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The “human” costs of the “humanitarian” rescue operation

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Thousands of Entrapped Tamil civilians fled from areas controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on April 20th in the aftermath of a military operation by the Army that was successful in breaching tiger defences in the Karaithuraipatru AGA division in Northern Mullaitheevu district.

According to official sources , besieged Tamil civilians were able to escape LTTE clutches and move towards Army positions after the security forces broke through the “bund cum Trench” defence constructed by the Tigers in the Puthumaathalan-Ambalavanpokkanai area.

There was much euphoria about the event and President Mahinda Rajapakse himself was present at the Air Force headquarters to see at first-hand how the operation described as a humanitarian rescue exercise was in progress.

Official postings by the Defence ministry on its website stated that more than 40,000 Tamil civilians had fled to safety on Monday April 20th.

The ministry of Defence announced in its website that a total of 39,081 civilians had been facilitated to freedom by the Army while another 2167 civilians were helped by the navy to escape.

The 58 division commanded by Brig. Shavendra Silva rescued 31,067 civilians along the Puthu Maathalan defence lines while the 55 division led by Brig. Prasanna Silva helped free another 5863 people along the Palamaathalan defence line.

Another 27 people were rescued by the 53 division near the Mullivaaikkaal front. Gen.Kamal Gunaratne leads the 53 division.

In a separate development the Sri Lankan Navy helped rescue 2167 civilians in 92 boats fleeing from Tigers who were chasing them . 80 of the boats with about 1750 people were escorted to Point Pedro while the rest were brought to Pulmoddai.

There was however some doubt as to whether the large numbers announced were accurate.

Even as the state and sections of the mainstream media gave massive publicity to the exercise calling it the world’s greatest humanitarian rescue operation, the pro-tiger website “Tamilnet” said that only about 8,000 Civilians were “trapped” and “captured” by the Army

Earlier the Army had in a posting on its website stated that 19,000 civilians had been rescued on April 20th.

An ICRC spokesperson however refused to reveal the exact figures of those “rescued” but said that the Red Cross had “attended” to more than 4000 civilians.

In a related development officials in Vavuniya were instructed to prepare to house around 20,000 civilians from M’theevu on the 20th.

But only about 5,000 people had been brought in buses to Vavuniya by nightfall.

While the injured were taken to hospitals the others were put up in Schools in the Omanthai, Pankulam and Thandikulam areas. Security was tight and no one was allowed to make contact.

The “Rupavahini” newscasts showed large numbers of civilians trekking to safety but the visual images indicated the numbers to be in thousands rather than tens of thousands.

Also the visuals on screen that accompanied the off-screen on the spot commentary by “embedded” TV personality Samankumara Ramawickrema also showed recurring images of the same crop of civilians on the move.

A high-ranking security official re-iterated that the defence ministry figures were correct and that more than 40, 000 had been rescued on a single day.

Speaking on condition of anonymity he said that the security forces were unable to cope with the large influx of civilians and so there was some delay in bringing all to Vavuniya.

There was also the imperative need to scrutinise the displaced persons and identify tiger operatives and agents.

12-15,000 were being detained in Kilinochchi where security checks were underway. Another 15-20, 000 were temporarily housed in areas like Vishwamadhu, Tharmapuram,Muthaiyankattu etc to be taken to K’nochchi later.

There was much jubilation in many parts of Sri Lanka as the media regaled the population with images and details of the massive humanitarian rescue operation.

In a glaring omission these media sections left out news about the “human” costs of this “humanitarian” operation

While there was much focus on thousands of civilians reaching safety there was practically no coverage about the hundreds of civilians killed or injured in shelling and firing by the security forces.

According to the pro-LTTE “Tamilnet” more than 300 civilians were killed and 600 injured on the 20th.

The pro-tiger , Tamil website “Puthinam” said that 1496 civilians were killed and 3333 injured. Among those killed were 476 children, reported “Puthinam”.

Three medical doctors from the area , Sathiyamoorthy, Varatharajah and Shanmugarajah when interviewed by the BBC “Thamilosai” placed the casualty toll much lower.

They however said that bodies of several dead persons had not been brought to the makeshift hospitals in the region.

They also pointed out that severe shortage of medicine and drugs along with shortage of personnel hampered the hospitals from treating patients as required.

An urgent SOS had been sent to the ICRC to obtain assistance but they were informed that no ICRC ship would be coming on Tuesday (21st).

Information obtained independently from authoritative sources revealed that “officially” 121 people had been registered as dead and another 765 as injured in two makeshift hospitals by the evening of 20th.

There were 69 dead and 445 injured at Mullivaaikkaal and 52 dead and 320 injured at Nattankandal.

The Puthumaathalan hospital had been unable to function on Monday due to the fighting. A large number of patients at the hospital had been taken away by the Armed forces.

The Army has announced that 17 people were killed and 383 injured by the LTTE who fired at fleeing civilians.Three woman suicide bombers had also exploded themselves causing many civilian casualties.

The Armed forces had evacuated many critically injured civilians by air. Other injured were taken to hospitals by road. Transport minister Dulles Alahapperuma provided several special buses for this purpose.

The smaller hospitals in Mullivaaikkaal and Nattankandal had to cope with large numbers due to Puthumaathalan hospital being unable to function.

Though the rescue operation was successful there are conflicting reports about the manner in which it was undertaken.

According to security sources , the civilian evacuation operation had been meticulously planned and executed .

The LTTE had been deceived into thinking that the armed forces will launch a full – fledged operation in the Mullivaaikkaal area adjacent to the Nandhikadal lagoon.

The Paranthan-Mullaitheevu road known as the A-35 highway proceeds south through Puthukkudiyiruppu and then veers east near the lagoon and again turns south to reach Mullaitheevu via the Vattavaagal bridge.

The 53 division under Gen. Kamal Gunaratne and Task Force 8 led by Col. GW Ravipriya were placed north and west of Nanthikadal. A joint operation in two stages was conducted before and after the April new year to take the small stretch of A-35 near the Irattaivaaikkaal junction.

There are two roads at this point leading to Karaiyamullivaaikkaal and Vellamullivaaikkaal.The 53 and TF 8 broke through the “Bund” “Trench” constructed across the A-35 and advanced close to the junction.

Further progress in this direction would have resulted in the army interdicting the littoral strip into two thus dividing the population here in two segments.

The LTTE expected a third stage of this particular military push and tiger cadres had constructed another bund and were awaiting the Army. The commander of Imran-Pandiyan regiment “Col” Velavan was in charge here with the bulk of remaining cadres.

On the 19th night the armed forces had conducted an artillery barrage in this area thereby making the tigers think that another offensive was about to be launched.

But in a surprise move some soldiers of the 58 division along with commando and special forces had struck at 2 am in the northern part of the Karaithuraipatru AGA division.

The 11th SL Light infantry, 9th Gemunu Watch, 9th Gajaba along with battalions from Special Forces one and Two Commando regiments stormed and broke through the 2-3 km long Bund cum Trench constructed in the Puthumaathalan-Ambalavanpokkanai area.

The Bund was 8 ft in height while the trench was 10 ft in depth.

The 11th SLLI, 9GW, GR, SF 1 and 2CR are commanded by Colonels , Kithsiri Ekanayake, Lal Chandrasiri,Chandana Wickremasinghe, Athula Kodippili and Ralph Nugera respectively.

After some tiger resistance in which around 12 soldiers were killed and scores wounded the Army succeeded in breaching the LTTE defences in the Pokkanai area.

Once this breakthrough was effected the soldiers moved into tiger territory and began spreading out.They also moved right down to the coast , established a beachhead and bisected the tiger controlled littoral in two.

Thereafter announcements were made asking the people to move out so that they could be rescued and evacuated. What began as a trickle soon turned into a flood.

Thousands of civilians long held in bondage by the LTTE began rushing to breathe the air of freedom. The LTTE got alarmed and tried to block the people.

According to security sources the tigers fired upon the people trying to escape. Still the people kept on moving. When columns of civilians were walking on a causeway tigers began firing intensely.

The people then got down into the water and started wading. At this juncture three woman suicide bombers ran towards them and exploded themselves. Many civilians were killed and injured.

There was terrified pandemonium but soon the people rallied and began running towards the 58 division soldiers . Some did so in neck deep water.

Meanwhile the 55 division stationed at Challai also moved some distance to the South near Pattiaddy. Thousands of people from Palammaathalan began moving in large numbers through swampy land to reach the 55 division soldiers.

There were only a few LTTE sentries here and they could not prevent the large crowd exceeding 5000 from going towards the Army.

In another development 24 people from six families walked through the Nandikkadal lagoon and surrendered to the 53 division.

In a separate development thousands of civilians used the disorientation within tiger ranks due to the fighting and attempted to escape by sea. More than 2000 people in 92 boats sailed out from Valainjarmadam

When the sea tigers gave chase the Navy got into action and provided protection to the fleeing boats. The people were escorted safely by the navy to Point Pedro and Pulmoddai.

Visuals of the events provided by the Defence ministry and state television lend much credence to the Govt version of what happened.

The sight of tiger sentries trying to prevent large numbers of people from moving and the sight of streaming civilians braving much hardship to reach safety conveyed the real picture to most viewers. It was indeed a harsh indictment of the LTTE.

Nevertheless the LTTE has its own version of what happened. The Tamilnet as well as several pro-tiger Tamil media accuse the security forces of trapping and capturing thousands of people bydeception and force.

According to Thavabalan the Wanni correspondent of the pro-LTTE Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC) about 25 -30 people had moved clandestinely to the Army lines to reach safety.

The Army had used them as “human shields cum guides” and moved furtively to Ambalavanpokkanai. According to Thavapalan the tigers were unable to prevent the soldiers from moving in due to the people being held as hostages.

The soldiers had been able to surround a cluster of tents and cottages and round up the people. They had also taken away the patients at Puthumaathalan hospital .

Later on fierce fighting broke out between the tigers and the army. There were barrages and barrages of artillery shelling and firing.

Finally the Army withdrew and the LTTE has set up its defences again Thavabalan told the ATBC.

He also said there were thousands of civilian casualties both dead and injured.
Most dwellings and a few buildings in places like Ambalavanpokkanai, Puthumaathalan, Palammaathalan, Valainjarnadam, Idaikkaadu, Mullivaaikkaal etc were damaged or burnt down. Even the Valainjarmadam Catholic Vhurch was hit said Thavapalan.

Thavabalan’s account to the ATBC about the Tigers being deterred by the civilian hostages rings hollw against the backdrop of the LTTE inflicting much violence on civilians to prevent them from leaving.

It seems improbable that the LTTE facing a very difficult situation would have refrained from attacking the soldiers simply to safeguard civilians. It is more likely that the LTTE would have mowed down the civilians if they were seen as an impediment to attacking the Army.

Moreover, the Defence ministry announced on its website on 21st noon that the army had rescued a further 3000 people from the region on Tuesday morning. The army was moving into the areas of Puthu and Palammaathalan and Ambalavanpokkanai vacated by the LTTE . Most civilians who escaped came from these places.

This state of affairs too undermines the ATBC version of events though the Tamil Diaspora would opt to believe that account as being the true record of what occurred.

Meanwhile LTTE political Commissar Balasingham Nadesan in an interview to “Tamilnet” denied that the LTTE was preventing civilians from moving out. He also refuted reports that three woman tigers had blown themselves up to prevent civilians from leaving.

Nadesan charged that thousands of civilians were killed and injured. He said that many were burnt to death in their tarpaulin huts.Rescue workers could not even retrieve the charred bodies.

“Sri Lankan forces have deployed three types of internationally banned weapons such as cluster shells, napalm bombs and phosphorus bombs against civilians, causing heavy casualties among civilians” Nadesan charged.

Even as the Rajapakse regime was basking in the reflected glory of its self-styled “world’s greatest humanitarian rescue operation” an ominous foreboding of further doom was signalled by Defence Affairs cabinet spokesperson Keheliya Rambukwella.

The minister said that a 24 hour deadline has been given to the LTTE to lay down arms and surrender. If the tigers did not concur the security forces would intensify their operations to “rescue” the rest of entrapped civilians , warned Rambukwella.

The 24 hour deadline ends at 12 noon on Tuesday April 21st.

The new declaration of war coming in the aftermath of an operation resulting in much harm to civilians caused alarm bells to ring in sections of the international human rights community.

Desperate appeals were made to desist from such a move but the Colombo government riding the crest of a populist wave is not likely to pay heed.

Since it is demonstrated beyond doubt that the LTTE is restraining civilians from leaving the Govt can always claim to be mounting a humanitarian operation. The human costs will be depicted as collateral damage.

A massive bloodbath seems very likely and the world at large seems unable or unwilling to prevent it.

I can be reached on
Email: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. I am so relieved that you have spotlighted the human costs of this so called humanitarian operation. I pray to God that this anticipated bloodbath does not happen

  2. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for exposing the killing and injuring of civilians by army fire and shells. May God give you strength and courage DBS to continue this way

  3. I think DBS been wrong on army. They doing good job to save tamil people from LTTE terror. DBS not appreciate that much I think

  4. So the LTTE had come to the level of killing Tamil innocent refugees by using human bombs. What is more cheaper here? Human bombs or Tamil civilians.

    Stil there are bums around here who are all out to protect and save the so called Tamil liberators. They are still busy writing letters to Obama and Banki Moom. I am waiting to see how these bums are going to face the public once the war is over.

  5. I think Gunasiri is misunderstanding article author. He is trying to tell about both sides of civilian suffering. Not one side only

  6. Mr. Jeyaraj

    You have presented both sides of the story in a detached way. Excellent and very commendable. More power to your elbow

  7. The exaggeration by the army of the number of civilians who have fled allows them to claim that there are few others left and therefore “justifies” their final assault.

    No doubt any collateral damage will be burnt.

    Instead of arguing for a cease-fire all well-meaning people (diaspora and in Sri Lanka) should ask the internationally community to use its spy planes & spy satellite to keep an eye out for mass burnings of bodies (as they did in Darfur).

    That is the only threat that may force the army to be more patient & careful regarding civilians.

  8. Thanks for your efforts and the information. The ariel footage showed beyond doubt what LTTE had done to the people. But, only time and people like you can show what the ‘Saviour of Tamils’, the SL Govt., had done to the Tamils.

  9. .
    Bush: Killed over 70,000 Iraqi’s to get Sadaam by lying about WMD. Sadaam and 70,000 dead, but still war is on.

    Rajapakse: Killed over 10,000+ so far to get Prabakaran by lying about liberating tamils.

    Murder Maniacs.

