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7 persons remanded for 15 days in Rameswaram for ‘attack’ on Sri Lankan businessman Thirukumaran Nadesan

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Rameshwaram Police has cracked down on the Tamil Nadu political activist mob that attacked Sri Lankan Tamil businessman Thirukumaran Nadesan

Agitators laying seige to ahouse where Thirukumaran Nadesan had performed a puja in Rameswaram on Tuesday-pic courtesy of: The Hindu

Police arrested Seven persons including “Karate”Palanisamy of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham&Kan.Illango of Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam.

The arrested persons were produced in courts and remanded to judicial custody for fifteen days by the Rameshwaram Judicial magistrate

Police have filed charges against the arrested “activists” under Sections 506(1), 294(b), 427, 448 and 355 of the Indian Penal Code(IPC)

The relevant charges under these IPC provisions relate to criminal intimidation,uttering obscene words,mischief,house trespass&assault

Rameshwaram Police have filed these charges against the activists on the basis of a complaint lodged by Ananda Dikshidhar a Brahmin Priest

It was at Ananda Dikshidhar’s house on Nadutheru in Rameshwaram town that a special pooja was held with Thirukumaran Nadesan participating

The pooja was part of a Hindu ritual for propitiating ancestors of Thirukumaran Nadesan who was on a two -day pilgrimage to Rameshwaram

Activists from the Vaiko led Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(MDMK)&Seeman led Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam (NTI)demonstrated on the street

When Nadesan came out of the house some journalists asked him about his political views to which the businessman replied he had no opinion

Over 20 persons led by “Karate”Palanisamy of MDMK & Kan. Illango of NTI surrounded& “attacked” Nadesan with flagpoles & threw footwear at him

The Brahmin priests then pulled back Nadesan into the house&shut the door. The mob then threw stones & tried to enter the house forcibly

The priest blocked the rowdy mob from entering in a bid to protect Nadesan. Ananda Dikshidhar sustained minor injuries in the fracas

Rameshwaram Police then came to the spot & rescued Nadesan afterdispersing the mob &arresting 7 ring leaders including Palanisamy & Ilango

Nadesan was escorted back to his hotel in Rameshwaram town by the Police who got him to vacate it for security reasons& took him to Trichy

Ramanathapuram range Police DIG Sandeep Mittal described the incident as a “minor scuffle”& promised stern action against those involved

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. This should not have happened. Very uncivilized.

    But it is amusing to think if it happened in Sri Lanka, and if the accused person is some one like Mervyn or Duminda, no one would have been arrested!!! No witness will come forward (for fear of their life) to testify!! The case will be forgotten soon!!! If the victim happens to be a Tamil, he or she would be “stamped an LTTE” and may languish in jail for years and years or may even “disappear”

  2. We can see from this clip whether there was an “attack’ or not and the extent of the harm.


    The attackers openly claim its a protest against his relative MR and not against him personally.
    As someone mentioned in the previous article, why should he visit South India frequently and intimidate such groups, when there are many temples and Viharas available in Sri Lanka. and many Viharas coming up in the North with the blessings of the said relative on whose behalf the Poojas and yagnas are performed..

  3. Thanks Puma. Unlike Muliyavaaikaal at least here minor events alike this is recorded under new TN government.
    On the other hand this may also be some kind of planned shooting like a cinema either by the politicians or by the media .

  4. It is shame to the Tamils. If you can attack anybody without any reason what is the difference between you and the Sinhalese. After all he is a Tamil and he has nothing to do with the Sri Lanka Government.

  5. A few Tamils have brought disgrace upon all Tamils. Pilgrimage to a particular temple is a matter of faith and not a political ritual. One is drawn by his experience and never by expediency. This explains Nadesan’s visit. We quote ad nauseam a line from Purananooru a Tamil classic ” yaathum oore yaavarum kaelir”- any land is my own country and all it’s citizens my kinsmen. May be that Nadesan’s sentiment was misplaced.

    Subramania Bharathy the greatest Tamil poet in recent centuries was among the the greatest patriots as well. There is no Tamil not stirred by his patriotic invocations. In 1911, Vanchinathan shot and killed Ashe, the English Collector of Thirunelvely. The people revelled. Bharathy’s condemnation was unequivocal. In the days following he expressed his disapproval in these words in Tamil in Suthesamithran. Killing any person is heinous and more so when the victim is unarmed and is taken unawares. The Ashes were a loving couple and young at that. Killing the husband in the presence of his wife is reprehensible. A people should condole at a death and never revel.

    These were the expressions of a great soul, a lesson for all Tamils. This brave Tamil was never a votary of British rule.

