar not a single Tamil victim was identified by the CH4 or their British expert morons. How?

    Further the diaspora Tiger morons bark about devolution, human rights and so on. When N and east merged with the Indian compulsion, the LTTE criminals did everything to destroy it with the support of the UNP. Can these morons explain why LTTE joined UNP and scuttled the 13th amendment?

    Americans are always wanted to poke everyone’s ass. Now they hijacked the LLRC report and crying. Are their any relevance to LLRC and Obama?

    The observations of Merlin Van Tweest are true and UNHRC has no teeth to implement any of its decisions.

  18. M.Sivanathan- please understand that the British have far superior technology, industry & money than Rajapaksa family kingdom therefore they do not need people like you in third-world countries to lecture them about fake videos. This was why your President was spending SL rupees on British media companies like Bell-Pottinger instead of Sri-Lankan based firms. The independant UK regulator OFCOM cleared Channel 4 of any wrongdoing therefore most western people are now aware of the murderous activities of Rajapaksa clan which is why they have not invited Mahinda back to Oxford Union.

    Also please try and understand that speaking against the SL govt does equal 100% support for Prabhakaran and his terrorist actions. Mahinda and his supporters are actually behaving in a very similar fashion to VP in 2005- thinking their position so strong and dominant that nothing will touch them. Just like VP miscalculated by allowing the sinhala chauvinist Mahinda to team up with Rajiv Gandhi’s widow, so SL govt supporters like you and Merlin have deluded themselves into thinking nothing bad will happen if SL confronts the US & its allies head on. History will show otherwise.

    Also please read my reply to Merlin before you uttter any further nonsense about USA. Your mad President was making empty promises to Western leaders towards the end of Ealam War IV that he would implement ’13th amendment-plus’ so these same nations are asking Sri Lanka why nothing has happened 3 years later yet precious time is found for your President to jail his rival Fonseka, successfully murder Lasantha and to launch failed Commonwealth bids in Hambantota. These Western nations do not appreciate being brazenly lied to by third-world dictators and have the means to punish such characters through economic sanctions and travel restrictions. Don’t be fooled like the Serbs into thinking a security council veto will protect Sri Lanka against such action.

  19. This matter of accounatability has been blown out of proportion to the atrocities committed. Yes, there have been some mistakes made and armed forces may have committed atrocities. However in relation to the overall thrust of the war, it was insignificant. Govt. did their best to safeguard civilians at the worst of times and provided food for them till the very end. There was no planned campaign to commit genocide like in Sarejyevo, Schebrenitsa, Dafur, Congo etc. Basically there was collateral damage which is being misinterpreted by wetern governments at the instigation of the Diaspora. It was a brutal war conducted by the most ruthless terrorist group in the world. LTTE were the biggest enemy of the Tamils. We should all be thankful for their demise.
    Question of human rights after the war is a separate matter and covers the whole country. It is not a matter for the LLRC and has nothing to do with the war.

  20. Ramanan:
    Brits have super technology to fool the rest of the world. Bush and Blair are still looking for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. American Collin Powell showed some milk poder plants and said they are Chemical weapons manufacturing plants.

    Intellegence is not the sole property of the WHITES.

    In democracy money and military might are nothing. CH4 videos are for entertainment and not for any court cases. If the Tamil fools try to tell those videos are true, I have nothing to say except laughing!

    SL fought UK/USA backed LTTE and won. Now it fight another war against the same forces who backed the LTTE criminals!

  21. M.Sivanathan you seem to forget that in the case of Iraq there was not much evidence (either physical or visual) of WMD thus Bush/Blair took a foolish gamble and spoiled their political legacies as a result of this. At least they are now out the picture and not exercising any more power. In the case of the SL army- we have much evidence (thanks to the soldiers who recorded all their crimes on film) and this has been expertly analysed by many of the leading experts in the field which was why the independent media regulator OFCOM cleared Channel 4 of any wrongdoing. People are more willing to believe the white man in this case than Mahinda and his siblings (who have declared war on all their enemies from Fonseka down to ordinary journalists).

    M.Sivanathan also writes the hilarious comment “SL fought UK/USA backed LTTE and won”. I can only ask him to explain how it was possible for UK/USA to support LTTE during its latter stages when it was also a banned terrorist organisation in those countries. Will M.Sivanathan like to explain why the US were convicting the likes of Dr Murugesu Vinayagamoorthy and his associates for LTTE arms procurement in 2009 when logic would suggest that if the Americans were helping LTTE then such men should be free to do as they please? Will M.Sivanathan like to explain this curious situation before uttering any further nonsense statements?

  22. Dias,

    All you predictions are based on an Obama re-election in the fall. A Romney win will send ‘Tamils for Obama’ and the liberal do-gooders in the state department packing..

