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Sea Tiger commander Soosai’s wife Satyadevi speaks out

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Sea Tiger commander Soosai

Hello Friends

Thillaiambalam Sivanesan alias Soosai was the former commander and special commander of the naval division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) known as “Kadal Puligal” or Sea Tigers. This native of Polygandy in Vadamaratchy fought to the very end and died in Mulllivaaikkaal in Mullaitheevu district on May 17/18th 2009.

Soosai born on October 16th 1963 is a first batch tiger recruit who received training in North India. He was the former LTTE Vadamaratchy area chief under Satasivampillai Krishnakumar alias Kittu in the eighties of the last century.

Soosai has been in charge of the sea tigers from 1991 first as commander and later as special commander. Soosai’s codesign for communications is Sea Oscar.

Gradually Soosai more or less personified the sea tigers.The sea tigers as Soosai himself was fond of saying was a “child brought up ” (naan valartha pillai) by him.Soosai was an old timer of the LTTE who proved to be a tower of strength to the LTTE until the last.

The Coastal community relying on fishing as an occupation was intricately inter – twined with the sea tigers. Soosai himself hailing from the coastal village of Polygandy in Jaffna peninsula shared a common heritage and empathy with these people. He had the common touch and was one of the few tiger leaders who was genuinely liked by the ordinary people. Like former Tamil Nadu chief minister MG Ramachandran the popular Soosai was also called “Makkal Thilagam” (peoples leader)

Soosai had been injured during the fighting with the Indian Army. The injuries sustained.then continued to trouble him.Later during the Oslo sponsored peace process Soosai obtained treatment for this in Singapore.On October 2004 Soosai carrying a passport (N 13565685) issued in the name of Thillaiambalam Sivanesan flew aboard an Airbus 330 on the Sri Lankan airlines flight UL 316 to Singapore. He was accompanied by a doctor from the Wanni , Gnanasekaram Camillus Dharmendra and two bodyguards Quintus Sahayarathnarajah and Gopalapillai Sathyamuhundan.He returned to Kilinochchi after five days in Singapore.

I met Soosai for the first time in 1986 when working as Colombo correspondent of The Hindu and Frontline. There was an on going clash between the army and the tigers in Thondaimanaru in the vicinity of the Sellvasannathi Murugan temple. When I expressed a wish to see the actual fighting the LTTE Jaffna commander Sathasivampillai Krishnakumar alias “Col” Kittu called someone who I think was Mariyanesan “Sukhla” and asked him to take me to the scene of fighting.

Kittu changed his mind suddenly and called Soosai. Kittu then introduced Soosai to me and said of Soosai ” He is careful and acts with patience and responsibility. He will take you and bring you back safely”. He then bade us good – bye telling Soosai only one word “Kavanam” (careful). I recall Soosai asking me to remove my cream coloured shirt and then crawling behind him clad in denim trousers to the different tiger positions to witness the combat. As Kittu said Soosai brought me back safely after that experience.

Shankar was the first LTTE cadre to die due to combat

Soosai married Satyadevi the sister of Satyanathan alias Shankar of Kambarmalai. Shankar was the first LTTE cadre to die due to combat. He passed away on Nov 27th 1982 and the LTTE observes the date as great heroes day annually.Soosai married his sister Satyadevi after falling in love with her.The marriage was an inter – caste union.

They had three children. The last was Shankar named after his maternal uncle. Shankar died in 2007 at the age of five in an accident at sea. On July 18th 2007 the sea tigers had received four new boats. They were being tried and tested off the Wattawagal coast. Soosai himself was aboard one of the new boats with his youngest child . when the accident occurred. Shankar was seated on the new boat with his father when the accident happened on that fateful day. Apparently one speedboat overturned and collided with another. There was also an explosion.

Shankar was killed. So too was a bodyguard. Three other cadres were seriously injured. Others got minor injuries. Soosai himself sustained major injuries mainly on his back, neck and back of the head. He was reportedly in a coma. Soosai was taken to the Ponnambalam nursing home in Puthukudiyiruppu. Thereafter he was whisked away to an undisclosed location to be treated by the LTTE’s medical unit.Soosai re-emerged publicly on September 26th 2007.

Soosai was a person extremely fond of his children. Nelliaddy residents recall the first birthday of his eldest son Kadalarasan (sea king). The Sivanesans had ordered a massive cake in the shape of “Kadalpura” (sea dove) the first maritime vessel owned by the LTTE. The cake baked at Nelliaddy’s Subash bakery was so large in length, breadth and height that it had to be placed in a pick – up van and take to the birthday party.

Air attack between mullivaikkal and Iraddaivaikkal, Apr 2009-pic: RDHS

So when the end drew nigh Soosai arranged for his wife and children to escape and save their lives.Soosai’s wife Satyadevi and their two children along with some other relatives including Soosai’s sister in law and children tried to escape in a boat from the Karaithuraippatru coast on May 12th 2009. They were apprehended by the Sri Lankan Navy. Satyadevi was identified as Soosai’s wife. She was detained separately with the children and interrogated.

Thereafter she and the children were detained within the Navy camp premises in Trincomalee.Likewise LTTE political wing chief Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan’s widow and children were detained at the Army cantonment in Panagoda.

Subsequently Thamilselvan’s family was given a restricted release. The family is now living in a Colombo suburb subject to certain conditions. Similarly Soosai’s family also was given a restricted release. The family is now living in Trincomalee subject to certain restrictions.

Recently Chamara Lakshan Kumara interviewed Satyadevi for “The Nation” English Weekly published in Colombo. Satyadevi recounted some of her experiences as answers in that interview

I am reproducing the interview on my blog with due acknowledgement to “The Nation”

Here it is Friends-DBS Jeyaraj

Satyadevi .S -pic: courtesy of: nation.lk

Soosai’s wife recalls drama in the high seas

By Chamara Lakshan Kumara

The LTTE boss Velupillai Prabhakaran once bragged that the next Eelam war would be fought on the high seas. His braggadocio emanated from the fact that the so-called Sea Tigers with their varied vessels and craft had become a menace to the Navy in the north and east. The Sea Tiger leader Soosai was killed in the final battle against the LTTE and his wife Sathyadevi with her two children were leaving the Nandikadal area with some kinsfolk in a boat her husband had provided for them to flee. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she relives those challenging days and her present life in protective custody

Q: Tell us how you met your husband Soosai for the first time?

Soosai was a friend of my older brother Shanker who worked with the LTTE. He used to visit our home at that time. He was the first cadre to sacrifice his life for the LTTE in 1982. Even after my brother’s death, Soosai used to visit our home. I began to like him. He was very helpful to the needy and did not hesitate to help those in need. His good qualities impressed me and we became intimate. When we decided to get married my parents did not agree to it as he was working for the LTTE. At that time he was a local leader of the Vadmarachchi area. Anyhow we got married and soon after that he was made the leader of the Sea Tigers.

Q: Had you also joined the LTTE by then?


Q: Even after marriage to Soosai did that position change?

Not even then.

Q: Why?

I did not consider it necessary and Soosai never forced me to join the LTTE.

Q: Didn’t Soosai discuss LTTE matters at home?

He never discussed any such thing. We discussed only our personal and family affairs at home.

Q: What did he discuss when he came home?

He had very little leisure. When he came home it was mainly to sleep.

Q: Where was your home?

We lived at Jaffna at the beginning but when the army launched the operation Riviresa we shifted out of the town. We lived in Devapuram, Mullaiveli, Vallikulam and finally in 2007 to Pudukudirippu.