  10. Thank DBJ for your excellent article. I think the events of yesterday (April 20) has very clearly demonstrated to the whole world the nature of the LTTE and is psychotic leadership. It is now being reported in Canadian media that the at the Tamil demonstration that is to be held in Ottawa this morning, people will not carry the Tiger flag (we will see). May be the Tamil Diaspora is at last coming to the realisation that the flag that they were waving all this time is drenched in blood, and that blood is mostly of their own who are being held hostage in Sri Lanka.

  11. Well done as usual DBS.

    It is sad to see how people don’t see the balance reporting or to see the truth being told the way it is.

    As usual without independent monitors how do we know out of the escaped civilians how many are being tortured and killed by the SLA? I am sorry LTTE has lost its support base in Vanni. So please don’t kill everyone who is suspected to have had links to the LTTE. Most of them didn’t have any other options.

    So GOSL is going to wipe them out. Now it is Genocide. You can’t play with words.

    Who is going to rescue the Tamil Civilians from the clutches of SLA & GOSL who prefers to wipe the TAMILS from SL?

    It is sad to see the inteligence of my fellow Tamils who raises the altered Tiger Flag and think that they are very clever. Do they understand why the west is not listning to them? Please take time to think before you glorify VP.

    The innocent he had killed because they opposed him without a gun if they can talk now will say to you all if you would have listned to us and supported us we would not be facing this situation.

    The former LTTE members (prior to 1988) who left because they knew where VP was heading the LTTE who were called so many names (traitor,etc….) will tell you more now without any fear about all the internal killing.

    “You Reap What You Sow”

  12. All of you people totally miss the point of the article in your need to believe the GoSL armed forces have the moral highground against Tigers in the way they are conducting this war.

    Is killing Prabhakaran and the remaining cadres, justify the death of one, 100, or even 1000 innocent civilians, irrespective of whether the Tigers are so morally bankrupt to willing to stoop to using human shields?

    It seems that this is the unspoken assumption of blood sacrifice most Sinhalese have assented to in their desire to defeat the Tigers.

    The time will come, if there is ever to be real progress in race relations, and real peace, how civil blood makes civil hands unclean

    That is, how have the majority Sinhalese came to accept that the ends justifies the means.

  13. All of you people totally miss the point of the article in your need to believe the GoSL armed forces have the moral highground against Tigers in the way they are conducting this war.

    Is killing Prabhakaran and the remaining cadres, justify the death of one, 100, or even 1000 innocent civilians, irrespective of whether the Tigers are so morally bankrupt to willing to stoop to using human shields?

    It seems that this is the unspoken assumption of blood sacrifice most Sinhalese have assented to in their desire to defeat the Tigers.

    The time will come, if there is ever to be real reconciliation in race relations, and real peace, when the question will be asked, how has all this civil blood made civil hands so unclean?

    That is, how have the majority Sinhalese came to accept that the ends justifies the means.

  14. How are you getting such detailed info about the situation?

    We as Srilankans have to solve our problems to progress.

    The current situation is a result of years of listening to the ‘West’ or being manipulated by them. They have a hidden agenda. They have used Tigers to destabilise the whole region. Why were so many very able East Asian leaders like Rajiv Ghandi, Banazir B, Lalith A, Ranjan Wijeratne, Lakshman K, eliminated?…and what for?

  15. Hi Jay,
    I was searching the article like this and how the Sri lankan arm forces have done this. I don’t accept the LTTE ‘s version. but obviously the sad part is large number of civilians have died and injured. the worse to come. this is a difficult period for the country. the Government can’t go in to the ceasefire at this stage at the same time LTTE also does not want to lay down their arms and still wants to fight.I can see some western medias start talking about the “war crime”.

  16. Excellent. I wanted some unbiased information. As you can see if there is a genocide SL army do not need to evacuate civilians by air. That point diaspora should understand instead of crazy lies. On the other hand I think government should stop now , civilians will die more if they progress further. These deaths of little kids and women and elderly is tarnishing the government and Sinhalese further. Now LTTE is coming to talks unconditionally government can ask them to come and sit in All party representative committee and hammer out a deal. This time not only LTTE, all other Tamil and Muslim parties and unbiased HR organizations like UTHR J in participation. now is the time.

  17. I think past few weeks SL government was saying there were only 40000 civilians in the war zone. Now, there shouldn’t be any civilians left in the war zone since the government rescued 40000 civilians yesterday.

  18. Daylight exposure after exposure, there is a section of people who still believe blatant lies unleashed by LTTE about the GOSL and the SL ARMY.

    SL ARMY made huge sacrifices in rescuing these hostages. ARMY lost several battle-hardened soldiers trying to rescuing these people.

    SL Army or SLAF has never used a ‘Napalm’ (in the sense of real Napalm bombs that US unleashed in Vietnam) bombs in the Eelam insurgency. What LTTE used to call Napalm bomb was a 100Kg domestically prepared, crude Barrel Bomb which SLAF stopped using in 1985. Compared to 100Kg to 2000Kg C-4 and TNT bombs that LTTE unleashed on SLARMY, the barrel bomb that SLAF used in the early 80s was a tiny little puppy.

    SL ARMY has never in history has used prosperous bombs. This is another blatant lie of Tamilnet and LTTE. In many occasions LTTE and Tamilnet have falsely accused SLAF/SLARMY as using Cluster Bombs too, but all these are blatant lies created for the naive international community’s consumption.

    In yesterday’s rescue operation, NO multi barrel or artillery were ever used . The operation was a classic “commando’ operation where purely tactics and small arms fire was used to neutralized enemy resistance to opening up a path for civilians to escape.

    Clearly, the objective of yesterday’s operation was not to inflict any heavy damages to the enemy, but to open a path for civilians to escape.

    As you may have seen from the UAV footages, LTTE used several heavy machine guns, a battle-tank, and artillery guns directed to fire shells at fleeing civilians. If any shell-wounds occurred, it is obvious that they should be from LTTE fire.

    Are there any other deplorable act than sending three brain-washed suicide cadres to explode themselves among the civilians who try to run for their lives (which mainly are women and small children)? So much so for a “liberation movement”!

  19. normally you write good articles, but here you have n’t even acknowledged the fact that it takes time for 40000 people to be brought to Vaunia.

    Also you must acknowledged that this is a top class operation, sri lankans should be proud the way it was done.

  20. Government will not miss this once in a life time chance to annihilate the LTTE, and no foreign power can stop them now. All the LTTE’s conventional military power will end atleast by May, and they will act as a guerilla force disturbing civilian life. Government will have to formulate a new strategy to combat that, and it will take about 2 years to bring real peace from war that GOSL expects.

  21. So 40,000 people came.according to the government statistics another 30000 will be there.after 30000 ,government will inform that all people rescued balance, of terrorists were killed.
    Now SLA is cleaning the people in Kilinochi and visuamadu.youngsters will not return.

    This article is not much high lighting the deaths of people.Giving the both side versions but mostly government side( video clipping,) DBS analyses the situation from Canada and he finishes this article that ltte act leading the sla act but the writer worries about people. Analysts always take government video clip as true evident but rejects any video clip from vanni.

    But I dont see any sinhala journalist reporting like this.All of them are saying there is no blood path

    Jeyaraj , People ” being neutral ” like you have a part for the reason of indifference of the world as you are one of few tamil writers in english media your writings have some weight.
    Path of this struggle is bloody .All who are supporting , being indifferent, being against are responsible for the sufferings.

    DBSJEYARAJ RESPONDS: Dont give me this sanctimonious nonsense. Dont blame the postmen for bringing bad news. You are utterly wrong in calling me indifferent or you dont know the meaning of the word. Is there ANY journalist who has written so consistently about the Tamil cause as I have? Not LTTE but Tamil.But then how many of you supported me publicly when I criticised the LTTE openly and urged them to change course?

    Dont blame others for the Tamil predicament. The current crisis is mainly due to Velupillai Prabhakaran. How many times have I written urging the LTTE to do “this” or not do “this”in the interests of the Tamil people? What did I get? Continuous bashing by tiger supporters, physical assaults, int9imidation, threats, abusive telephone calls, emails, anonymous letters, vilification campaign, the stopping of the newspaper I edited etc.How many of you sanctimonious cats expressed solidarity then?

    My right of free speech and free expression was severely curtailed by the LTTE and goons. Except for a few souls (For whom I have the greatest regard) no Tamil sympathised let alone supported me. Now you guys are preaching to me about “journalism” and how to practise it.

    In the open letter I wrote after my paper was stopped I stated that the LTTE is causing the greatest harm to the Tamil people and challenged tiger stalwarts to a public debate. No response but for threats, vilification and intimidation.

    Yet when Anton Balasingham approached me in 2000 and requested my support to get the LTTE ban lifted I responded positively. I did so ONLY because he PROMISED me that the LTTE will enter negotiations and opt for a settlement within a UNITED Sri Lanka. So I backed the LTTE despite angering many friends. I did so ONLY because I wanted the tigers to settle politically thereby emancipate the Tamils. But they DEFAULTED and I resumed criticising the LTTE

    Did I not ask the LTTE to give up an unwinnable war and go in for a negotiated settlement umpteen times? Were people of your ilk supportive then? You guys mortgage your minds and souls to the LTTE and now cry out for the people? Yet you go and demonstrate with tiger flags and chant “our leader Prabhakaran” How hypocritical and stupid.

    Did I not argue strongly that the LTTE should mend fences with Karuna in the long term interests of the Tamils? Did I not repeat again and again that the LTTE should stay the course and not abandon the negotiating table? Did anyone listen? Even on Mahinda government’s ruthlessness did I not plead with the LTTE not to enforce a boycott and enable a racist regime to emerge?The shameless LTTE got just 180 million rupees from Basil.This is the price of betrayal. So who is responsible So if you are in the blame game start with Prabakharan and do so under your own name.

    I am like a father who warns his son that he would crash his exam if he keeps on playing instead of studying. But he passes with flying colours. Will the father be sad that what he predicted did not happen. No he would be happy to have been proved wrong. On the other hand if the boy does crash will the father be happy that what he said came true. No he will only be sad at what has happened notwithstanding his warning coming true. I am in that position.

    Even on the current crisis it was I who WARNED of a forthcoming HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE long before all the media and human rights organizations and NGO’s did. But did anyone pay heed? You tamil supporters of LTTE thought the Thalaiver was going to let the army in and whack them. Now you run around like headless chickens.

    If the Tamil people are to extricate themselves from this morass they must first recongnize and acknowledge that Prabhakaran has brought them to disaster. That will be the beginning of redemption and renaissance. Instead if they persist in supporting this man who has done the greatest damage to the Tamil people I can see no way out. The comic scenes of waving tiger flags and shouts of our leader with Praba’s portrait makes me think that we have no future at all.


    “Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaaraa”.

    Usually I keep these thoughts bottled up inside me and remain passive to all the bullshit said about me by all you so-called Tamil patriots but somehow you succeeded in making me erupt. God bless you


  22. dbs
    your last 5 paras are very disturbing. is it the civilians fault if thel ltte is holding them. why should civilians suffer if two parties want to bash each other.if as you predict there is a bloodbath then mahinda rajapakshe and his mob should be indicted in the international court of justice for crimes against humanity, and convicted just like the sudanese president.

  23. The people in the barbed wire camp will never able to tell unless obtained by an independent Journalist without quoting their names as they will fear death by the SLA and goons.

  24. DBS should follow what BBC has been saying .

    At least the BBC is giving some footage from both side with equal weight.

  25. Jay… why are you trying to cross the line now. Its too late and LTTE is over. Let people remember you as an independent reporter!!!! not a LTTE supporter or a sympathizer…

  26. It is pathetic that the LTTE is deploying suicide bombers against Tamil civilians to intimidate them from leaving their remaining territory.

    High time to surrender. Time to reconcile with the South. Time to improve communal relations all around, especially Sinhalese and Tamil relations.

    Reconciliation is the only way. Tiger politics have led us to self-destruction. The South must also give up its chauvinism and quickly present a political solution.

  27. 12 Soldiers gave their lives and scores injured in order to save the tamil civilians from the area, while 3 women tiger human bombs blasted themselves after failing to prevent these civilians from escaping by shooting at them and killing alteast 17 and injuring 383. people. Whose act is praiseworthy and whose is deplorable? The writing is on the wall. We can only be sorry for the remaining civilians as we see first hand to what extent these morons would go to save themselves hoping for some miracle from the diaspora.

  28. Hiii DBJ
    Thanx for the info. I allways read ur articles to get some new information about this war and most of the time I got it . But this time you just re published the same news published by others any way my question is every one asking to stop this war, press CMB Gvt. to stop or pause the war and human catastropy going to be hapen, there will be blood bath and so. Whay any one cant give the solution??? Everyone knows that Tigers allready defeeted and if any government in this situation not going to be discussed anything with the party allready lost. so If you can pls publishe the best solution please

  29. No matter DBSJ says the Sri Lankan ethnic war slowly but surely coming to an end. The LTTE is the mail culprits for the sufferings of the Tamils. Beside most of the remaining people inside NFS strongly connected to the LTTE. They also should be pardoned by the military and GOSL but the LTTE hierachy should be eliminated.

  30. The nice and well balance article.But I wander if security forces not act promptly who is going to save those entrapped civilians from LTTE clutches?There is no other option. The LTTE propaganda cannot feed or save those innocent people.It doesnt matter Tamil or sinhalese. We the civilized world have duty to protect them.IN that case minimum casualty can be ruled out.There should be a end to this drama!

  31. No matter DBSJ says the Sri Lankan ethnic war slowly but surely coming to an end. The LTTE is the main culprits for the sufferings of the Tamils. Beside most of the remaining people inside NFS strongly connected to the LTTE. They also should be pardoned by the military and GOSL but the LTTE hierachy should be eliminated.

  32. This war didn’t start today – with issues such as who is using ‘human shield’, ‘suicide bombing’ and ‘liberator’ are being thrown here as they are the underlying matter.

    It is the Sinhala Sri Lanka having such a huge majority, is unwilling to allow regional aspirations, equality and dignirt for all civilains.

    Instead the majority lurk with all this newly found amo with their usual minoirty comlex.

    Is there a chance for peace in the next 30 years with trying to win peace by waging war

  33. excellent journalism dbs may god give you more strength to write impartially.thank you for analyzing and revealing the truth.

  34. Thanks for providing unbiased information Mr.Jeyaraj. It is very brutal and inhumane that LTTE suicide bombers killing those innocent fleeing civilians.

  35. Certainly DBSJ has written it in little bit biased to LTTE. Anyhow it is a good report. But lost of human here is not correct to consider as colateral damage. LTTE is a terrorist organisation and need to wipeout. They have already murdered more than 5000. So if it continued the cost will be more. They terrorise the society. Who cares about the people in Sri Lanka who live in fear in all times. ? Now there are hundred of people and countries to talk about the human cost. But No one talks about the human cost already lost and people live in fear. really shame !!

