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Rowdyism at Rameswaram by Tamil Nadu ‘activist’ mob

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Rameswaram (Rameshwar)in the South of Tamil Nadu state in India is revered by Hindus all over the world as a place of tremendous religious significance.The Island town was the scene of an ugly rumpus on the tenth of this month when a well-known Sri Lankan Tamil businessman visiting for a religious purpose was victimized in a deplorable act of rowdyism. He was apparently targeted because of his relationship to President Mahinda Rajapaksa through marriage.

The incident however has serious implications and cannot be viewed in isolation as a solitary act.The rowdyism at Rameswaram was a vicious symptom of an anti-Sri Lankan malady afflicting sections of the peace-loving Tamil Nadu population. There has been a recurring phenomenon of organized hostile activity against Sri Lanka and some Sri Lankans by political activists belonging to minor political parties and organizations in the state.

Great antipathy has been shown in recent times towards President Rajapaksa and his Government by political elements considered to be sympathizers and fellow travellers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)organization.

These elements have been demonstrating against Sri Lankan politicians who visit Tamil Nadu.Racist rowdyism has been shown against helpless Sinhala tourists and pilgrims in the state. These innocent people had nothing to do with the Rajapaksa regime.

The latest attack at Rameswaram has been directed against a Sri Lankan Tamil not due to his ethnicity but because he was perceived as an extended family member of the Rajapaksa clan engaging in religious rites for the benefit of the Rajapaksa regime.

57 year old Thirukumar Nadesan is an “Ilangaithamizhan” of Jaffna origin residing at Horton Place in Colombo 7. His father is from Araly and mother from Manipay in Jaffna.Known to friends as both “Thiru” and “Kumar” he was born and bred in Colombo and studied at St.Josephs College. He later got a BA (hons)degree in Business studies from Middlesex University in the UK .

Thirukumar Nadesan is a commercial entrepreneur focusing chiefly on Investment, property development and the hospitality industry . He is the Chairman of Hotel Developers Ltd and Managing Director of Asia Project services Ltd.He is also a director of Lighthouse and Waters Edge Hotels. Apart from these pursuits Nadesan also functions as a freelance business/investment consultant.

Nirupama Rajapaksa with husband Thirukumaran Natesan, at Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple in Madurai on November 10, 2009. File Photo: S. James.-courtesy: The Hindu


Nadesan became a relative of the President when he got married to Nirupama Deepika Rajapaksa the daughter of George and Lalitha Rajapaksa.Nirupama as she is generally known is a United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian from Hambantota district and deputy minister of Water supply and Drainage.

Nirupama’s paternal grandfather DM Rajapaksa was the pioneering member of the family to enter politics during British rule. He became a State Councillor in 1936 representing the Hambantota constituency and was known as the “Lion of Ruhuna”. After the death of DM Rajapaksa in 1945 his younger brother DA Rajapaksa contested the ensuing by-election and became a state councilor. Hambantota was later carved into the electorates of Tissamaharama and Beliatta in 1947.

Don Alwin Rajapaksa contested Beliatta on behalf of the United National Party (UNP) in 1947. He crossed the floor with SWRD Bandaranaike in 1951 and co-founded the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) in 1952. DA Rajapaksa contesting on behalf of the SLFP won the Parliamentary elections of 1952,56 and 1960 July.He lost in 1960 March and in 1965.After DA Rajapaksa’s death in 1967 November his son Mahinda became Beliatta SLFP organizer and then MP in 1970.He was the youngest MP then at 24.

The sons of DM Rajapaksa, Lakshman and George also entered politics. While Lakshman Rajapaksa was somewhat an unsteady, maverick politico his brother George proved to be a stable, successful political leader. He contested the newly demarcated Mulkirigala electorate in March 1960 on the SLFP ticket.

George Rajapaksa was undefeated in Mulkirigala in the elections of 1960,65 and 70.It was George Rajapaksa as a deputy –minister who led a revolt against then Finance minister Felix R Dias Bandaranaike for raising the price of rice and caused Felix to resign his portfolio in 1962. He served as Minister of Health and Fisheries in the Government of Sirima Bandaranaike of 1970-77. After George’s death in 1976 his brother Lakshman contested the Mulkirigala by-election in 1976 and won.

George Rajapaksa’s daughter Nirupama had a fiery baptism in Politics when she contested by-elections in 1983 at the age of 20.She lost then but entered Parliament in subsequent elections and was later appointed deputy minister. Although Nirupama Rajapaksa is referred to mainly as a niece of Mahinda Rajapaksa,the President’s siblings like Chamal, Gotabaya and Basil too are her uncles


Nirupama therefore is the link through which Thirukumar Nadesan is connected to the President. This relationship has been the cause of harassment at times to the couple on their trips to India particularly Tamil Nadu. They were harassed a few years ago too in the state and had to be given Police protection.

Despite his Colombo upbringing Thirukumar is a devout Hindu who frequently visits India for religious and cultural purposes.He has been to places of religious significance such Benares,Gaya and Haridhwar in North India and several places in South India like Thiruppathy. He worships annually at the Murugan temple in Thiruchenthoor each year during “Kandasashdi”and can recite the “Kandasashdi Kavasam”verses.

Thirukumar Nadesan has often been to Rameswaram where the famous Ramanathaswami temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located.Rameswaram is basically a town where pilgrims and tourists flock.Interestingly both Rameswaram and the Ramanathaswami temple are“connected”to Sri Lanka in belief,legend and history.

Rameswaram is a coastal town situated on Paamban Island in the Ramanathapuram (Ramnad) district of Tamil Nadu.Paamban Island in the gulf of Mannar is at the Southern tip of India and linked to the Indian mainland by the Paamban bridge built over the waters known as Paamban channel.

Rameswaram is about 50 km away from the Mannar island in Sri Lanka . The Indo-Ceylon ferry used to sail between Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka and Dhanushkodi in India . Incidently Dhanushkodi is the birthplace of famous scientist and former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam who is currently visiting Sri Lanka.

Inside Rameswaram Temple-wikipedia


The name Rameswaram is derived from Rama the king of Ayodhya and avatar of the deity Lord Vishnu.According to folklore and belief it was from Rameswaram that Rama with the help of his “Vaanara senai”(monkey army)built the bridge known as “Ramar Anai or Ram Sethu”(Adam’s bridge)to invade Sri Lanka and rescue his abducted wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana the king of “Lankapuri”.

According to folklore and some versions of the “Ramayana” it was at Rameswaram that Rama prayed to Lord Siva to seek pardon and absolve himself of sins committed during the course of the war against Ravana.Although the premier deity at the temple is Lord Siva both Saivaites as well as Vaishnavaites worship here in large numbers as it is considered to be one of the holiest places for all Hindus.

For Vaishnavaites worshipping Lord Vishnu Rameswaram is one of the four main “char dam”(four abodes) along with Badrinath,Puri and Dwarka dedicated to the avatars or incarnations of Lord Vishnu.Badrinath in the north,Rameswaram in the South, Dwarka in the west and Puri in the East form a geographical rectangle.

The chief deity at the Rameswaram temple , Ramanathaswamy is in the form of a “Shivalingam”. The lingam here is one of the twelve great abodes of Lord Shiva in India known as “Jyothilingams”.These are shrines where Lord Shiva is worshipped as a “pillar of light”.(Jyothilingam).

Among these temples dedicated to Lord Shiva the Kashi Vishwanath temple in North India at Varanasi(Benares) and Ramanathaswami temple in South India at Rameshwar(Rameswaram) are regarded as the most important.Both are revered as holy places to conduct last rites for the departed, scatter or dissolve ashes and observe rituals to propitiate ancestors.


There has also been a special relationship between the Rameswaram temple and the Tamils of Sri Lanka. There was a time when cows were reared in Neduntheevu ( Delft )island in the north for the Rameswaram temple and milk supplied regularly for “Abhiseghas” there. There are also many properties belonging to the temple in Jaffna . Several jewellery shops in Kannathiddy, Jaffna are “owned” by “Ramanathaswami”.

Devotees from Jaffna have flocked to Rameswaram for many years. Several have settled down permanently in Rameswaram and there is a tiny “ Jaffna ” colony in proximity to the Eastern Gopura (Tower) of the temple.

Among the Jaffna Tamils who settled down there was a School teacher called Kanagasuntharam who taught English to former Indian President Abdul Kalam. Thavamanidevi from Jaffna who made a mark as an attractive actress in Tamil films also settled down in Rameswaram in later life and was married to a Brahmin priest.

There was also a special pilgrims inn or “Madam”specifically for Jaffna devotees called “Yaarlpaanathaar Thirumadam” on the “Vadakku veethi” or northern street.It was renovated and reconstructed by Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan. The building was later taken over by the Tamil Nadu government and is now used as an office of the temple.

All these details illustrate the continuous relationship between Jaffna Tamils and Rameswaram. It is against this backdrop that the recent rowdyism of an attempted attack against a Hindu devotee of Jaffna Tamil origin has to be viewed.It must be emphasized however that the act cannot be regarded as an isolated instance but has to be seen as part of the anti –Sri Lanka, anti-Rajapaksa frenzy being whipped up by extremist racist elements in Tamil Nadu.

Like many devotees ,Thirukumar Nadesan too has been going to Rameswaram for many years in the past to conduct special poojas and Yagnas for propitiation purposes. He was doing so in a personal capacity. Unfortunately his visit to Rameswaram had been grossly misinterpreted by some political elements who mobbed him and accused him of doing pooja on behalf of President Rajapaksa


On Jan 10, 2012

Although the incident happened on January 10th its reverberations continue still.The federation of Brahmins associations in Rameswaram with a membership over 500 announced a hunger strike in protest over the attack on Thirukumar Nadesan.Although the Police gave permission to stage it on Friday January 20th the permission was later revoked.Shankara Vaathiyaar the president of the Brahmins federation has said that at present the hunger strike has only been postponed.

Many days have passed since the rowdy incident occurred.The incident as a flashpoint of tension sheds much light on the nexus prevailing among low level(metaphorical and literal)sections of the local Police,media and political activists of the region.Moreover the incident has been distorted and misreported by sections of the media in India and Global Diaspora. For these reasons this column wishes to focus specifically on the rowdyism at Rameswaram on Jan 10th 2012.

Thirukumar Nadesan arrived in India on Saturday January 7th. After an unpleasant past experience it had been the practice to request security from India during such visits. It had always been granted.

The fact that his spouse Nirupama was a niece of President Rajapaksa and was also a Govt deputy minister necessitated such security. But on this occasion Nadesan did not make such a request to the Indian High commission in Colomo as Nirupama was not accompanying him and also because it was a personal pilgrimage undertaken for religious purposes.

Thiruchenthoor-pic: wikipedia

Nadesan checked in at the Chitra Park Hotel in Thiruchenthoor and commenced his religious observances. Thiruchenthoor is one of the “Arupadaiveedugal” or six revered abodes of Lord Muruga or Skanda.It is believed to be the venue of the battle in which Lord Muruga led the Devas and defeated the Asuras.Lord Muruga is worshipped as Senthilaandavan and the temple known as Thiruchenthoor Senthilaandavan Kovil.


While at Thiruchenthoor Nadesan came under the radar of the local Police “Q’branch. The special branch of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Tamil Nadu is known as the “Q” branch. The “Q”branch set up in 1971 specializes in intelligence gathering and monitoring suspected extremist activity. The “Q’branch was aware that Nadesan’s next destination was Rameswaram.

Nadesan reached Rameswaram at about 3 pm on Monday January 9th and checked in at Hotel Royal Park . The local”Q”branch Police were awaiting him at the Hotel when he arrived. In the evening Nadesan went to the Ramanathaswami temple to worship.He was accompanied by two “Q’branch officers in civils. While exiting the temple a person presumed to be from the press photographed him suddenly. However a uniformed Police Inspector politely sent the photographer away. Nadesan had dinner at 8.30 pm at the Royal Park hotel where he had six “Q’branch officers as guests.

Nadesan left the Hotel very early in the morning. When he went out there were two “Q”branch officers in the Hotel lobby.The Sri Lankan Tamil devotee then proceeded to the residence of a Brahmin priest RC Anandha Dikshithar on Nadutheru in the Melavasal area.

A “Shraaddha”ceremony began at the house at 6.00 am. It was conducted by Brahmin priests on behalf of Thirukumar Nadesan. This involved a “Pinda -dhan” where offerings are made to ancestors in the form of “Pindas”made by Brahmins.The pindas are balls made of cooked rice or flour mixed with ghee, honey and black sesame seeds. The Pindas are offered to the souls of departed ancestors and then dissolved in water.

In Nadesan’s case the “Pinda –dhan” was for three generations of paternal and maternal ancestors. After the ritual at the Nadutheru residence the Sri Lankan Tamil businessman had walked to the beach on the eastern side of the Ramanathaswami temple known as “Agni theertham”(holy water body of fire) and dissolved the Pinda or rice balls in the sea.

There are 64 “theerthams”or holy water bodies in Rameswaram. Bathing or performing religious rites here earn great merit.”Agni theertham”is regarded as the most sacred among them. Nadesan then returned to Anandha Dikshithar’s residence to continue with the rest of the religious rituals, He was bare –bodied and wearing a verti according to custom.


