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Combined pre-dawn operation launched by Armed Forces

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The Sri Lankan armed forces have launched a combined military operation in the Karaithuraipatru AGA division in Mullaitheevu district against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the early hours of the morning on Monday April 27th 2009.

The pre-dawn operation that began around 3.45 am was going on as scheduled at dusk despite wrong information being circulated in Tamil Nadu by interested parties that a ceasefire had been announced.

The news that a ceasefire had come into force was conveyed by Central Govt minister for Home Affairs, Palaniyappan Chidamparam to the State chief minister Muttuvel Karunanindhi.

[M. Karunanidhi, chief minister of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, lies in a bed during an indefinite fast in the southern Indian city of Chennai April 27, 2009-Reuters pic]

Thereafter 84 year old Karunanindhi ended his “fast unto death” after six hours saying that the Central government had pressured Colombo into bringing about a ceasefire.

Earlier the Chief Minister had suddenly commenced the fast demanding that a ceasefire be declared in Sri Lanka.

Officials in Colombo explained that only an end to “combat operations” had come into force. No ceasefire had been declared

The armed forces were to continue with their on going “humanitarian rescue operation” to save civilians entrapped in tiger-controlled territory.

Preparations for the combined operation began on Sunday April 26th when personnel , vehicles and armaments were moved into frontline positions.

[Shell attack at Mullivaikkal on 27 April 2009-pic: RDHS]

Soldiers of the 55 division led by Brig. Prasanna Silva moved from the North to Puthumaathalan area; Soldiers of 58 division commanded by Brig. Shavendra Silva moved further from the North-West in the Valainjermadam area.

Soldiers from 53 division commanded by Gen. Kamal Gunaratne moved from the West in an eastern direction along the axis of the A-35 highway. The A-35 or Paranthan-Mullaitheevu road branches off east and then turns South between Puthukkudiyiruppu and Mullaitheevu.

Soldiers from the 68 or Task Force-8 led by Col. GW Ravipriya moved north-east along the northern and western shores of the Nandikkadal lagoon.

In a surprise move the 59 division commanded by Gen. Nandana Tudawatte also geared up for action from the South in the Karaichikkudiyiruppu-Vattuvaagal area.Earlier the 59 had been placed on a defensive mode.

With five offensive divisions being placed in strategic locations the armed forces had virtually boxed in the remaining tiger territory within the Karaithuraipatru littoral.

Among villages in the 12 sq km area dominated by the LTTE were Karayamullivaaikkaal, Vellamullivaaikkaal, Idaikkaadu, Saalamban, Irattaivaaikkaal, Mullivaaikkaal, parts of Valainjarmadam and Vattavaagal.

Heavy mortar fire preceded the ground movement from two locations namely Iranappaalai and Puthukkudiyiruppu . Artillery fire took place from Oddusuddan.

In addition troops also used RPG mortars .Shells were also fired from Battletanks and armoured cars.

While the 55 division held back for the time being ground based troop movements were by the 58, 53, 68 and 59.

The LTTE had fortified its defences by constructing “Trench cum Bund” structures in the North at Valaingermadam, in the east at Mullivaaikkaal-Nandhikadal and in the South at Vattavaagal.

The bunds are 8-10 ft in height while the trenches are 10-12 ft in depth.

Three such structures have been set up by the tigers in the North, South and East of territory possessed by them.

While Pottu Amman is in overall command Lawrence, Velavan and Letchumanan are in charge of defences at Valaingarmadam, Mullivaaikkaal and Vattuvaagal respectively.

Sea Tigers special commander Soosai was in charge of coastal defences.

In an interesting development the Sri Lankan navy also got into the fray by positioning a number of gunboats and vessels in the seas off the coast.

The navy gunboats fired intermittently from dawn to dusk on the coast from the sea.

Naval movement was launched from the Mullaitheevu harbour now under the control of the 59 division.

The sea tigers exchanged fire with the navy from positions along the beach.

The Air Force also got into action by conducting sorties in the morning ,noon and after noon.
Six bombs were dropped in the morning around 9.00 am. Eight bombs were dropped an hour later at about 10.00 am.

SLAF bombers unloaded four bombs at 12. 40 pm and another three half an hour later at 1.10 pm. Later three bombs were dropped at 3.40 in the afternoon.

Most of the bombs were targeting the Chaalamban area believed to be the place where LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was staying.

Around 27 people in Chaalamban were killed in the bombing and shelling.

Another 24 were killed by the Naval gunboat shelling.

The Mullivaaikkal hospital treated more than 200 persons on Monday. Since there are no medicines or drugs the patients were only given basic first-aid.

139 seriously injured persons were admitted as “in-house” patients and laid out on mats outside under trees. The rest were walking wounded.

Among those admitted 19 died for want of adequate treatment.

A further 15 bodies were brought to the hospital.

Bodies of others who were killed were not brought to the hospital and were cremated or buried by volunteers elsewhere.

The people are facing a severe shortage of food and medicine as the government has systematically restricted free flow of such supplies in the past.

Most people are eating only once a day and that too either “kanji” (porridge or rice with parippu.)

Children are deprived of milk and milk food.

[Inside “no-fire zone, Apr 25-pic: RDHS]

According to official AGA division figures there are 160-165, 000 people in the area that is erroneously described as a “no-fire zone”

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama estimates the population at a ridiculously low level of 15-20,000.

Aid organizations and NGO’s estimates vary from 80,000 to 120,000.

In any event the tiny coastal strip is densely populated. Thus civilians and tiger cadres are inter-mingled. Any attack therefore results in civilians getting harmed.

Sections of the International community want a “humanitarian pause” so that there would be time and space to negotiate with the LTTE and get the people out.

The government has ruled against the proposal as it fears any “pause” would result in the beleaguered LTTE being let off the hook.

What thinking sections of the International and local community fear is a massive bloodbath of a colossal scale.

The casualty figures for both the Army and LTTE were not available.

According to sources in Colombo the operation will continue until the remaining tiger territory is captured.

The military deadline is April 30th.

I can be reached on
Email: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Very well written. You’ve exposed the hypocrisy of Indian politicians and deceitful trickery of Singala Army in one stroke. Bravo DBS!

  2. I think GOSL should stop this operation now, there is no point in going any further. They stand to lose more than they gain! An amnesty should be offered to remaining LTTE cardres and leaders (including VP).
    True test of leadership is now!!!!

  3. How can world want us to cease fire when LTTE about to be destroyed. How can we let them escape?

  4. Just one more thing

    Will USA cease fire id Al Quaeda is rounded up by US marines? Why ask us to let go of LTTE now?

  5. This is from “Hindu”

    The Sri Lanka government on Monday announced that the combat operations against the LTTE had reached their conclusion and that the troops were instructed to end the use of heavy weapons, which could harm civilian population. The mission now was rescuing an estimated 20,000 civilians trapped inside the eight sq. km. no-fire zone.

    A statement, titled “Statement by the Government on the Security situation,” issued by the Presidential Secretariat here said: “The government of Sri Lanka has decided that combat operations had reached their conclusion. Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy calibre guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons, which could cause civilian causalities.”

    The statement followed a meeting of the National Security Council presided over by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It said: “Our security forces will confine their attempts to rescuing civilians, who are held hostage, and give foremost priority to saving the civilians.”

    The current phase of combat operations started in eastern Sri Lanka in August 2006 after the LTTE closed the sluice gates of a tank.

    The LTTE, which on Sunday announced a unilateral cessation of offensive military operations, described the government statement as an “attempt by Sri Lanka to deceive” the world.

    The government announcement came three days after the visit of National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan and Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon to Colombo.

    Prior to the announcement, Mr. Rajapaksa said in a statement that the outcome of the just-concluded elections in the Western Province (in and around Colombo) sent a decisive message to the world community.

    “It has categorically declared that no power has any right or moral justification to bail out brutal terrorism at a time when the last lines in its final chapter are being writ[ten],” he said.

    The ruling combine, led by Mr. Rajapaksa, registered impressive victories in all segments of the province, barring the Tamil and Muslim dominated Colombo Central.

    In a statement, the Defence Ministry said the forces would continue with the humanitarian operations to rescue the people held hostage by the LTTE while avoiding the use of heavy calibre weaponry as a strictmeasure coinciding with its “zero civilian casualty policy.”

    It said a section of the media misinterpreted the government declaration as “cessation of hostilities” and a “ceasefire.” “This is crude and an unethical way of media “reportage’ and a blatant twist of the original statement, perpetrated to motivate the hell-bent terrorist sympathisers-cum-political clouts.”

    The logic behind the government decision was to avoid any form of collateral-damage while surging into the remaining 10 sq. km swathe of coast south of Valayarmadam and Vellamullivaikkal.

  6. This is also from “Hindu”

    CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on Monday went on an indefinite fast at the Anna Square on the Marina here to press the Sri Lankan government to announce a ceasefire, but gave it up six-and-a-half hours later after Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram telephonically conveyed to him that Colombo had announced an end to combat operations with heavy weapons.

    The 85-year-old Mr. Karunanidhi, who was operated upon for a back problem in February, declared soon after he began his fast at 6.05 a.m. that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. “On behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu, I am undertaking this fast to protect the Tamils in Sri Lanka,” he said.

    On Sunday night, Mr. Karunanidhi told The Hindu that he would “wait for a night and see.” “There was hope till yesterday [Sunday] that the Sri Lankan government will announce a ceasefire. Since that situation has changed and since the Sri Lankan government said it would not agree to a ceasefire even after the LTTE announced a ceasefire … I am sacrificing myself,” he said.

