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LTTE linked overseas groups want armed struggle to resume in Sri Lanka

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By Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Hello Friends

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s younger sibling and secretary of the Defence and Urban Development ministry is arguably the second most powerful man in Sri Lanka.

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It is an open knowledge that the retired colonel of the Gajaba Regiment calls the shots in the Country’s defence establishment.

Even bitter critics of the Defence secretary acknowledge the fact that Gotabaya Rajapaksa is frank and forthright in ,propounding ,explaining ,defending or rationalizing defence related policy measures. He does not mince his words when addressing public fora on these matters.

On January 10th this year Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa delivered a public lecture on the topic ‘Future Challenges to National Security in Sri Lanka’ .It was organized by Sri Lanka Foundation Institute and Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited and held at the auditorium of the Institute.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa spoke extensively on the continuous separatist threat facing the Country despite winng the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) two and a half years ago. He warned that overseas based LTTE linked groupswere trying to encourage and facilitate a resumption of an armed struggle in Sri Lanka. He also emphasized that a strong military presence was necessary in the areas where the LTTE had been active.

The defence secretary dealt with issues such as the reorganisation of the LTTE in the international arena,the possible re-emergence of terrorism within Sri Lanka,the efforts by some to take Sri Lanka’s internal issues in front of international bodies ,the challenges posed by the regional geopolitical situation and the possibility of creating instability within Sri Lanka through indirect means.

I think the lecture clearly defined the parameters of the defence policy adopted by the Rajapaksa regime. This “Defence perspective” needs to be understood clearly by all those who pursue goals such as Reconciliation,normalcy, de-militarization, democratization,disarming of para-militaries,restoration of civil administration,relaxation of military control, reduction of security measures etc. It is this “Defence perspective” that will be of paramount importance in these spheres for quite some time.

I am therefore posting the full text of the defence secretary’s lecture on my blog with the hope that it would stimulate an informed, constructive discussion in which light rather than heat would be generated.

Here it is Friends– DBS Jeyaraj

Future challenges of national security in Sri Lanka

By Gotabaya Rajapaksa

I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to have been invited to deliver the first Public Lecture at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on the topic, “Future Challenges of National Security in Sri Lanka”.

Although Sri Lanka today is one of the most stable and secure countries in the Asian region, it needs to be understood that national security is still a critical issue for us. It was less than three short years ago that the LTTE was defeated, after having caused enormous suffering for all Sri Lankans for three decades. The LTTE’s military defeat in May 2009 was a pivotal event in Sri Lanka’s history. It lifted the veil of fear that hung over daily life and impacted each and every Sri Lankan for a generation. It eliminated the primary obstacle to Sri Lanka’s future prospects and brought back a long overdue sense of peace and stability to our people. It is vital that we do not take any of this for granted. Sri Lanka still has enemies, and they are still at work to bring back disharmony and conflict to our nation.

There are several threats that will be covered during the course of this lecture. These include:

-The reorganisation of the LTTE in the international arena

-The possible re-emergence of terrorism within Sri Lanka

-The efforts by some to take Sri Lanka’s internal issues in front of international bodies

-The challenges posed by the regional geopolitical situation

-The possibility of creating instability within Sri Lanka through indirect means.

The first threat to consider is the on-going activities of LTTE linked organisations outside Sri Lanka. Despite the military defeat of the LTTE and the elimination of its top leadership two and a half years ago, the rump of the LTTE’s global establishment is still active. There are ex-LTTE cadres, pro-LTTE activists and LTTE sympathisers still operating in various guises through various groups in many countries around the world.

After the demise of Prabhakaran, the LTTE’s former head of procurement Kumaran Pathmanadan, better known as KP, took control over the LTTE’s international network. However, a breakaway faction emerged almost immediately, led by Nediyawan, who was a follower of Manivannan (alias Castro), the former head of the LTTE’s international network. The key reason for the emergence of a breakaway faction was that while KP’s group declared they would continue their struggle for a separate state through democratic means, Nediyawan’s group felt that objective could only be achieved by following the violent ideology preached by Prabhakaran.

Following the arrest of KP in August 2009, Rudrakumaran took over the leadership of his organisation and worked towards establishing a “Government in Exile”. This group now fashions itself as The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. Its primary objective is to lobby Foreign Governments for the establishment of a separate state in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The so-called “Transnational Government” has more than twenty so-called “Ministers” and an advisory committee comprising prominent pro LTTE activists. Even at the start of this year, Rudrakumaran not only outlined the group’s clear intention to intensify its lobbying of foreign Governments to support a separate state, but also stated its hope to encourage the resumption of direct struggles within Sri Lanka.

Another prominent LTTE-linked group is the British Tamils Forum, which is an umbrella organisation established in the United Kingdom with the aim of mustering support from the immigrant Tamil community and local politicians for the division of Sri Lanka. One of the primary objectives of this group has been to influence the thinking of the British Government in favour of the LTTE’s interests. Evolving from the BTF is the Global Tamils Forum, which emerged in February 2010. The head of the GTF is the so-called Father Emmanuel, a Priest who was once hailed by Prabhakaran as “a freedom fighter who has given leadership to a movement committed to setting up the homeland to Tamil Eelam”. Father Emmanuel has been engaged in a propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka for many years, targeting Tamil expatriates, Foreign Governments and International Organisations. Under his guidance, the GTF has successfully won over a number of politicians from various political parties in European countries as well as the United States, Australia, Canada, and India to support the separatist cause. In addition, the GTF and the BTF have courted officials within international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union and various non-governmental organisations to obtain their support.

In the meanwhile, Nediyawan’s group, known as The Tamil Eelam People’s Assembly or the Tamil National Council, has been working with other international groups to promote the separatist cause in many parts of the world. Nediyawan’s group has control over most of the assets of the LTTE’s international organisation. It also presently controls the more than 350 Tamil schools that function in Europe supposedly for the promotion of Tamil language and culture. In reality, these schools aim to inculcate separatist sentiments and hatred towards the Sinhalese amongst 2nd and 3rd generation Tamils living abroad.

The on-going indoctrination of the students in these schools is a matter of grave concern. It affects a significant number of children all over Europe. These LTTE-linked Tamil schools have a student population of approximately 6500 in Germany, 5800 in Switzerland, 5000 in France and nearly 2000 more in the rest of Europe. These are large numbers. A proportion of the school fees charged from these students is directed into the coffers of LTTE-linked organisations. So is the income generated from events organised by these schools. It should also be noted that during the war, these schools functioned as a selection ground for future terrorists. In certain schools, the administration made arrangements for batches of students to undergo military training in the Wanni. Some of these students fought against the Security Forces during the Humanitarian Operation. Others returned to their countries and continue to work towards the separatist objective from outside Sri Lanka.

Some evidence has emerged in recent times that the on-going conflict within the various factions of the rump LTTE organisations has led to some control of the Tamil schools passing to Rudrakumaran’s faction. In this struggle, the Rudrakumaran faction was aided by Vinayagam, a senior LTTE intelligence cadre who fled Sri Lanka during the last stages of the Humanitarian Operation. Other LTTE cadres, including Achchudan, Samraj and Shankar who managed to leave Sri Lanka before the LTTE’s defeat, continue to work independently in various pro-separatist activities. While also working with the other LTTE-linked groups from time to time, these LTTE cadres are responsible for various criminal activities in the countries they reside in.

One of the most high profile of these criminal activities is the trafficking of persons internationally. Charging between 15,000 and 30,000 US dollars per person, they use the remnants of the LTTE’s international shipping operation to smuggle people to western countries. The voyages of the “Sun Sea” and “Ocean Lady” vessels from South East Asia to Canada in 2010 are well known examples of this activity. The money raised will be used to further promote the separatist cause, and perhaps even sponsor future terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

Irrespective of the conflicts that may exist within the various LTTE-linked groups just mentioned, we must understand that all of them are united by a common agenda. Their unwavering intent is the division of Sri Lanka and the establishment of a separate state. There are several strategies through which they will try to achieve their objective. These include:

-The winning of international opinion for the separatist cause

-Increasing international pressure on Sri Lanka in various areas; and very particularly through pushing for international investigations into war crimes and claims of genocide

-Undermining all efforts of the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka to create a better future for its citizens, and

-Continuing to push for the resumption of conflict within Sri Lanka

It is important to note that many of these LTTE-linked groups claim that they no longer have any interest in terrorism. Most of them say they engage only in political activism and not violence. Almost all of them pretend to have a democratic face. But make no mistake. The Tiger has not changed its stripes. The modus operandi of the LTTE linked organisations remains as unchanged as their agenda. There is no doubt that these groups will continue trying to create an enabling environment for a separate state internationally, while also encouraging the resumption of an armed struggle within Sri Lanka.

To understand why the LTTE linked organisations remain so powerful, we need to understand the electoral politics of western nations. The stances that Governments adopt are a consequence of their internal politics. Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and many parts of Europe have very large immigrant Tamil populations. These populations form notable voting blocs within electoral constituencies in those countries. Although the number of radicalised elements within the overall Tamil population is small, they are politically very active. These radicalised elements and LTTE-linked groups use skilful propaganda to project their anti-Sri Lanka objectives as goals the entire Tamil population is interested in.

A number of local politicians, state officials and even parliamentarians have been elected due to the voting power of such minority blocs in many countries. Quite often in western democracies, voter turnout is very low among traditional populations but high among immigrants. That is why the propaganda of the LTTE-linked groups is taken so seriously: politicians see courting immigrant Tamil votes as an aid to getting into power. Take the United Kingdom for example. When running for re-election as Mayor of London in 2008, Ken Livingstone sought the active support of the British Tamils Forum during his campaign. A number of Parliamentarians, (Keith Vaz, Simon Hughes and Andrew Pelling), all joined a protest march against the Humanitarian Operation organised by the BTF in London in January 2009. These were all attempts to court an important voting bloc in their constituencies.

The power wielded by the ex-LTTE groups in the domestic politics of foreign nations is not limited to its claim to speak for a significant vote base.

The financial strength possessed by the rump of the LTTE’s international network is also a formidable factor. Historically, the LTTE was able to raise large amounts of funds from the immigrant Tamil community through various means. These included funds generated through front organisations pretending to be involved in charitable works in Sri Lanka, through fundraising events and institutions including the Tamil schools, and through illegal activities such as extortion, drug smuggling and human trafficking.

At the time of its defeat, the global network of the LTTE had a lot of funds at its disposal. While control of these funds was somewhat dispersed after the elimination of the LTTE’s top leadership, and the breaking into factions of the remaining organisation, these assets are still out there. Through their current activities, the LTTE-linked groups are still able to generate a lot of income. This income enables them to forge close links with powerful individuals in the international community. For example, after losing her seat in parliament in 2010, British MP Joan Ryan was almost immediately hired by the Global Tamils Forum to be its Chief Executive.

The sympathy afforded to the LTTE-linked organisations by members of certain foreign Governments due to voting pressure and financial motivation is only one dimension of the problem. The LTTE-linked organisations also work tirelessly to canvass powerful individuals and groups within the larger international community to support its cause. This includes influential figures within global bodies such as the United Nations and the Commonwealth, members of various Rights groups and Non Governmental Organisations, and international media personalities. Financial support is sometimes offered to the organisations themselves. For example, Amnesty International recently accepted more than 50,000 dollars raised by the Canadian Tamil Congress. Through such activism, LTTE-linked groups in various countries systematically persuade individuals and groups in influential positions to accept their propaganda. It is little surprise that Amnesty International was one of the three groups that organised a screening of Channel 4’s propaganda programme at the European Parliament a few months ago. The influence the rump of the LTTE has on such international organisations allows it to demonise the Sri Lankan Government and portrays this country in the most negative of lights. As a result, a lot of pressure is built on the Government in the international arena.

This problem is perhaps most acute in the international media. The LTTE has long maintained close links with certain media establishments and individual journalists in order to promote its interests. These links have paid the LTTE great dividends. During the Humanitarian Operation, a number of international media organisations displayed great bias against the Sri Lankan Government. Supposedly respectable media outfits such as the United Kingdom’s Channel Four and others have even taken to broadcasting what seems to be little more than LTTE propaganda during the past two years. Although they are promoted as objective reports, these propagandist programmes have cast LTTE combatants in the role of neutral observers and reported baseless allegations and fabrications as pure fact. Because of their supposed objectivity and the general ignorance of foreign nationals about the true picture in Sri Lanka, these programmes can greatly influence foreign opinion against this country. This is a grave threat to our national security, because it contributes to an increasingly enabling environment for the separatist cause on the world stage.

While this problem seems to be mostly international, we must realise there is a possibility, though a remote one at this stage, that terrorists will reorganise within this country. As mentioned before, one of the stated objectives of the LTTE-linked groups abroad is to encourage and facilitate the resumption of an armed struggle in Sri Lanka. There is ample evidence that members of these groups, as well as LTTE cadres who managed to flee Sri Lanka during the Humanitarian Operation, are consistently trying to contact various people within this country and encourage them to regroup militarily.

We must not forget that there are also LTTE cadres who escaped detection and detention during the Humanitarian Operation, and are still at large in our society. Unlike the detainees and surrendered cadres, these individuals have not undergone rehabilitation and their terrorist intentions may remain unchanged. Even among the cadres who were rehabilitated and reintegrated into society, there could still be some individuals who have not entirely given up their belief in militancy.

Although the power of the Government to impede the activities of the LTTE-linked organisations abroad is limited, it has a much greater level of control within Sri Lanka. The Defence establishment is well aware of the potential threat of terrorism that continues to exist within this country. Action is being taken to guard against that potential threat becoming a real one. One of the primary ways to guard against the re-emergence of terrorism is the strengthening of our intelligence network. Intelligence is a critical tool in the fight against terrorism. During the Humanitarian Operation, numerous attempts to set off bombs in civilian areas and attacks on political targets were foiled through the work of our intelligence services.

I have confidence that the regrouping of armed cadres and the re-emergence of terrorism can be similarly curtailed through these services. At the same time, it is of critical importance that the Security Forces maintain a strong presence in areas that were traditionally used by the LTTE for terrorist activities.

Unfortunately, there are some parties even within Sri Lanka that question why the Defence establishment continues to be so large and why so much money is allocated in the national budget for the Defence Ministry. These parties seem to have forgotten the lessons of the recent past. We all know how the LTTE sprang up from being a small group of armed militants into one of the world’s largest and deadliest terrorist organisations within a short number of years. At its peak, the LTTE had more than 30,000 cadres, and had an extremely sophisticated land fighting force, a deadly naval wing and a fledgling air wing. During the terrorist war the LTTE waged against this nation, approximately 30,000 military personnel lost their lives, more than 25,000 became disabled and many thousands of civilians perished at its hands.

The LTTE was a deadly threat, and it is only two and a half years since its military arm was defeated. We are very much aware of the efforts being undertaken in the international arena by the LTTE-linked groups to keep the separatist cause alive. The regrouping and reorganising of terrorists within Sri Lanka is still a threat to our national security. It is only logical that the Government takes every precaution it can to guard against it. Maintaining a sizeable Army and establishing camps in strategic locations throughout Sri Lanka is essential. This is particularly true of the jungle areas in which the LTTE established camps, and through which it conducted its terrorist operations against our Security Forces.

Similarly, we are aware that one of the greatest strengths of the LTTE was its ability to smuggle weapons acquired through funds raised abroad into Sri Lanka through the sea. The LTTE was the only terrorist organisation in the world to develop an offensive air capability. It acquired this strength through light aircraft smuggled into Sri Lanka by way of the sea. In addition, it also smuggled in surface-to-air missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, artillery guns, heavy and medium mortar, armoured vehicles and enormous amounts of ammunition and explosives through the sea. To guard against the possibility of such things happening again, as well as to prevent other criminal activities including human trafficking, drug trafficking and also to prevent piracy in this region, it is essential that the capabilities of the Sri Lanka Navy be strengthened to enable it to dominate the sea.

In sum, even though the war ended two and a half years ago, there is still a need for the continued existence of a strong military within Sri Lanka. This is a fact that the vast majority of Sri Lankans are more than happy with. However, it is also a fact that a handful of people and groups with vested interests exploit in the political arena. They use the existence of a large military within Sri Lanka to manufacture claims about the “militarisation” of this country. The thrust of the complaint is that the military has a pervasive influence on day-to-day affairs, particularly in the North and East. This is a wilful distortion of the actual picture.

It is true that the civilian administrative system was not fully functional in the immediate aftermath of the Humanitarian Operation. Therefore, for a short period of time after May 2009, the military stepped in to fill the breach and assist in administrative activities which are carried out by civilians. However, now that the situation has normalised and the civil service is back in place, the military is no longer involved in administration. Even when it comes to the upholding of law and order, the role of the military has been drastically curtailed with the lifting of the emergency regulations. Day to day law and order activities have been completely entrusted to the Police. The claim that the military is involved in every aspect of day-to-day life in the current context is a gross misrepresentation of reality.

It must also be emphasised that, as a sovereign state, Sri Lanka has every right to set up military establishments in any part of its territory. The role of the military is ensuring the safety, security and sovereignty of this country. To do this, it must be ready to face any force that threatens the nation, whether internally or externally. That is why it is essential that military establishments, whether Army, Navy or Air Force, should be positioned in strategic locations. There are military establishments in every part of Sri Lanka. There are camps not just in the North and East, but also in the South, the hill country and in Colombo. The claim that this represents militarisation is pure nonsense.

The real reason for the claim about militarisation is that it is yet another ploy in the campaign to portray what is happening in Sri Lanka in the most negative of lights. It is a ploy aligned with the strategy of the LTTE-linked organisations to portray Sri Lanka as a nation using military might to persecute innocent Tamil people. This is a manufactured claim that is vastly at odds with Sri Lankan reality. However, it is a useful tool for the LTTE-linked organisations and the pro-separatist movement because it helps them construct an alternate reality in the eyes of foreign powers about what is happening in Sri Lanka. It is purely a political tool, and it is being deployed because the agenda of these parties has not changed.

Closely linked to the false, negative picture the LTTE-linked organisations try to project about Sri Lanka’s present is their attempt to tarnish the success of the Humanitarian Operation. Bringing Sri Lanka before the Human Rights Council of the United Nations and even to the International Criminal Court in Geneva is one of the goals of the rump of the LTTE. Having been defeated militarily, they seek to generate claims about war crimes and even try to use the term genocide in describing what happened in Sri Lanka. This is part of the strategy they employed throughout the conflict period. During the Humanitarian Operation too, it used the exact same terminology to build international pressure against Sri Lanka. It used all the influence it had cultivated over the years with foreign politicians, international organisations and media groups to try and prevent the defeat of its military organisation and save Prabhakaran and the rest of the LTTE’s leadership.

In reality, it was the LTTE that ruthlessly and frequently violated human rights and committed war crimes Aerial footage captured during the Humanitarian Operation showed to the world how LTTE cadres fired at the civilians trying to escape its clutches. Now there is more evidence coming to light about the brutal tactics it used to maintain power within its fast diminishing territory during the final stages. The LTTE tried to forcefully abduct some 600 children from families who had sought shelter in a church. When the church authorities resisted this attempt, it mercilessly shelled the church that same night. It piled up sick and wounded cadres and civilians onto a group of buses and then exploded them while they lay trapped helplessly within. During the very last days, the LTTE even exploded its ammunition dumps near civilian encampments as it realised that military defeat was inevitable.

There is little doubt that in the months and years to come, the rump of the LTTE organisation will only step up its efforts to damage Sri Lanka’s reputation in the international arena and drag this country before international bodies on war crimes charges. It represents nothing less than an effort by those keen to keep terrorism alive to disgrace the reputation of our brave professional servicemen who had the strength and courage to comprehensively eliminate terrorism from this country.

The primary issue being spoken about by the LTTE-linked organisations and their sympathisers is accountability for civilian casualties that took place during the Humanitarian Operation. In this context, there are several issues to note. First, it needs to be understood that in any conflict, a certain number of civilian casualties are bound to occur. This is particularly true in conflicts where civilians are used as a human shield by one of the warring factions, as the LTTE did. While the Government established a very clear zero casualty policy at the start of the Humanitarian Operation, this was mainly to emphasise safeguarding civilian lives as the foremost priority of the military. By maintaining this priority very clearly from the first day of operations to the last, it was possible to keep civilian casualties at a minimal level. Utmost care was always taken to minimise collateral damage during military operations. Nevertheless, as with all conflicts in all parts of the world, some civilian casualties would have taken place.

Ascertaining the extent of these casualties has been the Government’s intention for some time.

