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Irresponsible diaspora sections cause many problems in Jaffna

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By Rajasingham Jayadevan

Hello Friends

Rajasingham Jayadevan is an accountant based in London, Britain. He has been and continues to e a political activist concerned about the future and well-being of Sri Lankans in general and Tamils in particular

Pic courtesy of: A visit to the market in Jaffna ~ more pics-by By helpingmedia
~ David Brewer-Dec 6, 2011

Some years ago while visiting Sri Lanka Jayadevan had an unpleasant experience at the hands of the LTTE which he had supported at one time. He was detained and interrogated by the tigers in the Wanni while pressure was exerted by the LTTE to gain control of the Eelappatheeswarar temple in London of which Jayadevan was chief trustee.

A loud outcry was raised on his behalf by concerned persons. This was at a time when the LTTE was riding high and few dared to criticize the, There was a big band of sycophants within the Tamil Diaspora singing paeans of praise to the tigers. Today these LTTE elements project themselves as human rights champions sshedding crocodile tears for “our people” back home.

I was then the only Tamil Journalist who voiced on behalf of Jayadevan and his friend Vivekananthan and spotlighted his predicament in “The Sunday Leader” through a series of articles. British authorities were in touch with me over this issue then.This enraged the LTTE in Britain particularly the tiger political adviser Anton Balasigham.

Thanks to British “intervention” Jayadevan was released and returned to London. The pro-LTTE and LTTE media conducted a sustained campaign vilifying Jayadevan and family members.

Jayadevan continues to be active politically in London and has been critical of the Rajapaksa regime.

Recently he visited Sri Lanka and travelled up to the North. Jayadevan wrote a lengthy article in three parts about his trip.

The article was quite interesting and disclosed many interesting pieces of information such as the fact that the” Sri Lankan armed forces have been shutting down all retail businesses run by them in the North” and that there is a “Visa Pillaiyar temple” in Wellawatte where devotees pray to Lord Ganesha to gain blessings to get a visa to a foreign country.

Jayadevn has also observed and written about how the conduct of irresponsible sections of the Tamil Diaspora is corrupting and undermining the lives of people in Jaffna particularly the youths.

I think Jayadevan’s observations about his Sri Lanka visit deserve a wider audience and so am publishing all three parts of his article as a single one on my blog.

Here it is Friends-DBS Jeyaraj

Irresponsible diaspora sections cause many problems in Jaffna

By Rajasingham Jayadevan

My planned visit to Sri Lanka took place between 27th December 2011 and 8 January 2012.

My visit came under mixed reaction from my family members, relatives and friends. My relatives in Sri Lanka wholeheartedly welcomed the visit, but unfortunately, the response from my wife, relatives and friends overseas was generally very negative. Those who objected to my visit had every reasons to fear as my encounter with the LTTE in Vanni in 2004/05 justified their fear. The fear resulted in only my son accompanying me and extensive advice was received from close quarters on the issues that could put me into trouble.

Based upon reasons that I am an ardent critic of the government on a wide range of issues, in particular, on post war matters and extremism of the right wing Sinhala groups in the Sri Lankan Diaspora and in Sri Lanka and about the Tamil paramilitary groups, was the issues that worried the concerned. Flying on the 26th December was another worrying issue as what I faced after I flew to Sri Lanka on 26th December 2004 with the LTTE was a real worry that inflicted my family members.

Then my contributions to the Sri Lanka Guardian that was banned lately by the Sri Lanka government fuelled the worry further. The pressure was such that anyone in a similar situation would have given up the visit but my sheer determination desisted the pressures.

Coincidently, I was approached by the Deputy High Commissioner of the Sri Lanka High Commission Mr P M Amsa a week before my travel, who raised an issue relating to a write up which appeared in the Sri Lanka Guardian. The discussion that followed led to a meeting with the High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis at the High Commission. The meeting was attended by my colleague and the Chairman of Alliance for Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka (APRSL), Mr M Marzook. We discussed a wide range of issues and importantly about the LLRC report released on 16 December 2011.

Though I and my colleagues were critical of the composition of the LLRC committee and limitation of its mandate in our campaign work, we expressed our satisfaction on aspects of the report and were able to point out the deficiencies on the accountability issue at the meeting. Our position was that the LLRC report must be fully implemented and the issues that were inadequately dealt with must be handled separately.

At the meeting, I confirmed to the High Commissioner of my planned visit to Sri Lanka.

We were asked by the High Commissioner to attend a public meeting at the High Commission soon after our meeting on the subject matter of the LLRC report. The meeting was attended by a cross section of the Sri Lankan community and a dozen of them represented the minority Tamil and Muslim communities. The High Commissioner went into greater length to highlight the pertinent issues in the report. Following his presentation, the attendees were asked to express their views and we were surprised there was general consensus that the report must be fully implemented to end the stalemate in Sri Lanka. The consensus was such that even those who traditionally opposed any accommodation of Tamils under the pretext of the LTTE, on the whole, supported the report.

I did not encounter any difficulties with the immigration or the Intelligence Service on arrival at the Bandaranayake International Airport as feared by my relatives. I did not engage in any political meetings and limited my visit to meeting my relatives, friends and occasional chats with people whom I met during my travel.

Soon after my arrival, it was brought to my attention that a Tamil website run by an activist of the EPDP paramilitary outfit operating from France gave a provocative twist to my visit to Sri Lanka. It stated that I have had gone to Sri Lanka to take on an official position with the government. The write up gave all the indications that it was the work of a frustrated self driven Muslim member contributing to this gutter website who in fact attended the High Commission public meeting. He was one of the members taken by me in a delegation to meet the government in early 2008. This particular gutter website (I do not wish to name herein to avoid giving undue publicity) is fulfilling the vacuum created by the degrading and lethargic pro-LTTE Nitharsanam.com and its associate websites operated from Norway by a maverick provocateur who has now changed his coats to sing for his supper for pittance to cover up his dastardly deeds.

However, I kept my eyes wide open and my ears to the ground during my visit to understand the situation in Sri Lanka.

I stayed in Colombo until the News Years Day and travelled around without any hindrances. I did not see any military check points nor I was I stopped at any point to check my identity. Colombo enjoyed the calm but I found the situation is eerie as it has still not woken up to the level of brief peace prevailed with the LTTE with the peace agreement. The Colombo transport network is better organised and the city is clean. All the street corner rubbish dumps have disappeared.

I travelled to Jaffna with my brother, son and a nephew in a hired van on the 2nd January. I had the opportunity to verify some of the issues debated during my long drive to Jaffna and return on the 5th January.

Though peace is prevailing in the north and people are moving about freely on the roads, there are many military camps and sentry points on both sides of the road. Such presence confirm a feeling of military rule of the north.

At the main army check point at Omanthai, the process of vetting was simple and friendly.

The military had closed down its retailing outlets in the north from 1st January. They are also vacating the camps in the private lands and was told they are moving them to government lands or will be absorbed by the existing military barracks in the government lands.

The military has informed that they will be vacating the property I own in Navatkuli by end of this month. This change of stance was said to be a result of the government attempting to implement the recommendations of the LLRC.

It was quite evident that the government is investing heavily on infrastructural development work to the/in the north. Beyond Vavuniya on the A9 road, there is extensive road work being undertaken and one could see workers were proactively engaged which is unprecedented to the lethargic and lazy work force I have seen before I migrated to the UK.

The road is widened on both sides and concreted before being tarred. Even the culverts and bridges were concreted. The trucks used in hundreds were of the TATA and Asok Leyland makes. I also witnessed Chinese engineers in some points supervising the work.

I also recalled the road work on the A9 road beyond Omanthai during LTTE control. The road was redone with the funds of Asian Development Bank. The scandal involving the LTTE and a company associated with a government minister of the then UNP government only made the development short lived. I was told a chunk of the fund was siphoned off by both the parties that resulted in the tidy road I saw in June 2004 infested with massive potholes in December 2004 following Monsoon rain.

There were at least 10 Buddha statues and a small Dagoba erected in the road sides north of Vavuniya. A small Buddhist Dogoba has been built in the Mankulam town. The emergence of the these have earned the criticism of the Tamil parties and it is clearly the work of the military. When the country has to go through the reconciliation process, erection of Buddhist shrines have caused concerns, as Hindu and Christian Tamils do not worship Buddha.

An argument was put across that there were Hindu deities placed in the majority Sinhala areas which is visibly seen in the Anuradhapura area. These are surely placed by the Buddhist as part of worshipping as they too worship Hindu deities. If the erection of the Buddhist worshiping places in the Tamil areas was local civilian effort, it would not have been an issue. In the un-reconciled political climate, such moves are seen threatening and I too found it uncomfortable and unhelpful.

On the A9 road north of Vavuniya I was able to see construction of Hindu temples. These are civilian efforts had the support of the people.

