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  1. Nice to hear someone who can articlulate himself in a way that puts forward a rational point of view. The irony is that the more the Tamil diaspora waves LTTE banners and refers to VP as the “leader” of the Tamil people the less effective the protests will be – no matter how many people take to the streets.

    Here in London, the almost total occupation of parliament square and the resultant chaos around Westminster has been in my view, counterproductive.

    It is time for the Tamil Diaspora to acccept that “Eelam” is nothing more than a myth created by the LTTE to string them along. A unitary democratic SL, however imperfect, is the only alternative to perpetual exile in foreign lands.

  2. (EDITED)
    Attempts to show that succssion is a ltte idea is childish. What more can you expect from a society that preaches hatred under the guise of violence.

    There is documentation of this idea before any founding ltte members were alive in anyones dreams. Tamils may be fragmented and their methods varied(violence to diplomacy)in methods but the vast majority seek seperation..

    Good luck trying to prove anything otherwise, i’m sure you can convince sinhalase..

  3. seevali abeysekera ,
    “A unitary democratic SL, however imperfect, is the only alternative to perpetual exile in foreign lands.”

    Why were we exiled in the first place? Because your unitary state centralized state power and marginalized the Tamil community. If that wasn’t enough, several genocidal riots with governmental influence and rampant human rights abuses victimized the Tamil Community and only served to strengthened the LTTE. You want to talk about democracy? Hold a referendum in the Tamil majority areas in the NorthEast to justify the continued rule of the GOSL. But that is not going to happen, simply because you and I both know what kind of democratic mandate would result. Tamil Eelam. Keeping holding on to the unitary state theory, you will only ensure Tamil Eelam in the near future. Or you can support a federal state and resolve this conflict politically and peacefully. Continue to point the barrel of a gun against the Tamil people, we will respond with unprecedented unity.

  4. Thank you DBS, for giving an impartial comments on the Sri Lankan conflict.
    I agree to your point that demonstrators have made a mistake of bringing tiger flags. If they have carried black flags all along, a lot of people, white, black, or even Sinhalese would have joined a just cause to save innocent civilians who are trapped.
    To me the decision makers in the hierarchy of LTTE are so damn stupid.
    LTTE has lost credibility and no government would want to listen to them.
    Do these protesters ever tell Tigers to let civilians go?
    LTTE cadres have infiltrated young Tamil youth in the Universities across Canada and have taken them a ride. These university crowds have lost the balance thinking and the ability to judge with out prejudice. It is unfortunate that Tamil Diaspora lost the sympathy of most Canadians. Peace

  5. For the most part I do agree with Mr.Jayaraj about his comments in his interview with Carol Off. What really puzzles me is his suggestion that temporary cease fire should be tried to get civilians out if the conflict zone as we all know that remaining tigers can not stay alive without having these civilians in between the Army and the Tigers.
    It would be fair to suggest that any kind of cesefire at the moment is in the best interest of Tigers.

  6. Dear DBS,

    Although I do not want to take attention away from the horrendous tragedy in the “CSZs”,

    can you please shed some light on the current state of matters in the Internally displaced / internment camps.

    What kind of access is there vis-a-vis

    1) getting humanitarian aid in to these camps.
    2) getting information regarding those who are interned.
    3) getting a team of medical personnel in.

    The same questions can be asked for the CSZs as well.

    In addition, can you tell us what will be the fate of the money [3.5-7 odd million dollars] promised by Bev Oda. I understand this is going through non-governmental channels but then I also understand that only governmental channels exist to access these camps/CSZs? Is this purely a political move by the Harper government with no concern for where the money ends up or is there a line of accountability and actual credible route to get humanitarian services in?

    I ask so that something could be organized from our end


    Dear Mahesan,

    I am in the process of collecting info. If and when I get reliable info I will begin writing on the lines you suggest. Perhaps some at least of your questions may be answered then

  7. Mr. DBS JeyaraJ:

    I am not a person who approves your kind of tribal politics.

    How ever, may be because of the way of questioning, you simply hit the nail right on the head.

    Thank you for that.


    Firstly I write about politics and am interested in politics but I am not engaged in politics and dont want to be a politician.

    Nevertheless I am delighted to receive this grudging approval from a citizen of the world who claims to eschew tribal politics but uses the pseudonym “Shri Lankan”.

    Someone else with noble thoughts may come along and advise you to think beyond state or country and be a truly global citizen. Calling yourself “shrilAnkan” may be frowned upon as being parochial

    A compliment (left – handed or backhanded) from a person like you is the greatest honour a perceived “tribalist” like me has received in recent times.

    Thank You for your magnanimity

    I shall always cherish this moment

  8. Persecuted by GOSL,

    If you Tamil LTTE supporters hate Sri Lanka so much, go back to Tamil Nadu in India and fight for an Eelam, which is your country of origin.

  9. Here is the third nail on this Box and Hope some one put the last one correctly.

    A complete demilitarized Northeast with federal Autonomy the one like Aland ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%85land_Islands) with a Clause of Right to self Determination if Srilanka failed to fulfil its obligations.

    Without the clause hanging on it, any future resolution will be like another Banda- Chelva or Srima- Shasthri agreements.

    Coming down to DBS’s interview,

    We may need to have some ” right thinking” yet not bend over back to compromise who can use diplomacy to facilitate the talks with Western countries without the “Tiger” brand, without Tiger bashing and certainly not a GoSL quisling. I think we have some highly learned and intelligent Diaspora who can think straight and act straight.

    DBS may certainly need to work and assemble some able ones ( I certainly see ISS have the deep knowledge and wisdom only based on his writings)

    Worse come worse, this body should focus only on to handle and deal about the current humanitarian situation.( non political)

    I certainly willing to spare some of my time for the well being of the Tamils of Northeast if given the right oppotunity ( I live in USA)

  10. Was unable to use the slider to move back and forth in the recording.

    Please see my comment no. 314 from here. It pretty much sums up my opinion that we Tamils on all sides have lost the plot. So have the Sinhalese and even the Canadians it seems. We have technological innovations in the 21st century with web 2.0 going onto web 3.0 and we haven’t bothered to educate ourselves on what is happening in this world! This is not just about Sri Lanka anymore. This is a whole new paradigm.

    You need to look at other wars and insurgencies to understand this picture. The politics in Canada included. Like I mentioned, for instance the issue of Hamas being selectively proscribed in western countries and the banning of George Galloway even though he was allowed to speak in the US. I wouldn’t heap all blame on the Tamil diaspora. This is the current climate we are all part of. The so called “war on Terror” has increased the number of wars and terrorist acts and we are letting our governments get away with supporting this. Why are we allowing our money to go into funding our governments’ incompetence??? Ask that question first!

  11. for a change nice and balanced commentary without any imaginary figures :))))

    Well, if I had been asked I would have given the REAL figures, Billy-……….DBSJ

  12. Should add…even though I strongly disagree with Mr. Jeyaraja’s analysis. Those pro-LTTE elements who have been given a platform to express yourselves and have benefited from the tireless efforts of the young people in the diaspora…please keep in mind if you touch a hair on his head….you will have the wrath of all these people to contend with. Because we are going to say enough to all this. We are different and we are not as naive as some of these commentators think.

  13. I, a Sinhalese, really appreciate Jeyaraj’s way of thinking. If we had people of your vision to represent the Tamil community, Sri Lanka would have been a haven for both our communities today. Its a pity that it did not happen that way. This totally falls in line with the suggestion I made to CBC yesterday at the bottom of the note (that may be edited for brevity by admin of this website) below. What a coincidence.

    Harsha Mutucumarana


  14. OOps! my note…..
    I am a Sinhalese. Like many others in my community, I am not biased against Tamils. In fact, during the communal riots that I was unfortunate enough to witness as a youngster while I was in Sri Lanka, I have volunteered to help and safeguard the Tamils whom I knew risking my own safety. But, I have no sympathy towards the LTTE leadership which is about to be crushed by the Sri Lankan government shortly. I sympathize with the innocent civilians on both sides who were and are suffering from this conflict. I also feel sorry for the child soldiers who are forced to carry someone else’s burden sacrificing their youth and I sympathize with the Tamil youngsters in the Diaspora who are taking the same path of their parents who were either brain washed by an erroneous education system or blinded by self interest. They have missed a lot that they were lucky enough to learn here. The funds that were funneled by them for the war all these years could have been used to put up so many hospitals, schools and factories in the North of Sri Lanka. Surely the central government would not make the same effort they are now making to crush the LTTE, to destroy such fruits of Diasporas contributions. People from a country with a long standing conflict are so used to violence; they tend to settle differences in the same old fashion even when living in a country like Canada. And for the same reason they may misunderstand the patience of the Western governments in responding to their commotions. The Tamil community should stop their nonsensical protests here and try to think of new ways to build up the regions where mostly Tamils are living in the Island. Since 1971 it is the LTTE who eliminated those educated far-sighted Tamils who joined mainstream politics to use the existing political structure, as a platform to voice their grievances and as a vehicle for changes. The country lost the services of so many internationally reputed figures. That loss is for both the communities. It is not only the residents of the Northern tip that are suffering due to the defect in the current political structure. The Sinhalese in the South and the Muslims in the East tips are also marginalized. The several Sinhalese youth uprisings that took place in the country during the last few decades were a result of it. Canada with its history of conflict resolution and peace keeping can help these two communities to build up bridges here so that it will contribute towards peace in Sri Lanka one day. The CBC, as a much loved media by both parties should be able to do a lot in this respect. Regrettably it has not happened during the present escalation of violence. All Canadian media, including the CBC needs to help us by creating a forum for the moderate Tamils and Sinhalese living a quite life here. They are helpless in this situation as they are a minority within a minority. CBC should allow the moderate ex-Sri Lankans of both sides to voice their opinions rather than repeatedly broadcasting the provocative agitations of exhibitionists and extremists of those communities. That would definitely be a support of immense value that is much appreciated than any financial assistance. It will help save costs incurred on policing demonstrations as well.