Q: Soosai who was known to be a strong minded man, though was a good father to his children, many have written or said. Was that correct?

True. He loved his children very much. On the first birthday of our son he brought our son a cake made in the shape of the first sea tiger vessel of the LTTE. It was baked at the Subhash bakery Nelliady. Yet his duties did not permit him to spend much time with the children but he had entrusted me with looking after them carefully.

Q: In 2004 Soosai visited Singapore. What have you got to say about that visit of his?

Soosai had sustained injuries in an attack on an Indian Navy vessel by Sea Tigers. The LTTE police chief Nadesan and revenue chief Thamilanadin were also injured in that skirmish. Though temporary dressings for the wounds were done after that some injuries became very bad later and it was necessary to send Soosai abroad for intensive treatment.

Q: How did he get the opportunity to go to Singapore?

I was not aware of how it was done. He told me he had to go to Singapore for medical treatment. The LTTE had informed the government to give permission for Soosai to go to Singapore and the government had made it possible. He was accompanied by a doctor and two bodyguards when he left. An LTTE person gave me a telephone to talk to Soosai. He spoke to me from Singapore over the telephone twice.

Q: How was the relationship between Prabhakaran and Soosai?

Soosai had great trust in Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran too had great trust in Soosai.

Q: What kind of relationship did your family have with Prabhakaran’s family?

When our children were born all members of Prabhakran’s family paid us visits but there were no other visits. But of course we used to see one another during LTTE functions or events. Then we speak about various things that were of concern to us. Both Prabhakaran and Madivadini used to ask how our children’s education was progressing.

Q: Though you were given protection by the LTTE did you begin to feel fear when the war was entering a dangerous phase?

Why not, who will not feel fear?

Q: Didn’t you feel like asking him to leave the LTTE even then?

Even if I asked him I knew he would never quit the LTTE. He always used to say his death would come to him while working for the LTTE and in no other way.

Q: The year 2007 was a bad one for you. Your younger son Shanker died and Soosai himself was badly injured?

I remember the date. It was July 18. I was leaving for a function at Kilinohchi in a vehicle. Our younger son loves to go about in vehicles and he loved the sea. But Soosai never took our son to sea. He leaves his son in a boat on the coast and leaves for the high seas. Shanker plays with others in the boat. On this day too Soosai had done the same but somehow or other he had asked his men to bring the boat with my son to the deep sea. At that time the vessels were engaged in some exercises in the sea and one of the LTTE vessels in the exercise had collided with Soosai’s boat and the boat of our son. I lost my son in the accident.

Q: We heard that was a preplanned accident?

There was a rumour like that but I believe it was only an accident.

Q: What happened to Soosai in that accident?

His stomach was cut right across although I don’t know what exactly happened and he was in a critical condition for three weeks after that.

Q: The rumour was that Pottu Amman had arranged the boat accident, especially it gave credence to the rumour as the LTTE observed a strict silence on the accident?

But I don’t think that he arranged the accident.

Q: Did Pottu Amman speak to you after the accident?

Yes he spoke to me. Not only Pottu Amman all other LTTE leaders spoke to me. All the LTTE leaders attended the funeral of our son.

Q: After recovering from the injury what did Soosai say about the accident?

He was deeply shocked over the loss of our son. It was with him over a long time. I asked him to be out of LTTE activities for some time but help them if necessary. But he did not listen to my advice.

Q: It was said you did not help the LTTE. What did you do at home?

I looked after my children and saw to their needs at home. I also cultivated crops we needed for our use. I also joined to watch the TV with my children.

Q: Although the LTTE did not provide you with domestic help all LTTE leaders’ families were given vehicles and provided security to them?

We were given a van and a three wheeler with a driver and a security person.

Q: Did you have access to information of things that were happening outside the north like in Colombo?

We watched the TV and came to know those things. Sometimes when Soosai came home he used to bring a newspaper printed in the south.

Q: When did you learn that the war was entering a dangerous phase?

From the beginning we were living in fear. At the final stages we knew that if we leave the bunkers we would invariably be injured. Things had become so bad.

Q: When there were cricket matches between India and Sri Lanka whom did you support?

We supported India. We liked Sachin Tendulkar.

Q: What about Muralidharan?

We liked Muralidharan but we liked Tendulkar even more than that.

Q: At the final phase of the war you decided to leave Pudukudirippu. Why?

We decided to leave the place on May 12. At that time a large number of people were packed in a small area of land and LTTE’s defeat was clearly evident then. We decided to send our daughter Sindumani, son Kadalarasan, Soosai’s older brother’s wife and child in a boat out of the place. But I had not decided to leave the others as Soosai did not wish to do so. But finally I decided to leave with my children. Still Soosai didn’t agree to it. Soosai said he would fight to the last for the LTTE but later he agreed to give us a boat to leave.

Q: Where did you wish to flee in the boat?

We had two objectives. One was to flee to India if possible but we would have to face the Sri Lanka Navy vessels on high seas. But we did not think about getting caught to the Navy but our minds were on our children’s safety. Although we decided to leave on May 12 the fighting became severe forcing us to remain in the bunkers. So we finally left on May 14.

Q: On May 12 did you see Prabhakaran and his family at Pudukudirippu?

Yes they were there. They were all safe till we left the place.

Q: Did you speak to them before you were left the place?

I did not speak to them. Sometimes Soosai may have told them we were leaving.

Q: Was Prabhakaran separated from the others or was he also with the others who were confined to the place?

At the final phase there was no separate place left for them but they were provided with high security.

Q: What did Soosai say before you left him?

The last time I saw him was on May 12. But on May 14 when we quit the place I did not see him. He didn’t know we were quitting as on that day we did not have a separate bunker but were sharing a bunker with others.

Q: You did not try to find out where Soosai was before you left?

In the situation we were facing there was no possibility to do that. The war was almost at hand. We told an LTTE cadre we knew to tell Soosai we were leaving. We left around 9.00 in the night. There were 12 of us in the boat but we were able to sail only for 4 minutes when the boat was attacked.

Q: What happened then?

When they attacked the person who was steering it he got shot and fell inside the boat. There were holes in many places of the boat and it began taking in water. When we were throwing out the water a small Navy boat approached us about 20 minutes later. I heard someone shouting ‘Kotiya, Kotiya’ and we feared they would shoot at us. Just then a bigger boat came towards us and put on a strong light. Soosai’s brother’s wife lifted the infant child of Ruben. The men in the small boat came closer to us and spoke to us in Tamil. They said “Don’t fear. We will rescue you. Then they took us to their boat and brought us to the shore.

Q: Did they recognise you as Soosai’s wife?

Not at once. I told that my two children were those of Soosai’s brother’s and I said I was a distant relation of Ruben who had left alone of my own accord. Before we left we had planned to say so in case we were caught by the navy. However, when Soosai’s brother had to go for a dressing of a wound on her leg to the medical centre with me after first security check, one of the LTTE cadres that had surrendered to the Navy pointed at me and said I was Soosai’s wife. At once a large number of Navy men surrounded me and I was separated from the others for the second time. They asked me whether I had a telephone. They asked me why I had left the LTTE area and where I had intended to go. I said I wanted to go to India if the Navy had not intercepted. Once in India I would make a telephone call to my brother in London and get something arranged, I told the Navy.

Q: Didn’t the Navy question you about Soosai?

They asked me whether I knew Soosai’s telephone number and I said I did not know but I gave them the telephone number of my brother.

Q: Are you saying that Soosai did not use a telephone?

