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Tamil businessman who filed FR case against police abducted at Wellawatte by armed group in white van

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

State Terror in the form of the dreaded “white van goon squad” struck again in Colombo on Saturday February 11th 2012 when a Tamil businessman of Indian origin was abducted near his residence on Canal Bank Road, Wellawatte in the presence of his Sinhala wife and daughter.

42 year old Ramasamy Prabakaran the owner of “Panama Traders” an electronics store cum showroom within the Majestic City Complex in Bambalapitiya was seized in broad daylight by armed goons at about 3.30 pm when he arrived home with his wife and daughter from a trip to Athurugiriya,Ratmalana.

“The armed men were hiding in our compound, surrounded by a brick wall. They grabbed my husband by the neck and dragged him towards the vehicle. He was screaming for help as they sped away,” his wife Shiromi told the newspapers.

The abductor squad comprising seven persons were brandishing assault rifles and shot guns while bundling Prabakaran into a white van that was seen speeding off in the direction of Dehiwela.

Many people in the vicinity saw the incident but were unable to intervene as they suspected the armed abductors in the white van were members of an “officially sanctioned unofficial state terrorist outfit”functioning with approval upper echelons of the Defence establishment.

Prabakaran’s wife Shiromi who had noted down the white van registration number and complained to the Wellawatte Police was told that the number plates were false and the vehicle could not be traced.

Ramasamy Prabakaran had been taken into custody in May 2009 as a suspected LTTE member and detained for 28 months.During interrogation he was brutally assaulted and tortured by senior Police officers.

Finally he was released in September 2011 due to lack of evidence and all charges against him were dropped.

Prabakaran however filed a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court alleging unlawful arrest and detention . The Supreme court granted leave to proceed and the hearing was scheduled for Monday February 13th.

The Businessman abducted two days before the fundamental rights petition was to be heard in courts had also filed a motion separately seeking release of his business premises which were kept sealed under Police guard despite the courts acquitting him of all charges.

When the FR petition was filed ,Counsel for the Petitioner Romesh de Silva P.C. with K.S. Rathnavel, cited Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Vaas Gunawardena, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Anura Senanayake, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), and the Attorney General (AG), together with eight others as Respondents.

The petition further stated-

Petitioner Ramasamy Prabhakaran, a businessman involved in the marketing and sale of electrical and household items at the Majestic City complex, was a frequent traveller abroad. On or about May 16, 2009, while he was away in India, Police personnel from Wellawatta Police Station, together with the CID, visited his residence and conducted a search, following which they had taken documents and material related to his family and friends.

He states that, as they could not find any evidence to substantiate the purpose for which they came, they took his wife to Wellawatta Police Station and questioned her for a long time. Petitioner said that, after his wife informed the Police that her husband would return to the country and make himself available at the Station, they released her.

Mr. Prabhakaran said that on May 21, 2009, he was interrogated by one of the Respondents, SP Mahin Dole together with other Officers, of how well he knew Col. Ranjith Chandrasiri Perera of the Sri Lanka Army and what connections he had with him. Petitioner, while denying all allegations made against him, stated that he was a friend of the Colonel for the past 20 years and that he was a neighbour of one of his relatives in Bandarawela.

Petitioner was then taken by SSP Vaas Gunawardena to the CCD and was assaulted with an iron rod in the most inhuman and degrading manner, where he was injured over most parts of his body, including his private parts. He further stated that on May 24, 2009, personnel from the CCD and SIS entered his shop for another search and destroyed most of the goods to the value of about Rs 35 Million.

He said that cruel torture was carried out on him almost every day while he was in police custody. He also claimed that the CCD had taken most of his documents and also the van he was using, which he had purchased on lease basis, and to date, not returned same. Petitioner further said that, after the initial date, he was not taken to Court, but the Magistrate visited him in custody. On the relevant case dates, Petitioner said that, even after the Magistrate ordered medical attention for him, the CID did not comply.

Finally when the case was taken up at the Mt. Lavinia Courts, the State Counsel informed Court that there was no incriminating evidence to keep him in custody and that in the absence of incriminating evidence, they were not proceeding with the case, and that the necessary papers would be forwarded to the Magistrates’ Court.

When the papers had not been delivered on two successive occasions, Mt.Lavinia Magistrate Nirosha Fernando directed that, the Petitioner should be released on September 16, as there were no grounds for his continued detention.

In a separate development a motion was filed in the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate’s Court by businessman Ramasamy Prabhakaran, stating that, despite a previous Court order acquitting him of all charges brought against him by the CID, his business premises were still sealed and guarded by the Bambalapitiya Police.

Mr. Ramasamy was accused of being an LTTE supporter, because he knew Colonel Ranjith Perera who was accused of being an LTTE supporter.
In his defence, he claimed that he knew the Colonel for over 20 years, as a neighbour of a relative in Bandarawela. He was detained by the CCD for 20 months and brutally assaulted, which is supplemented by a complete statement by the JMO of the injuries he received during his detention.

The JMO report gives a history of prolonged restraining, repeated blindfolding, repeated assault with blunt objects, hung suspended, application of irritant over the head, nail removal, application of electricity, submersion in water, stripping, threats of anal penetration with blunt objects, while in CCD custody.

The pattern of scars is suggestive of trauma inflicted intentionally with blunt objects as described by the examinee. The JMO suggests that he should be seen by the Orthopaedic clinic, ENT, Eye Hospital , Diabetic Clinic and the psychiatrist for his complaints.

He claims that, during his detention, his house was ransacked, documents seized and business premises sealed. The case was heard at the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate’s court, where he was acquitted on September 16, 2011 of all charges as there was no evidence to prove the allegations.

His complaint is that, even after the Court order was delivered, his business premises are still sealed and under police guard.

It is against this backdrop of excessive action by the Police against Ramasamy Prabakaran and the victim resorting to legal action against the Police that the Tamil businessman has been abducted by “agents of the State” two days prior to the hearing of his fundamental rights petition by the Supreme Court

The Businessman suspected of links to the LTTE had also complained to the United Nations of how he was being tortured while being detained at the New Magazine prisons. This letter was posted on my website “transcurrents” in March 2011

In that context I fear greatly that this person would be severely tortured by his abductors and possibly executed by the State Terror squad.

