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I raised the question “Was Prabakaran and his entire family executed?” As the War Ended

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by Dushy Ranetunge

The present crisis facing Sri Lanka is not an exception, it is one that has been played out repeatedly across the world.

In South America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia powerful nations, primarily the United States has over the last century armed and trained local militaries as a bulwark against their perceived Great Satan. For most of last century the great Satan was communism, and after 9/11 it was replaced by terrorism.

This strategy gave rise to despotic dictatorships, which had popular support initially, before turning out to became some of the greatest human rights abusers, the world had witnessed.

Sri Lankan’s are the latest victims of this global strategy.

As others across the globe battled communist/nationalist rebels for most of the last century, Sri Lanka continually battled “insurgents” every 20 years, for its entire existence since independence.

Like the other nations with similar crisis, Sri Lanka had, and continues to have its share of internal, inherent, structural weaknesses that sparks rebellion.

Approximately 20 years after independence in 1948, Sri Lanka faced its first insurgency in 1971. The Sri Lankan state “dealt” with it and tens of thousands of its citizens were slaughtered by the armed forces in the process. Sri Lanka received military aid from across the world to aid in this slaughter of the perceived “Communist/Marxist” great Satan. Civilians, who were perceived as “insurgents” were stripped, raped and executed by the armed forces even then. The Premawathei Manamperi case being the most famous.

Another 20 years later in 1989, another insurgency was ruthlessly crushed, with the state slaughtering tens of thousands of its own citizens. Civilians faced the brunt of the armed forces onslaught.

Another 20 years later we have 2009, and the “insurgents” have been renamed “terrorists” as a strategy, to hitch the Sri Lankan anti-insurgent wagon to the US led global anti-terrorism initiative.

But in 2009, things are different. There are mobile phones carried by almost everyone to record atrocities, advanced sophisticated satellites which could focus into your house through the window and watch you drinking coffee, and the international legal framework in respect of human rights and war crimes have advanced exponentially since 1971 and 1989.

The quality and quantity of evidence available, advanced investigative techniques and the robustness and the advances in international humanitarian law is what Sri Lanka faces today.

Pinochet was lucky as he was at the tail end to face the full force of these developments. Milosevic and others since then have not been so fortunate.

Like in Chile, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the Sri Lankan government and its security forces were in one sense fighting a proxy war on behalf of India and the United States to dispose of “terrorists” who were destabilising their turf.

They encouraged and assisted in Colombo’s war against “terrorism”. Colombo was somewhat unsophisticated and naïve in interpreting that encouragement and assistance. They saw it as a blank cheque, a wink and a nod to do as they please.

Today as the full evidence of the horrors of war emerge, India and the United States will find it difficult to disassociate themselves from their “ally”.

The outrage in the Indian parliament this week and the massive lobbying of the human rights organisations in the West are challenges in those democracies to self-correct their trajectory and to force those governments to hold Colombo accountable.

In Sri Lanka there are no such mechanisms for self-correction, as it has an impotent rubberstamp parliament and a harassed human rights lobby. The press has been firebombed, abducted, murdered and assaulted. The opposition has been dismantled.

Considering the sudden activity in Sri Lanka, with the military investigating itself and human rights championing by the government, the squeeze in Geneva seems to be giving rise to some window dressing in Colombo. But these are too little too late, only for the consumption by the gullible.

After having battled the LTTE in Geneva on many occasions in the past, this month the Sri Lankan government is battling the United States, the European Union and most of the UNHRC

In Sri Lanka, political bankruptcy is on display as government ministers are clowning trying to show the power of the nation by boycotting Google?

With the Sri Lankan economy dependant on the West for their exports in tea, garments as well as tourism, and now indirectly even oil, it is difficult to see what options they have.

Channel 4 in London, had an “expose” on Wednesday well timed for the vote in Geneva. It was no “expose” as these issues were highlighted on the day the war ended in an article titled “Was Prabakaran and his entire family executed?” It was not published in Sri Lanka for obvious reasons. The article was published on the www. It was regarded by the defence establishment in Colombo as a “party spoiler” as commented by Prof Rohan Guneratna.

Anabarasan of the BBC said that he was surprised as to what I had written.

Now its on Channel 4.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in the thinking of the administration in Colombo and unfortunately they seem incapable of that task.

(The Writer who lives in London, UK was the Editor of the Quarterly “Lanka Outlook”)

TransCurrents ~ May 21, 2009: Was Prabakaran and his entire family Executed by the army?

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  1. Hi there Dushy,
    Must say U’ve grown up so suddenly & indeed it is an encouraging sign !!!

    But, What on Earth made to to distance from Sinhala / Buddhist bashing Line ??? Was is it because Ur maturity or DBSJ Anna has modified Ur Article ???

    Anyways, Congratulations !!!

  2. ‘They encouraged and assisted in Colombo’s war against “terrorism”. Colombo was somewhat unsophisticated and naïve in interpreting that encouragement and assistance.’

    LOL…So, a push for war crimes investigation will bring out India/U.S involvement aiding Sri Lanka? How could the India-U.S partnership allow that to happen which would eventually expose them? Perhaps it might just be Kangaroo court investigation (like Saddam Hussein trial) indicting the lions of lanka alone?

  3. Dushy! To treat the 2009 genocide in the same breath as the JVP killings which was horrific but lacked the Ethnic genocide element is to brush things under one carpet.
    I am not sure that this is what you are trying to do.

    It is strange that you highlighted the violence of the state without ever mentioning the long record of Ethic discrimination and consistent antii-Tamil Ethnic violence even once in your rather amnesic history.

  4. In your article you mentio ‘ It is possible that Prabakaran ordered his family and himself to be shot by his bodyguard, realising the futility of the situation.’
    Subsequent writings by DBSJ after interviewing KP gave greater insight into the last days of VP. It has been written that VP had a guard carrying petrol to burn his body in case he had to be killed. Some guy states in the Channel Four clip that VP had his head injury after being shot at from the back. the clip did not also mention that this picture was there in the defence.lk site much before VP’s demise.

