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President Rajapaksa must Address Specifics of a Political Settlement

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Siddharth Varadarajan

Hello Friends

India’s respected newspaper “The Hindu” has experienced a change at the Editorial helm with the Editor in Chief Narasimhan Ram stepping down with effect from January 19th 2012.

The Hindu’s national bureau chief Siddharth Varadarajan has succeeded him as Editor.

“The Hindu” dubbed as the “Mount Road Mahavishnu” by some of its detractors is regarded as the most influential newspaper in shaping public opinion on Sri Lankan affairs in the elite circles of India and corridors of power in New Delhi.


N.Ram in particular has been regarded as a well-informed commentator on Sri Lankan issues with a wide range of contacts at many levels in the Island. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Sri Lanka Ratna award.

It appears that Sri Lanka would continue to receive the special consideration it has been receiving in the newspaper despite the transition. There would be both continuity and change in the unfolding editorial policy towards the Island nation.

The important visit made by India’s External affairs minister SM Krishna has received wide coverage in the newspaper. Moreover the first issue of “The Hindu” under its new Editor Varadarajan in a significant gesture carries an Editorial on Sri Lanka with emphasis on Krishna’s visit.

I am reproducing for the benefit of readers the Editorial published in “The Hindu” of January 20th 2012 under the heading”Way Forward in Sri Lanka” on my blog with due acknowledgement.

Here it is Friends-DBS Jeyaraj

Way forward in Sri Lanka-The Hindu

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s reiteration — in his recent meeting with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna — of his commitment to the “13th Amendment plus” approach to solving the nation’s Tamil question is to be welcomed, although it is only from Mr. Krishna that we know about this in the present instance.

Of course, the President has articulated this commitment several times before, including in an interview to The Hindu in 2009. But what proponents of an early political settlement, including India, are concerned about is that more than two years after the LTTE’s defeat by the Sri Lankan military, the country has made little progress in that direction.

In the post-war period, as Mr. Rajapaksa moved to consolidate his political gains and the government made progress on rehabilitation, it was expected that he would also swiftly seek political closure to the decades-long ethnic issue. Indeed, the government has given several indications of its seriousness about a political settlement.

It initiated talks with the Tamil National Alliance, the political representatives of the Tamil minority. It also set up a parliamentary select committee to discuss a political solution. The relaxation of the Emergency in 2011 was also an encouraging sign.

The government sought to address international concerns about civilian casualties and human rights violations in the last phase of the war in 2009 by appointing the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, which has identified some areas for further action by the government. And yet, there has been little by way of concrete movement forward on the Tamil question.

Given President Rajapaksa’s apparent conviction that the 13th Amendment should form the basis for a political settlement, it is time for him to move towards the specifics. Thus far, there has been articulation only about those subjects the government is unwilling to devolve, that is, police powers and land administration.

The “plus” appears to be a reference to an upper house — a Senate — representing all the provinces. The Parliamentary Select Committee, which the government hopes to make the mechanism for drafting a political package, should not go the way of previous committees which did not lead to any substantive outcomes, but rather became a forum for sections opposed to a settlement.

As the main representatives of the Tamils, the TNA should not shy away — or be discouraged by extremist elements in the community — from playing a constructive role in this process. Aside from allaying Tamil apprehensions about the heavy military presence in Jaffna and the rest of the region, the government must plan to hold early provincial elections in the North.

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  1. The 13+ is presumed to be the Senate – which will in no way serve the problems,
    but aid the Regime for a Douglas-Karuna-Pilliyan type back-up in the form of a
    Political Institute in the Capital!!

    The new Editor will now be termed an LTTE Suporter as he appears to be a Tamil –
    by name? Kalu Albert, over to you.

  2. Hope this is a chnge for good for not only Tamils of Sri Lanka but Tamils all over the world. Ram was not the darling of the Tamils world over as he was using his editorial veto for anti Tamils sentiments.

  3. The Hindu under Ram was blindly supported Sri Lankan government; such a respected paper should have balanced their reporting!

  4. /*
    The “plus” appears to be a reference to an upper house — a Senate — representing all the provinces.

    SLFP abolished a senate with 1972 republican constitution. The following graph amply demonstrate the effects of this constitution.


    The senate existed to check the power of the majority. The Senate along with Privy council etc existed to give constitutional safe guards to minorities. The TULF who was already protesting language issues was enraged and people such as “Brain Box” Navaratnam left to contest on a separatist platform. It was shortly after Jaffna youth were radicalised by TULF and Prabakaran shot dead Alfred starting new Tigers.

    Before 1972 Sri Lankan economy was performing better even than Singaporean economy. SLFP also turned the nation into a “Socialist Banana Republic” and closed down the economy. It nationalised all profit making enterprises including tea plantations.

    As if that was not enough, SLFP destroy the civil service abolishing PSC and politisizing all civil service appointments. The JVP, LTTE, ethnic strife, economic failure and corruption can be all traced to this single act.

    SLFP has at least ended one problem it created. Next its seems keen on reinstating the senate. One by one it seems its quietly reversing all previous mistakes.

  5. It’s a great pity that Ram is stepping down at this juncture. Whatever his critics say there is no denying that his contribution to the Kasthuri group of newspapers, to Indian Journalism was tremendous.I hope his successor carries on in the Ram mode

  6. i concur with the editorial that political settlement which entails the passage of 13th amendment and real devolution of power including land and police power will provide a solution to the ethnic problem in srilanka.rajapakshe who has all the powers he can have should move forward and pass the 13th amendment since he has majority and he can expect the backing of main opposition party united national party so that 2/3rd members of the parliament which is needed to do so.situation is ripe rajapakshe should not let go this opportunity sometimes decisions taken need not be popular like a medicine which can be bitter but ultimately cures the disease.similarly mahinda rajapakshe may become unpopular with the small section of sinhalese but it can provide solutione to the ethnic problem.please go ahead mahinda.

  7. i forgot to congratulate the new editor of our newspaper the hindu siddarth varadarajan who is well qualified to succeed n.ram.at the same time i wish ram a happy retired life. n.ram steered the hindu ahead of other newspapers.he maintained the quality and standard which was the hallmark of the hindu.i hope that the hindu maintains the quality.one request siddarth we want less of new york times an guardian more of articles by its own reporters.

  8. “…Editor in Chief Narasimhan Ram stepping down…Siddharth Varadarajan has succeeded him as Editor…first issue of “The Hindu” under its new Editor Varadarajan in a significant gesture carries an Editorial on Sri Lanka with emphasis on Krishna’s visit…”

    Is it good or bad; hope it is good news!

    “…Given President Rajapaksa’s apparent conviction that the 13th Amendment should form the basis for a political settlement, it is time for him to move towards the specifics…”

    It is a gimmick used not just by MR but almost all of GOSL representatives, when they talk to Indian counterparts, but would do nothing further. A tool used by both GOSL and Indian counterparts to cool down Tamil Nadu and Tamils.

    “…The “plus” appears to be a reference to an upper house…”

    It seems like GOSL using PLUS word, a very powerful wildcard, with lot of hidden agendas. If cannot get out from implementing the 13th Amendment, the PLUS term will be used to wipe up all the content within the 13th Amendment except it will appear in the title as “13th Amendment” Plus. Why not implement “13th Amendment” now then propose the PLUS! Who are they trying to fool with it?

  9. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for informing us of the change of Editors at “The Hindu”. I know many Tamils isunderstand the newspapers commendable position on Sri Lankan afffairs.I have no trouble with it.I wish tne new editor well& hope the paper policy does not change towards Sri Lanka

  10. I hope the evasive Mahinda gets cornered at the earliest. He was too eager to shed blood then but now too evasive to find a political settlement.

  11. There has been a subtle shift in the editorial policy of the Hindu for quite some time.

    I want to know why is Hindu anti-BJP and also pro DMK, despite it being a Bramin headed newspaper.

    I also want to know why is it that the Hindu is vehemently against the LTTE.

  12. A welcome editorial from an old and much respected newspaper within whose editorial and Reporting staff is contained expert knowledge of the Lankan political quagmire.
    Good friend N. Ram retires from day to day policy-making after several glorious years of excellent journalistic contributions to The Hindu and India. Notably where, for a long time, he enjoyed the confidence of the more initiated Lankan reader for expressing views on importsnt issues to our country without fear or favour. In the latter years and with his much-spoken proximity to President Rajapakse, Shri Ram’s neutrality – in ways favourable to the Rajapakses – may have reduced his reputation for unwavering neutrality. This may well be because the affable and grinning Mahinda Rajapakse has this tremendous reputation of winning over people, an unusual talent – with his well known record of buying over the other side. When one reads the correspondence centering in the recent Hindu controversy one of the charges those opposed to Ram within the newspaper is compromising Hindu’s editorial neutrality.

    Hindu’s expectation “he (Rajapakse administration) would swiftly seek political closure to the decades-long” ethnic isue ” is eminently desirable from the eyes of an outsider wishing an end of the Lankan National Question. But this appears more not to be as the Hindu notes correctly “there has been very little way of concrete movement forward to the Tamil Question” This becomes doubly tragic when well-informed insiders within the Island note the real policy of the Rajapakses is really not to do anything in the debilitating issue that has crippled the once prosperous country for nearly six decades.

    The restoration of the 2nd Chamber (the Senate) being thought of as the President’s “13 ++” will hardly suffice in the nature of matters in the Island. The popular expectation that the 2nd Chamber will consist of able men/women of learning and established public service may fail here as it has in respect of the Nominated Members to Parliament – packed with the very opposite of what it was intended to be – with few exceptions. A study of recent men appointed to the high positon to vital ministries as “Advisors” will speak in support of this trend of thought.
    In a country where even the directives of the Supreme Court e.e. in respect of the HSZ properties – are ignored by the Army authorities – the Senate serving as a stop-gap instrument to delay hasty and foolhardy legislation may not work.

    Early elections for the NEP PC is a way out but this should come only after gunslingers now running the roost – with State connivance and support – are well and truly removed from the scene together with their Godfathers. The other factor is the very face of the Trincomallee and Batticoloa Districts – throughout with a vastly majority Tamil population – has been rendered to 2nd and 3rd positions in the ethnic reality largely be State-sponsored colonisation calculated to gain this exact result. This needs to be rectified in some tangible way.


  13. Let us wait and see, the Hindu will take a nutural stand in the issues, after the change of its editor. About MR promising to give a solution to the Tamil question, is like Indian parliament’s adaptation of its anti-craft bill and its fight against corruption,(inaction) after the popular movement by by the people of India. MR ad Krishna are all same kind of politicians. They only talk things for people to hear. They actually have no interest of people at heart. That is the essence of Democracy.

