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Karate Champion and Guinness Record Holder Wasantha Soysa alias ‘Rajarata Iron man’ Hacked to Death in his own Night Club in Anuradhapura

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Wasantha Soysa alias ‘Rajarata Iron man’, the holder of several Guinness world records was hacked to death by an unidentified group inside a night club owned by him in Anuradhapura on Saturday night.

Soysa, a famous Karate champion and a highly respected martial arts instructor, is said to have been attacked by about 25 people, inside his nightclub at Kadapanaha, Anuradhapura, close to midnight. The hotel manager and two other employees who were injured during the clash, were admitted to the Anuradhapura hospital.

The hotel manager is in a critical condition, hospital sources said.

The attackers had also caused extensive damages to the hotel, according to Police.

The Police believe that the attackers wearing masks had come in a truck but had proceeded to the hotel on foot after parking the vehicle close to the hotel. The attackers had first thrown a ‘petrol bomb’ into the hotel and later closed the doors from inside the hotel to prevent those in the hotel from leaving.

Soysa who was inside his office room had come to the reception hearing the commotion at which point some members of the group had attacked him with swords and clubs.

The 57-year-old was pronounced dead on admittance to hospital by his son and hotel employees. The attackers had also damaged several vehicles parked close to the hotel when leaving the premises after the incident. According to Police CCTV footage the attackers had stayed inside the club for about seven minutes. The attackers had also stolen Rs. 150,000 and several bottles of liquor.

Two personal bodyguards of Soysa had fled the scene when the attackers came in. Some employees at the hotel had also fled during the attack. The Police are yet to find them.

Police found masks and clothes worn by the attackers which had been thrown out of the vehicle close to the North Central Provincial Council office.According to family members, Soysa was slated to leave for Japan in three days to attempt several more Guinness records.

Soysa previously had made a new world Guinness record by breaking several slabs of concrete in one go, with his head. Wasantha Soysa is also the holder of several other Guinness records including breaking 525 clay tiles and breaking ice slabs with his forehead.

Soysa is said to be the Guinness record holder for around 10 similar feats.

Courtesy:Daily News

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