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Prabhakaran: Powerful symbol of Tamil armed struggle

by D.B.S.Jeyaraj

Hello Friends

Today November 26th is the birthday of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)Leader Thiruvengadam Veluppillai Prabhakaran. Had he been living Prabhakaran would have celebrated his 64th birthday today.

Incidently today is also the birthday of former National Security minister Lalith Athulathmudali. He would have been 82 if he were living.

Prabhakaran was killed in battle on May 18th 2009 and body discovered on May 19th.

I have written extensively about Prabhakaran in the past. I wrote an article a week after he died. This was for my weekly “DBS Jeyaraj Column” published on Saturdays in the Colombo English daily”Daily Mirror”.

This article was first posted on my blog on May 29th 2009.

As today is Prabhakaran’s birthday many readers have been requesting me to write something on him. Since this is not possible at such short notice I am reproducing this earlier article on my blog again today

When I wrote this Prahakaran’s parents were living. They have now passed away. But I am not revising or updating the article and instead am posting it as it was written in 2009 under the same heading.

So here it is Friends – DBSJ

Prabhakaran: Powerful symbol of Tamil armed struggle

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The evolution and growth of the armed struggle for the goal of Tamil Eelam saw many Tamil militant groups emerge across the politico-military horizon. There was a time when nearly 34 outfits-big and small-existed.

Among all these, the single organization that kept the Tamil armed struggle alive was none other than the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) led by its charismatic leader Thiruvengadam Velupillai Prabhakaran.

From its de-jure birth on May 5th 1976 to its de-facto death on May 18th the LTTE under Prabhakaran fought on relentlessly towards its avowed objective of a separate Tamil state until the very last.

During the emergency period of 1975-77 , Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister of India was praised to the skies by sycophantic partymen. The Congress president of the time DK Baruah publicly proclaimed “Indira is India, India is Indira”.

Likewise the same could be said of Prabhakaran and the LTTE too. “The LTTE is /was Prabhakaran, Prabhakaran is/was LTTE”. The LTTE leader in a way personified the Liberation tigers. In the process he became a powerful, vibrant symbol of the Tamil armed struggle.


Prabhakaran was born on November 26th 1954. He was the youngest in a family of four children. There were two boys and two girls. One of his sisters is in Canada. The other two siblings are in Denmark. His parents who lived in the northern mainland, Wanni, are now displaced and in Vavuniya. They are under protective custody.

His father is Veerasamy Thiruvengadam Velupillai. Prabhakaran’s mother’s name is Paarvathipillai. Her maiden name was also Velupillai. She suffered a stroke recently resulting in an arm and hand being paralysed.

Prabhakaran’s family hailed from the coastal town of Valvettithurai referred to generally as VVT. His father joined the Government clerical service and eventually became a district lands officer. I think he retired from Govt service when the late Gamini Dissanayake was Lands minister.

Prabhakaran’s family was of respected lineage in VVT. They were known as belonging to the “Thirumeni kudumbam” or Thirumeni family. Prabhakaran’s ancestors constructed the famous Sivan temple of VVT. His father should have been the chief trustee but declined to be so as he was in govt service.

The LTTE leader’s father was a duty conscientious mild-mannered gentleman well respected and well-liked. People of VVT used to say that even the grass wouldn’t get crushed when Mr. Velupillai treads on it. Later many comparisons were made about father and younger son. In fact the father disapproved of the son’s path and was not on speaking terms with Prabhakaran for years and years.


The name Prabhakaran denotes the Sun or Sooriyan. Later his acolytes began calling him “Sooriyathevan” or “Sun God”. Being the youngest in the family he was called “Thambi” or younger brother. This pet name continued to be in vogue when he entered militant ranks as he was then perhaps the youngest of all.

Prabhakaran also adopted various names like Mani, Manivannan, Maniam and Karikaalan. It was the latter nom de guerre that he used mostly during the early days. Karikaalan refers to Thirumaavalavan of the Chola dynasty that flew the “Vengai” or Cheeta flag.

Colleagues of an earlier vintage referred to him as “maniyathhar”. Contemporaries continued calling him “thamby”. In later years young tigers used to call him “Annai” or elder brother. After a while it became “Thalaiver” or leader. Formally it was “Thesiya thalaiver” or “national leader”. Colloquially he would be called “perisu” or the big one.

Prabhakaran studied at different schools in Jaffna, Vavuniya and Batticaloa because his father was constantly transferred. The schools he studied for many years were Government College (Now Mahajana) B’caloa and Chidampara College, VVT. He was not a model student and did not even pass his GCE O’levels.

This does not mean that he was unintelligent or did not possess a thirst for knowledge. It was due to Prabhakaran being interested in other things rather than in formal education.


He had a photogenic memory and was an avid reader. He was particularly fond of reading history-about historical battles and historical figures.

Some of his famous historical figures were Napoleon and Alexander. The Indian freedom struggle fascinated him. He read the Tamil version of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography “Satya Sodhanai” in his early teens but was not enamoured of it greatly.

His ideal and idol was Netaji or Subash Chandra Bose. Netaji had ideological differences with the Mahatma about the mode of struggle for independence. At one stage he disapporoved of Gandhi’s “non-violence” and went on to form the Indian National Army (INA) to launch an armed struggle against the British.

Subsequently Chandra Bose joined forces with the Germans and Japanese to fight the British. He died in a mysterious aeroplane accident. Netaji’s famous pronouncement was “I shall fight for the freedom of my land until I shed my last drop of blood”. Prabhakaran subscribed to these sentiments whole-heartedly.

Apart from Netaji , Prabhakaran was also impressed by the Sikh freedom fighter Bhagat Singh who was sentenced to the gallows by the British rulers.Two freedom fighters from Tamil Nadu also made an impact on young Prabhakaran.

One was Vaanchinaatha Iyer who shot the Tirunelvely district collector Ashe dead at the Maniaachchi railway station. When chased by the Police Vaanchinaathan shot himself. The other was Thiruppoor Kumaran who withstood heavy beating by the Police but would not let go of the Bharatmatha flag. He was hailed as “Kodi Kaatha Kumaran” (Kumaran who saved the flag).

Hard as it may be for many to believe there was a quiet, spiritual aspect also to Prabhakaran. The “Ithihasam” (epic) Mahabharatham enthralled him. The characters he identified with were Bheema and Karna.

Prabhakaran also read the Tamil translations of Swami Vivekananda’s writings and speeches avidly. Another spiritual person he looked up to was Thirumuga Kirupananda Vaariyaar popularly called “vaariyaar”.


It is the Mahabharatha that relates the tale of Lord Krishna advising the wavering Arjuna on the battlefield “kurushetra”. The Pandavas and Gouravas (cousins) had assembled to do battle but Arjuna hesitates to fight against his kith and kin and lets slip his bow “Kaandeepam”.

Lord Krishna then tenders advice to him that each person is destined to fulfill his or her duty. It was the warrior’s duty to kill his adversary regardless of kinship. Killing the “body” of the enemy was part of heroic valour. The essence of Lord Krishna’s lecture is the “Bhagavat Gita”.

mp3: [Karnan: Lord Krishna explains his actions-Tamil movie sequence and song]

Prabhakaran was greatly enamoured of principles enunciated in the Gita. In the Tamil film “Karnan” based on the Mahabharatha Lord Krishna is played by NT Rama Rao and Arjuna by Mutturaman. The Gita episode is picturised as a song Maranathai Enni Kalangidum Vijaya.” This was one of Prabhakaran’s favourite songs. It’s sung by Seerkali Govindarajan.

One person who opined that Prabhakaran had inculcated the philosophy of the Gita was former Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Jyotindra Nath Dixit. This was during the time when LTTE was fighting the Indian Army. I could see that Dixit meant it as a “compliment” when he said this.

On an earlier occasion Dixit told me that of all the top Tamil militant leaders only Prabhakaran had “fire” in him. This was after Dixit met for the first time all leaders of the five big groups. Umamaheswaran-PLOTE, Sri Sabaratnam-TELO, Padmanabha-EPRLF, Balakumar-EROS and of course Prabhakaran-LTTE.

I also recall a conversation in early 1985 with former national security minister Lalith Athulathmudali. Long before the Indo-Lanka accord of 1987, Athulathmudali predicted that all the Tamil groups will give up the struggle and fall in line. But not Prabhakaran, said Lalith then. “He will never compromise and will die fighting to the last” he said. How True!


Prabhakaran was also fond of reading Tamil novels particularly those with a historical background. His favourite apparently was “Ponniyin Selvan” the magnum opus of “Kalki” (R. Krishnamoorthy). This is about Prince Arulmolivarman who evolved into the great Chola emperor Raja Raja Cholan.

He also liked the historical novels of Akhilan and Chandilyan.

[Venkayin Mainthan-by Akhilan-pic:Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan]

“Venkayin Mainthan” and “Kayal Vizhi” by Akhilan and “Yavana Raani”, “Kadal Puraa” and “Jalatheepam” by Chandilyan were his favourites by these two. When the LTTE bought its first maritime vessel it was named “Kadal Puraa” (sea dove) after Chandilyan’s novel.

Yet, the Tamil novel read again and again by Prabhakaran was “Kallukkul Eeram” (moisture in a stone) by RS Nallaperumaal. It is set against the backdrop of India’s freedom struggle against the British.

