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Tigers, Tamil Diaspora and the Tamil civilian plight

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

IN 1989, this writer attended a conference organised by the pro-Tiger publication Tamil Voice International in London. Among the participants were politicians,journalists and bureaucrats from India such as P. Upendra, S. Unnikrishnan, Aladi Aruna, N.V.N. Somu, K. Veeramani, A.P. Venkateswaran and Samantha Datta Ray.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabakaran sent a felicitatory message to the conference. The delegates, consisting mainly of members of the worldwide Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, were shocked by a reference in that message. Prabakaran described the diaspora as tholaintha santhathi or “lost generation”. The diaspora representatives were seething with anger but were unable or unwilling to challenge the Tiger supremo’s poor opinion of them.

[Demonstrator chants slogans, during a protest at Trocadero Plaza near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Wednesday April 22, 2009-AP pic]

Despite members of the diaspora playing an important role in the affairs of the LTTE, that organisation regarded those who had “left the homeland” (pulam peyarnthor) generally with contempt. The LTTE described them as people who had deserted “Tamil Eelam” at a critical juncture.

A former LTTE spokesperson told a German journalist that the expatriates were economic refugees. The LTTE “poet laureate” Puthuvai. Rathinadurai in a poem called them dogs.

That opinion began to change as more and more Tamils left Sri Lanka as refugees to swell the numbers of a global diaspora. Even as contributions to the LTTE decreased at home, the funds from abroad increased. In recent times, the shrinkage of the LTTE sphere of control in the island has resulted in the reduction of the Tigers’ revenue base also.

Thus, the Tigers who had at one time ridiculed the diaspora were compelled to rely more and more on funds raised from it. The bizarre twist was yet to come.

With the LTTE getting gradually boxed into a tiny strip of coastal territory in the Assistant Government Agent division of Karaithuraipattu in Mullaithivu district, the endgame for the Tigers began. The fate of Prabakaran itself was a big question mark.

Desperate, the LTTE turned to the diaspora. The wheel had turned full circle. The LTTE claiming to liberate the Tamil people now started looking to the pulam peyarnthor to extricate itself from the morass it had sunk into.

Need for oxygen

It was felt that only high-level pressure exerted by the international community could compel Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to call off the offensive and enter into negotiations with the LTTE. The Tigers gasping for breath needed oxygen.

For this task, the LTTE hierarchy thought that the Tamil diaspora would be the trump card. Sections of the diaspora in Western countries would mount pressure on their respective governments and make them pressure Colombo. The Tiger lobby in Tamil Nadu was expected to do the same in India.

An international campaign focussing on the plight of Tamil civilians in Tiger-controlled territory was to be orchestrated. Charges of genocide were raised. The objective was to use the civilians’ plight to pressure the international community into fulfilling its responsibility to protect civilians.

The Tigers, who are known for grave political miscalculations, were way off the mark in this too. While being sympathetic to the tragedy, the international community had a different take on its causes and possible remedy. The unwritten consensus was that the LTTE was primarily responsible for the Tamils’ plight.

The bulk of the Tamil people were being held against their will by the Tigers. As such the crisis amounted to a “hostage” situation. The best option, therefore, was for the LTTE to release the civilian hostages and discuss terms of surrender.

But then the LTTE, which is known for its disconnect with political reality, opted to go along the doomed course. The Tigers, underestimating the collective intellect of the international community, resorted to stratagems that were patently obvious.

In Tamil folklore and everyday usage, there are many sayings and references about the tiger. Pasuthhol porthiya puli is one such descriptive phrase, which means the tiger covered in a cow’s skin or hide.

Metaphorically, this alludes to something fiercely dangerous portraying itself as harmlessly docile-an equivalent of the English idiom “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. An interesting phenomenon within the global Tamil diaspora was the carnivorous tiger attempting to portray itself as a herbivorous cow.

New pattern of protests

A new, different pattern was discernible. For the first time in many years, demonstrations and protests were being staged in Western capitals and important cities without two familiar items. One was the portrait of tiger supremo Prabhakaran and the other the flag with the image of a roaring tiger symbolising the LTTE. They were conspicuous by their absence.

A harsh reality in recent times was that no significant public demonstration or meeting of a political nature could be convened or conducted by anti-Tiger or non-Tiger sections within the diaspora.

Though low-key events with adequate security arrangements were held occasionally by persons independent of the LTTE, it was virtually impossible to organise something “political” on a large scale. Such was the LTTE’s grip on the Tamil diaspora.

With the Tigers enjoying a monopoly of large-scale “public politics”, most demonstrations and meetings organised by the Tiger and pro-Tiger elements usually saw an abundance of placards with Prabakaran’s picture and flags with the tiger emblem.

Against this backdrop, it was indeed a noteworthy deviation from the norm when large-scale political demonstrations and events began proliferating amidst the Tamil diaspora without these familiar objects. The reasons were not hard to seek. Fundamentally it was a change of tactics dictated by the politico-military circumstances in northern Sri Lanka. The situation “back home” for the LTTE was bleak.

Realising fully well that the writing on the wall was clear for the LTTE if this trend continued, its supporters and sympathisers began orchestrating a campaign to “save the Tiger”.

In what seemed a tactical yet puerile manoeuvre to hoodwink the world at large, the lead role in these efforts was delegated to students and youths who were not openly identified as LTTE supporters. Well-known LTTE elements adopted low profiles.

In a further bid to show that the demonstrations were not LTTE-oriented and that the concern displayed was altruistic in purpose, the tell-tale signs of Prabakaran placards and Tiger flags were dispensed with.

A facade

The demonstrations were shown as being expressions of concern about the civilian plight. That this humanitarian concern was only a facade was exposed by four factors.

First, no such concern was shown when civilians in the Eastern province were in distress owing to the military campaign or even when civilians in the north-western regions of Wanni were affected. It was only when the LTTE-dominated north-eastern enclave was under threat that this cacophony for civilian concern increased in volume.

Secondly, these voices were stridently loud about the damage and destruction caused by artillery shelling and aerial bombardment by the armed forces but were conspicuously silent on the atrocities committed by the LTTE against its own people. There was no condemnation of the Tigers endangering civilian life, limb and property by locating their artillery and mortars in thickly populated places and engaging the enemy, thus bringing about inevitable retaliatory attacks.

Thirdly, there was no criticism of the LTTE for preventing sections of the people fleeing its territory for safety reasons. The LTTE has killed and injured several civilians for daring to escape its clutches and seek Army protection. Only the armed forces were blamed by these sections of the diaspora.

Fourthly, these sections wanted a permanent ceasefire. The United Nations has called for a temporary ceasefire to help facilitate the humanitarian exercise of evacuating entrapped civilians. But the pro-Tiger elements agitating for civilian protection are not responsive.

They want a permanent ceasefire to safeguard the LTTE. Their intention was to let the LTTE survive further by bringing about an end to the military campaign. They also wanted the entrapped civilians to remain as human shields in Tiger areas rather than obtain safety and relief in government-controlled areas.

While these frantic attempts were on, Colombo seemed to be firm that the military juggernaut should keep on rolling forward until the Tigers were firmly dislodged from their positions and the LTTE’s remnants were chased away. The only way the government’s resolve could have been weakened was through Indian or international intervention.

Despite the endeavours of pro-Tiger elements and the well-meaning concern shown by organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, there seemed very little hope that the military campaign would be called off.

At best, there could be a “humanitarian pause” to facilitate evacuation of civilians but a permanent ceasefire seemed unlikely. This was the real situation.

However much the Tiger elements protested and demonstrated about the civilian crisis, neither Colombo nor the international community was prepared to budge. Whenever the demonstrators evinced concern for civilians, they were informed directly and indirectly that the best option was for the LTTE to send civilians out and that arrangements could be made for that.

Tensions within

Meanwhile, tensions emerged within the Tiger ranks. The “old hands” were getting jittery that the “leadership” role was slipping away from their hands to new sections. They were becoming increasingly irrelevant in a “Tiger-free” environment. Resentment at their enforced “eclipse” grew.

The hard-core Tiger elements were also becoming unhappy. These emotion-driven sections are usually devoid of logic and reason. Their usual role is to generate heat and not to shed light. These people started protesting against the new decision to “blackout” the leader and the flag. They remonstrated that it was a betrayal of the struggle.

Aggravating this situation was the cold war between Veerakathy Manivannan alias “Castro”, the accredited head of the LTTE’s overseas branch administration and the newly appointed global Tiger chief Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias “KP”. While KP advocated the “soft” approach of focussing on the civilian predicament, Castro, unwilling to relinquish his power, fomented revolt against the diktat through his hard-line loyalists.

In this situation, the LTTE hawks within the diaspora began to gain the upper hand. The earlier, comparatively sensible, approach was jettisoned. Instead, a defiant but unwise decision to pursue a confrontational course was adopted.

With this change, the focus shifted. The crocodile tears shed for helpless civilians dried up. The demonstrators and protestors began singing a different tune. Instead of lamenting about innocent civilians, they began demanding that the Western nations lift the ban on the LTTE and formally recognise it as the sole representatives of the Tamil people.

The placards showing scenes of suffering civilians and slogans urging international intervention were replaced by ones supportive of the LTTE. Placards with Prabakaran’s portrait were displayed at demonstrations with the slogan “Our leader Prabakaran”. Tiger flags fluttered proudly as crowds chanted “LTTE sole representative”.

There was a cosmetic change in the flag. The two rifles at the bottom went missing in some. The glib explanation was that the flag with a roaring tiger sans the firearms was the “Tamil national flag”.

The official flag of the LTTE until then had the image of rifles on it. In one swift move, the LTTE exposed its true colours.

The diaspora demonstrations now openly identified themselves with the Tiger cause. The poor civilians were abandoned. The tiger had shed its cowskin and was on the prowl with its growl.

When demonstrations focusing on the civilian plight were held earlier there were signs of a been a slow but gradual growth of sympathy for the tragic Tamil civilian plight among the governments, people and the media in the West. An important reason for this was the absence of Tiger symbols and emblems in the public demonstrations. The problem was being viewed in humanitarian terms and a possible change of heart may have evolved.

The logical and humanitarian course to be adopted by the Tamil diaspora was to persist with its earlier role of focussing on the civilian predicament alone. Shifts in public opinion take time. Though not definite a possible change may have been on the cards.

Instead, the LTTE hierarchy blundered in a typical fashion by readopting its earlier hard-line stance. Complicating matters further were consistent media revelations that the LTTE was holding the bulk of civilians against their will and had even brutally punished those trying to escape.

Since the pro-tiger demonstrators glossed over or denied the infamous conduct of the LTTE international public opinion could not be swayed. The “civilian plight card” by LTTE had outlived its usefulness.

The confrontational course of affirming solidarity with an organisation banned in many Western countries and expressing loyalty to a man like Prabakaran as “national leader” was not going down well with the mainstream opinion in the West.

This trend in public opinion became more and more visible. Media coverage began dropping in quality and quantity. Mainstream Western politicians, except for a few, started avoiding demonstrations and meetings where Prabakaran placards and Tiger flags were displayed.

In spite of massive demonstrations , paralyzing traffic at times, most mainstream Western politicians particularly those holding political office avoided any public identification with demonstrators.

At one point demonstrators started playing childisg games like folding up tiger flags for periods of time to enable politicians to show up at demonstrations and raising them again when expected leaders did not turn up.

Things took a turn for the worse as the LTTE declined further back home. A new “militancy” was displayed abroad.

[Police react as demonstrators break windows at the High Commission of India, during a pro-Tamil protest in London April 27, 2009.-Reuters pic.]

Committing self-immolation, going on fasts unto death, stopping traffic on public roads, storming public departments and Ministry buildings, protesting outside embassies, high commissions and consulates, throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes, vandalising Sri Lankan and Indian diplomatic missions and other acts in similar vein started spreading.

A disturbing trend was the tendency on the part of young activists to confront the law-enforcement authorities. There were also incidents of friction with members of the Sinhala diaspora who had commenced counter-demonstrations.

A tactical blunder by the diaspora is its ethno-centric approach to what is essentially a humanitarian catastrophe. If it dispenses with its tiger-oriented agitation and alters the focus to that of a human rights perspective there are vast possibilities of attracting many human rights organizations also into joining the demonstrations. But the LTTE flavour prevents such a wider mobilisation.

Likewise another mistake is depicting all Sinhala people as the enemy. There are many liberal and/or left – leaning Sinhalese who would join in demonstrations to protest the killing of innocent civilians by both sides. But the tiger dimension naturally repels such people

Sadly, the younger generation of the Tamil diaspora is being politicised and radicalised for an unworthy and unwinnable cause. Moreover, the demonstrators’ open identification with the LTTE had rendered the campaign ineffective with no scope for success. It is indeed pathetic to see the passionate idealism of youth being diverted and sidetracked into a dead end.

This short-sighted conduct of the LTTE within the diaspora is just one more instance of the irreparable damage inflicted upon the Tamil people by the Tigers. After having brought Tamils to the precipice of disaster in Sri Lanka, the LTTE is now compelling the diaspora to embark upon a confrontational course with Western governments and law-enforcement authorities.

Unless saner elements among the Tamil diaspora are willing and able to protest against the monstrous activities of the LTTE in their midst, this trend is likely to continue. Apart from being totally counterproductive to their own interests, this conduct of the LTTE will in the long run stigmatise the Tamil diaspora as being supporters of terrorism.

This certainly is not in the best interests of the global Tamil diaspora in the long run.

I can be reached on ~ Email: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

[This Article was written for “Frontline” magazine Vol 26 Issue 10]

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  1. At last someone has written truth about diaspora demonstrations. Its pointless to demonstrate with Pirapakaran placard and tiger flags against governments of countries that have proscribed LTTE as foreign terrorist organization

  2. What many of us were talking among ourselves about the futility of demonstrations by Tamils holding tiger flags and Praba portraits are all expressed here by DBS. Once again you’ve given voice to our thoughts on the subject David Jeyaraj

  3. The silent majority of Tamils are not demonstrating. Only a strident minority are doinmg so and bringing entire community to disrepute

  4. DBS is harsh on diaspora. We do things with good intention. but some mistake can happen. we correct it then and there

  5. Well written, sir. It is essential that the Tamil people re-build a humane political leadership to replace the brutal, violent gangsters who call themselves the Tamil Tigers. All Tamils of goodwill should support these efforts.

  6. the passionate sincerity of our people demonstrating is very obvious. But pity it is not getting results

  7. They also totally lost the support of many Sinhalese sympathetic to the plight of civilians and critical of this government’s human rights abuses the moment they began displaying the Tiger flag and Prabhakaran’s portrait.

    Just as many Sinhalese do not understand the value of human rights, many Tamils do not understand the reality of terrorism in the 21st century. This is the new barbarianism.

    In the long run the Tamil community will need the goodwill of the Sinhalese to live in peace. In the long run alienating the Sinhalese of goodwill both in SL and abroad is arguably a bigger disaster than alienating the international community.

  8. Yes DBS you are absolutely correct. If anyone thought prabakaran is a savior of TAMILS they are FOOLS. If and when TAMILS identify prabakaran is the traitor, TAMIL people will win. One of my friends niece was conscripted by the LTTE and when she tried to escape, she was shot (from back side) by the LTTE. Now she has lost one kidney (next one also damaged) and suffering in Vavuniya hospital. If pro LTTE Diaspora wanted you can come and meet her in Vavuniya hospital. Dont fool yourself and others. Understand the reality. A dictator last ammunition is patriotism. Prabakaran kijacked TAMIL cause and labeled anti LTTEes are traitor. Now prabakaran plunged the TAMIL community into catastrophe chaos and ruined their dignity.

  9. I am not here to say anything about the LTTE.

    But Personally I thing by bringing VP’s photos and Tiger flag has made some of the demonstration though powerful were gone with the wind.

    Diaspora should stick to one or few requests from their new found country

    * Ceasefire to facilitate food and medicine
    * Demilitarization (that mean DEMILITARIZATION on both side)
    * De-mining
    * People back to their Home
    * Right to self determination

    Shouting slogan about LTTE at this juncture is not a clever thing to do.

    By far many organizers that I know agree with this.

    In a Retrospect analysis, Tamils could have choose a Tiger flag without the rifles with bayonet since both Srilankan and LTTE symbols simply depict VIOLENCE.

    I think the Canadian Tamils should demonstrate a show of strength like the one in London few weeks ago sans LTTE slogans, I CERTAINLY THINK EVERY ONE WILL LISTEN AND WILLING TO COME OUT TO TALK TO.

  10. DBS,

    LTTE could be behind organizing the demonstrations of the diaspora, and what is wrong in it? Is it not true that majority of the diaspora are united in their support to the Tigers?

    Tigers could have criticized the diaspora in the past. But it doesn’t mean that they had given up each other.

    Other observations are your view points but they appear to be deliberately anti LTTE in general.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Your comment shows that you have failed to understand or pretend not to understand what I have written here. Read it again and try to understand or stop wasting my time.

    Writing the truth is not being for or against anyone.

    When I write about civilians getting killed I am not being anti govt. Likewise criticising pro – tiger diaspora does not mean I am anti – LTTE. But I dont expect people like you to understand.

    By the way a viciferous minority is hogging the megaphone now and claiming to speak for all. The diaspora is certainly not pro – tiger as people like you try to project

  11. Tigers may think you are anti – LTTE because of what you write. But you write the truth and if it hurts the tigers so be it. Dont give up speaking truth to power

  12. RS Wickramasinghe,

    I agree with your comments and people like you should write in the main stream media (may be on a different name if you want to keep your identity to avoid being a White van victim when you visit home)

    The people we need support are from

    80 -90% Tamil Diaspora
    Good Hearted Sinhala Diaspora
    US Government
    UK government
    Canadian Government

    Though India, Russia and China are aiding and arming the Srilankan Governments, it is an open secret that each has their own problems

    India violated the UN decision on Kashmir and has this issue on it, besides, many North West states still have many issues

    China occupied the Tibet and Srilanka is keeping silent on this and never invited Dalai Lama though he is considered the most Rev. Buddhist leader in the World

    Russia has Chechen and Georgia issues.

    I think the Diaspora should focus on 2-3 requests.

    I hope some one will think out of the box than keep repeating the same mistake over and over again.

  13. Thillaiambalam: To borrow the words of Martin Luther King; In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

  14. Ashok (# 14)

    Stop saying diaspora is fully behind LTTE. We came to montreal because of tiger cruelty. You think we support those faxists? you must be paithiyam

  15. Very good article. We want someone like you to expose our issue to the International community. Your article is very much balanced as well.

  16. I went to a rally and seen many banners are being prepared. I asked for a Non- LTTE banner and carried a picture of a child dead in an open field from either Aerial Bomb or Shell

    When I passed a mother (white lady) with her child who was pushing a stroller, seeing the picture she started crying.

    I didn’t pay attention to her but another participant came to me ( from Behind) and asked me what is it that you carry and looked at the picture.

    He then showed me the lady crying and told me “this is a powerful display”. In fact, he was carrying an LTTE flag.

    For those organizers,




    We need to play diplomacy with diplomacy


  17. Diaspora-
    Please stop supporting the LTTE. Just stop.
    Who is this war being fought for?
    It is impossible to win Eelam militarily. Stop dreaming.

    The appalling methods of the LTTE have caught up with us. Now when we are being raped by Sri Lanka, nobody is coming to help us. Why? Because nobody wants to touch the LTTE.

    The LTTE is the curse of our nation.

    This is what we really need:

    1. Humanitarian evacuation of civilians in NFZ.
    2. Surrender of LTTE to a third party.
    3. International monitors and transparency at internment camps.
    4. India or the US to safeguard Tamils from extremist elements in the Sri Lankan government.
    5. Reconciliation with Sinhalese.

    The LTTE and the Eelam Project was a mistake.
    Both the Tamils and Sinhalese have made some mistakes. It is time to forget the past and work together.

    If Tamils keep supporting the LTTE, they will be the cause of their own genocide. LTTE and Eelam Project is a dead end- A waste of talent, energy, and lives.

    Please stop supporting the LTTE. The only chance is to become Sri Lankan, and work with the Sinhalese to regain Tamil dignity and rights.
    Eventually Sinhalese will forgive Yarlpana Tamils.
    Better to be a second class citizen in Colombo, than to commit political suicide by supporting the self-destructive methods of the LTTE.

    And second generation Tamils diaspora- DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN LTTE RUBBISH. Just be normal citizens in Canada, US, Australia, and Britain etc. This Eelam rubbish will devour your life, just as it devoured the lives of 30,000 Tamil Tigers. Look at the poor guys who will get sentenced for at least 25 years for trying to procure Surface to Air missiles in the US.

  18. This solves the puzzles in the minds of the diaspora regarding the twists and turns, soft and hard approaches, organizing and sudden cancellations etc in these futile and costly campaigns.

    The tigers fighting machinery is cripplled with the loss of their trained cadres and stock pile of armaments.
    Only their propaganda and fund raising machineries are still active, as they are operated from outside. With the infighting and cold warm that too would see a downfall.
    People are watching three dates in May for the final assault,
    9th May- Pre of Post Wesak day
    13th May- Final polling in Indian/TN elections
    21st May- Anniversary of Rajiv and 18 others(+Tanu)

  19. நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே – இந்த
    நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைந்துவிட்டால்

    கொஞ்சமோ பிரிவினைகள் – ஒரு
    கோடியென் றாலது பெரிதாமோ ?

    புண்ணிய நாட்டினிலே – இவர்
    பொறியற்ற விலங்குகள் போல வாழ்வார்

    சாத்திரங்கள் ஒன்றும் காணார் – பொய்ச்
    சாத்திரப் பேய்கள் சொல்லும் வார்த்தை நம்பியே
    கோத்திரம் ஒன்றா யிருந்தாலும் – ஒரு
    கொள்கையிற் பிரிந்தவனைக் குலைத்திகழ் வார்,
    தோத்திரங்கள் சொல்லி அவர்தாம் – தமைச்
    சூதுசெய்யும் நீசர்களைப் பணிந்திடுவார

    To sum up, what i think about these people.

    R Maran

  20. Excellent article written with calmness and fairness. The LTTE will ruin the reputation of all Tamils everywhere.

  21. சொந்த சகோ தரர்கள் துன்பத்திற் சாதல் கண்டும்
    சிந்தை இரங்கா ரடீ!

    கூட்டத்தில் கூடிநின்று கூவிப் பிதற்ற லன்றி,
    நாட்டத்தில் கொள்ளா ரடீ

    Diaspora, World has changed but,what Bharthi said 70 years ago stil valid. When I think of people who carry LTTE flag and VP’s pictures, I am at lost.

  22. This particular article is amazing. This gives what the terror minded people are doing in the Western Countries.

    One point is missing ? These people wish for war to continue so that they can get visas, passports or permanent residency in these countries by stating the war as a reason not to get back to the home country.

    I went to Germany last year on a 7 day business trip. One of my A/L time friends had gone to Germany right after the exams using an illegal route. I got his contact and arranged to meet him in Germany since it was almost 12 years I had not seen him.

    I called him from the city I was staying and inquired about his condition. He said Machang every thing is fine because the war is going on. During the ceasefire it was extremely difficult for me to stay as they were not issuing visas. Now chances are very high I will get it.

    This is the truth. The Tamil diaspora want the war to continue for their material gains.


  23. Mr.DBS

    By showing our full support to LTTE by demonstrating with tiger flags we the diaspora will make western nations support our freedom and our cause. Wait and see

  24. when many western country has put ban on Ltte as terrorist how can tamils expect help from those govenments by showing tiger flags?

  25. “His( VP) monolithic and egocentric leadership style does not encourage the free exchange of ideas except with his trusted childhood friends.”
    Colonel R. Hariharan Retired Military Intelligence specialist on South Asia

    “The LTTE’s conduct, which was in utter disregard of international norms on human rights and humanitarian laws during the entire period of the ceasefire”. –
    Colonel R. Hariharan Retired Military Intelligence specialist on South Asia

    “The LTTE leadership — a murderous bunch of extremists for whom no tears should be shed by Tamils in Sri Lanka or by anyone anywhere”-
    Gareth Evans -President of the International Crisis Group

    Guys, you can fool yourself by claiming that Diaspora behind LTTE, but not the world way. I just pity on you guys when you carry the pictures of VP and flag of LTTE. Don’t you read any materials other than what is on LTTE websites? Don’t you hear what the world says? Don’t you think independently?

  26. Ilanthamilan

    Wait and See.. I am waiting to see your sun god dead. Murderer who brought death and destruction to our Tamils in N &E for his own sake.

  27. DBS,

    I am one of the regular readers of your article. You are pretending to be neutral in writing. But the reality is far behind your thoughts I believe,;

    Sadly, the younger generation of the Tamil diaspora is being politicised and radicalised for an unworthy and unwinnable cause”, You may not be able to say this.

    I am not talking about LTTE. The thing is we need peace and right to self-determination concept. LTTE is one tool, they are not going to achieve by themself.

    We tamil people (use them) and try to get it. As you may or may not know the atrocities made by the government in distensiton camp (welfare centres), see channel 4 (ofcourse, LTTE may do or may not). If the legitimate goverment does not concern about their people and whater happen to them, there is no point of talking and expecting justice from them.

    Please think about as you are a tamil, how we are going to achieve our right to live in peave with dignity in our mother land.



    I am tired of responding to people like you always repeating the same thing in different words. If you are really a regular reader of my articles as you claim you would not have asked me these questions. Please go and read them. You will get the answers

    As for “neutral” when have I pretended to be “neutral” as you say.

    How can anyone not have point of view when writing an opinion piece?

    Why on earth should I pretend?

    I write my opinion honestly and fearlessly. That’s why the government victimised me in Sri Lanka and LTTE did so in Canada.

    Show me the pretension to neutrality in this opinion piece of mine. Am I not unequivocally condemning the LTTE and criticising the diaspora for these demonstrations?

    Then where is the pretence you charge me of? Or do you not know the meaning of pretending?

    Just one more thing. Do you really believe the LTTE will achieve peace and self – determination for the Tamils?

    Also who are you trying to kid when you say tamils are using tigers as tools?

    The LTTE has created another record by holding Tamils who trusted the tigers as hostages. The LTTE has got a mindless diaspora demonstrating with tiger flags.

    Who is using whom? who are the tools here?

  28. As a Sinhalese Buddhist from Southern Sri Lanka, I could say we suffered immensely due to the war. It is difficult to find a family in most villages without some relative having had to pay the supreme sacrifice due to war. Knowing first hand the suffering caused by war, I feel from the bottom of my heart for the many innocent Tamil civilians undergoing terrible suffering in the North. You need to live through it to know the pain when your child/father/mother is killed due to someone else’s insanity.

    Genuine grievances could allways be amicably resolved through discussion. The Tamils have demonstrated their will and capability through self less sacrifice for a cause the last 30 yrs. Their sacrifices have opened the eyes of the Sinhala mases to the Tamil grievances and I dare say no Sinhalese would be averse to granting equal rights, respect and political freedom to the tamils.

    I write this to make just one plea; Do not support war. It is cruel. If you really care for your relatives back home, desist from furthering war. While the diaspora is crying for the LTTE, I may add that there are Sinhalese who sacrifice what ever little savings they have to send a liitle bit of Milk Powder or clothes to the displaced Tamils in the North.


  29. Heard that LTTE supporters threw stones at the Chinese embassy in London….why so stupid? I dont understand…there will not be anyone to support Tamils (not LTTE) if they go on like this…

  30. Thankyou Dbs,
    I remember and I was there at that time. Yes Ltte made so many mistakes, same as Gosl deciving the world as well. You should know, they using war on terorr policy against legitimate tamils struggle. No matter what you write sinhala srilanka never willing to give anything to tamils. They proved it in east and they will prove again in north as well. Only loosers tamil of ealam. Ltte facism part of it and facist sinhalease using it.

  31. This articles brutally exposes the truth of present situation.


    DBSJ Says : if you have confidential information to share with me please send it to my e-mail address.

  32. Mr.Jeyaraj
    I have been an ardent reader of yours since last year. your articles are full of facts and extremely independent. I was eagerly waiting for your weekly column when you were writing to the nation, bottom line, montage and daily mirror at present and was dissapointed when the weekly paper didnt have an article of yours. what I like about D.B.S jeyaraj is his ability to crticize the government or the LTTE when ever they decerve to be criticized. this fact has won the credibility of his articles. DBS is one of the few or the only independent Sri Lankan journalist who writes to sri lankan papers. the rest are either pro government or anti government or pro LTTE. So at a time DBS Jeyaraj is a GEM among the pro-government journalists and pro LTTE media.
    Speaking about the diaspora(both Sinhala and Tamil), the problem i see in them is that they view the conflict in sri lanka in a extremist point of view. they failed to understand the reality, does not even try to be independent or reffer to independent information. Therefore majority of the Sri Lankan diaspora turns out to be a bunch of idiots in the subject of Sri Lankan conflict

  33. Murugan

    “Stop supporting the LTTE.. ”

    Al right, you may have your point but when you say

    “Better to be a second class citizen in Colombo…”

    You are lost again and you make yourself no different than LTTE.

    Why can’t you try to build a city in northeast so that you and we all can stop going to Colombo.

    Can we think out of the box, a new Paradigm?

  34. I am curious to know what the Tamil Diaspora think of Pillyiain, Karuna and Douglas Devananda…three ex-militants who for better or for worse are poised to try and speak for Tamils everywhere in the post-LTTE era.

  35. Thanks for that balanced account of the final throes of the creation of the State of Eelam by force of arms.

    The actions and allegiances of Tamil diaspora lost whatever hope there had been to come out of this with some dignity.

    It’s sad how some people can not face and deal with reality. Too many lives and futures have been sacrificed already.

    We have to let go. Look ahead. And move on.

  36. Hi Jeyaraj aka “federalidea”

    Well written. Partial and biased as ever 😉 Could you write something about the sinhalese diaspora and the war supporting sinhalese in Sri Lanka please. I’m not sure how many people then would describe your article as “well written” and that you have exposed “the truth”.


    After calling me “Partial and biassed as ever” why do you want me to write on the topic you suggest? Why do you need a “partial and biassed” writer like me to write for you?Why dont you write it yourself? Why me?

  37. The coverage of the SL conflict from most of the western media is sadly indicative of how little the western world understands the conflict in Sri Lanka and how much we have been effectively hoodwinked by the LTTE / Eelam lobby masquerading as victims.

    The gentleman on hunger strike on Parliament square should quite frankly be either be left to die due to his own stupidity or if a public “fast to death” is unacceptable to our concept of western decency, then he should be force fed and hospitalised until he recovers. My assumption was that martyrdom was an Islamic concept which we abhor !!

    It simply beggars belief that Britain is prepared to allow hundreds if not thousands of LTTE supporters and their apologists bring Parliament Square to a standstill in order to promote an organisation whose stated aim is the destruction of an independent sovereign state, a member of the UN and the commonwealth, where parliamentary democracy has prevailed for the last sixty years.

    The Tamils ” protesting” and shouting their slogans are openly promoting an organisation which is proscribed by the British government as a terrorist organisation on the same grounds as Al -Qaeda. How ironic that women and children were among those who were holding placards and flags openly promoting the LTTE and its leader !

    Would the British government and indeed the British people be happy for anyone to openly advocate and support Al – Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden as freedom fighters in the middle of parliament square?

    As for the allegations of “genocide” levelled against the GoSL and its armed forces – it is easy to make such allegations but on closer scrutiny, it is the LTTE that has puts its own people in mortal danger to protect itself.

    As a democratically elected government, the GoSL has an obligation to defend the unitary state that it has been elected to govern. If an organisation sets itself up as a liberation movement ” whose mission is the break up of a sovereign state, then the state through its armed forces has a duty to defend itself. The GoSL is doing what any sovereign state would.

    The so called Tamil Diaspora” living in the west quite frankly appear to live in some fantasy world which involves the creation of a mythical state called Eelam. From the evidence coming out of the areas previously occupied by the LTTE, it seems that most if not all the affluent and educated Tamils either co-exist quite happily with their Sinhalese “oppressors” in other parts of Sri Lanka or have migrated overseas living in relative comfort of their host countries. The brethren left behind in the North, under LTTE rule for the last ten years or so, have a standard of living which will shame most 5th world nations.

    Should not the Tamil Diaspora” ask the question as to where the millions of hard earned funds they sent to the LTTE actually ended up? Not it seems improving the quality of life for their kith and kin in Eelam”. The irony is that the oppressive Sinhala state infact had to provide the basic amenities whilst the LTTE built up its armed forces at the expense of its own people!!!

    Should we not ask just how did so many people end up in such a narrow strip of land by the sea? Were they herded there like cattle by the very liberators of the Tamil people only to be held up as human sandbags against an advancing army !!!

    Is this how that great liberator and leader of the Tamil people Vellupillai Prabakharan protect and defend his own people?

    Finally, the comments and positioning of a number of British MP’s, Simon Hughes and Keith Vaz to name but two, is sadly indicative of the ignorance of what actually goes on in Sri Lanka.

    The fault for this partly lies with the poor quality of Sri Lankan government representatives both in Sri Lanka and overseas whose continued inability to articulate and highlight the fact that Sri Lanka is actually a multi-ethnic society where Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers co-exist in a manner no different to multi-cultural Britain.

    The professionalism shown by the Sri Lankan armed forces is sadly lacking in its foreign service and it is this that has created a substantial problem for Sri Lanka in terms of the perception in the western media.

  38. LTTE had done its best to the tamils in home land (SriLanka). It had destroyed current and future generations of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Now it is the time to destroy the younger generation among the diaspora.
    A note to the parents among disapora, you thing that you have saved your kids from tigers; no, they might catch and destroy your kids even in overseas.

  39. If one looks at the human rights and Civilian lives lost injured and displaced , UN and IC ( even if China and Russia do not go along ) have a moral duty must force on Gothapaya – sarath – Mahinda regime for humanitarian pause and give few days of timeline for APRC to table the essence of the peace solution as a skeletal structure to UN and IC even if UNP, JVP and TNA have not attended the meetings because of the reasons in the following two news columns :


    Daily Mirror

    Wanni operations prevented creation of Ealam state- Gota

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse speaking on state radio today said had not the security forces commenced the Wanni humanitarian operations against the LTTE the Tigers would have already set up an Eelam state. He said the hazard of splitting the country into two separate states was prevented.


    Gotabhaya Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka are similar to Velupillai Prabhakaran? – (Igniters of Impunity, Praba?s Brothers and Architects of a Junta)

    By Maitree de Silva

    In this article, my objective is to focus on a crucial area of Sri Lankan political life, where significant developments have taken place: [TC]

  40. It is obvious that LTTE supporters dont have common sense and they dont care about others , they are most selfish with cruel mind.


  41. Bang on DBSJ!
    If the diaspora campaigned for the release of the civilians genuinely, those civilians could have been saved! Also if the diaspora tamils put half the pressure they are putting on the sl governement on the tigers, there would have been better results.
    The diaspora tamils have to be intelectually blind to think that the international community cannot see their efforts to save the LTTE leaderhip, and not the innocent civilians. It was so damn obviouse! Those politicians from western countries just provide a few words to satisfy their local tamil voters, nothing else.
    Tamil diaspora have more blood on their hands than the LTTE!
    If I was one of the tamil civilians held back by the LTTE and suffering…. I would so damn hate the diaspora for the support they REALLY never gave!
    Through the actions of the diaspora tamils, the words ‘tamil terrorists, and tamil terror supporters’ are engraved on the minds of the people of the world. I hope in the long run, the Sri Lankan tamils will rise to the rightful place they deserve. The diaspora raised millions to run the LTTE, i doubt they will raise a few thousand dollars to rebuild north and east. I hope i am wrong.