He used one but on May 12 when I saw him for the last time he did not have a telephone with him.

Q: On May 12 did you know that Soosai had known the LTTE would be defeated in the war?

We had no time to ask him whether we will win or lose. It was such a short meeting. He merely wanted to see whether we were there and we were taken to see him by a LTTE cadre. By that time the army was so close that we could not remain in the place.

Q: After the Navy recognised you what happened?

We were taken into their camp. When our boat sprang leaks we jettisoned all our bags to make the boat lighter and we were left with only the clothes we had on at the time. Navy provided us with clothing.

Q: What is your opinion of the present life of yours?

When we were taken in by the Navy I was deeply fearful believing that my children and myself will be detained separated from one another. But when I look back we are all right.

Q: What do you mean you are all right?

It’s like this. We have got more facilities and things than what we believed will be our lot. Our children are allowed to go to school and to the park and I can accompany them. But I am sad that we are not allowed to visit our kinsfolk or go to other places.

Q: Do your kinsfolk speak to you?

My brother and father are living in London. They speak to me over the telephone. They once came to see me.

Q: What are your future plans?

If I can get my two children educated that is all I want and facilities have been provided for them to study.

Q: Don’t you agree it would have been much better if we did not have to go through a war?

Certainly yes.

Q: What is your daily routine like?

I wake up at 4.30 a.m. and prepare my children’s meals and send them to school. After that I do the washing and arrange the things in the house. I go out to the Kovil or park and at night when I am free I watch TV.

A water spout, which Tamils claim was probably caused by artillery or airstrikes in the last territory held by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in northern Sri Lanka- more pics-Guardian.uk-Apr 28, 2009

Q: I forgot to ask you something important. It was reported when you were intercepted by the Navy vessels you had in your possession 2 kilogrammes of gold and Rs. 600,000 in cash. Why did you carry gold and cash to that extent?

I did not have so much cash but only 200,000 and Ruben’s wife had another Rs. 200,000, one other person among us had Rs. 175,000. All the gold was not mine but owned by all three of us. The gold that was mine were from the presents that were given to me and my children as gifts.

Q: How did you manage to hold on to so much of gold while the war was raging round you and why did you take it away when you were fleeing?

I had put the gold in a suitcase I carried with me when we were leaving to be used for the future of my children and myself.

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  1. .
    So, they are still not allowed to go free.

    It’s good to know they are safe, but prisoners interviews have no value.


  2. Yes………… it was a selfish and a senseless war. Does she deserve the kind of life provided and why ???
    I am at a loss for a right answer.
    This is Soosai’s wife and children BUT what about the children & youth sent to the front and used as cannon fodder.
    Who robbed their lives????
    Those who financed the war and those who said they would become martyers ?

    Soosai’s wife & children and Thamil Chelvams wife & child were helpless. GOSL need not have protected them but left them to be refugees. YET GOSL DID & DO CARE FOR THEM TODATE? What message does it give?

    Whats all this ? I do not know but will any of the diaspora contributors to this column be able to elaborate??

  3. That was a nice interview but what about the death of Soosai . How did it come about ? Did Sooasi bite the cynaide or shot dead ? I saw a pic on the net where Soosai was lying on the ground dead and his eyes were open . Any info on that DBSJ ?

  4. Very interesting interview. Thak you Mr.Jeyaraj for posting it. From what you write I get the feeling Soosai was one of a kind

  5. I was living in Nelliady,Vadamarachi when Soosai was the regional commander for LTTE there.He got on well with people not like Nelliady area commander Shukla who was arrogant bully

    I still remember Operation Liberation in 1987 because of which all of us had to leave our houses and run. Soosai came to a refugee camp in a temple and people shouted at him for letting the army come in.One old woman even slapped him. But Soosai accepted it humbly. He really felt sorry and sad it looked like

  6. Doesn’t sound like a genocidal navy out to destroy Tamils. An unusually reasonable explanation of events in light of the on-going war around them. As the diaspora would like to explain it, all aboard this boat were raped and killed by the genocidal Sinhalese. The fact is, Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka are family. They will always treat each other with civility.

  7. I’m glad that she and her kids survived the war. Hope that she would get her full freedom integrate back in to the society.

  8. Mrs Soosai at least didn’t try to spin away the cash. and the Gold,although the latter, is worth USD 125.000 at the current price.

    And it is a helluva lot of Dough, in comparison to what most of the escapees have even today.

    There are many, most intriguing aspects of her interview.

    When VP was in such close proximinty, how did Soosai manage to organise a Boat (Cruiser?) to take his family to India and then on to England?.

    Why didn’t the VP security shoot this Boat and sunk it, when they shot the poor innocents who tried to surrender at the Army reception centers and despatched Suicide Bombers to kill and warn not to escape ?.

    Did Soosai pay the price for the escape of his Family?.

    Wouldn’t Srilankan Forces , who are accused of massacaring between 20 to 40 thousand ( depending on which Foreign base the figures are from) have fired on this Boat and killed them?

    Or did they have prior notice that this is a VIP Boat with a Valuabe Cargo?.

    As for Soosai himself, he always appeared to be a captive of VP, voluntary or otherwise.

    His treatment in Singapore ,courtesy of the Srilankan Govt, his Boat accident that killed his favourite child and his close relationship with Karuna point to a person who was performing a juggling act all through his life in the LTTE.

    It is a pity that the Journalist didn’t quiz Ms Satyadevi, on the where abouts of Pootu Amman.

  9. We all are human, This is a good example to understand how the Sri Lankan Navy has been acted… HRW, AI and all other HR groups should stop working for LTTE.. We would like to live in peaceful Sri Lanka.. Please leave us alone..

  10. I am happy Soosai family and Thamilselvan family are safe and sound. Only way for ex-LTTE families to survive and re-integrate with society is to work in harmony with govt and armed forces. Confronting is absurd. Sensible way is to build bridges which is what DBS has been saying and trying to do so long


  12. Even though I was against Soosai and other high ranking LTTE leaders during the war, I’m happy to find out Sathyadevi and her children are safe and moving on with their lives. Wars bring destruction and we all Tamils and Sinhalese should be happy that the war is over and we must learn to live in peace and harmony and help each other.

  13. I wonder where SL ministers and their families get the money to buy fancy cars and go abroad for studies and other extravaganza they engage locally.

    Its a pity the journo had to ask MS. Satyadevi. Part news gathering ..part interrogation !!

  14. I read a few leading questions from the interviewer Chamara Lakshan Kumara, and honest realistic answers from Satyadevi. May I also with respect say that she is a an attactive woman, and I am sorry that she has lost her husband and 5 year old son. Her husband was a warrior and steadfastly believed in a dream, which may not have been a reality, but he certainly was a loyal true to the end even though he knew that the odds were stacked against him. His concern was the saftey of his wife and two children. Under trying circumstances he stood out to be a good father, a professional warrior who kept his battles, plans and strategies out of his wifes ear and visited simply to spend time with his wife and children when possible. As for the money and gold, try putting oneself in their shoes…

    They are trying to get of of harms way and escape to India, where they would be paupers if not for what they carried with them for survival. I hope that this is understood. It is also creditable that the Sri Lankan Navy did the right thing in approaching the boat upon a woman and child being seen. It was a calcualted risk and a brave gesture to approach a boat in the dark because there been instances of children being used to toss a grenade an an officer succumbed by trusting and approaching the child(Major De Mel).