    Harsha Mutucumarana

  15. VeluPulle Prabakaran is re-branding the Tamils kids born in western countries as LTTE TERRORISTS!

    Wonder what the parents of those kids think, if they could think, that is!

  16. 4. Nitharshan says –

    [[[ Keeping holding on to the unitary state theory, you will only ensure Tamil Eelam in the near future. Or you can support a federal state and resolve this conflict politically and peacefully. Continue to point the barrel of a gun against the Tamil people, we will respond with unprecedented unity.]]]

    ANSWER – keep hiding behind women’s pantie lines & holding onto the mono ethnic tamil eelam enclave theory where tamils can live anywhere in SL but sinhala & muslims cannot. recently i saw another piece by another tamil racist who complains of sinhala colonising the ampara area. well the sinhala never complain about the tamils & muslims colonising their capital colombo & living in much better shape than their northern brethren while enjoying free govt. education & health, do they? at least their children can go to school without being kidnapped & a gun shoved in front of their drooling baby faces.

    north eastern or upcountry tamils will never get anything more than what pilleyan or karuna got. that goes for all other provincial councils too. either SL stays in one piece or we go to pieces. literally as well as figuratively. so get used to the one sri lanka concept or get ready for another violent reply by the sinhala army. what LTTE supporters don’t understand is that their tamil racism breeds even bigger sinhala & muslim racism. it happens auto in self defense. at the end of the day the tamil racists will sufer much more than the other races cos the others will gang up on them. thus the LTTE mono ethnic racists become the sole representatives to their own demise whether they like it or not.

    keep feeding tamils with ur hatred doses & by the time the next round fof violence is over it’ll be guaranteed that tamils will be nothing in SL. just violent & uneducated.

    so get out of the violent wagon before it’s too late.

    BTW the fact that tamils do not have a homeland has got nothing to do with the unitary state of SL.

  17. Dear all,
    Having seen the photoes of dead bodies (published in pro tiger web sites) you all might agitate against GOSL.
    Before that could you all please answerr the following questions.
    1. Who helped Mahinda Rajepaksha to win the election?(by getting rupees 200 millions)
    2.Who blocks the free movement of the innocent civilians ?
    3. Who is firing sheels from highly populated NFZ?
    If you prepared answer these questions genuinely, you all should agitate against LTTE.
    Indded LTTE’s propaganda is going to work against them.

  18. DBSj
    You may be against LTTE but you are for separate country.

    You want a separate country but in a different way without following LTTE murderous techinics.

    Violence or non violence we sinhalese will not allow to divide the country, for that matter you have to go somewhere else.


    All these days I articulated my vision for a united,pluralist,egalitarian Sri Lanka and incurred the wrath of separatists. But here you are an amazing mind reader capable of discovering even non – existent thoughts.

    My resolution of not retorting harshly to the lies of you ties my hand. But I can say this. If ever I opt for separation it will only be to avoid co-habiting the same space with “deshapremi” like you

  19. Dear DBS Jeyaraj,

    Great work!!!
    I have a question to ask from you. Its about the website, Warwithoutwitness.com. Is it an independent website or a pro-LTTE website. Its so confusing thats why I thought of popping the question from you.
    It will be a great help if you can clarify about it.
    Thanking in advance.

    Chandula, I will check it out but please send me your e – mail.-…………………….DBSJ

  20. A short response to ” Nitharshan”

    I do not disagree with your sentiments about how badly the Tamil people have been treated and have no issue about a federal state real within a unitary SL.

    Sri Lanka is a country where the Tamil people have been systematically ill treated and discriminated against. The GoSL has addressed some of the issues and has to continue to do so including making a full and unambiguous apology for what occurred in July 1983. Those who were guilty of the terrible atrocities committed in July 1983 should indeed be brought to justice either alive or posthumously.

    The GoSL however , under whatever political guise, has never been hesitant in ruthlessly dealing with any non-conventional activities or parties be they Sinhalese or Tamil. Please remember that in 1971 it was many thousands of Sinhalese youths who were killed simply because they dared to question the status quo in mother Lanka.

    If mother Lanka is to evolve it has to be through economic progress for ALL its people in a model similar to Malaysia / Singapore where multiple races think of themselves as one nation.

    Whether the visionary leadership required for this exists in SL is another matter !!!!

  21. Harsha, (comment 18)

    While I also appreciate very much the stance taken by DBS, please do not say there arn’t any Tamils with similar views. The reasonable elected MPs in 1977 from the NE were uncermoniously expelled from the parliament by JR’s vituperative politics. These MPs were elected by the overwhelming majority of democratic Tamil man who wanted only a federal state. By this act JR silenced the moderate and democratic Tamil voices – both in and out of parliament. The Democartic Tamil Man (DTM) was left high and dry. This created a vacum where the LTTE and the other non democractic groups high jacked the reasonable and justified grieviences of the DTM. Of course India aided and abetted this maddenning streak to satisfy its own agenda. The DTM watched helplessly as terrorism took over headed by both the LTTE and government. Harsha please remember even at this juncture majority of the Tamils of Sri Lanka want only a reasonable solution to the problem within a unified structure a federal state. The mainpoint is security of the Tamils. If this point is not addressed everything will be again high jacked towards Elam borne not out of need but by frustration!

  22. Look, these people waving blood soaked tiger demanding eelam serves a dual purpose.

    It shows to the world govt is left with no options as far as political solution before military is concerned.
    I know its macabre but the Tamils currently undergoing trauma will be left with an indelible memory what it was like under LTTE and its support overseas. This will ensure there is no support for such activity in the future.

    So I think its all good.

  23. Hi DBS,

    My concern among many is your safety in Canada from the LTTE after this interview !

    I also think that the Canadian govt has learn’t a bitter lesson too. In sinhala there is saying ” ahaka inna niy redda assey dagena kanavo kanovo kiyanawa ” ( when one invites somebody elses problems home, it doesn’t make sense to cry now – as if a villager catches and keep a snake from the jungle on his cloth just to be discoverd in pain that the parasite has bitten )


    Channa, Thak you for your concern but as Shakespeare said “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough- hew them how we will”.

  24. I broadly accept DBSJ’s analysis, but cannot agree that temporary ceasefire will help the innocent civilians anyway. There was a ceasefire during the Sinhala and Tamil new year and people were not allowed to leave. They had to be freed from the hijackers, the LTTE. That you failed to mention.
    On the other hand, didn’t these civilians choose to go with the LTTE. Shouldn’t they also be blamed for their predicament. I have all the sympathy for innocent civilians, but not for tiger sympathizers.

    Also, most of the tamil people do not want an eelam, what they want is to live peacefully. But, most of the tamil diaspora, even the well to do ones, want an eelam, although they would not go and spend a single day there.

  25. Panhinda (comment 25),

    True, it will leave a indelible mark on the psychy of the Tamils who escaped the clutches of the LTTE. Yes they will hate the LTTE . But you seemed to miss the other side of the coin – the constant shelling and aerial bombing by the SL Govt on the innocent civilians and the numerous human rights violations on the pretext of fighting the LTTE.

    If you ask who they will hate most – I am afraid it will be the SL Govt. They will hate the LTTE too but the sad romantic notion of “sacrifice for the larger good” will creep into their minds and the hate will peter away as time goes by.. but the hate against the SL Govt will endure for ever.

  26. Ok, the priority is to stop killing in thousands every day. A temporary cease-fire may achieve this.

    Then, there is and there will be killing in tens and hundreds every day.
    – In the detention camps or in the government controlled areas, you will be killed by the (sinhala) military or tamil para-military if there is any suspicion or simply even speaking out (for instance, just telling you are entitled to some food as you are starving to death will bring you death).
    – If you manage to escape killing, you will likely be tortured or raped in the screening centers and the detention camps.
    – If you manage to escape torture and rape, you will be starved to death or get killed by diseases or treated as sub-humans.

    As US demands (i think), the presence or take over of a neutral third party (a one without vested interests) can only stop the killings.

  27. only sri lanka is the myth. eelam is becoming more real and only option. yopu stop waving you racist leader rajpaksa as you leader, change racist falg. then come and talk to us, we can listen.

  28. Some of you say our leader and our falg and our country eelam are all invalid, but their country and their leader and their falg is all valid.

    But the problem seems to be that you singalese expeact us to accept your country, your leader and your lion falg.

    where we are not asking you to follow our leader or our flag or our country. why are you people doing this, do not you see that you trying force tamil people accept a solution fits you own need ?

  29. I heard Mr Obama talking about the Srilankan atrocities , among other requestes he has requested Ltte to lay down arms, will Mr Obama guarantee to the Tamils that their aspirations (self determination) are protected.

  30. Dear Daniel,

    You have obviously not been exposed to teachings of the enlightened one. You think hatred will do you or others any good. When you hate someone the first person that get hurt is YOU. Look at your community where hatred has taken you. Primitive belief systems have left your community in so much misery. Even the dumbest Tamil would know shelling etc is a reaction to your own hatred manifesting as LTTE. They will also know when they stop hating, the shelling will stop too. Its so simple I am not sure why some never get it.