  14. Mahinda has learnt to rule by deception since it works very well for him.As long he keeps the ethnic hatred alive, he could win landslide victories at elections based on the insecurity of majority Sinhalese. Bush followed a similar strategy in USA. Of course he will tell India and other nations that he is in favor of the thirteenth amendment plus as a tactic of not rocking the boat. This has given him the ultimate power over the crumbling opposition party enabling them to funnel significant chunks of wealth from our country’s coffers into their own foreign banks accounts while keeping the gullible Sinhalese majority happy. It would take decades for our impoverished nation to wake up and remove him.By then, it would cost us irreversible damage!

  15. Many Sri Lankan Tamils without an iota of knowledge about past history are fond of attacking N.Ram. But what this man has done single-handedly to better the lot of Tamils within a united Sri Lanka is very praiseworthy. Unfortunately these things are unappreciated

  16. “The “plus” appears to be a reference to an upper house — a Senate — representing all the provinces.”

    Is this Mahintha “Home Grown Sinthana” for ethinic problem? Isn’t soundlike American?

    So,Senators just do advising job? and in the senate majority again Sinhalese who decide everything??

    Civil war erupted Notheast want to empower themself and protect from state sponsered violance and sinhala
    colonisation.Other provinces may not need Police power and land power,there for they not fight for and some opposed
    as well.But need an asymmetric approch to Northeast which bring harmony to whole island.simple as this.

    Promises not enough,nearly 25 years what in the constitution not been implemented by the Governments,
    War is over,First they have to implement these in practical life then talk about what plus you are going to give.
    Until that day neither Tamils nor International Society not going to belive in GOSL.

    Diverting,delaying things or refusing what has been said before not going to help Mahindha or any.

  17. The Govt is waiting for Mr Sambandan to nominate his member to the PSC.

    Election Commission is already on the ball to conduct the North PC Elections.

    Indian FM came spoke and went, but no TNA could be seen anywhere near him, even in Mullative and Killinochi when houses were handed over and bicycles distributed, courtesy of the Indian Tax payer.

    TNA.s only contribution so far for reconciliation has been the incessant demand that the Prez does a private deal to hand over Land and police Powers to them for the North and the East,or Mr Sambandan will call upon the West to help him

    If the “Hindu” assertion that the TNA is the representative of the Tamil minority , how come they couldn’t be seen anywhere near the distinguished guests from India, when they were on several important locations to ensure the Tamil people are Okay in the post LTTE Era.?.

    Wouldn’t that be the most effective way to accompany the powerful Indian FM , and observe the current progress and point out any deficiencies?.

    And finally does the “Hindu” assign the TNA to look after the Tamil population of Indian origin too?.


    You have made several assertions and accusations in which you claim a very personal involvement.It is not fair to make such allegations under the cover of a pseudonym. If you would kindly send me a detailed version of the views expressed under your own name I would consider carrying it as a separate article.Thanks

  19. “monkey will be a monkey either in zoo or in jungle ”
    similarly change in names of institutions or teams will change nothing in behaviour .
    it is the mahavamsa mind set which should change.
    zero casulaity in mulivaikkal is one of the examples.

    unless srilankan state distance itself from Mahavamsa mindset there will be no peace in Srilanka .

    next round of violence will be more violent than last time.

    Last time the power source to LTTE was reluctunt/limited indian backup but this time it may be with more powerfull source with more commited participents as they have experienced and witnessed so much pain/injustice

    unlike 80’s , now electronic media /information is so freely available.

    this will make things even worse to not only Srilanka but India and the region.

    India must thing twice about long term effects rather than short term political gains
    if India wants to avoid asam/punjab/kasmir in the south there may be elements outside the region to capitalise .

    It is up to India and regional powers to decide about what they want to acheive for their country in long term.

    as of now most asian leaders/journalists are eying on personel gains rather than country or region this will seriously affect their generations , the country and region.

    all emotional commentators and writers think twice about long term and stability , growth and peace of the region.

  20. I do not like the word MUST in the title! No foreign country MUST ( Here I can use that word) force any political solution to a sovereign nation whether Sri lanka or any other. No country came to our help when we were undergoing terrorist threats for 30 years. India, who created all this terror groups and the so called IC including the EU forced us to give in to separatist demands. Fortunately Ranil was fired and MR came in to power later to resist all that pressure and rid us of terror.

    So we do NOT need any advice as to how to run the country. We will find a solution. Others keep out and mind your own business.

    Why did Sri Lanka ask foreign countries to help in the war against LTTE and make promises of a political settlement then?………….DBSJ

  21. Only foolish man can ever expect that Hitler would have given a good solutions. By understnding Germany’s Hitler, the world has created Israel since the world thought that’s the only way to save Jewish from massacares and discriminations.

  22. Proposed Senate is a mechanism to nominate Tamils militants like Douglass Devenanda, Karuna, and Pillian. Nothing elese. It can never be a solution. It will be a waste of time and money.

  23. Mahesh says:

    also want to know why is it that the Hindu is vehemently against the LTTE.


    They are wiser than you !!

  24. I am more concerned over a political solution for the Tamils in Colombo, Estate Tamils and Tamils whose religion is Islam who are scattered all over the island.

  25. Exactly! As I said the Indians and the IC was pressing Sri Lanka to give in to the terrorists and imposed sanctions on arms purchase throttling the country into subjugation and compliance to their wishes. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, MR came in to power and got the Chinese on his side as opposed to the Indians and IC, to help him with the ending of the war. So DBSJ, it was just because of the country was pushed towards it and in under no circumstance was it due to it wanted a separate state in the north. It is similar to the 1987 india imposed accord and the 1992 Norway imposed CFA. Sri Lanka had no other option at that time!


    I think you are missing or pretending to miss my point. Foreign interference is OK to fight the LTTE but it is not OK to recognize the inherent rights of the Tamil people

  26. The Senate is a mechanism to politically empower Tamils at the centre rather than at the periphery. In fact other ideas to empower Tamils in Colombo itself as proposed by Tissa Vitarana should be considered. This included things such as Vice President from minority communities.

    You could also empower Tamils in the periphery. But Tamils will remain enslaved to Colombo for funds and labour. After decades of bloodshed and displacement how many people in NE actually work full time? Are they able to afford to maintain the infrastructure such as roads, rail networks, education, health and ports by themselves? Forget roads, can the local councils raise the required funds even for basic needs? In addition to poverty, smaller population density will pose further challenges. One needs workers to build and operate public works. Even LTTE had to import Sinhala labour to build their peace secretariat. Devolution only makes sense if one can sustain by themselves. NE will need help from rest of Sri Lanka for both in terms of funds and labour for the foreseeable future.

    Furthermore, how are majority of Tamils living in Colombo and upcountry etc benefit if they are only empowered in the periphery? It only makes sense if the power sharing happens at the centre.

  27. The reintroduction of SENATE (supposed 13+) will not going to work. It may be like the present redundant ministries created merely to satisfy politicos. As a foundation for better governance, if they first go for 18- and bring back the unimplemented 17+, it would be a better start for future reforms.

  28. Why must or should the President of Sri Lanka specifics of a political settlement ??????
    Understanding of Communities & peaceful co-existence among people should be by the people for the people for the benefit of the future generations & well being of the Country.

    it was the Pro-LTTE Diaspora, the hidden hand of the Church & External influences who had created the spoke for a Peaceful existence.
    In ecery family there are feuds but family is a family.

    Rajapakshe is no Hitler nor was Hitler a Rajapakshe. It is people with hidden agendas who have provided this brand name & through propaganda promoyed this notion.

    As those vested interest, its time if you people have been able to Cut Off the Hand its time to EMBRAISE IT or mind your own business.

    For those Catholics & Diaspora, just go to S.J.Emmanuel to make their Confession and say Mea Culpa.. Mea Culpa… we have DESTROYED OUR FUTURE CHILDREN & YOUTH POPULATION AND AWAIT THE pRESIDENT TO SUBMIT A SPECIFIC POLITICAL SETTLEMENT.


  29. Dear DBSJ,

    Please allow me to address you directly for once. I know you are a very busy man but this is fundamentally important to me. Also I believe it is fundamentally important to the whole Tamil issue. You have seen this in your blog hundred times under Soma.

    My question is when TNA refers to “Tamil Nation” or “our people” which of the following groups are included:

    A. Tamils in the Northern province
    B. Tamils in the Eastern province
    C. Tamils in the Colombo district
    D. Tamils in upcountry estates
    E. Tamil speaking Muslims scattered around the island.

    What I wish to have is a short, clear and unambiguous answer in the following format:

    1. A & B only
    2. A, B & C only
    3. A, B , C & D only
    4. All A, B, C, D and E.

    All I want to know is it is 1, 2, 3 or 4 while the typical answer I receive is:

    “Demographic pattern of NorthEastern Provine was changed by forced state sponsered colonisation. In early ninties, only 2% of Sinhalese were living in NorthEastern Province. Tamil speaking Hindus, Christians and Muslims constituted 98% of the population.” blah, blah, blah.

    Why does everyone, yes EVERY ONE avoids telling me it is 1, 2, 3, or 4 and then proceeds with whatever he/she has to say?

    Also, at this instance could you kindly refrain from commenting on my other comments here and focus only on the present question.

    Ask the TNA please………DBSJ

  30. The very thought of an upper house is repulsive to the Tamils and can only infuriate them They will throw out the idea together with the proposer and the endorser. Alexis de Tocqueville, a great French political thinker of the 19th century said very cryptically ” an upper house if it agrees with the first, it is redundant and if it disagrees it is mischievous”. What did the senate of Ceylon achieve in over two decades of it’s existence and what did the country loose by it’s abolition? Tamil Nadu scrapped the second chamber in the late eighties. Has the state gone off it’s orbit? At this point of time the Tamils have very many things on heaven and earth to think of the ludicrous.

  31. hey stop trying to scare people about next round of violence, try to think of ways of preventing another Monumental blunder taking place again.

    Let the folsk who live breath in Sri Lanka Tamil, muslim, Sinhala decide how they want to go about it.
    Not India or the Diaspora of all color, race, religion who has nothing to do about the consequences of what they preach or practice.!!!

    The new world order is ‘Let the folks of the land decide what they want’

    If Libya or Syria will not prevail unless the true sons and daughters of the land drive the social change.!!!