  42. A balanced article. For those in the Govt and the Sinhala supremacist side claiming Tamils are totally silent on LTTE’s excesses, this is a ‘must’ read. And for those who have obstinately argued Tamils were encouraged by the LTTE to leave the Island as economic refugees so that VP and the LTTE could benefit from their earnings, the Tholaintha Santhathi is a reply.

    Instead of the translation ‘Lost generation’ VP may have then had the thoughts of a ‘cursed or finished generation’ more in line with his rage at that time which conveys his anger more appropriately. So for those Sinhala hardliners whose equation is ‘since all Tigers are Tamils then it follows that all Tamils are tigers’ this is probably an eye-opener because from the beginning there were many Tamils who disagreed with the LTTE doctrine and strategy.

    DBS puts it succinctly ‘the LTTE known for its disconnect with political reality opted.to go along the doomed course’ One recalls other Revolutions also have lost their way. Castro, began as an altruistic populous leader, until he began jailing and worse some of his closest friends and collaborators ‘some of them still in jail. Lenin ushered in the Russian revolution to save the exploited workers and the Russian peasant condemned to subhuman slavish conditions from an insensitive and extravagant Czarina.

    But when Stalin took over during his Reign of Terror he used the Red Army’s power against the very people whom the revolutionists resolved to save. Later down the line, Leonid Brezhnev showed signs of a decadent Capitalist when he began accumulating cars (he was sometimes dubbed ‘auto-erotic’ for this and his son was later accused of being a leading smuggler of caviar and gold. So this hunted becoming the hunter is a kind of old hat, it can be shown although I do not in any way defend the duplicity of the LTTE by the analogy.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  43. yes. i think wavng a flag with a ferocious tiger is a mistake if you want sympathy. the problem with the ltte is they are trying to wear too many hats at the same time.. they want to be the tamil military as well as the sole representatives of the tamil people. that is like sarath fonseka taking over srilanka with a coup and saying he is the president as well as the army commander.

  44. As an Indian Tamil my sympathies are with the innocent civilians caught in the middle. If there a protest march organized in USA which highlights the plight of these people, I will definetly participate. However, I have nothing to do with the LTTE and have no sympathy for tigers. There are thousands of silent tamils like me who are against LTTE but feel sorry for the civilian.

  45. Yes Some time the TRUTH hurts.

    It is time for LTTE & its backers to think throuh.

    You (LTTE) are not fooling others but just fooling your self.

    As I have comments before about these demonstrations with LTTE flags & slogans. It is no use.


    At the same time GOSL ( GR & SF ) have to be stopped for the good of both Tamils & Sinhalese.

    What is happening to the children who crossed to the Army controlled area and seperated form the parents?

    Please remember unfortunately in the last two years most (atleast 90%) of these young ones were recruited by force. So you have to show mercy. Why are we allowing the GOSL to kill these young ones. These are the things which will bring sympathy for us & not saying LTTE is our sole rep & VP is our leader.

    Please you did this by the GUN & not by the BALLOT.

    Thanks DBS for exposing the TRUTH as always.

    It is time my brothers to think outside LTTE for the good of our future generation in NORTH & EAST.

  46. The SL Tamils should be proud to have a journalist like you, but it’s shame that they are not in that mind to understand the message you’re trying to put across to them. LTTE are very clever in playing with Tamils’ emotions and doing so successfully for the past 35 years. I think when the cloud is clear ( I hope it’ll be very soon), they will start paying attention to your pen, and things will make more sense to them.

  47. A Sinhalese Buddhist from South

    “Their sacrifices have opened the eyes of the Sinhala mases to the Tamil grievances and I dare say no Sinhalese would be averse to granting equal rights, respect and political freedom to the tamils.”

    Now this is what I don’t understand. Why do you think Tamil’s don’t have equal rights, respect and political freedom?

    Please, explain this to me.

  48. DBS Jeyaraj,

    This is another excellent article that confirms your metamorphosis from dissenter, in the finest intellectual traditions of Protestantism, to latter day political prophet.

    Unfortunately as you are learning from bitter experience, prophets are always hated in their time and venerated after their death.

    What next for the Tamils of Sri Lanka? I am keen to know, are Karuna and Pilliyan playing a double game with the Sri Lankan government, a back channel of support to the Tamil cause that the Indians will once again arm for combat if the GoSL fail to reach honour a political settlement with the Tamils?

  49. I participated in the demonstration, I was not under pressure from anyone. Some of your comments are way off the mark. Your article indirectly suggests that we all do not have the capacity to think and act individually is misleading.

    You are minimizing and ridiculing the efforts of the younger generation. The generation we all should be proud of. Your anti LTTE sentiments are well known, but it should not lead to blind judgments.



    How long are you and your ilk going to repeat this charge of “your anti – LTTE sentiments” as an excuse to clog your mentally blocked brain and not think seriously (if you are capable ) about the constructive criticism I make.

    But then what can anyone expect from morons who make requests from western governments while demonstrating openly in support of an organization those very governments have banned as “terrorist”?

    Now who the hell said that you were under pressure to go and demonstrate? Your comment here suggests that you are a dyed in the wool tiger who needed no pressure to engage in stupidity.

    Also I am not indirectly suggesting that you all cant individually think and act. No I am directly not indirectly and stating not suggesting that you have the individual capacity to THINK WRONGLY and ACT STUPIDLY as you have been doing

    About the younger generation. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and elementary knowledge of English would have understood that I was sympathising with the younger generation for being misled by the LTTE, lamenting about their future and condemning people like you for exploiting the passionate idealism of youth and misdirecting them into a dead – end.

    But you being a pro – tiger moron are uttering some nonsense totally contrary to what I’ve written.

    By the way why dont you write the gibberish you’ve written under your own name instead of implying that you are a Justice of the Peace?

  50. Ranil’s chum…
    Tell me what rights the tamils have not got in Sri Lanka? Over the last two decades you have suffered because of the war, but not otherwise.
    Please explain what problems are specific to the tamils that are not so for the rest of the country? I look forward to hearing your response.

  51. RS Wickramasinghe

    Tamils have no faith on Any of the Three you have mentioned,

    Noneof the three have any idea how to bring the tamils together other than simply ” LTTE bashing” their way of ruling.

    We need new faces, a committed but tough and yet not bend their back for any substandared solutions.

    A federal solution with “right to self determination” is the only compromise we can have.

    The “Self determination” clause would be the Trumph card otherwise any future Srilankan Government can reverse the soultions.

    We tamils will never can trust a Srilankan Government without External Intervention- That is the History.

    Thanks anyway for asking the opinion.

    US, UK and Canada should combine and find some able faces to lead this from Diaspora is one of the solution- I am not Joking as this has been proven in many other countries.

    Will see

  52. “For the first time in many years, demonstrations and protests were being staged in Western capitals and important cities without two familiar items. One was the portrait of tiger supremo Prabhakaran and the other the flag with the image of a roaring tiger symbolising the LTTE. They were conspicuous by their absence.”

    DBS, I would not agree with you. The demonstrators in London, India and other places in the last few months made no pretense of merely “Tamil” and nothing to do with Tigers. The Tiger flag was everywhere. The moronic agitating Madras lawyers celebrated the birthday of Prabakaran inside the Madras High court and made lot of trouble. Tiger flags were to be seen evevrywhere in London demonstrations. Watch these 2 clippings about the demonstrations in London for example.



    These Tiger motivated demonstrators don’t realise they are doing no service to Tamil cause for justice



    DBSJ RESPONDS: Why dont you read the article in full before jumping to hasty conclusions about what I have written? I think we are on the same wavelength here.

  53. Hi DBS

    Only when I went through your whole article, I realised that you have noticed that change i.e. unapologetic pro-Tiger demonstrations and the intra-LTTE feud for this change.



    NO Problem Vijay – DBSJ

  54. Can anyone list 5 things a tamil cannot do, only a sinhalese can in Sri Lanka? I am trying to understand the problems that are specific to the tamils, and not for the whole country. It will help me to promote a political solution if I can understand what exactly the tamils are not entitled to now. For one, I know the sinhalese are forbidden by law to own land in the northern province (please tell me I am wrong)

  55. JP,

    I am sick and tired of people branding a journalist who writes about the facts. Have you read a few reports that DBS has written very recently about the SLA’s shelling into NFZ – if not, please go and read them first. You would then call DBS as pro-LTTE!!

    When people like you are going to grow up and open your eyes. I ask you a simple question:
    This war is going on for over 35yrs and what have you achieved to date? People like you managed to escape the terror country and living safely in the West whilst the poor Tamils who cannot afford to leave that place, will live like slaves.

    If LTTE had blended their military strength with some diplomacy, they would have been in a much stronger position to bring the international community to their side.


  56. There seems to be a pattern in your writing, one for the goose and one for the gander.

  57. DBS
    Whenever I go to Internet first thing I do is to check weather you have posted something. When I read you some times my Sinhala blood boils and I can see some Tamil blood boiling as well time-to-time. But yours is the first thing I read anyway.
    I think you have created a wonderful forum where lot of Sinhalese and Tamils are actively engaging in constructive dialog. I don’t think any other present day writer attract this much of audience from either side of the isle.
    This particular piece, I think will do a huge paradigm shift in this discussion. You have encouraged the silent majority to come forward and voice their opinion. It’s now sure that this is the end for the LTTE. Once the Indian elections are over their coffin will be sealed forever. Then we will have to find a more effective and reasonable way to address the problem in Sri Lanka. Violence will not lead us to anywhere other than death and destruction We will have to remove the blood and shit from both sides.
    A fanatical dream of a mono ethnic homeland in not valid in this 21st century. Where on earth this kind of fantasyland exists?
    But Sri Lanka will be big enough for all of us to live in piece and harmony. I believe the Sinhala society has transformed a lot from the days of 1950 to 80s. Nobody will repeat the old mistakes. It is the sincere dialog among the right thinking reasonable people on both sides will bring about an amicable solution, not the dog fighting among disillusioned extremists.
    I believe your forum will do great work to lead all of us towards that goal. Keep up the good work.

  58. Dear DBSJ
    Justice of the Peace?? FYI my name is Jeffrey Pooranam. JP is my initials just like DBSJ!


    David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj Responds:

    Dear Jeffrey Pooranam, asking whether JP was Justice of the peace was a joke man. Anyway why dont you write as Jeffrey Pooranam ? its a nice name

  59. Jayaraj has touched on many issues that I have also been writing about, at first in Tamil and then i English as I found that the Tamil language editors were too pro-LTTE to publish what I write, and they always tried to invade my personal privacy. Old men wish to be heard but left alone.

    The problem with Tamil nationalism was that it went to an unacceptable extreme in claiming that “the Sinhalese and the Muslims have to be driven from the Tamil Homelands”. Remember that this was stated in 1949, in the Maradana declaration, in founding the Arasu Kadchi. In the 1950s, it was only when the Sinhala Only bill came that the Arasu kadchi could actually work for this “exclusive Tamil homeland idea”. There was no attempt at bridging the gap between the ethnic groups. Instead, even
    after the Banda-Chelva agreement, tar brushing of cars, civil disobedience etc were launched, and after an year the first attempt at devolution was torn apart. This was hailed by BOTH the Arasu Tamils and the Sinhala extremists. Today we have to renounce the “exclusive Tamil enclaves” concept, because, if any Tamil who makes it good can come to the south and settle down (and then emigrate to Canada!!), why shouldn’t the Sinhalese and the Muslims settle in Jaffna? They too have been there from time immemorial – read Karthigesu Indrapala. It is, unfortunately, one country.The WhiteAngloSaxonProtestant Americans from Boston settled down in California which was of Hispanic origin.
    The key to Tamil-Sinhala reconciliation is the rejection of the “Exclusive Tamil homeland” claim. Federalism or the “Indian Model” will never fly in the present political climate of suspicion. See my article:

    So, one must try what is possible. The Tamils need to change their VISION. They need to go back to the vision of the D. S. Senanayake era – a man who has been vilified by false LTTE propaganda as a Sinhala chuvinist. After the Soulbury commission Ponnamabalam called for constructive cooperation, and was labeled a traitor by Chelvanayagam. But Thondaman actually followed Ponnamablam’s concept, in a more astute manner than Ponnambalam could, because Ponnambalam was a simple egoist who only looked after his personal hubris. Today, the “diaspora” must help in the reconstruction, but the political choice and the Vision must come from the Tamils living in Sri lanka, as they are the people faced with living among the Sinhalese and the Muslims. The Sinhales and the Muslims have also made big sacrifices.

  60. DBS, another excellent article as usual. May be some of the Singhalese posters who previously labeled you as a LTTE supporter will now reconsider ‘at least till your next article that criticises the GOSL!

    I want to relate here what I heard on CBC radio the other day. One morning a few days back the CBC was interviewing the Tamil protesters who were in front of the US Consulate on the University Avenue in Toronto. One of the people that the CBC interviewed was a 12-13 old girl who was there with her Grandmother and her little brother. When she was asked why she is protesting, her reply was that she is there because of the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The next question by the CBC to this little girl was if she knew the meaning of the word ‘genocide’. She stumbled for an answer and then said ‘I don’t know what that means but it has to be something bad’. This very clearly says what is happening to the young kids of Diaspora Tamils. They are being gradually brainwashed by being fed a steady dose of horror stories about Singhalese. I don’t think these young people, who most probably were not even born in Sri Lanka really understands the complexities of the situation. Tamil community over and over again has given a free pass to the Tigers when it comes to their conduct. They were ‘our boys’. Tamil community looked the other way when the Tigers gradually took over the Tamil struggle by murdering all forms of political expression in NE Sri Lanka. The primary result was the complete destruction of the Tamil society in Sri Lanka with a just solution to the rights of Tamils being nowhere in sight.

    Now the same thing is happening in the Diaspora communities. The younger generation is slowly being brainwashed and radicalized by the LTTE and the older generation is just looking on. Do they realise what the cost of this could be? The young Tamils who are very much impressionable to resort to all kinds of stupid direct actions in cities like Toronto or London? DBS, as you must know, the Singhalese and Tamil communities in Toronto generally get on well with each other. I go to Tamil shops all the time and as a Singhalese I have never ever heard a single hurtful word uttered at my by these hard working Tamil people. In fact there were many instances when they learned that I was Singhalese the people went out of the way to be nice and to talk to me in Singhala. However, for the first time this April, the annual new-year celebrations that had been held in Toronto for the last 30 years had to be stopped because of threats from ‘unknown’ individuals. In the end, the children’s concert was held but in great secrecy without any advertising of the fact. I shudder to think where all this going to go if we, and especially if the older generation of the Diaspora just looks on and say that they are ‘our boys’. LTTE has destroyed once vibrant Tamil society. Lets hope that they will not be able to do that to the Diaspora societies as well.

  61. Dear Sir,

    I have been reading your pieces for some years now, even though I disagree with some of the premises you make as also some of the conclusions you draw.

    I am young, I am Tamil and I marched in protest at the war in sri lanka on 11th of April in London. I don?t support the methods of the Tamil Tigers (and personally find many of their tactics repugnant ? child soldiers, assassinations of all moderate Tamil thinkers etc) but I am now convinced that this (rajapakse) government will never put anything forward for Tamils in the NE in terms of devolution of power ?witness Pillaiyan and Karuna in the East is a joke.

    I believe that the struggle for Tamil rights in Sri Lanka now more than ever has to be taken up the youth of Tamil diaspora. And it has to be done legally, diplomatically and in other such forms. I wish I could believe that the Singhalese Sri Lankan state was wise enough to change its ways and treat all its citizens fairly but it isn?t and it will not.

    Already we are seeing attacks on (Singhalese) Christian churches in the south and east. Singhalese in the west and sri lanka are labeling Muslims as ?beasts? in triumphalist facebook groups and blogs on the internet. Upcountry Tamils are being attacked and intimidated with gangs of Singhalese goons. Hindu temple festivals are being halted by said thugs because they occur during Vesak. Mass arrests of Tamils in the East and Colombo, disappearances?etc.

    Amongst the Singhalese internet community, a historical shift is occurring, black July 1983 is now being explained away the Tamil community?s fault for antagonizing the ?passive, gentle? Singhalese brothers. The LTTE?s attack on 13 soldiers (who had been on a raping spree which is why they were targeted) now justifies the pogrom of between 3000-4000 (now underscored to less than 1000 Tamils in Singhalese reckoning). I?m sure you yourself have noticed this change in language in essays and other media. The history of the Tamil struggle is being re-written as if ?1983 was but a small mistake otherwise everything is the LTTE/Tamils fault.

    In your perfect world, where the LTTE disappears completely, all of the above social trends will just escalate and hurrah hurrah this time there will be no LTTE bogeyman to blame. But as we both know the LTTE won?t disappear even once they are wiped out from the ?sandy strip? and/or prabhakaran is captured or killed.

    I hope that when the LTTE (or whatever it may choose to call itself in the future) returns, and it will, it does not return to its previous modus operandi of bloodshed and targeted assassinations and civilian collateral death. [I must add though that all the senior Sri Lankan army military and the rajapakse brothers are in my eyes fair game as they are culpable for mass murder]

    This is why the youth in the diaspora (which will bankrolls the LTTE) should actively involve themselves in the politics of Sri Lanka to safeguard the lives and rights of the Tamil people there (something the State has historically failed to do and which now under Gothabaya & co. will never do) and also to hold the LTTE to account, to change its way of operating.

    Finally Sir,
    Why are you so arrogant? In many of your responses to people who leave comments you simply brandish them as idiotic or too stupid to be able to understand what you are saying (see below).
    Arrogance is not becoming of the Colombo/Jaffna gentleman now?is it?!?

    14. Ashok
    DBSJ RESPONDS: Your comment shows that you have failed to understand or pretend not to understand what I have written here. Read it again and try to understand or stop wasting my time? I don?t expect people like you to understand.

    54. JP
    How long are you and your ilk going to repeat this charge of ?your anti – LTTE sentiments? as an excuse to clog your mentally blocked brain and not think seriously (if you are capable ) about the constructive criticism I make.
    But then what can anyone expect from morons who make requests from western governments while demonstrating openly in support?

    ?No I am directly not indirectly and stating not suggesting that you have the individual capacity to THINK WRONGLY and ACT STUPIDLY as you have been doing



    Dear Mr. Rajan

    Yes I agree that I am very harsh and rude in responding to a FEW comments.Not all. You have selectively reproduced my responses to some commentators who seem to be Tamils. But I do this to some who seem like Sinhalese also.

    I am not proud of this but I do so because I am exasperated at people repeating the same things about me in an insulting and derogatory way. They assume things that I have not written and slander me. Moreover they do not even read and understand what I have written or had written earlier.

    You will kindly note that I respond harshly only to those who themselves insult me while commenting. What you dont know is that there are many comments by some in raw filth uttering deaddly threats. I dont want to respond to them so I delete them.

    I respond to some which dont use filth. But I know the same guys very often write both types of comments. So I am rude. This is my blog. The commentators are visitors. Surely the laws of hospitality dont apply when guests insult hosts in the hosts abode?

    Now about your long comment. You too exasperate me by giving me a lecture on the plight of the Tamils. But because of your polite and decent approach I am responding.

    Now you dont have to preach to the converted. Dont I know about the Tamil plight? Have I not been writing and writing on this for decades now and getting blasted by both sides of the ethnic divide?

    One point however is that you are wrong in assuming that I have wanted the LTTE eliminated. I wanted a transformation of the LTTE. I also warned the LTTE that if it did not correct its course then it would fail and bring the Tamils also down.

    You are simply mouthing the attacks on me by tiger and pro – tiger elements. If they think criticism is tantamount to wishing destruction then I cant help it. But this is just another instance of the LTTE disconnect with reality.

    About your “marching” please read what I wrote in response to another comment on this blogsite itself. I think the writer was a Murugavel.

    I dont want to write at length so I end this by posting an earlier response to another comment (#24) in my article “Human costs of the Humanitarian operation”. That will give you an idea of why I am critical of the LTTE

    Thank You


    DBSJEYARAJ RESPONDS: Dont give me this sanctimonious nonsense. Dont blame the postmen for bringing bad news. You are utterly wrong in calling me indifferent or you dont know the meaning of the word. Is there ANY journalist who has written so consistently about the Tamil cause as I have? Not LTTE but Tamil.But then how many of you supported me publicly when I criticised the LTTE openly and urged them to change course?

    Dont blame others for the Tamil predicament. The current crisis is mainly due to Velupillai Prabhakaran. How many times have I written urging the LTTE to do “this” or not do “this”in the interests of the Tamil people? What did I get? Continuous bashing by tiger supporters, physical assaults, int9imidation, threats, abusive telephone calls, emails, anonymous letters, vilification campaign, the stopping of the newspaper I edited etc.How many of you sanctimonious cats expressed solidarity then?

    My right of free speech and free expression was severely curtailed by the LTTE and goons. Except for a few souls (For whom I have the greatest regard) no Tamil sympathised let alone supported me. Now you guys are preaching to me about “journalism” and how to practise it.
    In the open letter I wrote after my paper was stopped I stated that the LTTE is causing the greatest harm to the Tamil people and challenged tiger stalwarts to a public debate. No response but for threats, vilification and intimidation.

    Yet when Anton Balasingham approached me in 2000 and requested my support to get the LTTE ban lifted I responded positively. I did so ONLY because he PROMISED me that the LTTE will enter negotiations and opt for a settlement within a UNITED Sri Lanka. So I backed the LTTE despite angering many friends. I did so ONLY because I wanted the tigers to settle politically thereby emancipate the Tamils. But they DEFAULTED and I resumed criticising the LTTE
    Did I not ask the LTTE to give up an unwinnable war and go in for a negotiated settlement umpteen times? Were people of your ilk supportive then? You guys mortgage your minds and souls to the LTTE and now cry out for the people? Yet you go and demonstrate with tiger flags and chant “our leader Prabhakaran” How hypocritical and stupid.

    Did I not argue strongly that the LTTE should mend fences with Karuna in the long term interests of the Tamils? Did I not repeat again and again that the LTTE should stay the course and not abandon the negotiating table? Did anyone listen? Even on Mahinda government’s ruthlessness did I not plead with the LTTE not to enforce a boycott and enable a racist regime to emerge?The shameless LTTE got just 180 million rupees from Basil.This is the price of betrayal. So who is responsible So if you are in the blame game start with Prabakharan and do so under your own name.

    I am like a father who warns his son that he would crash his exam if he keeps on playing instead of studying. But he passes with flying colours. Will the father be sad that what he predicted did not happen. No he would be happy to have been proved wrong. On the other hand if the boy does crash will the father be happy that what he said came true. No he will only be sad at what has happened notwithstanding his warning coming true. I am in that position.

    Even on the current crisis it was I who WARNED of a forthcoming HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE long before all the media and human rights organizations and NGO’s did. But did anyone pay heed? You tamil supporters of LTTE thought the Thalaiver was going to let the army in and whack them. Now you run around like headless chickens.

    If the Tamil people are to extricate themselves from this morass they must first recongnize and acknowledge that Prabhakaran has brought them to disaster. That will be the beginning of redemption and renaissance. Instead if they persist in supporting this man who has done the greatest damage to the Tamil people I can see no way out. The comic scenes of waving tiger flags and shouts of our leader with Praba’s portrait makes me think that we have no future at all.


    “Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaaraa”.

    Usually I keep these thoughts bottled up inside me and remain passive to all the bullshit said about me by all you so-called Tamil patriots but somehow you succeeded in making me erupt.

    God bless you


    Human costs of the humanitarian operation

  62. Mr. DBS.
    I read some of your articles. And I really like to read when some one write neutral. But here u started the article with some truth data. But I am not satisfied with your whole content. The reason is you show the readers that the people go for protest because of LTTE.

    It means you accept that any one talk against Srilankan Government They are LTTE.
    Do you accept this concept in democratic country like SL.?
    If some one talk for tamils’ rights…, then Government label them as LTTE.
    Example you said.., in Sri lanka you were victimized. ?
    Do u accept that ?
    I think you dont accept this since you are the journalists.

    In Srilankan politics this is always happening., Even western (EU ministers) raise their voice, Extreme sinhalese label them as Tigers (White tigers).
    Unfortunately you also tell the same story in your article. I dono why u write like this as you are a Tamil. You say all these protesters are backed up by LTTE or LTTE supporters. It is not like that. Tamil Diasporas are protesting for Tamils right in SL. There is nothing other than that. It is truth. When their mothers, sisters and relatives killed and raped brutally, They have to raise their voice against the SL government. Because SL government is recognized state in democratic world. Why you compare the LTTE and Government of SL at the moment.
    Do you Think Government will support the people after the post war scenario. ? Do you think Government will give the judgment to tamil people equally.?

    U see the 2 tamils school girls killed in East…? Any action has taken sofar? Any inquiries…sofar?
    But If there is anything happened to Sihalese school children, how it would be judged.. by the government..?

    You need to understand…, why people protest, because Tamils need a fair solution. I dont write about LTTE here. You can write anything about LTTE , But dont discourage Tamils freedom voice.


    Mr. Arun

    Before making me understand please try and understand what I have written here and what I’ve been writing earlier. If you do understand then you wont be wasting your and my time by writing such comments

  63. The self-determination and EELAM mindset that were spread by self-serving Tamil politicians created unimaginable destruction in the beautiful Sri Lanka for three decades. At least now, we have to learn the lessons and move forward as one Sri Lanka where everyone could live with dignity and harmony.

    Equal Opportunities to all and flourish as one nation.

    When are we going to learn?

  64. I have been reading your articles for a long time and have always ignored the criticism that Tamil extremists have said about you in regards to making things up.

    I had always held the view that your articles were balanced being critical of both the govt and LTTE, as well as having information not available anywhere else. But now I see their point about you and confabulation.

    For your information I am one of the many students who took part in the protests in London in parliament square from the start. It was a spontaneous protest organised by my generation through sms messages and had no LTTE or front organisations backing it.

    The choice to fly the Tamil eelam flag was again a spontaneous decision by the participants of the protest and not a result of a ‘diktat’ from Vanni!

    We blocked the bridge outside parliament because we thought it would get us attention and it worked a charm.

    This kind of confrontational activism in the past has been looked down upon by the older generation in the BTF (the so called LTTE front organisation of the UK), we’ve done it before at a protest march and had gotten beaten by the police:

    This time we were sucessful:

    I tell you this now, my blood has been boiling at what has been happening back home for the last 4 years. Now everyone of my generation who were so apathetic in the past have woken up and are being radicalised by the mass slaughter in Vanni (Over 20,000 casualities including 7000+ deaths in less than 4 months).

    There are youths who are willing to go much further than smashing a few windows at the criminal Indian, SL and Chinese govt buildings. If you think we are doing all these things at the order of the LTTE then you are seriously not in touch with the student generation.

    You dont realise how angry we are.


    I realise how angry you are because I’ve been through that phase. When the SLFP -LSSP – CP govt of Mrs. Bandaranaike brought standardisation I was a 1st year AL student in Jaffna. We were angry. So we marched in protest. 15,000 students marched. It was the largest student demonstration ever seen in Jaffna.

    We burnt effigies but it was non – violent.But nothing happened.So we were angry.We thought the world would have taken note if we had engaged in violence.

    We also looked at our history. At that time I like many of my generation ( By the way I am only six months elder to Prabhakaran. He and I were born in 1954) looked at our history.

    Sadly the history we learnt of post – independence politics was through the Federal Party and Tamil Congress politicians. The FP paper “Suthanthiran” was our bible. Fiery poets like Kasi Anandan were our heroes.

    The history we learnt through Tamil oriented politics was one – sided. But we didn’t realise it then. What we thought then was that the non – violent protests by our moderate leaders had not worked. The Sinhala govts will never recognize our rights. This is what we thought then

    So we thought that a separate state – Tamil Eelam – was the solution. We felt that only an armed struggle will achieve it.

    We were contemptuous of the older generation. We thought they had failed miserably. We ridiculed them.

    I think of the arguments I had with my father, uncles and schoolmasters now and I cry. How harsh I was. How cocksure I was that we the youth had the solution for our troubles.We thought the older generation was a cowardly one. We were the brave ones.

    I dont want to go on and on. But the armed struggle developed and took its own course.

    And where are we now?

    Our homeland is ravaged. You will not know of what Jaffna meant to us and other North – Eastern regions meant to others from those places. But today we are internally displaced in our own land. We cannot go to our own homes. Another component including you and I are now part of the global Tamil diaspora.

    How I yearn to tread barefoot on that sandy soil. To listen to the koel cooing in the mango tree. To see those red and black “kundumani”. to see the lagoon and those waterbirds. To feel the monsoon breeze.To smell the fragrance of the jasmine. to see the well – sweep go up and down. to eat stringhoppers on a fresh banana or lotus leaf. to cycle and cycle and cycle through those fields and plains. To sit in a sweat – smelling theatre and whistle and clap at a Tamil movie there. To buy6 freshly caught fish at the beach itself and cook and eat it. To see the parrots flocking and chirping. To bathe in Keerimalai tank. To sit on top of the Ther mandapam at the Nunuvil Pillaiyar kovil in my mothers village and gaze serenely on the Thamaraikulam. To buy titbits at the Kovitsanthai one of two evening markets in the Vadamaratchi area. BUT——————

    What have we done? we fought for a homeland and lost our home. We wanted a silk verti and lost our loin cloth also.

    Our economy is destroyed. Our social fabric is torn apart. our culture is eroded. our values (tamils had great values those days) are distorted. we have become a nation of refugees and displaced.Those days our politicians called us second class citizens but now we are third class .

    The armed struggle reached its zenith and we were within reach of a solution. Not separation but a federal or confederal set up provided the LTTE transformed itself and used its military strength as bargaining power at the negotiationg table.

    It was missed and in the process we antagonized the international community. The LTTE helped elect this racist Rajapakse regime. Instead of reading the international situation correctly the LTTE mishandled it. Thus the struggle is now confined to a tiny littoral in Mullaitheevu and the world just ignores us except for token gestures and words.

    That is where we are now. Rockbottom.

    But I see you guys the youths and students being emotionally manipulated without even realising what’s happening. You personally may be acting on your own or thinking that you are acting on your own but I know for a fact that there are “people” behind the scenes. May be one of these days I may write more in detail about this if I feel that it will be of any use.

    But in your anger and courage and passion to help our beleaguered people and the sacrificial spirit with which you are ready to adopt reckless confrontation to achieve your goal I see the past and recognize the ghost of my generation decades ago.

    Sadly I see this diaspora generation also going on the wrong path to achieve the objective and in the process doing irredeemable harm to itself as we did to ourselves.

    With the wisdom of hindsight and an awareness gained only through painful, bitter experience I see these diaspora youths who are the future of our people embarking on a suicidal course with what they think is a noble cause and following a path which they are sure will lead them to their destination.

    Such is the energy and arrogance of youth and suddenly I feel old.Really old.

    I would like to wish you well and stand shoulder to shoulder with you but I cannot do that because I dont want to encourage the youth to follow a wrong course of action. Besides I know these measures will not yield expected results in the west.

    So that is why I write and risk being the target of your wrath. But whatever the risk I believe in speaking truth to power even student and youth and diaspora power.

    Let me end by recalling a Tamil proverb repeated by my father to me those days.

    “Sirupillai Velanmai Vilainthaalum Veedu Vanthu Searathu” (The farming done by little children will not reach home even if the paddy ripens to growth)

    The key word here is “Vilainthaalum”.

  65. Dear DBSJ,

    Weather we like it or not, we, the thamil diaspora, are lacking the much needed diplomacy at this critical juncture. The IC quickly and clearly grasped this and using it to their advantage.

    You have mentioned in your article that;
    “When demonstrations focusing on the civilian plight were held earlier there were signs of a been a slow but gradual growth of sympathy for the tragic Tamil civilian plight among the governments, people and the media in the West. An important reason for this was the absence of Tiger symbols and emblems in the public demonstrations. The problem was being viewed in humanitarian terms and a possible change of heart may have evolved.”

    Well said!!

    At this point we need to win the heart of non-thamil brothers and sisters of IC so that our vioce will be channeled through them and hence heard loud and clear by respective goverments and collectively by UN.

    We need non-thamil’s support to get the IC involved in our issue, because we do not have anything worthy in our hands (in the North) that will attract the western powers. They can get whatever they want by supporting SL to set their strategic foot in the Indian Ocean Region. If it is not possible only, they will consider us. But it is not the case at least for now.

    Banning an organization/individual as terrorist is in another way giving green signal to the other party/nation concerned as long as they want.

    A very good example: Menachem Begin (of Isreal) and Nelson Mandela to name a few. Both of these people latter received Nobel Prize for Peace.

    So, I agree with you that we, thamils, need to use our well proven smartness by making decision by using brain not heart.

    If we do that, another NATO action that took place in Balkan(Serbia) for Albanian people of Kosovo may unfold. I say this becasue the entire world knows that the thamils can not live in harmony with Sinhalese anymore in that tear drop nation.

    Choce is ours.

  66. A tactical blunder by the diaspora is its ethno-centric approach to what is essentially a humanitarian catastrophe

  67. During the eighties, I was in India undergoing military training with one of the five major liberation movements.

    We realised both Prabakaran and Uma Maheswarn are unfit to be the leaders of Tamil liberation movements. In fact, we thought, they are going to destroy Tamil community in the name of Eelam.

    We used to joke among us These two follows shot at each other in Pondibazar in 1981, why they didnt kill each other. It would have been great if they had killed each other in that the shooting. Uma Maheswarn killed about 50 of his own followers. This is nothing compared to the killing carried out by Prabakaran.

    I still wonder why Prabakaran was not killed in that Pondibazar shooting incident

  68. Mr. DBS.
    My question….is What do you want to say to Tamil Diaspora regarding the protests?
    You encourage or discourage the protest all over the world.?
    Do you think this protest spreads Tamil’s basic needs in SL to the world..?
    You put it gives oxygen to LTTE? I dont think so.
    Tamil Diasporas’ protest and all voices of Tamils show their needs in SL.
    Finally Tamils show their necessity of their freedom in SL.
    I am sad that you miss-guide the people regarding the protest. Please support and encourage to Tamils freedom. We need people like you to tell the Tamils problem. Please dont mis-represent to the world.
    Show our real needs. …. to the world.


    Without comprehending or pretending not to comprehend you keep wasting my time. THis is foolish.Those who act foolishly are called fools.

    There is a saying “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him”

    So adieu monsieur Arun!

  69. DBS you dont have any commom sence .
    how much you get to sell tamils.
    I think you are the one real asshole


    Dear Mr. Rajan (#67)

    I am posting this profound statement made by an aperture in the posterior suffering from an Oedipus complex only to illustrate to you about the bovine excreta of this type that I get frequently. Now you may be able to understand why I snap rudely at times.

    Normally I wont release these filthy comments but today I am doing so only to prove a point.

    I hope this pathetic creature calling itself “Kulan” will not get the wrong idea that he has indeed posted a comment worthy of public display!

  70. pundai DBS ammaku olada


    Dear Mr. Rajan (#67)

    I am posting this profound statement made by an aperture in the posterior suffering from an Oedipus complex only to illustrate to you about the bovine excreta of this type that I get frequently. Now you may be able to understand why I snap rudely at times.

    Normally I wont release these filthy comments but today I am doing so only to prove a point.

    I hope this pathetic creature calling itself “Kulan” will not get the wrong idea that he has indeed posted a comment worthy of public display!

  71. selling tamils vasaimakan DBS


    Dear Mr. Rajan (#67)

    I am posting this profound statement made by an aperture in the posterior suffering from an Oedipus complex only to illustrate to you about the bovine excreta of this type that I get frequently. Now you may be able to understand why I snap rudely at times.

    Normally I wont release these filthy comments but today I am doing so only to prove a point.

