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Thaippongal celebrations at Temple Trees

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A pictorial perspective

Hello Friends,

Thaippongal” is the traditional Tamil Thanksgiving festival that augurs bountiful harvests and good fortune. It is known as “Thamizhar Thirunaal” and “Uzhavar Perunaal”.

“Thaippongal” was celebrated by President and Mrs.Rajapaksa at “Temple Trees” this time. I am posting some pictures taken by photographer Sudath Silva from the event held on Tuesday, Jan 17th at the “Temple Trees”.

Here they are friends-DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. MMmmmm….Trying to show the world (With his Indian Co) that he and his Givernment realy cares for tamils.
    If there is realy nothing to hide then let International communities to go to “Vanni” and spend some time without
    any Goverment intervention.

    World will know the truth.
    Whatever they do one day they had to pay the price.

    Unfortunatly the innocent tamils need to wait long for that day.

  2. Tamils in Sri Lanka appreciate his excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksas praiseworthy gesture in holding Thaippongal celebrations at “Temple Trees” where he is residing now. There are many problems still but slowly and surely Tamils living here are solving them one by one and achieving equality as children of one mother

  3. Instead of having all these gimmicks, they would have got some merit, if they had fed the poor in Sri Lanka or repaired a school in the Vanni, or built a house for the maimed by the war, or given a scholarship for a deserving student any where in Sri Lanka!!

    There are people who are crying for one meal for their infants, while the “Royal Family” goes to foreign countries with their entourage of 100+ people!! and spends millions of dollars to white wash their crime. Instead, if they have moved towards “true reconciliation” with the same millions of dollars there is no need for Gotha to keep “chanting” the “LTTE Mantra” and there is no need for Indian politicians to fly frequently and repeating the same lies over and over again.

  4. Very nice photos and Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for posting them here.

    I must also commend President Rajapaksa for hosting Thaipongal at Temple Trees

    Just as he is learning and speaking in Tamil to reach out to Tamil people this event too is his way of extending hand of friendship to Tamils

  5. Great!!!!, HE President,we know your warm heart, you love all Sri Lankans as all your predecessors,irrespective of whether they are Sinhalese, Tamil, Moor, Buddhist,Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, Islamic as your brothers, sisters, sons, daughters.
    Our hearts warmed up seeing all those pictures as you & first lady along with Indian FM attending Thaippongal ceremony at Temple Trees. We salute you.
    May all Gods ,Triple Gem bless you.
    Thank you DBSJ showing these beautiful pictures.

  6. As a Tamil and Hindu I am enraged by this spectacle.Thaipongal is not a Hindu festival. It is essentially a farmers festival peculiar to Tamils everywhere.

    But at “Temple Trees” i see a pantheoun of Hindu priests in BJP saffron. I think the Viswa Hindu Parishad the right wing Hindu communalist outfit has taken over this festival at Temple Trees. Without understanding evil machinations the President has allowed to “Hinduise” a secular festival

    I am enraged

  7. Thai pirandal vali pirakkum (with the birth of the month of Thai will be born new opportunities) is a thought all Lankans who dream of reconciliation, unity and a peaceful future will endorse. President Mahinda Rajapakse must be
    congratulated for producing the necessary high profile and environment for this welcome event. This is a message
    that will not be missed in the South. The presence of Hon. Shri S.M. Krishna – a Karnataka Hindu – enriches the
    happy occasions.


  8. I see the pictures and annoyed by the inclusion of the Hindu priest in the event. It is ridiculous to show case the pongal as a religious celebration. It is beyond the religions. Hope the people take note of it.

  9. It looks like opreation Brain wash SM Krishna by MR Rajapaksha at thaiPongal 2012.It proves how Srilankan gov can twist current Indian Polity and Government and keep them in their Thumbs

  10. Bare bodied Brahamins,and colorfully clad children, joining equally colorful President,to invoke the blessings of Hindu Gods, for all inhabitants , in front of a Hindu VVIP from our mainly Hidu nation of One Billion, is a vivid snap shot of freedom, peace and harmony that the great majority of Srilankans enjoy in the post conflict era.

  11. Enraged Tamil Hindu may be calmed Thai Pongal is a farmers’ thanksgiving festival in ancient India – where all farmers came under the Sanatana Dharma religious tradition
    a.k.a. Hinduism.

