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Halloween Night Horror: How Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka and his Security Personnel Assaulted British Couple Brutally at Colombo Nightclub.

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Mervyn Silva MP

Mervyn Silva MP

Minister of Public Relations Mervyn Silva’s son, Malaka Silva is in custody once again as a result of trying to flex his muscles at a night club. Malaka who has become a nuisance in Night Clubs had in his recent jaunt caused mayhem at Rhythm and Bloom a.k.a. ‘R&B’ Night Club on the Duplication Road, Colombo.

Night Clubs have their own culture. Anyone who wants to enter a night club must buy a ticket. Various types of beautiful women are ready and waiting to welcome you into the club. They entice you to purchase good liquor and some expensive brands that go with the association of another woman.

Dance floors are open for you to dance to the throbbing of DJ controlled music.

Malaka Silva brazenly intrudes into these night clubs together with the security staff of his father, which include the officials of Ministerial Security Division, as well as private security staff that behave like underworld goons. He eats and drinks at these night clubs, but does not pay a dime, as night club sources reveal.

Colombo night club sources further said that the women shy away from the night clubs when Malaka Silva visits them.

Malaka invaded R & B night club at 1:00 a.m. on 31 October with seven security officers. Two of them, the officers of the Ministerial Security Division did not enter the night club.

There were about 400 people at the club. Although some of the other women slipped off as Malaka entered onto the scene, 24 year old English lady Belinda Mcancy who was with her lover continued to dance. She might have not had any knowledge about the likes of Malaka Silva.

As she was dancing alone on the dance floor to a song she liked Malaka saw Belinda. He walked up to her and danced with her. He got up closer to her and forcibly kissed her against her will. As he attempted to fondle her in a very offensive manner, she was startled, suddenly kneed him in his abdomen, then Malaka taken aback, yelling in pain hit her back, eyewitnesses said.

Belinda’s lover, a Scottish national, an engineer James Francis Caserly, 43, was several meters away. He is employed in a construction company in Kottawa. His girlfriend visited Sri Lanka on his invitation. They were celebrating his birthday. He visibly outraged by the utterly uncouth manner this intruder treated his girlfriend and to see her being struck by another man, he rushed up and laced Malaka a blow to his face and Malaka was flung back.

At that, Malaka and his security staff sprang on James and his girlfriend. They flung them down on the floor and brutally assaulted them. After that Malaka admitted himself to the Nawaloka Hospital around 3:15 a.m. showing an injured face.

A friend of Malaka called Romesh lodged a complaint with the Bambalapitiya Police station stating Minister Malaka Silva’s son had been assaulted by a foreigner.

That Malaka was grievously hit and 1.5 cm of his nasal cartilage had been broken.

Meanwhile, the British High Commission informed Colombo Crime Division that two of their British nationals had been assaulted in a night club in Colombo. Under the guidance of the Acting Director of Colombo Crime Division Nuwan Wedasingha, OIC Neville de Silva, IP, started his investigations with a group of other officers.

They met the owner of the R&B Club Anthony Russel Fernando and record his statement. “The club is open from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. regularly. We serve food and for the local and foreign guests. Malaka Silva and others entered the club around 1:00 a.m. and they drank. Then they danced. All of a sudden, Malaka attacked the foreign lady and since she complained, our security officers separated them.”

“The woman’s lover was fuming at the incident. He lurched out and hit Malaka as he was passing by his side. No sooner Malaka fell down, than his gang surrounded the white man and clobbered him after that. The brawl is recorded on the CCTV system.” He said.

Police recorded a statement from another eyewitness and then proceeded to meet the foreign couple at their residence in Udahamulla. They said, they neither complained nor attended to their wounds at a hospital in fear of reprisals.

Police recorded a statement from British national James Francis. “I am an engineer and came to Sri Lanka a year ago. 31 October was my birthday and I went to the R&B club to celebrate. While we were entertaining, an unknown group of seven persons entered. One of them hit my girlfriend and the others flung her on the floor and hit her. I can identify the first person who hit her.”

Belinda Mcancy also said that she could identify the culprits who attacked her.

