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Ruling Rajapaksa dynasty must be held accountable for the atrocities they are responsible for

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By Viresh Fernando

An Open Letter to Sinhala Canadians

Dear Fellow Sinhala Canadians:

It is time that we express our immeasurable gratitude to Sri Lanka for our early education, facility in language, social skills, leadership qualities and all other factors that have led to our many successes in Canada. We can best do so by asserting the founding principles of the country of which we are now residents and citizens – peace, order and good government and helping Sri Lankans residents to wrest back our common homeland from an increasingly despotic family dynasty.

Let us not close our eyes to the vast human rights abuses that continue to occur in Sri Lanka just as many average Germans did when they pretended the Holocaust never happened.

Let us acknowledge that in the 26 year conflict in Sri Lanka all sides did commit horrible atrocities. While one side (the LTTE) is no longer around to be held to account for their atrocities as they were annihilated, the government of Sri Lanka and more particularly the ruling Rajapaksa dynasty must be held accountable for the atrocities they are responsible for. They unlike the LTTE are not only alive and kicking but are increasingly turning their guns on Sinhalese people whether they be poor fisherman in Chilaw, young workers in the free trade zone in Katunayake, catholic nuns in Moratuwa and recently even on one of their own party member’s from Wellampitiya (who has family in Calgary).

Most of us expats judge Sri Lanka by the three week “romance” which includes such things being able to reach Galle in 45 minutes on the so called “super highway”, the cleaner streets of Colombo, the lack of security checks, the 6 hours it now takes to Arugambay as opposed to the 11 hours it took just three years ago, “High Tea” at Cinnamon Grand or the opportunity to sip a Gin and Tonic at sundown at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel.

But, if we take the time to listen to a waiter at the Hilton, a pavement hawker, or a taxi driver we hear what life is for the so called “99 per cent” of the population (to borrow a phrase from the Occupy movement). I dare suggest that if you take the time and listen to the average people of Sri Lanka (rather than your friends who attended elite schools or your family members who host you to dinner at the Cinnamon Lakeside) the words you hear most are “badu mila” (cost of living) and “dooshanaya” (corruption).

Of course, the Sinhalese are rightly proud that the military under the political direction of the Rajapaksa brothers vanquished the terrorists who perfected suicide bombings and recruitment of child soldiers. But, at the same time ordinary people do lament that while the General who commanded the victorious army rots in jail the tiger terrorist [!!!] “Colonel Karuna” who ordered his child soldiers to mercilessly execute Buddhist monks and unarmed police officers sits at the right hand of the president at the cabinet table by day while cavorting at five star hotel with young Sinhala women at night. “Eka sardarana naa ney, Sir?” they say in a hushed tone fearful of being overheard.

At McGill University in Montreal I had the privilege of studying constitutional and human rights law under the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Supreme Court of Canada Justice Rosalie Abella, current Liberal Member of Parliament Irvin Cottler and the grand daddy of International Human Right Law Professor John Humphries who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights shortly at the end of world war II.

When I was a lawyer with the Attorney General of Canada I worked on immigration and war crimes files with a distinguished Sri Lankan-Canadian lawyer. As such I am well versed with the evolution of international human rights, war crimes and genocide concepts that began with the Nuremberg Trials and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Since 1996 I have visited Sri Lanka two to three times a year and maintain extensive contacts with members of all Sri Lankan political parties, civil society organizations, the military, artists, journalists, business persons as well as current and former Colombo based diplomats. I had the opportunity to visit the war zone and meet the troops. A close friend from high school is one of the most senior Sri Lankan army officers who were killed by the LTTE.

My late parents were from the majority Sinhala community and taught me by example the essence of Buddhist-Christian co-existence. Except for the time I studied in the U.S. I have lived in Canada since I immigrated here in 1973. I am thus uniquely qualified to write about the crisis that Sri Lanka faces because of the arrogant and bewildering conduct of President Rajapaksa, his family and their acolytes.

Since January 2009 the government of Canada and some Canadians have been privy to satellite imagery and first person accounts which provided irrefutable evidence of widespread war crimes in Sri Lanka. Last August the general public became privy to some of this information through Wikileaks.

More graphic details were recently broadcast on British TV and the producer of that program was interviewed by CBC radio. To me the images are not so much about the depravity of Sinhala soldiers but rather, to use Hannah Arendt’s phrase, the “banality of war”. Please review them and come to your own conclusions:


The government of Sri Lanka has both blamed the “Diaspora” (read “Tamil”) for spreading lies and called upon the “Diaspora” (this time read “Sinhala”) to spread the truth.

The “truth” is that the Sri Lankan government was repeatedly advised to acknowledge that “war is hell”, civilian casualties are inevitable, but war crimes are not acceptable and so it ought to prosecute a token number of military personnel and to then pardon them [BY WHO?] (Yes this sounds cynical but hey, those of you who remember the Nixon resignation and pardon will surely understand that this is what “real politik” is all about).

In the alternate the Sri Lankan government was advised to form an independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission just as South Africa did (and we also have done in respect of our native people) which would spare all participants from prosecution be they be Sinhala or Tamil.

In an unparalleled and on-going display of triumphalism and hubris the government rejected this advice with President Rajapaksa as well as his brother and Defence Minister Gothabaya Rajapaksa repeatedly claiming that there were no civilian casualties as the war was fought with a gun in one hand and the Geneva Conventions in the other.

Under intense pressure the government appointed a commission of 9 people of whom 8 were either current or former government officials. The so called Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) was not independent by any stretch of the imagination and so no one was surprised when the LLRC produced two reports essentially absolving the government and the military of responsibility for any war crimes.

But the commission did conclude that there were at least 5,000 civilian casualties during the final phase of the war (January to May 2009). The government has now said the figure is even higher – 8,000. A United Nations report concluded that there was credible evidence that civilian casualties could have been as high as 40,000.

But, let us not get bogged down in the numbers game. The Tigers killed Sinhala, Muslims and Tamil civilians as well as military personnel. The Sri Lankan government in turn killed Tamil, Sinhala and Muslims civilians and of course Tiger cadres.

What Sri Lanka has to deal with is why the military aimed their rockets at hospitals and areas the UN had informed civilian were asked to move to by the government – the so called “no fire zones”. Sri Lanka also has to deal with its military killed Tiger cadres, their wives (one lady who in fact was Sinhala) and children who attempted to surrender in the manner agreed to by a senior Sri Lankan diplomat. (The late journalist Marie Colvin as well as intermediaries from UK, Canada and Australia were part of the surrender negotiations).

However suspect the LLRC report is it does when it comes to holding Sri Lanka responsible for civilian casualties the report provide many detail of some of the daily indignities that Tamil people continue to be subject to more than 30 months after the end of the war. Though the report recommends certain very mild steps to effect reconciliation the government has come up with one excuse or the other to not follow its own hand-picked commission’s suggestions.

Let me pick one telling example of the extreme chauvinism and meanness of the Sri Lankan government. President Rajapaksa suddenly ordered that that the national anthem not be sung in Tamil at official events even in the Tamil speaking majority areas of the north and east of Sri Lanka. In its interim report released over one year ago the LLRC recommended that this irrational and abusive order be reversed. The government has to date failed to do so. How much more and how many more different ways does the government of Sri Lanka want to humiliate and alienate the Tamil people?

The United States has brought forward a resolution at the United Nations Human Right Council calling for the Sri Lankan government to implement the recommendations of its own handpicked LLRC report. The government is fighting this resolution tooth and nail on the nonsensical slogan that the resolution is an attempt to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. This is simply balderdash as the resolution is non-binding and the Sri Lankan government is free to ignore it.

The U.S. resolution is also not about regime change as the sad but obvious truth is that there is no viable alternative to the ruling party. The chances of a so called “Araliya Revolution” are simply non –existent. The resolution is not about thwarting the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka as President Rajapaksa effectively stole the election by agreeing to pay Prabhakarn Rs. 900 million if he would prevent Tamils in the north and east of voting as most Tamils if they had not been stopped by Prabhakaran would have voted for the UNP. (BTW Prabhakaran should have learnt his lesson then because when Mr. Rajapaksa won the election he refused to pay the balance due of Rs. 300 million!)

During the war the president promised the Tamil people that he would not only implement the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution that would ensure equality for minority groups but also he would go beyond that. Towards the end of the war he gave the same assurance to Canada, India, UK, France, US as well as personally to the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon when Mr. Moon visited Sri Lanka towards the end of the war. 34 months later the President has to still to fulfil his promise.

What the President did do immediately after the last election was to change the constitution so that he could be President for life and the critical civilian posts such as that of the head of the police, the elections commissioner, etc, would be decided by the President as opposed to an independent body as the Sri Lankan Constitution had mandated till them.

The US resolution on Sri Lanka will be voted on Thursday March 22, 2012.

What I urge Sinhalese-Canadians to do is to ask of themselves why would the Sri Lankan government fight so hard against a non-binding resolution especially if the government has nothing to hide?

Why does the government continue to visit indignities and humiliation on Tamil people by such simple but very symbolic means as banning the singing of the national anthem in Tamil?

This particularly must hit home to us English speaking Canadians’ who would find it unacceptable if our national anthem was not sung in both English and French not only at public functions but also at private events. Why did the Sri Lankan government deny that civilians had died in the final phase of the war?

Even if you have not been previously involved in politics is this the time for you to be both a proud Canadian and a proud Sri Lankan and stand up for human dignity in Sri Lanka?

Is it time for you to contact your member of parliament and advice him or her of your views on whether Canada should support the U.S. Resolution on Sri Lanka implementing its own LLRC recommendations without further dilly dallying?

Is it time for you to email Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird to share your views with him on this issue?

I leave it to your conscience to guide you.

Though most of us are Canadian Citizens we do have a right to voice our concerns about Sri Lanka especially because the most powerful person in the government of Sri Lanka is a U.S. Citizen. As they say what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Please feel free to share this email.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information. I welcome brickbats even more than accolades as the former will force me to reconsider and refine my position as necessary.

