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India not supporting us did considerable damage to the Sri Lankan position at UNHRC

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Prof. G.L. Peiris Interviewed by Dianne Silva

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton shakes hands with Sri Lanka Minister of External Affairs G.L. Peiris after a bilateral meeting and a joint press availability in the Treaty Room at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on May 28, 2010.-US State Dept. Photo

Question: Why was Sri Lanka unable to obtain enough support to defeat the United States sponsored resolution?


I think the public should know that one matter that the international community and the delegation were distressed about was the manner in which the UNHRC is functioning today.

The Council was set up by the General Assembly because its predecessor the Human Rights Commission had become excessively politicized. Therefore the Council was expected to be a mechanism that would consider every case on its merits—that is the opposite of what is happening today.

Today what is happening is that the voting pattern in the UNHRC is determined by a series of strategic political alliances, rather than an evaluation of the issues relating to a particular matter. There are 11 countries from Western Europe in the Council, out of 47; we had the strange and interesting experience in Geneva that some of these members told me and the delegation that they do not agree with what is being done—they believed that it is important that Sri Lanka be given the time and space to implement the recommendations of the LLRC report.

However they stated that despite their personal disagreement, they would nevertheless vote for the resolution because each individual country does not have a say in how they vote, that decision is taken by Brussels. These countries told us that “we don’t break ranks, except on Palestine, we vote as a bloc”. Therefore all 11 votes go together conscience has no role to play, whatever their feelings may be they have to vote in a particular manner—this contravenes the very purpose of the Council.

We find that to be deeply disturbing; it is like playing a cricket match with one side starting at a 100 runs and the other starting at zero. Out of 47 people 11 have already made up their minds; you can talk to them and convince them of your position but it will make no difference to the manner in which they vote. Then there are eight countries from Latin America and besides Ecuador and Cuba the others vote with the US. This is a serious problem because the Council is now voting in blocs.

If you take the Sri Lankan situation there were 15 who voted with us and eight who abstained, despite all the pressure they were under—24 voted for and 23 did not support the resolution; you cannot call that a convincing majority.

Q: What do you think your meetings in Africa achieved?


If you take the African countries the US has resident missions in all those countries and towards the end pressure was being applied on these countries on a daily basis, there were delegations sent to those countries from the EU and US. Despite the pressure, three of those countries voted for us Mauritania, Congo, and Uganda. I personally travelled to those countries and they gave me personal assurances that regardless of the pressure, they would vote in our favour. Five other African countries withstood all the pressure and abstained from voting—I went to some of those countries and my colleagues also visited those countries. If we had not gone to those African countries all those votes would have gone the other way. We can be very proud that we achieved this result in the African countries.

Then the Arab countries Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, these countries were visited by the members of the government and four of them voted against the resolution and Jordan abstained due to immense pressure.

We are also very proud that Asia stood together, with the exception of India. Malaysia abstained from voting because of a large Diaspora there and the Malaysian elections are due shortly. There was extreme pressure on the Asian countries but they stood firmly with Sri Lanka. These are very substantial achievements and they would not have been possible if we had not gone to the capitals.

Q: What are the consequences of the passing of this resolution?


There is a great deal of alarm in this country about the resolution, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This is not like the passing of a resolution in the Security Council, which are self-executing resolutions. However the resolutions at the UNHRC are non binding, they have been passing resolutions against Cuba and Israel for a long time. Some are trying to create a picture of trade sanctions etc. but these are totally unfounded there are no such consequences that flow from a UNHRC resolution.

Q: If so then why did Sri Lanka try so hard to stop this resolution from being passed?


Because the aim of this resolution was to put Sri Lanka on the agenda of the UNHRC which means the Sri Lankan situation can be visited from time to time.

SL Engagement with UNHRC

Q: How will Sri Lanka engage with the UNHRC in the future, now that this resolution has been passed and we are expected to present to them progress by the 22nd Session?


There will be no issues with engaging with them in the future, because, as they acknowledged we have participated in the UNHRC and the side events at therefore there will be no difference. Therefore for us it will be a case of continuing our engagement not about starting something new.