    Satyadevi’s concern is every good mothers concern, which is to see the their child or children have a good education. One cannot chnage the past, but we all can mold a new and better future. Rather than use violence and hate, try paving the way to equity with trust, faith, hope and love. This combination can melt even the toughest.
    The late Mahatma Ghandi, the late Martin Luther King,left their legacies for the people of this world and the majority appreciate and follow. Even former President Nelson Mandela found a way to forgive the hard times he endured in jail and moved steadfastly to unite the black and white people in South Africa and build a better nation. A lot needs to be done for there to be an equitable solution and the path must be found by reasonable people with honesty, trust and patience because the alternate to it is something no one should endure again. May the Divine bless Satyadevi and her wto children and may she soon be able to feel the freedom she seeks. If she wishes to unite with her kin in the UK let her wish to do so be realised.

  15. I was told Soosai died while fighting unlike some others were surrendering. Soosai wife also argued with Soosai “I already lost one son not any more’. she wanted to get out of the place for her children. I supposed, she behaved like any mother who will do any thing to protect their children.
    we good interview with human touch- Thank you Chamara also DBS for reproducing

  16. I was impressed with the straight answers that she gave. She did not try to spin anything, she told it the way she saw it. Good for her and I wish her and her kids the best. It is also a credit to the security forces that acted the way they did. I wish there were more about her feelings about the whole story, how she feels about the struggle and more importantly how she feels about Sinhalese. Given that she is still under some restrictions, I guess it is not really fair for a journalist to ask those questions at this point. I hope one day she and the spouses of other LTTE leaders will be able to speak freely on these matters.

  17. aratai says:
    January 30, 2012 at 8:54 am
    So, they are still not allowed to go free.

    It’s good to know they are safe, but prisoners interviews have no value
    Not only Soosai wife but Wijeweer’s (leader of jvp) wife and children too retained since year 1988, in a navy camp at Trincomalee.

    Retaining them in a camp is more helpful for social harmeny and as well as their security.

    As far as concern about interviews of them it is valid as other interviews.


  18. Sad stories of wars all across the world; this is no different from many even from the perspective of Sinhalese soldiers and commanders. I am glad the Navy protected them. If they have 2Kgs of gold they are set for life now. Hope she does well and learn English and Sinhalese and learn to integrate into society instead of thinking of separatism.

  19. So called freedom fighters! Fight for their family’ freedom only.Just like so called Sinhala patriots make money for their families only

  20. enough of War and we dont need a another one but unfortunatley GOSL even now behave like thugs with white vans and disapearences etc……what sri lanka need today is Democracy and freedom to everyone in South to North and west to east………

  21. I’m glad that they didn’t have to perish in the mad war the LTTE started.
    This story and the survival of these people will be a thorn in the side of the
    rabid sections of the Tamil diaspora.
    So, the SL navy didn’t kill them eh? Where was the genocidal Sinhala Navy?
    Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians who were
    held as a human shield for the “mighty” LTTE, that were saved by the army too.
    Where OH where were the genocidal tendencies of the Sinhala army?

    This is not to say that civilians did not perish in the war. That happens in every war, especially in wars where coward leaders hold civilians as a human shield! The military cannot be vilified for that.
    As for any other inhuman acts against the Tamil civilians, I’m sure that some incidents might have happened. These have to be investigated, but as long as the mad sections of the Tamil diaspora go about attacking the Sri Lankan forces and the president of the country, that will not happen.
    Have the brains to seek out justice in a just and sensible way!
    Irrational rantings of “war crimes” , “crimes against Tamils” and “genocide of Tamils in SL” are only going to harden the hearts and mind of even the most fair and just person in SL.

  22. It is good to hear that even if she is wife of a terrorist and if she is innocent she is now free.
    But the cruelity of MR adminstration is, the person who lead the war into victory , war hero and his supporters are still being revenged for political reasons.

  23. .
    samarasekara says:

    January 30, 2012 at 8:25 pm
    Not only Soosai wife but Wijeweer’s (leader of jvp) wife and children too retained since year 1988, in a navy camp at Trincomalee.

    Retaining them in a camp is more helpful for social harmeny and as well as their security.

    As far as concern about interviews of them it is valid as other interviews.



    How can you say this?

    Just let them go free and join with their parents/grandparents in London and do the same interview again.

    If the answers are same, I agree with you.


  24. if this woman husband kill and win the war this will be first lady in sri lanka .when they die they will bone haven because she is visiting cowil kill got, WHY STILL LIVE IF US ARMY THEY WII PIS TOO. SEE HUCHAKKUWA

  25. I am just shocked that the families of two top ranking Tigers – Thamilselvan’s wife and children, and Soosai’s wife and children – were captured and released by GOSL and are now living quietly in Colombo and Trinco.

    I was under the impression (thanks to Tamilnet) that everyone was killed by the “genocidal Sri Lankan goverment”(according to Tamilnet).

  26. Dear Tamil brothers and sisters,

    This is just one story for you to understand how the Sri lankan forces are treating well even to their enymies. Human rights champions always barking at Sri lanka about human rights vialations. They keep saying our forces have killed the people who wanted to surrender. Read the experience of wife of late tiger leader. These westerners violated human rights everywhere. We sinhaleese and tamils have lot of similiarities and we should develop it. forget about dark past. we shold get together and united under one flag. our motherland is Sri lanka. It is not only belongs to Sinhaleese its for Tamils and muslims too.

  27. Similar to any other parent, LTTE top persons had loved their children as any other ordinary parents. But the saddest and puzzling question is why did not they recognize the love of another parent when they were recruiting child solders?

  28. the gold was from cheating funds sent from canada, europe …..money came the same way….. top rankers stole the wealth while poor kids died….

  29. While Soosai was a warrior fighting for what he believed in, irrespective of what he did during the process, I have much respect for the lady. She comes across as a very strong willed person, honest and most of all highly cultured compared to the diaspora who twist the truth for personal gain, and has robbed many young boys from their families. I am touched by the way they were rescued by the “Sri Lankan” army (irrespective of any race), the professionalism they maintained, but more so by the sincerity of Mrs Satyadevi Soosai (as her name says: Sathya-devi). She seems to be quite content with what she has, unlike others who demand for what is unreasonable, focused on what she has got to do for her family. We need to look after them just the same way we would look after widows and children of soldiers. Some may not agree but that is humanity and what we love to do in Sri Lanka. I wish you all the very best for you and your children. I sincerely hope that your children grow up to be educated Sri Lankans, and be like some of the moderate Tamil scholars eg Neelan Thiruchelwam. Please teach them not to be like the current TNA fools, still trying to incite hatred between Sri Lankans.

  30. Let’s look to the future. No more LTTE. One Sri Lanka for all. Thank you for sharing this information. As for Soosai’s family, They should eventually get the freedom of any one else.


  32. It is better that world know how SL treat the enemies and their families.If Sri Lankan army officer’s family catch by tigers they will definitely killed them. Anyway , glad to see at least give up their violant path to dream to Ealam.

  33. This interview reminded me another incident similar to this. It was the story of Kitu’s wife.

    Happy ending to that innocent lady.

  34. Thank you, DBSJ for publishing this.

    Some DIASPORA GUYS who try to keep pot boiling may be heart broken, not to read any “tasty” or “sensational” news like,

    “All the women were raped”
    “We were tortured”
    “Kids were hit by riffle butt”
    “Men were kneeled & shot dead after torture”
    “Navy robbed our Gold”
    “We were not given food for several days”
    “We were put to a dark room”

    I salute Navy officers who rescued women & children.

