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Constitution stipulates devolution of police powers to provincial councils

by M.A. Sumanthiran MP

Hello Friends

The devolving of some Police Powers to the Provincial Councils is a Constitutional requirement that is yet to be implemented in practice. In recent times this important issue has been muddied further by President Rajapaksa’s pronouncements that Police powers will not be given to the Provincial councils.

Apart from being a violation of the Constitution this stance amounts to a dilution of devolution already granted to the councils through the 13th Constitutional amendment..Ironically such intentions amount to “13th Amendent minus” at a time when the President says he is prepared to consider “13th Amendment Plus”.

The Tamil National Alliance(TNA)which is the premier political formation representing the Sri Lankan Tamils continues to emphasise that some degree of Police powers should be devolved to the Provincial council in terms of the Constitution. This position has also been endorsed to some extent y the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and Tamil Makkal Viduthalaipp Puligal(TMVP)Incidently the TMVP runs the Eastern Provincial council with Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias “Pillaiyan” as chief minister.

The TNA national list Parliamentarian and Lawyer MA Sumanthiran has explained his party’s position on the question of devolving police powers in an incisive statement released to the Public yesterday.It sheds much light of an informed nature on an issue that is generating lots of uninformed heat.

I am therefore reproducing Mr.Sumanthiran’s viewpoint in full on my blog for the benefit of readers.

So here it is Friends-DBS Jeyaraj

Constitution stipulates devolution of police powers to provincial councils

by M.A. Sumanthiran MP

The government has responded in multiple and contradictory ways to the position of the Tamil National Alliance that powers over law and order, including powers over police, should be devolved to the provinces. The President himself has stated openly that police powers cannot be devolved, only to contradict that position when he assured Indian Minister of External Affairs S.M. Krishna that he intends to move towards “a political settlement based on the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, and building on it, so as to achieve meaningful devolution of powers.”

However, despite Minister Krishna’s statement going uncontested by the government at the time it was made, the President has now attempted to distance himself from that commitment. The government is aware that the 13th Amendment includes provisions for the devolution of police power. What then is the government’s position? The TNA has, in contrast, consistently asserted the need for powers over police to be devolved.

The Sri Lankan constitution requires that a measure of police power be devolved. The constitution specifically requires that a Provincial Police Force be established for every Province. The provisions of the 9th Schedule – which sets out the allocation of devolution under the present Constitution – are unambiguous, with “Police and Public Order” featuring prominently as Item 1 on the Provincial List.

Implementing the provisions of the existing Constitution – which the President, Ministers and MPs swear a solemn oath to uphold and defend – is not a matter for political posturing. The failure to act as the Constitution demands ought to be a matter of concern for those of any political stripe, regardless of their views on the merits of devolving police power.

Plainly, it evinces a complete disregard for the supreme law of the land that is illegal, unacceptable and downright dangerous. It should be a matter of embarrassment therefore that we must rely on the words of a high ranking official from a friendly neighbouring country to be assured that our own Constitution will be implemented in full.

However, now that these assurances have been made, the President and government must demonstrate good faith by delivering on them. The history of the ethnic conflict is one of broken promise after broken promise, and the government must not invite a repetition of history.

Moreover, a whole host of past proposals for constitutional reform – the 1995, 1997 and 2000 proposals, as well as the majority report of APRC’s Expert Committee – have recommended that police powers must be devolved to the provinces. The APRC’s Expert Committee was in fact directly appointed by the President himself.

The unanimity with which these proposals have recommended devolution of police powers only points to the fact that moderate Sinhala opinion is united in the view that police powers must be devolved. The congruence between the positions of moderate Sinhalese and moderate Tamils presents an opportunity that cannot be squandered on account of the posturing of extremists.

It is with this in mind that I venture to briefly present the reasons behind the TNA’s call for the devolution of police powers. The desire of the Tamil people that police powers be devolved is not a recent one. In fact, it predates the rise of militant groups and must be answered.

First, devolution of police powers is a necessary corollary to meaningful devolution. Provincial Councils must have the power to enact laws and approve regulations that are suited to the specific needs of the Province. For example, the social problems caused by the large numbers of orphans, single mothers and widows in the North and East will require the recruitment of a large number of Tamil speaking women officers.

This is a problem that is specific to the region, and requires local solutions. Just as we would never approve of a politician from Mannar controlling the functioning of the police in Matara, there is no reason as to why politicians from Colombo must have exclusive powers over police in Muttur.

The provincial executive also must have the necessary independence from central control to give effect to and implement regional laws and regulations. It is essential therefore that a substantial measure of powers over police be vested in the province, so as to enable the implementation of regional laws. A police force that is tasked with implementing provincial laws, but is not accountable to it, will defeat the purpose of devolution. A lame duck Provincial Council that is unable to implement its own laws is perhaps even worse than the absence of any devolution.

Second and importantly, devolution of police power is essential to rebuilding police – community relations in the North and East. The Tamil people’s alienation from state power has been most acutely felt when the ruptured relationship between the police and local communities in the North and East led to spirals of violence.

Multiple pogroms against the Tamil people where the police either participated or colluded through inaction; the application of the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act and similar Emergency Regulations; the use of the police force in cracking down on dissent ; the widescale torture and abuse of detainees and prisoners; the denial of language rights to Tamil speaking peoples in police stations; and the overwhelmingly Sinhala composition of the police force have collectively contributed to this feeling of mistrust.

When Tamil lodgers were forcibly evicted from Colombo and bussed to the North and East suddently one morning in May 2008, it was the police that implemented the decision to cleanse Colombo of Tamil lodgers. These issues are multi-layered and complex and have been perpetuated over many decades. Tensions between the police force and local communities result in an atmosphere of fear and resentment.

This tense atmosphere sometimes leads to outbreaks of violence and sometimes severe acts of brutality. Most recently, the Grease Devil phenomenon where local communities took the military and police to task for harbouring and assisting assailants resulted in severe violence. These incidents function as an early warning of the consequences of failing to resolve police – community tensions. If a repeat of history is to be avoided, the culture of resentment that characterises police – community relationships must be fundamentally transformed.

This ruptured relationship between the police force and local communities also impedes the efficient functioning of the police force. Effective policing requires public cooperation. The objectives of battling crime and creating a peaceful society can never be possible without strong, effective bonds of trust between the police force and local communities. The experience of the last six decades, whether in peacetime or war, is that these relationships cannot easily be restored.