Q: Will Sri Lanka present something at the 22nd Session, has the government thought about the next step now that this resolution has been passed?


We will move forward at our own pace and our policy will be determined by the interests of people in this country. The LLRC is our own commission so to implement the LLRC recommendations we don’t need any external pressure we will do it anyway—and of course we will keep the international community informed. There is no question of responding to pressure.

Q: In that case you are saying the government will keep the international community informed, but at the pace of the government and not necessarily within the timeframe given by the resolution and therefore at the 22nd session?


There is no reason why Sri Lanka should not keep the UNHRC informed at the 22nd Session.

Q: Some report will be presented then?


Yes, but not only at the 22nd session but the ones before that as well. Also at the Universal Periodic Review, as we have consistently said even before the resolution was passed.

US SL Relations

Q: The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extended an invitation to you, to come to travel to the US and engage with Washington. Why did you not go and could Sri Lanka not have guaranteed a different result if we had engaged with the US?


I received a letter dated the 25th of January, and she makes it very clear that the decision to bring the resolution had already been made in Washington. there are two sentences in the letter to me which make the American position very clear—they are inviting me to come to Washington but they tell me that there is no misunderstanding that the decision has been made. One paragraph in that letter states begins with “while the decision has been made”, therefore there is no flexibility in that statement. The US is telling me; “we want you to come, we want to talk to you—but don’t come expecting us to change our minds”.

That being the case we made the decision that we would go to the US but the timing would be considered, I am going in May. We have a bilateral relationship with the US therefore we never refused to go. Had I gone at that time, the optics of the situation would have been that this was a collaborated resolution—many people had this impression, but this was not the case. Therefore in Geneva we had to make it very clear to all the delegations that this was not a consultative and collaborated resolution brought by Sri Lanka and the US. We had to make it clear that we opposed this move, however had I gone in January it would have seemed like I was travelling there to agree upon the text of the resolution—that would have been detrimental to the position of Sri Lanka.

There are many matters to discuss with the US and the right time to go is after the vote, to go at that time would not have been in the national interest of Sri Lanka.

Q: Hillary Clinton stated right after the vote that she wished to engage with Sri Lanka. What is the government’s plan with regards to engagement with the US? What impact will the resolution have for the bilateral relationship?


We will continue our engagement as before. Certainly the US is a country with which we have bilateral relations and we will continue to talk to them. When I meet her I will indicate to her, what we have done and what we plan to do in the near future as well as the constraints that we face—we will engage in a candid discussion which will contain all these matters. There is certainly no hesitation on our part to engage with the US. We resisted the passing of this resolution, but that does not mean that we are not prepared to talk to them and that is what we plan to do in the new situation that has arisen.

India – Sri Lanka relationship

Q: What will be the consequences for the Sri Lanka-India relationship, considering the fact that India did not support Sri Lanka at the vote?


One has to face the reality of it; India not supporting Sri Lanka did considerable damage to the Sri Lankan position. Before the vote was taken on Thursday, the Indian Prime Minister made the statement in Parliament on Monday that India would vote for the US resolution, and thereby against Sri Lanka.

We came to the conclusion after consultation with countries that were working very closely us that before this announcement was made Sri Lanka had a slight edge, two votes or one vote. However the statement on Monday made a very considerable difference, because every ten minutes after this statement was made delegations were phoning us to ask about the Indian stand. It made it difficult for many countries who were going to vote in our favour to take that stand because of this very high profile development.

It resulted in a situation where some countries that were going to vote with Sri Lanka, decided that the most they could do was to abstain from voting and some countries that were going to vote against the resolution voted in favour of it, after the Indian intervention. Therefore the Indian move did considerable damage.

Having said that I want to say that our relations with India is one that has stood the test of time, it has had its ups and downs and had to face strains more significant than the present situation. We will continue our relationship with India and engage with them.

We do need to say that it was not just the case of losing one vote, it had a more significant impact of the situation and not just that but the whole atmosphere.