  31. Thanks DBS for Voicing what a lot of us (tamils) agree with but keeping quiet because of LTTE.

    I am sorry my LTTE supporting brothers. You all are being very Stupid/idiotic.

    Don’t you understand living in Canada what is the world view on LTTE. They are TERRORIST. NO if and but about it.

    So instead of forcing the VANNI LTTE to change you are still allowing your self to be dictated by them.

    Even now with President Obama has said it very clearly asking LTTE to surrender thair arms, to let the civillians free.

    Instead of saying we will surrender to a third party if a third party comes forward to take care of the the civilians & us those who don’t want to take their life they are still justyfying why they have to carry the arms.

    I believe that there is no hope for us(TAMILS) to live under SRI LANKA. TAMIL EELAM is the way to go. This change hasin me has happened by seeing the sinhalese celebrating in colombo when civilians are getting killed in thousands.

    At the same time I want the TAMIL EELAM to be Democratic not ruled by the gun.

    May be one day VP can become like Nelson Mandela. Who says people can’t change. But for the initial 10 years atleast Tamils should’t allow LTTE’s to rule. For that matter not even DOUGLAS/KARUNA/PILLAYAN. They all have blood in their hands and they still haven’t changed. They are still directing and allowing their members to kill/kidnap/haras/Extort their fellow tamil brothers.

    My two cents is we need some fresh thinkers with some members of the TNA & Ananthasangari. Unfortunatly some who could have given leadership are no more because of LTTE, Douglas & GOSL.

    My prediction is EELAM is not far away. It is going to come after VANNI LTTE is defeated and at a cost of many civillian lives because of GOSL’s arrogance. Then sinhalese will knoknow about the Rajapakse’s greatness. After spending and swindling millions they lead the way for the seperation.
    Their lies are caught on videos. How they are manipulating the south and how many familiies are going to find out that their son / husband / father is not comming home because he is dead long time ago and GOSL was hiding this fact for a long time.

  32. As the frustration of DBSJ displays, the Tamil population is like a swimmer who has fallen off a boat in the middle of the ocean but still has the capacity to swim to safety but for being caught in the grips of a giant squid.When one tentacle is cut off another grabs him and pulls him down.The LTTE will never let the Tamil people go free.Not only the Sri Lankan Tamils but the Tamils of all description no matter where they come from have been cloaked in Tiger skin by being identified by and large as sympathisers of the stark barbarity the LTTE has come to represent for 3+ decades.It would be a long time before the Tamil people regain their true identity as descendants of comparatively the most intellectually based culture in South Asia.I am not sure what it is but there is some tragic element to their existence, like that of the Jewish people.



    you’ve understood my agony and frustration very well. Thank you for that. Your comparison to the boat,sea, swimmer and squid is most apt.

    The last lines are ones I agree with great sadness.

    “It would be a long time before the Tamil people regain their true identity as descendants of comparatively the most intellectually based culture in South Asia.I am not sure what it is but there is some tragic element to their existence, like that of the Jewish people”.

    There is a tragic element here like Shakespeare’s King Lear or Thomas Hardy’s Mayor of Casterbridge and I think of the Sinhala lines

    “Me Soka Sayura Pihina, Kavadhaada Etharawanne”?

    I do hope the Tamils will regain the paradise lost and become once again the inheritors of that socio- cultural legacy we were once heirs of

    But way things are going I doubt whether it will be during my lifetime. I shall go to my grave with immense sorrow at what might have been

  33. To those of you who advocate tamil eelam as the only solution I ask u this… Are you aware that more than 50% of the 12% tamil population lives in the south of the country? Do you know that a relatively high percentage of the GDP in colombo is attributed to minority communities, especially those of tamil origin? Are you aware that many of the prominent businesmen and professionals in colombo are of tamil origin? These people own land, property, big businesses etc. in colombo. If the myth of tamil eelam were to ever become a reality, do you really think these moderate tamils would leave behind all they have in the south and move to the north to live under VPs psychopathic dictarorship? The blame game from both sides needs to end. We cant live in the past. We have to leave behind the 60s, 70s, 80s, the endless arguments of who discriminated whom first, which kingdom belonged to whom first, who invaded whom, who provoked whom first etc.. There have been many faults on both sides, but we as human beings, as Sri Lankans should stand up together and bring unity to this country. There is room for us all in this tiny island. There is however no room for terrorism.

  34. We, the commentators in these columns are all spending too much of our emotions and efforts believing in and arguing for one solution or another. Some want separation, some want a unitary solution and some are for federal solution. Some blame the LTTE and some the Government.

    These debates are not changing anyones believes or positions. These mediums of democratic debate are good as therapeutic outlets for our frustrations, guilt and anger but they do not change the ground realities.

    The deaths, the makers of deaths and messages that come out of the front line are those, which make the reality and its body of knowledge.

    What is happening is this:

    The meaning of Eelam is being transformed. This, now means many things. This means hope. This is a way of expressing grievance. This is a way to grieving. This means home. This means an emerging identity. This means an assertion of human rights and self determination. This means a cry for dignity and respect. This means an opposition for oppression. Eelam also means moving forward from the agony, pain and from waste of lives, intolerant killings and destructions.

    The physical manifestations of Eelam are transitory. The constituents of these manifestations are also diverse and transitory. The LTTE flags and Prabhaharans portraits may disappear. New portraits and flags may appear. The demand for Eelam- a separate land and armed struggle for it may disappear. Eelam as a concept and as a unifying meaning of many things for Tamils is rapidly evolving. This will replace the old popularly known meaning of Eelam.

    The Diaspora may stop claiming for Eelam and chanting Prbhaharan as their leader. They may disappear from the streets of London, Paris, Toronto and Washington to reappear as New Tamils- as academicians, human rights champions, policy researchers of international governments, performance artists and pop artists. They will crave for Eelam that symbolises justice, human rights, freedom, liberation and happiness.

    The only way in which the LTTE contributed to this phenomenon is to stick to its guns (excuse the pun). On many tests LTTE will fail except its resolute attachment to its single goal of Eelam. What LTTE meant by Eelam and what is emerging in the popular consciousness is not the same anymore. However, all the honourable stances it stood for remains in the new meaning.

    The only way the Current Government contributed to this new meaning (which is also a new dawn) is by its resolute bombardment of waht it called the LTTE land and its unarmed people.

    Ironically, the Sri Lankan political history contributed to unite the Government and the LTTE in creating the ground for the new meaning of Eelam.

  35. Madavan
    You say that your leader is Prabakaran.Then you are a terrorist as your leader who is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.Anyway there is only one country one flag and then comes the leader whether you like him or not. As you say Sri Lanka is not their(slnhalese) country but this is our (sinhalese,tamils,muslims,bughers,etc,etc) country.We never and never force you to live in our country for obvious reasons.
    Suppose Sri Lanka cherish that.

  36. @Mahesh Post 9,
    Hi in the south Sinahalses and muslims are collecting items to distribute among refugees in the relief villages. (please don’t use LTTE label Internment Camp because that is misleading – there are trained suicide bombers and die hard claymore attacker in between civilians so there should be a screening process I guess) President rajapaksha said he does not want second hand clothes etc for these people. So people provide new ones. In US, UK and Canada they are collecting items. I can post coordinates if you want to get involved. Even though Gordon Brown and Milliband approved Money for Pakistahn (so the British don’t get killed) he does not do that for refugees in sri Lanka. (Talking of double standards).
    If you cna also organise some tamil Diaspora memebers to adopt or sponsor children that would be immense help. Lot of young kids in a desperate situation in the camps without mother or father. Government provided them with books and some other materials. But we need more.

    Thank you

  37. Dear DBS
    Good analysis.

    Some people say that there will be a demand for a Tamil Ealam in Canada after the end of the war in Sri Lanka.What is your view on that?

    This is some what related to Channa s comment (27)

  38. Madavan,
    Sinhala chauvinist can keep Mahinda as their leader.
    Selfish Tamils can keep Piraba as their leader.
    Mahinda is traitor for mother lanka.
    Piraba is the traitor for Tamil’s national struggle. He used Tamil struggle and sacrifice for his own betterment & own power.
    Don’t worry about SL government leaders. Those leaders create our problem. Look our so-called “NATIONAL LEADER’S” Life style – photo album: Kolutha Charles, Alaku Thuvaraga, pools….) compare with civilians and fighters
    What is the different between MR and VP. Pls foresee, if he become a leader of Tamil eallam.

  39. Whoever writes these comments please do your studies, Tamils are very hard working always lived and living with dignity, first of all, these violence were started by heartless Singhalese community and the support of the criminal minded Sinhala government.
    Before anyone write about Tamils or the Freedom Fighters, go back to the libraries or do a research about Tamils Challenges they faced with this Sinhalese Government, no wonder Sinhalese community does not believe in Reading or Libraries, as they burned the well organized and our beautiful library Building in Jaffna.

    It hurts to write about this. We Tamil Canadians are asking the Canadian Government to intervene and help the innocent Tamils who are still facing the Genocide, this is a very fair request, and we Tamils are doing the protest with Passion and Purpose, and if you have a heart listen with your hearts.!

    It hurts to write about this. We Tamil Canadians are asking the Canadina Government to intervene and help the innocent Tamils who are still facing the Genocide, this is a very fair request, and we Tamils are doing the protest with Passion and Purpose, and if you have a heart listen with your hearts.!