The police are almost always the first point of contact with the State for those who find themselves in a crisis. The very nature of their work requires the police to be in constant contact with those in desperate states of vulnerability. Thus, decision makers within the police must be those with an intimate understanding of a given community’s specific needs and problems. For instance, decision makers within the police must be knowledgeable about and respectful of informal dispute resolution arrangements that prevail in certain rural areas in the North and East.

The devolution of police powers to the Province will enable a transformation of police – community relations and will lead to greater police sensitivity to local concerns and thus lead to a restoration of normalcy and amity in those relations. Ultimately, the handing of powers over police to a tier of government closer to the people is necessary to ensure that Tamil speaking communities are given a measure of power over decisions involving security and law and order, which is essential to insuring against further conflict and violence.

Third, the idea that hyper-centralized control of the police is necessary to protect security in the country is in fact an outdated feature of colonial rule.The paradigmatic example of strong, central control over law and order was and remains the Public Security Ordinance –a colonial piece of legislation designed to ensure control over ‘natives’ by the Governor General. The decimation of communities in the South during the insurrection by the state security apparatus was another manifestation of the colonial conception of the police force.

Thus, if we need to move beyond a colonial paradigm in law and order governance, we must dispense with the idea that a strongly centralized police force is synonymous with the effective protection of law and order. It is time to recognize that this model has failed us, resulted in bloody armed conflict, and is incongruous with any notion of a dignified peace. Strong central control over police has contributed to the denial of Tamils’ right to enjoy the fruits of independence from Western colonial powers and must be checked.

Fourth, the arguments made against devolution of police power are overstated and often wrongheaded. One type of concern expressed often is that the devolution of police powers will result in disorder and chaos. This is misleading. The devolution of police power does not mean the exercise of unfettered police power. Nor does it mean the oppression of regional minorities.

The courts and an independent body to regulate the provincial police force must be vested with sufficient power to curb abuse by the police. Moreover, the Bill of Rights must be strengthened to protect individuals against the police. The TNA opposed the passage of the 18th amendment in the strongest terms because we are opposed to the weakening of independent public institutions. Ultimately, given the nature of Sri Lankan politics, a provincial police force is more likely to be brought under the oversight of the judiciary and independent public institutions than is the case with a highly centralized police force with a politically powerful hierarchy.

The myth that the devolution of police powers will lead to secession is as fanciful as it is ludicrous. There is no Tamil political party in Sri Lanka that is even remotely interested in dividing the country. For our part, we are clear that a durable solution to the ethnic problem must be found within the contours of a united Sri Lanka.

That aside, that line of argument ignores that it was disillusioned youth – often unemployed and angry – who have resorted to violence against the State, whether in the North East or in the South. To suggest that lower level and middle level officers entrenched in the local bureaucracy would attempt to resist a trained military is absurd.

Thus, devolution of police powers is desirable for a number of reasons. Fundamentally, it is a necessary corollary to meaningful devolution in other areas; essential to restoring community – police relations; necessary to undoing the harmful colonial legacy in the governance of the police and finally, is perhaps the most effective way of curbing police excesses.

Since a measure of devolution in relation to police powers is part of the existing Constitution, and since many past proposals for constitutional reform have highlighted the necessity to further devolve police powers, there is no excuse for the failure to do so.

M.A. Sumanthiran
TNA Member of Parliament


  1. Dear Mr Sumanthiran,

    A little country like Sri Lanka can not afford many police forces for each province. This is like devolvig police powers etc within Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Just imagine the situation if some one like Pilliyan takes control of the police force in the East.Pilliyans,Karunas and devandas are no different to the LTTE criminals. They came over to the government side to protect themselves. In Trincomalee district Sinhalese areas are 66% and the Muslims and sinhalese areas are an overwhelming majority. In Ampara District sinhala areas are 78% and has a huge muslms precence. You think these two communities will get a fair deal from the Tamil chief minister ? The Chief Minister will try and do every thing to chase the sinhalese and the Muslims in order to strengthen the bogus traditional homeland concept. There in lies one of the main reasons why the police power can not be given. What you need is to recruit many tamil speaking officers and deploy them in the Tamil speaking areas.

    The 13th amendment was rammed down our throat by India. This kind of devolution will perfectly in the western world where basic law and order is carried out and the development of people is far higher than in our part of the world. Besides the basic honesty of the people is far greater than people living in our part of the world.

    If you can site the current constitution and say that the police powers should be vested with the PC’s, i belive the concurrent list enables these powers to be taken back as well.

    Let us adopt pragmatic policies rather than talking just to suit an agenda

  2. If Police is given to Provincial and Douglas becomes chief minister all EPDP goons will be constables.Do we want that?

  3. “….“a political settlement based on the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, and building on it, so as to achieve meaningful devolution of powers.”

    Did he make the statement referred to above when he was sober or when he was drunk? It is presumable he would have remembered the “mathata thitha” as he occasionally does when in discussion with foreign mission reps. Other so called contradictory statements are made when he is drunk, or vice versa. So if you are really interested watch out for that!

  4. “It should be a matter of embarrassment, therefore, that we must rely on the words of a high-ranking official from a friendly neighbouring country to be assured that our own Constitution will be implemented in full” is a pathetic indicment on our politicians, our governance, our rule of law and our very civilisational ethos.
    In fairness to the UNP it must be said, composed of educated men and leading lawyers as it was, they would have proceeded to respect the Constitution – if not for the obstinacy of Prabakaran – who continued to lay obstacles – in his crazed dream of the first Tamil kingdom in the world of which he would be the fascist leader. This, in addition, to the subversive mutiny within the JRJ Cabinet, formed of several strands of Sinhala supremacist-extremists. This lethal combination eventually ruined the country – both for Tamils and Sinhaalese and foisted a deadly war on us.