    Channel Four in this latest 1 hr report made out of many clips has made a serious Booboo. Have a look at the clip at 6.47 minute. You can see the LTTE artilary parked next to civilian traffic. I am sure that this will be erased after some time.

    I agree with you on your statement that the SLA fought this war with the assistance of the Indian Govt. IN fact on NDTV one minister mentioned that Sri Lanka did fight and get rid of the LTTE on their behalf.

    India will never allow Tamil militarism to rear its head and take root certainly not in Sri Lanka as South would be next.

    Great analysis.

  5. Dushy Ranetunge wrote:

    “There needs to be a paradigm shift in the thinking of the administration in Colombo and unfortunately they seem incapable of that task.”

    I agree with what you say however reconstituting the state and political structure of the island is not easy. If it is not forthcoming from the state then outsiders will impose it for Sri Lanka as India did in the late 1980s with the 13th amendment which nobody in their right might could have accepted as it stood.

    In the case of US proposed resolution at UNHCR I would say there is much ado about nothing. The diplomatic circus in town is for the amusement of stupid masses back home.

  6. DBSJ

    It is high time u write on the final moments of Prabha , his wife and son Balachandran .

    Why and How?……….DBSJ

  7. Hella Anbu says:

    “Ethic discrimination and consistent antii-Tamil Ethnic violence even once in your rather amnesic history”

    Read, reread, digest then start knocking on your key board.

    Dushy is trying to put the international consensus into context. He is not writing a history book on violence against Tamil.

  8. Kasiyappan plastered his own father in the wall of Sigiriya with alive , What you can expect from “Sinhala Buddhist” mindset?
    But whole world now raising the important question is ‘Who killed/executed over 40,000 innocent Tamils?’

    Whole world now know you are not only Murderess but also Liars.

  9. One day you have to come out your closest and display the nudity as Dushy just did writing this article … You try to show you are a humanist and cared about human rights and so on … But, hatred for SRI LANKA because your nostalgia past had gone without ever to come back hurts so much … I understand the agony and ecstasy you are going through … That SRI LANKA you lived had gone for ever, my friend Dushy. It would never come back … Your hatred towards it would not serve you any good …. White flags or not, SRI LANKA had not lost a life or even a limb after the Prabakarans gone … That is worth trillions to a civilian who would have lost a arm if the terror continued … That is my yard stick of measuring human rights and obviously not yours. My human rights concern about proven terrorists is nil … On the other hand, human rights concern regarding a civilian is unlimited and not biased according to the whims and the fancies of the nostalgic past ….

  10. Great people like you make me to think there are good sinhalese in Lanka also
    Lord Krishna bless you


  11. Hi DBS,

    I am confused now. Your interview with KP stated that Prabhakaran died while fighting. But, listening to the C4 news, it looks like he was executed. Are we ever going to know what really happened?

    Even if we knew ,what will we do?………DBSJ

  12. In 1971 N/Korea was blamed for the JVP terror but now we see this JVP never had any links with N/Korea.

    India was cleverly manipulated to support the “Tamil” groups. When Rajiv Gandhi was killed only India realised the “Tamil Problem” of Sri Lanka is anti-Indian problem. When IPKF arrived, LTTE joined UNP, a pro-American SINHALA Party, immediately and started war against IPKF. Not only that LTTE started killing all the pro-indian elements among Tamils. Why? Then what happened to the “EELAM” or “Tamil Problem”?

    Sri Lanka is a welfare state and no need for any “revolution” and people never support any such idea. But all these “problems” are throttled from outside. Look now! Who is crying for the demise of LTTE under the pretexts of HUMAN RIGHTS and other damn issues? USA/UK and their allies are crying for HUMAN RIGHTS and other accountability issues! Do USA and UK have any morality to talk on Human rights?

    Look at Iraq. more than half million people were killed and more than four million people ran to neighbouring countries as refugees. Is USA or UK doing anything to re-settle those displaced? What about Afghanistan?

    What would have happened to Prabhakaran and his gang if they were in USA? They would be killed under the “SHOOT AT SIGHT” orders long ago. Prabhakaran had no “immunity” against killing him. He killed many and was qualified to be killed by any one.

    We heard that Prabhakaran and his family were guarded by more than 200 BLACK TIGERS. I think Prabhakaran and his family were killed during the shoot out with the so called Black Tiger Guards.

    LTTE took more than 200,000 people as human shield. So, LTTE and their “masters” wanted more Tamil people to be killed in order to do a “propaganda” war or escape from the army. CH4 and other WHITE HUMAN RIGHTS companies never talk anything about the atrocities of the LTTE.

    But the “masters” of the LTTE never expected the demise of the LTTE. That is why now they cry so hard. This is an intimidation and politically never work.

  13. well, let us leave the debate for a while an contemplate what the poor kids went through this horrible episode.
    I remember silently weeping myself just thinking about this during the whole operation.
    Innocent children not understanding what is going on and being frightened and killed and maimed.
    It was horrible experience as a parent personally.
    Now this is over, let the justice and fair play prevail.
    But let us not forget the same UN organizations should work out a mechanism to curtail the International Police the US not doing what it did in Iraq happens again, what is happening in Afghanistan etc.
    Otherwise this moral crusade is pointless.
    In the final analysis the world of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.I am so disturvbed with this latest VIDEO clips, but trust me as any sensible person would do i imagined exactly this would have happened right through the period of the whole operation.
    Now the Lord Buddha’s doctrine of suffering from Birth to death makes more sense to me.!!!!

    The Anonymous.

  14. Dushy, isn’t this claim of yours false: “Another 20 years later we have 2009, and the “insurgents” have been renamed “terrorists” as a strategy, to hitch the Sri Lankan anti-insurgent wagon to the US led global anti-terrorism initiative.”