The chief protagonist Rangamani is one who does not believe in Gandhi’s “ahimsa” mode of struggle and espouses violence as the appropriate method to liberate India. No wonder then that Praba loved this novel. But there is a change of heart in the end but for the real life protagonist there was no moisture in the stone.

Prabhakaran was very much interested in contemporary affairs and international politics. A former comrade at arms of Prabhakaran, Thalayasingham Sivakumar alias Anton Master told me how the LTTE subscribed to “Time” and “Newsweek” those days. Praba would ask friends knowledgeable in English to translate and explain articles.

In later years when the LTTE developed into a full-fledged outfit, important articles from magazines and newspapers were translated into Tamil for Prabakharan’s consumption. Also many books on military affairs and warfare were translated into Tamil.


As a schoolboy, Prabhakaran like most youngsters of his age was fond of cycling and playing volley ball and soccer. But he was no sportsman and preferred to read or watch action films.

He has been ridiculed often for telling an American journalist that he learnt his fighting techniques from Clint Eastwood movies. But what happened really was that the US scribe was questioning him whether he had been trained in Cuba. It was as a joke that Prabha responded citing Eastwood.

Another pursuit in boyhood was the targeting of squirrels, lizards. Chameleons and small birds with a catapult. As a kid Praba would prowl about areas of dense vegetation searching for his quarry.

His memory power was legendary. Prabhakaran would remember faces, names and the last time he had seen someone years ago. His eyes were always sharp and roving taking in the surrounding area and ever on the alert. His eyes were large and striking and was teased as “muliyan” (goggle-eye)

Prabhakaran was also a “puritan” in many ways. He neither drank nor smoked and even advocated sexual abstinence for all in the early days of the movement. Order and cleanliness was almost an obsession. He was a stickler for discipline.


He was always neatly dressed preferring “bush shirts” and short-sleeved shirts. The bush shirt was helpful as it covered hidden firearms. It is said that even during the early stages of militancy when there was an acute shortage of funds, Prabhakaran would wash and iron his few clothes regularly and always maintain a dapper appearance.

He was a good cook and also fond of good food. He relished Chinese cuisine. Prabhakaran was also fond of Pittu, coconut sambol and Fried shrimp. He also liked Iguana and tortoise flesh. He liked fruits and natural bee’s honey.

Usually LTTE cadres under punishment are assigned duties in the kitchen. Prabhakaran would encourage cadres to cook saying “only a good cook can be a good guerilla”.

He would often cook or help out in the kitchen when at home. A close relative who visited him once was flummoxed to see the feared guerilla leader busily scraping coconuts in the kitchen.

Prabhakaran’s attitude and political thinking was shaped by contemporary events and environment. The gruesome tales he heard as a four year old child about the 1958 anti-Tamil violence impacted greatly.

One day Prabhakaran’s home had a woman visitor whose legs were scarred by burns. Upon inquiring the little boy was told that the woman’s home had been set on fire by a “Sinhala” mob. She had escaped with burns.


Young Praba also heard the famous story of the Brahmin priest in Panadura being burnt to death in a bonfire and also about the infant thrown into a tar barrel. All these tales made an indelible impression.

Being a native of Valvettithurai was another factor in making a militant out of Prabhakaran. VVT had acquired a reputation for smuggling and had a sub-culture of its own. “Operation Monty” was launched by the armed forces in post-independence Sri Lanka to check and counter illicit immigration and smuggling.

This necessitated the setting up of security camps in VVT from the early fifties of the last century. There was much friction as a result of this hostile, “alien” presence.This in turn led to a confrontational mood prevailing between the people and armed forces long before the political crisis escalated in the seventies.

It was in this environment that Prabhakaran and a host of other VVT youth grew up. As Sathasivampillai Krishnakumar alias Kittu and Gopalswamy Mahendrarajah alias Mahathaya explained to me on different occasions, many youths of their generation grew up in VVT with anger and resentment towards the armed forces and by extension the government in Colombo held responsible.

Prabhakaran growing up in this atmosphere got politically motivated in the late sixties and early seventies of the previous century. This was when former Kayts MP. V. Navaratnam roke away from the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) known as Federal Party (FP) in English.


Navaratnam once described as the “golden brain” of the FP formed the “Thamilar Suyaatchi Kazhagham” or Tamil Self-Rule party in 1968. Navaratnam abandoned the federal demand as being too little and too late and instead opted for “suyaatchi” or “self-rule” a euphemism of sorts for a separate state.

There was a pedagogue named Venugopal master for whom Prabhakaran had great regard and respect. Venugopal master became an active supporter of Navaratnam. Several students including Prabhakaran became his followers and turned into ardent devotees of Tamil self-rule.

The Suyaatchi Kazhagham also started a newspaper “Viduthalai” (Liberation/Freedom). Navaratnam himself translated and serialized “Exodus” the famous novel written by Leon Uris. It was named “Namakkendroru Naadu” (A Country of our own) Young Prabhakaran eagerly devoured it and became hooked on the dream of a country for Tamils.

The Tamil self-rule party was defeated in the 1970 polls. No candidate including Navaratnam won. But the seeds of self-rule sowed in the campaign had taken firm root in the heart and mind of “Thamby” Prabhakaran.


With the introduction of standardization in 1970 the student population of Jaffna began getting radicalized. The Tamil Maanavar Peravai (Tamil students federation) and Tamil Ilaingar Peravai (Tamil youth federation) were formed. A series of meetings , processions and rallies were held.

Prabhakaran himself began participating in some of these activities. His first experience of a protest demonstration was in 1971 when former Posts and Telecommunications minister Chelliah Kumarasuriar visited Velanai to open a new post office.Tamil youths staged a black flag demonstration.

Prabhakaran also attended most of the Tamil student and youth activist meetings. Soon “thamby” began losing interest in meetings and non-violent agitation.These were too tame for him. Greatly inspired by tales of Israel’s Hagannah and Irgun, Prabhakaran became firmly convinced that Sri Lankan state oppression could be resisted only through force.

It was then that Prabhakaran wanted to buy a gun and practise shooting. There was a notorious “chandiyan” (thug) then in Point Pedro called Sambandan. He sold guns illegally. When Prabhakaran approached him for one, Sambandan priced an old pistol at 150 rupees.

Prabhakaran and some like-minded youths pooled their resources and came up with the princely sum of 40 rupees. Undeterred Prabhakaran sold his gold ring. This had been given him by his elder brother in law.

As was the custom the younger brother of the bride, Prabhakaran ,poured water on the bridegroom’s feet when he entered the bride’s house and got rewarded. This was how he acquired his first firearm.

Prabhakaran began training clandestinely. A retired soldier helped him. By now the youth was beginning to attract the attention of the Police. When the police started making inquiries about a “mani” Prabha knew what was in store.


He left home one day to embark on his avowed vocation. Anticipating future problems Prabhakaran removed and destroyed every single photograph in the house with his picture.

When the Police caught up with him they could not get a proper picture of him and had to use only the postal identity card used by Prabhakaran to sit for examinations.

In 1982 May, Prabhakaran alias Karikalan and Sivakumar alias Raghavan of the LTTE had a shoot-out with Umamaheswaran alias Muhunthan and Jotheeswaran alias Kannan at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai. Prabhakaran was arrested and photographed and it was only then that Colombo got an up to date photo of him.

Prabhakaran teamed up with some others and formed the Tamil New Tigers. Apparently some of the old timers like Rajaratnam of Nunaavil had formed a Tiger group to fight for Tamil rights in the early sixties. This never got off the ground.

Tamil New Tigers

Prabhakaran had begun interacting with Rajaratnam and felt the new movement should be a “revival” of sorts. Hence Tamil new tigers (TNT). The acronym TNT was also applicable for the explosive compound “Trinitrotoluene”.

The TNT was led by Thanabalasingham alias Chetty of Kalviyankaadu. When the Police cracked down and began arresting prominent youth activists, Prabhakaran gave the slip and crossed over by sea to Tamil Nadu. He was to shuttle back and forth frequently in the seventies.Prabhakaran was never arrested.

Several other youth groups also emerged and engaged in acts of violence. The TNT made its mark in July 1975 with the assassination of former Jaffna MP and Mayor Alfred Durayappah as he was going to worship at the Ponnaalai Varatharajapperumaal (Vishnu) temple. Four youths including Prabhakaran were involved in the murder. Later Prabhakaran went on record that this killing was his “first military action”.


The TNT metamorphosed into the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on May 5th 1976. The Tamil United Front (TUF) held its famous Vaddukkoddai Convention nine days later on May 14th 976. It was then that the TUF became TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front) and adopted the Tamil Eelam demand formally.

The TULF contested on the separatist platform in July 1977. It won 18 of 19 Tamil seats in the North-East and claimed it had a mandate for Tamil Eelam. Years later the LTTE was to say it was acting in terms of the TULF mandate.

When Prabhakaran was in the JSC (Grade eight) class one of his textbooks was “Thirumavalavan”. This was about the Chola emperor Karikalan under whose rule the “pulikkodi” (tiger flag) had supposedly fluttered proudly from “Imayam muthal Kumari” (Himalayas to Cape Comorin) . Thus Prabhakaran was fascinated by Karikalan and the tiger flag.

“puli” in Tamil denotes the tiger but the tiger on the Chola flag was the “Vengai” or cheetah. It is a far cry from the Bengal tiger on the LTTE flag now. In any case there are no tigers in Sri Lanka. We have only the leopard here. But then we have no lions but our national flag has one. In a sense the rifle-crossed tiger flag was a direct response to the sword-bearing lion.