Can Sri Lanka ever depend on India? Party politics in India, when it comes to Sri Lanka will always play a role.


One has to be pragmatic in these matters; survival of a government is a factor that has to be given primacy. The government of India succumbed to the pressure domestically. As far as the future is concerned there is no rupture of the Indo-Lanka relationship. However we will recognize the fact that the Indian intervention, merely three days before, had severe consequences for the vote. Courtesy: Daily Mirror

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  1. As international law suggest “ if a state unable or unwilling to investigate war crimes” international investigation is inevitable.
    Srilankan president and many other personalities has stated that Srilanka will not implement UN resolution .

    There fore It is time to initiate international investigations as suggested by UN expert Pannel, AI, HRW , British PM , ex-FM of UK David miliband.

  2. Where was all these people (UN expert Pannel, AI, HRW , British PM , ex-FM of UK David miliband) when LTTE was blasting bombs almost everyday in South? They are not war crimes?

  3. G.L says :All 11 votes go together conscience has no role to play, whatever their feelings may be they have to vote in a particular manner—this contravenes the very purpose of the Council.

    Minister Sir,

    Did conscience play a role when you bombed 40,000 innocent victims in Vanni?

    Does conscience play a role when families wanting to know whether their loved ones are dead or alive and are given no answer?

    Does conscience play role when government sends out white vans and execute extrajudicial killings?

    Does conscience play role when innocent journalists are abducted and their wives are left without husbands and children are without fathers?

    Does conscience play a role when government actively colonize north and east?

    Does conscience play role when fishermen are killed for protesting against the hike in oil price peacefully?

    Does conscience play a role when you point blank deny the Channel 4 videos are untrue?

  4. It is ridiculous that GLP has come to know about how the UNHRC works only now.This may also be the reason why although he has written so many books on various fields of Law none of them are treated as authorities on the subject unlike Weeramantry on Law of Contracts or ERSR Coomarasamy on Law of Evidence. The Non Alligned Countries (NAM), Arab League and the Islamic Conference countries had been doing this for a very long time. Another type of countries are like Sri Lanka who because they may also have to face a similar situation due to Human Rights Violations voting always with the wrongdoer.If SL got even 15 votes in their favour it was surely for this reason.Look at the countries who voted for them, Bangla desh,Maldives,Iran,Indonesia,Congo, Thailand and if MR’s friend Qadafi was living his country would have also voted for SL but this time they voted against Sri Lanka(Or in favour of the US resolution).This is not new and this was going on for some time.However even those who would have normally voted against US voted with them because of the genuineness of matters stated therein.One wonders why SL should be against the recommendations of its own Commission(LLRC). One understands itwhen one considers(a) SL never implement any of thr Reports of its own Presidential Commission and (b)as GLP states, “We will move at our own pace and our policy will be determined by the interests of people in the country’. Is he referring to the “Sinhala Buddhist peoples”(Including but mainly JVP-Weerawansa-such a hypocrite that he got the autograph of Bill Clinton when he visited SL after the Tsunami-JHU and Patriotic Front).After what we see,hear and read do we need any further evidenceabout the state of affairs in SL. A former P.C Member belonging to UNP has been abducted( and who happens to be a relative of Jeevan Kumaratunga only a few days ago according to the news. The Police in their statement about M de Silva’s utterances has given him ‘defences’ if he were to be questioned, including ‘insanity’ and ‘publicity’?. In the case of India, it was they who saved SL in May 26/27,2009 at Geneva but how long can they do it in the face of outright lies even making their Foreign Minister a liar and not implementing fully even the 13A which is part of SL Constitution for almost quarter of a century.

  5. GLP,

    Q: If so then why did Sri Lanka try so hard to stop this resolution from being passed?

    A: Because the aim of this resolution was to put Sri Lanka on the agenda of the UNHRC which means the Sri Lankan situation can be visited from time to time.