    It is best the Mahinda Rajapakse regime come alive to their responsibilities without let and instal the North-Eastern PC – thus doing away with the lame-duck EP/PC (Mr Sumanthiran’s apt description)


  5. MAS, I cannot agree more with your views, excellent but this 13A to the constitution was brought in 1987 to prevent any more blood shed. That did not happen, & war continued, nor TNA (then TULF) campaigned for 13A for reasons better known to you.
    Even when this Indo-Lanka accord was signed we saw tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Colombo, unprecedented in modern history of Sri Lanka & gave birth to DJV (JVP)terrorism with resultant death of some 60,000 people within next 02 years.
    Even to pass 13A JRJ had to keep his 5/6 majority MP’s in parliament at a 5*star hotel in Colombo & given a bus ride to Kotte parliament house with 02 Indian Navy ships at vicinity of Galle Face greens.
    So 13A is a dead letter, imposed upon by Big Brother India, no any Govt. of SL from 1987 to date ever tried to implement as far as POLICE & LAND powers are concerned, & only another heavy burden to exchequer to maintain ineffective PC system.
    MAS, It’s glad to see you are speaking freely about your political thinking, thanks to MR led GOSL for eliminating most ruthless terror outfit of LTTE led by VP, if not you would to have met with certain death.
    Please try to understand, how come the President devolves Police powers to backbone less pack of TNA politicians who acted as Political Wing to terror outfit LTTE just before May 2009?
    Is there any guarantee that, if I quote you “There is no Tamil political party in Sri Lanka that is even remotely interested in dividing the country”. No any majority Sinhalese will endorse this at this moment.
    Don’t you think for that to achieve TNA should reach out to majority & convince them beyond doubt that it is such, rather than working with Fr. Emmanuel led Diaspora which is trying to keep pot boiling & moving foreign countries & institutions against Sri Lanka?
    If I may suggest, with your permission,(keeping in mind that Sri Lanka is a country with over 70% Buddhist population).
    1. Would it be more appropriate to start with, a full delegation of TNA to visit Temple of Tooth in Kandy & Chief Priests of Malawatu & Asgiri & get their blessings for TNA’s future journey in undivided , unitary Sri Lanka & to show TNA is genuine in their commitments?
    ( never forget Malvatu Chief Priest was on stage with Arumugam Thondaman at a CWC organized protest rally against a Hydro electricity project put forward by GOSL only a few years ago & next year CWC held their annual convention & rally in Kandy city)
    2.Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have some TNA MP’s actively engaged in GOSL programs to uplift living standards of war affected northern Tamil civilians at present, rather than being out side of it, until political demands are met?
    3.Wouldn’t it be appropriate to join hands with GOSL in their programs to rehabilitate ex LTTE carders?

  6. [Constitution stipulates devolution of police powers to provincial councils

    But the issue is, your second tongue blabbers about a distinct Tamil nation. Hmmmmm…. Are we hearing a familiar song?

    We know… we know… we know your agenda.

    Sorry… we will start to negogiate with that basic line… “There are no Tamils in Sri Lanka… only Sri Lankans with different ethnicities.”

  7. Provincial police will lead to nepotism, corruption and abuse of power.In Jaffna Velala high cast Tamils will get into Police and oppress low cast Tamils

  8. With what wisdom Plato said, either philosophers must become kings or kings should study philosophy, else there is no end to human misery. The President of Sri Lanka did not have a brush either with the idealism of Thiruvalluvar or with the statecraft of Kautilya. Induction to high philosophy is not expected, but studying a few of the relevant articles of the 13th Amendment is compulsory. It is also helpful to know that an amendment is part of the constitution and a President is obliged to act within its ambit. What the world is treated to is the blabber of an ignoramus.

  9. Dear Mr. Sumanthiran, your recent interview to Namini Wijedasa, and this article show how intelligent and diplomatic you are, and how matured you have become as a politician. Extremists will never like your presentation, that do not mean your presentations are no good, and all that what it means is they are on the defensive. They will name you and others proxies of LTTE, and you act with a secret agenda but they know very well within their heart, that you are not. All these are to discredit you and others in the vain hope that by linking you with LTTE they can have an edge. They can’t think otherwise. They can’t come out of the imaginary cocoon they have made for themselves. They very well know that like the Government servants in the LTTE controlled areas, you too had to work with them to serve the people. If you and others went against LTTE then, the Tamils will be orphans today without any representations in the parliament. You people did the right thing then, and are doing the right thing now. Tamils have faith in you…ask the extremists to get lost.

  10. I told you he doesn’t know Maths ,then how can he knows
    what is plus and what is minus. Atlast next time chose someone
    who does know Maths and people’s pain could deliver the solution to
    national question. Until that he will foolish all people by telling stories like “NE
    Police arrest him if he devolve the police power” who are the stupids
    to believe his lies?

  11. Mr Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan,

    You are still talking about the NE PC. Still dreaming of the North East merger. This is the thing that we sinhalese always thought. The socalled devolution is only a stepping stone to the Eelam project. NE are is 28% of the total land. Can you hand it over to be ruled by a population of 5%. Why should the east be merged with the Noth. If at all it should be merged with North central or Uva from which it was carved out. It is this stupid and unreasonbale demands that still keep blunting a wrkable and a durable solution

  12. “A little country like Sri Lanka can not afford many police forces for each province. This is like devolvig police powers etc within Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Just imagine the situation if some one like Pilliyan takes control of the police force in the East.Pilliyans,Karunas and devandas are no different to the LTTE criminals”, say Ravi Perera. Why should one ‘take control’ over Police Force? The cities are ruled by the thugs, also called as Ministers and Ministers’ staff,during the work hours in the South. Police is there to take care of law and order, and everything will go well if the country is governed properly. Decentralising the police authority is a good thing to manage things locally. Major issues and cross-regional issues would be managed by Federal Police. A number of countries have autonomous police authorities for smaller populations and smaller land masses.

    How large should a country be to have different semi-autonomous police authorities? Switzerland is 41,000 square kilometres (133rd) in size with a population of nearly 8 million people (95th). Sri Lanka is 65,000 square kilometres (122nd) in size with 21 million people (55th).

    Law enforcement in Switzerland is mainly a responsibility of the 26 cantons of Switzerland, who each operate cantonal police agencies. Some cities also operate municipal police agencies as provided for by cantonal law. The federal government provides specialised services and is responsible for the protection of the Swiss border. The 26 cantonal police agencies and numerous municipal police agencies are the backbone of Swiss law enforcement. They are not subordinate to federal authorities. Their commanding officers report to the head of the respective cantonal or municipal department of police, who is a member of the cantonal or municipal governing council. Thanks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_enforcement_in_Switzerland

  13. Ravi Perera expresses just apprehension when he cites the example of Pillaiyan as
    CM. But the ill-educated Pillaiyan, with many allegations of sheer murder, was imposed on the people of the East by this regime – on a bogus “election” Some semblance of normalcy is returning to the Tamil areas and gun-slingers of the calibre and history of Devananda, Karuna, Iniyabarathy and Pillaiyan are unlikely to be chosen by popular ballot. At any rate, even in the Federal States in India the President retains certain powers to dismiss PC Governments to be used judiciously – not to be used to serve political whims and fancies from the Centre.


  14. .
    In simple terms, what he is saying is that,

    Why Sinhalese Governments agree to certain stuff and later refuse to implement them?

    Don’t say it’s a political move…. this is the reason why nobody believes the Sinhalese Government.

