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Divine songster K.J. Yesudas: Singing in films for fifty years

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KJ Yesudas

by D.B.S Jeyaraj

Reputed Indian singer Kattassery Joseph Yesudas known to the world as KJ Yesudas celebrated his golden jubilee in singing for films on November 14th this year. It was on Nov 14th 1961 that Yesudas recorded his first film song for a Malayalee film at a Chennai studio.

Thereafter in fifty –years of singing for films Yesudas has sung over 50,000 songs in 17 Languages.He has won numerous awards and is regarded as a unifying voice of India. He turned seventy last year

The first Yesudas song I remember listening to was in Sridhar’s classic romantic comedy “Kaathalikka Neramillai” (1964) where he sang the duet “Enna Paarvai,Unthan Paarvai” with P. Susheela.

The song was picturised on Muthuraman and the gorgeous Kanchana who was making her debut in the film.

The first Yesudas solo in Tamil that I recall is “Neeyum Bommai,Naanum Bommai, Nenachuppaarthha Ellaam Bommai” in the Tamil film “Bommai” (1965)directed by maestro S. Balachandar (not to be confused with K.Balachandar)who also composed the music.

Then came the Malayalam classic ”Chemmeen”(1966) which won the Indian President’s gold medal for best film.” Chemmeen”captivated Sri Lankan or Ceylonese film goers at that time and proved the inspiration for the Sinhala film “Sath Samudra”.

For many of us our first taste of Kerala was Chemmeen and soon we were all warbling “Kadalin Akkarai Ponore, Kaanaa Ponnina Ponore, Poi varumpo dhenna kondu varum-kai niraiya……..” and chorusing” Saagara, Kadappurathu Utsavamaayi, Saagara,Therappurathu Malsaramaayi……..”
Both were sung by Yesudas.

More Tamil songs followed like “Paruvamuttuppalagumpothu” and “Koonthalile Nei thadavi” both duets with S.Janaki. There was also the sad solo ”Kaatrinile,Perunkaatriniley” in “Thulabaram”.

It was however in the seventies of the last century that KJY came into his own in Tamil films. One reason for this was popular film star MG.Ramachandran’s (MGR) tiff with the legendary playback singer TM Soundararajan. MGR began promoting Yesudas.

This in turn helped him to get chances in more and more Tamil films. With the advent of Illaiyarajah in 1975, Yesudas’s star was on the rise in Tamil films.

For more than three decades the voice of Yesudas has enthralled Tamil audiences. His diction in Tamil is at times flawed and his rendering has been the butt of jokes.

Nevertheless he was loved and adored. His mellifluous voice tenderly caressed us gently and soothed us at times. There was a passionate yearning which gave us an emotional ”feel” and grabbed our souls. An enchanting voice that entranced.

Among the numerous songs in Tamil sung by Yesudas my favourites are “Kalaivaaniye” in “Sindhubhairavi”, “Amma endralaikkaatha Uyirillaiye” in “Mannan”, ”Unnidam Mayangugiren” in “Then Sindhuthey Vaanam” and “Athisaya Raagam” (Abhoorva Ragam).

Another song I love is his Christian devotional song in Tamil “Unaiyandri Enaik Kaakka, Ulaginil Yaarullar, Marithhaayin Puthalvaa, Devaa”.


”Unnidam Mayangugiren”


”Thingal Malai”

I have also been fortunate in listening to him sing live on many occasions. He has visited Canada several times and I have made it a point not to miss a performance.

Vijay Yesudas renders “Amma endralaikkaatha Uyirillaiye”

Yesudas celebrated his golden jubilee with his Canadian fans last month in a performance held in Brampton, Ontario. His son Vijay an accomplished singer in his own right was also there.

I’ve been planning to write a detailed article felicitating Yesudas on his golden jubilee for weeks but unfortunately did not find the time or energy so far. I do hope to do so soon.

As for now I thought of writing a brief piece on the celestial singer.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Funny thing is the best singers in Tamil films are non-Tamils. TM soundararajan, AL Raghavan, PBSreenivas,SP Balasubramaniam, Mano,and of course KJ Yesudas

  2. I saw the film enna paarvai unthan paarvai-Kaathalikka Neramillai- and the song was sung by P.B.Srinivaas and not by KJJ.