The approach the Government has taken in this regard has been professional. The Department of Census and Statistics, which is the official Government Department for such matters, was asked to conduct a complete census of the area in question. In the questionnaire that was used, the issue of those who died or went missing during the Humanitarian Operation was directly addressed. With the completion of the census, it should be possible to identify by name all or most of such persons. The census is complete, and the report is being prepared. It will be released in the near future. What can be stated beyond doubt is that the overall number of actual deaths is nowhere near the amount claimed by various parties with various agendas. The number is certainly far too small to give any credence to the absurd accusation of genocide often made by the LTTE-linked organisations.

Second, it is also important to realise that the total number of dead and missing will include people in the several categories:

-Those who died of natural causes

-Those who died of accidents

-Those who left this country through illegal means, particularly by boat to India or to South East Asia, and from there to the West

-Those who died whilst fighting as members of the LTTE

-Those who died as a result of being coerced to fight by the LTTE

-Those who died as a result of resisting the LTTE.

It is only for the remaining deaths that the Sri Lankan Military can bear any sort of responsibility. This number is too small to lend credence to the allegation of irresponsible mass military action that is at the heart of the claims about war crimes made by the rump of the LTTE and its sympathisers.

A closely related issue to the number of civilian deaths during the Humanitarian Operation is the allegation of impunity that is levelled against the military. Again, those who level this criticism have very little understanding of the true picture. The Sri Lankan Armed Forces are not some ragtag groups assembled at random and sent to war, but historic institutions with a long and distinguished track record of professionalism and discipline. The military’s officer cadre comprises people of a very high calibre. They have received ample training, including university education, not just in Sri Lanka but in prestigious military academies all over the world. The military has well-established internal mechanisms, including directorates for the upholding Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. It also has a strong military justice system to deal with offenses of any kind. During the course of the Humanitarian Operations, the specific allegations made against military personnel were investigated, and allegations considered credible are being and will be dealt with under both military and civil law.

Of course, it must also be understood that there is a distinct difference between the actions of individuals operating on their own accord outside the bounds of military obligations and any military operations undertaken for the achievement of specific military objectives. A soldier raping someone has nothing to do with military operations. It is a criminal act that can also be dealt with under the general law. However, if somebody is targeted and killed through a military operation for having been involved in terrorist activities, that is a legitimate military objective which takes place for the upholding of national security. Perhaps the best example of such an operation in recent times is the assassination of Osama bin Laden. There is an argument that he could have been captured alive. However, the position of the US Government is that bin Laden was a grave threat to national security and that he was therefore killed in a covert operation by the United States military. The same standard should be applied to situations in smaller, less powerful countries such as Sri Lanka.

Yet another issue brought into international focus by those critical of Sri Lanka is reconciliation. The principle thrust of the criticism is that not enough is being done. Here, again, there is some misunderstanding about the actual situation in Sri Lanka. Reconciliation is certainly important, but what is necessary in Sri Lanka is vastly different from what was needed in other countries about which the term is often used. Sri Lanka is not, for example, a nation that suffered from a dictatorial undemocratic Government that ruled for many years over a marginalised population. It is instead a fully-fledged democracy. During the period of the conflict, a number of Presidents and Governments from different parties were elected by the people to govern the country. Despite the conflict, all people outside the North and East lived in peace with security and dignity. Communal harmony prevailed. Even the majority population of the commercial capital is no longer Sinhalese. On the contrary, Colombo has been a shining example of multicultural coexistence for many years. Replicating its success throughout Sri Lanka is only a matter of time and economic growth. It is quite evident that the reconciliation necessary in this country is not quite the same thing that those who talk about it, particularly outside Sri Lanka, often imagine it to be.

Nevertheless, the Government took steps not long after the end of the Humanitarian Operation to establish the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission. This Commission was mandated to study all matters connected with the conflict, including the breakdown of the ceasefire and the Humanitarian Operation. Its report has been released, and it has made certain comments on existing issues as well as recommendations to overcome them. This is a large, comprehensive report that is presently being studied. Once its contents have been assimilated, the Government will decide on how best to implement the proposals made by the Commission. It is therefore clear that the criticism levelled against the Government with regard to reconciliation is both out of context and grossly premature.

The attempt to internationalise the situation in Sri Lanka, and the harsh criticism being levelled against this country by parties with vested interests is particularly unfortunate in today’s context. The Government of Sri Lanka has done an enormous amount of work since the end of the Humanitarian Operation to bring back normalcy to a long-suffering segment of our population. Soon after the defeat of the LTTE, particular attention was paid to the North, where there were several issues that needed to be addressed urgently. The most pressing of these was resettling the 294,000 Internally Displaced People who had been the LTTE’s human shield during the last stages of the war. The areas they were displaced from had been mined heavily by the LTTE as it retreated. Demining these areas quickly was critical to resettlement, and it is pleasing to note that demining was carried out at an unprecedented pace. The Sri Lanka Army did the bulk of the work while several Non Governmental Organisations and foreign agencies provided a lot of assistance. As demining progressed, reconstruction of villages and resettlement of IDPs took place. Most of the demining work is now complete and there are less than 3,000 IDPs remaining in camps today. It has to be emphasised that these people are staying in the camps voluntarily, and that they will be resettled as soon as their villages are fully de-mined and deemed safe for occupation.

Another critical issue the Government faced involved the 11,000 former LTTE cadres who surrendered or were detained during the course of the Humanitarian Operation. Despite the fact that all of them had been engaged in terrorist activities, the Government took the bold decision to rehabilitate and reintegrate the vast majority of them to society without delay. That was a commendable decision that speaks volumes for the Government’s commitment to reconciliation, and it should be noted that such generosity has rarely been shown to similar detainees in other parts of the world. Neither in Afghanistan nor Iraq nor in any other recent conflict have combatants been rehabilitated and reintegrated with such speed.

Unfortunately, some sections of the international community are wilfully blind to this fact and continue to criticise the Government on the issue of detentions. But any examination of the facts will show the truth. There were 595 child soldiers among the 11,000 LTTE cadres in Government custody. They were rehabilitated under a programme supported by UNICEF and reunited with their families within one year. All adult cadres also underwent extensive rehabilitation programmes. Psychological care, spiritual therapy and vocational training were provided, and the vast majority of them have now been reintegrated with society. Only a small number of cadres with known higher-level involvement in LTTE activities have been earmarked for prosecution. Today, there are less than 700 detainees remaining in Government custody.

In addition to demining, resettlement and rehabilitation, the Government has also provided a great deal of assistance to citizens in the North to help them resume normal lives. Support has been given for the restoration of livelihoods. This includes concessionary financing being extended to individuals for farming, fishing, and business. Markets and other facilities to support these activities are being rapidly developed. Infrastructure development has also been expedited. Programmes are underway to rapidly develop roads, rail, electricity, and irrigation. It should be emphasised that the military is playing a key role in undertaking these development programmes, as these are considered high priority and difficult for civil organisations to handle on their own. Through all these means, the Government is working very hard to restore normalcy to those civilians who suffered for so many years because of the LTTE’s dominance in those areas.

Perhaps the most critical gain resulting from peace is the restoration of democracy and democratic institutions to that part of the country. Despite the war ending less than three years ago, local authority elections, provincial council elections, a Presidential election and a General election have all been held over the past two years. Last year in the North, people were able to exercise their franchise freely and without fear for the first time in three decades. It should be noted that international observers had few adverse comment about the conduct of all these elections. That electoral transparency and political plurality has returned to these areas is clear from the results of these elections, in which the Tamil National Alliance did well. However, the Government party ran a close second in a number of Districts. That is a significant achievement in a region that suffered for so long under a virtual dictatorship.

Apart from the threat posed by the reorganisation of LTTE-linked groups abroad and what is happening in Sri Lanka, another critical factor to consider is the broader geopolitical situation in this part of the world.

All of you should be aware that the part of the world between the Horn of Africa and the Pacific is becoming increasingly important in international economics, politics and military activities. Emerging economies in this region are shifting the axis of global trade and commerce away from the west. Global energy security, industrial activity and even financial stability are increasingly dependent on what is happening in the Asian region. Asia is also critical for global security, as most of the countries from which terrorist groups like al-Qaeda draw their strength lie within this region. For all these reasons, increasing global attention is being paid to Asia. Sri Lanka is situated in a uniquely strategic geographical position within this region. That fact has focused the attention of many western powers on our country. They are all keen to see that Sri Lanka never aligns itself with anyone other than them. They are particularly worried that Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly close to powers emerging from this part of the world.

In this context, there is a strong misperception that exists internationally and even in Sri Lanka about the extent of Chinese influence on this country. The fear in this regard is unfounded. China is a country that Sri Lanka has had a close relationship with for many years. The primary involvement of China in Sri Lanka is in commerce and trade. In this regard, Sri Lanka is little different to a number of countries around the world. China is fast becoming one of the world’s greatest economic powers, and its commercial links and economic influence on other nations will only increase as befits a nation of its strength. This is only natural, and not something to be unduly worried about. Sri Lanka has many friends on the global stage. China is one of them. There is no reason for anyone in Sri Lanka or outside to worry about the relationship between our two nations.
A more realistic potential threat to our national security is the possibility that certain groups may strive to create instability in Sri Lanka through indirect methods. Having seen political change accomplished in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya through uprising, some parties that have failed to achieve their objectives through democratic means might resort to such activities even here. This is only a very minor possibility, but we have already seen certain groups encouraging students to take to the streets in various protests in the recent past. To a certain extent, such protests are perfectly fine as long as they are peaceful, do not disrupt the life of the people, and does not obstruct university education overall.

Under such conditions, they are in fact an encouraging indicator of the robustness of our democracy. Unfortunately, there could be some who seek to expand these protests into something less peaceful and therefore less conducive to democratic dialogue. We need to be aware of this possibility and guard against it. The last thing Sri Lanka needs now is for our fast-tracked economic development to be derailed by instability.

Sri Lanka is a democratic nation. The true value of democracy is that engagement with the Government is not only possible but also welcome. The democratic process will sort out the disagreements that are bound to arise from time to time. The Government must and will listen to the voice of the people. Unlike the countries in which dictatorships reigned before being derailed by popular uprising, if the people wish to change the Government in Sri Lanka, they can do so without any problem at the polling booth. In actual fact, elections at every level have been held all over Sri Lanka over the last two years, and it is clear from the results that the popularity of the Government is extremely high. Any group or person trying to resort to non-democratic means to destabilise Sri Lanka because they have not achieve their objectives within the democratic process should be resisted and rejected.

In this context, it is important for all of us who believe in our motherland to stand together and work towards the betterment of the nation, irrespective of our political differences. Unfortunately there are a handful of Sri Lankans who do not seem to care for their homeland. Speaking to the media, publishing articles and making presentations at various forums, these individuals harshly criticise not only the Government because of whatever ill feelings they harbour against it, but also speak against the country as a whole. While their ability to speak in this fashion demonstrates the freedom of speech that exists in Sri Lanka, their actions are unwarranted.

Whatever disagreements one may have with the Government, speaking or writing or working against the nation itself is not just unpatriotic but treacherous. Such actions beg the question whether there is a hidden agenda behind such actions; an agenda that is not far removed from the one shared by those who seek to destabilise this country.

During the course of this lecture I have highlighted a number of national security threats that face this nation. We must face reality and guard against all eventualities. It is of vital importance for all of us to protect the peace that has been regained after so long and at such cost. We must stand firm and not allow anyone to drive this country back to the state it was in during the past thirty years. As a nation, Sri Lanka has had more than its fair share of suffering. We must all work together to put the past behind us, and work towards a brighter future for this nation and all her people.

That will be the best defence against those who seek to oppose us. Let us all work together to make this better future a reality.

Thank you.

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  1. Gothabaye is the one who claimed that LTTE was completely wiped out from Sri-Lanka, what is the point he still in panic that LTTE will restructured again? Logically implies that he is saying to the world his initial claim was not true, in other words Gota saying that ” We lied to the world that we defeated LTTE but the truth is we don’t”

  2. Now that the Rajapakshes are becoming unpopular, they are trying to re-invent another new LTTE to fool the already foolish majority. This is the only route for survival.

  3. .
    There is nothing new in this speech.

    Gota has very cleverly avoided talking about ethnic issue and political solution.

    He is only concern about Tamils’ armed resistance, not realising that by not solving ethnic issue this fear of armed resistance is going to continue for ever.

    Gota says, there is army in the south, west and central too. But he forgets that in these areas they speak the same language, it’s their boys.

    Currently, none of these diaspora tamil groups have support in north-east lanka. These groups are just waiting for the occupying army and newly settling sinhalese to get into trouble with local tamils. Then you’ll see how things turns ugly very quickly.


  4. Gota is going on and on about the LTTE overseas network.Nothing so far about anything they have in srilanka.So he better tranfer at least 100000 of the 200000 armed forces overseas to counter them.

    Gota is saddled with an armed force of more than 200000 eating into our economy,without any work to do.Hence he has tried all kinds of gimmicks such as grease yakkas,recent spate of robberies in the northeast as mentioned by sumanthiran in his report,commercial ventures including vegetable and fish sales,cleaning up canals,hairdressing saloons,giving manicure and feet and toe massages to sinhalese women travelling on A9 to see jaffna and who are thrilled by the war heroes sitting on the ground and gently massaging their feet and cutting their toe nails.

    Now he has run out of all options and coming out with military threats etc,but unable to show any evidence of it in srilanka,though he can goo on and on about organisations overseas.So transfer the armed forces overseas,like mossad go and attack the the LTTE wherever they are,without trying to fool the people here to justify 230 billion rupees of annual expenditure on the armed forces.

    This reminds me of when a general went to the army commander at one time and said he had completely eliminated the JVP lock stock and barrel.he expected the army commander at that time,i forget his name, to praise him,instead he got a tongue lashing which shocked him.The army commander berated him for not leaving a little bit of the JVP and said “do you know now what will happen to us.The politicians will forget about us and we will lose all our benefits”.

    Fortunately fonseka and gota are like sledgehammers who will do a thorough job and are not devious like that army commander.They take one obstacle at a time.First kill all the LTTE.If any civilians have to be killed no problem.War crimes?we will come to that when it happens.What to do with the armed force if we kill all the LTTE?We will come to that when it happens.

  5. Gota seems to talk like a real scholar now.

    Who is Gota’s ghost writer anyway?

    We would like to watch the video of Gota’s talk.

    So what Gota saying is, his team is now planing to fight against invisible enemies living outside of SL?

    Is he using the term ltte again to target Tamils living outside of SL?

  6. OK….

    Thanks for posting this.

    Now we need comments with facts…

    Not pathetic, silly, unwarranted remarks.

  7. First of all, this guy conveniently forgot about regional super power India, the only country can protect the territoral integrity of this country. Remember Sri-Lanka will eternally be under Indian Influence. As I mentioned before if India doesn’t give you protection, regardless How big your defence establishment, How many billion you spend on your arm forces, nothing you can do. The othing, political solution for the ethnic conflict, is the only way forward to have lasting peace with justice in this country. It is possible, if this guy will ever be brought to Hague to face the war crime charges, he will read a speech like this similar to Serb war criminals’. It will help him, because the judge will order for a psychiatric evaluation. Then perhaps he will be spending time in a mental hospital in Netherland rather than in prison. Imagine the most powerful guy in this country is a psycopath, like SJV said, only the God can save the Tamils.


  8. This is nothing but for Rajapaksa regime to keep militarize the country and have virtual control over everything and stay in power forever by creating LTTE paranoia to justify it’s continuous militarization.

  9. Dear Sir
    Sri Lanka has had more than its fair share of suffering. We must all work together to put the past behind us, and work towards a brighter future for this nation and all her people. We love our mother land let the world no that we all can live togather.

  10. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither……..Benjamin Franklin

    Doing tinpot jobs in America, Gotabaya has not learned of the fundamental values that underpin that nation.

    He is preaching BUSH’s America…….

  11. This administration has wiped off the LTTE terrorist menace and has done a good job in keeping bombs out of the streets. A lot of innocents had to sacrifice their lives, both sinhalese and tamils to get there. As much as I salute the anti LTTE forces, I also salute the fallen innocent victims. It is a shame that a number of patriotic but disgruntled youths had to die under the LTTE banner.

  12. To continue Sinhala – Buddhist nationalism based on the imaginary and false doctrine: Aryan – Sinhala – Sinhalese – Theravada Buddhism – Lanka with one to one correspondence and to keep the power in their hand, not only Sri Lankan Sinhala – Buddhist ruling class, but the Indian Hindu ruling class need ‘Tamil Separatism’ and ‘LTTE Terrorism.’
    The speech of Mr. Gothabaya Rajapakse confirms that India and Sri Lanka will see that no durable political solution is found in the near future!

  13. Benjamin Franklin…………………

    They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.
    He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.
    He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.
    People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.
    If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
    He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.
    Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither.
    Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.

  14. Security not to compromise BENJAMIN NATHLIYAHO,

    Double defense expenses from the begat to mark security fence,

    How defiance won’t to keep our army any where they have to do it for our Security. This matter talks to politicians no meaning

  15. This guy is clearly a racist trying to justify ongoing militarisation to preserve his family by invoking the bogey of tamil terrorism. This has been a long standing ploy of Sinhala political class but the rajapakes are doing it with greater finesse since they need to hide the blood on their hands.
    I would not call this a lecture but pure propoganda getting mileage out of our bald rundrakumaran and his laughable government in exile. perhaps if there is a tamil cultural association in any part of the world that will also be justification for keeping the military in the north and building budhist stupas there.

  16. Sri Lanka should establish itself as a democracy first. The law should be fair to everyone. The police, judiciary, elections and other commissions should be independent.

    The military should pullout from the civilian life

    After this you do whatever you want to protect the country like all the other democracies do (they are not upasakayo’s as well).

    PS: Don’t allow pradeshiya sabha members to gang rape tourists and kill their partners + don’t allow MP’s to distribute drugs + publicly engage in thuggery like Mervin does. They are the people who bring disrepute not the forces. These are things that the ordinary Sri Lankan’s want to change. These are the reasons why people want to vote against the government. If you reinstate law you will see a massive difference in the support from all Sri Lankans including the Tamils.

    Then you don’t need to bother about GTF, BTF, Nediyavan, short fellow, –>You need the Sri Lankans on your side.

  17. Very well analysed presentation of the potential threat Sri-Lanka is faced with even after the elimanation of the LTTE under Prabakaran.whilst all peace loving Sri-Lanakns be mindful of this threat and take necessary precautions to avoid a repetion of the unfortunate 30 years we suffere; it is also necessary to understand the route causes of this calmitious situation since Independance and take speedy remedial action.First and foremosrt is the language.Sri lanka should be trilingual.Sinhalese Tamil and English should be taught in all schools and all those in government and private sector should be proficient in all three languages.Of course this cannot done overnight. Iam glad that the government has taken meaningful steps to implement a trilingual language policy.
    Minority communities should be provided with equal oppourtunites in employment and access to other economic activities.This should be provided in a transparent manner.With regard to devolution of power; as indicated by a recent survey nearly 58% of the Tamils have expressed a desire to set up a separte State in the North and East.Therfore devolution within Federal framework or the Indian model will never be acceptable to the majority 74% of the population.According to the current situation as explained in this talk by Mr G Rajapakse it will be too much of a risk for soverign Sri-Lanka. Even granting police and land powers within the 13th amendment also need careful consideration in the context of what the LTTE remnants are now talking of as their future plans.

  18. With regards to civilian causality, it would be proper to give figures like
    Total lived in the conflict area before the last last war
    The total deaths
    Those who left the country from the conflict as refugees or otherwise
    The total number that were housed in the various detention camps after the war
    The total number who were arrested and housed in separate camps
    The total civilians now living

    From the above figures it is possible to give the remaining deaths that the Sri Lankan Military has to bear – This number may NOT be too small to consider, if actual figures are given??

  19. Hey Namal, Just because your change your name to “NAMAL” , you cant hide your true identity..We know how you are and who you repesnt.

  20. I live in UK and I am not aware of any one trying to prepare for an arm struggle. But most people I talk to want justice – Tamils to live with dignity and to have a proper indepedant investigation to find out what happened during the war. If the govt has nothing to hide why are they scared about an independeant inquiry? Tamils had their own kingdom before the arrival of the europeans. After independance successive SL govts commited attrocities that amounts to Genocide. Tamils fought peacefully for 30 years. There was no LTTE in 1948. What happened in 1958 ? LTTE did not appear in a vaccum. http://tamilnation.co/indictment/indict006.htm http://tamilnation.co/indictment/index.htm

    How many commissions upto LLRC? http://ustpac.org/Articles/SriLankasTrackRecordAndTheWarCrimes.pdf We hear that LLRC recommendation is not going to be implemented. Instead of spreading lies and attaching the tag LTTE to every one who campaign for justice – at least GOSL could start implementing LLRC recommendation.