  36. The human cost of humanitarian operation is 1000. But the human cost of terrorist operation exceeds 70,000. What do you prefer?

  37. <>

    BARBED WIRE CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Do you know that massive rapes are going on at these camps.. that in fact the rapes are even videoed? Do you know how LONG these people will be detained in the camps? First of all, do you know WHY they are detained in the camps at all, instead of being resettled? It is because they SUPPORT the LTTE. This is called COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT. It has nothing to do with freedom! And I left out the best part.. while these people are detained in camps, their villages will be COLONIZED with Sinhalese peasants!

  38. <>

    Does anyone with half a mind believe such nonsense? Maybe the brainwashed Sinhalese public, who are going to face retribution very soon, e.g. Colombo fireworks. U will know of the real bombs then!

  39. “The Srilanka’s Sinhalese Army has undertaken biggest ever Human Rescue”

    Some wise guy said in the past

    “If you want to see who he is, look for his friends who are they and you can tell them who he is”

    Srilanka,s Friends

    China– Killed over thousand of its own unarmed Civilians in the Tiananmen square even crushed the people under the Tank’s Chain belt

    Russia– let its own people die in the Submarine when they had a chance to be rescued, Killed over few hundreds to rescue few of its own citizens in Moscow Theatre when Chechen rebels seized as hostage.

    India — When Over 1000 Gujarat’s muslims were massacred and over one thousand Siks massacred in Delhi and still no one was prosecuted.

    Killing babies using Cluster bombs to rescue people. Funny.

    Don’t think that people have a new found love towards the Sinhalese SLA, it is because People had enough of war starvation, a calculated measure by the Sinhalese GoSL

    I hope this post get posted to show my expressions.

  40. DBS, We take our hats off for your excellant work…!!!

    I wonder why other media personal can’t be open minded and truthful like you.

    Keep up your good work..!

  41. I have read several good articles written by you but regret to note that in this instance you have failed to give the due credit to the security forces for a commendable job done under trying conditions. In a subtle way you are trying to prove that the SL government is trying to fool the world with a ‘fake’ evacuation. Sad to see that u are trying to appease the western world.

  42. Balanced reporting is the need of the hour. Thank you Jey.
    Every effort must be made to protect the innocent civilians from sufferings no matter what their race or religion be. iIt is time to recollect the saying that every action has an equvalent and oppostie reaction.

  43. End Game for LTTE…

    I think the turning point for Sri Lankan Tamils….struggle for self determiniation came with the Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE. This was theirs single biggest mistake. They annoyed and lost a strong friend in India. The Indian establisment then determined not to help them in any matters. One should know that security decisions in India are made in New Delhi and not Chennai.
    THe LTTE top ranks showed utter contempt for India. They relied more on the Tamil Diaspora in Canada ,UK ,Europe, Malaysia etc and elsewhere for funds… combined with their other legal and illegal Businesses to run the war machine.
    They had a very low opinion about the Sri Lanka Military as they had defeated them in many battles with their dedicated fighters in the last 25 years.
    This made them think themselves as invincible. A strong LTTE Military was arrogant which elimnated all its moderate rivals one by one in these last 20 years.Any one who were willing to adjust with Colombo government for Tamil autonomy was dead man walking. They did not care about world opinion. Nothing short of a “Tamil Eealam” was acceptable to them. It almost looked as it was LTTE’S fiefdom. The Top LTTE arrogance was so much that they ran thier area like Warlords.They had all thiers sympathizers/agents in Police, Judiciary,University, media etc. If one went against them in any way …it was all over for them.
    All sorts of people disappeared in Eaalam areas.

    Another turning point came to them after 9/11 attack. It changed the world in the way as we look at it. The world has now become less tolerant to ruthless armed struggle how ever legitimate cause it may be. People want to talk & negotiate with decent people.

    The Sri lankan Establishment quickly gauged the changing world mood and quickly established its legitamacy every where and put forward its point of view with great success and pushed to have the LTTE banned. Also Col.Karuna moved away from the LTTE who weakened its Cadre base from the east. He did provided a lot of input and intelligence about LTTE working, heirachy, agents etc.

    All the sucide bombing carried out the LTTE in Colombo and other places in Sri lanka gave them a very bad name. They targeted the Military Personals/Assets….but it was the civilian gatherings targets which gave them negative publicity and hardened world opinion against them.
    The LTTE thought that they could go on forever like this. All the ceasefire was just a chance for them to further consolidate & build their arsenal.

    It was then decided by the long suffering Sri Lanka Military establishment to bring thier force upto power and uplift the moral of SLA soldiers which had long suffered desertion and complains about ineffective firepower, salary ,command control issues.
    Once they had rectified these a resurgent SLA took help from Pakistan for attack strategy training and purchased new technology arms from Isreal, China. India possibily helped SLA who could not see Foreign interference in its own back yard.
    India’s Strategy is to see LTTE damaged but not decimated which is happening now. Though India can do little to help the Tamils now.
    Now the SrI Lanka Gov will have to decide how to to go about peace post-LTTE.
    It will take a long time for this to happen and till then it will best for the Sinhala Community to decide if tamils are equal citizen or not and the Tamil Diaspora to decide if a new leadership wants a Ealaam and renewed Armed struggle again or integration in Sri Lanka ……This is not the end of the Road….
    Best of a Luck to all….
    These are my views from North India …i do not want to hurt anybody .
    Atif Jai hind

  44. Mr jeyajaj, please double check your figures, all this time you were a big Tiger basher, now, seeing that they are being defeated like rats, you tend to change your colours….

    this is the best ever operation carried out by the elite, special forces and commandos of the sri lanka army, give this task to US special forces, they will shit in their pants, sri lanka has one of the best, or the very best of special forces, take note- Barak Obama

    alright, I would like to you put pressuer, actually no need for that, Vesapillai praba is no more, will finish within the next few days, a lost cause, ealm.

    if you have the guts, if you want freedom people, pray for the sri lankan forces, or die like the rest of the LTTE terrorists…. end of story,

    long live one SRI LANKA,

    terror loving tamil coments are NOT RELEVENT ANY MORE..

    DBSJ RESPONDS:Torontonian according to you I have been bashing the LTTE when they were strong but am changing my views (presumably supporting them) when they are weak and being defeated like rats.Wow!

  45. Now the truth is being revealed top the world.The fact that Tigers were holding these civilians as hostages is being proven beyond any doubt.

    This whole tamil struggle was based on false history,assumptions,presumptions and facts and propaganda.Tamil diaspora has become a victim of them and struggle without a way to exit from their mindset.

    It is time for a fresh start.Writers like DBS should guide the diaspora who have illusioned by myths.

  46. Both sides shed crododile tears for Tamils. Both LTTE and SLA has little concern for Tamils. I am not suprised when SLA fired on Tamils, So called “Liberation fighthers: have to come to the stage of killing fleeing people by using human bombs worst of all.”Bunker God” your days are numbered. Even SLA doesn’t get you, Vanni people will get you.

  47. Adding more,

    After writing a meaningful article,DBS has wrapped up by saying
    ‘A massive bloodbath seems very likely and the world at large seems unable or unwilling to prevent it. ‘

    Let the army finish it professionally casuing the minimum damage to the civilians as they have done so far.We trust our heros can do it as they are mindful of the fact that Tamils are our brothers.Afterall Army is also human beings ,so they will minimise the casualties.

    They rescued some 60,000 with mnimum damage.They will rescue the rest without much damage.

    So talking of a massive bloodbath does not make sense and is playing into LTTE propaganda.Afterall an omlet can not be made without breaking eggs.

  48. Whether it is one killed or thousands killed, loss of lives is tragedy. For those who lost the child, parent or a siblings the number of casualties doesn’t mean much. Their loss is irreplaceable.

    It is clear now, that the LTTE is not fighting to save Tamils. They had demonstrated this in the past, but in this stage, where they are on the verge of elimination, they still kill Tamil civilians. Therefore, they need to be stopped. We should be prepared to pay the price now (in terms of lives lost) so that this maniac wont be allowed to continue this useless ‘freedom fight’ and kill another ten thousand Tamils and destroy a whole generation of our kids. I like to see the war end with the destruction of the LTTE, so that Tamils can be saved!

  49. The real Casualty fig is

    Dead 1498 with 297 children

    Injured over 3000.

    All these are from SLA shelling and some long range gun fire

    This Fig. not included the one who were in the SLA custody.

    Anyone dispute, please proof me wrong.

  50. Largest Hostage taking operation; same livestock different owner. percecuted for being wanni Tamil.My heart goes out to them.

  51. Thank you Mr Jeyaraj for this latest account. I’ve always believed that LTTE never represented tamils. You don’t have be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Tamilnet has been LTTE’s propoganda voice ever since it was launched. It does nothing but make bogus claims. The truth is out there now for everyone to see. The time is running out for LTTE and they may not find any clotheslines to hide anymore.

  52. A good article.

    Any logical thnking person (except blinded Dispora) can’t beleive that Australian Thavabalan ‘s story.

    I am a Sinhalese, but when I saw that Army.lk picture of a father holding his 5-year death son (killed by LTTE bullets), almost everyone of our family cried.

    I can’t understand this.LTTE shot the people (prrof : UAV footage), LTTE used suciders against its own people (the best example to contradict the Thavabalan’s claim) and fire artilary (Proof : fleed people). Why Dispora still supporting the LTTE?

    Diaspora , you can tell thousand lies to the world and BBC, but you know that it was LTTE that killing people, that not holding them as a shield.

    Why not a single Tamil arrange a loaf of bread or spoon of milk powder to these people ? Is it because death of them will give Diaspora more PR milage?

    Diaspora, you trying to save the Killer but not the prey.. Shame…!

  53. Thankyou for your lovely information. Could you please tell me how many sinhala super brain beleived your story? You can change four leg donkey brain never ever sinhala lovely brain. They will never and never.


  54. @post 24, DBS don’t be upset. Like Rajini , People like ThiruSuj (in telegraph with Peter Foster), Peter Ratna etc did the same thing. They called me Sinhala racist when I am trying to make sense to them. I pretty well remember your articles warning Tigers not to follow the confrontational path in Mavil Aru and sit at negotiation table and agree to federal solution when all the countries behind it. Tigers blow last 2 years and only if they really read your articles or listen to some sane voices. They are still in the dark.

  55. So many crocodile tears from government supporters. As presumed, if the LTTE is finished lets see how much the government supporters care about the civilians who are going to go through hell starting from now absolutely under the control of the Sri Lankan government and thier the racist majority.

    I admire your writings DBS, specially on the specific details of LTTE individuals. I have major disagrement with the method you prefer to achieve freedom for the Tamils.

  56. DBSJ, Thank you for your unbalanced, transparent reporting and analysis of the ethnic war in SL. If only the diaspora protested at the time when you wrote about the ‘wretched of vanni’ last year – maybe this calamity would have been lessened. The protests have only tried to save VP’s skin and were far far too late. VP’s miscalculations along the years – killing of Rajiv, Muslim’s forced exodus from Jaffna, spurning of CBK’s offer of CM for 10 years, Mavil Aru, 2005 Presidential election boycott, internal repression and killing of tamils, child soldiers, lack of human rights – these all lost the IC’s support for the just cause of the Tamils. That’s why there is now no support from official quarters in the West and elsewhere (let alone from Asian neighbours such as India, China etc). The Tamil nation in SL is dying a slow horrendous and painful death – we the Tamils have fed the monster which is devouring all in it’s final death throws. The death wish has become so great that it has drowned all others. We cannot accuse the govt of genocide, ignoring that we allowed it to happen, Tamil upon Tamil – from Duraiappah to Amirthalingam to Anandarajan to Kadirgamar to Thiruchelvan to Sarojini Yogeswaran to Mahathaya to TELO/PLOTE leaders to all tamils killed as traitors to sinhala/muslim civilians. This death wish has wiped out the cream of Tamil creativity for two/three generations including the 25-30 thousands Tiger cadres killed for the cause and many thousands of other group armed cadres. I just hope and pray that the spectre of death flies away from the island now into the deep deep sea and allows the people time and space to breath safely again.

  57. DBSJ thanks for your information. Very meaningful. Please take care of your life…you know what happend to Lasantha, Vithiytharan..etc who spoke the truth.

    What I here from srilanka I think it is the typical genocide happining in srilanka.

  58. The war is not ending. Look at the East – attacks are occurring on a near daily basis. For the SL economy to revive, the defense budget would have to be drastically reduced. If the defense budget were drastically reduced, that would mean far less manpower (in the SLA). Less manpower would allow the Tigers to again regroup. On another note, IMF loans and Libyan loans provide only temporary solutions. They have limited value as far as maintaining a 50,000 man army, and “reviving” the economies of the North and East. The “war” may go into a slight relapse phase. But when the conditions are right, you can count on seeing it re-explode. This is the reason why GOSL is keen on keeping ppl locked up behind barbed wire. But even this tactic will fail. You cannot separate Tamils from the LTTE, and you cannot kill the idea of Eelam by creating foreign-funded detention centers.

  59. This guy DBS promotes nothing but the Tamil justice cause. If you need proof lemme know, i will forward personal emails between the two of us.

  60. comment 30-murugan

    quote “the south should also get rid of its chauvinism and quickly give a political solution”.
    And pigs will start flying too.

    And dbs ,about your bottled up eruption of emotions, i can understand your feelings.a muslim once told me,”beware of those who praise you, because they are serpents. those who criticise are the true friends.”
    shame that the ltte considers people who criticise them as enemies. they even go to the extent of killing these tamils who are true friends, and embrace the serpents who praise them. if you have this mindset where you cant take any critism, then how are you ever going to correct your deficiencies and improve.

  61. Jeyaraj your outrage expressed in comment #24 is very, very fair and just.. Your reply actually shows you have full knoweledge that LTTE conduct has brought consequences against tamils to very great extent.

  62. Why would somebody believe what LTTE say?
    Mind you this operation was visible to diplomats who were also watching whats going on during the operation.

  63. Roughly 2000-4000 Tamils were annihilated during the ’83 riots. That sparked a 25 year cycle of killings, suicide bombing atrocities and massacres, and an unbowed desire for revenge among the Tamils, both in SL and the diaspora that continues to this day.

    If a conservative figure of 4000 Tamil deaths has occurred during the seige of the NFZ what do you think that bodes for Sri Lanka’s future?

    Do you think it matters to the Tamils living in Sri Lankam Tamil Nadu and abroad, whether these the GoSL argues these deaths are unintended collateral damage or deliberate?