    Mr. Karunanidhi said he did not take the decision in haste: he was up all night mulling over what needed to be done and came to the conclusion that “he should give up his life to the Sri Lankan government just as hundreds of Sri Lankan Tamils have.” He did not inform anyone of his intentions though: he told his driver to take him to the party headquarters, Anna Arivalayam, at 5.55 a.m. Just as the convoy reached Cathedral Road, he told the driver to go to the memorial of his mentor, C.N. Annadurai.

    In about an hour, a long line of friends, well-wishers, religious leaders, officials, leaders of alliance parties and film personalities waited to greet him and persuade him to call off the fast. Among those who spoke to him over telephone urging him to give up the fast were Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mr. Chidambaram. He refused, saying: “I will not give up until some concrete step is taken in Sri Lanka.”

    After spending about two hours in the wheel-chair in which he was brought to Anna Square, Mr. Karunanidhi shifted to a cot that was brought to the venue. He continued to receive people and take telephone calls from leaders. A team of doctors led by S.S.K. Marthandam, S. Thanikachalam and his personal physician, Gopal, checked his pulse and blood pressure at intervals.

    As news of the fast spread, partymen and leaders suspended their election campaigns and rushed to Anna Square. Supporters converged on the venue and raised slogans hailing Mr. Karunanidhi and urging him to give up his fast.

    Union Minister and senior DMK leader T.R. Baalu sent identical telegrams, on behalf of his party’s Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs, to the President, the Prime Minister, the Congress president and the Minister for External Affairs appealing to them “to put heavy pressure on the Sri Lankan President to immediately put an end to the on-going hostilities and for a permanent ceasefire.”

    In another telegram to the Sri Lankan President, the MPs appealed to him to “announce a permanent ceasefire and save hundreds of thousands of innocent Tamils caught in the war zone.” Later, he sent separate messages to the leaders thanking them for their efforts. Congress leaders D. Sudarsanam, S. Peter Alphonse and D. Yasodha also sent a telegram requesting the Prime Minister to intervene.

    At 12.20 p.m., Mr. Chidambaram informed Mr. Karunanidhi of Colombo’s decision to halt combat operations. “I stand to protect suffering Tamils everywhere. What is the need for a life that cannot help them in their hour of need,” he asked and added that he was satisfied with the conversation he had with the Home Minister

  7. ANOTHER one from “HINDU”

    Tirupur/Pollaci: AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on Monday dismissed as “drama,” the fast observed by Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi demanding a ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

    Campaigning for her party’s candidate for the Tirupur Lok Sabha constituency, C.Sivasami, she said Mr.Karunanidhi resorted to the fast because he had realised that he would face a “humiliating defeat” if he fought the elections in alliance with the Congress.

    She asked, “When the Tamils across the world and various organisations were alleging that the Indian Army was waging a war in Sri Lanka, whom is the Chief Minister trying to cheat.”

    Reacting to Mr.Karunanidhi’s statement that he had ended the fast since the Centre had promised to take “definite action” to end the war in Sri Lankan, she asked him explain the nature of the action and when it would be taken.

    Ms.Jayalalithaa also wanted to know from Mr.Karunanidhi why he withdrew his fast when the Sri Lanka government had instructed its security forces only to end the use of heavy calibre guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons.

    According to her, stopping the use of only select weapons was not an indication that the war had ended. She reiterated that the creation of a separate Eelam alone would bring a solution to the Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Industry-friendly schemes

    Ms.Jayalalithaa said if the AIADMK candidate got elected from Tirupur constituency, steps would be taken to bring an array of industry-friendly schemes to increase the export from the Tirupur knitwear cluster.

    Similarly, steps would be taken to get subsidy for industrialists who had set up common effluent treatment plants for offsetting the capital expenditure incurred. Medical facilities for industrial workers covered under the ESI scheme would be improved and dedicated rail freight corridors to connect Tirupur with ports to facilitate easier movement of textile goods to foreign destinations established.

    In Pollachi, she asked why Mr.Karunanidhi remained silent when Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa listed the help extended by India for the war.

    Campaigning for AIADMK candidate K.Sugumar, Ms.Jayalalithaa said that if the party-led alliance was given a mandate, all efforts would be made for the creation of a separate Eelam. “The Sri Lankan Tamils will create an Eelam in their motherland,” she said.

    Ms.Jayalalithaa promised to constitute a high-level committee to study the demand of farmers seeking permission for toddy tapping.

  8. The million dollar question is what will happen if a ceasefire is given by the government. Remember, LTTE are masters of deception. No one I suppose denies that war kill people. When innocents are killed, that’s really bad.

    What’s the cost of ‘not finishing off the tigers’? Given the past experience, that would be a huge cost. We do not want another 30 Yrs of bloody LTTE terrorist acts. The opportunity at hand must not be missed. Remember, even the Indian army (IPKF) said this and it is in numerous literature that LTTE, when cornered, somehow gets away. All say, not this time.

    I agree with your assessment of IDP care. Vast majority of Tamil civilians may have now realised that ‘Sinhala Army’ that they were told to believe by LTTE is not bad. The army has laid down their lives in its rescue mission of civilians. Government must do a balancing act of treating the civilians as best as it can and negotiating the last leg of the battle with the LTTE.

    It is a difficult mission, but somehow needs to be done.

  9. Tamil Nadu and it’s “joker politicians” should be ashamed of themselves. There is nothing more humiliating to the Tamil identity than these politicians who shamelessly politicize the dire situation of Sri Lankan Tamils instead of taking concrete actions. The Indian and Western governments are ultimately responsible for this disastrous state of affairs. The international community’s continued silence on the use of heavy weaponry only bolsters the immoral and illegal actions of the Sri Lankan state. Although the LTTE’s actions are unacceptable, has Sri Lanka ceded its sovereignty over the northern province? No, the government fights this war with the aim of cementing its sovereignty in the North. But sovereignty carries the responsibility to protect civilians inside their jursidication. The government’s actions are completely unacceptable and simply legitimize the call for Tamil Eelam. They are only creating another LTTE through this madness.

  10. @ Upali Tennekoon

    I have heard this argument about what the US would do to Al Qeada under similar conditions, several times by friends here.

    Although, on first view it seems a reasonable argument on further review this argument breaks down.

    + The US is not fighting Al Qeada inside the US
    + Al Qeada members in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan are not by default US citizens
    + The density of the civilian population is vastly different. And therefor civilian casualties would be proportionately more
    [46 people per sq. km in Afghanistan (source: wikipedia) and based on 120,000 people in 6 sq km it is more than 20,000, as dense as the most dense city Mumbai with 23,000]
    + Except for some ardent LTTE supporters much of the world has admitted and declared GOSL as having won this military fight over LTTE. So pounding a defeated enemy could be seen negatively.
    + Also if given the chance to capture Al Qeada, how the US Govt. would do conduct itself (surgical vs. bloody, military vs. negotiated) is not a decided matter. Therefor to assume it would be unwise of us.

    My Opinion: In any case, it is important to provide constructive criticism and objective input as concerned citizens of Sri Lanka, especially in this critical of times.

    ps. DBSJ, please keep up the good work!

  11. ‘Most people are eating only once a day and that too either “kanji” (porridge or rice with parippu.)Children are deprived of milk and milk food.’

    Are you just gussing ?

  12. To kill some ants, Some People here, India, UN and many International Community are advicing to burn the House.

    What an Inhuman humanity. The LO$T souls.

    As far as LTTE is concern, no more ground to withdraw. This is it.

    A Bloody if not the Bloodist of all in the History with Highest and preventable Collateral Damage will take place.

    HRW, prepare the case in Hague, we will provide Evidence. At hte end, there won’t be any LTTE to prosecute. It is all GoSL.

    Lets BUDHA and his Preaching call Budism rest in the PIECE.


  14. THE GREAT RESCUE! Sri Lanka Army RESCUES 118,000 & COUNTING! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT….Tamil Diaspora LTTE supporters! Way to go, Sri Lanka Army! WE LOVE YOU! While all of our enemies, these PUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS, NATTTERING NABOBS OF NEGATIVITY, are criticizing and denigrating your world class accomplishments, you are quietly without fanfare ACHIEVING OUR NATIONAL GOAL of rescuing our fellow Tamil citizens, the unfortunate prisoners of the LTTE and REUNIFYING our country! There is NO OTHER ARMY IN THE WORLD that can match you for your PATRIOTISM, your SACRIFICE, your COURAGE, your SKILL and above all your HUMANITY towards our TAMIL CITIZENS held hostage by the LTTE. GO FORWARD and NEVER LOOK BACK, BRAVE SONS OF LANKA!

  15. Prabhakaran and his top associates should be caught dead or alive or must be incapacitated from running any such movement in the future. This is the most important thing for Tamils. Only then it is vidivukalam for Tamils. TO achieve this objective, any amount of sacrifice can be given. Nothing else matters. Tamils can breathe peacefully only after death of Prabhakaran !!!

  16. The legendry poet Bharathi told “Imayathil oruvan iruminal , kumariyil irunthu oruvan Marunthu kondu sella vendum endru”.. In that day itself he had the broad vision of helping other people to build the brotherhood relationship. .
    But today our own people are killed by bullets & bombs of srilankan army people.. I am remembering Bharathi’s lines

    “நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே
    நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே – இந்த
    நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைந்துவிட்டால்
    கொஞ்சமோ பிரிவினைகள் – ஒரு
    கோடியென் றாலது பெரிதாமோ ?