When Nadesan returned he found six persons at the gate. They had come on three motor cycles and possessed cameras, camcorders and tape recorders.Introducing themselves as being from the press they began bombarding Nadesan with questions.

The “journos” asked questions about the Political situation in Sri Lanka and about the Rajapaksa family.Nadesan politely declined to answer saying he was not a politician and that he was in Rameswaram for a religious and not a political purpose.

Sudenly a mob of about 40 to 50 persons emerged from a pharmacy named “Moon Medicals” across the road. Many in the group were wearing black tee shirts with the portrait of slain LTTE supremo Veluppillai Prabhakaran or with a picture of a leaping tiger. This rabble virtually surrounded Nadesan and began shouting slogans in Tamil.

They began chanting that there was no place in Rameswaram for Rajapaksa family members when the Sinhala navy was killing Tamil fishermen from Rameswaram. They also screamed that Sinhala govt people who had massacred Tamils in Sri Lanka wont be allowed to enter Tamil Nadu.Black flags and placards were waved vigorously.Nadesan tried to explain but his voice was drowned in the shouting.

Upon hearing the commotion the Brahmin priests came outside.Concerned for Thirukumar’s safety the priests pulled him out of the melee and took him inside the house.Seeing their target escaping some of the rowdy mob tried to hit Nadesan with the flag poles. A few threw their slippers and chappals at him. But Nadesan entered the house safely


The enraged rabble then tried to forcibly enter the house but the priests led by the owner Anandha Dikshithar bravely blocked them for a while and managed to lock the front door from inside. Anandha Dikshithar sustained minor injuries in the scuffle. The mob then threw stones and footwear at the house while shouting slogans and threats of a racist nature.

The Police were informed and cops arrived within 10 minutes at the scene and dispersed the mob. Nadesan was escorted amidst tight security to the Hotel. In a disturbing disclosure one Policeman told the Tamil businessman that he had been officially assigned as Personal security officer but had been ordered to keep away by his superior officer so as to not attract attention.

Nadesan checked out of the Hotel immediately and left for Trichy from where he returned to Sri Lanka . He had been unable to complete the religious rituals or bathe in the “theertham within temple precincts as intened due to the rowdyism.

The incident however began receiving wide publicity. The leaders of the mob began giving interviews to the media and seemed very proud about what they had done. The tiger and pro-tiger media organs within the Tamil Diaspora publicized the event as a great victory against the Rajapaksa regime.

Nadesan was portrayed as Rajapaksa relative who had tried to conduct a pooja in Rameswaram for the benefit of President Rajapaksa and his Govt. The demonstration was depicted as a victory for having thwarted the move.

After returning to Colombo Thirukumar Nadesan wrote to the Indian High Commissioner Ashok Kantha outlining what had happened to him. He also wrote to External affairs minister Prof.GL Peiris and the Lankan envoy in New Delhi Prasad Kariyawasam.Nadesan also told sections of the media that there had only been a demonstration and an attack attempt against him and that he was not harmed physically


Meanwhile the Tamil Nadu police began cracking down.Nadesan himself had not made an official complaint but the Brahmin priest Anandha Dikshithar had lodged one with the Rameswaram Police.The Federation of Brahmin priests with a membership of over 500 began exerting pressure on the Police. Public opinion in Rameswaram was horrified at the incident.It had violated the cultural norm of hospitality where a guest was akin to God.

The Rameswaram Police found themselves under pressure from an unexpected segment of the local population. Rameswaram fisherfok reacted strongly against the incident. Thirteen mechanized boats associations and ten country boat associations representing Rameswaram fishermen issued a joint statement condemning the incident and staged a protest demonstration.

NJ Bose the general secretary of the mechanized boats association federation said that a foreign national and a priest should not have been attacked. Bose feared that the incident could adversely affect on going negotiations between Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen as the demonstrators had made references to Rameswaram fishermen being attacked thus conveying the impression that the demonstration was an act of vengeance.

With mounting pressure the Police acted swiftly and began arresting those allegedly responsible.Seven persons including suspected ring leaders were arrested and produced in courts.They were remanded to judicial custody for fifteen days by the Rameswaram judicial magistrate.Police have also identified 40 other persons as suspects involved in the fracas.

Based on the complaint made by Anandha Dikshithar a case was filed in courts under Sections 506(1), 294(b), 427, 448 and 355 of the Indian Penal code for the offences of criminal intimidation, uttering obscene words, mischief, house trespass and assault. ” Deputy Inspector General of Police of Ramanathapuram range Sandeep Mittal told “The Hindu” that “All those involved in the incident would be brought to book”.


Most of the “activists”involved in the incident belong to the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (MDMK) led by Vaiko and Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam(NTI) led by Seeman.Among those arrested and remanded are “Karate”Palanisamy the state deputy –secretary of the MDMK youth wing and Kan.Illango the Rameswaram organizer of NTI.

The involvement of Vaiko and Seeman’s followers in the incident comes as no surprise because both leaders are rabid supporters of the LTTE and firmly opposed to a united Sri Lanka . These elements together with supporters of some Dravida Kazhagham(DK)factions have engaged in a vitriolic campaign against Sri Lanka in the state.

Seeman a film director cum actor has been obnoxiously racist. He was detained in Tamil Nadu for many months for publicly threatening to kill Sinhalese in India as retaliation for Tamil Nadu fishermen being killed.

He was deported from Canada some time ago for making racist remarks threatening the lives of Sinhala persons. Recently Seeman was denied entry to the USA and turned back at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York.

Seeman’s movement has a leaping tiger as its symbol. His younger followers wear black tee –shirts with Prabhakaran’s portrait and describe themselves as “Karumpuligal” or black tigers.

Energised by the inflammatory and provocative utterances of so called political leaders such as Seeman ,emotional youths in Tamil Nadu have displayed antipathy bordering on hatred towards Sri Lanka and the Rajapaksa regime. Very often these feelings deteriorate into sheer racism against the Sinhala people who are demonized as an oppressive majority destroying Tamils in the Island.


The rise of such racism has paved the way for a new form of vigilantism to emerge in Tamil Nadu. These political activists are determined to keep out Sri Lankans connected to the Rajapaksa Govt. Demonstrations are staged very often against perceived targets. While the objective is political at an ideological level, crass racism is pervasively visible in actual practice. Ordinary Sinhala people have been targets in addition to politicians.

Former Speaker WJM Lokubandara experienced a demonstration when he visited the temple dedicated to Shaneeswarar or Saturn at Thirunallaru. Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasighe found his vehicle surrounded by a mob chanting “Rajapaksa go home” in Tamil Nadu.
Wickremasinghe then told the mob who he was and said that he must be allowed to go home if Rajapaksa was to be made to go home.

Gampaha district MP and deputy minister of state resources and enterprise development Sarath Kumara Gunaratne found himself mobbed when he went to the Roman Catholic Church at Vellankanni. Some Muslim ministers have also found themselves the target of demonstrations. A senior Muslim cabinet minister went for an Islamic literary conference in Tamil Nadu without any fanfare to avoid trouble.

Tamil Nadu also witnessed racist anti-Sinhala threats and intimidation at many places last year. Sinhala tourists and pilgrims were threatened resulting in hundreds of them seeking protection at the Maha Bodhi society in Egmore, Chennai. Over 300 pilgrims going to Buddhist and Catholic places of worship and around 1000 sight-seeing Sinhala tourists abruptly terminated their stay in Tamil Nadu and returned home in August 2011.

These incidents of the past year as well as the latest one in Rameswaram reflect the simmering racist tensions in the state. These embers can be fanned into huge flames at any time by irresponsible politicians. The Rameswaram rumpus indicates a nexus among politicians,media and Police at the local level. The recurring phenomenon of racist rowdyism can have serious repercussions affecting Indo-Lanka relations in the future.


It is indeed ironic that the antics of these racist elements in Tamil Nadu are contrary to avowed policy measures of India towards Sri Lanka . India is very keen on fostering people to people relationships and are encouraging travel and tourism to India from Sri Lanka . Commerce and trade is being developed.India is also keen to attract Sri Lankan professionals in key sectors through agreements such as CEPA.

While this goes on at one level the Indian state that is closest to Sri Lanka in more ways than one is not creating a conducive climate for amity and friendship. The racist attitudes displayed by these political elements are undermining the overall Indian policy objectives. At present these incidents are mere irritants but gradually the friction could assume grave proportions.

It is time then for the powers that be in India both at the Central and state govt level to take appropriate action and prevent such incidents in the future.

It is the right of every Sri Lankan with a valid visa to visit India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular safely and securely. It is of Paramount importance that all Sri Lankans visiting India for religious and cultural purposes be allowed safe passage and a secure stay.

The rise of racist vigilantism in Tamil Nadu manifesting itself in disgusting forms such as the recent rowdyism at Rameswaram needs to be condemned vehemently.

Tamils of Sri Lanka must disassociate themselves with despicable acts such as these that are being committed by racist rabbles in the name of Pan-Thamizhian solidarity.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. Its sad how things are degenerating.

    Foolish armed struggle and not willing to settle for a peaceful solution have tagged Tamils as terrorists in the eyes of the world.

    Now, opportunist politicians and simple thugs are trying very hard to show the world there true colors.

  2. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for a splendid multi-faceted article that provided insight into a number of aspects

  3. Thanks DBS for this article. I am a Roman Catholic from Ja-ela who was one of those chased away from Vellankanni church last year when I went on a pilgrimage for a vow I made.

    Mobs from Seemans outfit assembled out side the lodge we were staying and shouted anti Sinhala slogans. They threatened lodge manager to chase us away or they will burn down the place. Finally Police came and took us away and sent us back to Chenai. We came back to Colombo without taking communion

  4. As a Tamil I am ashamed of what some goons are doing in Madras in the name f Eelam Tamils. I endorse what Mr.Jeyaraj says.I want all Sri Lankan Tamils to condemn this type of behavior

  5. Dont you see all this is happening to get the BJP into power. Isolate Sri Lanka and economically ban (via the Union govt) it as the current state of TN has done so.

  6. Wounds are still fresh & emotions are still running high…. Nevertheless, what happened to the members of the inner circle of rajapakse family in rameshwaram is deplorable and regrettable.

  7. Airtel



    Ashok Laylend

    B-Lunu (Bombay onion)

    Mysore parippu.

    Indian assembled……… LG











  8. Even LTTE supporters in TN have a right to protest, although, LTTE did not afford such freedom when they were ruling parts of Sri Lanka.But no one is entitled to violent protest and intimidation. There are also places and times for such peaceful protests. Religious places should be out of bounds.

    The instigators of this incident must be the TN cousins of the late Cyril Matthew.

  9. I read with interest this article of DBS Jeyara on the attack on Thirukumar Nadesan. Firstly, it is unfortunate incidents of intimidation have taken place towards Sinhalese and Sri Lankan government politicians and those aligned in Thamil Nadu. While I dissociate myself from these incidents, I would like to ask whether such incidents are the sole responsibility of those who perpetrate them or is there more to this than meets the eye or ear?

    Let us not forget that the GoSL did not permit those Tamils who were involved in killings and bombings to be alive in Sri Lanka. At the same time those GoSL officials who were involved in killings and bombings expect to go to other countries and expect what? There is sadly a sizeable bulk in the Sinhalese polity who looked at the killing of Tamils, especially during the last days of the conflict and said “that the Tamils deserved it”. When you have such a racist polity what else do they expect? To be handled with kid gloves?

    It would be best if Mr. Nadesan could work towards accountability and reconciliation using his links with the Rajapakse regime. Instead he has decided to enjoy the perks and positions that he is being assigned by the regime. What about the sufferings of the Thamil people in the Northeast while he enjoys the luxuries that come with being associated with the Rajapakses? When you do things only for your benefit and hobnob with killers who cause the sufferings of people you cannot expect to have it easy everywhere you go.

    It is time for Mr. Nadesan to stand up for what is right and not for what is profitable.

  10. DBSJ

    You are correct in saying that the Indian state closest to Lanka has not done the minimam to bring about a conducive climate for amity and friendship.

    When people like Vaiko and others of that mindset still collaborate with that state, how can it in anyway differ from the state which preceeded it when the spurious black shirt ideology of the Thiravida Iyakam is the guiding philosophy of both the Tamil parties that have governed that state alternatively?

    That intolerance is the same and it comes in radicalised extremist forms in different manifestationss every where in the world as Taliban,Zionist,Hindutva,Mahavamsa,and the born again Christian.

    When they are all used by wily for political purposes, it becomes a curse and the innocent people suffer the consequences.

  11. DBSJ

    You are correct in saying that the Indian state closest to Lanka has not done the minimam to bring about a conducive climate for amity and friendship.

    When people like Vaiko and others of that mindset still collaborate with that state, how can it in anyway differ from the state which preceeded it when the spurious black shirt ideology of the Thiravida Iyakam is the guiding philosophy of both the Tamil parties that have governed that state alternatively?

    That intolerance is the same and it comes in radicalised extremist forms in different manifestationss every where in the world as Taliban,Zionist,Hindutva,Mahavamsa,and the born again Christian.