    VHP, contrary to what sections of the frenzied Indian media portrayed sometimes wrongly, has done much to preserve and protect the Hindu reality in India – under attack from many sides more by foreign-funded religious opposition. There have been some excesses as in the Case of Ayodya but in the main they enjoy much backing in
    North India. It is the VHP that has steeadfastly stood their ground at Kadirgamam against chauvinists from other quarters who have, to the day, tried to dispossess thenm of their properties in the old Hindu piligrim site. More than one of their Priests from India have been brutally murdered for their religious role and remaining there in the Tissamaharama area – but they still persist fearlessly to serve the cause. Even many Hindus within the island are unaware of this.

    If the VHP had a leading role to play in the Temple Trees function there is nothing wrong in it. The objection, as usually in these matters, is more personality based -as to who is involved and who is kept out – rather than religious or ritualistic.


  12. Kalu, I am a Hindu a proud Hindu! But India is not a Hindu nation, and all the Indians should be proud about it. When Sinhala Buddhist nation becomes Sri Lankans nation without labels, I will call myself a proud Sri Lankan. This PR activities is not going to change anything.

  13. Mr Sengutuan, the South does not need any new messages.

    They have been living in harmony with everyone else, for a long time, even when they were facing tough and testing times.

    It is those Politicians and their lackeys who claim sole ownership of the North, who should get the message here.

    A little prayer to Hindu Gods with the VVIP Karnataka Hindu, for a better harvest next year would have been a real blessing for a lot people in the North, than trying to invoke the blessings of the West.

  14. I wonder Mahnina Rajapakse who now speaks very good Tamil is indeed a Tamil. There are Rajapakses in the present day Kerala, this man must be from that clan. So he’s got Tamil blood! What would the Sinhalese nationalist now say? With regard to Shiranthi, there are Wickramasuriayars in the southern port city of Kochin. She may be a one of them. So the Crwon Prince Namal is a full blooded Tamilian!!!

  15. It was a very colourful and a moving event. A respected Indian journalist commented that it was the first time a President of Sri Lanka held a Pongal event at Temple Trees. However, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has done this every year. These things comes from the heart dear friends. You could also check with the Tamil editors who were present at the Thai Pongal celebrations. Do you know that the President is up early to learn Tamil? Let us appreciate the effort taken by him to reach out. I say this as another Sri Lankan and not as his spokesman. Now, attack me for saying this too. Peace be with you

  16. The peaceful Thanksgiving Ceremony of Thai Pongal has been converted into a political tamasha with hindu clergy and the indian minister being made unwilling participants.

  17. Why is the God of my heart the great honorable Douglas Devananda not in the Temple Trees Pongal celebration? How can the one and only Sri Lanka Tamil cabinet minister be kept out of this? The non -participation of the walking God of Tamils like me is an insult to all of us. Pongal without Devananda is like Merchant of Venice without Shylock

  18. You really are out of touch with the construction developments in Sri Lanka aren’t you.
    Schools, roads, hospital, housing, infrastructure development , etc etc is happening in the Vanni and the rest of Sri Lanka. A huge amount more needs to be done, but the infrastructure development IS happening.

  19. 1. I haven’t seen Tamils celebrate Thaipongal with so much of pomposity – this conveys wrong ideas and damages the environment.
    2.The President should be ashamed to celebrate ThaiPongal when
    i.he crushes the people of the Northeast by high militarisation and its consequences,
    ii.Northern PC elections are not yet held and 19-member Presidential Task Force has 18 Sinhalese and i Muslim
    iii.Eatern Province elected members have no power to carry out the work that their counterparts are carrying out in the other provinces

  20. Only Hindus celebrate the Pongal. Then what is your problem?

    I think you have no idea of calling it as “Farmers festival”. If that is so why non-farming Hindus celebrate it?

    The pongal falls on the day of Makara Sankranthi. Hindu Sankranthi is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Tamil Hindus celebrate the Makara Sankranthi with sweet rice. Learn about Hindu Sankranthi!

  21. As a Hindu I appreciate Prez Mahinda for celebrating a hindu festival at his abode. Apart from the political problems his openness in accomodating HINDU(majority Tamils) festival is commendable. I always welcome this kind of CULTURAL events celebrated by Sinhala leaders and the Sri lankan government! I hope this kind of activities will bring more reconciliation!

  22. What about Sambandan and Sumanathiran?

    They have missed a golden opportunity to clear the decks once and for all.

    They would have even impressed on Krishna to think about a time frame for 13A plus LP & LL.