  32. Civil war conducted by NE people for self rule not by centre or upcountry.
    Power devolution won’t work you again create senate in the centre. Rather crocodile
    Tear about upcountry Tamils central government can adobt NE province Tamil language related
    Policies and laws as national one.inorder to do that law making power and economic cultural
    Educational employment lands rights to be given to NE PC.

    Not doing this now or tearing the accord and blowing promices
    only lead another 30 years or more civil war.

  33. “As the main representatives of the Tamils, the TNA should not shy away — or be discouraged by extremist elements in the community — ”
    What extremeist elements in the community (Tamil by inference) is the editorial referring.
    It is the extremist element in the Majority community that has discouraged and demonstrated violently all these years for any solution to the minority problems.

  34. As the main representatives of the Tamils, the TNA should not shy away — or be discouraged by extremist elements in the community —
    The editorial has conviniently glossed over the fact that it is the extremist elements in the majority community has all these years “discouraged” any recognition of the minorities of the country that has led to the violence of last 30 years

  35. India never asked to give anything to LTTE or JVP. But Sinhala racists always bark at India whenever the rights of the Tamils comes up.

    UNP carved out an area to LTTE to continue their murders of Tamils and others with all protections/safeguards. Sinhalese called it was “peace”. Ranil imposed the CFA with UNP’s white masters.

    1987 Indo-Lanka accord was not imposed but accepted by UNP regime. Later LTTE joined UNP Sinhalese to scuttle the same accord.

    Now no LTTE. Where is the ‘promise” of Prez Mahinda about his 13+? Do India need there to remind the promises always?

  36. But TNA run to capture many seats in the Senate if it comes.Living in Colombo still a priority to Tamil politicos and Tamil elites.

    When Jaffna University was introduced by then PM late Sri Mavo, Selvanyakam’s party opposed it and showed black flags during the open ceremony. Later the same party started crying for the jobs in the same University for their people.

    Tamil politics is not empowering Tamils but giving jobs to the relatives of the Tamil politicos.

    Without knowing the powers of the Senators or the proposed senate, no need to imagine anything!

  37. Tiger Tails must reconcile with India first if they are really interested in the welfare of the remaining Tamils of Sri lanka!

  38. But DD, Pillaiyan and Karuna never allow UNP to carve out an area to criminals like LTTE.

    Fool! In Tamil Nadu, a Tamil will be the Editor and not a Sinhalese!

  39. What is the so called “BALANCE”?

    LTTE criminals kill Indian politicians like Rajiv Gandhi. LTTE destroyed the Indian peace initiatives with the support of UNP Sinhalese and waged war with IPKF. What do you expect to report?

  40. Dear Soma!
    As I always say, you people are really dumb. People do not answer you here, because they thought, at your age you should not be asking silly questions like this. How can a child of class two, go to sit in a university lecture room and ask the lecturer and the fellow students, how much will be the total if we add a ten to another ten. But, I am prepare to answer you because, otherwise you will continue to disturb others.

    The answer is:
    A, B, C, D, E and F.

    F. – Any one, who is a Tamil at heart.

    But there is only one rule. The groups A,B,C,D and E cannot qualify to be included in the “Tamil Nation”, unless he/she posses the quality of the group F. Any F is straight away qualifies.

    a) Though Kadhirgamar is a Tamil, to me he cannot be included inside the “Tamil Nation”.
    b) Though Mrs Nadesan was a Sinhalese, she was 100% qualified to be included inside the “Tamil Nation”.

    Hope you are clear now. Please, next time, if you have a smiler doubt, ask a form one child.

  41. India must stop following the Americans, British and the other western countries, but follow China. They westerners are the masters when it comes to divide and conquring others. This is how they rule 92% of the world population. India must follow China and help the Sri lankans to develop their country. Today Sri Lankans are smarter than in the 70’s and 80’s. India’s divide and rule policy will not work, but it will backfire on India. I urge the Indians to stop encouraging the Tamils to go against their government, if you don’t you will find yourselves in trouble with your fellow Asians. If you think you are too smart, then try to divide the westerners.

  42. Sri Lanka is buying enough time so China will make deep in roads in to lanka. Until
    then they will just tell india what they want to hear.

    Is India ready for Chinese Navel Base in Lanka ? with one of their nuclear submarine
    or air craft carrier making this their home ? This will happen.

  43. The Hindu editorial put up summarized version of the GOSL progress on the peace aftermath of Civil War.

    I also belive that the holding North provincial election would be the right direction of the Government to reduce militarized administratration to North. On the regards of North provincial election TNA not showing interest/urge to the government,it is also the wrong direction toward the peace process. TNA should insist the government bodies to admit the election early as possible. I believe that TNA expecting some sort of Indo-Sri Lankan accord with Police,land authorities to the provincial government. These power sharing will be taking long process in the Sri Lnakan political system as any resolution should be accepted by all parties of Sri Lnaka.

    In my understanding Majority of east Muslims are not interested to merging of east even in the east tamils also having the same opinion. It is known that the east people are in the blunder of longterm politics and just want to gain shorterm. So North leadership should not make to these inappropriate demand to government and better go with achievable solution in shortterm.

    Dr. Kalam would have reached Sri Lanka, He is going to give speech in Jaffna University and the former LTTE strong hold school Jaffna Hindu college as well. Jaffna people shoud get the benifit from India, that the India having a plan to estabilish one University in North and some traing centres for skills. I am expecting that there are few good news will be comming from the North part of Sri Lanka.

    Best Regards,

  44. xsrilanka probably has’nt heard of what is happening to the Tibetans from the late 1950s. What has happen3ed there is exactly what happened to the Tamil-majority Eastern Province where the State decided to change the demographic pattern to suit its own majoritarian agenda. This has in no way contributed to peace. The minority anti-Indian prejudice results in some Lankans to wish for a Chinese take-over here. This is not to benefit the Lankan whole but to hit India.

    Both India and China are our friends. We must use this friendship to our advantage without becoming part of a speculated Indo-China cold-war. At the sametime we must remember the old adage “when elephants fight ants around get crushed to extinction”


  45. aratai says:

    “Hope ‘The Hindu’ proves that they cannot be bought by anyone.”

    The Hindu can never be bought by anyone. However being an Indian media the Hindu knows what its interest is and where its interest lies.

    Ram was an ardent supporter of Indian destabilisation programme in Sri Lanka. In fact according to him he even was prepared to hide and protect VP in his house from the long arm of the Indian law.

    Over a period of time Indian objectives and interests changed. Being part of the Indian establishment Ram was acting according to their wishes and used his organ to garner support for the new and imoroved policies.

    He was only manufacturing consent for and on behalf of Indian establishment.

    If and when India decides to destabilise Sri Lanka again, it will find a suitable candidate to do the dirty work and the candidate will be promoted by the Indian establishment with support of its media. Hindu will voluntarily be in the forefront doing exactly what the establishment expect them of. Ram may come back of the present editor will do the job splenditly for India.

  46. Some times it is easier to get the tag of wise, when you blindly follow the wise.

    There is a Kural the meaning goes like this, ‘even the fools will appear to be wise in the assembly of learned if they keep their mouth shut’.

    But one has to work for it and qualify for becoming wise. Only then it will benefit anybody.

    Thank You.

  47. Now no LTTE. Where is the ‘promise” of Prez Mahinda about his 13+? Do India need there to remind the promises always?


    This is the same question which I am articulating here in different formats. Now you are also seem to be of the same view of mine. That is nice.

  48. Without knowing the powers of the Senators or the proposed senate, no need to imagine anything!


    Why is the govt not implementing the 13 amendment now, when there is no LTTE to oppose it.

  49. But DD, Pillaiyan and Karuna never allow UNP to carve out an area to criminals like LTTE.


    This is the demand of the tamil political parties and the tamil people. There was the Indo Sri lanka agreement and it was one of the points in that agreement.

    LTTE opposed anything to do within the Sri Lanka and they wanted a separate state. This is not a separate state. But only a federal set up with the states getting powers that the Indian states get.


  50. Hi Kanrawi!
    I read your above two comments. Fu, Fu, it is really hot boy. I love you very much because, I also think like you. I want more and more people like you on your side to come out openly and steadfastly deny these stupid Tamils demand for a political solution. There is no any problem for the Tamils in Srilanka. Then why are these stupid Tamils every-time inviting the international community to involve in Srilankan affairs. I want you to keep pushing like that for another two three years until the Indian central government under the leadership of Sonia falls. The way you will be doing on your side, I will also preach among my people (Tamils), saying that, by talking to these IDIOT majority, we wont get anything unless we take up arms again, and convince and prepare the Tamils for another war.(The same IC which helped you to crush the LTTE can lend us Tamils a hand this time, like the way it did in Libya a now doing it Syria). Then we can have the fire-works back on track again, isn’t it? Are you agreed?

  51. Thanks afool, I am very clear now: it is NOT ‘A & B only’. It is all Tamil speaking people throughout the island of Sri Lanka. This is precisely what I have in mind when TNA speaks of “Tamil Nation”. Now can you do me another favour please. Can you give me a reference of any “solution’ proposed by any of your great intellectuals designed to solve the ‘problems’ of “Tamil Nation”. I am going to support that for, whichever way I try, I cannot think of one (really dumb, isn’t it?)

    Trust me afoll, there are lot of ‘dumb’ people out there who are at a loss to understand how a solution proposed for ‘A & B only’ will cover all A,B,C,D & E.

    Afool, there is yet another minor question. Does TNA represent ‘A & B only’ or ‘All A,B,C,D and E’ ?

    It is the moral duty of you clever people to help out the dumb people. These dumb people are so dumb that they are demanding that if a solution is implemented for A & B only then C, D and E (including your F) must go and live with A & B.

  52. “Trincomallee and Batticoloa Districts – throughout with a vastly majority Tamil population – has been rendered to 2nd and 3rd positions in the ethnic reality largely be State-sponsored colonisation calculated to gain this exact result. This needs to be rectified in some tangible way.” – ISS

    Colombo and some upcountry areas and many other parts of the country – throughout with a vastly majority Sinhala population has been rendered 2 nd 3 rd positions in the ethnic reality largely by unwelcome migration due largely to extremely undesirable social conditions existing within Tamil community and rabbit like multiplication of one particular Tamil speaking group. This needs to be rectified in some tangible way. – Soma

  53. Now there is no LTTE to scuttle the political reconciliation. and why there is no action on the part of the Sinhalese leadership to give the political solution. May be VP was right in sensing that the Sinhalese will not give anything to them and therefore he stood for the separation. May be it is true. Please comment on this Sivananthan.I want to know your esteemed views on this subject.

