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External Affairs Ministry threatens to charge Dayan Jayatilleka under Penal Code

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Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

In an unprecedented and controversial move Sri Lanka ’s Ministry of External Affairs has threatened to charge the country’s Ambassador to France Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka under the Penal code!

It is learnt that the External ministry’s overseas administration division Acting Director General Mr. W.G.S.Prasanna has sent a lengthy five page letter to Dr.Jayatilleka outlining certain charges relating to alleged “wrongdoing ” by Dr.Jayatilleka in the conduct of the affairs of the Embassy in Paris.

The letter calls for an explanation by the envoy regarding the charges and also asks the ambassador to show cause as to why he should not be charged under the Country’s penal code.

According to informed sources in Colombo the official missive though signed by the Acting Director –General of Overseas Administration was sent at the behest of a powerful cabal that controls the External affairs ministry now.

It is learnt that Mr.Prasanna had been “ordered” to send the letter to Dr.Jayatilleka by two influential members of this cabal.

The letter is seen as a preliminary strike aimed at paving the way for Dr.Jayatilleka’s removal from Paris and constitutes part of an overall conspiracy targeting Professor Gamini Lakshman Peiris the minister of External affairs.

Among the charges in the letter is one which queries the ambassador about re-painting and whitewashing the Embassy and Ambassadorial residence buildings prior to the visit of External affairs minister Prof GL Peiris.

Another charge relates to the accommodation of a first secretary who had taken up duties in Paris at a Hotel until he was able to find a suitable house.

Informed sources in Colombo said that Mr.Prasanna was very unhappy at sending the letter with these flimsy charges to the ambassador, but had no choice as the powerful cabal virtually ran the ministry despite Prof Peiris being the minister.

According to sources in Colombo a second secretary stationed in Paris had been summoned to Sri Lanka by high ranking officials in Colombo as a prelude to the strike against Ambassador Jayatilleka.

This officer is regarded as a stooge of former Foreign affairs minister Rohitha Bogollagama and is suspected of collaborating with the cabal to target Minster GL Peiris and Secretary Mr.Karunatilaka Amunugama.

The letter purportedly signed by Mr.Prasanna and sent to Ambassador Jayatilleka was “cooked” up in Colombo with input from this officer it is learnt.

According to informed sources in Colombo the charges outlined against Dr.Jayatilleka are frivolously flimsy and have no merit. It is patently clear that they have been leveled in a clumsy attempt to frame Dr. Jayatilleka said the sources

“The implied threat to charge him under the Penal code is downright laughable “ they said.

The letter sent to Ambassador Jayatilleka threatening him with charges under the Penal code is viewed by knowledgeable observers as being the cutting edge of a simmering tensions in the Foreign ministry corridors of power

It is open knowledge now that the External affairs ministry has become an Augean stables in recent times with an alternate power centre controlling the day to day administration of the ministry despite Prof GL Peiris being the minister and Mr.Karunatilaka Amunugama being the secretary.

This power centre is none other than Galle district MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena who has been appointed by President Rajapaksa as supervisory MP to monitor activities of the External ministry.

Mr.Gunawardena using his close links to President Rajapaksa and Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has established himself in authoritative control of the ministry in recent times

Exploiting the “gentlemanly” GL Peiris’s reluctance to confront ,the assertive Gunawardena has formed a cabal around him and exceeds his mandate by exercising unlimited authority in running the ministry.

It is said jocularly that Prof Peiris cannot transfer even a peon in the ministry without Vass Gunawardena;s approval.

In recent times the cabal has been joined by Kshenuka Seneviratne the Additional Secretary

The cabal has reportedly been “fixing and moving” matters in recent times at the ministry and has a long term plan to get Prof Peiris removed from External ministerial office.

It is suspected that the strike against Dr.Jayatilleka is an opening gambit in the envisaged campaign against Prof.Peiris. Dr. Jayatillekas appointment to Paris was very much due to Prof Peiris and both are said to have close personal rapport.

There are many elements opposed to Dr.Jayatilleka within and outside the foreign ministry establishment due to his outspoken views on crucial issues and also due to his somewhat unorthodox independent style of functioning.

It may be recalled that Dr.Jayatilleka was the architecht of Sri Lanka’s remarkable diplomatic victory in Geneva during May 2009 when the Country staved off a resolution against it by the west and instead turned the tables by getting a counter resolution passed in Sri Lankas favour with 29 votes to 12 at the UN Human Rights Council of 47 members.

Instead of being rewarded for this diplomatic triumph Dr.Jayatilleka was recalled to Colombo from Colombo although his term had been extended by a year earlier.

He was later appointed to France as Ambassador.Since he is not a career diplomat his term is due to end in January next year.

There has been a systematic campaign against Dr. Jayatilleka by Sinhala ultra –nationalists and hardliners on account of his moderate views on the Ethnic question , India ’s importance,LLRC report and Devolution.His open independent views have proved controversial to some.

It is understood that many of his critics and enemies seized on his recent interview to the BBC Sinhala service to portray Dr.Jayatilleka as an “enemy of Sri Lanka ”.

Here is the excerpt of the BBC news item-

Sri Lanka could learn from Myanmar which has radically changed bringing democratic reforms in the country says Sri Lanka Ambassador to France, Dr.Dayan Jathilleka.

He told Sandeshaya that in 2009, Myanmar came under vigorous international pressure over its human rights record and Myanmar was defeated in a vote brought in the UN Human Right Council.

“A few weeks after Sri Lanka won our battle in Geneva in May 2009, Myanmar lost in the same forum. It had the votes of India, Russia and China,” said Dr.Jayathilleka.

But, he said, today there is nothing levelled against that country because it is changing.

With defeat in UN Human Rights Council, Myanmar rallied round its neighbours particularly Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN) and worked towards improving its human rights record.

Since then, he said, Myanmar has been achieving tremendous and incredible progress towards establishing democratic reforms.

“It became a more liberal country and even took steps to release the Burmese opposition politician and the leader of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Suuki”, he said.

Dr.Jayathilleka said that it was how Myanmar had wisely got out of the trap of the powerful countries.

“Its success has even led Myanmar to become the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Countries ( ASEAN) next year”, he said.

Ambassador Jayathillka said that Sri Lanka should take the resolution passed by UNHRC seriously because that would not be the end and those countries which brought it may push it through in the future.