    Didn,t even need an Invite

  23. Vinod Bhan,
    Is that so? So then Rajapakse is from your own clan !??. Ha..Ha… Don’t complain again for any war crimes etc. committed by his Govt. against Tamils. You take those as it’s your own.okay.

  24. In a way I can understand what MR is trying to do. He is trying to reach out to the Sinhala SOuth and not to the Tamils.
    This function will be reported in all SInhala media printed , TV and internet.FOr the first time the Sinhala south will understand the Tamil festivities like Pongal etc.

    By celebrtaing pongal at the Temple Trees MR is sending a ,essage of unity to the Sinhala South.
    MR relies heavily on the SInhala South and need thier consent out side the Parliament for recognising Tamils as equal citizens

  25. This suddenly found interest in thaipongal is just to keep FM Krishna occupied. Leaving him and his entourage without engagements would lead them spreading more and more rumours saying MR is going find a solution per 13+ or 14- amendments etc. So in that sense this gala event is well timed and placed. I suppose Temple Tree would not accommodate any one other than those who support the GoSL, this way, people who were behind this idea have precluded FM from meeting any critics of GoSL and others like estate workers etc. We will see more of these type celebrations when GoI guys come over here.

  26. .
    Kalu says, They have been living in harmony with everyone else, for a long time, even when they were facing tough and testing times.

    Ha Ha Ha…. Kalu, are you out of your mind?

    Is 1983 a long time?

  27. What a Auspicious look of peace and affection. Honble Mahinda and Honble Krishna respecting our great Nandhi, makes allover my body “grass itching”(pul arikkuthu).

  28. Some one said this is a farmers thanks giving festival!
    So why can’t the girls in the back row join the festival?

  29. RajahsH- You read well. In addition to what you rightly state, it can also be a message “despite all the great things that I do to the Tamils this …TNA is refusing to be part of my great PSC formulae. That is why we cannot have peace and unity here”


  30. From an aesthetic point of view, it would have served the two cultures better if the Tamil and Sinhala girls, in their colourful costumes, danced separately. I welcome the Unity aspect in the choice but, in the final analysis, it is almost like a bevy of Bhara Natyam lasses joined by a few girls doing Chubby Checker’s Twist.


  31. Accept what u say. He personally may wish something but the other politicos around him may not wish the same.

    Did U c PM face ???

    He need to take bold steps forwards to bring all communities together.

    People yet to doubt his ability to bring a change. But he need to deal with the extremists of both sides.

    If he speaks to the people about what he feels about the political solution without fearing for his position, then we will know for sure his intentions are genuine.

    He is the only one who can do this at present. Is he willing?

  32. Srilankan tamils who live in Srilanka should realize their fate now. They have to live in Srilanka alongwith Sinhalese. Slowly and gradually start to think that sinhalese are your co-brothers. When you start to love sinhalese they will also start to do that but the hate will not diminish soon; the scar in their heart will not fade so quickly. Only Srilankan tamils Love can remove it.

    With best wishes for a peaceful life for Srilankan tamils who live in Srilanka.

  33. Bandula, You can fool only the modayas like you by These ceremonies and it is not going to replace real devolution of power to Tamils.DIPLOMACY AND DECEIT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME IN SRILANKA SINCE 1948. Flower garlands will become dry and become trash in few days and the pictures in the papers will be in the dust bins in few weeks.

  34. I just noticed the unmistakeable Mani Ayer of Bambalapity Ganesh Temple, whom I have known from the days he cycled to Colombo Hindu College Ratmalana,sitting among the high profile dignataries

  35. Kalu – Both Sinhalese and Tamils are fated by destiny to live side by side in this island they hae inhabited for millenia . How they do it to live in peace, happiness and prosperity in the future is the challenge of the political leadership on both sides.


  36. ISS

    “Both Sinhalese and Tamils are fated by destiny to live side by side in this island”

    They can’t live with each other also can’t live without each other.

    What a stupid misguided people they are.

  37. I am curious to know the fact about the priest killed in Kataragama or Tissamaharagama! Could you tell when and where it happened?

    As far as I know a Hindu priest was killed in Nalluruwa , Panadura in 1958. Six Hindu priests were killed by LTTE but no Tamils talk about these killings! How?

  38. I never heard LTTE or other Tamil parties celebrate any Hindu functions in Jaffna. Why? Are they feeling they are still Brits or Portugeuse?

  39. Je,

    OK , pongal is beyond religions. Pl. let us know how many christians and muslims are celebrating
    pongal in India, Srilanka, nepal etc. If you don’t know , pl. enlighten yourself first, before commenting on festivals, religions etc, which are serious matters.

