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Police Report Filed in Court States Definitely About Attempt to Assassinate MA Sumanthiran MP

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Rajavarothayam Sampanthan

M A Sumanthiran MP

We want the country to be stable; we want the country to be calm. But, our people are complaining; our people are suffering. My Friend Mr. Sumanthiran has been accused of being traitorous by some Tamil Leaders who have been resoundingly rejected at the last Parliamentary Elections, some persons whose party polled around 15,000 votes. Mr. Sumanthiran got four times that number of votes in Jaffna.

I have got the particulars with me. That whole party did not poll 15,000 votes. Mr. Sumanthiran polled four times that vote by himself – preference votes. Today, he is being called a “traitor” because he is working with the Government. We look upon Mr. Sumanthiran as a very useful Member of Parliament performing valuable service on behalf of the people, and we want that to be recognized. But, he is being attacked. He is being attacked because these persons who were resoundingly rejected by the people in 2015 are using your failure to do what you must do by the people as the ground for attacking people like Mr. Sumanthiran and me and others too, even Mr. Senathirajah.

This cannot continue. This must come to an end. Your Government must realize it; your President must realize it; your Prime Minister must realize it. We are getting bitter ourselves. Let me tell you very frankly, I am extremely unhappy about the way the Government is treating our people on the question of land. Our land must be returned to them. That is our right; that is our birth right. You cannot hold back from doing that. That must be done.

Rajavarothayam Sampanthan

Mr. Deputy Chairman of Committee, I do not want to be reminded again that I have finished my time. We want the allegations that have been levelled in regard to Mr. Sumanthiran, that there has been an attempt on his life, to be properly investigated. We want everyone who is guilty to be brought before the court.

There has been a report filed by the police in the Kilinochchi Magistrate’s Court where they have definitely stated that there was an attempt at assassination of Mr. Sumanthiran. That is a matter of record, nobody can deny that. Some people are calling him “Drohi”. It is a very unbecoming word. It is a word that is inciting violence. Why are you calling him “Drohi”. Is it because he is working on our Constitutional Proposals along with me and others?

Tamil people are not protesting in support of you? Tamil people are protesting on account of wrongs being done to them by the Sri Lankan Government. They want that to stop. These jokers who could not even win one seat, could not come even close to one seat. They came long after us, we polled 200,000 votes, they polled 15,000 votes. They came after the EPDP; they came after the UNP and they came after the UPFA. They were totally rejected by the Tamil people.

Today, they say, they have become saviours. Why? Because they are standing in front with the Tamil people, when the Tamil people are protesting against wrongs being committed by the Sri Lankan Government. So, you are promoting extremism in our ranks. You are promoting fellows who have been rejected by the people. Kindly, do not do this. On the question of missing persons, on the question of land, on the question of detainees, on the question of reparation and reconciliation, you must move, you must act and what needs to be done must be done.

(Excerpts from Speech Made in Parliament by Leader of the Opposition Rajavarothayam Sampanthan During Adjournment Motion Debate on Feb 22nd 2017)

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