    அஞ்சுதலைப் பாம்பென்பான் – அப்பன்
    ஆறுதலை யென்றுமகன் சொல்லிவிட்டால்
    நெஞ்சு பிரிந்து விடுவார் – பின்பு
    நெடுநா ளிருவரும் பகைத்திருப்பார் (நெஞ்சு)சாத்திரங்க ளொன்றும் காணார் – பொய்ச்

    சாத்திரப் பேய்கள்சொலும் வார்த்தைநம்பியே
    கோத்திரமொன் யிருந்தாலும் – ஒரு
    கொள்கையிற் பிரிந்தவனைக் குலைத்திகழ்வார்
    தோத்திரங்கள் சொல்லியவர்தாம் – தமைச்
    சூதுசெயு நீசர்களைப் பணிந்திடுவார் – ஆனால்
    ஆத்திரங் கொண்டே யிவன் சைவன் – இவன்
    அரிபக்த னென்றுபெருஞ் சண்டையிடுவார் (நெஞ்சு) எண்ணிலா நோயுடையார் – இவர்

    எழுந்து நடப்பதற்கும் வலிமையிலார்
    கண்ணிலாக் குழந்தைகள்போல் – பிறர்
    காட்டிய வழியிற் சென்று மாட்டிக் கொள்வார்
    நண்ணிய பெருங்கலைகள் – பத்து
    நாலாயிரங் கோடி நயந்து நின்ற
    புண்ணிய நாட்டினிலே – இவர்
    பொறியற்ற விலங்குகள் போல வாழ்வார் (நெஞ்சு) ”

    Today we are silent watchers of this mass genocide.. This political people are playing game for their own benefits.. Is this cowardice gene we inherited from our ancient Tamils? Where are we? When we are going to unite for our people’s cause?
    Andru “Mullaiukku ther kudutha.. ” Pari vallal indru irunthirunthal. . em makkaluku oru nazh vazhvai kuduthirupan. .
    Ippothu Nadalbavarkalo “spectrum oozhal, black money.. swiz bank.. Posts for family members” endru busy’aga ullanar.
    Tamil mannan Cholanin kodi parantha rajiyathil.. indru Tamilanin kuruthi neethikaagavum. . uravukaagavum. . yengi kondirikirathu. .
    What kind of justice we can tell to our died brothers & sisters as a silent watchers? Atleast we will unite here after & give our shoulders for surviving people..

    ” Vallamai tharayo parasakthi .. ”
    Vasanthakumar. M

  17. SLA are certainly not fools to take arty support from Oddusudan.
    And whatever explosive weapon support is to dismantle the bunds.

  18. Sinhala budhist are clebarating the suffering of the Tamil people. Historically they are lucky people. Now China , India and Parkistan have buried their differences and support the war against the Tamil. Pandara Vannian the last King of the Vanni Kingdom was captured and murdered by the British in 1804 . Now sinhalese are claiming territorial intergrity of the state which was created illegally during the British rule.
    Any way very soon it is going to be china’s Lanka court or once again Hindu province.

  19. Param,

    How many lankans tMuslim/Hindu/Budhists have China & Pak killed in Sri Lanka, now compare that against the number by tigers !

    I think what the world community finds outrageous is that for years Tamil Diaspora prop up this maniac Prabha with guns & bullets and funding, and then watch without lifting a single finger when he holds 200k of tamils hostage at gunpoint and kill those getting away, the Tamil Diaspora are dangerous to Sri Lankan Tamils they are willing to use them like chess pieces , disgusting, Thank god GOSL are giving these people a chance at life.

  20. Chennai, January 27, 2004: Anton Balasingham, the LTTE ideologue, has claimed that the late M G Ramachandran had assiduously promoted the interests of his organisation. He helped them out financially too, giving them as much as Rs 6 crore from out of his personal funds, and in hard cash at that.

    In an anthology of articles titled Viduthalai (Liberation), brought out recently in the United Kingdom, Balasingham has made several sensational disclosures, including the gift of an AK-47 to MGR by Prabhakaran. His almost unrestrained eulogy of MGR and tacit admission that the LTTE leaders played on his ego are quite revealing.

    Their very first encounter, in 1984, came through in some unusual circumstances. At the time a number of Lankan militant groups were operating in Tamil Nadu, and MGR, in an attempt to unite them, had called a meeting of the leaders of those groups.

    But DMK leader Karunanidhi, in an attempt to show off his commitment to the Lankan Tamil cause, also called a meeting of his own, a day earlier. Not wanting to get caught in the internal politics of Tamil Nadu, the LTTE kept out of the meeting convened by Karunanidhi. They decided not to meet MGR either.


  21. this is the end result of tamil terrorism and the ltte monster that the tamil diaspora funded.
    if the so called sun god had refrained from blowing up innocent civilians (including killing tamils), racially cleansing 150,000 muslims from jaffna, not blown up rajiv maybe the tamils would have got something.
    but when the sun god is a blood thirsty animal this is what the tamils have got. you reap what you sow. the tamil terrorists have acted like animals and they will be treated like animals.
    sad how the tamils have been led up the garden path to a so called eelam. maybe the diaspora needs to ask for eelam in toronto or ottawa.

  22. Hi, Vassantha Muthusamy, Today we are NOT silent watchers of this mass genocide but witnessing history of eradication of terrorism from our traditional Tamil homelands.

    I totally agree with Jones #16 above.

    Stop shedding crocodile tears for LTTE. At any cost, I mean at any cost, LTTE must be eliminated once and for all.

    I am also a Hindu Tamil from the same soil where the fighting goes on now.

  23. I think Praba, Soosai and Pootu Amman and his band of thusg shouldnt be spared. They should be captured and handed over to India.

    Once this is done, it will pave the way for lasting peace with the Tamils.

  24. Dear Ramalingam, very first, My heartfelt sympathies for your family members in the nofire zone. I hope this war will be over soon and the scars will be healed that we will be able to live like brothers.

    It is not only Tamils have wounds. SInhalese also suffered from these war.

    I know the very first thing tamil people will say that I will never forgive sinhalese for the war and suffering of tamils. For them I appeal again to think over about the poor tamil people who want to live like decent human beings before they create your EELAAM.

    Do not be fooled by Thamilnadu politicians. We need to work out our own solution if we are to in peace in the beautiful land. You perfecly know now that your LTTE cannot deliver your monoethnic utopia to you. The future is coexistence, I hope inteligent tamil people will drive their population to this as well as Sinhalese. Sinhalese and Tamils are racist to the core. Unless we found ways to heal ourselves. This will destroy the tamil civilisation in SL.

  25. One cannot just beleive that a home minister of a country and chief minister of a state can stoop to such a low level to deceive the people for the sake of elections.

    I headrd NDTV, CNN IBN, Times now and Headlines today live and Chidambaram deliberately gave the impression that ceasefire has been worked out.

    Karunanidhi even claimed victory for the efforts of the UPA government, that too after reading out a written communication from Delhi suggesting ceasefire.

    Biggest democracy in the world!

  26. today,like yesterday ,day before or may be tomorrow, Sri Lankan school kids take dry rations to schools to be handed to collection centers for Tamil IDPs who have escaped the LTTE..

    they have no hatred against the Tamils of this country nor were crying to kill them all,

    while ‘Leaders’ of Tamils like M.Karunanidhi enter into a fast unto death just after Breakfast and end it just before Lunch..

    the Tamils who ‘fled’ to West protests in their respective capitals,shouting ‘genocide’ but no one had seen ,heard nor received any information of any Tamils in Sri Lanka, be it in Jaffna or Wellawattha who had entered into a fast nor burned himself alive..

    nor Tamils who waded the lagoon in neck high water were shouting genocide nor waving LTTE flags but was simply relived to see the Sri Lankan Army and to get out of the control of the LTTE.

    that is the reality of the situation in Sri Lanka and no one can deny that truth!

  27. Bandarage @ April 27th, 2009 at 11:34 pm writes
    Even if some civilians die the majority will be rescued. Lets hope for the best

    What would you do if some of those turned out to be your father, mother or brothers?. Would you say the same? Its easy to sit in an armchair and pass judgement. Each and every life is sacred. Tamils are paying for the monster they created. Most of you baying for blood are too young to remember what we went through during the JVP era. I really really hope we are not creating another monster.

  28. If we have several DBS in Sri Lanka, THAMIL people will not suffer like this. All meda are biased here from the begining.

  29. Reading the comments by Eelam diaspora supporters, it’s apparent that the majority still have not acknowledged and will probably never acknowledge that VP’s intransigence, inability to compromise and massive strategic failures have led the LTTE to its’ well-deserved destruction.

    To be fair to DBS, he’s been amongst the few lone voices of sanity imploring VP to not to go for a maximalist ‘all or nothing’ launching of Eelam War IV.

    It also shows the danger of VP controlling everything without heeding any kind of counter-argument. I presume those within the LTTE structure making counter-arguments had a short and painful life.

    You, the Diaspora funded and approved a re-commencement of the War. It’s too late to start whining now about past injustices and battlefield losses.

    The pictures from the battlefield are truly heartbreaking. Huge numbers of people forced to accompany a retreating LTTE to act as human shields and human sacrifices.

    I hope that DBS should now work on behalf of SL tamils as an ‘untainted’ representative. The previous lot who took on the mantle of ‘sole representative’ have proven themselves to be unworthy of that label.

  30. Ask yourself the question if it should be more natural for the LTTE to feel for these people who are fellow Tamils or for the so called Sinhala Army? Now ask yourself why the LTTE or their supporters have never been keen on letting these people move from harm’s way? For them, as for the SLA, battle field expediency comes above the lives of these people. As general Sherman said, War is Hell. The trick is to make the necessary compromises early so that you never get into such a situation. The LTTE felt that it would always deal the beatings and that the Sinhalese would do the running. Well, now the tables have turned and they want the whole world to be sympathetic.