    (The way Mahinda lies, even ‘white van’ Gota and ‘10%’ Basil is afraid to say anything)


    Also, to those who say Srilanka is a small country…… bull shit.

    Size doesn’t matter.


  15. Mr Sumanathiran wants TNA Sheriffs, because the Srilankan Police arranged Progroms

    How many such Progroms can Mr Sumanathiran name in the last Quater Century, even when TNA supporter Mr Prabakaran was in his element, with his full on Terror attacks all over the South?

    Mr Sumanathiran says Northern Tamils can’t work with Srilankan Police.

    Did the LTTE Sheriffs take care of the people in Jaffna?.

    Mr Sumanthiran says the Illegal Lodgers were dislodged by the Srilankan Police.

    Does he want TNA Sheriffs in Colombo too ,because there are many lodgers still there among the Tamil people who are the great majority?.

    Has Mr Sunathiran done any costing for a TNA Police Force which has the rsponsibilty of Protecting and Patrolling one third of the Land Mass and Two Thirds of the Coast. that would be vulnerable to the LTTE Agitators in Tamil Nadu in case they want to extend their tentacles?.

    How much LKR would the tax payers need to cough out to such a Large Police force , when the population there is far less than the total Tamil population in other parts of the country?.

    Reading the recent statement of the new kid on the block, British Educated ,Arun Thambimutthu, and the orphan Politician who is a creation of the TNA supported LTTE, great majority of the inhabitant population will have their reservations about giving Sheriff badges to the TNA.

    Even the last refuge of Mr Sumanathiran Co, the often mentioned mighty Western IC even, won’t be able to not notice some of the interesting points this young lad has raised.

  16. Mr Ravi Perera (3/35pm) has persuaded himself to believe any thoughts of a re-merger must be only in the realm of “dreams” But former CJ Sarath Silva, who many moons ago joined forces from the bench to ensure this de-merger – once out of office – sang a different song more in line with jurisprudence, the amended Constitutional amendment and respecting treaties between 2 sovereign governments. Language Parity and the Stateless issue – as old as 1948 and 1956, violently opposed by Southern extremism too fell into this category of many. But sanity and justice prevailed – albeit late.

    Let me share with you the thoughts of the late Robert F. Kennedy “Some dream of what may not be and say Why. I dream and say Why not?”


  17. dear ravi perera,

    if your arguments is rational,

    do u think tamils and muslims will get fair treatment under sinhalese govt or police. why you cant think from other side as well. go back and see the hi8story. how much atro9cities were committed since 1948. ltte is the child of these atrocities against minorities.
    the way you talk as if sinhalese are divine and they will not do any wrong but minorities will do. you talk about the trincomalee and ampara demography. you know what was the demography of these areas in 1948. Tamils were overwhelmingly majority community. but successive sinhalese govts made colonisations and made tamils minority. The reason is sinhalese held the power and abused it. if no devolution even jaffna and batticaloa will be like ampara and trinco. thats what all you want.

    Please think from neutral point of view.


  18. Well argued Sumanthiran..!

    More embarassment the better to the Sinhala politicians. The naked truth is that nothing will happen to improve the lives of Tamils in the long run.. extremisim in Sinhala minds come from Mahawamsa days.. No moderate Sinaha politician will survie in Srilanka.. Mahinda and Co knows it all…

  19. Ravi Perera wrote

    “You think these two communities will get a fair deal from the Tamil chief minister ? ”

    Thank you for admitting that Sri Lanka is so ethnically divided. The Tamils in Sri Lanka have been saying since 1948, “You think the Tamil community will get a fair deal from the Sinhala Prime Minister and Ministers ?” and since 1972, “You think the Tamil community will get a fair deal from the Sinhala President, Prime Minister and Ministers ?”

  20. Dear Rohan

    Switzerland is 41,000 square kilometres (133rd) in size with a population of nearly 8 million people (95th). Sri Lanka is 65,000 square kilometres (122nd) in size with 21 million people (55th).

    Thank you for those mind-boggling statistics. I have some more to share. Switzerland has GDP of $500 billion. Sri Lanka has GDP of $50 billion. That means Switzerland has ten times the capacity of Sri Lanka to afford all the inefficiencies and waste associated with federalism.

    Also Swiss economy and wealth are dispersed while in Sri Lanka they are concentrated in Western Province. That means Mr Sumanthiran who is sermonising about Constitution and Devolution today will be coming to WP with begging bowl tomorrow to pay for it.

  21. Dear Mr. Sumanthiran,

    In a nut shell, the central government will be primarily responsible for the Defense, Foreign affairs and currency. The rest like education, health, transport, land and natural resources and police – implimentation of the law and order in the provincial level- have to come under provincial jurisdiction. If we had the police force back in 1981, our Jaffna library would not have been burned. I am sure, that your view regarding the devolution is shared by almost all the Tamils and most of the decent Sinhalese. Very nice article, keep up the good work which exeeded my expectations. Thank you. Educating people specially the majority about the need for an amicable solution (which would lead to a permanent peace with justice in this island) is a noble thing.


  22. Dear ISS

    It is best the Mahinda Rajapakse regime come alive to their responsibilities without let and instal the North-Eastern PC – thus doing away with the lame-duck EP/PC

    How is Mr Sumanthiran so sure that merged NEPC will not also be lame duck? Because he will be Chief Minister???

  23. Does Sumanthiran think Tamils are bloody fools? He play the Tune of UNP and tells in public he or his party never accept the 13th Amendment. Dont he know the so called police powers are given under the 13th amendment?

    If he dont accept 13, then from where he wants the police powers? From the pockets of Americans or from Queen Elizabeth?

  24. I appreciate the analogy of Mr Sumanthiran. What is so sad is that Sinhalese still don’t understand the problems faced by the people in North and East.
    Some one in this forum said that higher percentage Sinhalese live in east. if you look at the history in the last 50 years you will able get the picture of how these majority group forcefully occupied the east. Higher percentage of them are uneducated, thugs, trouble makers and peace breakers. We should have reliable and respectable police force.
    North –East Tamils and Muslims should have their own Tamil speaking police. This will provide an opportunity to get rid of the corruption in the police force and create an administration system that every srilankas are proud of.

  25. Bad Amendment. Now is the time to officially repeal it. Just forget devolution. Let’s just agree to evolve instead and take a position of wait and see. 30 years from now, Sri Lanka will not look the same. Guarantee it!