    Are you trying to tell us that the Lankan Government would have implemented 100% of what is suggested in the LLRC report if it had not been put on noticice by the resolution at the UNHCR? Whom are you trying to fool you learned idiot! It is well known that the LLRC report was produced to buy time, hoodwink and keep at bay the international community. Have you guys not been caught with your pants down by preparing a bogus LLRC report which you never intended to implement? Fools.

    Now the whole world is watching you goons so be smart and do what needs to be done. Get rid of the white vans to start with and ask Gota, Vimal and Mervyn to keep their mouths shut.

  6. G.L. Peiris was a honourable, humane and wonderful person according to his former students until he took up politics as his full time job.

    In 1997 he was invited to give a talk on draft constitution at one of the leading London universities. My friends who attended the event heard him saying that soon after the elections the draft constitution would be debated in the parliament. Since then my friend had returned to Sri Lanka and he is still awaiting for GL to discuss the constitution in the parliament.

    Now almost 15 years have passed, the draft must be gathering dust in the National Archives.

    Could any one remind him this.

  7. Rohana Puthra says:
    Where was all these people (UN expert Pannel, AI, HRW , British PM , ex-FM of UK David miliband) when LTTE was blasting bombs almost everyday in South? They are not war crimes?

    Rohanage Puthra,

    They all were there even when ’83 riots was systemetically conducted by the then government. Majority of the then politicians as well as sinhala governemnt officials include police, army, and navy personals were directed the wipe out show. Were they not criminals?

  8. This is a non-binding motion. GL is right. The governemnt must decide what and what to be implemented. Outsiders have no say in the implementation of the LLRC report.

    Some Tamils who never go back and live in Sri Lanka make silly statements. America or others never come and arrest Rajapakse. These Tamils encouraged and supplied millions to the LTTE criminals. Now they cry about “human” rights. That is the biggest joke.

    UNHRC is a lame duck and unable to force Israel to implement any of the decisions made by it. Are the WHITES expecting the BLACKS must OBEY?

  9. Should India not be concerned about the plight of Tamils in SL, feelings of Tamils in India and playing second fiddle to China

    China, Russia also did not use VETO !!

    Many Asian countries were not backing us knowing very well we were way behind the votes and remained not voting

    Blame is not here and there, but fairly and squarely on the present regime

  10. @M.Sivananthan:

    “UNHRC is a lame duck and unable to force Israel to implement any of the decisions made by it. Are the WHITES expecting the BLACKS must OBEY?”

    And yet, Sri-Lanka is always at the forefront of the UN forums including this recent one speaking for Palestine and supporting resolutions against Israel. Now, if UNHRC is a lame duck, why is Sri-Lanka putting all this effort to pass resolutions against Israel? Sri Lanka wants Israel to obey but it does not want to obey? More like the BLACKS expect the WHITES to obey. More precisely, sheer hypocrisy from Sri-Lanka – a very, very black pot calling the kettle black.

  11. what is happening in Sri Lanka is a systematic genocide. It has been happening for the last 60 odd years. What happened in the last stages of the war was taking that genocidal project to its extreme.

    It has been three years since the war ended. There are several steps that are being taken currently that carry on the structural genocide of our people. What is happening in Sri Lanka and particularly to the Tamil nation in the island of Sri Lanka is the dismantling of the existence of the Tamils as a distinct nation of people. That is what is happening and it is that what has to be investigated and our belief is that if there is any prospect of justice to be met, it can only happen through one international independent investigation. thank you for tamil nadu and usa help tamil to get free from singala ridiculous

  12. I am referring to all the countries that supported the resolution:
    Did they all support the Sri Lankan govt., aided with intelligence and arms to rid of the LTTE ?
    With all the technology and intelligence are they not aware there were human rights violations and war crimes?
    Now they accuse the Govt. committing crimes.
    Who gave the aid?
    India and UN with the Nambiars are well aware of everything.
    What do these countries who voted for and against want? Is it in the interest of the Tamils or the Sri Lankans as whole? Is it a change of regime to get a piece of the pie – the oil blocks exploration in Mannar and/or against the Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean?
    We need peace, presence of justice and absence of oppression. Who will help us?
    Ratnam Ganesh

  13. I feel that the new generation of Tamil diapora is speaking only based on what their parents have taught them. The young Tamil diaspora should come down to Sri Lanka and personally experience what majority Sri Lankans are like. I am 33 years old and I have my own opinion of the problem that Sri Lanka suffered for many years. In school and office I have had many good friends who are Tamil, Muslim, Burger and Sinhalese. I personally new the difficulties that all went through due to the conflict, different communities in different ways and together we are all happy that the country is peaceful and we are all eager for economic development that will leave all Sri Lankans happy. Young Tamil friends overseas, it’s time you speak out with your own opinion.