    Illeenga Annaachchi!It was written by Kannadasan,music composed by Viswanathan-Ramamurthi,picturised on Muthuraman-Kanchana and sung by KJ Yesudas and P. Susheela

    In the film “Kathalikka Neramillai” PB Sreenivas voiced for Ravichandran and Yesudas and Seergali Govindarajan for Muthuraman.

    While PBS sang songs like “Unga Ponnana Kaigal Punnagalama” and “Anubavam Pudumai” Yesudas sang “Enna Parvai” for Muthuraman

    The song “Nenjathai Allikkonjam Thaa, Thaa”was picturised on the two couples Muthuraman-Kanchana and Ravicandran-Rajshree. In that Yesudasw and LR Eeswari sang for Muthuraman-Kanchana and Susheela and PBS sang for Rajshree-Ravichandran

    The theme song “Kathalikka Neramillai ” was sung by Muthuraman wearing an old mans disguise. So for that Seergali Govindarajan voiced for Muthuraman

  3. I was a fan of S.P.Balasubramaniam in my school days and college days. Two groups were there. One group was composed of SPB fans and another group by K.J.Yesudas fans. Even Malaysia Vasudevan had a big fan circle in those days.

    S.P.Balasubramanian respects K.J.Yesudas very much. He always calls ‘Jesu Anna’ with a lot of respect. All three are non-Tamils. Somebody says Malaysia Vasudevan is a Tamil. Yesudas is a Malayalee and Balasubramaniam is a Telugu. Yesudas excels in majestic and classical songs. Balasubramaniam excels in melody. Vasudevan had a great appeal to the masses. Anyway Yesudas’s Tamil pronounciation is not up to the mark.

  4. Marai kazhanda mokkai mama Sivanantha,

    I may belong to Dravidian race. But as I have already said no body in the Indian subcontinent is a pure Dravidian or pure Aryan. Read Jawaharlal Nehru’s Discovery of India. I may be 70% Dravidian and 30% Aryan. I’ll be very happy if I am a 100% Dravidian.

    But my dravidian race has nothing to do with Dravidian politics. I have opposed Shankar’s utopian Diravidam many times. Because I know that fellow Dravidians (Malayalis, Telugus, Kannadigas and Sinhalese) are worse than Aryans (North Indians). Life of an ordinary Tamil is not affected by North Indians. In fact many North Indians are working as laborers in Tamil Nadu and I feel pity for them. But Kannadigas and Malayalis disturb Tamils almost on a day to day basis. Not much problem from Telugus. That may be because of the gratitude to TN’s gesture of giving space for nearly 15% of the Telugu population. The extent to which Sinhalese disturbed Tamils is history.

    Do you remember your dialog? ‘Ungal veeravatha Diravida muzhakkangal engalukku thaevai illai’. C.N.Annaduarai only made that. You only make a somersault by praising C.N.Annadurai to protect your Sengunthar pride. Meaning of Sengunthar? I know but I won’t tell. You tell, if you want to broadcast Sengunthar’s pride. But as of now they live as weavers.

  5. Though unknown to many KJ Yesudas sang three Sinhala songs too. Among them the most popular among Sinhalese is the song ‘Gove ganu paradai………’,

  6. AS DBS says Jesudoss Tamil pronouncing is horrible. In MGR song “Vizhiye Kathai Ezhuthu” KJY sings “Viliye Kadhai eludhu”

  7. Yes Mr.Jeyaraj, You are correct. Even I was in the assumption that that number (enna paarvai unthan paarvai) was sung by P.B.Srinivas. Even some web sites like Tamil Thirai claims that the song is sung by P.B.Srinivas. I discussed with my father and other elders. They confirm that that number was sung by K.J.Yesudas. Neenga sonnathu romba correct Annaachci!!!. Sivananthan Annaachchi has been a Avasarakkudukkai as usual.

  8. Thanks for reminding these old songs. I am same age as Prabakaran. Chemmeen was a very emotional film during 1970 and it is the same time when Hon JR jeyawardana made Tamils as second-class citizen. Probably this film has some influence on Prabakaran emotionally. As far as I remember this film is about the suppressed people.

  9. Aiyappan Temple authority controversies apart, KJ Yesudas song ‘Saranam Aiyappa’ on YouTube has one of the all time high views on the cyberspace. http://youtu.be/rcQCkkVKC5w (2,574,657 on Dec 3, 2011) There are several other videos too of the same ‘Saranam Aiyappa’ by KJ Yesudas song on YouTube.