    Navy might have wanted Soosai mobile no. to discuss any plans for surrender , without further advancing to small strip of land with “Human Shield” consisting of 250,000 poorest of poor Tamil civilians who were taken there at gun point to protect “Heroic” “Liberators” of Tamils.

  35. When there were cricket matches between India and Sri Lanka whom did you support?

    We supported India. We liked Sachin Tendulkar.


    This is most interesting. Then there was an undeclared truce between the tigers and the security forces.

    The tigers were chivalrous enough to let it understand that they too like the cricket.

    Hardly any bombings happened at that time, if I remember right.

    I thought that the tigers would be supporting the sri lankan team, because of the Muthiah Muralidharan.

    This was a revelation.

    But I don’t think they will like India NOW, though they may like Sachin Tendulkar.

    Many in India had hard feelings about LTTE then.

    We were laughing at the Sri Lankan govt when it was getting hits left and right.

    It was said that IRA could not execute a single terrorist act, but LTTE never missed one or never botched one incident. They executed whatever they had planned.

    At that time because of the bad marketing (read killing of the RAjiv Gandhi) ways of the LTTE we hated LTTE. We thought that they were part of the problem. Now they having been removed from the scene still there are stumbling blocks. That means there are other players who still act as stumbling blocks, probably the sinhalese polity and their clergy.

    But when we see now we are able to see their organization in a different light. We are able to see their fears and phobias, now better and also understand them better.

    When we saw the triumphalism, when we saw this killings of the people those who surrendered and also many people who were killed or executed in the cold blood. Many are still unaccounted for.

    Even in this blog there were many like Navin, who will shower all sorts of accusations and abuses against the Tamils, all the Tamils the world over.

    Not only him many like him talked in disparaging ways about the Tamils.

    We thought that LTTE was the stumbling block for the peace in the island.

    Though we were Tamils we disassociated with them.

    There was not a big hue and cry for the LTTE in its last days, unlike 1983, to be honest.

    But when we see the sri lankan govt’s action now we are forced to think otherwise.

    I don’t think the sri lankan govt, be it any govt will give any sort of political solution to this problem.

    Now we see the point of view of the LTTE and also able to understand why many Tamils passionately accept anything that the tigers had done as right.







  36. A genuine path to finding a resolution to a problem that took human life in vain is not through antagonistic comment. It is disheartening to read some views that are iilogical. However, the freedom to express must be recognised and that is a trait in a real democracy. I believe Satyadevi’s story and I can’t for a moment imagine her to say something different elsewhere. She could very well have declined to speak to a journalist. Why show herself to be a liar? That does not ring through at all. She comes out clearly as a wife and mother, who stood by her husband. I can’t imagine her to be a security threat. I understand that there is a concern, but with time and hopefully sooner those with the power to let her choose will grant her that freedom. Let’s hope and pray for wisdom to prevail.

  37. “I heard someone shouting ‘Kotiya, Kotiya’ and we feared they would shoot at us. Just then a bigger boat came towards us and put on a strong light. Soosai’s brother’s wife lifted the infant child of Ruben. The men in the small boat came closer to us and spoke to us in Tamil. They said “Don’t fear. We will rescue you. Then they took us to their boat and brought us to the shore.”

    – WAR CRIMINALS!!!!!

  38. It’s tamil diaspora who knows everything, not the people in North of Srilanka. The reasons they do not want to be sent back to Srilanka. So they don’t want peace for their families back home. Peace, Love, prosperity are only for tamils living outside Srilanka. Diaspora still wish misery to tamils living in Srilanka. That way they feel good and they will not face deportation. If the tamils in SL help this cause, they will only be playing in to the hands of Diaspora politics.

  39. Hi dbsJ

    First Soosai’s brother asked my living God honorable Douglas Devananda to help Soosais wife. But my god of the heart did not help because she was wife of a terrorist and the family did not have money to donate to EPDP

    So they went to KP and asked his help. KP spoke to Gota and got this restricted release. KP did not ask a single cent for this help. KP is a real fool

  40. “I heard someone shouting ‘Kotiya, Kotiya’ and we feared they would shoot at us. Just then a bigger boat came towards us and put on a strong light. Soosai’s brother’s wife lifted the infant child of Ruben. The men in the small boat came closer to us and spoke to us in Tamil. They said “Don’t fear. We will rescue you. Then they took us to their boat and brought us to the shore.”,

    War Criminals,– Rapists,—-Killers———-Bombers————Bow—Bow Bow—-Bow bow bow—————–

  41. What about all the ltte small rank guys protect these so call peoples man’s wife. Typical srilankan’s tamil or sinhala just only worry about their kids and future. .

  42. Chandana

    Dear Tamil brothers and sisters,

    This is just one story for you to understand how the Sri lankan forces are treating well even to their enymies. Human rights champions always barking at Sri lanka about human rights vialations. They keep saying our forces have killed the people who wanted to surrender. Read the experience of wife of late tiger leader.


    There is also a tomb for a Nazi in Jerusalem. It is the tombstone for the Oskar Schindler.

    These are just exceptions.

    Why not let International enquiry if you want to prove that everything was right.

  43. aratai says:
    January 30, 2012 at 9:31 pm


    How can you say this?

    Just let them go free and join with their parents/grandparents in London and do the same interview again.

    If the answers are same, I agree with you.”

    # Mrs Satyadevi’s straight forward answers ( I supported the Indian Cricket team), her body langauge(Shows relief that her children are safe and are geting educated) seems not give a damn, whether you agree/don’t agree.

  44. Dravidians cant be trusted .In the thick of the fighting what they all want is gold. & not afraid to flee tthat they belive sinhala army is kind. War criminals ……

  45. It dosent matter who ever it is when it comes to their own family wife children etc….no one is expectional they may

    had the goals or dreams but killing any human and celebrating the killings….the sin may pass it on if you see a

    child treat as yours,react as yours dont need Yagams at all thats my theory it may wrong to the others help to build

    the peace nation leave the personal agenda.thank god it may not perfect but getting better god bless mother Lanka.


    Would you agree that your Hon living god dont move unless he sees the heavy Undiyal -you and your god you may benefited from his dirty money.in Jaffna he is the bigest thret to the ordinary lives making missery and intimidation for officials that helps diaspora for campaign against govnt.

  47. Hi DBSJ

    Why are these newspapers interviewing people like Soosai’s wife instead of interviewing the living God of Tamils honorable Douglas Devananda?

  48. Hi DBSJ

    I thought about it and what I think is that no journalist in Sri Lanka is clever enough to interview my god of the heart honorable Douglas Devananda. That is why I keep asking you but you are not agreeing

  49. Even though we put the whole LTTE under terrorist lable,
    Some of the members of their armed forces ( Swarnam, Balraj Soosai if I am right. ) fought the war like real soldiers and their belief of freedom. They did not get involve in civilian massacres. Even Sri Lanka military treated them with dignity. My deepest sympathies to the wife of Soosai who has lost so much in her life and may she find peace and happiness for the rest of her life at least.

    I hope one of the Western countries will provide refuge to them as they might be frowned upon by both Tamil and Sinhalese alike for their sufferings under LTTE and for the familiy’s own survival from the doom.

  50. don’t forget that all the Sinhalese army prisoners once captured by ltte were released by pirabakaran when their families visited them in 2004 and 2005.the ltte leaders fought for the tamil cause and died bravly.They did not runaway,or fear death. .if not for china ,and india srilankan forces would have been beaten badly.warriors don’t cry.

  51. Mahesh,

    Why are you surprised that A Sri Lankan Tamil lady supported the Indian cricket team and Tendulkar?