  14. You won the UNHRC vote in the 2009. Then you didn’t say these things. You were very happy. Now that you have failed to get the requisite number of votes you are saying these things.

    I wish India act in this way hereafter with regard to sri lanka.

  15. A distant cousin from Panadura, a superb intellectual, scholar and a highly principled man, upon entering politics – has sacrificed his core values, soul and spirit in exchange for power and glory. What a waste and disappointment. But you really cannot blame GL, or for that matter Colvin R de Silva, or NM Perera or other principled Tamil and Muslim leaders who have mortgaged their principles over the ego-route. That is the problem in Sri Lanka: good men are unable to cultivate the power of goodness needed to advance positive change as the counter forces of darkness (extremists motivated by fear and greed) are much greater on the island. Show me one Sri Lankan Statesman or Stateswoman?

  16. “The Council was set up by the General Assembly because its predecessor the Human Rights Commission had become excessively politicized. Therefore the Council was expected to be a mechanism that would consider every case on its merits—that is the opposite of what is happening today.” Why dont you say it straight that this council is also politicized.Now you know
    what it means when systems of Justice become politicized so clean up your own backyard. I don’t need to tell you how.
    The country has been crying for it a long time.

  17. Dr. So-called Vasanthi

    You mean an investigation on LTTE terroists and their barbaric actions against all communities in our Mother Lanka. There is a little problem all terrorits in SL have noe been wiped out. We are waiting Die-Ass-Poo-ra like you to step on our soil.

    Please be brave and we will welcome you anytime.

  18. M.Sivananthan says:

    “This is a non-binding motion. GL is right. The governemnt must decide what and what to be implemented. Outsiders have no say in the implementation of the LLRC report.”

    I hesitate to agree with you however insiders never have had say in the formulation and implementation of any progressive legislations in Sri Lanka either.

    “Some Tamils who never go back and live in Sri Lanka make silly statements.”

    I again hesitate to agree with you however you have conveniently forget all those clownish thoughts, words and deeds by ministers and stupid Sinhalese in the past 120 years.

    ” UNHRC is a lame duck and unable to force Israel to implement any of the decisions made by it. Are the WHITES expecting the BLACKS must OBEY?”

    When stupid BLACKS refuse to respect democratic rights of their own people don’t you think it is too much to expect equality from WHITES.

    When are you going to learn? If you don’t learn the WHITES will always force you to obey.

  19. Prof.G.L.Peiris..DO YOU THINK THAT THE SOCIETY IS FOOLISH AS YOU ARE…do not talk like a young child punished for being stubborn…read what you have said..”India has harmed Sri Lanka by voting for the US Resolution but will report to US about plans” …somewhere else you say that whatever the circumstances Sri Lanka will not work according to the UNHRC demands and will not bow down to International Pressure..!!!! what the ..ck are you saying…? if you cannot do the Job get the hell out…the Foreign Ministry will not collapse just because you are not there..

  20. The Professor talks about needing time and space to implement the LLRC recommendations. The parliament was able to rush through the 18th Amendment with hardly any time or space allotted to it. Why cannot they do the same for the LLRC recommendations?

  21. Prof, you are responsible for the current diplomatic plight. Your use by date is gone. You are just another opportunist.

    If you have advised the goverment to work with the US and have jointly crafted the resolution tilting toward SL and marginalised LTTE diaspora.

    Whatever the spin you may give ,you miserably failed.

    Our President and Co won the war but they have not won the battle towards the hearts and mind of the poor tamils.