  26. Hellow Cost Accounting Expert Kalu,
    NE Tamils are definitely with you. You really worry for them for their prospective tax burden if and when the civilian police force is made their responsibility. Further they are well aware how the present defence budget is economised with the expert advice given by people like you. After all how MAS, a human right lawyer turned to politics only recently, knows to control cost by deploying white vans, kudu mahatayas and so on?

  27. Aratai,

    Government Knows very well whatever they agree to can not be implemented since people are against it (Sinhalese & Muslims). If most of the tamils lived in North then this could well have been possible, like in quebec.

  28. Mr Hussain (I doubt wether you are Mr Hussain) says,
    “Some one in this forum said that higher percentage Sinhalese live in east. if you look at the history in the last 50 years you will able get the picture of how these majority group forcefully occupied the east”

    Mr Karikalan says ” Tamils were overwhelmingly majority community. but successive sinhalese govts made colonisations and made tamils minority. ”

    What is this eastern province you are talking about. Tamil and Muslim people live on the coast of the East in a stretch of about 10 miles. Who created the Eastern province before you talk about colonisation. The British created the Eastern province out of the kandyan Kingdom. They did it in such a manner that a large area of sparsely populated sinhala villages were annexed with realitvely thickly populated coastal tamil areas and created the Eastern provice. That is the history of eastern province my friend.

    If you think sinhala people have colonoised your territory surely you can bring this to the focus of the internation community and get it reversed.There is every bit of history to say East and large tracks of North are part of sinhala civilisation.No point in history did the tamils ruled even the tamil areas of East.You know it we also know it. Get real my friends, pls do not sing the same song over and over again. Try to get some results

  29. It is a bad taste for some of the extremists when MAS says what is in the constitution. They need India’s help for every thing but accusing it as it rammed down in their throat. One of the bloggers says that if Tamil comes as Chief Minimiser, he/she will chase S & M away. If in one province a Tamil comes to power, this guy has this much concern for his people, although the ultimate power of deciding the fate of a province’s ruling is vested upon the President. In the same vain, why could he not imagine how would a Tamil feel when all other provinces and the island itself for that matter, ruled by Sinhalese. Ironically this is the type of guys who are advocating for a pragmatic solution. Not sure what do they mean by pragmatic, is Total control meant to be pragmatic. If majority ruling is acceptable in a democratic set-up, why do you oppose Tamils having a say on matters of importance in these two provinces where they have been majority for years. Does the 13th amendment pave way for this already? What is the reluctance to implement what is already there? You guys are no better than VP and his mongrels. Your current stand is a testimony as to how you created LTTE.

    At one stage, Tamils fought for equal right for Tamil language and made lots of sacrifices, particularly when the ‘SRI’ introduced to vehicle registration numbers. The Sinhalese leaders of the time could not foresee the consequences of it, but did it for their short term gain. What we see today is a divided country by and large. There is hardly any mutual trust between the races, and it is not the fault of the folk at the street, but the legacy our leaders left behind. Apart from the racial relation, the damage it had done for each Srilankan in terms of acquiring computer knowledge and grasping the modern technologies. You buy a TV; the catalogue is not in Sinhala or Tamil. Try to send SMS; can do neither Tamil nor Sinhala. The affected ones are the ordinary people; not the Bandaranayakes or Senanayakes. The current Sinhala leaders some or rather believe in tri-language policy is a step in the right direction, but this was what Tamils said in 1956s. What was not appropriate then seems ok for them now. Likewise, I hope, in another 40 years down the track, the Sinhala leaders and the majority will definitely realise what TNA and Tamil Leaders argued about power sharing via 13th amendment in the 2010s was the best option. But by then Tamils would be completely marginalised, and there would be no ones left to take on racially for these corrupted leaders, except its own people or may be Chinese. I guess these leaders have also wisdom, but from the past what we know is they have a 40 years lagging in capacity of foreseeing things, but hope slowly but steadily will catch up, may be when this Tamil Elam phobia stops threaten them.

  30. Ravi Perera & John!

    For me to accept any of your arguments, you all Sinhalese must first be prepared to accept your JRJ is the most foolish Sinhalese person ever, for accepting the 13th amendments. In the mean time we all Tamils must accept, V. Prabaharan, is the most intelligent Tamil person ever, for never, never trusting a society like yours, who have no moral values. But, never mind, I remember, most of you people, like your Cril Maathew, who once thought Tamils are no-body. We proved once, you was wrong and we will prove it again, you are wrong.

  31. Mr. Ravi Perera,

    You are perfectly correct. Muslim will definitely join Sinhalese and oppose the implementation if the Govt. goes and agrees to devolve power over land and police. Muslims know the amount of difficulty they suffered on land issues under the Kalmunai Kachcheri, which earlier controlled Ampara District and how best they are now served after creation of Ampara Kachcheri. They are now too happy with the righteousness shown to them in the name of Digavapi sacred shrine project in Ampara.

  32. The most tamils forward views here saying that government colonise east during last 50 years. They deliberately hiding the fact that eastern part was popularise by sinhalese many centuries ago as Ruhuna Kingdom. They deliberately hiding the fact that thousands of Buddhist ruins,monasteries even visible today witness that. Due to various reasons like natural disasters,foreign invaders [like Portugese who burnt down famous Gokanna temple where now Koneshwaran Kovil erected} or the Kingdom change from one city to another Sinhalese lived in Eastern parts of country migrate to inland.

    So what previous governments did was resettle the people in Galoya or under any other development projects IN East cannot describe as colonisation.

    As one HUSSAIN in this column said, if police and land powers granted to PC’s we can imagine what will happen in the East. Already thousands of acres in Eastern part of SL encroached by muslims especially in Pothuvil/Arugambay area by issuing “SPECIAL PERMITS”. Not only Land grabbing but there were illicit timber racket,illicit sand mining in rivers, digging ancient ruins to grab ancient artefacts still going on under the guidance of muslim politicians in these area. With police powers anybody can imagine what would be the consequences.

  33. Affot says,

    “We proved once, you was wrong and we will prove it again, you are wrong.”

    We sinhalese are waiting for you to prove it again. Would love to see it ending again in Nanthikadal..

  34. afool,
    I totally agree, JRJ was the worst leader SL ever had, but he wasn’t foolish. 13A was imposed upon him by India & he accepted cunningly & played with that & the rest is history…
    He wanted only one thing – To remain in power even at the cost of whole country.

  35. Rana , thru Hussain’s comments has brought up a very important and pertinant point to the Land and Police power demands of the TNA.

    All undeveloped land are in the North and the East, totalling 1/3 of the land mass..

    This Land has all the undeveloped Resources in the country that will help sustain the increasing SL population well into the future.