    Nothing but an unconditional surrender would have stopped the Red Army from overunning the Reichstag. Nothing but an unconditional surrender was going to stop the US from destroying Japan and its rulers. They were prepared to incinerate 200,000 civilians to achieve this after rejecting offers of a more “respectable” surrender.

    There is no reason to believe the SLA would be any different. We are of the same species afterall. This sort of behaviours is ingrained in the human psyche as is warfare.

    So if Prabakaran was ever interested in Tamil rights and Tamil well being. He should have first released the civilians. He should have then negotiated a favourable deal for the teanagers who have risked all fighting for him. Instead, he wants to take both these groups down with him. It only shows his true concern for his people.

  31. You can see how Singhalese are writting on this blog. All are just focussing on Tamil Tigers , because they are the brave Tamils who stood up against Singhala racism. Singhalese know that other Tamils can be ‘handled’ with jobs and money. usually as person born in Jaffna , I know we are selfish people.
    Only worry is those Tamils soldiers who gave up their life for Tamils are been mentioned with terrorists! Still our people are just watching!. Atleast now let the world know Tamil Tigers are nobody else , but our brothers and sisters.
    I can see Singhalese have joined hands and at any cost of lives they are ready to celbrate the victory! We as born without brave heart , going to give up and live like nothing happened!
    Anyway I am talinking about some useless Tamils who have not still got down to the road! Atleast there are many who will do their best to save our people and free our land.


  32. how come u have numbers of civilian causalities while no ltte and if what is the criteria of differentiating the terrorists and the civilians here?

  33. LTTE is responsible for all the civilian casulties.if Prabaharan is a real freedom fighter, then he should have allowed the people to leave then fight with the L army. he he should not be hiding behind the innocent people. he sent his family to safe place and holding the inocent peolpe as a human shield. the worse part is some of the tamil diaspora idiots can’t understand this man’s cruelty.

  34. I think mr. Karunadi’s indefinite hunger strike will do some good. He looks like a man who needs to lose some weight. Timely decision I would say.

    Tamil people only hope is getting rid of the tamil tigers for good. If you don’t believe just visit Sri Lanka and see the life styles of the Tamil folk who live in Colombo and its outskirts and minting money.

  35. The USA/UK and EU should mind their own business and let the democratically elected GOSL to finish this .

    If they are really concerned

    1. they can procecute the LTTE supporters who glorify terrorism under the anti terror law
    2. Give aid for the displaced people

  36. The Rajapakse regime has successfully hoodwinked india and all other countries and even the UN. Even Vijay Nambiyar who visited as Ban Ki Moon’s representative was unwilling to divulge what he learned in colombo to the security council.
    All international media are kept out of the conflict zone, but Tamilnet publishes exactly what is happening.
    The regime has planned to wipe out tamils for good and this is a beginning.
    Vasanthakumar Muttusamy’s lament is appropriate. Bharathi divined the future – that among the tamils there are those who would sell their nation and heritage for a mess of pottage.

  37. Thanks for exposing the truth DBS.

    The difference is huge. 15k-20k vs over 100k.

    One thing is clear. GOSL is trying to tell the world that all of these 15k – 20k are LTTE & their supporters and use it to kill all of them & tell the world we have defeated the Terrorist.

    GOSL is not allowing any 3rd part because they don’t want any evidence.

    From some of the comments above from our southern brothers it is clear that they want to justyfy civilians death as unavoidable. I am not an LTTE supporter. But don’t play with words calling RESUCE OPERATIONS.

    If you Rescue you want be killing the people whom you have rescued. Yes you can argue that you don’t want any LTTE member escaping but you don’t have to kill them immidiately or for that matter allowing the injured and sick to die without treatment.

    It is easy to do propaganda with pictures & Video of the few good deeds. It has to be done earnestly not to use as propaganda. This is no different than LTTE propaganda.

    If you want the Tamils to turn away from LTTE show us you care Please.

    Killing each other is not a solution to solve any problem.
    The root cause of the problem has to addressed.

    GOSL should think what gave birthed to LTTE?
    What made tamil youth to hate the SL ARMY?

    I remember as a teenager (1980-1982) running out of sight of the ARMY as soon as we hear or see the ARMY truck coming. Why ? Not because we are guilty of something. They will assult us randomly and we won’t know what the mood of the ARMY on a given day or time.

    Does our southern brothers know these?

    So eliminating the Tamils in the name of eliminating LTTE is not going to sove the problem.

  38. 00to all the Tamil hypocritical friends, first of all, it is ” Sinhalese’ NOT Singala, good, the next is Tamil Nadu’s greatest joker, Karu, this guy took an afternoon nap, with two air conditioners running at full speed, as usual, violent friendly Tamil nadu people ( oh, they love to see violence ) thought this is the man, pathetic.

    to all those Sinhala haters, people, it’s no point, hatred cannot be overcome by hatred, open your eyes, Sun goat fat rat praba never fought for you, it’s for his personal gain only, as far as the war is concerned, Sri Lankan forces will nit stop, I REPEAT NOT STOP, until the last terrorist is killed, and those civilians who give protection to terror leaders will perish with them too, no mercy…

    Jane�s defense have just wrote an article about Sri Lanka army’s special forces, given the circumstance, they are the worlds best, the best.

  39. LTTE is not the savior of Sri Lankan Tamils. It is a nothing but a murderous gang . Sri lankan government must wipe out this barbaric militants. I have lost 4 family members for LTTE back in 1997. My only wish is to see the last of Prabahkaran. My blessings go to the Sri Lankan Army and innocent tamil hostages trapped in the LTTE zone.

  40. we have say to all aver the wold,sl army killing timil tigers.now we dont have much guns and bombs.we are most successful terorist.we wanna get tamil elarm.we wanna fuck all sinhala peoples.

  41. When the British governer Brownrig oderd to kill all males over 18 years, to kill all cattle and burn all farm stocks and divastate UVA in 1818, it was not to crush a rebellian but for “Humanitarion efforts” When these europian humanitarian ambassadors( Britishers) started taxing our sri lankan mothers for breast feeding their childran, it was also for “humanitarion efforts”. When Americans and their allies carried out combat operations in Iraqe, nothing happend to iraqe civilians because they have carried out it so efficiently by identifying only the terroris resulting more than 600,000 civilians including children, mothers, fathers and old people had to leave this world. For your information and to think about the “Humanitarion efforts” of our white friends.

  42. LTTE let your prisoners go!!! – you are cowards hiding behind innocents. You have no shame calling yourselves the true represenatatives of the tamils!! you have ripped out the dignity of a proud race and destroyed three generations of the tamil population by engaging in this unnecssary war.

  43. I read the comments with lots of interest

    I have an equation

    We all care for the civilains, if so the LTTE keeping the civilians exposing them to Sinhala army

    LTTE knows the end of the game is not far; why do they not realize that and let the civilains go?


    I saw the news interview by DAy MASTER ONE OF THE SURRENDERED ltte LEADER in Sri lanakn TV; and he clearly said, children are used for war, civillians build earth bunds and LTTE has kiiled 300 civillians to add it to SL army account

    To me I respect the fact that tamils need a resolution in Sri lanka

    To lead it with a tamil tiger flag means, The tamils in Sri Lankan who is mostly not LTTE will never get justification plus any thing for future has to be not a reality

    LTTE should take the responsibility of it’s own people being killed by SL army and creating this utter disgrace to moderate Tamills

    So I would vote for the head of LTTE leaders dead or alive
    then Only Tamils of Sri Lanka can live where they want in peace and harmoney
    Rest Like internationla pressure, Foreighn opinion, what music played in Tamil Nadu, is not relavent to Sri lanka

    This is a Sri lankan Issue and hope the Sri Lankan leadership will address the LTTE needs and make sure moderate tamils in Sri Lankan have a voice
    If you go to Sri Lankan news site Srilankantube, I saw people who are Sinhalese collect food items for the displace tamil brothers and sisters in IDP camps

    One of them is from fishermen from Hikkaduwa sother coast of Sri Lankan whcih has NO tamil population

    Go and take a look , fisher men cooking and preparing food parcels to the tamils

    Now this is interpreted as GENOCIDE, CONCENTRATION camps by BBC , diospora in London , new york and Canada

    So the truth is, there are things you can achive with money and PR machine, but the reality will come out

    I am waiting the SL army get the heads of the remaining Tigers, and then all westerners who are dancing to the Diospora music and come and help the Tamil IDPs to settle and re build their lives , rather than asking to stop cleaning up LTTE

  44. if the srilanka army is serching LTTE in wanni they are fools. day before yesterday Prabakaran and his group lef t wanni to down south east.. the naval observation unit was distroyed in uhanai on the same day. more than thousand former LTTE and present karuna loyalist join hand with wanni command. so the fight will start again from yala or hambantota

  45. Dear, Tamil friends, be wise. Forget the past,bury the hatchet and join with the other communities in Sri Lanka and live peacefully. If you still want a homeland for tamils fight for something worthwhile ask for a sizeable portion of a western country then you will have all the comforts ready made for you all.Cheers!!!

  46. the bottom line is we foget about every atrocity committed byLTTE and let their leaders live so we can boast another day we won and continue the same business ,extotion ,everyday killing ,interfereing with civil life etc.
    the logic of this war is simple .
    1)terrorism should be eleminated .
    2)only way is killing the terrorist or beat them to submission
    3)LTTE and its supporters should give the dream of victory ,if want to save civilians just stop fighting and surrender or ran away if you can.
    no one has right to stop this program to eleminate the terrorism.
    they idiot who are supporting directly or indirectly should know to begin with this problem was started by india against american involement in our country , not due to the love of tamils .now we are passing through a phase the two side desided that the other party is not going to let them win and decided to keep it like palestinians problem
    unsolvable, then they can keep their agenda going at the expence of tamis sinhalese muslims burgars ALL srilankans.
    these foreign tamils do part time tamil eelam support have done more harm to tamils than any body else .
    In 30+ years more harm has been done to tamils and sri lanka by this war than any previous time .

    please understand the ultimate motive of the the “international Communities””HUMAN right organizations ” ” ingos” etc.