Yours truly,

Viresh Fernando

(Viresh Fernando studied Economics at the University of Rochester, practiced Chartered Accounting, in Toronto and studied Law at McGill University in Montreal. As Counsel with the Attorney General of Canada he was assigned to work with an eminent senior lawyer who too was born in Sri Lanka to work on the first Nazi war crime investigation undertaken by Canada. Viresh visits Sri Lanka two to three times a year and maintains extensive contacts with members of all political parties, civil society organizations, the military, artists, journalists, business persons as well as current and former Colombo based diplomats.

As an advisor to a Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Viresh helped to negotiate the $225,000 million settlement with the Japanese Canadian community whose property was confiscated and who were wrongfully interred by Canada during the Second World War. Viresh has briefed successive Canadian governments on Sri Lankan and South Asian issues)

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  1. As you say, war is hell! we are glad it’s over!! the post war scenario has been badly managed!!! We need to change the management!!!!. Having said that the coalition of forces that have gathered in support of the resolution seem suspect to the average citizen in Sri Lanka. Even though it may not seem so to us, living on the outside. The correct strategy of the these ‘forces’ should be to drive a wedge between the current management and the rest of the company. The current strategy of these ‘forces’ seem to strengthen the current management. Making the CEO look very courageous in the face of a hostile takeover. As to what that ‘correct strategy’ should be I haven’t the foggiest. Best left to the experts. Perhaps something along the lines suggested by our current Ambassador to France, or at least what he was saying when he was unceremoniously recalled from Geneva.

  2. Excellant piece of advice Viresh, but unfortunately it will be like pouring water on a duck’s back. Sinhala Diaspora are behaving the same manner as Tamil Diaspora when Prabaharan was alive telling lies to promote him and his madness. The Sinhala Diaspora are doing the same now telling lies and trying to promote Mahinda and his madness. It took six years for the international community to say enough is enough and order the elimination of Prabaharan and his team. It may take a little longer for that to happen to Mahinda and his henchmen. I agree with you that the current resolution presented is a mild one which is non-binding, but if Rajapakse tries to hoodwink the world, he will have to face harsher ones later. Already an indirect economic blockade is happening with value of Srilanka Rupee plummeting and exports to Western countries taking a beating, which the sycophantic segment of Sinhala Diaspora are failing to realise.

  3. Never heard about this lawyer though I lived in Canada for the last 15 years. His motive is very clear if you look at the following line he wrote.

    “While one side (the LTTE) is no longer around to be held to account for their atrocities as they were annihilated”

    Dunno what kind of law he is practising here in Canada. Even if you are dead you still can be charged against any crime you committed while living on this earth.

  4. Falling rupee is good for exports but as most Sri Lankans need imported items on a daily basis and they are going to be left with high prices as author has said in this open letter. Thanks in the name of all humanity for speaking out Mr. Fernando.

  5. I fully agree the point about the Sinhala diaspora going the same way the Tamil diaspora did when Prbakaran was alive and telling lies about his victories

  6. Bravo! This is a refreshing rendition by a Sinhala Canadian expatriate. At this critical juncture, Viresh challenges the North American Sinhala Diaspora with the key moral dilemma: What does your conscience tells you to do?

    Nonetheless, I disagree with Viresh’s implication that the goal should be to drag the Rajapaksas to war crime tribunals. The collective overarching focus must be on: how best to work towards resolving the 65+ years old ethnic dispute and everything else, including war crimes charges, should only be secondary to this prime goal.

    And then the question becomes, does the US sponsored Resolution in Geneva helps / or hurts the reconciliation intention? The resolution in its present form is unrealistic. It basically says: we want you to pro-actively commit and work hard towards reconciliation but at the same time, you must also investigate yourself for war crimes violations! Please, can we get real?

    The compromise choice is clear: remove any wording that even remotely hints of potential war crime investigations but strengthen the reconciliation commitment (of the first two paragraphs). I suspect this to be India’s final stand on the resolution, and it represents a realistic approach, going forward.

    It would be helpful to pause and ask whether we want to leverage the advantages the Rajapaksa administration represents to bring about a lasting solution or engage in a confrontational witch hunt that certainly would derail and delay reconciliation. Despite all the bad things that the Rajapaksas are alleged to have done they remain the best bet to bring about expeditious reconciliation. Like ‘em Rajapaksas or not, this is the reality of the present Sri Lankan situation.

    (An American Sinhala Buddhist)

  7. Viresh – Congratulations for producing a frank analysis of the current UNHRC situation with regard to Srilanka. This is the 1st time I have seen such frankness by a Singhalese. Even Journalist in Srilanka will not express in this manner, although, they are professionally obliged to inform the public the misdeeds in a democratic society.

    Thank you.

  8. Excellent article Sir, hats off, but unfortunately most of our sinhala friends are influenced by what Divayina and Dinamina say.

  9. There are two side to every story and each one living in a free society is entitled to their own version. That said, I too visited S/L many times during the troubles and after the defeat of LTTE. I certainly feel the latter is far better. Of course, one has to take the CH4, so called ‘documentaries’ with a pinch of salt. it was utterly biased and one sided, anyone with an ounce of intelligence could see that. No one is saying that civilians did not die. Maybe 5K or 10K, we dont know we were not in the middle of the battle, the LTTE rounded up the civilians and held them at gun point as a shield and moved their heavy weapons to civilian areas. Why did LTTE move to the safe zones which was for the civilians? It was war and war is hell. I think the S/L army was very restrained, under the circumstances as the LTTE had a policy of not taking prisoners. It was a horrible war and everyone is glad that it is over, including the Tamil residents of the North & East of the country. Almost all who were displaced has been rehoused. Anyone could travel to the North and see the progress being made. After 30 years war, it would take some time to rebuild all the infrastructure that was destroyed. But progress is being made. This is not the time to ‘kick’ S/L, but the time to help them solve their problems in a democratic manner.

  10. Dear Viresh,

    Given that you are a lawyer and your stock in trade is words, I would have thought that you would pay more attention to how you use them.

    You state:


    1) It is not a UN report
    2) The words actually are “credible allegations” not “credible evidence” and as a lawyer you know that there is an enormous and relevant difference between the two
    3) Please read para 53 of the Darusman Report and you will see the absurdity of the whole report when you read the first sentence and the last sentence of that paragraph.

    I think all sensible people know that it was patently absurd to assert that there were going to be (during the war) “zero civilian casualties.” We all know the reality of war, especially when 300k+ people are being held as human shields. The GoSL has since then started using the correct phrase “a policy of zero civilian casualties” which they should have done in the first place. You, Gordon Weiss and the Tiger (not Tamil) diaspora spend an enormous time focusing on this issue, when you know that people do die in the wars from being targeted deliberately (as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) or as collateral damage. If the GoSL was indeed genocidal in its policies, then they could have easily wiped out 300k+ people in a few hours with the firepower that they had available to them. They did not do that. They did not wipe out the 10k LTTE cadres who have been released. As a Sri Lankan you clearly know that while discrimination exists in Sri Lanka just like in any other country, there is no feeling of genocide towards Tamils by the rest of the population. If you want to look for racist (internment of Japanese American citizens soon after Pearl Harbour) and genocidal (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) attitudes of governments, then look to your neighbour to the South, the US, which is the self-proclaimed Champion of Human Rights.

    If you want to fight for Human Rights and world peace, don’t waste your time taking on the Rajapakse’s. Devote your energies to curbing the US and their insane blundering about the world with their policies exclusively guided by misinformation provided to them by separatist groups with an axe to grind and deep pockets from which to make campaign contributions.

    You know the root cause of all wars is economic. Governments and groups will dress up the war in ethnic and religous difference trappings etc. to fleece the funders and rally the troops. It is easy to throw human rights rocks at any government. Be the smart guy you claim to be, and come do the hard work to help build Sri Lanka economically to create a lasting peace here for all its people.

    With mettha,


  11. Mr Fernando,
    As a fellow Sinhalese-Canadian I thought I would say something about what you have written. You have made a persuasive case but I think you have glossed over a few facts.

    First of all, let me say that I don’t tow the GOSL line and I do believe that there was significant civilian casualties and many human right abuses during and at the conclusion of the war in 2009. The question is were they deliberate government policy or just part of a very brutal end to a war, which if did not end at that point, could have gone for another untold number of years. What was the correct way? To end the war as fast as possible using what I would call brutal tactics or let the LTTE cornered leadership escape to the surrounding jungle or let them be lifted off by a “friendly power” and see the conflict drag on for many years. I think the biggest mistake that GOSL did was as Gorden Weiss says in his book The Cage, that they did not admit to the civilian causalities and pointed out that they were faced with an situation that would have dammed them which ever way they went.

    You say that most of us expats judge Sri Lanka by all kinds of romances of super highways and a clean Colombo. No that is wrong. Most of us expats judge our mother country by the fact that we don’t have to cringe each time we see or read about a bomb that has gone in Colombo or an army offensive in the North think if our relatives were involved. We judge the country by the fact that our relatives who live there don’t have to worry about their kids not coming back from school. Or things like couples not traveling together because they are worried that a bomb would kill them both and render the kids orphans. The things that you mention, the super highway, high tea at Cinnomon Grand, and gin and tonic at Mount Lavinia Hotel are recent things and in any case those are things that a vast majority of expats do not look for when they think of Sri Lanka or go there fro a visit. Those are the things that a very minority of expats (mostly from the Colombo elite) that enjoy and boast about when they come back to Canada.

    About bringing the human right abusers to justice, you say that LTTE is vanquished and only the GOSL responsible people are around for accounting. Not true. There are enough responsible LTTE people around, living comfortably in the West. You are from Toronto, so I am sure you know who some of these are. So if there is a movement to bring GOSL leaders to justice, where is a similar demand to bring those to justice also? To name one, why is Adele Balasingham allowed to live openly and without a charge in London? If people like Mahinda and Gota should be charged, how is that the TNA leaders who openly supported the Tigers left untouched? Or what about conduct of IPKF? Who is being held accountable for their actions?