    One third of the inhabitant population have the birth right to share the resources of this piece of land as the land of the Nation belongs to all its inhabitants.

    TNA is a communal Political Party, which does not tolerate even its own community members, if they don’t tow the line.

    TNA Line is aimed at helping the non inhabitants and their supporters more than the inhabitants.

    Aren’t the 1/3 of the inhabitant population going to shut themselves out of this Land ,by agreeging to handing over its deeds to the TNA with Police powers to protect it?.

  36. Unfortunately, I hear the words TamilElam and LTTE more from Sinhalese from than Tamils since May 2009. Tamils moved on with what LTTE did for them, but GoSL and its gullible followers want a dummy to spit and continue in their grip on power.

  37. Yes Kalu I agree with you. And the other thing is after 2011 census release soon, TNA and the Muslim leaders and their henchmen can understand their position in SL.

  38. Dear afool

    V. Prabaharan, is the most intelligent Tamil person ever, for never, never trusting a society like yours, who have no moral values.

    I don’t understand, if Mr Prabaharan was so intelligent then how come he’s no longer alive??? Seems that he did not consider that one day there would come a Sinhala who would be just as ruthless as he!

    We must give him credit though for not running away to another country and becoming another “afool” like you. I think he would much rather be dead than to suffer that fate!

    But, never mind, I remember, most of you people, like your Cril Maathew, who once thought Tamils are no-body.

    Ok it is time to put the jokes aside and get serious (I doubt you’ll understand what I have to say, so I’m writing more for anyone else who is reading): Cyril Mathew and his cronies did not murder Tamils because they thought Tamils are nobodies; they massacred the Tamils because they were afraid of Tamils. If they thought Tamils were nobodies, then they would not have attacked the Tamils.

    Now I’m sure you will trot out some answer that the Sinhalese stopped attacking the Tamils after 1983 because they were afraid of the LTTE. Actually, the politicians stopped inciting violence against the Tamils because even they saw how badly the riots had tarnished Sri Lanka’s image while boosting the separatist cause. MR somewhat deviated from this in April 2006 when he either snoozed or looked the other way when Trincomalee riots took place, but a phone call from Indian PM jolted him into action. Either way, that proves that it was the international community, not the LTTE that played the greatest role in preventing communal violence. If anything, the LTTE’s record in protecting Tamils was abysmal.

  39. Afool,

    “In the mean time we all Tamils must accept, V. Prabaharan, is the most intelligent Tamil person ever, ”




  40. [I don’t understand, if Mr Prabaharan was so intelligent…..]

    This where both many Sri Lankans cross their wires and hurt themselves.

    Now, would anyone who knows for 100% sure (hey… I meant 100% sure, not hearsay)that Velu
    as a great military leader, intelligent, smart etc… please raise their hands?

    How many are there?

    Now would anyone who is 100% sure (hey… I meant 100% sure, not hearsay) that money,
    support, propaganda weapons, lobbying etc. for Tamil terrorism came from overseas,
    please raise their hands?

    How many are there?

    Now can you add 2+2?


    They are ACTIVELY planning for the stage 2 of the Tamil terrorism… and looking for
    opportunity and another Dummy.

    Sri Lankans need to plan to eliminate that real threat to MotherLanka. The Tamil Terrorist

    For sure Velu, the dummy is dead. But is also TTD dead?

  41. Ravi Perera, John and Wije!

    The following paragraphs, I copied from Mr Sumanthiran’s previous interview. I want three of you to re-re-read them again, giving them full attention.

    “….but the 13th is law today. So from a rule of law perspective our position is that you can’t be discussing whether or not you should implement the provisions of the constitution! That kind of discussion happens only in this country.

    We had the 17thAmendment and a discussion about whether we should implement it or not! You must change it. But until you change it, you must enforce the constitution. Twenty-five years on, several provisions of the flawed 13thAmendment have not been implemented. President Rajapaksa has for the last six years been regularly threatening to implement the 13thAmendment in full. But he hasn’t done it yet.”
    Where is your bargaining power?

    Bargaining power is the democratic wish of our people, nothing else. Otherwise, it’s a very dangerous thing to talk about bargaining power. In proposals made between 1992 and 2006, the government was willing to go much further than this. In fact, the Oslo Communiqué of December 2002 specifically talked about a federal arrangement. That was between the government and LTTE. If they were willing to go that far when the LTTE were around and today they tell the Tamil people you have no bargaining power so don’t even think of anything close to that…that’s a very dangerous message they are giving the Tamil people. They are telling them you come with the gun and we’ll give you more.

    How long will you go on like this?

    As long as it takes! We are not going to surrender our democratic rights which we think is our birthright just because the going is tough.

    Above, I think you people do not understand how Mr Sumanthiran is joking about you. You are the only people in the whole world, who discuss for 25 years about implementing a law which was passed 25 years ago. Therefore, I do not think to waste more of my important time arguing with funny people like you. But, I like to answer about your Nandikkadal jokes and Cyril Mathew, and the the anti Tamil violence and the LTTE.
    Ravi Perera! There will be no next Nandikkadal, because the next war will be fought at your back-yard. I do not want to go in to detail because, DBSJ will not publish it. If you take Duglas’s, Karuna’s or Pillaiyan’s words, when they say Tamils do not have the capacity to fight another war so there can’t be another war, and you believe them, you are really fooling yourself. First of all, you must realize there is no future for them among the Tamils of Srilanka. So, they must please the Sinhala leadership to get their food. I want you to know, it is not Duglas, Karuna, Pillaiyan started the revolution. It was a few determined Tamil boys from the north. They will always be there. I want you to give your attention to the West African country called Nigeria.

    John! I know JRJ is a genius unlike you think.

    Wije! You accepted or not, you people once thought Tamils are nobodies and then later it is the fear of the LTTE’s reprisal attack made your politicians stop inciting your people.

  42. Kota!

  43. Sumanthiran play the LTTE+UNP tunes against the 13th Amendment. If he reject 13th Amendment, how can he ask the provisions under the 13th Amendemnt to be implemented?

    13th Amendment gives the Provincial Councils. By rejecting 13th Amendment, he ask Mahinda or any other President or Parliament not to implement anything under the 13th Amendment. He asks to “CANCEL” 13th Amendment indirectly or directly.

    But the Tamil population and a sizable Sinhala population support 13th Amendment.

    Can this rookie politician tell the Tamil population that he and his party reject provincial councils and other initiatives under the 13th Amendment?

    Has he any guts to tell the same in the Parliament and ask the government to repeal 13th Amendment if he feels it is not beneficial to the Tamils?