Further to Omanthai checkpoint, one could see housing estates being built with Indian and Australian funding.

Vibrant Kilinochchi is going through a rapid transformation since the end of the war in Sri Lanka. This one time capital of the LTTE that symbolised the group’s activities is no longer there. The shops and various offices of the LTTE reflecting heavy grammatical Tamil names have disappeared. The two famous restaurants that sold inventive tasty foods like Mithi Vedi pie (Landmine shape curried pie) and the indigenous special ice cream are not in sight.

The Kilinochchi town heavily symbolises the war victories of the government forces that has overridden monuments that LTTE erected during its rule. The shattered remains of the large water tank that was flattened to the ground by the retreating LTTE men has been ring fenced and portrayed to show the dastardly deeds of the group.

The LTTE made bulldozer is displayed on the roadside depicting the heroic courage of a dead soldier of his sole effort of suicide bombing. The bulldozer had gone on a mission to the Elephant Pass army camp to cause devastation, but was instead disabled in a spontaneous suicide attack by the said young soldier of the army.

It is quite evident that the people are moving around amidst the heavy presence of the army.

The famous Murugandi stop point for worship for a safe journey is still vibrant. The much deterred hero worshiping site of LTTE’s Col Thileepan placed next to the famous temple has been removed.

There was an elementary checking at the Elephant Pass causeway that only involved the driver of our vehicle. As we entered Palai area, crownless Palmyra trees standing amidst the stretches trees are visible evidence of war that progressed not very long ago. Compared to what I saw since early 2000 during my visits, the crownless palm trees are progressively declining due to natural causes of weather and resultant decay.

The road work is visibly fast tracked in intermittent blocks on the A9 road until Navatkuli.

Military victory monuments built following the defeat of the LTTE in the Tamil areas give unpleasant feeling as these are not constructed in Southern Sri Lanka in the parallel scale- an issue that is innermost causing an unpleasant feeling for the Tamils.

Chavakachcheri, the mini town that faced the ravages of the war, is proving to be emerging out from the ashes and showing all the signs of unprecedented infrastructural development and economic activities.

The Chemmani road from Navatkuli is redone and roads beyond Navatkuli to Jaffna through Chundikili and all other roads in the inner perimeter to the Jaffna city are in a pathetic state. There was no evidence of any work undertaken and the roads are in an appalling state.

The city of Jaffna is bustling and is attempting to overcome the depredation of the war. Except for the busy Stanley Road, all roads in and around the Jaffna city limits, are in a dilapidated state.

I witnessed the historical Dutch Fort that was pounded by the LTTE firing and desecration is said to be reconstructed with Dutch government funding. Heavy earth digging machineries are being used to restore the fort to its original position.

During my school days, I have cycled through with my schoolmates on the Pannai causeway and gone on fishing expeditions with rudimentary fishing rods in the lagoon. Abundance of fish in the lagoon made us succeed once when we caught half a dozen of Mural fish.

The drive through the causeway brought back all the memories of cycling through Allaipiddy to Chatty beach.

Some road work is being carried out to broaden and re-tar the Pannai Road to the islets. But the work is not in the scale of the A9 road work. Soon after the heavy rains, the Jaffna lagoon was full of water and the green patches gave us the real sight of beauty.

As we proceeded through Velanai and Pungudutivu, I felt saddened that many properties remained abandoned and are in a derelict state. There was little movement of people. The Valanai town is a skeletal remain, whilst Pungudutivu appeared to be a ghost island. The vibrant and energetic Pungudutivu community is no longer there and it appears they have given up hope to engage with their birth place as many of them have migrated and are preoccupied with their business expertise that they are famous for.

Of the two jetties available to enter the islet of Nainativu, the driver opted for the Buddhist Nagadeepa Vihara entry point. The boat ride was semi-primitive and the roaring petrol bustling boat took this entry point. My thoughts compared with the wide sea surface of the historical Cochin bay in India. Comparatively, the massive lagoon area is unparallel and is of tremendous potential if Sri Lanka adopt a political path of good governance and the wider political accommodation of the minorities to progress a vibrant economy around the islets.

When we walked through the jetty and entered the Naga Vigara, we were welcomed by a large cut-out of President Mahinda Rajapakse. Such portrayal in a religious worship place put me off but we went around the temple premises and the place remained tranquil except for the irritation of political portrayal in the Vihara. In the Vihara we also saw a display of photographs of political and military figureheads.

We walked through to Nagapoosani Ambal temple where we saw unprecedented reconstruction work taking place. The temple with colourful multi goburams is getting ready for the auspicious Kumaba Abishegam. My chat with the priests confirmed that the temple is able to come out of its financial difficulties with the help of the local and the diaspora Pungudutivu people. Also worshippers too have increased following the end of the war.

We exited from the Nagapoosani Ambal kovil jetty to Pungudutivu.

On our return journey from Nainativu Islet, we stopped over at Chatty beach near Velani for a refreshing swim. The sea-beach was quiet and tranquil. Except for another family from the United Kingdom, there was no one else on the stretch of the beach, . The calm tranquillity of the sea welcomed us and for nearly one hour, my son and the youngsters had a good time in the sea.

What is noteworthy is that the quiet beach has become a merrymaking site for the local dogs and it was interesting to see how the dogs were enjoying the beach in the absence of humans. Even one dog was seen resting quietly in the shallow sea waves rolling over the beach.

On the very same night, on our return to Jaffna, with the help of one my relatives, we bought a portion of special Urumbirai Pangu (mutton) meat to take to Colombo. In Colombo, the meat in the cooking hands of a Jaffna style specialist, was the best food we had during our visit.

Our return journey to Colombo went without any hiccups. We decided to spend few hours in Anuradhapura and went around the historical city. The city was quiet and very little activities were to be seen. The historical Dagobas, lakes, palace etc., spoke of the city’s strong history but unfortunately there was a sombre feeling due to the lack of people around. The Dagobas in Anuradhapura are surely some of the most exquisite examples of their kind in the world.

Even the dogs and the small monkeys were bony and were not active like the ones in Vavuniya or Southern India. The shops and street stalls were basic. The historical city was clean and some road work was taking place.

One of the Sinhala visitors with whom I acquainted briefly made some comments of annoyance about the events unfolding in the historical city.

Just next to the faded and derelict monument in front of a historical Dagoba, a new tomb had been erected with inscriptions claiming the achievement of President Mahinda Rajapakse defeating of the LTTE. The acquaintance went on to say in Sinhala: ‘What? Is he trying to create a new history for this historical dagoba?’

Speaking in Sinhala, he pointed his finger to a large banner further away and said ‘this is where Mahinda wants to build his own new Dagoba but the work has forestalled following opinion received from elders, that going forward with the work would be life threatening for the President’. During the few minutes he spoke to me, he was critical of the cross section of the political divide and expressed his sadness that military victory has not been translated into political accommodation in the country.

The last two days in Colombo was mainly running about meeting with my relatives and friends.

Interestingly, a Hindu temple has come up on the seaside road close to Ramakrishna Road to cater for the worshipping needs of the migrating Sri Lankan community. The name Visa Pillaiyar Kovil by implication tells it all.

Those who are yearning to migrate or those who are close to the ones wanting to migrate visit this temple. Though I did not go into the temple, my brief passing-by confirmed temple is active.

Having said about my visit in three parts, I will fail if I do not dissect some of the socio-corrupting issues that are haunting the Tamil people in the north – by implication having heavy bearing on the people.

Thirty years of war has degenerated the strong Tamil society and present circumstances is further compounding the relapse. Beyond the deep scars of the war on the people, social evils are plaguing the society that needs to be addressed through serious efforts. The issues are bedevilling the society and there is clear evidence that the Tamil Diaspora can play its role positively and responsibly to correct the situation.

It is seemingly evident from what I heard from people that money transmitted by individuals from the Diaspora to their family members are creating social decay in Jaffna.

Some young school boys and girls are enjoying the luxuries of cell phones, motorcycles and imported alcohol bought from shops with the money received from overseas and are on the spree during school hours. The hyphened activities of these youngsters is said to be the product of the irresponsible Diaspora money that has become the spoiler. The hard earned money in the west of the relatives is creating an unprecedented and uncontrollable culture amongst these youngsters that the Tamil society did not experience in the past.

It is said that the effort of the much criticised Government Agent of Jaffna amongst the Tamil Diaspora, Mrs Imelda Sugumar, has brought controls over mushrooming guest houses in Jaffna to stop them entertaining school children as customers. But youngsters have unlimited abandoned and derelict houses to go on their spree. It is claimed there are under aged pregnancies dealt by the hospital as a result.

The parents trusting their daughters and sons that they are attending schools and returning on time are left with the heavy burden and the society too suffers as a result. On occasions when their daughters do not turn up on time, the parents become frantic and go on the search for them.