He said it would have long term effects on Sri Lanka as those powerful countries and organisations will use it as a tool and act accordingly.

While there was nothing against the Govt or Country in the views stated by Dr.Jayatilleka and the sentiments expressed by him have only the best interests of Sri Lanka at heart , some of his detractors have exploited this BBC interview to depict him as a “traitor” and “anti-national” to the powers that be

In a climate where jingoistic stupidity uttered in the name of patriotism seems to be desired by the ruling Rajapaksa regime it has been easy for sycophants to label sensible moderate pronouncements as being “treacherous”.

Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe and Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka at UNHRC special session on Sri Lanka, in Geneva on May 26, 2009.-pic courtesy: Getty images

It appears that the cabal has succeeded in convincing “Temple Trees” that action needs to be taken against Dr. Jayatilleka on account of the BBC interview.

Since there are no valid grounds to take disciplinary action against Dr.Jayatilleka on the basis of this interview the conspiratorial cabal has devised the scheme of targeting the Ambassador on issues of alleged misconduct and impropriety. it is felt.

The objective seems to be that of sullying Dr.Jayatilleka’s reputation and integrity before penalizing him.

This action if successful is likely to be the precursor to more calculated action against Prof. GL Peiris. Already inspired leaks are appearing in sections of the media alleging that Prof Peiris was responsible for the Geneva defeat.

Attempts are also underway by members of the cabal to “scapegoat” Sri Lankas permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Ms.Tamara Kunanayakam for the Geneva debacle.

Unconfirmed news reports state that the monitoring MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena had summoned a meeting at the External affairs ministry to discuss the “Dayan” matter. Apparently neither the minister Peiris nor the Secretary Amunugama were aware of this

It is said that Gunawardena had bitterly criticized Dr.Jayatilleka at that meeting saying his comments to the media had undermined the Govt

He had then asked Addl Secy Kshenuka Seneviratne to draft a letter seeking an explanation from the Ambassador to France about the media comments.

Instead of however sending a letter on those lines another letter of a different type has now been sent.

It is inferred that the plan now is to “fix” Dr.Jayatilleka on the charges of “misconduct” rather than “comment”

It is not known whether the letter seeking an explanation also would be sent to Ambassador Jayatilleka following the letter signed by Mr.Prasanna and attempts would be made to “fix” Dr.Jayatilleka on different fronts as in the case of General Sarath Fonseka.

Unconfirmed reports also say that Dr.Jayatilleka would be “urgently” recalled to Colombo soon.

It is anticipated that Tamara Kunanayakam would be targeted after Dr.Jayatilleka’s “removal”.

Recent happenings in Geneva where the permanent representative Tamara Kunanayakam was sidelined by a caucus from Colombo , the systematic media campaign against Prof GL Peiris and now the letter threatening action against Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka are all perceived as part of a conspiracy by the powerful cabal in the External ministry

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  1. Goodness gracious! This is troubling news indeed.Congratulations Mr.Jeyaraj for this journalistic scoop.

  2. This was expected soon after DJ’s interview with BBC.
    As a serving diplomat DJ shouldn’t have expressed his resentment regarding the foreign policies of his country.
    Comparing Sri Lanka with Myanmar would have only added fuel to the fire.
    Rather than talking to the press DJ should take up these matters with the hierarchy in the Foreign Ministry or even with the President.
    As for GL’s predicament, if he has any self respect he should resign from his Ministerial portfolio.

  3. I cannot beleieve that this is true. If it was any other person than DBS Jeyaraj has written this I wont believe. But I always trust DBSJ and so know this is true

    Our Govt is really going crazy

  4. I have heard of this Sajin -Shenuka cabal running riot in Foreign ministry and GL being unable to stop it. This is another of their antics

    I remember Jeyaprakash Narayan telling “Vinaasa Kaaley Vibaredha Bhuthi” (wrong thinking in times of destruction) when Indira Gandhi arrested him in 1975

    I sincerely hope Mr.Jeyaraj that your exposure will make the cabal change its ways

  5. Sounds like an April fool’s joke.

    Dr. DJ is the best person we have who understands the dynamics of international politics and can navigate Sri Lanka’s foreign relations to server countries’ interests. Now somebody who is not even the minister is attacking him. Our foreign affairs ministries’ performance after Kadiragamar never regained the same level. With all these stooges running the show, we are going from bad to worse at a time we are facing a foregin realtions war.

  6. Wow, the real cat is comming out of cage as it seems to be. if so, who will be the last target? the uneducated soldiers, fought against and crushed the tamil upraisings…? Well done Sri Lanka!!! and all the best.

  7. Knee jerk reactions bode much ill. It is time for sober thought and reflection in the post- Geneva circumstances. In the absence of an enemy- the LTTE, cohesiveness and a single minded, purposeful approach, seem to be disintigrating.I hope the President will assert himself in circumstances that are frought with many problems for Sri Lanka both internally and externally. He cannot afford to let matters drift and nincompoops rule the roost.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  8. Ambassadar to France is a Political appointment.

    If Srilankan political leadership is not happy with Ambassadar’s view point, to avoid further embarassment, a change in Ambassadar will be effected.

    No choice, until the people decide to change the govt later.

  9. About time DJ gets a taste of his own medicine. He should not question the wise leadership of our President who has achieved so much.

  10. Dayan Jayathilake has not been sent to Paris at a massive cost to the tax payers to write articles to newspapers. If he does have such gems of advise there are I am sure channels through which he could communicate them to his political masters. France was one of the Co-Sponsors of the Resolution against Sri Lnaka. Pleas ask him how many French leaders he met to try and get France out of being a co-sponsor. Rather than preaching from Paris to Colombo or trying to be Ambassador to Geneva through his lackeys he should do the job that the Sri Lankan tax payers are paying him to do. If he did his job rather than trying to blow his own trumpet he would not be easily touchable whatever cabal there maybe at the foreign ministry

  11. This guy now acts like a traitor and seems working for LTTE, being on payroll from our hard currency.

  12. sad state of affairs. why can’t sri lankan officials including mr. jayatilleke, if he is such a great man as he claims to be, strive to maintain and uphold institutional integrity and professionalism! a lot of things will fall into place if steps are taken towards this end.

  13. Now begins the internal war (better terms cut the throat of the one disliked). This is the fashion of Sri Lanka’s bungling politics and administration, a consequence of a lack of vision, principles and policy. Of course Dr. Jyatilleke is also himself responsible for making statements and doing things on his own going beyond his assigned responsibilities.