    The term “terrorist” for the Tamil militants wasn’t coined in 2009 as you suggest, but in the late ’70s or early ’80s, before the second JVP insurgency, and more importantly, long before the US war on terror. Haven’t you yourself used the word “terrorist” in reference to the Tigers in many of your articles? What was your strategy in doing so?

  15. Thamilians were discriminated since Independance of ShriLanka
    riots in 1958, 1965, 1974 . 1977 are examples.
    There was no LTTE in 58 0r 65 or 74 or 77

    The sinhala Govts continuously discriminated against thamils.I understand Chelvanayagam sir is like Mahthma Ganndhi of India. Sinhala Governments continously betrayed thamils . Thamils were killed raped tortured their houses were burnt

    What happened in 2009 is nothing new for thamils

    Ofcourse LTTE is a horrible movement . They killed thamils even Hon Sri Rajiv Gandhi sir
    It does not justify the killings of lankan thamils by the govt troops
    my blood was boiling when i saw channel 4 video



  16. M.Sivananthan says:

    “In 1971 N/Korea was blamed for the JVP terror but now we see this JVP never had any links with N/Korea.”

    The ship carrying arms for JVP was intercepted by Indian Navy.

    You say:

    “India was cleverly manipulated to support the “Tamil” groups.”

    Then the population of India was 1.1 billion and the Sri Lankan Tamil population was 1.75 million. The Tamils to manipulate Indian masses and its establishment (British trained) in itself was a great achievement. The 1.1 billion people could not match the 1.5 million Tamil brain. The Indians must be very stupid indeed.

    I am not surprised that Indra who lost the war in Bangladesh as a consequence 90,000 Indian troops surrendered to Pakistani armed forces should have consulted your great Tamil manipulators before she went to wage war with Pakistan. A country which produced Nehru, Gandhi, Ambethkar, Amratya Sen, …………… fell for Tamil manipulation is a great achievement for the stupid Tamils who also beat the hell out of the 4th largest armed forces in the world.

    I know Indians are bit thick like me but I didn’t know Indian are thicker than the stupid Tamils until you pointed out it in your comment. Thanks for your re-education based on revised history of South Asia.

    I love to learn more about South Asia’s recent history through your story telling skills. Story telling and listening to our elders are great part of our culture. Please do continue.

  17. mathy says:

    “I am very happy Prabaharan got killed.Now Tamils living peacefully”

    Prabaharan and Rohana Wijeweera were the product of Sri Lanka. So are Mahinda, Gota, Basil, alleged war criminals, rapists, child abusers, thugs, drug barons, grease men, …..Weerawansa, Somawansa,….Dr Merwyn Silvas, ….corrupt state officials, ….

    Would you be equally happy when they die?

  18. DilshanF says:

    “India will never allow Tamil militarism to rear its head and take root certainly not in Sri Lanka”

    There are exceptions to any rules, please insert “except when it is in India’s interest”

  19. BTW Dushy Uncle, I Appreciated Ur Article for the Maturity Shown, which is in fact surprising !!!
    Tho there are so many lies & misleading information which I will say a hallmark of Ur articles to influence readers !!!

  20. Even with videos from camera phones, real-time sattellite imagery and verified eye witness accounts, I doubt West will shed a single tear if the GOSL killed another batch of 60,000 Sinhalese in a new JVP uprising. These Marxist rebellions are brutally crushed with littel hesitation, arguably reducing the overall death toll as the conflict doesn’t fester. The underlying systematic reason for Marxist (JVP) and seperatist (LTTE) revolutions aren’t addressed.

  21. before reading this analysis I used to wonder what happened to our Asian society in producing people like late Edmund Samarakoddy,Ancient Chinese Justice Bao,Indian freedom fighter Ambedkar who contributed to Indian federal constitution and so on.

    The irony is prominent people like Amirtaya Sen who wants to promote Buddhism through his Nalanda project is silent on this kind of matters that are being taken at UN.

    In my view What a contrasting ethical standard Dushy Ranatunge upholds in analysing the national issue SL facing since independnence, when compared to M Samarasinghes, R Wjeyasinghes, D Jeyatilleke, T Kunanayagam ……

  22. Great Analysis! But I would like to point out a few things –

    1) “In South America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia powerful nations, primarily the United States has over the last century armed and trained local militaries as a bulwark against their perceived Great Satan. For most of last century the great Satan was communism, and after 9/11 it was replaced by terrorism.”

    LTTE and other insurgent groups were creation of the Indian Govt to tackle pro-western UNP Led Sri Lanka. Later the LTTE turned it’s back on the Indian Govt and the complications arose from this strategic point onwards..So, the Tamil onflict is not a U.S Creation but a U.S manipulation at a later stage.

    2) After the Global Marketing campaign of ‘War on Terror’ started, the chance was given to the LTTE to settle for federalism by the Global Powers via the EU and other countries in 2002. LTTE did adhere to this directive and negotiated with the Ranil Govt who had an anti-LTTE, pro-Indian President at that time. Indian interference and manipulation derailed the peace process and led to it’s subsequent collapse in 2005/6. Eric Solheim’s statement the UN Panel last year is a testimony to this.

    3) However, the chance again was in 2005 when the opportunity was to elect Ranil as the president and reach a possible solution to the ISGA proposal submitted by the LTTE. However, LTTE’s directive to the Tamil population in North & East to boycott elections (after taking 500 million from the Rajapaksas) made Rajapakse become the president and the genocidal doctrine was signed between India & Sri Lanka to vanquish the tigers. The west shut it’s doors to the LTTE exposing the Tamil population to the military onslaught.

    Nobody can escape Karma.