    To all those Sinhalese who are revelling in the truimphalism of SL armed forces and sense of moral superiority because of LTTE hostage taking, I would urge you to think again. What has happened has in fact all the ingredients of long-term disaster.

  64. Apart from the article, what intrigued me most was your response to Rajini at comment 24.

    Very well said DBS Jayaraj. What SL needs at this hour is more and more people like you -liberal minded, willing to pick up and act on the truth no matter who the culprits are.

    Indeed, we can’t compare a democratically elected government with a banned terrorist organisation. I think you have given due credit to the security forces and severely criticised the brutal LTTE for what it is.

    People like you should have a much greater role in the reconciliation process for new SL bridging the gap between Sinhalese and Tamils. After all, what went for 30 years cannot be wiped out overnight, but that is a process we still need to undertake and it is a must.

    In such a regime, I’m afraid to say that either LTTE or its supporters have no place. Diaspora watch out. It is the Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and others who need to get together and work it out. Final goal must be for EVERY ONE of Sri Lankans to be able to live in the country with dignity with equal opportunities. I strongly believe that we do not need a separate country for Tamils to do that.

    When we see the footage of innocent civilians escaping from LTTE, tears come to our eyes. Peace loving Tamils as Sri Lankans have much to offer to the country and they should be treated as such. Lets get rid of the common enemy LTTE and hope for a peaceful SL.

  65. More addition to the story

    Just because journalists are not allowed into the Sri Lankan conflict zone doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s going on there. We have satellite imagery showing large concentrations of people caught in the fighting, and we have information from reliable sources on the ground. Recent reports that significant numbers of civilians have escaped have not changed the overall figures: independent sources on the ground continue to report 100,000 people or more remain trapped, exhausted, with limited access to food and medicines, and many under fire.

    The recent information from the ground — fresh this morning — is that as many as 1000 persons were killed in yesterday’s operations. The Sri Lankan Army (SLA) have pushed into the No Fire Zone from the north by about 2 or 3 km, and they are currently trying to consolidate their positions around Pokkannai before attempting the next bloody push, which may happen in 2 or 3 days time.

    Written by: Andrew Stroehlein

  66. Dear mr.Jeyaraj

    We understand fully your outburst in comment #24.

    Please be assured thar there is a large body of admirers oput there who appreciate your worthwhile contribution.

    When the fascist LTTE is no more your worthwhile contribution will receive praise it deservves

  67. It is time to forget about all the differances now.It is obvious that within the next few days direct fighting with LTTE wil be diminish and there may be soon start coward attacks.Despite the confrontation and arguments, every Sri Lankan has a responsibility to uplift the living standards and human rights of our people.Right now we have to help our displaced brothers and sisters,parents.Please think about that.We dont need to count deaths and casualty figures.We are not barberians.It doesnt matter Sinhalese or Tamils, we are Sri Lankans.I dont think sinhalese people do have any hatred against Tamils. WE ALL ARE HUMANS! Forget the past , we have to face the future together!

  68. As for the government, the Rajapakse regime will not be concerned of civilian life and limb if firmly resolved to capture the remaining LTTE territory. Eggs have to be cracked to make an omelette
    What is there to blame the Govt. Is ther any alternative for the Govt to make Omelette without cracking Eggs.
    Only LTTE can let the people go into controlled area.

    it is easy for everyone to find fault with everyone.

  69. I’m glad that you have told the blind tamil disapora about the tamil terrorists killing tamils. this is what the tamil disapora has funded- tamils killing tamils. what a shame on the tamil race.
    “The LTTE got alarmed and tried to block the people.
    According to security sources the tigers fired upon the people trying to escape. Still the people kept on moving. When columns of civilians were walking on a causeway tigers began firing intensely.”
    i don’t agree with you quoting the tamilnet lies but i guess you can call that objective journalism. anyway thank you for your good reporting and maybe some of the blind diaspora will understand what they have created.
    the filthy tamil terrorists who deserve absolutely no mercy because they are beneath human standards.
    the government has to end this now so that future generations of sri lankans can be saved from this tamil terrorist filth. maybe the diaspora can ask for a homeland in ottawa and toronto.

  70. DBSJ- I am a great admirer of your writings. I consider you as one the best Tamil Nationalist who cares for the Tamils than their “Sun God”. When LTTE was given ceasefire, they wanted war. When war given to them, they want ceasefire. All these days, it was the Tamil people treated as pawn in their game and suffered. This time is exception.

    At the end of the day, we want see Tamils in Sri Lanka live peacefully and happily in Sri Lanka. This is our ultimate goal. What VP has given to Tamils? Death and destruction for 25 years while he remain in his bunkers.

    There were three Tamils leaders wanted MR to become president of Sri Lanka. They were Prabakaran, Douglas and Karuna. Douglas and Karuna became traitors. VP remains “Tamil National Leader”. Only, VP”s fans can explain me how this is logical.

    Even when Tamils are being killed in few hundreds, what these so called “Tamil Liberators” were doing? Carrying the picture of VP and LTTE flag and hoping that the world will listen them. Many of us were saying this will not work.. We have to highlight the people’s sufferings. No one wanted to listen, this what they were told from Vanni to do. Now, they put away LTTE flag and VP’s picture… too late.

    The whole world against LTTE… why? If LTTE supporters think that the whole world was wrong and only LTTE is right, they are insane people we rather don’t waste our time with these idiots. I have little symphony for LTTE leadership. Lot of LTTE member are real Tamil Nationalist and wanted to do something for our people. Problem is the head of LTTE.

    The sad realty, VP telling to the whole world, “If I go down, I will go down with 200,000 Tamil people”.

  71. /*
    Instead if they persist in supporting this man who has done the greatest damage to the Tamil people I can see no way out.

    dont lose hope buddy. as long as I am here I will ensure justice is served.

  72. its a well known fact that a war costs human lives. But here if no reaction from army it will cost more lives as this war has already shed 60-70,000 lives. the blood thirst of Prabakaran will never quench. We as non extremists Sinhalese majority (as same group of Tamils I believe)never wanted a war, but starts supporting war as the last resort because we dont want to carry this to next generation. While we feels sad and sympathy for civilians who were never part of this shitty struggle of blood thirst barbarian, equally as our brave soldiers who shed their lives to create a better tomorrow for both Sinhalese & Tamils peace loving majority even if those Diaspora who have safe lives in western countries without fear of bombs and want to continue their comfort lives in the name of civil conflict, never accepted that fact. But this is the end, let us unite to biuild the nation with peace and humanity which is still in mind of Sri Lanka. Let us dream a day we travels to Jaffna by Yal Devi and girl/boy in south can marry and have a loving life with a girl/boy in Jaffna which was a luxury of Nadeson in the fast.

  73. Mr Jeyaraj,

    I always respect your articles although may not agree all the time. But thanks again for a sad yet informative article. I was anyway wondering why your articles don�t appear in the English press of late in SL and thanks to a friend I was directed to your blog few days back.

    It is certainly a good article. But then the truth�well the fact of the matter is it seems nobody know correctly. But recent events have made me very happy and very very sad Mr. Jeyaraj. I believe in �good news� first so let me tell you why I am happy�

    I honestly believe LTTE got what it really deserves and am very happy about it. I never thought Praba had any intentions of a peaceful settlement (to be fair I don�t think he knew how to live in peace with others and himself). The best opportunity the Tamils had to make a difference was under Ranil. A lot could have been done. However, Praba and his blood thirsty morons screwed it up in style. Now look at the predicament the tamils are in�firstly bulk of them are refugees in their own land, the land they were born (mind you even when we look at the footage they don�t look the poor poor refugees you see in an African refugee clips�they look respectable people coming from economically ok families!), secondly, we don�t know when these people can get back on their feet. Thirdly, the sick, the dead, injured�what can I say�I don�t have words.

    It is cruel and inhuman to say I am happy but I am happy�that is the truth�cos I hope like hell that another Praba will not come to Sri Lanka so that we and our children don�t have to hear this suffering and misery in this land�and similarly a group of people will not emerge in the future to match the likes of Praba on this side

    Now why I am sad�for both Tamils and Sinhalese�.

    Praba single handedly made an intelligent, proud and god fearing group of people into a defeatist nation. This feeling of defeatism is I guess is the biggest loss. Whether you are in Sri Lanka or elsewhere, tamils were meant to understand that they were getting a separate country. So in mind most moved away from Sri Lanka�alas�back to where they started..I am sure like several of my friends, the feeling defeat may be killing a lot inside.

    In 1981, my father was a principle. I was just 7 years old. He took me on a trip to Jaffna. Since he was from an education background, on our way he showed me a school (which now I know is Hartley College) and said �some of the most brilliant people from Sri Lanka comes from that school� (he was referring to some of his university buddies he had from there). Thereafter I never went to Jaffna. But all I remembered was the gold coloured sand along the road and what my father said. In 2006, I happened to see a display done by Hartley College students in a Colombo exhibition. My heart was broken. It had so many grammar, spelling mistakes, I could not even understand what they were trying to say�when I told this to my tamil friend, he said �well� we started to fight to safe guard our right to university education�but now we are even deprived of kindergarten education!� that made me sad. You may disagree�but I blame Prabakaran for this! May be the Sri Lankan polity did not help..but Praba made it really worse.
    I sometimes feel, if the tamils opted to press for their rights thru peaceful means using international Diaspora and simply their gifted brains (instead of thinking the best ways to blow themselves up with others) over the last 30 years, things would have been certainly different�.. instead of a defeatist nation we would have had economic growth and at least certain degree of equality (in practice�cos by law I think Sri Lanka has the necessary tools for equality) for Tamils. Certainly more so than now!

    Now you must be wondering why I am writing so much. The true reason was a scene I saw in TV yesterday made me so so sad�(of course it is just one out of many such sad scenes) that I did not want to even discuss it with someone. It was a father carrying his 4 year old dead son�running towards the army shouting I guess the only English he knew��my son�.my son��. Aren�t we living in cursed times Mr. Jeyaraj to see these�I have a four year old son�.it killed me inside my heart.

    The reality is, it is not only this father who is a stranger in his land�it is me too, although I am a Sinhalese. Thanks to 33 year old war our people have got so aggressive�cruel�the impact on the Sinhalese society is not actually scene apart from the dead�and injured. The real bruises are inside the minds�people have got so cruel by living in a war mentality�a death of another human being is so normal. When the war stops, what will this large army do�the impact on the society is unimaginable. So if me as a Sinhalese look at a person in a funny way, they can thrash us or do worse�as without connections (or if you are not a rajapakse), I myself is a lost soul in this land�like the tamils�simply no different�.

    DBSJ RESPONDS; Thank you for a heart-felt comment. Just for the record, I write the “DBS Jeyaraj column” nowadays for the Colombo English daily”Daily Mirror”. It usually appears on Saturdays. You can access it on the web at http://www.dailymirror.lk and go to COLUMNS section

  74. I am not here to say Thanks to DBS forstating the obvious or his emotional out pour to rajinis comment. But to tell all those narrow minded racial commentators to back-off and this moment of sadness.
    While DBS’s problem child has crashed his exams badly – I feel DBS is indeed upset deep inside.
    While Tamils all over the world feel sad about this ‘child’ , we now have ‘to go through the painful motions’. We accept defeat even though most of us never supported this ‘child’ nor had any emotional attachments. May be the up bringing of the problem child was not perfect -but, still it is our ‘child’…!!
    DBS we need people like you to foster Tamil Nationalism and to keep the IC and present and future SL govts to account with the IDPs, re-development etc.
    The war might be over soon. But for the Tamils the struggle starts now. With time we Tamilswill strive for dignity and Tamil Nationalism will rise.. we will continue to fight for equity and self governance.
    My dear fellow Tamils, where we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can’t,
    we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the Tamil people in three simple words
    YES WE CAN. (Modified from Barrack Obama’s speach and used by Aarvalan)

  75. Mr Jeyaraj

    There are reports that Daya master and George have sought refuge with 58 Division. Is this true?


  77. DBS, your outburst and frustration is understandable when responding to Rajini. The ship has been on a collision course heading towards a rock for many years now. You saw what was coming and yelled as loud as you could. Captain and the crew refused to listen. Many others refused to see the danger which was so visible. Some of us saw the hazard and just mumbled. You need not have any regrets. Those of us who saw the rock and just mumbled will have to do some soul searching. Had we all yelled, would we have made the Captain to change course? Now the ship is about to hit the rock and nothing can stop that!

  78. Well my dear brother – war means casualty ha? When LTTE bombed the city of Colombo, Central Bank and even Rajiv Ghandi in India, many innocent civilians died right ?

    So, what do we do to end this once and for all ??

    Simple – eliminate the LTTE, then forget the Diaspora and ensure that the peace loving Tamil community live in harmony…

    Americans bombed Afganistan and Iraq then Israel did to Gaza – many civilians died – this is life – at least a few dye for many in the future to live peacefully – am I right ??

  79. Hi Jay,
    lot of tamils have the same view as yours but we could not talk openly. if anyone critically comment about the action of the LTTE/Prabaharan then that person was labelled as betrayer/”Thurohi”. every one knows about that and I don’t need to repeat that. I had lot arguments with my diaspora friends about LTTE’s decision not to allow the tamil people vote for last Presidentail election. I told them that time “this is an other historical mistake LTTE is making and the tamils will pay have to pay big price for this”. I did not know money deal. I told the same thing after Late Indian Priminster assasination.but I was almost hammered by the “Puli supporters”. no point arguing with idiots.
    my Mum always tell this, “kedukudi sotkelathu. (the destructive family won’t listen).
    Jay, I am proud of you and your top class Journalism. but nothing you can do about this society. still they have not learned the lesson. I must say full credit to President Rajapaksae.
    “the winner is take it on and the looser is standing behind. this is the history.

  80. Your erruption is Excellent.

    As I mentioned in my earlier comment (# 14) our (Tamil) people are supposed to be intelligent. But I have no idea why they are still behind VP and being stupid enough to raise the LTTE flag (altered-You can call it any thing you want but it is altered LTTE flag) and call VP as the leader living in west and understanding how the west feel about terrorism.

    VP probably thinks Nelson Mandela as a weak leader. He should have learned from him. It is too late.

    Anton Balasingam is not without Blame. But he changed course after 9/11 I think. But VP didn’t listen to him and we are in this state. How many innocent are dead and how many more are going to die.

    Only International Ccommunity can prevent more from dieing.

    It is funny that LTTE who used to be against USA now wants USA to save them. Don’t give me the crap of different leaders. You should have never antogonise the USA. It is the USA/UK/JAPAN who helps alot financialy more than any body else for development. No matter what the hidden agenda is.
    Yesterday couldn’t see a single LTTE flag in ottawa. Finally it is getting to them.