  21. Thank u for d publication.The article clearly define the security concerns of sri lankans that expirenced three decades of terrorism.It also give an insight into how some LTTE ovearseas elements who largely responsible for causing enamoures destructions still continue to work to bring back disharmony and conflict to the nation. It is high time to identify the true faceses of these radicalized elements and their contributions for the survival of LTTE for more than three decades and their future role.

  22. He is the worst criminal of the 21st century world and second biggest liar in Sri Lanka who killed over 40,000 innocent civilians and still in the same business of abducting,torturing and arbitrary killing. He is now crying about Ltte because his last days already started to counting by God.The biggest theret to Srilanka is Mahinda regime , their lip serving ‘Political solution,National security and reconciliation ‘ won’t work any more.
    All total liars and worst criminals hiding under the carpet. Time will punish them.

  23. Yes SC you are correct.
    Silly, childish, unwanted, Negative comments are not allowed
    Sri Lanka is booming lets them enjoy the peace and happiness with all.
    If you are so worried about the country go and help the poor who are suffering financially. Give donations from your own money. Without been negative and idiotic attitudes. Which most Sri Lankans have. That is the only reason country remains as the third world country.
    Guys open your eyes,ears & hearts support to build the country for the sake of all nationals.
    Support the President and his team who had the guts to fight the LTTE. All previous presidents collected commissions and bought mansions, royal palaces, educated their children overseas.Too drunk to attend the parliament sittings etc.. You guy’s know who they are? Same people are criticising Rajapakse family. What did Bandaranyake, Jayawardene, Senanakye families do for the last 30 years. Filled their overseas bank accounts. Like Saddam and Gadafi..

  24. Bush, Condi Rice and Colin Powell preached USA about the necessity to go for war in Iraq and Afghanistan, after 9/11. At that point, anyone who speak against war is considered anti national/terrorist. But, Bush couldn’t go on forever with that and people were annoyed. There is a lesson for Rajapakshes!

  25. Kanian Poongkunran
    political solution for the ethnic conflict, is the only way forward to have lasting peace with justice in this country. It is possible,
    Dear friend,

    Most of tamils who are living abroad calling for political solution. Once they mensioned SUDAN experience.

    So what happend after forming new government in SOUTH SUDAN?
    Didn’t start fighting among the civilions of SOUTH SUDAN?

    It clearly exibits self ruling or political solution is not the appropriate way.

    Will have to pation and see re-actions of TAMILS who living in abroad.


  26. Thank you for publishing this talk in full. Who cares who wrote it for Gota. He is the one who delivered it. It is a standard practice to have a writer. The good think is that a nice summary of the post-war LTTE activities are there in one place.

    I have to note that some of the comments from the very diaspora members who lost the armed struggle. The hatred that the still harbor and that of the sinhalese political opponents is very clear. However, no one wants to expose the activities of the shadow governments to us. I suggest DBS write future articles of these activities so that we are well informed.

    It is sorry to see that but most tamils are not ready for reconciliation it seems. Very sad.

  27. echo says:
    Is he using the term ltte again to target Tamils living outside of SL?


    Not precisely, now they are using LTTE to target the break away JVP group & southern undergrads.

  28. What is obvious is that the war is over and the LTTE is completely eliminated in Sri Lanka. Since the military solution was very successful, whatever political solutions offered to the Rajapakshes were simply discarded. According to the Rajapakshes, now that the LTTE has been eliminated there is no need for any other political solution. As long as the majority Sinhala-Buddhists are kept happy, the Rajapakshes future is secured. They have no brains to think or does not want to think why the LTTE came into existence in the first place.

    Now that the majority Sinhala-Buddhists have forgotten the LTTE and the war in Sri Lanka, they are more worried about the behavior of the government and the Rajapakshes. The increase in price of commodity, illegal arrest of Sarath Fonseka, protecting the drug lords like Duminda Silva, the Rajapaksa Brothers accruing wealth and property, ruining the Education and sports, and so many other issues have made the Rajapakshes and the government unpopular.

    Only LTTE in one form or other can still keep the Rajapakshe brothers in power. The only way to continue with an incompetent corrupt government is to give new life to the LTTE that is dead and gone in Sri Lanka or create a new monster in the JVP breakaway group.

    Rajapakshes know only two groups of people in Sri Lanka. You are with us (Patriots), or you are with the terrorists (traitors). Anyone who listens and appreciate all the lies of Gotabaya are with Sri Lanka (Patriots). Anyone who don’t believe what Gotabaya is saying are terrorists (traitors).

    If the people of Sri Lanka are so stupid to believe the Rajapakshes, then they deserve what they have got.

  29. aratai says:
    Gota has very cleverly avoided talking about ethnic issue and political solution.

    The closet he had come to acknowledging about ethnic issue and political solution is accepting the LLRC report. Is it a good sign?

    ‘LLRC report has been released, and it has made certain comments on existing issues as well as recommendations to overcome them. This is a large, comprehensive report that is presently being studied. Once its contents have been assimilated, the Government will decide on how best to implement the proposals made by the Commission.’

  30. This is an outright insult to tens of thousands of people with University Educations, from many non Western countries in the world who have become migrants and do jobs which are far below their level of not only the education, but also the social standard they enjoyed in their countries , prior to becoming migrants.

    Such migrants who happen to be readers of these columns would like to know what this gentleman’s qualifications are, and what sort of work he does now to make living and also what jobs he did in the past?.

  31. I wish he spent two minutes to apologize to all innocent victims of armed conflict in SL.

    It would have opened the path to reconciliation and his wishes of ‘We must all work together to put the past behind us, and work towards a brighter future for this nation and all her people’ would become a reality.

  32. weragoda

    Iam glad that the government has taken meaningful steps to implement a trilingual language policy.

    you kidding? Why are they not implementing the 16th amendment that is there for so long in our constitution?

  33. weragoda

    With regard to devolution of power; as indicated by a recent survey nearly 58% of the Tamils have expressed a desire to set up a separte State in the North and East.Therfore devolution within Federal framework or the Indian model will never be acceptable to the majority 74% of the population.

    What survey are you talking about?Give us the link.surveys are good only so far as they are done professionally.Also you can easily reduce that to less than 50 % with a political solution and say to the world that the majority of tamils do not want eelam.

    As for devolution of powers,the srilankan government has signed an agreement with the indian government which is known as the indo -lanka accord of 1987.Just implement the 13th amendment,that should be just fine,though it does not go far enough like the indian model of federalism.Also implement the 16th amendment on tamil language rights.These should cool the situation long enough for all LTTE networks abroad to just wither away with lack of support.The tamils also will not be fully happy with the 3th amendment,the sinhalese also will not be overjoyed,but that is what you call a compromise,where neither party is totally happy,nor are they totally unhappy.

    If the 13th amendment is to be implemented then police and land powers have to be devolved and the north east merged.According to the article on APRC by DBSJ after the merger they have to have a referendum in the east to confirm that the easterners are comfortable with it.Chances are that they will reject it,so sinhalese don’t need to worry about the merger.

    If the gosl cannot implement the 13th amendment in full,then the kachativu agreement and the sirima shastri pact also could be considered null and void.Jaya has already gone to court to claim it back.Srilanka will have to give it back and also take back about 3 million ex srilankans and their descendents whom they kicked out when repatriating over 600000 tamils from the tea estates under the sirima shastri and sirima ghandhi pact.

    International agreements are serious stuff and cannot be airily waved off with all kinds of excuses by the government as proved by the hedging deal with foreign banks by the petroleum corporation.

  34. Ellalan,

    If you read it with an open mind you really want to understand you will understand.

    What he is saying is that LTTE within Sri Lanka has been completely wiped out. However, LTTE members who are living abroad and former LTTE cadres who were released are still a threat. So we souldn’t let our guards down. I think it is a common sense approach and the right thing to do.

  35. ON LLRC UK Foreign Office Minister responds to report on the conflict in Sri Lanka http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/latest-news/?view=PressS&id=714679782

    ….We note the Commission’s conclusion that the root cause of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka lies in the *****failure of successive governments to address the genuine grievances of the Tamil people******* and the recommendation that the Sri Lankan government should take the lead in delivering a devolution package. We urge the Sri Lankan government to implement quickly this recommendation and the LLRC’s call for the Northern Province to be returned to civilian administration.

  36. This speech is out of fear and to distract from the real issue, of war crimes on Tamils. Now that LTTE is finished, why not Gota allow free unrestricted access to an international team of Press, Red Cross, UN people from Navi Pillays team, Tamilnadu people including Archeologists, Politicians and NGO’s and Press, into Sri lanka for a stay of upto to a year, wherein they can go and check everywhere in NE Sri lanka, what really happened in 2009? If Gota has nothing to hide, then he must allow this team in. Let the team give its report and then all the World Tamils will forget about the past and move on.

    As far as Tamilnadu is concerned, Rajapakse Brothers are War Criminals and must be tried in the Hague. So the Onus is on Gota to disprove them!

    No one wants armed struggle in Sri lanka. It was wrong and is wrong for Violence to be done by anybody. But there has to be accountability for the stuff we saw in the Channel 4 episode. It is that simple.

  37. I think Gota should be rewarded with being elected as the President of SL, next.
    Being the defecto Commander-in-Chief, he has what it takes to be a President, and what he now needs is an Arab spring to swing into action to grab the power from his brother. This could be the reason he keeps hinting these uprisings.

    Right or wrong, he has his own reasons to do things the ways he does, which undoubtably will please the majority. Afterall, in a democratic country what is right is, not just the right based on common sense or far and reasonabe, but what the majority believe is right. If 2012 is not good for MR, what about for GR with Rs 213B.

    In terms of Nos of IDPs, the current number he quotes contradicts the number he gave during the war- it is highr. Still remember, he justified his account saying he multiflied nos of tents by 4, so, the maximum in the NFZ was so much, did not stop there either: went on accusing LTTE of giving a higher number in order to get more food supplies and essential items. Such was his calculation, now proposing yet another method how to work out number of missing ones in he war- quite bizzar. So was his attempt to absolve the alledge rape accusations by the army, saying they were a crime committed by an individual a group. At least he now gives away what was kept as a secret-rape by forces.

  38. This Sinhala evil making more Sinhala modayas. This Rajapakse criminal gang never allow Sinhala people to think independently. Tamils suffered enough from ltte, now Sinhala Veerayas chance to suffer. How long god knows…

  39. While how Mr Gothabaya Rajapakse (GR) took the high position of Defence Secretary, his poor academic qualifications and his lack of finesse in public speaking are all subjects of debate, the fact is he is now, arguably, the most powerful man in the country. To that extent this talk of his needs to be carefully studied and commented upon. For the record, it must be stated he deserves the appreciation of all the people in the country for removing one aspect of fascism that threatened the daily lives of the people. But the means he was largely responsible in taking to remove that obstacle – that caused tens of thousands of lives and the destruction of many hitherto happy and peaceful families – are matters for which he cannot deny responsibility.

    GR’s hoarse claim of the country being “the most stable and secure country in the Asian region” when compared with the almost daily demonstrations against the Cost of Living, student and workers unrest, the closure of most of the violence-prone universities are all in contradiction of what he claims.

    Democratic dissent against the government in power is an essential feature of our chosen way of life.The TGTE have a right to take appropriate steps to protect the interest of the “Tamil Nation” that they have reason to believe has been subject to oppression of various forms for the past 3 decades. It is no secret many governments share this view and are disappointed the Rajapakse regime only finds excuses to refuse the Tamils in the North-East of the country to run their affairs – allowed to the rest of the country. GR is aware UNESCO has already recognized the once-called terrorist PLO in Exile. Very soon Taliban – a deadly terrorist outfit – is likely to gain recognition of the world with Qatar very likely being the first to welcome them.

    Re. the 350 school in Europe/North America GR suspects are LTTE cells, it is more likely Tamil parents of these children are keen to ensure these children retain their cultural heritage and use these schools to teach Tamil culture, songs, dance and history. This is because these children are compelled to learn the language and are influenced by local culture. The action of the parents are, therefore, perfectly unharmful. It is because they serve a useful purpose in multi-culturalism this finds the encouragement – and even resources – from the local governments. If GR or GoSL have room to believe these schools are a form of Tamil Madrasas there is a responsibility by them to bring this to the notice of the authorities in the countries concerned.

    As to winning over the support of governments and international opinion on the Tamil side, there is nothing illegal here. If they feel their people at home are subject to injustice it is natural they canvass the govts in the countries they live to use their influences on GoSL. It is the same thing the government does in employing super-expensive Lobbyists like Bell-Pottinger and use their men like Dr Dayan Jayatilake to do this for them.

    GR’s defence of the highly excessive Defence Budget and the presence of an oversized army in the “fear of resumption of hostilities of conflict in Sri Lanka again” will have very few takers in the outside world.
    Lenders like the WB/IMF are already asking for a drastic reduction of this and instead call for greater investment in education, health and peace building. Now even the Sinhala politicians are beginning to fear this high level of militarization is aimed at suppressing the people if and when they react to exacerbating social issues. A notorious drug-dealeer and crime lord being made “Advisor” to the Defence Ministry and the man caught with over 300 armed goons in the Liberty Cinema area – suspected to attack a gsthering of peaceful demonstrations at nearby Lipton Circus – certainly increases the people’s suspicions of the good intentions of the government that GR claims here as justification for an oversized military budget we cannot afford. Therefore, his tasteless and poorly constructed comments “Tiger has not changed its stripes” will not be taken seriously.

    The country learns of the casualties from the government side as high as 30,000 dead and 25,000 badly maimed only now. Wonder why the people were not kept informed of this earlier. There was always a suspicion in the South the government was hiding actual casualty figures.

    The insinuation against international governments, the UN and the Commonwealth are in somewhat poor taste and, I am afraid, will be noted with regret as they are totally unfounded.

    The right of a sovereign government to set-up military installations cannot be disputed. What is being questioned here is the highly excessive and intimidating presence of the military Vs civilian ratio in the Tamil areas 3 years after the war is over. The many incidents of rape, molestation of women, robbery by Sinhala men in fast-moving army motor-bikes creates further bitterness between the two people.

    As to the State’s programme of rehab of former LTTE child-soldiers and the many steps GoSL is taking to empower the poorer sections of the Tamil people, this needs to be acknowledged with much appreciation.

    Far more has to be done in the North to claim the people “now exercise freely and fully franchise rights after 30 years” MPs Sumanthiran, Suresh Premachandran et al might not agree. It was only a few months ago while they were holding a peaceful election-related discussion, a group of army men barged in an army vehicle and launched an unprovoked attack on them. Some of the security men of the MPs escaped death by a whisker. Complaints were lodged with the Police. The outcome is obvious in the light of the records of the past.

    “Govt must and will listen to the people” is a right of the people. There is no favour done to them here. That is, however, is not taking place. At Katunayake a young man was shot to death in the FTZ.
    Duminda Silva was not there with his rowdies at Kollupitiya to enjoy fresh air. GR must know people are watching every step of the regime carefully. Night-car races at Cbo 7 is not what the people want. They want affordable food, health facilities, good education for their children and the right to go about in safety and security.

    GR will excuse usif we say those who wrote this speech – Rohan Guneratne included – must ensure politer and decent language when the Defence Secretary takes the podium. “LTTE rump” is a vulgar word that can be replaced with such as “those remaining LTTErs” or “the residue” if the speech writer is from a decent school of higher learning. Polemics like “treacherous” aAnd “unpatriotic” have no place in the lexicon of leaders of gentler societies. The same things can be said in different and elegant language. That is the duty of good Speech writers – notably when the
    Boss is found wanting in many areas of learning.


  40. Dushy Ranetunge,

    I want to tell you things:

    1. Once I was staying at a hospital in North America. The gentleman who delivered the meals to my bed was working in the Nawala Open University as a professor. He was doing a tin pot job in America.

    2. We have to be vigilant every time and any country in the world does that. America is much safer now not because of Obama. It is due to the the work done by Bush.
    “If you leave the door open, somebody definitely will come in”

    Unquestionably, it is Gotabaya who gave the leadership to all armed forces to eradicate the LTTE menace from Lanka. “Give the devil his due.”

  41. Gotabayas statement sounds like a Paronoid Schizoprenic speaking. Could any psychiatrists in the bloggers comment.

  42. Let the Sri Lankan government waste it’s valuable financial resources on maintaining military presence until total depletion. Tigers are waiting for the next round when the Sri Lankan government would be without money or friends to borrow from.Of course, in the interim a good indicator would be soaring inflation and hike in prices of common goods leading to widespread disillusion with the government.Time would come when the Sri Lankan government would have to choose between spending on military or taking care of the common man. In the meanwhile Tigers would build up massive tons of money to reinvent themselves and to strike again.

    Gota, if you could foresee your idiotic strategy is doomed for failure, abandon it immediately and make peace with Tamils for the betterment of everyone.None of us believe you are capable of thinking through intelligently!In fact your speech in English is written by some one else.

  43. Gota just realized that the tiger has seven lives spanning 700 years.He also found out that Prabakaran is merely the tail of this tiger and the head of the tiger is still rearing it’s ugly head in western countries actively.Gota needs the military to be present for seven lives of this tiger.Gota also needs to beg money from IMF to spend on military now.Will IMF grant him funds?

    So much for the claim of conquering tiger.

  44. Excellent comment by ISS.

    But will the people in power listen? A person’s character is the result of “Nature and Nurture” Sometimes with education, patience and reasoning, the person can analyse himself or herself and become a better person. But to expect all this from our politicians is wishful thinking!!

  45. I don’t think,if Tigers do some thing they will do very clean.some reason they gave up arm strugle and silence their guns.Since that day they haven’t fire single shot against SL Army. Even they had chosen very novel democratic way and form ‘Transnational Government of TamilEelam’in overseas when their political future denied in Srilanka and their political leaders totured and murdered after surrendering.

    If you think about’Free Trade zone killing, Lasantha killing,Oppression against university students protest or
    Farmers protest and latest JVP abduction in Jaffna and Interrogation on Kumaran Mathaya’you will have the
    answer.Dictators really scared about people revolution against them therefor they diverting attention on LTTE and JVP otherhand oppressing any kind of protest against their current dictatorship regime.This is just ‘சாத்தான் வேதம் ஓதுகிறது’

  46. Simply you are brilliant, let see all sinhala veerayas defending this evil regime from all over the world. specially those who live in canada to australia. Thease people are cowards and criminals, we poor tamils and sinhala people live in respective our land cant breath , because of high cost of living. only pimps and drug pushers can live in this mad world of srilanka and occupied land of great tamil ealam.

  47. It is blatantly obvious that the Emmanuel, Nediyawan and Rudrakumaran factions have two Goals.

    The primary is to create the scene for a Western Incursion to dismember Srilanka

    And the second , is to avenge Rajapaksas for eliminating the LTTE and win accolades from the Diaspora.

    In contrast, there is the one and the only Goal of the great majority of inhabitants

    That is to build a better ,prosperous future for their children and grand children,in the current post conflict environment , which is showing great potential that their goal can be achieved in a short period, if the current Economic and Infrastructure Development is allowed proceed unhindered.

    Between these two competing interests are the spoil sports among the Inhabitants who are driving their own agendas to the detriment of the great majority of the Inhabitant population.

    JVP once, the liberators of the rural masses from poverty ,are on an expedition in the North to recruit new cadres to launch a new Liberation.

    Instead of helping the great majority to fulfill their only Goal, the once mighty UNP is kicking goals for the Foreign interests, who are hell bent on putting the spanner in the( Development) Works.

    Then there is the TNA , who wows to protect the traditional values of their supporters in religion , culture , language and land in theiri own Turf which is one third of the Land Mass.

    And that is the reason they give as not wanting to participate in the great Goal of prosperity ,of the great majority.

    Interestingly the TNA does not give any indication how the 1.6 Million Tamil cousins of Indian Origin and 54 percent of the Srialnakan or Indigeneous Tamil cousins can preserve all those cultural aspects who do not reside in the one third ,that the TNA Leader has pencilled.

    Although the Defence Minister seems to be a bit relaxed about the threat to stability with in ,for the current Development programs, the average punters who have been craving for a better future would tend to disaggre.

    Canada which was once a great helper fotr the Inhabitants have provided only 30 Million US Dollars for three years.

    Yet they are spending USD 11 Million to upgrade and update the High Commission, when the PM does not even want the GHOGM there.

    Average punter would want to know why?.

    UK is on record for helping EU to cut off the subsidy to poor lasses in the BOI Zones.

    The PM there is already canvassing the GHOGM members to pull the plug on Srilanka.