I am reproducing the letter he wrote to the UN in full here to make readers understand the circumstances of why and how he was arrested in 2009 and the cruel experience this man underwent at the hands of state agencies

Here is the letter in full–

6767 Magazine Prison
Colombo 08
Sri Lanka

Secretariat of the Committee Against Torture – Petitions Unit
Human Rights Treaties Division
52, Rue Des Pâquis,
CH-1201, Geneva,

Your Excellency,


I, Ramasamy Prabaharan am an inmate at the New Magazine Prison in Colombo for the last five months. At the time of my arrest, I was a well reputed businessman. My fundamental rights have been violated by the Sri Lanka police department and the intelligence services and I humbly seek your Excellency’s humane and just government to help me in deadly predicament I have been forcibly plunged into, by the state. Your Excellency, I beseech you to kindly probe into my grievances and please assist me in securing my release from the grossly unjust situation.

2. The particulars appended pertaining to my business career, unlawful detention, brutal assault, cruel inhuman and degrading torture by abusing me physically as well as mentally whilst held in detention and torturing me into forcibly admitting false allegations detrimental to me, are for your perusal.

3. I am a well reputed businessman, owner of panama traders an electronic outlet in Colombo, established in 1983 is one most popular showroom in Sri Lanka are the main dealers of leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, apple, black & decker.etc.the annual turnover exceeds 180 million. I am a member of Colombo swimming club, otters aquatic club, Colombo golf club, Sinhalese sports club.inorder for my business I used to travel abroad regularly, even for holidays have travelled throughout Europe,America,Canada,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,UAE,hong Kong, Australia, new Zealand and have an OCI (overseas citizenship of India).

4. During my career as a businessman, I have sent letters to the defense secretary of Sri Lanka in regard of developing the country, helped many army officers to capture terrorists, about to kill innocent lives.

5. My medical report has been handed over to the Supreme Court by the JMO (Jayapala).fundamental case no.-963/2009 forms and the medical report will be sent to you in the next mail was unlawfully detained for almost fifteen months from may 19th, without any charges framed against me, and it was only 12th may 2010 that I was remanded and sent to the magazine prison in borella, Colombo 08.

6. Due to the most brutal, inhuman and barbaric assault and torture on me while in detention, I was hanged upside down for almost a day and beaten up severely with a wooden pole, about eighteen times, my nails were removed, my head was toned with nails, after all these torture I had to clean the floor of blood with my tongue. This happened for almost four months, and now am suffering with excruciating pain all over my body and had to undergo treatment but I was taken to the hospital the doctor was shocked to see I’m alive after what I’ve been through and forced me to get admitted but I wasn’t allowed to. The ICRC (no13753) thoroughly checked my body, the torture I went through was said to be the cruelest in the past fifteen years.

7. Before my surrender, I was in India about to be admitted for my throat surgery but when I heard about these allegations I returned, and my throat surgery is still pending.

8. Even though I am in the remand prison, I wish to inform your Excellency that my life is in grave danger as, to obviate the blunder they have made in arresting me and brutally assaulting and torturing me .I have been threatened with death, unless I withdraw the fundamental rights violation application filed by me. Hence, I kindly beseech your Excellency to use your good offices to peruse the facts presented by me. Kindly assist me in the matters placed before you, namely:

A.Adequate protection/security for me whilst travelling to and from the courts to the prison.

B. political asylum for me and my dependants, when I am released from the prison.

C. legal assistance for me to file a case against the Sri Lanka police department and the Sri Lankan intelligence services in the international criminal court of justice.

9. I would like to apprise you of the fact that I am registered with the international committee of Red Cross society. I do hope, your Excellency ,you would consider the facts placed before you and humbly beg you to treat my appeal with compassion and help me out of this unjust and grave predicament.

Eagerly anticipating a favorable reply.

My permanent address-153, Canal Bank road, Wellawatte, Colombo 6 Thanking you,

Ramasamy Prabaharan

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  1. Thouroghly shocking to read this Mr.Jeyaraj. Very good of you to focus on this so quickly and alert the world.Lets keep our fingers crossed

  2. How can a Tamil of Indian origin suspected once of LTTE links hope to challenge the Rajapaksa regime goons and live safely in Rajapaksa Rata?

    Lets pray for him.Thats all we can do

  3. democracy and human rights are in peril in srilanka.though srilankan government claims that it is a democratic country with every citizen enjoying the fundamental rights irrespective of his ethnic and religious background.the reality is contrary to stated position of government. while sinhalese also suffer human rights violation tamils of srilanka continue to be at the receiving end more frequently with out any recourse to legal remedies.ramaswamy prabaharan is one of the victims atleast who has received media attention whereas there are countless people who continue to suffer the indignity without any ray of hope.if ramaswamy prabaharan can be arrested for colloborating with tamil tigers just because he knew a person who was sympathetic to tamil tiger cause so can mahinda rajapakshe be arrested for having an illegal tie up with tamil tigers during the 2005 presidential election where the allegation is he paid rs.180million to prabakaran who ordered the boycott of electionx by tamil thus paving way for election of mahinda rajapakshe by a wafer thin margin.united nations human rights council which is going to meet in month of march to discuss the human rights situation in srilanka should take cognisance of the reality and initiate appropriate action against srilankan government.

  4. I admire you DBS for trying to save this mans life by writing about it and alerting public opinion. But I fear its a lost battle.

  5. This guy Ramasamy must have been off his nuts to file such an indecent petition and stay in the country, especially being a member of the most disposable community. Moreover, he should have had the sense to realize that no justice will be meted out in a Sri Lankan courts as the judgments are written for signature of puppets by different people.He can easily be written off. International community?…….It is a sorry tale!

  6. This is called Sri Lankan democrazy!No wonder Tamils took to armed freedom struggle. The international countries who denied freedom to Tamils are witnessing first hand whether they could handle the false promises made by the Sinhalese Government.