    I think this is the problem for most Sinhalese. When they see outside forces and countries who were utterly silent when Tigers were running riot, and when Sinhalese boys and girls were being massacred in 89, now all of a sudden very concerned about justice and accountability of GOSL, they see a double standard. They see ulterior motives. They wonder if something other than a drive for justice is at play. Why is it that the most blatant human right abusers in the recent past (in Iraq and Afgansthan) are in the forefront of condemning Sri Lanka? What moral authority do they have?
    Just to give you an example, I am currently reading a book by Frederick Taylor about the bombing raid on the German city of Dresden by RAF on February 13, 1945. 25,000 German civilians – mostly women and children perished that night. The barbarity of that raid was that after the first wave of bombing the Allies waited 2 hours before the 2nd wave of bombers were sent in, planning that by that time, rescue, firefighting and medical support crews would be all out on the open and would be caught and massacred. The bigger tragedy of that raid was that it was utterly unnecessary. At that time the Nazi Germany was finished and on that day, the Soviet army was just 70 miles away from Dresden. One could argue that was 60 years ago, but the people who planned, and executed that raid are still considered heroes. So where is the moral outrage or even a mere acknowledgement of what was done?

    I am certain that most Sri Lankan are not happy about the manner the country’s economy has been managed by the present government these days. However I am also pretty certain that if you asked them about the current human rights resolutions in UNHRC, pretty all of them would be totally against any interference in Sri Lanka by foreign interests. If you believe for once that the US government’s resolution is just to force justice out of GOSL, then you must believe in Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy also.

    Ultimately what you have to answer from your own heart is that what would a UNHRC resolution do? Will it resolve the real ethnic problems in Sri Lanka? Will it make the lives of the affected Tamil IDPs better? Will it make the lives of the internally exiled Muslim population better and get them back to their land in Jaffna? Or will it make things worse by rekindling ethnic flames?

  12. Look at it this way: “You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time.” On hindsight arm chair critics could pluck solutions from the air and say they work, but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. After a 30 year horrendous war, Sri Lanka is struggling to get back to some normalcy. Its doing as well as could be expected. If anyone has better ideas then please go live there and do your bit to improve the place. No country gets the perfect government to please all citizens.

  13. As person with Sinhala-Buddhist upbringing and in mid forties with the last 18 yeard away from Sri Lanka domicile in East Asia,I find the sentiments that Viresh have mentioned here. Bravo sir – for coming on this as you will be treated as a traitor by this evil bunch of brothers who is looting our motherland day in and day out.

    The present regime have to be taken into task for the gross human rights violations not only for tamils during war, as Viresh mentioned in the article, againt the singhalese in the last few years with white vans roaming for anti governemnet and Human rights activities and making hundreds dissapeared even after the so called liberation of the motherland.

    Take for example the atrocities by the MA-RA regime, in killing a 12 year old boy for just being the son of the worlds ruthless terrorist – which any law abiding person will hate. Even in the US special forces raid for getting in Osama Bin Laden from this compound in Pakistan, they use minimum firepower and just kill the terrorist wihtout harming any of the other occupants and dozens of his children.

    Well done Viresh – we need more and more singhalese coming out of the shell to make the world aware of the MA-RA regine gross violations of HR in irrespective or North, South or Center.

  14. 1.”so that he could be President for life ” mr viresh correct it as ” so that he could contest for unlimited terms”
    2.report mentions about credible allegations not about credible evidence.
    3.national anthem in sinhala there is no policy like that although there have been reports that are probaly correct that children in a certain jaffna school student were forced to sing in sinhala.
    4.”agreeing to pay Prabhakarn Rs. 900 million if he would prevent Tamils in the north and east of voting as most Tamils if they had not been stopped ” this is the first time i heard this allegation would greatly appreciate if u could further enlighten me on that.
    5.”While one side (the LTTE) is no longer around ” who told u that ?

    thank u.

  15. Excellent article by Viresh. Peace has to be built as a pyramid from bottom upwards by the citizenry of our country and could never be forced upon from top down fashion by governments past or present or by terrorists for that matter.

    The major portion of the peace pyramid in SRI lanka is occupied by majority Sinhalese and only they could demand reforms by mandating the elected government to be fair and equitable.Unfortunately Sinhala masses or their clergy will never agree with Viresh now or ever in the future based upon the past sixty years on record.

    If people on the other hand vote in Sinhala chauvinistic government at the next elections after Rajapakses are booted out, then peace would never prevail and the same vicious cycle would be witnessed.

  16. I am a concerned Sri Lankan living in Sri Lanka so my views may slightly differ from that of the author. While I agree with you that the Resolution is extremely mild, only requesting that the LLRC recommendations be implemented and non binding, it is seen especially because of unprecedented State misinformation, to be an attempt by Rest of the World, (Western) aided and abetted by the Tamil Diaspora to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Of course this may be legal in accordance with the international conventions the SL govt. has signed, but it seems to the local audience to be an attempt to obtain some revenge by the Tamil diaspora for their loss.

    This attitude further prevents the opposition to the Government of which I am one, from being able to get any traction as the public of Sri Lanka are easily aroused by perceived intimidation. The way I see it, as part of my work in explaining the everything that is wrong in the present day of all acts of administration by the Government, it is all completely overshadowed by this non existent Resolution. People on the streets really do believe it is a LTTE plot to destabilize the administration.

    So all the ills of the administration are clearly swept under the carpet, making my life extremely difficult and precarious. I am attempting to point out increase in cost of living, the corruption, the mismanagement, the robbing of all the country’s resources, the blatant daily abuses of Human Rights, the lack of a fee press, the intimidation and threats against people, but it is all not considered as important by those who are fooled by this reason.

    In my opinion the overseas UNHRC resolution has strengthened the Rajapakse resolve and not weakened it. We in the opposition have no resources to fight the good fight, we have to risk our necks daily to speak one on one to try and explain to people the real story and it is a hard slog.

    In fact you all be in Tamil or Sinhala Diaspora are our enemies in this fight NOT our friends. We who have to earn, live and fight the good fight at the ground with no relatives who send money to make life any easier are those who suffer from this state of play. If you want to help us, please refrain from putting pressure on the Govt. it is we who live here who actually feel it. The Rajapakses love what these resolutions are doing. In fact i have heard it said that they want to lose this resolution in the UNHRC so that they can strengthen their vice like grip on the political conscience.

    You may have talked to the 3 wheeler about badu mila, but you know our psyche here complain about everything but do nothing. Try and get people to demonstrate against cost of living and you will have a hard time getting people on to the roads. The lotus eaters here still shy away from hard work. People are just apathetic.

    There are thousands of jobs going abegging in Sri Lanka with no takers, because the wages offered are too low for people who can live on little and who need an overseas pay chek to get them out of their slumber. Like you said, all the best people and most energetic leave these shores as they do not feel well compensated here, there is a safety valve.

    2 million people who work overseas (NOT counting the Diaspora who really have little intention of returning to settle) and remit earnings now amounting to $7B a year, equivalent to SL having a sovereign wealth fund of $500B props up this corrupt mafia who run this place.

    If what you want is Regime change to get this country back to a civilized state, then you are going about it the wrong way. It has to be done internally, first by educating the people to think and not believe the blatant lies spouted out under Govt. grace. Then by empowering them that they can actually make a difference and then we can do it.

    The odds are stacked against us at present, and you are increasing these odds and not reducing them. If the Sinhala Diaspora truly love this country, they really have to first make a commitment to wanting the same freedoms they enjoy in Canada for us in Sri Lanka. I am sorry that the Tamil Diaspora just cannot help up as their inbuilt prejudices cannot make them understand that it is not a race based issue in Sri Lanka and that it is simply Despotic Rule.

    Next time you come to Sri Lanka you may look at a different angle, without saying there is no opposition. There is but our job is harder due to the international actions.

  17. I think MR.Rajapaksas and his entire family members must leave the government duties and face the reality. If Mr. Rajapaksas can kill 40,000+ civilians, what is the difference between his dynasty and Tamil Tigers. Both parties have killed humans.

  18. Sri Lanka is going towards to become another Iraq and Libya with Rajapasas dynasty. We all know what has happened to both Iraq’s and Libya’s dynasties. If we all follow the following, we can bring the country as top of South Asia:
    Respect every culture and people
    Live with harmony and tolarate the diffences

  19. Here is a suggestion for Sri Lanka:

    Propose a counter resolution directed at the US of A. Currently, All the “RED” States with their Republican Legislators and Governors are putting forth and passing laws to keep the less well to do(minorities) from voting in elections by requiring them to present “official” picture IDs. The claim is that there is massive voter fraud. This is a complete falsehood, as it has not been proven in any state. This is contrary to all norms of democratic ideals.

    Make sure the US comes back to the next UNHRC meeting and present its findings and find out what the US has done to make sure that all its eligible citizens are given an opportunity to vote.

    Ok folks. Let’s imagine the resolution passes. So what? Come back next year and tell them we are still working on it. And the year after that, we are still working on it…! I figure by that time, they will have other things to worry about. Nuclear Iran, Israeli bombs in Tehran, etc…

    Now, for real progress:

    1. Make the electoral process more viable for the North and the East. Get the UNP and UPFA to really make a case for Tamil Votes. If the Tamils insist on separatist politics as with the TNA, Let time prove their foolishness.

    2. Develop and invest in the North and the East. Give the people in the North and the East educational and vocational opportunities to lift themselves up.

    3. Create a high speed highway from Colombo to Jaffna and Trinco.

    4. Make Trinco harbor an official entry point for goods just like Colombo, with a port authority.

    5. Build an International Airport in the Vanni and let it rival Katunayeke.

    6. Clean up Jaffna and make it a truly Sri Lankan City like Colombo. Build some Stupas.

    Things will resolve themselves. We will always have issues to deal with. We will deal with them accordingly, the Sri Lankan Way…! We’ve done pretty well for a few thousand years.

    oh.. by the way,

    7. Make the North as demographically diverse as Colombo. Give incentives to the Sinhalese to settle up there. Push until it gives.

  20. I am glad that Viresh is doing so well in Canada following the system

    Sri Lanka has many problems, but now that the war is over, the politicians have no excuses but to address them. I am sure that in time, the democratic process will find the best leaders who can carry Sri Lanka in the right direction. The people of Sri Lanka will make the right decision, if the current crop of politicians don’t mend their ways.

    I could stand for all these calls for international investigations if not for the hypocracy of it. The Americans murdered a million Vietnamese civilians and one lakh of Iraqi civilians in two totally unjustifiable wars – but I don’t remember any Channel 4 documentaries about that.

    And by no means is Tigers international network finished. They would restart the war if they could. I met a nutcase last summer walking down the high street of a suburb of London, dressed in full Tiger outfit from the cap to the boots – on a hot summers day. He told me that VP was still alive and they were training 20,000 tigers for an invasion of the country. Such stupid fanaticism is still exploited by some to raise cash for who knows what purpose.