    The great majority of the inhabitant population have some insurance to achieve their aims with the help of their immediate and second immediate big neighbours

    India has contributed One Billion US dollars and China much more.

    With Mr Krishna inspecting progress of the country from North to South and East to West, the aid will keep coming and also to help to insulate the Goal of the great majority from any unwarranted interference.

  48. It is blatantly obvious that the Emmanuel, Nediyawan and Rudrakumaran factions have two Goals.

    The primary is to create the scene for a Western Incursion to dismember Srilanka

    And the second , is to avenge Rajapaksas for eliminating the LTTE and win accolades from the Diaspora.

    In contrast, there is the one and the only Goal of the great majority of inhabitants

    That is to build a better ,prosperous future for their children and grand children,in the current post conflict environment , which is showing great potential that their goal can be achieved in a short period, if the current Economic and Infrastructure Development is allowed proceed unhindered.

    Between these two competing interests are the spoil sports among the Inhabitants who are driving their own agendas to the detriment of the great majority of the Inhabitant population.

    JVP once, the liberators of the rural masses from poverty ,are on an expedition in the North to recruit new cadres to launch a new Liberation.

    Instead of helping the great majority to fulfill their only Goal, the once mighty UNP is kicking goals for the Foreign interests, who are hell bent on putting the spanner in the( Development) Works.

    Then there is the TNA , who wows to protect the traditional values of their supporters in religion , culture , language and land in theiri own Turf which is one third of the Land Mass.

    And that is the reason they give as not wanting to participate in the great Goal of prosperity ,of the great majority.

    Interestingly the TNA does not give any indication how the 1.6 Million Tamil cousins of Indian Origin and 54 percent of the Srialnakan or Indigeneous Tamil cousins can preserve all those cultural aspects who do not reside in the one third ,that the TNA Leader has pencilled.

    Although the Defence Minister seems to be a bit relaxed about the threat to stability with in ,for the current Development programs, the average punters who have been craving for a better future would tend to disaggre.

    Canada which was once a great helper fotr the Inhabitants have provided only 30 Million US Dollars for three years.

    Yet they are spending USD 11 Million to upgrade and update the High Commission, when the PM does not even want the GHOGM there.

    Average punter would want to know why?.

    UK is on record for helping EU to cut off the subsidy to poor lasses in the BOI Zones.

    The PM there is already canvassing the GHOGM members to pull the plug on Srilanka.

    The great majority of the inhabitant population have some insurance to achieve their aims with the help of their immediate and second immediate big neighbours

    India has contributed One Billion US dollars and China much more.

    With Mr Krishna inspecting progress of the country from North to South and East to West, the aid will keep coming and also to help to insulate the Goal of the great majority from any unwarranted interference.

  49. They haven’t fired a shot since 2009 because they were wiped out. They didn’t suddenly get wise and noble on May 18th and decide to ‘silence their guns’.

  50. Dushy Ranetunge says,

    “Gotabaya has not learned of the fundamental values that underpin that nation”.
    Perhaps KILLING more than 01 MILLION CIVILIANS in Afghanistan & Iraq may be in keeping with those “values”.
    Shielding STATE TERRORISM / War Crimes /Human Rights Abuses of Holy Sheep ISRAEL too may be in line with those “Values”

  51. Tom dias

    You have analysed it perfectly.I have nothing to say or add.This seems to be the first time ever i have met you via the internet.Wish people like you will comment more often.

  52. Thennavan

    Now that LTTE is finished, why not Gota allow free unrestricted access to an international team of Press, Red Cross, UN people from Navi Pillays team, Tamilnadu people including Archeologists, Politicians and NGO’s and Press, into Sri lanka for a stay of upto to a year, wherein they can go and check everywhere in NE Sri lanka, what really happened in 2009?

    what! do you think gota is father christmas or something.Anyway even if he wants to play santa and idstribute goodies,he can’t now because he is fully occupied transporting food through his white vans to feed his black pet sharks.

  53. ISS

    the fact is he is now, arguably, the most powerful man in the country.
    DBSJ says he is the second most powerful person in the country.Now who is correct DBSJ or ISS? I go with DBSJ. The medamulana machiavelli will delegate power,but will never abdicate it. Nobody can cross the line,not even his brothers.If they do they will get a good dose of filth and remember their schooldays when who was the thug and bully in the family.

  54. Unlike the GR’s and MR’s speech writers, terrorism experts and diplomats, Dushy and ISS have taken a non chuvanistic, patriotic stand based on their belief in altruism and have expressed their comments without mincing their words.

    It wont be a surprise the SL may be another Pakistan like authoritarian state, with the support of emerging powers. There is open advocay to follow the Deng Xiao Peng style economic revolution with political control( ref :Island 12/1/12, Chandre Dharmawardne from Canada ) which will never be suitable for the Indain Subcontinent countries. Further Jury is still out on Deng Xiao Peng intitiated economic revolution based on Western Capitalism and its impact on the environment and the successful survival of the Asian Civilisations big , medium and small.

    When political leaders and their clans or cronies forgets altruism, nature has its way of balancing events through natural disasters and man made wars through supremacy of the majority or the military powerful. Many of these strong leaders and their cronies forgets that they are not immortals.

  55. J.Muthu says: January 12, 2012 at 11:48 am This Sinhala evil making more Sinhala modayas

    Dear friend MUTHU.

    It is not correct. The appropriate word is This TAMIL evil making more TAMIL modayas.

    Even 21 centure more or less sri lankan tamils being trapped with the baseless homeland and self governing myth which creat by SJV in year 1945.



  56. Anonymous

    Don’t think mental illness can be identified easily like physical illness.You can see a broken leg easily,but can you see a broken mind? So don’t jump to conclusions that fast that gota is a paranoid schizoprenic.
    However i have to accept the fact that the same way that peoples bodies can become unwell,peoples mind can become unwell too.

    To see whether gota is suffering from mental illness,we have to look for the symptoms such as letting things get out of proportion due to factors for example such as being anxious or frightened,dissapointed or misunderstood. The key word here is whether your reactions are out of proportion,not whether you were anxious or frightened,because we all are anxious or frightened at some point or other in our lives,but if we react to this in an unnatural manner then the chances are we have been afflicted with a mental illness.

    So the question here you have to ask is whether gota’s behaviour since he assumed duties as defence secretary have been unnatural or out of proportion. If you have time, look at it that way and come back to us with your views.

  57. Tom Dias,
    Your comments are very apt for the present situation in Sri Lanka.
    Very recently this government was telling the people of Sri Lanka that they have totally eliminated the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Now they are saying, the LTTE is behind everything that is happening in Sri Lanka including the university students/teachers struggle. Anybody against this government is considered a terrorist and LTTE supporter (unpatriotic traitor). The problem is majority of the people in Sri Lanka are fools and they simply believe everything that the government says and as long as the majority of Sri Lankans remain as ignorant fools, the Rajapakshes will continue to have field days.

    If you protest against anything (high prices, pay hikes, higher education, examinations, drug dealers, corruption, family rule, wealth/land grab, etc) you become a terrorist, LTTE supporter, unpatriotic traitor, and hater of Sri Lanka. The people in Sri Lanka are so foolish that they are made to believe that even the opposition (UNP, JVP, etc) are unpatriotic traitors and LTTE (terrorist) supporters.

    I am afraid the Portuguese were right, Sinhalaya Modaya and he continues to remain as a Modaya.

    Looks like our Kalu is trying desperately to defend his boss! But I must concede ISS has done a good job of making the likes of KALU look like a pooer comic.
    When Kalu, Gota et all talks of majority inhabitants we know who he is speaking about.

    The fact is that they dont want to admit that the LTTE arose among the Tamils due to the fact that years of non-violent action did not bring any dividends to the Tamil parliamentary elites.
    Blaming Tigers and terrorism and saying this is the biggest threat to Sri Lanka when in fact the biggest threat is Sinhala facism by the Sinhala elite does not seem to have hit home.
    The Sinhala working class and peasants are decent people. It is the black english men like Kalu, Daya and Gota that have ruined this country and no amount of shouting of this will be wasted.



  60. You better visit the Sri lankan Tamil refugee camps in Tamil Nadu. Then you will know what is Human Rights! No PRESS/Person is allowed to visit those camps since they founded. But you guys want FREE access in Sri lanka! What are the Tamil Nadu authorities hiding about those camps where more than 100,000 humans are living in pathetic conditions?

    Unrestricted access to ALL created all these LTTE and otehr mafia problems in Sri lanka. Sri Lanka is not for “POST MORTAM”.

    Hague is not Aminchikarai or Ayanavaram to do DMK dances!

  61. There is nothing to make peace with Tamils or sinhalese. Both are just one nation, the Sri lankan nation. Just wake up man!

  62. Ellalan,

    It looks , here you have given a new definition of the word lie or you are writing without knowing what you are writing.

  63. Gota’s qualifications?

    I doubt he passed A/L’s. He was in the army remember? for a very long time.

    He is one who puts security over liberty and that says a lot about his enlightenment…….not quite at par with the Buddha?????

  64. No 1. tells a lot about our Professors????????? think about it…….

    I have no issues with fighting terrorism.

    I have problems with the loss of our freedoms and liberty….the execution of unarmed combatants…….the white vans……the killing of journalists…….the undermining of our judiciary………..the Mervin Silva’s and Gota’s buddy Duminda, that other innocent Silva…..and many more……..

  65. I am not interested in Afghanistan or Iraq or any other hell hole.

    I am interested in SL and the rights of her citizens…..

  66. It was Gosl ministers who repeatedly saying only 60,000 people left in Vanni and plan was killing as much as Tamils in Vanni upto 200,000.Boys&Girls were bravely fought until their last stand in the soil
    and seeing that Gosl mass genocide, silenced their guns.Kp who issued the statement as per VP still in
    Gota custody you can ask about this nobel decision.

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  68. The following is a news item that appeared in the Daily Mirror today:

    “‘Ex-LTTE cadres are with us’
    Jan 13, 2011

    JVP dissidents said yesterday that former LTTE cadres had joined hands with them in political work in the Northern Province, and their activist Kugan Maruganathan who was abducted on December 9, last year was also involved in the activities of the organisation at that time.

    JVP dissident Udul Premaratne, who is an executive member of the organisation, ‘We are Sri Lankans,’ said that there were around 900 political prisoners in the country, and that he interacted with 500 of them. Mr. Premaratne, who is also a former convener of the Inter University Students’ Federation said that ex-combatants of the terrorist outfit would be encouraged to join hands with his political movement. “We must make it clear that former LTTE members are now with us. We should not be afraid to say it. We should announce it to the world come what may. We do not approve of separatist terrorism. We do not do politics with any separatist organisations. Yet, we are with the ex-combatants,” he said. He said that it had been difficult for the dissidents to convince the former LTTE activists initially because the members of his political movement had supported the war against terrorism in the past.

    “However, we explained to them that the real cause of the problem lay elsewhere. We admitted that they had a problem merely because they were Tamils. Yet, the root cause of the problem is class distinctions — the gap between the rich and the poor. There is a class problem. We must address this issue,” he said. Also, Mr. Premaratne noted that unless political opportunities were created for the former members of the LTTE, they would be driven towards separatism again.

    “The LTTE has been decimated here. However, it is active in other parts of the world. These elements can win over these former LTTERS unless they are absorbed into the political mainstream here,” he said.

    Asked about the abduction of Kugan and Lalith Kumar Weeraraju on December 9 last year, he said that the issue had been taken up with the UN.

    “The UN has started inquiries. We will pursue the case,” he said.

    Source: Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka

  69. wow great ellalan type logic. so that means we must fully wipe out the eelamists once again. according to your logic the militarization of the North must continue indefinitely till all eelamists are wiped out.
    be careful what you wish for.

  70. Shankar,

    You are writing utter nonsense here. I am sure you have settled down in some western country long ago and have no idea of the ground realities here.

  71. .
    China was Sri Lanka’s biggest lender in 2010 with loans amounting to $821.4 million (while grants amounted to $7.5 million), followed by India ($483 million), Japan ($396.6 million ), ADB ($366.7 million), World Bank ($347.4 million), Russia ($300 million), Iran ($111.2 million), Australia ($105.2 million), Saudi Arabia ($46.1 million), according to data from the ministry of finance and planning.

    Here are the details CHINA AID:

    – Hambantota Port Development Project – Buyer’s Credit Loan of US$ 306.73 million
    – Bunkering Facilities and Tank Farm Project at Hambantota – Buyer’s Credit Loan of US$ 65.1 million
    – Colombo-Katunayake Expressway Project – Buyer’s Credit Loan US$ 248.2 million
    – Puttalam Coal Power Project Phase II – Preferential Buyer’s Credit Loan of US$ 891 million
    – Mattala Hambantota International Airport Project – Concessional Loan of US$ 190 million
    – Supply of 13 Diesel Multiple Units to Sri Lanka Railways – Concessional Loan of US$ 100 million
    – Road Projects in North amounting to US$ 570.3 million
    – Purchase of six MA60 aircrafts amounting to US$105.4 million

    By the time we Srilankans start repaying these loans, your buddies Rajapakse’s will be in the west.


  72. Muthu,

    It is interesting to know why you think Sinhalese in Australia and Canada will defend this government. My observation is people living in Sri lanka are defending this government by silently voting for them. There are some unhappy people in the country and of course not all actions of the government are acceptable. However, this government is better than many of the previous governments. That is why they win every election.

  73. Now the ex- LTTE cadres are being recruited by JVP dissidents. So GR is not that paranoid.

    Jan 13 (DM) JVP dissidents said that former LTTE cadres had joined hands with them in political work in the Northern Province.

    now what’s coming next?

  74. Dear ISS and the other right centric Tamils,
    Your arguments falls short of something, it’s like hitting the Tennis Ball hard but it still falls within the net. There has been a lot of talk about Tamils’ rights, the atrocities against Tamils and the lawlessness towards them but have you ever seen the other side of the net, as to what’s happening. Tell me where is the law for the ordinary Sinhalese man in Sri Lanka. If you are poor, not educated, not a thug, do not know someone who knows someone of someone, then you are as bad as the Tamils in Jaffna or worse; at least ISS and the GTF speak for the Tamils, whereas there is no one to speak for the poor Sinhalese man.
    Nothing against the struggle of the Tamils but it is a different facet of the problem which people fail to see; even MR, GR, BR, PR, OH PR the permanent residents of the west.
    At least Tamils are not as bad as the Iraqi’s, where a democratic intervention was made to liberate the people.

  75. Well said Tom Dias!

    I am afraid the average sinhalese have been brought up in a diet of “sinhala Budhist supremacy” and they have lost their thinking ability.

    The people who defend the STATE TERRORIST are paid to defend the unlawful government or they may be part of the “establishment”

  76. Well, In his speech he haven’t said a single word about what are the political solutions his governement is going to provide to prevent another LTTE uprising.

    Now, there is no more LTTE (Thay have said this may time and it is true) and no one is going to take or support any more arm struggle – Tamils (including me) have learned the lesson.
    Therefore what is the point still having a large Army present at North and East.

    You can see in his speech, that he wanted to have some sort of LTTE group, then only he can bully all the politicians and businees peoples and able to buildup his finances.
    Specially now he won’t be able live out side of Srilanka any more.

  77. Hear, hear; this geezer says; “I am not interested in Afghanistan (the hell hole that his bosom buddies had created) … I am interested in SL …., our judiciary…, etc and etc”. Yet he chose not to live in Sri Lanka. What a hypocrite!

  78. But Tamils follow “Pakistan” for a separate state based on the Language. Even they are not worried about democracy when LTTE was there. Why do Tamils now talk much about DEMOCRACY?

  79. Sinhala facism of UNP always acceptable to Tamils. S.J.V.Selvanayakam or Prabhakaran or Sambanthan, the pro-western facist UNP is always the best choice.

    LTTE is a creation of the WHITE masters of the same UNP and Tamil parties. If LTTE was so honest, why did they go against India and scuttled the 13th Amendment after joining the same UNP?

  80. Dushey,
    It looks like your promised land USA is another hell hole, so don’t expect others to up hold it’s “values” & it was they made Afghanistan & Iraq hell holes.
    Who is this guy “Benjamin Franklin” worth quoting , is he better than Lord Buddha , Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohomed ? .
    For me this “Benjamin Franklin” is not better than stray monkey, & those who quotes him as well.

  81. Dushy Ranetunge says:
    “I doubt he passed A/L’s. He was in the army remember? for a very long time.”

    People with even Doctorate are of no use, what matters is what he does for the country.
    Do you know “Father of Nation” great D.S. Senanayake had passed only grade 08? Do you condemn or down grade him for that?

    Gota did the job of he got in style, defeating worlds most ruthless terror outfit in a matter of 03 years, what others couldn’t do in 27 years.
    He was a Colonel in Army when he retired & settled down in US. If any junior officer to reach Colonel rank you defineatly need University level education in military studies. So Gota would have defineatly got those.
    Dushy Ranetunge says:,”He is one who puts security over liberty and that says a lot about his enlightenment…….not quite at par with the Buddha?????”
    Gota is not some body who tries to attain Nirwana in this life , as a matter of fact he is the Defence Secretary who is in charge of 03 military forces, perhaps better in private life, than those priests who preach Buddhism & Christianity in Sri Lanka & USA.

  82. Mr. Senguutan,

    He has not been to school
    He is dumb
    He cannot speak English
    Found wanting in many areas of learning

    If all the “rump” repeat this mantra hundred times in unison Velupilai Prabakaran will rise from the dead to deliver your promised land.

  83. samarasekara
    Dont fool your self my dear refusing learn sinhala brother, Great tamil leader said even god cant save tamils. still stands, what a Prophetic word . He said nearly fifty years ago. You sinhala morons never going to change, I should be fool to beleive you guys will ever change.

  84. I don’t know why you bother KA. I used to think you actually believed in what you were saying, even if it was delusional, but now think you are being paid or are practising to be a defence counsel.

    If you have some spare time please prepare and post a defence for Hitler, apartheid, GWB – you seem to have developed real knack for this sort of thing.

    What ever the 3 stooges have done, they’ve certainly created a bunch KA’s type people and helped them develop a transferable skill.

    Someone should maybe tell Gotcha Rascalpaksa – protest, objection, and criticism are part of democracy. Shooting and terrorising those who want to exercise their rights, however, is not.

  85. “They have no brains to think or does not want to think why the LTTE came into existence in the first place.”

    It was the logical outcome of the Tamil psyche. No other group in South Asia is so openly racist as the Tamils in Tamil Nadu. LTTE is the manifestation of their desire to create an independent country comprising South India and North Sri Lanka. It must be borne in mind that the concessions offered by Ranil W were refused by the Tamils and they decided to fight to the end. Indian analysts came to the conclusion that it was a grave danger to the territorial integrity of India. Hence the end of Eelam war IV at Nandikadal. Present attempts to get the international community involved will face stiff resistance from India. The assumption that ensuing conflict will damage only the Sinhalese demonstrates how intense racism can blind rational judgement. Once again as a result of the numerical superiority of the Sinhalese and demographic distribution of Tamils in the island Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka will end up worse off than the Sinhalese.

  86. Gota shapes and implements defence policy. He is no 1 in that but subject to Mahinda Aiyas overall authority

  87. We all know how Namal got his law degree, and how Yoshitha got into Navy as well as his scholarship to UK, How Mahinda got into law college!! If Gota has any educational qualification, he would have got it the same way, without burning the midnight oil!!!

  88. Looks like the Rajapakshe government is missing the LTTE so much. Now that they are becoming unpopular, they are looking for ways and means to bring back the LTTE to life. This is a very dangerous game, hope the people are wise enough to understand their double game.

  89. Dear Pro-JVP,

    I am with you so far the ball has not gone beyond the net. Take my word, sooner than later it will and the match will be won. Looks like “those talks of Tamils seeking rights” are new to you. What a guy!

    Your grouse is more about the problem of the Sinhala poor, marginalized and from the Dalit classes. I have always been sympathetic to that and have helped some in my own way – and that included JVP leaders as well. By the way, isn’t that why Wijeweera came about in the first place. But he seems to have lost his way in between and is said to have used Undergrads to serve as Waiters for his children’s birthday parties – Big Cake and all – in his Estate Bungalow when he was nabbed.

    Those “dedicated” Comrades who followed – Mahinda Wijesekera, Loku Athua (Jayasinghe) Weerawansa, Nanda Gunatilake and the lot found the comforts of being in a Capitalist form of government far more cushier than these damned revolution to lift up the poor.
    But I must say there are still a few in the recent JVP – Herath, Anura Dissanayake et al – who did not sell their souls when they were Ministers or in power. Late in the day, they are going round the North-East looking for allianace “with our Tamil brothers” That is not bad at all and I am not against it. It certainly is better than those two lessons in the original 5 lessons in the late 1960s targeting the Tamils as the casuse of all evil. Looks like things have change and a Tamil born appears to have taken over the JVP.