    The issue should be in the Agenda, till now our own report have been gathering dust in the bottom drawer. Now it seems the government is dusting it out and hope they will read it.

    No point pussyfooting around our own Lesson Learnt report, it should be implemented for the sake of our greatgrand kids who should live in peace irrespective of ethnicity.

  22. GL must have more life in that Arm when Shaking Hands, Any one in the world when hand shaking gives a very strong shake. ” Ask AMARICANS HOW SHAKE HAND ” tHIS IS lIKE THE PRINCES AND THE POUPER SHAKING HANDS, IT’S A SHAME SUCH QULIFIDE DOING THIS.

  23. Government lost the Resolution because it messed it’s team up. GL should have been given to lead with Dayan brought in from Paris. The biggest blunder was putting Mohan Peris (former Attorney General) as 2nd in command next to Mahinda Samarasinghe. Mohan is a utter failure. He has NIL knowledge on international law. It is Mohan who allowed Channel 4 videos to flourish

  24. All those people who appreciate majority of Western countries for briging a resolution against Sri Lanka in UNHRC are traitors of Sri Lanka. Because the war crime allegations made by those LTTE sympathizers and power greedy Western countries should first held an investigation about US war crimes in Vitnam, Afganisthan and in all other Middle-East countries. Interms of war crime allegations made by those traitors and bunch of Western thieves, the investigations must be done first come first basis if they have a such a fairness, so Sri Lanka is in way down the line-up than those bloody thives. Most of those so called Timils don’t even have any loyalty about the land they were born; instead, they want to just grab the land from genuine Sri Lankans and make a Tamil Elam, the dream that never come through. The 1983 riots were politically motivated incidents by UNP government which was in the power at that time. Also, J.R.Jayawardene misled the Tamils to come to power in 1976, but those Tamils who got misled by J.R. or who were victims of 83 riots have either forgotten about it like they forgot all about the atrocities made by bloody LTTE. Sinhalese people did not kill Timils literally; only UNP government’s thugs who killed Tamils, Sinhalese people don’t have to do anything with that because same UNP government did the same thing to Sinhalese in 88/89. That is the main reason why majority of Sinhalese don’t want to vote for UNP any more, but the so called smart Tamils still vote for in favor of UNP. Why?… Why do they want to be allied to UNP who brought the distraction to them? The reason is it doesn’t matter what cost them if they can achieve the so called dream Ellam. Tamils are not fighting for their rights in Sri Lanka, but they are fighting for a seperate state. What a dream….keep your fingers crossed because US and EU are going to get your Elam after another Millennium. China and Russia will be controlling the whole world in another 50 years unless there will be the World War 3 which might be created by US and EU. Poor smarties; long waiting time. One fool worte above about implementing LLRC recommendations 100% within less than three months. Most probably, he forgot about how many days he spent to arrange his wedding. People like that idiot have no idea what’s happening in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, those radical Tamils fought with decent Sinhalese soilders because if IPKF was there for another decade there wouldn’t have been any pure Tamil left in North. After expelling Moors and Sinhalese from North that evil LTTE tried to create a mono race state. Now, thankfully, the present SL government is trying to relocate them in their orginal places, but those radical racist Tamils call it colonizing. The land, Sri Lanka primarily belongs to only Sinhalese because the Sinhala race was created by the tribe was called Sinha who immigrated to Lanka from North-East of India joining with inhabitants of Lanka were called Hela in about 3000 years ago. Hela consisted with four tribes were called Naga, Deva, Yaksa, Raksa. This is what true history of Sri Lanka says. Tamils immigrated to Lanka by South Indian invasions, and also British brought Tamils from india to work in their estates in Lanka and work in thier homes as servants because Sinhalese didn’t want to work for White people. Therefore, when Whites were there, Tamils got all the privilleges while helping Whites to distory even fundamental rights of innocent Sinhalese people. When White people left the country, the minority of the country or the servants of white people wanted a seperate land. Anyway, why about 2 million out of about 20 millon of population ask for a half of the country? Because their master is still the White man, and they want to be slaves of the White man than living with harmony with other races in Sri Lanka. That’s why they never say anything wrong about their master. Their master’s shit is not shit for them; it is something sweet for them. Also, when they want some thing, they always go to their master and beg for it. What kind of cheap buggers? Brave Sinhalese don’t fight with anybody unless they are provoked badly by some evil forces. Eventhough, Sinhalese people have descent of India or Aryans, they never depend on Indians, but those racist Tamils don’t have a back bone to stand by themselves. That’s the reason they always cry for South Indian Tamils’ help or their master’s help. The most valuable help that India can do to Sri Lanka is bring back all the Tamils and their descendants who were brought to Lanka by British from India. Minister, Pro. G.L. Peiris is a very intelligent and respectable man. There is no doubt about that. If Tamils value their smarties, we value our intellects. Isn’t that fair? You nasty radical Tamils remember one thing we always make sure the land is ours. That’s the bottom line. Anything you want you ask for it; then, we will consider it. Also, there is no harm to anybody or if it’s fair to everybody we will give it to you, but we are not afraid of your powerfull white messengers. They won’t be able to change the situation for better; infact, they make the situation worse. Hello! wake-up; you decide whether you want to shake hands or …you want to have another lingering conflict. As a favour to you, poor smarties, your either decision won’t be refused.