  40. I now think that this small minority of diehard LTTE supporters hae hijacked a genuine protest by concerned tamils into an LTTE support demonstration. These maybe the people whose method of funds collection earlier had led to proscription of LTTE by canada assisted by representations by HRW. Now they are also appealing for funds and food for IDPs knowing well that such aid has no hope of reaching those in camps, or outside camps. This is suspicious as there are many reports of people becoming rich earlier on diaspora donated releif funds.
    It is tamils’ “karma” that such people exist.
    But this does not retract from the fact that SLArmed forces are killing civilians indiscriminately and that most countries of the UN are aware of same. But unless major powers intervene, nothing will happen.
    We all have to watch helplessly the unfolding ‘endgame’.

  41. Thank you Mr. Jeyaraj for presenting a balanced and honest view of the situation.

    My father used to read your articles way back in the SL press and Frontline . I mentioned that I found your blog and he was ecstatic :-). He is a bit starved for some balanced and intelligent press about the situation in Sri Lanka.

    Please keep up the good work (and delicious prose 🙂

    Thank You and where is your father now? If you can please send me an e-mail-………. DBSJ

  42. Thanks, DBSJ

    You brought out the views of the silent Tamil Canadians. The demonstrations have been hijacked by a small group of people. They do not know or want to know the damage they are causing to the Tamil community in Canada. Average Canadian is very upset for closing the Gardiner express. They lost the sympathy. Too bad.

  43. Don Sarath (Comment 12),
    “If you Tamil LTTE supporters hate Sri Lanka so much, go back to Tamil Nadu in India and fight for an Eelam, which is your country of origin.”
    If Sri Lankans were to follow your faulty logic, you would have to take a boat trip to Northern India, or even perhaps Southern India. Ignorance only fuels this war, don’t fall into childish reasoning.
    shanthi krish (Comment 20),
    I do not hid behind women and children, don’t make assumptions about individuals because some misguided individuals from a particular community engage in certain activities. If I identify the Sri Lankan Armed Forces with all Sinhalese then I would have to assume that you are a unprofessional individual that rapes and kills Tamil civilians. Of course I know better than to generalize an entire community into such a category. I hope will learn to do the same. A mono-ethnic Tamil Eelam is not desirable and I do not support any form of ethnic cleansing, but most Tamils in Colombo are economic refugees and some simply have made enemies of the LTTE. A Sinhala never complain about Tamils and Muslims colonizing Colombo? Is that a joke or did you forget about the Defense Secretary’s ill-fated plan to ship all Tamils to the Northeast? Although there is nothing sinister about settling families in unoccupied land, deliberately emptying Tamil villages and settling Sinhalese families is a blatant form of ethnic cleaning and manipulating the demographic makeup of the region. If you have a problem with TAX PAYING TAMILS enjoying government benefits then do you want them to stop paying taxes to the GOSL and recognize the LTTE as some form of government entity by paying taxes to them? Yes, Tamils living in Colombo do enjoy a better standard of living then Tamils in the Northeast, but I don’t think government economic embargos and terrorizing civilians through heavy weaponry and aerial attacks help the situation of Northeastern Tamils. I will not whitewash the crimes committed by the LTTE, there behavior is unacceptable and only serves to delegitimize their struggle, but please do not attempt to wash the Tamil blood off the GOSL. The GOSL is knee-deep in Tamil blood and it seems they have acquired a taste for innocent civilians.
    You seem to have taken a liking to Pillaiyan and Karuna, surely you have not forgotten that these are former LTTE soldiers. Regardless, they have no viable credibility amongst ordinary Tamils, they simply lack a backbone because they will not demand more than the bones thrown to them. Provincial Councils are a start but these governmental bodies require real power to alleviate the causes of the war. Why do you characterize federalism with separation? Has the Indian Union separated yet? If Tamils ask for their legitimate political and human rights, you threaten them with the “Sinhala Army”? Need I say more? You have just summed up Sri Lankan history since independence. You constantly speak of racism, please learn the definition and look in the mirror. Thank you for your illogical and racist criticism.
    seevali abeysekera (Comment 24),
    I’ am aware of an empty apology for the 1983 massacre. I do not blame all Sinhalese for these actions because many Sinhalese assisted Tamils during the rampage, but it is a disgrace that the perpetrators of the violence remain free because the Tamils who lost their loved ones still have to live with that reality.
    The government response in 1971 was an atrocity. Thousands were massacred without a fair trail because it was easier to kill all the suspects instead of rationally identifying the culprits. Today, the Vanni civilians do face a similar situation. But the government’s actions were wrong in 1971 and are wrong today. The government knows that these are not LTTE combatants, but helpless civilians. Yet heavy weaponry is utilized knowing that civilian casualties will escalate. What is the justification for knowingly killing civilians?
    While economic growth will alleviate the pain of poverty and ignorance, economic progress alone will not help Sri Lanka transform into a pluralistic state. German economic progress did not topple the Third Reich. Sri Lankans have to understand that identifying themselves purely through ethno-centric eyes will only serve to polarize society and prolong war. Alas, there is no leader or party in Sri Lanka capable of bridging the divide, at least for now.
    Personally, I feel that a federal state will incubate the Sri Lankan identity and unity while strengthening diversity as a progressive force. It has worked around the world and it would work in Sri Lanka if it weren’t for short-sighted politicians. Sri Lanka’s current path only serves to strengthen separatism.

  44. Yes, LTTE has a “monopoly” over the S. Lankan agenda of the Tamil diaspora. But let us consider the alternative to this monopoly. Lakshman K.? Douglas Devananda? The average Tamil has no respect for these traitors who sold their soul to live in Colombo 7 luxury. Since the decline of the TULF, it is only the LTTE that has kept the interests of the Tamils in mind… it would have been easy for Prabhakaran to sell out for millions 15 or 20 years ago, and spend the rest of his life in exiled luxury. In conclusion, I believe this “monopoly” statement is rather misleading. At the very least, it must be taken in context. In the absence of any viable political solution, the diaspora has no choice but to support armed struggle.

  45. It is too late but still the Tamil Diaspora as whole need to disown LTTE and its elements among them to understand what the world perspective is about the struggle for a Tamil eelam and why rest of the world is helpless to rein GOSL which is hysterically thumping ahead with mass murders.

    The whole Srilankan issue has become so complicated, whoever poke their nose inside pretending to help had to retrieve back with mud all over them.

    Now the only way left for Diaspora is to forget the past and do all the best it can do for the welfare of their kith and kin in IDP camps with international assistance and work for their uplifting to a better tomorrow which was torn and destroyed by your monetary contribution to a destructive organization .

    The moment, whole Tamil diaspora in single voice ask LTTE to surrender and lay down their arms for the sake of thousands of your fellow beings, LTTE will loose their morale and give up the struggle either by surrender or by suicides. The present LTTE may be a mix of blood thirsty ego maniacs, money making machines, corrupted dealers and some sincere honest warriors. But they can not withstand another blow from their financiers abroad. They will collapse.

    This is 100% sure that until unless the diaspora discredit the LTTE , there is no point in knocking on the doors of various western countries for help and also exhibiting your anger against India for the predicament which the Diaspora has invited to its doors.

    Hope all who claim to speak from their heart will understand this truth. But it is too difficult to understand also. Because the Diaspora is a also party to the problem.

  46. Nitharshan,

    To sum it up of your answer on tow words ( if those people learned enough to understand)

    For the first asnwer to # 12– Structural Genocide

    For the second answer to # 24 — Physical Genocide

  47. Folks, both Sinhalas and Thamil (and others), lets get real, you’ve just going to have to work together. United we stand…

  48. The UK has told Sri Lanka it may face a potential war crimes probe over deaths of civilians in the island’s conflict, a Foreign Office minister has said.- BBC

    Wonder British is still not made its mind when they used the word “Potential”

    HRW and AI both have already said so and I thnk HRW has already created files on this respect.


    BBC 2

  49. Red cross is talking about “unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe”, British government is looking in to “war crimes” and CBC is focusing on Ignorant “flag bearers”.

    Out here, in the heartland of west, CBC is not popular at all. I wonder why?

    But kudos to DBS, I felt he was walking a fine line and picked his words carefully. Majority of us are not concerned about LTTE or SLG/SLA. I wish CBC has focused on the suffering of innocent civilians.

  50. Question to #49. Don’t you think that VP lived in relative luxary? His kids had birthday parties when others of same age were given cyanide capsuls. His daughter is seen in photos dressed up like a film star with a red rose in hand, while girls of her age were given suicide jackets and sent to kill people. There is no denying these things, the photos are all there for all the world to see. Didn’t he sell out for 180 or 200 million rupees so that Mahinda could come to power? For all the unquestioned devotion that you guys have given to him, what has he given in return? 30 years of death, more death, and almost complete desruction of a community. When are you guys going to wake up and see what is happening? If you guys are so worried about the trapped civilians, how come that there has not been a single placard, a single request for LTTE to let these people go at any of the demonstration around the world held by the Diaspora? When most of Sri Lanka is collecting money, food, and clothing items that are to be sent to the IDP camps, why is that there is no such effort in Diaspora communities? Is you compassion for your own people only as long as they can be used to support your fearless leader who is hiding?


    Dinesh Gopalapillai

    Your point is well taken ( # 49)

    Yes, Many peace loving people including late Lasantha Wick. of the Sundya Leader Editor has been begging that peace. It will only exist when the injustice to part of the people was eliminated.

    The Uneducated bunch from HAMBANTOTA ( less than five) thought they can achieve peace at will.

    Both the Non LTTE and LTTE Tamils are telling the International Community the same

    I told one of my sinhala Friend that if any future GoSL that is willing to give an acceptable solution to the Tamils, TAMILS AREREADY TO THROW THE TIGERS OUT OF THEIR SITE, OUT OF THEIR MIND.