    So, dear Comrade, don’t blame the Tamils. They will take care of themselves. My reading your is JVP was long gone when Booruwansa started getting $2,000 Mobile phones, Gold Rolex Watches and his wifey and kids now “must-ma go to Los Angeles” twice a year ist class. That is when they are not dining with Chooti Putha and Sookiri Duwa at Pizza Hut at Rajagiriya or McDonalds at Bambalapitiya. Quantum leap for some of your suffering comrades, eh.

    At least the left leaders of our time – NM, Colvin, Bernard, Pieter, Shan, Kandiah et al were principled men who could not be seduced by money or matters venal. This is why their memories and names are honoured whenever they are mentioned – to the day. The JVP – as we saw it – Is a lost cost, Brother. This is not my view but of Booruwansa, Nanda and the lot.


  90. Soma,

    “[No other group in South Asia is so openly racist as the Tamils in Tamil Nadu.]”
    Why are you worried about the Tamils in Tamil Nadu??? We Sri Lankans are only interested in the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

    Well, if you had not been in a coma (long deep slumber) for several years or if you have selective amnesia or if you are sane enough, you would not have come up with such a shallow analysis.

  91. Muthu,

    May be God cannot save Tamils, but you Tamil people can save yourselves by being fair minded. That means by dropping demand like 30% of the country to 8% of the Tamil population.

  92. Gamage,

    Yes, we tamils waited and waited and waited for a just solution since 1948. It is time for both Sinhalese and Tamils to have a peaceful place to live together.We are not going anywhere even if you try to eliminate us with your military.Hiding behind Chinese for your war crimes do not seem to help either.Who would your borrow money from to bring down commodity prices?

  93. It is really funny reading these dumb comments. All these negative comments about the Sec of Def Gota seem to come from pure hate for him and the Sinhalese for having destroyed the LTTE and bringing peace to SL.

    What you people need to understand is if there is one person who speaks honestly and straight in this Administration in SL it is Gota. So take him seriously!
    The man is extremely efficient and competent. If you haven’t seen that then you are blind.

    The message that Gota is giving is that the guard will never be let down ever again. That policy is actually reinforced and supported by the govt’s in the West, East and India despite some of their officials singing soothing music to the diaspora donkeys.

    For all those Tamils that speak so ill of this man he actually saved the Tamils from the Sun Goat Praba. I agree he is not perfect but compared to the donkeys in Parliament (TNA, UNP, UPFA, JVP…) and diaspora he is a genius. Also you diaspora Donkeys may not know it that the majority of the people in SL(including Muslims) consider him a hero. Truth hurts. Ok now you guys can start the rant LOL

  94. Of course! I presume that it was a view from the angle of one with half dead brain. It is just because the half dead brain could not analyze the fabricated reasons evolved from the speech writer’s imagination.

    It was a pure ploy to keep the force in North and East to terrorize the Tamils and at the same time to use as a lame excuse to the internationals.
    WikiLeaks slates that after Rajapakse returned to Parliament in 1989(a memcon in Embassy files quotes) Rajapakse as freely admitting to ballot stuffing during that race, whereas Gota keeps on talking about a robust democracy, which never existed in srilanka. For example, under a democratic set-up, the people living in the North should participate in the development programs,whereas Gota boldly emphasised that the military is playing a key role in undertaking development programmes there. Any sane individual would easily understand how Gota tries to hide a large pumpkin in a small plate of rice. The speech is embedded with unfounded arguments of a very poor quality, which can only be sold to the unfortunate srilankans, who have been continuously brainwashed by such fabricated facts. It is high time to understand that there are very reputed journalists such as Namini, Tisaranee, Vickramabahu etc. are among us. I presume that Such writers will continuously reveal the facts for the common good of our srilankan society.

  95. This is an excellent piece by Gota. I do believe he is the one of the best administrative officer SL ever got. At any, he will complete given task successfully, not many in SL have this administrative skills. Even though many countries supported, without Gota, GOSL would not have defeated LTTE. As the person in charge of defense, he is right on his points and his worries are acceptable. As DBSJ said “arguably the second most powerful man in Sri Lanka” it is very important people listen to him, in order to understand what his & his team’s vision for future SL.

    In the computer world the ultimate security measure is by unplugging the network cable, disable wireless cards, disable USB/serial/parallel & any other connecting ports; remove or disable any removable media readers such as optical drives (CD/DVD..), floppy, memory card readers etc.. This is the ultimate security for a computer system from any virus or malware attacks. Perfect solution, but what is the use! Is this what Gota trying to accomplish?

    GOSL should stop convincing all that LTTE is the only problem of the country instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. Yes, LTTE was also a problem but not the root cause of the problem. Majority must change their mentality that Tamils were invaders and Sinhalese are bumiputhras theory. At the same time, Tamils also need to work on building better relationship with Sinhalese. How can this be done?

    In my personal view,
    GOSL should offer an acceptable political solution soon. What ever it is, must do soon… instead of dragging and dragging…

    Tamils (inside and outside), must start building relationship with Sinhalese and start feel the whole Island is their home not just North East. This feeling won’t start until a proper political solution is given to Tamils.

    GOSL doesn’t have to rely on China or India; all Sri Lankan (including Tamil, Sinhala Diaspora) can start investing in SL with hope and security, more over with pride and patriotic feeling.

    Only a proper political solution will solve most of the issues in SL. They know, all know but don’t won’t to implement because everyone worry about retaining their power and winning the next election since (unfortunately) majority (good/bad) rules in any democracy!

    Building Iron gage around Tamils inside SL and convincing International community that all Tamil Diaspora are terrorists not going bring any good… unless the plan is to get rid of Tamils in the Island….

  96. I agree with you. GOTA proved as a stratagist. He first cut all the supply routes of LTTE with the help of India.

    Later he and his brother Mahinda planned to evacuate all the un-armed people to IDP camps. He expected the problems of the IPKF. LTTE cheated IPKF and not surrendered the weapons. To deal that kind of scenario, IDP camps were created. Many HARDCORE LTTE terrorist were identified and arrested in those camps.

    The army/Police still recover hidden weapons of LTTE.

    In my view, GOTA is a genius! He feel the beats of the terrorists well! Diaspora are real donkeys. I have no doubt!

  97. Pro-JVP,

    Are you joking???

    The Sinhalese have something called the Mahavamsa (chosen people, sole owners of the island, etc, etc), they are the majority, they have the Sinhala government and Sinhala President, they have the Sinhala-Buddhist monks to protect them, they have the Sinhala Army to fight for them, they have everything Sinhala.

    The Tamils have lived along with the Sinhalese throughout history but are deprived of everything including the basic fundamental rights.

    Other than the aboriginal Veddhas, everybody else in Sri Lanka came from outside. The Sinhalese cannot become the sole owners of the island just because they are the majority.

  98. Soma,

    There is hardly any difference between Gotabaya and Prabakaran, Both are killing machines. Both are uneducated.

    They say diamond cuts diamond, and we all know the reason why one beat the other.

  99. Dear ISS et al,
    I am not Pro-JVP DBSJ knows that well. I think the JVP is the TADPOLE from all the Sinhalese are created and then they metamorphose into various forms like the extreme Dhanapathiyo’s, Dhaanapathiyos, Nidhana pathiyos, Nidhi pethiyos, Nidhan pathiyos, Ninditha pathiyo and so on and so forth.
    JVP sucks, like everything else in Sri Lanka. When people are not in power they are very cool. It’s the money and the power that changes a rat (quite well defined by the late Col Gaddafi) into a Rottweiler. That’s how Weerawanse became Greedywanse, Sathosa-Mervin became the Goat-Mervin. Velupillai became a Wali-pillai
    I think honorable people should rule a country, regardless of whether they are Tamil or Sinhalese; Not “undeducated or uncultured rascals” (CBK et al, Wikileaks, 14 Dec 2009)

  100. Gamage you fool, you have to thankful to brits for that. 100% of tamil ealam belongs to 100% tamils. We are not greedy for your land. Brits left tamils mercy of your sinhala evil morons.

  101. Dear Anti JVP,
    You are correct and I was joking. The Mahavansa was written by a man called Mahaadanamutta. Sole owners of Island are Bata and DSI. There is a clause in the constitution as to why they do not have provide any basic fundamental rights to the Tamils

    Restrictions on fundamental Rights (to the Tamils or the Sinhalese under the future Chinese rule) – Chapter 3, Article 15. (1) The exercise and operation of the fundamental rights declared and recognized by Articles 13 (5) and 13 (6) shall be subject only to such restrictions as may be prescribed by law in the interests of national security. For the purposes of this paragraph “law” includes regulations made under the law for the time being relating to public security.

    As for your last line the whole of mankind either originated from Sri Lanka (Adam’s Peak – Adam descended straight from the heavens to the paradise on earth – you can go and check for your self, a size 40 or 50 european size shoe he wears and strangely he was a pirate and had only the right leg) or they came as Thoru, Moru, Balaya, Kelawalla, Salaya from the Indian Ocean and evolved into Home Erectus the Modern Sri Lankan man with a pea brain.

  102. Thank you Aratai,

    At least your not alleging that the Rajapaksas pocketed all these funds.

    These are solid tangible assets, which deliver benefits to many generations of Lankan inhabitants.

    This is the first time in Srilaka , that a Govt has put Foreign funds to good use.

    And they will generate income to pay back the loans.

    And you know what,

    When the Western mates are getting big hair cuts on their fellow EU mates, our good wealthy mates in Asia , perhaps the wealthiest in a few years,will write off our loan book completely.

  103. SM – I do not want to dispute you on your estimate and regard for the Defence Secy. To be constructive critical should not be translated into hatred. If you read GR’s long speech you will see he avoided important matters like why running the affairs of the Tamil areas are still in the hands of military men in the demerged NEP. You may have read the Governor/NP – an ex-military man – simply cancelled the meeting with a visiting British Convservative MP scheuled with leaders of the civil leadership in Jaffna and ordered the GA to come for a restricted meeting with the visitor to his official bungalaow. One little thing that can mean much to the Tamils is the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil – as done earlier. GR knows people are watching his attitude in this. He could have settled this matter to the satisfaction of Tamils in his major speech. After all, it does not cost even a single cent to the Govt but means billions to the Tamil National consciousness.

    I am pleased to note my friend Jayadevan Rajasingham having visited Colombo and Jaffna – without incidents – a few days ago. He notes many improvements on the way and in the Jaffna District. I am very pleased to read this including his comments that the army is reducing its presence there. Lika Mr Jayadevan most Tamils place their present and the future of their children in the GoSL and not on any one/or body – but the latter has to conduct themselves as if the Tamil people matter. Minister SB Dissanayake says the Jaffna University has been allocated Rs.573 – “the largest” of all Universities. This, if true, is something to be rejoiced and acknowlsdged as the Presdient’s sincere wish for reconciliation. Mark my words, if the President, GR, Basil and the rest give the Tamils their due and their rights they (the Tamil people including those in the diaspora) will develop the NEP to remarkable levels in a short time.
    It matters little to the Tamil people if this is done by MR, Ranil, CBK, Mangala or even Jilmart. They simply want their just dues of development and prosperity – their share of the national resources.


  104. Dear Kalu Albert your statement “The primary is to create the scene for a Western Incursion to dismember Srilanka”

    I thought Sri Lanka was born dismembered and that’s why Ananda Samarakoon wrote “Sri Lanka Matha” (Female) instead of “Sri Lanka Thaththa” (Male)

    PS: Thaththa rhymes very well with Matha and it’s funnier
    We used to sing Sri Lanka Mahatha (i.e. a gentlemen) when we were young ( so dismembering is possible under that circumstances too)

  105. Is there hope? ,
    Gota was in Army during UNP regime & retired, so there was no way of getting undue influence. If at all, he would have been a victim under UNP regime due to his relationship with MR.

  106. I just want to comment about your line: “NM, Colvin, Bernard, Pieter, Shan, Kandiah et al were principled men who could not be seduced by money or matters venal”

    Now I don’t know too much about most of these gentlemen except Colvin, who was a friend of my late father and was a frequent visitor at our place in Mount Lavinia in the 60s and 70s. He was wealthy by Sri Lankan standards of the time with his wife managing most of their business affairs while he played being the fearless leftist, the protector of the poor. I am surprised that you, a Tamil, would honour the person who was the architect of 1972 Republican Constitution, which basically disfranchised the Tamil community and drove TULF to support separatism. Now I don’t for once believe that Colvin was a Sinhala supremist, but without a doubt he sold his ideals, beliefs and soul to be part of Madame Bandaranayeke’s government.

    Is this a case of one Colombo elitist honouring fellow elitist at the expense of his ethnic affiliations? I guess the blood was not thicker than a good shot of Chivas Regal or a stiff single malt scotch!

  107. J.Muthu,

    I choose to ignore your theatrics. The point is that there is more to affairs here that you and your kind do not see or choose to ignore.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  108. soma

    No other group in South Asia is so openly racist as the Tamils in Tamil Nadu.
    Are you saying that the tamils in tamilnadu attacked the malayalees and kannadigars and telugu people in tamilnadu,looted and burned their homes and businesses,raped their women,threw their infants into boiling tar barrels,chopped men,women and children with swords like matchsticks,burnt them alive in cars and burnt alive their priests in 1958,1977,1981 and 1983?Then after 1983 the tamilnadu armed forces took over from where the mobs left off,bombing the telugus,malayalees and kannadigas in the neighbhoring states of kerala,karnataka and andrapradesh,cutting their forefingers off so that they can’t pull a trigger,putting hundreds of youths into buildings and blowing them up,raping and killing their women and killing 40000 of them in a final assault.

    yes, the tamilnadu racists taught the other southindians who is the boss here.Either the kannadigas,telugus and malayalees have to assimilate and become tamils,or buckeroff to where they came from which is…,eh let me think…got it, andaman islands.

  109. ISS,

    From what I understand the ‘National Anthem’ can be sung in Tamil. This issue has been clarified many times by senior members of the cabinet. The anthem should be sung in Tamil on an important occasion to test whether this is true. It is fear- real or imagined- that is sustaining a ‘Belief’. Minister Douglas Devananda, should have the national anthem sung in Tamil at a public occasion he attends, to confirm what I believe is true. Is he capable of doing it?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  110. J.muthu

    We are not greedy for your land.

    Then why are you asking for the east as part of eelam?It was never a part of the jaffna kingdom and always belonged to the kandyan kingdom.

  111. I fully endorse Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse views on resurgent tamil terrorism outside of Sri Lanka. I would also note that it is good form of revenue to some.

    However My vision for Srilanka is one that all would live free with dignity allowing others also to live free with dignity.

    For that there should be some trust generated by the Tamils in Srilanka that they can live as full citizens as some alredy do. Others will naturally blame the incumbant majority government ( which will be Sinhales as some say ).

    Leaving aside politician, NGO’s and do gooders, ordinary tamils and sinhalese and people of other communities need to live their basic lives, bring up children and educating them and enjoying granchildren when the time comes.

    Mr Gotabhaya has eradicated the LTTE which I call a menace and a curse on all Srilankans. I wish him success keeping Srilanka safe.

  112. Dushy,

    The content and style of Gota’s speech makes me strongly suspect the speech was ghostwritten by your friend Rohan Gunaratna.

  113. Ranjan,

    I share your views on Colvin in this. Is your father Mr. Amita Abeysekara, the journalist who wrote a column in The Island newspaper?

  114. Gamage, you fool. Not all tamils want tamil Eelam. We want fools like you to stop stereotyping us. Equal rights is all we need. Do some research – we are do not have that yet.

  115. echo
    Who is Gota’s ghost writer anyway?
    No single person can take full credit.It was co-authored by Dr.mervyn silva and duminda silva from his singapore hospital bed,and some contribution from gota himself.

    Actually mervyn and gota fell out over this.Mervyn wanted to take full credit for the authorship,but gota would have none of it and felt that duminda too should be given his fair share.hence the white van taking mervyns men one by one.

  116. expatriate

    wrong.co-authored by duminda silva and dr.mervyn silva duo and spellings and grammar corrected by gota.

  117. “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where they is no river.” ~Nikita Khrushchev

    The reason you are insecure is due to the fact that you still are giving Tamils a reason to feel marginalized. There is no need to beef up the Military if you ensure that the tamils have no reason to feel marginalized.

    You did not have to commit all those war crimes during the war either. Your time will come. Karma is a bitch.

  118. tiger

    Let the Sri Lankan government waste it’s valuable financial resources on maintaining military presence until total depletion.

    Srilanka’s public debt as a percentage of its GDP is 82% and is the 16th largest in the world. One day in the future lenders will not give us any money to pay back the earlier loans.Then what will happen?They will want a slice of the country.By that time the rajapakshe’s will be gone from the scene and someone else will be holding the can.The pyramid scheme will fall,this time the depositers will be the future generations,all their earnings will be going to pay the loans and their independence and sovereignity at stake.At that time they will wonder,the enemy was never within,it was always outside the country.If only we had reconciled with the tamils and united and faced the real enemy,what would have been..

  119. you can’t delete comments based on racism. I am a tamil myself

    Of course I can!What makes you think that Tamils are some special species without racism. Some of the worst racists in the world today are Tamils

  120. I think Dilshan F wants to say that he is ok with wiping out tamils but do it democratically. There is no talk of who gave birth to Tamil militancy or the Sinhala only bill.
    Sri Lanka clearly has the greatest distinction in South Asia for being the most intolerant state after Pakistan! That is despite Budhism!

  121. Yes I agree Deva, we have got a grade 8 level quality of governance.

    Obama went to Harvard
    Camaron went to Eton and Oxford
    Manmohan Singh went to Oxford and Cambridge

    Rajapakse failed A/L’s and didn’t go to any university……..none of the Rajapakse’s…….

    I can see the result….the quality of governance if aimed at the peasants and not the highest level required in order to develop of country and obtain the confidence of the highest levels which invest in our nation.

    Its all about conning the peasants to stay in power…………

    A bunch of uneducated peasants are running our country, even the forces commanders……..

  122. I am with the Diaspora as Sri Lanka is ruled by the yako’s for the yako’s and everyone is trying to take the next plane out….have you not noticed?

  123. Dilshan,

    Tamils cannot be forced into saying that we all belong to one nation. Like other countries, all citizens should feel and sense in their blood that they too are equal and are fairly treated. We as a majority should go out of comfort, an extra mile to earn their trust which means yielding some additional rights and opportunities to Tamils.If we pay mere lip service reassuring everything is hunky dory, the current instability and suspicion would only continue to prevail. This in turn will require us to maintain wasteful, self destructive military spending with our limited financial resources. Give them police powers and land rights and perhaps regional autonomy which would bring back friendly countries willing to help us back to our fold.We need to demonstrate that Sinhalese as a society is magnanimous and that we can forgive and forget. The only way to eradicate the residuals or fringes of LTTE in other countries is to unify and not alienate western nations.

    Gota is right in his current assessment that the unforeseeable extended future that we need to be watchful and therefore he is building a case for more military budget. He has however not proposed an alternative or a deadline as to when and how to pull back military. He should be well advised on reversal strategies of the current impasse rather than trying the same old time tested failed tricks which would lead to less confidence in our government among Tamils.

  124. Kota

    yes,iam in a western country so i am very qualified to comment on this speech because it is mostly about a threat to srilanka emanating from the western world,for example the tamil schools etc. Therefore why should i know about the ground realities in srilanka to comment about this speech by gota? for example i went to see a tamil school after reading gota’s speech.He was quite correct ,i saw 2 year old toddlers shouting ‘eelam,eelam’ and running around with a wooden AK 47,which was so heavy that it required about 10 of them to carry one.Start young,they always say no.Anyway by the time they are 20,the present army fellows will be nearly 50 years and ready to retire and like north cyprus being part of turkey, the northeast will be a part of india.

  125. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    Are you and M.Sivananthan the same person???
    Both of you have the ideas, thoughts, and wishes.
    Both of you act like Douglas Devananda’s poodles.
    Both of you are singing for the rajapakshes.
    Don’t you think it is a cheap way of earning your daily bread???

  126. Percy,

    Robust democracy doesn’t exist in majority of the south asian and south east asian countries, such as India, pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, nepal, Manmar, Maldives, Thailand, Malasia, Indonasia etc etc etc.

    Infact robust democracy doesn’t exist in any of the third world (Euphemestically called developing countries) countries. It is wishful thinking to expect that Srilanka becomes a robust democracy in hurry.