    I hope this pathetic creature calling itself “Kulan” will not get the wrong idea that he has indeed posted a comment worthy of public display!

  72. DBS,

    YOU ARE NOT NEUTRAL. You are biased and a PAID agent of SRILANKA. Your writing is nothing but from other articles (mostly).

    .. Selva.


    Satheesh or Selva

    I suggest you ask your kindergarten teacher to reveal the meaning of the word neutral and biased. I think you are incapable of looking up the words in a dictionary all by yourself.

    As for being PAID AGENT how much is the LTTE giving you for being one?

    Also why am I getting paid if my writing is nothing but from other articles (mostly)?

    PS: Rajan (#67) how is this one? Should I not have been rude? But I am a good, good boy who has taken your reprimand to heart. Hence this polite response!

  73. Hi Jeyaraj I feel sad my name also Jeyaraj.why u waste ur
    time to write stupit thinks.beg on the street and support ur family


    Pray, Tell me do you support your family by begging on the street? Where do you get most of your coins from?

  74. DBSJ’s response to Kavan Murugavel # 70

    This is more touching than the article itself. I dont know any better way to put into words the summary of the entire story in such a mesmorising way. I hope you people will walk those sandy plains again very very soon. I sinserely hope for that day…..

  75. I wonder why alot of pro-Sri Lankans stay away from counter protests….

    1) yes at certain cities we are outnumbered.. it has an affect!!!

    same time

    2) We know who you are… how you’ve been brainwashed… instilled hatred by parents & u do the job for us and shown your true colours all over world…

    and simply put it… most people don’t like beggers/homeless… why? and you guys been nothing but beggers and interrupting other people’s lives and causing havoc 😀

    just like u did in SL

    so please do carry on!!

  76. What is your education level I think u don’t have enough sence to realize this bettter you study first after that discuss these thinks,
    I feel sorry for you DBS

    DBSJ RESPONDS: My education level is not up to your standard , master, but it’s certainly higher than Velupillai Prabhakaran!

  77. This is one of the best articles i have read in along time. It is unbiased & gives the correct picture. All young people of the Tamil diaspora should read & understand the exact situation, without being brainwashed by militant views.Keep up the good work DBS.

  78. how many peoples were killed recently by SLA
    you dont care abt this.still u writing stupid thinks Pls change your attitude.
    I don’t know ur education..
    What is your education level I think u don’t have enough sence to realize this bettter you study first after that discuss these thinks,
    I feel sorry for you DBS


    Sir kind Sir
    I am touched by your feeling sorry for my poor education. But does one really need qualifications? Now what is the ducation level of our great leader of the LTTE? If he can be tiger supremo with his educational background cant I just scribble a few sentences sir? please,please!

  79. please try to understandeducate your self tamils, tamils’ protest, and tamils struggle/.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: That’s solid advice.Thank you, Could you please recommend a good tutory with able masters? Not Daya master or George master please!

  80. DBSJ, your responds to Karan Murugavel “Sirupillai Velanmai Vilainthaalum Veedu Vanthu Searathu” is the one my farther told my older brother some thirty years ago. He also mentioned how ‘Thalapathy’ Amir & co was misleading the youth to advance their political goal.

    After July ’83, he was critical of Amir & co’s conduct to bring Indians into local politics, as he didn’t believe India would help Tamils but themselves. My older bro always had serious disagreements with him.

    Now, my brother ( and me) realize that the history repeats itself. Now, he is worried that his children who are in their teen years (both are studying in a Canadian University) is vulnerable.

    We ought to be wiser not to bring LTTE into the picture, but Tamil rights in SL, and humanitarian issues. Let’s work together with international player on bring a lasting solution to Tamil issue in SL!

  81. Karan Murugavel and Rajan. Please just go study for your exams. No need to break Chinese embassy windows.

    If you want to protest spontaneously, then that is really brave.
    But please avoid LTTE menace. Don’t waste your potential on a lost cause. From what you guys are writing it sounds dangerously radicalized, and I am afraid you will do something stupid.

    Please just go study to pass your exams. You can’t do anything about the Vanni. Focus on your own future. Later there will be some opportunity to invest and develop the infrastructure of Jaffna.

  82. DBS,

    I just read your response to Karan Murugavel (#70) and felt that I had to write this. This is not anything about wars, refugees, genocide, humanitarian operations, and separate states but just a young Singhalese boy’s experiences of a first visit to Jaffna many years ago. From what I gathered, you and I (and VP) are of the same age, 54 years. So you and I have lived through the same events in our unfortunate country’s history. I was 10 years old at the time that I am writing about. My father was working in the government in a job that took him to all corners of the country. So this time he had to go to Jaffna on business and he took the whole family with him. We went there on the night mail train from Colombo and stayed at a one of his many friend’s house in Chunnakam. That gentleman, a Tamil school principal in that area took us all over Jaffna. I don’t remember too much about his house, only that there were two boys my age and we played cricket on the road in front of the house. They could not speak a word of Singhala. I could not speak a word of Tamil. No one spoke English. But when we went out to play, absolutely no problem in communicating. I remember that we went to Keerimalai hot springs one night. The place was full of people, all of them having great fun, and talking like express trains in rapid fire Tamil. I remember that I was kind of scared, being surrounded by all these people talking in a strange language. One day we went to Thollakatti farm, where the Christian Brothers who had taken a vow of silence were selling nelli crush. I still remember after all these years the Palmyra trees, Artisan wells, and eating Iddili for the first time in my life. I also remember visiting Nagadeepa Buddhist temple by boat, a very long boat ride that was. It sure was a different world those days.

    Then, just as you were, I was in my A-level classes when the University Standardization scheme went into force. Just as you were upset, we were too, because being from a Colombo school we knew that we would be at a disadvantage. We did not hear about the student demonstrations that took place in Jaffna. At the A-levels I managed to enter the university, to Katubedde Campus with and A, 2Bs and a C for the four subjects. A lot of my friends with slightly worse results did not enter. Then when we stated university, there were students from so called disadvantaged areas who had entered Engineering faculty with just 4 simple passes or just slightly better. What is also interesting is that these were not all Singhalese students. There were a few Tamil students from Mannar district and one Tamil student from upcountry who had entered with just the minimum required marks.

    The next time I had a chance to go to Jaffna was in 1977, just before the elections. We were in 3rd year university and one of my very good Tamil friends invited me to go with him to Jaffna few weeks before the elections. This is the time that TULF was riding high. They were campaigning on a platform of separation and drawing huge crowds everywhere for election meetings. I was at one meeting with my Tamil friend who was translating for me what the speakers were saying suddenly stopped translating what was being said and looked very upset. He did not tell me what was said at that time, but a few months later, after the 1977 riots, we were discussing all this stuff, he told me what was said. It seems that the speaker was talking about how they were going to chase the Singhalese out of the North after the elections. Apparently there were some statements about “making drums out of Singhala skins”. So I figured then that pandering to the electorate was not an exclusively Singhalese trait.

    I could go on and on about the events in the last 30 years. I could tell you that my late Father had tears in his eyes when he heard that Jaffna Library was burnt by then government because he knew that what was lost was not just paper and a building. I could also tell you about stores of unbelievable courage and kindness by some Singhalese during the madness of 1983. In the end I don’t think it matters. As we have demonstrated during the last thirty years we (both Singhalese and Tamil) are all capable of unbelievable brutality to one another. I wonder why that is. We, who have been given the gift of Buddhism and Hinduism, two of the most pacifist religions one could think of, can act this way. My only wish is that we as two communities would learn to respect each other and learn to live with each other. In the end we are not that much different, are we?

    I don’t know what made me write all this, but after I read what you wrote, I thought I should put down some of my experiences. After all, a huge part of what we are the result our experiences. May be telling these to one another will help us to understand each other better.

  83. This writer is the same person today as he was some 20 years ago. Some people never change. Shame on you.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Thank you for the compliment. I believe in the Thomian motto “Esto Perpetua” meaning “Be Thou For Ever”.

  84. The bottom line is the LTTE has lost this war. No force on heaven or earth can save them. The LTTE and their supporters chose intransigence and war over peace and compromise, fought to the end and lost. In a war to the finish both sides get blood on their hands but only one side wins. The diaspora now has to find away of becoming relevant in the post-LTTE world. If they burn their bridges with the government and the Sinhalese they truly will be the ‘lost generation’.
    The future of the Sri Lankan Tamils will be in the hands of the Karunas of the world who will support the government in any endeavor including colonization of the north with millions of Sinhalase. This will permanently end any talk of a Tamil homeland.
    Never in the annals of mankind have so many sacrificed so much for so long for so little.
    For a while I was angry at the Diaspora’s blatant support of the Tigers and brazen falsehoods that tarnished SrI Lanka’s image.
    But there pathetic hope for a miracle with only 3 sq km left makes me pity them.

  85. Fiddling while Vanni burns

    This is an email that was sent to me by a friend of mine. make sense to me. Reproduced below,

    Fiddling while Vanni burns

    We have been watching the demonstrations and rallies that were organised by various organisations throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

    Lot of Tamils were very disappointed how People’s plight in vanni hijacked by LTTE and their supporters for promoting their own political agenda. As you have noticed, No attempt was made to highlight the plight of Vanni people in any of these recent rallies.

    What we had seen in these rallies was just a photo of one man. Calling him “Sun God, National Leader”……..Fiddling while Rome burns. No, it is worse than that. Fiddling while Vanni is being bombed, shelled and fired. Fiddling while daily death toll in Vanni crosses more than 100.

    No one cares to highlight the suffering of our people in Vanni.

    What is our motivation of such rallies? We want the world know what is happening to our People in Vanni. Are we doing this? By watching the rallies, no outsider would understand there is humanitarian crisis in Vanni. Onlookers would ask… “What these people rally for?”

    GOSL determine to kill all 250,000 people without any mercy. LTTE and their supporter have little concern for these people. Their concerns are making LTTE as sole representative, and of course, ensure Emperor does not lose his crown. Just like GOSL, asking for money from Western countries saying that they have to provide shelter and all necessities to the 250,000 Vanni people.

    We all participated in these rallies in good faith and wanted to do our part. Little, we expected, we would be asked carry pictures of one man. Some people may believe that our leader is not accountable for whatever blunders he committed so far. Civilise world doesn’t believe in that.

    25 years and more than 200,000 lives wasted in internal fighting and finding traitors and new enemies while common enemy remain unscathed.

    We won’t have another 25 years. We will have, may be a month to protect our people in Vanni. Delay in every second, will have disastrous consequences. We have to get our direction right.

    PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE IN VANNI FROM GENOCIDE is more important than anything else.

    We will not remain silence, when our people suffering in Vanni used by certain groups for their political advantage. Whoever wants crown someone as their emperor, Please note you have all the years to do that. Our people in Vanni do not have even single second to survive.

    By way of protest, Please forward this email to all friends and relatives as long as you agree with me. If you find, I am too harsh on our emperor you may edit that out.

    Make everyone knows, we care for people not for anyone else,

  86. Well said DBSJ; but it is only a part of the truth. The missed part is as follows:

    LTTE hardcore activities have created mafia style money making machine and pilfering Tamil Diaspora. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms procurement, extortion, credit card frauds and money laundering are major activities of these unruly elements. Their arms dealing go beyond LTTE to other such terrorist organisations.

    Security and intelligence institutions in the west know these facts very well and keep high profile law makers in their respective countries informed.

    LTTE’s new business ventures will be well known to all not before long.

  87. To Shiam # 90

    Why international players?
    You want them to do the arm twisting on SL Government and force them to offer what ever the Tamil rights?
    What was true with Indians is true for other international players as well. They will only complicate the matter and take us for rides. (i.e Norvegians?)
    If we are ever going to find a way out of this hell hole, it will be only through the honest dialog between the enlightened people in both communities, not via so called international players.

  88. comment 89 ravi

    dbs motive is to tell the truth to the tamils and sinhalese however unpalatable for some it can be.
    he should be quarantined just like the bad debts in the US banks, because he will pollute the rest of the environment by telling these unpalatable truths.

  89. Silent majority Diaspora rejected LTTE. Most of these people will not openly say what they feel about LTTE for obvious reasons. It is indeed true lot of people do believe in LTTE due to many reasons, mainly due to the Tami leadership vacuum that was created by LTTE with the hope that Tamils will have no choice other than accepting them as their leader.

    There are some Tamils blindly believe in LTTE. I would simply call them as “deaf, blind and mentally retarded “. There is nothing much we could do about them other than just wait and see. One day they will wake up. Just like Daya Master. I had heated debate with Daya Master way back in 1985. He fiercely protected LTTE leadership. It took almost 25 yrs for him to realise what I told him in 1985 was true. Anti LTTE forces are not united as one force. It is hard to hear their voice due to this. Indeed, Diaspora LTTE is well organised group.

    What VP is hoping now? He is hoping KP would do something and rescue him. So that he can be reunited with his family. If this doesn’t work out. He hopes to negotiate a deal for a safe passage for him through UN/IC. This is very unlikely scenario. Only hope VP has now is KP. He is fighting to buy time. So that KP can organise something for him.

    Most of the LTTE supporters have no idea how KP was treated in the recent years. KP and Anton Balasingam were considered as “bought over by enemies of LTTE”. KP was even asked to go to Vanni. KP refused, and then his monthly allowance was stopped. KP the loyal guard of VP, went through a lot. I guess, KP must have thought god is testing him.

    Any fans of VP, can you please enlighten me what personal sacrifice your leader had made so far in this brutal war? Did any of his close family members fight and die in this war? Did any of his family members suffer injuries in this war? I know, how many families were completely wiped off. Some of the family wholeheartedly dedicated to LTTE and made the ultimate sacrifice. Some of the families were Anti LTTE and killed by LTTE.

    During the “Operation Liberation” in 1987, SLA landed about two away from our home. LTTE surrounded the SLA, but did not launch any attack against SLA. There were rumours that Mahatahya group is coming from Vanni. LTTE is waiting for reinforcement. Mahatahya group will launch attack against SLA position. We wanted to flee from Vadamaarchi to Thenmarachi, after hearing that Mahataya group has arrived, we did not flee. We did not realise why Mahataya group arrived until the following day. On the following day, we did not see any Senior LTTE leaders. All vanished in the thin air overnight. We were told, Mahathaya group escorted VP safely out of Vadamarrachi earlier night. VP was scared that if People start to flee Vadamaarchi before he flees, escape route will be made known to SLA. His safety would be compromised. So he wanted to flee first, before the people started to flee. This is “ OUR LEADER”

  90. The deal between the Tiger Chief and MR’s gang, I have reason to think, is well above Rs180 million. It is common knowledge fellows with 3-4 seats got over Rs200 million
    on 2 different occasions in 2001 and 2005 all “in the interest of serving our small minority communities”.
    Tigers are very unlikely to enter into deals with their
    “ernemies” for small change – something that you know better than I do.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

    DBSJ RESPONDS: I dont know about LTTE and small change but tigers got only 180 million rupees. More money was promised but apparently the “brothers” defaulted. So end result only 18 crores in hand. The LTTE did the boycott to defeat Ranil mainly but also tried to make some “sillarai” on the side

  91. I all ways follow your articles. Do you beleive pesent sinhala leadership got any solution fo tamil question? i doubt it? Some section of tamil diospora misleaded, but i can feel their anger. Do you beleive any solutions in united srilanka?

  92. comment 60-harris

    you wanted a list of 5 things

    1. cannot enter uni without higher marks than sinhalese.
    2. cannot enter the public service.
    3. cannot enter the armed forces.
    4.cannot expect the police and armed forces to protect from racial violence
    5. last but not least, cannot become the president of srilanka{unlike obama}

  93. Good article. I keep saying that people like you should have some say in future SL. Sadly, LTTE has eliminated most, if not all, moderate Tamils. That I believe is a bigger tragedy for Tamils than anything else.

    Keep doing what you are doing.

  94. Sebastian Rasalingam,

    You are a well meaning commentator, but one I feel who exists to tell Sinhalese what they love to hear about Tamils.

    Your account of history is flawed in one regard and I doubt whether you truly have a grasp of the finer political history of the time you lived in. You ignore the insecurities created by Sinhala colonisation of the Eastern and northern province and the fact that Tamils were being politically marginalised at a national level by the growth of Sinhalese majorities in these electorates.

    This is probably the best example of the distortive nature of marjoritarianism, a observation made by Socrates in Athens 3 millenia ago.

    Most of the other isses have been settled in law, Tamil is an Official language, standardisation was lifted, there is enough respect I feel (hope) among Sinhalese post-1983, to prevent communal violence being used a political tool. The restraint shown after the Dalada Maligawa bombing is perhaps the best evidence of that.

    I personally do not accept that Eelam is justified or feasible.

    The central issue now is whether the GoSL will contine to marginalise the Tamil community politically iby gerrymandering electorial boundaries in the East and continuing to settle Sinhalese in these electorates.

    There is also the simmering ethnic tensions that are being fostered between Muslim and Tamil in the East and the violence of ‘leaders” like Pilliyan against their own people.

    All of this very worrying for people like myself who wish to see national unity and a strong democracy underpinned by respect for human rights and rule of law.

    Your writing is largely a rosy rueful sentimental trip down memory lane that lacks the cutting insight of a commentator like Jeyaraj or even Sabaratnam.

    I suspect this is why it is published so eagerly in organs of nationalist propoganda like the Island.

    I feel commentators like yourself do not see that the axis of the conflict has already shifted from Jaffna to the East to the Manal Aru, Trincomalee and Batticaloa areas. This is a powder keg that this being stocked that could well reignite this terrible conflict in time to come. We must get things right now.

    I also feel that commentators like yourself do not see that how these issues are addressed will be the true litmus test of the whether the 13th amendment to the constitution, is an effective political settlement to the Tamil people.

  95. Diaspora are NOT brainless or brainwashed idiots. Most of them are educated and doing stressful jobs to exist abroad,and not in luxurious lifestyles.Their hearts are bleeding seeing the plight of their kith & kin in sri lanka. They are only asking for their birthright – absolute equality and justice in sri lanka.LTTE is the only organisation fighting for this. What have the tamil quislings who surrendered their birthright to lick the boots of the majoritarian regime achieved? The tamils in the so called ‘liberated areas’ are worse off than before. Tamils have been uprooted from their homes and prevented from carrying on their livelihoods from ‘high security zones’which are expanding even now,when the war is coming to an end. All infrastructure has been destroyed to prevent tamils rehabilating themselves. Sinhalas will be soon settled in tamils’ former areas and homes. Tamil names of places will be ‘sinhalised’ and buddha statues planted all over the north and east.
    Those who cannot see all this are heartless and have swallowed the sinhala buddhist regime’s canards.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: No the entire diaspora is not brainless or brainwashed. Only some are and you definitely know who they are. Unfortunately this segment has hogged the megaphone while the silent majority remains quiet.

    But tell me, blaming quislings and all is easy but what has the LTTE gained for the Tamils so far? and how will they achieve anything in the future?

  96. Thanks DBS for revealing true nature of the LTTE and the Tamil Diaspora. you are the same person today as you were some 20 years ago for your courage journalism. Wealthy tamils diaspora wants the fighting to continue while innocent tamils and Sinhalese are dying in Srilanka.

  97. I agree with the article in its entirety and your response to comment # 70 (Karan Murugavel) was very moving and triggered me to write….

    The Tamil Diasporas’ position in the conflict and particularly their behavior in the last few weeks really baffle me. These are people living in free societies having access to plenty of unbiased information. In all the Tamil Diaspora protest marches, I haven’t seen a single placard saying “LTTE LET THE TAMIL PEOPLE GO TO SAFETY”. I have some pro LTTE friends in the West with whom I discuss these issues and it is obvious to me that their position is very different to yours and mine. This tells me that we are working with completely different data sets.

    Then the question is WHY?
    My explanation to this behavior is that when one passionately believes in a “cause” they limit their sphere of knowledge on the subject to only what they want to believe in. By doing so they subcontract their conscience (moral state of right and wrong) to others. This is nothing to do with their education or IQ level.

    Some pro LTTE sources say that the “struggle” will go on even if the current LTTE leadership is eliminated, which looks imminent. I feel that the Tamils in Sri Lanka neither have energy nor will to continue with the “struggle” now.

    Question to DBSJ:

    Assuming that the current LTTE leadership is no more:

    1. What do you think will happen with the LTTE machinery in the West?
    2. Would the pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora come to their senses?

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Too early to say. We have to wait till current events reach a firm conclusion.

  98. Hello Jeyaraj
    you seem to be very busy in writing based on your arrogant reply to one of the readers view. My simple question for you is “what is your pragmatic solution for the current problem as well as long continuing problem of the Ceylon Tamils?. Many, like you, to sell their writings, follow either anti-LTTE or anti-srilankan approach blindly. why these highly-learned and completely-known think-tank peoples (including you, N. Ram, col. Harikaran and other folks) can’t come up with a real solution for Tamils problem, and try to implement through the supports of your readers.

    I expect your reply. Don’t say that u don’t have time. i am also running out of time to do something for my brothers and sisters in Ceylon.



    Why dont you read all what I have written and find out the answers to your questions yourself? Dont say that you dont have the time.

    Why cant a freelance journalist get paid for writing to accredited journals or a staffer get paid by the management? Why do you work’ Summa”? Why these jibes at journos alone

    Speaking of blindly following I think that applies to you and those of your ilk.

    On arrogance – your comment/query is a good example of arrogance.

    By the way can you tell me the solution achieved by the LTTE after 30 years of fighting and disintegration of the Tamil people?

  99. Ranjan,

    Thanks for the writing. It brought tears to my eye.

    We lost everything to the war. If you happen to visit Jaffna now, you will see the difference.
    Who is at fault? All of us, Sinhala leaders & Tamil Leaders. Are we able to bring the glory back?
    Time will tell

  100. Well, this well written article will be ignored by brain damaged diaspora maniacs.

    If they can’t be true to themselves, they can’t achieve anything.

    Whatever Tamils deserve in Sri Lanka will be wiped out completely due to the terrorism by this stupid leader. One day Tamils will be extinct from Sri Lanka like Sri Lankan Burger community.

  101. Bitter reality-who ever has got the most might( politicalo and military) wins. then the rest re arrange their arguements to suit the victors.

    this is true of both sides. If the LTTE was a stronger army( to that of the government) a state shall be born and most opinion will follow that. This is true of the opposite side winning the war aswell as it is happening.The winner sets the agenda.

    The idea that just causes win, is religious sentiment ( which has even filtereds to secular contexts aswell) invented to keep ones heart(ullam) at peace.Excepts in some anomalies, this sense of justice being the basis of winning wars holds no sway in bitter realities of the human predicament.

    Eg_ KLA from killed many of its own people etc but the political and militarysituation( for many interdependent reasons) swayed in the formation of a State despite objections.
    The people shall follow the victors.

    There is no such thing as objectivity in such matters wether it is DBS, Rajapakse, Pirabahran, the so called silent majorities( contested), Sri Lnaka Democsracy forum, Tamilnet or anyone.

    Look at British, Portugese colonisation

    For some – destruction of Hindu< Buddhist culture etc, forced coversion
    For others – way out of caste restriction
    For others- British actually strenghthen the cate restriction by joining allies with the caste structure with their own imperial structures of ruler/ class etdc
    others- convesion for jobs, civil privilegs
    others- finding the true salvation
    others – acess to Engligtenment ideas of progress, thought

    Fact remain we readjust our ways to accomodate new realities. but let us not fool our selves that we are being objective

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Of course Anbu you are not being objective at all when you say others are not objective. Anyway how do you define objectivity? Is that not relative too?

    About your assertion that might is right and superior strength wins – Can a small group fight against the whole world and win?

  102. Firstly I thank you Mr.DBSJ for his wonderful article. It’s rediculous that some who think getting certificates is education, challange your educational qualifications. Your profound journalistic wisdom has enlightened and provided much pleasure for many of us who has BSc s, MSc s etc.
    On the subject of SL conflict, I donot think that there is anyone else in the world who knows both side very well as you do.
    Going through the comments I saw a light in the dark tunnel called Tamil Diaspora(TD). I earlier thought TD is completely lost and in total disconnect with the reality in SL.
    As much as LTTE brutality has strenghthen GOSL, these LTTE global protests have been counter productive. It has sent many distinguished tourists to SL, but they have left with a different attitude, and have done nothing to please the LTTE. With the war in Swat and US air raids killing Afghan civilians, world has shifted its focus on SL. Though Karunanidi & Jayalalitha are fighting eachother to create Ealam, anyone who knows subcontinential politics will ignore them.
    I can only feel sorry for those Tamil brothers who live in a fools paradise believing there is genocide in SL. Hope oneday they will visit Colombo, Kandy, N’Eliya etc. and experience whats ethnic harmony means.
    Its time for them to stop losing money by investing in LTTE company.
    There certainly is a human catstrope in SL engineered by LTTE. These IDPs need millions of dollars to survive and perhaps billions to rebuilt their lives with infrastructure. The ‘racist’ Sinhala people keeps them alive for the time being. We also donated oneday’s salary for them.
    When reading TD comments I come across charges of rape. I challenge them to show one such incident if they can. I hope you will talk to Vanni civilians oneday and learn how well they’ve being treated by the ‘genocidal’ army. IDP camps with strict security is needed because we know our enemy better than you do. Recently army recovered ladies underwear turened into suicide belts from black tiger camp!
    I am sure that civilians casualties estimated by UN with the help of Tamilnet is greatly exaggerated. Currently SL army goes slow with small weapons risking there lives just to protect civilians. I am proud of them.
    Those Tamils who still advocate Tamil Ealam, should realize it will never come true without the goodwill of Sinhalese. If these demands go beyond current level, it might lead to a real genocide worse than Rwanda in SL!
    But what those who sensible people in TD should know is that many things in SL have changed and there is a great chance for SL Tamils build a new era of peace & prosperity within Sri lanka. My appeal for them is to first experiment with 13th amendment. Build confidence with south and expand the PC system to achieve whatever you wish without shedding blood.
    LTTE has killed somany innocent Sinhalese in SL and what GOSL is doing is just to safeguard the basic right of all Sri lankans. You cannot deny the right to life of Sinhalese & Muslims in pursuit of your wild dreams.
    We will fight on till you resort to violence. Don’t expect socalled super powers to come and create ealam for you! (you will die as a frustrated man someday!)
    I am confident that soon there will be a Sri Lanka where all of it’s citizens can feel proud to be a part of. Though Rajpakses have some negatives, they are not as dark as you may think. In the future, they will do more than paying 180million rupees to get the votes from northeast!

    May peace of mind be with you on this noble Vesak day!

  103. You do not have to agree with the writer, but respect his views as a person who has seen all the facets of experience in Sri lanka. Tamils struggle has gone thru different phases and mistakes .It is healthy to be critical of any group of people who is part of the struggle, if one thinks it may not lead to a secular liberal way of life, after all that is what tamils are up against racist SL government.
    Whatever a solution which respect self determination need support from progressive sinhalese and international community.
    Can tamils expect sinhalese to be progressive if we are not.
    This is the first time SL Government sitting along with LTTE in dog house. This is the first time world is seeing real face of SL regime. Tamil diaspora’s actions should not aid SL Gov. to win the propaganda war again. I myself took part in protest against racist SL regime action, total disregard to civilians and I am sure there are people with different interest and purpose in the protest rally. LTTE is also party to be blamed ( There is no tamil or sinhalese bullet- bullet is the only secular reminder of SL)Our action should not jeopardize the destination we want travel.
    We as tamil diaspora do a soul search and think to be progressive to win our rights. world is changing so should our struggle to win peace and freedom.
    Sinhalese government or its present constitution can not deliver justice to tamils, not to sinhalese either.
    Freedom for sinhalese from successive self serving SL regime depends on our success.
    If we do not act correct, end result will be worse than what we witness now.

  104. My motive is patriotism; Sense of humiliation when my fellow Tamils were defeated.
    Not sabotaging our Tamil cause.
    We, Tamils can keep self-criticism with in ourselves and be united in front of our enemies and international community.
    Our first priority is to establish our home land; after establishing our country, continuing to fight for democracy and for a liberal and free society.
    Refusing to accept the foreign theory of ?federalism is the best?

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Wow! patriotism Ah? Who said that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels? About Tamil unity and all that . What a pity you couldn’t inculcate such noble sentiments into the LTTE? Do you have a count of the Tamils killed by the LTTE? That’s your notion of Tamil unity , Is it?

  105. Believe me, This article may at least save life of a one innocent. what tiger diaspora (not tiger) should understand is, ie we give another day for tigers another 2 generations of Tamils will die.
    majority of IDPs will just get kiled.

  106. Mr DSB
    After read all those comments I thought to write you something, we know you are a great writer i think you should not weast your valuable time to respond to those rubbish comments. as a sinhales i respect your courage though i not agree with you on some points.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: I agree cant go on responding to the same stuoidity again and again. But I want to try for a while and see

  107. Hi…
    It is good article. I think you are a good writer ofcourse . I saw you have answered very nicely to every one. I have some questions to you.
    1. Why you people are fighting in Srilanka?
    2. Is it really needed seperate state to Tamil people.?
    3. Now there is a final war, so why you people are shouting on this?
    4. I dont understand, why the Tamil diaspora people are doing protest. They live in good economic states, So what they need from Srilankan Government.?
    5. You said, you were protesting during your A/L time in Jaffna. I think you did not have good focus on your education, thats why you did this kind of stupid protests.
    6. Tamil people started the problem. , You have many divisions among your communities. You never talk about that. And you need freedom from your community.
    So why you were fighting with majority of us…finally.
    7. I am so sad of this discussions. Tell me what you need from Srilankan government finally after finishing LTTE.?

    Aney Lasantha, since you are my departed friend’s namesake I dont want to be harsh. Just two things. Please go and read what I have written earlier and seek answers to your questions.

    If you do find the answers then you wont be making your accusations against the Tamils including me. Its the total lack of understanding displayed by people like you and the self – righteous attitude that has contributed to this crisis

  108. Another piece of spot on writing.
    DBS, Thank you for your well researched and unbiased articles.
    People like David Milliband and Hillary Clinton should read your articles to get the true picture of the conflict rather than depending on their cronies for information.!
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  109. Dear DBS,

    Sorry, some of your points are valid but I would rather join the flag holding crowd than to sit silent at home.

    Have you tried to organise an event or participate in a demonstration or talk to politicians about the atrocities that are being done against the Vanni civilians?
    People like you just like to attack the LTTE – an obsession of yours. I am not saying that the LTTEers are saints….but people like you who continue to focus on your self obsessions are, frankly, in my opinion, aiding the genocide.

    Janani Barathy
    Sydney, Australia



    You are most welcome to hold on to the tiger flag. How can I stop you?

    No I dont believe in confrontational demonstrations with tiger flags and praba placards.. So I wont be organizing any demonstrations. Much can be achieved through quiet diplomacy but then that is beyond you all.

    Actually I am quietly collecting money and sending for the civilians who have escaped from tiger territory and are in Vavuniya. Many are in desperate need. I believe in lighting a candle than cursing darkness.

    Yes I always explain the Tamil civilian predicament to western officials who ask me. But I tell them how civilians are treated cruelly by both the LTTE and Govt. Now what have you done for the civilians persecuted by the LTTE?

    I am not obsessed by the LTTE. Actually you are obsessed by the LTTE. Otherwise you wont be holding a tiger flag eh?

  110. Spot on DBS. I do participate in the rallies and have objected to the Tiger symbols and VP portraits. When they could not give me an answer one of the Porupalars called me a “throhi”. This is our plight. You have captured the behind the scenes incidents and how the tiger leadership got insecure which made them to carry the flags precisely.

  111. It is interesting to view these comments. Many of these individuals will have no problem criticizing the GOSL for restricting media freedom but would jump at the chance to shut down Mr. Jeyaraj. Do not degrade yourself to the standards of the GOSL.

    There is a need for protests to raise awareness and initiate action but I personally cannot understand why there are LTTE flags along with Mr. Pirpaharan’s picture embedded in these protests. Whether you accept the legitimacy of the LTTE is not the question. These protests should be about the plight of innocent civilians not the LTTE. We have completely lost public support for a legitamate cause because some wise individuals thought that the best course of action was to implant LTTE flags and Mr. Pirpaharan’s picture instead of soley focusing on the plight of civilians. Think about it logically and you will understand that these protests have only served to create popular resentment among the general public.

    Quite frankly, I don’t care if you support the LTTE or hate their guts. There is no logic behind diverting attention away from the plight of innocent civilians by shouting slogans supporting the LTTE instead of solely shouting slogans for international help to save civilians caught between the warring parties.

    Thank you for your constructive criticism Mr. Jeyaraj. i admire your courage to take a selfless stand amidst great opposition

  112. Dear DBS,

    I take your point that you are trying your best to expose the truth and that you serve no master but your conscience.

    Here’s the titles of your last 5 articles.

    1.Tigers, Tamil Diaspora and the Tamil civilian plight
    2.Ranil Wickremesinghe and the future of the U.N.P.
    3.More civilians killed and injured as fighting continues
    4.Mullivaaikkaal Hospital hit as shelling continues
    5.Hundreds of civilian casualties in 17 hour “blitzkrieg”

    Certainly, there must be 2 parties responsible for the current humanitarian mess in our homeland.

    In the first article i.e. the current one, you pretty much wrote a scathing critique of one side i.e. the tigers.
    Now, you mention also “racist Rajapakse regime”. You do to your credit outline the army’s role in the indiscriminate and perhaps intentioned targeting with artillery civilians and hospitals in articles 3 to 5 but you never coherently outline a case of malevolence by the Rajapakse gang.

    I ask you a favor to consider writing such an article if you do believe that the sri lankan government is also a guilty party to the current catastrophe. This would serve a two fold purpose.

    1. It would enlighten many a sinhalese who read your articles [and amongst whom, some who likely take delight in Tamil criticism of LTTE] about what a Tamil moderate thinks about this “racist Rajapakse regime”

    2. I do believe your audience goes beyond just the Tamil and sinhala diaspora. As you write well, and I know you are held to good esteem in Tamil nadu press circles, your articles carry heavy weight in India as well and perhaps even the international mainstream.
    So, an exposition of the “racist Rajapakse regime”‘s genocidal intentions vis-a-vis the internment camps would serve to avert genocide itself.

    I will admit that I am a supporter of the LTTE cause [and not all of its tactics]. But as Karan M. (70) wrote, my blood has boiled in the last few years as we the passionate supporters of the cause can only watch as our homeland is ravaged and no one else cares.

    Since the loss of the eastern province, I was convinced that one side will vanquish the other. This is not because I lost faith in the LTTE as defenders of the Tamil martial way, but one has to face reality of what that task was up against [an unholy alliance of China, Pakistan, Iran and India while being banned in the western world]. They had put up a good fight and have been honest on their intentions but it has run its course.
    My worry is no longer the fate of these fighters [I presume they all knew what they signed up for].

    My worry is now the civilians in the internment camps. This has to be the most despicable tactic that any government can use against an already traumatized minority. Recall what happened in the 1930’s to Jews, gypsies and homosexuals long before the actual genocide was put into effect by the Nazi’s.

    If history ever repeats itself, it is unfolding right before our eyes. We as Tamils must highlight it before its too late. Not for the survival of LTTE but because we the diaspora owe the civilians who have taken the brunt of the war while we have lived in relative luxury overseas.
    We must do our utmost to bring this to the forefront and prevent it before it happens as it did in Nazi Europe before and in Rwanda more recently.