  14. It is a sad day when people of exceptional ability are sidelined and unqualified sycophants are allowed to hold sway backed by the powers that be. The candle flame of democracy and justice in Sri Lanka is now spluttering and may soon be extuinguished.

  15. Dayan Jayatilleka

    You are welcome to join the growing Sinhala Speaking “exciled” diaspora.

  16. I was very critical of this man because he did the launtryman’s duty for the regime. However, this herd of donkeys including Sajin are utterly wrong on this issue. Dayan has shown wisdom in BBC interview.

  17. Has the destabilization process being cranked up with the passing of the Resolution?.

    According to the Island,around 150 LTTE cadres who escaped to India have slipped back into the country after undergoing new training.

    Sajith faction is in secret talks with the ex General and the ex Skipper to form a new US UK friendly politcal party.

    Now Dayan Jayathilaka and Professor Peiris are being targetted for recruitment to the Opposition.

  18. I wonder if MR will remember Ms. Kunanayakam help when he was helpless. As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Worse still for those who are corrupt and wish to remain in government efficiency and ability are a must, which sadly MR is lacking more and more.

    How far away is the next election and who will stand?

  19. All “CABAL” (broken down) people ! This is what happens when you go after people with no principles and no education. So or later you can’t take it anymore and you get kicked out.

    It all boils down to your ego and your lust for power and glory. There are no short cuts to the top dayan.

  20. Ayyo,

    Why are the likes of GL working for these chokka’s of Rajapakse?

    I don’t particularly like this Dayan, what they are doing to him is inexcusable.

    Anyway I think all these people should just get out of the State sector and allow Major General’s from the front line, our great war hero’s to represent the nation, so that they can lead us to another historic victory?????

    he he he he…bunch of monkeys…

    It seems that Kshenuka is after all going to kick Keerthi Godayaya in the ghooooolies?

    Sweet revenge eh?

  21. The people who crossed from UNP to the government are still with their anti-Lefitist policies of the UNP. Very soon Rajapakshe will bow down to America. That is the goal of the UNP and America. G.L.Peris or any other UNP men will go against any other “LEFT” members. This kind of anti-Left politics is always supported by the TAMIL morons as well.

    Not only Tamara but also Vasudeva, Dew Gune and others may be dismissed by the Rajapakses in the future. Then it is easy to bring back UNP. G.L Peris and his UNP men will run back to UNP again!

  22. The modayas have taken over the asylum. With these incompetents at the helm, another defeat in Geneva at the next UNHRC session is almost a certainty.

  23. Kshenuka Seneviratne was one of the worst ambassadors when she was the high commissioner of Sri Lanka in UK. I heard that she did lot of shady deals then as well. Uneducated people like these are the main reason Sri Lanka having problems in every areas of governess. Rajapakshsa government will go down earlier than I thought.

  24. ‘’The wise man tells you
    Where you have fallen
    And where you yet may fall –
    Invaluable secrets!
    Follow him, follow the way.
    Let him chasten and teach you
    and keep you from mischief.
    The world may hate him.
    But good men love him.’’

  25. Huh! Dr DJ, you have been labelled a black shheep. What a fitting justice!! Now, someone would find out that you were in the Perumal Cabinet, and say, “Yeah, Dayan is a Tiger…. Well done, Maharaja”.

  26. While I do not agree on its entirety with Ambassador Jayatilleke´s comment on Myanmar – as I believe Myanmar has a very long way to go before Democracy gains any footholds there – I applaude Dayan´s forthrighteness. We lost in Geneva because we were shortsighted, egoistic and basically wrong.

  27. DJ to be removed for demanding democratic reform. Yet Mervin Silva again escapes disciplinary action. Men with integrity are sidelined and rouges given state patronage. The country is slowly evolving into country of rat bags.

  28. For the Silanka ruling elite and their sycophantic supporters, those who tell lies and make cock-eyed statements are Patriots, while those who speak the truth and give sensible advice are Traitors. A classic case of a Patriot turned Traitor.

  29. please, someone tell me what is wrong with Sri Lankans [in power]? this kind of thing really makes me sick, its like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.

    we have some great intellectuals from srilanka, DJ, Tamara (as you brought to our light – thanks DBSJ), GL and many more, but the ruling regime seems to always want to beat them down.

    If MR really had any gratitude to these individuals, he would use his powers as granted in the 18th amendment to jail this cabal and throw away the keys. instead he props them up. this sh!t makes me sick – however are we to win the peace?

  30. If the above is true I can only express my disgust and frustration. Dayan is an asset. A clever man with a clear understanding of the machinations at international institutions. The frog in the well attitude of some of us will cause Sri Lanka to pay a heavy price in the not too long future.

    JP / USA

  31. It is a pity that Dr Dayan Jayathilake is in this abject situation.

    Public service is not the place for a dynamic independent academic like Dayan.

    Whatever his faults he articulates his views fearlessly and mercilessly.

    But he has his bias and basically he is a Sinhala racialist not nationalist.

    He had almost become a sycophant on his own choice.

    He lacks self confidence intellectually to stand on his own legs and always quote from other sources often out of context.

    With all his faults I respect him as an intellectual with leftist bias and I want him to go back to academic autonomous surroundings where he could express his opinions in a dignified manner.

  32. Whenevr DJ speaks sense as he has done in his BBC interview about what Mayanmar has to teach SL, it is not possible to disagree with his views.

    As long as the people tolerate the ultra nationalists who manipulate the levers of power and the demagogues and goons who support them, the island will not emerge from the bondage of racial hate and suspicion and the poverty of mind which assails it.

    According to DJ Mayanmar after it’s defeat in the UNHRC rallied round it’s ASEAN neighbours and worked towards improving it’s human rights record.So much so it’s house imprisoned opposition leader Auung San Su Ki has made a triumphant come`back winnning 40 of the seats contested by her National League for Democracy party.

    But in SL’s case it’s neighbours voted against the resolution in the UNHRC except India which is loathed, but because of compelling exigencies tolrated.So the question of SL rallying round it’s neighbours is out of the question because they themselves are very poor examples to emulate.

    So judging by the antics of some of DJ’s detractors in the higher echelons of the regime’s cabal, unhappily it will be some time before the political climate changes for the better in SL despite the Geneva vote.