    When they are all used by wily politicians for political purposes, it becomes a curse and the innocent people suffer the consequences.

  12. Ya.. Well it’s the way thing happen India,’ darma addi’is common practice, you have to accept certin norms in county we vist..

    After all the Tamils in India has witness the slaughter Tamils, May be some of the Tamil fisher men have been waiting for this. They are very very angry.

  13. Dear Aloy,
    You say you are a Roman Catholic and was chased away from Vellankanni and couldn’t take communion. While I’m sorry for your plight, you must understand when you Sinhalese mistreat, kill and displace Thamil people in Sri Lanka you cannot expect Thamil people in other areas to just keep quiet. That is sadly human nature. When Tamils were being killed in Sri Lanka there were Sinhalese who said “the Tamils deserved it” lit firecrackers and celebrated. While you may not have been one of them, what did you do to stop the killings? At least you should be thankful that the Tamil Nadu police took you safely back to Chennai unharmed, a luxury a sizable number of Tamils did not have and still do not have in Sri Lanka.

    It is also unfortunate that the Roman Catholic church in Sri Lanka stayed silent while the killings of Tens of thousands of Thamil people took place. More than taking communion it is better to stand up for the lives of vulnerable peoples – that is what it means to be a Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ showed that on the cross.

    Aloy, I would sincerely ask you to stand up for Jesus’ principles rather than worrying about rituals such as Communion too much.

  14. Thiru as many of us know is a devout Hindu. He is deeply immersed in the rituals.He is a devoted Thiruchendur worshipper who for many years have spent all six days of the Kanthasasti in the Senthilnathan temple. Despite his Colombo Tamil accent he can recite the Thevarams flawlessly. I have heard even his little children ( when they were little) reciting the Sivapuranam to my amazement.Not once he dabbled in politics.It is unfortunate that the local police at Rameswaram failed in their duty. It is a shame that rowdy elements were allowed to desecrate the Rameshwaram temple premises.I am sure that the Indian Govt. will act firmly, so that not only Thiru but several other SL devotees, Budhists, Muslims and Hindus are able to visit places of worship without harassment.

  15. I strongly condemn DBJ for addressing Tamil People feeling as Rowdism.

    SL Tamil don’t come to Tamil Nadu if you think you are part of Sri Lanka, you are not welcome.

    Perhaps a word stronger than”Rowdyism”?………..DBSJ

  16. “At present these incidents are mere irritants but gradually the friction could assume grave proportions.”.

    I know, how angry the Tamils of Tamil-Nadu are about what happened to Eelam Tamils in the last days of the war. First of all, please, you fight to get justice for the innocent Tamil civilians and even for the surrendered LTTE fighters, who were mercilessly bombarded, butchered, tortured,raped and killed by the Sinhalese in Srilanka, and then go and worry about what is happening to your kith-and-kin. If, you do like that, not only Tamil-Nadu Tamils anger will be reduced but the Eelam Tamils as well. After all Tamil-Nadu “Q” branch also mainly occupied and run by Tamils. If there is no accountability for crimes-against humanity, genocide and war crimes in Srilanka, why do you expect Tamil-Nadu police should be concerned about a small incident like this? It is true, the incident was organized and executed by a small group, but then even JJ must be happy about it. With-out any shame, I well-come it, though psychical attack may not have been needed, in view. But incidents like this are needed to attract, unite and consolidate the Tamil-Nadu Tamils against the Sinhala barbarians to give us Justice.

  17. .
    These people Vaiko & Seeman does not have any support (not even 1%) in TN.

    They can only make noises like this for their survival.


  18. As DBSJ coorectly notes DM Rajapakse was uanimously recognised as “the Lion of Ruhuna” But latter day “historians” – with able support from an obliging and sycophantic media- have rewritten history to now suggest DA enjoyed that coveted title. It is not altogether wrong to suggest the winning/ruling side often writes history with a tilt in its favour. The current rulers have not departed from that
    questioable tradition. One Lion but two claimants?


  19. LTTE robbed Sri Lankan Tamils and supplied millions to Gopalasamy and Seeman. Even these pro-LTTE elements in TN are supported from Canada too.

    Many smugglers associated with LTTE and Gopalasmy are now millionaires in Tamil Nadu.

    Gopalasamy who never talk Tamil at home, grew with the LTTE money. WIKILEAKS once mentioned how LTTE supported the growth of Gopalasamy.

    Tamil nadu is always run by criminals. TNA also try to make Tamil areas of Sri Lanka like TN as state of hooligans and criminals.

    As you said SL Tamils must disassociate themselves with these Tamil Nadu hooligans!

  20. If Rajapaksa killed our 40,000 kiths and kins not even ‘state terrorism’, protesting against Rajapaksas kiths and kins only called ‘Rowdyism’?

    How about “ethno terrorism”?……..DBSJ

  21. I read with much interest about the history of the ‘Rameswaram” which made me feel like visiting it oneday….

    Nirupama is just a “show’ in politics….I have nothing agaianst or for…but whether they do poojas for Rajapasha or for them is nobodies business….who cares?

    DBS you got it right when you said..nexus of low level groups with less literacy is all what we can conclude here…there is nothing much to take from this as we all know…without boiling the blood

    but seriously DBS..did Rani W said that….’he should be sent home inorde to sent MR home…’ha ha I didnt know that our Rani is that brave…..couldnt help laughing…thank for that little bit of infor….

    Sadly Ranil is grossly underestimated.

  22. DBSJ,

    wonderfull article.

    In my understanding a teacher who origin from Jaffna and hindu devotee has taught to Dr. Kalam is Maths not english. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I went Rameswram once with my wife in 1990s. It is naturally good place to prayers.



    Yes it was Maths.My slip. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll be correcting it

  23. Not easy task, beyond economy there are other concerns mounting on Sri Lanka. Whetever government on central of India–Policy towards Sri Lanka always challangeble.


  24. shut up man

    don’ patronise…!

    the world knows what is right and what’s wrong

    you don’t worry about tamils!

    being branded as anything

    go and get a life..!

  25. Sir, while I would accept your views and condemn this act, I would also say that these acts are symptoms and the disease lies within. Unless you treat the disease you cannot prevent these symptoms, no matter what you preach.

    Though the Vaiko and the Seeman are fringe groups and they do not command a good percentage of votes, there are many people who support their feelings.

    If an Hindu or a Budhist from India comes to the Anuradhapura or colombo and performs puja at a local shrine be it Budhist or Hindu for the benefit of the Prabharakarn will you be able to digest it.

    Though scores of people have been killed the Sinhalese people and the polity are not making any headway in solving the issue politically.

    They viewed it as a military problem and are not giving any solution to this.

    This is a mob fury. This may be orchestrated by the political parties interested in getting mileage from it, but a section of the people may be supporting it, as a way of taking out on Rajapaksa when they attack the Nadesan.

    This has to be condemned but at the same time Nadesan also could have postponed his visits so that he could come here when the passions have subsided a little. The timings of his visits are not right. He could have also chosen to do the pujas at the Kataragama.

  26. Sivananthan, I am sure YOU ARE NOT A TAMIZAN.

    If you are a TAMIL, your comments would have been different.

    Your commenst reflects Sinhalese racial mindset.

  27. While condemning such actions, we should not put the blame on Tamil Nadu authorities alone.

    This has happened recently in Jaipur when Salman Rushdie was not allowed to participate in a purely literary conference-not even through video from England, by religious fundamentalists and no arrests were made so far.

    To the credit on Indian medias such happenings are reported forthwith.

  28. Dear Aloy,
    You say you are a Roman Catholic and was chased away from Vellankanni and couldn’t take communion. While I’m sorry for your plight, you must understand when you Sinhalese mistreat, kill and displace Thamil people in Sri Lanka you cannot expect Thamil people in other areas to just keep quiet. That is sadly human nature. When Tamils were being killed in Sri Lanka there were Sinhalese who said “the Tamils deserved it” lit firecrackers and celebrated. While you may not have been one of them, what did you do to stop the killings? At least you should be thankful that the Tamil Nadu police took you safely back to Chennai unharmed, a luxury a sizable number of Tamils did not have and still do not have in Sri Lanka.

    It is also unfortunate that the Roman Catholic church in Sri Lanka stayed silent while the killings of Tens of thousands of Thamil people took place. More than taking communion it is better to stand up for the lives of vulnerable peoples – that is what it means to be a Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ showed that on the cross.

    Aloy, I would sincerely ask you to stand up for Jesus’ principles rather than worrying about rituals such as Communion too much.

  29. Your saying is that the people have the freedom to protest under the “Bros. Inc.” Can you trace the People who disappeared (prtoesters, journalists, innocent Tamils)in Sri Lanka?

  30. “It is unfortunate that the local police at Rameswaram failed in their duty”

    If you go by this standard, if Sri Lanka police had done their duty since the 1950s, several STATE SPONSORED pogroms could have been averted, LTTE would not have emerged, Several thousand deaths could have been prevented, Several millions dollars worth of property would have been saved!!! Above all SRI LANKA would have become better than Singapore, instead of competing for the last place on earht as far as law and order is concerned!!!Sri Lanka has become famous for its violence all over the world!!!

    First put your house in order, before you preach to other people!!!

  31. Great family background of Nadesan and Nirupama.
    Shame the so called Rowdies didnt know this before hand, as they may have worhsipped Nadesan and Nirupama instead

  32. Only the pro-LTTE criminals and smugglers are angry in TN. You just cry the LTTE propaganda of TN here. No one there to buy it in Sri Lanka!

    Q branch is the regular rapist of Sri lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil nadu!

    Further Tamil nadu is unable to solve their own problems. These hoologans are the product of the inability of the Tamil Nadu.

    Sri Lanka will increase the military presence in the North and East to handle these TN criminals.

    Criminals and supporters of the criminals talk about “justice”. What a joke!

  33. Rowdyism and hooliganism is Univerasal. Mainly among the politicians of SouthAsia but not confined to South Asia. It is there since the begining of the world and it is nature and natural. Synonyms are Heroism, warrior and art of ruling, and leadership. It is also prevalent among the animal kingdom and anong the plants too. That is the norm and cultural civilisation we are Living and it is eternal. Darvin said fight or flight. Amend it to Fight and flight. The Major form of Rowdyism is Great battle and mega war. minor is skirmishes or Insurgrncy. Another form is called terrorism. The micro form is rowdyism. fighting is a form of survival and evolution. It is for the existence of living thing in this world. Thandu edthavan thandalkaran. Thandu eduthavan will survive. The bible say stories of many killings. Hindu and Islam epics too. I don’t know about Buddism but buddist too perform that. It is the reality. Human Law may not be always right. There is God’s law that we can interpret in the way we like. natural law does not condemn killing and rowdyism. Amen

  34. .
    Mr. Sivananthan,

    Try not to score own goals….

    Millionaires – Rajapakse family, Gandhi family, Maaran family, Karunanidhi family….. the list goes on.

    Vaiko – was no. 2 in DMK once but he went down because of his support to LTTE. His feelings maybe correct but he don’t know how to execute it.

    TN run by criminals – it was ‘criminal’ Karunanidhi who indirectly supported elimination of your enemy LTTE.

    SL Tamils have no connection with TN politics – our connections are cultural especially cinema.


  35. DBS in his usual way has called a spade a spade. I agree with his description rowdyism. The fellows who did this are rowdys

  36. Tamil nadu rowdies must be visited and learned from sinhala budhist evils. We Tamils from all over the world must condemn this madness. Any way sinhala rowdies and criminals still robbing in day light without any fear in my land. No body bothered or condemn this evil wickedness. As long as sinhala budist barbarism exist in my land sinhala must expect more in all over the world.

  37. If my leader honorable Devananda the walking God on earth was in Rameswaram like Nadesan and something like this happened he would have shot and killed Vaikos and Seemans attack dogs like Pariah dogs

    Remember how he fired at a Tamilnadu mob attacking EPRLF in Choolaimedu in 1986 and killed the ring leader

  38. Hi DBSJ
    Wish a very happy chinese dragon new year.

    I wish you in the name of my living God Devananda who is equal to a 1000 chinese dragons

  39. Dear myil selvan

    When Tamils were being killed in Sri Lanka there were Sinhalese who said “the Tamils deserved it” lit firecrackers and celebrated.

    Could you please name which Sinhalese said “the Tamil deserved it?”

    While you may not have been one of them, what did you do to stop the killings?

    Can we also ask what did you do to stop the LTTE killing fellow Tamils?

  40. See How my Lord and master honorable Douglas Devananda made the Indian President Abdul Kalam come up to see him personally in Jaffna and shake hands with him. I hear Kalam was really imprsssed and told my walking God that Honorable Devananda is like Swami Vivekananda

  41. What has the family background got to do with the average residents of Rameshwaram? They may be big people for the sinhalese. As far as Rameshwaram people are concerned they are the “tacit supporters” of the tormentors of their fishermen and generally anti Tamil people.

    Are you day dreaming about TN people worshiping these war criminals (Nirupama is part of the Govt). TN people are not fools like the majority of the sinhalese to worship the Rajapakses!!!