    DBS, do not blame the LTTE for what the government is planning for these poor people. Do your share and write about it. You have more clout than most of us. You have the power of a respected pen. I know you can have impact. This is an impassioned plea from someone who has read your writings since the late 90’s. I have not always agreed [as I said, I am and always will respect the LTTE for standing up and fighting for a righteous cause even if it is a temporarily doomed cause.]. But, I have always thought your writing eloquent and free of patronage. I ask you this one favor. It may be the most important thing anyone has done to prevent genocide in our time.


    DBSJ RESPONDS: This is a blog I started this year. I’ve been writing for years and years . It was your LTTE that stopped my Tamil paper and also assaulted me and broke my head and leg.Now you are asking me to write this and that. Just go and read what I have written before making such requests. Whatever I warned the LTTE has come to pass. None of you heeded me. Even now you dont listen to me and simply attack. But why this request to me now?

  113. Answer #38
    Karuna, Douglas, Pillayan will be a heavy baggage even to a racist SL regime without LTTE being a main actor.
    They will be polishing Rajapakshe brothers Benz,BMW bought from blood money swindling Sri lankan citizens.
    Anandasangaree will be accused as ProTiger by Sl Gov. as he is going to talk about Quasi Fed solution like in india.
    Anyone who is going to talk about political solution will be branded as pro LTTE. In other words there will be more proLTTE people In SL than any time in the history.
    President himsef will find himself a Pro LTTE at times becuse of International pressure until JVP, JHU reminds him of fate of SWRD.

  114. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

    If I can remember well, Deal between MR & VP was for RS450 Millions.

    There was a detailed article about this deal few years back in the Sunday leader. Payment was made through a Company in Vavuniya. It was approved by the cabinet in the pretext some reconstruction work in Vanni. I can’t remember how much was paid.

    You said “It is common knowledge fellows with 3-4 seats got over Rs200 million”. We are talking about VP here who has no common knowledge. If he has common knowledge , he wouldn’t have agreed to this deal in the first place.

  115. HI DBS,
    Dont leave me like this…
    I have no time to read all your articles. Please give me a short answers to my questions.
    You Tamils are so stupid………, Why u need freedom…


    You are right ! I was stupid to respond to you nicely. You didn’t deserve it. You are wasting your time on this site. This forum is not for the likes of you. Go to the Udaya Gammanpila’s site. Another idea is for you to take a dip in the Mahaweli

  116. sounds like castro is upto somthing. Castro is a stupid terrorist (who is not in LTTE), but not a dumb idiot. He might have calculated that hijacking the demonstrations away from the ‘civilian plight’ and move towards ‘save the LTTE’ cause, the demostrations and protests would be largely ignored by the west. No actions will be taken or pressure mounted on SL government by these western powers. Thalaivar will be gone, and castro will be the new king! All this can be done, while ‘praising the thalaivar’.

  117. In 2005, almost fifty years after he left Oxford , Mr Lakshman Kadiragamar’ s portrait was unveiled at the Oxford Union. This was a great honour bestowed by the Oxford Union on only 15 others in its 183 year history.

    Mr Kadirgamar had this to say about that event;

    ‘……I would like to, if I may, to assume that I could share the honour with the people of my country, Sri Lanka. I had my schooling there, my first university was there, I went to Law College there and by the time I came to Oxford as a postgraduate student, well, I was relatively a matured person. Oxford was the icing on the cake but the cake was baked at home ……(applause) .’

    To members of the Tamil diaspora, this is indeed true for you too . People appreciate only the icing on the cake not where it was baked first.

  118. Dear DBS,
    More than the main article your responses are serving the purpose well and it is really enjoyable to read. How come this time you have all the time to respond like this? If time permits, during this weekend, I would like to make a long comment on the same lines as you made to Karan Murugavel #70. Keep up the good work. My father used to tell me that if one has to be big guy in the town he had to wear a sheep skin {maattu thoal}. Because people will throw stones only to the big guys and not to the pauper on the street. So do not get discouraged with guys like Ravi Murugan & Co.

  119. Thank you DBS for your articles,its nice to know there are still soem Tamils left who can express themselves without having to resort to hot headed comments.Keep writing and ignore the idiots.

  120. hey

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Of course Anbu you are not being objective at all when you say others are not objective. Anyway how do you define objectivity? Is that not relative too?

    sorry wanted to add myself to the problem of objectivity. missed out and thanks for correcting. Just wanted to highlight the inadequacies of the emmerging opinion brokers( who reject the LTTE and the GSOL as well).

    “About your assertion that might is right and superior strength wins.Can a small group fight against the whole world and win’
    probably not – but that doesnt mean their moral compass is anyhow of less validity as you will agree

    on a diffrent note

    Various views on funding the war I seem to notice.

    The Tamil diaspora is the scrooge for funding the war – a growing place given to this arguement with the banning of LTTE till now. The so called Tamil moderates, Sinhala extremist join hands and are given the platform to air such views.

    Tamil diaspora says – they have all the right to fund since they fled the war in terrible circumstances. Thereforethey have the right to contribute to the shaping of SL/Elam. They are a diaspora since they cant live in SL.

    I think the diaspora money/influence should be banned.( Ban number 1)

    The Tamil moderates say – diaspora is contributing to war. so lets use our political connections to help ban them and bring them to disrepute. The so called moderates also want to promote and influence their views like all parties concerned. Since these people are also not in SL( and technically the diaspora aswell)
    their views should be banned aswell.(Ban number 2)

    GSOL – recieving military aid from Pakistan – a failing state.
    ( Ban 3)
    Recieves military aid from India, Israel, (Ban 4)
    The other aid they recives from donor countrieshelps the basic necessities, economy going. Which means the non aid profit can be spent ton the war. Aid is obliquely supporitng the war( Ban 5)
    GSOL has also set up a system for the SL diaspora to contribute to the war ( Ban 6)

    The moeny and power a state can wield is manyfold when comaring to the diaspora. So the state shall win devoid on any morality/justice. The rest shall work towards realigning their writings/thinking/ opinions to ultimately serve the state. Of course cosmetic multicultarism, equity/justice small talks shall be undertaken in wellmeaning forums to absolve their guilt.After al the state have the might!!!

  121. First of all Hope my comment will publish. I can’t understand why all these tamils whinging about their sufferings. We all suffer when we live in another country. I still remember when I went for interviews one women who interviewed me over the phone and was telling the other one “she has an accent”. So these things are happening all over the world and tamils whinge about those things only with us.
    Also here some people don’t look on your face and talk as they are so racists. They hate our brown skin so much.
    So get over it. You all are lucky to live in a country like SriLanka. Appreciate what you have, like Luxman Kadiragamar once said “people appreciate only the icing on the cake not where it was baked first”

  122. reply to Karan Murugavel (#70)
    If the demonstration is independent of LTTE then why don’t you ask the LTTE to release the innocent tamils to go where ever they want.
    If you guys are really worried about the innocent tamils in wanni first you should demonstrate against LTTE.

  123. No one is worried about the tamil civilians trapped and the ones who are saved by the army. Who is feeding them and looking after them, but the GOSL.

  124. The unwritten consensus was that the LTTE was primarily responsible for the Tamils? plight. The bulk of the Tamil people were being held against their will by the Tigers. As such the crisis amounted to a “hostage” situation.

    I believe this “hostage” terminology was first mischievously used by GoSL and then aped by media and responsible officials in the UN too. But anyone who analysed the role of heavy artillery in the war would see it as a distortion of facts disseminated by interested parties for the purpose of disinformation.

    When the SL army first took Silavatturai and then the A14 and the coastal roads A32 , B69 and then the A35 maintaining an intense campaign of indiscriminate shelling in a terrain mainly of farmland and jungles, the war strategy was clear. The shelling was to uproot the people from their habitat. I am assuming with confidence that the civilians did not ask permission from LTTE before they abandoned their abodes. Using Mao?s terminology: it was a case of making the sea recede thereby dragging the fish (LTTE) along with it – a strategy which I suspect would have at least been discussed if not formulated in military establishments in other world capitals. [Otherwise I wonder what the military co-operation, training and exchanges were for]. It is my view that with this strategy the people were herded and corralled into an ever shrinking boundary. [It will be interesting if military academics can elucidate us on all aspects of heavy ammunition ? amounts, sources, usage etc ? as used by SLA. I am only aware of 3 shiploads/month from Pakistan]. The other aspect of this shelling strategy is that casualties are bound to be heavy on Tamil side ? and that is not a bad thing for a Sinhala army and govt. I strongly object to the description of Beslan type of “hostage” situation.


    Many of those displaced in Mannar wanted to go to Madhu or Murungan but the LTTE compelled them to go further up to Mulangavil in their territory. The LTTE also pressured the Catholic Church and made thousands of Tamil civilians leave that sanctuary and move into tiger controlled areas

    There are two broad categories of civilians in what remains of LTTE controlled area. Those who want to leave and those who dont want to leave. The LTTE must let those who want to leave to do so. Holding them against their will and exerting pressure for a ceasefire by using “civilian safety” as reason does amount to a hostage situation. Holding the very same Tamils and exposing them to death and injury is even worse than a normal hostage situation.The LTTE treating Tamils on whose behalf it claims to be fighting is a gross betrayal

  125. DBS,

    I have been following your articles from those old days.

    Can you just agree or disagree on the follwing

    (a) No sinhala govt will ever ( agree/ capable of arriving at ) for meaning full devolution through negotiation.
    (b) general mind set of the sinhalese is that tamils cannot be acomodated within sri lanka on an equal footing.
    (c) It is ltte’s past and present startegy is the main factor that sri lanka tamil issue is internationalised.
    (d) Without it being internationalised. it cannot be resolved.
    (e) india is prepared to pave way for meeting most of the tamil’s rights if tigers are not present now.

    Please be truthful.


    DBSJ RESPONDS: I am truthful in all what I write so dont make these types of assertions

    My answer is YES to (e); YES and NO to (d) and NO to the others

  126. Look at Pirabakarans swimming pool. What a shame and crime. But, I can say this- tigers are living on the blood of not only Tamils but,also of those goday sinhala veerayas in the forces

    Pirabakaran I ask you – Do you think your life is that much precious ??

  127. Dear DBS
    I want to comment on some positive aspects of the LTTE. They have almost eradicated the cast systems in the Tamil community. If LTTE is diminished, the cast system will again emerge in the Tamil community. I remember in 70’s I had few friends from the lower cast and I used to entertain at my home. Most of my neighbours were angry with me. Today these neighbours are the big LTTE supporters.

  128. Most of your articles can be good examples of “shadenfroid”


    On the contrary they are the very opposite of “schadenfreude”.

    I am sad when others are sad and happy when others are happy.

    I think your description applies to people like Hitler and his proto-types in the Wanni.

    Who is the man who sends other peoples children to blow themselves up as black tigers after having a sumptuous meal with them, takes photographs with them and later releases those pix after the poor souls are dead. All this while celebrating the birthdays of his own children with cake and candle and all. Thats taking pleasure in pain

    To a lesser extent it also applies to people like you who are hell bent on attacking and vilifying a journalist like myself and taking pleasure in causing pain to me for simply writing the truth.

    So the latest weapon in the hands of Tamil fascists is psycho – analysis ah? You should dissect VP and his henchmen and all those diaspora tigers like yourself first. Real psychos!

  129. 1. cannot enter uni without higher marks than sinhalese

    WRONG:- Tamils in Mulaththivu, Vanni areas can go to universities with like 50% lower marks than singhalas in Matara, Colombo areas

    2. cannot enter the public service.

    WRONG:- There are many Tamil public servants in Sri Lanka. Last Sri lankn attorney general too was a Tamil.

    3. cannot enter the armed forces.

    WRONG:- There are many Tamils working for SLA under inteligence. Most these Tamils cannot work in SLA not because of discrimination but of fear of Tiger terror on their family members

    4.cannot expect the police and armed forces to protect from racial violence

    WRONG:- The Sri Lankan Armed forces took strong action when there were some chances of racial violence in Trinco during mid 2000”s. I dont think its perfect but I can assure you that the situation is not what you want us to believe in.

    5. last but not least, cannot become the president of srilanka{unlike obama}

    WRONG:- Sri Lankan constitute permit anybody to become a Sri Lankan president..

    I understand there are tamil grievences in Sr lanka and i fully support indian model of federalism. But i am against this type of BS propaganda of discrimination.

    Bring real issues, not BS. Thanks

    PS:- Good article DBS. You are the man!

  130. Theres currently no genocide in the country and dismisses such reports in Tamil Nadu as LTTE propaganda.

    “Prabakarans real problem is that he cannot survive in a democratic environment. He needs a piece of dreamland called Eelam that he can rule as a dictator. The truth is that after the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement, every leader in office has attempted to solve this issue. What was the approach of the LTTE to these efforts? It walked out of talks every single time on some excuse or the other. Three decades of war and destruction have brought nothing but misery to the people of Sri Lanka in general and Tamils in particular. We have to put an end to the politics of militancy and move towards a negotiated political settlement. The LTTE is part of the problem and not a solution and hence must be dealt with squarely”.

  131. DBSJ
    An article well written, though I do not agree with some of your comments. I regularly read the Tamil week.

    I suffered immensely working as a very honest and loyal engineer in the Sinhala areas 100% free of corruption or illegal dealings (unbelievable?). After a few anti Tamil demonstrations, I decided to leave Ceylon (then) in 1971 much against my wish.

    I could see the anti-Tamil problems cropping up. The average Sinhalese were so easy to get on with and friendly people only made worse by the dishonest and corrupt politicians wanting to come to power. This was my feeling at that time.

    I felt then that a federal government would have solved most problems of the country and we would have flourished well to be on top of the world in a few years.

    I was a strong supporter of the Federal Party from the time it was formed.

    Why did Bandaranayake, who was promoting federal system, not adopt it? Pure politics is it not? Did Tamils have any alternative then?

    The Tamils could not get any satisfactory agreements adopted or any other solution to our problems found but only brutally attacked all the time. Can you blame the LTTE formation? All freedom fighters IRA, PLO (Palestinians), South Africa, East Timor, and so on, have had similar problems and unfortunate brutal killings. Is this not avoidable in a freedom fight?

    Ceylon (then) was a rich, prosperous and well educated nation. Even the Singapore Prime Minister wanted to achieve this state, when he decided to separate from Malaysia. What a sad state we are in is this not primarily due to bad, corrupt, and selfish politics?

    1. The Federal Political party tried all peaceful means to politically resolve the Tamil problems.
    2. After three different elections, they signed an agreement with the successful govt. to resolve the Tamil issue. But each time it was torn up after the respective party got into power.
    3. It was at this stage the FP decided that peaceful means will not get anywhere.
    4. It was left to the Boys to resolve, and the LTTE was formed???
    5. All the problems created to the Tamils by the respective Sinhala governments, was increasing the damage and harm to the Tamils.
    6. What about the burning of the Jaffna library, the ancient ola books one by one, and so on. They were irreplaceable books and manuscripts, apparently managed by two ministers!
    7. Fr Thaninayagam organised the International Conference on Tamil what happened to it then?
    8. The 1983 slaughter and destruction to the Tamils, did the government in power even attempt to stop it, until all damage was done?
    9. Has the LTTE caused such a vast destruction and killing?

    It was the Sept 9 damage to USA, caused the start of the Terrorist embargo by Bush?

    It is the large scale help of India that has caused the immense success of the SL army? Besides India polarised the west, for more than two years now, and hence the silence by the West? Russia supports India and China supports Sri Lanka – besides its own problem of Tibet all their private problems!

    I can not think of the Sri Lankan government, to help the Tamils in any way when much simpler solutions in the fifties and sixties were torn aside.

    I just can not believe the Tamils will in any way improve in the absence of LTTE, even though they have made lots of mistakes. The Tamils will end up in a slavery situation, if they are defeated is this not happening in the safe zone camps now?

  132. the GOSL will use these tamil refugees as hostages in held in concentration IDP camps to
    1. to get donor money from western countries to fill their own pockets
    2. Carry out the ethinic cleansing by moving sinhalese people to renamed tamil villages and lands

  133. Personally, and as a Sinhalese I think the protests are not a bad thing after all. I do not agree with their far fetched claims of genocide and chants of “Prabakaran our Leader” but I see that they are instrumental in pressurising the Sri Lankan government to behave a little better.

    It is unacceptable that the detainees are held for three years while they are screened. I see the govt has now climbed down on that issue. Also, they are under pressure to improve the conditions in these camps. They also need to be under pressure to resist the JHU/JVP when formulating a power sharing deal.

    To that end, I think the protesters have served a purpose in not letting the Sinhala Right have it all their way.

  134. @ comment #77 Kulan

    I don’t understand Tamil, but I do understand a few words. Kulan you’re a disgrace and you should be ashamed to see your unedited comment (Good on you DBS by putting in intact).

    You know what Kulan? There is no competion to find out who came second best in the battle.

    If everyone of diasporas is like you, I don’t know what we are up against.

  135. @comment #77 Kulan,

    I don’t understand Tamil, but I do know a few words. You should be ashamed of yourself Kulan (good on you DBSJ for putting the words in tact).

    Kulan, you are a disgrace and there was no argument on who came second best.

    If everyone of diaspora is like you, God help us.

  136. Never seen so much of discussion on a topic.
    As most understand DBS is writing the truth. One factor that most tamil diaspora and including the ltte is not taking into account that a large percentage (and probably even larger now in the NFZ) is of INDIAN Tamil origin (estate tamils) and therefore (maybe 25% of the present group) it is the LTTE and those of the diaspora (jaffna) tamils that are supporting the LTTE who are for a large extent responsible for their present suffering while they had nowhere to go and have been misused during the last 25-35 years. That is probably also part of the reason that part of the diaspora is not really concerned of the present ‘Vanni people’

  137. Prabhakaran is in need of adulation. If you would write on the topic all these tiger supporters bashing you will praise you.

  138. Those people who still fail to recognise the problem with Tamils freedom struggle, please read the response that DBSJ has given to comment 70, and read it hundred times. If you still dont understand that, you will never recognise the problem.

    I would also like to remind people about other response DBSJ given to comment 67:
    One point however is that you are wrong in assuming that I have wanted the LTTE eliminated. I wanted a transformation of the LTTE. I also warned the LTTE that if it did not correct its course then it would fail and bring the Tamils also down

    If anybody things that a freedom struggle can be fought and won by copying the Hollywood movie Rombo, then you are just kidding. Unfortunately, this is what the LTTE is doing for the past 35 years.

  139. /Who is feeding them and looking after them, but the GOSL./

    Shane, nice twisting try the issue is that those Tamils are dying through starvation too.

    Winners write the history, don’t they?

  140. Reply to #133
    It is true to some extend what you said about west, except
    1. you are not subjected to enforced disappearence
    2. you are not bombed
    3. your children are safer
    4. DBSJ can still continue his valuable conntribution in spite of threat to his life( not from western Gov)

    There is a reason we all Tamils sinhalese Muslims are in west not in SL inspite of westerern nations own short comings. We are here because decency, individual rights, rule of law of west which SL can not offer.
    Obama can be US president that speak for itself.

  141. Dear DBS,

    I am not a supporter of any armed group. My father is a TULF supporter. Though I confess I have hang out with certain elements I am grown out of that now. But I still went for most of the protest in London because I have no other choice to save my civilians. I am againsts the violation of Tamils rights by the state. While I agree with certain of your comments you should be aware it is not just LTTE that is going down but your business too. Whom are you going to bash after that?

    At least then, can you start writing about a political solution to the Tamils?



    There is no Journalist from Sri Lanka who has written about a political solution for Tamils as much as I have. The biggest obstruction to that was the LTTE and its supporters like you on one side and Sinhala hardliners on the other.

    I continue to emphasise a political solution in my writing but tigers like you always oppose it. Now that LTTE is declining you are jumping on to the political solution bandwagon

    It is the LTTE and supporters like you who turned liberation into a business operation. One reason for diasporic panic is that this lucrative money is going to dry up.

    The “Viduthalaipuligal” became “Viyaapaarapuligal”.

    Now Chandran instead of worrying about me start thinking of yourself. How are you going to live now that tiger fund raising is going to dry up?

    By the way offering constructive criticism of the tigers – as opposed to bashing – was only one aspect of my journalism

    Now I can write about reconciliation and rapprochement between the ethnic communities and work towards my vision of a united, pluralist , egalitarian Sri Lanka.

    Wait and see.

  142. Your are not LTTE. Absence of LTTE will mute the Tamils demand. I am in Colombo and My Sinhalese friends say that problem is almost solved. The security forces and others haven’t change their view of Tamils. We feel weak and insecure. Your writings are most welcomed by Sinhalese and the people who supports the war. I could not see a single article about Tamils grievances in the recent past. Your are good writer on the bad side.


    Oh really! How many articles of mine have you read before making an accusation like this?Show me one Tamil journalist who has written on Tamil problems as much as I have? By the way I am not on bad side or good side but on the side of truth and the underdog

  143. 117. Vinivida ; Sorry I beg to differ. DBSJ must respond to all, and DBS has replied so!

    Dear DBS, Please keep responding to those rubbish comments coming from idiots as I am really enjoying reading your replies to third rate language used by those uncouth retards.

    me thinks “aperture in the posterior suffering from an Oedipus complex” is a masterpiece in identifying one pathetic creature (#76) who has no idea how to address a forum with dignity. I was laughing for a long time!


  144. Thanks for revealing you real motive. Hatred against LTTE makes objective and unbiased view much dimmer.
    Sad to watch a wonderfully talented person?s efforts are against our own community.


    Aiyo Ravi!

    I dont have hatred towards the LTTE but I do not like people who have brought down the Tamils to this level. I do not know what you mean by our community but I am not against any community but only against tyrants and oppressors of their own community

  145. Firstly, about Lakshman Kadirgamar’s cake:
    The Ceylon it was baked in and the present Sri Lanka are completely different places.
    The worms (Sinhala-Buddhist extremists and politicians) ate up the cake long ago, but Kadirgamar, being partly blinded by self-ambition, refused to say it out loudly to the world.
    There isn’t even any icing left now – the world has lost all respect for Sri Lankans for the way they are carrying on, but interestingly it is not because of the LTTE but because of the GOSL!

    Can the cake be made again?
    I doubt it because the sensible and fair Sinhalese have no more say in the affairs of Lanka. Some few with high profiles do speak out but are ‘tolerated’ only to pretend to the world that SriLanka is democratic etc. Those unknown to the world disappear also unkown to the world.

    Secondly, DBSJ, just as much as the flag and portrait waving is likely to distract from the civilian crisis, is not all this LTTE bashing also likely to distract?

    DBSJ RESPONDS: What LTTE bashing and distraction from what?

  146. Talk about the ‘racist Rajapakse regime’ will win no friends.

    Firstly the only reason Rajapakse is President is because the LTTE imposed a ban on voting in the election because it had already decided on war and didn’t want Wickramasinghe with all his good relations to the West to be in power.

    Secondly for one year after election the Lankan government held off from renewing hostilities despite constant attacks and provocations by the LTTE. That is to say whatever the rights about the particular case of irrigation water that restarted the war in 2006, it had long become clear that the LTTE was determined there should be a war.

    Thirdly the Lankan government actually gave the East back to the LTTE after Karuna’s split. And Prabhakarian proceeded to squander it. Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie he undertook a vendetta against those who had gone with Karuna, either killing them or re-conscripting them into the LTTE. The result was they were forced to re-arm and join with the government. The same of course happened with other Tamil para-military groups such as the PLOTE in the 1980s, but this time the result was disastrous. The balance of power that led to the 2002 ceasefire was broken, and the military defeat of the Tigers became possible.

  147. Thank you DJB. I am a singhalese living in Toronto and doing everything in my power to help the Tamil Civilians who has lost all they got to re-start a new life.

    My advice to young Tamils who demostrate, lets forget our faults, and this is the time to help our tamil families in Sri Lanka. Lets do it together and show, we still hv human qualities within us.

  148. Yes u are right my friend.
    No one is worried about the tamil civilians trapped and the ones who are saved by the army. Who is feeding them and looking after them, but the GOSL.
    We are planning to send some dry foods & needful materials to Sri Lanka, within few weeks

    This is a unique opportunity to express your solidarity with the needy people and reinforce your patriotism and commitment to your motherland.

    For the purpose of convenience it has been decided to accept

    Cash donations

    Dry food such as Rice, Sugar, Dhal & can foods

    Materials such as Wheel chairs & tents only

    Donations must be made by cheque drawn in favour of thelaksetha foundation … Name and postal address of the donor should be made available to send a receipt.

    Kind regards,

    Jethavana Buddhist Vihara


  149. Very well written DBS. The battle lines amongst the diaspora has become very clear now. There are some who really feel for the suffering poor of the Vanni Tamils, and those who are trying to resuscitate the LTTE in its death bed. Even though the latter see their demonstrations with Tigers flags as counter productive to saving the Vanni Tamils, they do not care. Their mission is not to save the innocent people. They are the stooges of the facist LTTE. I challenge these people–why cannot the doctors and professionals go back and serve the people who are injured and maimed? Will any of them send their children to serve as aid workers in any of these camps…..??

  150. A well written article. I am a Sinhalese married to my best friend who is a Tamil. I deam for a day that both can live together happily. Evn though I understand the suffering by no means I accept the reason acts of Tamil disaspora. What you do take us moderate Sinhalese far way from your issues.

  151. Now is the time for ordinary Sinhalese and the Tamils, those living in Sri Lanka as well as the diaspora of both communities who reject violence, to join hands to bring sanity to our country. The so-called leaders from both communities have betrayed our people. The human cost is unacceptable and the “end-game” will only bring more suffering to our Tamil brethren. There are thousands of Sinhalese belonging to all walks of life who are on the ground right now working day and night, side by side with their Tamil humanitarian workers, to bring solace to over 200,000 civilians who have escaped fighting. I am one of them. If we can bring together all those people who had expressed conciliatory and sane views in this blog, we have hope of the country. Otherwise we Sinhalese and the Tamils will perish together.

  152. Pasuthhol porthiya puli .

    Do you have a descriptive phrase in tamil after the Tiger shed the cow hide?

    quote,”The official flag of the LTTE until then had the image of rifles on it. In one swift move, the LTTE exposed its true colours.

    The diaspora demonstrations now openly identified themselves with the Tiger cause. The poor civilians were abandoned. The tiger had shed its cowskin and was on the prowl with its growl…”

    Interesting read.

  153. DBSJ,

    Why did you migrate to Canada? Everyone knows the most useless Sri Lankans went there, including all the wannabe G-unit home-boys who broke your head and your leg….noone dares attacks the editor of Uthayam in Oz for shredding the LTTE…

  154. Spot on DBS. I did attend the mass rallies in London and the contunuing protests outside the parliament. The moment it turned into an L.T.T.E propaganda I was compelled to trust my instincts and avoid these places. My primary and only concern is for the safety of these civillians and so it should be for everyone concerned. I was displaced from Sri Lanka as a genuine refugee and seeked asylum in this beautiful land where democracy flourishes. I arrived here when 10, I am now 30. I felt it was very inappropriate to fly the ‘Eelam’ flag next to the British flag and I cannot imagine what the British public made of the whole thing. We would have attained more support highlighting the prevailing humanitarian issues but never will a British support the idea of these two flags flying in parallel.

    Another thing I wish to mention is the pro L.T.T.E medias attempt to mobilise support by trying to make the average man at home watching T.V guilty for staying at home and not attending the protests. One of the things commonly mentioned is, ‘please attend these events, how can you sit at home and watch television when your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are dying in Vanni?’ Let me propose one question to these people. What you say about our ‘family’ undergoing hardship is genuine. However if your OWN father or mother was placed in that tiny strip (no fire zone), would you make all efforts to get them out of there or carry on with the protest and tell the whole world that they are in safe hands with the L.T.T.E….you wouldn’t dare tell me the latter…be true to yourselves first, with a bit of decency and integrity before trying to preach and educate others. Keep on writing D.B.S

  155. The calamity that befalls Tamils is reflected in the attitude of Tamils. Our forefathers blew the trumpet of caste to gain places of position under the British and Sinhala polticians of the ’50’s. They still will resort to `Ah now you have come back to us for help’ instead of forgetting past rancours.
    Jealousy and envy is entrenched in the Tamil psyche.
    Take this little enclave of South Harrow, a little Jaffna one might call it.
    Three Tamil restaurants are in a row adjacent on the same side of the road.
    Six Tamil supermarkets are within 70 yeards of each other on the same road.
    If one Tamil owns a restaurant another must put his next to this.
    Is it any wonder Tamils are unable to progress.
    Perhaps a bit of Christian charity among the greedy Hindu Tamils could open their eyes towards their suffering civilians not In Mullaitheevu but here in the UK where many still are asylum seekers and destitute.

  156. Reply to:

    103. shankar | May 7th, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    comment 60-harris

    you wanted a list of 5 things

    1. cannot enter uni without higher marks than sinhalese.
    2. cannot enter the public service.
    3. cannot enter the armed forces.
    4.cannot expect the police and armed forces to protect from racial violence
    5. last but not least, cannot become the president of srilanka{unlike obama}

    You must be stuck in time in the 60’s or are a die hard LTTE supporter.

    1. The claim that Tamils cannot enter universities without getting higher marks than Sinhalese is utterly false. 50% of the students are admitted on a merit basis and the rest is admitted on a district basis. If you think Jaffna Tamils are more brillient than poor Sinhalese from Uva province then you are the proof of falsehood of your own claim. I don’t understand what you plan to gain by spreading lies and hatred in this world. Don’t you want to do something good to this world during your lifetime?

    2. Cannot enter public service? I don’t know where you are getting these ideas from. I work in public service and I have seen many tamils in public service. Of course I don’t see as many Tamils as Sinhalese but then of course we don’t have as many Tamils as Sinhalese in whole of Sri Lanka don’t we? If you think the majority will learn the minory’s language so that they can work with the minority, that is not going to happen. It is like asking American’s to learn Sinhalese so that Sinhala people can enter their county and work as equals with Americans. Be realistic. Besides, most people are employed in the private sector today and you won’t find employment there even if you can speak both Sinhalese and Tamil unless you can speak English.

    3. Do you think Sinhalese are going to trust Tamils just because they say we are not LTTE? Tamils will not be and should not be allowed in armed forces for a long time to come until there is good evidence that there is no support for separatism among them. I cannot even imagine the kind of hell we will be in if LTTE moles were to get into Armed forces at large based on the havoc caused by one or two who are already there. This is a security clearance requirement and has nothing to do with discrimination.

    4. You cannot blame the entire police for or the Army for acts of few individuals. If you want to evidence how Army is saving Tamils go see pictures on defence.lk. I don’t think you will find them on Tamil.net Sri Lanka is not ruled by maglomanic like Tamil Eelam. It is not the policy of the government to favor or disfavor tamils just because they are tamils. How come so many tamils are living in the colombo city where there are so many security personel? They are of course free to leave the area if they have any need to? aren’t they? Even during 1983 riots many Sinhalese saved Tamils from goons. So don’t spread your hatred to others.

    5. This last comment clearly shows the level of your interlect. If you think people like Sambanthan (Tamil) or Hakeem (Muslim) can ever become the president of this country you are very much mistaken. This is the very same reason that Sinhalese like Ranil cannot become the president also. What do all these people have in comon and does not share with ones like Obama and Kadirgama? All of them worked against the majority and favored heavily for the minority. Had you closely followed the Obama’s campain he never potrayed himself as a black or spoke just for the blacks. He always promoted unity among americans and spoke for the americans. Can you spot a single Tamil or Muslim leader in Sri Lanka who cares about the well been of the 75% strong majority of the country? Sri Lanka is a democracy and to get political power you need to work for all poeple not just 13% of the population of one kind. Instead of understanding this simple truth these morons are trying to carve out part of the country so that they can get politcal power in just that part… Had Laskman Kadirgama not been killed by the LTTE he would indeed have been the PM of Sri Lanka today and most likely that is why he was killed.

  157. Have you ever thought of writing what is happening in Vanni now? The last thing i read was that 3 women found dead near show place in one of that concentration camp! Can you explore and exploit the truth behind that.

    The current situation requires to help all those 200’000 plus people and not what the dispora doing!

    Correct me if I am wrong!


    Even if I attempt to “correct” you will you ever accept that you were wrong?

    Am I not writing ? Have you not read them? I will continue to write about the REAL situation there and not what tigers or govt want us to believe. By the way why dont you tell the diaspora to show “REAL concern for the civilians instead of brandishing tiger flags?

  158. I have been following your blog for a while, and always thought you wrote very unbiased opinions about the whole situation. This tops it all… My heartfelt gratitude to you standing up and speaking the truth always… Continue to do what you do!

  159. SINHALA FRIENDS HAVE HELPED THEIR TAMIL FRIENDS BY SUPPLYING THEM FORGED DOCUMENTS CLAIMING THEM VICTIMS, TO GET VISAS FROM WESTERN COUNTRIES, WISHING THEM ECONOMICAL ADVANTAGE IN THAT COUNTRIES. See how they have used that friendship. Now They fund for LTTE SUICIDE jackets….What a shame ? Fact is 10%pct of them actually suffered. If those countries re-check their visa documents rhey will realize. Thats the bitter truth. 60 pct of tamil community lives harmony in Colombo with other communities and not in conflict areas.LTTE is a ruthless organisation with a suicide culture and have killed above 100,000/- civillians including their TAMIL LEADERS. Now tamil dont have a choice other than supporting LTTE…..Pls support SL GOVT to DESTROY LTTE. BUT PRESSURE SL GOVT for solutions.Main reason to all these problems is POVERTY that you and me suffering. Seperate country is not a solution to that. …Face it..

    .Dont give your money to suicide jackets. If you encourage they will do suicide missions in western countries apart from other violations….Dont mess this up…. .They will also demand seperate areas in western countries. It will be a big problem to western countries on top of the Economic crisis.

    Dear tamil friends ….dont spoil the name of your country by false propaganda……Dont throw mud to your sinhala friends….Modern communication is evertwhere…and rest of the world now knows the truth.We are not in ancient eras.


  160. dear dbs
    excellent your article are a inspiration for us to see every thing on the level of impartiality.

  161. Thanks for this. From Day one I have been telling my friends dont use Tiger Flgs ot Photo of the Prba as this will only go aginst Tamils. Imagin How can Canada, UK, France or any other countery go an talk with Sri Lankan Govermnet about Peace when people are scremimng to save the LTTE overseas. Please us our comonsense a little bit. ANOTHER matter Please Tamils who live out side think for a few sec and see IF INDIA WILL EVER ALOOW ELAM TO COME IN SRI LANKA, what will happen in INDIA???

    Please Think as a Internatonal person.

  162. I have immense respect and admiration for DBS.
    It is heartening that there are still many Tamils who see how badly the LTTE has erred. In my opinion the Sinhalese leaders should bear the majority of the responsibility for sowing the seeds for Tamil extremism. They failed to instil a strong Sri Lankan identity in their subjects. At the same time Tamil leaders failed to advocate ethnic integration or accept the numerical superiority of the majority. For both Sinhalese and Tamils nationhood revolved around language (and religion). This linguistic nationalism was a poisoned chalice. Until we both Sinhalese and Tamils begin to think like Sri Lankans our beautiful motherland will not stop bleeding

  163. I have immense admiration for DBS. It is heartening that there are still many Tamils who see how badly the LTTE has erred. In my opinion the Sinhalese leaders should bear the majority of the responsibility for sowing the seeds for Tamil extremism. They failed to instil a strong Sri Lankan identity in their subjects. At the same time Tamil leaders failed to advocate ethnic integration or accept the numerical superiority of the majority. For both Sinhalese and Tamils nationhood revolved around language (and religion). This linguistic nationalism was a poisoned chalice. Until we both Sinhalese and Tamils begin to think like Sri Lankans our beautiful motherland will not stop bleeding

  164. We do not want any Elam in sri lanka tamils are having paradise in sri lanka. when tamils in madras and suffering in there can come only to our country do not even think of any elam it is over now.