Prabhakaran known as Mani and Maniam earlier soon took the nom de guerre Karikalan . When arrested in Pondy bazaar it was that name on police records. Later Prabhakaran’s wireless codename was HA or Hotel Alpha. This was derived from Karikalan where Kari became Hari and then HA.

The Chola emperor got the name Karikalan because he was caught in a fire and had his legs burnt. Karikalan means “dark or black legs”. Prabhakaran too had a similar experience while experimenting with explosives. There was an explosion and his legs were burnt. The skin was dark for years. Thus “karikalan” suited him appropriately.

When the LTTE was formed in 1976 Prabhakaran was only its military commander. The leader and chairman of the five-member central committee of the LTTE was Umamaheswaran. Praba was also a CC member.


The LTTE fragmented in 1980 and Umamaheswaran formed the PLOTE. The LTTE under Prabhakaran had a working relationship with the TELO led by Thangathurai and Kuttimani. In 1981 the LTTE re-grouped under the absolute leadership of Prabhakaran. Thereafter it was a virtual one-man dictatorship.

Cupid or “Manmathan” struck Prabhakaran with his arrows in 1983-84.

Some displaced undergraduates were on a death fast at the Jaffna university premises in 1983 september. When the condition of some girls deteriorated the LTTE broke the fast and abducted those fasting. They were brought to Tamil Nadu.

At one stage four of the abducted girls stayed at the residence of Anton and Adele Balasingham and used to accompany them to the LTTE office in Indranagar. The fairest and prettiest of them all was Madhivadhani Erambu. Her father Erambu was a schoolmaster from Pungudutheevu in Jaffna.

During the Indian “Holi” festival people spray coloured powder and coloured water on each other. Madhivadhani held a bet with her friends and boldly drenched Prabhakaran with turmeric dissolved water. Praba was furious and berated her. Madhi started sobbing.

Hours later when the tiger supremo was leaving the office , he found her in a corner weeping.He went up to her and spoke softly asking her not to cry. Madhivathani looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. Praba’s heart was pierced.

[..They married in 1984]

Thereafter Prabhakaran began visiting the Balasingham’s frequently. He brought flowers and sweets for Madhi. Prabhakaran had been a shy, introverted person and had never mingled with girls outside his family. This was a new experience. Anton Balasingham encouraged the romance. They married in 1984.


There was a hitch. The LTTE code of conduct tabooed marriage. So the top commanders were summoned to Tamil Nadu and a Central committee meeting convened.

[In Jaffna, 1987]

There a new regulation was introduced enabling those with five years experience to marry. The Madhi-Praba marriage took place in a temple with senior tiger commanders including KP in attendance.

They had three children. The eldest was named Charles Anthony born in 1985. He was named after Praba’s best friend and military commander Charles Anthony alias Seelan who died in Meesalai, Chavakachcheri.

The next was Duvaraga the daughter born in 1986. She was named after a favourite bodyguard Mayooran whose real name was Duvaaragan. The third was a son born in 1997. He was named Balachandran after Madhivathani’s own brother who also joined the LTTE and died in combat.

The demise of Prabhakaran along with family members and senior commanders marks the end of an eventful chapter in the long drawn out struggle of the Tamil people to achieve equal rights in the Island of Sri Lanka.

D.B.S.Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com


  1. Well… Well… Well…

    Another November 26th has come and the Tamil struggle is still struggling to achieve any tangible thing for the Elaam Tamils. Although it is good to read about the history about our leader, what is more relevant at the moment is what action is planned for the future, to achieve Elaam.

    It looks like many die hard Elaam supporters have found comfort zones in the west… and fear Kotabhaya. We need to drum up support from our brothers in TamilNadu and rekindle Prabha’s light… and fight the beach boys of Kotabhaya.

    I’m so sad about the divisions among the Elaam Tamils. Let’s unite, plan and launch what Prabha could not start… the Elaam War V.

    Viva Elaam!


    Start the war and finish off the remaining Tamils in Sri Lanka? You are a “Vaaichol Veerar”(Vocal warrior) who lives in a safe place and writes provocative rubbish under a false name in websites

    Go to Sri Lanka and fight if you want you stupid,irresponsible wretch

  2. Dear Mr Jeyaraj,

    Do you think that news emerges from various website about tamils in the island tried to celebrate 26th of Novemer is a sign of support towards LTTE?

    If yes… Are there any possibility of another war in a long future (20 – 30years time)?

    or this is just a media properganda…..?


    Only a few posters came up in Jaffna campus.The security forces&Police have torn them down


  3. When are these Prabhakaran and LTTE going to vanish from Srilankan peope’s mind and politics? Or is it an essential tool for Srilankan Goveronment keep these two words (alive on earth)play their trics whenever necessary?

  4. When are these words, Prabhakaran and LTTE going to vanish from people’s mind and politics? Or is it necessary for the goveronment to keep these two words alive to play their trics and fool the world?

  5. The leader appears to be assuming ever growing proportions in the mind set of Tamils since his absence in the scenario.
    I salute him.

  6. “The demise of Prabhakaran along with family members and senior commanders marks the end of an eventful chapter in the long drawn out struggle of the Tamil people to achieve equal rights in the Island of Sri Lanka”.



    Ironically you have concluded “Demise of Prabjakaran…marks the end of..struggle of Tamil people to achieve equal rights in Srilanka.

    It seems true.


    Dont twist please

    “End of an eventful chapter”in the long drawn out struggle not end of struggle.

    The struggle is a book and VP only a chapter. The Tamil struggle for equality and justice did not begin with Prabhakara. Neither will it end with him

    Until justice and equality is obtained the struggle continues

  7. “The demise of Prabhakaran along with family members and senior commanders marks the end of an eventful chapter in the long drawn out struggle of the Tamil people to achieve equal rights in the Island of Sri Lanka.”This line is significant. Do the Burgers, Muslims, Malay’s, Chinese and people descended from Indian roots such as Malayalies etc have these rights in SL? Does the poor Singhalese have equal rights? Does the Aborigines of Australia with a proven record of 70,000yrs in that island have it or the black people of USA even living under a black president? Does Estate Tamils have equal rights with those in Jaffna?VP was just a cold blooded killer who tried to justify his blood thirst by hitching a ride on the rhetoric that Tamils are deprived, under privileged and under dogs. Every killer in history from Mao, Hitler, Stalin had some thing to hang their hat on when killing was commissioned. VP was a psychopath who killed at the drop of a hat. Does Bhagawath Geetha which he is supposed to have read recommend violence? He killed because of the scenario wrongly set by educated high caste Tamils that Singhalese are the devils because they were so greedy to get more and more from Singhalese. Otherwise how come, Tamil terrorism started in Jaffna where the most well off Tamils lived? Have you heard of any Tamil professional who got free education from Singhalese Government and its people saying, yes this is what we got free and its fruits we currently enjoy? On the contrary, they will always condemn the Singhalese and great examples are the most of the educated Tamils abroad. Pasupathi is another example. The Burgers left SL when they were no longer needed. They did not create any trouble. Some of them have now come back or  some of their children. Weren’t they a minority? Why are Tamils and their rights so special or precious?


    To the Tamils their rights were/are precious. So they fight against the deprivation of rights and strive for restoration.What is so “special” about that?

  8. Thank you for this article and the other one on the Great Heroes history Mr.Jeyaraj

    Whatever his faults Prabhakaran’s name will go down in history.

  9. Jeyaraj Annan

    Can you tell what happened to Pirapakaran and his family?How did they die?


    Prabhakaran fought to the end.
    His wife Mathivathany died a few days earlier in shelling with some family members of LTTE cadres in a bunker

    His daughter Duwaraga also died a few days earlier in shelling while on the battlefront

    His elder son Charles Anthony was in charge of the last ditch efforts to hold the Army off. He consumed cynaide at the end

    His younger son Balachandran (11) was with some bodyguards near Nandhikkadal lagoon. After some bodyguards were killed the others surrendered. They were killed. The boy was taken to Prabakharan’s body and asked to identify the Father. Afterwards he was killed

  10. Hello DBS,

    I am sorry to say this but I want to be honest to my conscious. Please do not repeatedly publish the articles about this uneducated, undiplomatic idiot who were unable to save even his own family but claiming and portraying himself as the saviour of the whole Sri Lankan Tamil ethnic group. He himself declared that he is the National Leader of Thamil Eelam Tamils but what he had achieved after 30 years of war ?

    More than 30,000 thamil yongsters lost their lives beleiving that he is going to get a separate country for Thamils.

    More than 300,000 thamil civilians and former LTTE members were left at the mercy of Sinhalese governemnt. When I saw those people were fighting to get the food, It reminds me whether our people live in Africa or Sri Lanka.

    Prabaharan put all the Sri Lankan tamils to live at the mercy of Sri Lankan govt and took us back PRE independent period.

    The only people who want to celebrate his birthday even today is that who have got benefitted finanically because of LTTE.

  11. With due respect, I would like to submit my comments please.

    Every Tamil proudly embellish and overstate Veera Pandiya Kattapomban as a supreme warrior and a Tamilian, leader of the Tamil etc. Where Tamils forgot to explore and plump on his intellectual ability was when he stood against the British, and almost all of the Tamil Kingdoms around him. This led Kattapomman to dismal and woeful defeat & death. Kattapomman did not have the intellectual power to understand the political and military background of the British, and their confederacy of Tamil kingdoms.