  23. Loads of spin.Prabakaran and his family killed in combat or executed who knows?no one has proof of either. Only speculation.
    Since Pinoche and milosevic was brought up in the discussion.They had to face justice but did’nt live to see it through while Saddam and Gaddhfi had to contend with kangaroo court justice and no one is splitting any hairs about it too.
    What about the Bush,Blair duo and their side supporters Cheney,Rumsfels,Brown who lied through thier teeth to deceive the whole world and started a bloody messy illeagal unnecessary war. NO JUSTICE?shame!shame!on the so called civilised world.
    It is total bull to tell us about advanced investigative technology and quality and quantity of evidence when every on knows that there is nothing of the sort and thats why the CH4 and such are fishing for what ever they can lay thier hands on, doctor it to suite their purpose.
    Anyway this is an improvement from the usual sinhala buddhist/Rajapakse chokka bashing!as some said earlier.

  24. while dushy has written a very good piece.i happened to read his previous article nearly three years back also.what i have read in magazines,uthr website and other sources only say that prabakaran was tortured and killed later.but one of the enduring mysteries is why did he not take a cynide when he knew that he will be tortured before killed by sinhalese forces.probably he was given some hope by some government sources that he will be treated kindly.another incident which raises about prabakrans capture is our former world tamil leader kalaignar karunanidhi who during his fastest fast remarked that prabakaran should be treated like how alexander treated porus.this incident took place three or four days before eventuality it raises a question whether prabakaran was captured well earlier and the news was released after indian election results were out.jey your reply that even if he had been executed what we can do now you are correct we cant do anything now but it is a question of violation of international law.people who talked about iraq and other countries should be reminded that saddam hussein was captured he was not executed brutally rather a trial was conducted however sham it would have been.let us ignore the usual sinhalese shibboleths that tamil diaspora was silent when innocent sinhalese civillians were killed.i want to ask these very sinhalese what they are doing now when hundreds of civillians are being killed irrespective of their ethnicity by government.tamils struck back only when they did not listen to chelva,amir and other moderate leaders.i guess sinhalese now also are not in mood to accede to reasonable demands of tamils.i am sure that sinhalese will not have peace in holyland.

  25. Bruno Umbato says:

    “White flags or not, SRI LANKA had not lost a life or even a limb after the Prabakarans gone … That is worth trillions to a civilian who would have lost a arm if the terror continued … That is my yard stick of measuring human rights and obviously not yours.”

    Are you a moron!! I guess you don’t live in Srilanka.

  26. refreshing read Dushy… how politically bankrupt we really are! hey, luckily you dont need to fear Pink vans coming after you either!

  27. Mr Ranatunga should read the concurrent statements in the Press by the Prez a nd the DefSec.

    if anything ,US bullying at the UNHCR is galvanizing the resolve of the Govt as well as the great majority of the population of inhabitants to build on what they have put in place after 30 year hiatus.

    Japanese ambassadors remarks added to the sollidarity of the Chinese, Russians and the Indians will help the inhabitants to thwart these atmpts of a hand full of leaders who atre batting for the pro LTTE diaspora agenda of separatism.

    Great majority of inhabitants in these English West know what went on in Srilanka for thirty years.

    They also know now, how the Diaspora financed this killing and destruction by the LTTE.

    Theay are now coming in hoards to visit Srilanka and enjoy the hospitality of her inhabitants,

    They are also buying big in coastal areas to build their retirement homes,

  28. VP said something to International community about peace and negotiation and actually his actions were completely opposite. Kadirkamar’s killing, Mavilaru, Suicide attacks on SF and GR to name a few. He even prevented the Northerners from voting. All of them earned him the wrath of the IC and as a result he ‘earned’ his own destiny.

    MR is simply following him and will ‘earn’ his own destiny.

    It is an election year for Obahma and if the Bin Landen case was a human right issue confronting him, he will have to do something in Sri Lanka’s case to pacify as the tragedies happened in Sri Lanka were while he was a President and that is not good for MR.

  29. Vedda
    Then what happened to the ship with arms?

    Further SL Tamil fools cannot manipulate India or any one but their ‘foreign” masters did it. India is also suffering from the colonial leagacy.

    I think you are a donkey and know nothing. You cry that Indian forces surrendered to Paki army. I think you know nothing how B’Desh was born. You cry like a fool and tell Indra lost the war in B’Desh!

    90000 Paki army surrendered to Indian army under General Arora in 1971.

    I always tell you are a brain washed LTTE.


    Is NV too deep for you or are you too shallow for NV?……….DBSJ

  30. Anonymous says:
    March 16, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    “Great majority of inhabitants in these English West know what went on in Srilanka for thirty years.”

    They also know what went on in Sri Lanka for 64 years.

    I am not so sure whether they know what went in the island for the past 2,500 years since the arrival of mythical Vijaya and the continuing genocide of my people.

    Great majority of inhabitants in these English West too are complicit in the genocide of native people including mine.

    The fact that the “Great majority of inhabitants in these English West knew what went on in Srilanka for thirty years”, would not absolve the Sri Lankan state from war crime and crime against humanity. In fact had the army refrained from killing Prabaharan he too would be facing war crime now.

    You say:

    “They also know now, how the Diaspora financed this killing and destruction by the LTTE”

    They also know now, how India financed this killing and destruction by the LTTE.

    They also know now, how former President Premadasa and his armed forces armed and financed this killing and destruction by the LTTE.

    They also know now, how successive Sri Lankan state and its armed forces armed and financed this killing and destruction by other paramilitary groups.

    So what is your point if there is one?

  31. Blacker,
    I was minding my own business working in the city of London , when I was mobilised into this mainly after the central Bank bomb. It was Kadirgamer’s foreign ministry which encouraged me to go to LTTE “international conferences” in London, Canada, Switzerland etc because at the time, the Sinhalese were too scared or whatever to go to these places. I worked closely with his team in Colombo and I believe that it was he who placed the Sri Lankan galleon to take advantage of the anti-“terrorist” winds blowing from the West.

    I was given strict instructions from the big man, that I was in it alone, and if an incident was to take place on foreign soil that I was not to contact the SL mission under any circumstances to seek assistance.