  54. Tamil politics is not empowering Tamils but giving jobs to the relatives of the Tamil politicos.


    Great. Sivananthan. You have given the meaning for the Tamil politics. By the same token can you give the meaning for the Sinhalese politics and also the Budhist clergy’s politics etc etc.

    I want to know your esteemed views on these matters Sivananthan.

  55. If such a situation comes in the island then it will be a tragedy for the island nation. Then there will be more of action sequences happening in the island nation.

  56. You think “This will happen”
    I think this will NOT happen.

    You think we are dumb. May be. Don’t assume we are so dumb.

    If you kept silent we the dumb people would have gone ahead foolishly and accommodated Chinese nuclear submarines. Now that you have spoken out we know that we have to be careful. Thanks.

  57. “unless srilankan state distance itself from Mahavamsa mindset there will be no peace in Srilanka ”
    This will not happen as “monkey will be a monkey either in zoo or in jungle ”

    “next round of violence will be more violent than last time.”

    It will be nipped in the bud. Justification for keeping the army there for another 10 years.

    “unlike 80′s , now electronic media /information is so freely available.”

    It is available to us too.

    “this will make things even worse to not only Srilanka but India and the region.”

    Tamils exempted?

    “It is up to India and regional powers to decide about what they want to acheive for their country in long term.”

    You are a genius.

    “all emotional commentators and writers think twice about long term and stability , growth and peace of the region.”

    What region? There is only south pole below Sri Lanka.

  58. Dr Kumarakuru Vasanthi, says,
    “Last time the power source to LTTE was reluctunt /limited indian backup”
    I think India backed up Sri Lanka to the hilt. LTTE got western support.
    “India must thing twice”
    Of course they really thought twice after the death of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, & they changed for better & started destroying LTTE terror outfit.

    “all emotional commentators and writers think twice about long term and stability , growth and peace of the region”
    That’s true; all those who support LTTE ideology must take a note of this, because we saw how terrorism destroyed lives, specially northern Sri Lankan inhabitants. They went backwards at least by 04 generations due to unending foolish terror led by VP & the gang.

  59. Historically in any country Senate is for intellectuals and highly educated visionaries, including what was then caleed as Ceylon.

    The proposed senate is for thugs, ex terrorist and friends and family of the ruling who cannot be accomodated in the House of Parliament

  60. Very good answer afool but do you think Soma will understand?

    Unfortunately Soma has a mental capacity of a 3 year old…don’t expect too much from him/her.

  61. Panhinda,
    Oh my Oh my . what a love your have for Up country Tamils, Colombo Tamils and Muslims! When I read your comment I got goose bumps, I wish I were born an Upcountry Tamil, Colombo Tamil or Muslim to enjoy your generosity. Just one quick question, since when your love for Tamil speaking people in other part of the country developed, and when it will cease? Is it after N&E Tamils speaking people keep their mouth shut: I know they are making too much noise,

  62. Dear M.Sivananthan (looks like not your real name/it’s ok)what about when srilankas genocidal war time, brother? “The Hindu” was silent.

  63. The Hindu under Ram was instrumental in the downfall of Indian diplomatic supremacy in the South Asia, particularly in the Indian Ocean.
    How? by culling the LTTE politicaly in the minds of educated Indian public, Ruling academics and empty head politicians.
    Ram should be appreciated for
    a) wrongly flaming the fear pshychosis that if LTTE is given a seperate state, TN will ask for one and so do the other unhappy Indian states and stateless entities.
    b) wrongly comparing Eelam formation in Srilanka to that of Kashmir seperation from India and debating whether India would allow Kashmir go?
    c) madly depicting Unitary Singalese Srilanka analogus to the secular, federated India without understanding the root cause of the Eelam conflict.
    d) insanely scratching the sentimental Rajivgandhi wound forgeting the political advantage India had over LTTE and its existance over the Mahavamsis
    e) unfavourably ignoring IPKF and seeing LTTE only through BUSH lenses, aligning with Mahavmsis and loosing the Indian ocean to the Chinese.

    I donot expect any change in the Hindu until it is run by Kshatriyas. Celebrating Onam is fine but when you cull the Kshatriyas you and your generation will be made countryless nomadic servants.

  64. Even I am interested in understanding what good things Ram did for tamils…if you read series of editorials came in Hindu during war and after war, we can easily understand who is Ram..

  65. /*
    Civil war conducted by NE people for self rule not by centre or upcountry.

    What about Tamil grievances with language, riots etc. Centre or upcountry Tamils do not have these grievances? I thought all Tamils had these grievances. Are we changing the goal posts again? State the problem exactly so that we can find the best solution.

  66. Some evil and jaundiced minds out to create communal disharmony continue to keep harping Sinhalese are no more the majority in Colombo and the Western Province. These near monosyllabic commentators deserve the cryptic comments they
    engage from the readership. They merely broadcast their ignorance – not knowledge.

    Sinhalese are the majority in both places.


  67. Dear Mr M Sivanatha, you seems to be a wounded tiger! I am not a supporter of LTTE but I read all the news papers and blogs, what I meant was, The Hindu news paper would have reported our stories as it is, instead of just reporting only the postives stories to please Sri Lankan gorvernment.

  68. Pandiyakula Kshatria Nadan – Do we have it from you Kasthuri Rangans – Iyengars – are Kshatriyas. My reading is
    they are high on the Brahmanic ladder.


  69. But TNA, the proxy of LTTE, is not there for any solution. TNA run to S/Africa to talk about the problem and not with other Tamil parties in Sri lanka. So, the LTTE still alive there.

    TNA refuse to participate in the select commitee because of the other Tamil parties who oppose LTTE and TNA.

    Unilateral declaration is always treated as FOOD for the propaganda of the TNA. Democracy never work that way! India pushed TNA for talks but now TNA is trying to stop any reconciliation or solutions.

  70. Did you read Mahavansa or the history of the author of Mahavansa? FYI: Mahavansa was written by a member of the Pallava Royal Clan from kanchipuram Tamil nadu!

  71. This is a National Problem. All parties must give consent to the implementation of 13. When LTTE was there, the TNA and other LTTE supporting elements did not want the 13. The supporters of 13 (TELO,EPDP,EPRLF,PLOT and others) were branded as TRAITORS and LTTE killed thousands of the supporters of this 13.

    Now the idiots who hide under the LTTE skin ask the 13. Why? At the same time pro-LTTE party the TNA is refusing to talk with the supporters of 13. They try to make a political SCORING by getting 13 alone. If TNA refuse to sit and talk with other Tamil parties, 13 will be in a fiasco.

  72. Sinhalese are majority and they look after the minority as well. Frauds exist among Sinhalese too. Buddhist clergy politics is now dead.

  73. In which century you are living? Tamil historians cries NO KSHATRIAS among Tamils.

    Further LTTE is an anti-Indian terrorist group like Pakistan based Islamic terrorist groups. So, naturally Indian Academics did not like to have another “pakistan” in the South!

    Ram was right in safe guarding Indian security and going against Catholic Church backed LTTE!

  74. afool says
    The answer is:
    A, B, C, D, E and F.
    Good analysis. All A,B,C,S,E and F categories which comes under F means tamil nation. It is clear. Thank you very much in this regard.

    So could you please be elloraberate what the F is facing problem(s) which don’t have SINHALEES.

    For the past two decades I am serchimg the problem(s) that are facing F which don’t facing SINHALA NATION.


  75. RajasH says:
    January 21, 2012 at 4:45 am
    “As the main representatives of the Tamils, the TNA should not shy away — or be discouraged by extremist elements in the community — ”
    What extremeist elements in the community (Tamil by inference) is the editorial referring.
    It is the extremist element in the Majority community that has discouraged and demonstrated violently all these years for any solution to the minority problems.
    Dear friend.



  76. though siddarth varadarajan is a tamilian.he is a united states citizen.i have my own doubts whether he knows to speak tamil.

  77. i respect any individual or an institution who take a principled stand.unfortunately the hindu under n.ram did not belong to that category.but it was our fault to have expected ram to be a supporter of tamil cause leave out tamil tigers.he was a personal friend of gamini dissanayake and was in good terms with most of the sinhala leadership.after the war when he went to srilanka to interview mahinda rajapakshe he was taken to camps and duly he gave certificate that idp camps were better than the camps for srilankan tamils in tamil nadu.unfortunately there is always a group which has never supported tamils and always equated tamil cause with tamil tigers cause.what these ivory tower intellectuals have to understand is tamil tigers cause was a tamil cause till a certain period.when prabakaran was so determined to get eelam rather it was a faulty strategy.eelam struggle could have been means not an end it self.we can support eelam cause sitting comfortably in our bed room with all the comforts of life but it is a different ball game when it comes to reality.tamils all over the world setting aside their emotions have to think logically and we need to support 13th amendment which will go a long way to provide solution to the ethnic problem.as far as tamil national alliance trying to monopolise the talks it is only expected do you expected karuna,pillayan,douglas to be part of the team to discuss devolution? they never fought for devolution and are just lackeys of sinhala establishment.how come douglas devananda is part of every srilankan government which has come to power for the past 15 years?what is his credibility among tamil masses?as far as tna being a ltte supporter was karuna part of any moderate group he was part of ltte and now that tiger has changed its stripes does not mean he was not a tamil tiger.so let us hope that tamil national alliance will get the 13th amendment for tamils of srilanka.

  78. mahesh it is simple when a brahmin becomes rich and becomes an intellectual he thinks as if he is in madison square not in madras.

  79. Mahesh says:

    ‘even the fools will appear to be wise in the assembly of learned if they keep their mouth shut’.


    Exactly! This is your problem dear Mahesh. If you keep your mouth shut no one will think you are unwise !!

  80. siva i dont know what tamil historians are saying about kshatriyas.but there is a caste called vanniya kula kshatriyars and they are vying with other caste groups like thevars,devendra kula vellalars claiming that they are the real kshatriyars and raja raja chola belonged to their community.

  81. The reality is we tamils have all ready been squashed like the ants. Only think is that we are not united like the ants.

    Chinese threat is not a illusion, it is dangerous reality. The big question what need to take place in Sri Lanka to achieve the balance.

    India seem to think that half baked solution will keep Sri Lanka under it’s influence I.e By having the Tamil nation question as pressure point or hook.

    But the lankans are clever, the want to eliminate the Tamil question , demograpich change to make it void.

    Now the what inda is going to do to prevent it’s influace becoming 0?

    While this goes on for ever china is building up dual purpose infrastucure which can be used aginst India.

  82. “Brahmanic ladder”?

    All I know is if you go to Jaffna you are not even allowed to drink water from a public well.