  7. This evil Lankan regime needs to be destroyed by all means. There is no other way. Let there be more pressure on major powers to act at the UNHRC at least in the coming sessions in March.

  8. Why the singers are not singing for their supper. Heavy dinner?? or The chef and the white van is looking for them too.

  9. After all it would not look too good for the beareded monkey in his case to protect the Indonesian mercenaries!

  10. So here goes the goons of torture.

    How can UNHRC stop this?

    All the diplomatic wooing will go unheard because of this foolishness.

    Can’t the Leaders of this nation understand that first put the house in order before trying to defend the undefendable.

  11. It all goes to show why Tamils need an Independent Country in Sri Lanka, made of North and East. And that day will again come. That the LTTE was crushed militaril in 2009 is a fact, but only for sometime. One cannot blame Prabakaran for taking up the gun in 1975. In a country ruled by Singala Racists, how can Tamils ever even survive? Tamils as a Community of 80 Million, must Unite to create their own independent country. Otherwise History will never pity us. Who is this so called ‘India’ and the racist Singalas to stop Tamils from having their country? One either has to submit to these Racists or be free of them. The Tamils in TN and the Diaspora must decide on their course of History!

  12. This is not time to find fault but I must tell that he was a fool to stay in Colombo and file case against Govt Police

  13. This will be the lesson to the others if you cross the Dictatorship line and try to do in democratic way you will be realised how lucky are you to be alive.

    The next will be build undisclose prison and keep the rest who damage their image and try to raise voice,he will be rescued by police just before the hearing and in conclusion he will be happy with the police action.its so simple isnt it.

    I feel sorry for him but i wouldnt risk my life and the family.had connection with the LTTE all because he knew the one of the top rank govnt forces.how about one time announed he will be the deputy leader of the LTTE and continue the struugle send ships load of mass bombs weapons suicidekids the other one openley told what are the attacks he was involved still free with this goons,

    He may eliminated the LTTE but terrorism is in uperhand,corruption,crime drug dealers prosituation …..even the UNP is pussveddy JVP another corrupted dont have agenda TNA havent wake up still in dreams,these brothers loved it god bless mother lanka.

  14. Congratulations to Mr. P. Ramasamy for being courageous in taking this up to
    the highest levels possible, as the others in the same plight have to suffer
    a lifetime of silence.

    The Whitevan service is freely made available to Police Authorities by Gota-ffi for use in time to prevent the complainant being present in Court and
    a timely warning to all others who have such complaints to make in the future!

  15. Thanks DBS J for publishing this timely article. If this helps in any way for his wife and children secure him back from these murderers, you would have done a great service.

    I do not think even the hardcore LTTEers who was in the custody of the SL forces would have subjected to this much torture. This indicates there is more to it, may be his business has been a throne for some powerful identity’s business or someone expecting a handsome ransom. What a country do we live in; it is a scariest thought to know the police and CID are in the look out for private parts and blunt weapons. I know, soon there are a few we have here, will come and defend this, saying these things are happening in the USA too. The judges who would hear his FR case would be thinking this guy putting them at a collision course with rulers, did not he know there is no fundamental right to an individual in SL.

    When Police has this much power, would anyone in their right mind in the Centre willing to devolve police power to provinces.

  16. Here is the answer why Tamil boys took up arms
    rather trying to become business man like this poor man or Maharajha.
    They don’t listen Ramasamy Pirabakaran but they do listen
    Vellupillai Pirabakaran language. Any one still believe VP had to be Tamil
    business man to boost Srilanka economy where justice refused to whole Tamil
    Society? This state terror should have to defeated at Geniva.


    Dont utter bovine excreta. Velupillai Prabhakaran led the Tamils to decline and disaster He too perished but his legacy still burdens the Tamil people. “The evil that men do lives after them”. Prabhakaran has sunk the Tamil ship. Some of us are trying to salvage a few things and save a few drowning souls but people like you are thwarting even that

    The LTTE under VP has done far worse things to fellow Tamils than what state terrorism has done to Tamils

  17. This may be a ploy to woe the UNHRC because many anti-government forces are working so hard for few months to bring something ‘stronger” at Geneva. Now America directly involved against SL and try to make some “colorful” events.

    A stupid,nasty comment………..DBSJ

  18. .

    When I saw pictures of Gota offering pooja at Shridi Sai Baba, I knew something like this is going to happen.

    3 years ago, Mahinda was in prayer room praying while Lasantha was beaten to death.

    This is just like in Indian movies.


  19. This is a terrible thing.This man used to give Gen.Hathurusinghe 30,000 rs per month those days. But Gen is ruling Jaffna but this man cant live in Colombo

  20. Thanks Mr. DBS for bringing this inhumane act into light.

    In Sri Lanka democracy is in paper only. Our foolhardy rulers never practice democracy. Bribe & thugarisum are at its highest now.

  21. one thing i noticed is that no srilankan newspapers online edition has reported about this incident.even a fearless srilankan newspaper the sunday leader has not given publicity to this news item.all the talk about democracy,tolerance to criticism,peoples fundamental rights are nothing but farcical.world has to take cognisance of these events and come to conclusion whether they should let go scot free srilanka for the war crimes that was committed by srilankan army in the last days of war.one has to wait and watch what india is going to do because ramaswamy prabaharan is an overseas citizen of india whether it will intervene and get his release or let him stew in his own juice.

  22. cuttige says:

    Don’t worry, it is the self destructive gene playing out in the open.

    As I have said in these forums many times irrespective of barrage of attack from all corners that the Tamils and Sinhalese are damn stupid. I think now you have further evidence of Sinhalese stupidity as we have seen in LTTE’s Tamil stupidity.

    LTTE was destroyed because of LTTE’s own stupidity. Now it is Rajabaksa clan’s turn. Sri Lanka doesn’t need enemies they Lankies alone can do the trick.