  127. Some more news of JVP-LTTE love affair !! Are these just paranoia or an ominous sign.

    Adding to these factors, security sources say, is a suspected link between the radical group and the overseas groups that once backed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Suspicions in security circles have heightened after a one time JVP General Secretary Lionel Bopage attended a seminar on Accountability in Sri Lanka organised by the UK-based Global Tamil Forum in Sydney in late October last year. The event coincided with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Perth, Western Australia. Since Kumar is known to be shuttling between Australia and Sri Lanka, questions were raised whether there was a nexus. Police believe Kumar was in Sri Lanka when internal rivalries between the feuding factions of the JVP…….

  128. http://www.sundaytimes.lk/120108/Columns/political.html

    In all fairness to the JVP dissident group I would copy from the above new site.

    Hope DBSJ will allow this.

    ‘ON THE DISAPPEARANCE OF LALITH AND KUGAN: They were not involved in violent politics. They peacefully took the message to the people in the north. They saw common ground in the issues faced by the people in the south and north. They are not terrorists.’

    ‘ON THE ONGOING ‘STRUGGLE’: It is not a month since we started this mass struggle. It seems many have panicked. They are making various allegations. Initially media reports suggested about an armed struggle. Later they said foreign groups were backing us. Then they said the LTTE was funding us. It is not us who are engaged in anti-democratic practices and violent politics. It is the government.’

  129. Many Politicians, their yes men and cronies always wish to keep conflicts and disputes alive. They make speeches and write stories that are well-worded to convince the people. They promise in their Election Manifestos that they never implement. They have to continue with these dubious methods so that they can exist is politics and non-deserving jobs which, if they lose, will make them jobless and lose their means of earning.Thanks to the Sri Lankan people who are too innocent.

  130. J.Muthu says:
    January 13, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    Dont fool your self my dear refusing learn sinhala brother
    Dear muthu,

    You didn’t answare my question. Insted of answaring you are making rubush.



  131. “Ex-LTTE cadres are with us”

    Not just Karuna and KP, the Government has a large number of Ex-LTTE cadres as well in its payroll in active duty.

  132. Tiger, I am worried about a just solution for Tamils in Colombo, Tamils in the estates and Tamils who practise Islam scattered all over.

    Can you help me?

  133. Ranjan – Interesting point. I need not remind you there were hardly any in our political history consistent all along. In fairness to them – in many other countries as well. They sometimes had to adjust depending on the moving times.

    I have been a harsh critic of these LSSP/Communist leaders for their position since they jumped ship (1964?)When we speak of these left leaders (I am sorry I omitted the name of Dr. S. A. Wickremasinghe in my list) we recall more the pre-1964 era – of Language Parity,Citizenship Rights to Estate workers etc. I remember having a friendly argument with Tissa Vitharna – NM’s nephew – who insisted minority securities were incorporated in an entire Chapter in the 1972 Constitution – an untenable defence. But race/religion aside, history has ways of remembering good and learned men. I am but a few of the many Tamils who respect the memory and names of these great Ceylonese/Lankan leaders.

    On a personal note, it was always a great pleasure to hear and be with Colvin – who was very much my senior. He was one of the finest writers, speakers of the English language I have known. Those on the other side tell me even to be cut by his sharp tongue was sometimes a pleasure. You know very well his “mortal political enemy” and school-mate JRJ shared such an admiration for Colvin until the day he died – despite the political chasm between them. The entire Tamil political leadership closed ranks to honour this fine man when he died overlooking the many recent negatives to them when Colvin was Cabinet Minister.

    There is a reference to Amita here. I want to respect your anonymity. But if he was your father you have reason to feel proud. He was a Guest Speaker in one of our Rotary meetings. I have never laughed in all my life like that in the 30 minutes he spoke to us of the political gaffes of his time. The nearly 60 men and women in the club were in so much of convulsion that night I thought some of them might get into trouble laughing. The circulation of the “Island” rose due to his popular piece – something that cannot be contradicted. When I read he had died I told Ranjith, who brought him to the Club, our society and Sri Lanka have lost one of our most talented and beloved journalists and citizens.


  134. Sir, a few months back one Principal was killed for protesting for the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil. Eventually it was sung in Sinhala only.

  135. May be the Tamils want to feel free at least now. That is the reason they are asking for democracy now.

    If they cannot open their mouth in the LTTE and also in the Sri Lankan govt then what is the difference between them both.

    The Tamils are asking more than that. They are asking for political solution.

  136. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    With due respect to you, if singing of the National Anthem in Tamil is “clarified by senior members of the Cabinet” there is hardly any need to put Minister DD to the acid test. When, under that blaze of controversy, it was not when the President visited Jaffna then since Govt sources insisted the Govt had done no wrong. It was much looked forward to when the PM Jayaratne came after a few weeks. Tamil children practiced in Tamil for the occasion. The PM came and went. It was reported the Governor ordered the Anthem should be sung in Sinhala only. Very sad. As far as I know, the situation remains the same. I hope some readers in Jaffna will comment.

    Let us see what happens when Indian FM Shri S.M. Krishna visits Jaffna next by week when I presume both Anthems
    will be sung on appropriate occasions.


  137. Expat,
    My father was not Mr. Amita Abeysekara. My father was in one of the first batches to come out of University of Sri Lanka at Peradeniya. Some of the very prominent Tamil politicians who later went on to lead TULF were his batch mates and during those days and often they used to go down to then small fishing village down south on weekends for sea baths and lunch at my grandfathers place. From university he spend a short time as a teacher and then joined the education department as an officer and after 35 years of service retired as a director of education. He served all over Sri Lanka during his service, had many chances to meet most of the prominent politicians of various governments and interact with them. He counted many of them as his friends – Colvin and a many others.

    Straight as an arrow, he clashed and spoke against his own minister when he thought they had give directions that were not correct. As a result, had endure “punishment transfers” to places like Ampara and Anuradhapura a few times. Little did the ministers and high officials at Education department know that he loved those places and the small villages that he thought where the real Sri Lanka was. So those “punishment transfers” were delightful places to work as far as he was concerned.

    In the sixties he was an arbitration officer during the government take over of private schools and he had to arbitrate the compensation that was given to various private organizations whose schools were taken over by the government – especialy with the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka. From his position as an arbitrator, he could have made millions, but as everyone that knew him and our family saw, he did not take a single cent for his personal gain. He did his job well, honestly and proudly. He retired in 1978 when he felt that he no longer could carry out the orders of then education minister, who was from Anuradhapura where my father was the director of education.

    Absolutely astute observer of Sri Lankan politics, he foresaw a lot of things that was coming and he was very distressed and disgusted at what was happening to race relations between Sinhalese and Tamils. Well, that was my father. Sorry DBS, al this is off topic, but I could not resist.


    No problem Ranjan! I am glad you wrote this

  138. Kota! What are the ground realities in-fact? You, yourself know how to check the ground realities? Are you saying, we have to come to DBSJ’s blog and read the articles written by people like Dr R Narendran to know the ground realities? Let me enlighten you how you test the ground realities! Firstly, look, who the Tamil people are electing to represent them. Secondly take the Tamil local news-papers and just read the head-lines. Didn’t you learn, that the newspapers reflect the mood of the Nation/that society?

  139. Dr. RN as a Sinhalese I myself don’t understand why the govt wont recognize the National Anthem in Tamil. I think it is stupid! But having said that I dont think that ANY govt in SL, India or the West can give lasting peace to the Sinhala and Tamil people. That will only be achieved by the people themselves by learning to appreciate the good qualities in each other.

    The day we all can look into our own childrens eyes and say to our selves with all honesty that we have done right by them is when the communities will be able to come together. The moment we speak ill of other communities/groups is a good sign that as parents we have failed by our children and that would be an epic failure.

  140. Shankar! First of all, I was also surprised, when I learned the other day, that you are a lady. When I first read your comment, I thought I was the only one didn’t know because I am not a fancy reader of all the comments. But after I read the others comments I knew it was a news to many. But the problem now is, it will make someone a bit reluctant to criticize your comment harshly.

    OK, now, you said above, Gota should send his forces/intelligence abroad to do works(assassinations) like moss-ad/CIA to finish off the overseas LTTE leaders (I know you said it for a joke)? Isn’t is laughable, even to think like that? These dumb fellows, can operate outside their borders, you think? For one reason or other, the sleeper-sells which were in the capital, was not activated by the LTTE high-command during the height of the war. We know, very well how weak their intelligence is even comparing within our country? After-all, these guys who are attached to the world highest, respectable, body cannot even forget their raping habits of their indigenous country, how do you expect them do do an intelligent work like moss-ad or CIA?

  141. “So what happend after forming new government in SOUTH SUDAN?
    Didn’t start fighting among the civilions of SOUTH SUDAN?”
    No matter what, Independence is the best. There will be no more rapes, and killing, with-out records by a brutal majority. Ask the South-Sudanese, they will tell you the same.

    Didn’t you hear anywhere before, “Nothing is impossible? LTTE made biggest blunders and that is why it lost. But in the mean time, our former politicians like Amrithalingam and so on who helped the creation of the Tamil militancy by their speeches (though more than 1000 reasons existed for an armed struggle), themselves never believed for one second, that a strong Tamil army could emerge from us Tamils, but it did. So, do not be too comfortable about tomorrow.

  143. Benjamin Franklin is one of the founding fathers of America who broke away from the hypocritical ties of old Europe! He’s not a stray monkey! No wonder fundamentalists hate him!

  144. “Unquestionably, it is Gotabaya who gave the leadership to all armed forces to eradicate the LTTE menace from Lanka.”

    Please say with India and China orchestrating the war for him.

  145. One can still live abroad and yet patriotic! Pls don’t bring lame excuses like these and defend the neanderthal systems and practices in SL which are putting SL behind!

  146. Now Americans have a big problem at their hand? A few US soldiers seem urinating on few dead Taliban fighters. Now Americans have to do justice to those dead Afghans, whose bodies were urinated upon and seem to do justice for the people of Afghanistan and world. Simple! Call MR to give a team to investigate the matter. The panel should comprise with J L Peeris as the team leader, Gota as co-coordinator and Davinda, Leela, Kalu Albert, and David blacker as panel members. The findings would be swift, short and great. Their findings will be like this, “in-fact, it was not the US soldiers who were seen in the video urinating on top of the bodies actually urinated, but it was the dead Afghans who urinated towards the US troops, who were standing there”.

  147. Thank you Mahesh (Jan 14) for reminding. I think it was Zonal Director of Education
    of Vallikamam Mr Markandu Sivalingam who was gunned down (by – you know who??) in front of his family at home on 26/10/2010 for training and insisting on the Children singing the Natinal Anthem in Tamil. I am sure Tamils will take a long time to forget this dedicated and good officer whose family may be in difficulties now.


  148. Dear Soma,
    I don’t know about prabakaran but I believe if people repeat that manthra, you are definitely going to wake up after your death. The first 3 lines are a 100% match for your personality. For the last line I think its a bluff

  149. No one still got the message ,only killing the messenger as ususal Srilankan(whiteflag)style to bred the
    Undemocratic politics.

    What we fight against are Institutionalized racism ,Oppression and State terrorism.without sinhalese
    help Tamils had no option other than separate Eelam.Dictators never keep their promises or signed accords
    but terrorise the whole country by using state tools as above to ‘devide and rule’communities and ill-inform
    international society.

    No War or No Arm uprising,but…

    This is the high time to end everything and accepting the cohabiting Tamils right of selfrule in the NorthEast
    and change Economic Socialism for every one in the country.Bad rulling system always produce Bad rullers.
    Bad rullers also produce Bad rulling System.We have to change both to have bright future not like hiding the Human rights under the carpet.

    If all Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Students,Workers,Intellectuals united then driving force is there in the nation to change these executive dictatorship.International standard justice,democracy and econamic social life will ease the island people all current hardships.

  150. ISS,
    I agree with you, all politicians of all stripes and ethnic origin have changed their voice and tunes suite to their needs. That is why they have been politicians. We the observers, need to keep them on their toes and remind them of their previous positions and how they have changed those. But I believe that joining with the SLFP and doing what they did to the SL constitution, LSSP and CP did huge damage to the Sri Lankan society and put the foundations to the chaos and the war that followed. NM, Colvin, Peter Kenuman and the other leftists has to bear that responsibility. These were the intellectual giants of their time, with their foreign education and double PhD’s from London Schoool of Economics, yet failed utterly to lead the country in the correct direction.

    I reminded you of Colvin’s inconsistencies not because I don’t have respect for him, but we need to be aware of his complete record and also because I truly did not expect what you (as a Tamil) said about honouring his memory. He indeed was a legend.

    As I responded in an earlier post, my father was not Amita. If I identified by his name, I am sure there will be a few here who would have known him, but I wish to keep that part of my life private.

  151. I know many crying for LTTE and getting dollars to pay their mortgages. Rajapakse or DD never pay any thing for the people who support them! How much you make by supporting LTTE goons?

    I think you expect Tamils must bark against Rajapakse and DD and support LTTE criminals and UNP.

  152. G.C.E O/L was enough to be enlisted as a second Lt.in the army in the 70s.

    Later he became COL in the army’s signallers corps.

    But he proved himself as a military genius and played the important part in defeating the notorious criminal LTTE!

  153. Soma,

    I am a Colombo Tamil and I am also half upcountry and half Jaffna Tamil.I am married to a US born Muslim Tamil.My uncle is married to your President’s niece.None of us have basic human rights in Sri Lanka including you and if you write against your government a white van will follow you.There are numerous examples of disappearances of Sinhalese and extra judiciary killings in Sri Lanka.Incidentally my siblings are married to Caucasians in USA and they all sincerely feel having basic rights, to say what they think is right without fear or censure.

    Just implement basic rights to all your citizens regardless of race,creed,color or demography.Will you? We will then talk afterwards once that is achieved as a first step at minimum.Thanks.

  154. Dushy Ranetunge,

    Why not? We got Oxford Guys as well, SWRD was the Secretary of Oxford Union.
    I thought he was the part of the problem we have inherited, by introducing “Sinhala only” in 1956.

    lately, Gamini D who burnt Jaffna Library was a product of Cambridge.
    like wise there were many.

  155. Do your Boys sing Baila and Dance ?

    Our Boys and girls ,both Tamil and Sinhala do,and also sing Sinhala , Tamil and English Songs too.

    Drop in, if you get a chance and enjoy one of our Musical shows to relax your mind.

    You can attend a Pooja and get a blessing too.

  156. afool
    how do you expect them do do an intelligent work like moss-ad or CIA?
    How did they capture KP?

    A big mistake tamils make is to think that sinhalese are not intelligent.I used to play chess in srilanka, so i know better.

    If gota knocks off nediyavan,vinayagam etc he does not have to maintain an armed forces of more than 200000 no. 50000 will be enough.Now the LTTe rump has to only wait patiently,while srilanka bankrupts itself and like north korea ask for food aid in return for reduction in the armed forces or as northkorea says not enriching its uranium.

  157. soma

    Don’t worry too much about them.Did you see what happenned in cyprus.The greeks attacked the turks in nicosia,the capital.Turkey invaded and secured northern cyprus which is about one third of cyprus for the cypriot turks to live with security and dignity.All the turks in greek cypriot went into turkish cypriot and vise versa.

    So use your imagination a bit for the future of srilanka and stop shedding crocodile tears for the tamils.They can look after themselves.Instead you better worry about losing one third of your country if there is no political solution. Your IQ and the rajapakshe IQ are at same level.I ‘am sure you did not pass your A’levels or even your O’levels.

  158. Dilshan P,

    You can think what you want. It is sad that you cannot know what the english word ‘However’ means when inserted at the begining of a sentence.

  159. Ranil,

    Since you replied to two comments by same first name I presume you are refering to Dilshan P.

    If you are refering to my comment as DilshanF – Yes I agree with what you say.

    All must feel comfortable not only tamils but the majority Sinhalese as well.
    more sabre rattling by sepratist groups outside of Srilanka only makes the majority feel that being watchful and be vigilant will prevent another LTTE being born.

    But leaving that aside after this terrible tragerdy people of all walks of life must be able to live normally.

  160. kalu

    When the Western mates are getting big hair cuts on their fellow EU mates, our good wealthy mates in Asia , perhaps the wealthiest in a few years,will write off our loan book completely.

    Why would they do that?Chinese are known as the jews of asia,one of the most tightfisted and business minded people in the world and the indians are not far behind.You are waiting as usual for your free lunch,the typical srilankan lotus eater,that you are.If the lender is giving take it,because you have no intention of paying back.

    In this case the two lenders are giants and if dwarfs like us try play with them,we will get crushed.A third of the country will be given to india and another third will be given to china,and your future generations can live on the balance third.

    I see a great future for a entirely new race to emerge in srilanka which is called the chinhalese.The chinhalese will be slant eyed,lightskinned,industrious,very intelligent and businessminded.They will not make a big noise about bhuddhism,though they will call themselves bhuddhists,and a mild kind of bhuddhism,with laughing bhuddha all over will prevail.

    Maybe it is all for the best. It is gods way of evolving a new race with ethnic admixture in order to be more competitive in the future.Only downside is the sinhalese will lose their identity forever.

  161. What is your problem Sivananthan. SL Tamils in Tamil Nadu are refugees of India. No matter what language they are speaking, they are not citizens of India.
    The bloggers, all know who you are. You are dead against LTTE. That is fine but you often praise MR and counterparts for their achievement in abolishing them completely out of SL.
    If you are really patriatic to your tamil people as you claim to be, Why don’t you ask MR and get them out of India?
    Why you are talking about the human rights? When you see someone dead hanging in a lamp post, what did you do?
    Since you’re still alive, anybody from SL Tamil area will undestand who you are?
    How long will it last of your double standards?

    You must have a limit to critisize other countries!!!

  162. We can include Karuna, KP and Douglas to that list too.

    Gota’s is going after strong heads that can not be bought by money or any other cheap offerings. May be all these friends of Gota don’t have strong personalities as VP or SF.

    Only history would tell us who was reasonable and who was a hawk.

  163. “How is the toilet cleaning job?”


    Are you talking about your women folk in the Arab countries???
    They are doing it very well, infact the Arabs are amazed to see them doing it so well.

  164. I have heard baila song from one of my friends from Jaffna. They are very expressive or suggestive. Actually they do not leave anything for imagination.

    I have not heard them or seen a dance for them since. Can you post some videos.

    Diyasena once suggested a Tamil song to be the National song. It was ‘surangani, surangani, suranganika maalu kanna vaa. maalu maalu maalu suranganika maalu …

    Likewise you post some other song for the benefit of the bloggers here.

    If some beautiful girl from the island dances for that tune it will good.

    They say that beauty is skin deep. Let us see lot of that.

    May be simbu will include one some time in the near future. He has got a good taste for these kind of item songs.

    If the gorgeous Mallika Sherawat dances for them it will be still better.

    Who can forget her belly dance in the film Guru.

    I don’t want to attend pooja and get blessings. If pooja Uma shankar gives her blessing to me it is enough for me.

  165. SM,

    Tamils should be able and be permitted to sing the national anthem in Tamil, anywhere in the island. Period.

    I wish the ‘Ban’ on singing the anthem in Tamil should be put to the test. Fear of possible consequences seems to be major barrier. This is why I suggested Minister Douglas- who should be in the lead- should move to test the ban.

    It is funny some people think that I am pro-Douglas because of this suggestion! On the other hand I also understand that many want to continuing having issues unresolved to use as Beggar’s wounds.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  166. Dear ISS,

    It is fear- real or imagined- that prevents the anthem being sung in Tamil. There has to be a litmus test. The least Minister Douglas can do as a cabinet minister spending most of his time in Jaffna and with aspirations to be the Chief Minister, is to orchestrate this test.

    There are a lot of things being reported. Most of which has proved to be utter nonsense. The story about the Sangiliyan statue was one such canard.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  167. Shankar,

    I am sorry , I was a bit harsh in replying to ur comment. I was writing in the night. My body was charged by the somarasa, which in turn had charged my mind.

    Though Srilanka needs a strong military to defend itself against any future manifestation of terrorism, , a 2 lakh strong army is certainly over proportional. By this yardstick, India and China should be having army of about 1 crore strong each!. ( China army is said to be about 20 lakh strong and Indian army about 12 lakh strong) India and China certainly are facing much greater and more serious threats( Terrorism and territorial disputes with neighbours etc) than Srilanka.

    About your comment about the toddlers ( In some western countries tamil schools) running around with wooden ak47 and shouting eelam, eelam, whoever pigshit filled heads are responsible for this, have not learnt any lesson from the blunder of v. prabhakaran. In course of time , they will also meet the same fate of prabhakaran( If not straight bullets in the head, long jail term etc.).