  33. Sovereignty means responsibility on the part of those in power to protect civilians. And a substantive step was taken in the UN about the primacy of civilian rights, including the responsibility of the International Community(IC) to protect these rights, when under threat from madmen or dictators.

    The Government of Sri Lanka(GOSL) took part in debates in the UN on civilian rights and sovereignty norms. And in 2005. the world leaders, including SL, accepted the principle against sovereignty norm in the form of Responsibilty to Protect(RtoP).

    But in SL, human beings, if Tamils, matter less than sovereignty. SL shows fallacious commitment to international normative framework.

    Also, for the past 40 years, the issues in Tamil Eelam has deteriorated into war crimes and genocide. Accountability is refused for these crimes against humanity and justice is denied. SL is a bad example to the world and this “rotten apple” is producing rotten countries like Syria.

    Peaceful humanity is a key goal of any responsible foreign policy and it cannot be achieved when any country is silent as another in the UN violates the rights of civilians under the cover of territorial integrity.

    Therefore, the IC had a responsibilty to protect Tamil civilians and their rights in SL. Furthermore, for the IC human beings matter more than historical friendships with countries.

    For these reasons, the IC voted for the resolution and passed it at UNHRC . An excellent precedent against regimes of oppressive madmen and dictators.

  34. Now tell me who is more dumb?

    a) The president
    b) GLP
    c) the ‘sycophants’
    d) all the trained officials of foreign service

  35. DJ deserves what he gets. He should have know better when he manipulated the UNHRC vote in favour of the Srilankan goverment in May 2009 to the detriment of the tamils in the northeast.

  36. Dayan has no mercy expect UNRHC. Now its time for this Dr to write to Ms Pillay about high handed political thugs of state who manage the affairs like its Granpa’ estate

  37. The little that is said in Sri Lanka on behalf of Tamils and an open liberal society is from people like Dayan. He may couch his arguments from the perspective of the government thereby making some Tamils angry. But is that not the only way for his views to be heard and acted on by the government? I hope he comes through this and convinces the government that devolution in an open, liberal, democratic setting is the only way forward. Otherwise Sri Lanka will rot more and more.

  38. Dayan has no mercy expect UNHRC. Now its time for this Dr to write to Ms Pillay about high handed political thugs of state who manage the affairs like its Granpa’ estate

  39. Rajapakses are repeating the wrongs that VP did in his days, substituting ‘traitor’ and anti-Sri Lanka for traitors and anti-Tamil………..etc. Targeting Prof.G.L.Peiris, Dr.DJ,……is similar to killing the messengers.

  40. ‘First they came for the …… there was no one left to speak out for me’ Martin Niemöller. Y’all know the quotation. They are now COMING FOR YOU!. It is high time for the silent majority of intelligent Sri Lankans to make a stand. Take the country back from the bootlickers and false patriots. But whom to turn to? Who will give leadership? The GOP is split. Whence cometh the messiah?!!

  41. This man represent a country as a diplomat.

    While holding this post he can not give his personal view on matters such a sforeign relationships.

    If he can not identify this he is not fit to be a diplomat.

    He has to be removed……..

  42. Send Wimal to UN, assited by Jonny, when Mervin speaks the world will listen !!

    Civilized & educated has no place now, its for thug bigot criminals

    Dreaming of Singapore, destination Burma, outdtaed Burma, even Burma has changed, thanks to some resolutio, ow the world is wrong and we are bigots saints

    For those who know him, Sajin Vaas Gunawardane says even the Paksas are afraid of him, he will know dirty secrets then

  43. In his official capacity as the ambassador of Sri Lanka to France, Dayan Jayathilaka declares that Sri Lanka should follow Myanmar. What does he mean? In my opinion, he wanted to give an impression to the world that Sri Lanka is run by a military junta type government and it prevents popular opposition being elected to office. Or, does he want Sri Lanka to appoint neo-colonialists as advisers as evangelist RanilW did in 2001-3. Whatever it is, I am sure Dayan has again started to use his office to publicize his own politicking as before.

    Dayan deliberately forgets that the government that appointed him as an ambassador has a manifesto approved by around 60% of the population of Sri Lanka. As many other patriots, I too had my doubts of his loyalty to government program. And I had conveyed him of our reservation through open letters and through comments to his write-ups. Without a mistake, Dayan has proved that he is a snake. When we have snakes as ambassadors we need not have enemies to defeat us at UN venues. Sooner he is recalled the better for Sri Lanka.


    Why are you “anonymous” and claiming credit for things you say you did? Why dont you reveal who you are instead of hiding behind anonymity and saying I told you so to Dayan

  44. It is shocking to hear this. Vinacha Kaale Vipareedha Budhi.

    May good sense prevail upon the concerned authorities.

    The Geneva fiasco is not due to Tamara, Peiris or Dayan.

    Peiris was a little accomodative. he wanted to say ‘yes there was some casualties’ and move on.

    He was against the zero civilian casualties.

    Also he is in favor of some kind of inclusive political settlement.

    He was sidelined. That is the reason Sri Lanka is finding itself in this position.

    When I was talking about VP I used to refer to the couplet from Kural, ‘Idipparai illatha aemara mannan, keduppar illanum kedum’.

    ‘The King who doesn’t have the Minister who will not forcefully tell him when he goes in the wrong way, will fall down even without any enemy’.

    The same thing applies to King Mahinda also.

    The utterances of the authorities from Colombo is not in the right tone and tenor.

    May be they are shocked the way the world reacted to them.

    I do hope they do come out of this mentality and rectify things.

    The Sinhalese have that capacity and I do believe they will turn a new leaf, in the near future.


  45. Rightly so! Who the hell Dayan think he is? who is Dayan? Dayan believes he needs to be in everything the government does. What an idiot. This is a big problem with all these people. Fonseka was another. They are never happy. Dayan should learn his lesson this time.

  46. Like Pirabakaran, Mahinda is also digging his own grave. Let him be if that is what he wants. The foolish actions, petty self-interests of those around him, and the utter morons whose interest is to only please Rajapaksa are all accelerating the demise of the president.