  165. Shane

    Saved by the Army ?

    Can you define me what is ” saved by the Army ? after killing 7000+ !!!!

    I couldn’t find a meaning for this any where !

    By the way Daily Mirror has reported about HRW

    Quote : When contacted in March by Daily Mirror, Ms. Neistat had confirmed that she had visited Vavuniya and interviewed people there: I was in the hospital and at the camp sites, but not inside the camps. But I did interview IDPs who were outside the camps as well as people who work in the camps, she told Daily Mirror.

    However, when asked at the time if clearance had been given to the HRW to carry out such research in Sri Lanka, Human Rights and Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasingha and the Foreign Ministry said no such clearance had been issued and that a probe into the matter had been launched.

    Again another question : Why some one need clearance to talk to people if they were saved by them ?

    If some one Rescue me from a disastor, I will be the one who will praise my rescuer, but the story doesn’t go that way.

    Some thing is wrong some where ? that needs atention.


    April in May

  166. LTTE using India just like Taliban, Al-Qaeda use Pak

    With Sri Lankan troops “hammering them”, the LTTE, which has “logistical and training infrastructure” in India, is using the country just like the Taliban and Al Qaeda use Pakistan, a leading US think tank has claimed.

    “Support in Tamil Nadu means that the Tigers can — and do — exploit the international border to their advantage. The Tigers use India in much the same way that the Taliban and Al Qaeda use Pakistan,” Stratfor in its latest report titled – ‘The Conflict in Sri Lanka: A Cornered Tiger Is Still Deadly’, said.

    “The Tigers’ logistical and training infrastructure in India is especially important during times (like the present) when the Sri Lankan government is hammering them. The Tigers also have a long history of working with an array of other militant groups in India and the general region,” it said.

    The Texas based agency said the cooperation between militant groups in India and the LTTE is not based on ideology, but rather on mutual benefit, such as bolstering the groups’ ability to smuggle weapons and other goods.

    Stratfor said if Lankan troops manage to crush the remnants of the Tigers’ military forces, “the Tigers will have little choice but to give up on conventional warfare (at least for the time being).”

    It, however, said Tigers would not fade into history and will melt back into the populace just like the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “There is very little chance the Tigers will simply accept defeat and fade into history.

    “Instead, now that the government has the military advantage, the Tigers can be expected to continue their war against the government by melting back into the populace and resorting to guerrilla tactics and terrorism,” it said.

    The report added, “This will resemble events in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Tigers, however, have a far more experienced and effective terrorist apparatus than either their Taliban or Iraqi counterparts. This struggle will therefore remain bloody in Sri Lanka (and perhaps even abroad).”

    Talking about the LTTE’s intelligence network, Stratfor said the Tigers excel at collecting intelligence, and their female operatives form a significant part of their intelligence apparatus, since they generally can travel more widely than males and do not tend to arouse suspicions to the extent male operatives do.

    “Female Tigers who are already willing to serve as suicide bombers not surprisingly have been willing to use seduction to obtain information critical to their cause,” it said.

    Pointing out that LTTE could not be just written off, Stratfor said “the group’s cadre of dedicated, zealous militants will certainly spill a lot more blood in their quest for independence and vengeance against the Sri Lankan government.”

  167. Sebastian Rasalingam
    Leave alone all your political suggestions,

    Could you explain how an IDP camp in vanni is better than that in Tamilnadu

    1) Have you personally visited both ?
    2) Have you seen the HRW report or just discarded as another LTTE coocked story and HRW is in LTTE payroll
    3) Do you have any answers to the latest Channel 4 news or you again discarded as another LTTE loby ?

  168. I want to thank you for writing such a frank and honest article about the LTTE.
    The LTTE may have started off as freedom fighters but has now become brutal murderers engaged in extortion and other atrocities.
    The Sinhala population in Sri Lanka do NOT trust the LTTE and will never negotiate with them.
    The Tamil community in Sri Lanka and the diaspora should extricate itself from LTTE clutches and negotiate through moderate Tamil parties with the Sri Lankan government.
    The LTTE is not the answer to Tamil grievances in Sri Lanka.

  169. comment 103: Shankar: can not enter university…….

    Yes, your 5 points are just 5 points but are not genuine claims, from my openion.

    1. Not a single tamil student needs to take higher marks than Sinhalese to get into universities. Cut off marks were set according to districs/ (and now the Z score, an all island ranking). Usually, the highest university entrance marks were from Colombo, Matara, Gampaha, Jaffna and Kandy; any onewith some general knowledge on Sri lanka promptly undesratnds why this was. Monaragala, mulathive perhaps baticlow often had the lowest university entrance marks, as I remember.

    2. In govenrment services, during colonial times and post colonially,Tamils were given dispropotionately higher numebr of positions. Everybody knows why British did this; the divide and rule. Of course, Tamils could’nt entertain this afterwards. I agree, there must have been some discrimination from Sinhalese majority during this transitional period. And, I sincerely regret for those events happend to the educated Tamils those days. Because, I know the pain of not getting a right oppertunity especially after a period of hardly earned education. But, now that era has passed a long ago. No Tamil doctor paased out from Sri Lankan medical schools nowadays end up in not getting a govenrment’s appointment. I belive, for other services are also the same, provided there are job opertunities. If no, due to the present day’s poor job market, both Sinhalese and Tamil youths are equally affected.

    3. Entering security forces: There are number of Muslim and a handful of Tamilians work in the security forces. But I accept, due to the exact natuure of the Sri Lankan ethnic problem, Tamils may feel insecure to enter the armed forces and vice versa. My dear brothers, we have to finish this bloody war. Security forces are not directed against Tamils. NO, but against LTTE terrorism.

    4. Riots: Even during 1983 black July, the Inspector General of Police (head of poilice service in Sri Lanka) was a Tamilian (Mr. Rasarathnam, if I correct). I have no further comment, but I deeply regret, and WE ARE SORRY FOR THAT INCIDENT.
    However, we have proved you amply how SriLankans were behaving and how our poilce services were kept informed during even during the most heineous provocations induced by LTTE such as bombing Dalada Maligawa, killing gov. ministers etc.

    5. Tamil president: LTTE killed the first ever likely Tamil priminister, Mr. Kadiragarmer. Whether you like him or not is immaterial here, but he was a Tamil!. Of course, 75-90% of the population (both SInhalese and Tamils) in Sri Lanka dont or will not make a president who carries separatistic ideology!, but our society is very much transformed now. It is plurilistic. People are mutually tolarable and respectful. Remember, nearly 60% of the all Tamilians are live in down south now.

    Anyway, I am not accusing you nor am justifying the Sinhalese. Past 30 odd years were an extensive period of learning for both you guys and for us. SO WHAT WE HAVE LEARNT? that will tells us the future not only for you and me but for our kids also.

    A Sri Lankan

  170. I’m a sinhalese living in Newcastle, UK. But I am concerned about the plight of Tamil Civilians. When Sri Lankan tamils staged a demonstration in Newcastle, I and some friends went there to try and participate. But we found a Tiger flag flying over the demonstrators. They were chanting “prabhakaran is our leader!”. These demonstrators don’t care about tamil civilians! They just want to save tiger terrorists!!!!!!!!!

  171. it is known fact DBS is anti LTTE , but i am a fan of him.
    and i agree that demonstrators should keep the flags away for now to get international politicians involved. in west politicians will avoid going to places if there is clear violation of law. it is because they would not support violating the law. but if we had called another large demonstration around the world calling for Tigers ban to be lifted. that they will support the lifting of ban. i agree with DBS on that.
    second he is all wrong on LTTE , when people suffered in vaharai there were large protests around the world at that time and hunger strike in london and it was in front of parliment. and campaign for truth and justice planed days of demonstrations in trafelgersquare but it was people like DBS media did not take notice.
    and i come back to his comment tamils are not concerned about the people traped in vanni , it is not true, we tamils are working on different aganda , we had suffered so much and 20 years later our next generations going through the same pain that we had went through there have to be an end. and we are working to resolve the ethnic conflict if people comeacross what will happen , most of the youths are put in Boosa and other places and not return alive. and youths will be raped and their future will be distroyed, therefore we have to get UN on ground. at the same time we must work hard to get IC to resolve this ethnic conflict ,
    following article may give you some clue/
    did you see Jeyalalithas stand , we soon see change of heart around the world.

    Is this the end of the Tamil struggle?
    [ May 07, 2009 11:35:12 GMT ] [ Groundviews ]

    For reasons I shall explain later I don�t think what we see at present marks the end of the Tamil struggle for independence. The popular perception may well end up in a mirage. Clearly, a new chapter of the Tamil campaign is in the making, and the signs are that the next episode is going to be even more formidable than the Tamil Tigers� mini-state project. With South India�s full backing � also, with the international community�s blessings � the Tamils are going to press for just two options: either a confederation or total separation. Ironically, Sri Lanka�s ruthless war aimed at crushing Tamil separatism seems to have triggered a phenomenon that has strengthened the Tamils� resolve for independence as never before.

  172. Dear People of Sri Lanka,

    I have been following the political development in your country that is caught up in ethnic conflict. You are not the only country involved in such painful conflicts.

    In 90s there have been ethnic conflicts over 90 places in the world. Ethnicity has been a problem in many countries; this is not specific to your country.

    Observing the frequency of the ethnic conflicts, many studies have been made and valid conclusions have been drawn scientifically and rationally.

    Please permit me some thoughts:

    The Tamils are in critical situation of your history. You have lot of talented people all over the world. This is the time that all the Tamils stand together and work together. It is absolutely useless in blaming one another.

    The journalists have a great responsibility of harnessing the strength to ‘BUILD UP HOPE.

    People do make mistakes and we need to see that our human mistakes do not cause human misery and tragedy.

    I am surprised to note that there is no concerted effort on the part of the Tamils to bring immediate relief to the trapped civilians in Vanni.

    Lately in electronic media I saw in some Tamil politicians sitting with the president of the country, but there was not much done to help the trapped civilians. This is the hour of their need and something must be done soon.

    Personally I had to be at the receiving end of a civil war in Africa. This war lasted for fifty days; day in and day out bombing and shelling. There had been many civilian casualities caused by the security forces of the country. The rebels resisted as much as they could, but they relented finally.

    I escaped death three times, but not many of my friends. To face the music of war, is not all conducive to human existence. I experienced heat wave in tropical countries and I spent cold winters with windchill. The heat waves run through your body as cold wind numbs every fibre of your body. The impact of SOUND is not different.

    Around 40th day of the war, it became increasingly impossible for me to ‘hear’ any sound and it would run through my body and would shake every part of my body.

    I feel sorry for your people who are trapped in Vanni. They have been going through this ordeal for so many months. This is not the time to cast blame on anybody. They have to be helped in their dire need.

    On the principle of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘integrity’, any government would argue to keep the international community away from this problem. The international community does not have a strong leverage with the Sri Lankan government at this point.

    Only leverage that the international community can exert on the Government of Sri Lanka is based on THE AMOUNT OF MONEY they pledge to rebuild the devastated country. Various diplomats who visit Sri Lanka are using this bargaining chip to alleviate the suffering of the people. It is interesting to see how the pro government papers talk about the pledge of money after the visit of diplomats.

    The government of Sri Lanka does not have money even to feed the people whom they confined into the camps. This week two big towns on the way to Rameswaram – in Mannar ( Pesalai and Thalaimannar) provided over 2000 food parcels.

    The government is looking for money to continue its agenda.

    The Tamil people in Sri Lanka should come together to help the trapped people. I would go on my knees to plead that these innocent people are not to be subjugated to the horrendous suffering of being wounded and killed.

    The both communities have to come to grip with the political realities and they cannot continue to live in denials.

    The children of the president are as important as the children of the poor Tamils caught up in Vanni. Good governance demands equal treatment. It is not enough to say that the trapped people are our ‘brothers and sisters’. My hope and prayer is that the people of Sri Lanka give ‘flesh’ to the empty ‘skeletons of words’ ‘Our Brothers and Sisters’.

    Thank you for patiently reading my comments. Hope this comment will meet your approval, DB


  173. Congratulations to the Author!
    If the purpose of this article is to get the readers thinking and keep the conversation going, then it’s achieving its goal.

    I’m not trying to suck up to DBSJ! I’ve expressed my disagreement about the article before and got blasted. But it’s important to keep the conversation going which will help everyone to do bit of soul searching.

  174. I could see these discussion going on for another 30 years
    instead why don’t we call ourselves SRI LANKANS


    Forget the past and look forward for a prosperous future

  175. Dear DPSJ & Others,
    First replay to Shankar comment 103 –
    Univercity standataization making system benifited by 7 distct out of 8 in so called Tamieelam – if tamil got civilized leader they should ask equal development & servcie on education department in all district rather than used this for their MP seats election.
    In public service thamil community did contribute a lot – for your info President Pramadsa used five thami secretiy out of six ( other one also worked in tamil area in his servcie time). Now we don’t have lots of educated person to compare because tamil nationalisum killed most of them –
    In armed servcie – First srilanka army commander is tamil. in 90s general commanding officer is tamil from jaffan, do you know how many tamil officers dead (brig., col., capt. ) . even now there a tamils are in SLA but don’t ask me how many persantage becasue we killed lots- there are more non commisioned officer too. — in 90s air force got lots of tamil even 3rd commanding officer also from jafna. lot of group capt. & wing comander too.– every one talking about 1983 riots but for your information in 1983 srilanka got thamil IG & 7 DIGs including Welikadai also under tamil DIG. then after we got Anadaraja now DIG Shanker in eastern province these infor excluded killed by tamil nationlisum..
    Thamil can be a president of srilanka – if not how came G G Kumar Ponampalam contest for president more than one time – then tamil nationlisum killed him too.
    Communal vialance – yes LTTE try for this in all way but SLG try their best to avoid. As a tamil we don’t have the intergrity to talk about this becasue we a norrow minded & radical nationlist without comment sence.
    I refer to read about SLFP nominated MP Mr. M. C. Supramaniym to understand the relationship between LTTE & UNP or Jaffan high class & Singhla high class politisianc. These high class people brainwased our generation for their benift now Diasphora acting without brain or brainwased fro this dead end game.
    I feel very about these brainless tamils & their future

  176. Answer for 21. Murugan :

    Why do you want to be a second class citizen in
    Colombo? What grievances you have in Colombo?
    If the reason of your comment is the security checks
    which Tamils are mostly facing; that is a fact of life
    as any LTTE Terrorist is a Tamil.

    I am a Sinhalese and I have many Tamil friends in Colombo who live with Sinhalese with harmony.
    And, they continue in understanding the Sinhalese.

    Dont you remember once WP said that Sinahalese
    have two weeks memory?

    There is a valid reason for it as the back bone of
    Sinhalese are Buddhism and by the nature, they
    would forgive and forget.

    Let’s build the broken island together.

  177. Very nice article. I am from Tamil nadu(India) living in the U.S. I do not know much about this issue. I have just started reading about this in the past few months. I read so many articles on the internet, I do not know what is true. I feel really sad for the civilians. I feel proud and disgusted with the tigers. I am angry with the SLA because of all the dirty things they have done to innocent civilians. I had a lot of respect for the men in the army(all over the world) because they put their life at risk for their country. But, after I saw what they have done to women and children in Sri Lanka , I am very scared of them. Not everyone in the army is bad. But, how can we differentiate. Every time I read an article, my views and emotions change.
    The war is starting to raise a lot protests and emotions are getting high in Tamil Nadu. I have 2 questions for you.
    1) What role does TamilNadu politics play in the war.
    2) There are a lot angry supporters of LTTE in Tamil Nadu. How will they benefit from supporting the LTTE?
    Will all this stop after the elections?


    Thank you Swathy

    I am planning to focus on Tamil Nadu soon. When I do so I think you may find answers there.

  178. DBS,

    Everyone may not agree with everything that you write at various times on different topics concerning the Sri Lankan affairs, but no intelligent and discerning person can fault you for your sincerity, logic and lucidity. There would be morons and chauvinists on both sides of the ethnic divide who will heap insults on you to keep you shut. They would even resort to assaults as in the past. They enjoy the democratic way of life of the West but do not follow the democratic norms of engaging in a decent exchange of opinions and perceptions. Beware of them: They live in mental gutters and will have no qualms in dragging you into their gutter. Pathetically and to the detriment of the society they masquerade as Tamil Nationalist/ Sinhala Nationalists. You have to deal with them but still taking care not to be cowed by them. It is difficult task but an imperative one – more so in a decadent society where a decent discussion has become impossible.

    To those well meaning Tamil Students & Youths, who had participated in the protests and demonstrations, I say this:

    A person known to me asked me to come to a demonstration in London. I told him: Acccording to almost all the Western media and NGOs, international community and by the UN representatives, the sufferings of the civilians are being wrought about by the callous disregard for the lives of the civilians by the Sri Lankan Government by indiscriminate shelling and the LTTE holding the civilians as hostages. I am very concerned and upset at the loss of civilian lives and their sufferings. Therefore, I will come to the demonstration provided I am allowed to carry two placards: one would say MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA: STOP INDISCRIMINATE ATTACK ON CIVILANS; the other would say: PIRABAHARAN: STOP HOLDINGTHE CIVILANS AS HUMAN SHIELDS- LET THEM CHOSE TO GO WHEREEVER THEY WANT TO. The reply that person gave me No!- That will not be allowed!

    Where is then, I ask, is the sincerity in the safeguarding of Tamil civilian lives?

    I ask the students and youth: Did your protests / demonstrations ever include any banner or placard protesting against the LTTE holding civilians as human shields which the NGOs and the international community have unequivocally pointed out? In such a situation, is it wrong to assume that either you are not being given all the facts, or you are being manipulated? Dont you think that your genuine concern of the suffering people is being shrewdly exploited? Are you not being herded to protest against one wrong while sweeping under the carpet the other equally condemnable wrong?

    One more thing for you to think: A person goes on fast for more than 20 days in London declaring Cease Fire or Death; you all go and express your solidarity day and night. Very appreciable! Then suddenly what happens? – He ends the fast, without a cease fire, reason for which he says he was given promises by higher British authorities. But to date, you do not know what those promises and why he exactly ended his fast. Dont you have a right to know? -Strangely you do not know even the exact background of that person. According to an interview he has given to Radio 4 in his fasting bed, he had come to London only a month back. When he was asked how he came, he replied I cant tell you that because they will be in trouble- Is there any wrong therefore, in the absence of any exact information on his background, to assume that he is a refugee claimant, he has cynically manipulated the suffering of the Tamils to stage a fast unto death as a short cut for his asylum and the promise that the was given by the higher British authorities is an assurance of his asylum? Why cannot he or those who organised his fast tell the truth and scoff these rumours, if they are false.

    I have a great respect for the involvement and commitment of the Tamil students and youths; – but I am sorry that only crocodile tears are being shed by those who are behind the scenes. There is no sincere concern for the suffering civilians and the student power is being wasted by the manipulators who are very adapt at playing on the emotions and the herd mentality of the innocent to purely resurrect the LTTE and its interests which also include lucrative world wide business interests. You are great!- but those behind you working visibly and invisibly are scum who have brought the Tamils in Sri Lanka to the present ruinous state!

  179. Sri Lanka Goverment do much as possible for the all civilians who trapped and saved untill today. And the Sri Lanka army died because of the land and the poor tamil civilians who still trapped with the LTTE.

  180. Most of the Sinhalees are moderate and understaning the problem of those who are affected by the bloody war going on for 2 decades. We cannt compare the situation where those Sinhala people used to be against the Tamils some 20 years ago. All are now well educated and globalised. No one can suspect each other. This is our country, lets come togather and there are lots of task outstanding to buld our motherland

  181. Sri Lanka Government do much as possible for the all civilians who trapped and saved untill today. And the Sri Lanka army die because of the land and the poor tamil civilians who still trapped with the LTTE.

  182. Sri Lanka government do much as possible for the all of tamil civilians today. And the Sri Lanka army die every day because they always try to save the poor tamils from the LTTE.

  183. To ranils ‘chum’ and Harris, comment nos. 52 & 55 respectively;

    You find no Tamil grievances, that is fine. Rather than answering your question let me remind you that many Tamils obviously don’t share your view. But to find a solution may be at least we could listen to them and discuss!

    This is not exclusively the country of the Sinhalese! This country belongs to all of us. Therefore let us please find how we could all live peacefully without killing each other. It is our collective responsibility. Saying Tamils don’t have grievances or political aspirations is not very help-full as a first step in that regard, is it?

    We should not leave room for another war. You might understand what I say if you have first hand knowledge of battle conditions or have had to stare in to the list less gaze of a young soldier under morphine, who have just lost a limb to a mine.

    For those in the Tamil diaspora who still hope for self determination or Ealam, all I can say is ‘wake up!’ Writing from Sri Lanka it is difficult to comprehend how far removed from reality some can be.

    War is dirty. In any future war, as in the current round of fighting, Tamils will suffer the most as the fighting is concentrated in N/E. There will also be no shortage of SLA soldiers willing to take up the fight. And no super power will come to air drop ‘parippu’ or do a Kosovo, unless a future Colombo Govt. will be stupid enough to do a replay of ‘yankee dicki’ JR and become a risk to regional stability! (which is unlikely). The Ealam lobby has missed the bus and it will never come again!

    Wake up please. Collectively we can make a difference.

  184. Good article, but would like to ask a question that has been asked by a couple of sinhalese but were not very articulate and didn’t see a response from you.So I hope I’ll be luckier.

    I have been reading as many articles as I can find which are balanced over the last few years(since the war started again) to try and understand why we have a war in the first place.

    I do agree with you to the extent that it’s not acceptable so many innocent people are suffering in the North.What most tamils don’t seem to realise is that most Sinhalese are not horrible people as they demonstrate to the world, but are compassionate and do care that innocent people are suffering.As demonstrated by the southern people in collecting goods to send to the North.(Although so far I have not seen a sigle tamil acknowleging this) However they do antagonise most sinhalese with their anti sinhala demostrations and declarations that they can never live peacefully with the sinhalese.I just cannot understand why these people say it.Do they have amnesia?Is it not true that over 50% of tamils live in the south.I lived in colombo most of my life I have never discriminated or seen anyone discriminated anyone for being tamil.That is other than at check points, but that cannot be considered a normal situation, because unfortunately while all tamils are not tigers,all tigers are tamil.

    To be fair to the SL government they were as ruthless, perhaps more ruthless in the JVP insurrection as they are now.A lot of innocent sinhalese youth were burned alive alog with the JVP cadres.This is the reality of our country.

    This brings me to my question.I read your comment to someone about your memories of Jaffna and your anger at the standardisation and I also read another person’s comment about how he too was angry but because he was from Colombo.I have always been puzzled why the tamils keep writing about the standardisation as if it’s an ethnic based problem.As I mentioned I’m from Colombo and I and my friends had the same issue as we needed far higher marks to enter Uni than most other students from the country.As far as I know no one has ever demonstrated about this.If Colombo Sinhalese were equally effected by this as the Jaffna Tamils,and if the eastern and North Western tamils benifitted from this as the southern Sinhalese how can it be interpreted as discrimination?
    I understand that ’56 Sinhala only act was stupid and wrong and certainly I cringe at what happened in ’83,though all these occurred either before I was born or too young to even know of such a thing happened till I read about them later.However I also think 50:50 demand by Ponnambalam in 1922 was wrong and asking for a homeland which is 1/3 of the island for 10% of the community was totally and utterly unfair.The Sinhalese were evicted from Jaffna and Sinhalese cannot buy land in Jaffna.To this day I’ve never been to the North,while the tamils are free to move wherever they want to.I think that is also totally unfair.I accept due to the current situation the tamils have security issues.They are harassed etc…and I think that is wrong too…however I saw it here in UK for a time after the July 7th Bombing where asian people were looked at suspiciousely by the Brits.Although I didn’t like it, I understood it because I’ve been through this and basically been on the ‘other side’ of that fear for 25 years.

    My question is today what do the tamils lack, that others don’t in Sri lanka?I think this was asked by someone else, but I didn’t see an answer.I have read about University admissions, but I suspect now the Northern people are enjoying the fruits of positive discrimination due to the war situation.I understand that language is supposed to be an issue, but tamil is in every official document I have seen.It’s in every government board.In colombo we have tamil colleges and muslim collegages but don’t have government sinhala colleges.There are plenty of Jaffna tamils in Colombo Uni and no Sinhalase in Jaffna Uni and it’s a risk to goto Eastern Uni.Added to this the goernment has made it compulsory to learn tamil by 2012(I think that’s the deadline) so effectively the language issue is also addressed.

    The east is unsafe not because of the government, but because of the paramilitary.True the government may look the other way, but isn’t it true that it’s your own community that’s violent?The tamils are far safer with the Sinhalese than they are with the tamils.How is it then that they claim they can never live peacefully with the sinhalese?

    I do try very hard to understand the tamil mindset.I have become sensitive to issues that I feel can be taken the worng way by the tamils.To the extent I was listening to a sinhalese song which I was not sure if the tamils would take exception to, though I know it was written to ffend tamils.As mentioned I do sympathise with them, when I think you issues are fair and just.However I really don’t believe ethnic based politics will take us very far in Sri lanka.We have a beautiful country,and most people are decent people.So why do we stay divided?I think the tamils don’t seem to understand that if they ask for equal rights, and they don’t get it, most sinhalese are fair minded enough to even fight for them.Remember in US the black got emancipation because of White President Lincoln.Antagonising Sinhalese is not the way, just as antogonising the tamils by the sinhala extreme elements is not the way.If Obama only spoke for the black people he would never have become the president of the US, that’s why I cannoy understand why the tamils being a minority, keep insisting on ethic based politics.Sinhalese are not a threat to either your culture or your religion.I find it funny when people say sinhalese budhists,discriminate tamil hindus.When almost every Buddhist temple in SL has a kovil,how can the hindus accuse Budhists of discriminating their religion?I know that there are extremist monks, but the sinhalese majority do not support extremists.As may have noticed the popularity of the JHU has dimished greatly.

    Having said all this I also think it’s time to forgive and forget and rebuild our beautiful country.
    I do hope you’ll calrify what you think needs to be addressed by the government for the tamils.I do notice that while you’re realistic and ‘moderate’ enough to not to support the tigers and their extremist behaviour, you do believe that the tamils are an aggrieved society in SL.While I would agree today they are, that is more due to the war than sinhalese government consciousely discriminating against the tamils.I do hope that once war is over, that tamils will be able live without fear and be happy in the country.I hope the government will be just and fair to the tamil people, and treat them like ‘our people’, but also hope the tamils want to be Sri Lankan live peacefully with the other communities.If they don’t, then they can rightfully ask for their Jaffna Kingdom(Not the east as that’s not ‘tamil homeland’ but was colonised with south Indians by the Dutch after the Kandyan king asked the people to withdraw inland due to the invasion to work on plantations), but not occupy anywhere else in SL…..but then the tamils seem to want more……I wish for all our sakes that’s not true….I truly hope we’ll see real peace in Sri lanka for all it’s people.

    My problem in answering questions like these are that I have been writing extensively on these issues for decades. Its really trying to be asked to re-invent the wheel again and again

    Also why dont you guys read widely the various book and articles by so many people on these subjects?

    Just a short response about standardisation

    When standardisation began it was media – wise standardisation at first. When 115 Tamils entered Varsity out of 156 seats for engineering Sinhala organizations protested. There was a re-scrutiny and it was found that 117 Tamils were eligible

    So the govt simply chopped off 55 eligible Tamil entrants and also introduced an additional intake of 40 Sinhalese.

    Thereafter Mrs. Bandaranaikes govt experimented with various types of standardisation schemes. Among these were media wise schemes where students in Tamil had to get more marks than those in Sinhala media to enter varsity

    The varsity intake of Tamil students for prestigious courses dropped drastically

    Interestingly Minority communities usually demand affirmative legislation as they are dominated by majority. But here the minority wanted merit and the majority affirmative legislation

    The UNP after 1977 brought a very rational and equitable scheme where 30 % seats were allocated on all – Island merit, 55% on ethnic – wise district basis and 15 % to backward districts.

    This was well – received but sadly violence increased and Tamils had different problems

    But the initial impact of ethnic standardization was the event that politicised and mobilised Tamil students from Jaffna then. Particularly science stream students who had no idea of politics

    The Jaffna student was a bookworm but the perceived injustice of standardisation made those worms turn

  185. DBS,

    You proved my comment above by your comment.

    But I am happy that you take some time to read my comment.

  186. When you say you would be working towards a united, pluralist, egalitarian Sri Lanka in that order you have won the sinhalese support.

    For example JHU is a direct response to LTTE. If there is no LTTE there will be no JHU. Hatred is a two way avenue and prompts backlash.

    Keep up the good work!

    BTW: I am a sinhalese buddhist and have many friends who happen to be tamils incidentally.

  187. DBS, this piece made me want to express my comments which I have been holding for some time.
    I’m pleased that you were able to address the ‘ground zero’ of SL problem which is the Diaspora. I know I’m going to go on a tangent here..but, here it goes.
    Even though Democracy as a whole has prevailed in Sri Lanka since the independence from the British, democratic principles has suffered immensely because the Divide and Conquer attitude the British left behind. Therefore, Tamil’s truly legitimate struggle of right to co-exist in an ultra nationalistic Sinhalese majority was doomed from the start. The birth of the LTTE and the racial riots of 50s and 80s gave both the extremist Tamils and Sinhalese ample ammunition to fight their own cause.
    But people grow, countries change, societies evolve as a result of natural progression. Majority of the people from both sides have come to a realization that this war cannot progress any further as a mechanism to create a ‘ELAM’ or a way to stop it. I think this new way of thinking started to blossom as the LTTE was at its peak. But, by then the war has become a lucrative business for the nationally elected governments and also for the LTTE.
    Interestingly, the current government of Sri Lanka wants this war to end. It wants to fight it to the end. Could this end of war be the re-set point we are all waiting for? Maybemaybe not. But, one thing for sure, it has to end for us to find out. Make no mistake, as far as the LTTE is alive and well, this war will never be over. If you disagree with me then please answer this question: Would Barak Obama be the president of the USA today if the Black Panthers were allowed to run a mock during the civil right era?
    This is where the Diaspora comes in to the picture. As the Sinhalese mobs combed the streets burning Tamil businesses and killing innocent Tamils on that dark day in July 83, West was convinced that Tamils could no longer live among their sinhlalease brethren and hence the flood gates opened.
    Interestingly though, the most Tamils who left as war refugees are the opportunistic intellectuals who belongs to a different school of thought than those ones (Upcountry Tamils) who stayed or shall I say left behind. This school of thought is that they are the true owners of their land and even the Upcountry Tamils who are dissidents of Tamilnadu in India do not belong there. Therefore, these intellectual immigrants were able to take the message of an independent separate Tamil state is the ONLY solution to the virgin ears of the West. These Western societies which truly believed in the ideas and ideals of multicultural societies welcomed the mostly Tamil newcomers to their countries with a warm heart and open wallet. LTTE seized this opportunity and prayed upon these idealistic intellects. Little by little LTTE was able to infiltrate these migrant communities and preach their ideology of them being the sole saviors of the Tamils and only voice for their cause. At home, LTTE went to work of eliminating and silencing anyone who opposed their cause and questioned their views. This very act of elimination of any moderate voices for the Tamil cause left an enormous void which was filled with LTTE propaganda I must say Adolf Hitler would be pound of. Sadly, toady this voice of LTTE propaganda has become the voice of the Diaspora.
    The money generated by the Diaspora through legal charitable donations to illegal extortions have become the lifeline for the LTTE. It is utterly important to understand that it is this money that prevented both sides of pushing the resent button. This money became the double edge sward that enable the LTTE to procure arms and keep the war alive and the Sri Lankan governments to stay in power because the war is alive.

  188. Mr Jeyaraj,

    Hats off to you, Sir. You got it absolutely right about some factions of the diaspora. You are one of the few journalists who is prepared to call a spade by its name. I admire your courage.

    Prabhakaran had got it rignt in the first place about some groups in the diaspora. They indeed looked like a “lost generation” in their recent protests and the Poet may have got it right too. Some of their actions are very close to the behaviour of a german shephard.

    Had there been a protest that was genuinely concerned about the plight of the trapped civilians urging both LTTE and GOSL to show maximum restraint, I would have gone there in a flash. Unfortunately, not a single such protest has been staged to date as far as I’m aware. Any volunteers? Please leave your flags and MR , VP placards at home.

  189. As someone who participated in some protests in front of the White House, let me say this. In the nearly 8000 people who attended the protest calling on Obama to help the suffering Tamil people, only about 30 Tamil youths carried the LTTE flag and said VP was their leader. The organizers in fact announced through loud speakers that the purpose of the protest was to get the attention of Obama for saving the innocent people and the Tiger flags and placards saying ‘VP is our leader’ should be taken off.

    For a brief time this request was heeded. But later on, the small number of youths continued to carry the flags. 30 out of 8000, not a big deal I say. There were people like Ellyn Shander and Bruce Fein, neither of whom is motivated by the need to support the LTTE.

    Now I see that the protests in Canada and UK are different where there may be a sea of such flags.
    These people carrying flags fail to realize the enormity of the catastrophe that VP and the LTTE, through their actions, have brought on our people.

    However, as an agnostic/atheist, I have always found that having a blinkered world view is not confined to those supporting the LTTE even at this stage, when the LTTE leadership has conclusively proved its psychosis; it became stupendously irrational in the last few years. Many, many people, especially religious people from many cultures worldwide, can be equally irrational. The Sinhalese right wing is very irrational and what has been happening is a “clash of irrationalities,” despite the fact that Buddhism is supposed to be a rational religion.

    The issue exposes larger truths–fundamental irrationality of all religions, that they are founded on the unprovable claim that there is a God; if it is OK and good to believe in a non-existing God, is it a stretch to believe in a Sun God? If it is OK to attribute the success of a businessman, or, say the current SL Army commander, or a stock market speculator, to their ‘miraculous’ skills rather than to a confluence of favorable events that happen randomly, then is it a stretch to attribute miraculous powers to VP for his early successes in his war with the SLA?

  190. I wish you all the best in your journalist carrier but leave us alone, we know what we are doing.


  191. DBSJ, Very well explained article about the plight of Tamil. I can’t agree any more than what you wrote. Surprised to know how you, I and some others converge on the points written in this article.

  192. DBS provides space for frank discussion that the Lankan free Press should be doing. But they remain mute and sycophant.

    Reading through one gets the ?real feel? of Lankans across the ethnic divide on this crucial issue if we can march together to peace.

    Harris (#60) asks for 5 reasons. Prof Suryakumaran (late) and I have written over and over again replying to Nalin de Silva, S.L. Gunasekera and others.

    (1) Even today in the South no Tamil breadwinner (male/female) can feel 100% safe until he returns to his anxious family. In case of a bomb going off somewhere (as it did recently at the former Parsons Rd/Opposite HQ Headquarters) Sinhala criminals in the vicinity get hold of Tamils walking, in buses and in cars and harm them. Immediately after the incident Tamils in buses and trains are stared at with suspicion and hatred. It takes long for Tamils who undergo this trauma to recover. Sinhalese are free of this fear.

    (2) Police entries in Tamil is a simple matter that can be accomplished ?but this is not done. Lawyer Rajah Collure confessed as the relevant official he was shocked he was allotted something like Rs3 million for his department whereas his needs are over Rs200 million. Where is the objectivity and justice here?

    (3) At least the State Banks (commercial and other) should have a greater number of Tamils in their staff than now. This is no longer so. While it is true Govt jobs do not have the earlier attraction to` Tamils, still there can be a larger presence of Tamils in Govt service. I can understand the sensitivity in the armed forces as matters stand now. The Foreign service can take in more Tamils than now.