    How many Indian Muslims support Pakistan’s cricket team over Indian’s?

  52. If this helpless and innocent lady wishes to join her brother in GB, she should be allowed to do it. I know a child of Mr Wijeweers went psychologically upset after having lived so long in a military camp. These 2 children of SATYADEVI have done nothing wrong. I hope the minister would consider her case and allow her to be with hers! Usually war stories are sad and lugubrious to hear. As a mother whose one child had been already killed must have thought to save the rest two! That is motherly LOVE! We all should respect this eternal divine sentiment which belong only to mothers!

  53. Mahesh says:
    January 31, 2012 at 1:20 am
    LTTE never missed one or never botched one incident. They executed whatever they had planned.
    Didn’t you remember WELI-OYA battel. At that time major JANAKA PERERE successfully rebutted the LTTE attack and killed more than 400 tererosts at one point.

    There more incedence like this. Do you want eleborete them one by them.


  54. At last the Srilankan Tamils have been chopped off their 2 Legs that they used to Stand & Walk.
    Today they are without legs to Stand even. Very Unfortunate for SL Tamils to have Not Thiking Tamils around them.
    Future may show some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Another nice article by the master story teller where this particular war is concerned.

    Irrespective of what Ms Satyadevi feels, the insode scoop at the time was that Pottu Amman was in the mood to make a deal with the SLDF who were proving to be more than a match and hellbent on EndGame. And the deals were getting priced higher all the time. The Army was calling the shots and anyone who wanted to deal with them had to pay the price…Some of those prices apparently were high value scalps – of TamilChelvam, Soosai and later Swarnam (or was it earlier?. Some say these are only rumors. But were they? If so, were the decapitation strikes on these individuals simply very professional military operations or fortunate accidents? Who is to say, but it is intriguing nevertheless to think that Pottu may have been the biggest turn coat and th emost successful double agent who worked for the SL government from the deep inside of the LTTE.

    Pottu’s end remains an enigma as has been his entire life. David did a nice write up about Pottu sometime ago, which is worth re-reading. [ Will you give us a link to the earlier article please, David?]

    If Pottu is alive today, HE would be the guy with the biggest story of them all. I, for one woul like to hear his story, the true version.

  56. Mandawala Hamuduruvo

    If this helpless and innocent lady wishes to join her brother in GB, she should be allowed to do it.


    This is the first time I have heard some kind words being uttered by a Budhist monk (I presume you are one) in this blog.

    I also wish and pray to hear more such words from people like you.

    Our arguments on the Mahavamsa mentality and others may wait for some future date. But now I thank you for your kind words.


  57. Ranjan, Toronto

    How many Indian Muslims support Pakistan’s cricket team over Indian’s?


    Why talk about Indian Muslims. Even I support Pakistani cricket over the Indian. I used to support it previously. Not now. Previously they used to play well.

    If I had the authority I would have honored Javed Miandad for his last ball six off Chetan Sharma in the Sharjah match.

    I used to like the never say die attitude of the Pakistani cricket team. When they play against India they play with a vengeance. They never give up till the last ball is played.

    India Pakistan match is like a world cup final within the world cup format.

    They have come from behind the back and snatched the victory which was very much in the Indian lap. This has happened a lot of times.

  58. As a former soldier, I once remember near the town of Chemmalai, parallel to the B297 main road we were attacked by a group of Sea Tigers near the Nayaaru lagoon. We repulsed the attack and one of the captured Sea Tiger cadre who was injured confessed that Soosai had participated in this attack.

  59. Mandawala Hamuduruvo


    Sir. When I talk about the monks any Budhist monk, I have used some disparaging language.

    I do it out of frustration. It pains me to use those words against people who have renounced the world.

    I cannot assure you that I will not be using those languages in the future.

    I feel monks could have done a lot in the up liftment of both the Tamils and the Sinhalese.

    They could have won the heart and the minds of the simple Tamil people and could have made the island a paradise among nations.

    They could have interpreted history in the way it should have been and made the Tamils feel that they belong to this land AND they have a stake here.









  60. Sosai is another Legond of Tamils who buit up
    strong naval force and speeds boards ,still
    world wonder about this secret. From poor people to
    Powerful defence. Another highlight of the civil war!

  61. Mahesh admits that he uses disparaging language against Buddhist Monks.

    However, he knows how to respect them, He even barracks for the Muslim Cricketers in
    Pakistan,which are very noble attributes.

    He can add another to this list by making an apology to Mr Nadesan on behalf of his VP residue party mates there.

  62. Araiti asked “Just let them go free and join with their parents/grandparents in London and do the same interview again.”

    It will never be same because LTTE diaspora Behind her.

  63. Dr. Darmendra who accompaneid Soosai to Singapore is the one who along with Dr. Sooriyakumar passed the information about Rajini Thiranagama’s movement on the fateful day when she wes killed by Bosco from the Tiger’s intelligence (?)group.

  64. “Just let them go free and join with their parents/grandparents in London and do the same interview again.”

    Oh absolutely, if she was in London she’d tell the real story………..

  65. The word “Kattumaram” in English originaly came from Tamil.It shows the Tamils relationship with SeaTrade,SeaTransport
    in ancient Time.In Eelam Valvettithurai famous for built sea vasels.Even before the war they have traveled upto America by ‘Annapurai’ own built ship.

    No wonder about their Talent and Skills,What amazing is their brave and motive, ‘SeaTigers’ leader voice recorded when they took last stand at Mullivaykkal.


    It was unequal War by Numbers and Firepower but they stand confidently even for last peace of the land to resist occupying army of the oppressing Government.


    “Kattumaram” is a Tamil word. The English word derived from Kattumaram is ‘Catamaran”.

  66. .
    What people don’t realise is that most of the Srilankan soldiers are good humans and they do good work (as in this case).
    At times, they have to follow orders from the top, but still they do good work.
    This is evident in the north with many soldiers becoming friends with local population.

    BUT, there are few bad apples amoung them and failure of the government to arrest and punish these bad soldiers making all Srilankan soldiers to look bad.

    If the SL government really respect their good soldiers, then they will have an open investigation, arrest and punish all those bad soldiers.


  67. Nimal says:

    “It will never be same because LTTE diaspora Behind her.”

    Somehow she is caught between devil and the deep blue sea.

  68. I hope our local and international Tamil papers publish this interview. These incidences in the height of the war in Sri Lanka are very much different from some of the war atrocities that happened in Afghanistan and Iraq by US and allied forces where countless number of children and women needlessly lost their lives.

    This interview shows that majority of our soldiers are humane people, and that both Sinhalese and Tamils can live harmoniously. I am waiting for a similar interview with Tamil Selvan’s wife living in the suburbs of Colombo safely among the Sinhalese.

  69. Salyadevi is a very pretty inteligent woman.
    I would like to hear one day what she would say if she got 100% freedom to say what she want to say.

    I wish Salyadevi and her children good luck.

  70. Once she said “He was deeply shocked over the loss of our son” but how many sons killed by Soosai ? At least after his son’s incident at least he could not feel the shock in the minds of 1000’s of fathers who losed their sons lives.

  71. jey thank you so much for enlightening me.i am really indebted to you.i shall comment later.thank you jey once again.

  72. I too Believe Poddu Amman is Alive !!! DBSJ Annai didnt Give Proper Answer When I Asked this Before !!!

  73. Susi trained in India. Why India training terrorists who kill innocent civilians and kids? I really do not understand the involvement of India on this terrorism. Can somebody think about this, and get India to pay everyone who suffered during this terrorism? Thank you.