  47. @ NY Morning

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with some points you have made:

    1)”+ The US is not fighting Al Qeada inside the US
    + Al Qeada members in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly
    Pakistan are not by default US citizens”

    So, according to this logic a life is more precious if it is a citizen of the country in question. So if they were Afghans or Iraqis trapped in the pocket (instead of Tamils) would that be ok because they aren’t citizens of Sri Lanka? An innocent life is an innocent life, be it Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim.

    2) “+The density of the civilian population is vastly different. And therefor civilian casualties would be proportionately more”

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure that the normal population density of this area isn’t 20 000/sq km. Is this figure not artificially inflated by the fact that the LTTE are holding these people captive.

    3) “+ Except for some ardent LTTE supporters much of the world has admitted and declared GOSL as having won this military fight over LTTE. So pounding a defeated enemy could be seen negatively.”

    If the LTTE is finished, shouldn’t just surrender and then the Govt would have no excuse to prolong the war?

    4) “+ Also if given the chance to capture Al Qeada, how the US Govt. would do conduct itself (surgical vs. bloody, military vs. negotiated) is not a decided matter. Therefor to assume it would be unwise of us.”

    Was this the same country that dropped atomic bombs on civilians? Invaded a country based on fabricated intelligence reports?

  48. I hope the operations are successful and will bring an end to the conflict! There has been too many deaths of innocent civilians and armed forces. I really dont give a damn about the rabid dogs who calls themselves freedom fighters, they should be drawned, quertered and burnt for the suffering they have inflicted on a nation..KILL THEM ALL – there can never be peace with these B@$T@RD$ being around – they should be put down once and for ALL!!!

  49. This is the way these ruthless tamil terrorists choose to end their last stand and if so let it be. the great ARMY of LANKA let these tamil basterds let off the hook. Kill every one of them.

  50. DBS, Keep this up and don’t stop. Tamils need to be preserved at least as an endangered species rather than an extinct race.

  51. Dear DBS,
    One can clearly see human suffering. It is sad to see the poorest of the poor suffer like this from both sides.
    Why can’t our people cry to LTTE to let these civilains go.
    It is the right thing to do NOW. It looks like most of Tamils and Singhalese do not care about civilans. Tamils want to save Pirabaharan and the top leaders and Singhalese want to see the end of LTTE by crushing LTTE. Nobody give damm S**T about those innocent people.
    It is obvious that LTTE use people to save themselves.
    Rain is a friend to the farmer and Rain is an enemy to the street Vender. Everything is relative.

  52. This is an internal matter of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu can go fly a kite. U cant and will not have any impact on the GOSL or its military operations. Our brave soliders and special forces are one of the top 5 elite forces in the world and with the help of nations like China and Russia, Sri Lanka will crush the LTTE! No one can stop this and its only a matter of time now. The Peace loving tamil citizens are backing the Sri Lankan military efforts. This is the bitter truth to all other supporters of the LTTE around the world.

  53. Request for the Ceasefire by LTTE could be considered as an attempt to organise their cadres and weapons to be taken from the other Countrie.s and should not be allowed anyway even any kind of pressure comes from UN. or any Organisation. Prabakaran should be surrended with his aids and war should be ended as soon as possible.
    Our King of Sri Lanka Hon. President Mahinda Rajapakse ( King Dutugemunu) live long!

  54. Request for Ceasefire by LTTE could be considered as an attempt to organise their strength to fight with Sri Lankan Army while getting foreign assistance including weapons and it should not be allowed anyway even if any Organisation pressures. LTTE coward s should be surrended on or before the 30th April and this 30 years War should be ended within the deadline.Our King of nowadays Dutugemunu , Hon. President Mahinda Rajapakse live long!

  55. i am sorry about the people who suffaring but what ever cost army have to distroy the tigers ,why now people in the world worryid about the tigers and 60,000 how a about whean tigers cheased the muslims and others from the north more than 600000/ with out anything ,who cring in the europe all are tigers ,europian union have to do who ever support the tigers canceal thare status as europe citizen, army is doing a wonderfull sacrifice to the country to unite the nation

  56. When the LTTE conducted all the blood baths for the past 30 years none of you were concerned about human lives. When the LTTE killed and dispaced thousands of Mulsims of Srilanka you were silent. The cowards of LTTE are now using the innocent Tamil civilians as pawns in the dirty games to save their sorry asses. Why don’t you urge, persuade and demand the great chiefs of LTTE to let the innocent Tamils leave the area.? After that there is no need to lay down arms on either side. The cowardly chiefs of LTTE want a battle, they can have their battle without hiding behind the skirts and children of innocent Tamil folks. Shame on you for defending the cowardly LTTE chiefs. It is over for them, give it up.

  57. Hi,
    Param says that Sinhalese people are historically a lucky peoples. Once the critics of the late Gen. Janaka Perera said that he was a lucky General.

    I mentioned this to Janaka, and he responded by saying, “one makes ones own luck”.

    The fate of the LTTE is a long time coming.

    When they bombed the Dalada maligawa, I knew that they will face humiliating defeat.

    The Portuguese also attacked the Dalada maligawa. They too ended exactly like the LTTE, driven to the sea and then hemmed into a little bit of land, surrounded by lagoon and the sea, starved, with dogs eating the dead and humiliated to the last.

    History has repeated itself.

    The Portuguese were humiliated and driven out, never to return. The Pro-LTTE diaspora too are driven out and humiliated. Like the Portuguese they will get nothing of the future Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will leave them behind, after having buried the Tamil cause, just like the Portuguese.

    Tigers don’t eat grass. They eat sand.

  58. Hi, is Niupama S, Nirupama Subramanium?
    Thanks for the postings from Hindu – you could have pasted the URLs.
    Btw why is Hindu’s reporting on the Sri Lankan issue so partisan? I can perfectly understand the hatred against LTTE as there are many valid reasons to be so but to be partisan towards the government which is being as barbaric makes one wonder! Take for instance the continued use of heavy arms even after the declaration by the president, and the fact that it comes after continued denial by the government that they had been disproportionately using heavy arms in densly populated areas.
    While it is understandable too that in a very imbalanced reporting environment as found in TN tilted so much in favour of LTTE, one needs to give more print space to the voice of the SL government but to engage in white washing it, evading the crux of the issue, conflating the fight against terrorism and respect for civilian lives etc degenerates the otherwise balanced newspaper into a nother ‘Daily News’ (which is the propaganda paper of the Sri Lankan government)

  59. No ceasefire in Sri Lanka – Military

    Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara speaking to the Daily Mirror ascertained that the government has not declared a ceasefire. He clarified that only the use of heavy weapons and combat aircraft will be halted. His comment came after some International Media claimed that Sri Lanka has declared a ceasefire with the LTTE.

    Further the Defence Ministry in a statement on its web site called the misinterpretation a ‘Media illusionists’ twist of the government statement.

    The ministry statement read;

    Sri Lankan security forces will continue with the humanitarian operations to rescue the remaining 15,000 -20,000 people held hostage by LTTE while avoiding the use of heavy caliber weaponary as a strict measure coinciding with its ‘Zero civilian casualty policy (ZCC)’, a defence official stated refuting some immediate media jargons made misinterpreting the government declaration as a ‘cession of hostilities’ cum ‘ceasefire’.

    “This is a crude and an unethical way of media ‘reportash’, a blatant twist of the original statement, perpetrated to motivate the hell-bent terrorist sympathizers cum political clouts” the official said describing the logic behind the Government decision an exhibit of its grave concern to avoid any form of collateral-damage while surging into the remaining 10sq.km swathe of coast, South of Valayarmadam and Vellamullivaikkal.

    “This is the same and an extension of what the security forces have been continuing since the fall of Mullaittivu, as terrorists resorted to taking thousands of civilians as hostage”, the official said.

    “Security forces are now reaching victory, ‘combat mission reaching its conclusion’ and in no form will leave a breather for the internationally banned terrorist outfit or its leaders who are much wanted for thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity” the official said.

    Further commenting on the government decision the official said, this decision was no reaction to any ‘international pressure’ but solely timed with the success of the ongoing ‘Worlds largest hostage rescue operation’.

    �Government of Sri Lanka has decided that combat operations have reached their conclusion. Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy caliber guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons which could cause civilian casualties.

    Our security forces will confine their attempts to rescuing civilians who are held hostage and give foremost priority to saving civilians�.

  60. Karunanidhi cuts short fast

    Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi called off his fast after it was reported that the Sri Lankan government has halted the use of heavy weapons and combat aircraft in its assault on the LTTE, Indian Media sources confirmed
    Finally Karu found a reason for calling off..

  61. “most people are only eating once a day and that too either Kanchi or porridge”
    So what did Prabaharan and the rest of his cadre eat?
    Nothing said about it – Beef and pork and honey and milk.
    The whole world is weeping for the fate of the civilians but Prabaharan is not allowing them to go and is hiding among them. What a scenario!. The european Union wants a ceasefire for Prabaharan and his cadre to excape to fight another war.
    Why a few are crying of a genocide? Prabaharan and his cadre and the Tamil Diaspora wanted an armed struggle to achieve Eelam. So he has to face it and why does he involve the civilians as they do not want a war with the Government.
    Let the Tamail diaspora mind theri own business and let the Tamil people in Sri Lanka decide their future. You and your kith and kin are not going to Sri Lanka. You are here for good to enjoy life.