  47. We are obliged to D B S Jeyaraj for the scoop, which other media have yet not exposed. Our President must be saved not form his arch enemies, but by his nincompoop friends,who having parachuted to authorities without any recognised qualiications or experience in the concerned fields; are endeavourng to destroy the peacefully progressing arms of the Government.The Late President R.Premadasa also had an anathema for qualified, erudite,people with abilities, which contageous malecious disease the SAchin vas Gunwardena and Co, seemed to be affflicted with.Is there any one in the Foreign Ministry who can hold a Candle with either Dr. Dayana Jayatilleke or Prof G L Peries.When the conspiratorial agenda is gee through we Sri Lanka will be bankrupt with people of abilitis to handle foreign afiars internatinally. What a wonderfully valuable contribtion was made by Thamara Kunanayakam, who has also been targetted by these villians. We will be obiged to You if Dr. Dayan Jayatillekes reply could be published,when the perpetrators exerberated with cheaply doled our power and jealousy will get bellly full.

  48. A man of his calibre must carefully choose between his masters and principles.I have seen in Srilankan politics
    particularly,principles compromised or even mortgaged in
    favour of shooting to fame or positions.If you serve a
    purpose,then choose the right path to achieve it.If you
    are standing there to be sold,and again at a price of a
    buyer,well then,you are free to do what your “boss” wants and not otherwise.People are far more intelligent than their leaders can imagine.leaders trying to pass the blame on to their scapegoats will not solve anything except deceiving themselves.Now back to square one,there are news reports that 150 LTTE cadres have entered east
    and north,from Tamil Nadu secret camps with training to stage a comeback.Same style was followed well in advance of all clear victory of JRJ in 1977.History repeats?Well this time around it may not be a Ranil or Sajith but stage seems to be not far away for something else!

  49. The Rajapaksa regime is acting very foolishly indeed. With clever people like GLP and Dayan Jayatilleke opposing the regime there is potential for serious damage to the regime. That I think will be good for the country.

  50. DBS has written this article with tears in his eyes. He likes what DJ does in Paris.

    So if any one talk about this how do you consider them as ultra nationalists? 76% of Sri Lanka’s population is Sinhala Buddhists.So who is wrong?


    So “might is right” for 76% Sinhala majority to disciminate against minorities but “might is not right” if the USA gives us advice or 60 million Tamils in India advise 15 million Sinhalese?

    By the way I am not shedding tears now but if I do it wont be for Dayan but for Pembara Lanka suffering due to Sinhala supremists like Paris Bandara

  51. He did nothing against ltte diaspora in france.It is a political appointment.
    thank you for taking the right decision and we were waiting nail biting.
    better late than never.

  52. In Sri Lanka ‘show cause notices’ for disciplinary actions against the public servants were issued by their superiors under PSC Rules, Establishment Code or FR. Actions under Penal Code were the function of the Dept. of Police/Solicitor General. With the 18th amendment in force it appears that the officers of the other departments too are empowered to bring charges under Penal Code. Sorry, it is a very bad situation for Dr. DJ.

  53. I am stunned by the comments here sympathetic of Dr. Jayatilleke. Is anyone on this blog an employer or an employee? And if you are an employer, will you tolerate an employee who criticizes your business publicly? And if you an employee can you bad mouth your employer in public and honestly get away with it (irrespective of how important or good you are)? I live and work in the most liberal community in America – and I do not know of a single employer or a client who would tolerate public criticism of it by an employee – you’d be fired in a second.

    I like Dr. Jayatilleke’s positions. His views are progressive, analysis often correct and I totally agree with his comments to the BBC. For a smart guy he did a very stupid and thing. The golden rule in employment is: one never bad mouths its employer – no matter what the differences are. If the Rajapaksa administration has an ounce of self respect it should fire Dr. Jayatilleke instantly. If it was the US government he’d be gone by now. Though his departure will be a great loss to Sri Lanka – perhaps he can make contributions through a non-government entity. Good luck to Dayan Jayatilleke!

  54. People survive and stay in the good books of Kurakkan Boys by kissing them in certain places or by staying closer to someone powerful in the Samagama. Ability and performance were never given the dute respct. Now, who is DJ’s backer in the government? If there is no such person, DJ is a goner! But, we shouldn’t forget that DJ is a survivor.

  55. Dear Ajantha Premasiri, laundrymen are the first who will get washed off when muddled operations fail.

  56. Dear DBS

    I think you got to reexamine what you think about this man, Dr.DJ. He is a smart guy who could hoodwink freinds and foes in such a subtle manner that you will never know what hit you. He is no freind of Sinhalese nor Tamils. Only he is fishing in truoubled waters.

    Rajapaksas/Ranils are no friends of Sinhalese nor Tamils. Like Karunanidhis and Jayalaithaas. Thats a different issue.

  57. Kalu Albert

    1. Dayan may be secretly working for the LTTE Diaspora. Gota got wind of Dayan’s plot to over throw his brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, the whole tribe. Information came from Tiger flag bearing Tamil diaspora sources who were planted by Gota. It seems that all these years Dayan has been working for UNP, LTTE diaspora, Imperial masters, India, China, Cuba….. all at the same time.

    2. Dayan may be an secret admirer of Fonseka. He has been biting his time all these years. Now that the colonial masters are scheming to over throw Rajabaksa clan rule this is a the right time to move against the clan. Gota got wind of Dayan’s plot to over throw his brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, the whole tribe. Information came from Tiger flag bearing Tamil diaspora sources who were planted by Gota.

    It seems that all these years Dayan has been working for UNP, LTTE diaspora, Imperial masters, India, China, Cuba….. all at the same time.

    Kalu please let me know which of the two scenarios above are more plausible?

  58. Dr DJ – the tolerable face of Sinhalese hardliners – not ugly enough to be in the real cabal.

  59. @ Dayan,while I may not agree with some of your past views I do respect you a lot for what you believe is right

    I fully agree with your latest comment infact all who love our country will agree with you on that

    @ Kalu Albert ,yes keep dreaming of the LTTE coming back and the way you anticipate your return I feel wither your an arms dealer who lost out due the lack of war or your a secret admirer of the LTTE !

  60. If the rajapaksa’s allow these kind of things to happen, then it
    is time that they went. since getting rid of the LTTE (for which the nation is
    grateful to them) the rajapaksa’s have done nothing but ill to the country after that.
    nurturing criminals like kudu duminda (where is the guy any way) and kudu mervyn, and all sorts of other criminals, what are they doing?
    Their end too will come like the end of all violent and evil men.
    no doubt about that, what one soweth, one will reap, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.
    they have sowed the wind, the whirlwind is still forming, but it will surely come and take them all away. Happened to prabakaran and his gang of murderers, happened to wijeweera and his gang of murderers, and will happen to the corrupt political leadership of the country too.