  74. why are we wasting tax payer money on terrorist families? Ask the diasspora to pay for soosai’s education and food. USD million a month should be sufficient. Otherwise send them to TamilNadu. Semen will take care of them.

  75. The statement of soosai wife is also a statement to substanciate the stance of the government that the kith&kin folk of the LTTE have been protected by the forces and the government at a time of war where as the Tamil Diasphora is engaged in spreading stories which is verymuch in contrast to soosais’s wifes statement, This statement should go to the human rights representatives for their information an to finally analize and come to conclusions thereafter.
    However theire is a possibility for someone to say that soosais wife is making this statement whiles being in the clutchers of the government,and further by looking at the photoes can any body say that soosai’s wife has been at least torcherd. I Say a big NO to it

    Under the cover of the war the Tamil diasphora who migrated to the western world should now come back to sri Lanka and invest all their urnings, in the war affected areas and build upthe area with the government or on their own, for their brotherhood.
    This is what the srilankans and the outside world are looking for.

  76. Kapila Kahapola

    Did you check Gota’s house for Pottu Amman?

    You might also find him at Hindu Ram’s house or one of those RAW, IB, CBI Chiefs’homes.

    Pottu Amman being an important gem in the crown his services are sought after by Indians and Sri Lankans. Therefore he shares his time between New Delhi and Colombo.

    He commute to work as freelance consultant on terror.

    Gota needs his advice on how to prolong Mahinda family regime’s life for the foreseeable future as he had 30 years of experience with VP.

  77. The essence of the story is how the LTTE managed to make privileges available to their leaders’ families regardless of what had to be gone through by normal cadres and civilians.

    – Satyadevi’s ability to be a normal house wife watching even TV with her children while the rest of Tamils in Wanni were deprived of a normal life
    – Having a van and a three wheeler for personal use when rest of the people can never imagine of such a thing
    – VP & family inquiring her (Satyadevi) children’s education while other children in Wanni were deprived of education
    – Special permission to escape Mulliwaikkal when tens of thousand were deprived of and shot at

    Well, all were done in the name of liberation making a good number of innocent Tamils reaching ultimate liberation at heaven. Still some stupids believe on people like these and empathize.

  78. Now according to channel 4 – ABC logic, this lady and her family should have first been killed by the Navy firing on fleeing civilians. If they somehow survived that they should have been tortured and murdered upon capture.. But by some miracle even if they survived that she must be being raped daily and the children working as servants for some military officer..

    Salute to the sailors and officers of the Eastern command for their exemplary behaviour in the heat of battle, especially after they had lost 13 comrades to a suicide attack the a few days before.. Many of the sailors serving in Trinco are from the surrounding villages of Kanthale, Seruwila, Padaviya and Gomarnakadawala, which were routinely subjected to attacks by the LTTE over the years.

  79. Mahesh,

    “The tigers were chivalrous enough to let it understand that they too like the cricket.

    Hardly any bombings happened at that time, if I remember right”

    Maybe that’s why they launched an air attack on Colombo on the night when the 2007 world cup final was being played.. Some chivalry that..

    ‘We were laughing at the Sri Lankan govt when it was getting hits left and right.”

    We didn’t laugh at the Indian Jawans who got killed by the LTTE (though it was kind of ironic). Nor did we laugh when the Indian authorities had so much trouble trying to get rid of 11 gunmen in Mumbai..

    Its generally considered uncivilised to laugh at other peoples misery… Especially on the anniversary of the Central Bank bombing of 1996, one such terrorist attack which the LTTE didn’t botch..

  80. Soosai(Sivanesan) was from Polikandy and related to Castro (son of Veerakulasingam).
    I know him as a boy in Polikandy!

    Thanks DBSJ for the article!

  81. Diyasena

    Its generally considered uncivilised to laugh at other peoples misery… Especially on the anniversary of the Central Bank bombing of 1996, one such terrorist attack which the LTTE didn’t botch..


    Weren’t you laughing when your air force bombs fell on the civilian targets.

    Weren’t you laughing when the Jaffna library was burnt down by the hooligans.

    Weren’t you laughing when the tamils were killed in scores in various riots.

    Weren’t you laughing when you bombed the hospitals in the battle zone.

    Weren’t you laughing when your govt deliberately sent some anti allergic drugs to the battle zone instead of analgesics and anti biotics, which could have saved many lives there.

    All these things are civilized isn’t it.

  82. Yes Jeyaraj Anna,
    I knew that the interview was not with you. Of course the language clearly shows that as well.
    Do you believe that our people agree with the answers from Sathiyadhevi? Certainly not and will continue to say that she is not in a normal situation. Sathiyadhevi herself will realise that our people will never accept the “TRUTH” forever.
    On your article on the above you mentioned that you have been taken to the point to see the fight or whatever on the shore…with Sukla.Yes you are right that is “SUKLA” who was believed as a leader (big show) in Nelliady when the LTTE was in control. He is Ariyanayagam Marianesan just 50 studied in Nelliady central. He is now married and lives in France. Once we were in Jaffna he was in a SL army Truck with the black cloth over his head and beautifully shook his head to identify the poor guys who supported and helped in small matters. These stories are now “Once upon a time” anna.. but we will not forget what they did when they were in power and with authority. They are the people who developed their own life in the name of “Iyakkam”. It was easy to hold the flag In overseas again when the LTTE began to run from Kilinochchi. They showed their responsibility and honest when they were all safe rich and well. God is still alive I believe.


    Merciful heaven, Thou rather with thy sharp and sulphurous bolt Splits the unwedgeable and gnarled oak Than the soft myrtle; but man, proud man, Dressed in a little brief authority, Most ignorant of what he’s most assured His glassy essence–like an angry ape Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven As makes the angels weep; who, with our spleens, would all themselves laugh mortal. (Quote by – William Shakespeare)

  83. Oh Dear,
    It was so quick. Responds in no time!
    True, all true…. Truth will live forever.

    Thanks Anna.
    Many things to share but didn’t have time all these days due to work and responsibilities.Never missed an article of DBSJ.
    God bless you.

    Thank you.God bless us all……….DBSJ

  84. while i have gone through most of the comments.my understanding is sinhalese commentators tell the world that see how we saved a top ranking tiger leaders family causing no harm when allegations of human rights violations by sri lankan army is flying thick and fast.i think probably srilankan army would not have been that brutal but the leaders and the commanders of the army where.basic rationale behind it is an ordinary sinhalese soldier has a more or less similar social background as an ordinary tamil tiger.but political leaders and the army commanders who have a privileiged background are the real culprits.in bosnia serbian war crimes scenario it was not an ordinary tom,dick and harry was prosecuted rather political leaders like slobodon milosoveic,radavan karadzic and ratko mladic.the last one being an army man.hence we tamils welcome the humanitarian gestures of srilankan soldiers that does not absolve of the crimes committed by the srilankan army .imagine a scenario if srilankan army as depicted by srilankan government was on a humanitarian mission with human rights charter on one hand and gun on the other.it could have easily encircled tamil tigers without resorting to heavy machinery thus avoiding huge human casualties.where would you think prabakaran would have gone if he had been chased till nandikal he would have committed suicide.instead srilankan army used heavy machineries,long range guns and it targeted hospitals and free zones where refugess were taking refuge under mistaken impression that they will not be targeted.in any armed conflict government has more responsibility than any terrorist group since it is an instituion which has the backing of people which has to discharge its responsibility of protecting its own people.hence srilankan government cant wash its hands of the war crimes.there is no doubt sinhalese view any talk on war crimes as an attack on sovereignity and start giving lectures on how americans have escaped the war crimes charges despite so many iraqis have been killed while they were occupying iraq.apples cant be compared with oranges hence sinhalese have to come to terms with war crimes and they have an incentive they can get rid of mahinda rajapakshe and his family because increasingly they are proving to be more a threat to sinhalese than tamils.hope that this dawns on sinhalese minds.