    He talk the same like a Jaffna PIRAKKIRASI!

  44. afool,
    Now only I understood that “afool” is a real fool. If Tamils have friends like “afool” they don’t need any enemies like VP.
    Don’t fool around again & spend your valuable time sleeping & have good dream of VP at hell & Eelam in another million light years away some where in the sky.

  45. Dear Mr.Sumanthiran,

    Please readdress the issues related here in this reply.

    The passage of the 1949 act made two MPs (SJV & Vanniasingham) to resign from the Tamil Congress and found the “Federal Party”. The lack of vision by the Tamil politicians can be seen here. In 1833 when the nations were merged, the Tamils made no objections to the British. It took 115 years for the Tamils to generate that anxiety of separatism, for no other reason, but purely because of the refusal of a portfolio to SJV Chelvanayagam. The Tamil’s self-centered, selfishness can be clearly seen here.

    However, if a portfolio was allocated to SJV Chelvanayagam, then perhaps the issue of Federalism or separatism could not have emerged from the Tamil quarters. Competency of the former politicians is questionable anyway.
    You will no doubt understand as to why the British merged to call it Ceylon, because Ceylon was always a Sinhala country, occupied by the Sinhalese people, and Tamils had no resources. You will also agree that the North was a Buddhist region.

    Ceylon was always blustered, stalked and invaded by the Cholas, Pandyans, Cheras, and Pallavas etc. The island never had peace, because the ravenousness Indians always invaded the island. I am bringing this up because you have been quoting “colonial” in your article.

    Addressing the 13th amendment and police & land powers:

    If a government is quite interested in the welfare of its people, then that governance duty is to establish a sound system of education, health, and industrialization. TNA is quite keen to demand police and land powers, but not education, health and industry. Does this mean that they have a hidden agenda?
    A constitutional amendment to police power is driving back the Tamils to a hostile terrorist environment of the pre 2009 LTTE era.

    According to past and current practice, the police protect the politicians. In addition, the governing politicians can always manipulate the police to their advantage. From Tamil politicians and elite’s historical culture, Tamil’s do not respect dignity of labor, nil social interactions, and they are born with super race mentality.
    Police power to PC’s will be demise to GSL.

    There have been Provincial Councils functioning for the past donkeys’ years. GSL should investigate the following:

    1. What added values have the PC generated for the last 22 donkeys’ years?
    2. What volume of development have the PCs shown for the last 22 years?
    3. Have the PC’s bourgeoned any scientific advancement in their province?
    4. Have the people and politicians in the province enhanced their intelligence & perception?
    5. Have the PC’s proliferated their revenue collection without marring its citizens?
    6. Has the PC able to improve infrastructures in their province?
    7. Has the PC able to improve healthcare?
    8. In general, has the PC done anything to improve within their constitutional power?

    What have the PCs achieved?

    1. PCs, have been only complaining on lack of funds.
    2. Proliferation of bribery & corruption?
    3. The PCs want only more political power, but does not want to improve their province.

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando in his article in Asian Tribune on the 15th April 2011 has highlighted the following:
    Quote: “(i) If one runs a cost benefit analysis of the provincial councils for the last 22 odd years the conclusion would be to say that the costs were high and the benefits were low, (ii) The recurrent expenditure in the provincial councils was dramatic; increasing from 28,856 million(ie 28.856 billion) in 2000 to 111,336 million (111.336billion) in 2009 (Source: Central Bank).

    Well, my point is that if one could do a Cost Benefit Analysis on a 30 year horizon, with the capital expended in the year itself: ie without considering inflation, the result would be a high Negative – Net Present Value (NPV), might be in the order of Negative Trillions.

    Can GSL afford to generate such funds? What is the end result, Mr.Sumanthiran? How long could SL depend on loans and grants? When do you think Tamils could add value to the economy of SL?
    The Tamils are driving the country to bankruptcy and starvation. SL will be nothing but another underprivileged, meager, pitiable country. The Tamils are only interested in power. Mr. Sumanthiran, Could you explain how the police power will value-add to the economy of SriLanka?

    All educated and qualified Tamils will somehow creep out of the country, and wherever they are domiciled, will scream and shriek for Tamil Ealam and their rights. To my knowledge, no Tamil has to-date talked about industrial development, technological advancement, economy, and political economy of SL.

    Mr.Sumanthiran, police and land power will not generate income and food for the people.

    The government currently has two-third majority. GSL should make use of the opportunity to revoke the 13 etc. plus amendments, and enact by act of parliament, irrevocable constitutional changes to the following:

    “No citizens, politicians, and Diasporas shall challenge the integrity and sovereignty of SriLanka, and shall advocate and orate for any form of separatism, whether, Provincial, Federal or Self-Determination, and those of who engages in such activities shall be stripped of civic rights and convicted as state terrorist(s). Diasporas who engage in such activities shall be extradited to GSL for prosecution”.

    May be TNA could educate the fifth standard educated or non-educated Tamils who think Tamil Ealam, or a PC with police & land power would be a solution to them. SriLanka is a small country and cannot be drawn parallel to Canada or Switzerland.


  46. Dear Sandilyan,

    Very well said. I think what you say carry a lot more weight than a sinhalese like myself talking. The present plight of the tamil communuty in Sri Lanka is due to self fish policial leaders from SJV. 13th amendment will only drive the country towards anarchy and chaos. Imhaine Suresh Premachandra becoming the chief minister of North or Pillian taking over the police powers in the East.
    My beliief is the country as a whole will come out and protest against this.

  47. Dear ravi perera,

    I think what you say carry a lot more weight than a sinhalese like myself talking.

    Is it because Mr Sandilyan is a Sinhala who for an unknown reason adopted a Tamil name (the “Ceylon was always blustered, stalked and invaded by the Cholas, Pandyans, Cheras” part gave it away)?

  48. Adding to Sandilyan’s comments about PC’s, it is outrageous to read the Govt’s chosen CM of Eastern Province – that masss murderer Pillaiyan – steals Rs.30 from each bottle of arrack. This cannot be the benefit of devolution for the Tamil people of
    the EP designed by the King and his Brothers a.k.a. GoSL.


  49. As I write this, one Tamil bussinessman in Colombo was abducted by White van goons. Unfortunately we are living in a country where any economical or scientific achievement of Tamils can become a target for distruction in split seconds. Jaffna public library is a good example. Singapore was developed to first world standards once, independent was imposed on it by Malaysia. For any kind of development we should handle these affairs on our own.The fuctional efficiency of other provincial councils is not our concern, our problem is the implementation of constitutional amendment no.13. in full.
    What if the NE provincial council functions without corruption and mismanagement! Let them give a chance to run that .