  10. DBSJ,Thanks very much for this. Brings back wonderful memories! Please write more on tamil cinema! Deviating from the merits of the KJ (the essay is all about that)kaathalikka neramillai( 1965) – i still remember a close relative of mine venting his spleen about the title -saying it is too vulgar.With some of the lyrics you hear these days kaathalikka Neramillai sounds blissful.

  11. He might be a good singer but selfish man. He never raised his voice against any inhumanity for Tamils who gave a chance in his life.

  12. Dr.K.J.Jesudas was not allowed into Guruvayoor Temple and he had sung many malayalam songs from out side the Guruvayoor temple. I am very sure that he is a Ayyappan Swami devotee and he has visited Sabarimali temple many many times.

  13. I think Athisaya Ragham song from Aboorva ragam is my top favourite.It is a rare song in the rare “Mahathi”ragam

  14. He was born and raised a Christian but opted to disclaim his heritage in order to gain popularity and support

  15. Yesudas sang much better songs than you posted here. It looks that his voice become matured and adorable later according to my opinion. It is so with other singers too.

  16. Hey DBSJ,
    Thank you for your piece. I am a fan of him. Thank you for your video for Neeyum Bommai. Long live Jesudas.

  17. Kusal Perera says: December 3, 2011 at 2:56 am Though unknown to many KJ Yesudas sang three Sinhala songs too. Among them the most popular among Sinhalese is the song ‘Gove ganu paradai………’,

    He may have sung singhala songs but I think the one you mention may have been sung by some body called “Sadun……” the other part of his name I cannot remember

  18. Whatever people may say ‘that KJJ is Indian,Malayali,Christian etc.,etc’.As far as I am concerned he transcends all man created barriers of nationality,religion.race,religion or caste,because the songs he had sung have a universal human appeal,and I am grateful to DBS for his write up.

  19. So nice of you DBSJ to write a short and sweet write-up on singer K.J.Yesudas. The old song videos bring back memories of those years when the movies were made. DBSJ you do make the winter warm with these flashbacks.

  20. I saw Chemmeen many years ago and loved it. The songs were wonderful. I think one was sung by Manna Dey and the others by Jesudas. The tunes composed by Salil Chaudhary still linger

  21. Thanks for reminding K.J.Jusudas lovely songs. I like his Chemmeen movie song very much. Most of his songs for M.G.R’s movies are very famous. “Athisaya Ragam” song in Apoorva Ragam movie is first favorite song.

  22. Kallan is Thief. I think you know it? or dont know that too?

    Sri lankans dont care about your TN “mixture” of Telugu or Somalis.

    Senguntha clan of Jaffna are very proud about their past and the Nallur Rajadhani.

    If you are 100% Dravida or lemurian, you cannot be a Yadav. Which one you want discard?

    Sengunthas are living in Tamils Nadu but you cry that you dont know the meaning of the word. Many Dravida fools dont know the Tamil meanings of Chera, Chola,Pandia and Pallava.

    That is the Tamil Knowledge of Kallan dominated Tamil Nadu!

    Sinhalese always disturbed by the Tamil nadu criminal gangs. Now some fishing gangs are in custody for smuggling Heroine. But the ‘cry” in TN is in a different tune. Better tell your fellow dravidians not to involve in crimes.

    Sri Lanka cannot be a heaven for Tamil smugglers who are your Tamil HEROES!

    What ever you cry, you are a fool and opportunist. You have no rigid policy in your life. If you get money, you change your skin color like the “pachchonthi”.

    But you did not tell how many CASTE certificates you own now!

  23. The guy who dressed up MGR,deserves the indian presidents award for best dress sense.manmohan also can turn the spotlight on india if he dresses like that with his turban.mahinda attracts interest with his purple shawl and national dress.You have to first get the leader noticed in order to get the country noticed.

  24. When Jesudas started singing in films I couln’t catch difference between him and PB Sreenivas. But slowly I caught it. Then little by little

  25. started shining and TM Soundararajan and Sreenivas started fading

    Now its time for KJY to bow out gracefully but his place will be taken by son Vijay I think

  26. This is a request for DBS anna

    Anna, I liked this nice write-up about Yesudas. Will you please write more and more things like this on Tamil actors, singers, musicans, directors and even films

    Lots of us youngsters like to know more about past and present Tamil cinema and the people involved

    Will you please do this Anna?