  85. I don’t find the reason to keep them in the way to restricted movement; Wasting the Government resources as well.

  86. If as some people claim that Sri Lanka has treated this lady and her family magnanimously, Why did they kill others who surrendered?

  87. Chinthaka, Compared to the previledges MR and his NUMEROUS extended family and his drug peddling, murderers enjoying, what the LTTE leaders enjoyed is nothing!! What makes you think that other women in the Vanni were not house wives who enjoyed looking after the children and watching TV in leisure? Vanni had a cross section of rich, middle class and poor just like any other province. Remember Vanni was a ‘grannary all along, even during the time of LTTE, farming and fishing were the main occupation. They were farming for ages, despite the threat of malaria etc.

  88. Dear DBSJ

    Great to hear about such transformations in the lives. Can it be considered as a conclusive sample of SL Govt’s motive? … I know there cannot be a direct answer but your thoughts based on the situation in SL are important to know.


  89. Dear Jeyaraj,
    Thank you for the nice story of innocent housewife. This innocent lady, her brave husband, LTTE cadres who escorted these people to the boat all did not know one thing………….. that all other Tamil people knew…. Even the children who was in no fire zone. That is LTTE has ban leaving anyone from no fire zone. If they try LTTE will shoot them on sight.

    I have a story to tell you all which happened during the same time period. I was a medical staff mem ber who involved in care of few children who were injured while trying to escape from LTTE. One family was injured by army shell in no fire zone. Mum, 10 year old son and two year old daughter was seriously injured, father and 7 year old had minor injuries. LTTE let injured and father leave in Red Cross ship but kept 7 year old child with minor injuries with them. Mum died in the ship before it reach Trincomalee. Two year old girl transferred to Colombo with father. We (father and hospital staff) tried to find out what happened to the 7 year old child that LTTE kept with them. But no trace of him. We were able to save little two year old girl.
    People get the rulers they deserve. You all got rulers like Prabhakaran and Susai. But I strongly believe little children and innocent civilian who lived with immense hardship and died surrounded by LTTE shield deserved much better leaders then them. LTTE diaspora who also are relatives of these LTTE rulers do not care about death of innocent Tamil or Sinhala civilians, still support these drama queens.
    Sri Lankan government also support these people (like Karuna, KP, and families of LTTE leaders) who are with them. Government media will say all stories of their innocence because government is still feeding and supporting them unlike ordinary LTTE carders. Opposition will use any bad news against them.
    I am a medical person and not a journalist. I hope a good journalist will investigate background of a someone’s story before give it to the public. No one knew the fact: LTTE band people leaving to Army liberated areas….. Unfortunately LTTE low level carders knew that. They kept 7 year old child who wanted to go with his dying mum to red cross ship before next shell…………

  90. DBSJ

    What is the fate of Mahattya’s wife ? Yogaratnam Yogi’s wife ? Are they treated specially or left to take care of themselves or are they held in camps?

  91. Mahesh says:
    February 1, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Weren’t you laughing when your air force bombs fell on the civilian targets.

    Weren’t you laughing when the Jaffna library was burnt down by the hooligans.

    Weren’t you laughing when the tamils were killed in scores in various riots.

    Weren’t you laughing when you bombed the hospitals in the battle zone.

    Weren’t you laughing when your govt deliberately sent some anti allergic drugs to the battle zone instead of analgesics and anti biotics, which could have saved many lives there.

    All these things are civilized isn’t it.


    Did you see us laughing?

    Or did you see a video of sort indicating us laughing?

    Or is it as usual your imagination running riot???

  92. jagan sriram says:
    February 2, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    basic rationale behind it is an ordinary sinhalese soldier has a more or less similar social background as an ordinary tamil tiger.
    but political leaders and the army commanders who have a privileiged background are the real culprits.


    Your thinking is very rational indeed !! So you think the ordinary soldier went against their commanders orders in rescuing the 2 families in the above article?

    Do you assume when Soosai’s wife was identified by a former LTTE cadre, her identity was kept a secret from the superiors by the ordinary SL soldier?

    .it could have easily encircled tamil tigers without resorting to heavy machinery thus avoiding huge human casualties.where would you think prabakaran would have gone if he had been chased till nandikal he would have committed suicide


    So you imagine VP & LTTE to be pussy cats? They were fighting with SL army with heavy weapons. Even till the end they were fighting or planning a break through. Read DBSJ’s previous articles on the last stage of the war. Please read how VP planned to escape via sea rout to a hired ship.

    Don;t try to picture LTTE & VP as innocent civilians. I would call them nothing less than barbarians.

    They kept the civilians to meet their own survival. If not for the civilians kept trapped with them the war would have been over much earlier and with less civilians deaths.

    Until January 2009 the civilian casualty by direct shelling was minimal. When Kilinochi fell in Jan 2009 the end was inevitable. Yet VP wanted to survive and kept the civilians as the trump card. For this I would call him a coward !

    If he was a true warrior for his people, he could have surrendered and let the people go out of the war zone.

    VP & his close associates were only thinking about their survival and getting out of SL shores.

    Even at the last moment he attempted an escape, he would have never taken the cyanide !!

    No civilian caught in that No fire zone will ever consider LTTE as liberators of them. Do not try to show your sympathy towards LTTE who were an destructive force to humanity.

    no one living in SL during the war time will sympathise with LTTE especially the civilians who were caught inside the no fire zone.

  93. Soosai’s last words were shedding tears that 25000 people have been killed and some more are dying.Didn’t he foresee that when he went into the safe zone demarcated for them and used them as shields.Crocodile tears indeed.Furthermore shooting at civilians trying to escape while packing his family off with gold.

  94. There are some Sinhalese here who are surprised and even condemn this woman who cheered India during cricket matches.

    I am sure these fellas haven’t seen Sinhalese waving Lion flags while living in England, Australia while they adopted countries are playing against Sri Lanka.

    What hypocrites these fellas are.

  95. Any one who decides to fight against something is already a looser or a coward. Hitler, Prabakaran unlike Saddam Hussain did not even have the guts of a rat to face death bravely. As educated people try focusing more on strong individuals like MG,NM to name a few without giving prominence to cowards.
    I had no clear understanding what I was defending for 24 years. I was merely attracted to certain mundane/tangible things provided to us by certain weak individuals who wanted to be in power to carry out things what they like.A person who is self confident needs no external powers to do what they want in life.

    As for the interviewee her behaviour cannot be considered normal as she is in a state of an abnormal situation.

  96. I do not believe that Mrs.Soosai is telling the truth. There is no denying the fact that she is living in an open prison.In her situation ,she cannot speak the truth , can she? I am amused to note people quoting Buddhist principles.Have they forgotten what happened to Kataragama beauty queen in the seventies?How many suspects die in police custody every year in our democratic socialist Buddhist country?I can quote from the Bible but that does not make me a christian or a pious person.

  97. the kid was cute eating his last snack,
    if he was a war leader in kid look at his face there is no sleep in his eyes before killing i think they first captured him showing footage to his dad to surrender and then caught him alive killed him and then killed the kid too.

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