    It was writings after visiting LTTE events especially in London, that resulted in British security services making contact with me. I accidentally covered a shooting incident in Southhall. We had lunch once a month in London and Her Majesty’s government paid, it was the same Intel team that kept in touch with the LTTE at Eelam house in London. British Security services put me in touch with other Tamil groups in London and it is they who encourage me to look at various LTTE operations in London, including the LTTE funding network. Simultaneously Rohan G also encouraged me from St Andrews. I visited Eelam house several times, and once I took inside an officer from the Sri Lankan HC in London. We used fictitious names. We are still in touch. He lives in Spain. After one visit the LTTE supremo in London, AC Shanthan phoned me at home, on a secondary phone line to ask me for a donation. He thought that I was an anglicised Tamil. Shanthan was imprisoned by the Brits later.

    It is British security services who briefed me about the deliberations about the LTTE being listed as a terrorist organisation under the Terrorism Act. They told me that they wanted the LTTE listed but that the Foreign Office was objecting and regarded them as a liberation organisation. Rohan G was in Scotland at the time and he too was involved with the British Security services and put me in touch with Canadian RCMP as the LTTE were very powerful in Canada. It is the Brits who wanted me to look at the TRO, the LTTE’s premire fund raising vehicle.

    I might be biased, but I give Kadirgamer the credit. Branding of Sri Lankan “insurgents” as terrorists globally was no accident. It was deliberate orchestrated policy of the Kadirgamer team.

    I believe that it was under Kadirgamers watch, that we projected to the world and marketed the “terrorist” branding of the LTTE, but of course with a lot of help from Velupillai.

    hence my para…..”Another 20 years later we have 2009, and the “insurgents” have been renamed “terrorists” as a strategy, to hitch the Sri Lankan anti-insurgent wagon to the US led global anti-terrorism initiative.”

    I am writing from my perspective.

  32. OK Dushy, now we understand where all that bitterness towards Sri Lanka and Buddhists come from. You single handedly took actions to dismantle LTTE operation in London but got no credit for it. Nuf’ to make a fellow raging mad….

  33. Yes, Yes and Yes We endorse execution of cowardice butcher and his family who killed thousands of innocent civilians including women and children! That’s why we celebrated can’t you remember?

  34. Native Vedda Says;

    “Prabaharan and Rohana Wijeweera were the product of Sri Lanka…”

    Well said Brother,Unfortunately there are many on the pipe line as Srilankan State Terrorist not stopping their actions
    for this proud production. In this creation and destruction they are running their 3rd class politics become to power.

    Lets read about Veddah chieftain warns a war similar to the 30-year-old war in the north east, could begin in the jungles.

    Do you agree? or Will say ‘Veddah chieftain’ shouldn’t do ‘confrontation politics’ but re-brand them shelves as “Proud

    ‘State Sponsored Terrorism’ and ‘3rd class politics’ should have to be defeated forever. Native Veddahs and Native Tamils
    should have to be protected and allowed to self rule in their habitat areas and share the power with central to empower Island of Lanka.It’s the only way forward to well-being for all.

  35. My dear Ranjan,

    The LTTE in London was dismantled by the British security services.

    The LTTE packed up their bags and moved to Paris.

    But your dear President is saying that the chokkas defeated the LTTE without any foreign help.

    What a bunch of uneducated jokers……..

  36. The fact that there was a combat zone, where the people were dragged by gun point by the LTTE which with their heavy weapons and Arms turned this area into a combat zone and Used the civilians there as Human shield to protect them self s as they have used this strategy since the 80’s when the SL Army Launched operations against the LTTE and also the IPKF.. where the LTTE attacked the Army and provoked them to battle and when the forces responded they turned civilian Areas into combat zones. This was the LTTE policy used and approved by the LTTE Diaspora and its International based organizations.. who’s leaders now have changed their insignia to now call themselves Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and others.. So why This Particular Strategy … Well very simple to see the Smoke screens cries from the west with the support of these organizations.. To shout Human Rights, and war crimes. So much for protection and defending the Minority of Northern Tamils.
    This Clever but Diabolical Strategy was used since the 80 Where Heavy Weapons and small Arms were stored in civilian Areas and Hospitals which then automatically they used and turned these civilians areas into deadly combat zones.. Hence which kept dragging and prolonging the Brutal civil war until 2009.. As we saw this same strategy play out in the final days of the Civil war in 2009.. when during the 3 day cease fire, where the LTTE moved more civilians and weapons to hospitals thus creating a new combat zones and also the NO-Fire zones as well,(A TERRORIST GROUP WHICH VIOLATED neutrality deliberately as they have in the past) For further evidence just Read not the Lankan but the Indian IPKF Accounts and commission on this. No these very Tactics were exported to other Terrorist networks via The western based LTTE Front groups and those other Western based Terrorist cells.. Which then translated to the grounds Of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Colombia, Uganda, etc etc… Where NATO which includes USA and UK forces for killing civilians in their thousands.. where these terrorist networks thanks to LTTE based strategy turned civilian areas to combat zones.

