Kokkuvil Hindu College Student Rajeswaran Senthuran (18) Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train at Kondavil Railway Station

Calling for the release of Tamil political prisoners, Rajeswaran Senthuran, an 18-year-old student of Kokuvil Hindu College committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at the Kondavil Railway station yesterday.

The boy had written a letter in Tamil to President Maithripala Sirisena demanding the immediate release of all Tamil political prisoners without further postponements.

Senthuran, wearing his red school tie and white school uniform jumped in front of a moving train shortly after he left home in Kopay telling his family that he was going to school but instead jumped in front of a train near Kondavil station, which is nearly 3 Km away from his school.

Senthuran’s mangled body was taken to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for autopsy.
The letter written by Senthuran in Tamil to President Sirisena stated that the good governance of President Sirisena should release all Tamil political prisoners and they should not be detained any more.

“The good governance has not understood the pain of mind I suffer over the prolonged detention of Tamil political prisoners. So give them their freedom. My love for the Tamil people is greater than my life” Senthuran said in his letter.

Meanwhile, Railway sources said that 19 railroad deaths have been recorded here since this service was resumed to Jaffna two years ago. Among the deaths were several suicides, with the rest, a result of unprotected railway crossings.

A few days ago a 41-year-old engineer was killed and three others critically injured when their car failed to make it past an intercity train near the Jaffna Secretariat.

Courtesy:Ceylon Today