    Thank you for this post Keerthana. I always want to do these things but never seem to find the time.I will certainly try in the future

  27. Dear DBSJ,
    Thank you for bringing my sweet memories back. I still remember that song “Sagara, Sagara kadal purathile” heard first time in a midnight wedding of one of my uncle when I was five or 6 years old. Since then I heard this song sung in many happy functions mainly by “Nathaswaram” became so famous.

    I had audio record of this song, but first time I saw the video of one of the “Chemmeen” song. Thanks for posting this I really enjoy this.

    Also I remeber the movie “Thulaparam” saw at Capital Theatre in Armour Street in Colombo. Everyone came out of the theatre crying. I still remeber the scene and the song, even the mother poisionig her children.

    I don’t understand how come we cherish such memories, when we heard or seen things when we were very young even before we understand the difference between good and evil.

    So imagine those poor children in Wanni who have seen how many killings, death and destruction, which will have a life long bad impact on those kids! I hope nature will heal those kids to erase such memories from their head and move on with their life.

  28. I would like to get a CD or a DVD of Jesudasan’s most polular songs ans also the Sihalese songs he has sung and recorded. Pleaselet me know from where I could get them. Thanks.

  29. I just love his voice and the way he sings. Didn’t know he had completed 50 years of film songs.Congratulations sir!

  30. Dear DBS Anna

    I enjoyed reading this short and sweet article about Mr.KJ Yesudas

    Anna, why dont you write regularly on Tamil cinema and cinema personalities

    Please give some thought and respond favourably Anna

    Thanks. I will give it some thought…………DBSJ

  31. Sivanantha,

    I am an Indian by nationality, I am a Dravidian by race, I am a Tamil by language, I am a Hindu by religion and I am a Aayar/Idayar (Yadava) by caste. Nothing to feel proud or nothing to feel inferior about these things. Everything is an accident and I have no role in deciding these identities. But when somebody belittles any of these identities I react. At the same time I don’t like India’s big brother attitude and stupid ideas of Hinduism (or at least some section of Hindus)like untouchability, supremacy by birth etc.

    You say that I am a Dravidian. What about you? Are you an Aryan or Arab or Caucasian? Do you belong to a group of angels jumped from the sky? Lemuria concept is more applicable to Sri Lanka rather than TN. I think still you are in the days of Kalinga Magha and Pararajasekaran. Why don’t you know Oriya or Malayalam? Even if you are the grand grand ….. grand son of Pararajasekaran you are a Dravidian since Malayalis are Dravidians. Even if you are a grand, grand, grand, grand, ….. grand son of Kalingha Magha you are 60 or 40% Dravidian and 40 or 60% Aryan. Marattis and Oriyans divide North and South. I have told you 100 times that no body is a pure Dravidian or pure Aryan and asked you to go through Jawaharlal Nehru’s Discovery of India.

    If you still believe that you are a descendent of Kalingha Magha know your counterparts, no, no, not counterparts, your cousins Bhulias of Orissa, Sarabha/Srabaka of Bengal and Tanti/Gaudia Tanti of Orissa.

    Could you please tell the ‘rigid’ policies you follow in your life for a ‘noble cause’ so that I can also follow? From your behaviour I observe that you follow the ‘rigid’ policies like belittling communities, being outrageous, telling something based on your whims and fancies for the ‘noble cause’ of irritating others.

  32. Shankar,

    What is your point?

    You are taking after the dress sense of late 70s in 2011.

    Apart from that he became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with the fame he acquired via cinema.

    And mate, our DBJS is at his best in answering your question in these arena.

    I guess I saved his pen on this.

  33. Shankar,

    What is your point?

    You are taking about the dress sense of late 70s in 2011.

    Apart from that he became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with the fame he acquired via cinema.

    And mate, our DBJS is at his best in answering your question in these arena.

    I guess I saved his pen on this.

  34. Guruvayur is very strict on allowing non Hindus in and Buddists considered as part of Hinusim in India.

    Hence our 1st lady who was a christian, climed as a Buddhist and went inside creating a political uproar while her hubby did not have any issues.

    By the way most non hindus go to sabarimalai ‘aiyappa’ as they don’t go inside but to watch and worship maharajothy over the hill.