  25. “………………………Where was all these people (UN expert Pannel, AI, HRW , British PM , ex-FM of UK David miliband) when LTTE was blasting bombs almost everyday in South? They are not war crimes?”

    Dear Brother Rohana Puthra,
    there is a different between a terrorist organization and a legitimately elected government.
    If you place the government and LTTE on the same ground with the same status, then the government supposed to be called “terrorist-government ‘and what they did was “state terrorism”.

  26. Sinhalese nation which has inflicted terrible suffering on Tamils people have
    to face the same pain and suffering, then only then will come out of this nationalist

    This educated fool. Look pathetic like he is begging Clinton for mercy.

  27. My Brothers and Sisters were massacred in Lanka when all the Nations watching and even Indai was aiding the Lankan Army to kill my own blood. I feel ashamed to be a Citizen and a purpose of being a Indian citizen becomes unanswered.

    The local politicians in TamilNadu were kept quite during the war when my people killed and now they forced the Indian government to support the Resolution. They could have pulled back from the government during the War if they are really concerned about the killing of my Tamil people.

    I writing this tears from my eyes from the Day war started. We didn’t ask for wealth, Money, Luxury in Lanka. We request the Lankan govenment to treat us like human. Where our voices have not been heard by the Lankan & Indian government.Instead we been forced to fight against the Lanka just for our rights where we been named as terrorist.

    What mistake our past generation did ? Why we have been treated like this ?

    God help us Give us peace…

  28. @M.Gunasegara http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/5060#comment-59864
    You are 33 years old. I am 66 years old. Tamil Genocide in Ceylon started in 1948
    Sinhalease politicians are following Mahavamsa… telling lies to get votes and inturn to power and remain in power Diaspora Tamils(except few who are after favours) are telling the truth i.e what is happening in Srilanka is Tamil Genocide.

  29. did conscience play a role when diaspora hand out sweets and celebrating, killing of Amirthalingam who is a architect for
    Tamil Eelam

  30. KITH:
    Is that a name or another name for our own version of Sri Lankan GOEBEL’s. This land is yours! Who gave it you?

    Forgive me but I have to teach you an equally absurd view of history:
    It is just as much the land of the Tamils who has been here before you Aryan nomads came and took it. But then again I know you are not Aryans but the mix of Aryans and Yakas equally sinister to the indigenous people of Sri Lanka and South India.
    What do you say to this Our so calle Aryan brother who claims the land as his.

  31. Sri Lanka has no options but to support the regional interests of India.

    Check out the power of Canada while being a joker to most of the Americans.

    Sri Lanka’s relations with India should be similar to Canada’s relations with America.

    Only emotionally unstable people would think that it should be similar to Cuba’s relations to America.