  40. Dear ‘enraged ‘hindu,

    A simple search for pongal in the web, will give you a wealth of infomation about pongal.

  41. Dear Enraged Hindu,

    when this saffron became the property of BJP ?

    ‘I think the Viswa Hindu Parishad the right wing Hindu communalist outfit has taken over this festival at Temple Trees.’

    You ,ofcourse, are free to think whatever you want. But there is nothing to suggest that .the Viswa Hindu Parishad the right wing Hindu communalist outfit has taken over this festival at Temple Trees.

    ‘A secular festival’

    Pl. let us know, how many christians , muslims are celebrating pongal, especially in churches and mosques ?

    In reality , your comment shows that either your are not even a hindu, leave alone an enraged hindu, or
    you don’t know about hinduism and pongal.

  42. Vinod Bhan might be true,

    Look how MR put Fonseka behind bars. MR and V. Prabhakaran must be from the same blood.

  43. well said Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan ,

    If he had only put some effort to learn what is hinduism, he would not have become enraged. In temples ( Ofcourse pongal is not celebrated in mosques and churches. yet some claim it as a secular festiaval. Obviously empty headed), ‘hindu’ priests only lead the celebrations of pongal. One doesn’t see any hindu becoming enraged. Obviously , there is more to that ‘ Enraged tamil hindu’

  44. Mahinda Rajapaksa has become an expert in fooling everybody. Not only S.M. Krishna but the entire Hindu community is being taken for a ride. He is fooling not only the Indians but all the Hindus left, right and centre.

    Except for a few idiotic Tamils I do not think any self respecting Tamil will believe what Rajapakshe is doing is genuine. You kill 40,000 innocent Tamils and celebrate their cultural festival. These are pure gimmicks to fool the gullible.

  45. Banduala I have heard about you – only as a good man, though I heard you got into some woman problem at the UN Sri Lanka embassy office. But, again, that woman was putting problems to many a men

  46. As a Tamil I can boldly say we have stolen many of the good Sinhalese and tradions and cultures and made them Tamil.In early part of 20th century there was no Hindu New Year, just Sinhala New year. Then, we Tamils also started it, now we call it Tamil New Year! Thank you Sinhalese

  47. M.Sivananthan says:

    “1983 was a joint venture of UNP and LTTE. We never forget!”

    Those riots in 1915, 1958, 1977 also were instigated by LTTE collaborating with some snister partners.
    In 1971 it was LTTE which terrorised the island. Jaffna Library was burned down by LTTE.

    LTTE killed Ravana, J F Kenedy, Bobby Kennedy, Patrick Lumumba, Alllende, Indra Gandhi, SWRD Bandaranayake, Lord Mountbatten, Rohana Wijeweera, Subash Chandra Bose, and bombed Hiroshima, Nakasaki, Pearl Harbour, ……………….. caused first world war, second world war,Star Wars,

    Please confirm.

  48. What ever the race, religion,colour,cast or social class we all live only a few years,this life is like a water bubble so impermenant during this short existance why we hate others instead we must behave in dharma.We must remove the blindfolds of of all prejudices and try to see the truth.

  49. No problem Vinod Bhan. We had so many Tamil kings in Sri Lanka in the past. Some of our kings got their brides from India. Can you blame them ?. Tamil girls are so beautiful. Just look at those girls dancing at Temple trees.

    Thank you DBSJ for showing us those photos. They are lovely.

  50. Just curious. When the LTTE was running Vanni, did they official perform any Sinhala/Buddhist festivals in their controlled areas ? You got to give it that even as a PR exercise, it was nice of MR to do it. Guys This is a no-win situation for any Sinhala politician. If one performs and embraces a Tamil event, then you are a master illusionist and a trickster. If you don’t , then you are a racist !

  51. You are a real dumbass! On the same day new year is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Bihar and Bengal.

    But that day is falls on Mesha Sankaranthi of Hindus and the day is celebrated all over India.

    Sinhala Buddhists are also following HINDU astrology!

  52. Lovely photographs.Struck by the fact that the first lady looks so radiant and beautiful,at her age quite remarkable. Reminds me of imelda marcos.

    Looks like mahinda is a hindu at heart while a bhuddhist at birth.I have seen his photos in temples and he seems to genuinely believe in the hindu gods.