  62. Dear All, we Buddhists never encourage or approve of killings, nor do we spread hatred. But guys, that doesn’t mean if attacked, we would keep on meditating! Those who still keep on calling the SL Govt. to declare a ceasefire must have their heads checked up, not once but several times, why? How many times during the past 30 years did the SL Govt. go for negotiations with the LTTE inside and outside Sri Lanka? Did this barbarian Prabha and his terrorist outfit ever join the negotiating table with honesty and genuinity? The SL Govt was fooled and cheated by the LTTE, and the world powers who are advising the SL Govt on how to handle a bunch of lunatics who are bent on destroying the beautiful and peaceful Island of Sri Lanka and wiping out its people, the Sinhala, the Tamil and the Moors and other minorities, should be again reminded that we do not want their advice any more since ours is not a colony anymore, but an independent sovreign state, and that we know how to respect the human beings, and at the same time how to treat the terrorists. We respect human beings, animals and trees and also respect their right to live, but we do not bow down to terrorists. They must be wiped out from the surface of the earth, and their roots should also be uprooted.
    The NY Morning has replied to Upali Tennakoon that Al-Qaeda is being fought outside of the USA, but he or she has forgotten that inside or outside doesn’t matter, what really matters is how many innocent civilians have been killed in Afganistan and in Iraq by US bombings. The SL Govt isn’t fighting unarmed civilians, but a banned terrorist organization. The hard earned money that had been remitted to the LTTE by those Tamils for the Tamil cause (as they called it) and to help the Tamil brothers and sisters had been utilized to purchase sophisticated weaponry including light aircraft, and now those who contributed have realized that that money was in vain and had in fact strenthened the hands of the second-most wanted slaughterer in the world to kill and maime their own community in addition to the Sinhala and Moors and other communities. How on earth the World leaders talk about a pardon or amnesty to a nazi type terrorist who has been responsible for more than ninety thousand civilian deaths and tens of thousands of injured ? And he ordered the killings of the most popular President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Premadasa, and then Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Messrs. Gamini and Lalith to name a few. My personal view is the SL Govt should continue their operations until all the trapped innocent civilians are rescued from the death trap of cold-blooded merciless Prabha no matter what the whole world says. Those LTTE leaders including the chief slaughterer who are trapped inside the no-fire zone should now realize that karma would follow them wherever they hide or go, and that they would definitely feel/smell the death and should suffer the same fate that they unleashed on other innocent children, women and the elderly of all communities during the last 30 years all over the country. In conclusion I must add that I have known DBSJ since his days at the Upali Newspapers, and still I admire his writings. – Hema – Uda Aparekka

  63. Witch fools tells that tamils killed by sri lankans ass wholes first go and ask the tamils who are the killes

  64. The army commander was spot on in regards to Mr Karunanidhi. He reminds me of a comedian in a tamil movie who acted alongside the great Sivaji Ganeshan. The film directors from TN should consider him and Jayalalitha for a shooting next time. Both of them do not care about the plight of tamil civilians in Srilanka.They are more concerned about winning the election.

    The worst defeat for LTTE from this battle is to loose their own people from Wanni. The civilians from Wanni have just realised that the so called “liberators” are only surviing due to them being held has hostages. The only support LTTE receiving at the moment is coming from some factions of the diaspora who will never put a step on srilankan soil let alone the junglesin Mulathivu. They fight is limited to the streets of London, Toronto, Geneva and Melbourne.

  65. Tamil friends, try realized real situation of the Prabakaran. If he is your savior, Why he killed ur innocent people when they try to leave for freedom.

  66. If you think ltte freedom fighters . why don’t you go to war… why don’t you send your wife, mom, daughter and son to war… you all are covered barbarians..

    Every Tamil in the world should have SL Armey commander / GR and MRs photo’s and worship 3 times a day . you could swear at me but see your self from the mirror and ask the questions, isn’t it true least they finish this bloody war..

    Any way
    wait for the Surprise… 2 more days… until then

    CRY di ass poora cry .. cry me cry me..

    jaya wewa…

  67. Mr. Jeyaraj, I have written to you personally before. You did not reply me. These things are of their own making. Do not show any sympathy for LTTE. Ask the LTTE to let the civilian go, problem is sorted, is not it?. Ask all the Tamil Canadians to come and fight with Praba. This is how you should do it. Who cares for idiot Karunanidhi, Sri Lanka is not a part of India. Most of the Tamil People in Sri Lanka are misled by these politicians. LTTE have declareda unilateral ceasefire, how ridiculous is it? but yet they have sent an explosive ladden lorry to army’s side. Do you call this a ceasefire. Govt of Sri Lanka has clearly said that there is no ceasefire with LTTE. All troubles are over in two three days Mr. Jeyaraj, just hang in there.

    Jagath Wijeratne
    New Zealand

  68. So Karunanidhi fasts ‘indefinitely’ for 6 hours…well that’s generally the time to have the next meal for most people, so what’s now ol’ Karu? Felt like some publicity, and sympathy while getting a nap, eh?

    The truth is that most south Indians starve for more than double that time frame due to not having anything to eat.

    This guy and the rest of the tamilnadu circus are believable only to those who’ve learnt to believe them without any rhime or reason.

  69. Prabakaran #45

    You have a sick and cannibalistic mentality like your cannibal LTTE leader. please have a life. Your dream for the elam will never ever come true. It is in history now. Good Sinhala people will rescue the Tamils from LTTE clutches.

  70. Guys don’t forget that 58 million tamils are living few miles across from Sri Lanka. Historically Indian tamils migrated and settled through military expeditions in Sri Lanka. History is also like a life cycle, it will repeat. Barbaric uncivilised descendants of deported thug vijayan and friends are endangered species in this world.

  71. Sri Lanka won’t survey without tamils brains. Who managed to get tigers banned in many countries? Tamilan.
    Whatever you say Prabaharan and his cadres have to be praised for their many talents, which should have been used for Sri Lanka’s development. The racist sinhalese made them use against the country.

    Let see what so called peace loving, good heart, bhuddihst followers are going to offer tamils.

  72. Dushy Ranetunge, How many Hindu temples and christian churches have been bombed and destroyed by the Sinhalese army with the refugees inside. If as you say the destruction of the Dalada Maligawa was the reason for the Portugese to leave Sri Lanka, do you think that the Sinhalese nation will prosper in the future? already it is a failed state!! A beggar country!!

    But I am sure you will agree with me Portugal is prospering thousand times better than Sri lanka which is depending on the “begging bowl” for its survival!!If not for the Indians and the Western nations complicity the sinhalese army could not have achieved this!!

    The sinhalese have to watch out for their own TERRORIST now.

    All the commentators conveniently forget that the atrocities against the Tamils started long before the birth of LTTE. In fact LTTE was born as result of long standing descrimnation of the minorities by the majority and the several organized violence directed against the un-armed Tamils. What is happening now is GENOCIDE.

  73. hai intellectuals ! if your srilanka treat all ethnic in same way why your constitution declare itself that srilanka is buddist country .your constitution says only buddist can become president of sri lanka. take india for example.more than 80% of people are hindus. but its constitution says india is secular country.it assure that all people are treated in same way. srilanka is traditional motherland not only to shinhala people .to srilankan tamils as well.

  74. I only have a few questions for the defenders of the TERRORIST GOVERNMENT.

    If they are not guitly of GENOCIDE why are they not allowing any nuetral bodies to go inside the no-fire zone?
    Why did they expel the NGOs from Vanni?
    Why are they holding the NGO staff inside the concentration camp?
    Why are they not re-uniting the families in the “concentration camps” There was even a story of a four year old sibling who is the only one looking after the younger sibling. Mother is in a different hospital, and the father in a different hospital it seems.
    Why did they use food and medicine as WEAPON against the poor civilians? No amount of guided tours and “film shooting” will wash this sin away!!
    They were talking about this “rescue operation” for days and months and yet they were not ready to receive them and had to ask the Vavuniya civilians to provide food for them!! Who is pocketing the money which was given by the International community.
    Who is making the money in the construction of these “shaks”?
    Why are these people not allowed to go to their own houses and villages? An old man who was interviewed said that he has children living in Vavuniya, yet he was not allowed to live them or even to talk to them!!
    Do you think all these people will forgive and forget this “murderous government”?
    No amount of LTTE bashing will make MR & Co. look good!! Powerful people are “prospering” in peoples’ misery.
    Jaffna is supposed to have been “liberated” about 14 years ago. Still they living under the boots of the army and the thugs of Douglas Devanada. The people are still living in camps, while their houses are occupied by the army in the name of High Security Zone. East is the same with thugs from Pillaiyan group and Karuna group terrorising the people.
    Shame on Sri Lanka these THREE THUGS are Ministers in the government. They should be given the portfolio of Mininster of Abduction, Rape, Ransom and Extra Judicial Killings!!

  75. terrorismm must end.
    insist that all tamil terrorists,
    separate the bona fide civilians,
    let them escape the tamil tiger terrorism.

    then let them [the terrorists,] discusss surrender or fight like men,
    show somwe bravery.
    get rid of their drag queen outfits,
    and behind womens skirts,
    come in the open, either plead for life and rehab,
    or fight lie men

    not the cowardlt terrorists,
    who now call on all the receivers of laundered money ,to
    get governments to stop the war on terrorism
    interfere in sri lanka,

    the tamils are safe
    terrorists should be forced to rehab and become non murdering ,basic human beings,
    and stop collecting money to kill tamils and when they are dead,
    compliments of tamils terrorists and their supporters,
    call then civilians, orphans or school girls,
    this is shamefully transparent.