  6. Dear DBSJ,
    By the way,is Thirukumaran Nadesan an Indian or Sri Lankan now?
    Also, I wonder why Nirubama no longer in the spotlight? She was supposed to be the favourite niece of Mahinda. Is HE worried about that Nirubama could overshine Namal?

  7. ppl should have the right to go worship a place of religious importance regardless of where it is…..without white washing they should admit the fact that they are uncivilized……animals are better behaved that these thugs…

  8. DBS Sir, why are you even giving this family of Rajapakse thugs this importance? These Rajapakse thugs must and will understand that they cannot do murder of 40,000 Tamils civilians and think of getting away with it. The longer that Justice for Tamils is denied in the International Community, the hotter things will get. All those responsible for the Tamil Massacres and murder of 550 TN fishermen will not get away with it. This means some in India too. One should not forget that the Genocide in 2009 was hundreds times worse than the infamous Massacres of Srebenica in 1995, which raised such an international outcry. Tamils will not rest till all these Criminals are sent to the Hague and tried. Why do we have all these Laws in Humanity and amongst Nations and peoples and still allow Criminals who do Massacres to roam free? If the international community does not act then the Tamils will have to act. We are not for Violence against anyone, but those responsible for Genocide will have to face trial in Hague, whether they be in Colombo or Delhi! There will be no compromise on this!

  9. In Sri Lanka, almost every day, Buddha statues and Viharas are built at every streets and junctions sponsored by the government to make the country a Buddhist country undermining the other religions in the country. Why are these people going to India and do Poojas and Yagnas for the well being of SL? Are those statues and Viharas are fully booked? What do you call this? Could this be to agitate and humiliate the Tamil Nadu people?

  10. Not all are dom and gloom

    Honours a double delight
    [ Auckland Now ]
    A husband and wife have proven themselves a formidable pair. They work to help integrate refugees into Kiwi society and have excelled in their respective fields since escaping Sri Lanka in 1998. George Arulanantham and Anne Uma George from Hillsborough have both received a Queen’s Service Medal in the 2012 New Year honours. They are not sure if any other couples have received awards simultaneously and say it may be a first.

  11. I have never seen a comment like this if an when an incident like this happened in Sri Lanka. I am sure you are aware of this more serious incidents happen daily in Tamil areas affecting Tamil. Of course it happens to sinhalese if they do not have any political clout.

    But the average sinhalese pretend that they “speak no evil, hears no evil and sees no evil”

    The whole problem in Sri Lanka is that average sinhalese believe that Sinhalese have every right to do any evil and no one has the right to question them, especially if the victim is a Tamil!!!

    If this same incident happened to a Tamil who is NOT RELATED to the “Royal family”, I am sure the commentators would have kept quite, and the incident would have been swept under the carpet!!!

  12. Hindus have no problem to go to a Vihara because Hindu gods are also there. India is with Hindu temples, so the Hindus are going there. Why should the Tamil Nadu people get agitated when a Hindu from Sri Lanka come and pray in the temples of Tamil Nadu?

  13. Selva, yes, Nadesan has nothing to do with GOSL but has lot to do with MR and his family.

    He is the one advising MR on which hindu diety to pray and offer poojas to wash away the Karma.

    Even the present pilgrimage to Rameswaran temple was undertaken by him to pray for MR to aleviate the effects of ‘Sani Peyarchchi’.

    Many astrologers from South India has predicted that he will be facing a rebellious nation in 2012. I understand that Vijay TV, which carried this news item has been blocked in SL.

  14. While this incident is regrettable and condemnable, I also wonder what is the point of Nadesan to come to Rameswaram to do some puja.

    While he has every right to do puja he should also have known the extremist or the fringe elements in the Tamil society.

    This incident has happened only because of the fringe political parties and none of the mainstream political parties.

    He could have gone to some other place in India to do puja’s.

    I condemn the behaviour of the Bramin priest in playing host to the Nadesan and also in doing the puja’s for him, without taking into consideration of the sentiments of significant sections of the tamil society.

    In the Kasab or Nithari or any other case the advocates association passed resolution in that they will not defend the accused.

    The advocates associations don’t have the right to do so because the right to defend oneself is one of the fundamental rights of any individual.

    In this case the right to do puja in a particular place, say Rameswaram, is not a fundamental right for any person.

    Again Nadesan could have performed puja’s anywhere in India if he had wanted to. He could have gone to Kasi, Gaya or Himalayan pilgrimage centers to propitiate Gods’.

    He was once intimidated in the same Rameswaram by the fringe elements and why should he have come here.

    Again he says that they are making an issue out of it.

    This kind of talking lightly is akin to rubbing wound with salt.

    He could have reacted in a better manner.