  83. If you keep your mouth shut no one will think you are unwise !!


    Thanks for your concern. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t mind being called a fool or unwise. Call me anything I will continue to talk about the atrocities and duplicity of the Sinhalese polity, clergy et al.

    Take care of you.

  84. Yes Jagan You are right. The Naidus, Naiks, Nair, Mudaliar, Devar, Goundar, Vanniyar etc most of the Backward castes and some among the forward castes were previously belonging to the Kshatriya castes.

    During Raja Raja Cholas time their was one Kaikolar padai, that is the army of the Mudaliar. Now those Kaikolar have taken to making cloth using hand loom or power loom.

    Now they have shed their Kshatriya identity like sacred thread and other stuff (though a few still retain it).

    Sivananthan, the way the Sri lankan govt is functioning it is not far off to believe that they are anti Tamil. Talk about the endless days of negotiations since 1948.

    One time they agreed to 13 and then they are now talking in terms of senate. India must say firmly no to senate.

    Even if there is a senate like India’s bicameral Parliament this 13 also should be implemented. The bicameral arrangement is in addition to the 13. Why is India not insisting on this. The tamils also have their rights to be safe guarded.

  85. When China starts using those dual purpose infrastructures for its defense purposes, then the wheel will turn in the opposite direction. That will be the time for the Tamils.

    But in this power play the Tamils may end up as pawns.

  86. The landless Vanniyar recently crowned themselves as “Vanniya Kula Kshatriya”. Some years back they are known as VANNIYAR =Bush Men!

    They were brought to TN by Pallavas from Karnataka to work as FARM hands under Vellaala farmers. They not only claim Rajaraja Chola but the Pallavas too.

    Devendra Kula Vellaala is the same case. They are all Tamil PALLAN caste. They too claim they are Pallavas. This kind of jokes and frauds happen in Tamil nadu only!

    Vellaalas around Kanchipuram became Mudaliyars in the last 100 years while their caste name is PILLAI.

    “TAMIL” has more problems and frauds.

  87. Senguutan,

    “What has happen3ed there is exactly what happened to the Tamil-majority Eastern Province where the State decided to change the demographic pattern to suit its own majoritarian agenda”

    Did the government or the Sinhala people place any obstacle or resistance over Tamil migration to Colombo? You people are utterly ungrateful and mean. While living, raising family and making the best of our Capital city of Colombo you have made it your base to spew out hateful words against the people and country in every turn.

    If 10 Tamils speak the way you do and they are translated to Sinhala and published you can very well realise your ambition in no time.

    There is a very simple way to counter this ‘imbalance’ in the East. That is for you and the TNA to launch a campaign for voluntary migration of Tamils from Sinhala areas to the East. Just one call will see the greatest human procession this century has seen. Set an example yourself.

    The government should now consider distributing land in the East to the landless poor estate Tamils and the Muslims.

  88. Deva – In the context of the mischievous comment I was responding to, Sinhalese remain the majority in Cbo – after which come the Tamils and the Muslims. As to Tamil-speaking people, many Sinhalese in the ghettos of Cbo speak Tamil as well.


  89. When did that happen? If that so, why thousands of Sinhalese are running to Jaffna as tourists? Are they carrying their water from Matara?

    But Kandyans never give water to any one from Chilaw. I witnessed this in 1973 Vesak day!

  90. Alas! TNA MP Sumanthiran yesterday(21.1.12) declared that the TNA is not accepting the 13th Amendment from the itroduction in 1987 and they dont need anything based on the 13th Amendment.

    The Tiger front the Canadian Tamil Congress held a Tamil heritage day in Toronto and Sumanthiran was the chief guest.

    Sumanthiran further stated that the SL government must sign an agreement with them alone and continue any talks based on the agreement. He firmly rejected the Selcted Commitee and confirmed TNA never send any one to the commitee.

    13th Amendment was rejected and destroyed by LTTE in favour of UNP Sinhalese. Now the LTTE proxy TNA confirms they are the real “heirs” of LTTE criminals.

    All these days TNA fooled not only the Tamils but India as well. Sumanthiran spilled the beans.

    Douglas and others accepted the 13th Amendment. For accepting the 13th Amendment they were branded as “TRAITORS” and “Indian coolies” by the LTTE and TNA.

    Now the cat is out of the bag. What are you and other LTTE supporters going to do?

    Ram is always right in his assesment of the Jaffna Tamils and their political gimmicks!

  91. Where did you get this information!! Don’t show your ignorance in public. I feel sorry for people who has to “sing for their supper”, but pathetically don’t have the facts or the intelligence to do it properly.

  92. Vanniyars are also called as Padayatchis. They were soldiers. There is also Vanni in Sri Lanka. They consider themselves as agni kula Kshatriyas.

    Suryavanshi Kshatriyas, Chandravansh Kshatriyas and Agnikula Kshatriyas are three types of warrior castes. These Vanniyars consider themselves as Agni Kula Kshatriyas. They worship the Draupadi Amman and wherever they are in large numbers you can find a Draupadi amman temple.

    Mudaliar’s were previously called as the Kaikolar. There was an army of Kaikolar padai in Raja Raja Cholan’s army.

    This is what I think is the truth as collected from various sources.

    Please know the facts before you post them.

  93. IIS, Iyengars are vaishnavaite Brahmins not Kshatriyas. In the indian history there was always a fight between the Brahmins and Kshatriyas to claim Authority over the society refer to the roots of Bhudhism, Jainism, Thirukural, Vaishnavism particularly the Churning of the Parkadal etc., finaly by the name of Vaamana Avatharam, all the rulling clases of Pandiyan, Cheran, Cholan and Pallavans were culled in the south, anhiliated by inter breeding [Nair / vellalas] and the left over made as outcastes [Nadars] or termed as Asuras [Panchamar/Tribes]. In this vaccum, they claimed themselves ruling clases [refer to Bhumihar] meiming the history that all the ruling classes are vaishnavaites and vice versa. later they awarded Kshatriya title only to warriors aka stooges [refer to the raise and fall of the castes in the Vijayanagar Empire]. Most of the political blunders or Adharmams are executed by Brahmins only. It can still be seen until today.

  94. “The Hindu” dubbed as the “Mount Road Mahavishnu” by some of its detractors”

    And rightly so. N Ram is an Iyengar, a sub-caste of the Brahmin caste that views Narayana(MahaVishnu) as the only Supreme Being.

  95. Vanni means FOREST. The Sri lankan Vanni is not the current Vanni of the LTTE. VANNI is extended to Nikewarettiya as well.

    Anuradhapura kings brought people from Kerala and settled them in Vanni to catch and train elephants. They have nothing to do with the Tamil nadu vanniyans. Kerala village names are still in Vavuniya districts. “Drama of Panikkan’s wife” is still famous in Mullaitheevu!

    Pallava records mention how Vanniyans and Thuluvas were brought to Tamil nadu by Pallavas to help the Vellaalas after the fall of Vatapi.

    You just bark what others falsely claim now and not with any historical proofs.

    Kaikolar means Kshatriya Kula. Check with PALI language which was the first language of Pallavas.

    Draupathi Amman is worshipped by fishing folks as well. Go to Udappu in Chilaw district and see it!

    Agni kula, Chandra vanshi and Surya vanshi are belong to North Indians. How can these Vanniyans claim any north Indian connections while they are all South Indian Lemurs? Dravida philosophy never support this Vanniyan claims of North Indian connections.

    Padayatchi =in what language it means soldiers? I think they were helping PADAYAL(food) in temples or in other occassions. No trace of Vanniyans in the armies of Tamil kings anywhere.

    Now the Vanniyans are gangsters and claim they are Kshatriya. What a joke! “Gangsterism is not a part of any Kshatriya quality!

  96. GOSL never drop it but TNA droped it. TNA MP Sumanthiran declared that they are not accepting the 13th Amendment since 1987. He said in Toronto Saturday night at the Tamil heritage party in Toronto.

  97. TNA also not for 13. What else they expect?

    TNA was compelled for talks by India and now we know well TNA is not for any settlement but dragging time to discard 13 as LTTE and UNP.

    India is compelling 13. So, what will be the next?

    Is TNA expecting the Americans come and capture Sri lanka and divide and give a piece to TNA? What a moronic idea these Tamil idiots have now!

    Now TNA is working hard to “beat” Rajapaksha by the western masters and not for the interest of Tamils.

  98. “Killing LTTE goons is not genocide! ”

    With that statement you have lost all credibility. Thousands of innocent non-LTTE Tamils were slaughetered by the regime in the last months of the war. You are just repeating the regime’s lie that this didn’t happen.

  99. “The senate existed to check the power of the majority.”

    And do you seriously think the Rajapaksas are going to allow the proposed new senate have any powers? wake up!!

  100. Did he write about the thousands of Tamil civilians who were slaughtered by the SL military? If he did, I would agree at least partially with Krishnan’s original cooment above.

  101. Evidence please? you have actually counted ?

    My response is this, the LTTe and the SL state have murdered Tamils in large numbers. One is gone and their killing has stopped, thankfully. The other is still continuing with their favourite hobby.

  102. Good point. Extremism in the majority has been part of the mainstream since the 1950s, something which many including the Hindu have conveniently ignored or forgotten.

  103. Who is allowing who? You mean SL Army started controlling well points also? Grow up Soma, if you believe in reincarnation, hope you would be born into Tamils parents find some answers out for your questions. At least by then you’re smart -dumb game comes to an end.

    I knew you and your kinds, like to think there are no specific problems to Tamils in SL, because it is your preferred position to safeguard your empire from future threats of TN, which you guys have night dreams of. Such thoughts and fears have been the cause that made successive GoSL to treat the Tamils the way it has been treating. If you say Tamils have no specific problem because both races eat rotti, then it is as if a husband sends his wife to her parents’ house after torturing and pretending like there is no problem what so ever. Only problem we have and it common for both us is burning the fire. Why did the GoSL deport Tamils to North after the 1983 riots, if they were safe enough to live in their homes they lived for ages? This was before LTTE’s emergence as a force to recons with. Even if you try saying Sinhalese exodus from NE was also occurred, such argument supports to the same conclusion that is GoSL sent Tamils in ships because they thought it was safer for them to return to NE and those Sinhalese who lived in NE voluntarily moved to South because they thought it was not tenable to live there. Now tells me wife has a problem or not?