    It’s is a similar situation when addressing Vellupillai Prabakaran where he did not inherit that intellectual power from anyone. Thangathurai and Kuttimani, who were smugglers, commenced carrying guns under the pretext of Liberation and Vellupilai Prabakaran (VP) was like a boy to Thangathurai. It is believed that VP use to carry food for Thangathurai and that Thangathurai taught VP to manipulate revolvers.

    There are noteworthy number of transgressions and failures of VP due to shortfall in competency in liberation struggle. VP did not have the spirit, personality and disposition or diplomacy to enter into conflict resolution through dialogues. His policy is to kill anyone who disputes or opposes him. VP wiped out almost all of other liberation groups and eliminated their leaders. His awful idiosyncrasy as a leader was declaring war against Indian troops and the assassination of Late Rajiv Ghandi. That is a typical example of his shortfall in the aptitude and expertise as a political and a military leader.

    Initially, although started as a liberation group, eventually converged into a terrorist group killing civilians, hijacking civilians as human shield, try to run a child group government in Vanni without even addressing the stability, sustainability and integrity of his own soldiers. VP had several opportunities to resolve the conflict, may be, his luxury life in the Vanni made him to deny whatever offered and placed the 300,000 Tamils as playing cards.

    The instant LTTE assassinated several government ministers, they were stamped “Terrorists” which is a reasonable international norm.

    Its time Tamils forget worshiping VP, because years to come he may be converted to be worshiped as another Murugan, Siva or Vishnu.

    What we need is a solution for peace loving Tamils and their generation in SriLanka to live and prosper?


  12. The death of seperatisam “with Praba the leader” is unfortunte for those who narrowly identify themselves as Tamils; fotunate for Sri Lankans.

    Achieve equal rights, by peaceful means!

  13. In a separate cell in hell where he cannot recruit child soldiers, abduct women and kill innocent people

  14. Reminds me of that nut case who wrote as Karuppan whom DBS banned from this site.Looks like Karuppan is posting under different names because the comment is so weird

  15. in second world war 47 millions died, our struggle only cost may be 200,000 but Tamils reacted against the brutalities of Sinhala chauvinistic forces. 6 millions Jews died with out fighting back those nazies 800,000 tutsies died in Rwanda with out fighting back those Hutus, ours only 200,000 maximum, small price to pay for the struggle, deaths are not end of life but life with out dignity is not living at all.,

  16. Dear Nimal, Thank you. I dont carry positions on my head or shoulders. I have the right to express my views as Bandula Jayasekara. I also think these are the views of many Sri Lankans too. Can we forgive him for detroying our lives and taking Sri Lanka back by 30 years?? We live only once and we lost many lives due to this foolish man.

  17. What a destruction Prabakaran brought to his own Tamils, North, Sinhalaese, muslims and whole Sri Lanka. How many tamil boys and girls were ruined their lives, education, future & died on a/c of his sick mentality. How many tamil parents shed tears as their beloved sons and daughters lost on a/c of this man’s madness.

    Today how beautiful tamils living in north and east enjoys peace, fearlessness in their day to day life after 18 May 2009. Today north is celebrated with No warnings, kidnapping, threatening, fining, taxing, demanding, shooting, screaming, dying, crying and many more. Thanks to all who brought peace back to North and rest of Island. Those think that they are correct and doing what they prefer consequently will suffer some or other way. Anger & Terror will never deliver the goods !

  18. Dear DBSJ!,

    I am very sad, Rajapakshe regime should have allowed Mast.Balachchandran to alive. I believe that the regime also have sons and grand sons long way to go.. “God” will punish them.


  19. Our Honourable Leader may God bless him for the struggles and hardships he had undergone for the Tamil people against these Sinhala Devils who even today after Thalivar’s Death, treat Tamils like dogs. Justice must be brought to Sri Lanka by the Corrupt Sinhala Government. After the war Tamils struggle worse then before because now they don’t have a leader or a voice to guide and fight for them. They have been subjected to live like animals under the control of racist sinhala extremes, May God come and destroy them strike them down with all his might and save the Tamil.

  20. Really??What about his cyanide capsule found in his pocket?He had no courage to kill himself because the size of his wound from front was a big one and could not be inflicted by a hand gun.common sense!Either he was shot with a big gun not even a T56 or a shrapnel tored his head.

    Booruwa ,Tell that to Gota………DBSJ

  21. Prabakaran is a hypocrite.He gave his foolish followers cyanide pills.He kept a white flag. ( What a coward)

    This man name his son Charles Anthony ( he is ashamed to name his son a Tamil name)

    Very powerful symbol of stupidity.


    VP didn’t have a white flag. It was Nadesan&Pulithevan who went with improvised “white flags” because they had been informed by Sri Lankan authorities to come with white flags held high. What happened to these surrendees is what is disgraceful.

    Surrendering when outnumbered is not cowardly but killing unarmed surrendees in cold blood is cowardly

    Best example of hypocrist is killing people and then saying we fought with guns in one hand, Human rights charter in the other, food on our backs and love in our hearts

    Prabhakaran named his elder son Charles Anthony after his friend and deputy Seelan whose real name was Charles Anthony as he was a Tamil catholic from Trincomalee.

    It was a sign of friendship&regard transcending ethnic names and not because he was ashamed of having a Tamil name

    Also having a non – Tamil name does not in anyway lessen one’s “Tamilness” just as having non-Sinhala names do not diminish one’s “Sinhalaness”.

    I have “David” and “Buell” as my names in addition to Sabapathy and Jeyaraj

    President Rajapaksa has “percival, his brother “Basil”. JR was Junius Richard. DS was Don Stephen. His soon was Dudley Shelton. Kotelawela was John. Bandaranaike was Solomon West Ridgeway Dias.

    Also what about all the Fernandos, Silvas, Pereras, Peiris’s, Soysas,Rodrigos etc

    Were their parents ashamed of having Sinhala names?

  22. There was a doubt whether he was killed by Army bullets or with his own.Thats why we chopped his head and foud the bullet.It was his own

  23. [He read the Tamil version of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography “Satya Sodhanai” in his early teens but was not enamoured of it greatly]
    wonder why?


  25. In reality VP kept killing all the moderate politicians until he chose his own hangman.
    Everyone bound by the Law of Karma!

  26. I have heard Prabhakaran’s father was born in Kerala and came to Sri Lanka subsequently. Any truth in this Jeyaraj?


  27. There was really no Prabhakaran or LTTE. This is sheer Jeyaraj imagination


    you just posted a question as “Wasanatha” about VP’s father.. Now you post this as “Sita”.

    You think you are smart?

  28. The killing on Balachandran was cruel and unnecessary. Perhaps there was a fear that he could be a figurehead for eelamists to rally around in the future?

    However there was a previous precedence on how Wijeweera’s family was treated, as was Soosai’s family later. As such it is inexcusable.

    I will not shed any tears for Prabakharan and Duwaraga (if she died on the battlefront and was wielding a gun/.

    Mathivathany made her bed and died in it. Hers would have been a thankless existence if she had lived and known about the death of her children. Perhaps it was a mercy she was spared that.

    We should be relieved that Prabakharan is dead and gone after all the harm he did. Today is day of celebration (quiet) for me truth be told. Others may see different obviously.

  29. My dear, why you need seperate country?If you all so badly needed start a movement in canada.There’s plenty of land.

  30. Well said DBSJ.
    The last thing any Sri Lankan want is another brutal war to take place in SL.
    People from all races suffered in the horror that took place in SL, certainly the Tamil civilian suffered more, but lets not forget all the Sinhalese and Muslim families who lost loved ones too.
    I pray for my country, that we can all live in peace and dignity, with no race looking down on the other and no race claiming special privileges.

  31. To all my Sinhala brothers and sisters,

    Please refrain from publishing inflammatory remarks against the LTTE cadres killed on this day.. Whilst in our eyes what they fought for is wrong and the means they used is despicable, today many remember their kith and kin who laid down their lives for something they believed in.. The German soldiers fought for German nationalism not for Hitler, the LTTE cadres fought for Tamil nationalism not Prabhakaran..

    It matters not whether VP was killed by the army or whether he took his own life.. He fought till the very end and whether he faltered in his last moments matter very little (for many of us will falter when the end is near).. What matters is today he is no more, and the North is accessible to Muslims and Sinhalese as Wellawaththa is accessible to Tamils..

    Whilst renewing our determination to frustrate at every turn the redoubled efforts in future to establish a mono-ethnic bantustan in part of our (all of ours of every ethnicity, religion and caste) island, let us also strive to be more inclusive and not feel their culture and language is overrun by ours (theirs is an ancient and proud culture too)..

    Do not mock their dead..Let them mourn today, let them have their day..

  32. Dear DBSJ,
    Loved Ur Articles in the Past & will Continue to do so in the Future too…

    I’ve got Some Funny Feeling & May be U Can Help Me to Sort it Out… I Beleived When it Came to War, pottu Amman was Running the show atleast last 5-6 years of ltte & perhaps he was smarter than pirapaharan… It has been 2 years since ltte is distroyed yet no one could publish any picture of pottu Amman’s dead body or what had happened to him & his family… I thought he escaped…

    Has anyone found his dead body? Are there any pictures to confirm this & what has happened to his family???

