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LTTE Cadres Released By Mahinda Rajapaksa Responsible For Plot to Assassinate Sumanthiran says Champika Ranawaka.

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by Anuradha Hiripitiyage

Megapolis and Western Province Development Minister Champika Ranawaka has claimed that the four former LTTE cadres nabbed by the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) for plotting to assassinate TNA MP, M.A. Sumanthiran had been among Tigers released during President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime without any investigation.

Addressing a ceremony held at the Wilfred Senanayake Club Hall in Homagama on Saturday to mark the launch of a book ‘Peraliya Medin’ by former Homgama Pradeshiya Sabha member Tharindu Dileepa Gamage, the Minister said the Rajapaksa administration had released 12,600 former LTTE cadres without any investigation. The four arrested by the TID for planning to kill MP Sumanthiran was among those 12,600 LTTE cadres.

Ranawaka said It was high time that Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from active politics instead of threatening to topple governments. If he did so he would have the honour and future generations would recognize him as a great leader or otherwise he would go down as a man driven by hunger for power.

“Rajapaksa has the support of 50 MPs and it is joke for him to challenge a government which commands the support of 113 MPs. Those who support Rajapaksa clan should keep in mind that people of this country rejected not only him on Jan 08, 2015 but also the entire corrupt forces propping him up. People fed up with corruption and mega fraudsters voted against them.

“The above example should also be a lesson for those who are in the Yahapalana regime thinking of amassing wealth through fraudulent means. They should learn from what happened to the Rajapaksa regime which was under the impression that they would rule this country till the cows come home capitalizing on the victory against the LTTE. But the history has proven otherwise. Though that government won against the LTTE in war, the very same government released 12,600 former cadres without them being rehabilitated or investigated for their crimes. The four cadres now nabbed by the TID for planning to kill MP Sumanthiran was among those who had been released.”

The TID has so far arrested four LTTE cadres for plotting to assassinate MP Sumanthiran, in Marudankeni in Jaffna district on January 13. The arrests, which were made on January 14, came to public notice only on January 28, as both the government and Sumanthiran had chosen to keep the episode under wraps. As per information so far available, the Jaffna district MP was to have been killed by a claymore mine placed on the road to Marudankeni in Vadamarachchi, where he was to go for a discussion on setting up a desalination plant. But the Presidential Secretariat called him and asked him to cancel the trip.

On January 14, three “rehabilitated” ex-cadres of the LTTE were arrested. One of them was a trishaw driver in Marudankeni, two were from Kilinochchi and one from Trincomalee.

Since their release, these ex-cadres had been dealing in ‘ganja’ apart from doing other “jobs”, according to reports.

The government had been aware of a threat to Sumanthiran’s life even during the parliamentary elections in August 2015. It had provided him with Special Task Force security.

Courtesy:The Island

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