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A Poem that fits the spirit of Free Market Economy & Prosperity: “Where Lifestyle Grows Good Business”

By K. Thirukumaran

Travelling along 401 East towards Montreal from Toronto, one can spot the sign “United Counties of Leeds and Grenville”, east of Kingston, Ontario.


The Town of Gananoque, known for the Thousand Islands Tourism area is located in The Leeds and Grenville United Counties of Ontario. It is also the home of a major bridge to cross onto the United States of America, still the capital of vibrant free market economies.

Seeing the Counites’ roadside sign recently reminded me of a poem by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar.

A Tamil Poem that immerses the Counties’ slogan, “Where Lifestyle Grows Good Business” – the message that is at the heart of the spirit of Free Market Economy and Prosperity is what the Tamil bard envisioned 100 or so years ago.

The Poem in the chapter called “New Buffoon (Puthiya Konangki)” brings out a palm reading fortune teller carrying a “Kudukuduppai”, who was going around visiting residents of Vethapuram, an ideal Town where Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar envisions the betterment for today’s world in those feudal times he lived.

“Kudukuduppai” is a drum like instrument – small hand held and often with a narrow median, where the player grips it.

The name of the chapter “New Buffoon” reflects his disbelief for superstitious behaviours, though Bharathiyaar finds it as a medium to trend messages of social goodwill ahead of the place and time.

Here is the original Tamil version of this poem “Nalla Kaalam Varukuthu” rendered by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar’s Great-grandson – Rajkumar Bharathi:

Translation of “Nalla Kaalam Varukuthu”, from Bharathiyar’s “New Buffoon” is presented in Monsoon Journal to mark the great poet’s birth anniversary, falling on Dec 11, 2014:

Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (Dec  11, 1882-Sep 11, 1921)

Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (Dec 11, 1882-Sep 11, 1921)

Good times awaiting
Good times awaiting
Awaiting awaiting
Good times awaiting

Ethnicities embrace
Wars windup
Sakthi and Ma-Kali
Tell it all
Read their palms and tell of good fortunes
Awaiting residents of Vethapuram

Good times awaiting
Awaiting awaiting
Good times awaiting

Poverty destroyed
Wealth swells
Learning upturns
Sins purged
White collar crimes
Criminals tossed away
With their squawks of “Aiyo”

Good times awaiting
Awaiting awaiting
Good times awaiting

Businesses boom in Vethapuram
Job creations soar
Living wage earners come to life
Art and Sciences advance
Technology transcends
Machines multiply
Entrepreneurs expand and grow
Scriptures spread and spread
Clergy dares anew
Obese lean
Vigor sprouts
Flourishing escalates in eight directions
Free of fear
Evils evaporate
Dogmas develop
Castetism chastens
Eye opens seeing
Emerging Justice
Conservative fads abruptly become enlightened
Boldness enter
Glory reigns
Isn’t it Sakthi, the Malayala Bagavathi Amman

Benevolence bustles
Benevolence bustles

Good times awaiting
Awaiting awaiting
Good times awaiting

– Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (1882-1921) Poem translated by K. Thirukumaran

Song by Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (11 December 1882-11 September 1921)


Mother is reason the soul being spirited ♫

In Remembrance of the Birth Anniversary of Mahakavai Subramaniya Bharathiyaar – 11 December, 2014:

Padlock unbolting key held by the hand
Prudence key to win heart and mind

Melody key for song to become hit
Woman holds key to blissful home

Book is dusted off with hand
Mind is cleansed off being honest

Hunt with bow hitting prey
Flirt with words hitting fortress of love

Breath be held with mind
Body protected only with deed

Mouth is rendering to scoff off rice
Mother is reason the soul being spirited

Rendered by Rahul