  76. Tamil people are staying with LTTE in their own accord because what the army is doing is killing them in concentration camps without the eyes of the international community. Army is not rescuing the Tamils. Tamil people knows how to live their life. We have our own land and houses. The Sinhala rapist army does not have to show Tamils how to live their life. Why can’t we stay in our houses. It is because these are concentrations just like was in Nazzi Germany. Mahindha R. is the HItler’s second coming. Those who are lamenting LTTE should remember the Sri Lankan Army is have killed and raped and injured thousands of Tamils in the past 25 years and not to mention the frequent anti Tamil riots. The whole rescue mission is 100% BS. It is time for the Tamil liberation to have a different leadership.

  77. Sri Lankan security forces will continue with their humanitarian operations aimed at rescuing the remaining 15,000 to 20,000 people held hostage by the LTTE terrorists despite the decision taken to refrain from using heavy caliber weapons. Measures have been taken to ensure proper implementation of the Zero Civilian Casualty Policy, so far adapted by the Sri Lankan armed forces during their counter terror mission. Brave and kind SLA chaps are doing a superb job. Listen to Goerge Master, the former terrorist, how he cried when a SLA soldier reached out and helped him over the massive earth bund built by terrorists to prevent people from leaving. This is such a fairytale ending to the greatest hostage rescue mission the world has ever seen.

  78. Tinker,
    Can any Tamil in Sri Lanka mention “Genocide” and be alive to tell the tale? Can any Tamil start a hunger strike against the Sinhalese Government and be alive to tell the Tale? Not only the person, the person’s relatives, friends and neighbours would be killed. Remember Chrysanthi’s rape and murder and the killing of her kith and kin? Don’t think that we have forgotten what happened to the Satyagrahi’s in 1956 when they staged a satyagraha infront of the parliament. Remember the the killing of the school boys in trinco? Remember the killing of Pararajasingham, Sivaram, Raviraj, Maheswaran, Ponnampalam, Lasantha and several other “white van” abductions and killings!! Too many to mention. One day you guys will be visited by the same killers. Then only you will realise what it is to be a Tamil living in Sri Lanka.
    Until then Good Luck.

  79. From Times of India-
    Varavara Rao came up with a “revelation” about the Indian Army’s “involvement” in the offensive on LTTE. He alleged that “150 Indian army soldiers injured in the Lankan war have been admitted to a government hospital in Chennai”. This allegation was “corroborated” by Prof Murthy from Aligarh Muslim University, who was also present at the meet.


    Hi Colombo, if you depend on India and US to conquer Jaffna Nadu, then you will become slave to India and IMF. Do you want to become slave?
    You are already slave to IMF because you are bankrupt and need an IMF bailout. And you are already beggar to India to provide help for your war. You can not even afford to maintain your own internment camps, so you are receiving funds from the International Community (read Western Countries) to sustain these camps.

    Do you think you can just betray them and ally with China after Eelam War is finished- like how you betrayed all of our pacts and agreements? You can not just betray the big powers without consequences.
    Remember, India initially provided wherewithal for Tamil insurgency because Colombo upset New Delhi in 1971 Bangladesh war, and more because of the UNP taking pro-American stance under President Jayawardene.

    You won internally, but you are encircled globally. Reminds me of one native american tribe conquering another tribe, because they bought guns and made pacts with Europeans. Eventually all the red indians lost out.

    And don’t you think the Vellalas will thirst for revenge after such humiliation? These people are no joke, as they financed a full army despite the US and India. And LTTE brought the international community and Colombo to negotiation table. The LTTE’s power after Eelam War III forced SL, US, and India to adopt containment policy (of talks etc.). (a counter insurgency policy which has succeeded against the LTTE as it does all over the world from Assam to Philippines)
    Tigers always knew about the nefarious intention of containment talks, that is why they were always preparing to launch Eelam War IV.

    The South’s euphoria is due to temporary gain. Reality will hit you one day.

    Please follow the dharma and show restraint in the final days of your offensive. And be magnanimous in victory because Hitler’s rise shows us that rubbing salt on the wounds of a defeated nation could give rise to another VP.

    And the universal law of dharma will punish all those with blood on their hands. The LTTE is no excuse for slaughtering Vanni civilians.
    Doesn’t matter if they are held as a human shield. They are still Innocent civilians.

    And eliminating LTTE is a blessing for Tamils, Tamil Eelam under the Tigers would have been a single-party autocratic militarized state. -like Eritrea

    And DBSJ uncle,
    Thank you for exposing the truth, but I would like to remind you that Taraki Sivaram’s article about the first battle for Elephant Pass was used by the government to their advantage. Also Sivaram truthfully told US at a CSIS conference that containment was the best policy to use against LTTE.

    Truthful information can be used in ways you don’t intend. Sometimes it is best for Tamils to avoid exposure. Otherwise we will be crushed.
    LTTE was only crushed when they came out into the open and gloated that they have the trappings of a sovereign state. When exposed, it is easy for your enemy to see how to destroy you.

  80. reply to comment 82. venkai

    Q: If they are not guitly of GENOCIDE why are they not allowing any nuetral bodies to go inside the no-fire zone?
    A: They did it. Norway was a good example. LTTE only got stronger militarly.
    Q:Why did they expel the NGOs from Vanni?
    Why are they holding the NGO staff inside the concentration camp?
    Why are they not re-uniting the families in the “concentration camps”
    A: It is cheaper for the government to let people find their food and shelter than feeding them and giving shelter.
    But many LTTE memebers escaped with the innocents need to be screened so the others are protected from suicide bombers.

    Q:Why did they use food and medicine as WEAPON against the poor civilians? No amount of guided tours and “film shooting” will wash this sin away!!

    A: Srilanka is the only country in the world that fed and paid salaries of its citizens that was under the control of the terrorist seperatists fighting destroy the country economically.

    About Pillaiyan group and Karuna group?
    A: We do not like them either but we are willing to share the space and the society if they are willing to respect it.

    Pillaiyan group and Karuna group are a good example.

    Who knows? May be Daya master and George Master will be ministers someday!!!

  81. Well wrighten letter thanks. No other country’s should tell Sri Lanka to stop hitting terro tigers.Yesterday American fired missail to iraq and killed so many civileans.Including mother of a little baby.Her picture is on Today’s Edmonton Sun paper.We the Sri Lanken have full rights the same way americans has.Good luck to our government, We need praba’s HEAD…….

  82. ashok-comment 28

    i always knew that karunanithi’s fast was a farce. he had a doctor checking his blood pressure. why is a man who says he is going to sacrifice his life for the tamils so worried about his health. he should have an undertaker by his side, not a doctor.
    anyway karu is a hasbeen. jayalalitha is going to be the next chiefminister. her recent statements are such that she is going to champion the tamil cause with vaiko by her side. the stupidity of the srilankan government in the crude way they have handled the vanni civilians has created a formidable oppponent in the future.
    mahinda rajapakse seems to be a good leader, but he has to be careful. fragmented tamils are coming together and there is only a narrow srip of water seperating 65 million tamils from 3 million here. inadvertantly he can build a bridge. rajapakse has to handle the civilian problem more carefully. already there are about 25000 casualties, resulting in one more powerful eelamist being created.
    gordon brown phoned rajapakse and asked what about the political solution. rajapakse replied that at the moment tamils need food and other necessities and not a political solution. he seems a practical type. i hope he is a visionary type too.

  83. My parents were kiiled in LTTE bombing in Colombo. I am also concerned about lives in vanni at the moment. However, these terrorists does not allow them to come out. Sihala forces are doing a great job to wipe out these terrism. Good luck to them.

    Also would urge all sinhalese and Tamils to get organise and help those who were rescued recently. We are currently raising funds and will send some essentials to IDP’s. We are also going to sponsor (for their education) children who are affected.

    I am a sinhalaese my self and was affected by LTTE bombing directly (lost my parents). However, I have no problem in living with Tamils.


  84. When I see some of the posts here I feel ashamed of being a Sri Lankan. Some people, both Sinhalese and tamils act like racists. They are so buried in ‘my race should win and others should surrender’ kind of mentality. Our great cultures had shown us how to treat the enemy when they are weaken and helpless. Here, we jump up and down (with words) while living in a foreign country, when we hear the gains in fighting even when soldiers sacrificed their lives. We have disappointed our ancestors. What we have to do is to think about actual suffering of the people. Should not we really do some thing about that? And on that issue all of us, tamils and Sinhalese could agree? There are two things we can do to help suffering people. First is to help IDPs. Second is to promote a strategy to get the civilians out of danger.

    First, we must consider the flight of the IDPs as the previous writer “Romani” mentioned. Tamils Sinhalese both should unite in helping them. I think that is one thing we all agree. Why not we start with that?
    Then, I have to ask a simple question from our tamil friends here (I should identify myself as a Sinhalese before going further). YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE that LTTE had actually attacked the civilians who are leaving (see Daya master or any other people who left from LTTE hand – Do not you trust Daya Master?).. SO WHY NOT YU GEUINELY ASK FROM LTTE SUPPORTERS TO ALLOW CIVILIANS TO GO? I know answer in deep inside you, because I have talked to lot of my tamil friends. Although you feel that civilians can be saved by that way, you actually want to keep your pride in tact. You do not like to see Prabhaharan surrender or get killed by GOSL army after giving so much pride to Tamils (by giving a hard time to SL army etc). But do not you feel that you are playing with the life of other people and children? For your pride they have to fight. Yu give some meager monthly amount and yu put aside your guilt. You even do not want to have a little sickness to your kid. You get worried. But yu like Prbha keeping sick and dying people and children without much help. Please think about that and be practical. Because anyway LTTE is going to be over. So why not minimize the damage.