One elderly acquaintance told me that with the control over guest houses, the boys and girls made use of a nearby abandoned derelict property close to his house. The situation had become menacing that it needed intervention.

The boys and girls had come in motorbikes with mobile phones, scotch whiskey, cigarettes etc., without attending school. They were once approached and severely warned of the consequences if they continue to enter the derelict premises.

When confronted, one chap had verbally challenged the local resident, demanding why he was interfering unnecessarily. With the lambasting explanation of the social evil they are generating, the youngsters listened to him with their head down and went away – not to be seen again in the vicinity.

The other type of social evil progressed by some Diaspora Tamils too is very worrying. Some young Tamils from overseas have visited the war torn area and have married and lived with the bride for few weeks and disappeared without contacts.

The girl’s parents too are so desperate and are wanting their daughters to leave the country to have a settled life overseas. These girls are falling prey to this evil minded sex predators from overseas. These innocent girls are told heaven is waiting for them by the visiting grooms. After few weeks of fun following the wedding, the girls are abandoned and left behind. Some of them even have become pregnant.

This is the typical situation facing the Sikh community of Punjab in India, where dubious Punjabi men from overseas take large amount of dowry to marry and abandon them after few weeks.

The end of the war has created the atmosphere for the Diaspora Tamils to sell their properties in Sri Lanka and pack their bags for good from the country of their birth. It is a buyer’s market in the north at present. Even some properties are sold at desperately meagre price. In the war torn area, there is an abundance of unclaimed and abandoned properties and the fear of returning to Sri Lanka due to the human rights situation is creating further detachment.

There are rogue property sellers all around Jaffna peninsula. Their expertise is such that they sell a property in multiples. During my brief stay in Jaffna, I came across three deeds being created by a rogue former banker and each innocent victim is an unfortunate victim to this unscrupulous predator. I was told that this former banker had done many such rogue deals. He first approaches the due owner to taunt him to get as much information as possible to prepare fraudulent deeds for the new buyers.

Despite the adversities faced, I found that Tamil people are still resilient. With the heavy presence of the military resembling a occupied state and facing adversities on all fronts, they are pulling through with hardship.

The Tamil Diaspora has to come forward to meet their urgent social needs and such efforts are taking some momentum in the Diaspora but unfortunately it is inadequate. Even the established Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind in Kaithady is struggling to cope, due to the lack of resources and the ever increasing demands for their service from the community.

Heavy interference of the EPDP paramilitary group in the day to day affairs in Jaffna is another worrying factor that the government needs to urgently attend to. This paramilitary group is enjoying the support of the government for the mere reason of helping to defeat the LTTE. When I met a victim of the LTTE who was held captive for many months, he too was critical of this group and expressed his displeasure that the group has placed its men in the Jaffna Secretariat of the GA, Mrs Imelda Sugumar, and that they are heavily interfering in her work.

Though the government is appealing to the Diaspora to invest in the North and East, it has not taken the meaningful step of political reconciliation and demilitarisation of the North and East. Responding to the government appeal is very risky, as the country has not responded legislatively to prevent anti-Tamil violence in the future that has historically caused colossal harm to the Tamils.

It is my belief that Sri Lanka is still not prepared to deal with anti-Tamil violence as the political climate is very volatile that a mad incident will revisit the calamity that inflicted Tamils in the past.

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  1. Hi David,
    Thank you for publishing this article.
    I heared EPDP is running the Prostitution centres in Jaffna.It may be wrong. Tamil People will definitly miss LTTE in this regard.I can’t see any good future for Sri Lankan Tamils.

  2. Isn’t Rajasingham Jayadevan the brother of Dr.Rajasingham Narendran who often comments here?


  3. Thank you for posting this in full Mr.Jeyaraj.I had read part 2 sent by a friend. Its always good and useful to read in one sitting instead of instalments

  4. .
    Author says: ” It is my belief that Sri Lanka is still not prepared to deal with anti-Tamil violence as the political climate is very volatile that a mad incident will revisit the calamity that inflicted Tamils in the past.

    Exactly, this is what I am worried about too.

    Diaspora Tamil groups are trying to get some support from north-east tamils.

    JVP is trying to get tamils on their side and trying to infiltrate army.

    India is setting up it’s secret network in north.

    All is not well.


  5. Thank you DBSJ for giving us this article. It is great to read about SL’s present situtation from a different angle.

  6. Thank you DBSJ fro posting this article.

    I hope the below article too will give the concerned people to plan and progress further in their pursuits for ‘minimising inequality’ in regions of SL.


    By Priyanthi FernandoExecutive Director, Centre for Poverty Analysis

    ‘The Household Income and Expenditure Survey of 2009/10 estimates Poverty Head Count Index of 13% and 15% for North and East provinces respectively which is higher than the national average. ‘

    ‘What remains to be done then is to construct a society that allows us to deal with these inequalities, now that we have more or less achieved our aggregate targets, and a middle income status. There is a real danger that a purely economic approach to growth is likely to exacerbate income inequality and push more people into wage labour and into the informal sector, increase the burden of care on women, and marginalise even further the elderly and the disabled. It is important instead, to develop a growth model that also tackles the inequalities head on and targets those who are in danger of being left behind. It is important also for development assistance to be sensitive to the existing inequalities and to ensure that they are not exacerbated. ‘

  7. If Jayadevan had asked me I could have arranged for him to get a “tharisanam” with the living God honorable Douglas Devananda. I know ordinary fellows like Jayadevan wont usually get a chance to even touch Lord Devanandas slippers but I could have used my influence and fixed things. Meeting Devananda God and worshiiping him would be a great blessing for Jayadevan.Poor man he missed his chance. It is like going to Mathurai and not worshipping Meenatchi Amman

    For your information Devananda and Jayadevan were classmates at Jaffna Central College……….DBSJ

  8. hmmm. Jeyadevan also got his “Nibbaana” after the LTTE Castro’s Snake and scorpian treatments only. Till that he was a pillar of LTTE in London! During that time thousands of Tamils already tortured and killed by LTTE!

    Anyway welcome Jeyadevan to a civilized world!

  9. This article by Jeyathevan gives different perspective to situation in Jaffna that is so different to the ones given by tamil websites

  10. “If the International Community does not see conflicts amongst Tamil groups, they are more likely to listen” – Karen Parker, J.D.

  11. Jeyadevan and Sivajokam Sivaratnam shame for Hindus and Tamils.
    Both use the london temples to invest the money wisely and maintain
    their personality cult in the society as “Good mans”. “Illegal relationships” with
    this two and LTTE caused all problems. Clash over this 2 taken upto Anton balasingam who
    Know all inside out and onetime “Kovil Kurukal” grandson couldnt deliver the right judgement.
    Castro close tie with Sivaratnam made the dispute more complexed.

    We Cannot allow bad treatment to even single person like DBSJ wish but
    same time this single personalities shouldn’t use spiritualism or Nationalism
    for their personal gain.

  12. I have traveled to many different countries never visited by me before then. Immediately after the immigration formalities, I always felt very free in those countries. But, while I was going through Mr Jeyadevan’s experience, for every second, I was having a feeling that someone is watching over me(him). The time I finished reading the last line, it become clear to me, why I had that feeling.

  13. if the parents cant control their children do not blame the Diaspora money. Remiitance from overseas is workers helping millions of families in Sri Lanka. The younger genreation in Sri Lanka not just in Jaffana generally is a now westernised thanks to the modern technolgy such as internet and mobile phone access to phonography is now available all over Sri Lanka and the youngesters are of course tempted.Young sinhala soldiers are also having an influence

    The article is full of contradiction about Diaspora money. The money has helped resotre temples and war damegd house and help built school libraries and labs etc.

    Now that the war is over many Tamils are going back to thier roots and proclaiming thier land and property and rebuilding thier houses me included. We are not wrtiing articles about it.

    Even in old days young bachelor Tamil men come to Sri Lanka on chartered flights et married.
    Some abandon thier newly married wife and return overseas or bring thier wife with them only to work as maids in thier white spouse

    Dmaned if you publish this damned if you do not

  14. Can you please advice if Devananda God’s blessings are as good as the blessings you arranged from God Suryadevan Pirapaharan?

  15. Interesting article. It is good to see that the changes that are happening in the North are being acknowledged by this gentleman. As for the observation that he made about the bad influence of the Diaspora money on the youth, it is somewhat similar to what is happening to the some Sinhala youth in Colombo, drawn into the “International Schools” culture of what they see as “high” life. when a society that has been constrained in many ways for 20-30 years is suddenly made freer, I think these things are inevitable. But I believe that all things will come back to a natural equilibrium given time.