    Again people may feel why these Sinhalese are making such a big issue about land and police rights.

    In those things the Sinhalese are making and issue out of them.

    And here the fringe elements are making an issue out of this.

    Both the sides must see reason.

  15. DBS Sir, i just saw the youtube video of this incident. Looks like it is hyped up by the media. Rajapakse’s sister should have better sense not going to a place where so many TN fishermen have been shot at and killed or injured by Sri Lanka Navy. And the Sri lanka Navy still continue to attack TN fishermen. Why? LTTE was finished off in 2009, so why still the Rage against Tamils? Yes there are fishermen who cross from both countries. Just arrest them, why physical attack or shoot them? Is Sri Lanka Navy attacking any Kerala fishermen? Dont they cross too? I have not heard of a single incident like that involving Malayali fishermen, which implies that the attacks are racist and deliberate.

    There was once upon a time when i remember going to a Gopalan trophy cricket match between TN and Sri Lanka. Those were good days till Indian RAW started arming and training militants from Sri Lanka. So what was 30 Boys in 1983, became 30,000 in 2 years and then the mayhem started. Now that LTTE is gone, why still attacks on Tamils? The coastal belt of TN is mad at these continuing attacks on TN fishermen.

    Till there is some sense of accountability, things are not going to get better between Tamils and Sinhalas. Rajapakse should stop this continued racism on Tamils and acknowledge that things have happened and ask people to forget the past and make a genuine effort (in deed, not just words) to improve things for the future. Otherwise this same fluid situation will persist for years to come. Delhi’s silence in everything doe not help either. Maybe a change of Govt with BJP in power can improve things for everybody.

  16. Rajapakse is a war criminal but this behavior is unacceptable. They should be prosecuted according to the law. Totally counter-productive and childish.

  17. There are Hindu temples, Sivan temple in particular in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka too!! There are several Sivan temples( all over the island, which are supposed to have been visited, by Nayanmars!! Gods are the same whether they are in India or Sri Lanka.

    But despite all this, the assault on Nadesan or anyone else is not justified. Sri Lanka is making a big issue out of it only because he is married to Rajapakse’s niece!!!

    During the 1958 STATE SPONSORED POGROM, Indian pilgrims were killed by sinhalese mobs at Kataragama, Hindu priests were burnt alive!! NO ACTION TAKEN. The atrocities against the Tamils continues to this MINUTE, all over the island, but the Government does not give any protection for this helpless victims or even to find the accused, or at least treat the victims compassionately, which emboldens the thugs!!!

  18. This MDMK and Seeman’s party have no other better jobs than staging protests and attacks on anyone they suspect of being close to the SL president. Seeman even attacked a Singhalese film producer a couple of years ago in Chennai when that producer had been there on business. They tried to attack a group of Buddhist pilgrims in Chennai a couple of months ago. This is how they try to show that they have been doing something for the expatriate pro-LTTE elements so that they can continue to be funded for running their worthless parties. This kind of acts are not within one’s democratic rights. IF these bad elements continue to be ignored by the authorities of India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular, they would eventually grow into a severe head ache for the respected governments.

  19. A lot of writers here reminded us about the violence against Tamils in 1958 and 83. They failed to understand that 58 was over 50 years ago, and 83 was almost 30 back. One could keep talking about the past but the fact is; a hell of a lot of changes has taken place in Sinhala mind in particular and in the administrative system in Sri Lanka in general since. What is most important to remember is; in spite of all those suicide attacks on civilians and religious places, LTTE couldn’t incite Sinhala thugs to recreate any such violence throughout their rule.

    While the IPKF was fighting the LTTE in Sri Lanka in the late 1980s, the Tamil Nadu police did not fully cooperate with the Indian intelligence and military. It’s a common knowledge that Tamil Nadu Police even allowed some injured LTTE combatants to be smuggled into India for treatment. Lets put tht to past and forget it.

    But tactics of supporting terrorists and their backers had not ended in Tamil Nadu with the fall of LTTE. Even as recent as in January 10, 2012, some racist Tamil Nadu Tamils had attacked Sri Lanka Deputy Minister Nirupama Rajapaksa’s husband, T. Nadesan, a Sri Lankan Tamil in Rameswaram for he happens to be President Rajpakse’s relative through marriage. Now, this is not an isolated incident. Only a few months back similar racist crowd had attacked Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrims to India. I do not want to bore these readers for list is too long read if I list them all here.

    Comming to the point, what’s the point arresting few thugs after attack for we know Chief Minister Jayalalitha would let all of them off the hook sooner than later, for they are sponsored and shielded by racist Tamil Nadu politicians. So, the fact that Tamil Nadu fishermen that has been embroiling in fishing dispute with Sri Lanka had dissociated with this violent attack is nothing but another ruse get out of condemnations. The moot point of all this is not attacks but the apathy and actions of police in Rameswaram.