  21. Ranjan,

    What your opinion is to this question:

    What moral right does the southern majority have to rule the north?

    Not making an argument for the LTTE or separatism, but I am not a fan of centralization. Your comments seem more reasonable so I am just curious.

  22. Viresh:
    You are a peace loving Sri Lankan. I know it very well. But you cited CH4. That is really unacceptable because we can make movies better than CH4.

    Those who watched the Sylvester Stallone movies may think AMERICANS won the Vietnam war. Even the 1960 coup case was dismissed because the Privivy Council contended that voices, and photos can be made by others. Voice recordings and Photos were not accepted as evidences.

    Defence secretary Col.Gotabhaya tells no civilian killing. He meant army did not intended to kill any civilians. But many civilians were killed because those civilians were used as human shields by LTTE terrorists. Further LTTE killed many fleeing Tamil civilians and who refused to handover their kids.

    The US resolution will be diluted more before the voting. LLRC is a government sponsored body. TNA and the so called Human Rights Champions refused to participate in it. Why should USA talk about LLRC?

    I always support President Rajapakse and Col. Gota for the destruction of the LTTE criminals. President accomodates all sections of Sri lankans in his power circle.

    If American resolution try to “punish” Sri Lanka for defeating Terrorism, then peace of the nation vanished for ever.

  23. SL should impose economic sanctions on EU and USA. Then the whole world will understand the power of SL.

  24. If the resolution does not pass, there would be tons of triumphalism and arrogance gushing through pent up flood gates in Colombo! TNA politicians would have to watch out for those brand new white vans!

    If the resolution does pass, nothing would be implemented as our deceitful government will not keep any promises!

  25. Well done Viresh,

    Forget the Americans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    We have to ensure that OUR backyard is kept clean. Thats the bottom line.

  26. What proof do you have that a 12 year old boy was killed by the Sri Lankan forces? He may have been shot by the LTTE. The so called expert (doctor or pathologist), on CH 4 video, looks at the bullet holes on the body and said ‘he was shot at close range’. Thats all he said, but in his biased view inferred that the Army must have shot him. One cannot conclude by examining a bullet hole in the chest, who actually shot him. You are parroting his view, no one in fact knows who shot the boy .
    You mention that the US special forces raid to murder Osama Bin Laden, they were so careful not to kill anyone else. Read this: “WASHINGTON — Only one of the five people shot and killed during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound was armed, the head of the House Intelligence Committee said Thursday as officials revised the tale of the al-Qaeda leader’s takedown for the third day in a row”. I dont know where you got your information; the correct number murdered was one armed individual and four unarmed individuals ( OBL, his courier, his brother as well as one of OBL’s sons) and if I remember right the fifth person murdered was an unarmed female that happened to one of OBL’s wives. In future please get your facts correct. Thank you.

  27. Don’t expect all Sri Lankas to be selfish like you. We love our country. We are grateful to our President and the security forces for letting us rebuild our lives by ending the bloody civil war. You should have lived here for the last 30 years to know the truth. We will not allow any outside interference to affect Sri Lanka. If that is to happen that will be over all our dead bodies. You can be proud saying “Canadian Sinhalease” . But we are always “SRI LANKANS”.

  28. Dear Viresh Fernando… You are Preaching what you fail to practise… As you feel so much about this socalled isuue and Regime as you say.. Then the question we should ask you.. why do you still continue go to Sri-lanka 2-3 times a year.. I man all theat money you spend goes to the Regime as you say.. And stay in 5 star hotels.. You yourself are contributing to the regime… Dear Viresh its like the LTTE diaspora.. How they say sri lanka is a brutal nation and protest againt Lanka.. Then why dont they boycott sri-lankan GOODs.. which they sell in their shops in Europe and North America.. Their livelihood.. which in turn fills the coffers of the LTTE int Diaspora setups.. Why dont these LTTE diaspora leaders ask them to stop selling Lankan goods in thire shops..Why dont they and you impose a self economic blockade???? You are Preaching what you fail to practise.. So Is this letter to boost your immigration practise so in turn you can spend money in Lanka to boost the regime… Also since you are very uniquely qualified to write about Lanka with a mixture of Buddhist-Christian co-existence.. minus the Muslim and Hindus nodoubt.. And your sinhala wording here and there.. Do you know what was last years Number 1 hit in sri-lanka??? Why This Kolaveri Di… Doubt you Listen to Sinhala and Tamil radio much… So let me leave you with this thought.. Clowns in a circus without the Lions.

  29. The Writer has done justice to all Sri Lankans. Thanks.

    The Politics of Sri Lanka is such that the Regime has only one goal – maintain its
    Dynasty at all costs. The happenings in Zimbababe vis-a-vis the I/C is an example
    the direction S.Lanka is taking. The Regimes agenda has been well prepared and one
    cannot see any deviation, despite all the comments we arm-chair readers make.

  30. M.Sivananthan says:

    “You are a peace loving Sri Lankan. I know it very well. But you cited CH4. That is really unacceptable because we can make movies better than CH4”

    Do you think Sri Lanka media would have recorded all the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Sri Lankan armed forces and its paramilitary while these were being perpetrated?

    There has been general consensus among the media that they would not rock the boat during and after war crimes. Self or enforced censorship prevailed in 1971, 1987 to 1991, over 30 years in the case of Tamils.

    If C4 is not authentic and apart from your analysis blaming LTTE for the death of civilians how would the people prove there was indeed war crimes committed by armed forces?

    Did the Sri Lankan armed forces commit war crimes and crime against humanity in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991?

  31. The problem with you guys are , that you detach yourselves from the inhabitants ,because of your present Economic and Social status.

    Getting rid of Terrorism that plagued the Nation for 30 years was the wish of the majority of the inhabitant population.

    And you know how that 30 year misery was entrusted upon them for that many long years.

    Tell me which country has lowered the cost of living?

    At least the current regime in Srilanka has put in Infrastructure and assistance that brought down the cost of all vegetables to level that nice juicy and sweet Tomatoes are selling for 40 cents US a kilo.

    Srilanka today is far better than pre 2009 in every aspect ,except in the eyes of people like you and of course the politicians in the Opposition.

    US resolution is just a bullying tactic to show that they can still call shots in Nations that are trying to move on without their handouts.

    Srilankan Canadians are well aware how the present Leader and the FM tried to put the knife in to Rajapaksas.

    They are well capable of making their minds without these exaggerated political statements by Sinhala Canadians.

    By the way it is good to hear that you still appreciate the free education in your early years.

  32. To Tilak,

    Debunk all allegations of C4 in international forums to prove UNSG report is based on false evidence and not credibel.

    To Noel,

    Head of state does not allow national anthem to be sung in tamil and humiliate tamils and you expect him to do all what you mentioned.

    To Faqi,
    What evidence do you have to prove all bombings in Colombo were by LTTE?!”COLONEL Karuna” who killed monks and children is a cabinent minister enjoying the tax paid by the victims families..Any say on that??

  33. Noam:

    I agree with you on centralized governments. I think power should be devolved in to local units with important functions of defence, foreign policy and may be expensive undertakings such as health care under the central government. However, for that to work, you need to have dedicated and honest people at every level, otherwise the local governments will just add another corrupt layer of administration.

    As for your first statement about Southern Majority ruling the North, I think the solution is not to have racially based political parties such as JHU or TNA and the Northern Tamils to work with/within the mainstream southern Parties. Then this question of Southerners ruling Northerners will not arise. It has been done as you know, the Up-country (Indian) Tamils have always worked with the ruling parties, not always smooth and some times acrimonious, but still they have worked with the mainstream Sinhala parties and as a result they benefited from that. More importantly they managed not to get involved in the Northern Tamil separatism which basically destroyed the once vibrant community.

    You may or may not agree with me, the caste dominated Tamil leadership also has to bear much responsibility as the Sinhalese leadership for what happened to Sri Lanka during the last six decades.

  34. Faqi….
    The world and technology have developed so much a forensic pathologist definitely can determine in which gun the bullets went and all other related information and this is the very reason we need the GOSL to appoint a commission to findout the actual killers of this unarmed boy and thousands of others.

    I am sure there will be GPS based aerial photography that the US and allied countries have taken at the time of the war in full swing and those will be much helpful to take the killers for justice.

    As a Sinhalese – how can we trust this govt of MA-RA as couple months ago a govt minister tie a samurdhi office into a tree with a live TV cameras in front and a week after it was announce the office infact did tie himself into the tree.

    The international community should come in one voice and stop this MA-RA regime atrocities for all Sri Lankans irrespective of religion/ethnicicty or caste etc.

  35. You are wrong to say there are no one to be charged with war crimes in Tamil Diaspora. Of Course Journalists like DBS Jeyaraj was attacked by both sides and not responsible for crimes against humanity we cannot say same thing about others like Rudrakumaran, Suren Surandiram, Nediayavan and rest of the LTTE rump who sent money to LTTE for suicide bombs and weapons. They are equally responsible for LTTE child Soldiers and Suicide bombing in the south as much as Rajapaksha or Shavendra Silva.


  37. I have noticed that many new voices add flavour to the West’s cry of human rights and war crimes. First of all a robber should not be allowed to investigate and make ruling about a theft. Just like that, the U.S. Britain and other western powers should not be allowed to make accusations on Sri Lanka, as they have no moral authority for it. They may have the ‘might’ to make whatever they do is ‘right’, but that is not real justice. Even when a murder case is tried in a court of law, mere hearsays, unsubstantiated evidence, and information from annonimous sources do not count as valid evidences. The Channel 4 has produced exactly one like that. As someone here has pointed out, with the modern technology, much more enhanced movies can be made nowadays. It is unfortunate that a person like Viresh, who boasts himself as having studied at prestigious universities, doesn’t seem to know about it. Moreover, Mr. Viresh refered to the SL government and the Rajapaksa as a rule by the Rajapaksa dynasty. In Sri Lanka (and India too) politicians have come from the same family from the beginning!( how about in U.S.) So he seems to specify only one family as dynasty! Why not talk about the Senanayaka family, the Bandaranayake family, the J.R. & Ranil? Maybe because they were from the Colombo-7 western style, English speaking familie eh!