  17. Thank you, many facts to ponder on. Since 1996 Jaffna’s social fabric is in tatters. war have put us fifty years or more behind time. It is time for the Tamil Diaspora to put their heads together, and build our pride back. But as you mentioned in your article; “It is my belief that Sri Lanka is still not prepared to deal with anti-Tamil violence as the political climate is very volatile that a mad incident will revisit the calamity that inflicted Tamils in the past.” In this post war era,The Patriotic front Gunadas Amerasinghe has started to spill hatred much more to our surprise, wonder Mahinda or Gota behind this educated fool,is it to create a paranoia in the mind of Sinhala masses.Is it That Tamils should not enjoy peace and equality, and be servitude in this Island?
    I found, Rahavan’s comment obnoxious, just shows his up bring. Delilamma said; Take care of your thoughts because they become words, and the words shows your character, which would portray you as a good intelligent, educated person or from the Gutter. Many know who is Douglas Deva and his henchmen are, they the Demons of our Society. Your Insult on Mathurai Meenachi Amman is inexcuseable and uncalled for. Hope she acts by Helping Lord Shiva to open his third eye to burn these Demons and clear the Social menace, good for our humanity.

  18. As a resident in the vicinity of the said “Visa Pillayar”,I think it would be of interest to readers who visit this blog site to know that this temple was not there until the mid part of closing decade of the last century.

    One day while taking a morning walk along the narrow passageway on the landside alongside the railway lines,I was puzzled to see the stone image of Pillayar placed on bare ground and exposed to the elements alongside a semi demolished building adjacent to the Buddhist vihare at the end of the IBC Road at Wellawatte.Buidings which abutted the beach front were being demolished at this period of time to make way for the marine drive that was being extended from Bambalapitiya station.

    The image of Pillayar remaining exposed to the elements over the years was a familiar sight to passers by and people used to make enquiries and various stories were told about a Malayali man who resided in the said half demolished building with his Sinhalese wife and children.

    The said building used to display a name board advertising astrological services and the presumption of the residents of IBC Road who were familiar with the sight of the said Malayali uttering the choiciest profanities at the top of his voice in both languages ‘official’ as well as the one permitted to be used ‘reasonably’ staggering side to side down the road late at night from side to side was that he has had a good income that day.

    Time passed and suddenly there was no sign of the Malayali,and signs of sandlewood and vermilion pottu with flowers strewn around the image became a familiar sight with the occasional preparation of rice pongal by some devotee for distributing to people congregating where Pillayar sat under the open sky.
    By this time the narrow passageway became wide but it was not tarred and amidst the passing traffic despite the dust devotees were not detered from gathering.

    When the war with the LTTE was the hotting up and refugees from the North and East came in droves to Colombo to escape the rain of bombs and shells.The preparation and distribution of pongal became a regular feature whenever an auspicious day came on the Tamil Hindu calendar.

    Soon some devotees took it upon themselves to construct a make shift shelter for Pillayar and a till box appeared and a kuthu vilaku or two appeared on the scene.The daughter of the Malayali took control of the key to the till box and she now plays an important function with the assistance of some Tamil ladies who voluntarily help in the running of the temple. It is difficult to say if this amiable lady is Sinhalese or Tamil considering the fluency with which she speaks Tamil now.

    Then came the tsunami of 2004 and it was then that the reputation of Pillayar took off when people found that the sea water had not breached the shore opposite the temple when there was ample evidence of it having flowed over the railway lines and over the marine drive at least a half way distance landwards up the various roads which ended at the marine drive from the Galle road.

    Now Pillaiyar has a respectable structure which can justifiably be regarded a temple and what was a semi demolished building is now an attractive modern three story complex in which the lady who is in charge of the till box of temple resides and her house seems open at all times to Pillayars devotees.

    What is unique about it is that it abuts a Buddhist vihare and there is no Brahmin priest to officiate and no bells are rung or drums beaten and people congregate in growing numbers in silence despite the heavy traffic whizzing recklessly alongside the temple in mornings and evenings when it is pooja time to pray silently.

    Whatever rites that are ordinarily performed in a temple is performed entirely by ladies and they seem to be doing a perfect job I would say.

  19. They must be close friend, because I don’t much difference……. This is one kind of propaganda using tamils by SLGovorment before March UN meeting.

  20. Mr Jeyadevan’s account is very informative. I hope this will have some impact on the reckless activities of the diaspora.

    Many Tamil activists in the diaspora were mislead by few influential persons like Anton Balasingam and Mr jeyadevan. Some were aware of their actions when they blindly supported LTTE and did so for their personal gains. Others were foolish and gave a lot of their lifes.

    All have heavy baggage left over from their proximity to the tigers in their hayday. Mr Jeyadevan is yet to write a frank account of his time as the blue eyed boy of the London tigers. I sympathasised with him during his ill treatment at the hand of the tigers. I wish he would reflect on his actions when he was close to the tigers.

    While I join him in taking a micky out of the Visa Ganesh Temple, I suspect he would not have joined me when I was taking a micky of Eelapatheeswarar temple. They both sound pretty similar to me.
    Eelapatheeswarar temple was a class act exploiting religious nostalgia and nationalist sentiments.

    I think charity should start at home.

    Would you agree???


  21. Dear Mr Rahavan

    I cannot understand why you have to deviate from the subject matter and make vituperative comments.

    The tenor of your comment makes me feel that you are the Rahavan who was involved in the sacrilege act of pouring the fast food fried chicken oil in the entrance of Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam sometime after High Court judgement to return the temple to the due owners. If I am correct, I also recall those involved in the disposal of the TBC radio equipment stolen and disposed at a car boot sale.

    I do not need your help to reach Douglas Devananda. If you need my help at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do the needful to get the Tharisanam from Douglas Devananda to overcome your depravity. I was told it was Douglas Devanada who introduced the White Van culture in Sri Lanka and if you happened to get a luxury ride for the Tharisanam in a white van I am not responsible for it.

  22. I could smell the real Jaffna Tamil attittude. That is why we the Tamils are in this plight today and for ever. I do not want to expand further. Thank you.

  23. ‘Nibane’- ‘after being a pillar of the LTTE in London’. Pillar in what sense and Nibane for what?

    What is civilised when things that happens around us are uncivilised and are of blatant conduct.

    I am not experiencing any civility on the other side as they too are product of the same mould-good at armchair talking and making blatant judgements on others.

  24. it is really refreshing to read a first hand account of what is going on in northern part of srilanka particularly jaffna city.i hope good sense will prevail on sinhalese policy makers they can use the proximity of jaffna with tamil nadu and create a manufacturing base.as i have commented before some of the indian fmcg companies are setting up plants in jaffna area to cater to the needs of south tamilnadu market .let us hope that srilanka and india integrates atleast economically so that people prosper on both sides as a result of this endeavour.another big opportunity for northern srilanka is number of saivite temples this can attract many devotees from tamizh nadu.let us hope for the best.

  25. i don’t think that jeyadevan is anti tamil but may be

    anti tigers.it may be down to the unplesant encounter he had on one
    of his trips to vanni.

  26. sorry to say “RJ” has some sort of Mania — he has now swinged to right opposit of where he was previously .
    he was with tamil exremists before now he is praising Duttugamini clan .

    both demonstartes same illness mania ie. not talking the truth but talking what is suitable for him .

    god bless humanity .

    I dont understand.If people change their opinions is it “mania”?

  27. I am aware that there are many spelling and gramatical errors which I hope readers will excuse, but let me take this opportunity to add that there are now two heavy large till boxes firmly secured in the wall of the temple in addtion to the previous small one which shows how rich Pillayar has now become, especially with all those coaches with diaspora Tamil folk taking off from the marine drive towards the North and East of the Island on a daily basis.

  28. Kindly allow me to add a few lines on the situation on ground in the much loved N of our motherland.

    There is evidence of marriage between GOSL service personnel and the girls of the North.

    The service personnel, who have nothing to do in the N now, are known to assist in the rebuilding of homes by unloading bricks, helping with roofing etc.

    There is a massive shortage of brick layers, roofers etc ( skilled trades ). Most of these jobs are done by the people of the East. The UN’s attempt to launch training programs to get the Northern youth to take up these trades have not being successful. Apparently this is because such work is considered lesser. People are trying to find a way around this.

    The ” land kachcheri ” system is alive and well with community members getting together to allocate land for housing.

    The social class system is also alive n well too leading to unwanted delays in the above process.

    Given the situation, my Tamil brothers and sisters are moving forward.

    The above feedback is from a family member leading a UNHABITAT project on the ground and from a far.


  29. Let me ask this question: Is he still the chief trustee of Eelappatheeswarar Temple?

    By the way, I thought Hindu temple trustees are vegetarians. 😉

  30. Hi, R. Jeyadevean,

    Good to read to your experience this time, I have read your previous detail article in the Guardian.