    Keep on writing DBS. We need people who are gifted in this field who have no biased hidden agendas. I hate the fact that LTTE controls all Tamil media and eliminate any one who oppose their views.

    The time has come for many to come out and oppose.

    All the top level So called LTTE puppets are worried that their revenue, the hold they have on their followers & popularity among the followers are going to deminish.

    By the way how are the money raised for the needy being given to the needy by these LTTE fronts?

  81. Apey Sinhala media not reporting about humanitarian catastrophe in Wanni. Only telling about people escaping to Army from tigers. From pot to fire!

  82. your response to Rajini (#24) was touching and revealing. I can understand the pain you are feeling as a Tamil and as a journalist trying to build a bridge between communities and seeking justice for Tamils. I’ve been reading you since your column “Behind the Cadjan Curtain” in Sunday Island” days.

    My husband who is a Tamil (I am Sinhala) and I have always related to your writings. Both of us are on your wavelength.

    Dont beat yourself up Jeyaraj for what has happened. You always did what you could do despite the troubles you faced for writing the truth.

    I am glad that you responded emotionally to the inane observations made by Rajini (#24) But in a way it’s pointless to even reply people like that because they will never understand who you are and what this is all about.

    Please continue on your course without faltering. Remember that for the Rajini’s of this world there are people like Preethi also who feels your pain and shares your grief

  83. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj

    May I associate myself with the sentiments expressed by Preethi on this site.

    I am of mixed Burgher and Sinhala parentage but since I lost my father at a young age was brought up in my grandparents house within a Burgher milieu.

    I consider myself as a Burgher and a member of a minority community though my father was a Sinhalese.

    Because of this I also appreciated your writing. I too have been reading you from 1982 in “Island”

    What I liked about you was that you always spoke up about Tamils being discriminated against but did not propose extreme solutions.

    As a Burgher I could relate to your vision of a United, Pluralist Sri Lanka.

    I dont normally comment but after reading Preethi’s moving posting I just felt I had to write

    Dear Jeyaraj, just go on doing what you are doing without blaming yourself. Dont be perturbed about people like Rajini. They are on a different planet altogether and you just cant reason out with them.

    Just keep in mind that you are a beacon of hope to many of us though we dont always articulate it

  84. There is nothing you can do now Mr.Jeyaraj. Events have taken their course. In your own way you did your best to correct the course of LTTE. But you failed. That’s not your fault but that of Pirapakaran and the Tamils who supported him. Now we are reaching the climax of a violent movie. The end will be unpalatable to the tiger supporters. After LTTE demise a new dawn will begin for Tamils. Your role will be very significant in that resurgence. As for now please wait patiently for the long, dark night to end. Remember the darkest hour is just before dawn

  85. dbs

    i got a shock about the 180 million that ltte took from basil rajapakse to stop tamils from voting in last election. i knew there was this story going around in sinhalese circles but i did not beleive it. to stop the tamils voting itsel was a slap to the tamil community, but to take money for it is a double insult.
    what goes round comes round. iam a firm believer that you cannot escape the wrath of god. see what happened to saddam. this was a man who built so many palaces for himself. how did he look when he was caught inside that hole, he was living in.

  86. Good work and keep them coming.. it is the time we need more of these.. many blindfolded people there to be brought to light…

  87. DBS

    I think your sentiments are are understandable . But not your figures . The US govt had made an estimated assessment based on their satellite information from the NFZ that an estimated 60 000 had left in the last 3 days .

    This is not SLAF UAV information . The figure was in par with the figures from the SLA

  88. Hello man NAM

    So all the other media is wrong and only you have the correct figures of civilian casualties in Vanni eh? I challenge you to show proof that your figures are right.
    What about it NAM?

  89. DBSJ!

    you seem to attract comments from the whole spectrum of debate, as well as from the whole spectrum of intelligence!

    You so some great work and you say it as it is. I hope to shake your hand one day!


  90. A well written article. What we need now is a regime change – Prabha must go, and an alternate leadership with the help of the remnanats of moderate tiger leaders that will negotiate maximum devolutions under a federal system – with the help and commitment from the west.
    We have to realize that most of the tiger flag flying people in the west now see no other option, because the truth is that the entire tamil struggle has come to a humiliating end . Once an option is available people will follow their new leader.

    You blame Sinhala Bhuddhist racist and throws out toxic Tamil racism all over. You are back at the squre one argiving about your historical rights to north and east of Sri Lanka. This is where we started and both of us have paid enough for this silly debate. As Sri Lankans, Tamils belong to entire country not only for north and east and that is the same for other nations living in the country as well. Start thinking of a greater Sri Lanka where we all will live together.

  92. Lal Jayathalaarachi (Post#105)

    Why dont you Sinngalese let the Tamils have their own country and be happy that you would be rid of Tamils once and for all?

  93. Dear DBSJ

    You always use LTTE version of the events to discredit the GOSL, Though you know LTTE is the main source of blatent lies


  94. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    I commend you on a well written article, with some reservations on several statements that show your bias against the Government of Sri Lanka. The GOSL has to eradicate the LTTE entirely from Sri Lanka NOW, so all of us can go back to enjoying our rights to life, liberty and happiness, as we did before all of this murder and mayhem was unleashed upon us by the Tamil separatists.

    Although I commend you for your opposition to the violent methods of the LTTE, my objection to your views go deeper…to your support for the imagined “grievances of the Tamils” in Sri Lanka. Tamil grievances in Sri Lanka are largely manufactured ones, engineered to exploit the military weakness of Sri Lanka, and support available from Tamil Nadu and India, to carve out a separate mono-ethnic country in which the Tamil community would have greater rights than they would have in a multi-cultural multi-racial multi-religious Sri Lanka. In short, the Tamil separatists did not want to live as equals in Sri Lanka with the other communities; they considered themselves special and wanted more than the lesser beings around them. In your writings, I consistently detect this attitude and overt and covert support for that separatist goal.

    My vision for Sri Lanka is that of a country populated by people of one SriLankan identity. One people, one nation, one destiny, equal rights and responsibilities for all to be achieved through policies that promote ethnic integration, not national disintegration. No Eelams whatsoever. I fervently hope that the Tamil community can give up those separatist ideas and begin to reintegrate themselves into the fabric of Sri Lanka as they had to a large extent before this violence began. They will find that we Sinhalese are waiting to welcome them back to the fold with open arms.

    Having read your writings in the past, I know you will not agree with much of what I have said here, but I can live with that.



    DBSJ RESPONDS: If an educated man like you thinks the Tamils and other minorities have no legitimate grievances or aspirations needing to be redressed and accommodated there is no room for discussion. Its a waste of time,energy and space to argue and counter argue on these matters. The only point I want to mention is that you are totally wrong in making assumptions or presumptions about me in the way you’ve suggested.

    If you have time please read my article “Sri Lankan Tamils and 61 years of Independence” posted on this site.


    This sums up my view.

  95. Puwaneswari (Post#109)
    Because we are compassionate people who even feeds the enemy and take care of their sick and wounded. Because we are open minded people who tolerate other people living and thriving amoung us while the very same people donot allow us to enter their so called homeland and butcher our people living in the border villages.

  96. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,

    I have been following this site for around 6 months now although I was aware of you for many years. Having be born and brought up outside of Sri Lanka, I continuously hungered after the history and contemporary lifestyle of what I consider my country and her people.

    I gleaned any and all information I could from all sources – from encyclopaedias to the oldest family member I knew (and could understand my ‘Englishman’s English’).

    The point is, after almost 30 years I have come across someone globally prominent in the media whose work is consistently of a balanced nature. Now I don’t know the facts, and I don’t ever claim to know them, I just have opinion based on what I read.

    In any case, regardless of what people’s political leanings are and whatever or whoever they choose to believe in, I think all Sri Lankans around the world should aspire to conduct their affairs as you do.

    I only say this because rarely do we hear of people who commit diplomacy, intelligence and a high degree of impartiallity (it is impossible for us as humans to be a 100% unbiased?) into whatever they do.

    I direct everyone I know, non-Sri Lankans included, to your site as an example of writing that engages people to think and be aware of- and for themselves as opposed to encouraging misconceived, narrow-minded and insidious ideas.

    I always remember my A-Level biology teacher as the only decent teacher I had at school because he actually me to want to learn for myself. What springs to my mind is that the people who don’t want to learn do so because they don’t like what they find out.

    In closing I’d like to thank you for taking the trouble to write for all of us to read. It is uplifting to know that there are people like you who make us think – Sri Lanka, the whole world needs that more than anything right now.


  97. quote”Usually I keep these thoughts bottled up inside me and remain passive to all the bullshit said about me by all you so-called Tamil patriots but somehow you succeeded in making me erupt. God bless you


    My thanks to DBSJ for speaking the mind.

    I have being reading your articles for several years and made many comments under different aliases.

    My salute to you for the unbiased articles.
    As a sinhalese myself, I can attest, you have warned the tamil community many times in your articles for following the LTTE doctarine.
    If anyone has any doubts I will tell, you are a real patriot for the tamils.but willing to accept the reality.

    Like you said,

    May god bless SriLanka and its people in a brighter future.

  98. Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,

    I read the article you referred me to. Thank you.

    The third option for Sri Lanka your refer to is similar to what I want as well, but within the context of ethnic integration implemented throughout Sri Lanka.

    I would not want a federal, or any federal-like, system based on ethnicity and devolution of power to regions on an ethnic basis., because that would set the stage for a resurgence of the current conflict. People must be free to move and settle anywhere in Sri Lanka as their means and needs allow, and the government should adopt policies that provide incentives for ethnic homogenization of the country, and promote intimate contact and empathy between the various communities.

    You also speak highly of India’s federal system of governance, as if it would be a solution for Sri Lanka. I disagree. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that India is a country that is unravelling fast, because of separate ethno-religious aspirations…and India’s survival as a single unified country in the near future is very much in doubt.

    Fortunately for Sri Lanka, we are a much smaller country, with more manageable problems, that does not require radical surgery of such a complex system of governancethat is fraught with danger to the integrity of the nation. A unitary form of governance with regions limited in size to at most districts, too small to challenge the center, would do nicely…in my view.



  99. DBSJ,
    Thank You for your outburst and all of your honest journalism.

    It is time that we Tamils put down the Tiger flag. We are not Tigers. The Tigers represent the worst in us.
    -They deceitfully used every peace process to prepare for war.
    All this deceit eroded our credibility. That is why the US and India built up the SL army during 2002-2006 period, because they wanted to deter the Tigers from re-launching war.
    -They have no morals, and rationalize cowardly acts.
    All their bad acts will bring negative karma to our nation.
    -They orchestrate man-made catastrophes to mobilize Tamil support. They are trying to engineer a catastrophe in the NFZ, to mobilize massive support amongst the diaspora.
    We need to see though their machinations.
    It is time to put down the Tiger flag.

    We are not Tigers. The Tigers are just part of our history. We must learn from this traumatic period.

    We must survive and win back our dignity despite the damage the Tiger movement has done to us.

    We must muster the the courage and strength to admit fault and overcome our addiction to the Tigers.

    The Palmyrah Palm stands tall and unbent through storm and tempest. We will survive despite what the Tigers have done, not because of the Tigers.

  100. Hi Lal,
    You are very generous telling Tamils to have entire country. Tamils also wanted to live that way.
    Could you please explain why these riots happen all the time? Why our peaceful demands suppress by force?

  101. Thank you for the post DBS.

    Anandas view is that of the Sinhala majority. For the Sinhala majority there is no Tamil political grievance. This was the view of a former President DB Wijetunge ( The best president we have had so far ) and others.

    With this mind set there is no opportunity for reconciliation. No government or political leader will take up minority grievances, for if they do they will be toast.

    The current conflict as we know it will be over for now yet for Srilanka to be at peace we must address regional / ethnic grievances of our society..

    In a different tack, the IC squeezed the LTTE and soon it will be the turn of the GOSL to be squeezed, for this is the lesson learnt from the Balkan wars.

  102. Dear Mr DBJ,

    I have been a regular reader of the Tamilnet. I do not believe in what they report. But I can get an insight into some of the workings inside the LTTE, by reading between the lines.
    Soon after Nadesan was bumped off, there was a report in the Taminet about LTTE using their anti aircraft fire to defend one particular place.I am ninety nine percent sure that was the Praba hide out. Later, Sarath Fonseka said in an interview that Praba was critically wounded or dead. Sarath Fonseka does not mouth off bull dust.
    Anyway I am a keen reader of your articles as well. Again I only do that to get an insight into the battle field set backs or other wise of the LTTE.
    The terror outfit is a spent force now.Tamil Diaspora are kidding themselves if they think that the Elaam is still a possibility.
    The people who control the Diaspora are mostly well off, doctors, lawyers,accountants and business owners.They do not have any relatives in SL. Most of their family members and children are also well off and live comfortable lives.They will never come back to live in Srilanka even if Praba got his Elaam.I doubt even you would move from Colombo to Killinochi to live under Mr Prabakaran.
    Majority of the Tamils left in SL are poor or do not have the means to migrate. The Tamils in the East and the North in particular have suffered the most over the last three decades,thanks to Praba’s terrorists, with the support of the Tamil Diaspora.
    Now the time has come to remedy the situation. People in the East and the North should have the same facilities as in the South and the West.
    People like you are in the best position to help in the task of uniting and rebuilding the country .Everyone including the fair minded Srilankans living overseas should aim to make Srilanka a developed country with good infrastructure, educational and medical facilities. and a good business environment where people can find work.
    If we can make it a peaceful and a prosperous country people would not have a reason to rebel.

    Thank You

    Ronnie Waduge


  103. Atif – comment #48 , Well said. What you said is 150% correct provided the LTTE killed Rajiv. – There are lots of doubts on this conclusion like why no other congress leaders were not around Rajiv when he was killed?

    Any how, if the LTTE has done it, then it should have thought twice before touching the “Royals” of India.

    But, what should have been the punishment for Rajiv for what he did in SL for Tamils? From betraying the Tamils to raping and killing the Tamils?

    World is not fair – that is why the Tamil struggle is at this stage. – I hope the Tamil leadership learns how to play politically correct (even it is the wrong thig to do) to win the rights for self determination for Tamils

  104. Dear DBS,
    Your response to Rajini was an analysis it self. May be you should write it as your next column. Fully agree with what you said. Even now the Tiger flags and VP images is why the demonstrations failed.

  105. Lets face it. – Actually, the massive bloodbath seems very likely and the world at large seems unwilling to prevent it. – This indifference of world could be due a couple of countries.