  33. Dear friends!

    Prabakaran fought against the Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism based on the imaginary and false doctrine: Aryan – Sinhala – Sinhalese – Theravada Buddhism – Lanka doctrine with one to one correspondence. Please read his last two Mavirar Day speeches. We all know what has happened to the minorities of our country since the independence. The whole world knows it.

    Even the paragraph 28 of the UN Panel Report confirms this.It says:

    “After independence, political elites tended to prioritize short-term political gains, appealing to communal and ethnic sentiments, over long-term policies, which could have built an inclusive state that adequately represented the multicultural nature of the citizenry. Because of these dynamics and divisions, the formation of a unifying national identity has been greatly hampered. Meanwhile, SINHALA-BUDDHIST NATIONALISM GAINED TRACTION, ASSERTING A PRIVILEGED PLACE FOR THE SINHALESE AS THE PROTECTORS OF SRI LANKA,AS THE SACRED HOME OF BUDDHISM. THESE FACTORS RESULTED IN DEVASTATING AND ENDURING CONSEQUENCES FOR THE NATURE OF THE STATE, GOVERNANCE AND INTER-ETHNIC RELATIONS IN SRI LANKA.”

    Unfortunately because of the interests of India, the USA, West European countries and other industrialized nations Prabakaran and the others were killed.

    But those countries know well that by crushing the LTTE, the Tamil minorities have been placed at the mercy of the Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists. The British did the same when giving independence to Ceylon. Britain and its allies wanted check Communism by keeping the strategically important Ceylon under their influence.

    Thus, the Tamils have the right to fight for their rights. The Sinahala -Buddhist nationalists and their ‘friendly’ countries think that they only have the right to decide. But those Tamils who think that they could not lead a slave life without rights could continue their struggle. Those who accept themselves as slaves could oppose it.

    My dears! The only undeniable truth is that we all have to die. Some have the right to live as opportunists, looters, thieves, rapists, beggars, slaves, cowards, prostitutes etc. That does not mean they have the right to order another to live like them.

    Thus,whether you live like that or like those who fought for their rights, all of you are going to die one day.

    Here only an important question arises. What is good for a human being and the people of Sri Lanka or the world? Establishment of Dhamma or destroying the Dhamma?

    Here only Prabakaran and his followers become world Heroes!Nobody can deny that!

    The MR Government and the Sinhala Buddhist nationalists are worried about their interests only. That is why they do not want Prabakaran and the LTTE remembered by the Tamils and others. That is the TRUTH.

    The army and Police have now intensified their Patrol, and checking in the North. Thanks to them. This makes all the Tamils to remember Prabakaran and others who fought against the Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.

  34. I agree that BJ’s statement lacked tact, but I fail to see any inaccuracies in his part of the statement which says That VP did”recruit child soldiers, abduct women and kill innocent people”. As long as the statement remains accurate, I doubt whether we can restrict his freedom to express himself.

  35. I doubt whether God will bless him after killing so many thousands of God’s innocent creations who were just going to work or school.

  36. This man destroyed the tamil identity from Sri Lanka. He encouraged tamil people to leave Sri Lanka. all the good/best DNA left their motherland. Now these people are in their retairement age. Most of them have started to fade.

    Will the 2nd generation of theirs’ will ever go bak to Sri Lanka. ? May be some to visit.

    Prehakaran i smain cause for fading of tamils from SL. Muslims are going to be 2nd highest majority of SL.

    What a danage had this looser did to is own people.

  37. Vikki

    Yes, it is a small price if not for the loss of your dear ones, and I met enough guys like you and they always quote figures from history. It is the survived ones that are paying the price, you have got to see the plight of these people before talking about a war. There were two kids- 1yo and 2 yo- both parents who were maveerar now and growing up in the care of an elderly grand mother. Not sure what the future holds for them, although I went to as far as a house next to the one these kids were, I did not visit them. Instead gave whatever money I had, unfortunately I did not have much in my possession. I did not want to visit them, because I knew this sighting will not do any good for me or them, instead this memory will replay time and again in my mind.

  38. Good article DBSJ as always. What about the current government doing the same thing that Piraba & LTTE did in emplying terror tactics against Tamil population, controlling the judiciary to the gvt’s advantage or as a rubber stamping body for the gvt, and even the Sinhala opposition admit the Gvt is behaving like a Thug? Recently Jayalath Jayawardena spoke in London about these attrocities? What is your comment in the light of Mavaarar Ninaivu Thinam etc?

  39. Sandilyan,

    Why don’t you go and speak to your masters to “peacefully” grant equal rights and freedoms to Tamils so that they and their following generations can live and prosper on their land in Sri Lanka? Talk is cheap Mr. Do it, show it, and prove that you can. There’s never a shortage of phony, hypocrites like you.

  40. Are you dumb? Even if you didn’t read history books and educate yourself, did you at least read the article before you uttered your words of wisdom? Go fly a kite or something.

  41. No, your leaders sold your country to the chinese and the pakistanis to kill hundreds of thousands of Tamils and the man who faught for their rights. But, if you want to talk about karma, especially when you say “everyone’s bound” it, well……you just wait.

  42. First of all, do not use the Lord’s praise to endorse war crimes. Secondly, what are you amening? That your blood thirsty leaders would shoot point blank and kill a 11 year old boy? Get a life.

  43. I guess this karma you speak of would explain your leaders’ countless trip of hindu temples where they show off their blubber? To avert what might befall them? Karma eh…..bring it on.

  44. prabakaran is alive no body can kill tamil thesiya thalivar prabakaran………he will come again and will get tamil eelam for us..the above said dbjs statement are wrong…dont belive that statement……….

  45. It is sad that so many people on both side of this horrible war have died. It is even more sad that the level of hatred towards each other is as intence as before. We need to be able to forgive and forget if we are to avoud a bigger catastroph. None of us are going to live for ever. Let us compromise and build a safe and secure future for every Sri Lankan irrespective of race, religion or cast.

    Very true………DBSJ

  46. DBS, have you or anyone else figured out why Prabhakaran is the solitary leader of a guerrilla movement (ostensibly) for liberation, who never once received the public endorsement of a single leading personality of any liberation movement, either in or out of power, from Asia through Northern Ireland to Africa and Latin America, nor had his death mourned or commisserated with by a single liberation leader? Furthermore, the LTTE’s crushing military defeat has not evoked any display of sadness by any liberation movement. Finally, every single state that has come into being as a result of a liberation struggle ( with the exception of Eritrea) has supported/voted for the Sri Lankan state. Contrast that with the tributes that flowed in from progressives all over the world, when EPRLF leader Pathmanabha was murdered by Prabhakaran’s assassins. What does that tell your readers?

    Eruditely Elucidate and enlighten us all will you Oh Dayan?……..DBSJ

  47. Ha ha ha….. Are you seriously trying to project a civilized picture of yourself? Ha ha ha….. Do you realize what an ass you’ve made of yourself by saying these things out loud? Sorry, just in case noone else tells you.

  48. This message is not from me. I am Yogesh Karayalar who is writing comments in this blog for the past two years. Somebody was masquearding in the name Yogesh Karay(e)lar. But somebody is able to pretend me with the exact spelling. However DBSJ is able to identify that. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj.

  49. Freedom to express? Shouldn’t you be saying that in support of all the journalists who are murdered for doing the very thing in Sri Lanka by your leaders? What are you blabbering here for?

  50. Dear DBSJ,

    One of my Indian colleague said that Mr.T. Vellupillai went to Jaffna from Keralla, I have read few comments here and there that about Mr. V.Pirabakarn origin. Funny thing is that most of them believed that the all Tamils in Ceylon have gone from India. I am not sure about the history .. But I am assured that my long generation have been rooted from Jaffna. So I don’t bellieve that we came from India. I have told to one of my Sinhala friend thatwe have been ceylon as long as sinhala people have had the history on the ground. My wife used to tell me that we are origing from ceylon and Sinhalese have came from India(She used to mention about the known king “Iravanan”) Well come to the point, please do not confused that about Pirabakarn family origin. They have born and brought up on the same soil where there they have died. I don’t think that we will get the opportunity to land our soil with our diginity. As you said Tamil struggle have never started with Thambi is not going to end with him also.

    I have me a retired St. John’s College, Jaffna teacher in London who has well known about Piraba’s Elder son(Charles Antony) and Daughter Thuvaraka. He said They have studied in the School during 1994-95. I never see any one who knows about yonger boy.

    Best Regards,


    Prabhakaran’s father is NOT from Kerala. He is of the famous THirumeni family in Valvettithurai

    A large number of People in Jaffna’s ancestors did come from India just like a very large number of Sinhalese and Muslims

    My maternal grandfather JS Arlvarpillai had an Olai chuvadi (Ola leaf) that traced his ancestry to Sittambalam Mudaliyar a Thondaimandala Vellalar who came to Jaffna 12 generations ago with 22 other Thondaimandala Vellalar families and their retinue

  51. Thank you Diyasena for understanding the happenings in the right sense. Even few Tamil idiots do not understand the emotions of those who lost their kith and kin in the war.

    I agree with you 100% that GoSL should ensure that no more organization like LTTE or JVP emerge in the future. At the same time GoSL should ensure that no racial group will be able to induce or tempt other groups to form organizations like LTTE or JVP. Especially it is the responsibility of GoSL to protect the minorities since they feel insecure.