    As you said Gothabaya should think back about usage of EPDP group. Actually they are damaging all the effort that normalizing the Jaffna situation.
    It was noted many of Jaffna that two days before Dr. Kalam visit, EPDP gang (Lead by Charles and one of the Nepolian assistant) have reached to the town and stayed near “Ariya Kulam”. They are the responsible for the posters that appeared near KKS road, Kasthuriar Road and surrounding of Jaffna campus. The posters are threatening the students about their activity. A university lecturer told me that these attempt made by the group that government worried about some critical questions would have raised to Dr. Kalam. Interesting topic was the VC has instructed to university staffs that should not raise any question to Dr.


  31. You shall request all the foregn commisioner to go back home, as all the visa shall be issued by the ” Pillaiar”

  32. R. Jayadevan & DBS Jeyaraj

    Both of you should become followers of my living God honorable Douglas Devananda. You dont have to worship him like I do but simply support him.That is more than enough.

  33. Dr Easwaran says:
    January 26, 2012 at 12:52 pm
    The Patriotic front Gunadas Amerasinghe has started to spill hatred much more to our surprise, wonder Mahinda or Gota behind this educated fool,is it to create a paranoia in the mind of Sinhala masses

    Dear friend, DR,Easwara,
    Since you are addresing DR, GUNADASA AMARASEKARA as educated fool, it is only exibiting nothing but your foolishness.
    I do not sorry for you but post that you were mensioned as DR,



  34. Accurate narratives from people with first hand experiences of life in the North,
    help dispel the rumors and lies propagated by the agents of the pro LTTE Organizations overseas.

    When real life accounts come from people who were once in the LTTE Tent, makes these even more convincing, and force even the foreign backers of the LTEE rump to get a reality check..

    Water Tank in Killinochchi and the VP Jeep are stark reminders of the life there only a couple of years ago.

    Now Vanni farmers supply 95% of the Black Lentil needs of the Nation.

  35. WIKILEAKS published another cable by Robert Blake about Douglas Devananda.
    LTTE tails can make themselves happy with those American propagandas.

  36. Karen parker is now dancing with LTTE diaspora goons publicly. Her “human rights company” is making money from LTTE.

  37. You were in London. Are you telling here that everything sorround you in London were “uncivilized?

    Only the guys in London did the armchair politics without knowing anything about the LTTE criminals in Sri lanka.

  38. Change of Mind is important for a civilized society because ‘every thing” change everyday. Only few things are permanant. They are Honesty and truth. Countering lies and deception is not an easy task in this world. Nowadays Medias are one sided and work hard to project images of their politics or business interests! But they expect the ordinary humans to pay for their “lies and propagandas”.

  39. “Responding to the government appeal is very risky, as the country has not responded legislatively to prevent anti-Tamil violence in the future that has historically caused colossal harm to the Tamils.”

    A move to legislate against racism in govt institutions and corporations would be welcome. The govt is taking some of the steps called for in the LLRC commission report. If it were enshrined in Law then it would give those racist elements in politics (amongst all ethnic groups, but especially amongst the Sinhalese) a reason to think twice before engaging in divisive politics.

    Since ’71 who has been brought to court for human right violations. For the Tamils this goes back to ’56. If our history is such, anti discrimination legislation that is broad and against discrimination due to political allegiance, race, sex or sexuality is a worthy safeguard for equality.

  40. It is not the diaspora money youngsters have mobile phones, everyone in Srilanka have mobile phones. The world evolved and this you see in peace time. I think parents need to play a major role in this. They need to teach their kids consequences of this and how to protect. There should special classes in schools to make aware of the consequences if it is out of control. It may be just isolated incidents. This happened 20 yrs before too, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. There are other burning issues than this in Jaffna

    The writer laughed about visa pillaiyar temple in Wellawaththa but he is doing the same in London, exploiting weakness of vulnerable people.

    I think his observation about Jaffna is correct but failed to say what is Jaffna people want/need in general? How the diaspora people can help them except giving money?

  41. As Keynes said when asked why he had changed his position, “when the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

  42. ‘Who has been brought to court for human rights violations’

    This said on Twitter by Ken Roth of HRW:

    @KenRoth #SriLanka seems to expect critical resolution at UN Human Rights Council in March even while Western govts dither. http://bit.ly/wWhoO7

  43. He needs his head examined to see the size of his brain. possible degenaration, come and see me I will scan your head.

  44. Samarasekara do not exhibit your ignorance, In the west we do address people by their name, by their first or surname or both to be specific. Titles do not add dignity but their thoughts, words and behaviour. Tamil community had suffered a lot after the Independence in 1948. Hoped the past legacy would be put right after this brutal communal war that ended in 2009. You still seem to be rubbing salt in to the non healing wound. I say no more. However, It would be better for the country, if people like you would help with reconciliation. I left the shores when it was Ceylon, when some semblance of peace did prevail, though evidence of communal hatred being seeded. I have known Gunadasa fairly well in the late 1950’s and 60’s, He was known as a communalist, a sinhala short story writer, and as a trained dental practitioner. We are of the same age group and I don’t need any respect, as I feel I have enough to spare you some if you need to borrow.

  45. Everybody who has contributed here including appear to be in a confused state of mind when adressesing on Jaffna.

    Nevertheless, every tamil who contributed even a dollar to the war cofferes of the LTTe have the blood of their kith & kin on their hands.

    There is no turning back & saying I was this or that yesterday BUT today I am this.
    They all have contributed amd outsourced the destruction of tamil youth & children to Velu & the LTTE.
    Hence, leave Douglass out of the equation.

    Its endless guilt……………do not attempt to white wash.

  46. Dear Dr Kumarakuru Vasanthi

    I have only wrote what I saw and gathered and reflected my feelings on few issues. What is my write up got to do with my stand. Definitely not something you have babbled. My stand has been always consistent and I have not sold myself or Tamil people to anyone. Political parties and movements will come and go, but the Tamil people are the ones going to live for long. If your comments are based on your faith in your affiliation, I cannot blame you and I respect your right.

    I expected some rudimentary comments to appear when I published the article. I also knew who will be annoyed when they read my article. Some of the comments of the readers clearly indicate that they did not even read it and blindly went on the attacking spree.

    My humble appeal to you is, with your esteemed ‘Dr’ title, if it is an hard earned one, there is much expected from you in your public engagement. Blatant mudslinging will not lead you to anywhere except, for ridiculing yourself.

  47. 99% of the Diaspora are Jaffna Tamils who normally dont respect farmers or fishermen. An office peon get more cloud than a farmer.

    Vanni farmers lost everything after the LTTE criminals arrived in their area. LTTE taxed eggs, coconuts, paddy and everything the farmers produced. later many farmers gaveup farming. Church Based NGOs came in and started distributing food to Vanni farmers who were once self sufficient in all areas.

    Jaffna people asked EELAM but half of them ran away to the West and settled. They never bother about the people of Vanni. They send money to Jaffna and that money is now a problem in Jaffna with their stupid political philosophy!

    I still not understand why these so called Jaffna educated people supported and wrote lies and created a bogus image about LTTE criminals!

    Alienation of the Jaffna people is now a problem for themselves. People like Jeyadevan must take responsibility for the self-destruction of Tamils!

  48. he is criticisng here for every thing negative he found in Jaffana in his recent trip, except for the Pangu irachi.

  49. Mr Sivananthan

    Please do not go at a tangent and harp on all kinds of issues. You seems to have become a accuser, jury and the judge to come to the conclusion that ‘people like me must take the responsibility for the self-destruction of the Tamils’. Well! if this is so, you seems to be Mr Clean to take no responsibility.

    Please try and know the facts before responding to the hyphened and nonsensical gossips that have become the basis for these types of accusations. In his introduction to my write up Mr D B S Jeyarajah has given a good brief about me. I too have put my case time again in the press and if these are not helpful I cannot help any further. I will have to only ignore these emotive and ignoramus comments.

    Let all of us take the responsibility for the prevailing situation and find a way forward for the future.

  50. I wish that North returns to it glory days soon. I have had the great fortune to study/work with highly educated Tamils who was born in the North. All over the world there are many highly educated Tamils making Sri Lanka proud. Hope that all the problems with the youth in Jaffna described by this writer does not take root. If this the case all Sri Lankans will stand to lose.

    However, I am starting to wonder if the LTTE supporters in the west care about this anymore. They are consumed by the hatred of the Sinhalese all they want to do is destroy. If they succeed they will drag everyone in SL down while they and their children enjoy a nice life in the west.

  51. Diaspora Tamils have been helping their kith and kin for almost a century, from the time of money coming coming from Malaysia, Burma in the early 20th century!!! Jaffna was called the money order economy. Those days parents and children were responsible and the students did not have the modern day distractions like the cell phone, cinema, dvd, television, SMS, drug culture(thanks to the Security forces and the drug peddlers like Mervyn Silva and his gang, state sponsored paramilitary etc.) The law and order situation in the country has sunken to the “lowest ever” with political appointment of thugs as MPs and Ministers!!