    But the actions of successive governments have made Tamils looking to the LTTE more than ever whether they were doing the right thing or wrong, they are were willing to accept the monopoly as long as GoSL ( any party) is only willing to satisfy the Sinhala peeple for their voter bank.

  52. —-“The UK has told Sri Lanka it may face a potential war crimes probe over deaths of civilians in the island’s conflict, a Foreign Office minister has said.- BBC”——

    Which no doubt will allow some wag at the Sri Lankan Foreign Office to announc that the UK may face a potential war crimes probe over the death of civilians in Afghanistan.

  53. I am really getting fed up with the Diaspora.. That goes for both Tamil and Sinhalese.

    They are fighting verbally for a country that most of them will never go back to even if there is peace. In the mean time the average Sri Lankan in SL, suffers. The average people living SL does not care if there is one country or two. They have had enough. They want to live in peace.

  54. Panhinda (Comment 34)

    Great! now you are quoting the teachings of Lord Buddha. I am very much aware of Lord Buddha’s teachings. Vairayan Vairaya no sansidey! Should not it apply to all? instead of only to the Tamils? Just a cursory observation of the Singhalese – from JHU monks to Singhalese diaspora – all spew hatred. The teaching applies to Singhalese too.

    However, we are not living in a perfect world. The norman human being who has not attained Buddha hood are full of passions and the allied failings. After Śākyamuni Buddha the world yet to see the so called “Maitreya or Metteyya Buddhun”. Unless of course you profess to be one!!

    I do not know about you, I live in this normal world where passions – both good and bad – dictate terms how the world is run. Mere mortal beings like us (not any Maitreya Buddhun) have to deal with it and find solutions that are not ideal but acceptable to within this imperfect world.

    I would gently remind you to get off from your high horse!

  55. Panhinda

    On hind sight probably you are the Maitreya Buddhun! So why don’t you (like Śākyamuni Buddha decended upon Sri Lanka and settle quarrel between the Naga chiefs) settle this quarrel too? and just like Śākyamuni introduce (rather re-introduce) Buddhism to Sri Lanka??

  56. To don Sarath
    Who wants us Eelam tamils to go back to Tamil Nadu in India. Here is a thought, if the occupiers of the tamil land along with the speakers of Pali influenced sinhala language and the followers of the so called peaceful religion of Indian origin (Budhism) are repatriated back to Orissa our island which belong to the Tamils woul be a better place to live in.

  57. Ranjan, # 55

    You are asking the Tamils to let the Tamils to jump from the Frying pan to the fire.

    Each Tamil Diaspora I know want the Tamils to leave the war zone and not one in the right mind want them to go to “concentration camps”, Period.

  58. Hats off to DBS. I have read your columns while I was living in Srilanka, that was a long time ago. In 1977,when the Tamil youth turned towards violence, I objected strenously. I was in grade nine. The entire class refused to speak to me. It didn’t help that my parents migrated from India in the 50’s and my family was referred to as “kalla thoni” and”Vadakathayan”. I don’t deny Tamils were not treated as equals and there had been discriminations. But taking up arms was not the solution at that time. So many lives lost, decimated, destroyed and yet there is no peace.

    Somewhere along the way the purpose of Tamil struggle was lost. The successive SL governments were not interested in bringing a resolution. i don’t have to go into details as to who is to be blamed.

    Tamils were and still are hero worshippers. To them if someone does something that is different he or she could become a hero. It depended on that hero’s ability to maiantain his status. VP was an expert in keeping himself in the limelight all the time. Tamils never realized “EELAM” was not practical and EELAM would nor have solved their problems.

    Both LTTE and SLG wanted victory and not peace. Now that SLG is in the verge of declaring victory, they are not going to care about how many innocents are going to be killed.

    I beleive we should focus on the future of Srilanka. The victory will not last unless the SLG comes up with a political solution that will seem like a victory for both Sinhalese and Tamils. Otherwise another group will take up arms and the war will go on.

  59. I agree with Pramod ,#50. Tamil diaspora is part of the problem. They were giving money to LTTE for a long time and expected LTTE to keep on fighting, while the they drove nice cars, bought houses,sent their children to good schools. I think the younger generation of LTTE must have been fed up with this attitude knowing very well, even if EELAM was established most of the diaspora would not migrate to Eelam. How many Tamils from Canada would have gone back? Can anyone guess?

  60. Nathan (# 43), your comment “Tamils are very hard working always lived and living with dignity” – makes no sense. And you want others to study and do research?

    Is there any community that has been declared to be lazy and accused of living without dignity? You and a host of other Tamils (thankfully not everyone) have a huge ego that makes you think somehow you have dignity and others don’t.

    you state “We Tamil Canadians are asking the Canadian Government to intervene and help the innocent Tamils”.. This is not what the flag waving upstarts said on interviews. Some could hardly even put a few sentences together in English despite being born here – one of them claimed “we are here to ask the Canadian Government to lift the ban on LTTE”. Go figure.

    The biggest hurdle that Canadian Tamils face today is the thuggery of the pro-LTTE group. If not for that group, moderate Tamils (even those who think in terms of highly autonomous state based separation) could look for a solution within the framework of democracy. As of now, your efforts are not only wasted, but if thousands more were to die, believe me, you will have blood in your hands.

  61. Response to #55:

    Your definition of “luxury” is laughable by all standards. VP has spent the better part of his life in an underground bunker in the humid jungles. Your GOSL propaganda machine tries to twist even this by stating that his bunker was air-conditioned. Wow! On the continent of North America, where I live, air-conditioning is not considered a luxury. In any case, if the only luxury that the Southern (Sinhalese) politicians enjoyed were air-conditioned bunkers, I’m quite sure that neither you nor I would have heard the name of Velapullai Prabhakaran.

    You question why Prabhakaran gave his children a good education. Well, that is the way with Jaffna Tamils. We value education. I have come across quite a few Sinhalese extremists who take puck shots at the Diaspora, referring to them as “janitors.” The fact of the matter is, Tamils are among the highest earners in North America. We Tamils don’t need to clean houses in the Middle East to send back remittances to keep alive a half-breathing economy. The final example would be Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is one of the four richest states in India. In general, South India has outperformed North India in every relevant area, except perhaps race riots, poverty, casteism, and illiteracy. Does this leave any doubt that if there were a Tamil Eelam, it would easily outperform its Southern Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) neighbor? Everything goes back to the manner in which Tamils value education, which is in a very real sense, part of our culture almost.

    Yes, MR was able to bribe VP so that he, MR, could win the election. The real question is, why was MR not punished for this… how many Tamils are arrested all over all the island everyday, for simply not being able to produce an identity card? How many of the Tamils in the prisons have given LTTE 180 or 200 million rupees during the course of their lifetimes? Should not we apply the same standards to Mr. Dutugemunu wannabe, that we apply to Tamils?

    Why should the diaspora collect items to send to prison camps, when there can be no verification that such items end up in the hands of the rightful owners? Why does your Government prevent outsiders from entering these camps… if the people inside the camps despise the LTTE, as you and your Government claim, then surely, they will swear, rant, and rave against the LTTE, when a microphone is put before them, regardless of who is holding it?

    The fact of the matter is, your Government is engaged in ethnic cleansing. There is very little one can do to help victims of ethnic cleansing, if the aggressor is not punished first, and a permanent solution is enforced by outsiders. Unless there is some sort of international intervention to stop the state sponsored genocide, the Tamil diaspora will continue to fund armed struggle in S. Lanka.

  62. “But the actions of successive governments have made Tamils looking to the LTTE more than ever whether they were doing the right thing or wrong, they are were willing to accept the monopoly as long as GoSL ( any party) is only willing to satisfy the Sinhala peeple for their voter bank.”

    Absolutely. You are spot on, NAM. No one claimed that the LTTE was a movement of intellectuals. Its modus operandi has always been armed struggle. On the other hand, Tamil intellectuals (of the Oxford variety) tried to reason with Sinhalese Governments for more than three decades… I need not mention the well-known outcome here. But common sense dictates that if Tamil intellectuals (Amirthalingam, Chelva, Ponnambalam) could not extract even a meager political settlement from Oxford dons like SWRD, what is the chance that thugs like Karuna, Devananda, and that other traitor, Sangaree, can get the semi-literate Hambantota gang and its Buddhist extremist pals (JVP, JHU, Sarath Fonseka) to give a settlement? Even the APRC (no need to discuss its merits) was India’s idea. The clauses in the APRC would not have been enforced had India not militarily intervened.

    Without armed struggle: no political settlement

    With armed struggle: still no political settlement

    The only difference is that now, Tamil demands cannot be met except by armed struggle, since the Sri Lankan civil service employs thugs to silence any intellectual dissent.

  63. Don Sarath.
    I see what you are saying.Tamils have no place in sri lanka to ask for a seperate state. History has shown to tamils that they are not equal to sinhalase when it comes to justice, opportunity and dignity. And it is this that lead to the idea of a seperate state.

    I won’t tell you what to think but will state We are native to the land just as much as you are.. and if you say sri lanka is a ‘sinhala ratta’. there is a ‘tamil ratta’ as well. Other wise rewrite the constitution that includes all.

  64. Stephen Jones ,

    Correction ; It is not UK that bear the responsibility, it is NATO- the command responsibility is under NATO

  65. I wish the world would know the true story and understand the more subtle issues behind this human tragedy.

    The Sri Lankan regime as part of its genocidal mission against the Tamils has focused its activities on two fronts.