  35. Jesudas is my favourite singer. Enjoyed reading this

    Looking forward to more articles like this about films and artists by DBS

  36. Many people of all races enjoy Jesudasan. This is similar to what I say about this ethnic debate betwn Singhalese, Tamils etc..we can always enjoy each others god given talents rather than fighting over small differences. I can remember Mohideen beig, lata mangeskar etc in SL…they had golden voices and they were neither Singhalese or Tamils. Rukmani Devi was probably Indian. Again she had this unparalleled voice which nobody could have replaced. Can remember in Bangalore I saw this very beautiful girl. She was probably an anglo and if I weren’t married at time, I would have really loved to be with her!! There are no racial barriers in many things but only if we don’t create them.

  37. Ranga

    I think MGR dresses himself.Nobody would dare to tell him what to wear i think.His partner that beautiful girl is wearing a lovely dress and nice colour which will stand the test of time from 70’s to now,so your argument about old fashioned dress sense wears thin,i’am afraid.

    I don’t think any director will have the guts to tell MGR how to act too.For example when the girl lay on the couch,i thought he was going to fall on top of her.She also might have thought so because she had a worried look on her face while he was dangling on top,and looked quite relieved when she got out of the couch.I think that is the last time she will fall on a couch when dancing with him.Any way you can see his smile is made up and his heart is not in it with her.With jayalalitha when he dances you can see the difference in his face,beaming like a beetroot and jumping jumping like a rabbit with hard on.

  38. Gavin,

    Two corrections; Said that I, myself, may have mis-spelled the Sinhalese singers name below.

    His name is Yesudas and about Rukmani Devi, she was Tamil.

    I wholeheartedly agree that music has no brriers; When I was young, I was a fan of M.S. Fernando, Super golden Chimes, Jyothipala – Anjaline Gunathileka, Gypsies and Milton Mallawaracchi. I apologize for any mis-spelling of names.

    I studied in a mixed ethnic school in the 70’s and the school implemented a fine program, Tamils have to learn Sinhala and likewise, Sinhalese students had to learn Tamil. I am very grateful for my teacher – Mrs. Rajapaksa of Negambo, for teaching me to read and write Sinhala fluently!


  39. I was very impressed with that song in chemmeen.It was beautifully sung by yesudhas.He sings better in malayalam than tamil i think.Malayalam seems to be a nice language,very pleasant to the ears.I could catch some tamil words in it such as neenga,poi but overall it is not close to tamil as some claim it to be.It is a distinct language,but the way it rolls out of the tounge so smoothly whithout the gutteral sound of aryan languages,gives it a similarity with tamil.

  40. J’aime ses chansons. Il est un chanteur avec une voix divine.


    c’est exact!mais oui!!………..DBSJ

  41. Thoroughly enjoyed this Jeyaraj.It will be really great if you wrote more like this instead of focusing on politics which gets dirtier by the day. I think you will find it more satisfying personally to concentrate on films, arts and literature

    Thank you.I think so too………DBSJ

  42. Jesudas is good but not great. He is no where in the class of Thiyagaraja Bhagavathar,Seergali, CJ Jayaraman, Tiruchi Loganathan, AM Rajah and of course TM Soundararajan

    Mr. DBS Jeyaraj will do a great service if he writes about these old time greats and educate the young people of our cinematic heritage

  43. Malayalis know they are Dravidian and Indian but you Tamils of TN still do not know who the hell you are. That is why you guys have CASTE base parties and caste based frauds as well.

    Malayalis dont have a DRAVIDA party or Malayalam party. In Kerala Sri.V.K. Achchuthananthan the former CM hails from a LOW caste. Can any of the Dravidian parties(who always bark against Hindus and Brahmans) allow any low caste person as the CM?

    Better learn from Kerala instead of Sri lankan Tamil smugglers!

    Those cry for “TAMIL” are not prepared to accept a NO CASTE POLICY!

  44. Oh Shankar,

    Still you are missing the point. MGR directed his own film Ulagam Suttum Valiban before this and that was a hit movie in which he could have dressed as he wished but he did not do that.

    MGR, Sivagi and even Rajani were all praised for respecting their directors and investors (producers). After all they were doing a job that gave them their bread and butter. Arrogance would have chased them away with one or two movies. They worked hard sincerely to reach the top.

    Didn’t you hear the dress senses of Ramarajan and Vijaykant who used to wear Dark Blue and Dark Yellow shirts.