    The democratically elected terrorist state killed the Tamils before LTTE was born, continued the killing while fighting the LTTE, and will continue to kill until Tamils are totally subdued and do not ask for equal rights for self determination.

    The so called IC will continue to make statements with a pretended sad face while enjoying all the opportunities / benefits provided by the democratically elected terrorist state.

    It is upto the world Tamils to get their act together and EXPOSE the friends of the democratically elected terrorist state (like what happened to China for supporing Sudan regime) until they give up supporting SL govt in shame.

  106. DO you think If ltte let the people go to controlled area, They will live pease fully? I don,t support Ltte, But you have to know what is happing in Vavunia refugee camp.

  107. I read your column I believe you because you are neutral

    I am extremly sad for the innocent people who are trapped I pray to God I beg God to be with these people in this difficult situation

  108. As an LSSP supporter and voted for them in the North until 1972, I like the editor’s answer to # 111 and in particular the reference to Jaffna Youth Congress and Phiilip Gunawardne. The other part is the frankness in ecitors reply along the line of Dr. David Kumar’s replies to Victor Ivan the pseudo LSSPer in the Island news paper. There is no point talking to educated people who can not accept there was injustices to the Tamils through constitutions and delibrate non implementation of whatever in the pro Sinhala constitutions.

    To the response by #Ananda – US in 115 please refer to the comments by Laknath on ““Sri Lankan Tamils and 61 years of Independence” posted on this site.”

    #84 Laknath’s , last para clearly accepts that there more than two entities in SL island. Yes Sinahlese have two major political parties and implying that these two parties are not at fault and it is the Tamils who do not have pluralism. Then how about EPDP and TMVP and holding official position under Mahinda regime ? You also have forgotten the existence of Muslims and they do have two major parties.

    At least Laknath do not seem to have the military state agenda of Gothapaya and Sarath who claims the whole of the Island belong to Sinhala Buddhists.

    Where as Ananda is opposed to any form of Federal Solution and goes along Gotha- Sarath Fonseka’s line that the Island belongs to Sinhals buddhists with excuses like SL is a small country so what ? Switzerland too is a small country. Malaysia with Singapore state before speration was a small country too. If India is going to break up means political problemas are festering due to dominance or poor governance or due to lack of implementation of constitutional rights or due to unwillingness to tweak the constitution to the current and futre needs.

    Sinhalese nationalism is the main problem and the military win over the LTTE and the existence of JVP-JHU motivated and Gotha- sarath controlled armed forces and the Mahinda Chinthanaya will precipitate sooner or later the need for International Community’s change of mind even if China and USSR uses its veto powers on the request of India , in favour of mahinda’s autocratic regime.

  109. Reference to Ananda-USA #111 & #115 and others.

    I tend to aggree on much of these comments. This is not a Sinhala Budhist view as many LTTE supporters are banging about.

    The post-LTTE SL should concentrate on Equal Opportunities. There is no argument whatsoever over the fact that every citizen of Sri Lanka should have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspect of his/her life.

    It should be remembered that this includes not only enjoying all privileges, but also discharging obligations which come along with the citizenship. The opportunities to get a decent education and other government services, participate fully in political life, freedom to live anywhere in the country and practice one’s religion are top among these.

    Things should be based on merit not on one’s race, religion or creed. For example, in selecting someone for a job, the most deserving candidate should be selected based on merit because he/she is the most capable, not because he or she belongs to a certain ethnic group.

    What is imperative then is to look at whether the Sri Lanka’s current set up has any impediments or discriminatory practices which prevent certain citizens from availing themselves of these opportunities. The golden principle here must be the equal opportunity i.e. no one should get more and no one should get less.

    We need to carefully analyse and find out as to whether minorities, the tamils in particular, are being deprived of the opportunities within the Sri Lanka’s current policy and legal framework. In other words, are there benefits and privileges that are only available for the majority (displaying unequal opportunities)? There aren’t any obvious things to find.

    One of the best things that a country can provide its citizens is the individual freedom. All citizens of Sri Lanka should be free to fully contribute and participate in all aspects of the country irrespective of where they live.

    Diversity is an asset to any country as much as it is to a region within a country, and it should be cherished. Diversity makes any place an exciting location to live and work in. In this context, the creation of a mono-ethnic and mono-religious region does not sit well. In fact, such establishments are a hindrance to any country’s development and prosperity.

    As an example, let’s take Sri Lanka’s universities, places of higher learning for the country’s best and the brightest. It is unfortunate to observe that two of Sri Lanka’s universities have become, by default, mono-ethnic. This clearly is a disadvantage for those students who do not have much interaction with those of different backgrounds and opportunities for other ensuing intellectual debates that they ought to engage in as part of learning.

    Mono-ethnic, mono-religious and mono-linguistic societies are unlikely to bring full benefits in the long term in the modern era of globalisation. The world today is becoming more and more a borderless society. In fact, to succeed as individuals, we need to fully interact with others (countries /cultures) and, have the abilities to live among those who are different to you in many ways; racially, religion-wise and speaking languages other than yours. As such, success in these environments can only be achieved through learning to co-exist.

    Living in a separate state within a state may not be the hope of all Sri Lankan tamils. There may be various reasons as to why this is so. Tamil people living in parts of the country outside the North and East are unlikely to favour such a set up. Contrary to what LTTE or its supporters may tell and preach, many tamils may argue that an ethnically segregated part might not be the best for them (unless one likes to live his/her whole life in segregation), before it becomes a problem for Sinhalese.

    The government’s efforts should be geared towards creating an environment where all ethnic groups can live in Sri Lanka (co-exist) to realise their full potential. This should be about providing an equal opportunity for all, nothing more, nothing less.

    As mush as it is a great achievement to win against terrorism, taking every possible step to prevent it happening again ever, is equally important.

  110. At times like this we need to show compassion to all the Tamils who took to the streets around the world and knowingly or unknowingly supported the Tigers.

    Tamil health professionals all over the world are now treating symptoms of anxiety and stress among the Tamil Diaspora. Many who followed the pro-LTTE news outlet have lived the pains of the people suffering in the Vanni in their living rooms far away from the war ( I call this the ‘GTV syndrome). Al Gore in his book ‘Assault on Reason’ looks at the powerful use of television for eroding basic reasoning and discussions in the present societies. The demagogue perpetrated LTTE and by this media outlets have caused serious damage to the Tamil Diaspora.
    At times like this the Tamil Diaspora should organise prayers and vigils and events like ‘Interfaith Communal Lament’ which was held in Melbourne. It is time for compassion and consolation

  111. Some have interpreted my Comments at this blog as the “Sinhala Majority View” that “the Island belongs exclusively to the Sinhala people.” This is a mischaracterization of what I have said here and elsewhere, and I very much doubt that Sinhala people as a whole espouse that view either. I reject that option, because it would imply disenfranchisement of minorities. In fact, that is precisely the reason the Tamil-only mono-ethnic aparthied racist agenda of the LTTE coupled to their ethnic cleansing activities in Sri Lanka was rejected by ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES. They united and resolved to defeat them, no matter what the cost. The LTTE’s facist attitudes towards the Tamil community accelerated their downfall.

    My view, and I believe, that of the Sinhala majority as well, is that the Island belongs to all of us irrespective of our ethnicity and/or religion. As such, everyone in the country should have the right to live and settle wherever they please.

    In order to root out separatism by leaf, branch, trunk and root, and prevent its resurgence in the future, the GOSL should adopt a program of ethnic integration as government policy leading to ethnic homogenization of the country. Cultural diversity will not vanish through such ethnic integration; it will exist in its proper sphere in the personal private domain.

    Existing laws, modified as needed to alleviate insecurities of minority communities, should be strictly enforced to assure equal rights AND equal responsibilities for all.

    If, as the “Tamil grievances lobby” claims (note that I totally reject these claims as false and totally manufactured), lack of equal rights was the causal force behind the Eelam war, then Sri Lankan Tamils have nothing to worry about. They, and every other citizen, will be guaranteed equal rights under law. What they will not have, is a separate region of the country that they can govern as a Tamil Community-only Fiefdom where people of other ethnicities are NOT WELCOME, NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE, AND CHASED AWAY FROM by overt and covert methods.

    The federal solution, that some members of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka, in the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora and in Tamil Nadu, are gearing up to advocate again, is only the first step towards ultimate partition of the country…I have no doubt about that. After 30 years of war, having been brought to the brink of partitioning the motherland, we instinctively recognize these moves for what they really are: attempts to achieve by strategy and stealth in peace the independent mono-ethnic state the separatists failed to win by murderous war.

  112. No body believes the Govt. version, not even the sinhalese. Only instance they believe the Govt. story is if it involves Tamils, because most of them hate Tamils and want them to be annihilated from this world!!

  113. Thanks DBSJ, for presenting versions from both sides while presenting a neutral, yet compassionate account of the most likely ground realities.
    The numbers of civillian who have managed to escape the combat zone cannot be nowhere near the numbers reported by the govt. They have a penchant for exaggeration, remember the govt media said 80,000 muslims were expelled from jaffna when the total pop of jaffna was about 90,000 at that time? I am not saying it’s ok to expell ANY number of people for their religious beliefs, what i am saying is, that the govt exaggerates and, the number of escapees from the combat zone is closer to 1 tenth the number claimed.

  114. i was thinkng of stalingrad. the germans went into the city and had to fight house by house brick by brick at great cost. then suddenly georgi zhukov the russian commander encicled the whole german 6th army in stalingrad and they surrendered.what if the safe zone is stalingrad. before tamils start getting excited just start thinking whether there is enough manpower or womanpower or child power to encircle the safezone.
    if tamils want to start this again i think better to do it properly the next time with manpower from tamilnadu and paid decent wages just like srilankan army without scraping the barrell with women and children fighting.
    if the sinhalese extend the hand of friendship stop fighting because violence must be always the last resort.we have to make the best of this short life without unneccessary fighting but if the other chappie is a stubborn fool then there is no choice but to fight.

  115. comment 128-ananda

    can you tell me why would tamils want to seperate if they are given a federal state? has tamilnadu wanted to seperate from india in the last 50 years. why does it not want to. because in unity there is strengh. by being part of india they get all the benefits of being part of a large country. tamilnadu is the hub of car manufacture in india. if it was a seperate country will everyone invest in factories there. see the european union.countries.for centuries they have been bashing each other mercilessly and now only they are joining together.
    as for your contention that india will disintegrate you are living in the USA and listening to too much of their propaganda. they would love to see a weak india broken up to sell their products. indians are not stupid.
    srilanka is already a small country and unity of the population is absolutely essential for survival in the modern world which is moving towards unions based on devolution of powes. if you and other sinhalese are so suspicious of the tamils then it is better for the tamils to consider a union with india via tamilnadu for srilankas noth and east. during this century iam sure the rest of srilanka too will follow the tamils into the indian union, otherwise go bankrut.

  116. Mr.Jayaraj, I’ve been following your articles for a long time and i see that finally you have clarity in mind and see things beyond the myth…i hope your fellow nationalists ,mainly in western countries have the same clarity and come out of feeding the monster that’s destroying your people and the future they hold a right to in Sri Lanka….

  117. pls. come up with the next post man. what are you doing DBS ? it is already 23rd evening and 100,000 people have escaped.. let us know what is happening in the NFZ and how the army is finishing the LTTE in Velamullivaikkai …

  118. It must be difficult for LTTE sympathisers to digest the fact that thousands of tamil civilians are being rescued by the so called “enemy” army.

  119. I still cannot fathom why the International pressure, including that of the Tamil Diaspora does not point at the LTTE ??

    For sure there would be casualties when the Sri Lankan army shells the LTTE control areas. We all know how many died when Israel shelled Gaza recently. However, this is war and it should be expected. The only way to have avoided the situation and also for the LTTE to be made visible of them selves as the only savior of the Tamils is by not using them as shields.

    However, when the LTTE them selves do not value for the Tamil peoples life, the Sri Lankan army trying to save hundred thousand of them and in the process a few hundred getting killed could be acceptable. Tell me one war that was won without a single blood shed ?

    It is important for all of us to understand that this is one of the only ways to eliminate the LTTE as they do not care for what the GOSL says, what the International community says nor what their own kind has to say.. Menace !!

  120. Puvaneswari – you are right, the Tamil people should be given their own country.

    This is exactly what we say – all those Tamils who are asking for a own land – please go to India and fight for Tamilnadu. There is nothing called home land for Tamils in Sri Lanka. History doesn’t say so – Infact the history doesn’t talk of a Tamil nation. The northern part of Sri Lanka was always under attack for the past 2000 years from south Indian Pandyan, Kerala, Chola and malayalam races. Each time, the Sinhalees had to fight and get it back. However, on all occasions, we let the remaining people stay back and not chase them away back to south India. Now, they have the nerve to ask for a separate country ??

  121. UN demands LTTE to lay down arms and free civilians immediately

    The United Nations Security Council has demanded LTTE terrorists to renounce violence, lay down arms and to stop using civilians as human shield immediately.

    “The LTTE is a terrorist organization and should be condemned for its use of civilian as a human shield. The LTTE should immediately lay down arms and renounce its terror tactics”, said Ambassador Claude Heller, the President of the UN Security Council summing up the views expressed by the Members of the Security Council at an informal briefing on Wednesday (April 22).

    According to defence observers this is a strong message to the LTTE terrorists and a denial of any breather what so ever expected by its sympathizers and its paid henchmen.

    The informal briefing to the Council was a follow-up to the visit of UN Under-Secretary General Vijey Nambiar to Sri Lanka earlier this week. The Security Council unanimously agreed that the LTTE’s holding civilians hostage was unacceptable and welcomed the movement of large numbers of civilians out of harms way. They called on the international community to extend all assistance to the Sri Lankan Government to deal with the influx of civilians who are fleeing from the LTTE’s hold.

    Significantly, the Security Council did not call for a ceasefire or a humanitarian pause believing that this would only provide a breathing space for the LTTE and prolong the civilian suffering. They concluded that the quickest way to end this conflict was for LTTE to lay down arms, surrender and let the political process proceed as there was no military solution.

    At this informal interactive session held yesterday, the members also urged the government to be cautious about the civilians when taking military action to secure a safe passage for civilians. They also called on the Government to work closely with the UN in providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced civilians including those in transit.

    Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to UN, Ambassador Palihakkara gave assurances to the Council Members that the military was not planning any final assault that could endanger the lives of civilians. He also recalled the assurances given by the Government that it was not firing heavy weapons into the safe zone

    Declared by the government and stated that if these allegations were true the civilians would not have left in such large numbers seeking safety from the Government. He gave a detailed account of the steps taken by the Government to address the humanitarian situation in close collaboration with the UN and other humanitarian agencies on the Ground.