    This is my point: Rameswaram is in Tamil Nadu. And Tamil Nadu state has police powers and controls all police activities there. However powerful India’s Centre is; we think it is helpless to act against the racists and extremists Tamil Nadu. Imagine what racist and violent Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka that keep voting TNA would together do if they are vested with Police and Land powers.

  20. pandiyan

    He also promised MR that through his friend shashikala’s husband he will buy her up and make her a stooge like karunanithi was at one time.MR told him to talk to basil and attend to it,because basil is the moneybags who goes around buying people up according to wikileaks and nadesan is his business partner and crony.Mr thought everything was under control with jeya,until tamilnadu assembly passed a resolution for sanctions on srilanka.MR was furious and gave nadesan with his customary filth.

    Nadesan also got many indian high commision people in srilanka involved in personal lucrative business ventures.You can form your own conclusion as to which way they will advise the indian government on their policy towards srilanka.

    So he is much more than a pooja man for MR.In fact the shameless sychopant is paying pooja to MR and making money with basil.You can be sure that the number of visits he has made to tamilnadu has not been only for poojas for MR.Now the situation has changed with shasikala’s mob being kicked out of the corridors of power in tamilnadu.

  21. Mr Ganapathy Moorthy, you a Brahmin guy i guess. Most of them Brahmins in Tamilnad, have the same attitude of hatred against all Sri Lankan Tamils. SL Tamils are seen as ‘below human’ by many of them. I am not making all these up, just stating the facts.

    Mr Moorthy Sir, you are mad at Seeman and Annan Vaiko. Why? Have they harmed you anyway? You guys are not upset at what all the nonsense the Sinhalas have done to Tamils, yet you are upset when Seemans boys protest. Why?

    You have said: ” This is how they try to show that they have been doing something for the expatriate pro-LTTE elements so that they can continue to be funded for running their worthless parties. This kind of acts are not within one’s democratic rights.”…..This shows that you dont know anything about Annan Vaiko & Seeman.

    Just to set the record straight. First on Annan Vaiko:He has never taken LTTE money. If Vaiko was rich, he would have been CM of Tamilnadu longtime ago. Why do you have guys leaving Vaiko’s MDMK and joining other parties? Dont forget the fact that your CM Amma JJ owes a lot to Vaiko for her winning the last elections, wherein she used him and then dumped Vaiko. Some 6 years back, last time Jaya was in power, she put Vaiko in Vellore jail for over a year. Then one fine morning, JJ went to Vaikos village and fell at his mother’s feet asking for forgiveness. Such was the power of Vaiko, a simple passionate peoples man. His day as the leader of TN will come, just watch! In fact Vaiko is the leader of the Tamil Diaspora. Ask Canadian Diplomats and US Diplomats , they will tell you.

    As far as Seeman goes, JJ owes a lot to him for her winning the last Elections. Seeman, a powerful orator pulled in huge crowds that led to a anti-Congress-DMK wave. If Jaya ever puts Seeman in, he will come out hundred time stronger! She knows it. Seeman, again never got any LTTE money. He lives in a small rented apartment in Chennai, while his parents still live in their old hut in his village. And here you have big-mouthed people talk nonsense about Seeman and Vaiko. Some have even said, Seeman is evil. What evil has Seeman done? Because some like Seeman care about Tamils, does not make him bad. Someones got to care, Sri Lankan Tamils are not orphans in this world. We the Tamils in TN will care for them, whether Delhi likes it or not!

    And then there is the other Brahmin Dr Subramanian Swamy, an absolute hater of Tamils. See what happened to him. His hatred led Harvard to kick him out. I came across this comment on Subramanian Swamy on the Wall Street Journal. How very true indeed:

    ‘Niemroller had the likes of Subramanium Swamy in mind. A more recent take on his famous words may read as follows:
    First they came for the Tamils, and I didnt speak speak out because they were not Tamil-Brahmins. Then they came for the Muslims, and I didnt speak out because they werent Hindus….
    Get the drift? Long before Swamy went for the Muslim jugular, he was well known in Tamil circles for being vehemently anti-Tamil, disguised in the popular speak of defeating terrorism. Harvard has exonerated itself in the process of getting rid of Swamy.”

    I will stop for now…

  22. Many astrologers from South India has predicted that he will be facing a rebellious nation in 2012.

    If this does not occur, then will you give up your belief in astrology?