    At the first instance it has managed to impose its will on those parts of the Tamil homeland that it has captured from the LTTE in the Eastern Province and in parts of the Northern Province and in the Jaffna Peninsula, forcing the Tamils living there to be subservient; these areas are virtual open prisons; still occupied by the Sri Lankan military no one dare speak against the regime there; where the rule of the gun is the order of the day. The new provincial council that has been imposed in the east credited to be the model for the type of devolution the regime would offer the Tamils has fewer powers than a municipal council operating under the direct rule of the Sri Lankan president, headed by name only by a one time government Para Military turned stooge. The International Crisis Group has deemed it a failure.

    In the other instance under the guise of “fighting a war on terror against the LTTE”, the regime has not only unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire, it is waging a war against the Tamil people; those refusing to be subjugated and are prepared to stand loyal with the LTTE. The brutal Sri Lankan strategy seems to be to completely annihilate these Tamils by bombing and shelling them or to wear them out and weaken their resolve by denying them basic sustenance and medical care, then to virtually forcibly extract their involuntary surrender and hold them captive in concentration camps where worse atrocities are being committed as documented by Channel Four UK.

    Tamils are crying out for freedom from the clutches of Sri Lanka. Enough is enough, an Independant Tamil Eelam is the only solution that would bring about sustainable peace in Sri Lanka.

  66. Mr.Jeyaraj! There are so many like minded people out there looking for s sheppard. Why don’t you take an initiative to mobilise them and steer towards better understanding? There are many intelectuals and refined thinkers among Tamil and Singhalese diaspora who can contribute towards better understanding and better future. Someone has to take an initiative and I wish it be DBSJ as you are well known to Singhalese and Tamils. I expect your feedback. -Bala

  67. Heard your comments DBS on the CBC last evening ( the 12th) they were, as usual, balanced, informed and refreshing. A contrast to the flawed analysis and commentry of the Sri Lankan foreign minister and the various Tamil organizers who are either ill informed or just plain one-sided.

    The situation in Sri Lanka is a humanitarian disaster, but there were many disasters, too many to count–including the closure of the A9 and a number of other actions that targetted Tamil civilians.

    The community of folks interested in human rights and humanitarian justice deeply desire a space to organize and to hi-lite the tragedy and to request support from the international community for a ‘humanitarian pause’ so that civilians can get out of the area, but I for one can not stand in a space occupied by the LTTE under the LTTE flag.

  68. Dinesh Gopalapillai (#49)

    Dont try to con readers about ltte monopoly in canada

    From 300,000 tamils only 12,000 came for wenesday protest. many who came not tiger supporter but just there for tamil sympathy

    ltte media say 100,000 came but that not true. toronto english papers write truth as 12 thousand

    So what monopoly you talking about?

    a small minority claim to be popular by tough tactics.

    Dont praise VP here. He bought tamils to tragedy and run off.

    where is the leader?

    VP is war criminal

  69. USHA SSSK (#71)

    The LTTE has ruined Tamils.

    Tamil Eelam is impossible

    India is against it.

    The world is against it

    Now the Lanka army has destroyed tigers and demolished eelam dream

    Yet you live in cuckooland

    Worse still you people brainwash young generation for a fantasy

    if tamil eelam was ruled out when ltte was strong what chances are there now with ltte military machine no more and tiger leader absconding after bringing tamils to edge of cliff

    The only Tamil Eelam possible is a virtual eelam in minds of desperate diaspora like you

    Enough is enough

  70. Reply to Dinesh (#67). The words I used was “relative luxury” and I was not trying to compare the way VP lived with the southern politicians but the way he lived while the general population of NE that had to depend on the food, medicine, and other necessities of life provided by the government of Sri Lanka and the NGOs. I did not question why VP gave his kids a good education. I questioned why he had his daughter dressed up like a film star and pose with a red rose while hundreds of poor Tamil girls were forced in to Tiger suicide squads. I suppose you forgot to answer that. I questioned why you guys put up with VP when he had elaborate birthday parties for his children while hundreds and hundreds of other children were forcibly recruited in to Tiger ranks and used as cannon fodder.

    As for education, it is not just you Tamils that value education, everyone values education. It is not just a Tamil trait. And may I very respectfully point out to you that Tamils are not the highest wage earners in North America. As an immigrant community, that would be Chinese. I agree that there are very well educated Tamils in the Diaspora, professionals, engineers, doctors, but there are also many who work at minimum wages, in places like shops, restaurants. When did you last go to Scarborough in Toronto? Your assertion that there is no or very little cast-ism in Tamil Nadu (by extension Jaffna) is laughable. Go and read the book “The Silent Raga” by Ameen Merchant. And is it because the Jaffna Tamils treat their cousins who lead such a wrenched life in the tea estates of Central Sri Lanka so well that they have elected to have no part of the Northern Tamil struggle in the last 30 years and have quietly tried to work with the majority community?

    You talk about how Tamils are arrested all over the country for not being able to produce an identity card. Yes it is unfortunate, but given the fact that LTTE suicide bombers were running amok in the country at that time without any control what would a government do? In one of your previous posts you talked about how last year the government tried to move from Colombo some young Tamils who could not prove their residency. But you very conveniently forget to mention that move was prevented by the Supreme Court of the land and the government had to back down. So would you agree that the laws of the land did work that time, regardless of the ethnicity of the victims? In 1994, your heroes the LTTE, summarily chased away the whole of Muslim population from Jaffna with just 24 hour notice. Up to this day these people are refugees. Did you express any concerns about that? The fact of the matter is it is the LTTE who does ethnic cleansing and not the GOSL. If the government (by extension Singhalese) is doing ethnic cleansing, we must be very inefficient at it, because after 60 years of our rule, Colombo is 30% Tamil. There are Tamils living in every single major city/town in the Southern Sri Lanka. Not a very efficient way of doing genocide don’t you agree?

    Your excuse about the Diaspora’s inactivity with regards to the IDP camps is that they are prison camps. You say that outsiders are prevented from entering the camps.
    Here is what Toronto Star newspaper said in an article today:
    “We already have about 177,000 people here now, and they came to us sick, dehydrated and starving,” Care Canada emergency relief worker Melanie Brooks said in a phone interview from the large Vavuniya camp. “We are gearing up for the arrival of the other 50,000 people, and we can only imagine the condition they are in. But Hamilton-born Brooks, who has spent a week at the camp, said some conditions were improving, people were recovering from wounds and illness, and electrical lines were being installed. She said she had heard no reports of violence against the Tamil refuge-seekers there.”. So much for your statement about no outsiders being allowed in to these camps. Or would you say that Toronto Star is being paid by the GOSL to publish such reports?

    You are worried about the supplies not getting to the needy people? Give them to Care Canada, give them to International Red Cross. They are there at the camps and they will make sure that the needy people will get the supplies. After all it about these same people that the Diaspora was so concerned that you pushed women and toddlers on to a major highway, blocking it for hours in Toronto. While you are at it, you better also ask from your Diaspora LTTE supporters what happened to the millions of dollars that they collected after the Tsunami. Now that the government forces are entering the LTTE held areas, as the world can see, there is absolutely no evidence of any of that money having being spent on Tsunami victims except for an air-conditioned four story building for TRO. Instead, what the army is discovering is tons and tons of arms and ammunition and other items for Tigers, war supplies enough to last years and years.

  71. Dinesg Gopalapillai

    What armed struggle are you talking about?

    After shooting and killing tamil civilians the ltte has no moral right to claim liberator status

    Anyone supporting ltte like you are traitors to tamil people and accessory to crime against humanity

    If Devananda and Kadirgamar did not have people support then why did you ltte kill kadirgamar?

    why did you ltte try nine times to kill devananda?

    If the people dont want them why kill them?

    A fellow like prabakaran gets blood money from tamils and swims in luxury pool. his daughter looks like film star.

    I dont think she ever walked barefoot on sand

    But the damn ltte kidnaps poor people children and sends them to die in battle

    Shame! shame!1

    Person like you is disgrace to tamils

    you are real betrayer

  72. #74, Kumar. A. Swamy ,

    What was wrong in # 71s opinion,

    What she said are all known facts and even discussed in more than two country’s parliaments.

    It is those facts that UN, US and EU are working on,

    Did you read what the British parliament said,

    Quote : democratic governments are held to a higher standards of responsibility than other organisations”

    You, with your uncontrolled outburst have just placed the LTTE par with GoSL, in fact that is what LTTE wanted.

    On the other hand, relentless acts by the GoSL, SLA and India has put, Tamil Eelam a more reality than dream ( only different is sans LTTE )-

    Again no one know where VP is and even the Indian Raw or Srilankan Military Intelligence have any knowledge about his whereabouts as the last witnessed citing was on March 26th,

  73. Dear DBSJ,

    Very good interview.

    One point you have missed out.

    You should have emphasized that the LTTE elements in the Tamil Diaspora be controlled by the Canadian govt.

    By the way Your accent sounds like a Singhaleses. Were you brought up in a Singhala dominant area?