    Finally, I am a Sri Lanka Tamil, have spoke to many people who escaped from death during the final days of war, and according to them the majority of the killings of innocent people were entirely due to the evil tactics of the LTTE, and they are all happy about that LTTE was done with, and that they don’t have to lose their young children any more for a senseless war.


  39. ”As an advisor to a Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Viresh helped to negotiate the $225,000 million settlement with the Japanese Canadian community whose property was confiscated and who were wrongfully interred by Canada during the Second World War”:

    1.Sri Lankan government prevented willing aid agents from helping the IDPs in camps and returnees to war-ravaged villages.

    ”Many war widows still do not get any compensation announced by the government” – War widows ‘forced into prostitution’, 18 March, http://www.bbc.co.uk/sinhala/news/story/2012/03/120318_women_war.shtml

    Tamils were compensated for the state-aided pogroms in 1956, 1958, 1977, 1981, 1983,…. Even if material compensation is not done, even legal compensation (=just punishment of culprits by the courts) was denied to them and many other extrajudicial killings and disappearances committed by the government institutions and armed forces against Tamil civilians in recent times? The President refuses to publish the reports 11
    Recently Centre for Policy Alternatives pulished a table with seven commissions and seven committees appointed by the President in the last six years and all the reports are with the President without publication.

  40. Dear Tilak
    Jayantha Dhanapala’s submissionto Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission(LLRC), August 2010: ‘’Thelessons we have to learn go back to the past – certainly from the time that wehad responsibility for our own governance on 4 February 1948 . Each andevery Government which held office from 1948 till the present bear culpabilityfor the failure to achieve good governance, national unity and a framework ofpeace, stability and economic development in which all ethnic, religious andother groups could live in security and equality. Our inability to manage ourown internal affairs has led to foreign intervention but more seriously has ledto the taking of arms by a desperate group of our citizens. we need to rectify this badgovernance. We have already missedseveral opportunities in the past. We need to have State reform; we need tohave rule of law established; we need to ensure non discrimination amongst ourcitizens; we need to have devolution of power and a tolerance of dissent and astrengthening of democratic institutions.’’ (Dhanapala is a Sinhalese and was formerly UNUnder-Secretary General for Disarmament)

  41. @Jegan
    “What evidence do you have to prove all bombings in Colombo were by LTTE?!”COLONEL Karuna” who killed monks and children is a cabinent minister enjoying the tax paid by the victims families..Any say on that??”

    LOL good one. This is the first time I am seeing this. Are you suggesting that there we are another terror organization active in SL but they decided to shut the xxxx up after LTTE is done fore?

    So it might not be the LTTE what planted the bombs that killed my neiboughers kid and my school room mate. You my friend made my day.

  42. Modawansa… So according to you they could identify the killer of the 12 year old boy by looking at the wound? They may be able to say what calibre the gun was, by the bullet wound, but they could never, I repeat never, identify who pulled the trigger from a bullet wound. He was most likely killed by LTTE who did not want any of his family to fall into the hands of the Armed forces. Even the so called pathologist said there was no signs of torture, when ‘they’ said he was tortured. What people forget is that it was a brutal war being waged by the LTTE. If they have GPS based photographs, why weren’t they shown on CH4 instead of some cocked up nonsense. What is the alternative that you suggest to this government? One could nit pick every government in any democratically elected country. See France, USA, Britain etc. One cannot satisfy the whole population of a country, in a democratic system there are two sides always, the winners and the losers.
    Jegan: So according to you all the bombing in Colombo and other places were not done by the LTTE? There was enough physical evidence that they were all the work of the murderous , cowardly LTTE who murdered innocent civilians men, women & children irrespective of their ethnicity.

  43. @Patta Pal

    Immortal words indeed. The latent opposition in Iran faces a similar situation. Tyrants in Iran (not Ahmadinejad who is a puppet but ayatollahs who really control the country) and Sri Lanka (Rajapakse family and associated goons) will continue to enjoy passionate native support while the international community keeps harping on peripheral issues rather than forming a long-term plan to foster democracy and reduce corruption in these countries. Democracy, transparency and the rule of law will naturally solve other problems in these countries and existing regimes will be kicked out.

  44. “Most of us expats judge Sri Lanka by the three week “romance” which includes such things being able to reach Galle in 45 minutes on the so called “super highway”, the cleaner streets of Colombo, the lack of security checks, the 6 hours it now takes to Arugambay as opposed to the 11 hours it took just three years ago, “High Tea” at Cinnamon Grand or the opportunity to sip a Gin and Tonic at sundown at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel….”

    Not really. Most of us expats are influenced more from what we hear about day to day life from our friends and relatives back home. Right now it is a mixed bag. Materially at least we can see things have improved. There is more traffic on the streets which means more people can afford cars. Restaurants are full. Which means more people can afford to eat out. There are local tourists all over the country. Which means people have things to do in their liesure. These are all positive signs. True, there is poverty. But there always has been even under previous regimes. However one can even see some improvement in the living conditions of the poor. It is difficult to find a wattle and daub house with a hay thatched roof any more. One would see scores of these driving upto Anuradhapura or Jaffna in the old days. But today over 90% of dwellings are larger, made of brick, and have roof tiles.

    However there is a lot of discontent about corruption and misrule. If you ever have the misfortune of getting into a dispute with a politician of the ruling party you cannot expect the police or the judiciary to help you. Even if you are shot on the streets by a politician or a body guard the police will not investigate. Even if charged, the judge will aquit the culprit. So in this sense there is a sense of powerlessness among the people. There is also a lot of corruption. Even more than in JRs or Chandrika’s time. At least that is the perception. Fraud, graft and corruption is not even viewed as crimes any more by the rulers.

    The last point is that this relative affluence has been gained by increased borrowing. The country is borrowing more than it ever has before. And at far higher interest rates than before. For the first time we are borrowing from commercial lenders at commercial rates. So “are we on the same path as Greece?” Is another question people are asking. Talking to people in the Central Bank and the Financial sector one hears that there is little or no fiscal discipline in how the govt. borrows and spends money. The effects of these things may not be apparent immediately. But the effects will be felt later. By which time another govt may be in place to take the blame.

    Its left to be seen if it all ends in tears..

    As for war crimes. We all know the NFZ was shelled. That no LTTE leaders escaped. That they were all summarily executed at the end. We have seen the clips, listened to the voices and decided for ourselves whether it looks fake or not. There is too much evidence about and only a stubborn idiot can claim they are “unsubstantiated” as the govt continues to claim. But even they know what really happened. Why else are they calling Sarath Fonseca a betrayer and not a liar?

    The question I would like to ask however is can the International Community blame Sri Lanka for wanting to fight this war to a finish? If not how do they suggest the Army should have ended it considering the use of the human shield by the LTTE? Should they have conceded defeat and withdrawn? Or could it have been won by using less force? Remember seige is disallowed under International law. Attacking with artillery without targetting civilians is however allowed. Elsewhere in other theatres civilians have fled away from the fighting. No where else have so many civilians been held against there will within the battlefield just to ensure that the war cannot be won without commiting a possible war crime. It is the first time in the history of modern warfare that this cynical tactic has been used and it is obviously something even the architects of the Geneva convention did not think possible. Only a genius like prabakaran could have thought of that one. When he rejected the surrender offer made to him two weeks before the end he knew he could never win the war. But if he had any humanity in him he could have spared the lives of the families of his fighters.. their mothers, sisters and grandparents. But he chose not to. So victory for the army inevitably came at a high civilian price. In short they were sacrificed by the LTTE. And to cap it all, after the civilians paid the price in however much thousands of lives, Prabakaran and the top brass decides to give themselves up. Probably expecting a short jail term after being sprung or swapped for hostages they intended to take as happened in Beslan in Russia.

    Of course the army had other ideas. What is however unacceptable is how they even killed relatively harmless members of the LTTE like the son of VP, Isai Priya, Nadesan and Pulidevan. I dont believe they were as dangerous as VP and Pottu Amman. They could have been spared and even co-opted like KP, Karuna, Pillayan and Daya Master.. The indifference and insensitiviy shown by the ruling family towards the survivors is also telling. Had they managed these better without resorting to triumphalism and arrogance they would not be in this place. But it is impossible to expect Mandella like statesmanship from village thugs. They have asked for all they are getting at the hands of the international community. The tragedy is that as everywhere it is decent Sri Lankans who will pay the price.

  45. Ranjan,

    I agree, local units would be better than provincial governments. I don’t think that the people of Jaffna should dictate policies to the people of the different regions in the Vanni, but foreign policy and national defense should be left to a central government. Furthermore, smaller localized governments instead of one large northern provincial government should alleviate the fear of separatism among the Sinhalese at least a little. Government accountability is of utmost importance, but don’t you think it’s easier to keep local governments to account than government officials far away in Colombo?

    Political parties based on immutable qualities are counterproductive and difficult to eradicate. It’s possible to eventually render them powerless but this requires transformational leadership and some enlightenment among the masses. I don’t think Rajapakse is the leader for this task. Just as the Sinhalese despised VP, most Tamils fear Rajapakse and don’t trust him. The fact that he bought his first presidential election and has removed term limits seems to be indicative of his disdain for democracy and wish for a crown. However, I don’t think international resolutions will bring him to justice for war crimes or strip away his power over the Sinhala masses. Just as his Tamil counterpart, he is enjoying a cult of personality. Hopefully, in the near future, a new progressive leadership will be voted in by the south and north as people come to realize that a dynasty is not in their best interests.

    In regards to caste politics, I am aware that the LTTE was dominated by the Karaiyar caste but it also included individuals from other castes. The militant movement was partly a rejection of the traditional Vellalar leadership. However, I think Sinhalese politics is also riddled with caste divisions? Furthermore, would you agree that the post-colonial Sinhalese leadership and certain Tamil leaders bear significant responsibility for the carnage that followed their callousness and sabre rattling. The abandonment of the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayakam Pact and reluctance to offer any strong reconciliatory overtures is a prime example.

    There is another problem with the Sri Lankan state. It’s too violent, both Tamils and Sinhalese have been at the receiving end. Whether Tamil Separatists or Sinhalese Marxists, the state and its leaders unleashed a military with carte blanche to victimize the citizenry. The military continues to enjoy blanket immunity and this poses a major threat to all Sri Lankans.