    (4) Conditions must be created where Tamil ladies in public transport can travel in safety wearing their pottu/thilak. Mischievous elements and cranks pass insults and threats scaring them to the extreme. Many Tamils are afraid to talk in their language in public places and taxis. These require State action for popular change. I must say it is not all Sinhalese who indulge in this discrimination ? some are truly decent

    (5) The rude and insulting checking of Tamils at check-points must go. There is no need for different treatment just because one is a Tamil. Here again, I notice things are somewhat better now

    (6) Inquiries of Tamils taken in by the Police for want of identification in the South must be expedited with minimum delay and inconvenience to them. I met a young mother in a Colombo Police Station who had been there for 2 weeks. About 10 of them were seated on the ground in a space insufficient for even – 2 sans proper toilet and other facilities. Imagine they had to sleep there too.

    Here again the officers in the Police Station have been generally kind and courteous
    although some of them are taken in with the object of making some money out of them.

    As to Ranjan (#92) how wonderful it will be if you can revisit your friends in Jaffna again in peace and friendship.

    R.Maran (#125) A political intermediary going as Nadesan may know the exact amount and some details. He has been involved in similar deals before. In the LTTE deal Tiran Alles, Emil Kanthan were featured and the moneyremitted to overseas accounts of the LTTE . You have a misplaced opinion of VP?s intelligence. He?s smarter than many, my friend ? and he has proved it over and over again.

    Kumar (#139) Both in India and Sri Lanka the passing decades, village giving into the urban areas, commercialisation are weakening the caste system. In India the system was weakened from top to bottom whereas here ?both among the Tamils and Sinhalese ? it is more from bottom to top. I think over the years it will wean itself out although it will be with us for long ? like Brahminism. One cannot legislate against it however much you wish to see it out or reformed. I agree with you it is an unfortunate feature among us and all of us, in our own ways, must move to eradicate it. So the dowry system.

    Canaga (#144) It is sad political developments, rapid privatization and primacy of the commercial entreprenauer affected honest Engineers like you. I have a feeling Tamils and Sinhalese will regain our friendship in the future although I wonder if the territorial
    integrity of the land will remain the same.

    Ajantha (#160) and Deshadas (#164) Your resolve deserves to be praised. Good-luck in your useful and noble social work.

    Pearl (#168) I am glad many Tamils in the UK are now owners of small-businesses. At the sametime I regret the un-necessary competition among our own that can only affect them economically ? but I suppose they will learn and adjust. It is not merely Christian charity but Hindu tradition as well that can be tools to bring this about.

    But for all this, as a high-profile Buddhist political priest told me during the last President Elections, becomes relevant ?Mahathaya, artikaya hadanta apata ratak one neda?? (?To build an economy, we first need a country, don?t we?)

    This king-maker was one of those high priests who was going round making fools of the Sinhala voters that the country is about to be sold. And, Mahinda won. Now the question is whether we will have a country to build the peace and harmony we are all talking about.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  193. Shame on you Tamil diaspora! Your main duty is serving their white masters and be part of their cunning plans to distory Sri lanka.

  194. There is reference here to the misconception that nationals other than Jaffna Tamils are deined purchasing land in the Jaffna Peninsula due to the Thesavalamai Law. This belief has gone a long way to harden Sinhala feelings. More than one leading lawyer had written lengthy articles denying this. It is well known Muslims, Burghers and others have owned property in Jaffna despite Thesavalamai.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  195. comment 188-kanna

    maybe thats why premedasa died. indira also appointed sikh bodyguards and died.can you advise mahinda to appoint some tamil bodyguards from pillaiyan and karuna please.
    ranil does not like to contest next presidential election.heres your chance.ranbanda and podimenike will definitewly vote for you. guaranteed 2 votes.
    as for uni entrance why dont we just make it simple with 100 percent merit without dividing the country up.
    as for tamil puppets appointed as police chiefs this does not fool anybody. did he arrest cyril mathew. or what about the greatest puppet master julius ceaser jayawardene.
    check what percentages of tamils are in unis, in public service and then put pen to paper.
    give me a break please kanna
    kannan varuvan, kathai solluvan

  196. I admire your guts. tamils can’t win anything without the suport of the singhalese. for every action by comunal politiciens in north there will be a equal or worse reaction from the south, the only way for them to get anything is with the southern suport, so if they antaganise them they will loose everything.

  197. further to my comment

    kanna mentioned premedasa had tamil secretaries not bodygaurds. my mistake.i apologise.
    fact remains, look at percentages including in armed forces and police. not some puppet appointed as so and so.
    and please stop dividing the country up in childhood itself with this tamil and sinhala medium crap.

  198. Comment # 37.

    Quote: “Why can’t you try to build a city in northeast so that you and we all can stop going to Colombo.”

    This is very dangerous thinking and is not practical at all. Have you ever asked your Tamil brethren amounting to millions living in the areas which are predominantly Singhalese, whether they want to trade their current habitats to a “City in the North”?

    April, I do not know where you live. But, if you happen to live in a country which is predominantly “white”, you surely must have experienced that people who do not have the same skin colour or of a different ethnic background are not treated equally in the day to day life, in spite of what that country’s law says. Their is no need to have an inferiority complex, we just have to accept reality. This is not a perfect world.

    I’ve lived most of my adult life amounting to over 30 years in the West, and I know the realities. I thankfully enjoy recognition and respect from the locals by being twice as smarter as they are and not by promoting my utopian visions in which they are in any case not interested at all.

    I also identify myself with the country that I live and it’s values. Just like the majority of the Tamils in SL.
    Thankfully, the Tamils in SL enjoy the same rights, privileges and recognition like all other ethnic groups in SL, with the exception of those few thousands of civilians taken hostage by the LTTE. Hopefully, this too will soon come to an end.

    I’m a Singhalese Buddhist and my dearest sister is married to a Arasarathnam. Neither me nor the rest of my family, nor his family have absolutely any problems with it.

    Our cultures are so similar, our religions are so similar, our values are the same. As I’ve been saying for over 20 years, if 2 different ethnic groups on this planet could coexist in harmony, then they are the Tamils and the Singhalese.

    It is racial hatred promoted by a few of both these communities, that has led to this dire situation today. Sad to say, it is the mostly the Tamils in SL who have suffered and lost their dignity due to this conflict.

    Its people like you, who have to think “out of the box”, if this suffering for the Tamils in SL has to come to an end.

    The end of the LTTE or the Eelam War IV, started with Mavil-Aru, was an issue about water. All the rivers in SL originate in the central highlands which is predominantly Singhalese. What if they block those waters to that “city in the northeast” ?

    What if the Singhalese send all those millions of Tamils living among them to that “city in the north” like the forced exodus of Muslims from India to Pakistan? Can that “city in the north” support all of them?

    It’s alright for people like you to dream of a utopian “city of the north” but please not at the expense of the majority of Tamils who live with the rest of the communities in peace and harmony.

    They have suffered enough due to dreamers like you!

  199. comment 209-senguttuvan

    we dont want people owning land “despite” this or that. if indeed thesavalamai prohibits land being owned by sinhalese can you please throw that into the palk strait. anyway you can have only one law in one country.

  200. Re. Comments purported to be by Arumugan Thondaman (#177) this is clearly a fraud. AR, the Minister and CWC chief, was educated in English
    at Royal College, Colombo and thereafter in an English
    school in the Nilgiri Hills in India. He writes and speaks
    flawless English. He was trained to be a Chartered Accountant in a leading firm of British Auditors in Colombo that he gave up to serve his grand-father and the CWC. He does not usually get involved in these controversial discussions. His commitment and passion to the Lankan Tamil cause, like his illustrious
    grand-father, is well known. He maintains good relations with Mahinda, Chandrika, Ranil, the Prelates at Asgiriya and Malwatta, the LTTE, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Indian Congress and the BJP – among others. He has thousands of Sinhala friends and loves the Sinhala people and Sri Lanka. His wish and his goal is peace and unity for all Lankans. I know this personally.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  201. DBS Thank you foryour wonderful statement. I had the same feeling but could not put it into words You have done it wonderfully by your statement below. Besides politics this emotion driven sections are also are opening temples to propogate spitualim in an atmosphere of mass hysteria instead of seeking within your self. Even the highly litterate amongst us indulge in this. I am now convinced that one’s academic excellence automatically confer intellectual capacity to him or her.

    “The hard-core Tiger elements were also becoming unhappy. These emotion-driven sections are usually devoid of logic and reason. Their usual role is to generate heat and not to shed light. These people started protesting against the new decision to blackout the leader and the flag. They remonstrated that it was a betrayal of the struggle”

  202. Comment #213
    Do you really think that Srilanka can overhaul its constitution to Secular democracy and encourage liberal way of life so that all community can feel stake holders.
    Very reason we ended up in West because of its secular liberal democratic way of life, certainly we did not end up in Iran or Burma, and you can see the pattern in Sri lanka.
    Isn’t it the root cause of the problem.
    I have sinhala relatives so are many other tamils, SL tamils are linguistically close to tamilnadu but culturally close to sinhalese. Future generation of our children need constitutional guarantee and need governments which truthfully execute it. Is SL capable of the change.
    Majority community should make the first move then others can contribute. Can Sri Lanka do it. If the history is the guidance I am very pessimistic.( I am happy to be wrong). Then what is the alternative minorities have.

  203. I fully agree with DBS. As a resident of Australia, I have witnessed this attitude from the SL Tamil Diaspora and decided not to extend my (and my friends) support to the demonstration. Indeed, we are gravely concerned about the civilian suffering in a war-torn country.

    I can see that the demonstartors have the interest of the militants more than anything. Heart of heart, they believe that its in the ‘duty’ of each and every civilian in Vanni to die for Eelam. How cruel!!

  204. I think behaviour of Sinhala diaspora also bad. They must try to get peace and not fight with Tamil diaspora.

  205. Well done DBS,
    Well written article which reflects the silent voice of majority of the tamil diaspora

  206. I have a feeling If Jeyalalitha wins all 40 seats in Tamil Nadu and contribute to form the government
    They will fight a war with lanka to libereate the Tamils
    Most likely I have a feeling North and East of lanka will become a part of India . It could become a state like Goa or Pondichery Tamils in Lanka have so much in common with their brothers and sisters in South India

    If BJP wins the same could happen . just spread a word among Hindu natinalists the Hindus are massacred thats it
    People like Modi want to send Troops to save Tamils

    Again I have a feeling North and East will become a part of India

  207. Since I moved to help poor communities in the Hill Country three months ago, I have been bombarded with propaganda from both my Sinhalese and Tamil friends living back in the UK.
    This is the most balanced and carefully written article that I have read, and a refreshing change from the blatant lies told by both sides to put a shine on their actions or situation. The truth is, of course, that I can not hope to understand this situation and the emotions that are so raw for both sides… as I am not Sri Lankan.
    What I would say, is that opinion on the ground in Nuwara Eliya, where Tamils (and I realise they are Indian rather than Sri Lankan Tamils) and Sinhalese live peacefully side by side… is very different from that which is perceived by those living abroad in the UK.
    The overriding view here is that all the people want peace and love each other. They want the war to stop and the innocent Sri Lankans to receive proper medicine and provisions. I would also add that plenty of the students that I teach, including the Sinhalese ones, are collecting money and fundraising to send supplies to the displaced refugees.
    Strangely, I still regard Sri Lankans as the friendliest and most caring people I have met on my travels… unfortunately they are tarred by the hardliners from both sides, who live abroad.
    Kind regards, and let us hope for peace within this truly beautiful country. x

  208. Jeyaraj

    You Tamil Tiger , in civilian clothes. You show your true colours now. How much the LTTE are paying you.


  209. Bandara Atapattu

    I can’t help with your short term memory,

    1) Building cities so that the central reliance of Colombo for every thing is called ” DE CENTRALIZATION”

    To be successful, and those of the countries succeeded have decentralized their power, reliance on every need to one town. Can all the Indians flock to Delhi to have every thing they wanted 9 getting passport, getting visa to travel, obtain pensions etc?

    2) Sinhala Government and Sinhala People have packed and send Tamils to Northeast in Ships and Trains in 1958, 1977 and 1983.

    Where did they go or send? To their traditional Homeland

    Why sinhalease want to control the tamil’s affairs and why not let the tamils take care of their own affairs.

  210. Dear Shan,

    It never was and it never will. Remember Sri Lanka is not a state of India and no Sinhalese would agree on Indian rule. Please do not spread the hatred among Tamils and Sinhalese.

    In other hand, India will nevr let happen as they do not want to see a powerful separate Tamil state which will obviously jeopardize the unity and strength of India.

    You seem to be a Tamiliean from Tamilnadu and that could be the reason of your statement. Talk to many moderate Tamils as well as Sinhalese and they would agree with me.

    Isolation means the weakness. Think why Eastern and Western Germany merged together later.

    If Tamils can not live with Sinhalese and Sinhalese can not live with Tamils, they can not live with anyone.

    You better try to understand what DBS conveyed and not to be an extremist by falling in to the LTTE trap. Respect the future based on the past experience with a rational person like DBS.

  211. Thanks DBS.
    Wolves in sheeps’ clothing indeed. Clothing has now been shredded apart and as you very correctly noted the wolves now seem to have forgotten the very reason they took to the streets in the first place; it was only yesterday I saw a bunch of weary wolves shouting themselves hoarse with LTTE flags (the real deal with the rifles on, not the “Fakes”) and no passers-by, except for some Japanese tourists with cameras, taking note.

  212. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan:
    Agree with many of your points. There are racists in both camps and the sad plight is one will never realise or accept he/she is a racist. Racism, subtle and not-so-subtle, seem to be the norm in SL and with such self-righteous and sanctimonious attitudes in preachers of hate on both sides of the fence, I wonder how long it would take for all communities in SL to truly live in harmony.

  213. As a start, it would be a good idea for the Tamil diaspora to compare what they are entitled in those countries they reside to what Tamils are entitled in SL.

    Don’t go back to 1956 s. That’s done and dusted and countries move away, societies mature and indeed individuals do mature with time (except people like Prabakaran).

    Having said that, now, both peace loving Tamils, Sinhalese and others want only one thing – peace. It is unlikely SLankans would want to go back to dark days if all these communities use that maturity wisely.

    In the mean time, diaspora can go on with their band wagon for ever. We don’t need such people in SL.

  214. comment 169-navin

    instead of the word “cannot ” probably the word “very difficult ” would have been more appropriate. let us not play with words but i apologise for that to the sinhalese.

    regarding your point 1, why dont you just make it 100 per cent merit. then you wont find all these perceptions, whether they are true or false appearing.
    regarding point 2 i believe it is very difficult for a tamil to enter the public service because of language barrier. an adult will find it very difficult to learn another language, but a child may find it easy. tamils should have been given an option to learn sinhala in school. i for one would have gladly gone for classes.
    with regard to your point 3 please read your own mahawamsa. it will show you how many tamils have shed their blood to save the sinhalese. sena and guttika who saved the kotte kingdom were tamils. there were many pandyas fighting for the sinhalese and even many pandyas who commanded the sinhalese army. have you wondered why such a strange sinhalese name such as bandaranayake. pandyanayakkar.nothinng to stop me from changing my name from shankar to shanaka and call myself a sinhalese. if you are so distrustful then you better forget about one country. do you know that your sarath fonseka and shavendra silva, jagath perera are half portuguese because the portugeuse never brought a single woman. do you know that the original vijaya mob were given pandya princess and pandya women and they chased kuvenis mob back into the forest. even you may be a half tamil. we are a polsambol and for you to say that you dont trust a tamil in the armed forces is a joke.
    for your comment 4, whenever the riots took place and a few tamils who had firearms fought back the army and police were called by the mobs and they were finished off. police and army were not only not doing their duty but were going around doing the opposite inciting the mob and directing them.
    as for your fifth point many people would have had a dim view of martin luther kings intellect when he made his famous speech”i have a dream”.

  215. In a way, Tamil Dispora is like the Civilians trapped in the safety zone. YOU are in a Open Prison run by LTTE. Can you say you are Really “FREE”. Think about it ???

  216. keri balla
    keri wesige putha
    ammata hukapang keri balla demala keriya
    demala balla




    77. kulan | May 7th, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    pundai DBS ammaku olada


    Dear Mr. Rajan (#67)

    I am posting this profound statement made by an aperture in the posterior suffering from an Oedipus complex only to illustrate to you about the bovine excreta of this type that I get frequently. Now you may be able to understand why I snap rudely at times.

    Normally I wont release these filthy comments but today I am doing so only to prove a point.

    I hope this pathetic creature calling itself “Kulan” will not get the wrong idea that he has indeed posted a comment worthy of public display!

  217. DBS:

    Keep doing your good work. You represent the true view of the “Tamils” both the diaspora and the people living in Sri Lanka. I call upon the Sinhalese people to not judge us Tamils by the demonstrations of the mislead diaspora Tamils, because we have all lost our sons, daughters, mother, fathers, sisters in this horrible war.

    We need to heal our wounds. Lets work towards peace with dignity and respect.

  218. These tiger protestors has not and will not raise a cent to help the displaced people in the north. All they will do is protest to save the tiger terrorists.

    It is once again the UN, UNHCR, the sri-lankan government and other well meaning NGOs who will once again come to help the civilians with rehabilitation and to get back on their own two feet.

    When it comes to the very important task of reconstruction of the north and the even more important task of development of the north it will be the same story. Not even one diaspora member will help. It will once again be the sri-lankan govenment and well meaning international organisations and even local companies who will help out with this development as well to get the north back in line with the rest of the country in terms of development.

    the dispora it seems had only one task, save the tigers to continue with more war with resultant deaths on all sides, recruitment of child soldiers and continued destruction.

  219. DBS , I believe you are a seincere journalist…now I understand you are a person who tries to divert or divide Tamils.

    Why are you really writting like this? You know that we as tamils always wishes Tigers would win this war..always we wished i. even when I was Colombo , Kandy , I was praying and really excited when LTTE break through.

    We would have no choicne other than LTTE to get our freedom!

    I belive you know the deep cause of this problm …still you wanna write something to motivate some.

    So unless you become a independent human who understand Tamils and release yourself from forces that are directing you or washing your brain ..there is no point of talking to you!
    Come and join Tamils or would you please be silent rather???


    Hey buddy!

    So you are the sole representative of what Tamils want and desire and all of us must share your aspiration just like Hitler and fascists wanted uniformity of thought.

    Another interesting point is that you were wishing and praying for the tigers to win so that you could get your freedom while living in Colombo and Kandy. So you would have got your “freedom” in Colombo or Kandy by the LTTE doing a “breakthrough” and forming a separate country with Northern and eastern provinces!


    And why did you not move to the North – East to be an integral part of the freedom struggle on ground instead of living and dreaming in multi – ethnic Colombo and multi – ethnic Kandy in the Sinhala – majority Western and Central Provinces?

    But good that you didn’t go to live in tiger territory. An “idealist” like you would have got disillusioned and tried to escape and got whipped by Panammmattai.

    You know something?

    Your comment itself answers your question.

    Your question:Why are you really writting like this?

    Your comment: “I belive you know the deep cause of this problm …still you wanna write something to motivate some.”

    That’s right buddy. I write because I think I know the root causes of the problem and I write to motivate at least some people including you.

    Then you go on to dismiss me saying

    “So unless you become a independent human who understand Tamils and release yourself from forces that are directing you or washing your brain ..there is no point of talking to you!”

    Wow! How appropriate! That part of your comment is so applicable to you and gives me justification to terminate these types of conversations with people like you.

    Finally, one point.
    You say – “Come and join Tamils or would you please be silent rather???”

    Now buddy I am Tamil a very proud Tamil at that and who the hell are you to ask me to join “Tamils” as if you jokers are the Tamils and others are not.

    You know the only time I feel ashamed of being Tamil is when the LTTE kills civilians and prevents civilians from leaving the war zone and when tiger sympathisers make asses of themselves in western cities by waving tiger flags instead of demanding civilian safety.

    About being Tamil – let me quote a stanza from Namakkal Ramalingampillai about the essence of “Tamilness” (I dont think you’ve even heard of this former poet laureate of Tamil Nadu)

    “தமிழன் என்றோர் இனம் உண்டு
    தனியே அவர்க்கோர் குணமுண்டு
    அமுதம் அவனது மொழியாகும்
    அன்பே அவனது வழியாகும்”

    “Thamilan Endror Inam Undu
    Thaniye Avarkkor Gunamundu
    Amutham Avanathu Moliyaagum
    Anbe Avanathu Valiyaagum”

    (There is a race called Tamil with unique characteristics. His language is sweet as ambrosia. Love is the path he follows)

    About your asking me to keep silent. Let me quote two lines from Appar or Thirunavukkarasa Naayanaar.

    “நாமார்க்கும் குடியல்லோம்
    நமனை அஞ்சோம்”

    “Naamaarkkum Kudiyallom
    Namanai Anjom”

    (We are slaves of no one.
    we shall not fear death)

    Got it buddy!

    In case classical Tamil is difficult for you , please take the old Tamil movie “Thiruvilaiyaadal” and watch it.

    In one scene Lord Siva gets angry with the poet Nakkeeran for pointing out a fault in a poem composed by Lord Siva himself and threatens to open his third eye on his forehead and immolate him unless he retracts.

    But the Tamil poet of the Sangam era – despite being a sivabhakthan himself says defiantly –

    “நெற்றிக்கண் திறப்பினும் குற்றம் குற்றமே”

    “Netrikkan thirappinum Kutram Kutrame”

    (Even if you open your eye in your forehead your fault is still a fault)

    This is the Tamil tradition I am part of buddy!

  220. Well the end game is very nearer than we all thought.

    The Sinhalese and Tamils can start a new era in the

    The Government should come to a political solutions with Tamils to alleviate their “genuine” grievances and must deal with “Genuine” Tamil leaders and not somersaulted leaders like Pilayan and Karuna who were nothing but mere opportunists.

    The Government should facilitate the IDP’s to return to their villages without any delay thus giving them hope that this fight was against the Separatists and not against the Tamils.

    As for those “Extremists” on both sides, you need to find a new home, since this Island belongs to everyone born in this country!

  221. I notice that DBS did not respond to Canaga (144) …or did I miss it? A timely article but will the diaspora listen?

    This is for Canaga’s attention; perhaps he has already seen it: Michael Ignatieff on Neelan Tiruchelvam
    (Both were at Harvard together and MI travelled to Colombo to attend the funeral of NT)

    “Neelan Tiruchelvam was a man whose memory I revere. … When the word got out that I was going to give a lecture in Colombo in his honour, I began to get very extraordinary bits of Tamil literature, mailed to me with a Canadian postmark. And the sum and substance of these newsletters was basically to say that Neelan, my good friend, got what he deserved. This was a man whod spent his entire life seeking peace and reconciliation on that bloody and tragic island. And it shocked me deeply to discover that the people who wished and rejoiced in his death were fellow citizens of [Canada] Dont think it doesnt put a chill down your spine when you get mysterious little missives like that.

    I hope I got his quote right. I am a Chartered Accountant from Sri Lanka. I may have done my AL a year after DBS. I was a volunteer at the Tamil Conference in Jaffna. I was disappointed when the left leaders did nothing (although the Tamils hadn’t done anything to deserve it from them) when they were part of the govt-1970. I watched Amirthalingam speak at the Ramakrishan Hall after the 1977 elections. I watched him deliver his budget response as the Leader of the Opposition (in parliament). I wasn’t there for 1983 riots.

    I did not find it unpleasant working with the Sinhalese in Colombo or anywhere else. In fact it was fun!

    I attended SJV’s public funeral and I know that he represented my ideas, hopes etc. Amirthalingam did the same in his time but LTTE which stirred the hopes and aspirations of many Tamils may have also destroyed them for good. It is a fact that we created LTTE but it’s time to move on.


  222. D.B.S.. do you have any information on the validity of claims of ill treatment and sexual abuse in the internment camps?

    “Nothing conclusive yet but working on it still ” – DBSJ

  223. hi kesara,
    comment 201- well said.
    without LTTE , NO JHU.
    please find solution through your logic.

    i’ve been oppressed by LTTE & SL Government

  224. ‘Thesavalamai’ is commonly used by Sinhala extremists as a proof of Tamil racism.

    All it does is give kin preferential purchase rights on property. The ethnicity of the kin is irrelevant. It discriminates against non-related Tamils just as it does against Sinhalese, and if a Sinhalese owned property the discrimination would be the other way.

    In other words Sinhalese can buy property in Jaffna as easily as Tamils.

    With regard to the absence of Sinhalese in Jaffna, that was not the result of a Tamil purge, but of a decision by Jayawardene who decided to evacuate all of them haste-post-haste because he feared Tamil leaders might organize the same kind of pogrom his Ministers were organizing in the South.

  225. Hi Suthan, (#236)
    Only you can pray.
    Your well being, some one has to to scarify.

    If one want to be a father for his biological child. He has to work towards that. Otherwise his wife has to be Kounthithevi. pls participate then you know the pain. But easy thing is praying.

  226. Mr. Jayaraj writes in between the lines of defence.lk and Tamilnet.

    I am one of the Indians who is very anxious to see the end of Prabhakaran, on or before May 21. He is not tiger but a snake which bites the milking hands.

    Tamil Diaspora ,
    You were painting on water surface all these years. Now send some money for the treatment of actual scapegoats lying in hospitals. The god may forgive your next generations atleast. But you will never do it.
    The GOSL is atleast not not eating their own flesh. But the LTTE and diaspora are the cannibals in some sense.

    Now plan your Elam in Arabian sea. wish you all the best.

  227. Dear DBSJ,

    I get what you are saying about the need to focus more on humanitarian issues.

    However, please note a lot of people who participate now in the rallies are without strong conviction of LTTE and its separate state solution. Many of these ‘new’ rally goers needed this rally cry coming out of seemingly unending tragedy affecting the Tamil civilians. I my self is not persuaded or asked by someone belonging to any organization to attend.

    There is even a song something like “Prabakaran is a symbol of fire”..or something like that. Many found this is the readily available way to be in solidarity and express their feelings against the disproportionate force of a government unleashing mass murder.

    Thank you

  228. DBS,
    Your articles are rich infacts and bitter for the extremists from both sides as they reveal truth. Sheer number of coments tells how powerful this article is.

    I had so many Tamil friends in SL. Now, my very good fried is a Tamil too and their family is my family in this lonely country. Her parents are my parents, for them I am another daughter. We both miss our country equally. We never think of our race.

    We are so narrow mined to the core and we don’t want to be identified as Sri Lankans instead of Tamils and Sinhalese. When do we learn a lesson?

  229. Lalith

    I apolgize sar If I hurt you or any one Forgive me if you are hurt
    I have met Sinhalese who are so kind amazing people . I have respect for them

    All that I am saying is the tamil issue in lanka is not internal problem any more . I do not know why you do not understand this. it is an international issue now
    All the western world and eastern world are worrying about the plight of tamils.
    The tamils are butchered by Lankan military. When we see pictures videos hospitals are bombed churches and temples are bombed people are killed like roaches it becomes international issue ( World is watching )
    16 Tamils of Tamil nadu killed themselves with frustrations that their race is butcherd by Lankan Army
    People are very very sad all over the world
    I do not like Pirabaharan who is a ruthless murderer who killed so many lives
    I feel sorry for Tamils in Lanka who are living between Devil ( lankan Army) and the Dragon ( Tiger)
    How long they can go on like this It has taken over 30 years That is too much
    Who ever comes in Power in India will have the moral obligation to end this
    I do not agree with Jeyalalitha that she willl form a separate Eelam for Tamils if She gets all seats and 3rd front will form Government ( I know she will win most of the seats in T nadu People in Tnadu adore her )

    It is my humble opinion that tamil areas in Ceylon could become a part of Tamil Nadu and we all can live in peace

    I truly aplogize to any one if you are hurt by my remarks I do not know what options we have then

    I pray to God to give Peace to the People who are suffereing . Let us all pray for Peace peace Peace


  230. Hi DBS,
    Regarding the Diaspora youth, i don’t know who is behind it and who is running it, i don’t care about that as well. We all go because what is happening back home. We can’t sit and watch it any more. We are angry and blood is boiling. We have to do some thing.

    I agree with you that we should demand the tigers to release the civilians who are want to escape from the war zone.

    As 23 year old I ask you on question.

    Deep in your self, do you really believe that there will we a United, pluralistic and democratic Sri Lanka in the future? Even though there are SOME Sinhalease people who cares about human suffering, but they are minority. Even if they speak, they get killed. Under this circumstances do you really believe there can be united Sri Lanka?


    NB: Please do not tell me off to go and search for your previous articles, because i don’t have time. If you have any link to previous article’s please send me the links


    You are a rude,insolent brat who has the nerve to tell me that you have no time to search and read my articles but expect me to spend my time to answer your rhetorical question and/or furnish you with links so that you can easily read them. In Tamil we say “vaalaipalathai urich Vaayilum theetha venum” ( not only must we peel the plantain but put it in your mouth also)

    I will not waste my time giving you an answer but if you are genuinely interested (which I doubt very much) go and search for my articles, get an idea of what this is all about and then get back to me.

    Dont tell me you dont have time because the time you spend demonstrating can be put to better use.

    By the way about your blood boiling and all that……..

    Why is it not boiling enough to demand at demonstrations that the LTTE holding poor civilians as hostages through force and exposing them to danger should release them?Should not this be demanded along with the demand that the Govt should stop shelling and bombing civilians?

    If you really feel that LTTE should release civilians how can you participate at demos with tiger flags?

    What’s the point?

    Just because you want to do something why should you go and join one – sided demos tiger – oriented demos?

    About a pluralist and united Sri Lanka vision? Yes! What else is there to hope and struggle for?Please read my article posted on this site about Sri Lanka and sixty – one years of independence. That sums my thoughts and vision

  231. The author as journalist may be telling his opinion as truth of the human right situation in Vanni, but there is not much about Sri Lanka’s human rights violations against Tamils in this article. As a Tamil and as a Tamil Diaspora himself he should have avoid ‘this time’ to expose the LTTE and the Diaspora in this way, this is not helping to our liberation struggle. The author knew much about the history of our struggle, and in my view is that, at this point the criticism has to be internal not external exposure. The mahinda government is using ‘war on terror’ policy against legitimate Tamils’ struggle for their right to freedom and right to self-determination.
    The Sinhala political parties almost all of them and the Sinhala masses except a few are/were supporting to the war (that mean killing Tamils because the LTTE is the militant fighters of the Tamil struggle) in Sri Lanka. But in the case of Tamils, many journalists, Tamil political parties and some of the Diaspora are supporting to the Sinhala government who is in-fact killing the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Therefore, these tamils are inderectly suportin to the government’s policy of wer against tamils. These Tamils may have anti-LTTE views but in my view they don’t need to support to our common enemy. without the militant wing there won’t be any bargaining power with the Sinhala dominated governments.
    Look at the history of other liberation struggles, and then only we could understand our liberation movements and the elected governments in Sri Lanka.


    I think its a waste of time to reply to the likes of you. So a short answer

    This article is about the diaspora demonstrations and not a thesis about the human rights situation in Sri Lanka. So why are you making such an idiotic assertion?

    When you answer an exam where you are asked to write on a particular topic do you write about other matters also?

    If more Tamils had criticised the lTTE openly instead of keeping it “internal” as you say we the Tamils wont be in this position.

    It is wrong to say that ALL sinhalese are supporting the war. NO!. Also many Sinhalese may support the war against LTTE but will not support the killing of innocent civilians by indiscriminate bombardment and artillery shelling.

    There is no point in parroting about bargaining power of the tigers. Yes they had it and if they had used it sincerely we the Tamils could have got a federal, confederal or quasi – federal UNITED Sri Lanka. But the tigers ruined it

    Now we have to pick up the pieces and struggle to establish a united, pluralist , egalitarian Sri Lanka where the rights of all people including Tamils would be ensured.

    It is because I know about the Tamil struggle that I see the LTTE today as the movement which betrayed that struggle.

    Instead of advising me try and advise the LTTE .

  232. For 233; Kosala

    I can not keep silent and friends; please forgive me for diverting the general topics.

    It seems that Kosala is writing under a Sinhalese name
    and god knows he is a true or false Sinhalese.

    Whoever you are not supposed to utter such filthy words and insult a journalist like DBS and you must be aware
    that you are representing the Sinhalese in this forum.

    You should read his articles in open mind. It is
    paramount to understand what he is attemting to
    conveyes as well as the Tamil claims as a human,
    rather being a Sinhalese first. Because you would be biased if you read them with an anger.

    Please do not make such words again and spread the

  233. It is also worth commenting that putting limits on the sale of inherited land was the law throughout Sri Lanka until 1972, and it was quite common for people to make wills that prevented the inheritor from disposing of the property.

  234. After reading comments from all corners, I thought I could highlight some common objectives that we can do for the sake of our people back home. Whoever now lives outside of the war zone must work together to bring a peaceful living environment to our people.

    Its not about us anymore. Yes we had some bad experience in personal level when we grew up in Sri Lanka. So do everyone else.

    Some of us are still mad at our university admission process. In Sri Lanka, out of every 100 first grade children the state has funding available for only up to 10 children to enter any state university. We cannot just blame the state for 30 children that are not going to enter any state university from our communities. Still nobody tell us that another 60 children from the majority community are also in the same situation as our children. We should work hard to create other opportunities for the rest of 90 like children.

    Another argument is about lack of opportunities for minorities in state jobs. How many of us are fluent in Singhala language? I heard that in Canada all entry-level federal employees should be fluent in both English and French.

    My father is a state pensioner and he worked in both North and East of Sri Lanka. My father and one of his friends joined together to work in public service. After 30 years, his friend was Jaffna GA. I asked my father how did he do that and he said that his friend was very ambitious, higher energy and hard working good man and he never missed any opportunities that were offered to him. After 30 years of public service, my father was asked to pass Sinhala language exam in order to get a promotion and a job transfer to South or to apply for an early retirement. My father applied for an early retirement. I asked him whats wrong with learning another language? He said that its nothing to do with Sinhala language exam and he used that exam as an excuse to move back to his hometown permanently to live with his relatives and to start his dreamed work farming. After few years of his dreamed work, his GA friend was unfortunately caught into the crossfire and was killed. My father becomes a permanently displaced person (PDP?) for the last 20 years. Now he travels all the continuants except Africa to meet his grandchildren. His hometown is still prohibited to return.

  235. My reply to DBS question;
    By the acts of the traitors (thurokikal) within (many to say) and outside (many many to say) the organization, the LTTE has been sapped of its warring potential at present, but its goal remains achievable depends on the expected changes in political and diplomatic climates in the subcontinents of Indian ocean.

    LTTE is an ideology. Like communism for poor people, it is an movement for oppressed/marginalized/ discriminated people with guts to fight for dignity living rather subjugating to the majoritarian decree. The person who founded the movement can disappear, but the ideology/concept of the movement will remain for ever. By saying this I mean that also LTTE mens are defeated today, the LTTE will rebirth in other form until its people get their right.
    If you don’t know or not interested to realize what LTTE has achieved, i feel pity on you for being a journalist.
    if an organization achieved a goal easily without any fault and criticism by people like you, then it will be only possible that the organization could have been founded by GOD/Almighty/NATURE. No organization fighting for their goal is/was/will be 100% right and unblemished. Only the situations and opponents of an organization make the organization to go through the mistaken paths.
    PLO has been fighting for more than 40 years, and now US is planning to approve the two-state policy for Israel and Palestine. Even, in the world of chauvinism for Race/Color/Ethnicity/Language/Regionality/Religion, the most world-known Palestine people are still struggling for their rights. So expecting a fast achievement for Tamil Eelam and the perfect work-done by LTTE is not appropriate at least at this juncture. Still the struggles are there. Wait and see.