Colombo Crime Division OIC Neville de Silva filed a B report before Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandima Liyanage. The magistrate visited Malaka Silva at Nawaloka hospital. Malaka Silva stated to the magistrate, “I went to the R&B club with seven of my friends. I saw white man beating another white lady and I questioned the reason. Then the white man hit me. The incident is recorded in the CCTV system of the club.”

The magistrate inquired about the condition of Malaka Silva from the doctor M. M. Senanayaka who was treating him. He said that Malaka had only the superficial injury on his face and no other outward injury.

The magistrate then ordered the suspect Malaka Silva be remanded until 04 November and he was to be produced for an identification parade.

On 04 November, the case was taken up by Colombo Additional Magistrate Mohammed Sahabdeen. Suspect Malaka Silva was not produced in court saying he was undergoing medical attention. However his father Minister Mervyn Silva was in the court with around 100 of his followers.

Police submitted the reports on the investigation. OIC of Colombo Crime Division Neville de Silva said to the court that the victims were in shock and they were in fear since another British national was killed in a similar incident at a hotel in Tangalle. We shall use the CCTV recordings to arrest the six other suspects. We have information that a Police officer of the Ministerial Security Division had also been there. We will record another statement from the suspect Malaka Silva and continue the investigations.”

Malaka Silva’s lawyers including two President’s Counsels tried hard to get Malaka Silva released from the case. President’s Counsel Jayantha Weerasinghe argued that Malaka Silva could not be produced in an identification parade since his photo had already been published in media. He accused the foreigner for hitting Malaka Silva and causing an injury of 2.5 cm in Malaka’s nose.

Malaka Silva was in the ICU and the magistrate ordered them to submit a complete judicial medical report on 11 November.

Magistrate Sahabdeen rejected the arguments of lawyers including President’s Counsels Hemantha Warnakulasooriya and Anil Silva and ordered the suspect to be produced in an identification parade.
OIC of Colombo Crime Division Neville de Silva guaranteed a fair investigation to the lawyers.
After the examination, Magistrate Sahabdeen visited Malaka Silva at the national hospital and remanded him until 18 November. The identification parade is also to be held on that day.

In previous occasions Malaka hit others but he never got it back like this. On 06 September, 2007 Malaka hit UNP MP Sujeewa Senasinghe’s brother Chaminda Senasinghe at a club on R. A. de Mel Road. He and his gang hit Chaminda so severely that he had to have 11 sutures.

That day also the incident started with Malaka attempting to kiss a German girlfriend who was with Chaminda. The latter protested and a fracas broke out, that time also Malaka admitted himself to hospital and complained that Chaminda assaulted him. But Malaka Silva was arrested since he had used firearm there.

The magistrate of Mount Lavinia who had heard the case was also threatened demanding bail for the Minister’s son. The magistrate lodged a complaint with the Police about this but nothing ever happened.
Police Narcotics Bureau was after Malaka Silva since he was suspected of importing a drug sold in the night clubs. In 2006, Narcotics Police raided a star class night club in Colombo in search of this drug. Malaka Silva and a group escaped after attacking the police officers. There is a file against Malaka Silva with Police Narcotics Bureau regarding selling of that drug. In September 2012 Malaka Silva and Minister Mano Wijerathna’s son Rohan Wijerathna attacked an Army Major who was an intelligence officer at Jaic Hilton.

There are many such cases against Malaka Silva, but most of them are not probed into, thanks to the interference of his Ministerial father.

Malaka is the owner of about 20 – 30 state-of-the-art cars and he has private security for his car park. The value of these vehicles can be well over 200 million rupees. He has a number of luxury apartments in Colombo, each one worth well over 10 million rupees. Nobody knows his source of income that’s made him so wealthy.

He is a rowdy who was never beaten by anybody until a group in vehicles which bore numbers registered under the Presidential Secretariat attacked him severely at the Odel car park. The attackers were not revealed. His Iranian national girlfriend was also looking on when he was severely beaten. The attackers tried to abduct Malaka but he struggled and escaped. Reportedly, he had carried out a mean dirty joke on a daughter of an influential person prior to that. Minister Mervyn Silva began to blame the government for this incident.

Now two Police teams are investigating the incident at the R&B club.

Courtesy:Ceylon Today

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