  46. With the shadow of the US sponsored looming large over the MR led SLG,it may be somewhat entertaining to consider the emergence of strange paradoxical events in the past which have led to the current situation.

    The first being the remark by the LTTE leader VP that MR was a pragmatic man and that he firmly believed a final solution can be arrived following his election as President. The final solution came as prophesised by him at Nandikadal.

    Second how General Sarath Fonseka who defeated the LTTE later went on to contest his erstwhile Commander in Chief at the subsequent Presidential elections with the support of the TNA,the UNP and JVP all strange bedfellows and finally got cooped up in jail for his daring.

    Third how the Indian PM has turned a full circle in his inclination to support a far away US sponsored resolution against a small sovereign country just twenty or so miles away in it’s own backyard which is populated by a people with close linguistic,cultural,historica, and blood ties with the people in the sub-continent he is PM.
    The paradox here is India wants to have a permanent seat in the UNSC but did not have the gumption to devise a resolution of it’s own.

  47. This underworld man is not guilty of war crimes but he and his underworld family Member’s IS GUILTY of corruption , murder of opposition members, fraud, , tape , ransom, mass scale vote rigging during the election. money laundering in billions not allowing law enforce officers to do their duty properly

  48. Noam:
    I totally agree with you on your last para. Sri Lankan state is too violent. Unfortunately we opened the pandora’s box violence and governance with a gun with the 1971 JVP and then continued with the Tamil militancy and the 2nd JVP insurrection and subsequently the final Elam war. We have shown our rulers that it is far easier to rule by force rather than rule by the law. The military is not the problem. It is the civilian leadership that gives direction to the military that is the problem. Sri Lankan military, to their credit, has always remained under civilian rule. what is the solution? I don’t know. My only hope is that as the current generation of rulers that grew up with the war and separatism retires, a more enlightened group of young leaders, modern in their outlook, with experiences of seeing how other developed countries work out their problems will take over and lead the country.

  49. Sri Lanka and its fellow citizens (I mean truly Sri Lankans) are a threatened nation to this neocolonialism. So was in the past to the dutch-british colonialism. Historically, tamil racisistic stormes from Tamilnadu to Bambalapitiya to far west Canada was an opertunistic entity and SO IS NOW. Pieces of articles for Dollars, human right watch dogs and donkeys living on these dirty money are poping up now.
    We are at a risk of losing our independence to these destructors of our world who lives on the expenses of others by mass scale looting and the foxes who eat on dead carcasses. But you are not strong enough to kill us and our mind.

    A Sri Lankan fron Sri Lanka.

  50. Since you refer Ch-4 as evidence, I reject you totally. I know that it Ch-4 thing is a big lie, have enough proofs. I agree that Rajapakse has missed the opportunity to become the greatest leader, by bowing down to thugs and drug dealers. The country is now turning downhill path because of his bad handling of economy and other social matters.
    Couple of points to reject your argument:
    1. If Rajapakse worried about Channel-4 propaganda and other any foreign actions, or any of these kinds of criticisms, we would have been still fighting the LTTE terror. Another 100,000 would get killed in a matter of year. We should be glad that we had Rajapakse at right time.
    2. Rajapakse was courageous and brave enough to take necessary actions to solve an eternal Prabakaran misery, going against all foreign pressures. I call it leadership because of the severity of the problem and how we suffered.
    3. He should be credited for what he did. Instead of learning from this example, which is one and only way do it, if we start finding how it was done, not considering the fact that it would never been done otherwise, is so stupid. We Sri Lankans know how we suffered at that time, none of the foreign countries could do anything to bend Praba to negotiate.

  51. The conflict has been there for decades. It should be resolved. We should be looking for a final answer, not at measures to weather an emerging storm.

  52. LTTE can be held accountable for war crimes!! > Prosecute Rudrakumaran et al for aiding and abetting terrorism in SL and for raising funds, transferring same to the LTTE for purchase of weapons to commit such crimes.

    If SL Givt can be charged, so is the LTTE bent diaspora for their part

  53. It is obvious that there are hundreds of expatriate Sri Lankan armchair critics like you, waiting to throw mud at Rajapaksa Government whenever opportunity arises. It is also obvious that some of these expatriates have done well financially by selling muddied opinions to interested parties at international level. I do not think your article worth any dollars or even make any sense to anybody who knows Sri Lankan society well.

    As a lawyer you should know well that flimsy evidence does not hold any water. You cant accuse Rajapaksa Government of gunning down those people who got killed in various circumstances recently. Similar deaths occur very often in similar circumstances in so called civilised countries like Canada, USA, Australia or UK. There was a Brazilian student was shot and killed by the police in Sydney last week. Someone like you may accuse Australian government of gunning down this innocent student.

    You talk about the grievances of waiters, taxi drivers, payment hawkers of Sri Lanka very passionately. Have you ever spoken to an underpaid over worked Mexican migrant laborer in Canada?

  54. Actually, unbeleivably true statement from an educated sinhala gentleman.
    If people were told the truth, and facilities given to the yet suffering Tamil
    people,of the North, anstop racism tactics from some ministers, who are keen to rule for ever, THIS SITUATION WOULD NEVER HAVE DEVELOPED TO THIS JUNCTURE.
    Tamils are not cannibals, as thought by the Armed Forces,they are human beings living togethere with the others for centuries now. All what they want is equal status. Is it wrong to ask? The depreviation had sent our Economy,in to space.
    Created a soaring cost of living etc.etc.,

    What is the use of beautifying the country rather than beautifying our living.
    But one thing i have seen is that SRI LANKA WILL NEVER EVER LEARN.as long as it adopts this DOUBLE STANDARD OF RACES.

  55. The article is little too salty, nevertheless the truth is the present Regime actions are not acceptable to any citizen of Sri Lanka. Not only for Tamil community but, also majority of Sinhalese, Muslims and burgers etc., are suffering
    Freedom of speech and everything else slowly and systematically taking away by the present regime. Absolutely there is no law and order, kidnapping , disappearance, murders at large, white vans roaming picking people everyday, while corruption by the ruling family and party members are up like a sky rocket in the sky. Mismanagement of public funds by the government authorities are same as above. Judiciary is like a one way road all decisions are influenced by the Ruling king & brothers , certain case files are in attorney General’s Department for years & years not transferred to court indictments not filed against the people associate ruling party brothers. No one can talk the truth against the Ruling family, There is no powerful opposition to voice the concern and the danger. People in the country irrespective of their ethnicity have no one to turn for a sincere help. How far and how long this situation will continue forget the past help people of Sri Lanka to stand now and clear the mess created by so called Maha Rajathuma.

  56. MR says:

    “Sri Lanka and its fellow citizens (I mean truly Sri Lankans)”

    Who are these truly Sri Lankans?

    Could you define/clarify/explain Truly Sri Lankan.

  57. Well done, Mr. Fernando. I salute you for standing tall and speaking out. I believe you live in Canada, a country that practices democracy in the real sense of the word. Do not be afraid to speak out, no one can touch you! As Dushy Ranetunga has said in a few words, “Sri Lanka has to clean up its backyard”. Also, they have to get rid of this Sinhala Buddhist attitude. Make Sri Lanka a country devoid of racial or religious bias. This is all what is needed today. Respect for the individual is very important. But only a few get respect and that too, because they are in power. People in Sri Lanka have to grow up and grow out of the small world mentality. They must look at the big picture. All of us are here in this world for a reason. The more good we do, and help people in their lives we feel good. So, my few words will end with the hope that the GOSL will sit back and review public opinion and ensure that all people are treated alike and with respect. Sri Lanka will live to prosper beyond words the day the people in power realise that they were elected to serve the people and not themselves, their families and friends.

  58. Problem created by imperialist who looted sri lanka for centuries, mainly british,followed by elite sinhala and tamils.Elite tamils were directed to keep hold on to controlling powers of sri lanka which were transfered by british to them unreasonably to divide the country. Innocent tamils and also out side world were misinformed and manipulated the history and weaknesses of government to justify separation.Tamilnadu supported the agenda on communal basis having there own racist dreams.Now minority sinhalease in view of tamils inthe world and capitalist countries that support racist tamil sections are blamed for fighting for survival.Where is the god?

  59. 1) Viresh- this name was never heard of although I am living in Canada for the last 15 years
    2) I wonder how this person advice the Canadian guv, since he has no clue as to what really happened during the last phase of the war
    3) The author failed to highlight many atrocities carried out by LTTE during their 30 years of raciest, ruthless war
    4) Again, Viresh is playing in to the hands of the LTTE and the Diaspora by exclusively mentioning CH4
    5) Maybe, just maybe this guy has a grudge, or maybe he approach the SL guv to get a post, job or some favour, and he was turned down, again, this is just a theory, and I may be wrong.