    And I don’t think that i need to read all of your writings since you are feeding the aval (pressed rice) for non-working and time-wasting people, who want to have something to read and discuss.

    I know what to read, and what should not read. However, I appreciate for your meticulous collection of information for feeding a section of readers.

    Thanks for your service. My kind request for you is to do something that can help our Tamil brothers and sisters.


    So after killing off thousands of Tamils as “thurohihal” (traitors) you and your LTTE are now confined to parts of Karaithuraipatru and are still blaming the “thurohihal” for the predicament.

    History will record that the greatest traitors to the Tamil cause were the tigers themselves.

    The Tamil struggle for equality wuill continue . It will take different forms but will continue till legitimate rights are recognised and reasonable aspirations are accommodated.

    But the LTTE mode of “struggle” in recent times has nothing to do with Tamil rights or grievances. It is only a “struggle” to preserve and protect a pretender claiming to be saviour who was swimming about in a luxurious pool while conscripted innocent children were sacrificed as cannon fodder

    The LTTE is only a virulent symptom of an underlying malady. It has no progressive ideology. It has neo – fascist aspects.

    If you dont want to read my writings suit yourself. “Naaiku En Porthengai” (why does a dog need a tufted coconut) But dont insult readers on this site as non – working , time – wasting people. I think that description applies to those demonstrating with tiger flags

    You know what to read and not to read and therefore you dont want to read me. Fine! But why the hell are you making comments. Just keep away! Shoo!!!

    As for doing something for me brothers and sisters , Cant you see that I have been doing and am doing much? The stumbling blocks are people like you and the LTTE

  236. I have a feeling Rajabakasa Brothers along with Pirabaharan will be arrested under international Law soon
    They can run but not hide
    ( world is silent on this I have a feeling world is workingon it without expressing this to any one) There is so much anger among western world over Lanka
    We have seen Noriyega , Milosovitch ( serbia) in the world tribunal

    One day They will have the company of Rajabaksa brothers and Pirabakaran

  237. Hi shan,
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Tamils in srilanka linguistically close with Tamil Nadu, But
    we are very much differ from Tamil Nadu. I personally like to live with sinhaleese than live in indian frame work.
    Our national strugle was distoyed by India in 1983….
    India is soaked by tamil blood…..

  238. •Hi Suthan, (#236)
    Only you can pray.
    For Your well being, some one has to sacrifice.
    Wow what a wonderful Thesa pakthi
    If one want to be a father for his biological child. He has to work towards that. Otherwise his wife has to be Kounthithevi. pls participate then you know the pain. But easy thing is praying.

  239. To Mr. DBS
    After posting my reply to your questions, i saw some of the sinhala-named readers comments. They either mark you as LTTe-supporter in journalistic coat or paying ransom through their vulgar eulogy. Also i saw some of the comments that they are not even considering to reconcile the problem by treating Tamils as equal.

    I would like to record this here for the future reference that “Sinhala-buddhist won’t give you even naiya-paisa (smallest unit of Rupee, like cents) dividend of Tamils’ right even after defeating Tamil Tigers (although it will never happen), and wont let Tamils to live happily for another several decades. No Tamil can come to their homeland and see the lost paradise. No good future is visible for Ceylon Tamils until they get their right to self-determination and to live peace-fully in the freed homeland. So it is time to stand under one umbrella to fight for achieving the goal. we should fight ferociously when we are in the door-steps of imminent defeat. I don’t advocate you to support any particular group, but ask every one of you to be very prudent, pragmatic and honest to support the loyal-rich freedom fighters.



    Aiyo Siva

    why is the wolf crying about the goat getting wet?

    I am used to attacks from extremists on both sides of the ethnic divide.But the moderates who are the silent majority and right – thinking people appreciate me. That’s enough for me.

    These Sinhala extremists may attack me but then how many Tamil extremists like you continue to attack me?

    There is no difference

    One word of advice to you

    Please dont visit this site and get mentally disturbed. Look after your health

  240. #236 DBSJ”In case classical Tamil is difficult for you , please take the old Tamil movie Thiruvilaiyaadal and watch it.”

    Hi DBSJ

    Slightly offtopic and humorous. In that Thiruvilaiyaadal scene, I sympathised with Darumi (Nagesh) and not with Nakkeerar. Nagesh is good in playing ordinary, small man’s part with a bit of exaggeration. He lambasts Nakkeerar for bringing up doubts when the person whose doubt to be solved i.e. the king has been satsfied. Darumi has won the competition. Nakkeerar turns out to be nosey, killjoy, anal character who deprives Darumi of his deserved prize. So, for all his brave words, I could not appreciate Nakkeerar.



  241. DBS, Thanks for the article, much needed one at this point in time. I’m also frustrated and push to the limit with lack and flawed leadership shown by the LTTE representatives living among Diaspora. But I attended most of the rallies held in my city, never carried a LTTE flag nor shouted “Our leader is Prabaharan” but tried to raise the civilian’s plight. I disagree with your article on below areas:
    – You are trying to undermine the genuine concerns of hundreds and thousands of Tamil diaspora who hit the streets rallying for days, within them only a minority are trying to protect the LTTE, rest are trying to exert pressure on GoSL via IC to take action to protect innocent Tamils because Rajapakse government is running a failed state
    – Comparing the magnitude and significant of the death toll, destruction and displacement of the last 6 months with what happened in East in 2008, you must be kidding?.I understand one life or 4700 life, every single one should be protected but unfortunately we (or I) have inbuilt ?acceptable? thresholds
    – You are tyring to suggest the solution for the current humanitarian crisis is LTTE should not hold the people against their will and let them go ?FREE?. Is that means you are accepting and satisfied with the condition of ?IDP? in GoSL controlled areas. Even though half of the remaining families are one way or other connected to LTTE?

    Of course people are concerned and agitated about suffering civilians but how can demonstrating under the aegis of the LTTE help when the tigers are also to blame for the current situation?

    From the UN to Human rights organizations , the LTTE is being asked to release civilians who want to leave. Besides the LTTE is designated as terrorist by many western govts. So how can demonstrations with tiger flags and demands directed at one side alone (govt) expect to get any positive response?

    About the east the point I made was that there were no demonstrations at all for that humanitarian crisis. But once the LTTE hierarchy was under threat a sudden urge to demonstrate. So eastern civilians are of no consequence eh?Only northern civilians matter ah?

    It is a basic right of IDP’s that they should be allowed freedom of movement to choose where they want to go. Today the bulk of civilians in tiger territory want to move out to govt controlled area and the LTTE is restraining them. When the army entered Puthumaathalan thousands of people just fled

    It is NOT what I want or you want that matters. It is what THEY the IDP”s themselves WANT that matters

    The GOVT is also violating the rights of the IDP’s by holding them in high – security camps. Conditions are not good. Yes?

    But the IDP’s themselves have often said to both local and foreign representatives that despite the problems in Govt areas they are happy to have come here. What you dont seem to understand is that the IDP’s want the fundamental right of life first. All other rights are possible only if one LIVES

    Another point is that the International community while being critical of the govt for holding the IDP’s amidst tight security do understand the reasons. They also see that conditions are slowly improving for these poor souls

    The diaspora can play a constructive role by sending money to accredited organizations helping the IDP’s instead of squandering money on demonstrations

    By the way if you hear the heart – wrenching accounts of these IDPs about how they suffered at the hands of the LTTE you will never participate at a demonstration with tiger flags

    As I have often written the govt which claims to liberate Tamils from LTTE and tigers who claim to liberate Tamils from Sinhala oppressioin have both miserably failed the people. But what the LTTE is doing or did to its OWN people is unpardonable

  242. #233 DBS
    While I understand your reasoning for publishing #233 I would respectfully request you not to provide a forum for fools such as this.( It diverts the attention from a reasonable discussion from both Tamil and Sinhala moderates who seem to visit this page).

    As a Sinhalese married to a Tamil I can also see #233 is probably a troll. I remember enough Sinhalese to recoginse that some of the vulgar terms written there are not from a “native Sinhala Speaker”.

    Thank You and Peace.


    Judy , I understand your feelings. Usually I delete such comments but this is an experiment to see whether such shaming can deter them. Notwithstanding the fact that none of these jokers use real names or e-mails

  243. I think the diaspora went for these protests for two reasons.

    suddenly they felt the complete destruction of Tigers will take the wind out of the sail of the struggle for the Tamil cause for another generation,and thanks to VP no one else is there to do so since all possible options were cruelly exterminated lond ago.So they went there to see if it is possible to resurrect the Tamil cause by getting the western world to interfere.Went there in good faith but had to tolerate or did not mind the flags and placards because there was no other place to go and do so.

    the complete destruction of Tigers will take away the only hammer tamils had all these years to get back at Sinhala people. Without that there is feeling of at the mercy of the enemy from now on.

    Anyway after the possible defeat of Tigers and after coming to terms with the situation, Diaspora will probably look for sensible people to take forward the struggle and the interests of the Tamils.Not immediately but in time they will gather behind credible and sensible Tamil Leaders.

    At the same time thousands will start cancelling the standing orders made on behalf of Tiger donation collectors and oraganisations from their bank accounts because now these people don’t need that much to finance a war that is not there anymore.Some will still do for a while but will realise in the end because there is no proper accountability this money will only settle in swiss bank accounts of private individuals.Surely the Tamil businesses will also refuse to pay big bucks anymore.

    And finally the collectors themselves will slowly branch out and disappear from the scene to pursue other lucrative busineses as wealthy individuals.

    All other useless but damaging nefarious activities like card scams ,gobbling up temple tills too will slowly die a natural death.

    This will not happen toady or tomorrow but in the near future and definitely Tamils will find credible and sensible people to lead them and they will sit down with the GOSL in the NEAR FUTURE and will put forward attainable and realistic proposals with the backing of the civilised world.Don’t think GOSL would be in a position to ignore them when the time comes in a fast evolving global village.

    Until then we will see these demonstrations,placards,and flags appearing in a descending order and finally grinding to a halt.

  244. The bottom line is Sinhalese & Tamils have to learn something from this enormous tragedy.

    As an intelligent person, I think you are just doing that.

  245. DBS,
    I wish to thank you and congratulate you for the amazing response to this article that you wrote. The more than 240 responses that you hav received so far pretty much illustares what a fair and unbiased journalist can do. I salute you.

    To #233: Kosala Silva or whoever you are, you don’t speak for me, you don’t represnt me, and I sincerely hope that you don’t speak for Singhalese as a group. It is people like you who are reponsible for this situation that we are in now. Crawl back under the rock that you came out from. You will be doing the country a great favour.

    To the people who responded to what I wrote earlier in #92, lets hope that we can keep this conversation going. We should never ever let the last thirty years happen again.


    Ranjan, Thank You for your sentiments. I also appreciate the comment you posted (#92) in response to me. Lots of people told me it touched them

  246. Horror stories in Britain about conditions in Sri Lanka camps housing hundreds of thousands of Tamil refugees are wrong, a north-east MP said last night
    Gordon Liberal Democrat Malcolm Bruce, chairman of the Commons overseas development committee, said there may be shortages but refugees he spoke to were happy to have escaped the fighting in the north of the island state.

    For the rest of the article, here is the link.


  247. Dear DBS,

    If you are wintnessing the truth, why don’t you expose the ‘truth’ of what is happening inside the internment camps in Vavuniya.


    I will do so when I am sure of the facts and at the appropriate time.I will also write about the horrible experience they had with the LTTE. Meanwhile the important thing to do now is to work constructively and not destructively to get the govt to relax strict controls and improve facilities. Why dont you do something in that direction if you really care for the IDP’s?

  248. i can see you are an caster minded person

    DBSJ RESPONDS: I can see you are an ignorant coward!

  249. Dear DBSJ,
    Reference your reply in 106:- Noone has “hogged the megaphones” as you say. Most of those who demonstrate are in agreement with the slogans shouted – against genocide of the tamils & against state terrorism, demand for justice for tamils & demand for thamil eelam. The flag they wave is the national flag of tamils derived from the LTTE banner. Politicians of many countries have accepted this,and have spoken at rallies.
    Only LTTE achieved a measure of self rule for tamils in the vanni until eelam war IV commenced. This could have survived as a confederal area under the constitution but for indian treachery – orchestrated by Sonia and her puppet MMSingh. Now Singh says india cannot send its army into sri lanka as latter is a sovereign state. But then,how did Rajiv Ghandi send the indian army to subdue tamils and help JRJayawardena subjugate them & later still, send the indian navy to rescue the SL:Army when they were facing total defeat in vadamaradchy.
    What tamils, with or without the LTTE, will achieve is to be seen. The world will right the wrongs against tamils, & so will right thinking lankans, both sinhalese and tamils.
    It appears from your writings that you expect tamils to meekly submit to suppression, brutality and injustice by the terrorist state. If you do not, please state where tamils should go from here.


    I think you are not writing under your own name but using a name which somebody else has been using. So why dont you write under your own name.

    “Hogging the megaphone” is a figurative expression. You have misunderstood

    About India dont go on ad nauseam about “treachery” by India alone. What do you think about the treachery done by LTTE to India? What kind of act is the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi?

    If India is indeed treacherous then why on earth are you all supporting Jayalalitha now? Do you really think that she can deliver and if she fails will that be also called treachery?

    How come the woman you guys called a “non” Tamil” and “Paapaathy” and “thamilthurohii”
    is now praised like a goddess.

    About Indian Army being sent to Sri Lanka – now you depict it as a positive thing but then why did the LTTE fight it and ultimately kill Rajiv Gandhi?

    About your stupid charge about my wanting Tamils to submit meekly to oppression , you yourself know how stupid that is. Once again I say go read all what I’ve been writing for decades.

    I do not want people to submit to oppression from any side both govt and LTTE

    But not submitting to oppression does not mean that you have to engage in violence

    By the way tell me what the LTTE has achieved for the Tamils through violence and where it has brought the Tamils?

    It is rather irritating to see people like you talking like great brave souls when the ground reality is so bleak.

  250. The ultimate counter-insurgency tactic is to give all Ceylonese equal treatment, dignity, and respect.
    This enlightened attitude must accompany the military defeat of the LTTE. Then the country will finally have peace.

    A good example, of the failure of the state to protect all citizens equally is the white van extortion racket which was launched with the connivance of state elements against middle-class Colombo Tamil businessmen. The state was for the most part apathetic towards protecting Colombo Tamils from this extortion.
    Only international embarrassment and the need to have a good image during the war led it to clean up its act.

    If one community feels the state no longer protects their freedom and dignity, then this mistreatment will always sow the seeds of renewed conflict.

    Ms. Bandaranaike implemented standardization with the intent to cut down the influence of the Vellalas.
    How can a state do what to one community?
    How can a the state burn down Jaffna library with the intent to erase the only house of the historical records of the Jaffna Tamil people.
    That is the root of this secessionist conflict. Either through military means or joining India, Jaffna Tamils are essentially trying to restore their sovereignty and right to self rule because the state failed to give them the dignity and equal treatment that they are entitled to.

    With the military defeat of the Tigers, I hope the state embraces multi-cultural nationalism. The state must treat all Sri Lankan citizens equally irrespective of their region/language/religion etc.

    When we realize that there is no difference between Tamil, Sinhala, and Muslim and that we all have the same life force running through our bodies, then our internal conflict will end.
    This enlightened attitude must also do away with the pernicious caste distinctions that still exist in the mind of Jaffna Tamils.

    Anyways, there are external forces trying to pry off Hambantota, Trincomalee, and Palaly. Only by uniting together as Sri Lankans, can we restore our dignity vis a vis foreigners who are trying to manipulate the conflict to pillage our land. The International Community, India, and China are all barbarians at the gate waiting to steal what they can.
    If you plan to create a Sinhala state, I am sure the island will be a subordinate state to one or more of these powers.

    But if we unite as Sri Lankans then we have a chance to restore our dignity and sovereignty as an island that once had powerful and flourishing Kandyan Kingdom, Jaffna Kingdom, and Kotte Kingdom.

    The onus has always been on the state to treat Yarlpana Tamils as first class citizens and equal owners of Sri Lanka.

    The Tiger’s were part of the problem. A post-LTTE scenario provides a great opportunity for Sinhalese to take control of your own future, and work together with all communities to restore the dignity of all peoples within Sri Lanka.

    The lesson from Kosovo is that internal dissension leads to external intervention. Kosovo is just a subjugated client state for NATO. Serbia is the same for Russia.
    Tamil Nadu politicians are already using interventionist rhetoric. And a humanitarian crisis provides the ideal pretext under the Right to Protect doctrine.

    If we had always been united, Portugese Dutch and British would never have even conquered the island.

    Now Hindians are trying to subjugate. Westerners and Chinese also trying to grab what they can.

    Tamils are begging their white masters in the West to use ‘gunboat diplomacy’ in order to create a Kosovo, with a naval base in Trincomalee.
    Sinhalese giving up Hambantota to Chinese and much of their external sovereignty to Hindians in return for weapons and material support. Also Sinhalese are bankrupt and about to get caught by the IMF noose (a tool of Western imperialism).

    The British could only conquer the Kandyan Kingdom because of infighting/disunity between the Nayakkar King and the Kandyan Chieftans.

    Isn’t the same infighting and disunity happening now?

  251. Ok I Admit I just had a drink ( Red wine) going to sleep

    Any way I will be delighted If North and East of Lanka become a part of Tamil Nadu

    We love the Tamils of Lanka We will take care of you . We will never fight we have somuch in common

    I had friends of ceylon during my college days
    I miss them They were good kids good old days wil not come . They had good time in Tndau . They enjoyed their stay here

    Any way I disagree with Madam Jeyalalitha to form a separate Eelam for tamils

    I will be happy If North and east of Lanka are united with Tamil Nadu We all can live in peace

    I pray to almighty this happens one day

    Good night Namaskar

  252. great article DB, unfortunately the blind diaspora will never open its eyes and see what tamil terrorism has bought the tamils
    -tamils are refugees in toronto-IDPs in the wanni and human shields for the “boys” in the NFZ-and on top of that tamils are getting blown up by the “boys” for trying to escape the NFZ.
    AND remember the sun god sold the tamils vote for RS 180 each…does the diaspora think the govt overpaid?
    personally i’m thankful for the sun god for giving us a president who knows how to deal with tha tamil terrorism that has plagued my country for more than a generation. maybe that is why the diaspora cheers on the sun god.
    BTW did the diapora see the sun god sitting in his little inflatable swimming pool….defence.lk has the pics, if any of the diaspora can take a break from attacking embassies, go take a look….Swarnam is the sun god’s waiter (in the pics mind you, don’t know what he did for the sun god in real life).
    maybe at least now the diaspora can stop funding the terrorists and fund some food for your relatives in the IDP camps….somehow i doubt the diaspora has a collective common sense and decency to do that.
    once again let me thank DB for a good article and i await the day DB can write an eulogy for the sun god….i’m sure the diaspora will appreciate your writing then….i know that i will.

  253. very very sad to see the tamils killed yesterday
    This is unimaginable There is no bloody excuse to kill people

    I understand There is going to be a debate Monday in the security council in Newyork city requested by French and UK external ministers( latest news)

    Lanka is in big big trouble now

    These are the scenario I expect in weeks

    (a) Most likely There will be a war tribunal and Rajabaksa brothers and Pirabakarn and Son will be arrested by International force to face the tribunal. If UN does not send Troops Europen Union along with US wil send troops to save the tamils and arrest Pirabakaran Gang and Rajabaksa Gang for war crimes
    They will have company with Noreiyaga ( former president of Panama) and Charles Taylor ( former resident of Liberia)in the prison

    (b) Economic Sanctions from West and also many western countries will send the lankan ambaseders to their home country and also bring their envoys from Lanka
    They will make sure no one from their respective countries visit Lanka as tourists

    (c) Madam Jayalaitha is playing a major role in Indian Politics now . If she contribute 40 seats to form the next Government thats it baby
    Lanka is a done deal She will send troops to capture Rajabaksa gang and Pirabakaran Gang for war crimes against Humanity She does not like both of them
    Lanka is a tiny island .
    The war will end within 3 – days if India go to War
    I do not think Eelam is a good option It depends on her decision and may not be popular among other parties her alliance ( comunist party or other regional parties)

  254. Dear DBS,
    Excellent article!

    As a Sinhalese, — and more importantly as a human being — I am appalled by the situation in Mullaitivu. I would stand in protest alongside anyone who truly cares about the plight of the Tamil people.

    The government’s actions certainly need to be questioned, but just as the article delineates, the monochromatic view of the LTTE supporters has discouraged Sinhalese like me to support the protests. If people with your vision ran the protests, I’m sure more Sinhalese people will join your cause.

    As a young adult who has only experienced a war ridden country, I hope for a better tomorrow when all peoples of Sri Lanka can live harmoniously. Unfortunately, the LTTE supporters as well as the Sinhalese jingoists dont help the cause.

  255. ஜெயராஜ்

    நீங்கள் உங்கள் கட்டுரைகளை தமிழில் எழுத வேண்டும். தமிழ் பேசும் மக்கள் இப்படிப் பட்ட பேச்சுகளில் கலந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். புதிய கட்டுரைகள் மட்டுமல்லாது, பழைய கட்டுரைகளையும் தமிழில் மொழி பெயர்க்க வேண்டும். இந்த வலைதளத்திலேயே தமிழ் பக்கம் ஆரம்பிக்கலாம் அல்லது புதிய தமிழ் வளையத்தை தொடங்கவும். தமிழ்நாட்டில் ஈழ விஷயங்கள் அரசியல் கால் பந்தாட்டமாக போயிற்று. ஈழத்தில் என்ன நடக்கின்றது என தெரியாமல், ஒவ்வொரு அரசியல்வாதியும், பப்ளிக் பெரும்புள்ளீயும் , தங்கள் பாபுலாரிட்க்காக விஷயங்களை திரித்துக் கொள்கிறார்கள். அதற்கு ஒரு பாலன்ஸ் ஏற்பட , நீங்கள் தமிழ் வளையத்தை ஆரம்பித்து, தமிழர்கள் பங்கு கொள்ள வேண்டும்.



  256. DBSJ

    Is there a progressive political voice anywhere, either in SL or overseas that is advocating for the plight of civilians that is cross-cultural and independent of southern nationalism, or the LTTE ? I feel the responses on this blog has demonstrated a clear desire where many (April myself and Priyaranga above for example), especially young people like myself feel the hysterical neo-fascist element in both communities has submerged the real priority in this conflict which is the human rights of the civilians caught in this bloodbath.


    Hi can you send me your e – mail please?

  257. I think its better for the diaspora to demonstrate for a political solution and civilians. Pirapaharan and his short sighted team of leaders are the biggest curse for us. These people promised liberty and finally ruined the education, Wealth and now at last the lives and rights of the tamils.
    Now these buggers has sent some idiots(castro) abroad and trying to tarnish the name of the tamils at all.
    These uneducated b———s try to behave in a foreign country just like they behave in vanni. They do not know human values. I think most of the tamil people has sacrifised more than the LTTE leaders such as pirabaharan, Pottu, Castro etc.

  258. I spent lot of my time in recent months to understand the real issues in Srilanka. It was very difficult to dig out truth from so much of wastes.

    My interest to follow the developments and dig the past staretd purely due to my keen interest to visit this beautiful island at leat for once with family, which looked impossible as long as the LTTE exists there pretending as Tamil liberators at the same time displacing the civilians time to time for the safety of own skin.

    Now I am fully convinced that the some shameless opportunistic Sri lankans (LTTE, Tamil diaspora and Sinhalese currupted politicians ) are responsible for the destruction of their own land and its resources by blocking a solution all these years.

    Dear Shri. Jayaraj, I feel the deepest sympathy and share the agony and pain, you and like minded people experienced and have been going through all these years. It appears definitely there will be a turn once the LTTE hard core is crushed and eliminated.

    I wish this particular write up of yours may become an eye opener to some of the diaspora who are charged to take part in violent protests blind folded.

    My heartiest support to you,


    Thank You Pramod – DBSJ

  259. Related to comment 149, I would like to challenge especially those who are still supportive to LTTE and do not understand DBS points: HOW MANY DIRECT RELATIONS (family) do you have in Vanni and/ or the camps in Vavuniya and how much have you been in contact with them in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008? I guess those who shout the loudest support to LTTE have almost no relations!

  260. It is causing intolerable pain to see the suffering people go thru in conflict zone, IDP no matter how it lead to the situation.
    Both conflict parties took the course of end justifies the means, not knowing the suppose end is not peace.
    Battle is won by soldiers and the war is won by statesman which is unheard commodity in Sri lanka. How battle is going to end is going to create a new paradigm which we can not define now but certainly not going to be pleasant for Sri lanka and it is going to further muddied by geopolitical interest of regional powers and Tamilnadu factor. Further the Sri lanka and the people support the war will find out rebellion can not be wiped out until the root cause of the problem is solved which is extremely a hard job when people are not prepared politically and morally. Who does the job of preparing people- Free media- unfortunately they are killed, intimidated, gaged and exiled.
    I agree with one of the comments suggest (#273) message should reach wider audience in Tamil ( also in Sinhaleae)
    People like to hear what they want to hear as we can see in several comments. The same people who are happy with the writer now will be unhappy next article and vice versa. Truth pill is very important for this potentially curable cancer, it is bitter and no choice but to swallow to survive.

  261. Jayaraj,

    You have to respond to so much – you have done well! I happened to be in SL and saw the funeral of SJV, as Paskar (238) says. It was very sad to me. I am friendly with Neelan’s close relations here – again very sad.

    Tell us, if the Sinhala people had agreed with one of the signed agreements in th efifties / sixties – would not Sri Lanka developed well? There would not be an LTTE, EPRLF, or ….

    How many have died unnecessarily and are still dying – unfortunately in very large numbers – why is the international community so silent? Any where else one child dies and they cry out, but only watching the civilians being killed by the thousands in SL.

    If the ciivlians had moved out to “safety zone” – again great problems of being separated, taken away and so on – unknown!

    Tamils – surely are entitled to their rights in their own country. Why are the politicians so brutal – is it desire to be leaders, at any cost?

    All the people of SL are going to suffer. What sin have they done? This is my worry. How long will they suffer?

  262. The tamil diaspora do not understand the ground realities in sri-lanka and they do not understand what is happening at all since they are living in their own dream world in the west and simply supporting a brutal terrorist group who have broken all the rules in the book.

    My advice to the tamil diaspora is either help the tamil people in the north with rehabilitaton reconstruction and development of the north (an enormous task by any means) and in peace and reconciliation and implementation of political power sharing.

    or forever keep yourselves to yourselves and work towards betterment of your own selves in the west and dont bother the tamil, sinhalese and muslim people who actually live in sri-lanka which is their home and let them live there in peace.

    By the way even without any help whatsoever from the diaspora the sri-lanka government, well meaning international organisations, local companies and others will, alongside the people living there will achieve this enormous task of infrastructure repair and development of the north.

    i suspect this is what will happen in the end anyway.

  263. Dear DBJ,
    Its an excellat article and thank you very much for highlighting the reality.
    First of all our heart and prayers go to all those who are suffering due to the extream attitute of two demons, the LTTE and the Srilankan Govt. At this point neither the LTTE nor the SriLankan govt has any concern or value for human life. As you mentioned I think that the LTTE is having its last breath. LTTE who claimed to be the xavior of the Tamils has been the curse for the Tamil Community and has now prooved that with out any doubt by using their own kith and kins as human shield to save their skin and even attacking them when those innocent people tried to escape.
    After 1983 riots when I learnt about LTTE I thought we have a voice to talk on behalf of the Tamil community. But when I learnt about the killing and atrocities carried out by the megalomaniac LTTE by killing fellow Tamilians and the Tamil politicians who did not agree with them and also murdering two head of states. I see no difference between the sinhala rowdies who murdered many Tamils in 1983 and the LTTE. Now we do not have a decent Tamil politician who has the capablity to voice on behalf of the Tamils as all of them has been wiped out by the LTTE
    My prayers are that once this is over harmony should be brought in with some sort of political solution which allow the Tamils enjoy the freedom as the Sinhala brothers and sisters

    If President Rajapkse has the courage and wisdom to do it with genuinity he will go down in history for ending the decades long conflict in Sri Lanka. If he does it effectively he will win the heart of the innocent Tamillians who are living in Sri Lanka. If he has the courage he will take a bold action to give all the rights to the Tamils by wich he can eliminate the support of the Tamils to these terrorist as per international standard
    One word to the dispora !!!
    Please listen to horror stories of the people who has been living in Vanni. Their horror stories of child soldiers, the stories of LTTE diverting the govt ration food items to be sold on black market depriving milk to babies etc.Please listen to the real people of Vanni and not to the mouth pieces of LTTEi in the western world who are not telling the real hardship of the people in Vanni .
    Final word to the diaspora please do not make decision for the people who are back home. You have not the decision maker to say whether Tamils in Sri lanka should live in Tamil Eelam or not. Let the people in Srilanka make that decision.
    Tamils in Sri Lanka wants only a peaceful life. They have already wasted thirty years of their life, that is half their life span running from pillar to post while the dispora has been enjoying their life with parties and luxuries like the high ranking cardres of LTTE in Vanni.
    Finally DBJ please keep on doing your Dharma and we pray for a peaceful solution

  264. The latest on this sad saga is over 1200 dead in few hours.

    Few things are very clear

    1) There is no such thing call RESCUE operation.

    2) There is Certainly a war crime tribunal and certainly against SLA, ( the chain of Command comes from Mahinda-> Gotabaya -> Three Forces Commanders -< Divisions commanders.

    3) If GoSL think that deporting Journalist, denies Visa to HRW staff, then they are fooling themselves.

    4) I am becoming more of an atheist, but when I grew up, we use to point the fingers and tell others ” the GOD is watching”. I am not here to say that the unseen God is watching, but certainly something (satellites) are watching over Mullaithivu, with black and white evidence.

    5) Even at this Juncture any one say that we need “RECONCILLIATION” of post conflict era, some one is fooling themselves.

    GoSL, you can never make peace with force.

    The top 10 List of War Criminals includes

    RAJIV GANDHI (massacre in Jaffna General Hospital in 1987)

    I think the Diaspora should focus on get this people behind the bar

    I think Diaspora also should work on economically paralyzing the State of Srilanka, by then only we can find some breathing room

    Without a TOTAL DEMILITARIZATION and DE-MINING of the NORTHEAST, there is no PEACE that can be initiated.
    Without the right to Self determination, no peace can sustain for generations to come.”

    To Whom it may concern,’ ( specially to USA, UK and CANADA governments) Think about the Aland…


    April in May

  265. NIce one Mr. DBSJ.

    I did go to the 1st protest in Toronto in support of trapped IDP’s.

    I avoided the 2nd one when I saw the Tiger flags were flown, since my concerns were civilians and hapless civilians alone.

    I did support the LTTE earlier but after London Jeyadevan’s imprisonment “Expose” (believe Castro was the mastermind to please Nigerian – Mr. Seevaratnam) refrained from supporting them.

    I read in one of your recent articles that one legged Castro has resurrected again? god save the remaining LTTE.

    I’m for a united country where all ethnic are treated equally as we enjoyed prior to our independance.

    Tamils need to know that not all Sinhalese are bad and you can count on them more than anyone out there. After all our culture, religion and habits are identical to them than anyone else out there.

    Having said the above, the present government with it’s abject human rights record and chauvnistic agendas will not deliver anything to Tamils and merely hoodwinking the IC with it’s bogus “War on Terror”.

    The present regime is no lesser evil than the Nazi regime or Sudan’s Bashir Regime.

    Latest shelling on “Safety Zone” (May 9th & 10th) alone will be sufficient to back up my accusation of abject disregard for Tamilian lives.

    We Tamils, have to pray for another Sri-Lankan regime to deliver peace. We all know how LTTE propped up this present regime for “Millions of Rupees” bribe boycott.

    I’m not an expert on LTTE but firmly believe, actions of late Tamilselvan and “Living dead” Castro, brought LTTE to it’s destruction.

    Here is a nice NY Times blog for everyone.


    Peace on Earth!

  266. After reading this wonderful article and the many inspiring comments especially from our brethren from the south of Sri Lanka, it seems that one can keep on writing in length on many issues such as from educational standardization to federalism and to separate state. We do agree or have consensus on nothing.

    As to standardisation, in my view, it was not Tamils students but the Tamil students ONLY from Jaffna were affected including the Tamil speaking Muslim students then. The Tamils students from Mannar, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu, Trinco, Batti, Pottuvil were the beneficiaries. As noted above by one Sinhala students from Colombo, he also was equally affected like Jaffna student but they did not protest it. Because the main benefiaries were his people from the south. Having not realised this then in 1971, evern though I was born and bred in Batticaloa, I also took part in the 1971 student march from Kokuvil Hindu College to Jaffna play grounds ridiculing Badiuddin Mohamed, the then Min of Education.

    The reason I highlight this here to tell to the comments made by 70., Karan Murugavel [ May 7th, 2009 at 12:09 pm] that many do NOT know why there are taking part in the protests and parades. That is why even today at the marches organised to save the civilians, the protesters carry tiger flags, shout that VP is their leader, sing LTTE songs that promotes child conscription etc, etc. As DBS said it correctly you are undergoing the same phase we all went through. But I wonder why you have to do the same when you have the benefit of learning from our experience and/or the benefit of first world education. Are you all are not smart enough to learn from other’s experience in life.

    As I am writing this Thileepan, the LTTE spokesman is being interviewed by the Tamil Radio. He is pleading that it is only the expats and expats only can save them. VP might think that the Tamils also have very short memory. But what we hear is that it is the same VP who described the diaspora as tholaintha santhathi or “lost generation”. How many more times we are going to excuse this VP in the name of liberation struggle.

    Each and every Tamil expat has his or her beautiful memoriies of their home land. LIke DBS I also could write the days and the time I spent at Passikudah beach, Kallady bridge, the breeze at Koddaumunai bridge pretending that it came from singing fish, Mamangam Temple festival in July every year etc. and I yearn to have to it again.

    But what i hear now from my homeland is the abduction of Tamil children for ransom and their killings. Abduction for ransom was started by the LTTE in Tamil areas long time ago and my family was the first victim in 2002 after the peace talks. [in 80s also this took place but during confrontational times]. Then I had only few friends [incl. DBSJ] then to stand up against the LTTE but many justified this extortion claiming that this amounted to paying tax to the LTTE and therefore that was not wrong. Now see what is happening! The descendants of the LTTE are doing the same but for different reasons. This is not going to stop until and unless the law and order returns to normal. But will that happen? No.

    Before I conclude, let me warn here to those who fight for the release of OUR people from the detention camps in Vavuniya and other people. Learn a lesson from the east and see what the former cadres of the LTTE are doing there. They are involved in all sorts of criminal activities including child abduction, child sex abuse and killings including robberies. These boys and girls have no future and have no skills [other than criminalization] to make a living. All they want is money to leave Sri Lanka and to join us, the Expats or tholaintha santhathi or “lost generation”. For that they will do anything.

    This is what our people who are in the camps are going to do once they are released. North is going to face the worst lawlessness in the country soon. Does that mean they have to confine to the camps and my answer is NO!

    Then what is the solution: I DO NOT KNOW!!! But what i know is that once they are released you cannot take them back.

  267. However, it is good to have a harsh and reality discussion so that both sides can correct their mistakes.


  268. Enlightened countries embrace their minorities and grant the minority language official status. Tamil was spoken by aproximately 30 perecent of the Sri Lanakan population at the time when Sinhala was made the only official language. The Muslim population in Sri Lanaka primarily speak Tamil but are often identified by the GoSL as Muslim only when preparing domestic statistics for global consumption.