    Bhuddhism does not have worship of gods,but certainly is invaluable for cleansing of the mind and obtaining inner peace.Hinduism is full of gods but does not have that aspect of focusing on your inner self.So bhuddhism and hinduism complements each other like bread and butter.

  53. Rajash,

    The Sinhalas don’t have to be taught unity.. 50+% of Northern Tamils live outside the so called homeland and not even the Bhoomipura party contends their right to live, work, pray there. The message of unity should go to those who scream colonisation the moment a Sinhalese set foots in the ‘pure’ Tamil or goes pilgrimage to Nagadi

  54. How come the photographer has omitted the ” Veena session” from the whole scene?
    He seems to be biased in picking the photos, However Veerakesari has included those photos.

  55. If Mr. M. Sivanandan can approach UNP MP Mr D. M. Swaminathan he may give you the details of this event that took place well after 1958. I believe DMS is involved in the
    Trust running it still. The sad incident was as recently as the early 1990s. There is a VHP presence there running a small office behind the larger Devale . There are still a few Hindu priests from Maharasthra serving the Hindu temple next to the Devale, living in fear and tension unfortunately. I know many Sinhala readers here will sympathise.

    Vindo Bhan – I am afraid the President does not talk “good Tamil” But I appreciate he is making an effort – publicly. We have it from Bandula R the President tries hard daily to improve his knowledge of Tamil. I welcome this very much. One man who can help him is one who is with him daily – our mutual friend Mr Rahulan – his old friend from Parliament days. Now his Tamil translator, who is as proficient in Sinhala, Tamil, English and his native Malayalam.


  56. You guys only talk against…no support…why don’t you guys who complain support with your collected money to your own poor people…show something do not complain when president does some thing good to your own people.

  57. I agree fully with Kota. You simply took the words out of my mouth when you wrote:
    “Pl. let us know, how many christians , muslims are celebrating pongal, especially in churches and mosques ? In reality , your comment shows that either your are not even a hindu, leave alone an enraged hindu, or
    you don’t know about hinduism and pongal.”

  58. People like you who have supported the wrong side that lost the war can do nothing but wish unhappiness on the side that won. Isn’t this simply garden variety jealousy? Grow up and move on. Come on, Dhemalas! Rise, rise, stand at attention, and salute our Raja – Mahinda pallava Rajapakse! Long live our mannan (king)!

  59. What are you talking about, Tamil new year has always been in April. Tamils are are an ancient race. The Pallavas, Pandyas and Cholas rulesd much of South East Asia thousand years ago, hence, New year is celebrated on the same day in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. Tamils in India have celebrated New Year in aPril for thousands of years before Sinhalese even existed, please go and learn history, you ignoramus…

  60. HE MR here sets an example to all communities in SL that all cultural and religious activities are welcome in our motherland irrespective of their race, region and castes. This is good qualiy of a national leader.

    Time for our tamil brothers and sisters in Diasapora to chip in for the development for their poor counterparts northern and eastern parts of our motherland. Do not waste your money, effort and time (and young lives of sinhalese and tamils) on another futile war. Lip service will not help the journey just contribute whatever the way.

  61. What is required without any delay whatsoever is to find a solution to the ethnic problem which has dragged on for more than 50years, promosing , promising solution but only deceit , all the time .It’s high time all communtities rise up against the corrupt practises that is prevalent in the country , and build a united Sri lanka with every individual having his or her fundamental rights without any fear or favour from white vans . Hope a Lee Kuan Yu can be found in Sri Lanka , if the country is to prosper and be the same as pre-independent days, infact after independence we are more dependent than ever thanks tp the politricians ransacking the country under the premise of language and religion

  62. Tamils are superior in every single way. Rajapakse, in reality is scared of the world. Facing several lawsuits, including a $30 million one, he is terrified of Tamils.

  63. My friend lol:

    This superior/inferior business is both counter-productive and unnecessary. Tamils and
    Sinhalaese/their cultures are unique, need to be honoured and respected in every way.
    Both sides abided by this for thousands of years. I am confident there is within the wisdom and capacity of both people to overcome their recent negaives and recapture their togetherness sooner than later. Many of us see good signs already.


  64. Mr. Ilaya Senguttavan, the island of Ceylon was working fine when the British were occupying it. However, when they left and independance was given to Sri Lanka, power was taken greedily by the Sinhala – taking away equal rights from the Tamils, causing discrimination towards them. Reason? Most likely jealousy. But back to my initial sentence – the British may have caused problems in the first place by invading Sri Lanka, but then leaving it was also another problem.
    But before all this nonsense of European countries conquering Sri Lanka, there was a Tamil Kingdom and a Sinhalese Kingdom. So why shouldn’t the Tamils be allowed their seperate state – to allow their culture to continue. ‘Good signs’? I’m sorry but if anything this is just a corrupt President (like all the ones before him) to cover up the mass murder of 40,000 Tamils.