    Sam Herath

  60. This article has all the hall marks of Canadas contribution towards the Geneva fiasco. I am sorry to say, Viresh sounds exactly like the colombo elite club members who while living in London,Toronto and and other posh places and mock the Rajapakse chokkas. For those who left the mother(land)in crisis for greener pastures and lap the the greener stuff gleefully we have no grouse agaist that. But please don’t come to rub it on our faces who stayed behind and faced the horrors of thirty years.
    Ranjan,Thilak,Dias and few others have made very sensible comments about presentday Sri Lanka, especialy Ganapathy moorthy.
    Now I want to say something to Patta pal first.
    You are really great. First you admit you are in the opposition and then admit that you have great difficulty in convincing others that Rjapakses must be chased away? Lets pretend you persuaded me to join you to chase Mahinda Rajapakse away. Who do you have in mind to be our president?Ranil Wickramasingha?Somawansa Amarasingha?Sajith Premadasa?Karu Jayasuriya? who is it?tell us loud and clear. But remember it must be some one who is so great that we must have no compuctions in abandoning Mahinda Rajapakse who rid the country of LTTE terror.
    The other point is please dont lie to the people of your own country that you claim you care so much. Today the only person who goes around begging is Ranil Wickramasinghe. Rice prices are low the Paddy farmers are screaming.Vegetable prices are low the vegetable farmers are screaming. Eggs and Chicken prices are low poultry farmers are screaming, other commodity prices are also stable and you guys are trying to convince us the people that the cost of living is so high that people are dieing of hunger. Today we don’t have any one even scavenging garbage bins for food and thats the truth. Any one who is not lazy to do a days job of work can have three square meals. So please try and understand atleast now,it is not Colombo elite londoners criticising Rajapakse and his chokkas that makes life difficult for you it is the lies that you utter without any compunction and PATHOLA policies of the so called leaders that drives the people away from you. There are many people here in Sri Lanka who do not like what the present governmnet is doing, more than you can imagine, but alas!you can’t have them on your side.you guys are trying to walk before you crawl. First try to be a good opposotion and then think of taking power.
    Dingiri: You are trying to prove something contradicting your own statement. First you say people are okay and there are no more wattle and daub houses and that they are all brick and tile roofed houses and the people are touring the country in droves enjoying themselves which is true. Then in the same breath you say people are discontent because of corruption nad mis management. How can people be discontent and enjoy life at the same time? I don’t know where you live but I dare you to tell me where there is no corruption. There are no perfect countries my dear friend,this is not a perfect world, so don’t expect ours to be that exeption.
    Sarath Fonseka both lied and betrayed. But lieing is not an offence like betraying your country.
    oh! you sound confused from here on stop taking too serious all the muck you get on the internet.
    Noam: What you suggest is the ideal solution not only for tamils but for rural sinhalese and muslims too. To decentralise power from one place to another surely can not be the answer. But the trouble is, so much power is concentrated in the centre and they will never let go of it.
    Some other reasons why this government has drawn the wrath of the Americans in particular and the west in general in my belief,could be, first Sri Lanka is fast becoming independent of wheat flour control and soon wheat flour will be just another commodity without any special relevance. The second is this governments inclination towards buddhism and its thrust towards its development.

  61. Dear Mr viresh , its good to see a different perceptions of the national issue.

    A war without witness, no one was allowed in the war zone except for gosl forces , a free ticket to massacare & rape of innocent tamilcililians 1 ,2 ,5000 or 40 k ? and GOSL says only ltte cadres were killed , I suppose its fair game and compensates for sinhala civilians massacared by LTTE in the past. Tit for tat .

    MR,VGR , VP , sf, shavendra, JHU , TNA whatever the case ,we( Sri lankans are refusing to grow up ! S


    Happy to recieve payment from UN / US also, that no prob
    Happy for US to ban, cut funds, arrest anti air missile tigers, give us spy planes and spy info on arms ships and to threaten tigers with helping SL if dont peacefully settle with Ranil, they kept their word, not our bigots.

    white van abduction yet the norm, defence expediture getinh higher and higher, people are shot, poor mans fuel is robbed, minorities abused.
    No this is not the stuff of tiger, but now GOSL.

    India as our local super-power is concerned about its back waters, also Tamils in India and SL
    India has learned a thing or two about bluff from MR
    Our ancestors are after all from India no,……even language, religion……….

    Millions of people suffering from GOSL’s poor mans’s fuel (kerosine) theft, etc. and ministers such as Champika Ranawaka and Gotabaya Rajapaksa among others are racists.

    Unlike in SL, India’s govts at most part has come leaps and bounds and set examples, great decentralization. Muslim president from the south, Sikh prime-minister (Khalistan liberation). In SL this caste, race, religion thing yet dominates politics, even it’s Buddism, they have distoted in practice the preachings of India’s Budha. (What is funny is in SL its between Shudras).

    As the people were taken for a ride and the forces were exemplary at most part, only the liars and thieves at the top of GOSL should be effected.

    More effective than resolution is to file charges on these Americans that are ruling the country

    And since these love foreign stuff, aid and loans only because of the country, nothin else, that why, so give it in parts with prgress on the rights of the citizen and the entitlement of the minorities.

    The problem is the Paksas have bluffed India and the West so much that they may not buy that stuff.

    When millions of people suffering from kerosine theft, etc. and Wimal has developed a self-pity
    Failing to realize, not just the above, but his boss is the local American

    Ipad (designer cars, top security) are luxuries even in the west that a few politicians have. This Wimal can go to the village, then comes up with this stuff about why the western tractor and not the local bull, he will be thrown out, so now we have to put up with this idiot, but as a country marching forward in this Global village we should not

  63. Ex-Tigers, LTTE sympathisers, anti-Rajapakse Sinhalese, UNP Sinhalese and some other pro-American slave Sri lankans are now become Human Rights champions. These people never talk about the atrocities of the LTTE. These people must explain why Ranil carved out an area of Vanni to LTTE with all safeguards and powers!

    CH4 try to fool the world with a photograph. The story of the son of terrorist prabhakaran is more comical than anything.

    If anyone want to see the “dead boy”, go to Denmark and visit Prabhakaran’s brother Manoharan. You will see him alive!

  64. Hi ..mate ,

    just read your article , and thought of writing in . You are so called open letter is so typical . typical in a sense , this what a typical foreigner ( by that I mean white person ) who will write about Sri Lanka. Simply because they would not what they are talking about .

    First of all let me tell you I am not highly qualified lawyer nor highly experienced human rights activist. But as a person who has born and lived in Sri Lanka over 34 years , I believe I can speak about Sri Lanka , it is on that basis I will counter you arguments .

    Let me start firstly , by taking on your first paragraph. you say “Germans did when they pretended the Holocaust “. what are you trying to ? that Genocide , Holocaust is happening in Sri Lanka.Mate 60% of the population in Colombo are non-sinhalase . most of them are Tamils. if you are trying to say Genocide is happening / Happend in Sri Lanka , did they come to Colombo help out the Government to kill them ? till this day Wellawatta , next to Bambalapitya is an area highly populated by Tamils . I suggest you visit that town , on your so called visits to SL.

    You claim that Rajapakse is tuning the guns at the Sinhalese . The two shootings incidents that you mentioned are police shootings . Doesn’t police shootings happen other parts of the world ? Last week I heard that there has been death in Australia due to police firing a teaser . So does that mean the austrailin government should be taken to task as well ? In case of Fisherman shootings Sri Lanka police has admitted the responsibility and STF personal is in custody . Keep in mind STF fired shots while they were being attacked by the mob who were carrying petrol bombs , swords and petrol bombs. Lets take the So called Nouns incident .if anything in this article demonstrates that you lack of knowledge of the subject matter (or could be bias) that you are writing about is this . well one other thing . You have named Gotabaya Rajapakse as the defence minister of Sri lanka. But he is not even minister . He is just secretary . well back to point about the nouns . The action was initiated by Sri Lanka’s Child protection authority on tip off , that they were smuggling kids in there . So they raided the place . If somebody were to blame current regime regarding this incident , they only could be blamed for covering up the incident under threats of Catholic Church boycott the Christmas celebrations .

    In the same paragraph you talk about how there is no body to taken onto taks for the LTTE crimes . Wrong again . Do you know about Adel Balasingham , who is the creator of LTTE womens and child brigades . if goggle her name , you will be able to old BBC footage you will be able to find footage of her during child brigade passing out cermony . What about Nediyawan , Suganya , Radu Kaumar who were heads of the LTTE fund rasing and international activities . are you ignorant to these people ? or the people who were behind TRO which FBI said was an front of LTTE’s fund raising activities .

    “ordinary people do lament that while the General who commanded the victorious army rots in jail the tiger terrorist [!!!] “Colonel Karuna” who ordered his child soldiers to mercilessly execute Buddhist monks and unarmed police officers sits at the right hand of the president at the cabinet table by day while cavorting at five star hotel with young Sinhala women at night. “Eka sardarana naa ney, Sir?” they say in a hushed tone fearful of being overheard.” … this part made me laugh . What are you trying to say here , that all people who support fonseka live in fear ? seriously man ….there is even political party called DNA which fonseka is head off , they openly crticize and attack the government and so far guess what nothing has happened to them. And you imply that this how all the ordinary people feel? when fonseka was in in prison he contested in parlimentary election from colombo and he was not even first the preferential votes . if my re-collation is right i think he ranked 5 th . Isn’t this the voice of the ordinary people ?

    lets move on to channel 4 , and so called the other evidence . First of all Channel 4 footage . So called execution scene , when it was first surfaced to called killers were wearing slippers , when that was pointed out they carefully edited that out . in fact most of doumentary very inaccurate . I want to list the them , but only thing I want to say go and watch “lies agreed upon ” which was production of DOD. you talk about numbers . here are numbers. aprrox 300, 000 civilians were in the war zone , and over 293, 000 were accounted for . out of that 3000 odd were LTTE figthers . So need to bog down , you can calculate them you self . The you talk about truth , and you write about some fantasy thing that you dream off.”he “truth” is that the Sri Lankan government was repeatedly advised to acknowledge that “war is hell”, civilian casualties are inevitable, but war crimes are not acceptable and so it ought to prosecute a token number of military personnel and to then pardon them [BY WHO?]” , where on earth do you get your information ?

    “he “truth” is that the Sri Lankan government was repeatedly advised to acknowledge that “war is hell”, civilian casualties are inevitable, but war crimes are not acceptable and so it ought to prosecute a token number of military personnel and to then pardon them [BY WHO?] (Yes this sounds cynical but hey, those of you who remember the Nixon resignation and pardon will surely understand that this is what “real politik” is all about).

    In the alternate the Sri Lankan government was advised to form an independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission just as South Africa did (and we also have done in respect of our native people) which would spare all participants from prosecution be they be Sinhala or Tamil” . where did you get this information , did you imagine it when you having some ganja ? the reality is US was out get SL from day one . They made their first attempt when robert balke was ambassador of sri lanka , when threatened Basil , that Regime would be taken to tribunal . Second attempt was done during fonseka visit to US in 2010 . when department of homeland tried solicit fonseka to make statement in this regard. Even earlier this year US Embassy personal approached one of battle front commanders regarding this .