  42. I agree with Mahesh.
    These regular pilgrimage to TN by Rajapakse relatives may be construde as covert propaganda on behaf of GoSL, by some.
    While a peaceful protest would’ve suffice to get the point across, its sad that the protestors resorted to the sub-continent’s usual ‘rowdyism’…. .

  43. Hehe!You are hilarious Rahavan. I only hope your ‘sarcastic’ devotion and sense of humour is appreciated by your God DD!

  44. As a tamil i will deplore this type of act if it has happened to any singhalese who i consider as a family member of mine. But because it has happened to the MR family and clan they deserve every bit of it. These low lives make the lives misery for so many tamils and singhalese playing out so much money. Now they want to go and see god to make a mockery of that too. The MR family is like the saddam hussain and gaddaffi family. They live off the misery of all singhalese and tamils. So they deserve to get everything they get and frankly every member of the family should not be allowed to enter any country. Then only these low lives will change!!. Look at what they are doing to the uni students in the south. They have finished with the tamils now they have started with the singhalese.

    I have no sympathy and do not condemn this attack. The more the better. You reap what you sow. I am not going to shed crocodile tears for MR and VP family members and their rights. You take away so many rights and now you want some for you ? Give me a break!!.

  45. Things will improve the day, “Brothers Inc”. treats the Sri Lankan Tamils as human beings, or the day racism vanishes from the Sinhala politics!!!

    One more thing Thirukumaran should have gone just like any other person on a pilgrimage!!! No one would have noticed him among the usual crowd at these temples!! He attracted attention by going with the police escort.

    In any case it is wrong to hurt or humiliate any one without provocation.

  46. Waiting for the Barbarians

    By C. P. Cavafy

    What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

    The barbarians are due here today.

    Why isn’t anything going on in the senate?
    Why are the senators sitting there without legislating?

    Because the barbarians are coming today.
    What’s the point of senators making laws now?
    Once the barbarians are here, they’ll do the legislating.

    Why did our emperor get up so early,
    and why is he sitting enthroned at the city’s main gate,
    in state, wearing the crown?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and the emperor’s waiting to receive their leader.
    He’s even got a scroll to give him,
    loaded with titles, with imposing names.

    Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today
    wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
    Why have they put on bracelets with so many amethysts,
    rings sparkling with magnificent emeralds?
    Why are they carrying elegant canes
    beautifully worked in silver and gold?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and things like that dazzle the barbarians.

    Why don’t our distinguished orators turn up as usual
    to make their speeches, say what they have to say?

    Because the barbarians are coming today
    and they’re bored by rhetoric and public speaking.

    Why this sudden bewilderment, this confusion?
    (How serious people’s faces have become.)
    Why are the streets and squares emptying so rapidly,
    everyone going home lost in thought?

    Because night has fallen and the barbarians haven’t come.
    And some of our men just in from the border say
    there are no barbarians any longer.

    Now what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
    Those people were a kind of solution.

    Source : C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems (Princeton University Press, 1975)

  47. I think you are PANNIYAN and not Pandiyan. You idiots never know how LTTE criminals killed thousands of Tamil people in Lanka!

    LTTE went against India and killed Rajiv Gandhi. So, LTTE is not Tamil in your dictionary or you are not an Indian in your dictionary?

  48. King Prakrama Bahu of Kotte was part of the Rameswaram Temple history. His maternal side was Pandiya Royals!

  49. Dont you know that the former Vicar general of Jaffna diaocese Fr.S.J.Emmanuel praised the LTTE are the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST? But Sinhala Catholic clergies tight lipped when their Tamil counter parts publicly advocate LTTE and part of the terror campaign?

  50. VaiKo’s problems with DMK or India are not Sri lankan problem. But Vai Ko was part of the LTTE criminals and their smuggling business!

    SL Tamils never marry their sister’s daughter but TN people do so. Then what is the bloody cultural connection you talk here?

    Are you scoring something here without knowing the culture?

    Rajapakse and Nehru families are millionairs for centuries but this Gopalasamy and Seeman ? Dont compare dogs with elephants!

  51. This is where you made the mistake my dear myil selvan.

    Have you ever been to SL……

    Can you name a single incident in last 25 years where Sinhalese ppl have mistreated, killed and displaced Tamil people.

    Do not mix up war casualties with civil life.

    You had your chances.

    ….With JR for an India sponsored solution.

    ……With RP.

    ……..With CBK.

    ……….With Ranil.

    LTTE walked away from all tables to do more killings.

    And they wiped out the 2nd option from main Tamil political stream.

    What do you expect MR to do??????

    Start negotiations with VP????????

    Now TNA is going to miss the train again.

    Yes… we “”lit firecrackers and celebrated’’’ the departure of VP.

    So did the Americans when they killed OBL.

    But can you see anybody doing demonstrations against the Tamil population who are living peacefully in Colombo. Or in any other part of SL.

    And don’t mix-up religion with these issues.

    We didn’t see you are “”standing up for Jesus’ principles”” when LTTE is slaughtering Sinhalese and prostituting the “”Nation of Tamil””

  52. chelliah say:

    “the world knows what is right and what’s wrong”

    Does it?

    If that is true, why did the world allow the slaughter of 300,000 people between 1971 and 2009 in Sri Lanka?

    What did the world do to stop genocide of my people for the past 2,500 year by both Sinhalese and Tamils.

    Please get real.

  53. Aratai

    “SL Tamils have no connection with TN politics – our connections are cultural especially cinema.”

    Perhaps the Jaffna Tamil consider himself/herself to be far superior than Tamilnadu Tamil. Hence Jaffna Tamil avoids/denies all historical and genetical connetions.

    Am I the only one in this forum thinks that the Jaffna man/woman has Jaffna-man mindset just like the Sinhala Mahawamsa mindset?

  54. Mahesh

    Please note two wrongs don’t make it right.

    Your comment should have condemned the incident without any reservation/in no uncertain terms.

    If and buts are unnecerray in these discussion as if the attack was justified by the attacks on Tamils in Sri Lanka. You are on a moral slippery slope if you relate the incident to events in Sri Lanka. It is simply a stupid act, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, Tamils and India.

    Please refer to other stories below;

    Pro-LTTE activists assault Lankan director in Chennai
    Venkataramanan, TNN Mar 27, 2008, 01.47am IST
    CHENNAI: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam supporters attacked a Sri Lankan film director in Chennai and prevented him from taking back prints of his film from a laboratory for allegedly portraying the banned outfit chief, V Prabhakaran, in a poor light.

    The incident took place on Tuesday at Gemini Lab in Chennai where Lankan director Thushara Peiris had come to take prints of his film Prabhakaran , which shows the miseries of the people due to the civil war through the eyes of an escaped LTTE cadre.

    Sri Lankan Buddhist centre attacked in Chennai
    Chennai, Jan 25, DHNS:

    Envoy flies to Chennai after four monks are injured in the incident
    Sri Lankan Envoy Prasad Kariyawasan on Tuesday rushed to Chennai after an attack on a Lankan Buddhist centre on Monday night left four people, including a senior visiting monk, injured.
    The attack on the 120-year old Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society (SLMBS) centre in the heart of Chennai followed the recent killing of two Tamil Nadu fishermen allegedly by the Lankan navy. The centre is venerated as a popular temple of “Theravada” worship that is visited by over 1.20 lakh people annually………………………………….

    Sinhalese are shaken by violence but not scared to live in Chennai
    M T Saju, TNN Jan 28, 2011, 05.58am IST
    CHENNAI: The recent attack on the Maha Bodhi Society, a Buddhist centre in the heart of Chennai, in the wake of killings of two Tamil fishermen, sent shock waves across the small Sinhala community in the city. But, though small in numbers, the Sinhalese say they have never been afraid to live in the city or anywhere in Tamil Nadu despite the state’s passionate pro-Tamil and pro-LTTE sentiments. Shiromi Alexander, a Sinhalese tour guide who has been living in Chennai for 15 years, says it was sad to see the poor and innocent Buddhist monks being attacked. “It was unfortunate, but at the same time the attack should not be taken as a collective sentiment of the Tamil people. There were tense moments during the civil war in Sri Lanka. But now I don’t worry at all. There is a good rapport between the two countries,” says Shiromi.

    Once Tamils surrounded a car carrying Ranil Wickremasinhe and intimidated the passengers in Tamilnadu.

  55. DBS

    You are too kind and nice in calling this action Rowdyism only.It is far worse than that.It is racist fascism.It is also anti -hinduism

    Tamil Nadu must clean their backside before trying to clean Sri Lanka backside

  56. What do you expect from local Tamils when a close relative of Rajapaksa’s family comes and enjoys his time here? A man still has contact with Rajapakse, who is responsible for Tamils genocide should not be allowed into TN. Is this guy an innocent Srilankan? what is his opinion about Tamils genocide? What is his opinion about Rajapkse’s family involvement in genocide?

  57. Thamizhian says:

    “I am deeply ashamed of what my people did in Rameshwaram.I ask Pardon from Mr.Nadesan”

    Please refer to my earlier comment.

    Rather than apologising to stupid Sinhalese you should be civilising the stupid Tamils in Tamilnadu. Act smart and earn respect.

    Those who intimidated unarmed Nadesan who came to Rameshwaram to perform religious rites have lot to answer.

    What did these showmen thugs do to save their brothers when they needed protection most during the war?

    Why didn’t these showmen thugs go to Sri Lanka and fight against the Sri Lankan armed forces to protect their fellow Tamils at the time of war?

    It seems Tamils are stupid irrespetive of where they were born or live just like their Sinhalese counterparts, this goes to show how these stupid people on both sides of the strait are genetically linked.

  58. Hello Is ther hope
    Sorry May be I didn not articulate myself propery.
    I should have said “great Portrayal of the background by DBSJ……

  59. “Rowdyism at Rameswaram” good headline with rhyme. DBSJ is very clever in this. You can be a very good poetry writer rather than be a journalist only

    If only you will write article about my lord and my God honorable Douglas Devananda ou will win Pulitzer prize

    If you write poetry praising him you will win Noble prize for litarature

  60. /Although the incident happened on January 10th its reverberations continue still.The federation of Brahmins associations in Rameswaram with a membership over 500 announced a hunger strike in protest over the attack on Thirukumar Nadesan.
    The rise of racist vigilantism in Tamil Nadu manifesting itself in disgusting forms such as the recent rowdyism at Rameswaram needs to be condemned vehemently./

    Well said!

  61. Jane Russle (a British scholar) called it ‘peninsula mindset’ !!

    In 1930s some Colombo Tamils called them ‘frogs in a well’.

  62. Is there hope,

    Since , you are justifying this behaviour, saying that sinhalese also behaved like this, don’t cry for for any purpurted injustice by the sinhalse.

  63. afool,

    Sinhalese got attracted , united and consolidated excellently and won decisively against Srilankan tamil barbarians in 2009.

  64. Mr M Sivanathan!

    “Hurt people, hurt people”.

    I heard this from Bill Cosby, the American comedian in a TV interview. I know Mr Sivanathan is a hurt man (the way I understand him from his many comments), but the only thing is, he can only hurt people who are ready to be hurt. So, you do not hurt me Mr Sivanathan.

    Secondly, When a man is angry, he often looses his wisdom. I pity you, for falling into this category. In many of your comments, I only read your anger rather than any observation or information. Let us see your comments;

    A) “Only the pro-LTTE criminals and smugglers are angry in TN.
    How do you say that? Did you take an opinion poll?

    “You just cry the LTTE propaganda of TN here.
    May be, but not devoted to LTTE like the way you are devoted to MR & DD.

    “No one there to buy it in SriLanka!”
    You mean Sinhalese? Tamils elected TNA, remember? Who cares about any Sinhalese buying or not.

    B) Q branch is the regular rapist of Sri lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil nadu!
    Do you hold lamp, while it happens?

    C) Further Tamil nadu is unable to solve their own problems.
    World over countries have their own problems including US, UK, Europe and Australia. Are you a world bank governor? May be you are not aware, Tamilnadu is one of the most advanced states in India.
    These hooligans are the product of the inability of the Tamil Nadu.
    But still, they are far behind comparing to your masters MR & DD. They have a lot of catching up to do.
    D) SriLanka will increase the military presence in the North and East to handle these TN criminals.
    So! Srilanka fears this TN criminals? What a shame for a whole country to fear a bunch of criminals?

    E) Criminals and supporters of the criminals talk about “justice”. What a joke!
    The word justice must sounds bitter only to the criminals. MR, DD and their coolies really have not a clue about justice or what they have committed are serious crimes. No wonder, their followers think alike.

  65. aratai!
    It is not the right way you are counting the support for an issue. What percentage of votes Viko or Seeman holding is nothing to do with what support the particular issue has among the Tamilnadu population. It is like the way the Extreme national parties in Europe do not get enough votes to form governments there but the issues they raise are popular among the population and must be addressed by also the popular parties to not to loose their vote bank. In any case, you do not need a large number of followers to do something extreme. It is like Subash gave more head-ache to British colonial rule than Mahathma Gandhi.

  66. Native Vedda!

    Do not mind Aratai, he was not an elected representative of the Jaffna Tamils. Haven’t you seen his name? He has to say something, so he said it.