    Is it the Tamil Diaspora’s machination? They would have paid this business man handsomely and urged him to use bogus passport to go abroad and join them in one of those LTTE supporting western countries where he could claim political asylum and disgrace the law abiding humane Sri Lanka.

    I am awaiting Kalu Albert’s reasons for the white vanning of this business man’s continuing saga.

    As usual I am confused.

  23. Thank you very much Mr Ramasamy Prabaharan. You are a real Tamil hero.

    Thank you very much Mr Jeyaraj, for posting this.


    People like you will call him a hero” from afar but to his wife he is a husband and to daughter her father. They want him back alive and not to be called hero after death

    I write about him as a human being in deep trouble and not as a “hero”. I dont want him or anyone to suffer and/or die. “how many deaths will it take till he knows too many people have died” (Bob Dylan)

  24. I am a Srilankan
    I am very sad on this

    I will pray for this mans safty
    I asked every one to pray for his also

    Prayers can move the mountain

  25. . Only solution total separation, let our people live in our own land, free people of civilized world. When this civilized world realize…..god knows??? sinhalas never going to change…they know prabas language, prabas madness we tamil paying…not going to be long soon our people will be free .

  26. When I see Sivananthan comment on this incident I am suspecting Douglas Devananda to be behind this abduction. That is why Sivananthan the guard dog of EPDP is barking


    Balraj Theepan says:
    February 12, 2012 at 9:55 am

    We read in the past that you were visited by LTTE hoodlums, hit-men, LTTE mafia enforcers and its thugs and LTTE’s dark artists slinging mud on you and character assassins worked over time for a period of time in the mid 90s to early 2000. You were forced to close your news paper.

    Could you tell us about your experience with LTTE thugs.

    How did you handle those unfortunate incidents?


    I have written about these events in bits and pieces. I may relate them in detail when “The Time Comes”.

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

  28. This shows that we have a long way to law and order. But, as someone posted above, this does not mean that we need a separate state. We had a de facto separate state and we know now as what happened there. So let us not go back there again.

    This is another reason as to why I oppose police powers to provinces at this stage. This would become a standard practice in provinces if they get police powers at this stage of the era. First we have to rise to the level of knowing how to elect law abiding politicians in our country.

  29. J.muthu says:

    “Only solution total separation”

    The only solution I prefer is to deport the Tamils and Sinhalese back to India.

  30. I have commented time and time again that VP and MR are the blood brothers lived/living in their own fantasy world surrounded by ‘Yes sir, No sir, men. Both did not care about the world outside and the Tsunami raging in.

    VP was flying his planes to bomb while the US was crying foul on terrorism after being attacked by Osama’s planes.

    MR is doing these dirty works on human rights while US was crying foul on the state’s human rights records and the Geneva episode is nearing.

    Both thought and think that by keeping their respective community behind them, they can show the two fingers to the world outside.

    One is done and dusted and other one will be done sooner than later. Until the VP was removed his followers did not believe he was defeat-able and the same is true to the later.

    One think is clear that education counts a lots when its come to rationalisation and judgements. VP was a drop off with year 8 and MR was a drop off of GCE (O/L). (Yer, yee…rrr, we all know how he and his son got a law college degree)

    The only country in recent time formed by Guerilla war is Eritrea and that was headed by an Engineering degree holder.

    Just for comparison India’s Manmohan Singh and UK’s Cameron are of Oxford and Obama is of Harvard.

  31. Conspicuous absence of comments from our regular Sinhalese commentators on this article!Does it mean they condone such crimes against humanity?

  32. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    I thank you for exposing this most unfortunate inhuman treatmant to a fellow human being.

    “The JMO report gives a history of prolonged restraining, repeated blindfolding, repeated assault with blunt objects, hung suspended, application of irritant over the head, nail removal, application of electricity, submersion in water, stripping, threats of anal penetration with blunt objects, while in CCD custody.”

    This is today’s justice in the land of Rajapaksa’s. This is how the Raja’s plan to rule the country. If this is what happens today when the UN is trying to haul these crminals before UNHCR, one can darn well guess what happened at the end of the LTTE war. Can there be any doubt in anybody’s mind that Sri Lanka Govt violated International Law including Geneva Conventions and murdered those LTTE POW’s surrendering with white flags.

    The UN, the United States and all UNHCR members should take note of these grave atrocities, and lock up these Rajapaksa bandits if any law & order to exist in Sri Lanka. No wonder Lankans are scared to death. Very sad state of affairs.

  33. When impunity spreads at the highest level those at the bottom will have no fear whatsoever to do whatever they want. Wither Sri Lanka.

  34. if Hitler alived today, he would have used democracy to protect him from any accussation of human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

  35. This is a terrible thing.

    Don’t forget however the govt has also used such tactics on the JVP and others it deemed a threat, regardless of whether they were Tamil or Sinhalese or Muslim.

    And the LTTE fanboys posting how “This is proof the only solution is separation” are conveniently forgetting how the LTTE also used such tactics on fellow Tamils for 30 years.

  36. If the state run by bullies, it is hard for a common hardworking man to come above the water. It is not just in SL, but a common issue in subcontinent, hope it will go away someday… All want a share, like they contributed or helped when needed. If we need money, we should work hard and earn, why picking form others to feed ours. It is hard for a man to become successful in business in SL (other subcontinent countries too), unless have good political backing. Politicians should help make great entrepreneurs internally to build a strong country, otherwise need to beg outside for basic needs. It is not an issue just for Tamils, I am sure many Sinhalees, Muslims businessmen facing this threats too. If we take a genuine survey, all businessmen (without political backing) would have been threaten or kidnapped by multiple militants or politician backed gangs at least once for money. I hope he will get released and join with his families soon. If GOSL don’t fix this white van issue soon, all SL entrepreneurs & intellectuals will run away from the country, then SL will end up as modern slave to China (and others) in near future…

  37. This is the work of Gothabaya and his henchmen. People should be aware of these government rowdies and decide what is a proper lesson to these goons in the future…

  38. I am very much disturbed to read and hear these stories making headlines these days as a citizen of Sri Lanka. Abduction in the white vans and disappearances have become a sorry state of affairs these days provided that you have alternative views that are entirely opposite to that of the ruling party. When are we going to witness a free Sri Lanka where democratic values would be prioritized and upheld to its utmost???