  61. DBS…You should check your sources and verify the story that a special investigation team is about to land in Paris.

  62. If to draw Employer – Employee relationship to justify firing of DJ….

    In this sense I believe DJ acts as a ‘citizen of Sri Lanka’ – who are ‘shareholders’ or ‘stakeholders’ in this ‘public Enterprise’ named ‘Sri Lanka’.

    The shareholders (people of Sri Lanka) CAN hold the CEO (Mahinda Rajapksa) accountable for his/her actions. This is very common practice.

    Now if ‘Sri Lanka’ is a ‘Sole Proprietorship’ then citizens have no says shareholders, which amounts to a dictatorship and Mahinda becomes a tyrant, not a CEO.

  63. DJ absolutely wrong to have his own opinions views and that sort of things of his own. He needs to be prosecuted and punished for the terrible crimes he have done. We do not need this sort of people working for our country. His Excellency Rajapaksha (peace be upon him), and his entire family works extremely hard to make our better or something in that sort, and these people & there thoughts make things rather dificult.

  64. DJ a moderate??
    On the other hand, GLP certainly is a moderate and many have questioned why he continues to represent the thugs running SL.

  65. Shuttling between principles & opportunism is dangerous. Dangerous for personal integrity. Dangerous for personal safety ( in Srilanka). Dangerous for fellow citizens. Retard human development .

  66. The supposed to be front man of the Diaspora IC destabilization program,the Rt Hon Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is not doing a good job, according to the Economic news from the most reputable International Financial Institutions.

    HSBC says they are inundated with requests for help to invest in Srilanka.

    These private investors are from China ,Singapore and even India.

    In addition China has earmarked a further USD 50 Billion investment.

    The latest IMF report is full of praise for the .current policy settings and predicts that the growth will continue over next 2 to 3 years.

    UNP which is supposed to be the champions of Economic Development and Growth has been totally overwhelmed.

    The level of Journalism of their main Web Newsletter that is aimed for their Foreign audience is a good indication how low this once mighty party has declined.

    Would Professor Peiris join such a loser lot?.

    Not according to his forthright comments recenty, that the Diaspora and her Western alliance is still on the same path as the LTTE to separate the country.

    He went even further to say that the ultimate aim is to effect the separation by direct intervention by Foreign Forces.

    This is a crystal clear signal that Dr Peiris does not play petty politics when it comes to the Indipendence and the Sovereinty of his motherland.

  67. Although one would,t agree with Dr DJ’s views.one has to admit that he was an asset to the crumbling regime. I always thought that people like Dr GLP, Dr DJ, Tamara K and Rajiva W were misfits and often wondered how they could fit in with people like (Dr)Mervyn, and jokers like Weerawansa.If they have any self respect they should submit their resignations and seek positions elsewhere.

  68. Fools paradise! Bunch of idiots dont know what a blessed land they inherited with.

    “katussage kare Raththang banda wage” modayanta giya rata. All i can do is pray for wisdom.

  69. For me these are all SL style political games ever since the majority got the power in their hands since 1948. This type of games will continue to affect the Tamil speaking born and bred citizens more than the other citizens in which ever province they may live.

    Based on GLP, Milinda,LSSPers,CPers and their past, they will leave, then they will join again the same coalition or join the opposition coalition, they will be part of the successful constitutional changes that deny any political devolution to the provinces and so on.

    I would not be surprised DJ and his team had to leave, they probably even join Maha Sangha and argue that they did so to protect the sovereignty of the country so that majority of the people hold the power and thus the full ownership.

    Can DJ, Rajiva and the likes are prepared to form an opposition like that of Ang San Su Ki of Burma and bring political change with the support of the southern masses ?

  70. DR DJ was one of the main spin doctor for the Regime, DJ took a swipe at regime
    by saying the regime to follow Myanmar path by implicating it. Naturally the Regime is pretty upset about it especially when the world focus on it.

  71. I live in the UK. A retired government servant of both Sri Lanka and UK. What I have observed is that only in Sri Lanka these matters are taken up through the media which is sad for diplomacy in Sri Lanka and globally.

  72. This is again good example for failure of setting team for foreign policy administration for a country , not for a family

  73. Except GLPeris and Dr.Palitha Kohana most of the Sri Lankan officials need to learn how to articulate English under extreme pressure before being appointed.

    External world dont speak in Sinhala and they dont understand Jeya Wewa.

    Sacking people who failed or misled the GOVT (according to MR) will not change the opinion of SL in front of International Community rather it makes SL more vulnerable.

    GLPeris is known for his experience and many would remember his involvement in peace talks with LTTE.

    Govt needs to set up a permanent foreign policy which should be established by involving academics and intellectuals rather than army personals and blood relatives.

  74. Sajin Vs. DJ! Diamond cutting diamond?
    Both seem self-promoting and greedy for power, but at lest DJ has a brain and wit!
    Vas Gunawardena on the other hand only seems to have Rajapakse connections – but this sad state of affairs where unqualified people who are Rajapakse cronies take over and push out those with the knowledge and capacity in all institutions and Ministries is the norm with the regime.
    Look and who is Minister of Education and Higher Education. That these individuals hold these port folios are an insult to intellectuals, academics and teachers in Lanka. There should be a campaign against Rajapakse’s cronyism politicization of all Ministries and education institutions.

  75. “When you are upto your arse in alligators it is difficult to remember that the object of the exercise is to drain the swamp”

  76. If it is true that Dayan breached Shri Lanka’s criminal code, he has to spend time in jail with Mervin Silva, Duminda Silva and a lot of others in the UPFA

  77. Prof. Peiris is old enogh,educated enough and experienced enough to look after himself. Especially from a cabal of the likes Sajin. He must not run unless the president himself intervene. This has all the hallmarks of a Bogollagama come back attempt.
    The problem with what DJ said is not what he said but his comparison. While it is true that Myanmar worked it self out of a situation,the circumstances are not the same for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will not be out of trouble until Sri lanka concede every thing the TNA asks or Mahinda Rapakse is out.Either way a heavy price for defeating terrorism.

  78. Muthukumar says:

    “External world dont speak in Sinhala and they dont understand Jeya Wewa.”

    It is not my mission today to expose your stupidity however you must see the big picture.