  67. Until now, I thought the Sinhalese do not even have a head on top of their bodies. But, now I see, by fearing to write comments here, they have proved, though they have no brains, at-least they have a head. But, S C Pasqual?

  68. DBSJ,

    Thanks for highlighting the Rowdyism of LTTE gangs in Tamilnadu. Whatelse we can expect from the followers of our “Sun God”.

    R Maran

  69. Vaiko, a Telugu origin, born and brought up in TN, had nurtured ambitions to one day become the leader of the DMK while he was still with DMK. And since he is Telugu, he had to act in a different way to associate himself more with the Tamil people to win their hearts. The SL Tamil issue proved to be a valid card(at the beginning) and he thought showing himself as a staunch LTTE supporter would lift him to the level of a warrior for the Tamil cause. But, unfortunately for him, when Karunanithy brought up his son, Stalin to the forefront of the party, a heir apparent, all his hopes dashed out, and he was forced to drop out of the party. Then with the link he already had made with Prabaharan, he set up his own party with the funds received from LTTE. Initially he seemed to have support base because of his Telugu base, but after Vijayakanth (another Telugu origin, born and brought up in TN) started his own party, he lost support of the Telugu base largely. He has no option other than staging some scenes like the ones in Rameswaram and other places.

    As far as Seeman, well, he is a cinema person, therefore, setting up stunt scenes is not new to him. Further, Nedumaran, another political bankrupt in Tamil Nadu, has also to do something to please the pro-LTTE elements.

    It is up to the people of Tamil Nadue who should be wary of people like Vaiko, Seeman, Nedumaran and the likes.

  70. There is no PEACE without Justice
    There is no Justice without peace.
    The crux of the matter is since Independence Tamils were
    targeted and the Law enforcing Authorities looked other way
    This is the cause of the whole troubles in Sri Lanka.
    1983 was organized by the democratically elected government
    members and ministers.
    This gave birth to LTTE/TELO/EPDP/EROS etc, etc, all started
    with “EALAM CAUSE”, why some are with the Government. Why KP is
    getting security and luxury life, though wanted by INTEPROL
    and Thamilini and others still in custody.Why a similar amnesty or
    Pardon offered to JVP not given to tamil rebels.Why! Why!! Why!!
    A clean start is very much in need for a permanant peace.
    Justice must be meted out to
    victims of 1983 till to-date-

  71. I agree with DBSJ that Tamils’ “..cultural norm of hospitality where a guest was akin to God…”

    S.Udhaya on transCurrents.com “The Virunthombal Kalacharam as it is known is an inbred characteristic of Tamil culture and it is even said that there is no greater sin than to disrespect the guests who have come to your house.”

    “Valluvan‘s Thirukural on Virunthombal/Hospitality: Kural 89, 90, etc.. says that

    “Guest will feel sad when they are hosted without happiness in their face by the host. A happy guest will find it so fulfilling to even drink just a glass of plain water when the host serves the drink with love and happy face. Even the host is a rich person; a guest will find them poor when the host does not know how to serve their guest. Even there are 101 food items that being offered to the guest, having a host who doesn’t know how to serve is equivalent to no dish at all. Valluvar says that you will find this quality of those who are illiterate. We understand that time and effort is a concern when every one of us is working and trying to juggle with our day to day life. However, we have our own culture and ethics that needs to be maintained. “

    I also agree with you Mahesh:
    There are many holy temples in Island, why can’t they do the poojai and yagam in there. If they think India is the holy land to seek pardon, why not Kasi, Kylasam, Bodhgaya why Tamil Nadu at this particular time? Are they trying to add fuel to the fire or trying to show the world Tamils are barbaric by stimulating the locals’ emotions?

    “According to folklore and some versions of the “Ramayana” it was at Rameswaram that Rama prayed to Lord Siva to seek pardon and absolve himself of sins committed during the course of the war against Ravana”

    Very interesting, most Sri Lankan Tamils follows Saiva samayam, but their superior god Lord Siva is too nice and will pardon those comes to him after killing Tamils without any hesitation.

  72. Sri Lankan products taken off shelves in Chennai stores

    The Special Officer in charge of the oldest consumer cooperative society in the State, TUCS (Triplicane Urban Cooperative Society) – which runs a chain of provisions stores and public distribution shops in Chennai – issued orders to have Sri Lankan products removed from all its outlets with immediate effect following a representation made to him by Tamil activists.

  73. This is deplorable. Attacking pilgrims whether Tamil or Sinhalese should not be condoned. After all, these rowdies have indirectly helped the image of Mahinda Rajapakse. Now people in Tamil nadu and elsewhere have come to know that Rajapakses have Tamil relatives.

  74. This “Rowdyism”and Racism amomg some Tamil naduans have come to the fore only in recent times.

    The inauguration of the current CM in Tamil Naduwas wasthe start.

    Her efforts to impose trade sanctions against Srilanka,gave the LTTE suppporters inside as well as outside the Nadu, a positive siganl that Ms jayalaitha is all for Eelaam.

    Infact a few prominent pro Eelamsist commentators in Lanka, gloated in their comments here, that the Jayalalitha Factor is the new weapon that will pummel Rajapaksa.

    The LTTE lobby of Nadu,lead by Nadu, Vaiko and Seeman Troika made significant ground with the help of the CM to consolidate their postions.

    Infact, Mr Seeman was a special guest of the Tamil Diaspora to give them inspiration. And Mr Seeman was prompltly rewarded with promises of help from the Diaspora resources.

    Even the Leader of the Emmanuel faction , the most militant Diaspora group,reciprocated with a visit to Tamil Nadu.

    There is a great perception among Srilankan inhabitants that the Tamil Nadu inhabitants are placid people.

    Even when Srialankan inhabitants were going through mayhem, over the last thrity years, the Lankan inhabitants from Tamil Nadu ,shared some of the ufferings that the majority went through.with suicide attacks in particular.

    In this era of peace and freedom . it is sad that Srilankans especially religious inhabitants who venture into Tamil Nadu have to face these lawless and racist behaviour of some Tamil Naduans.

  75. Dear

    Do you remember that Mr. Sugunam Joseph MP was shot and killed the sri nlankan Armed personnel on Christmas day midnight mass in Batticaloa St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Catholic Cardinal kept mum.

  76. Dear Mahesh

    If an Hindu or a Budhist from India comes to the Anuradhapura or colombo and performs puja at a local shrine be it Budhist or Hindu for the benefit of the Prabharakarn will you be able to digest it.

    3 points that demolish your rather foolish statement:

    1) I recommend reading DBS’s article again. Nowhere did he say that Mr Nadesan was doing puja for Rajapaksha relatives. Nadesan was simply carrying out his normal religious obligations. Do Hindus have a right to practice their religion in Tamil Nadu?

    2) DBS also made quite clear that the normal people of Rameshwaram did not attack Mr Nadesan. If anything, the local priests should be congratulated for risking themselves to shield him. It is clear that only Vaiko and Seeman’s minions were involved.

    3) Given that Prabakaran was responsible for worse atrocities against the Tamils than Rajapaksha, not to mention the murder of the Indian Prime Minister, what do you think should be the appropriate response to anyone in Tamil Nadu or India paying respect to Prabakaran?

  77. Can you say that Nadesan’s visit was purely a religious one and he didn’t have any political aims from that visit?

    Tomorrow he could also say that as an extended member of the Rajapaksa family he had gone to do pujas for the Rajapaksa brothers at Rameswaram and some Bramin priests had done it for them.

    There was no event whatsoever then at RAMESWARAM, a busy fishing port and also a great religious place in TAMIL NADU.

    This goes to prove that nobody is supporting Sri Lankan Tamils even at the height of the genocide and the civil war.

    Can you say this line of argument will not be made by him in the future.

    He more than religious purposes came on a personal purposes to invoke the blessings and seek the favours of the Rajapaksa brothers to further his personal, business or other interests.

    If he had sincerely wanted to do some puja and there was no ulterior motive for him then he could have gone to scores of other places in India.

    When ambassadors are posted to the Sri Lanka they prefer a North Indian to be there and don’t they know there are temples in North of India also.

    When the tempers have cooled down he could have come here.


    Dont try to defend the indefensible and make an ass of yourself Mahesh

  78. Sri Lankan government is caring every one. Limb-less Tigers and other LTTE goons are now expect the hands of Rajapakse and not the donkeys in Tamil Nadu.

    TN hooligans thrived with criminal LTTE. SL have illegal immigrants problems from Tamil nadu only. Now that has gone. That is the trouble.

    Disapora LTTE donkeys fight among themselves to go away with the money collected in the name of EELAM. Dont you know why they fight? The same case for the goons of Telungan Kopalasamy.

    TN is the threat to Sri lanka in everyway. That will be handled by Gota!

    You better find a job for Karate Palanisamy in your home.

    Tamil Nadu smugglers and pro-LTTE criminals are the only supporters of LTTE. No one need any opinion poll!

    How did Karate Palanisamy get “hurt” by the Sinhalese or Tamils from Sri lanka?

    Holding the lamp is a tradition of Tamil nadu. Dont you know CHENNAI is the AIDS CAPITAL of India. Try to visit a refugee camp and you will know it!

    TN is an adavanced state? on what? Only a 10-20% educated population become advanced? Intelligence wise Kearala and W.Bengal are the advanced people in India.

    That is why Keralites run the Indian foreign office than the Tamils!

    You are an example how you are an illeterate and crying for the criminals!

  79. .
    Mr. Albert,

    This is nothing new to you:

    On July 8, 2010 Ban issued a statement finding it “unacceptable that the Sri Lankan authorities have failed to prevent the disruption of the normal functioning of the United Nations offices in Colombo as a result of unruly protests organized and led by a cabinet minister of the Government.” He recalled the UN’s ranking official in Sri Lanka, Neil Buhne, for consultations in New York and closed the UN Development Program’s Asia and Pacific Regional Office in Colombo as a “direct response” to the situation affecting the UN compound.

    On July 10, 2010 the United States, the European Union, and eight European heads of mission in Colombo issued a joint statement that “Peaceful protest is part of any democracy, but blocking access to the United Nations … as well as intimidating and harassing UN personnel is a breach of international norms and harmful to Sri Lanka’s reputation in the world.”

    “That Secretary-General Ban is standing his ground against the anti-UN protests in Colombo is a strong endorsement of the need for justice and accountability in Sri Lanka,” Pearson said. “It’s time the Sri Lankan government started working with Ban, rather than against him.”


    Anyone arrested in Lanka? None.

    What they say…. don’t throw stones from glass house!


  80. What has this got to do with the LTTE card holders and or their sympathisers clobbering a fellow Tamil, who was on a holy mission, in a holy place sorrounded by holy men???

  81. This guy was related to MR. He is not a real tamil man. he married a sinhalese woman who is part of the MR regime.

  82. Mr Kalu Albert,
    Mr Nadesan is not a real tamil man.He married a sinhalese woman who was part of the Regime responsible for killing 20,000 innocent people in the last days of the war. So Mr Nadesan also indirectly responsible for this crime.It has nothing to do with LTTE which was dead and gone.

  83. Dear DBSJ,
    I don’t think the term “Ilangaithamizhan” is acceptable to many Sinhalese even the ones with more liberal views. I witnessed even in this blog that many Sinhalese who even has a soft corner towards Thamils are expecting Thamils to identify themselves as “Srilankan” not Ilangai or Eezha Thamilan.
    On the other hand if 57 year old Thirukumar Nadesan is an “Ilangaithamizhan” of Jaffna origin residing at Horton Place in Colombo 7 or where ever in this world have ever stand up for Thamil’s or minority rights in that island? He is not an ordinary thamil like Kanthan or Velan. Despite his influential connection in Srilankan politics and business circle, has he ever done anything to alleviate the suffering of Thamils in that island? If anyone know any such incident or event, which will help me to convince Nadesan as an “Ilankithamizhan”.
    I would like to quote MLK Jr. here “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    We all remember 13 Thamils in Thamilnadu have self immolated to voice their support to Ilangaithamizhan during the final phase of the war in 2009. They all made the ultimate sacrifice just because of their love towards thamil and humanity. Regardless of any political association with Seemaan, Vaiko, DMK ADMK, DK, etc there are many more such Thamils in Thamilnadu ready to do anything to support their brethren and sistern in Eezham. They are very much concerned about the state of Thamils in Ilangai. As few bloggers commented here this incident is the reaction by such Thamils to protest against they consider as representative of Srilankan Government. Any attack on Sinhalese or Buddhist visiting Thamilnadu also such reaction by those Thamils. Do you think anyone can stop those people when they are ready to sacrifice their life? If there any criminal activity involved in this incident, then it is up to the Thamilnadu police to handle the case. Nothing much we can do about it.
    My humble opinion is that this issue has given more publicity than it suppose to.


    Ilangai is accepted officially.Check official documents. Only Eelam is taboo but LTTE &pro-LTTE Tamils wanting Eelam are the people who spurn Ilangai and use Sri Lanka in writing. Idiots!!

  84. I can continue to answer you in the same manner, but I like to quit because a sensible mind can’t answer your insensible questions, and I do not have time like you to waste. Most of the questions you asked me here, was answered by the same you in many your previous comments. Apart from your consistence devotion to MR, DD group and the opposition to the LTTE, in all other aspects you are a man, full of inconsistencies and contradictions.