    So lets us understand this CH4 Drama is methodologically very flawed. The LTTE ruled as a totalitarian Regime over the Minority of Civilians it controlled. For instance in the Past when Journalist visited those areas they could not speak their mind about the LTTE and their totalitarian regime, The Rapes,The torture cells, Child Abductions and Forced Child Prostitution and more, when the reporters left the LTTE would still be there supported by The LTTE Diaspora and its International based organizations such as Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and others. The LTTE which created this Internal Terror in the Wanni could not give out the true information, As the LTTE shot all those people who use to go against them and talk against them. Both In the Wanni and Abroad. So when you See pictures supplied by the LTTE via the Diaspora to CH4 From from the combat zone controlled by the LTTE a totalitarian Regime.. how can the picture or a camera say those injuries werent caused by the LTTE.. Instead CH4 smoke screens this aspect and blames the Lankan Forces. CH4 is not naive.. as in their past reports from the LTTE showed the LTTE to Have heavy Weaponry. So how can CH4 claim this is a true peace of work when it could not give a objective prospect. Why because CH4 has only spoken to people who are reprehensive of The LTTE now claiming to be NGos Forums, and Transnational Governments , who all represented a totalitarian Regime.. So how can they say it is free and impartial information. So why has CH4 not looked into the LTTE turning these civilian areas into Combat zones and civilians as human shields.. And the role these organizations which supplied them these information?? In a court of Law this information would be called deeply flawed and problematic. And if Ch4 says they get this information from within SL.. this is the same CH4 which said that the information they get from there is not reliable.. I didnt hear CH4 Mention How Sri-Lankan soldiers making a effort to make sure civilians are not caught in cross fire, and soldiers who helped civilians. risking their lives as the LTTE in that face of the war in civilian clothes killing and blowing up soldiers. which is documented by eve the UN and Red cross. Yet Ch4 have seem to smoke scrren these deeds. Now Ch4 says how certain Aid agency were denied access. Are these the very Aid agencies that were calling Western Governments with their contacts of western Based LTTE Outfits now posing as NGOs and Fronts that were falling over each other to save the LTTE High command representives of a Terrorist totalitarian Regime responisble for creating civilian areas to combat zones, Instead of even helping the civilians as they claim thats is what they were there to do. if CH4 as they claim to be Unbiased then it should equally look into with importance LTTE Front organisations how they played a part in the conflict, negatively.

  37. Kalu Albert,

    To be come a MI5 or MI6 agent, one will have to be born in the UK or atleast have one of the parents born in the UK. So, the Sri Lankan born Mr.Ranetunge cannot become a MI5 agent.

    Come out of your well, Mr.Kalu ‘Frog’ Albert!

  38. Dushy Ranetunge

    You don’t have to await another 20 years for the next round of conflict. The Sri Lankan state has already started one and here are the details:

    Veddah chieftain warns of a war in the jungles
    NEWS | MARCH 17, 2012 11:33 AM

    (Srilankamirror) – Veddah chieftain Uruwarige Wanniya has expressed his displeasure to the government over the killing of a young member of his clan, on top of the disappearance of three others.

    He has warned that if the lives of the young Veddah members are threatened in this manner, a war similar to the 30-year-old war in the north east, could begin in the jungles.

    Speaking to ‘Divaina’, the Veddah chieftain he would not be able to control his people if these threats continued.

    Twenty-six-year-old Thalawarige Sunila was gunned down by wildlife officers and three other youths at Hennanigala in Dehiattakandiya went missing in recent days, according to him.

    Following these incidents, the Veddah members became agitated and around 150 police had to be deployed to prevent an attack by them on wildlife officers.

    According to police, two wildlife officers and a civil defence member have been arrested on suspicion over the killing.

    Also, an investigation is underway into the missing Veddah youths, police said.

    The Veddah chieftain said wildlife officers have not yet been made aware of an order by the president to the wildlife director to allow Veddah people to go to the jungles to find bees’ honey, herbs and other needs.


    Do you see a pattern emerging?

    For the sake of its own existence the Sri Lankan state maintains a permanent state of conflict with its own people. If there is no conflict the state creatively starts one, aggravate it and pretend to solve it. As a consequence many innocent civilians suffer from state war against them.

    In the course of the conflict the state uses all its oppressive tools such as Black and Decker (Black & Decker tools are very efficient but brainless) then cries foul.

  39. Kalu Albert might have a point.

    On the day, the LTTE was listed in the UK as a terrorist organisation, I had dinner at the house of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to London, Mangala Munesinghe.

    Other than Mangala, Gnana and myself, there were two other gentleman present.

    They were the Sri Lankan heads of DFI (Directorate of Foreign Intelligence) and DII (Directorate of Internal Intelligence) At the time these were the two Sri Lankan intelligence establishments.

    Before dinner, we had drinks and the Sri Lanka head of DFI leaned towards me an whispered “Dushy, whom do you work for?

    I almost fell off my chair laughing, and replied “the LTTE thinks I work for you”

    Perhaps Kalu Albert should have been there?

  40. Dushy,

    If you keep mentioning all your past encounters with the lions of Lanka, then in future you will not be called for any assignments. You’ll have to go back to the city of London 😉

  41. Dushy,

    You say that British security services dismantled the LTTE. May be, but that in itself raises an interesting point. If they could dismantle the LTTE in London just like that when they wanted, should they be held responsible for not acting soon and allowing LTTE to plan and fund raise in UK and letting LTTE go on its murderous rampage for a good part of 30 years?

    By the same token, why is that UK government and other British institutions (like Channel 4) who are baying for GOSL official’s blood for alleged war crimes are completely silent about the open presence of people like Adelee Balasingham who should be take to courts for crimes against humanity?

  42. True Anonymous,

    but I have given up on the Lions of Lanka, have you not noticed.

    I thought the fools would have learned from their past mistakes and that after the LTTE, we will have a better Sri Lanka for everyone.

    I accept that I was naive and misguided to place my trust in the chokkas of Lanka.

  43. Dushy your analysis in 2009 is an absolute cracker…Sri Lanka has bled too much over the past 40 years…in 2009 the Govt carried on regardless because of the silence of the International Community on the previous massacres 1971 & 1987-1989…this is an eye opener….

    IF the International Community fail to STOP the stinking putrid Sri Lankan Govt another massacre in 2029 is inevitable…? what is the legacy we leave behind….RAJAPAKSE OR THE SRI LANKA….

  44. Native Tamil

    Where did you get the wrong idea that Tamils are also Natives of the island? The Sinhalese also have the same false ownership claim to the land.

    We do understand as a fellow human being you too need a piece of land to live and prosper. Our generosity towards fellow human being should not be seen as our weakness. However, let me make it clear once again that ownership to the land is non negotiable. Both the Sinhalese and Tamils can renew their lease on the land which is subject to good behaviour of your people.