    Meanwhile, China, Russia and other countries view that Sri Lanka’s fight against terrorism as an internal problem rather than a situation for any international intervention.

  122. Comment #132

    I agree with your rules for a fresh engagement, but you should also add the following bottom lines as well:

    A. The organisation/leadership waging the struggle must be “democratic” in conduct (No tribalistic behaviors or leaving our destiny in one mans hands with no accountability. For this mistake we have paid through life, blood, sweat and wealth)

    B. No killing of TAMILS by TAMILS please…! (Labeling dissenting Tamils as”Throhi” should stop. We should learn to engage ideas as civilized, modern, and matured democrats)

  123. This is the first time I came accross this debate. It is very interesting, and I find Jeyaraj to be a rational person who knows what is the reality of the world. The debate is interesting. I hope after this blood bath atleast, people realise what a disaster this has been try to live in harmony in our motherland which is a very fertile land when you compare with some other countries. All SriLankans should have equal rights. There shouldn’t any barrier for anything because of ethnicity. Frankly, some foreigners (westners) ask me what is the problem with you guys fighting with each other. You both look the same. Cannot tell the difference. I rest my case.

  124. The LTTEs impending defeat is primarily a political, not a military question. Its perspective of a separate capitalist state of Eelam has proven to be a deadly trap for the Tamil people. Its sectarian outlook and attacks on Sinhalese civilians has only deepened the communal divide and played into the hands of the Sinhala extremists in Colombo.

    The LTTEs plans for a separate state represented the interests of the Tamil bourgeoisie, not the Tamil masses, and always depended in the final analysis on the support of one or other of the imperialist powers. With its remaining fighters surrounded, the LTTE is reduced to making futile appeals to the international community to pressure the Sri Lankan government for a ceasefire. – Curtsy Wije Dias , WSWS

  125. Your article is quite ambiguous and you put forward the facts without taking any responsibility. I dont understand where you stand. You leave the reader to make conclutions , you leave the reader in perplexcity. This is not constructive.

  126. Reply to comment 128: Well said Ananda from USA.
    What we moment of need is the strengthen the voices of moderate views irrespective their ethnic backround.
    We have to unite to defeat all the extremist elements in both amoung Tamils and Singhalese.

    Sri Lankan expatriate community is one of the most successful amoung the world. Therefore most important contribution to rebuilding our country should come from expatriate communities.

  127. DBS is 100% correct. I humbly request the tamils all over the world “Please wake up, realise the truth”. I am anxiously waiting for the day when Pirapakaran is going to be killed.

  128. // 115. Ananda-USA
    People must be free to move and settle anywhere in Sri Lanka as their means and needs allow..

    128. Ananda-USA
    where people of other ethnicities are NOT WELCOME, NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE, AND CHASED AWAY …//

    This is not the case in Indian states. People freely move from one place to another in the country for employment,education and leisure; even settledown if they desire.

    DBS is correct. Sinhalese in general have poor understanding about federalism. Why not allow federalism first and then militarily invade if people still wanted secession (which is very unlikely) ?

    Why does sinhalese want to meddle with Tamils’ own affairs like language,culture,education & economy ?

    Will it not be sufficient to have military,monetary,foreign affairs in common ? What will the sinhalese lose then?

    Civilized world finds it difficult to understand this war.

  129. Where are all the rest of the TNA buggers, when all these people are getting killed like a rag dogs? Are they hiding in western countries. I don’t hear their voices amy more. What a loosers!

  130. You’re right gopal, I don’t hear anymore of Sampanthan or GG Ponnambalam Jr. They were all mouthing off when LTTE was riding high, but you can’t even hear from them anmore. There are stories one is hiding in India, and other is hiding in England.

    On the other hand, no body listens to them. They were there for just the goverment perks and name.

  131. #24 Rajini said

    ……………..as you are one of few tamil writers in english media your writings have some weight.

    Yes she is absolutely spot on, but it’s too late mentioning that now since the problem is Prabhakaran and his Diaspora agents dislike and hate cultured,educated,learned and experinced people. They are not comfortable with listening to and taking advice from intelectuals.Of course they have some qualified guys working for them all over the world, they are just qualified thats it, Unfortunately most of these guys are bankrupt intelectulally and just yes men.Not that there are some intelectuals among them but they only carry out assigned minor tasks without a murmer.

    On and off Anton Balasingham tried to get the services of some capable intelectuals like Siva Pasupathi etc. etc. to get some input in to certain aspects of the peace process and the struggle but intelectuals were no where near the decision making process of the LTTE.

    Bottom line is Prabhakaran is a fighter only and he took some risky decisions and they came off miraculously due to regional politics,weak opponents and some pure luck. Otherwise he is not a good military or political strategist.

    One has to consider whether he can sustain a long struggle with limited man power,international backing and resources,without the political and military backing of a powerful country and he also failed to consider the changing climate of internatonal politics and adjust his movement accordingly.

    The same thing happened to the Confedrates during the Civil War in USA and the Germans during the second world war. In both instances the Confederates and the Germans fought bravely for some time with significant victories but lost the wars ultimately to far superior adversaries rich in manpower,resources and they were capable of fighting for an indfinite period.

    One man dictatorial leaders surrounded by servile uninteligent subordintaes can never win wars.The best example is Adolf Hitler. Thats why Josef Stalin realised and allowed his generals to conduct the war where as he took the political decisions since he had the capacity and the inteligence to do that. Where as Hitler was very average in taking political and military decisions and lost the war by taking all political and military decisions disregarding all experts.

    Thats exactly what happened to Prabhkaran, Proper political and military strategy is alien to him and he is incapable of taking rational decisions. Eg. like 1987 Indo Lanka Accord, Rajiv Ghandhi Killing,2005 election boycott,scuttling the Norway peace process offer of a federal state etc. etc.

    Sorry political strategy is something that should be taken by people with experince,commonsense and intelect and their out put is a must for military strategy too. ( to tone down irrational decisions.)

    LTTE central committee was full of brave fighters with little experience in dealing in world politics and strategy. They hated the presence of educated and made sure none was there. They Just Followed the leader.This is the classic charge of the Light Brigade in modern terms.

    Now it is too late asking and expecting the learned,experienced people to do this and that and come to the rescue.

    That was a decision LTTE supporters should have forced down the throat of the leadership long time ago instead of blindly cheering,justifying and hanging people for not agreeing.

    May be next time?

  132. hi Roshanth,
    We tamils created a small monster and enjoying the taste now.
    you Sinhalese are creating a bigger monster. You are going to enjoy and tamils are going to watch good movie.
    Good Luck. Have fun in near future

  133. Federalism creates more divisions. In fact it is going to be the interim step of Eelam, and division of the country.

    What many have realized is, many countries who have got Federal System has adapted it to unite otherwise would be separate states/countries. What Sri Lanka has is an already united country. We do not need to introduce federalism that would be the stepping stone to division.

    The provincial council system itself is an overkill for a small country like us and all what required to successfully serve the people can very well be facilitated through Provincial Council and Divisional Council basis.

    By the way I saw this Video and found the reporter saying only ashes was left on the people who traveled in the LTTE armed truck.

    DBSJ mentioned in an earlier post that similarly only ashes was left in two of the buses and armed truck that was attacked by the army on the first week of April. I believe that those vehicles looked like this one too…


    Sad to see many dead for a fake cause!

  134. Pls see the ndtv to see the way ltte is holding people as human shield. People blabber to state that they fight for the people.

  135. DBS; I have been reading your columns, analysis snd other articles in both languages for long time in many papers and I think the best is your response to comment #24.

    I do concur that you have tried your best to correct the LTTE’s course of action though I, like many others had written them off as incorrigibles long time ago. I remember your article in Senthamarai(or Manchari) where you tried your best to save the life of Mahattaya. Due to this the tiger medias kept on saying that Mahattaya is only under investigation and not killed but in reality he was disposed of in what you called a kangaroo court.( I suggst you produce a translation of that article for the benefit of the new generation of LTTErs and sympathisers).

    I also remenber you virtually begging Prabhaharan to handle the Karuna revolt with restraint, but what we saw was the massacre in Verugal Aru, Vaharai, all over tSri Kanka and even in Middle East and Europe and the virtual split of the North and East and the downfall in LTTE’s fortunes. You have also warned about the Mavil aru fiasco and forecasted the present IDP and humanitarian predicament.
    I very well understand the ways in which the LTTE hooligans can harass and threaten you and your family as I was also in the receiving end for over 18 yeras because I was critical about there mistakes such as the war with the indian Army and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, among others. (I cannot remember your comments on those two incidents and I think it is because you were in Colombo and/or just moved to Canada).

    Anyway, as Bagavat Geetha says what is happening is happening for the good. Hopefully the situation in Wanni would be brought under control without any further civilian casualities and the next genaration could live in peace and prosper.

    But what I am worried(and want you to highlight in the future articles) is about the next generation of our people in the diaspora who have, in recent times been exposed to such an extreme lavel of hatered and violence, thereby grdually forfeiting their future in these countries. Today I heard a a song called ‘national song’ in a Canadian CRTC approved specilality channel Radio which goes like.
    Kattikkoduppavan Yarank–.who is the one exposing us
    kootic konduva avanai inke–bring him over here
    katti podu thunoda—tie him to the post
    thundu thundai vettu–cut him to pieces

    Something has to be done urgently to check this situation. I read several comments in your blog where people condemning the diaspora for the present predicament, but the Host countries gave all these facilities and LTTEs propaganda machinery is using it and beyond doubt iit s one of the most efficient in modern history. They control all the tamil News papers, Radios and TVs and most of the web sites which always says the same thing without any alterations. When they found that people are listening to BBC which tells what they don’t want to tell, they started IBC radio from London and all other radios all over the world were ordered to broadcast its news 4 times a day.

    Thats how they are able to mobilise tens of thousands within few hours. They ask money from individuals, stores and even temples and those who refuse to pay are named in these medias and threatened, ome pre arranged person comes as Neyar(listener0 and makes disparaging and thretening comments.
    I an sure the Host Goverments can control these radios and TVs and curtail these unpaid direct and indirect propagandas but they opt to turn a blind eye. They encourage young female students, through their friends to join these ‘agitation marches and hunger strikes’ and show them on their Tvs thereby encouraging other youths to join. one worried mother told us that her daughter was given some sort of pills to withstand the cold weather and agitate for days.

  136. DBS; I have been reading your columns, analysis snd other articles in both languages for long time in many papers and I think the best is your response to comment #24.

    I do concur that you have tried your best to correct the LTTE’s course of action though I, like many others had written them off as incorrigibles long time ago. I remember your article in Senthamarai(or Manchari) where you tried your best to save the life of Mahattaya. Due to this the tiger medias kept on saying that Mahattaya is only under investigation and not killed but in reality he was disposed of in what you called a kangaroo court.( I suggst you produce a translation of that article for the benefit of the new generation of LTTErs and sympathisers).

    I also remenber you virtually begging Prabhaharan to handle the Karuna revolt with restraint, but what we saw was the massacre in Verugal Aru, Vaharai, all over tSri Kanka and even in Middle East and Europe and the virtual split of the North and East and the downfall in LTTE’s fortunes. You have also warned about the Mavil aru fiasco and forecasted the present IDP and humanitarian predicament.
    I very well understand the ways in which the LTTE hooligans can harass and threaten you and your family as I was also in the receiving end for over 18 yeras because I was critical about there mistakes such as the war with the indian Army and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, among others. (I cannot remember your comments on those two incidents and I think it is because you were in Colombo and/or just moved to Canada).

    Anyway, as Bagavat Geetha says what is happening is happening for the good. Hopefully the situation in Wanni would be brought under control without any further civilian casualities and the next genaration could live in peace and prosper.

    But what I am worried(and want you to highlight in the future articles) is about the next generation of our people in the diaspora who have, in recent times been exposed to such an extreme lavel of hatered and violence, thereby grdually forfeiting their future in these countries. Today I heard a a song called ‘national song’ in a Canadian CRTC approved specilality channel Radio which goes like.
    Kattikkoduppavan Yarank–.who is the one exposing us
    kootic konduva avanai inke–bring him over here
    katti podu thunoda—tie him to the post
    thundu thundai vettu–cut him to pieces

    Something has to be done urgently to check this situation. I read several comments in your blog where people condemning the diaspora for the present predicament, but the Host countries gave all these facilities and LTTEs propaganda machinery is using it and beyond doubt iit s one of the most efficient in modern history. They control all the tamil News papers, Radios and TVs and most of the web sites which always says the same thing without any alterations. When they found that people are listening to BBC which tells what they don’t want to tell, they started IBC radio from London and all other radios all over the world were ordered to broadcast its news 4 times a day.

    Thats how they are able to mobilise tens of thousands within few hours. They ask money from individuals, stores and even temples and those who refuse to pay are named in these medias and threatened, ome pre arranged person comes as Neyar(listener0 and makes disparaging and thretening comments.
    I an sure the Host Goverments can control these radios and TVs and curtail these unpaid direct and indirect propagandas but they opt to turn a blind eye. They encourage young female students, to boycot classes through their friends to join these ‘agitation marches and hunger strikes’ and show them on these TVs thereby encouraging other youths to join. One worried mother told us that her daughter confided that she was given some sort of pills to withstand the cold weather and agitate for days. it is time that the respective Governments, institutions and licencing bodies take some strong measures to put an end to this ‘Overseas Wanni’.

  137. roshanth comment 139

    you say quote”there is nothing called homeland for tamils in srilanka-history doesn’t say so.”
    i tend to agree with you. history says that there was a kingdom of yalpanam in the north of the country when the portugeuse arrived in serendib in 1515. so there was a country for the tamils, as countries were known as kingdoms at that time.. tamils who talk of homeland are devaluing their own land and intead just tell the world you want your country back. those tamils who call tamilland as homeland and not country are distorting history.. if you youself devalue your nation then how can you blame the sinhalese if they devalue it further and say what homeland are you talking about. tamils should refer to the north as their country and the east as their traditional homeland.

  138. where is TNA? Good question… simple answer Not all TNA member approved LTTE as sole rep of Tamils. Some uneducated follows who were at licking the foot of VP, were supported LTTE. Samphmthan is great Tamil Nationalist.. He doesn’t care about VP. He does care for Tamil people. He faces all kind of enemies. He was the only was made courageous statement from colombo highligthing the number of people killed in Vanni. All LTTE foot lickers are hiding in London

  139. Dear Jay,

    Thanks for the frank and honest views expressed, you have a very special place in my literary world and i suppose the world over, In telling the truth you make more enemies than freinds and thats the way it is, but the “truth prevails”. please dont bother reacting to such criticism. as some dont deserve the truth. at the end of the day you have done your part .