  85. I can continue to answer you in the same manner, but I like to quit because a sensible mind can’t answer your insensible questions, and I do not have time like you to waste. Most of the questions you asked me here, were answered by the same you in many your previous comments. Apart from your consistent devotion to MR, DD group and the opposition to the LTTE, in all other aspects you are a man, full of inconsistencies and contradictions.

  86. Dear Wije,
    Thanks for your response and engagement.
    Mahinda Rajapakse said to a Tamil Editor “I am not like Chandrika, I will hammer your people and teach them a lesson” Check the HRW Report of August 2007.

    A Sinhala-Buddhist colleague of mine told me that many of his friends and relatives had said that the Tamils deserve it. He went on to say that he has come to the conclusion that a Majority of the Sinhala people are racist towards Tamils. This is coming from a Sinhala-Buddhist.

    I have friends from the University of Colombo who said that there are Sinhalese who say that the Tamils deserved it.

    Let’s not forget what JR Jayawardene said “The Tamils must be taught a lesson”.
    Let’s not forget what DB Wijetunge said “The Tamils are creepers”.
    And what do you think those who burned houses, raped women and killed thousands of Tamils in 1983 said? Or those who killed Tamils in 2006,1977, 1958, 1956 said?

    If you want to deal with the truth you need to come out of your comfort zone and ignorance and be willing to do the research and seek the truth.

    As for what I did to prevent LTTE killings. I never voted for the LTTE and neither did the Tamil people. They seized the initiative through the gun. Tamils did not vote for them. They couldn’t do much against them, which quite a few Sinhalese politicians have said that the LTTE held the Tamil people as hostage and did not give them freedom and forcibly recruited them.
    But you Sinhalese voted for the governments that did the carnage. Hence you had the vote and also some sort of mechanism to raise your concerns with the government. So you are somewhat responsible through your VOTE. But that cannot be said of the LTTE. Having said this, I think we could have done more if the Sri Lankan government also strengthened the moderate Tamils’ hands by being genuine about negotiating peace, which Ranil Wickramasinghe did, somewhat. Unfortunately by and large the Sri Lankan governments were more interested in staying in power and felt giving in to Tamil’s demands would be suicidal to their political existence. This is exactly what Mahinda Rajapakse said to the Indian delegation.

    Besides, I never lived under the LTTE but in Colombo. Hence to attack Tamil people for not doing something to stop the LTTE is not fair since the Tamils did not have rights that the sinhalese enjoy. Nevertheless I know of some Tamils who stood up against the LTTE’s tactics. I remember a Christian priest who went all alone to protest to the LTTE about the eviction of Muslims from Jaffna. Does the media here give prominence to those acts?

    But the sinhalese, at least now, can do something to urge the Rajapakse regime to give into the reasonable demands of the Tamils. In the very least can the GoSL implement the 13th amendment? The fact that the constitution of Sri Lanka is being implemented at the whims and fancies of the sinhala regime shows the basic dishonesty of the sinhala political leadership.
    It’s time to stand up for the WHOLE TRUTH, not just the truth that is palatable to you.
    Finally, let me say that I am not here to generalize or stereotype Sinhalese and I think there are good Sinhalese but they have been sadly relegated to the sidelines or not in positions of power, like Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Tissa Vitharana, etc.
    I would like to see if the sinhalese will elect someone like Vasudeva Nanayakkara instead of Mahinda Rajapakse.

  87. Dear Mr DBSJ!
    I want to spend efforts to write, not three but one, one article on every Tamil who was tortured, who was raped and who was killed violently in Srilanka.(I do not mind committed by who).

    OK.Go ahead. Start with the Tamils victimised by LTTE…………..DBSJ

  88. Dear Kabaragoya,

    I was in Colombo. And where were you when the sinhala army (GoSL armed forces) killed innocent people – sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims?

    Asking nonsensical questions is not going to help are situation. You need to be honest and seek the WHOLE TRUTH.

    The Sinhala armed forces have killed innocents and so have the LTTE.
    The tragedy is that the Sinhalese (a substantial portion) do not see the Government of SL has the real cause of the problem and always seek to blame the LTTE, the great excuse for the sinhalese. The sinhalese were killing innocent Muslims and Tamils from 1915 to 1956 to …… long before the LTTE ever came into existence. In fact in what the sinhala racists who created the LTTE.

    If we are really serious about moving to a better future the GoSL needs to be honest and genuine in word and deed. The dishonesty of the Sinhala political leadership has been the tragedy to which this country has been put through ever since the early 20th century.

    The onus is on the the GoSL to make right it’s wrongs. If the GoSL is put right then there would be no LTTE or JVP or other uprisings.

  89. I think the incident would have been much worse if the priest dikshithar did not pull him back into the house.Nadesan would not have wanted to go back and endanger the priest and his family,but the quickthinking dikshithar did not let him down and probably saved him from grievious bodily harm.Wonder how he got such a name.Maybe british sense of humour during colonial times.

    I agree with DBSJ this is deplorable and a image of rowdism has been created in tamilnadu.Vaiko and seeman cunningly tried to use the fishermens issue but the main reason for this is they are LTTE.No difference between them or the LTTE rump in western capitals.Though they might all use different names to describe their organisations to dupe others,just one word is the correct one,which is LTTE.These people are not just LTTE supporters,they are the LTTE itself.Over the years of interaction they have become part and parcel of it.

    I think people like thiru nadesan have to look at it that way and take appropriate precautions in future without just casually loafing around without protection.The LTTE may be finished in srilanka,but it is still there outside.Even jayalalitha has to be careful,these people could turn on her one day,unless she nips it in the bud and not let things get out of her control.

  90. Benj,either you are a retard or nutter.How does his tamilness diminish just because he marries a sinhalese?Children of course will be mixed race,and maybe that is the best way forward for this country because there won’t be a ethnic problem,because there won’t be a ethnicity in the first place.Future generations will just call themselves srilankan.End of story,and they lived happily ever after.

  91. I recommend reading DBS’s article again. Nowhere did he say that Mr Nadesan was doing puja for Rajapaksha relatives. Nadesan was simply carrying out his normal religious obligations.


    Today he says these things and tomorrow he may say some other thing, may be he did it for Rajapaksa and then there was not any opposition for that. And he may say that a Bramin of great eminence had done it for him.


    DBS also made quite clear that the normal people of Rameshwaram did not attack Mr Nadesan. If anything, the local priests should be congratulated for risking themselves to shield him. It is clear that only Vaiko and Seeman’s minions were involved.


    Tomorrow this same line of argument may be made to show that no local person was agitating and all this agitations were only by the outsiders, and they were politically motivated.









  92. Self Immolation is always purposeful! Not a Sri lankan Tamil did that. Why do the TN idiots? Check the suicide/murder rate of TN first before branding those people as doing sacrifice for the Tamils of Sri lanka. Now the former LTTE combatatnts do suicides because they cannot find a way to live peacefully!

    In one case Gopalasamy went to the home of a man who did suicide after having problems with his wife. Gopalasamy and other LTTE criminal supporters tried to create story.

    Pathmnabha and his 11 colleagues + two Tamil Indians were gunned down at Chulaimedu by LTTE few years ago. What happened to the killers? Nothing. That is Tamil Nadu.

    114 SL Tamil refugee camps are there. Central Government pay and TN government run those camps. Did anyone tried to vist those camps? Tamil nadu police have their “Q” branch police at every camp. you cannot enter those camps without meeting those Tamil police. They never let you to talk to those people inside. Those TAMIL refugees are treated as criminals by the state of Tamil nadu. It is also another form love of their “breathern”.

    Most of the time young girls are taken away by this “Q” Branch for “inquiry”. Later some of those girls trid to kill themselves. In one case a girl was gang raped and she killed herslf.

    These Gopalasmy and Seeman gangs never visit any of those refugee camps because they cannot get any money from them!

    You guys never worry about these matters but cry for the mental retards who kill themselves or killed by their masters for money. TN political morons like Gopalasamy and Seeman work for the money supplied by LTTE. From where LTTE got the money? LTTE ‘Taxed” Tamils at A-9, taxed eggs, coconut etc. and sucked the Tamils in Vanni and other Tamil areas and paid millions “FREE” to the criminals and hooligans of Tamil nadu and let the Tamil people to beg NGOs for food!

    Not only that LTTE have built luxury Condos in Colombo. Is it part of the EELAM struggle.?

    Tamil Nadu Tamils care SL smugglers and criminals with money and not the pennyless refugees in their own Tamil nadu. Money is the KEY for the Tamil nadu gangs!

    Tamil diaspora send money to Nedumaran and other TN bakrupt politicians. These LTTE diaspora never send a single dollar to Sri lanka. That is the love of their “breathern”.

    Dont expect Thirukumaran and other Tamils who live in Colombo will bark for LTTE criminals! He is the REAL “Ilangaith Thamizhan”.

  93. Who is a “real” Tamil? Who is a “bogus” Tamil?

    I think your name is Benjamin. You dont have a TAMIL name. Why? You are qualified to be a “bogus” Tamil like the LTTE which killed thousands of Tamils!

  94. Ganapathy Moorthy!(?)

    You are really lucky to be noticed by at-least a person like me. As your name suggests, if you are really a Tamil, you(your opinion) have ONE vote.

  95. Mahesh!

    Do you know what my problem is? If I say, Mahesh is talking something sensible and true, the real fools here will, make fun of you associating you with me. After the twin towers bombing in US in 2001, the respected Tamil writer Sujatha said in an interview, that he is not sadden by the event.

  96. jey i would term it as a feeble response from a community which could not do anything while thousands of tamilians were being killed by srilankan army.in a lighter vein i am heaving a sigh of relief no tamilian in an emotional state of mind did not indulge in self immolation.lol

  97. i have to take strong exception to your comment that chennai is aids capital of india and tamils are less intelligent when compared to keralites or bengalis.no doubt keralites dominate the babudom and they wield disproportinate power compared to their demography and geography.i would find fault with tamilians because they dont have conviction in their views.they take solace in venting their anger by attacking a hapless guy like thirukumaran natesan.they go home with a satisfaction that a rajapakshe kin has been beaten up.whereas the fact is tamils with their geography and demography can make or break the central government unfortunately it is not being done.i hope that in future jayalalitha if she gets an overwhelming mandate in lok sabha elections will see that pressure is exerted on srilanka to provide political settlement through 13th amendment.for your information bengalis despite being very intelligent run their state very poorly.their health care is in shambles and it has reached a state where the ordinary bengali even for a normal health problem will be assured only after visiting apollo hospital in chennai.i have seen bengali restaurant nearby to apollo hospital.bengalis are in tie when it comes to intelligence because both tamils and bengalis have won three noble prize each.rabindranath tagore,amartya sen and mother theresa.whereas tamils c.v.raman,s.chandrasekar and venkatraman ramakrishnan have won noble prize in hardcore science.

  98. while it is true that vaiko is a tamilian of telugu origin.it is a fact that the community to which he belongs to kammavar naidu community which is predominent in kovilpatti,rajapalayam region of south india.they came to tamil nadu along with thirmalai nayakar a chieftain and settled down in that part of madurai region.as far as i know though he is a telugu there was no need for him to prove his loyalty by raking up the sri lankan issue to bolster his credentials.he was a rising star a fiery orator and he has been part of the dmk since late 1960s and he had every right to stake his claim to the leadership of dmk.dmk is not a personal property of kalaignar where his son would succeed him.vaiko was one of the most popular dmk leaders and i have spoken to many dmk loyality who say that after karunanidhi vaiko has a chance of getting the reins of dmk.one big weakness of vaiko is he is a decent guy unlike cunning karunanidhi who changes his stripes to enjoy the power.i would find fault with vaiko for only one thing too much of focus on srilankan tamil issue that too his blind support to tamil tigers.it is not a sign of maturity.struggles cant be the end rather it is means to achieve a goal.nedumaran is a person with no political base ironically he started his political career with congress and he was a supporter of kamarajar.one of the startling fact that congress people dont remember is when indira gandhi was attacked by dmk goons he was the person who bore the brunt and somehow indira gandhi espcaped with injuries.one of the shameful aspects is official dmk daily termed indira gandhis blood stains on her saree as a monthly recurrence alluding cheaply to mensuration.it is tragic that people like vaiko,nedumaran have been ignored by tamilian electrate it shows how money power,sycophance rules the present day politics of tamilnadu.

  99. shri.nadesan has not visited tamil nadu for the first time.but i dont know whether it is going to be the last time.tamil press previously had given wide coverage to his visits to papanasam temple,tiruchendur temple i for one would not advise shri.nadesan to visit tamilnadu.if he had been an ordinary person no one would have bothered to take notice of him.but when he is related to rajapakshe he becomes a persona non grata in tamil nadu.rajapakshe is the most detested name in thamilnadu atleast now.another problem is shri.nadesan when he comes here he does some yagna or other there are enough people who create an impression as if he is here to do some puja on behalf of rajapakshe.this disinformation cant be stopped when termpers are running high.io cant accept the act as rowdiyism because tamils are to too soft and mildmannered or else for what sinhalese have done to tamils someother community would have gone beserk and it would have resulted in war between india and srilanka.