    About ur comment about north n east , being part of India. It can be even now, if India wants to.
    But India has never shown hegemonistic tendencies towards it’s neighbhours( If it were, Bangladesh would have been part of India. India did the hard work with it’s soldiers dying and gave bangladesis, a brand new country on a golden platter) and there is the bigdragon factor (China).

    Happy Sankrati,

  168. afool,

    Shankar’s comment: How did they capture kp ?

    Just becuase you have nicknamed youself ‘afool’ u don’t have to live upto it. First enlighten yourself.

  169. Surangami is NOT a Tamil song. It is a Sinhalese song also sung in Tamil and a few other languages. If you want to see baila dancing, do to Youtube and type Sri Lankan baila and you will get hundreds of clips.

  170. Like the Israelis never let our guard down..
    With this man at the helm neither the LTTE nor the JVP can veer their ugly terrorist heads again..
    Le-olam lo od!!!

  171. Deva,

    I like doing things in style. I dress up in style, carry a stylish laptop (Though a laptop with similar specs, I could have got it cheaper), drive a stylish car(Alteast what i think stylish within my budget).

    I not necessarily a supporter of MR, Gota, Basa etc.

    You wrote ‘ Gota did the job in style ”

    In style!?

    My ass, it was damn good style.

    The whole generations ( Young, middle aged, old, very old etc ) , who saw the images of the dead body v prabhakaran, are not going to forget it in thier entire life time.

  172. Shankar,

    The referendum is already 24 years overdue.. So it must precede any re-merger attempt. Otherwise the TNA using their land and police powers will move people from the Tamil-only North to the muti-ethnic East snd win the referendum (whilst using Thesavalamai to block any migration from other provinces).

    International agreements are not cast in stone.. Nor are they intertwined (the Sirima- Shastri pact or the CEPA have nothing to do with the Indo-Lanka accord)..

    But GoSL shouldnt make excuses saying the TNA stance is untenable.. They should make their own counter proposals.. Maybe they can say okay we will give police, land and some fiscal powers to North, if you give the Sinhala majority parts of Trinco to North Central parts of Ampara to Uva.. Then their will be two Tamil speaking provinces (one Muslim dominated of course) physically separated but enjoying full devolution..

  173. Tiger, Shankar

    Very difficult to think of a possible political for the majority of Tamil speaking people, isn’t it?

  174. Thank you DBSJ (for enlightening us by providing unbiased and facts; brining us all Islanders and non-Islanders together; help building a healthier, friendlier, civilized, knowledged community)

    Thank you nature, we will try our best not to pollute much and be more responsible for us and our next generation…

    Wish this Thai bring more peace, good health & wealth to all…

    Wish you all Tamils a very happy, peaceful, healthy, prosperous Thai-Pongal!

  175. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    Srinivasa Ramanujan did not have any formal qualification after he was 17 years old.

    His work on mathematics is celebrated by many.

    Obama went to Harvard and justifies US policy of beating the s..t out of those who don’t agree with America.

    Camaron went to Eton and Oxford and justifies UK French policy of beating the s..t out of those dont agree with America. He has appointed Osborne to oversee the drastic cuts in public spending in the history of UK.

    Manmohan Singh went to Oxford and Cambridge, great economist who lost his way among the politicians. Under his watch billions of rupees have been swindled by politicians. He couldn’t do a thing. Perhaps he had already join the club.

    Education has nothing to do honesty, abiding by the law of the land, taking responsibilty for the actions of one’s own, …..

    I don’t think you are implying that the uneducated peasants do not have basic human decency.

  176. How did they capture KP?
    I am not an insider to know exactly what happened there, but I have many theories about it.

  177. ISS

    You are asking the wrong person.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran would not demand the Tamil children’s right to sing national anthem in Tamil in case it might upset the Sinhala speaking people and their leadership.

    The more the Tamil speaking people appease Dr.Rajasingham Narendran wants them to appease more.

  178. ISS

    Perhaps Mr Markandu Sivalingam did not compromise/appease or he didn’t listen to Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

    Not many people stand up to racist bullies.

  179. M.Sivanathan!
    What is democracy any way? Shouting freedom? Or voting freedom where you have no power to change anything? What is the point of having shouting freedom and voting freedom while you remain absolutely nothing? All the same living in America or under the LTTE apart from the living expenditure. But, not under the Sinhalese who think they are our masters

  180. Let me put it in simple terms.

    If you ask a 5 star guy to build a public toilet, the toilet will be 5 star up to his standards.

    If you ask a village chokka from Hambanthots to build a public toilet it will be upto Chokka standard and you will not be able to use it.

    Its the same with the quality of governance…..what we are getting is at village level……

  181. Kota,
    Perhaps the picture of VP dead body was a gruesome,(though I’m not particular about it) but it ended deaths of some 80,000 people (in total)of men, women & children of all communities & soldiers,LTTE’rs etc. and the suffocation of 30 years war that affected 22 million people.
    War put Ceylon Tamil Community at least by 04 generations behind & the country by 02 generations as well.

    No more children abductions/ suicide bombings/ tears in children’s eyes for dead parents/ tears in parents eyes for dead children due to an unending & prolonged war. This was due to fine execution of war ( in style)against terror by Gota.
    However much pro separatists think or say, all the Tamil inhabitants in Sri Lanka will have a better future.
    So it’s a matter of time before people who sympathized with LTTE forget the war.
    Children growing up without the hazel
    of war in North will just make a passing remark for yesterdays hero of some misguided men. Just wait & see.

  182. Perhaps , Mahesh should go to Toronto and attend a party in one of these posh hotels when SL Tamil Canadians have their B’Day Bashes.

  183. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    “This is why I suggested Minister Douglas- who should be in the lead- should move to test the ban”.

    Why him? Why not you telling your new found friends?

    I learned from your comment that the Rajabakse (and his extended family) are a bunch of good hearted fellows hence it is only appropriate for them to openly make a statement on Tamil Anthem.

    Perhaps even to request the Rajabakse in this regard may make the Sinhalese angry,

    Therefore Dr.Rajasingham Narendran may continue to appease the opressors.

  184. Native Veddah,

    Where did you get this stupid idea. Please read what I have said carefully before rushing to comment.

    I am not demanding that Tamils be permitted to sing the anthem in Tamil, but sing it in Tamil everywhere in Sri Lanka. No one has to grant us this right and we do not need permission to exercise this right. This is a right we have enjoyed from independence. The LTTE stopped us from singing it in the areas under their control and now the stupid utterences of some sinhala politicians, actions of misdirected/ misinformed soldiers and alleged reasons for the murder of a government official are cited for not being able to sing the anthem in Tamil.

    There is something called ‘Passive resistance’. Let us all sing the anthem in Tamil, whenever the occasion warrants it. Let Douglas Devananda prove that there is no prohibition to sing the anthem in Tamil. Let us see what happens. I will definitely sing the Tamil version, even if others are singing the Sinhala version, when the occasion arises!

    I welcome the new found ‘Sri Lankan patriotism’ of the likes of you. This is a big step forward, even though I know that the likes of you would use anything, including those that are contrary to what you believe in, to beat the government and Sinhala people with. This cynical behaviour does not behoove us as a people.

    It is also funny that individuals who rush to comment on issues such as this fail to comment on two posting of critical/vital importance to the people in the north and east. They are:

    1.Is enough being done to address the security concerns of women in the north and east

    2.Over 60% of households in the north are food inscure.

    What should engage our attention and call for tangible help are ignored. Why? I am sure many discerning readers will understand.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  185. Dear Native,

    I think some of the diaspora guys with bloated egos want their proxies from Oxford or Cambridge to rule us.

    They have no sense of the Sri Lankan way of life.

    They only know about 5 star luxuries in SL & the quality of public toilets in UK !!!

    Native tell them about the realities in the jungles please !

  186. Siva,

    Probably because we have a deeper understanding and knowledge of history and because we try to be objective.
    The words, “Douglas Devananda’s poodles”, “Singing for Rajapakses”} and “Cheap way of earning your daily bread”,
    are proof of your own pathetic mental state.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  187. Native Veddah,

    Please demonstrate that you can stand upto racist bullies, by coming here and singing the Tamil version of the national anthem at the Katunayake airport itself. If you are here already, why not stand on a wooden crate at the Jaffna bus stand and sing it as loud as you can and as musically as possible. Please let me know in advance. I will be there to organize people to carry you on a palenquin, as Sir P.Ramanathan was carried by many Sinhalese from the Colombo harbour to his residence in Kollupitiya.

    Of course, you have to be brave enough first to reveal your own name!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  188. kota

    But India has never shown hegemonistic tendencies towards it’s neighbhours( If it were, Bangladesh would have been part of India.

    That is because they would not want more than 100 million muslim population.It is a headache for them.Same way they would not want a rebellious sinhala bhuddhist population as part of there country,but as for the northeast it fits in perfectly with tamil hindus and christians who are identical to their religion and ethnicity in tamilnadu.So unlike bangladesh the norteast can be annexed and easily incorporated as an additional indian state.Everything depends on what the population want when you annex them to you.The sudetanland germans in checkoslavakia wanted to be part of germany and the austrians too.So when hitler annexed them he had no problem because he could show the world that the people there wanted it,but when he took it one step further and invaded the rest of checkosvakia and poland he got into trouble because they did not want to be a part of greater germany.

    As for my anecdote about the tamil schools,it was only a joke.If you read again i mention as 2 year toddlers.Do you think they are capable of doing that?

  189. afool

    Since you don’t want to tell us about your theories,why don’t you just go by the official theory and say the srilankan government did a damn good job in overseas territory.So why cannot it become like mossad to counter the LTTE rump overseas?

  190. Shankar,
    I’m a Batticaloanian and belong to a family lived and living more than five generations. Before, british rule, there was no system existed to register births in my home town. But, births registered after, have all informations about parents and grand parents. My grandpa’s birth certificates which is neither in Tamil nor Sinhala, it is purely in English and hand written.

    Batticaloa region is dominated by Tamils. The temples are there very old. Historically, according to my grandpa, the region was under the rule of Kandian and adjacent Sinhala Kings but they never interfered with batticaloa tamil culture. They even contributed to Hindu temples exists even today. Once upon a time, there is village called Panama in today’s Ampara District was completely 100% Tamils. The village is today, 100% sinhalized by governement by building Viharas and assimilating rest of Tamils as Sinhalese by marriages. If anybody want proof for it, the bloggers or their relatives from Jaffna worked there as government servants knows all about it.

    The fact that Batticaloa was a tamil region is also felt by British rulers and recognized by them before freeing Lanka out of their control. So, Batti and Jaffna were recognized as Tamil Provinces by British. Today, the old batti tamil region was divided into two districts as Batticaloa and Ampara by successive Sinhalese governments. It does not mean that there were no neighbouring Sinhalese villages.

    Eelam is a concept country agreed by well wishers from both Jaffana and Batticaloa based on their mother tongue. So, Batticaloa is not necessarily be a part of Jaffna Kingdom. Its language is more than enough to be part of the concept Eelam.

    Note: It is unfortunate to both Jaffna and Batticaloanins that main militant group became severe extremist and others have gone with wind even after three decades. They were unable to compromise to find a reasonable solution for Tamils to live equally as Sinhalese under democracy.
    If the current trends continues, there is no surprise to see citizens of Jaffna will speak Sinhala and it will be another Panama.

  191. who is Fonseka??

    No he was not a Sri Lankan, even his birth certificate will be annulled.

    So he will be a ghost figure erased from the Sri lankan land !!!

    Heroic indeed !!

  192. Diysena,

    “Like the Israelis never let our guard down”

    Talking about the Jews, once upon a time, when the Jews were killed and exiled from Israel they migrated to the west as refugees. Later the Jewish diaspora was funding the western politicians to enter parliament and that is how the western governments ended up helping the Jews (even today).

    Today, the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora (which underwent the same fate as the Jews) has replaced the Jews in the west, they have learned from the Jews and are doing much better than them in funding the western politicians to enter parliament. Take Australia for example, there are 85 thousand Sinhalese and only 7 thousand Tamils but the Tamils are still able to influence the Australian politicians.

    To do anything what the Tamils need first is the support from the International (western) governments and only now they have realized it. The Tamil struggle for freedom is still in the early stage.

    “With this man at the helm neither the LTTE nor the JVP can veer their ugly terrorist heads again”

    This man’s political carrier is very short. The moment something happens to MR, these people have no place to run or hide. His own army (SF loyalists) will rip him into pieces. It will be worst than Gadafi and that happening is not very long.
    Rejoice till then,
    Le-olam lo od!!!

  193. cuttige
    ….and the sinhalese will accept that.As prabha said they have short memories.One day they were showering praise on him as their hero,next day he is sleeping on mat without a pillow and sharing toilet with 100 common criminals like a zero,while former LTTE’r karuna who massacred 600 policemen is now hero cabinet minister.

  194. Afool,

    Your above comment shows that, you are an ugly fool. Americans have certainly insulted those dead afgan talibans bodies, by urinating on them. Instead of deriding the americans for thier actions, you are making fun of the incident. You have ugly, dirty mind. go lie down at a public urinal, let the people urinate on you, mostly to your mouth.

    Then we shall see what the MR panel will report.

  195. Ravikaumar,

    Jewish politics is much much different from srilankan tamil politics.

    For starters, no jewish organisation has neen banned by any of the western countrires as a terrorist organisation.

    Christians and jews are more or less related as hindus and budhists,jains or sikhs. (Though seperate religions, there is an umbelical chord connecting them,(which is the main reason why khalistan (separaate sikh country) did not come to being)).

    and cold war and middle east politics had a big role in the creation of Israel.

    In usa , jews are controlling big corporations and big media networks, hence it no US president willing to go against them ( why should they, for what reason ?)

    Most importantly, there is no massive , effective counter balance to the very strong jewish lobby in USA.
    From to time , muslim terrorists have made the job of Jews lobby easier, the biggest terrorist spectacle being 9/11. It is well known that, V.Prabhakaran didn’t see or foolishly choose not see, the changed world after 9/11, and you know what happaned to him.

    and there is the geo politics.

    Last but the least, not all srilankan tamils (including the diaspora)want eelam.

    Hence , do not expext the similarity of the creation of Israel, in Srilanka any time sooner, say for about 100 years.

    who knows , what happens after 100 years. My assesment is that by then Srilanka will be occupied by China ( To have a startegic presence in the indian ocean). Remember, the annexation of Tibet. India coudn’t do any thing. ( India can not do any thing as China is much bigger and much stronger than India.

    Hence both tamil and sinhala eelams may exist only in the diaspora, after many many years. Period.

  196. Ravikumar says:

    Talking about the Jews, once upon a time, when the Jews were killed and exiled from Israel they migrated to the west as refugees. Later the Jewish diaspora was funding the western politicians to enter parliament and that is how the western governments ended up helping the Jews (even today).


    Don;t twist the facts dear. The Sri Lankan history may be unknown to many but what happened during & after 2nd world war is well known.

    Whom are you fooling???

  197. Ravikumar,

    You missed some points. Millions of Jews had to be tortured and killed in Europe to make Israel a reality. To make room for the Jews, millions of Arabs were sent into exile from Palastine and their lands stolen. The reverberations of this unseamly return are yet being felt around the world. Further, there are yet a meaningful number of Tamils in Sri Lanka, including the north and east, unlike in the Palestine of yester-years. When you have to return from your exile,for whatever reason, there will be Tamils and very likely many Sinhalese, ready to welcome you back with their traditional hospitality!

    Yes, we may have to become like the Jews who migrated to the US. An influential, prosperous, educated and culured minority, who contribute immensely in government, academia,sciences, banking, business, media and the arts, but do not stick out like a sore thumb in the body politic! They are the darlings of all political parties in the USA! They also support the Jews in Israel through thick and thin! Food for some thought.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  198. Actually, I have been to a few of Tamil parties in Toronto. There are always one or two Sinhalese baila songs played at these occasions. Few years back, we were at a party, out of about 300 guests, there probably were less than 10 Sinhalese there. They started the dancing with Surangani and other Sinhalese baila. I was surprised and made a comment to a Tamil friend of mine who was there with us that I did not expect to hear this stuff at a Tamil party. And the reply was, “Have you ever tried to dance to a Tamil song?”

  199. Shankar!
    Even if I write something, mostly it is from my practical experience. An experience of reading a book, is different from the experience of being in part of the actual events. Many people here writing from their book knowledge. I can simply say like this. LTTE, started from the scratch and grown to become a tremendous force. That shows the Sinhala stupidity. Secondly, they still think, they can contain the Tamil problem with the military solution. What other evidence, some-one needs, to categorically say, these are MODAIAS? But, in my thinking, this their behavior is good for another armed struggle.

  200. soma

    Not really.Just implement the 13th,16th and 17th amendment to the constitution.Everyone will benefit.not only the tamils.As DBSJ said in a previous article,the fate of the tamils is intrinsically woven with the sinhalese.Tamils can’t come up in isolation.If the whole country benefits it is a win win situation for everyone.Don’t keep on thinking of only segments of society.Everyone will then be pulling in different directions tearing the country apart.

  201. Be fair Dushy, just because someone went to an ivy league university does not make them able.

    Others have highlighted SWRD and Gamini D’s background and ‘achievements’ as cases in point. You sound quite angry here and perhaps justifiably so but isn’t your point on conning the peasants a wider critism of democracy?
    The masses are asses to quote an editor of some repute.

  202. There were lot of tamil lines put in that song. By the way what is the meaning for surangani.

    Those tamil lines are very expressive and very erotic like ootiyile maamanukku malaiyile veedu…soodu konjam earichinna whiskeye podu… like that it will go.

  203. Regarding the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) donating $50,000 to Amnesty International(AI) Canadian Tamil congress did not just donate the money it was done as a walkathon for AI during the last summer. AI was celeberating it’s 50 th Anniversary The CTC had previously done similar walkathon for Cancer society , Sick kids hospital and donated similar amounts
    The Beneficiaries for summer walkathons are selected in the previous year soon after the summer walkathon ends and it involves hundreds of hours of volunteers time to complete a walkathon. By trying to say AI was bribed to screen the channel 4 at the UN is unfair
    To recollect some of those who have have amnesia AI reports condeming LTTE’s action was used by the SL government to give publicity abroad AI issues reports even on Canada it is a watch dog which looks after the interest of inviduals and communities at large all over the world
    I participate in these walkathons and i wanted to clear the ministers ambibuity


  204. Why. I can even come to Colombo to see these baila songs.

    Is there any baila type kolaveri di song…I mean fusion.

  205. Yes! I am against LTTE. I did not like to endup at a lamp post.

    The SL Tamils in the refugee camps went there at their will. That is why now Mahinda allowed those willing to come back and waived the fees for the passports. Those who come back get intiall support from the SL government. No others provide anything.

    If the supporters of LTTE morons can talk about “HUMAN RIGHT”, why cannot me?

    Tamil Disapora and Tamil Nadu completely neglegted the The SL Tamils in those camps. Tamil Nadu political opportunists are still crying for LTTE criminals while they treat the Tamils in those refugee camps as criminals or second class. How can you justify?

    No one has FREE ACCESS to those camps but LTTE supporters need FREE access to Sri Lanka to fool around.

  206. Surangani is a girl’s name. The first verse go on about how someone brought fish for Surangani. Subsequent verses goes on to describe Surangani’s legs, behind.. so on and so forth. There are a few versons of this song, a “family” version that can be sung by anybody with anybody. I know at least one other version that we used to sing at Campus parties, that one can not be sung in family setting!

  207. Anonymous says: January 14, 2012 at 4:08 pm
    This is the high time to end everything and accepting the cohabiting Tamils right of selfrule in the North East
    Dear friend,

    According to today news paper a prominant nottry arrested for for making bogus land deeds which lands belong to SINHALEES in EAST. Worth of these lands are exceeding Rs,2000,000.00.

    The news further said that there are further investigations for making bogest land accequring.



  208. We all know how Namal got his law degree, and how as well as his scholarship to UK, How Mahinda got into law college!!



  209. afool says: January 14, 2012 at 11:49 am
    our former politicians like Amrithalingam and so on who helped the creation of the Tamil militancy by their speeches (though more than 1000 reasons existed for an armed struggle), themselves never believed for one second, that a strong Tamil army could emerge from us Tamils, but it did. So, do not be too comfortable about tomorrow.

    Dear friend,

    Amitherlingam and other politicien’s self ruling thinking were based nothing but influence by the foriginer SJV. That’s why I asked to re-read him. He was not a god or saint. What wronge with re-read him. If he was a son of this land,perhaps his opinion would have some sort of value.