    But it was not there own decision. The saree manufactures supply sarees free to heroines and then market it with a film name (Eg: Chandramuhi Nayanadara saree, Vasool Raja MBBS Sneka saree).

    Similarly cloth manufactures pay the directors to get the heroes to wear the coloured cloths so that they can sell it to hundred of thousands of poor masses.

    A dress of North India ‘Safari Suit’ became popular in Sri Lanka with Indian movies.

    It all business and marketing mate.

  45. Truth is that the top singers like TMS, SPB and KJJ have their own niche or area of expertise. They are all great in thei own area. For example, TMS is known for his high pitch voice. SPB for his soft and melting voice. KJJ for his deep and thundering voice.

  46. Me too. I was a SPB fan because of his melting soft voice during my earlier ages. In 1981, KJJ came to Jaffna and performed in the Mutthaveli stadium. Fter the first two songs (“Thirupattkallil palli kondai” and “Vizhiyae Kathai Ezhuthu” in his deep flowing thundering voice I become an on the spot convert.

    It took me years before I could go back to appreciate SPB’s songs again because it was like hearing to a drizzle after a thunder storm. Having said that, I still enjoy SPB’s songs and believe SPB’s voice is soft and much more melting and lovelier than KJJ, and will cater for pop song lovers and teen agers.

  47. KJJ’s voice is not great? Get serious. – He has his own unbeaten niche.

    AR Rahuman’s favorite singer is KJJ. ARR publically made that statement. He also stated in one program if you want to give a shape to a music that would be KJJ.

    Also P Susheela mentioned in one program that KJJ looks like a humble weak man, but if opens his mouth to sing, thunder and lightening will be acivated.

  48. Dear Shri DBS Jeyaraj, one more point, another good song Naalaam naalaam thiru nalaam,duet sung by PBS and P Suseela a master piece of Mellisai Mannargal.

  49. Sorry! You have rightly said PBS and P Suseela sang a duet for Ravichandran and Rajsree. That is Naalaam naalaam thiru naalaam. Thanks.

  50. I learned Sinhala when I joined public service. From then I listen Sinhala songs of MSF,CTF,Mohideen Baig, Desmond de Silva, Mariazelle, Victor Rathnayake, Jolly Seeya, and other Sinhala Singers.

    A.E.Manoharan, Kalavathi Sinnasamy, Muththalagu were good singers in Tamil and Sinhala too.

    Eddie Jayamanne (Rukmani Devi’s husband) was also good comic singer like Freddie Silva.

    Some of them are still alive. Many had gone but their voices are still make people happy! That is the power of the music.

    I watched Kathalikka Neramillai after 42 years. The song was sung by KJJ. The comedy of Nagesh and Baliah is alive again!

  51. Check out the isaithendral.com for free MP3 songs. They have allocated a section for KJY songs.After reading this article I was nostalgic to hear the songters voice and have downloaded many KJY songs from this site.

  52. pathmanathan

    You are right. Milton mallawaracchi was a great singer.What a voice he had.I used to enjoy listening to him.

  53. Don’t confuse Tamilnadu’s terms with that of North and East Sri Lanka.

    In Sri Lanka yes, Kallan means thief (singular) and Kallar means thiefs (plural).

    But in TN, it refers to a community and we don’t have that community in SL.

    The famous actor Sivagi Ganesan hailed from this community and his grand daughter married to Sudaharan, nephew of Sasikala, the best friend and maid of Jeyalalitha, the CM.

    Sasikala also from the same community.

    It is not a low cast (Dalit).

    So while we use the word ‘Kallan’ to refer a thief, in TN, they use the words, ‘Thirudan’, ‘Kalavani’ to refer thiefs.

  54. “Chemmeen” was a nice movie. That was a combination of many “BIGS”.

    Story : Thakazhi Sivasankaran Pillai, a famous Malayalam writter.
    Songs: Vayalar Rama Varma, a Kerala Royal and a good poet.
    Director : Ramu Kariyath, Famous director of that time.
    Singers : KJJ, Manna Dey, P.Leela
    Camera: Marks Berkley(?)
    Music: Salil Chaudry.
    Actors: Sathyan, Madhu(madavan nair) and Sheela.

    It was the FIRST color Malayalam movie and won the best picture award.

    Now KJJ is known as “GAANA GANDHARVAN” for Malayala film fans. Madhu still act in Malayalam movies!

    Devan, nephew of Ramu Kariyath, is a famous Villain in malayalam movies!