  100. Mahesh the Modya says:

    “When the tempers have cooled down he could have come here”.

    We are unable to guess when your temper would hot up or cool down. Each of you could inform us.

  101. Dear peacelover,

    I am Sinhala and I have no problem at all with “Ilankaitamilan.” I only object to “zh” because the sound in Tamil does not have an actual “z” sound. However I rarely if ever hear Tamils refer to themselves in this way. I would take “Ilankaitamilan” any day over the colonial “Ceylon Tamil.”

    Let me know if you meet any Sinhala who doesn’t like “Ilankai.” I will straighten him out.


    Well said Wije! Ilangai is Lanka!!

    The Sinhala names Ilangakone, Ilangaratne, Ilangatilleka, Ilangasekara etc are derived from this

  102. No wonder, the CMs of this State don,t make the grade to get into the A League, unlike the current FM from Karnataka.

  103. Those who try to portray LTTE and their criminal allies as HEORES,cannot answer my questions. People like you have no “sensible” or “civilized” mind to grasp the ground realities.

    I am happy if people like you not attempt to answer me!

  104. But the so called Dravida and Tamil political parties never claim these “c.v.raman,s.chandrasekar and venkatraman ramakrishnan” are Tamils anywhere. Why?

    Few years ago Indian leading dailies like Hindu or Indian Express published Chennai is the AIDS capital of India.

    How many ordinary Tamils can reach Appolo Hospital in Chennai if ordinary Bengali can come and go to Appolo hospital? Are you telling the Bengalis who visit Appllo are “ordinary” Bangalis?

    35 TN MPS cannot do anything against Indian Centre. Kerala politicians know this very well. SL Tamils <10% of the total population foolishly tried to beat the 70% Sinhalese with gun power without knowing the world politics or any military knowledge. Not only that LTTE went against India after the Americans became their masters.

    Indians must know this EEZHAM trouble was aimed at the destruction of India by Americans. Tamil was an instrument to fool the Tamil people.

  105. //tamils are to too soft and mildmannered // Are you joking here? No incidents or the last 30 years history dont support this idea!

  106. myil selvan says:

    I never voted for the LTTE and neither did the Tamil people. They seized the initiative through the gun. Tamils did not vote for them. They couldn’t do much against them, which quite a few Sinhalese politicians have said that the LTTE held the Tamil people as hostage and did not give them freedom and forcibly recruited them.


    Now washing the hands like Pilath ! We are innocent !!

    I will copy from the Tamil tigress article-2, by DBSJ on this blog, to counter your claims.

    ‘What is remarkable about this act is the fact that neither she nor her friend had been forced into recruitment or arms training. The choice of embracing the LTTE thereby risking life and limb was a voluntary act done willingly. ‘

    ‘This conduct by the LTTE may be hard to believe when viewed against the backdrop of how the tigers behaved later when expanding the number of their cadres.Likewise it may also be perplexing as to why young boys and girls joined militant ranks voluntarily and courted martyrdom willingly in a by gone era.’

    ‘Forcible recruitment or conscription had become an established practice of the LTTE in the years of the new millennium.It had reached dizzying heights during the final phase of battle.’


    So at the beginning Tamils supported the armed struggle and even the diaspora financed them. No doubt about that fact. Why are you denying the known facts?

    Do u still justify the violence that was unleashed by LTTE ?

    We the majority accept the mistakes done by our political leaders. The majority did vote governments in to power but never justified their wrong deeds. We condemn every unlawful act/injustice committed by GoSL against the minority communities.

    Only thing that the majority of Sri Lankans are against is the separate nation for Tamils in SL.

    No hidden agendas when negotiating!!

    I do not know to whom you have been talking to but the people i negotiate with never said ‘Tamil civilians deserved the onslaught in 2009.

  107. The ‘Tamil cause’ becomes futile when based on untruths.
    The unprincipled hooligan try to take over the ’cause’ it is already lost.

  108. You mean “hiding” in colombo.A typo i guess.

    But i dont see any typing error the fact a LTTE supporter cunningly hiding behind words.

  109. Pandiyan says

    “If you are a TAMIL, your comments would have been different”.

    Oh please we have heard this stupid comments many times over.

    Tamils can be Tamils with their own opinion and beliefs. They don’t have to tow your line of thinking or desire.

    I may not agree with M.Sivananthan but I will defend his right to express his opinion. You can challenge his stupidity (in fact a lot) but not his right.

    Your approach to freedom of discussion sounds familiar. LTTE before and MR and his cronies now use the same kind of stupid and emotionally enticing blackmail.

  110. cuttige says:

    “Modaya (sinhala word meaning fool)”

    Don’t you think Modaya is fitting tribute to Tamils, Sinhalese and Tamilnadu Tamils?

    Let us popularise Modaya just like Kolaivery di/da.

  111. Is there hope says:

    “Are you day dreaming about TN people worshiping these war criminals”


    However TN people worship celuloid gods and time again elect the same corrupted leaders.

  112. Benj says:

    “This guy was related to MR. He is not a real tamil man. he married a sinhalese woman who is part of the MR regime”.

    Hindus worship cows. Some men in Sri Lanka marry them. Does it make men cows?

    This is not a sexist comment as I am married to a woman and many of my friends are women. Therefore the very act of marrying a woman absolves me from all forms of sexist crime.

  113. this is media roudyism.this called as dharma adi in chennai .its pity to see someone like this.but after seeing channel 4 video this is like seeing comdey scene when vadivelu getting bashed.imagine if there was rajapakse.take it easy.
    sivananthan definitly not a tamil.

  114. Not hiding but had to watch our mouths and actions due to GoSL terrorists who seem to roam around in ‘White Vans. Could they not paint it Blue?

    A person who tries to speak the Whole Truth is vilified as a LTTE supporter, not surprising. That’s the Sinhala mantra isn’t it?

    This is what I said “The Sinhala armed forces have killed innocents and so have the LTTE.”
    I have blamed both sides for killing innocents. Why do you call me an LTTE supporter for speaking the Whole Truth?

    This shows the mindset of a majority of Sinhalese. This is what you call reconciliation?

  115. Dear Cuttige,
    Thanks for your engagement.
    Yes, Thamils supported the uprising after the 1983 riots and there were quite a number who joined voluntarily, but still No VOTE. Not denying facts, I said NO VOTE. There was no basis for a vote or a democratic set up or mechanism.

    I don’t justify any violence. But violence begets violence. Hence when Sinhalese killed few thousands of Thamils in riots from 1956 through 1983 and also in 2006 then what do you expect, especially when there is no other means of redress? No courts to go to, no police will file complaints, etc.

    You say the majority has accepted the mistakes done by our political leaders and that you never justified their wrong deeds. Yet none of them was brought to a trial. And you still elected leaders who are not willing to stay true to their word. For example Mahinda said ” 13th amendment + as a solution. But now he hasn’t even implemented the 13th amendment. What happened to the APRC and the APRC experts panel report, etc, etc?

    If you truly condemn the unlawful acts why are they still in power and why are the unlawful acts continuing?

    If Sinhalese are ONLY against a Separte State then why don’t you accept a Federal State as a solution?
    It has been the sinhala governments that have had hidden agendas. They say 13th amendment + and then do nothing about it. This has been the history from Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam to Senanayake-Chelvanayagam, then the 1972 constitution which took away the minority safeguards from the constitution to the DDCs of JR Jayawardene and then the Provincial Councils. Dishonesty plain and simple.

    I never said all sinhalese. I alluded to a majority. And gave you examples of my friends who said that. But I understand that not all will openly say that.

    So now, what will you tell Mahinda? Will you tell him don’t give a separate state but give a Federal State??

  116. Native Vedda and Cuttige

    You call me whatever you want to. Modaya or whatever else. Invent some foul words and then call me by that.I don’t mind. I stand by what I said.

    If you give political solution this problem will solve.

    Nadesan’s visit has got political overtones. I have the right to hold on to my views.


  117. myil selvan says:

    It is time for Mr. Nadesan to stand up for what is right and not for what is profitable.


    What do you want him to do? Divorce Nirupama and then consider to come back to Rameshwaram to continue his religious obligations?

    Whatever you are trying to tell do not connect well with sound logic. your thoughts are not well oriented.

  118. After the 1983 riots, when Narasimharao was the foreign Minister, he came to Chennai. He addressed a press conference here. Then a correspondent from some newspaper in Colombo asked him ‘this outrage against the riots is only in Tamil Nadu, isn’t it?’

    He was trying to deviate the issue and was trying to draw a wedge between Tamils and others in India.

    To this Narasimha rao replied ‘this outrage is shared by all the Indians, irrespective of their state or language’.

    Sinhalese could use anything to deviate from the main issue and try to draw a wedge between tamils or between tamils and others in India.

    That is the reason I say that Nadesan could use his numerous visits to Rameswaram for political ends.

    Why persist in making an ass of yourself Mahesh?………..DBSJ

  119. Native, please understand Thamizhian’s apology is to Nadesan. Why are you hammering him. He did not apologize to sinhalese !

  120. Vaiko could have become a good leader but he focussed more on the sri lankan tamils. Cho would derisively say ‘how vaiko could get vote here when he wants to work for sri lankan tamils.’

    ‘Once moopanar said that vaiko was a nice person and he should be there in the politics. I believe there were some movement to bring him under the Congress also.

    He is a decent person in politcs. His only flaw is that he had too much of tiger friendship.

    He should once again go to the Parliament. He deserves to go.

    Once Kalimuthu was put up against him and vaiko lost and Kalimuthu won.

    After that he addressed a meeting in which somebody said Kalimuthu is very happy that he had defeated vaiko.

    To this vaiko replied back ‘if kalimuthu can find an identity only because he defeated vaiko then he doesn’t mind in that’.

  121. Though I do not want to continue, let me give you a free information which I copied from wikipedia so next time do not allow your anger, ride on top of your knowledge. When you say 10% – 20% of the population are educated in Tamilnadu, you have already proved me that you are not a person worth arguing with. If you meant, highly educated, that is a different matter. But, may be you are not aware, even in UK, only 8% of the population really run the country. All rest are dependents. —- afool.

    Education and social development
    Main article: Education in Tamil Nadu

    District level literacy (2011 data)

    The main entrance of IIT Madras, showing its logo and its motto.

    The administrative building of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli with its clock tower.
    Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India.[63] Tamil Nadu has performed reasonably well in terms of literacy growth during the decade 2001–2011. The state’s literacy rate increased from 73.47% in 2001 to 80.3% in 2011 which is above the national average.[64] A survey conducted by the Industry body Assocham ranks Tamil Nadu top among Indian states with about 100% Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in primary and upper primary education.[65] One of the basic limitations for improvement in education in the state is the rate of absence of teachers in public schools, which at 21.4% is significant.[66] The analysis of primary school education in the state by Pratham shows a low drop-off rate but poor quality of state education compared to other states.[67][68]

    The statue of C.N. Annadurai at the CEG campus of Anna University
    Tamil Nadu has 37 universities,[69] 455 engineering colleges,[70] 449 Polytechnic Colleges[71] and 566 arts and science colleges, 34335 elementary schools, 5167 high schools, 5054 higher secondary schools and 5000 hospitals.[72] Some of the notable educational institutes present in Tamil Nadu are University of Madras, IIT Madras, NIT Tiruchi, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,College of Engineering, Guindy, SRM University, PSG College of Technology, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Madras Christian College,[73] Thanjavur Medical College, Tamil University, Madras Medical College, Loyola College, Ethiraj College for Women and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Madurai Medical College.
    India has a human development index calculated as 0.619, while the corresponding figure for Tamil Nadu is 0.736, placing it among the top states in the country.[74][75] The life expectancy at birth for males is 65.2 years and for females it is 67.6 years.[76] However, it has a high level of poverty especially in the rural areas. As of 2004–2005, the poverty line was set at 351.86/month for rural areas and 547.42/month for urban areas.[77] Poverty in the state dropped from 51.7% in 1983 to 21.1% in 2001[78] For the period 2004–2005, the Trend in Incidence of Poverty in the state was 22.5% compared with the national figure of 27.5%.[79] The World Bank is currently assisting the state in reducing poverty[80] High drop-out and low completion of secondary schools continue to hinder the quality of training in the population. Other problems include class, gender, inter-district and urban-rural disparities. Based on URP – Consumption for the period 2004–2005, percentage of the state’s population Below Poverty Line was 27.5%.[77] The Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative ranks Tamil Nadu to have a Multidimensional Poverty Index of 0.141, which is in the level of Ghana among the developing countries.[81] Corruption is a major problem in the state with Transparency International ranking it the second most corrupt among the states of India.[82]
    The Dravidian movement, which championed the causes of educating tamils and eradicating superstitions, began in Tamil Nadu. The movement was committed to social justice which led to the expansion of reservations for the deprived communities. Tamil Nadu now has 69% reservation in educational institutions, the highest among all Indian states.[83]
    The Mid-day Meal Scheme program in Tamil Nadu, initiated by Kamaraj, was expanded considerably during the rule of the AIADMK in 1983, although the state is among the 12 states in India that have alarming level of hunger according to the 2008 Global Hunger Index.[84][85] “

  122. Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. It is the fourth largest contributor (as of 2010)[4] to India’s GDP and ranks tenth in Human Development Index as of 2006.[2] Tamil Nadu is also the most urbanised state in India.[5] The state has the highest number (10.56%) of business enterprises and stands second in total employment (9.97%) in India,[6] compared to the population share of about 6%.[7][8]
    The region has been the home of the Tamil people since at least 500 BCE.[9] Its official language Tamil has been in use in inscriptions and literature for over 2000 years.[10] Tamil Nadu is home to many natural resources, Hindu temples of Dravidian architecture, hill stations, beach resorts, multi-religious pilgrimage sites and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.[11][12]

  123. Read my previous responses. I was in Colombo during the war time. Were you in SL? You talk as if though you were not in SL. Maybe in USA with Gota and Basil?