  39. I vote for Tamil home land.
    If, all the Tamils live in south agrees to move towards north and I will talk with foreign powers, If Diaspora agrees to return to their “homeland”.

  40. Learn Marshall Art (Karate, Kung-fu), I was challenged by thugs, gangs (goons); I am still alive, thanks to my parents, Still is not too late. I beatened up the goons who tried to corner me.


    We can see here, we all got power of pen. We all got good morals.
    What we do not have? Strength to flight in physically with evils.

    You may censor below word or allow please
    NO WEAPONS PLEASE. expect our fingers [pen(missile) or keyboard(104 bullets)].

    JUST DO NOT AIM FOR DIGREE FROM A UNIVERSITY. Also live your life in community.

  41. I saw some comment made by some Tamil oppochunist that they need separate Elam because of this abduction. Do they know how many Sinhalese abducted so far? is that means they all have to take arms for separate country. What we need is all Sinhalese and Tamils get together and take actions against this government and defeat them.

  42. If what Prabjakasran Jr narrats is ture, we as sinhalese feel ashamed and sorry. But however there are two side of coin. The Police unless they have very formidable evidence, would never ever have resorted to this type of
    torture, it is 100% true I know peresonally.However the the Tamil diaspora is well versed in concocting this type of”Bovine excreta” with millions of dollars to disgrace he SL Govt.DSBJ. please write another article, you are the best narrator we have; about the inhuman treatment ewer meted out to the unarmed, surrendred 600 Policemen. Firstly their Blood was taken,until they looked pale and cadaverous,’ iron rods were ssent thrugh theri anus,when they egged for warter, they were given urine collected from the custonian policemen,tehy had to dig their own comm burial pits.Wathas This Prhabkarsan endured.His statment may be untdrue, but tghese areunveresally knowm truths.

  43. What a sad story this is… How can our country talk about development and a united future for all communities when horrors like this are looked upon with a Nelsonian eye? The only hope we can hold onto is that the people of Sri Lanka will unite to get rid of this murderous regime that is steering our country towards social, moral and financial bankruptcy.

    “Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”

  44. Dear Mr. D. B. S. Jeyarajah,

    Unlawful violence and abuse of Human rights have been institutionalized in the Country for a very long time sadly supported by many intellectuals. This is the sad state and my guess is that we are going to witness more and more disappearances. I pray that I be proved wrong. His Wife and daughter expect people like you to give them an international voice and campaign on their behalf. You have done this admirably.


    Dr. N. Satchi

  45. For someone who was minding his own business and had no connection with LTTE, he had many many friends in the forces and police. I have seen him many times at Colombo Swimming Club, mostly entertaining military or police personnel. May be they were just friends from his old hood, may be not.

  46. I agree with Native Vedda. There is no need for foreigners to destroy Sri Lanka – the Sinhalese and Tamils among themselves will do it by themselves!

  47. This is the most shameful thing the rulers can do to a man who was fighting for his fundamental rights. Forget about the 13th Amendment you lot the country can’t maintain the fundamentals of its constitution.

  48. If the family or friends will appeal to my living God honorable Douglas Devananda he will take action and see that this man is released safely. Ithaya Theivam Devananda has saved many people like this. They all gave “santhoshams” to the EPDP in gratitude

  49. What if sri lankan govt can do the same to JVP supporters too, why not??( who did the same years ago), This is to collect money nothing about LTTE,govt helping thease orgs, and collecting money.

  50. I strongly believed on a petition published by Asian Human Rights Commission in infolanka recently. I went to the extent of posting it on facebook, emailed to President/P.M./Minister of Health and many others. Later we happened to hear the whole episode was a blatant lie. It was a case a of a woman who complained she was abducted and was detained for removal of human organs. It was revealed later after investigations that it has been a lie.The woman had actually run away with a man and had a cover story of being detained for her organs. A a clear doubt arises whether a woman of that caliber could fabricate such a delicate story.It looks like the petitioner had done for the woman mudslinging the country.She is enjoying a jail term now. While deploring all abductions, I stay away commenting till the truth to come out on this story, observing the number of comments received on the story in the current situation

  51. sub says:
    February 12, 2012 at 9:23 pm
    What can be done by us to get this poor fellow released or at least his safety ensured??


    Pray ! I’m praying. Is there anything else we can do.

  52. http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=45148

    Abductors demand Rs100 mn to release businessman
    February 12, 2012, 9:27 pm
    The abductors of a 42 -year-old Tamil businessman close to his house at Canal Road, Wellawatte on Saturday evening have demanded a ransom of Rs.100 million for his release and the Wellawatte police suspect it to be the work of a Tamil extortion gang.


    Is this a GoSL sponsored abduction? Why can’t the culprits be caught if they are out side GoSL ?

    GoSL has to clear its name or they are doomed at UNHRC !

  53. One step forward. Two step Backward.
    All the LLRC exercises SL have done just finished to placate internal justice has been wasted.
    Neither state nor NGOs cannot protect the human rights violators.
    These security men who carried out the kidnapping are the enemy of state.
    We do not need police state. We do not need Rajapakse Rata.
    We need to bring back accountability.
    Now people have to respond in a positive way to end the culture of state terror.
    The campaign and the hard work SL did for March Human Rights Council is destroyed.
    SL has believe only handful of violations that leaks abroad.
    Irrespective of numbers how SL state protect the culture of impunity.
    Where do the establishment stand on this issue when they violate the constitution?
    Politician may come and go but the state cannot allow the country to return to war once again!
    Sri Lanka cannot move on without declaring war on culture of impunity. Act now before it consumes many others.
    I wish that the society standby and help in the fight to protect these people.