    China’s any help to Sri Lanka would only bring results similar to former USSR’s to Cuba.

  32. Rajapaksa Government will not abide by Geneva’s United Nation Resolution

    The Ruling Regime even don’t want to implement recommendations by its own LLRC commission.

    It seems to me that LLRC was there to hoodwink the gullible World again. But, fortunately, World communities smartened up and they now know who the real devil is..

    Rajapaksa is now loosing the support worldwide because of his wicked politics, crooked behavior,dishonesty, lack of principles, lack of vision, lack of good faith, double face, twisted tongue and every bad behavior one can attribute to a rogue government

  33. response to Kith, Bravo! you are very inteligent. keep up your good work. educate the international community

  34. Sri Lanka got 29 votes in 2009 and 15 in 2012. Massive drop. Voting pattern is given below.

    Human Rights Council voting pattern
    Resolution in 2009 Total Yes No Abs
    Africa 13 11 0 2
    Asia 13 11 0 2
    East Eur 6 2 3 1
    Latin America 8 5 2 1
    Wes Eur & others 7 0 7 0
    47 29 12 6

    Resolution in 2012 Total Yes No Abs
    Africa 13 5 3 5
    Asia 13 1 9 3
    East Eur 6 5 1 0
    Latin America 8 6 2 0
    Wes Eur & others 7 7 0 0
    47 24 15 8

  35. Dear Anpu. May be I have not gone through half of what you have. I believe therefore I am more open to accept all Sri Lankan people as one community. My sis in law is a Tamil, and I consider her a sister to me. Similarly I feel the young generation should be given room to let go and move on. It would not do any good by Instilling hatred in young minds. They should see on there own that the majority of Sri Lankans are very intelligent and peace loving people.

  36. Kith says:

    “The land, Sri Lanka primarily belongs to only Sinhalese because the Sinhala race was created by the tribe was called Sinha who immigrated to Lanka from North-East of India joining with inhabitants of Lanka were called Hela in about 3000 years ago. Hela consisted with four tribes were called Naga, Deva, Yaksa, Raksa.”

    Here we go again.

    The does not belongs to Sinhalese, it once belongs to my ancestors.

    Ancesters of Sinhalese and Tamils were from India arrived here by Kallathonys and have perpetrated unnecessary suferring to my people, in fact a genocide.

    Why don’t you go back to Inidia the mother country of both the stupid Sinhalese and stupid Tamils.When you go take your kith and kin with you.

    Please don’t forget to drop your Tamil brothers and sisters in Tamilnadu.

    How soon can you leave?

  37. Israel already has refused to implement the resolutions and declared that it will pull out of UNHRC altogether rendering all the resolutions passed null and void. Begining of the END for UNHRC?

  38. Dear Kith,

    close your eyes, Hug someone… it could be a friend, girl friend, a kid, Tamilian, hindu, christian, simhalese… anyone… let’s go to the beautiful beach.. watch the sun set… watch the waves….watch children playing…

    not just Srilanka, whole world belongs to you buddy…. let’s talk about movies, girls, books having a mug of beer….

  39. http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/5060#comment-60079
    Dear Mr Gunasekara
    I consider every one as my daughter, son, sister, brother or friend. I want every one to live with dignity and equal rights as anyone else. The Tamil Genocide continues in srilanka http://www.the-platform.org.uk/2011/12/30/suffering-of-tamils-continues-unabated/. This is not brainwashing. Successive Sinhalease Prime ministers and presidents are responcible for this. Genocide gatheered momentum after MR and his family took control. I agree with you young generation should be given … But they should not be forced to do things. If the govts has killed more than 100,000 Tamils, young generation should know this.

  40. FOA GL Peris

    Russia wants LLRC report implemented
    Apr 03 2012
    Russia, which voted against the US Resolution on ‘Accountability and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka’ at the UNHRC recently, said that the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime should now focus its attention on implementing its very own LLRC recommendations. Asked for his opinion on India voting against Sri Lanka, he said it was more to do with internal compulsions rather than external pressure

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