    You say:

    “Veddahs and Native Tamils should have to be protected and allowed to self rule in their habitat areas and share the power with central to empower Island of Lanka.It’s the only way forward to well-being for all. ”

    Both Sinhalese and Tamils came from India on Kallathonies and grabbed our ancestral land, pushing our people deep into jungle. Therefore I see no difference between land grabbing Sinhalese and land grabbing Tamils. If anything the recent history also shows both people are equally stupid and equally cruel. Unlike Veddas both share stupid self destructive gene or self terminating gene.

    I want all of you to leave my ancestral land so that we can have our own way of protecting the environment, nature and all life. Left to our own devises we will survive another 2,500 years without your help as we have survived the last 2,500. For the Tamils and Sinhalese sharing or denying power may be important because you have grown accustom to accepting possessive individualism as a way of destruction motivated by “me society” and based on greed.

    An alliance with Veddas may be a good idea for you but your people do not qualified to be in a partnership. When you see your past history Tamils could not form partnership with their own people leave alone others. My advice to you is first you treat your own Tamil speaking people honourably as equal partners and then build bridges to Sinhalese speaking people. We will wait and watch how your partnership with both people evolve.

    As a small dwindling community we are not in the business of self destruction therefore armed struggle is out of the question. We will sit tight and watch Sinhalese/Tamil self destruction and we will make our checkmate.

  45. M.Sivananthan

    In your first comment above you say:

    “India was cleverly manipulated to support the “Tamil” groups”

    In your second comment you say:

    “Further SL Tamil fools cannot manipulate India or any one but their ‘foreign” masters did it. India is also suffering from the colonial leagacy.”

    Could you make up your mind. Please clarify your comments. Did the Tamil group manipulate India or didn’t they?

    Forgive me for being thick I am unable to reconcile both of your comments. Please bear with me for being thick as you know all my teachers were either Tamils or Sinhalese.

  46. Dushy Uncle,
    Dont U Think Rather Than Living a Life of a Disappointed Aspiring Diplomat, U Need to Choose a Profession Much Suitable for Someone Like U ??? Dont U Think Plam Reading is Better Option ???

  47. Thanks Dushy for pointing out about Lakshman Kadirgamar.

    Those calling themselves ‘Sri Lankans’ and think that label includes all ethnicity is possibly a silent majority even in the majority of people with Sinhala-Buddhist heritage.

    Nevertheless when it comes to those in the public arena politicians, ambassadors and academics alike it is only those with Tamil heritage background such as Neelan Tiruchelvam and Lakshman Kadirgamar who stood up for ‘Sri Lanka’ without playing to their ‘Tamil Nationalistic’ and or “chauvinistic” gallery.

  48. Dushy,

    I am sure you will have more and more future assignments for Sri Lanka when the situation changes. Ofcourse with new set of Lions. Sri Lanka needs people like you.

    So hang in there till then 😉

  49. Hi Anonymous,

    No more assignments for Sri Lanka.

    I can now understand why some people call it a failed state.

  50. I feel very sad that a cute lttle girl, chubby little boy and their mother- a kidnapped bride- had to die in this war with many others, including toddlers, children, parents and grand parents. I am yet haunted by the beatific smile of an infant boy who had lost both his parents, I saw at the Gamini Vidyalaya camp in Vavuniya. VP’s parents were unfortunate to live to see the results of their son’s war on their own family. I have no sympathies for the eldest son-Charles Anthony- who many have told me opened indiscriminate fire on the civilians and some cadres trying to escape. Sadly, a war, is always deadly. It does not spare anyone- high or low, who gets embroiled in it, willingly or unwillingly. It may not kill all, but it leaves in its wake a lot of people, who regret being alive.

    Please avoid further conflict and another war, at all cost. This will be not cowardice or subservience, but wisdom. Talk, talk and talk, for decades, if needed. Shout from the roof tops, if you feel there is a need for it. But do not seed violence for whatever reason. This is a lesson for all the people in Sri Lanka.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  51. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    “but I have given up on the Lions of Lanka, have you not noticed.”

    Don’t give up now when your service is most needed. Leaders come and go but the people have to survive the leaders. Left to their own devices people will eventually come around to see things the way they are and would soon find ways and means to kick the leaders out of office in some cases out of the country. They may be stupid but they will learn. They can work from inside and you can work from outside.

    Take care. You don’t deserve to hitch a lift on a white van.

    You say:

    “No more assignments for Sri Lanka.”

    Spies don’t retire. The eventually die.

  52. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    “Talk, talk and talk, for decades, if needed.”

    Bore them to death perhaps. Good idea.

    It will work only if your opponent listens to you without interruption.

  53. Native Veddah,

    Let both parties be bored to death, rather than be aroused to cause deaths of the innocents! The caraven- the people- will however move on. As I have said elsewhere in a response, we need a prolonged period of contemplative silence- meditation- as peoples in Sri Lanka- being bored to death may bring about this silence.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  54. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    I have always advocated Jaw Jaw than War War.

    However reason, logic and human decency can work only if the participants are sane and visionaries.

    Had both Sinhala (majority hence needed to be magnanimous) and Tamils (should have known their strength and weaknesses) used their brains Sri Lanka could have avoided conflict in the first place. Both people being stupid ended up in war and destruction.

    In the mean time Sinhala establishment is carrying on with its own hidden agenda (no longer hidden) while politicians are dragging their feet.

    I will never advocate violence to solve problems and never have, but the writing is already on the wall. Next time around it won’t be Tamils against Sinhalese it would be Sinhalese against the state.

    How would you prevent it?