  54. When “vegetarian” and “practising Buddhist” have near-divine status in our society
    how is that businessman Ramasamy Prabakaran of Wellawatte – illegally incarcerated more than once and severely assaulted several times by the army/Polce, was unlawfully abducted AGAIN from his home this week despite the pleas and the cries raised by his Sinhala wife. She naturally had no change against a gun-carrying vigilante group of 8 frightful goons. Is this to cream some big money from him once again – that he had to part with paying the Police just to release him. Are his crimes he is a Tamil, carries the name Prabakaran or was friendly with an army officer from his Bandarawala days – the latter now in the bad books of the Govt?

    Don’t blame the Economist and the world media to compare ours to a Police-Fascist State where the ubiquitous White Van still shows up at any Tamil home in
    modern Cbo and illegally take one away – sometimes never to be seen again.
    News comes now this “approved gang of abudctors” are demanding Rs.100 million as ransom for his release – no doubt made up of “dues” to many sections of what goes as governance.


  55. According to the latest newspaper article he was abducted by the armed group for ransom. Some people trying to gain poetical advantage from this incident especially before UN Human Right session

  56. Tunisia will soon make torture a criminal offence and enshrined into the new constitution.
    In our miracle of asia its deplorable that such state abductions happen all over the south (let alone north ,east)
    where is freedom? how come even when geneva is next month state feels free to do this all over colombo? does not anybody/overseas govt issue/ask for these people back?
    i guess this vaasi gunawardene fellow’s high publicised hospital entry was to bypass today??

  57. DBSJ!
    Two months ago, when I wrote a reply to one of Dr R Narendran’s comment, he asked me back, if I do not agree with him, to suggest a way forward for the Tamils. I could tell him the right legal ways and peaceful ways for Tamils like him to follow but he would still not follow it because of the fear for their safety. This Mr Ramasamy’s way is one of the ways, in my thinking. Another way is civil dis-obedience. If not so, Mr DBSJ, tell me, how do we ask for justice? Are you suggesting, simply we become slaves? SJVS, was once my beloved leader. I can’t remember exactly which year, but must be between 1975 – 1977. There is a mass rally organized by the then Tamil Arusu Kadchi. We volunteers/supporters gathered in our thousands in-front of the party office, getting ready to march. But, before we started marching, the crowed was surrounded in all sides by hundreds of riot police and barbed wire fences were erected by the police to block the rally. We, shouted at SJVS to give us permission to brake through. But, he didn’t allow us to breach the police barricade. That is the kind of indecision of our former Tamil leaders, we still suffer even today. There is no gain, without pain. People must be hurt, die to liberate ourselves. That is the history all around the world then and now.


    You call yourself “A FOOL” but you are not a fool.You are a hypocrite.

    People like you pose as “heroes” and egg others to fight and die.You talk big of confronting without ever doing so

    When people pose sensible ideas like adopting conciliatory approaches instead of confrontational approaches you people taunt them by saying cowards,slaves etc

    You have no compassion or concern for those who did take up arms and paid the penalty or lost limbs or their families

    Let me tell you onething.The famous incident you mention and chastise SJV happened in 1975.I was also there. I came from Colombo to participate because “Suthanthiran” was exhorting us to come saying “Ethatkum Thunintha Ilaignarhal aayathamaaha Varungal” (Youths brave enough to face anything come prepared)Like an idiot I took a knife with me the only weapon I had.

    The Police banned the procession.SJV asked all to just sit on the ground and the procession became a sit in strike.because SJV asked us to obey we did. Some argued with Amir over it but still we obeyed. We were disappointed but we listened to our leaders

    But later around 150 of us left the main demonstration and did go around the streets of Jaffna with placards raising slogans.We did not try to reak the barricades because SJV was there but in our own way we circumvented him and revolted. It was a defiant act intended to provoke the Police. Luckily the cops did not react

    Reflecting upon the incident I think what utter fools we were but this is with wisdom of hindsight

    But the point I make is that why did you not join us then and participate in the rebellious group? You talk big like some brave warrior but lacked “guts” to do that then

    Now you post here like some great hero and have the gall to tell me “do you want us to be slaves”? It is not a being either “Master” or “Slave” but that of being EQUAL.

    I end with a request. You say “There is no gain, without pain. People must be hurt, die to liberate ourselves”

    Go then and fight and die to liberate our people. Take your family also.Do that action instead of posting empty rhetoric here like a “vaaichol Veeran” (vocal warrior). Will you do that please?

    PS:I think Dr. Narendran stopped posting because he realised there is no hope for the Tamil people with people like you around

  58. LTTE terrorism may have been stopped but state terrorism continues unabated in Sri Lanka.
    I am a little puzzled as to why the businessman decided to continue living in Sri Lanka after suffering the horrendous torture. He may have been brave to file the FR case but he should have known that under the Rajapakse regime he would never have obtained justice.

  59. Bad journalism, native vedda come out of the box
    and think as whole island ,not by your personal issues only.

  60. DBSJ must be congratulated for exposing this kind of acts. Whether it is state terror or other it is terror. There is no way for a link to exist between the torture the poor victim experienced at the hands of the CCD, Police etc. and this act if done by any private party or an individual. All these lead to believe that somebody or a group in the GOSL is responsible for these low class acts. This clearly shows the level of intelligence of the rulers. Whilst cuddling the true LTTE supporters by keeping on their laps innocent men have to suffer for no fault of theirs. If the rulers want to torture or eliminate LTTE supporters it’s best they start it with KP.

    Of course when it comes to the point of a separate state for the Tamils, if Tamils want a land of their own let them find it in a country where there are more Tamils and more area for a separate state. Tiny Sri Lanka has no room for such things.

  61. It is too early to pointing the government fo these abductions.
    I wish time will reveal every things.


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  63. This is what Sri Lankan forces do when they are taken to courts by suffering public
    Same hapened and still hapens in North and East complaiants wittnesse are abducted
    terorised and killed So no one can complian Where is justice ?

  64. I am sorry our fellow are ‘sickos’

    Bought up on Aryan supremacy myths, so Tamis are less value, Nazi ideolgy

    That is what you get from kill the Vedha, rob the Buddha then blame the Sudha type !