    In the last 25years? Oh yes! In 2006 Sinhalese people went on a riot in Trincomalee and attacked Thamil shops and people and some were killed. The heavily militarised Tricomalee saw the military take no action against the Sinhalese.
    Don’t forget the deportation of Tamils living in Colombo by this government in 2007.
    I have given you two examples even though you only asked for ONE! Now go and research and find out if it is true.

    Firecrackers were being lit long before VP died. When Kilinochchi fell the sinhalese police gave crackers to traders/shopkeepers/threewheeler guys to light. When Pooneryn fell there were fire crackers.

    You say- “You had your chances with JR, RP, Chandrika, Ranil…. but the LTTE walked away from it all”

    I don’t know why you still equate me with the LTTE by saying YOU. The LTTE had their chances but they weren’t interested in it. Just because I’m Thamil doesn’t mean I’m LTTE. But then again that is the majority Sinhalese mindset, isn’t it? Always blaming Thamils as terrorists while you guys do the gang raping and mass killings and burning of homes.
    For my part I wish the government that I voted for (GoSL) was more genuine and would have helped the moderate Thamils by giving into our reasonable demands. Instead they wanted war and to kills Thamils and not give an inch.

    MR came to power because of the LTTE. It was the LTTE who ordered the people in the Northeast to boycott the 2005 presidential elections thereby handing MR victory. MR was not a peace candidate and was never really interested in it.

    When LTTE was slaughtering Sinhalese and prostituting the Nation of Thamil I was in Colombo. What do you expect me to do? Go with a gun and kill them? would the GoSL have given me a gun? would that be logical and practical? Through various organisations I got involved in trying to, in some small way, making a positive impact through social service, etc. But realistically there was really no way I could have stop it. Although personally I condemn the atrocities.
    You shouldn’t ask unnecessary questions. Ask that which is logical and practical.
    Besides if you were not here in SL what would you have seen. Or even if you were here you probably were not looking in the right places but only the Sinhala-Buddhist monks protesting and acting like drunken thugs.

    Sinhalese don’t have to protest against the Thamils. Why would they want to? When the Sinhalese know that their armed forces will take care of business.

    Pasqual, do you consider that a Sinhala name? Just like taking Thamil names and Sihalising and coming up with mumbo jumbo. Facts, Facts oh where art thou?

  124. Cuttige,
    Not divorce his wife, but to stand up for the truth and help the Thamils who are suffering in the Northeast. I’d like to know what Mr. Thirukumar Nadesan is doing to help the Thamil people who were affected by the war? What has he done to help lessen their burdens?

  125. Cuttige,

    He doesn’t need to divorce Nirupama but, like I said before – To stand up for what is right and not for what is profitable.

  126. I don’t have trust in Sinhalese and their Tamil minions.

    I do believe that they could twist the facts and present a different picture later.

    But if you feel this line of argument is not proper I will leave it at that.

    But this distrust runs deep.

  127. Dear DBSJ,
    I agree Ilankai is accepted officially and so minority rights, thamil (as official language), equality in employment, etc also guaranteed under the Srilankan Constitution. Bottom line is what an ordinary thamil face in his/her day to day life is matter.
    Even today in the news that a 17 year old thamil school girl was suspected to be raped and killed in Point-Pedro (Sakkoddai) by occupying military. She was missing for two days and later her body was found near her house. There is no authority in the country to bring the perpetuators of such crime to punish under the law.

    Since 1948 and until 1983 Thamils’ democratic fights against Srilankan State were answered with state terrorism. As a result you know very well than any others how thamil militancy was formed immediately after 1983 ethnic pogrom on two main ideologies as “Thamil Eezham” and “Eezham”. Both are just like opposite sides of a coin. Many thamil youth were sincerely joined various militant groups on the believe of achieving freedom to thamils. Later many of those youth were betrayed by their leadership and eventually LTTE took upper hand on the survival struggle of thamil militancy. The violent path chosen by the militant leadership may be wrong, but the underlying reasons for the rise of thamil militancy are still intact and not addressed by Srilankan state to this day. Thamil youth choose the violent path out of frustration by witnessing state’s failure in addressing their concerns.

  128. Dear Wije,
    We all know how “Manal Aaru” changed to “Weli Oya”, Amparai changed to “Thigamadulla” and so on.
    Today in the news “17 year old thamil girl suspected to be raped and killed in North”
    Every day we hear such horrible news. Don’t they deserve a life?
    This was the reality before the rise of thamil militancy in 1983. Later Military was so busy fighting with thamil youth have no time for other things. Since 2009 they have plenty of time in their hand and have nothing to do.
    Pls also see below my response.

  129. cuttige

    You are a creative genius. By any chance are you from Vedda community?

    With a stroke of key board you have summed up historical fact in popular contemporary vocabulary.

    You are too cool, awesome and hilarious. Therefore I conclude you have some Vedda connection.

  130. aratai says:

    the anti-UN protests in Colombo On July 10, 2010. Anyone arrested in Lanka? None.


    Why no arrests. The one responsible for the protest did not seem very sound mentally.

    The president of SL gave him a glass of water to stop the hunger strike.

    However, whatever the UN says, what we Sri Lankans saw was that this minister was desperately trying to gain cheap publicity and be in president’s good books.

    None of us gave 2 hoots to the drama. Arresting him would have been a another publicity stunt.

  131. myil selvan says:
    If you truly condemn the unlawful acts why are they still in power and why are the unlawful acts continuing?


    May be we are not that impatient as you fellows are at present.

    However we will not wait for 30yrs tolerating a totalitarian law like the Tamils did under LTTE !

    For your information 13 amendment is part of the constitution already. The problem with that LTTE prevented its implementation in N&E but other provinces were forced to implement.

    Many a problems faced by other provinces due to this. Provincial councils already are big white elephants. Unless each province gets money from the central government, they are unable to survive from their own resources.

    Jaffna & batticoloa districts prospered under the unitary system up to early 1980s, until war broke down.

    Jaffna district was the best in education, health, agriculture during pre LTTE rule. All that was destroyed by your claims for political power superiority.

    Look at Malaysia they have boomiputhra laws which are worse than any Sri Lankan law. But did the Chinese minority take arms? No they worked hard with in that system and now they are economically more powerful than the Maleys.

    Don’t keep harping on the mistakes of sinhala polity. Learn to change your attitudes towards a pragmatic future.

    Please understand this will be my last reply to you. No more engagement, if you have not learned from 6 decades of mistakes by our forefathers.

  132. myil selvan says:

    “What has he done to help lessen their burdens?”

    Charity is something that you do voluntarily out of goodness of your heart not to impress the world, particularly you.

    Whether he is a charitable person or not it is not my business.

    No one should be compelled to do anything for others except one is willing to do it him/herself of his or her ownwill.

    You better stop your emotional black do whatever you can. Left to their own devices they could do lot of things that you would not imagine even in your wildest dream.

    How do you know Nadesan was not doing enough to help Tamils?

    Do you maintain a register of charitable activities? If so could we have sight of it?

  133. Hi peacelover, thanks for your response (I like your name).

    Firstly I want to make clear that I agree that Tamils in Sri Lanka are in a difficult situation. The only objection I have to your words is that you do not offer a solution or at least the first step. Also, in describing the current problems, you explained how Tamil militancy began but had nothing to say about its consequences, particularly relating to the Tamil community. It does not help to point out a problem if you do not have a solution in mind. If you do not have a solution, then it should be no surprise when nothing gets solved.

    The news report I read about the Tamil girl who was killed does not mention that she was raped or who killed her. It is possible that criminal elements in the military perpetrated this crime, but it is also possible that similar elements in the local community were responsible. If you have information that the military was responsible, please share it.

    Reading between your lines, I sense that you want the military to move out of Tamil areas at least as a first step toward a solution to the Tamils’ problems (if I am mistaken, please tell me). I certainly believe that the military should eventually leave. But the question is under what circumstances will it leave? Answering this question necessarily requires answering another question how did the military get sent to Tamil areas in the first place? Since you brought up the topic of name change from Manal Aru to Weli Oya, when exactly did that change take place? Under what circumstances?

  134. We all Siri Lankans do have some connection to Veddas dear Native.

    So please understand you can not have exclusive claims to this island either !!

    Also thank u very much for all the compliments.

    Ya lets have a vedda tune & rhythm to the new lyrics !

  135. What is the confusion in the blog. What happened to the reply and the replies given to comments ?

    It looks all confusing.

  136. at the outset i support mahesh view that nadesans visit to temple are political rather than spiritual.i have been following news reports which says that he has visited papanasam temple,rameswaram temple,thiruchendur temple.he performs yagna if we have to go by the report it is mainly performed for the welfare of mahinda rajapakshe.let us imagine a scenario a group of tamil buddhists visit anuradhapura,kandy and polonoruwa to perform some puja for the departed soul of prabakaran will the supposed to be broad minded sinhalese or srilankan authorities allow it.i dont think so.

  137. as far as sivananthans observation regarding tamil nadu.tamil nadu is a progressive state by all indicators let it be social or economic.its literacy rate is in mid 80s and its economy is booming that is why one can see many bihari or oriya labourers working in construction projects.in fact when previous government constructed the assembly building it was north indian labourers who did it.it shows that labourers are becoming scarce which is surest indication of economy growing.i reiterate that tamils are mild mannered and docile if some other community had been in tamil nadus place srilanka would have faced an invasion by the india.

  138. Dear DBSJ, now there is another article about a Tamil Provincial Council member being attacked in Pondicherry:

    There are two contradictory pieces of evidence that we can summarise from these incidents:

    1) The attacking mobs are relatively small and therefore do not represent popular sentiment

    2) Yet, they have knowledge on the movements of Tamils having any kind of association with the government. Presumably these Tamils are not advertising this association when they travel to Tamil Nadu. Where/how are the mobs getting this information?

    The suspicion is that TN police are leaking info to political groups at local level………….DBSJ

  139. Dear Wije,
    Thanks for your response. Thamils never ever oppose any Sinhalese to settle in North or East. What they oppose is the planned colonization of Sinhalese with financial support from Sinhala Governments. You may find few such details in below link:
    MANAL ARU becomes WELI OYA
    You were asking what is the solution?
    As a minimum, Thamils should enjoy same rights as Thamils in Thamilnadu state in India.
    I can send a letter addressing the state and country as “Thamilnadu, India”. Can we enjoy such privilege in Srilanka?
    Land and Police Power should be in the hands of provincial government. Sinhala polite is not even ready to accept this basic request. Thamils have been explaining to Sinhala Polite for the last 63 years. Don’t they know what Thamils want? They are simply trying to hoodwink the international community.
    STATE TERRORISM —–> THAMIL MILITANCY —–> STATE TERRORISM. We have seen cycle of violence.
    STATE has the ULTIMATE responsibility to protect its citizen. When State fails in its duties every citizen of that country will face consequences as a result of such failure.
    Killing of thamil girl is one such example I brought to explain the misery of Thamils’ in north and east. This is the exact situation Thamils were facing before the rise of thamil militancy. I am telling you from my personal experience. Police and military forces treat Thamils as their slaves.
    Do you think Sinhala polite will settle Thamils’ issues for good? I hope for the best. “HOPE” is the only tool on which our lives are moving on.

  140. peacelover says:

    “Thamils never ever oppose any Sinhalese to settle in North or East”

    Tamils and Sinhalese grabed my ancestral land.

    Tamils ethnically cleansed North. Tamils are maintaining a deafning silence on ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

    Those few Tamils who do not agree with what LTTE did Muslims still qualify their disagreement on the basis the Jaffna Muslims were upto no good and the Eastern Muslims were either colluding with state security or killing Tamils.

    There should be no ifs and buts.

    Generally Tamils were satisfied with what LTTE did to Muslims at least outside Sri Lanka. Otherwise we would have seen condemnation for what LTTE did to the Muslims ouside Sri Lanka. The Tamil diaspora did not respond nor it believes it was a serious crime against humanity.

  141. The suspicion is that TN police are leaking info to political groups at local level………….DBSJ


    That again says that he is an unwanted guest here. Without the verbal orders from the higher authorities this will not happen.

    The authorities are using the hands of the fringe groups to hit him.

    Why does this happen, we have to only make a guess.

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