  74. 67. Dinesh Gopalapillai ‘s views show that he has to create a lot of excuses, distortion of fact & lies about tamil nadu, thalaivar & LTTE to cover up for their dreadful intransigence & backwardness. a totally unneccessary exercise if they were genuine liberators of the masses.

    he says-
    “if there were a Tamil Eelam, it would easily outperform its Southern Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) neighbor?”

    of course I agree completely. certainly in violence & the level of illiteracy they would outperform SL which has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. not to mention the killing of political & educated opponents who pose an intelluctual threat to thalaivar. if thalaivar is so successful at that now (without a seperate state & GOSL breathing down his fat neck) just imagine his success rate with a seperate state?. he’d break all the world records.

    according to Dinesh Gopalapillai MR has to be punished for giving a bribe but since thalaivar is infallible he cannot be tried for receiving a bribe (the so called bribe which has cost them the tamil homeland ).

    thalaivar is a god & free as a bird to do anything he likes. for example to send his children abroad while forcing tamil peasant kids to get used to the taste of cyanide. this is the mentality that has moulded the LTTE tamils worldwide. it shows one thing for sure. the vast difference between earned degrees & intelligence.

    while the LTTE supporters boast about the value of education (which they never allow the poor SL tamil children to have anyway) they never mention the value of questioning, common sense or basic human intelligence which has more survival value than earned degrees.

    basic common sense such as not to worship child killers & murderers of intelligentsia as gods. another striking fact that has surfaced from lots of posts is the diaspora thinking that doing menial jobs & being refugees in western countries is somehow superior to working in the middle east. a possible hint of confusion.

    LTTE supporters should read more about what the whites have done to minorities & their real ambitions. they should read about diego garcia, mauritius etc. or even the histories of canada & australia. the whites are still colonial in their thinking. they will never change. at the end of the day the whites really care only for money, resources & power. they’ll kill or take anybody on a good ride for their power projects. they will condemn one form of violence to suit them while actively sponsoring same in other places. the people who are blinded by hate & have no forward vision become suckers & fail to see thru these red herrings. these people lose their identity & suffer terribly.

    so LTTE supporters beware of violence for the sake of violence. enough is enough.

  75. Ranjan (#76), very, very well said.

    I would just ask of Dinesh Gopalapillai, why dont the LTTE let the civilians go? Do they know better than the civilians what they want? And do you know better than them what they want? Let them make their own decisions, and if they want to brave the “internment camps” where they will be raped and pillaged I guess, according to you, isnt that their right as a human being? Free will and all that? Just answer this one question please, never mind about who is doing what. Dont Tamil civilians currently in the no fire zone have the right, if they wish, to cross over to the government side? Why fire upon them from behind as they try to flee? I mean the LTTE have their best interests at heart don’t they, according to you? So are their best interests being looked after by shooting them in the back?

  76. I wish more and Sri Lankan TV reports in the YouTube to be in English and Tamil too.

    I have been watching many of them today. I think I cried few times seeing how LTTE is shooting the fleeing civilians and seeing the kids being killed by LTTE fire.

    It is heartening to hear how people scream and shout trying to save their lives.

    What a liberation that LTTE brought after destroying lives for 30 years!

  77. On some of the videos, I saw LTTE families walking out of the NFZ without any obstruction whatsoever from the LTTE.

    However, LTTE shot the normal civilians who tried to escape through the lagoon with utmost difficulties!

  78. —-“First check your GENE to prove that is that related to Tamil comunity”—–

    A bizarre statement, particularly as it is generally reckoned that Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese are basically from the same genetic stock.

    Tests on various groups have found that the Sinhalese are closest to Sri Lankan Tamils, who are I believe closer to the Sinhalese than to the Indian Tamils, and then the Sinhalese are closest to those from South India, and furthest away genetically from the Bengalis and Biharis sometimes given as the origin of the Sinhalese.

  79. Just watched the video in which the people were crossing the lagoon. It seems that they were getting shot even when the reached land. I couln’t stop crying. Why is there so much misery in the world..??

  80. This not a Hollywood movie where you find good and bad guys.
    There are two bad guys involved in a massive violation of humanitarian law and most of the well-meaning people who are watching the tragedy, are helpless and distracted by propaganda and counter-propaganda. In the meantime, innocent civilians are slaughtered like nothing.
    I hope collective guilt of international community will bring justice to the people who are starved, denied medical care and killed.

  81. Response to #80:

    Yes, Tamil Eelam would be superior to the Sri Lankan State. Let us ask ourselves, what has the Sri Lankan State accomplished in 60 years? The high literacy rate you speak of is due to the small size of the island, as well as colonialism. Using literacy as a gauge of success no longer merits the distinction it once did. India and China are producing millions of engineers a year… when the so-called “literate” in Lanka are paired up against these highly skilled technical workers, does literacy much matter? India will be putting out a nuclear submarine by the end of this year… India already has plans for a space program (China has already gone to the moon)… meanwhile, Southern Sri Lanka is relying on China and Germany just to build roads and a port. Further, the Sri Lankan education system has failed to evolve – while it is strong in certain theoretical areas, it has failed, on a practical level, to embrace cutting edge technology, making it more and more dependent on outside nations (the war is a prime example). So my friend, I challenge you to consider how literacy is not even a kilometer on the miles long road to self-sufficiency, which is where Sri Lanka’s neighbours are fast heading.

    A Tamil Eelam, on the other hand, would have strong diaspora support. The relationship between the Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE is very good. During the CFA, many Diaspora Tamils undertook rehabilitation projects in LTTE controlled areas. Further, the Diaspora is financially secure enough to engage in such reconstruction work, for protracted periods of time. There is no need of IMF loans or selling prime real estate to other countries. Further, the LTTE is run by very capable people. Your Sri Lankan Government displayed, on its own websites, the pictures of home-made mortar and other weapons factories in LTTE areas. The LTTE also created an airforce (from scratch) and had plans for submarines. What this shows is innovation. Let us also not forget that during the peacetime, the LTTE administration successfully ran banks, a police force, a law school, minted Tamil Eelam coins, and even had plans for “Tamil Eelam” passports. It held press conferences for international representatives from all over. What is more, the LTTE even formed good relations with the Ranil Wickremasinghe Government.


    Before sneering at the Sri Lankan state about what it has achieved in 60 years you should ask the LTTE on what it has gained in 33 years and how much the Tamils have lost in that period?

    Your boastful remarks contrast sharply with current reality.

    I am reproducing the poem “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley for your perusal

    I MET a Traveler from an antique land,
    Who said, “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desart. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read,
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is OZYMANDIAS, King of Kings.”
    Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair!
    No thing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that Colossal Wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  82. Response to #76:

    Of course, when you build high security zones on thousands of acres of prime farmland, when you let there be daily power cuts from 6 pm – 5 am… when you obstruct people’s movements by building checkpoints every 5 km, when you inhibit fishermen from going to sea by imposing fishing restrictions, when you grant fully armed soldiers the power of impunity to kidnap, torture, and kill Tamil civilians as they like… then yes, it is no wonder that Wanni Tamils are dependent on your Government for food and other basic necessities.

    Why shed crocodile tears for “poor Tamil girls” who become Black Tigers? Most Black Tigers undertake their mission voluntary… they themselves are usually direct victims of Sri Lankan Army abuses. I am not justifying the use of Black Tigers; however, for every bomb detonated by a Black Tiger, there are X25 aerial bombs released by the Sri Lankan Airforce, which are X100 more lethal.

    As for those children you shed crocodile tears for, they have very little future living under SLA terror. The East is an excellent example. These children are actually safer under the care of the LTTE, at least when not pressed into combat duties.

    No doubt, education is valued by many. Unfortunately, when your Sri Lankan Government willingly burns 97,000 books and engages in standardisation, one can only say that the Sri Lankan Government is more interested in the promotion of fascism and the subjugation of Tamils than any investment in education. Naturally, much of that can be ascribed to the nepotism which is a dominant characteristic of Southern Sri Lankan politics. Nepotism allows the ruling party to handpick no shortage of fools and crooks to do its bidding. Thus, we end up with the 109 man jumbo circus.

    If you want to debate the success of the Tamil diaspora community, I suggest you provide current labour statistics. There is a certain % who may be doing “menial work”; however, the Diaspora in general can be included among the bracket of highest wage earners.

    Indiscriminately arresting massive amounts of Tamils is not only a violation of basic human rights, it is also an example of shoddy police work. It is not merely the arrest that counts here; it is the fact that these people have no recourse to proper legal council, thanks to the draconian nature of the “Prevention of Terrorism Act.” The way this system works is, a Tamil will be randomly picked off the street, on the basis of the vaguely defined “suspicion” clause, and subject to torture, If he is ever produced in a Court, those who tortured him merely have to state that they found a “grenade” in that person’s possession, or else that that person “could not justify his stay in Colombo.” On this flimsy basis, full of circumstantial evidence (not to mention, quite often the person is forced, under duress, to sign a confession in Sinhala) and evidence planted by the police, the person will somehow be “connected” to the LTTE, and his detention will be extended for another 90 days. Is this how the legal system of a “democracy” is meant to function?

    What does it matter if the Supreme Court ruled down the deportation of Tamils to the North? Did the Supreme Court punish Gothabaya Rajapakse for his orders? Did it compensate victims for their extreme hardship? Further, did it bother to get to the root of the problem, which is that Northern and Eastern Tamils in Colombo are singled out for abuse?

    No doubt, LTTE chased away Muslims from Jaffna. However, it also apologized and asked them to come back. Now I ask you… has your Sri Lankan Government apologized to journalists for suppressing their rights? Has it acknowledged that its shells and heavy artillery have killed even a single Tamil in the No Fire Zone? Yes, there are Tamils who live in the South. Many of them have fled from the North to escape your barbarian army and its martial law. It is simple economics, not any desire to mingle with the majority, that has caused their migration.

    Speaking of tsunami, it is well known how your Southern Sri Lankan Government stole even this money. Did not Mahinda Rajapakse himself go to the Supreme Court to block investigations into the “Helping Hambantota” Scandal? As for the LTTE, TEEDOR, in conjunction with the Tamil Diaspora, did far more to help Tsunami victims in LTTE controlled areas, than did the Sri Lankan Government. So your contention that the LTTE used tsunami money for nefarious purposes, is amusing at best.