    Thank you my dear friend.

  52. Ha ha well said DBS,
    These are the idiots from the Sinhalese and the Tamils who started this shi*t which put Jaffna 200 years back in history and Sri Lanka 100 years back. This created the military monster, the militarisation of the good bad and the ugly that will haunt this country for a long long time.
    This also created children who will grow up to hate each other for a long time.
    Go and talk about war in Jaffna, not elsewhere. Someone said 15 years ago, no point in talking peace while waging war in Jaffna or talking about war while staying in colombo or the west. The former is more or less obsolete but the latter still is true.
    Vellupillai is dead, so as Gaddafi and Saddam and so will be the existing ones; lets move forward

  53. Dear DBSJ
    You didn’t tell this story before, did you? also you never told about pottu amman (except you said he died)
    Can you please give us some info about this moment (mullaiwaikkal) and the white flag just to remind us
    I believe that someone may have told you these events, by this time

  54. Dear Mr Jeyaraj

    Please correct the title. The right title is:

    Prabhakaran: Powerful DESTRUCTIVE symbol of Tamil armed struggle


    If you reflect deeply without preconceived notions you will understand the meaning of that heading.

  55. jey,
    is there any truth in the theory that he was captured and his son was tortured in front of him.i read somewhere that jegath dias inserted hot tool into his anus and he was shot dead after undergoing all these trauma? is there any truth that pottu amman escaped and lives somewhere in either a south east asian country or possibly eritrea?


  56. we did not ask separate country initially it was people like you who were sinhalese chauvinist who did not even give equal rights to our people.if thanthai chelva had been listened to? you would not have listened to prabakaran.prabakaran essentielly is a creation of sinhalese rather than accepting that you erred if you continue to maintain that you did not do any wrong it only means that you have not learnt any lessons and reconciliation is not possible between sinhalese and tamils despite the commission which has submitted its report to government.

  57. Thank you DBSJ for reproducing the article. Because I was not able to read the article properly when you published it earlier due to the excessive emotions I had during that period. But this time I read the article line by line patiently and I got many interesting points in VP’s life.

    Let us pray almighty to ensure that no more VP will emerge from the Tamil community.

    But as you said DBSJ The Tamil struggle for equality and justice did not begin with Prabhakaran. Neither will it end with him. Until justice and equality is obtained the struggle continues.

    My dear Tamil brothers and sisters. DBSJ’s article is just a homage to a misguided Tamil brother. Don’t become emotional, don’t think about an armed struggle or don’t expect another VP to come.

    Nediyavan and Vinayagam will eliminate each other or come to a compromise because after all it is a business.

    TNA has a role to play immediately. Intelligentsia (which was eliminated by LTTE to a larger extent and by GoSL to some extent) has yet to emerge in SL Tamil community which will take few more decades. Still then only our hope is the message ‘Enthavoru iravukkum vidiyal undu’.

    You have understood me well in this matter.Mikka Nandri……….DBSJ

  58. did you bandula ever thought why this problem rose and how prabakaran became this powerful? does your community have the guts to give equal rights to tamils by the way of 13th amendment which envisages merger of north and east srilanka?

  59. Ivor
    Unlike the Burgers the Tamils were in the island all along with the Sinhalese and are original natives.
    The Burgers came following the colonisation of the island by the Portuguese,Dutch and British.
    They were actually a mixture of the colonisers and they jelled well with the British who ruled the island with their help untill the country’s independence. As they were of European origin they left with the British and they did so for their own reasons.The natives certainly did not chase them away.
    The Muslims and the Chinese came to the island as traders even before the Europeans and the Malays were brought in to the island by the British at a later period.

    As to whether all these people now in the island have equal right or not like the majority poor Sinhalese as you describe them is a question you must pose to the “poor” Sinhalese.

    Like wise as to whether the estate Tamils who were brought in by the British as inducted labourers to work in their tea and rubber plantations have equal rights or not is a question you could pose to the said estate Tamils in the island.

    As for equal rights for aborgines in Australia and the blacks peolpe in the USA who you say are living under a black President there, you who seem to be a computer literate person can click on Wikipedia and quench your curiosity.

  60. jey,
    though it is little bit personal but it has all the connections.i have heard that prabakaran and his gang used to stay near our locality.in my locality lot of srilankan tamils used to stay and in fact in 1980s when i was a school student i had many class mates who were srilankan tamils.once i remember i had gone for jogging to beach which is nearby i had to go through a place where many policemen were standing i was wondering why when i came back i read in that days hindu that anton balasinghams house was bombed and still whenever i go that side though that building has been converted into shopping complex i feel very nostalgic about it.incidentally thiruporur where prabakaran married has become very famous nowadays because it is on the information corridor of chennai where most of the software companies are located in chennai.still my heart beats for my fellow tamils of srilanka i want to do something constructive i hope to do one day for them definitely.

  61. This is the first time I read about Prabakaran,because i know that from DBSJ he is reliable.There is nothing wrong with Praba’s childhood. His robinhood mentality is common among youngsters of that age but blame should go to the the so called tamil political parties named themself as a Tamil ARASU kathchi and TULF Libaration Front. They use their poisonous ideas to strengthen their political ambition, they promote seperation and seperate state for their own good. At present, without changing their name or colour they are fighting for the Tamil rights.Evey one has a problem in Srilanka whether they are Sihalese ,Tamil or Muslims .Srilanka should ban all political parties having their name with Tamil Sinhala or Muslims; therefore no more TULF SLMC or JaHU. The majority have rejected the communal elments but minorities are still hanging on. We should remove the proportional reperesentation system which encurages communal politics of vote for your own, therefore encuraging political gundhas like Dumindha. We should give more power to the local authorities and not to the particular community but to the area District or province. It is then we will be on the right path. No more Prabakaran or Karuna or not even Douglas.

  62. DBS, if I may sharpen the point, can you name one non-Tamil personality (apart from Prof Peter Schalk!) who considers Prabhakaran a hero? If not, what does that say about the many within the Tamil community who do?

    Serriously write more about this will you Dayan?……….DBSJ

  63. A time to grieve and remember is very important. Whatever the cuase whaever the methods each was a brother, son, mother, daughter or father.

    To my tamil friends who have lost anyone due to this cruel war my condolense. I say that to the many Sinhalese and muslims who lost too.

    If today is a time to grieve so be it.

    Let tomorrow be full fo peace.

    Thanks for this Dilshan…………DBSJ

  64. Ivor and SJoseph,

    You both have tolearn history

    Chaptor 1. ஒன்றுபட்டால் உண்டு விடுதலை

    Statement by S.J.V.Chelvanayagam Q.C., Leader of the Tamil United Front, February 1975: “Throughout the ages the Sinhalese and Tamils in the country lived as distinct sovereign people till they were brought under foreign domination ….. We have for the last 25 years made every effort to secure our political rights on the basis of equality with the Sinhalese in a united Ceylon ….. It is a regrettable fact that successive Sinhalese governments have used the power that flows from independence to deny us our fundamental rights and reduce us to the position of a subject people …..

    I wish to announce to my people and to the country that I consider the verdict at this election as a mandate that the Tamil Eelam nation should exercise the sovereignty already vested in the Tamil people and become free.” [see also Vaddukodai Resolution, 1975 & Tamil United Liberation Front Manifesto, 1977]

    Chapter 2
    Velupilllai Pirabaharan, Leader of Tamil Eelam and Leader of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: “We are not chauvinists. Neither are we lovers of violence enchanted with war. We do not regard the Sinhala people as our opponents or as our enemies. We recognise the Sinhala nation. We accord a place of dignity for the culture and heritage of the Sinhala people. We have no desire to interfere in any way with the national life of the Sinhala people or with their freedom and independence. We, the Tamil people, desire to live in our own historic homeland as an independent nation, in peace, in freedom and with dignity.”

    Unity will grow only around reason. Unity will grow when each one of us engage ourselves, not in endless talk, OR WAR CRIMES OR BY GENOCIDE.

  65. Diyasena,

    I am lost for words. Thank you.

    DBSJ, thanks for making this forum available for such humane and futuristic thoughts.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  66. just this one example of executing a child is a war crime. even a child wasn’t spared.


    Lots of Tamil civilians died at the hands of the armed forces during the fighting but at the same time dont forget that the armed forces also enabled more than 300,000 people to leave LTTE controlled areas and reach safety elsewhere

    While some suurrendered or captured LTTE members and family members were killed around 10,000 LTTE members including hardcore guys were given safe passage outside without being killed

    Most o them are released now. Others are being released in batches. There was also a chance of a general amnesty for the hard core members but the Diaspora antics is spoiling that chance

    Also dont forget that the LTTE was shooting and killing a lot of Tamils trying to escape to safety . What do you make of that?

  67. Tamil Nadu belongs to the Tamils and Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese. These are the respective national homelands of the Tamils and the Sinhalese. Tamils tried to steal Sinhalese land and claim it as theirs and the Sinhalese fought against this theft and won. Now Tamils should be happy with their Tamil Nadu (which is twice the size of Sri Lanka) and stop craving other people’s land.


    Tamil Nadu belongs to the Tamils of INdia

    Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese,Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and all others who have made the Island their home

    The Northern and Eastern Provinces are the areas of historic habitation of the Tamil and Muslim people who have lived there with others.