  55. All your articles are superb. If I get a chance to come to canada .I will visit you. hope you will accept me.

  56. His mesmerizing magnetic voice has captured everyone regardless of age. I think he is also an important factor why Ilayaraj’s works are still sweet to listen to. We have to accept that many Malayalesse and Telugu people have contributed tremendously to Tamil music, more specifically to Tamil Cinema music. Without them, we wouldn’t have all these flavors in our music. Vijay TV super singer (I like juniors) is my favorite TV show. Last time, Alka from Kerala won the title, she was awesome. This time also I am seeing a talented girl name “Stefy” from Kerala, not sure if she will win the tile this time as so many talented kids form TN, Kerala, Karnadaka and Andra (and couple of kids form Canada too) are participating this time. I wish KJY a good health!

    A request DBSJ, can you write about the Mullai Periyar Dam issue? I am bit confused.
    The Dam was built in British time within in Kerala close to TN border. Madras got some 999 year lease to maintain it. Lease expired when India got independent. Later TN got the lease renewed with Kerala. Since the water from the dam is mainly used for irrigation in TN, TN wants to save more water in the dam for summer time use, but Kerala wants to reduce the stored water level as they worry the old dam might collapse and the Kerala people living down the dam would be severely affected.

    TN did survey and proofed the Dam is still strong enough to hold more water. Kerala saying they are not happy with the old dam, they will pay for all the expenses to build a new and stronger dam and provide water to TN.

    TN farmers need more water for their survival, so they do need to save more water. At the same time, it is endangering the people and animals living down the dam within Kerala. I don’t understand the politics here.

    Why TN doesn’t agree with Kerala on building a new and stronger Dam? Also what they learned from Kaveri river, why don’t they build the new Dam within TN so TN have better control and don’t have to worry about future issues? If not enough land to build a huge single dam, TN can build number of smaller dams along the river within in TN? Am I missing something here, or is it pure politics!

  57. Thanks to DBSJ for bringing back such songs, which I was fond of in my young days. Now I can not even remember the films and the actors – now many years ago.
    Keep it up, and you have given the details well, in your replies.

  58. Something really bad brewing up, someone must come in to find a solution soon before worst things break out between two friendly states…. people live down the stream in Kerela are safe and Southern Tamil does not dry out of water….

    Tamil Nadu view
    Mullaperiyar Dam: The strongest Dam in India

    Kerala view
    Mullaperiyar Dam A Time Bomb Trickling Part 1

  59. There has been several comments about Jesudas.
    He is a great Singer. He has a wonderful Voice,Even SPB admitted in Sydney,that he would love to have KJJ’s Voice.
    Another aspect is that Jesudas is a top Carnatic singer too. he was s sishya of the famous Chembai Vaidyanatha Bagavathar. He sings at the Music Academy in Chennai. This privilege is given to only the best performers.Although a Christian he sings Hindu songs with much devotion as well.
    I hope this completes the versatility of this Great Singer.

  60. Hello Mr.Jeyararaj!
    I read your tribute to K.S Jesudas.Wonderful!You are so great with words.Now I feel rewarded for making tea for you in the early morning hours and this was about 40 years ago.I feel good for having been with you to lunches and dinners those days.This goes back to 1973.You you came to Kotehena straight from Jaffna College during the time when your friend Chokanathan entered the law school in Sri Lanka.It was the time of self search.It was the time to discern what God had in store for you.Within a few months you had a call and you decided to become a journalist.It happened in my home.And now after 40 years I am writimg to let you know that you have done exrtremly well in your profession.Those who know you well are really proud of you and I am glad that I played a very insignificant role in your professional journey.Good Luck.And make more progress.
    Thank you so much Pothagar. I remember those days at Pickerings road very well. Later we met again when you were in Batticaloa and I got stationed there for a few months as “Virakesari”staff correspondent. Hope everything goes well with you

  61. We enjoyed Jesudas concert at The Monash University after Sydney Opera house concert.
    One of the achievment in my life.

  62. Anyone can share Yesudas’ Sinhalese song please . In internet or any information about film like this.

  63. hello. I have been searching for a particular song by. shri k j yesudas. its a tamil christian carnatic song – “piranthar yesu piranthar”
    its starting lines are –
    yenna solli devan nanmai padi
    nandri udan maghizven
    can anyone provide me a free download link of the above mentioned song please??

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