    Although, there were people go after divorce, I for one did not believe it in, and this was confirmed by LTTE’s animal kingdom rules and their excesses that Tamils had to be endured before May 2009, Vanni people in particular. What is needed now is to find a lasting solution and get on with it. Do not think it as if giving freedom to Tamils but think as a step taking in a right direction ensuring their safety. Safety should not be compromised, only a constitutional guarantee will ensure such an assurance. For that, denial that Tamils have not got a specific problem by intellectual people like you and others is not helpful. Your pussy footing approach with this serious issue may please some Sinhala warriors but it is not going to help for the future of this country, which you think would. To leave it unresolved now would flare up these problems again and cause loss and destruction to us all.

  104. Nakeeran,

    Sivananthan look like a poor guy frustrated with LTTE’s activites, he might have left alone including his wife for his character and look like nobody there to share his feelings in a direct evening conversation. He just say something strikes his mind.

    I remember when Rajiv and JR were at press conference, mentioned the 13th amendment was basis for solving Lanka’s ethnic problem. They never said it was the political solution. LTTE on the other hand, point blankly rejected the concept.

    So, Sumanthiran is not the first one to point out it as a basis to solve the ethnic issue in island.

  105. It is not vengence but a social service. LTTE morons must be destroyed at any cost for the betterment of the remaining Tamil people of Sri Lanka!

  106. How? How did innocent non-LTTE Tamils were herded to Mullivaaykkaal? hundreds of Tamils were killed by LTTE when they tried to escape or refusing to handover their kids to LTTE.

    Not a single Tamil Diaspora idiots ever asked the LTTE to release the people. All of you expected those ‘innocent” people should die for the LTTE.

    Now why are you guys shedding crocodile tears for the “innocent” people!

  107. You are not frustrated with LTTE because you did not lose anything. Sometime you may be dollar collector for LTTE. So, you cry for LTTE criminals.

    So, long Sumanthiran gang was asking 13th amendment. Now crying the opposit. TNA proves itself as useless political party and wants more destruction of Tamils.

    FYI: In the evenings my friends come for a shot of whisky or Rum with me. Conversations are always “noisy”. get it!

  108. How many Tigers were killed? Have you any idea? War was the choice of LTTE. LTTE took people as human shilds. Do you think bombs identify LTTE alone? No such bomb is there! No LTTE media tell the casualitis of the LTTE. Why? Are you telling here all the killed LTTe morons were civilians?

  109. LTTE killed Tamils every day. Now that is stopped. If you count the days LTTE in power, you can simply get the minimum numbers of Tamils killed by LTTE. That exceeds 10,000. But that was not the case. Multiply it by five.

  110. Soma the stupid says:

    “My question is when TNA refers to “Tamil Nation” or “our people” which of the following groups are included:”

    Could you now define the following so that we can be more clear about what we are discussing here means the same concepts to both of us;

    Social contract
    The difference between manufacturing consent for war and absence of it for peace.
    Stupid Tamils
    Stupid Sinhalese
    Human Rights
    Rule of law
    Crony Capitalism
    Unity in diversity

    Once we agree on these terms then we can decide on your trivial question.

    Before deciding on your stupid question let me remind you the island does not belong to Sinhalese nor to Tamils.

    It is our ancestral land and not for sale nor for grabs.

    What TNA wants or Sinhalese cedes is unimportant for my people. The important question is when can you leave?

  111. blowing up Nehru’s grandson may be why the Hindu is against Thamijca Terrorism and those who fund and support it.
    you remember Nehru’s grandson don’t you Mahesh? Tall north indian, Indira’s second son, the man who stopped Sri-Lanka’s greatest general at Vadamarachchi with a couple of planes and a phone call.

  112. Caste rubbish. All these upper caste nut jobs rot the same in the end….maybe that’s why cremation came about, to show that the nutter castes don’t rot like the rest.

  113. To imagine that the Second Chamber can be equated to a plus is a fallacy.Senate would serve only to give jobs to the political rejects and would lack power or capability to address solid critical issues. It will be a colosal waste of money and energy. It will be castrated bull in a stud centre.
    On the other hand you can think of several useful pluses such as elected Governors of Provinces, removal of the concurrent list and pass it on to the Provincial list, Supreme Court to adjudicate on disputes between the Centre and the Provinces,meanigful administrative structures to implement the Land and Police powers already granted under the 13th Amendment.There could be more. For all this there must be the WILL.

  114. While I welcome healthy and objective debates in this useful blog from the likes of Dr Narendran, Diyasena, Dr.Mervyn de Silva PhD, Marleen Van Tweest, Devinda Fernando (or where is he? We have not seen his striking rejoinders for a while) and many others, I find it distasteful to be constantly stalked by a few scum floating in these pages – quite convinced of their misguided patriotism-nationalism as doing good to the people.

    The illegal and inhuman changing of the demographic reality of the Eastern Provice – that started in the late 1940s – and has now resulted in the then majority Tamils being reduced to 2nd-3rd in the Trincomalee/Batticoloa Districts is documented over and over again by the Tamil political parties negotiating with successive Lankan governments. Even friendly countries like India, the UK, USA keen to help Sri Lanka regain her earlier racial tranquility have tacitly supported the Tamil call for reason and rectification in this regard. Therefore, attempts in crude language calculated only to bring me disfavour in Sinhala eyes can spring only from faecal brains oozing with personal venom.

    Since the British brought the earlier Tamil, Kandyan, Kotte Kingdoms into one administrative unit Colombo was made the Capital of all 3 former kingdoms and all its people. Now to mislead yourself that Colombo belongs to one particular community (“Our”) is a product of these ignorant creatures with jaundiced minds. To further think one community is doing the other/s a favour in “allowing them to stay in Colombo”can only come from the thoughts of one who should be locked away at Angoda/Mulleriyawa before further damage is done. And such vermin supposedly taking up the case of Muslims and Indian Tamils is so shallow to even wake up the dead laughing.

    I respond more to exasperation than anger.


  115. Good question, I don’t know what TNA thinks but in my opinion;

    North East is Tamil homeland. Tamil Nation represents the North East land plus all Tamil people claims as Sri Lankan Tamil Origin living all over the Island; and I believe TNA represent them.

    Muslims they themselves claims they are distinct community, it is also accepted by all. Some Muslims choose Tamil and some choose Sinhala as their first language; some still practicing Malay, Arabic, Urdu or even English as their first language but claim they all come together as Muslims not Tamil nor Shinhala. Those Tamils, practicing Islam, have all the rights to join the Tamil Nation but TNA cannot decide that. It is those Tamils, practicing Islam, need to decide if they want to call themselves as Tamils or Muslims. If they claim themselves as Tamils not Muslims, they are part of Sri Lankan Tamils without any doubts… No exception as those Sri Lankan Tamils who is following Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or no religion.

    Upcountry Tamils again claimed & accepted as distinct community by all. As Muslims, they also have their own leaders to take care of their affairs that meet their needs, not TNA. Again, they are not Indian Tamils but upcountry Tamils (similar to low/high country Sinhalese), they are Sri Lankans too. They can also be part of the general Sri Lankan Tamils category without any doubts, but that decision has to be taken by them not imposed by TNA to keep them as slaves or low caste. TNA cannot do the same as the majority/GOSL trying to control Tamils and others by interfering in their own affairs.

    From what I understand, TNA is fighting to regain one of the Island oldest nation’s Sovereignty and self-determination back; within federal framework or whatever the acceptable solution is. There are many upcountry Tamils and Muslims contributed for Tamils struggle over the years, by virtue they all part of Tamil nation but they have to decide if they are insiders or outsiders by joining Tamil Nation but TNA itself cannot force them into it.

  116. Dear AIA, thank you for your polite response. Let me now present my point of view.

    “I knew you and your kinds, like to think there are no specific problems to Tamils in SL, because it is your preferred position to safeguard your empire from future threats of TN, which you guys have night dreams of. “

    Let me refer to the second part of your statement first. Stripped of sarcasm (this is another problem of you emotional writers) in essence what you are saying is “Sinhalese fear that one day they will be subjugated by Tamil Nadu and their unique civilization will be drowned”.

    This, I must admit, is a true description of the Sinhala psyche. So what you observe is a protectionist behavaviour my friend, not empire building. When I was young and a socialist I too thought Sinhalese are dreaming as your propaganda machine would have it. That was until Ranil W gave into the pressure and went that far no Sinhala political leader could afford to go. All practicalities are concerned that was a good starting point for building amity. I was an staunch supporter. But how did the Tamils respond? They decided to fight to the end till total separation was achieved. Now you want to disown “that murderous group” ? Not so easy my dear, this is what you told us:
    “Accepting LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of the Tamil Eelam Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representative of the Tamil people, let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers’ struggle with honesty and steadfastness. Let us endeavour determinedly, collectively as one group, one nation, one country, transcending race and religious differences, under the leadership of the LTTE for a life of liberty, honour and justice for the Tamil people”

    Prabakaran was insignificant – just an individual. What is critically significant is that gigantic support he received not only from the 70 million Tamils but powerful countries as well for 30 long years. I realized this is real not a dream. Pushed to the wall the inevitable happened.

    We are not blind to the fact that entire political ecosystem of the Tamil Nadu revolves around the Eelam project in Sri Lanka.

    True there are anti LTTE Tamils. Good percentage of them are angry because LTTE killed other Tamils – not anti-terrorist per se. Quite unwittingly your thoughts too wander into “LTTE’s animal kingdom rules and their excesses that Tamils had to be endured before May 2009, Vanni people in particular.” Spare a thought for us too. Sinhala villagers in adjoining Vanni in particular.

    So if only you have the capacity to stand aside and think as a third party you will forgive the Sinhalese for thinking so. You can’t imagine how fearful we feel when you show us that map of Eelam encircling two thirds of the border like devil’s jaw.

    As a result of self imposed alienation, Tamils do face several critical problems, the most serious being the difficulties of communicating with the state machinery. This must be addressed at all costs. Tamils who practice Islam behaved differently leaving them as the most prosperous ethnic group.

    I am time and space constrained to present a comparison of sporadic violence like 1983 and a organized terrorist campaign of 30 years.

    “What is needed now is to find a lasting solution and get on with it.”

    True. But the demographic distribution of Tamil speaking people has made it impossible to conceive a possible solution encompassing all Tamil speaking people other than ‘” One single political entity in which all citizens are absolutely equal in every respect where every one is free to live anywhere and use of Tamil language is facilitated in interactions with the state machinery.”

    This is achievable if only Tamil political leaders can refrain from asking a political solution only for the Tamils in the North and East allocating one third of the land while leaving the majority among the Sinhalese. This is not acceptable to us. A separate Tamil homeland should accommodate all Tamil speaking people or we live in one country like brothers.

