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Aftermath of “Attack in Ottawa”: “We have to be careful as a society to not generalize events like these to the community on the whole”

Peter Mansbridge, CBC National Anchor hosted a special segment of “Security Panel” on its flagship nightly current affairs program on October 22, 2014, on the topic of the aftermath of “Attack in Ottawa”.


The discussion panel featured, Ray Boisvert-Former Assistant Director; Adrienne Arsenault – Senior CBC Correspondent and Amarnath Amarasingam-Radicalization Expert/ Postdoctoral Fellow, Resilience Research Centre, Dalhousie University

CBC National’s Special security panel discusses October 22 attack in Ottawa.

“We have to be careful about how we react to events like this; because the Muslim community in Canada and around the world feel stigmatized and securitized in many ways; and they are being stigmatized and securitized. And events like this can make things much worse; can actually tilt the soil where radicalization actually occurs. So then we have to be careful as a society as how we react to things like these. And see them in the proper context or jihadist narrative or other kinds of radicalization in the proper context and not generalized to the community on the whole.” – Amar Amarasingam