  23. Indian Coast Guard says fishermen ‘sensationalizing’ attacks by Sri Lankan Navy

    Poaching issue takes new turn
    Indian Coast Guard proposes ‘no fishing zone’:

    “A senior Sri Lankan official told The Island that the Tamil Nadu political establishment had conveniently turned a blind eye to the plight of Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen. Due to irresponsible and destructive actions of the Tamil Nadu fishing fleet, the livelihoods of those recovering from a 30-year-old war are at stake, he said, urging Indo-Lanka talks at the highest level to settle the issue. Tamil Nadu political parties shouldn’t play politics at the expense of our northern fishermen, he said.

  24. Thousands of Tamils support Mahinda Rajapaksa. Telugu Gopalasamy and Christian Seeman want to kill them all?

    According to the hindu astrology, the affected person must pray and not others. So, the Tamil Nadu pro-LTTE goons are fooling others.

  25. Hindu priests are obliged to do any Pooja when a Hindu ask to do so. He defended Thitukumaran from the Tamil Nadu criminals. Really a brave Brahman priest who stood for a Hindu!

    Why should he go to Kasi?

    LTTE killed many Hindu priests. Do you expect the priest who performed the pooja too afraid of the hooligans of Gopalasamy and Seeman?

  26. you r a coward.u should go to lanka and fight against sinhala army rather than degrading and deprecating scholars here.you people are trying to hide ur shame of not participating in any of the wars in lanka and by that showing more pseudo patriotism now.nobody likes a civil war which is nasty not only for those involved but for the innocent people as well.u didnt know the history of armed struggles against state any where in the world.what happened to jvp or else kalisthan movement or the naxalite movement in india in 80’s they are decimated with iron hand in the process lakhs of innocent young man lost their lives. seeman and vaiko are making a hue and cry here about the impending eelam war which they are never going to participate in.but they will make big money out of it.u people are the same crooks like them.

  27. go and ask the same to the ltte hooligans who started a bloody war without thinking about the consequences.seeing rambo films wont do.the thug named prabakaran was the sole reason for the murder and devestation of so many people in lanka.u must be an early runner from srilanka and settled abroad. you shame of doing nothing in the wars now hurt your pride and u r trying to be more vocal and patriotic. go to jaffna or vavuniya and tell the same and come back unscathed i will fall at your feet.u mentally retarded. try to be sensible. atleast help some people in your homeland who lost everything due to war. give education to orphans do field work,dont try to rise your pitch to cover your haplessness

  28. Pray tell me why anyone should be intimidated if their temples are visited by someone from another country?

  29. Rubbish – so Hindu priests should be political? Isn’t that the problem with Buddhist priests?

  30. a) Kerala seems a long way away from the disputed fishing areas, really a TN/SL issue.
    b) I wouldn’t believe everything in the press re the SL navy, no smoke without fire though!

    Further, there are suggestions that Jaffna fishermen take issue with TN fishermen encroaching in SL waters and ask the SL govt to do something about it.

  31. LTTE supplied money to Tamil Nadu criminals like Gopalasamy and others. Even the WIKILEAKS reported this matter. Check the number of Gas Stations owned by Gopalasmy from Chennai to Kanyakumari and how he bought them. Then you know how much LTTE money is on work. LTTE robbed Sri lanakn Tamils and gave it to the Tamil nadu hooligans. Gopalasamy was the diesel smuggler to LTTE and that business is over now.

    Are you telling here that people like Gopalasamy and Seeman spend their own money and shout for LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils?

    Why dont these Gopalasamies and Seemans never talk anything about the Sri lanakn refugee camps in Tamil Nadu? Because those Tamils in the camps have no “CASH” to give to these Gopalasamies and Seemans. Police simply take any girl from these camps and rape. That is the usual occurence in Tamil nadu.

    These camps are under the control of Tamil Nadu but those Tamils are treated as criminals. How? No one can go and talk to these people easily. Before you guys shout for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, treat the Tamils in those camps as humans!

    Anti-Brhaman talk is always a card used by DRAVIDA criminals.

  32. Can you say where is there any obligation to do puja for anybody. It is only obligatory. Priests can refuse to do puja if they want to.

    There are instances where the priests have refused the request or the orders of Kings to do puja’s or yagnas. These things are found in the Hindu epics.

    The priests can refuse to do puja’s for any particular person or not take any gift from any particular person if he wants to. He need not ascribe any reason for that also.

    Sivananthan please read Shastras and come back.

  33. Replying to Mr Gopi: You are talking nonsense and there is no point in calling me names. I know you are infuriated coz. i pointed to the expulsion of Dr. Subramanian Swamy from Harvard, and you Sir cannot digest that!