    Whatever Melanie Brooks said is not indicative of the full gravity of the situation. We cannot know the full scope of the situation unless neutral, third-party observers are allowed into these camps. 600 Tamil youth were killed after the SLA took over Jaffna in 1996. Now one of the commanding generals of that period, is in charge of the camps. Further, it is a fact that paramilitaries roam these camps at will. Combine all of these with the fact that outsiders are not allowed access to the camps, and it is very plausible to assume that all manner of abuses are taking place.

  83. Dear DBSJ:

    The difference between the Tamils and the Sinhalese is that the Tamils once vigorously pursued the democratic alternative to politics. It is the failure of consecutive Sinhalese Governments to respond to that call which led to the growth of the LTTE. In a very real sense, we can conclude that the coming of the LTTE was inevitable. In a similar vein, if the British had remained in India despite Gandhi’s peaceful protests, there is a point in time (after Gandhi, of course), when those protests would have turned violent (in fact, even during the time of Gandhi, they threatened to turn violent). Before Gandhi, of course, there was the Sepoy Rebellion. Such high-profile vaunted figures as Subhash Chandra Bose, contemporaries of Gandhi, were hardly men of peaceful means. I trust you see the analogy.

    I would also remind you, I do not sneer at the Sri Lankan Government merely for its failures. What I sneer is its failure, even after 60 years, to acknowledge its mistakes. It is the difference between ignorance and stupidity. If, after 60 years, it chooses to mobilize 150,000 soldiers and the military resources of 10 or 12 countries, to deal with the “Tamil Question”, rather than even draw the mere outline of a working Constitutional amendment or a model for federalism, then what are we left to conclude? Is this not the reason why even you yourself stated on this very blog that international intervention is the optimum solution?

    On a final note, I have always supported federalism as an alternative to a separate state. On this very blog, itself, I have discussed its merits with Dayan Jayatillake, who fully and quickly rejected such calls.
    It is the same mindset that justifies the indefinite of the civilian in camps. The same one that will very soon justify the colonization of the traditional Tamil homeland. Ironically, as I have written on this blog itself, those same camps will serve as an ideal breeding ground for the next generation of Tamil militants.

    In any case, it is my hope that the next Eelam war will yield better results for our side… it was a rare combination of geopolitics, economic depression, and 9-11 residue that allowed for the present situation. Your blog did an excellent job of covering those in detail.

  84. Dinesh,

    One question to you.

    If peace existed in Sri Lanka today, and the fighting, militarisation, paramilitary kidnappings were to cease, in what underlying way would Sri Lankan Tamils be disadvantaged in Sri Lanka? Language? Tamil is an official language. Access to tertiary education? Tamils have access to this on the same basis as other groups. Colonisation? Communal riots? The Tamils have taught the SL a lesson about this militarily that Sinhalese and IC have not forgottent. A properly implemented Provincial Council System should act as a further bulwark for Tamil interests. Of course we will have to be patient with this.

    In today’s world there is also the underlying economic self-interest from globalisation that speeds everyone toward the idea of working together. South India is the cash-cow of India’s booming economy. The linguistic ties Sri Lankan Tamils have to India is a huge foothold that Sinhalese stand to benefit from as well.

    Even without a federal system and the status quo constitutionally, why would you wish for an Eelam V to condemn another generation of Tamils to death destruction and destitution? Peace brother!!

  85. Fran,

    The article though well meaning is patently ridiculous. These concentric rings would be stir a hornets nest of hatred and anger among Sinhalese in the South who would see it as a colossal act of conspiracy and interference in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs by India and would strengthen the hand of neo-fascists like the JVP and JHU and weaken moderates in the mainstream polity. Sri Lanka went down this path in the 1980’s, it would not help the Tamil cause.

    The writers obsession with building a coalition of the willing among Tamils from Mauritius to Malaysia sounds like a bogus agenda to build a pan-global Tamil consciousness. What does a Tamil in Maritius have any stake in the affairs of a Tamil in Sri Lanka? Does a Mexican have a stake in political events in Spain? Last I checked there was no swine flu in Sri Lanka.

    Money time and diplomatic effort would much better spent ensuring Tamils have their human rights respected under existing laws guaranteeing, and advancing their interests within the existing constitutional framework. Last but not least, and perhaps the most important (given the religiostity of the South Asian culture) and the past most underutilised initiative, would be to build strong links across faith communities Christian, Buddhist and Hindu.

  86. Dear RS Wickremasinghe:

    The fighting, militarization, and paramilitary kidnappings will not cease simply because the LTTE goes away. What will happen is that they will become institutionalized. That is why a checks and balances system in the Constitution is so vital. When a ruler is given too much power, as the Executive Presidency clearly mandates, that ruler will in all likelihood abuse the power. As much as the world respects Barrack Obama, the limits of his power are clearly delineated by the American Constitution. Nominations to his Cabinet, for example, must be approved by Congress.

    Unfortunately, certain third-world countries such as Sri Lanka, have not yet understood the importance of a Constitution. They are stuck with a pre-colonial mentality which posits one or two individuals as superhuman. Except for Lee Kuan Yew, of Singapore, I do not know of a superhuman who truly lived up to his reputation. Most of the superhumans – Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, have simply survived on the nationalist euphoria which they fed to the largely naive, uneducated rural masses, and died as bitter loners. Lee Kuan Yew’s brilliance was to turn Singapore into a truly pluralist society, instead of a playground for the Chinese to indulge in ethnic nationalism. Lee Kuan Yew is the last superhuman of the 20th century, and one of the few truly successful ones, as far as I am concerned. In retrospect, it is far better that the checks and balances system be in place than accord monumental amounts of power to a single sneaky individual.

    Your namesake, Ranil W. was not a superhuman. He did not wave the magic wand of nationalist euphoria, which is why Southern (Sinhalese) Sri Lanka rejected him. His successor, unfortunately, has chosen to take that route. The successor has already wrought wounds on the minority community which will take decades to heal. If, by collecting clothes and food for IDP’s, the Sinhalese community wishes to absolve itself for the sins of the “superhuman”, they are very wrong. As you said, we are in the 21st century. This is the age of the underdog. The World has evolved quite a ways from “Social Darwinism” and “Mahavamsa mentality.” The majoritarian-instigated communalism that is having its heyday in Southern Sri Lanka is not a permanent fixation. It is a historical accident which 60 million Tamils will do everything in their power to amend – when the time comes, of course.

  87. As Ranil says, the article is another of these jingoistic, “let’s invade another country and kill lots of people because we are compassionate carers for their human rights.”

    Subramian Swamy wrote a whole book suggesting the Indians should invade and install an airforce base at Temple Trees, and adding 1,000 odd years to the time of the Ashokan Empire. As Pankaj Mishra said to me in an email:
    you are right about the triumph of unreason and illogic in Indian political life. S. Swamy, however, belongs to his own special category of looniness.

    Nair appears to be a sensible writer but he is one of I don’t know how many Indians who think India should impose a solution on the poor Sri Lankans to which he thinks there is some kind of feudal overlordship. The last solution imposed by Indians was the 13th Amendment, which was imposed on two sides who both did their best to undermine it. He has now announced that the last Indian diktat is not fit for purpose, and so wishes for a second installment, a matter made even more hilarious by the fact that the GOSL has reluctantly come to accept the 13th Amendment and can be pressured to give it teeth in all but the merger of Northern and Eastern provinces which would never pass a referendum in Eastern Province anyway.

    And he also is ignoring the fact that the LTTE assured the election of a President who was on a political platform opposed to federalism, and campaigned for a unitary state, and that by starting a war which they have lost, they have ensured a further mandate for him, and given much needed oxygen to the chauvinistic in Sinhala society.

    And he completely ignores the Plantation Tamils; despite their Indian origin he has airbrushed them out of the past, present and future because they are low caste, don’t talk trendy western ideas like self-determination, and do non-jobs like grow tea and potatoes or clean hotel rooms. The near half of the Lankan Tamil population that lives in the South doesn’t get any consideration either.

  88. Dinesh,

    The Sri Lankan constitution is flawed, but I disagree that there would be racial violence or discrimination against the Tamils to justify a further Eelam war.

    You talk of your disdain for Maharajah worship in democracy. I share the same view . It would be better for all Sri Lankans who value democracy to unite poltically to agitate on the issue of constitutional reform rather than argue for divisions along communal lines.

    Would you prefer a Superhuman Sun God Thalaiver like Prabhakaran to run a dictatorship in Eelam? What would that look like for the Tamils constutionally?

  89. RS Wickremasinghe:

    I can’t speak for myself, personally, but I am sure the following children would rather live under the “dictatorship” of the “Sun God.” At least they wouldn’t be hanging upside down, naked, with chillie powder in their noses and electrodes pressed against their scalp.

    “Mano Ganeshan, alleged that the authorities had taken away 1,500 Tamil youths from the Vavuniya and Mannar refugee camps to centres in Kandy and Gampaha, but none of them have been named. “LTTE cadres may be among the Tamil civilians and there is nothing wrong in separating them, but the government cannot spirit away 1,500 youths and keep quiet about it. The families of the youths are desperately searching for them and the government has a moral obligation to reveal their identities.”


    This is just what I wrote to Ranjan – that 600 children disappeared in Jaffna in 1996. Now it looks like 1500 (the number is no doubt higher) have been taken away. Will the majority community ever learn? Personally, I wish the UN would just militarily intervene.

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