    Most of tamils want re- read MAHAWANSA, (written by venarable MAHANAMA thero, a son of the land) and they were finding many raesons to bring down the validity of the book.

    Why this independent won’t apply for SJV reading?

    As far as concern the meaning of DEMALA in RAJAWALI it clearly mensioned as INVADERS.

    on tomorrow too tou could invade but you will face the concequence too.


  210. My dear afool,

    Before asking the South-Sudanese, you better ask your own ppl like…….

    Rajini Thiranagama


    Lakshman Kadiragamr

    I wonder what they will tell you……………..

  211. Diyasena

    TNA can’t move people as you say from the north to the east,because of the governor of the northeast province.He is appointed by the president and is his watchdog.If you look at the 13th amendment in the following link

    You will notice that in 154B 8(c)the governor may dissolve the provincial council.

    and the most important clause is 11 which i give below

    [(11) It shall be the duty of the Chief Minister of every Province- (a) to communicate to the Governor of the Province all decisions of the Board of
    Ministers relating to the administration of the affairs of the Province and the proposals for
    (b) to furnish such information relating to the administration of the affairs of the Province ]

    and just look at the executive powers of the governor which i give below,and no wonder the tamils are not so happy with such a powerful president’s man overlooking the council

    [Exercise of executive powers by the Governor
    154C. Executive power extending to the matters with respect to which a Provincial
    Council has power to make statutes shall be exercised by the Governor of the Province
    for which that Provincial Council is established, either directly or through Ministers of
    the Board of Ministers, or through officers subordinate to him, in accordance with Article 154F]

    Now look at some parts of the abovementioned Article 154(f)some relevant parts that show the immense power of the governor,i give below

    [154F.(1) There shall be a Board of Ministers with the Chief Minister at the head and not
    more than four other Ministers to aid and advise the Governor of a Province in the
    exercise of his functions. The Governor shall in the exercise of his functions act in
    accordance with such advice except in so far as he is by or under the Constitution
    required to exercise his functions or any of them in his discretion.
    (2) If any question arises whether any matter is or is not a matter as respects which the
    Governor is by or under this Constitution required to act in his discretion, the decision of
    the Governor in his discretion shall be final, and the validity of anything done by the
    Governor shall not be called in question in any Court on the ground that he ought or
    ought not have acted on his discretion. The exercise of the Governor’s discretion shall be
    on the President’s directions.
    (3) The question whether any, and if so what, advice was tendered by the Ministers to the
    Governor shall not be inquired into in any Court.]

    So the governers decision is final and not even the courts can overule it.Looks like if the chief minister wants to put a fart he will have to ask the permission of the all powerful presidential watchdog,the governor,and here you are scaremongering us with statements such as the chiefminister is going to settle people from the north into the east to win the referendum.

    As for your contention that just because the referendum has not been held for 24 years,it should be held first before the merger,why should it be so.Why corrupt the indo lanka accord uneccesarily,giving ammunition for people to try to overturn it in the future,stating that proper procedures were not followed to the letter as per the accord.The president himself postponed the referendum according to the clause that permitted him to do so,nothing illegal about it so the period of 24 years is immaterial.

    The indo-lanka accord was signed in july 1987.You can have a look at it on the following link


    You can see from clause 2.2 that the northern and eastern province became one administrative unit,in otherwords merged.

    clause 2.3 states the following

    [2.3 There will be a Referendum on or before 31st December 1988 to enable the people of the Eastern Province to decide whether:

    a) The Eastern Province should remain linked with the Northern Province as one administrative unit, and continue to be governed together with the Northern Province as specified in para 2.2 or:

    b) The eastern province should constitute a separate administrative unit having its own distinct provincial council with a separate Governer, Chief Minister and Board of Ministers.

    The president may, at his discretion, decide to postpone such a referendum.]

    Now that is what JRJ did,he postponed the referendum.The accord states that it should be held before the end of the next year after the signing of the accord.So even now you can merge the 2 provinces and have the referendum before the end of the next year.Are you telling that in this short time frame of maximum 1to 1.5 years the TNA is going to flood the east with tamils from the north in order to win the referendum.Ridiclous.

    AS for your statement that international agreements are not cast in stone,my way of thinking is you lose credibility when you can’t keep your side of the bargain after signing something.In otherwords it proves to the world that the sinhalese are rascals who cannot be trusted and maybe the tamils have a point that agreements with them are not worth the paper it is written on,because they sign documents like the banda-chelva pact,dudley-chelva pact and now the indo -lanka accord without having any intention of honouring them,but to use them to get what they want and then tear it up.Of course they are very good at honouring agreements that are in their favour such as the kachtivu and the sirima-shastri,sirima-ghandhi.So you may be correct that legally honouring these agreement have nothing to do with honouring the indo lanka accord,but morally is it correct to honour agreements that are extremely favourable to you and not honour others, with the same party.How would that person feel? he has every right to feel that the earlier agreements he signed with you should be consigned to the rubbish heap if he has the power to do so and in this case india certanly has the power and should do so and get back kachativu and repatriate 3 million ex srilankans.

  212. After hearing that Surangani is the name of a girl, I am very very eager to meet this girl. I have fallen in love of that my girl Surangani. when such a beautiful girl Surangani is there what are these fellows fighting for.

    I will meet this girl in Colombo, or I will have to search my girl Surangani may be in Toronto also.

    I hope to get the help of Shankar in this noble endeavor.

  213. Psdqual!
    Firstly, learn to differentiate the category. Do not put Rajani and Kadirgamar in the same basket.
    Secondly, these tow three individuals do not represent the Tamil masses.
    Thirdly, lucky for you, Rajani died in the hands of the LTTE.

  214. Dear Dr.RN,Mahesh,MS,Native,TRN & all friends.
    Don’t worry, Sri Lankan national anthem could be sung in all three languages, once our Ceylon Tamil brethren’s political leaders join hands with rest of us for good (never to go separate ways) like Sinhalese, Muslims, Up-country Tamils.  If & when this lasting unity happens, (my 06th sense says this is not far away) don’t be surprised if Sinhalese children choose to sing in Tamil as well, (contrary to many negative beliefs 99% Sinhalese are so accommodative) & Tamil children too choose to sing in Sinhala as well, even if this could be the first time in the world.     

  215. Dear Samarasekara!

    I don’t want to go in to these book arguments because I do not have time and even it is waste of time to argue about books, written by just ordinary people who had their own passions and reasons.

    My logic is simple! Live and let me live. If you think, you can be my master, I will kill you.

  216. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    “Probably because we have a deeper understanding and knowledge of history and because we try to be objective.”

    Sorry sir’ but probably Siva is right. So, your deeper understanding of the history says, Tamils should submit to slavery. Surely, you are sent by MR on a mission to make Tamils become slaves. Even when you talk of justice for Tamils, it is like “god cop-bad cop” combination. You talk of justice, because to attract the Tamils to your side, so you can take them to MR and make them slaves. It is the same “pied piper” story. I noticed the other day, you are comparing the MR to Lord Ram in Ramayana. In the Mahabarath and Ramayanam, which I learned, good is fighting to eradicate the evil. But, here you are saying, we should allow the evil to prevail upon us.

  217. Political solution cannot come from diaspora. TNA refuse to talk with other Tamil parties but prefer to talk to South Africans or others. That kind of attitude confirms political solution is not the goal.

  218. Look at you, you STUPID KOTA! How angry you are on behalf of the Afghans? Without any investigation how quickly you have already decided, the Americans are guilty as alleged. This is why, without any hesitation, I call not only you, the whole society of yours are STUPID, STUPID, MODAIAS. Why didn’t you get the same anger, when you saw in a video, your Sinhala barbarians were joking about the bodies of those Tamil girls, who were raped and killed by the same, same animals.

  219. Mr Rajasingham! Sorry, for my insulting words in my previous comment, but please, don’t you realize that even when you want to compare a story, there must be the other side to look at. When you said the other day, after the first day of the war, Lord Rama was prepared to spare Ravanas life for the return of Seetha. OK, if you want to compare Ravana to LTTE. In the mean time, aren’t you comparing the MR to Lord Rama. Can you dare, comparing these bastards, barbarians who raped, tortured and killed the surrendered prisoners to Lord Rama’s forces?

  220. dear shankar,
    i wish you a happy thai pongal.first pongal to be celebrated after tamil spring which took place in tamilnadu which resulted in ouster of anti tamil dmk government.if our bureaucrats and foreign policy wonks had little bit of brain they would have aided tamil tigers in acheiving tamil eelam and silently they would have bumped prabakaran and installed some puppet.instead they were obsessed with rajiv gandhis assasination and their favourite pet phobia that achievement of tamil eelam will result in tamilnadu seceding from india.these hindi speaking foreign policy wonks with their inherent hindu cowardice mindset can never think a larger picture most laughable is with this mindset these guys are going to usher india into superpowerdom.what a black comedy we are witnessing.

  221. First learn to type… at least use corrections….

    Second…. I mentioned only TWO, not three individuals……

    Third…. do not insult ppl like Rajini…

    And last….. I wonder who represent these so called TAMIL MASSS………..

  222. Most of tamils want re- read MAHAWANSA, (written by venarable MAHANAMA thero, a son of the land)

    As far as concern the meaning of DEMALA in RAJAWALI it clearly mensioned as INVADERS.
    correction.mahawamsa was actually writen by nagasena a brahmin around 400 AD.Are you saying brahmins are sons of soil?When he wrote the mahawamsa there were already written sources such as deepawamsa,attakatha and other written sources.He used these to compile the mahawamsa which is a story going back to 350 BC and the arrival of vijaya.He is is writing something in 400AD about things that happenned in 350 BC which is 750 years earlier relying on deepawamsa,attakatha etc.that is why tamils want a reread.For example try to now fertlise a womans egg wih a lions sperm.The egg will reject the sperm.At that time they would not have known that scientifically it is impossible.They would have swallowed it hook line and sinker and thought they are descendents of the lion and hence even now the lion on our flag.

    As for your contention that demalas meant invadors i give an extract which will show that they were not invadors in acient srilanka,whatever the rajavaliya will corrupt and say about them as invadors.Later on tamils such as the cholas did invade around the 10th century AD,so maybe it is referring to them,but tamils have been on the island since ancient times.

    [The present day Sihalese (and many modern Tamils) are a mixture of the indegenous people and of other peoples who came to the island from various parts of India. The Sinhalese recognize the Vijayan Indo-Aryan culture and Buddhism (already in existence prior to the arrival of Vijaya), as distinct from other groups in neighbouring south India.

    The Dameda are the second most mentioned ethnic group in the epigraphy of Ceylon, with mention in five cave inscriptions. “Dameda” in these inscriptions stands for Damela (=Tamil) [15] According to another view, Dameda is a Sanskrit equivalent of Dravida.[16][17] These inscriptions reference the Tamil merchant (Vishaka),[18] the Tamil householder Samana (residing) in Ilubharata[19] and a Tamil navika (or sailor) Karava.[20] ]

  223. S. C. Pasqual says:

    “What a shame to be defeated by these MODAIAS?”

    Perhaps the irony is that Modias defeated Modias.

    In the future defeated Modias have big fat chance of defeating the Victor Modias. What both Modias don’t understand is that victory is in peace not in war. I am sure you would perfectly fit in with either sides of the Modias.

  224. Kota (Jan 16) Try to contact someone reasonably learned and well informed of the Palestinian history (1947s)
    and learn something of the much-feared Stern and Irgun Jewish outfits. They were called gangs and will fit into the current description of “terrorists” – a loosely undefined term in the world. The Tigers called the GoSL/SLA such and vice versa. You might also learn that some of the men who lead the S&I gangs ended up as world Statesmen, Prime Ministers etc., honoured by the major powers in the world and millions all over the world.

    My man, you are welcome to spread knowledge. As to ignorance, please keep it to yourself.


  225. Kota says:

    “For starters, no jewish organisation has neen banned by any of the western countrires as a terrorist organisation.”

    Menachem Begin was the leader of terrorist group Irgun Gang who was wanted by British for Irgun’s terrorist activities including the massacre of Palestinians. He was the prime minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983.

    The other former Terrorist Yitzhak Shamir ( a member of Lehi, the “Stern gang”).
    Both former prime ministers were fugitive s and were reluctant to visit UK even as head of Government, fear of being arrested by the UK goverment.

  226. this statement proves that feeling of guilty. When people commit crimes against humanity, he/she would think there will be some form of revenge against his/her crime against humanity.

  227. Mahesh,

    Surangani means angel/ woman from the heavans. The name is hardly used to name Sinhala girls nowadays, but a modernized version ‘Surangi’ is till used.

  228. Shankar,

    If the governor, as you say, intervenes to prevent the abuse of land and police powers in the EP, The CM can easily cry ‘interference by the cenrre’, do a Vardharaja Perumal and we will have another round of violence and foreign intervention. The re-merger is a non starter and will never happen. The GoSL did not fight a costly war to institutionalize elam in all but name afterwards.. Both GoSL and GoI know and acknowledge this (the latter tacitly ) and (hopefully) the TNA will too eventually. So it is always better to analyze realistic scnarios rather than teeny, dreamy, halloweeny ones such as re-migration of 3 mill Indian Tamils and forceful recapture of Kachchativu (Both scenarios are perhaps possible in an alternative universe where India is run through Chennai instead of Delhi and the Malayali mandarins don’t exist)

  229. “Take Australia for example, there are 85 thousand Sinhalese and only 7 thousand Tamils but the Tamils are still able to influence the Australian politicians”

    Mate, firstly there are far more than 7,00 Tamils in Australia.

    Secondly, how many votes did hat anti-SL resolution get in the Australian Senate again? That is a whole lot of influence innit?

    “This man’s political carrier is very short. The moment something happens to MR, these people have no place to run or hide. His own army (SF loyalists) will rip him into pieces. It will be worst than Gadafi and that happening is not very long”

    That is based on the assumption that something will happen to MR. Have you checked out the latest electoral results in SL? There are hardly ay SF loyalists left in the army. All of them have been purged since SFs candidacy failed. not very cluey on SL politics are we? Despite your gory fantasies, SL and the Rajapakshas will go from strength to strength, and we will indeed rejoice..

    The State of Israel like the GoSL has successfully curbed their terrorist problems. But need to remain vigilant

    The state of Israel, like SL is too faced with a group after a second homeland while one already exists (Jordan and Tamilnadu). The Israelis of course will have to relent eventually as demographics are not on their side.

    The state of Israel like SL have minorities living in their midst (20% of Israeli citizens are Arabic), outside the so called homeland (which is mono-ethnic) they are clamouring for..

    Finally the state of Israel, like SL will aggressively resist and emerge victorious against all (numerically superior) forces trying wipe them off the map…

    Le-olam lo od!!!

  230. aya Seran Senguttuvan says,

    pl. Try to follow your advice yourself first, before preaching others.

    Write comments after understanding the readings of others. You may claim few jews oganisations of the past fit the current description of terrorism, still the fact remains that, no jewish organisation has been officially declared as terrorist organisation ny the western countries. Remove your ignorance first, before writing comments, if you can or do a favour by remaining silent.

    You say ‘ “terrorists” – a loosely undefined term in the world.

    You need to educate yourself a lot about western countires laws. In US /UK etc, the law is reasonably clear about who( or which organisation) is a terrorist and who is not. I repeat here again that u try to follow your advice first, before preaching others.

  231. Diyasena,so what?let him cry “interference by the center” if he wants.The public can see the issues involved and make its judgement as to whether the chief minister or the governor is at fault.After all that is what you call democracy.When are we going to move to a mature one instead of behaving like children?If you don’t give democracy a chance to work properly then you can’t blame the people for it can you?

    As for the chief minister resorting to violence,it wwill be a pity if he has not still learnt a lesson that violence begets violence.The option for the president is to a]dissolve the provincial council and have fresh elections b)dissove it and ask the military to deal with the culprits that are going on the violent path again.

    The measures may look draconian,but we can’t allow a few to ruin this country for the many again.Any way today the LTTE is a toothless and clawless and nothing to worry about violence.If gota and fonseka had left some of the LTTE purposefully,then your excuses might have worked.

    As for you saying the remerger is a non starter and is akin to eelam,aren’t you being a bit melodramatic to compare it to eelam.What is the basis for doing that?It is like gonthirala and appuhamy hollering everytime something is done for a political solution it is eelam,without understanding anything about it or giving valid reasons for their assumptions.Anyway it will only be a temporary merger because within 2 years a referendum can be held in the east to see whether the want to be a merged or unmerged so i can’t understand why you are jumping up and down like a person suffering from piles on this issue.I ‘am pretty sure they will say they want their own eastern provincial council,because the trend in peoples preferences where devolution of powers are concerned is to have smaller units in order to manage their affairs better which is the main objective of the whole exercise in the first place.

    As for your contention that remerger is a nonstarter,read the indo lanka accord aand see for yourself that it is the start itself.When the indolanka accord was signed the north and east was merged.It was the demerger done unilaterally by one party to the contract without consent from the other party,that was the nonstarter.So don’t muddle it up,and get back to the contract that your excellency the late president JR.Jayawardene signed on behalf of the people of srilanka.

    As for my comments on kachativu and the sirima -shastri and sirima -ghandhi pacts you have missed the point entirely.I was not entering into a debate as to whether those can be torn up by india or not,like SWRD arrogantly tore up the banda -helva pact in front of the cameras.India is not arrogant or foolish like him.If you read my comment properly,my view was when you sign contracts with india it is morally reprehensible to pick and choose the ones that are greatly beneficial to you and honour them,and discard the others that are not so beneficial.People who know me will not ever ask anything in writing even,because a word is a word for me,so after signing if someone does not honour,they are scumbags in my book,but maybe you have different ethics and principles,and certainly you are entitled to them as everyone is an individual and can decide how to live this short life.

  232. Diyasena

    The state of Israel, like SL is too faced with a group after a second homeland while one already exists (Jordan and Tamilnadu).

    Do you know how the state of israel was formed.The jews say they have come back after 2000 years to their homeland and displaced the palestinians,and you call the palestinians as people who are asking for a second homeland and who should be living really in jordan.Why don’t we all just go to africa and say we are coming back to our homeland.I ‘am sure the africans will be overjoyed to see their long lost relatives.

    As for your saying that tamils in srilanka are asking for a second homeland when their first one is in tamilnadu,what about you mate?Aren’t you asking for a second homeland in srilanka when your first one is in orissa?Don’t you understand that you sinhalese aryans have northern india as your homeland unless the sinhalese are willing to officially proclaim that they are dravidian people and will jettison the sinhalese aryan language and adopt a dravidian one such as malayalam in future.

    Otherwise it is an insult to the dravidian people if you continue to stay in our region and behave arrogantly towards us and tell us where our homelands should be etc.Our homeland is the indian penninsula and all adjoining lands and seas,for your information,while yours is the rest of india.

  233. Ranjan, Toronto says

    “I did not expect to hear this stuff at a Tamil party”

    This is your problem, may I call it Mahawamse mindset?

  234. Allan

    Eelam is a concept country agreed by well wishers from both Jaffana and Batticaloa based on their mother tongue. So, Batticaloa is not necessarily be a part of Jaffna Kingdom. Its language is more than enough to be part of the concept Eelam.
    I still have a problem with that.Language is a means of communication only,it does not take precedence over other factors such as historical ties etc.You yourself said that the kandyan kings were decent non interfering types who let your ancestors live peacefully on their land.Is it correct that you repay their hospitality and kindness by repaying them in such a fashion by trying to wrench a portion of their lands permanently for you.Unlike the kandyans if your ancestors had to deal with the deep south people,they would have got chased out at that time itself.

    Also it is strange that now you say that your well wishers want to join with the jaffna people now,when your ancestors the mukkuwa people who came from tamilnadu joined with the muslims in the eat and fought with the tamils living there and chased them to the north.

    So you chase the tamils out.use the hospitality of the sinhalese,now want to join with the tamils you chased out making much ado about the common language to permenantly wrench the land from the sinhalese.After getting Eelam the next step would have been to make the east another country called pandiannadu in rememberence of the mukkuwa king pandian.A pitched battle would have erupted in eelam between the north and east.Actually eelam went for a six because the pitched battle erupted a bit prematurely.

    Anyway if you want batticaloa to be part of eelam so badly,why dont you just include that only instead of chucking trincomalee and ampara too.I know you will say that the country should be one contiguous area,but look at pakistan at one time included bangladesh,look at america where alska and hawaii is part of the US etc.

  235. Kota (25/1/12) Tku for your advise. Rich and thick. May not be the best path to go.
    By the way, try to learn some decent English, grammar and spelling – for starters before you get into what will be for your ilk the difficult business of teaching.


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