    Let me step back here. The fact is No one wants any armed struggle in Sri Lanka anymore. The LTTE was a violent organization. India knew it and yet trained them and encouraged them. Inda thought that Praba was expendable and got it wrong and they ended up clashing with the Tigers. The Tigers grew more violent and was correctly designated as a Terrorist Group by USA and others. In 2009, LTTE was finished as a Military Organization. The political remnants are still there. The Rajiv Gandhi issue is still a mystery, much like the mystery of Kennedy in US. The fact is to avenge Rajiv Gandhi, 40,000 Tamils who had nothing to do with Praba & Pottu were shelled and finished. This is shown in the clip, Killing Fields by BBC Channel 4. Even CM JJ a Brahmin, wants the Rajapakse gang to be tried in the Hague. That was the decision of the TN Assembly, not mine Sir.

    That said, Vaiko & Seeman are not advocating use of arms anywhere. Do you have any proof where Vaiko asking people to take to arms in TN? If Annan Vaiko had told youth of TN to take to weapons, then he would have been in Jail permanently. Vaiko has alwats stood by the Unity of India. In fact he visited Pranba when they & IPKF were going at each others throats. This was to stop the bloodshed ans=d bring peace. So Mr Gopi please stop your blind foolish patriotism & haughtiness like the silly Brahmins of TN!

    I can only assume you are a Brahmin Mr Gopi. Did you see the Killing Fields by BBC Channel 4. It shows a Brahmin Priest begging the ICRC and Red Cross not to abandon them. They all knew that they would be finished and thats what happened. So Mr Gopi, do you care about that Brahmin Sir? i think you need some retro before blabbering your ideas here.

    I have spoken about Subramanian Swamy who coz of his hatred lost his Harvard seat. What i am coming to is, just blind hatred will not get anyone far. SriLankan Tamils are not bad peoples, some individuals like Praba & Pottu were! They are gone now, but why this continuing hatred towards Tamils?

  34. “Please go and ask ppl who are living among us.”
    Do the people in Srilanka in general and Tamils in particular have ‘freedom of speech’ to say what they really think? We know, in some countries around the world, there is no freedom of speech, but the only country in the whole world which does not even have the freedom to think, is Srilanka. Even under the LTTE, we had freedom to think, freedom to speak but only had no freedom to act?

  35. Senbagaraman joined hands with Hitler’s Germany to fight the British. He didn’t fight in India against British. Does it mean that he was a coward.

    Rash Behari Bose fled to Japan from India and directed the freedom struggle from there. Does it mean that he was a coward.

    There were lot of people like him, who would not come into the lime light.

    You were talking about the various armed movements.

    Political solution was given to them. Mizo National front left behind their ideology and joined the National mainstream. Their demand, creation of a separate state for the Mizo’s was given to them.

    Naga’s were likewise given a political solution.

    Tell whether such a thing has happened in Sri Lanka or will happen in Sri Lanka.

    If you want to hold a brief for them, you can do that. Even Swamy would say that the Tamils have to be given a better deal.

    Cho also would say that. But they are not sure how it could be done.

  36. This is my point: Rameswaram is in Tamil Nadu. And Tamil Nadu state has police powers and controls all police activities there. However powerful India’s Centre is; we think it is helpless to act against the racists and extremists Tamil Nadu. Imagine what racist and violent Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka that keep voting TNA would together do if they are vested with Police and Land powers.


    The same Tamil Nadu police gave you the Kuttimani on the belief that he would be tried before the court of Law and dealt with accordingly.

    He was hacked to death in the Welikade. And after this incident the Tamil Nadu police, , may be didn’t cooperate with you, knowing your nature.

    In the North and East of Sri Lanka the people are not given land and police powers and see that has given rise to the terrorism and civil war.

    In India we have the land and the police powers and there is no civil war here.

    By the way I suspect that the Nadesan has an hidden agenda in this whole episode.

    some body said in this blog that if I come to the Anuradhapura or Colombo and pray at a Budhist monastary for the welfare of Prabhakaran and Pottu would it be acceptable to you.

    Likewise praying or doing some puja’s for the Rajapakse’s in Rameswaranm may not be liked by some people.

    The priest should have taken into consideration the sensitivities of the people here.

    The agenda of Nadesan could be this. That in a future date he could say that he had come to the Tamil Nadu umpteen number of times and that too to Rameswaram and had done a lot of puja’s for the welfare of the President there.

    Then nobody objected to that. all this hue and cry is only manufactured now and it has political over tones.

    He may be telling that now itself or he may tell that in the near future.

    May be the fringe elements wanted to set the record straight.

    Otherwise also Nadesan may want to be in the good books of his Brother in Law MR so that he could advance his prospects in the politics.