    Some parents of nowadays over indulge their children because they don’t realise how much struggle, their relations are undergoing to subsidise their kith and kin back home. They just want to live like the joneses!!!

    The diaspora Tamils send money to their close family members to have a descent education and fairly comfortable life as they are aware that it is difficult for them to exist in Sri Lanka on their own after all the death and destruction by the STATE TERROR.

    If the diaspora do not send money to their kith and kin, then also they are blamed as selfish.

  52. Dear Appuhamy

    First of all, you must try and understand that the LTTE is the baby of the inherent failures of Sri Lanka. The failures are still continuing and compounding.

    The destruction of the Tamil youth and children was started by the government well before the LTTE was born. I do not have to go into detail and there are enough writings on this.

    Sri Lanka’s political structure must change to accommodate good governance, transparency in dealings, accountability, devolvement of powers, demilitarisation etc. To achieve this, the country must produce visionary leaders and statesmen who can come out of the bunker mentality of thriving on patriotism and hegemony. Mervin Silva, Gamini Dissanayake, Cyril Mathew, Meryl Fernando, Weerawanse, JHU clique etc., must not have room in politics.

    Even Mahinda Rajapakse must change from a nationalist leader to a statesman. Whether he will or he can is a problem. The problem will not change with development work and loud speeches by the President in Tamil. The issues are much deeper than that. There are so much political skulduggery taking place and in the ever changing world politics of yesteryears will have difficult times.

  53. Dear Jayadevan, Many thanks for your honest thoughts. I hope things will get better and the time for Tamils not to feel insecure would come soon. Regards, Chaminda Tilakumara

  54. R Jayadevan,
    Hope you had a nice time in our beloved land. Again my beleives and yours come in same. sinhala evils never going to change, please let me clear and tell me what you want me to do? the person live in his own land not like you like blue moon visitors..we facing every day sinhala mongrels interfearing our day to day life..u may not faced it.. we tamils going through every single donkey day…doug your college friend behave like thatha, exactly loose tamil villain. what can i say, you live in peaceful democratic country.. please pray for me and my people live in long and equalls among civilzed people in this world.

  55. Very “active” Visa Pillaiyar temple might be a joke but it is also indicating that many Tamil people have no long term plans to live in SL.

    Don’t worry those wild kids with money in Jaffna would be gone from SL within next few years. Did they do something horribly different that aren’t done by other wild kids living in the west?

  56. Mr Jeyadevan,

    I believe this is the first time I came across you accepting collective responsibility for the sorry state of Tamils in SL. Perhaps you tried to put this point across but not able to do so effictively.
    I live in London too but I was not close to Tiger agents.

    I will be ashamed for not expressing my concerns about LTTE and their human right violations. As you very clearly know this was happening way before they tried to comandere your temple business.

    Tamils who live in the relatively safer western countries and India could have and should have raised their voice against the tigers at least two decades ago.
    For that we all should take responsibility and honestly reflect on our deeds.

    I am with you on this.


  57. I hope the picture painted in this blog about the current conditions in SL by RJ is somewhat accurate but based on the comments appearing here I am very skeptical as the writer appears to carrying baggages from the past and seems to be having an agenda.

  58. Yes sir

    The distruction was started by Singhla and Tamil political leaders for their own power hungry tactics.

    We are here and now. Need statesmen on both side to demolish the high walls built by the leaders on both sides using blood flesh and bones of ordinary Sri lankans. That should be done without desrespect to those who lost their life.
    Religious establishments all over the island and lately in the diaspora aided the separatists. They should be unmasked and exposed for their exploitation.

    But there is some truth in Apuamy’s “Endless guilt”.

  59. Jayadevan,

    I view your article as generally a balanced one. However, laying the blame for the emergence of LTTE on the past governments (meaning Sinhala governments) along is bit too simplistic. It is more complicated than that. Problems didn’t start with 1956 or Sinhala only act. A part of the blame should go to Tamil politicians as well for making unrealistic and unfair demands starting from the so called 50:50 demand which I understand was first made in 1920’s, well before the independence. So the solution the problem too is the responsibility of both parties (Sinhalese and Tamils). Expecting Sri Lanka government to solve the ethnic problem while the main Tamil political party (TNA) and diaspora working against the government too is not going to help.
    Also we need to understand that, unlike TNA, so called Sinhala extremist parties such as Weerawanse’s party and JHU do not have much support among Sinhalese.

  60. Thanks DBS J for publishing this, I did not get a chance to read it as soon as you published here, and my comments may be seen as belated, but hope Mr RJ would see this.

    Mr RJ:
    Although I am not supportive of Mr Sivananthan’s view in several issues, I think he was spot on here. There is nothing tangent about what he wrote. If some or someone has/have to take responsible for what had happened to people who have affected by war directly, please let me know who that be. Just writing ‘Let all of us take the responsibility…’ seems as if you are also asking the parents, whose children were taken forcefully out of their hands by LTTE and, had latter to bury them, to come to the party. This fits with what hardliners on the other side exactly says, that is, you, Tamils, cannot simply disown LTTE. The fact you put out your case in public is good, but it does mean, it absolves your culpability to the damage has already been done, and is in the out, all to see. Your run into LTTE was not an issue that can be considered as your stand up against them for the common good of Sri Lankans, but to protect your willingness not to part with your cash cow. The fact is, your business acumen at an opportune time lets you to align with some one who is calling the shots then and there, be it LTTE or GoSL. That is the reality. Most notable thing about you, as I can see, is you waste no time; the fact that a one time blue boy of LTTE had presented himself when GoSL invited overseas professionals for a discussion in Colombo, tells it all. That is part one.

    Now, you have gone through A9 and say things the ways you saw them and in your take, situation has largely improved and so on. By doing this you again act as a messenger, feeding in what, a certain section of the people wants to hear rather than what it looks like the areas affected post war. You consider this trip as a brave one, I do not think GoSL wants to know what you two mobs fighting over a temple in the UK on the issue of who is taking control over it. If you want to talk about situation in SL after the war, I knew this won’t excite many, may be 99% of them as Mr Sivananthan wrote, you should talk about at the least where this all started or ended. Go and see Sampur or Mulivaikal… or at least to Vaduvakal that is where as closes as you can go if you want to go to Mulivaikal. People of Sampur have not been still settled down and longing if a day would down to tread on the soil that they so much passionate about and drink the water they drunk. People of Mulivaikal have been languishing in IDP Camps, and GoSL says they like living there, or refused to go out. So to me, what you wrote was a narrative about a trip you made to Nedunthivu, not to war torn areas, of the last war. Have you gone through road on the coastal line connecting Trico to Mullaitivu and the road connects Mullaitivu and Paranthan. These have been opened for public now with some restriction. Do you know what happened to villages like Thennamaravadi, Kokulai, kokuthoduvai, Nayaru, Semmalai, etc? Or, Madhu, Silavathurai, Mukunkan, Adampan, Vidaththaltheevu, Poonariyn, etc, the route SL army made a walk in a park, while every one predicting the leader give a response at the right time and place. These were the places your one time heroes, completely exploited once, and made the villagers become refugees even before war had begun. Just because these people engaged in agriculture and fishing largely, you think their future planning is about only a day or a year so whatever happened to them is not something that people wants to hear, but what all people want to hear is how Tamils in Colombo, Jaffna and Nedunthivu cope up with. On contrast, the lady Sinhala journalist who wrote in NY times some times back has had risked her live and visited at least to a school as close as possible to where the war had ended. Comes to war affected areas, you had just gone through A9, that is it, makes a mountain out of mole. Do you know the bats infested in the house holds of Vanni people, which include Kilinochi, Mannar and Mullaitivu, while they were away from their homes providing safety for LTTE until May 2009, and then living in IDP Camps are not giving in their habitats. What do they do in the nights is urinating on the real owners, this is a health hazard, given bats are notable to carry communicable diseases. What happens to their lands and etc. is other matter. This is what I see a lasting solution will provide them with a guarantee for their safety, they should not be get killed on a daily walk to their rice paddy field nor on a night of fishing; what you talks about are a luxury for them. You cannot simply dump them. They are contended with what they got with, because it was far better than had been living in No Fire Zone, but what they knew is what they’ve given to settle down with are very basic.

    Going to the UK embassy and discussing LLRC report is definitely something that is expected of a political activist. But do not read much into it, it looks good, aimed at busting the IC’s criticism and stop IC’s interference on the internal matter of a sovereign state. Finally as with experience of previous negotiations and implementations, the issue would become as to whether the national anthem should be sung in Tamil or not, not the implementation of LLRC report. If you are an activist, you gather the support of rank and file of the members in your community not the high end of the town people. Here people have driven to the ground for their no fault; you talk about your pet temple and goat meat you took to Colombo and eat. At the height of these people, you want to represent, going through all these miseries you waged a war in the UK to exercise your control over a temple; upsets your business partners- what a disconnect. Ironically, we blessed with the leaders like either VP’s type or your type, not a pragmatic one who has the knack to seize an opportunity and provide peace to this beautiful island.