    In the mean time non political issues raised by the TNA in respect of the war affected innocent people should be accorded urgent, utmost consideration and top priority fund allocation.


  117. Killing Tamils is also a choice of the SL state and has been since the 1950s.

    “Are you telling here all the killed LTTe morons were civilians?”

    Please provide evidence where I said that. If you cannot, pleass refrain from making wild accusations like that.

    The LTTE were labelled as a terror group by most countries in the world because of their actions. But the SL state has a responsibility to protect its citizens irrespective of ethnicity. The SL state has not only failed to protect but has willingly particpated in killing Tamils since the 1950s. So the same state with such history, in the name of defeating the LTTE did not blink an eyelid in slaughtering thousands of innocent Tamil civilians. Something The Hindu never wrote about.

  118. Even before all these things happened both Hindu and the Cho Ramasamy were against the LTTE. They showed cavalier attitude towards the Tamils there and also they were supportive of the Sinhalese govt to the hilt.

    I don’t justify the asasination, but he also lost the opportunity there by siding with the Sri Lankan forces. IPKF equipped the local tamil children for the EPRLF against the LTTE.

    They didn’t pressurize the govt to follow the accord. The wily Lalith and JRJ gang used every opportunity to scuttle the accord.

    The Pulendran and Kumarappa episode could have been tackled with a little diplomacy.

    J.N. Dixit wanted the Maj. Gen. Kalkat to kill the VP when he came for talks.

    They wanted to somehow finish off the LTTE and the VP.

    Formerly they had bought the TELO, EPRLF, etc and were using them as their proxies. Only LTTE didn’t do their biddings.

    Even in that situation if they had stuck to their part of the accord and forced the JRJ to implement it the people would have accepted it and it would have weakened the position of the LTTE.

    No organization can go against the wishes of its people.

    JRJ got his way by saying ‘as a President can I not have my way in this’, like that in the Kumarappa episode.

    These people must be put in place. Until any Indian govt does that the Sinhalese will be a problem for peace, Tamils and also to the Indian security.

    They should be made to think in accordance to their size. Now they have an ego larger than life.

    That has to be put down.

  119. Stop pointing fingers at people by using “you” if you cannot provide evidence. Where is the evidence that I expected the innocent people to die??

  120. LTTE killed more Tamil people than all communal riots combine. NO SL government had a choice of killing Tamils. That is your imagination to save the LTTE criminals.

    SL governemnt showed its responsibility and saved thousands of people from the LTTE including 11,000 LTTE terrorists. Civilians were killed during the crossfire. That is inevitable in a war. See the videos of Saman Rama Wikrama during the war and how the government tried to save the people.

    You expect Ram has to dance to the tunes of Gopalasamy. An Editor has the freedom to report what he feels right! Ram did the right and you cry he was not supporting the wrong!

  121. Soma says:

    If you are filthy in your mind and body you would generate bad vibs and ordour. It is therefore right for any public to prevent you from fetching water from public wells, be it in North, South, East or West.

    I am surprised, you are still allowed to use public spaces with your smelly old wounds and bad vibrations.

    A spell in the jungle will do good to your mind and body.

  122. Soma

    If you are filthy in your mind and body you would generate bad vibs and ordour. It is therefore right for any public to prevent you from fetching water from public wells, be it in North, South, East or West.

    I am surprised, you are still allowed to use public spaces with your smelly old wounds and bad vibrations.

    A spell in the jungle will do good to your mind and body.

  123. Low caste rejects who drew lavatory buckets in the 50’s and 60’s are still seen on Colombo streets carrying shit loads of anti Sinhala Buddhist venom once again proving the adage old habits die hard. Thanks to the accommodative attitude of the majority these Orangutans became big business moguls and had even the opportunity of hobnobbing unsuspecting Sinhala upper class. Heads swollen with imagined erudition on every subject under the sun they let loose their verbal diarrhea on every corner they can sneak in, stink of which has driven away many a respectable gentleman. Still unable to come to terms with the demise of their Great Master, still hallucinating on the promised land they have now banded together with remaining terrorist rump outside the country to promote every harm against this poor country. Emboldened by the ghostly shadow of the “resurrection” they are now openly insulting what we worship and tell straight to our face ‘I didn’t like the Master only when he killed the members of my own clan”.

    Reason or unreason, logic or illogic they are doing their damndest to convince us that “ours is ours and yours is ours too”.

    Undeterred, we shall continue to enlighten innocent inhabitants of this poor land the dangers of their agenda and there is no alternative to:
    ‘” One single political entity in which all citizens are absolutely equal in every respect where every one is free to live anywhere and use of Tamil language is facilitated in interactions with the state machinery.”

    Also we shall not fail in our duty to expose hypocrisy, duplicity, hidden agendas, unreason and illogic wherever we encounter them.

    Thanks DBSJ for your valuable space.

  124. Dont cry man! have you any evidence to prove all the deads were “INNOCENT”?

    You bark for LTTE criminals. I always point fingers at any LTTE criminal supporters like you!

  125. It seems that neither side is genuinely interested in finding an acceptable compromise… Both sides are just politically grandstanding to keep heir respective vote bases happy.

    The TNA is hoping that Western pressure will eventually make GoSL cave in and give them Elam in all but name.. The government is hoping that when the dividends of infrastructure development kicks in the Northerners will move toward UPFA

  126. I got it now. so, whole evening, you are in agitated mind and rest of you dont have anything to think. Thats why you repeat the same old news. LTTE’er are gone. Now,try to find a way how you can help yourself and others.

  127. “LTTE killed more Tamil people than all communal riots combine”

    Can you please any source of info to support your claim?

  128. Thanks Soma for your frank and forthright comments. If you, or the readers for that matter, felt that the way I expressed has some sarcasm, it was not to have a fun on the matters under discussion but to get the message home easily, however, you have pointed out now, so I try my best to avoid them.

    As you know there have been other items that DBS J have been populating here, however I like responding here as a way of appreciating your time and effort in sharing your thoughts. Maybe we could exchange our views little bit more in topics to come.

    Regarding your comments about the fear of threat from TN, I really believe it is only an imagination however, I understand people like yours fear, and the approach which you wanted the GoSL to adopt: being proactive rather feeling sorry for the failure later. I however must say, I did not exactly mean what as you put it: “Sinhalese fear that one day they will be subjugated by Tamil Nadu and their unique civilization will be drowned”. You may not agree, but in my view, leaving this issue unresolved has the potential, and is the only way, if any, for TN/India to meddle with SL’s affairs in a big way. Even if that happened, only if happened, they would set things in order, may formulate things similar to what they have in India, like the States, and go back or worse comes (if not in their national interest) annex SL as another State of India. In this day an age it is beyond imagination to think subjugation and drowning a unique civilisation, as you put it, maybe this is a highly exaggerated imagination of your kind, do not think even majority of your folks think this way. To put it simply what I meant was as fear, is the fear of loosing control that you may have which, I heard from some of my Sinhala friends, and is reasonable in this game of numbers in the democratic set up.

    “But how did the Tamils respond? They decided to fight to the end till total separation was achieved. Now you want to disown “that murderous group”? Not so easy my dear, this is what you told us.” I am really at a loss to understand this. Did Tamils start war for the total separation? You’ve got to own something to disown. Do you say Tamils including Kathirgamar have started to fight or you want to take refuge under F. as some said in their comments for your A to E queries. This is what I referred yours as honest view; because you took it that it was all Tamils against Sinhalese and this explains why did GoSL deprived Tamils of food and other essentials for LTTE’s wrongs. In this context, it is hardly surprising to expect kind of treatment that Tamils receive right now even after demise of LTTE.

    “So if only you have the capacity to stand aside and think as a third party you will forgive the Sinhalese for thinking so. You can’t imagine how fearful we feel when you show us that map of Eelam encircling two thirds of the border like devil’s jaw.”- My response here is while I understand the real concerns of Sinhalese not the highly inflated and elevated fear as such. Tamil Eelam is not possible, maybe this was the reason SJV once said only God can only save Tamils, may be he foresaw what was coming if Tamils go down this path. In my view, Tamils asking divorce maybe reasonable if you guys keep sending us via ships to North yet settlement being proposed asking 2/3 of coastal line is ridiculous and not practical. Particularly these champions who have been articulating this have already fled the island and live in comfort in some corners in the world and dreaming a Tamil Eelam which only populated with a few people of their own. This they did dream at the expenses of those who are living here. My take is the longer they threat with that map is better for the hardliners to give some ammunition to go harder with their campaign. I do not think even LTTE went after it, knew you will disagree, and I may be wrong. Yet I guess the fact that they signed that agreement with RW indicates this. What happened exactly after signing this peace deal, you southerners would not understand entirely. As you pointed out that RW did something that a Sinhala leader never envisaged ever, and if that is how the current GoSL saw it, am in no doubt on that, what would you expect from them? Sit and wait to witness a peace deal being made in a bargaining table where LTTE sits in par with GoSL or would they want to upset it? That is what exactly happened, provoking LTTE in several issues; they knew VP’s weakness having seen what he did for India in 1987. On the other hand I do not say LTTE were saints either, I knew LTTE was also not a willing partner for the 2002 cease fire, it had been bugled to the pressure, to avoid it from being listed as a Terrorist organization in many western countries aftermath of 9/11. Seeing this did not work, they were also looking at breaking the pact at the first opportunity. Knowing what took place during that time in North East, I thought what you have put in your comment was one sided.

    True. But the demographic distribution of Tamil speaking people has made it impossible to conceive a possible solution encompassing all Tamil speaking people other than ‘” One single political entity in which all citizens are absolutely equal in every respect where every one is free to live anywhere and use of Tamil language is facilitated in interactions with the state machinery.”

    I sort of understand what you are on about here, saying Tamils’ dispersed living make it harder to formulate a solution as they ask due to some practicalities. I see this lacks the logics and the practical difficultly you try taking cover of are trivial. I know you are fully aware these reasons you cite have no merit but will go on with it as a defence as long as it takes, because you will not find any worthy ones. Let me suggest you look around at the similar models being in use around the world.

    Introducing Tri-language policy is good, and I guess this will enhance understanding of reasonable Sinhalese of the Tamils plight. The need of the hour is to implement what is already in the SL’s constitution, not plus or minus-this is clearly a ploy using the current GoSL to pass its time.

    I admire your passion for our country why not work together find a solution as soon as possible before someone else say what is right for us and forces us. Such thrust will not have the kind of blessing expected to have for implementation. It is the implementation not having something in the papaer is the issue.


    Thank you.

