Police FCID Cracks Down on “Mahinda Mafia”in Stock Exchange: SEC Ex – Chairman Nalaka Godahewa Absconding to Avoid Arrest;Ex – Dep Chair Dhammika Perera Arrested along with Ronnie Ibrahim.

The Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division is to arrest Nalaka Godahewa, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under charges pertaining to financial irregularities, authoritative Police sources said.

They also added that Police could not locate the former SEC Chairman’s whereabouts to arrest him yesterday.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed Godahewa as SEC chairman in the mid 2012. He also served as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Board and the Managing Director of Sri Lanka Insurance.

Meanwhile, the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) also arrested two well-known figures among business circles under the same charges.

Police sources said the two individuals – Dhammika Perera and Ronnie Ibrahim were arrested under instructions from the Attorney General.

Perera served as the Deputy Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka from September 2012.

Ibrahim, a businessman by profession, was affiliated with the Carlton Sports Club initiated by the sons of former President Rajapaksa.

The two individuals were charged under the Offences Against Public Property Act, a highly placed FCID source told the Daily News.

The arrests were made following a series of investigations carried out by the FCID over the past few months.

Commenting on the matter, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva tweeted: “First arrest of the stock market mafia has just happened according to reliable sources. Apparently some hiding and are being pursued.”

Courtesy:Daily News