    LTTE won the 4th Largest army in the world. Sri Lanka under the leadership of MR clan defeated LTTE. Therefore Sri Lanka is the regional power in South Asia and Indian ocean. MR would say it is well earned position.

    If external world don’t speak in Sinhalese Sri Lanka under MR and Weerawansa should enforce Sinhala as the official language of International institutions replacing French as the diplomatic language.

    Sri Lanka must use it resources at disposal to punish the rest of the world with its punitive sanctions until the world comes to its senses.

    If they don’t understand Jeya Wewa enforce it on them as Sri Lanka has been enforcing Sinhala National Anthem on the formidable Tamil People of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka should begin its Sinhalacisation first in Tamilnadu teaching them the right way to wave Sinhala/Buddhist flags and chant Jeya Wewa.

  79. An alternative title to this could have been ‘The Realist who miscalculated Reality’

    I admire Dr Jayatilleka’s passion to ward off ‘hegemonic interference’ to ‘protect sovereignty’ but he was blind to believe the regime was ‘Genuinely pursuing reconciliation’.

    High time Dr Jayatilleka and the likes realize that ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’

  80. Congratulations DBS on your brilliant scoop. You wrote on Sunday night but Colombo papers that missed it are now going to town with it.They are recycling your information as their own without giving you credit.

    Thank you for pinpointing this but these things happen all the time in Sri Lanka today………..DBSJ

  81. It is pity that one of the most hardworking interlectual SriLankan being questioned for small matters. He worked hard when he was in US and Geneva to protect the Sinhalese interests. Sinhalese know well how to respect the people who are educated but why for Dayan in a strange way. If Dayan is removed from his position it is a great lost to the Sri Lankan Government.

  82. Mr. M. Sivananthan can you please tell where we can find these “Leftists” these days. Of course we could see a few in Sri Lanka who are still faking as “Leftists” and dancing to the tune of neo-capitalists, authoritarians and the likes.

  83. NAK says:

    “The problem with what DJ said is not what he said but his comparison.”

    Compassion is not the problem. Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

    He was there to gloss over what is wrong with Sri Lanka, its politicians, their cronies, corrupt officials and its brutal security forces, spineless judiciary, …etc.

    Ceylon Today quoted Dayan under
    Conspiracy against Dayan?

    ” Dr. Jayatilleka rubbished the charges as ‘crazy, rather like the Darusman report and Channel 4 combined’ and said that as the entire country knows, the minor administrative tasks are not the duty of the Ambassador, especially not of an academic who is a political appointee of the President.”

    Dayan should know the UN report on Sri Lanka is not Darusman report and the whole world knows it as

    “Report of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka”.

    He thrived on silencing truth and will be silenced by untruth.

    What goes around comes around, truth is sort of boomerang, the only difference is truth returns with a vengeance.

  84. One to be intelligent is a God given gift. That gift is expected to be used for the well-being of fellow-men, differentiating between right and wrong, false and truth,and lead them in the right path. If those requirements are abused for ones own self interest by dancing to the music of wrong-doers, God’s punishment, soon or later, is definitely due. Is this not happening in the case of Dr. Jayatilleke. Anyway sorry for him.

  85. Anonymous,Why are you guys still following the ostrich customs? In your barrage of blah blah blah,you have not told us why the so callled Darusman report was not taken up at the UNHRC instead of the LLRC if it is really a UN report. Lies my friend have,a very short life span.Dr.Jayatilekas case may be an entirely diferrent thing.Just last week one western ambassador sarcastically said that “Sri Lanka though heading for Singapore may end up landing in Burma” That’s why the comparison was not very appealing. No one yet conciders burma as country to take as an example,though Dr.Jayatilaka said it in a different context.
    Even now it is not too late to shed lies and stick to the truth,cut your losses and win what you can and allow this to settle for once and for all.Being deceived by the http://WWW.com (White Wild West & company)in to believing that they will deliver the holY Eelam one day is self defeating.They’ll never do it.They will keep on promising this, they eat deep in to your pockets, but will only do what will look after their interests. This is exactly what happend in Geneva. You guys were against the LLRC,TNA was against the LLRC and now you are sold down with the LLRC and worse,are made to claim victory as well.
    The most you’ll get now is only what’s in the LLRC not Darusman, where as they got their revenge,they got a wedge between India and Sri Lanka plus the future manipulation of Sri Lanka. Happy? Feel victoius?

  86. Don Ariyaratne says:
    April 2, 2012 at 10:38 pm
    I live in the UK. A retired government servant of both Sri Lanka and UK. What I have observed is that only in Sri Lanka these matters are taken up through the media which is sad for diplomacy in Sri Lanka and globally.


    For your information sir, only the media plays a role of public interest to a very small extent in SL. The opposition politics or democracy in public interest is dead.

    U may have not been to SL for too long.

  87. Lanka Muslim, UK says:

    “Mr. M. Sivananthan can you please tell where we can find these “Leftists” these days”

    How about Dayan Jayatilleka for a start?

  88. Sumith Silva says:

    “Dayan is left leaning man. He is no friend of the Sinhalese”

    I have been looking for a definition of Lefties the Sri Lankan varieties for years. Could you kindly educate me.

  89. Walter Rajaratne

    Dayan enjoys his own writings. He pats himself every morning, afternoon, evening, night, before and after every meals,…….etc,for his writings, wisdom, diplomacy, name dropping, rubbing shoulders with the good and the great, etc.

    If there is a wind of change he smells it first and positions himself strategically to reap good return. I would not be surprised if he jokeys for the post of foreign or prime minister in the future Fonseka cabinet.

    I would like to be friends with Dayan in case if he needs his own Mervyn in the future. I am bit thick therefore I am best qualified for the job.

  90. If the GOSL does not follow and act on Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s advice, the country will fall from the frying pan into the fire. When that happens all the papers will recall this interview and Dayan will point his finger at the GOSL and say, ‘I told you so!’

  91. In the past I have been critical of Dr.D.J for being too defensive & soft on Rajapaksa & CO;
    However ,only once you lost somebody you realize how important that person was for you.
    DJ may have had his own reasons for defending the un defendable Rajapaksa Bros. but he definitly is not the common thief that the ministry of F…….Affaires trying to portrait him with.
    Sajin vas Gunawardana has no “guna” but only Wardana in him, he is as good as a common thief in any rural village, if he can hire & fire people like Dr.DJ ,then even god will not be able save us!!!!
    So let’s get the word out, write and shout to defend Dr.DJ because he has been attacked by a bunch of fools who are hell bent in getting rid of one of the the last decent men in our F…… service!!