  65. Dear lol,

    Both our views find convergence in many areas. If I may add something – while there was a Jaffna kingdom that extended to the present Eastern Province, the non-Tamil South was ruled by the Udarata (Kandyan) and the Patha rata (Kotte, Ruhuna) rulers.

    As to “good signs” things move so far here since I wrote a few days ago the scenario is changing fast with Arichandran now saying “he never agreed to a solution via the 13th Amendment” If Shekar Gupta was to relay his tape taken at Temple Trees in the same subject, we probably will gain the title for double-speak – that is now the title of another bigger country in the region vis-a-vis Bin Laden’s “secret hideout”. Did you see Defence Secretary Panetta on NBC/CNN yesterday?


  66. Dear lol:

    Further to my last comments on Jan 30I read your comments (29/1/12) again and wish to add a few words. When the Portugese, Dutch and British ruled here the rights and the recognition of Buddhism was denied its due place – no less Hinduism. Our generation is more connected to the British period here and I wish to share some thoughts of that period here. While as conquistidores, the primacy of the English language for their administrative and commercial purposes can be understood. What is not, however, is the manner in which they kept the Buddhist religion down. I remember when I was small it was the practice to ask incoming domestics what their religion is. And the usual question is “Aagamadhe? (Are you from THE religion i.e. Christianity/Catholicism) If the man/woman answered in the negative it was considered a minus factor – although we were Hindus. Looked from today’s liberal eyes, this was a terrible injustice to the majority. But they, like the Tamils of post-1950s, bore the whole thing patiently. The 1956 People’s Revolution saw the pendulum swininging to the othe extreme – somewhat injudiciously.

    In sum total the Sinhala Govts, in many ways, did to us what they Brits did to the Sinhala Nation. As the old saying goes “2 wrongs do not make make 1 right”


    I remember a Perera family down where my sister lived in North Colombo. The lane of about 50 houses had only this Buddhist family – the father a Proctor’s clerk. They prayed loud daily and the children (4 girls and a boy) went to Sunday school in traditional Buddhist white garb. Some thought they were somewhat eccentric. My mother, however, did not agree and moved very closely with them. As years passed, the elder girl passed out as an Advocate and the boy as a CCS man. They became very politically activist. I was still touched when my mother’s house was attacked in 7/83 some of them from different parts of Cbo immediately came and offered us much needed consolation. They used their influences to get the Police to visit my mother several times of the day until matters settled down.

  67. I think this is good gesture where the President takes part in a predominantly Tamil celebration. Let us not think negative with skepticism as if it’s political scoring. It is very elevating to see how both the communities join to gether. We should value such gestures from both sides which go to strengthen our fractured society.

  68. Dear ISS

    I have viewed your previous comments and I have to ask you, do you believe in the defence secretary of Sri Lanka? If you go onto a website called Channel 4, their BRITISH journalists (to prevent the biasty of saying Tamilnet), have had talks with members of the Sri Lankan Government. All the time, those members are bamboozled with questions that they cannot asnwer truthfully, constantly saying ‘there have been significant impprovements in Sri Lanka, our country is running finely, etc. But when asked to explain, to show proof about the numbers of civilians killed, no answer. when asked about the amount of civilians stuck in that concentrations camp they call a protection camp, no answer. When asked about the mass amount of civilians missing/not returning to their homes after the SLG’s promise of a year for them to do so, no answer. So you tell me, have their really been any improvements IN A WAY HUMANITY WILL ACCEPT, NOT JUST THE SINHALESE MAJORITY THAT DISCRIMINATE TAMILS.


  69. The Government of any country should be secular. Religion should only be a persons private belief. All this is so unnecessary in the 21st century.

  70. Really I am proud of Rajapakse , he is the man who is trying to make srilankan people to understand eachother and live together.If he will then only he can solve srilankan problem.Thank you editor

  71. I thing the present Sri Lankan government doing something better than privious governments to keep the country united. But still too slow to step foward to find a permenent solution for the ethinc problem. For me this is a final charnge to bring the country a united prosperous Sri Lanka. Please act fast.

    Thank you.

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