    In the evolving,new Sri Lanka the people of different comunities will live in all parts of the country peacefully and amicably as equal citizens.

    Sri Lanka will belong to Sri Lankans

  68. Dear gamunu dias,

    Out of the tens of thousands of Tamils who left Sri Lanka, I do not think even five people returned to Sri Lanka to fight! Up to 1990, to my knowledge, less than 15% of those Tamils living abroad only gave money to the LTTE. In America, not even 5 people gave money to LTTE up to 1990. Even from 1990 up to 2008, I do not think more than 20- 30% of the expatriates contributed money to the LTTE.

    The Sinhalese also have the same problem. Just imagine with all the support given by India, the USA, West European countries and others, the Sinhalese with the population about 10 -15 million had to fight for 30 years against about 20,000 – 30, 000 Tigers out of about 2 million Tamils living in the North and East to win the war

    Mind you dear. Most of the Govt. soldiers died in the war were from poor Sinhalese families living in the villages! Not from YOUR “the good/best DNA”!

    Do you know how in 1990s thousands of these poor Sinhalese village youths who were brought to the North with the promise of employment in the Kankesanthurai cement factory forcefully recruited into the army? How many thousands of them deserted the army? Do you know how they used to complain to the Tamil civilians about their food? These poor Sinhalese died for the cowardice Sinahalese ruling class.

    Even after war, we find so much of jaw-jaw fights in the webs.

    What percentage of the expatriate Tamils invests money in the North and East? How many of them contribute money for the re-settled IDPs and ex-Tiger combatants to start their life? Never mind these. What percentage of them supports the war orphans, people without both eyes and lost all their limbs?

    The Tamils living in the North and East understand the real situation.

    They fought for their rights with the assistance of about 20% of those living abroad. They will continue to fight for their rights. But, again the very same people who supported them earlier only will continue their support.

    You say: “all the good/best DNA left their motherland.”

    You are wrong my dear! A great percentage of the ‘professionals’ and opportunists only left the country! Not the good/best DNA!!!

    Most of them will get themselves excused by saying “Idiot Prabakaran and the LTTE only caused all these problems.”

    Dears! Your comments are only for time killing! Have good fun!!

  69. I am writing this response with the caveat that my response would be clouded because I had not been in Sri Lanka for a long time.

    “When are these words, Prabhakaran and LTTE going to vanish from people’s mind and politics?”

    It is a very serious question. The answer to this I think is “not for a long time to come”. Personally, I hope it never vanishes from not only the current generations but future generations as well. Every Sri Lankan paid a price directly or indirectly during the last thirty years or so.

    We can not go back and change the past. The best we can do is use it as a case study and make sure the conditions that created him does not repeat. There is no point arguing about who did more damage. Lets stop and think what more damage we could do with our words and deeds. Lets be sensitive to the values of each community and be graceful.

    United we stand. A nice catchphrase.

    Being united is not easy – it demands a heavy price.

    Our pride!

    Can we do it?

    Hope each one of us say yes!

    If not straight away, Lets wow to try because its not an easy price to pay.


  70. sinhala blood

    He was a self hating racist Sinhalese in his previous birth according to the veteran historians Kamlika, Nalin,…… Is it true?

    Even Mahavamsa recorded this event in Chapter VI “The Coming of Thiruvengadam Vellupillai Prabaharan”.

  71. Dear DBS,
    Very insightful article by you as always.

    The LTTE, like most organizations took on the ‘characteristics’ and ‘personality’ of it’s leader. While some may see this as it’s strengths, I feel that 30 plus years down the road, it also led to the LTTE’s downfall. Hence, as DBS rightly says, the LTTE was Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran was LTTE.

    If I was to list the characteristics of the LTTE as i saw them, I would say that the LTTE was :
    1) extremely militaristic and uni-dimensional in their philosophy,
    2) extremely uncompromising,
    3) espoused tamil nationalism almost to an extreme,
    4) lacked a serious ‘political’ dimension to it’s struggle,
    5) mis-calculated it’s geo-policy especially with regards to India,
    6) espoused ‘idealistic’ values without incorporating ‘realism’.

    And, not so surprisingly, these same characteristics apply to Prabhakaran as well and would lead to the eventual downfall of the LTTE.
    VP did not have the patience nor the personality to follow the ‘Gandhian’ philosophy. He believed in the philosophy of ‘An eye for an eye’.VP from an young age loved everything related to war, weapons and miltary campaigns. According to him, a military victory was the only way. He did not sincerely believe in the political process because poltical processes generally involve discussion, negotiations, consensus & compromises. His personality would just not permit him to ‘compromise’ nor would he tolerate any kind of dissent or any other perspective.
    Another reason for the failure to find a peaceful settlement with the LTTE was that, what started as a struggle to win equal rights for the sri lankan tamil people, for some reason lost it’s sense of direction, and the struggle was transformed solely into winning ‘ tamil statehood’.This transformation made it almost impossible for successive govts to come to any sort of a settlement. In the eyes of Prabhakaran, all sri lankan govts. were ‘hawks’, including Ranil Wickremesinghes’ govt.
    In LTTE’s world, tamil nationalism took on an extreme ‘personality’ where there was absolutley no ‘space’ for any other ethnicity. Hence, Prabhakaran practiced ethnic cleansing in ‘border villages’ in addition to forcefully removing the muslim community from the entire north.His mission and vision was about winning a monoethnic tamil state through miltary means. Talking about anything else was a waste of time as far as he was concerned.By not seriously engaging in political processess, he turned this conflict into a ‘high stakes’ scenario. It was an ‘all or nothing’ deal as far as Prabhakaran was concerned.
    Prabhakaran and the LTTE is the PAST. How our people transform their attitudes and thinking in the PRESENT will determine their FUTURE.

  72. Dear DBS JEYARAJ.
    Please write a book on LTTE/PRABHAKARAN. My interest in Srilanka & LTTE started by reading your blog accidently,years ago. I think you are the best one who could write about ltte and Tamil problem in Srilanka.

  73. Diyasena, my friend

    If the Sinhala and Tamil people come together again – as I fondly hope they would do so soon – it will be because of Sinhala brothers like you capable of liberal and balanced thinking; free of racial and religious bias. May your tribe grow in these
    difficult and divisive times to unite our land again.


  74. LTTE and especially Prabhaharan brought the most destruction and disgrace to Tamils in history of all time. Please STOP writing about him and LTTE! Enough is enough!


    Those who forget history or want to forget history will have to re-live those historic horrors again and again

  75. I agree with you that the struggle for equality among different ethnic groups or religious grous should continue until it is achieved.
    If India can be a secular country,why NOT Sri Lanka?
    Make all three languages official and teach them at school.
    The Security forces should treat the Tamils and other minorities with respect.
    They should not be politically biased or controlled.

  76. Rajapakshes and renegade Tamil tigers (Karuna,KP,)will take Lanka 50 years back.
    Wasting national wealth on stupid ventures.

  77. Brother if you were born in Sri Lanka before 1975, I request respectfully to think rationally! If you were born after that I know what you have gone through, need to rest ourselves and move on.

    LTTE and especially Prabhaharan brought the most destruction and disgrace to Tamils in history of all time. Please STOP writing about him and LTTE! Enough is enough!

  78. Well said, LTTE and Prabakaran destroyed innocent and decent tamils of Sri Lanka including born tamil politicians,mayors, educationists etc etc. Prabakaran man who brought this hate and cornered the Sri Lankan tamils. This will remain the minds of future generation also.

  79. LTTE is a creation of Tamils to face the problems faced by Tamils in 1970s. Unfortunately LTTE has converted the situation into Tamils are for LTTE and brought all the destructions to Tamils.

    Now LTTE has gone but some of the problems faced by the Tamils are still intact. To overcome this Tamils has to do what they have to do we cannot take it as another war is looming.

  80. Hello David,

    Always wonderful to read your well researched articles. They not only provide fact, but also an insight into the culture of the people discussed.

    I am a Sinhalese, a proud Sri Lankan and am glad Velupillai Prabakaran is no more. Whether he and the last entourage faught the good battle, or died begging for mercy on their knees makes little or no difference from an objective perspective.

    What matters today is to look back and learn the correct lessons; that divided we fell as a nation while only those who prosper from chaos did well all these years. At least now we have a chance to provide the real victims of such mindless violence; the poor rural folk of all communities a chance to live and raise their families in peace.

    Whether the international efforts to isolate the MR regime succeeds or not, a ground reality exists in Sri Lanka of today. We have become a nation very capable of defending our sovereignty and the unitary nature of our land. All Sinhalese, most Muslims and a large proportion of Tamils support this unitary character and they will not flinch to use the very credible military muscle to keep it so. This is irrespecitve of how popular the regime in power is.

    Please continue to write your interesting and insightful articles. They add aesthetics to history making it come to life, just as blood needs color to make an impact on those who see it.

  81. VIKKI, I like what you say! Are you 7000miles away? do not bullshit with tamil lives. Because of Psychopaths like you, Tamils have become refugees in their own lands!