  129. Ok///

    Go on justifying LTTE and their cause. Its your choice.

    However your time & efforts will be futile.

    You know what comes to my mind. In SL there is a traditional game to break hanging pots by a blind folded men. You are like one of them. Blind to the destruction caused to Tamils by LTTE & the separatists cause, and you are always with a weapon (words) to hit at any Sinhalese 9hanging pots).

    Do you know that most of the time these blind men miss the pot ???

  130. Idiot! Drinking is a relaxation and not agitating anything! Only the Tamils drink to kill or attack or rape someone!

    LTTE gone? Are you joking?

  131. Good to read again from the analytical mind of Mr Diyasena. Land and Police Powers – as Austin Fernando reminds us in these pages, is part of the laws of the land – but the State as it is now wants this to be revisited in the unaccomodating hostile climate it has helped to create. India and the IC are surprised at the turnaround but take it as to be expected from a team known for going back in their pledges. Rememmber the words “several times” in Minister SM Krishna’s statement.

    Your comments on para 2 is at work now – but let me repeat TNA’s assurance EELAM is out – a feature those trying to bring peace and assurance in the South should underline. I am also aware this is largely due to India’s insistence.


  132. Did you get booted by Canadian Tamil Congress! Further I dont need you or others who did not go to the same meeting, to believe the story.

  133. What are you going to do with the “sources” while you are unable to tell how many LTTE goons dead because you cry the LTTE propaganda? Ask the LTTE propaganda goons to provide the LTTE casualities. Then others will calculate the “innocents”.

  134. U never get it do u?

    u only justify LTTE and find fault of GoSL

    What do u mean clergy killed them ?

    Who killed whom u don;t have a clue !

  135. Are u still living in 1986? 13A was passed by the UNP regime in 1987 without even letting the people in this country know whats in it thanks to arm twisting and thuggish diplomacy by MR.RAJIV GANDHI.Many people gave their lives protesting it and even todate there is no real count how many died.JRJ ordered to fire live ammo at this rally at the entry point to colombo city.Only now it has become a right to civillian protest and killig them a crime against humanity?13A was not a request or a requirment of the people of Sri Lanka be they tamil or sinhala.It propped up to allay india’s security fears.Especially to thwart any attempt to give the tank farm in tricomalee to any US company.From the very beginnig India messed up and mishandled the tamil issue in sri lanka and continue to do so. Any solutiion to have peace in this counrty must first have to defeat the wests interests in this country for which they will go to great lengths.India must be in the fore front in this regard as its own security may depend on it as Mr. Krishna said before he left for Sri lanka.

  136. Foreign interference when fighting the LTTE certainly came especially from the British and the French foreign ministers and it was not ok!
    LTTE being a terrorist organisation and recognised as such in many countries world over,assistance,not interference was saught to fight the terrorists .
    Interference in internal matters is just that Interference and what else do you call it?

  137. “North East is Tamil homeland. Tamil Nation represents the North East land plus all Tamil people claims as Sri Lankan Tamil Origin living all over the Island; and I believe TNA represent them”

    Dear Surya
    you have exculded the tamil speaking muslims as a distinct community.
    you have also excluded the up country tamils as a distinct community.
    Then you say all the tamils living all over Sri Lanka to belong to the tamil nation.
    If that is so,
    you have not explained how a solution or devolution of power to the north and the east can solve the problems of all the tamil or tamil speaking people?
    If what ever solution or devolution solves only the problems of people in the north and the east then why not call it the nothern and eastern problem rather than thamil or ethnic problem?
    Then can we find a solution to a question that is not correctly defined?
    In short,if we are looking for solutions for the problems faced by the tamil community then the solution must address problems of all tamils without excluding this and that entity.
    If the people in the north and the east wants a seperate state then it should be sought as that instead of hidiing behind Tamil nationality just to make up the numbers.

  138. The government has been trying to get TNA on board before elections to the nothern PC.
    13A has alresdy been implemented else where except in the north.
    Soon elections to the nothern PC will be held with or without TNA and if TNA continues to insist on getting the sun and the moon and decide to boycott the elections someone else will grab power in the north.
    That will not be very good news for the TNA.
    My bet is when the elections are held for the nothern PC TNA will contest with or without land and police powers.

  139. So what is your point ?

    Most of tamil speaking communities in colombo are fluent in sinhala too.

    Aren’t we promoting a tri-lingual year !!

    If people are literate in several languages it will be an asset to the progress of the nation.

  140. Pandikuddi says:
    January 21, 2012 at 3:49 amCivil war conducted by NE people for self rule
    Dear friend,

    Under the present power devolution, SINHALEESE who living in Eastern province are get their birth certificates in TAMIL LANGUAGE.
    There are no single SINHALA officer in BATTICOLOW kachchery for take action fo those sinhalees.

    If the self ruling that you are wish to establish take materialise that wil be the ultimatum of those sinhalees.


  141. Thanks. Your style is a refreshing departure from the rabid racists here with whom I regularly trade insults. Your words carry no malice behind. As this page is now being pushed down the list let us meet again in the coming days to further exchange our views.

  142. Well, my answer was to the question, who TNA represent, in my personal opinion. What I mean by “…Tamil people claims as Sri Lankan Tamil Origin living all over the Island…” is all those Ilankai Tamils living in Colombo and non-north-east districts.

    “In short,if we are looking for solutions for the problems faced by the tamil community then the solution must address problems of all tamils without excluding this and that entity.”

    There are so many problems in Sri Lanaka (all countries have their own problem not just SL), the 30+ years of struggle is mainly by Illankai Tamils. That doesn’t mean, upcountry Tamils or Muslims or low/high country Sinhalese have no issues. My answer was to the question, TNA is representing Illankai Tamils and their homeland. However when there is a solution, it must address all communities as well, not just Illankai Tamils. It doesn’t make sense to solve one problem now and let others fight for another 30+ before addressing theirs.

    Shinhalalese, Ilankai Tamil, Muslim and Upcountry Tamils all belong to the Island. Since these groups are recognized as distinct groups by all and they happy with it, it is them need to decide if they want to join as one group or not. Ilankai Tamils decided to stay as ONE when British left, but then came all the turmoil. When it comes to democracy, always the majority rules and there is no guarantee that the leaders chosen by majority will always be fair all the times. Some crocks would be elected some times in the history to spoil everything and all the racial harmony will go to vain. Similarly if Ilankai Tamils, Muslim and Upcountry Tamils join together without a proper platform, there is a chance for one to spoil the marriage by spoil everything to some class’ personal advantage…..

    If you ask me, I think the, a proper law needs to be there to protect the minority rights. So when some crocks come up, they cannot do whatever they want. There should be a solid and fair constitution that cannot be altered simply by the parliament majority. All the rest need to be built up on the strong foundation (a solid constitution).

    There are many solutions available but need the will to implement them!

    Unified solution
    – All citizens are equal.
    – No religious important. Actually, I strongly support, the religious section on all the government documents should be removed not just from SL but from all the countries. Human freedom should allow a person to decide what they want to study, where they want to work, and what religion to follow. Kids cannot decides these by themselves and it is not fair to force religion into kids, but may them expose to parents believes without any force so when they grow up they know what to choose. Government should make it citizen have access to all world religion materials or make it mandatory for all students to learn all religions. It should become norm “Father following Hindusim, Mother following Buddism, Daughter following Islam and Son following Christianity and they live together happily. Religions are just a path, one religion may be good for one and other may be good for another. They all trying to do the same.
    – Sinhala and Tamil (and English) must be recognized equally. All government servants, including all politicians, must be fluent in both languages. Both languages must be taught by qualified teachers from Grade 1 or earlier in schools all over the Island.
    – All opportunities (jobs, educations etc..) must be granted based on personal qualifications, race should not dominate on them.
    – All races should represent the country locally and internationally equally (president, prime mister, finance, foreign affairs, defense, UN posting etc…)

    – Something similar to India, Canada would solve the problem
    – Central, Western, Uva, subrgamuva etc.. (Shinhalese)
    – North East (Illankai Tamils)
    – Colombo & Nuwaraliya as union territories (like Delhi, Goa, Pondicherry etc..)
    o Puthalam, Ambarai, etc.. as union territories too….

  143. The tamils should say to the government the following.

    a)implement the 13th amendment.

    b)To do that you don’t need the parliamentary select committee.Just implement the amendment that is already in the constitution.Why do you need PSC for that or talks with the TNA for that matter.The indo-lanka accord is strictly between india and srilanka.If you don’t want to implement or you want to modify the indolanka accord talk to the indians about that without wasting our time about it.

    c)Tamils are not interested in the plus of the 13th amendment at the moment.When you can’t even honour a agreement with india even,how the hell will you honour any agreement with the tamils of srilanka.We have seen in the past how you tore up the banda -chelva pact and the dudley -chelva pact after getting the support of the tamils at election time.So let us see at least whether you will honour the pact with india before we get taken for a ride again.

    d)As for the senate that you consider as the plus for the 13th amendment,the tamils are not interested.If you want to go ahead and do it that is upto you entirely.We don’t consider it as a 13th amendment plus for the tamils and we are not interested in it.

    e)In a nutshell,there is no need for any talks with the tamils at the moment.Let the world watch and see whether the sinhalese will honour the agreement with india in full.If that is done,then the tamils will have confidence that the sinhalese have indeed turned a new leaf and become ‘born again’ sinhalese,and will sit down with them and look into the “plus”that mahinda has been talking about for all these years.


  144. Here is a good example of why sucessive srilankan governments cannot be trusted by the tamils.Now it is india’s turn to find that out with first hand experience.Mahinda told krishna that he will implement the 13th amendment in full.It only takes krishna to leave on the plane before he tells another thing to the sinhalese people.Now he says he only said to krishna that he will look at the proposals to implement the 13th amendment.Oh yeah,he has been looking at that since 2009 with a ‘plus’,and running up and down to china in the meantime to talk god knows what.It only reinforces my belief that the tamils should take it one at a time,first see whether the 13th amendment will be implemented in full,for which talks are not necessary and then start talking about the ‘plus’with the government.


  145. Shankar,

    Adding to your comments, the world wonders why does one need one more round of talks under a so-called PSC when the very same President played the fool with two other
    high profile Commissions – established under his own hand and on which billions were spent with MPs/Minister flying hither, thither and yon. Eventual result – zilch.

    Sir Walter Scott may well be a name the siblings are not familiar with. But the gallant knight made a fine comment during his days – very valid to Sri Lankan rulers:-

    “Oh! what a tanged web we weave – when we first learn to deceive”


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