  50. Mr. Wije

    Well, if I state that I am a Tamil, Sinhalese or Burger, then I am a racist. First, I am a SriLankan, then I am a Tamil born in Manipay, Jaffna, but grew up in the South and various other places. Being a Srilankan, I am good in three languages of the island of paradise: SriLanka.


    Please refer, SriLanka, The National Question by Sathci Ponnambalam, and other various history books. Also below:
    After unsuccessfully trying to take control of the ACTC, the rebels formed a new, more aggressive party, the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (Federal Party), on 18 December 1949.

    When Chelvanayakam was aged four he, his two brothers and his mother returned to Ceylon. His father remained in Malaya.

    What is the meaning of Federal Party vs Ilankai Thamil Arsu Kachchi?

    Same with SWRD: Why did he leave UNP and form his own party?

    Why did the Tamil fanatics create 25plus liberation groups? LTTE, PLOTE ************


    GGPonnambalam became the Minister for Industry & Fisheries, which SJVC wanted.

    Anyway, there is no reason for us to dig.

    First, we must conclude on what we preach: For example, did lord Siva create Pillaiyar? Where is the evidence?
    Did Siva create Murugan from his forehead fireworks? We, Tamils, tend to twist stories & history to suit us.
    I have known SJVChelva, sat with him talked to him. First, the doubt that rose in my mind was, whether SJVC was a Tamil or a Filipino?

    We have had turmoil in SL for the last 63 years. Do we want to continue the turmoil?

    In your views, do you think PCs have served the purpose, only thing it served was as per, Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan’s valuable statement.My view is that all Tamils should think and understand with pure reasoning. Do not listen to the Tamil Nadu Pakkiris. The diasporas can say anything because they are soaked with dollars, Whisky and chicken.

  51. @sandilyan

    Many thanks for responding. I agree there is no reason for digging. But when you said he was after a portfolio I wanted to know if this is true or not. Again in your responce http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/4164#comment-53042 ***GGPonnambalam became the Minister for Industry & Fisheries, which SJVC wanted.*****. I do not know much history. But I know a bit about SJV was born in Malaysia… my belief is that SJV broke away because of policy difference and not because he was after a portfolio. Though you can find lot of information in wikipedi – it does not mean that they are facts. My understanding is that anyone can edit article and make changes (This could be wrong – but I was informed by reliable source). I serached the net and could not find anything to support your claim that SJV was after a portfolio. I was expecting a concrete proof i.e a book and page number or internet link to a relaible website.

  52. M. Sivanathan!

    I do not think you understand the simple logic. Simply, Mr Sumanthiran is saying, that whether they are happy with the 13th amendment or they want more than that or what, in the meantime the constitution(including 13th) must be in implementation to the fullest.

  53. Sandilyan!

    Sorry to say this but,
    I do not read when you people talk to-much about the past histories. When people like you talk about the past histories and point-out the failures/mistakes of our earlier Tamil leaders, and say because of that, this is happening now, you people annoy me very much, because it is like you are saying, because the lady was not dressed properly I happened to rape her. Your people’s logic makes me laugh and annoyed. I am 51 years old now. The things I have seen directly in my life is enough for me to conclude Sinhalese are barbarians and we should fight against them. Simple!

  54. Dear Sandilyan

    I would congratulate you for speaking the three languages, but I still do not understand why you claim to be Tamil. I have never came across a Tamil who believed that his ancestors were mere invaders of Sri Lanka. It is one thing to criticise your leaders but something completely different to put down your entire people. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are Sinhala and feel threatened when Sumanthiran & Friends make funny gestures. Also I totally agree with your critique of Provincial Councils (I too am anti-devolution) as much as I disagree with how you negatively characterise Tamils.

  55. I cannot understand what this man wants from the government.In this article he says the following

    [The Sri Lankan constitution requires that a measure of police power be devolved. The constitution specifically requires that a Provincial Police Force be established for every Province. The provisions of the 9th Schedule – which sets out the allocation of devolution under the present Constitution – are unambiguous, with “Police and Public Order” featuring prominently as Item 1 on the Provincial List.

    Implementing the provisions of the existing Constitution – which the President, Ministers and MPs swear a solemn oath to uphold and defend – is not a matter for political posturing. The failure to act as the Constitution demands ought to be a matter of concern for those of any political stripe, regardless of their views on the merits of devolving police power.

    Plainly, it evinces a complete disregard for the supreme law of the land that is illegal, unacceptable and downright dangerous. It should be a matter of embarrassment therefore that we must rely on the words of a high ranking official from a friendly neighbouring country to be assured that our own Constitution will be implemented in full.]

    In a previous article he says thus when questioned by namini wijedasa

    Isn’t it a proper scheme of devolution?

    The 13th is not a proper scheme. We have rejected it, to quote Prof. G.L. Peiris’s own words, as “fundamentally flawed”.]

    If he has rejected it,now what is he harping on about the constitution and why the government is not implementing it and devolving police powers?the government is not obviously implementing it because the TNA is not showing any interest in the 13th amendment and in fact according to sumanthiran,has infact rejected it.Now in this article he says the government should implement it and devolve the police powers.how can the government do that when the TNA has rejected it?TNA has to then make an official statement that they are for the indo lanka accord and support the 13th amendment and would like it to be implemented in full.They can’t have bits and pieces of the 13th amendment that they like after rejecting it en toto.

    If the TNA itself does not know what they want from the government,how can the government no.here we go again since independence holding hands with the sinhalese and running round and round the mulberry bush,achieving nothing for the tamils,except a load of misery.There is no clear objectives or action plan at all.The sinhalese will be quite happy to hold our hands and run round and round the mulberry bush,but can we afford to waste any more time after wasting 65 years achieving nothing for our people.The tamil leadrs by trying to be too smart and devious have cooked our goose.It is time they became frank and straightforward in their dealings.I’ am afraid this won’t happen as long as we have old fellows leading us because they are steeped in a culture of cunning and will never change.Sumanthiran is just a mouthpiece of sampanthan.It is time the tamils told sampanthan to go and have a permanent bedrest in that chennai hospital which he was so fond of earlier to get away from the heat,and appoint a new leader for the TNA,probably mavai senathirajah.If tamil leadrs are not delivering the goods they must be quickly got rid of one by one.We have to follow the western culture in this regard and adopt the hire and fire,ruthless as it may seem it is the reason that they are efficient.

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