    You attack LLRC as not being independent . Name on independent body in the world ? In Sri Lanka we had lot international Independents bodies . One was SLMM , which comprised of Novergians . They are so independent they are yet to tell us who killed Kadirgarmar . Sri Lankan government killed Muslim and Sinhalla Civillians ? name one instance that happened during the war ? stop writing rubbish .
    You attack LLRC of “absolving the government and the military of responsibility for any war crimes”. You are a baffon if you think that government deliberately ordered war crimes. I am not saying that there wernt any , I am just saying that it was not ordered form the Top . sometimes lower ranks tend to get carried way with the heat of battle . which is clearly evident on things that now happening on Afghanistan and IRAQ . if you still say the goverment did war crimes , what will knock the wind out of your sails is that , government resuced over 200,000 people and it has actually rehabilitated over 10,000 LTTE carders , which whom the government could have killed if they were out do that . Among the LTTE carders there is the wife of Sosai , who was captured trying to escape to india by boat , Daya master and his family , Tamil Selvans family , even prabakarns own family . No body knew who they were captured so why not execute ? why keep them alive if they were ordered from the top .

    The War Crimes Allegations ..here we go .again , shelling of hospitals , despite all the BS , there was only one incident reported during the conflict . That was the incident of Padukduirrupu hostpital. Even then that ICRC has actaully confrimed that the Tiger artillery guns were placed near the hospital deliberately . In that case firing to take out the guns that can happen mistakenly . Amercians with all their technology still some times mistakenly bomb innocent villages in Afghanistan . And as for no fire -zone , BS , The LTTE had built large sand structures protect them . And they actually placed their artillery and anti air-craft guns inside the those zones . One or two shells might have accidentally fallen but again saying that was deliberate is an gross over statement . Specially since army tactic was not to use massive fire power but use small teams soldiers with small arms to capture bunds . Army had to heavy toll for that . Finally white flag story , even defence attach of the US embassy in co9lombo agreed with version of events offered by the government . well before he got dragged way of course . lets say as you say it is true . what is not said is the whole story here . prior to all of these LTTE was given 72 hour time period to surrender . instead what LTTE did was send vans loaded bombs to take out the army front lines . After that , if anybody sincerely believes that the LTTE was genuine in their surrendering efforts is a complete moron . Andyou say UK , Canada Australia were part of negotiations ? accordingly Marie Colvin , the people who were part of this so called conversation is Erik Solhiem , Vijay Nambiyar , Robert Blake , Plaitha Khona , Basil Rajapkase , i know plaitha Khona is dual citizen of australia and sri lanka ….but I challange you to name so called people from the other countries you named.

    “Though the report recommends certain very mild steps to effect reconciliation the government has come up with one excuse or the other to not follow its own hand-picked commission’s suggestions” , are you aware that the final report just came out in December . Most of the steps that they have take long time to implement . Only a naive fool think that they can be accomplished with in months of release the report . while you attack the government , you do not commend what it has already done , out of all the civilians apart from 6000 most of them have resettled and have built up infrastructure in those areas . The reason that you do not comment on those praise the government on it because you are a biased bigot .

    I thought you are lawyer . That Rs 900,000 story , so do have any proof that this actually happened .Can you show all of us evidence ? you are total idiot if you think that LTTE could be bought over buy that kind of money .any way show us evidence in reagrds to this ? we want hard facts , not just statements made by former disgruntled minister.

    About National Anthem part ? you are joker man
    Apart from Canada name one other country that actually sings national anthem in two languages . The indian national anthem is sung on Bengali , but does the other nationalities feel offended ? so why is it has to be diffrent in Sri Lanka . In Sri Lanka we have two official languages, while in India there is only hindi . But does the other nationalities feel offended by it ? only reason that so called tamils feel offended by this is their separatist agenda and simpletons like you will eat anything they cook up.

    In the article it self , you try to affirm that because of you qualifications that you are qualified to talk about Sri Lanka . What Qualifies to somebody to talk about a matter is the knowledge about the subject matter . As I proved to you through my reply which you clearly lack . An Another that is obvious to me was that the fact your personal vendetta against the MR . So with your lack knowledge about subject and the your Vendetta has created Joke of article which not really suitable for a qualified person like you . To stick to what you know , and don’t worry about SL , coz there are more knowledgeable people who can speak for SL .IN other words just shut up and mind your own bussiness .

  65. M.Sivananthan says:

    “These people must explain why Ranil carved out an area of Vanni to LTTE with all safeguards and powers!”

    Please help me understand the constitution of Sri Lanka.

    The constitution states:

    Chapter 1, Exercise of Sovereignty

    4. b The executive power of the people including defense of Sri Lanka shall be exercised by the president of the Republic elected by the people.


    At the time of LTTE Ranil agreement Chandrika was the all powerful president elected by the people and was a member of SLFP.

    How did the institutionally weak prime-minister Ranil unilaterally carve out an area of Vanni to LTTE with all safeguards and powers while under the watch of all powerful president Chanrika?

    Sivananthan as you know I am bit thick and I cannot reconcile the two.

    How did Ranil manage to pull the rug under Chandrika?

  66. Tilak says:

    “1) It is not a UN report
    2) The words actually are “credible allegations” not “credible evidence” and as a lawyer you know that there is an enormous and relevant difference between the two
    3) Please read para 53 of the Darusman Report and you will see the absurdity of the whole report when you read the first sentence and the last sentence of that paragraph.”

    1. Then whose report was that?

    2. So what, you know what he meant?

    3. Where does the report say Darusman Report?

    For your information, the title of the report is:

    Report of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka

    The last time I checked the report, it bears UN logo not LTTE’s Crouching Tiger Emblem.

    So what is your problem?

    You say:

    “I think all sensible people know that it was patently absurd to assert that there were going to be (during the war) “zero civilian casualties.””

    Being bit thick I naively believed what MR’s cronies and the state fearing media said during the war and after that “Soldiers were carrying UN charter in one hand and gun on the other”.

    At the time it did not occur to me but later I questioned myself how was it possible for Sinhala soldiers to carry a weapon in one hand and fire it with same hand
    without missing the target, i.e. the LTTE (not the civilian of course). It was like IPKF fighting the LTTE with one hand tied behind their back.

    For Sinhala soldiers to do this they must be either Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) or Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) or both build into one.

    Now you say ” it was patently absurd to assert that there were going to be (during the war) “zero civilian casualties”.

    I have been fooled by the state. Do you think what MR regime said during the war was a blatant lie? The assertion of Zero Civilians had never been a serious objective of Sri Lankan army. I deduce from your comment “that all along the MR regime knowingly killed civilians”.

    Please educate me.

  67. NAK says:

    “Ranjan,Thilak,Dias and few others have made very sensible comments about presentday Sri Lanka, especialy Ganapathy moorthy.”

    Those who support the Sri Lankan state made sensible comments.

    Is it true that those who oppose Sri Lankan state made stupid comments?

  68. M.Sivananthan says:

    “The story of the son of terrorist prabhakaran is more comical than anything.”

    Would you share the jokes with me? I love comedy and jokes. That is why I don’t hate Tamils and Sinhalese.

    You say:

    “If anyone want to see the “dead boy”, go to Denmark and visit Prabhakaran’s brother Manoharan. You will see him alive!”

    Could I have his contact details so that I can adopt/adapt him as a Vedda. This is the right age for him to learn all the skills necessary to survive the jungle and Sinhala/Tamil stupid people.

  69. I have one major comment to make from a first cursory reading of the article. I am puzzled by the reference to the ‘Rajapakse Dynasty’. Mr Mahinda Rajapakse and perhaps his son and a brother are ‘elected’ members of parliament. This does not make them a ‘Dynasty’.

    I would refer to them collectively, if at all, as the Rajapakse clan.

    I an sorry to note that the bulk of the legthy comments indicate a ‘rageing’ virulence against the Tamils.

    I would like to leave this thought with these people, most of whom are descendants of immigrants, mostly from India. The island was long known (many thousands of years ago) as Eelam. This was the name by which it was known when the portuguese first came. They called it Ceilam (the ‘m@ is written as ‘ao’ therefore Ceilao in portuguese written works. The dutch called it Zeylam while the British called it Ceylon. The name Sri Lanka was ‘cooked up’ in the mind of one of the many racialist ethno nationalists.

  70. NAK,

    You say: “Dingiri: You are trying to prove something contradicting your own statement. First you say people are okay and there are no more wattle and daub houses and that they are all brick and tile roofed houses and the people are touring the country in droves enjoying themselves which is true. Then in the same breath you say people are discontent because of corruption nad mis management.”

    You seem unable to comprehending that people can be discontent even if they are materially better off. Through hard work hard or with the help of a family member earning overseas they are able to build them selves a house or go on a vandana trip. But if they are harrassed by political thugs, find no level playing field for business, jobs going to the undeserving, find their taxes are being robbed and wasted they will and do feel discontented.

    You say ” I don’t know where you live but I dare you to tell me where there is no corruption. There are no perfect countries my dear friend,this is not a perfect world, so don’t expect ours to be that exeption.”

    Spoken like a true jarawa pappa!! It doesnt look like you even want to eliminate corruption! NAK, the difference is other contries try to combat corruption. There also are differences in the levels of corruption. In some countries it is a minor problem and the sums are small and in others the sums are large and it is all pervasive. You will be dissapointed to note that compared to Sri Lanka Most countries in the developed world have far less corruption and have systems in place to deal with it. In the devloped world one doesnt have to bribe a politician to get a liquor lisence. The police dont request bribes to let traffic violators off the hook. Judges dont give bizzare judgements that go against the proceedings of the case. Politicians dont get transformed overnight from unskilled, uneducated no bodies into multi millionares. There is also a free press and an independent police and judiciary that holds politicians to account the minute they violate the rules. I will give you a few examples from the UK.

    Recently, Liam Fox (A good friend of Sri Lanka) had to resign because a friend of his was going around claiming that he was Dr. Fox’s advisor when in fact he officially was not.

    David Blunket Home Secretary, had to resign because he claimed a rail ticket he bought for his girl friend on expenses.

    Now compare that with what goes on in Sri Lanka where MPs and Ministers are not even audited and even if found to be guilty of crimes far worse than corruption get away scott free with the blessings of the President or his brother.

    Even the incumbent Prime Minister was questioned by Scotland Yard over the party donations for honours scandal.

  71. Native Vedda
    It is easy to sort out who true Sri Lankans are. Exclude guys like u from the list and rethink again why.

  72. I was startled by the article about the RIF an ethnic community
    who live north of Morocco on http://www.al-akhbar.com english edition.

    The history of the RIF seems to parallel the struggle for freedom
    for those who were nominally freed in 1948 Feb 4th in Ceylon.

    The struggle is universal and goes on. It seems.

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