  23. Ramanan:
    More than half million Iraqis were killed. The killings are still going on. American medias stopped counting the deaths long ago in Iraq. Obama and cameron do the same. Sofar no regrets from both. That is a proof of their criminal attitude. Criminals cannot delever justice!

    LTTE recorded the killings of the Tamils who were kidnapped and jailed by LTTE. That is why CH4 is unale to tell the name of those victims. CH4 is really a bamboo show. Even Adolf Hitler produced many such cinemas against the Jews and Communists.

    Now the USA refused to acknowledge the second video of CH4. Because the first was proved as a bogus one and telling lies only.

    CIA and FBI work with different agendas. Two CIA operatives were hiding in Jaffna as NGOs, Douglas Devananda arrested them and exposed the American involvement in the EELAM many years ago. Later the Allan couple had dinner with Ronald Regan. The photo was published by TIME on its cover page.

    Can you explain why CIA agents were hiding in Jaffna with millions? The world know how Ronald Reagan supported Drug and mafias in Latin Americas.

    USA never accept refugees from Sri lanka. Do you know why?

    The LTTE diaspora goons thought the America will welcome publicly when they try to purchase arms from USA. That is an undiplomatic thinking of the Jaffna Tamil fools.

    USA/UK backed LTTE through third parties and it is a failure now. They want all countries under their nose.

    pro-USA elements in India and Sri Lanka saved the LTTE many times. Now the story is over.What do USA/UK want in Sri Lanka? TAMIL or Skantha Puranam or Thirukkural or Seevaka Chinthamany?

    Killing Tamils is a need of USA/UK to put their nose there. Even LTTE was waiting for the American Ship at the last days of the LTTE! Tamils are fools to believe the Americans for their EELAM. That never get realised in the history.

    Murugesu Vinayagamoorthy is an example how USA deal the Tamil issue with double toungued talks! If Mahinda bend to the USA, USA will shutup all the HUMAN rights talks like in the era of UNP. Bending Mahinda is not an easy task by the Diaspora Tamil elements or others!

    Dont expect USA/UK send army to Sri Lanka to fight for EELAM. Because Tamils have no OIL but with Panang kottai only.

  24. What Ramanan says here, “how it was possible for UK/USA to support LTTE during its later stages when it was also banned terrorist organisation in those countries.

    Banned terrorist group? Where? In UK/USA? Are you talking about AL-QAIDA? As there is no practical banned for LTTE in these countries. banned on LTTE is just a display for out side world.it is nothing than nominal.

    Could Ramanan tell me what impact this banned has brought to LTTE. Don’t try to make world fool.

    In UK/USA, If the LTTE can continue fund raising freely, If banned terrorist group was facilitated to sabotage a head of state’s freedom of speech during his last visit to UK, If the LTTE terrorist leader V RUDHRAKUMARAN has given all facilities to continue his terror acts from USA, What kind of banned are you talking about?

    Didn’t you see the LTTE terrorists were waving USA and UK flags together with their tiger flags in Geneva? for the support they receive from your terror masters.

    Do these super powers allow AL – Qaida or Taliban to do the same in their countries? Ramanan you can’t bury the truth. LTTE is the mercenaries of Western powers. Western duplicity and Tamil racism has unveiled now.

  25. M.Sivananthan,

    As a Sri lankan I’m proud of you. Continue your good work to unveil the truth against heartless terrorists.

  26. Chandu:

    Thank you.

    I know very well how LTTE was backed by pro-American elements in Sri Lanka. UNP, Catholic Church and TNA supported LTTE. LTTE never never had any political manifesto. They are just 100% terrorists to destable Sri lanka.

    Former FM Laxman Kadirgamar asked the ban on LTTE overseas. USA and its partners brought a ban but allowed the LTTE to function freely. Canada also banned LTTE but allowed the LTTE supporters to jump with LTTE flags and block the Gardinar Express Way. No one was charged.

    That is the way the WHITE man’s ban works. Underground dealings with LTTE is now exposed.

  27. “has given all facilities to continue his terror acts from USA, What kind of banned are you talking about?”

    Will Chandu like to present some evidence as to what terrorist activities Rudrakumaran is planning? Saying nonsense statements and not providing evidence is solely the preserve of people like M.Sivanathan. This is why he utters nonsense like ‘USA and its partners brought a ban but allowed the LTTE to function freely’ whilst not answering my original question as to why the USA were prosecuting Tamils under anti-terrorism laws when according to Sivanathan’s twisted logic, the USA were active in supporting LTTE. Also someone tell Sivanathan that blocking highways is not terrorism but executing 12 year children is.

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