    I am a proud Canadian; a Sri Lanakan Tamil born in the west; an agnostic from a Hindu background. My parents were encouraged by their families to remain in the west after obtaining UK educations due to the political environment in Sri Lanka which was not favorable to Tamil’s back in the late 60’s. I wouldn’t dispute that LTTE are terrorists who use reprehensible tactics, but even the most cursory examination of the Sinhalese governments over the years will demonstrate a constant desire to marginalise the Tamils, together with a repressive and totalitarian streak. For example, recent assassinations of journalists who dare to raise a critical voice.

    The underlying philosphy of ‘global war on terror’, together with the toothless inactivity of the UN, has allowed the goverment an unprecedented degree of latitude in its current campaign. The fact that all the collateral casualties – killed, maimed and displaced – are Tamils too is a huge bonus. Perilously close to ethnic cleansing, in fact.

    The Flag of Sri Lanka: Its four pipul leaves are Buddhist symbols and the sword is said to represent authority. The green represents the Muslim population, while the orange represents Hindus. The Sri Lankan government claims the presence of the Hindu & Muslim colours demonstrate the embracing & tolerance of minorities.

    Sri Lankan Tamils feel that the Government of Sri Lanka’s flag clearly sends the message of Sinhala (the Lion’s) dominion over Tamil & Muslim minorities.
    In an interview to Canadas National Post in September 2008, Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka said “I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people. We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country.”
    “We are also a strong nation … They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things.” He dismisses concerns by international human rights groups about the conduct of his forces, saying that while civilian deaths are inevitable in war, relatively few non-combatants have died in the Sri Lankan conflict.
    Let us not forget about the conduct of the Sri Lankan Army peace keeping force in Haiti.

    Listen to this non-Tamil Sri Lanakan lady who says it best.

  269. The anonymous writer on 282 should have put the name


    on the top of the list. This gentleman started the attrocities with Mr Durayappah continued it by killing various yonsters, politicians, presidents of two countries. Now along with Mahinda he is gambling on the life of innocent Tamils.

  270. comment 285-amirthaalian

    are you mad to think you can keep people indefinitely in camps”because they may resort to crimes”. even the sinhalese who are generally better hearted than you selfish types, will not agree.
    they should be allowed to get on with their lives normally.

  271. Bravo DBS Jeyaraj, it is heartening to know that there ae people of your intellectual Independence around as we still moan the loss of the likes of Lakshman Kadirgamar and Neelan Tiruchelvam. LTTE ethnic cleansing should be named for what it is.

  272. Protestign Tamil Diaspora- how senzitively you spak of 1983 etc. yes agree -shameul act, if your blood boils when Prbhakaan is beign defeated- is yoru blood so prejudiced too that it doens’t boil when innocent babies were hammered against trees and as parents watched and some were hacked to death in their vilages in Prbhakharan’s ethnic cleansing atempts. what HYPOCRISY. Atleast our hearts felt when we saw citizens in anguish in the IDP camps and sent loads of food and clothes just two weeks ago- seeing children & mothers- their ethnic origin didn’t matter to us- so how can you talk of GENOCIDE byt eh Sri Lankan govt-when they try to prevent LTTE’s ethnic cleansing. So did your blood boil when you saw images of innocent villagers hacked to death or bus bomb victims were seen in 100’s…etc just to name a few. This hypocraci and how one can remain silent is what gave rise to SInhala chavunism?

  273. Would no 282 who advocate “Self Detemination” also agree to Tamils in the rest of the coutnry being deported to the Eelam land- they can obtain visas if they want to. ?
    If not you are insane.

  274. Very good article. LTTE is not crying for civilians killings by Government but they are crying for their survival.
    LTTE always used tamils suffring for their propaganda and their survival.
    Last 22 years ,after LTTE banned all other tamil groups what did achived: killing peace makers, socil activities, alternative viewers, banned all the media in north & east and control all over the europe and canada. As a tamil we all lost our freedom of speach not only in jaffna but also in europe under LTTE. I hope this time will bring some sort of solution and peace to long suffering tamils with the help of international community. if LTTE survive , another 30 years will repeat the same story. it will be good for hard core LTTE supporters but not for tamils and those belive in democracy.

  275. comment 291-lenirat
    i too was revolted when i saw those images in eastern province villages a long time ago. i believe it was in 1985 or so. i thought can tamils really do this. but there is a fundamental difference. yours is state terrorism. ours is the insurgent type imposed on the tamil people through the barrell of a gun. how many sinhalese would have stood up in defiance and got killed in the process like thecountless tamils who have.. when the jvp was at its peak you people were cowering indoors even in colombo while i went to work as usual defying them.though i was revolted about pirabaharans actions what can i do about it other than get on with my life. so before you start castigating tamils think with that god given asset called a brain.

  276. DBSJ,
    What a cynical little report this is. I have been a long time reader of yours. But have never read such an un-insightful report from you before. You seem to be no different than the LTTE and GOSL.

    There are many a small communities of Tamils around the US, Canada, and Europe who strongly disagree with LTTE yet consider the current situation grave. They are trying to influence their local governments to do something about stopping the mass killing going on now.

    May be you are living too much in your head to understand any o this . Get a grip dude.


    If you want to influence western govts that have proscribed the LTTE why are you demonstrating with the tiger flag? Is that not counter – productive? Why is Nadesan appealing openly to the diaspora to do something constructive? why is Castro instructing his representatives to get the people on the roads?

    Of course there are many people worried and concerned about the suffering of civilians but they have been emotionally manipulated into joining pro – tiger demonstrations that are actually harming the long – term interests of the Tamils.

    I doubt you’ll get a grip of this , DUDE

  277. Can anyone tell me, So-called Tamil representatives LTTE has taken one genuine and positive political step to solve the Tamils problem for the last thirty years?

  278. Dear DBSJ

    It is a nice attempt to open the eyes of the tamil diasopora. Thanks to them and the Tamil net, Tamil voice lost the complete credibilty in international arena.

    I sincerely hope your idea is to open the eyes of the tamil people to convince them that at the end of the day both tamils and sinhalese has to live together.

    Because tamil people and sinhala people had enough rides on different avenues, Badaranaike went in one direction Chelva went in one direction. We all made mistakes in the past. What is utmost in the current context is before solving political problems of the tamil people, their human problems need to be solved. They live in IDP camps and their basic human rights are not protected. When you talk about human rights I do not think even the sinhalese enjoy basic human rights. It is very important that we establish these rights to our people and let them enjoy living like decent human beings. To do this we need an environment where there is no armed struggles. This is why LTTE has no place in such a situation.

    After this we have to address the political aspirations of all the parties in SL. Just as tamils like to be governed by their wishes sinhalese like to be governed by their wishes. But that does not mean that we can exercise ethno centric ideologies to solve this problem.

    Ultimately this problem boils down to LAND. Which is the higly declining commodity in SL. In my opinion this problem will never be solved if you deny sinhalese right to live in tamil areas just as well as lot of tamils live in sinhala areas. Also Tamils ( including tamils in upcountry ) need to be given equal status in the society
    Their political aspirations has to be solved within a one country. whether it unitary or united does not matter. what matters is we cannot have borders in this small country. we do not want two armies in this country. We should all be able to live together with dignity. I hope you will use the power of your pen to achieve that just solution.

  279. Mr J, I have a funny feeling that you are about to table a great dialog to build a strong foundation for a true Sri Lankan identity.Its happening without anyone’s knowledge. Hats off to you! What a start this is! You give us hope and please do continue!

    I am also beginning to get nostalgic. Yes, way back when we had 4 Tamil boys hidden on our ceiling in Mount Lavinia for 4 nights in the dark 1983. I was a boy too. Just 23.I still remember accompanying them through known backyards to the safety of the copshed at 2 am as in the movies. I do remember some names. One was good looking Ranjith from the North who was a good friend of the great CCC fast bowler R.Naguleswaranand there was elderly Sri who was working for Singer then. Then there was this beaded guy from Batti who could hardly speak Sinhalese. I forget his name. I don’t know whether they are part of the diaspora now. But they trusted us then and were so thankful for saving their lives from the mobs of the sea-side slums.I hope we can meet again some day and enjoy a bottle of beer at the Savoy pub! I am sure you have the vision Mr J to drive all of us there, to a brand new Sri Lanka that belongs to all of us!


    Thank You Sanka. No , I dont think I can do what you’ve suggested. But I do think we all can try together. But once again Thanks for your expressing your sentiments

  280. I am not sure if you have a group of people demonstrating if it is possible to ban the LTTE flag from being displayed. Would it not be the same as what one accuses the pro-LTTE elements of doing? ie banning peoples’ right to express themselves?

    What is lacking is actual dialogue over finger pointing and witch hunts on all sides.

    Also comment 295…from what I am reading there is nothing there that says “simon” has gone on demonstrations with an LTTE flag. I thought it was in fact the opposite. I thought he was trying to say that there were people getting involved in other ways and the picture is more nuanced than just a whole lot of people marching with the LTTE flag or fighting against those marching with the LTTE flag.

    We should just stop shouting at each other and start listening.

    By the way, my personal observations…(which admittedly are not a representative sample of the population) are the opposite to reports I have read. I have observed that the few people I know who have been demonstrating in front of the LTTE flag, fasting etc. have relatives and/or friends in the Vanni.

  281. By the way the Hamas is proscribed in many western countries and there is evidence that they did commit attrocities in the Gaza war, yet the media did not conflate the demonstrators against the war in Gaza with the Hamas. By the way I know for a fact that those demonstrations also contained Hamas supporters and people making anti-semetic remarks. I have Jewish friends who joined those demonstrations anyway.

    Also Canada banned British MP George Galloway who lead the convoy into Gaza because he was a Hamas supporter. Even the US did not ban him from coming to their country to speak. So you are not living in a particularly progressive country at the moment.

  282. A well worth article. I plead educated Tamil children born in the west east or home to read the truth and fight for just cause in future for Tamils in Sri Lanka to preserve their inherited culture, religion and above all your language. So called refugees do not destroy your childrens future giving in to your emotions. What you do not realise is that you have killed thousands of beautiful children in back home while you want to give the best for yours

  283. This is the most insightful article I have read on this topic – I also suspect it is the most accurate and truthful. Excellent work!

  284. When Germany killed 6 million jews, the Americans and Canadians were deporting Jewish refugees who had come to US/Canada illegally. Recently when 1 miilion Tutsis were killed over 100 days in Rwanda, Bill Clinton/UN refused to call it a Genocide incase he had to act. So the world will stand by and watch even if there is a real Genocide in Sri Lanka let alone the current “blood bath”.

    It is time for the diaspora to think in following terms

    1. We have to get people out of open air prisons/IDB camps
    2. We have to get them resettled in their old villages
    3. We have to help them fend for themselves
    4. We have to figure out a way to help widows, orphans and invalids
    5. We have to make sure SL Tamils in the foreseable future dont get into to any nasty nationalistic direction
    6. We have to help Tamils maintain a low profile, mind their business and repair.


    Yes Raveen, I do hope more people will think on these lines and engage in realistic, constructive action -……………………….DBSJ

  285. comment 298 sassanka

    yes i know many cases of sinhalese who risked there lives and properties to save tamils, just like you. that is why i know it is not a people to people thing but a problem created by rotten governments and leaders of both communities. let us hope that at least in the future we get better leaders and governments and try to salvage something out of all this.
    even though in life we all learn from mistakes what a price it has been to pay. today you can see in island newspaper crippled soldiers. what a life if you call it life, and what for all this anyway. if only we had a lee kuan yew or nehru, where would we be now. probably we would have had a mixed race of people of at least 10 percent, and nobody would have even bothered whether they were tamils or sinhalese.

  286. Dear DBS,

    I appreaciate your effort.Tears rolled up in my eyes when you referred to the homeland we have lost.I am sure your able writing talents acn help to inform the world at large what a great nation and culture we are.A leader need not be armed but win the pride of the Tamil Nation.If we leave others to restore our prestine past. I belong to a local Tamil Church in Melbourne and now they have taken the opportunity to destroy our langauge and culture since we are weak as a Tamil Nation.I hoping for more people like to stand for the Tamils in this hour need, yes we have made mistakes but we must move on for the sake of the Dravidian race before we get destroyed self seeking colonial suckkers !!!
    Thanks keep it up

  287. Hi DBS
    You are against the holding of RED Flag with a Tiger head and … saying that it is the flag of LTTE.

    My question is is there any concrete evidence that this is the LTTE flag ???

    I’m asking this because I have seen some news articles that some claimed that it is the flag of the Tamil Eelam secessionist movement NOT the LTTE. (Feel this is bit funny but expect a more logical response from you)

    “Protesters have said the flag is that of the Tamil Eelam secessionist movement and not the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.”

    Regards Jayanath

    The difference is that of between tweedledum and tweedledee . At some point, not now, I may write about the “flag”, then more in detail ….-…..DBSJ

  288. Well people can say what they want but this is a chicken and egg situation isnt it?

    whilst I agree that the method employed by the LTTE are wrong, you can’t deny the need for the LTTE to voice the needs for and fight for the rights of tamils.

    What happened first….the riots in 50s and the discriminations around the early 70’s or the fomation of the LTTE?

  289. Well said DBSJ.Problem is other fair tamils being quit when they REALLY NEED TO Make their voice..

  290. I wonder if I am off the track here. I would categorise the Tamil Diaspora into multiple groups as follows

    1. LTTE members who are supported by the movement (These are the people collecting money, buying arms, etc)

    2. Hardcore LTTE Supporters

    3. LTTE Sympathisers mainly because they believe LTTE is the only saviour of Tamils in Sri Lanka or have been affected by the Sri Lankan government in the past

    4. LTTE supporters because it serves their own agenda (For example refugees who will have to go back to SL if the war ends)

    5. Concerned about Tamils but not necessarily LTTE supporters. They genuinely believe the government of SL is evil.

    6. LTTE haters because of injustice done to them by the LTTE.

    7. Those that want to have nothing to do with Sri Lanka or Tamils.

    You will find 1 & 2 above organise a lot of the Diaspora activities, 3 & 4 participate willingly and 5 out of a sense of obligation.

    I think articles like these and more importantly follow on comments such as 303 will have to get a bit more prominent to get 3 to 7 acting constructively. You can do very little about 1 & 2.

    Very well analysed -……………..DBSJ

  291. I like to repeat what I have said earlier. What is forgotten is the brutal murder and plunder against the Tamils, which was apparently supported by the State. The number of Tamils killed during the fifties to seventies and the 1983, far exceed any other killing, except what is happening now. Has there been any similar killing of the Sinhalese?

    No one seems to bother of the atrocities faced by the Tamils, which caused the formation of the LTTE.

    Should not the SL government take responibility for all these results? If the country was run by good and uncorupt politicians, we would not have faced all these.

  292. Thillai Haran (#309) Interesting. Much of the high profile demonstrations are LTTE-inspired and more to get VP and friends out of the hook. In causing the death of many of the civilians in the last few weeks, the LTTE is just as culpable as the army. Tamils cannot deny their lot has worsened by multi-folds till the LTTE hi-jacked the struggle from the moderates and decimated most of the other militant groups including distinguished Tamils who did not share their views. It is acknowledged the LTTE built the capacity and infra-structure to give expression to Tamil woes within and outside the Lankan Tamil homeland and it was thousands of their cadres that laid down their young lives for the Tamil people. The elimination of VP and his hierarchy will be translated by the more extreme Sinhalese as a total and irrevocable defeat of Tamil nationalism even some comments in this blog has examples of this. But there are indeed and fortunately among the Sinhalese academicians and leaders – several of whom have called upon the government, the armed forces and the Sinhala people not to hurt Tamil susceptibilities because they accept all Tamils are not LTTE militants terrorists if you will.

    But the emotional break-up between the Sinhalese and Tamil nations that began in 1956 and flowered on is now irrevocable due only to Sinhala obstinacy and bestiality. The LTTE was only a response. The choice has now come down to just a few

    (1) internal self-determination to Tamils in the North-East Province within an undivided Sri Lanka but with recognition of electoral registers of 1948 (after which the State-supported Colonisation schemes were placed in place to alter the demographic pattern where Tamils in the EP are no longer the largest population there)

    (2) an equitable portion of the annual National budget, to be mutually agreed upon, should be released for the running of the NEP, without let or hindrance.

    (2) At least 1/3rd of all funds that came post-Tsunami – and reported stolen by govt sources must be made available to the new NEP administration under international audit and supervision, if necessary

    (3) The new NEP administration to formulate its own Education, economic policy and other as in India/USA/Australia/Canada (call it whatever you will
    to satisfy your own egos and prejudices)

    (4) Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and others to have meaningful and transparent State protection to live, work, own property and businesses anywhere in the Island and their status-quo thereto (with the exception of post-1956 political encroachers in the EP) to be respected under international supervision

    (5) a Commission of Inquiry to be appointed to investigate, to be held in a neutral country, all crimes against humanity charges both by the Govt and others under international supervision in the Post-1977 period.

    If the Sinhala Govt is not forthcoming, then with the assistance of India and the international community, a Separate State to be created in the Tamil Homelands of the present Sri Lanka before the year 2009 is out. Tamils have been subject to too much of murder of a genocidal nature that is part of a well organized programme to reduce Their numbers, influence in the Island. Arson, forcible displacement that results in loss of livelihood, destruction of the educational careers of their children, loss of their land, pilferage of their assets have been going on for far too long. Quislings (they are available anywhere in numbers) are appointed to hood-wink the world community that must stop.

    A new flag more civilized, cultured to be adopted in due course. This new State will have little to do with the LTTE, PLOTE and other militant groups. It must be truly formed of distinguished members from the Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim civil society.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  293. Christie Blatchford a columnist with Globe and Mail few days ago waxed eloquently about the foreignness of Tamils in Canada, their audacity to block a high way and them flying the Tiger terrorists flag in lieu of the out numbered maple leafs. She gets into all kind of reasons as to why these demonstrations shouldnt take place starting with Tamils being an in-group that was sneaked into Canada by Trudeu to alter the ethnic composition but the obvious reason was left out. Canada has no Security Council vote in the UN. Canada does not provide billions of foreign aid dollars to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has no obligations to listen to country up in the tundra that really does not matter in world opinion. Dont get me wrong, it is a great country to live in and police chief Bill Blair is truly a compassionate smart guy but other than that it has nothing fundamental to offer to the world opinion and the world is not waiting for Canada to say anything useful anyway. No amount of protesting and eventually making prime minister Stephen Harper to say a few words however remote it is, is going to make the Sri Lankan government change its military direction. You might as well be protesting in Lesotho or Paraguay.

  294. DBS, thank you so much for your articles. Can you please try to lead some of these “misguided” youth in the right direction. I am a non-Tamil Canadian who would like to help out with the humanitarian issue in Sri Lanka. However, I and many others are unwilling do so with protester using poor tactics (taking children onto the Gardiner) and supporting the LTTE. Please help them see that they are going about this in the wrong way and in the meantime and turning attention to their action instead of the humanitarian issue.

  295. What is lacking in commentary on Sri Lankan politics by many Sri lankans both sinhalese and tamil is a view of the big picture. We are expending energy arguing about the diaspora, LTTE and the flag and all the minutiae.

    The world is watching the Tamils because if we succeed there is a precedent that is going to be set.

    R2P for instance has still not been applied to an actual scenario. Ban Ki Moon has shown a reluctance to implement it (according to reports by inner city press) despite strong evidence and backing by experts on R2P that Sri Lanka is a case that should be considered.

    The world is also watching to see if the Sri Lankan government can get away with this. Already in the wake of Sri Lanka, Pakistan is restricting media to the war zone and bombing their civilians. There are going to be
    half a million refugees. Do we need to even mention the war in Afghanistan? There are reports that the US may be using phosphorus bombs. Israel used it in Gaza, Sri lanka is reported to have used it, and the list keeps growing.

    Canadians should be deeply concerned. You are going to get hoards of brown asylum seekers invading your country. So talk to your government and get them to do something to stop these wars. All your current government has been doing is contributing to the warmongering. Canada has had the reputation of being one of the most progressive and liberal countries in the world, but now the world is seeing a very different Canada. Even more backward than the US.

    Most of these subcontinental people don’t really want to go to a cold desolate place like canada or a desert like Australia. If they can live in peace they would rather live in their own countries.

    In this time of global economic crisis…do you want your governments to consume all your hard earned taxpayers money funding other people’s wars or blunders? Because that is what the Sri Lankan government is doing during this time. Creating more poverty, ethnic divisions, increasing instability not just in the island but in the subcontinent with more than a billion people. Yes there is the wrath of 60 million tamils in India to contend with. I am sure even China wouldn’t want to turn all these people against them…Just for a few dumb people with a dumb government fighting on a tiny island.

  296. I’m sick and tired of these LTTE flags are being displayed in Toronto demonstrations.

    The whole humanitarian issue has been sidelined by the work of these WTM (World Tamil Movement) thugs.

    These scums have hijacked every demonstrations in the city of Toronto, except the 1st one, which was successfully and peacefully conducted by the Ceylon Tamil Congress. I applaud CTC for that.

    Tamils were having support and sympathy from the multi-ethnic Torontonians and by the Canadian media until they resorted to blocking roads, highways and displaying the LTTE flags, VP pictures and unruly behaviour.

    We Tamils, where ever reside, need to respect our adapted country’s law and abide by their rules and regulations.

    We also must strive not to cause any inconvenience or hardship to the local population of our adopted countries with our actions.

    After all being Tamils, we can’t afford to add more enemies than the already having, barbaric Government of Sri-Lanka

    My only wish is that Canada will deport the WTM thugs to Sri-Lanka and the Sri-Lankan Government will Air drop them in Mulli-Waikkal.

    Dear Mr. Robert Biley , Ms. Renatta Austin, fellow Torontonians and Canadians,

    Please accept my apology for any inconvenience caused by the demonstrations. Our only aim is to get the Canadian Government to exert pressure on the Sri-Lankan government to ease the sufferings of the trapped innocent civilians.


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  299. My Posting # 315,

    I’ve posted CTC as Ceylon Tamil Congress in error.

    CTC stands for Canadian Tamil Congress.

    I regret the error.

  300. ISS

    I thing you are on right track,

    Consider looking at Aland Island, everything you said with Complete demilitarization.

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  302. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil of Indian origin. I lived 30 years in Sri Lanka and the last 30 years in U.K. making this comment:
    All Tamil politicians, MP’s, mediators all failed to save Tamils of Lanka. This is just the mentality of the North and East Tamils and their ego to govern of their own drove them to arm themselves with the help of Diaspora LTTE promoters and mobs. There were democratic processes, if one correctly utilise the political processes, all problems can be resolved by negotiations and not by taking Arms and Bombs.

    I can remember those days when G.G Ponnampalam, Dudley Senanayake and J.R. Jeyawardena, Premedasa were PMs. There were good politicians like Budduhideen Mohamed, Dr. N. M. Perera, Selvanayagam, Kadhirkamar, and Ananda Cumara Swamy. There were bad forces within Jaffna people never followed the main line Politics with good leaders like Selvanayagam. There was a cancer growing within the Tamil groups to Separate Sri Lanka and rule, unfortunately who joined these groups are all separatists. Unfortunately, who funded LTTE, Diaspora groups? After failing many attempts for a peaceful negotiated solution, going madly on the terrorist route is where North and East Tamils went wrong. Possibly, they were guided and driven wrongly very deeper in to killings and violent. The violent seeds were sown repeatedly without any intervention from any Tamil peacemaker. After all, Tamils know the bitter lessons of the past world wars, the horrible destruction of townships and innocent people in Vietnam, Iraq, and Palestine, Afghanistan etc.

    Tamils are very clever and very peaceful people, very creative people yet opted for an armed struggle. Pity that time, lives and money wasted finding armed solution for the social, civil problems.
    Time and money can be earned, not human lives. There was a time when Norwegians came forward to mediate peace, but LTTE were extremely adamant not to take a lower seat. Unconditionally, LTTE sat firm on ‘ no negotiation without pre condition’ The political side of LTTE should have settled for a lower step ‘Give and take’ policy should have been tactically followed and set on a political platform to steer in to main line politics with the Sinhalese. Where are all the levelheaded good Tamil Political leaders? Anton Balasingham, Tamil Sevam all sacrificed their lives; any good came out of these. More violent and angrier LTTE. Year 2006 was LTTE turning point, when signs of cracks appearing within LTTE. At that time all the Diaspora people sitting enjoying ‘ Gin and Tonic’ and not doing nothing personally to their loved ones back in their own soil.
    Diaspora groups are pre occupied, while having a lavishing life style in western world and giving the pounds, dollars, and Kroner for a luxury life for Prabhakaran. Badly guided, single mindedness LTTE leader went ahead with what they felt right, without proper political leadership from Diaspora Tamils.

    Suddenly when all collapsing, all Diaspora university students heard the news, they have a Tamil Eelam. They never had seen the soil or the originality of their own people suffering without food and clothing. Among Tamils- top Lawyers, top Doctors, and top political architects – All are now waking up for the ‘ last call’ when Tamil ship is sinking! Is there a last minute escape?
    The biggest ever disaster was killing Rajiv Gandhi……….Continued the disastrous path to present crises. In 2006, LTTE should have gone for lesser point in the negotiation , accepted a referendum for Tamil voice to be heard then steered clear to a devolution of power and of course the people’s voice would have heard far and loud in to the main stream politics. All chances were missed due to foolishness and lack of thought and lack of political leadership within Tamil groups. What are the chances now? LTTE is a banned organisation when ‘zero tolerance’ announced by Bush following 9/11. We all know there are double standards practiced by Western world, Britain follows U.S ideas. Then our France and Germany, Sweden buys the same.
    When George Bush and Tony Blair bombarded Iraq on false information about WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction), they killed thousands of innocent civilians including children and women.
    When UN Security Council surveyors arrived at the war site for post war inspection to detect WMD, no trace of WMD found. Bush and Blair never went to prison for killing innocent people due to their wrong pre concept. When Israel bombed Hamas, not a dog from world media allowed to the fighting zone.
    Israel accomplished their war plan and then pulled out, despite crocodile tears shed by western politicians.
    Same standards now practised in Afghanistan using Pakistan as the doer of U.S ideas.
    Does any one think U.S, Britain, or any country will help LTTE in its present terror form? Simon Hughes giving orange juice to Hunger striker was like giving a sweet to crying child! Pathetic
    Milliband tried with all his Oxford tricks with Rajapakse!
    India is nicely sitting tight with its political ambition!
    Can Tamils revive their voice proving that Tamils are peace loving democratic people or is it too late? Bloody thirsty LTTE destroyed the entire world Tamil integrity killing their own fleeing desperate people. Why are LTTE still carrying terrifying Tiger face on their flags? Is LTTE still bloodthirsty? LTTE has terrorised the world to an extent, no one willing to give a helping hand at this last minute.
    Unfortunately, peace loving Tamil people are also ‘wrongly labelled’ as Terror group along with LTTE. Peace loving Tamils and LTTE are inseparable. Now Tamils are reaping harvest of the violent seeds sown earlier. Not heard in the history of Tamils.
    Vanni peace loving Tamils are going through immense suffering and death. What is the use of liberating North and East of Sri Lanka after killing so many of our kids, kins, and turning the prosperous land in to land mines? Only what is left for the Diaspora Tamils is to pray God sitting on the tiger skin, wrapping the tiger flag around the waist and cyanide capsule around their neck, and watching Deepam TV and Tamilnet propaganda machines!
    Would tigers have a democratic motive for Tamils? In the present bloodthirsty form, shooting their own race of wounded, fleeing, and desperate Tamils, keeping civilians to save their fading tiger skin in pathetic.
    After learning this bitter lesson after sacrificing thousands of innocent Tamils, will there be any sincere move from diapora population to shake hands with the Sri Lankan government for a peace formula. There are thousandhs of good Sinhala people waiting for yoiur friendship. Why hand you Tamil problrm to Prabhakaran?
    Was it a wrong move?
    What lessons do you learm from this Tamil diaster?
    Please shake hands with Sri Lankan government and form a proper political representation in ONE Voice.
    Do not pay your foreign earned money for arms and Bombs. Those arms and Bombs will be seeds for the next harvest of Tamil dead bodies.

  303. DBS ,you have always written truth and fulfilled the journalistic responsibilities ,beyond the artificial divides of race,religion ,cast and creed.I hope every one involved and observing this unfortunate turn of events of SriLankan conflict will sit down, have a moment of introspection.The human life is much more presscious and sacred than our petty differences.The human race has to learn to be tolerant of each other .This may be a wish full thinking but that is what we need as society to live peacefully and let others live peacefully.

  304. A good journalistic article…

    Some truth at last…good jod in exposing the distiction between the ‘diaspora’ and the ‘innocent tamils’..


  305. Jeyaraj, you said that “Sadly, the younger generation of the Tamil diaspora is being politicised and radicalised for an unworthy and unwinnable cause. Moreover, the demonstrators open identification with the LTTE had rendered the campaign ineffective with no scope for success. It is indeed pathetic to see the passionate idealism of youth being diverted and sidetracked into a dead end.” This is true.

    The overarching issue here is one megalomaeniac is dictating how other people should behave – Prabha’s pessimism of considering the tamils being discriminated, but the reality is the British has discriminated the Singhalese and also remember the West prefer this war continued because LTTE has to by weapons produced by the West. So, selling weapons to LTTE means profit margins by selling amminition, artillary and weapons increases.

    You also said the perceptions of the Tamils, “depicting all Sinhala people as the enemy. There are many liberal and/or left – leaning Sinhalese who would join in demonstrations to protest the killing of innocent civilians by both sides. But the tiger dimension naturally repels such people” That is also true.

    Its a very rich story reflecting reality. The British discriminated Singhalese tactically by appointing all high ranking government officers from Tamil Minotity group and created a division which they expected to continue, but would they do that in their own country? The more the division between Tamils and Singhales continue and the LTTE gets stronger, the British is benefitted in a number of ways, but the prime deal is improving business of selling arms and that’s where Milliband comes into the scene.

    Remember the British – whwre ever they went, they messed it up – BBC is banned in a number of British colonies in the world – With utmost respect, I would say, Colonial Master, Sir – back off from all colonial anarchy and concentrate on your corruptions, e.g. financial mess, MP’s extraordinary expenses from tax payers money…. list continues

  306. Ok. One terrorist is down. What about the other terrorist who calls himself the president of Sri Lanka? How are we going to bring this bastard down?



    If there is any true sinhalese out there must kno this, and act according to heart and spirit of urs.note this,
    if u are a true buddhist ,u must not play ur happiness over the defeat of another .
    u all must honer and respect the sri lankan army protecting the country for every one
    in the same way
    u have to honner LTTE . FOR WHAT THEY HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES (the way THEY gave their life believing that truth)

    for the youth i have to tell some thing .

    we will use ur vigour of youth to kill fallowing things which rape this beautiful country

    dirty politics (nationally ,and internationally live on this motherland)

    to kill curroption,wasting of resources

    organise ourself to establish the law and peace for the equity of all cultures

    we have to get togather with our heart and spirit to know each other pain happiness and wisdom now onward.

    we must listen to the deep conciousness to built this nation.

  308. Absolutely insightful.

    It was a similar thrust by LTTE apologetics and thier propogandists that first enabled prabakan go uncriticised in his course of disaster, right from the wiping out of fellow liberation leaders and outfits, alienation of India and its millitary that was percieved as ‘alien’, justifying every outrageous act that could easily have been seen by any as no different from that of a culthead or a ganglord.
    Its sad that inspite of the havoc and calamity that had been caused and had befallen them, that the diaspora must not sit back for a moment and introspect.
    The LTTE is more like the Nazi party.

  309. As true human beings we must not take one party and blame the other.We must listen to our own heart and conciousness,leaving all the coloured glazes on our eyes.

    There are only two types of people in this world. People who need wars to feed themselves and People who become victims for them.some countries become life long victim for some other countries.

    And kill our own future.we have given A BEAUTIFUL THING called brain by the God.

    we can use the path of distruction or
    the path of peace to live happy

    I wander who think of changing the dedication of suisider to the path of development of this motherland.Such a dedication ,such a vigor.such an ego must dedicate to the development of this beauti ful mother land.

    OK we dont believe in politics .because its based on power .it’s UNSTABLE.Then we must find a way to rehabilitate this politics in to the better path wich serve all the cultures.

    I TELL ALL THE YOUTH hear after , we must not take arms to solve problem it brings nothig .it brings mass of corpse to the local and international canibles who are awaighting to feed and survive on them .

    If we dont like this politics we get to gether and change it and make it our own.

    if we dont like this education we change it toa creative stream

    if we dont like the curruption and waste we trap it and kill it .

    if we dont like this constitution we change it amend it with our collective brain.

    if we get to gether as true human beings(tamil sinhalese,and muslims) we can do all these things without arms .

    I feel WE MUST BE TRULY INTELLIGENT(not cardboard superstars in political stages) to rebuilt this nation.we must throw away these cardboard superstars from the stage.

    I like ,if a tamil (intellect)person become a education ministor of this country.(ALL THE POLITICIAN MUST BE INTELLECT,DEDICATE AND LOVE THIS COUNTRY)

    I like to see special section to be appeared on the ACT OF women & child protection for TAMIL& MUSLIM WOMEN

    (Plese parden me about using these words of Tamil,Muslims.etc.-THEY ALL ARE SRI LANKAN)

    I feel all the people must learn TAMIL LANGUAGE.
    &MUST have insight of their cultures

    BELIEVE THERE ARE Sihalese here think like that who doesnt believe on politics.

    I REQUEST all the enlighten HUMAN DESCENDANTS (OF , God Allah,Lord Buddha ,Jesus,ALL Hindu GodS)
    we must get togather and dedicate our wisdom to rebuilt this nation.

  310. Hi DBS

    i am born to a SL Buddhist family and welcome your thoughts and comments.

    it is sad to see extremists from both sides attacking you as you have a very balanced view.

    you are right: the silent, balanced majority agrees that this is a great opportunity for the leadership to set in motion a programme which addresses the issues and aspirations of everyone. it is a must.

    i think why extremists are angry is that they see that their fake dream has been trashed. it will never happen. those who talk big for the tigers tend to be in foreign countries. they would not dare come and fight! they can’t be taken seriously. they are akin to islamic fundamentalists – follow in blind faith.

    i’m sure you know that we do appreciate your kind of thinking and wanting of integration and success for all, as quite frankly, SL is going to be one stunning hub in the region.

    keep up the good work.

  311. I pledge my allegiance to you. As a journalist you top them all. Come back home mate. Things will change for better. You are an asset to Mother Lanka.

    Thank You Dhammika. “Inshaah Allah” or As God wills………….DBSJ

  312. I found very interesting approach in Canada, UK, USA,France and other EU countries when it comes to the LTTE.
    All these countries banned the LTTE as brutal Terrorist gang. But till hidden LTTE diaspora with Ltte flags and VP’s posters were on the road they realize the value of tamil vots. That is the very reason they want to save LTTE and VP.
    Fortunately now LTTE and VP is history. They don’t have to worry about LTTE vots .
    Long live west on blood of poor countries

  313. DBS,
    Excellent article on LTTE again. I have been following Tigers articles since I was 15 years old. I read Front Line regularly for it. Your other excellent article was about “Col. Theepan’s ” sacrifice.
    As a North Indian Hindu, it was extremely difficult for me to understand how and why Tigers would kill IPKF soldiers. And on top of that, the LTTE created propaganda material about it. Even as a kid I had sympathy for LTTE because Sinhala were unjust.
    I wanted Tigers to go not because they killed Rajiv Gandhi, but because they needlessly killed so many IPKF soldiers. I blame ineptitude of Rajiv Gandhi for those deaths.

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