  65. Dear All,

    This incident was not reported in any Srilankan newspapers or web blogs that I read.
    With the Human Rights meetings coming up, With a court case coming up I dont know who to believe.

    Was this done by the Anti Sri Lankan Govt to sling mud at the Govt and to reiterate that the ‘White’ Van is still running?

    Was it to jolt the visiting American Diplomats.

    We will know only if this guy turns up. Till then lets keep our fingers crossed.

    However there is no smoke without fire.

    Look at his statement he has travelled a lot, written to defence Minister now why would a decent law abiding businessman squeel on his own kind?

    Double agent?


    The incident was reported in Colombo newspapers.Furthermore there is a move on now to portray it as an abduction for ransom or crime of profit.

    People find it difficult to accept truth not because it is unbelievable but because it is unpalatable

    In the bad old days when I used to write about LTTE atrocities their supporters would criticise me saying “only you have written this.No other media has done so” or “this puts the LTTE in poor light. Would they have done something like this”

    Another reaction would be to find something wrong with the victim and character assassinate him in typical blaming the victim syndrome

    Deja vu!

  66. Abduction at it’s deplorable worst. Even for the most seasoned hand, assured patronage is needed. What is strikingly brazen is the timing of it. A slap on the face of US State Department officials. The message is: you say what you wish,I will do what I want.

  67. This is the reason me and my family left SRI Lanka. though we had loads of money no peace of mind. what he should do is . conatact a western embassy ask for a asylum. this guy is real refugee. unlike those who came on a ship.

  68. “It is too early to pointing the government fo these abductions.
    I wish time will reveal every things”

    How long do you have to wait? Do you expect the “government” to confess? If so, there will be a “line up” and so many confessions, which would take years to clear!!!

    I feel sorry for those people who has to sing for their supper, by selling their souls!!!

  69. dilshanferdi says:
    February 13, 2012 at 8:37 pm
    Dear All,

    This incident was not reported in any Srilankan newspapers or web blogs that I read.

    For your information Dilhan, see the article below.



    It is not the Island but the Sunday Times which reported it first and very accurately too. “The Island” is now being used to distort the incident and project an impression that this was simply an abduction for ransom – a crime for profit – and a Tamil criminal gang is behind it

  70. Its not Deja Vu DBSJ but its a tangle here.
    Some guy was found burnt to death close to where I live.
    Seen that kind of horror before.
    ‘White van’ seems to have made a come back even the grease devil has struck in Ratnapura.
    I agree that maybe its unpalatable now. Its because there is no need to bump off people or kill in broad daylight with impunity and no fear of been seen.

    Maybe we are seing a new Sri Lanka, Clean on the outside rotten on the inside.!!


    “Me Soka sayura pihina
    Kavadaada Ethara Wanne”

  71. Well this shows the Real Srilanka. You can see what is “Vadake Vasantham” and “Kelake Uthauam”.
    Only GOD can save the the tamils and NOT ONLY for Tamils, and It will be very soon for every srilankan who oppose
    the Current Regime.

    USA and other western world won’t do anything, untill India and China stands next to their “Rajapaksha” friends.

  72. The curse in Sri Lanka is even opinion/comments are based on ethnic/linguistic favor!! Anything about State Terrorism, the sinhalese find it difficult to “swallow”, even though they know it is 100% true!!!
    Of course there are exceptions of good, righteous, honest, peace loving citizens!!
    while if it involves Tamils, they will jump up and down add their imaginative two cents worth!!!

    That is the downfall of the “wonder of Asia” and 2500 year old civilization!! How come there is so much murder and blood shed in a country which was supposed to be the saviors of Budhism?

  73. Sri Lanka is a lawless society!!

    An innocent man was tortured for more than 2yrs in Sri Lanka notorious prison. Now the poor man have been abducted by ‘white van’ in the middle of the day.

    Our island became the lawless society and if you are not a friend of a current Rajapaksa Regime you have no protection or justice.

    Recently a Sinhala man had been abducted by a ‘white van’ outside the Sri Lanka Law Courts

    ‘They took him away after beating the guard. Is this the wonder of Sri Lanka?’ questions suspect’s wife

    A suspect in custody has been abducted by an armed gang that came in a white van, police in Sri Lanka say.

    Prison officials Methias Chandrapala, have lodged a complaint with the police, of the abduction in front of the Colombo High Court complex.

    The suspect who was in remand custody was released on bail by the court prior to the abduction.

    While he was escorted by the prison guards to pay the surety the armed group has abducted him, according to police.

    S. Ramani, told BBC Sandeshaya that her husband was abducted while in handcuffs.

    The next day Sri Lanka lawyers protested agaist such ‘white van’ abductions

    A group of lawyers protested outside the court complex on Tuesday demanding an end to unresolved abductions.

    A silent vigil was held after a suspect was abducted on Monday from the gates of the court complex in Colombo.

    “Someone should take responsibility for these abductions. This is a threat to the independence of the judiciary,” leading human rights lawyer, Chrishantha Waliamuna told the BBC.

    Lawyers holding placards demanded an investigation about Monday’s abduction of a suspect by an armed gang that came in a white van.

    “If this continues, there will be no guarantee of safety in courts. We may face a scenario where people get abducted during court hearings. There should be firm action to prevent these acts. We can’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in the court complex,” said lawyer Gunaratne Wanninayake.


  74. Let’s hope the man returns home safe. DBSJ, you have done a very thoughtful job by putting the news in public. I see few praising the man for suing the government, please have some common sense this is not the time for your gimmicks. the man has a family and a daughter, so please show some support for the family instead of exchanging blames. it looks like this abduction has turned into ‘for randsom’ abduction, kidnappers asking for 100M. this shows (let’s believe/pray) the man is alive, so let’s hope for his safe return. many many thanks to dbsj and SL medias. anyways, whole world knows who is behind all these ‘white van’ abductions.

  75. Balraj Theepan says:

    “Bad journalism, native vedda come out of the box
    and think as whole island ,not by your personal issues only.”

    Sinhalese have personal issues, Tamils have personal issues, Muslims have personal issues, Christians, Hindus,Buddhists and all others have personal issues.