    My question to Sinhalese friends in this net is, instead of hooraying the army, cant you sympathize with the suffering people? Why should yu put racist slogans here? Why do not instead put your time to get to our tamil friends here and try to do some thing for the IDPs together? Tamil and Sinhalease Diaspora are badly polarized outside Sri Lanka. If tamil community try to fight for their dignity and pride using the Sri lankan tamils, violence will continue even after this main fighting is over. Why not we try to have permanent peace? Why not you reach out to tamils and try to address their real grievances. Instead some of you try to stir their grievances. Some of them have lost their parents, brothers or sisters or some close relatives. Think about our friends who got killed from the bombs in Colombo and else where? So they have the same pain. Why cant we try to reach to the Tamils at this time? We may even ask (together with tamils) the government to have a temporary ceasefire while asking an assurance from LTTE to let the civilians go.. Whatever, we need to find common grounds and work on them.

    I can see that supporting IDPs is definitely some thing we can work together. Second item is, a rescue strategy for the civilians. Both tamils and Sinhalese agree that civilians should be rescued- methods may be different. I think this is the time that Sri Lanka has a good opportunity to really establish a permanent peace. For that to happen Sri lnakan diaspora have a greater responsibility. We have to start doing things to weaken the polarization of our communities here. Even tamils and Sinhalease are united there it does not look like we get united here. Because actual suffering people are in Sri lanka

    Let us start, this by uniting to help IDPs!!

  85. We can already smell the end of war in the battlefront and everyone wants to taste it with the minimum of civilian casualities in the now defunct NFZ. But there would be war in many other fronts soon and it is high time everyone to start pkanning for it, otherwise everything gained would be lost and whatever goodwill gained is forgotten. Lets pray for the departed and plan for the living.

    To consolidate the gain a Parliamentary election should be held immediately. Judging from the Western Provincial council results, the President would gain an absolute majority in the South. With Karuna & Pillayan contesting in the same Party along with many Muslim leaders, he can get the majority of seats in the east too. If the elections are held before the TNA is regrouped in whatever names or forms and start playing on the ‘plight of people in the Wanni camps’, the President can get many seats for the Parties supportive for a political settlement.

    Combined everything. he would have more than two third majority in the Parliament and while he remains an Executive President, there is nothing and no one to prevent the implementation of the APRC recommendations or the majority Expert Committee recommendations, to brgin with in order to solve the ethnic problem. This would be the nectar of fruit for all these years’ work and effort by so many of our countrymen and women all over.

    So lets stop looking at the half empty glass and start looking at the half full glass.

  86. How can you be so sure about these casualty figures as if though you were personaly there to count them. A reporter should not be bias but genuine. If a reporter is bias, then he is not a reporter but a Pro LTTEer.
    So who are you?

    DBSJ RESPONDS: If the reporter writes something you agree with then he is genuine and a reporter. Otherwise he is biassed and a lTTE’er. If you were really a “panditha” as your name suggests and not a “Modaya” as your comment indicates you would have been able to decipher the answer to your question from what I have written already. By the way one doesent have to go and personally count bodies to write casualty figures. Do Sarath Fonseka and Udaya Nanayakkara and Keheliya Rambukwell and all those “defence” correspondent writing casualty figures go to the battlefront and count the bodies personally? Do “pandithayas” like you ask them whether they counted the bodies personally? In any case do you think reporters even if allowed entry into the war zone will be allowed to count the bodies personally? So then what do they do? Not write the body count until they count themselves?

    As for your other query “Who Are You”? Now this is the question baffling most philosophers from time immemorial. Who Am I? I like most seekers of truth am still trying to find out but then?

  87. What a joker is Mr. Karunanidhi , he just sleeping after a heavy lunch and now he is dreaming his next meal at dinner time. With two cooling fans next to his bed do you call this fasting you stupid Tamil Nadu people. I have been to Chennai and majority of the people are suffering and the poor in Chennai is almost naked and barely covering the body with some kind of clothing.
    Mr Karunanidhi you better fast for your own people in Chennai and show your leadership in upbringing the poverty, hunger and shelter to the millions of Tamils in Chennai.
    Mr. Karunaanidhi why dont you walk the inthe Chennai pavements you will find beggers in families along with their grand parents begging in streets its better if you concentrate the well being of Tamils in Chennai without looking at the Tamils in Sri Lanka for your political gains.

    Tamil Nadu politics is famous for fasting to death, please let me know how many politians have died so far. Its all political gimmicks where the people in Tamil Nadu are so stupid they believe these sort of politians as gods. There so stupid they bend into three when they meet Jayalalitha a ontime actress singing songs under trees with MGR

    Better put your house in order before putting other people houses.

  88. Dear DBS,

    Well said. It is much more enough to discard governmen’s drama about heavy weapons.

    I saw few, very few people commenting in this forum without a sense.

    1). They don’t even know the difference between Al Qaeda and LTTE the freedom fighters. Not even the spelling of Al Qaeda.

    2). We are talking about few civilians die. Few or much more is different story. Will we write like this when our parents / Brothers / Sisters / Childrens live in this so called “NFZ”.

  89. To Yours Truly # 90

    You Quote: Srilanka is the only country in the world that fed and paid salaries of its citizens that was under the control of the terrorist separatists fighting destroy the country economically.

    Your Statement tacitly accepts that there were two nations. If you think it is one Country, your argument is null and Void, because it is the Governments Responsibility to look after its own Citizens hence Fed and paid.

    If you are opposing that it is something out of the ordinary, then by null hypothesis you are accepting there were two Nations but Srilanka was looking after both.

    April Going to May

  90. VP created genocide on Muslims in Jaffna, none of the current ltte tamil nor the diaspora made ant effort to stop him. Previous attorney generals, doctors, New York based tamil stock brokers (proxy stock dealers for ltte), US based lawyers, //accademics who had received education in Sri Lanka, please note. Sri Lanka will prevail as a unified nation, all communities will have peace post annahilation of VP. Sri Lanka is nor for deviding for Tamils. VP beware your days are numbered.

  91. This comment is in reply to Vasanthakumar Muthusamy,

    As an ethnic Sri Lankan Tamil, I whole heartily support the Sri Lankkan governments efforts to eliminate the LTTE. The LTTE is not the sole representatives of our people. This Statement is DEAD WRONG! THE LTTE IS NOTHING BUT A RUTHLESS TERRORIST OUTFIT. THEY KILLED MY FAMILY MEMBERS, ROBBED THEM, AND HELD THEM AT RANSOM AND DEMANDED MONEY AND JEWELRY.



  92. DBS, Good response to the first rate idiot Subapandithaya. Next he will be asking “How do you know there is a war going on? Have you been to puthukudiyirippu and seen the fighting?

    Some other idiots are parroting Fonseka’s quote “Karunanidhi is a Joker” over and over again. OK, we heard it the first time. No need to keep repeating it. Those who are incapable of saying anything original should stop wasting space on this blog.

  93. . . . . . . . . .Two jokers from England and France arrived to island in order to save the king of Terorist, while Sweden joker dropped when try jumping in to the same wagon. It is surprised to see yet those naive jokers consider Sri lanka is a colony where we are living under their control with our expense. . . .!!

    . . . . These jokers should understand the wheel is fast turning and within few decades, Sri lanka will be flourished and stand on its own feet under the guidance of wise men whom started this historical journey started from Mavilaru. . . .

    All patriotic citicens should get together to act in order to achive this goal keeping the bitter history forever in the mind.

    Tamils also should understand those colonial masters already taken them for a ride and will do it again and again, hence they (Tamils) better realize the ground realities of their own kith and kin. They must route their hard earned money and time for the betterment of Tamil people in order to alleviate their poverty and then enhancement of the living standards of same. It would be more productive rather waste purchasing weapons to create the same useless struggle.

  94. Karunanidhi is the joker of Tamil Nadu political pack. His fast to death will be good for TN, one less blind, fat man> Hope he achieves his ambition in his fast. Make a big funeral pyre.

  95. As a Tamil who lived in Sri Lanka BEFORE the LTTE was around, I can tell you one thing.

    The SL government can destroy the LTTE, and I won’t shed a tear, but the big question is:

    Will the SL government and the Sinhalese Buddhist leaders ever treat the Tamils as equal?

    Anyone familiar with Sri Lanka politics knows that the answer is a big NO.

    So unfortunately, my dear Sinhalese brothers, the fight will go on with or without the LTTE. The LTTE is not the original cause of this war. It’s the Sinhalese leaders of past who created the need for LTTE, and whatever future Tamil fighting force that will emerge.

    Don’t fool your-self. The war will not end until you start treating the Tamils as equal citizens. Sadly it’s a long way to go.

  96. MK’s central AC was not working that day. so that he went
    beach to continue his sleep.
    kanimolzi is writing a poem abot her dad’s 6 hour fast

  97. So finally we won the war.See we are feeding your people.We all are love to tamils but not for the tigers who brought us tears.We can treat tamil people.We did it & proved it.What did your cruel leader for you.Hunger & sad.Have you seen foods that we sent to you used for bunkers.Is that the e larm that you were seeking?any way so sorry.We are above to your Dreams.

  98. Someone should compile all Karunanidhi jokes, they really are funny.

    My favorite so far is from Sen.

    Karunanindhi did not have a �fast unto death” only “fast until hungry”. – Hilarious

    hey dingiri, chill out man. we could all do with a good laugh.

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