  61. Gamage:

    I guess you have a point there, yet I think the onus at this given moment is more up on the GoSL, if they really want to solve this issue. Why I am saying his is, other than loosing power, there is hardly anything stop them from implementing some thing already in the constitution. If they can pass a completely new bill and after implement a legislation like , extending a President’s term more than two times, why not an existing one. If MR is a statesman this could have been done in a week time from the elimination of LTTE, just imagined, there must have been a little resistance or popularity diminishing. Instead, they go down the path of trumpeting triumphalism and glorifying state and getting rid of the potential threats etc. Now, what they do is just buying time. If you say what you said about a Govt, which is genuinely trying to solve this issue, I would really agree with you, but what had happened is not unrealistic demand but even the reasonable requests were not accommodated. This is history.

  62. Jeyadevan still A9 is full of travellers no suprise,most of the travellers knows very well what we have been through and whats going on but we all knows it long process and time consuming it may be slow but it prevail.

    but we more rather intersted knows your past associations and surprisees in Vanni with your hero hood.were you aware of your unfolded journey and how Sivayogam chief try to traped there and took over Ellapathiswarer.

    You guys are you all really religious persons playing with the lives of innocents are you really thinking diaspora causing problem now in Jaffna.

    If VP would have treat you like a Saudi prience you would have stayed as Tamil promoter of ella-pathiswarar.

    Most of the tamils are not support LTTE meantime we condemn the masses for discremination.its break heart for everyone if we see the children women elderly the way they killed.we dont wants roads and boats now some sort of justification for mankind. god bless all these deaths would have avoidable we carry that guilt.

  63. Facts never change but people realize the facts very late! When they realize the facts, damages done already!

  64. who cares about Jeyadevan’s stand on LTTE or for that matter on anything.
    Not sure why this guy is take so seriously’

  65. Yes, tamil diaspora will miss Ltte, not the tamils who live in north, because they suffered enough from the bloody war, please don’t feed the war. They had enough.

  66. Yes, tamil diaspora will miss Ltte, not the tamils who live in north, because they suffered enough from the bloody war, please don’t feed the war. They had enough.

  67. Good one Dr Easwaran,

    The problem with some Sinhalese politicians were and are that they don’t understand that their attitudes towards the minorities, not only let the minorities down but themselves too and finally the whole country.

    They have brought the country down to lt’s knee that was once envied by the countries like Singapore.

    It was they who made India to interfere and now China to involved.

    They used the minorities as a stepping stone for their own political benefits and the so called communities Gunadasa, Werawansa and Vasudeva are examples. With the current state of the Tamils they have run out of ammunition and try if they can be heard.

    These guys should be thrown out into the sea for the betterment of our motherland.

  68. Dear Gamage

    With regard to your comment of complicated politics, let me state it is politicians who complicated and the people are following the complications like the herds.

    I wish to speak as a minority here. In a democracy, agitations are seen as a healthy culture. When the minorities feel they are affected by the actions of the majority, they will agitate and try to win concessions. This is what the Tamils did. All their agitations cannot be condemned as wrong. A responsible majority must be considerate. But this has never happened in SL.

    Tell one demand of Tamils that was sympathetically considered. Instead, anti-Tamil actions were systematically continued even to the extent of anti-Tamil violence. The worst of all was the standardisation policy that was clearly aimed to suppress the Tamils. That was the final straw for the militarisation of the Tamils.

    Even Chandrika Kumaratunge belatedly criticised her father for brining in the Sinhala Only Act.

    I expected Mahinda will respond as a statesmen but he too is buckling.

    Look at Northern Ireland when IRA and the paramilitaries were warring. Britain did not go and bomb and strafe the NI. But in Sri Lanka this was blatantly practiced because hatred was so great and collective punishment was the only known method.

    Look at how peace has come to the NI. Though SL defeated the Tigers, it is still reluctant to deal with the core issues. Instead, it is finding excuses and blaming everyone else for its failures.

    Tamil Diaspora is something that is going to be there for very long. It will not be subdued like what SL does in the Island against the minorities.

    The underline problem is that the Sinhalese want the Tamils to toe their line only without any accommodation to their concern, demand or fears. If anything is asked, it is anathema and responded negatively. Unless and until this mindset change, there is no hope. Everything else will be mere façade.

  69. Dear Selvan,

    The article given below gives a good perspective of SL and its engulfed problems. Please read if you have time.

    By Dr. A. C. Visvalingam
    President, CIMOGG

    ‘In their preoccupation with their own problems, which are certainly matters of the greatest consequence, minorities have totally lost sight of the many ways in which they should and could fight many other equally important causes jointly with the majority.’

    In a nutshell this is the crux of the matter. Since pre- independence, political leaders were greedy for power and made a mess of our lives.

  70. Jeyadevan,
    All the Tamils need not to take responsibility for the past but in London, you, Dr. Vinayagamoorthy and other LTTE coteries. Just becos you learnt lately, you cannot simply ask others also to take responsibility for the past. The others were not silent partners even. They raised their voice and earned the wrath of the so called sons of the soil and even beaten like DBSJ. I do not want to refresh your memory here how you celebrated the beating of DBSJ.

    But now it is good that you have a different view in certain matters and not on all.

    Who is ths ex-banker who defrauding the Tamils on land sales.. Name him here in the best interests of the people if you REALLY care for your people. Truth shall and will prevail and not subject to defamation.

  71. Dear Mr Jeyadevan,

    I know how decent and honest you are on Eelam Tamil’s issues. You took on LTTE and Sinhala extremists and still fighting a bitter war on both ends. Don’t let LTTEers or Sri Lankan state or their Tamil cronies
    to silence you. Work for a LTTE free, democratic, multi-ethnic Tamil Eelam. Don’t forget your Mother gave
    her life this motheland, Tamil Eelam.

    Ranjan Mahalingham

    East Finchley

  72. You should have added that “every sinhalese who voted and elected the chauvinist sinhala politicians have blood on their hands”. Every politician, and Bikku who incited the Sinhala mobs from the mid 1950s should be prosecuted.

    The best solution would be self determination for the Tamils in order for both communities to have a better future and chart their own destiny. The cancer has grown out of proportion!!!

  73. I am very much clean in this Idiotic EELAM business. But you talk so much about Tamil people and Jaffna. You were part of the “FALSE”propaganda team of LTTE. Dont you know 10% of the Tamil population cannot over-run 70% of the Sinhala population with Guns or without guns? When I raised this question in the 70s, and 80s, many replied that “Foreigners” will come for their aid. Did any one come so far? Some idiots said the Tamil saying “kalakam piranthaal, niyaayam pirakkum”. But the artificial “kalakam or unrest” destroyed a section of the society and created useless cultural downfalls.

    Jaffna is always famous for “kalla uruthi”. Tamil politics never handle it. Now the social ills are grown out proportion. First you explain why you were part of the LTTE! You have to explain how the educated and sophisticated Tamils mislead the rest. That is the best service to the Tamils.

    You dont tell anything about Vanni farmers or how they lost their earning and children to the LTTE criminals!

    I dont believe in gossips or any foolish Eelam. I already heard about you from reliable sources.

  74. I have respects to your GOD because he correctly identified the CIA opratives in Jaffan and he gave up the foolish EELAM and joined the main stream politics.

    He survived 11 killing attempts by LTTE criminals. Those Tamil idiots supported EELAM and other LTTE crimes have no right to bark at Devananda.

  75. If all other races (inc more that 50% of Tamils who live outside the NE) can live in relative harmony in Sri Lanka why is that the extremist Tamils cannot?

  76. If you scan the heads of LTTE supporters, you will have many cases to cure! It will be a big business opportunity for you!