    Why cannot we have our personal issues aired in these forums.

    It is high time you recognise our people and our issues.

    Your issues cannot take precedent over other people’s issues.

  76. To those defenders of human rights violations

    There is one more incident:

    Lawyers and relatives protest against court abduction

    A group of lawyers protested outside the court complex on Tuesday demanding an end to unresolved abductions.

    A silent vigil was held after a suspect was abducted on Monday from the gates of the court complex in Colombo.

    “Someone should take responsibility for these abductions. This is a threat to the independence of the judiciary,” leading human rights lawyer, Chrishantha Waliamuna told the BBC.

    Stop white van abductions

    Lawyers holding placards demanded an investigation about Monday’s abduction of a suspect by an armed gang that came in a white van.
    “If this continues, there will be no guarantee of safety in courts. We may face a scenario where people get abducted during court hearings. There should be firm action to prevent these acts. We can’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in the court complex,” said lawyer Gunaratne Wanninayake.

    We can’t allow the law of the jungle to prevail in the court complex
    – protesting lawyers

    The suspect Methias Chandrapala was released on bail from remand custody by the court prior to the abduction.

    ‘Find my husband’

    “If he is guilty of a crime, he should face court proceedings. I demand the authorities to find my husband,” S. Ramani, the wife of the victim told the BBC.
    Relatives and supporters of the victim held a separate protest outside the court complex on Tuesday.


  77. Bandara says:

    “That is what you get from kill the Vedha, rob the Buddha then blame the Sudha type !”

    Please add “hammer the Tamil Diaspora, Exiled Journalists, Critical websites, ….”

  78. Several readers here and elsewhere say they are leaving the country because they can’t take it any more. Ramasamy Prabakaran’s abduction is believed by many to be a grim reminder to the suffering people the fascist-police state will move against anybody who challenge the regime. Successful Tamil businessmen in the Western and Central Provinces in particular are vulnerable. State-aided Kappan gangs will be after them although the Godfather of these criminal gangs has been asked temporarily to shut up. But he will emerge soon – the manimal cannot remain silent for long.You will see him with the raised sarong and endless filth from his foul mouth soon. What a Minister in a Govt of comedian-crooks. They have not spared the rich among the Sinhalese either.

    The decent plural society we knew has collapsed in recent years thanks to the Rajapakse roytalty.


  79. Dear DBSJ

    Like an idiot I took a knife with me the only weapon I had.

    You are unfairly hard on yourself, those were uncertain times. It could have been much worse- what if you had brought a gun?

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  81. quick thought. terrible thing to have happened indeed. But for those who say Sri Lanka is full of racists I beg of you not to let the country fall into ruin just because of a few who sit at the top. This is not just a fault only in Sri Lanka but it is something that is common to the whole world in this time and age. Do not let anger consume you into bringing ‘justice’ against those who have done no wrong. This is the lie of the world and it is burning the entire world. Political leaders who are a minority of minorities in terms of numbers wield fear throughout communities and cause people to strike out and almost always at the wrong people.

    Let us learn from mistakes of history and find a way to unite and be stronger than the devils in the face of global corruption.

  82. According to the Police., the abductors demanded LKR 100 Million from Mrs Prabakaran.

    People here,who pin these kidnappings and ransom demands, on the Defence Sec, are the same people who openly and incessantly allege that the Rajapaksa borthers are on the take to the tune of 20 percent from every mega Foreign Investment project.

    Now that is a cool USD 35 Million from Shangrila alone.

    Why would the Def Sec risk his job and this steady commission stream for a lousy LKR100 Million, even if Mrs Praba’s family and supporters could cough it out?.

    Wouldn’t it sounds like “hara kiri” to openly engage in such criminal activity , especially when the International Police delegation lead by the Human Right’s heavy hitters are in town to audit Rajapaksa books?.

  83. Mr. Kalu Albert:

    I think you’ve missed the central message: the point of the abduction is to teach the rest of us the lesson: you don’t mess with the police and you don’t mess with the ministry of abductions. If you do, if you are arrogant enought to think you can apply the rule of law to those who have established themselves well above it, you will be made to pay. If those involved can also make some money along the way, why not, especially when there’s nothing to stop them?

  84. GOSL or i dont know its the S.L Army had agreed to appoint a Court martial to determin
    war crimes comited by forces This may be a warning for those who complain aginst war crimes That they will end up the same way in Abduction and execution

  85. If the chief of army, who destroyed completely, the LTTE, one of the most formidable guerilla organisation in the world, who were reputed as invincible, and were told as ‘ not defeatable’ even by certain western experts, can be put behind bars, anything else is possible in this country.

    Even if the abduction is for ransom, the govt is duty bound to investigate case and bring the culprits to justice as possible.

    It looks as though, MR regime is hell bent upon acheiving what the LTTE coudn’t do, i.e. dividing the country.

  86. Kota says:

    “It looks as though, MR regime is hell bent upon acheiving what the LTTE coudn’t do, i.e. dividing the country”

    I am also of the same opinion as yours.

    LTTE was destroyed by its own stupidity.

    If ever there be a separate state within the island it would be established not by the Tamils but given to them on a platter by the Sinhalese out of their own stupidity.

  87. Dear Kota:

    As to your belief the LTTE was “not defeatable” surely you don’t have to be Gen. Dwight Eisenhower to know 250,000 fully armed men from land, sea and air against an almost rag-tag outfit
    of around 15,000 can have only one result. I certainly don’t regret the final outcome
    but this nonsense must stop. That Gentleman soldier Denzil Kobbekaduwa could have stopped it decades ago but one is expected to conduct war in a civilian landscape with great consideration for civilian casualties, safety and good sense. That, Sir, is the different in this “great victory” that continues to be celebrated and the strategy of civilised men like Gen Denzil – an Officer and Gentleman to his finger tips.


  88. Santhi says:
    March 6, 2012 at 8:54 pm
    We would like to know What hapend to this person

    santhi,he is dead.Gota’s pet sharks need food you know.

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