    Warm Regards and god’s Blessings


  140. further to my earlier comment i also wish to state that the educated tamils should put a case before international courts for a decision whether there was a tamil kingdom before the portuguese arrived.it should not take long for the court to give the verdict to shut up people like roshanth
    once and for all. also it serves a dual purpose because a further case can be filed, once the verdict is given to get back that kingdom or country. this case will take a long time to resolve but it should have been done 25 years ago. anyway better late than never. if federalism is given to to the tamils and the tamils accept it in a referendumthen the case can be dropped.
    i see many tamils castgating prabaharan as a 8th grde dropout. can you tell me what has the educated tamils including great legal luminaries done. they have not even filed a proper case for the tamils.

  141. Dear Mr . DBS J

    Telling you 100,000 x 100,000 times thanks for writting the actual / real things which can’t be explained better than you did, I WOULD LIKE ADVISE YOU FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY…..
    I think in this planet you are only one standing in the right poposition with right qualifications and right visions.

  142. Shanker, you are losing your argument. At one point you talk of living in harmony whilst at the other point you still talk about having a seperate kingdom / country.
    There is no point in harping on the personal view of Roshanth.
    The fact is that this country belongs to sinhalese as well as tamils, everybody should be free to travel anywhere and live wherever they chose. Forget about history, what is the use of it if it has lead us nowhere??
    Lets look at the future, I am sure we will be in a position to find a political solution that fosters this framework. If you are not happy with this and still try to be a die hard tamil seperatist, I don’t think we will ever be able to get a solution. A compromise means giiving in ideals from both sides.
    If you think going to international courts and trying to prove and carve out a seperate state; which might take another 25 years (and may still not be fruitfull), is the next step, fine let it be. But think twice, rather why not look at finding a solution; true there have been grave mistakes by sinhalese politicians in the past and tamils do have genuine grievances. But there are mistakes on your part as well.
    Whatever has happened has happened, I am a sinhalese but I can empathaize (at least to a certain extent) as to how tamils may feel being exclusive in their own country! LTTE is finished at least militilarily, politically it might still survive. Hope you agree that LTTE has been successful in bringing up your problems to the international stage, why not start from there and try to look at an amicable solution; of course it is not going to be the ideal for both sides.

  143. Hi Jay,
    some these people’s comments are very racial oriented. (both tamils and sinhalese). this the whole problem for the country. I am one of the tamil diaspora. but I don’t go to any protest march or any tamil activities.the reason is fundamentally I don’t agree the LTTE and this “Eelam” concept. there is no way you can divide the country. but I do agree the tamils had some grievances in the past and that can be solved by talks. the sinhalese also have to realise whether they like it or not , they have to solve these problems. otherwise we won’t have peace in this beautiful Island.
    I am very greatful to the SL army for rescuing such a massive amount of people from LTTE’s iron grip.I think the SL army is one of the best discipline army in the world. imagine if it is an Indian army, what would have happened to these people. I know what happened to lot of our young women during the Indian occupation. now some of the sri Lankan tamils asking the Indian help again. that will be the disaster for tamils again, if indian army return. our SL soldiers are sacrifing their life, to recue the tamils. we have to be thankful them. LTTE is a terorist group and they don’t care about the civilians. tamils have to accept this reality. that was the main reason I left the country. when I left, I told my friends that I won’t come back even if LTTE declared the illusional state of ” Eeelam” . but I want to see this country in peace. even though I have nothing to do with this country any more, my heart is always with our people.
    one think I want tell the people of sri lanka, please don’t think all the tamil diaspora are LTTE supportes. we lot of us are against this show off fasting and protest march. but unfortunately we keep quiet. our ex colonialistic masters are encouraging this shows so that they can interfere in our internal matters. all they are interested is their arms and other war material business. if we have a peace, then their businesses will go down. so they want to keep this war going. don’t think they really worried about the human life. we know the history of Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan. there are numerus african countries having similar wars due to French and other EU countries interference. they talk like a Lamb but act like a beast.
    all the best.

  144. Karma, you predict that Sinhalese are going to suffer at the hands of the monster they have created. I hope you are wrong and would be nothing for the Tamils to feel vindicated over. We are all in the same boat.
    Part of SL’s problem lies in our inability to empathise with the ‘other’. In any incident, we Sri Lankans inquire into the ethnicities of the victims and of the perpetrators before we decide to either condemn an act of violence, to applaud it, or more likely to stay silent.

  145. To Thalathi (Comment # 117)

    Dear Sister
    When did you have ethnic riots in Sri Lanka for the last time? Probably before you and I were born.
    And do you call blasting civilian busses, trains and macheting down wemen and children in the dark of the night a peaceful way of demanding some thing?
    Sis we Sinhalese have come a long way from those dark old days. Now it is your turn.

  146. What is going to happen to the LTTE cadres who weren’t in leadership positions? Many of these people joined for want of other options, many were conscripted by force, many are very young. I’ve read that the government has committed to rehabilitating them, but have heard no details, do you have any insight on this Mr. Jeyaraj?

    Aside from that, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what devolution will look like now that the conventional fighting seems to be finished. The 13th amendment is a paltry mechanism even when used to its full effect, but it’s all that’s being put forward. Do you think devolution will really occur now?

  147. Soon Mr Pirapaharan will re-unite with his former colleagues Mr Balasingham and Mr Tamilselvan.I’m sure he’ll launch his renewed demand of a separate state there. I strongly suggest remaining LTTE supporters to drop their demand of eelam now .

  148. SR -comment 163

    dear SR

    I know there are a lot of roshanths among the sinhalese and my gut feeling is they outnumber people like you by a mile. that is why i am douphtful of a political solution, unless it is thrust upon the sinhalese by india. when rajiv ghandhi did that did you see the footage where where he nearly had his skull cracked open. if he wasn’t young , agile and alert he would have been dead. our chauvinist went one step further and killed him. when there are too many chauvinistic types on both sides it is difficult to implement a political solution. see the recent remarks by sarath fonseka where he says that country belongs to sinhalese and tamils will be allowed to stay as well behaved guests, not in same words but meaning is clear. after doing all the hard yards is he going to allow a political solution, acceptable to the tamils.he will want to throw some crumbs like to a dog. that is why i said a political solution(you can call it federalism or anything else, whats in a name after all as long as sufficient powers are devoved to satisfy the tamil people} should be given in a referendum to the tamils and if they accept it then who is prabaharan or for that matter anybody having the right to fight further. their claims for fighting for the tamil people will ring hollow and they will be exposed for what they are.
    iam not a die hard seperatist as you say but why i wanted it brought to courts is because even in local courts you will find that parties generally agree to a out of court settlement in order to save the time and costs of going through the tedious processes and embarassments involved. i will be the happiest man if this headache can be once and for all solved with a political solution, but it must be one that is acceptable to the tamils, and the only way you know that is through a referendum.
    i wish to conclude by saying there is nothing wrong in fighting through courts, because it is a civilized way of fighting for justice, and that is why they have been set up. the courts have awarded various parts of africa to countries and if this was not done black man would have been buchering blackman due to whitemans colonisation.

  149. It is skillful craftiness of a writer that makes others feel he is unbiased in his views. This is dam bull to me. We are all bias towards our thinking. If not we are not human. I respect dbsj for having his own views.

  150. Response to Lal jeyalatharachchi #105
    “Why dont you Tamils be happy and relieved that your realatives are saved once and for all…..?”
    When we look at his statement above, he is very sarcastic about Tamil people, if he knew the history of Tamils and the 30 years of war he wouldn’t say like a politically bankrupt person. The Tamils don’t need the Sinhala thugs’ to rule them. they can rule themselves. You people were fighting this war with the support of India, China, Pakistan, Israel, USA, UK and the EU. You took 30 years to come to this position. Also you used the brutal ways without worrying that you are killing your own citizen under the name of ‘terrorist’. but, it is a rasist war against tamils and don’t you know that Sri lanka is a state terrorist.

    You are not compassionate people. You were/are using food, water and medicine as part of your war weapons.
    You were/are not feeding the Tmail freedom fighters. They are the richest organisation in the world. They dont need anything from their enemies. If you are the followers of Buddha you woudnt kill the Tamils because they speak Tamil. You look back the history of rights and wars against Tamils since independence in 1948. According to Harvard University study 1983-2002 more than 318000 Tamils were killed. Is that your compassinate fashion of treating the Tamils. You could see the 100% Sinhala forces occupying and killing the Tamils day and night.
    You people are using your land, air, sea and the police forces to kill the Tamils in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Dont say that the Tamils are killing the border village of Sinhalese. But in the Tamils’ case your above forces were/are all over the northern and eastern provinces and killing Tamils every day since 1983. Tamil fighters only retaliating and defending against your forces killing the Tamils.
    Now, if you are a compassinate nation just pullout your forces from the north and east and then we could start a negotiation about the future political system in Sri Lanka. Tamils are a nation in Sri Lanka; they are there before the Vijaya arrives from north India. But they dont have any democratic rights in the power chairing like most of the western world and India.
    Tamils can look after themselves and they dont need your compassion of killing them day and night. They can rule themselves. I think that you are in a dark because it seems you didnt know that what is happing in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Why your government is not allowing the media, NGOs, western diplomats to the north and east and in particular to the fire free or safe zone areas of Vanni. Is it the compassination to the Tamils?

  152. Shanker, thanks for taking time to respond. What you say may be correct, but I feel majority of the sinhalese can be coerced to reach a compromise and same will be needed from tamils.
    What we need is the correct leadership, whether it will emerge, time will tell. Lets hope for the best.
    I think it is not proper for you to draw from Major General Sarath Fonseka’s views out of context. The fact is he is not a political leader and does not represent the view of sinhalese. He is merely an employee of the government. and In his position and what he has gone through it is not possible to expect anything more from him! Will you be in a position to expect anything different from one of the LTTE battle commanders??
    Lets see, eventhough most of the people think that this is the end, I don’t think so. This is actually the beginning, still a long way to go. Next 01-02 years is going to be crucial, how and what this government does will decide the future.
    Lets hope for the best!

    N.B. Dear DBSJ, hope you will publish this as well. Look forward to your latest update. Cheers

  153. sir,
    I am Telugu person .But after seeing of sinhala ultra nationalism I am in a deep concern for Tamils plight in srilanka.
    In My observations the lack of unity in Tamils are causing this catastrophe. In Gaza the Israel raids has ignited mass unity among Arab world. The Indian government also calls for stop Israel raids. Leave the LTTE , The bombardment on vanni has caused hundreds of Innocent Tamil deaths.
    When in mumbai the raids against the north Indians galvanized the Bihar politicians to come under one umbrella. The same scenario was not take place in Tamilnadu. First of our work is protect inncocent Tamils from war. But so called Dravidian parties have failed to stop pogrom of Rajapakse.
    Indians also awake from their deep sleep The Tamils are also part of Indian society

  154. I do not believe that the Sinhalese are personally against the Tamil people. Most of them have had their patriotic sentiments manipulated by years of government propaganda to a one-sided view of history that conceals the worst of what the Tamils have experienced.

    But make no mistake, what India has spent so many years arming and supporting the GoSL government for this moment is to get Prabhakaran. The political classes desire revenge for Rajiv Gandhi’s annihilation. This is what almost the entire political class in Colombo, many of whom are Tamil, wish to see, embittered by scores of colleagues assassinated by suicide bombings.

    It is for Prabhakaran’s head that the public bays. It is for this that rivers of blood will be shed in the lagoons of Mullitaivu. It is for this victory that no thought or quarter is given a hit and run culture of guerrilla war and terrorism this moment in history will spawn.

    The time will come when the Diaspora will have to contend with how much their support for Eelam is born of their own desire for revenge

    Just as Sri Lanka will never find a solution to war without India’s acceptance, Tamils will never find a solution without the acceptance of the Sinhalese. It is time for the Tamil diaspora to reconsider their desire for revenge in this light.

  155. You srilankan guys does have humanity.? In the name of Ahimsa you are eating innocent Tamils flesh. The Almighty never forgives. Indians wake up from deep sleep save Tamils from Nazi lankans Hitler also demised oneday you wiil also face samething

  156. Dear Sir
    Your ariticle subtly condemn the Sri Lankan government and the Army. You are quoting the lies from Tamilnet which is not a credible source of news; is this a way to put pressure on Sri Lankan government for a ceasefire, I beleive so.

  157. Apparently, LTTE have announced a unilateral ceasefire. This is not the first time they did that. In previous occasions they broke it faster than the announcement. When all else fails what else can they do?

  158. sridhar

    almighty which one ? the sun god . He may have already ascended to eelam hood .

    It as reported that pottu has ordered his black tiger caders to suicide bomb the civilians if they attempt to get away . one can only hope that the brain washed have some compassion for their own and disobey those orders .

    It is the talk of ahimsa that gave rise to these ruthless barbarian suicide bombing culture among the tamils .
    Not anymore !!

  159. DBS,
    Shame on you. Cannot believe you were born to a Tamil parent.
    I haven’t met you in person so far. Consider you are lucky

  160. DBS,

    You always warned SL Army as the tigers could be dangeruos………. You must be thinking SL Army is like salvation army ehh… What a bullshit writer you are DBS… Grow up…

  161. comment 180-jay

    do you think all moderate tamils are not born to tamil parents and only guys like you are. your veiled threats dont scare anybody.dbs is a great journalist and tells the truth as it is.if it is unpalatable to you that is your problem not his. he is a great tamil because he is concerned about the tamil people.

  162. Response to #181. Roshan | April 27th, 2009 at 4:53 am
    Hello Roshan,
    who has to grow up? You or DBSJ?

    Sri Lankan forces have 20 times more man power than LTTE. SL has except the armies, air force, navy and police forces. SL is getting support from India, China, Pakistan, Israel, UK, USA, Iran ,Libya etc. Still your power armed forces took 25 years to come to this position.

    But the LTTE’s case it had only 10-15 thousand freedom fighters (male&female) and won so many battle. And also defended for last 25 years, with all the above supports and manpower, do you thing that your armed forces are much better than the LTTE fighters?

    According to gothapaya ,your air forces alone did 12000-13000sorties of bombing and killed over 100,000 innocent civilians including women ,children. I don’t won’t to go further. Guess yourselves that, who has to grow up?

  163. Yesudhas,
    SL army didn’t wait 25 yrs to get rid of LTTE; Misguided, corrupted, aimless, spineless politicians didn’t allow SL army to do the job; That’s how your mighty freedom fighters survived to the position they were in, just before fell down like flies soon when the Army get into action.

    I can see you’re a fan of terrorism unlike DBS.

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