  77. daer Mr Jayadevan and Mr Jeyaraj,

    Thank you for publishing this article forthe viewers. As you both have spent considerable time in Jaffna I too as an Army Officer spent my whole youth nearly 13 years in Jaffna. Let me tell you a thing very frankly. I had my freinds in School three tamils, three muslims and we never had a problem to share our meal with them and like wise. And most importantly please do not think that Sinhala community will do something again like what had happened in 83. NO WE ARE NOT BARBARIANS. When the LTTE caused problems to shipments of food and essential in 2006,me and my troops under my command with the blessings of our superiors aswell shared our all three meals with the people who lived around our camps in Chawa and Allari. And in turn when Army welfare shops distributed and sold rice and other essentials it is you Jaffna People who had awaited in two lines. one for the high cast Gentlemen and other one for the poor peaple who has been categorised as low cast. (I did not meant to be a racist). Sir, In my humble belief I think this is the main reason for terrorism. You may not agrre with me sometimes, I wonder always why there are3 so many young persons joind LTTE from the families you have treated as low cast. and on the otherhand what are the steps that have taken by the Tamil Politicians on behlaf of the poor people. You dont need terrorist outfit to get rid of the people or young boys attending such unaccepteable social behaviours. I dont say there is no fault from sinhalese side. yes everybody understand that. And I say you again that there wont be anything like that take place similar to 83. As a responsible man I assure you that. We Sinahlese suffered too with many bombs going off in the very city of Colombo. Have we ever came after you? The culprits responsible have been confiscated.
    But I am not responsible for the actions of the politicians directly but voting them yes then it is my foult which i realised far too alte as you very well understand. My whole energetic youth was spent under the Thal trees. there always peaple you find who act on their accord which one should not blame as a whole. Political Portraits are individual erected as one whishes. If any one can bring a lasting peace to our motherland it is ourselves. Let the people to decide what they want, They opted for an separate land and they did not got it. you may consider this as a my individual opinon and this do not represent my organization.

    The Buddha Statues what you have seen are the ones we constructed within our camps when we have occupy those areas. We have a beleif that we shall not remove those which will bring bad spells. even we do not remove Hindu temples. Please do not get the wrong impression that we are spreading Buddhism in your areas. No its not the truth. If you want you can make request and you can get rid of those. But above all we do not accept terrorism. And you might be knowing how many Sinahlese had photographed destroyed houses and took the politcal asylum in other western countires. We waged a war for a reason that we even didnt know ( which was happened in may be 1950)

    Keep un the good work. This is a good forum to discuus matters and share the views. Somebody who had experienced the worst knows better.

    Thanking you and wishing you a long life

  78. Gamage,

    ”Only Sinhalese are evil? Tamils are angels!!”

    That was the nationial anthem of LTTE. Where were u before ?

  79. Rudra,

    ”Had Jeyadevan not been detained by the LTTE in Vanni, what would have his stand today on the LTTE politics?”

    He wouldn’t have visited Srilanka. Instead , he would have endlessly cried human right violations in srilanka by GSLA, sitting comfortably in London.

  80. Dear Jayadevan,
    You said it all and well. I hope your brother (Dr.RN) agrees what you have stated in your comment.

    “First of all, you must try and understand that the LTTE is the baby of the inherent failures of Sri Lanka. The failures are still continuing and compounding.

    The destruction of the Tamil youth and children was started by the government well before the LTTE was born. I do not have to go into detail and there are enough writings on this.”

  81. This is intented for just fun;

    As a founder of London Eelapatheeswaran Temple, RJ must have a reason to comment on the Visa Pillaiyar.

    One of Jeyadevan’s counterpart in London, started a Pillaiyar Temple, famously known as, ‘Thool Pillaiyar’.

    That refers to the founder’s previous, illegal business. Rumours are there that he has started it to make the black money white.

    Also RJ’s BIL, with whom he do not have good terms, runs two temples.

    Good businesses though…

  82. Hello Jayadevan
    I am a tamil from tamilnadu and living in Chicago at this moment…And I would like to help the tamils in srilanka…Please let me know what would be required and how I can help them…


  83. Well the country went through a lot in the last thirty years, just give some time and appreciate the positive things. Say good things about your people and your country. Do good things to your people and to your country. Let’s hope for the best, and bring out the best from every Tamil and Sinhalese.

  84. Hello Aiya,

    You started with a good note but sadly ended with bad.

    Certainly LTTE supporters in the diaspora are dwindling in numbers. It is a high time the state do some meaningful works to embrace them and make them to contribute for the country.

    I can give you two simple examples of how the state is annoying and alienate them. Some interested parties in the north advised the government to announced the city of Jaffna (Nallur Pradesa Sabha) land owners must register their evidences of ownership with authorities. This make the land owners in the diaspora panicked and they started flying back to Jaffna to sell at rock bottom prices.

    Now the court cancelled the government announcement as illegal and those member of the interested party which is also in power, selling the land, legally bought, at a high price to make a huge price. What a cunningness.

    Second being the cancellation of dual nationality arrangements, targeting of course the diaspora.

    So what would you expect from the diaspora in these scenario?

    But I doubt that Mahinda does not have what it takes to bring peace and harmony to our nation.

  85. In his article, Mr Jayadevan worried about 10 buddhists temples that nearly constructed through the A9, road.

    The day befor yesterday it was revealed that there are 25 cristian churchs being constructed through the A9, road. The news exibited their photos too. All these constructions are not get premission too.




  86. Anonymous says:
    January 28, 2012 at 11:41 am

    “Please do not get the wrong impression that we are spreading Buddhism in your areas.”

    I will welcome spreading of Buddhism in Sri Lanka if it is done by Buddhist and not by racists Sinhala/ Buddhists.

    I will welcome Vedda Buddhism taught by Vedda Buddhist teachers.

    I will also welcome Tamil Buddhism taught by Tamil Buddhist teachers.

    I do not have any problem welcoming Sinhala Buddhism taught by Sinhala Buddhist teachers and not by Sinhala/Buddhist.

    If Sinhalese became good Buddhist I have no doubt that the rest of the country would voluntarily convert to Buddhism. I have no doubt the country will remain as it is for another 2,500 years because no true/good Buddhist lives in this island.

    What I cannot accept is using militarisation as a tool to promote and implement Sri Lankan state’s hidden agenda which has been in the making for over 100 years.

  87. M.Sivananthan

    I think you are a secret admirer of LTTE and its National Leader VP.

    Do you still believe in VP’s second coming?

    You are keeping LTTE and by extension VP’s leadership alive.

    Keep your hope alive but VP will not arrive.

  88. Hello RJ,
    Thanks for that informative write up. I am so jealous but you are one of the fortune ones to make a trip to our mother land. I live in Canada and it’s been little more than 15 years since I fled my mother soil. Some of my friends who had the opportunity to go back to SL tell me the same thing as you. I think many on the blog here are blowing your write up out of proportion but please do not let that stop you in any way. To be frank, I really don’t think you have said anything wrong.
    I have been wanting to go back to SL for the last 2 years but my old parents are hesitant since there are para-militaries (EPDP & Others) running the show in Jaffna. I am not sure what makes them think this way but in a way they are correct because disapperances, abductions,intimidations and killings have not stoped in Jaffna. Now that the war is over and LTTE is fully anihilated, unlawful events still unfold in North & East by these armed para-militaries in day light.
    When will the Government act legitimately in the best interest of tamils (in tamil speaking areas) and clean up all these rascals from the street?
    I am extremely thankfull to the beautiful Canada for welcoming us with 2 hands and giving free education and giving a safer place to live but mother land is something incomparable. I still remember my early childhood days in Jaffna college and “pavillion”. Like many others, I would like to return to my mother land and work harder for better Sri Lanka tomorrow.
    I wonder when will that day come!!

  89. Keep informing us about what is happening. Dont ever forget that we all are fellow Sri Lankans, whether SInhala or Tamil or Even Muslim. Its ok to critizise each other within that family. Keep up the good work.

  90. [It is said that the effort of the much criticised Government Agent of Jaffna amongst the Tamil Diaspora, Mrs Imelda Sugumar, has brought controls over mushrooming guest houses in Jaffna to stop them entertaining school children as customers. But youngsters have unlimited abandoned and derelict houses to go on their spree. It is claimed there are under aged pregnancies dealt by the hospital as a result.]
    What is he grumbling now.His generation of youth made war and the nation suffered.This generation of youth are making love and enjoying and the nation is not suffering.

    The sinhalese youth will be happy that the tamil youth are following in their footsteps and cutting classes to have sex.Youth in prabaharans era were cutting classes to learn to get indoctrinated with pep talks and get brainwashed.

    The kids today are smarter and know where their priorities lie.

  91. [t is seemingly evident from what I heard from people that money transmitted by individuals from the Diaspora to their family members are creating social decay in Jaffna.]

    karu,now you may understand the title.

    Don’t give fish to someone.Instead teach them how to fish.If you give them the fish,why would they want to fish? Youth from jaffna are not taking part in the reconstruction.They have become job snobs because of stupid diaspora relatives spoiling them.Youth from the eastern province have to come to do all the hard work.It is the beginning of the end,where a hardworking diciplined people are becoming lazy due to the foreign money coming in.

  92. Jeyadevan need a clarity in the people who support to build Nagapoosani Amman temple , it’s probably not Pungudutheeveu diaspora probably Nainateevu diaspora

  93. I also had a change to read DBS’s article on 2004 regarding Jeyadevan on Sunday leader with Northern Industries Shanmugalingham and former Greensland Hotel owner Mr Vadivetkarasan, where I learnt that only man Pirabaharan listen to it Mr. Balashingham , it was a very good piece of writing at that time for great discussion between anti LTTE business man and me!

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