    In Hinduism there is one thing like if you are not able to do certain very required thing you can make do with whatver is available to you and do the yagnas or some puja’s. They say yath kinchith, or whatever is available in your means.

    In the same manner he could have gone to Kasi or some other places to do those expiation.

    He chose to come to Rameswaram may be to be in the good books of his President and winning some favours from him.

    This is also a possibility.

  37. But Shankar didn’t catch it. Sivananthan is trying to do the fielding here. Wish him best of luck.

    By the way why are you passing the buck?

  38. the Sri Lankan tamil cause has become an industry here.wonder why attack is within quotes. Maybe this is not violent enough for Jeyaraj given his 30 years experience in reporting the Sri Lankan civil war. These fringe groups led by losers like Seeman should be put down with a iron hand. They will do anything to grab a few eyeballs.

    So what if Rajapakse has sent this guy to India to pray on his behalf? Does that make him a fair target? What would be achived by showing him black flags? are the protests going to bring back lost lives? Is it going to improve the lives of Sri Lankan tamils in anyway?

    It has been proved time and again that Ealem is a non issue in TN elections. Vaiko should have swept the polls in 2009 if he is popular as he is made out to be by the tamil supermists. These are hypocrites who live comfortable lives abroad(some of them only because of their refugee status), supported all of prabhakaran’s brutal actions incl Sabotage of the peace offer made by Ranil. They will not let the tamils in sri lanka live in peace.Most people in TN realise that its better to be under a corrupt Amma or Kalaignar than to support or create a monster like Prabhakaran.

    Its well known that Swamy is a bit of a nut to put it mildly. However, he has never spoken against tamils. Anti LTTE and Anti tamil are two different things. Your conclusion that tamil brahmins hate tamils is amusing(tambrams are tamils stupid!).

  39. Anonymous, you are trying to defend a country whose President and his extended family are ruling the country as if it is their backyard, with the help of THUGS, DRUG PEDDLERS, RAPISTS and MURDERERS!!!

    You think by closing your close your eyes to the UNLAWFUL GOVERNANCE of your beloved country, the whole world will not know of atrocities being committed against the minorities as well as the poor sinhalese who does not have any political influence.

    I feel sorry for you people, who are paid to defend the UGLY, UNLAWFUL administration in your country, where the judges, police, army and civil service can be bought by the Brothers Inc.

  40. What I find somewhat curious is why a Pooja or Omam should be done in the home of a priest? It is normally done
    in the Temple. They are far too small fry to engage the wrath of TN political parties, who know all too well
    Nirupama is far too off the present Rajapakse galaxy. In terms of stature her dad was in a higher class of the Rajapakses well settled in Colombo society. Her mother – Lalitha, the daughter of a man who was a millionaire in the Matara District nearly a hundred years ago. A king of the Essential-Oils industry. Whereas the current Rajapakses were
    2nd or 3rd tier in that society in the deep South.

    A friend prompts me to ask if this is some form of publicity stunt by Thiru and Nirupama to get
    “their fifteen minutes” of the public eye. If the latter is the case – well done both. You probably have exceeded
    your wildest dreams here.


  41. Can you say where is there any obligation to do puja for anybody. It is only obligatory. Priests can refuse to do puja if they want to.


    Sorry. This must have been There is no compulsion for the priest to do puja for anybody. He has the discretion to do it or not to do it for anybody. He need not ascribe reasons for that also.

    There are instances where the priests have refused the request or the orders of Kings to do puja’s or yagnas. These things are found in the Hindu epics.

    Now comment on this Sivananathan.

  42. First you understand the difference between a priest and a monk. Priest is a professional in the field of the devotion. He has his family etc.

    A monk is one who has renounced the world. He doesn’t have any familial commitments because he has renounced the world.

    This is not about the priest being political. It is only respecting the sentiments of the people around him.

  43. The good priests at Nallor Temple do poojas even for the Sinhalese .

    May be it is bit different over there Mahesh?

  44. So, what? Are you telling here those priests must listen to Seeman and Gopalasamy?

    Hindu epics? No Hindu Kings are ruling anywhere now. Priests have the freedom to take their own decisions.

    In this case the priest agreed to do pooja. What is the problems of Hindu Shastras here?

  45. The issue is not with Sinhalese in Rameswaram. It is about doing puja to MR in Rameswaram. If you do not want to understand the issue being discussed, then leave it. Please don’t try to divert the topic.

    Here the topic is about doing puja or expiation to some Sri Lankan political leaders in Rameswaram.

    There are people who have some very hard feelings about the ruling elite in Sri Lanka. Again some 500 fishermen have been killed by the Sri Lankan govt.

    These things may weigh with the local population.