  92. NAK

    Anonymous says:
    April 3, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    For some reason I forgot to enter my name in the box.

    NAK says:
    April 4, 2012 at 9:20 am
    “Anonymous,Why are you guys still following the ostrich customs? In your barrage of blah blah blah,you have not told us why the so callled Darusman report was not taken up at the UNHRC instead of the LLRC if it is really a UN report.”

    One early morning Darusman got up on the wrong side of the bed. His wife ordered him to fetch some firewood for cooking. Being naturally born lazy Darusman looked for excuses to avoid walking six miles to the forest and return with firewood. He sat in front of his computer and pretended that he was too busy working on an important assignment.

    Pretending to be working is much harder than actually doing it. So he decided to write whatever came to his mind. After few days the writing of Darusman took shape. He saw a story developing after toiling for months. He completed the story. He did not name it Darusman report. Darusman being a generous man he wanted the story to be widely read at no cost to readership. He tried various websites to upload it with no success. He had almost given up when he struck gold. An unknown website accepted his writing. Quickly he wrote down the web address and he was happy to share with us. The address is as follows:


    To his surprise it turned out to be UN’s official website (with logo attached). It appears the UN Secretary General had stolen his work of fiction and turned it into some sort of official report and the title reads as follows:

    “Report of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka”

    The original name of the story was “To obey or not to obey the wife”

    However the highly literate Sri lankans read the story as Darusman Report. Darusman is now confused as he never intended to write his own report on anything.

    Unanswered questions:

    Why did UNSG steal Darusman’s work of fiction?
    Why did UNSG change title of Darusman’s story?
    Why did UNSG publish it on UN official website?

    Darusman’s wife had landed Sri Lanka and her husband in serious trouble.

    Here ends the final chapter called Sri lanka is in serious trouble in the “Report of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” compiled for the serene joy and emotion of the stupid.

  93. Native vedda,Again lot of fire food and drift wood and no real timber.You have not explained why LLRC was taken up in geneva and not Darusman,plain and simple!
    Daruman report was never a UN report and never will be,you can scream till the moon comes down but that’s the way it’s gonna be.
    “Report of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” compiled for the serene joy and emotion of the stupid”
    My friend you have put it in no uncertain terms! thanks.

  94. Dear Native Vedda – One can be called a Leftist only if he follows Marxism and I think people like Dayan are redefining Marxism for their existence.

  95. NAK

    Here ends the final chapter called Sri lanka is in serious trouble compiled for the serene joy and emotion of the stupid. It was about the Darusman’s story “To obey or not to obey the wife” not the report.

    You need to work it out yourself what it means. Perhaps I should not give you the difficult task of reading, understanding, digesting the salient points of the report (214 pages). Have you ever looked up the report?

    Together with your stupid fellow travelers you are baying for blood. This reminds me of Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” saga where mostly the illiterates who never were able to read or write in their own languages wanted to kill him as their religious duty.

    In your (Sinhala?Buddhist) case you are trying to play the man rather than play the ball.

    You are taught to remain stupid from cradle to grave just like your stupid Tamil brethren.

  96. If they want to fire Dayan they must do it straight and not vilify his integrity by charging him under penal code

  97. It should be a priority of the state to ensure that communal politics are removed from Northern politics, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said.

    During a recent discussion with state media heads and state newspaper Editors, the Defence Secretary said there is a vast number of voters in the Northern Province who are not for ethnic politics, TNA or any other separatist inclined organisations that have been engaged in ethnic politics over the past years.

    The Defence Secretary said after the completion of the humanitarian operation and the conflict, a large number of Northern voters want to participate in mainstream, non-communal politics.

    “These voters should be given a chance because it is their democratic right. They should be given political leadership by national level political parties, such as, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP). One time LTTE member Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan (Karuna Amman) is now the vice president of the SLFP,” the Defence Secretary said. This is a step in the right direction, he said.

    The Defence Secretary said that when appointing National List MPs for the North, decision and policy makers should consider appointing persons from the province, representing those new voters who want to join mainstream, non – communal national politics.

    “Only then the new voters of the North who dislike communal politics and who wish to join mainstream national politics, will receive a non – communal national level leadership,” GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSHA said.

  98. I personally believe it is the right deceision to call him back. He has forgotten his responsibility. True we all can have our own personal view points. But as a person who is appointed to represent Sri Lanka in a powerful western Nation I believe he shouldn’t have had made such statements to public media.

    On the meantime it is the correct time for Tiger Diaspora to STOP their stupid acts. Because from every stupid thing they do in Western world (While enjoying all the comforts in those countries) the poor Sri Lankans back home will suffer more. So we as Sri Lankans should get together and help the poor innocent civilians back home to have their lives instead of pointing fingers to Politicians and others who made mistakes. When we do nothing good to our society back home, how could we point others and question their responsibility? So please my dear Tamil friends. Ask the Tamil Diaspora to help AT LEAST their relatives and build up their lives. As a Sinhala person I my self has been to War affected areas and helped poor tamil people. We all have one life. We should not fight each other and act stupid because our politicians. Let them rock their world. We as responsible people of this world lets get together and live in harmony helping each other, regardless the race – religion – colour!

    May Sri Lanka – my motherland – have a prosperous future with peace! 🙂

  99. Annonymous,
    Here ends the final chapter called Sri lanka is in serious trouble compiled for the serene joy and emotion of the stupid. It was about “the Darusman’s story”
    That is exactly what it is, a story nothing else! What I read in the Darusman story was that the story tellers them selves say,anything in this story must not be (mis)taken as facts because nothing in the story has been substanciated! you want more?

  100. Lanka Muslim, UK says:

    “Dear Native Vedda – One can be called a Leftist only if he follows Marxism and I think people like Dayan are redefining Marxism for their existence”.

    The term dates back to pre-revolutionary France before 1789. It was the seating arrangement for the ordinary people in the French National Assembly which made the initial distiction. Left came to denote revolutionaries and liberals.

    Karl Marx was born in 1818.

    You could say the Term Leftist in Sri Lankan context was recoined by Dayan just after his birth.

  101. Lanka Muslim

    In South India the castes were divided into two groupings, one was known as Idang Kai (Left Hand) caste and the other Valang Kai (Right hand) caste many centuries before the western classification.

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