  55. Native Veddah,

    I agree. However, what should emerge is an alliance of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims + others, demanding higher standards of governance and drastic changes to the JRJ constitution, to make this possible. Although lack of respect for constitional
    norms were manifest from the advent of our independence, an acceptable constitution remained in place, permitting access to due process and founded on the principle of rule of law. While Sirimavo and her leftist with itfoolishly, JRJ dismantled every thing lock,stock and barrel, to bring in a constitution to suit him and his ways. What was suitable for him, has become convenient and comfotable for everyone who succeeded him. Every candidate for the presidency promised to change this constitution, but found it convenient to retain it, because of the unbridled power it bestows on them. This constitution should be the main target and its drastic revision the main objective.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  56. Native Veddah,

    A correction:

    “While Sirimavo and her leftist friends tampered with it foolishly,—-”

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  57. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    The Sri Lankan constitution is part of the problem, only a part in the scheme of things that preceded the drafting of 1972 & 1978 constitutions. Both constitutions were the illogical conclusion of how Sinhala elites perceived the island to be within the narrowly defined concept of ownership of property in the land, or the idea of chosen people and much celebrated founding myth.

    So long as the people are misled to believe in myths old and new the governance also changes along with it hence the outcome is the constitution and quality of governance.

    Mahawamsa is the story of Sinhalese we are told. For Sinhalese it is a sacred book, preached and peddled by “educated” Sinhalese as well the layman. For anyone who care to read the book would soon find out part of the it is sheer nonsense, particularly the early parts. Yet the story is presented to children as historical fact.

    As you know most part of the story is about dynasty. I am not interested in dynasties but the people and their ideas made what was Sri Lanka, before the arrival of western colonial masters.

    History was made possible only by the sheer hard work and creativity of the peasants, artisans, gurus, ancient engineers, ….. etc, not by the kings alone. Kings robbed their people and their neighbours hence I do not have respect for dynasties and who built them. How many thousand people one has to kill before getting into history books? Is it really worth it?

    Who were the people? What were their ideas? What contribution did they make in the past 3,000 years to build the island? What ideas and skills were imported and domestically invented? What languages were spoken, written and how the ideas and skills were communicated between various people?

    Were the Sinhalese Aryans? Indeed is there a race known as Aryans? Were the Tamils Dravidians? Indeed is there a race known as Dravidians?

    Did Aryans build the hydraulic civilisation? Or indeed did the natives contribute to the building of all tanks and irrigation systems with some technical help from south India?

    What role did South India have in the civilisational process that took place in the island? How did language replacement take place?

    How did Buddhism together with international trade transform the island?

    How and where did the islanders learn to use metal particularly iron?

    Were the wars between Damela and Sinhalese (Hela?)fought in the name of race supremacy?

    What genetics has to tell us about who we are and we were?

    How much research has gone into studying Pomparripu and Manthai?

    Tamil Buddhism in Sri lanka has never been discussed in classrooms nor included in text books. According to 1871 Census 12,000 Tamils registered themselves as Buddhists. What is the significance of these Tamil Buddhists in current political context? Where are their decedents?

    In this respect I am told ” The collapse of rajarata civilisation and the drift to south, a symposium Edited By K Indrapala.” is a good read.

    There are million and one way the Sinhalese should look at their history. The sad thing is that the Sinhalese are not only destroying themselves but their brethren the Tamils as well.

    There are million and one way the Tamils should look at their history.

    Let these two stupid people first stop hating each other then think how best to present past historicity the way they were.

  58. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    I missed one connected point in my March 22, 2012 at 5:50 am comment.

    The Sinhala/Buddhist establishment which took over the state structure from white masters had other ideas. Soon they were at their toes replacing old masters with new masters the Anagarikka Aryans. Those Sinhalese CAS officers who joined services just after independence would tell you stories about how they were spoon fed with the idea of “Arya Sinhala Buddhist” civilisation by their elders, old hands, Buddhist monks, politicians,…etc. The CAS later SLAS became the custodians of “Arya Sinhala Buddhist” civilisation. On the other hand armed forces recruitment policies were overtly racist. Since SLAS and Armed forces are in perpetual existence the services took upon themselves to create a exclusively Sinhala Buddhist state.

    Politicians come and go but the state structures remains the same since independence. Until and otherwise the state structure is shaken and stirred nothing will change in Sri Lanka. Sinhalisation of Sri Lanka is the sole objective of the bureaucracy and the armed forces. You can talk for years but changing the attitude and entrenched position of state institutions is an uphill task which I believe is near impossible.

    You can change the hearts and minds of the people and politicians but you cannot change the bureaucracy as they too are trained to believe in one nation, one people and one leader.

  59. Native Veddah,

    Ditto. I agree with your interpretation of history. However, I also think independence was a toy in the hands of a pup in Sri Lanka. The politicians and bureaucrats – particularly the Sinhalese- lost their head and hence reason. Independence came our way easily and was not fought for as in India. The concept of a unified nation did not emerge as a result. Independence was also delivered into the hands of ‘Brown sahibs’, who were ill-versed in their own culture and that of the west, but were quick to wear the national garb and vacate the front pews in churches. They were all from a class of crass opportunists. They transformed almost overnight and became more Sinhalese than the Sinnhalese and more Buddhist than the Buddhists! S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, the quintessential ‘Brown Sahib’ and Ópportunist’, in the name of ‘Sinhala nationalism’ and empowering the ‘Panchamaha Balavegaya’, destroyed even the nascent concept of a ‘Sri Lankan nation’. J.R.J was also one of these ‘Brown sahibs’ who contributed in no small way to abort this nascent concept. G.G.Ponambalam and S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, were also Tamil-in-name ‘Brown sahibs’ and played into the hands of the rulers of the day. Finally, Prabaharan delivered every wish of the original Sinhala cabal and their foot soldiers!

    On a positive note, the circumstances are different now. The war and its end has taught the Sinhala people a lesson. They now have a vision of what the ‘Sri Lankan nation’should be. I also think Mahinda Rajapakse has this vision, although he has failed to articulate it well. It is better for the Tamil leadership to swim with this current and achieve something meaningfull and lasting for the Tamils within the new “Sri Lankan nation’that is struggling to be born. There is a historical opportunity that should not be missedd by both the Sinhalese and Tamils.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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