    Their sentiments also have to be respected.

    How can I invite a person to my house for dinner, who has killed my neighbours children.

    The priest should have thought in that direction also.

    Before being a Bramin, or a Kshatriya or Tamil a Sinhala or anybody else, first he should have thought as a human being.

    What that Bramin has done is insensitive.

    All his knowledge of Vedas has gone in vain.

    And again this gentleman Nadesan visits Rameswaram quite OFTEN.

    His intentions could be political … to score points, to say that the ordinary people in Rameswaram do not mind these things even at the height of the tension…. like that.

    This issue of doing puja to the MR also has political connotations.

    For a person who has truly changed his ways what is in place and ceremony.

    Remember Angulimala. He changed overnight and he attained the highest ends.

    You know one thing. These puja’s, homams, yagnas are all external.

    There is something internal. If you do all those puja’z, homams, and yagnas in your mind or if you change your attitude then it called the Vidya.

    There are some 32 Vidya’s outlined in the Upanishads.







  46. An interesting point ISS, a reminder to consider “What’s In It For Me” (or them in this case).

  47. .


    You maybe right, this maybe for publicity stunt. Island editorial says, Now world knows that Rajapakse have Tamil relatives.

    What Island forgot is even JRJ had Tamil relatives.

    LTTE’s Nadesan wife is a Sinhalese, so LTTE have Sinhala relatives.


  48. Will you wine and dine with a person in your house who has killed your neighbors children?

    Remember that more than 500 fishermen have been killed by the Sri Lankan navy here.

    You talk first as a human being. Then you can question Shastras.

    Being human is more important than being Tamil, Sinhala or a Bramin, Kshatriya etc etc.

    No hindu king rules here unlike in our neighborhood which are all theocratic states and many of them oppress their minorities, either linguistic or religious.

    That doesn’t absolve the responsibility of the priest to take the sensitivities of the people into account in the state.

    I am only talking about the sensitivities of the general public here. Why are you dragging the Vaiko and the Seeman into this.

    Priests or for that matter nobody has unfettered freedom to act as they like. Yes they have freedom within bounds.

  49. Jivaka and Aratai get the point. My friend reminds me in law there is that element of the mitigative factor. Usually when a good lawyer successfully pleads in mitigation he certainly does his client a favour.

    By the way, in fairness to Thirukumar let me say he has always been very religious. I have met him in many templs in Colombo and elsewhere for many decades – worshipping and performing pooja in tie piety.


  50. Hindu sages did the Poojas, Homams and Yagna in the forests. Brahmins are the descendants of those sages. So, a temple is not necessary to do those Poojas!

  51. Thank you Mr Sivananthan. Today’s Hindus come from a primordial culture and race going over many millenia. They were then living in the forests and thence gradually to temples, homes etc., You hardly hear of Poojas/Omams done in the jungles now – do you?


  52. Buddhist Pilgrims should take the King Fisher direct to Delhi.

    Perhaps the Govt should consider a subsidy for our poor Buddhists and Hindus who can’t afford to fly.

  53. There are lot of intermarriages even the MR is not exceptional THE WAR IS BETWEEN ELITE AND CHAVUNAITSTS only but way to go mother Lanka.

  54. LTTE which is a FOREIGN terrorist group and killed one of the Indian PM. But Tamil Nadu, part of India, crying for the same foreign criminals without shame.

    Hindu priest has nothing to do with the TN smugglers who were killed in Sri Lankan waters while smuggle materials to LTTE.

    LTTE killed more Tamils than any others in the modern history. TN smugglers still try to make more dollars by supporting a non-Indian terrorist group which is banned in India.

    You tell here that Tamil Nadu guys wine and dine with KILLERS of Sri Lanka. You expect the Hindu priest must bend to the Tamil Nadu hooligans who cry for LTTE terrorists.

  55. This is so stupid and not acceptable. As a tamilnadu tamil, I would like to apologize to Nadesan. we should understand that supporting srilankan tamil cause is different from attacking someone who just visits temple….


  56. How do you know that all the Indian fishermen who were killed by the sri lankan navy are smugglers. Did you catch them and conduct enquiry and then kill them.

    Those were the fishermen who crossed the maritime boundary to get their fish.

    Likewise there are a number of Sri lankan fishermen in the Indian prisons.

    We didn’t kill anybody just because they crossed the boundary. Even Pakistan doesn’t do that.

    Some people in TN are supporting LTTE here which is a terrorist organization. And you are supporting a state terrorist.

  57. Just curious. Point taken about being sensitive to the community. However, I do think he should obey God before that. I feel that GOD would want him to help anyone conduct a prayer. Refusing a human being to reach god, I believe is a sin.

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