  82. There was suspected antipathy between Pottu and a number of high ranking LTTErs towards the last stages of the conflict, just as Himmler tried to run the Third Reich as Hitler lost control, they say pottu attempted a de-facto take over when VP was debilitated by the concerted decapitation strategy employed by the SLDF with such devastating effect.
    Though not discussed by many, or acknowledged by the military, there was a sense that he (Pottu) was regularly talking to SL military intelligence operatives too. This would make sense if he was actually hoping to use the SLA to eliminate those opposed to him in the LTTE heirarchy.
    The question is, whether he deliberately led VP into ambush as a result of a deal struck with the SLDF, in exchange for a chance to relocate abroad. The best answer we get is that he ‘probably’ died and the body was destroyed..

  83. DBSJ: By the looks of most postings here, the economic warriors who are living in Canada, US, Britain, Germany are all going to come back and sacrifice their material possessions, their doles, their comfy homes, forgo their mortgages, their kids in colleges, and start another war which will destroy the last of the real tamils in SL..

    Not really, they will spend their money or comforts in the west; some Tamil Tiger fakes will enrich themselves, buy shops, restaurants, mercedes benzes or BMWs like the wealthy doctor supporters of Eelam(all products of Ceylon’s free education system who came to the US long before the war to avoid socialism in the 1970s like the Sinhala doctors) The wealthy Tamils in New York and New Jersey will host baila parties on Xmas and have big contests to see whose wife has the better sable or mink coat and compete like the Sinhalayas to see who has the better house, the bigger cars, and more diamonds and pearls, and then talk about the “natives in ceylon” and their “struggle”. The kappan kaarayas or the Tiger tax collectors will get their cut and things will remain the same. Rest will sell dope in Toronto. The US Tiger warriors all seem to like BMWs…so I really think Eelam-war V is dead on arrival.. Let the Tamils and Sinhalese living in Sri lanka sort their political and economic grievances without conflict. There are too many war widows in the North and South.

  84. Bandula you better read and understand first if you are man enough.

    Self determination is not a de stabilising concept. Self determination and democracy go hand in hand. If democracy means the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, then the principle of self determination secures that no one people may rule another – and herein lies its enduring appeal…”

    What is your/your elks opnion?

  85. Worldwide, Tamils and Gays seem to think they need to be seen as ‘special’. Sort of kinky and querky, no?

  86. We all have a tendency to glorify the past, the violent and spectacular. In that process we tend to overlook the many of the more important factors.
    In this case, the so called armed struggle only resulted in a qualitative and quantitative dcimation of the Sri Lankan Tamil population.

    Except for the drama of a few perpetually angry, aging Tamils living overseas, the game is over.

  87. kattabomman is not a tamil he is a telugu kambalathu naicker.first know details about the thing and then write.if not stay away.typing in a computer and advising everybody will not make u street smart.

  88. then how the indian english news channels like ndtv,cnnibn started telecasting that prabhakaran was dead on may 17th itself.

    Ask them………..DBSJ

  89. “Prabhakaran: Powerful symbol of Tamil armed struggle” After all historical Tamil icon, Prabhakaran seems to be the first charismatic Tamil leader raise up this high after the historical Tamil icons such as Chera/Chola/Pandiay/etc… It was an impossible task, but he made it possible. After IPKF, no countries gave any support but he proved Tamils can run a country; without any outside help even when many recognized countries were looking for loans to feed their people. He proved he was too strong for SL or India; SL had to team up with 9 or more countries to counter him.

    “DBJS…The struggle is a book and VP only a chapter. The Tamil struggle for equality and justice did not begin with Prabhakara. Neither will it end with him. Until justice and equality is obtained the struggle continues”.

    Completely agree. Yutha Kandam may be the final in Ramayanam, but it looks like Tamil have to go through another kandom (or post yutha kandam) before achieving the “justice and equality”. This has to be the non-violent “diplomatic Kandam”; need to be powerful than “Yutha Kandam” BUT all Tamils must unit to be successful in it.


    Yutha Kandam was the last In Kambaramayanam but His rival Ottakoothar wrote a post-script Uthara Kandam

  90. “..to its de-facto death on May 18th the LTTE… ”

    It appears that Prabhaharan was the target throughout, atleast for the other countries which helped Sri Lanka in the final battle or diplomatically or by their inaction. We have to consider seriously what one Indian diplomat supposed to have said according to the Norwegian Report: “the killer of Rajiv is dead but China is in and the Tamil question is unanswered”.

    Had he realized that and removed himself from the area or did what he did later on 18th May 2011, atleast immediately after the fall of Killinochi, it would have saved more that 50000 tamil lives, both fighters and civilians, whom he claimed to have represented.

    We have only to blame these overseas vocal warriors and Tamil Nadu political actors, who gave him false hope and boxed him between nandaikadal and Indian Ocean.

  91. Bhaya says:

    “why you need seperate country”

    No I want the whole island back as it once belonged to my ancestors.

  92. The Amen was not to endorse any war crimes but just an expression to highlight how both sides are hiding the truth about what happened to Pirabhakaran and his family at the end.

  93. DBSJ..Check for a birth certificate in Jaffna Kachcheri, you cannot find it! How?

    I havent and dont need to because he is not from Kerala and is of VVT Thirumemiyar family.. Anyway He was born in Malaysia………DBSJ

  94. Absolutely a hilarious piece of writing! You beat the way Sandiliyan writes his novels!

    Your leader was a Saandilyan fan………DBSJ

  95. As soon as the state terrorists (again and again elected by the majority Sinhalese) treat other minorities equally. Why should Tamils forget Prabhakaran or the LTTE which fought for their rights? Is there any country in the world that has ever given a lasting voice for Tamils? Nobody did. When the LTTE fought they always blamed the LTTE. The LTTE is defeated since almost 3 years now. What has changed? Nothing. Which power in the world is voicing for Tamils? Nothing. So again, how can we forget Prabhakaran or LTTE? And why should we?

  96. Killing of surrendered people, irrespective of who they were, is very bad. They could have been brought before a court of law and be punished according to their crimes. However, the LTTE pioneered in that way by killing the 700+ policemen who surrendered as per the order of the then government, during Premadasa’s time. Not only that, they mercilessly killed the young boys of surrendering TELO cadres, by shooting, hacking and burning them alive. I did witness it with my own eyes and did not need any newspaper or hearsay about it. LTTE also killed some 100s of detainees at ‘Kanthan Karunai'(what an irony the name sounds!) when Kittu was attacked. They were all Tamils, and did not pose any threat to physical safety of LTTErs, but happen to belong to rival group.( pure power struggle, even before they got the power to rule the country!) Just imagine what would have happened if these LTTErs managed to achieve a separate country! (Maybe God has prevented it for the good of all the Tamils in Sri Lanka!)

  97. Mr. DBSJ,

    I loved your response to this NIM-WET and of course, all other arrogant and spiteful readers.

    Nim-Wet must have wetted after reading your response.

    They all got what they deserved. What impressed me the most was, the way you uniquely responded to each and every arrogant and racist? reader.

    I admire your journalistic skill and salute your courage!

    It’s always a pleasure to read your articles and I thank you for that. I was a fond of late Lasantha’s writing as well. He was indeed a courage, very brave and a humanitarian!

    Take care.

    Thank You…………DBSJ

  98. This question for Mr, BPJ, I understand someone needs to sing and dance for his/her supper. Would you please let us know whether JVP is a terrorist organisation or not? They also killed innocent people, Politicians to achieve their goal. Eventually they failed and now they are preaching some thing different. Or they just practiced violent. How do you draw the line between LTTE and JVP? LTTE is Terrorist because they are Tamil and JVP is violent because they are mostly Sinhalese.

    Also you asking DBSJe to come to SL, You are so naive and you would like to see him like Lasantha W and Pradeep E. I feel him safe and sound where he lives now and have freedom of expression tell what his thoughts are. That does not exist in Srilanka yet.

    I hope you to answer JVP question without hesitation.

  99. If Prabhakaran’s Tamil eelam was born then we tamils would have had no choice but to be in a state of civil war to remove him. Prabharan was a ruthless communist and wanted to ruin our great culture and religion.

    I am so disappointed by our people and his lieutanants for following his orders for 30 years and not killing him ourselves before he ruined the peace talks and having a more democratic leadership.

  100. bandu You real coward of course you can buy spinless tamil mongrels never any pure tamil breed ,

    Praba can survivie in separate cell in hell, you barbaric bastards never survive any hell in this world.

  101. Dinu, There is no peace, beauty or fearlessness in their day to day life. It is just the opposite they live in fear of being raped, robbed, kidnapped, threatened, demanding, shooting screaming, dying, crying and many more happening!!!Thanks to the presence of the killer army, navy and the sinhala police under the command of the SADISTIC Defense Secretary. There is also the Tamil paramilitary under the payroll of the Defense Secretary to do the dirty work for their Sinhala masters!!!

    People are silently cursing MR Bros. Inc. for their misery. They cannot open their mouth for fear of the white van. STATE TERROR has come to stay!!!

  102. In Addition to investigating the “white flag” incident of Nadesan & Pulithevan, it might be worth bringing out the truth of the ‘May 16th’ incident. Sadly, though it is more horrendous than the “white flag” incident, no one wants to talk about it.

  103. Oh! Is it for the same reason you are giving protection by your 100 thousand soldiers with increased surveillance activities in the north to mourn the dead ?

  104. Dr Dayan Jayatilleka says

    If I may sharpen the point further, can you name one Sri Lankan personality (apart from yourself) who considers any Sri Lanky a hero? If not, what does that say about the many within the Sri Lankan community who do?

  105. Oh! Muthu with a name like Muthu do not spread hatred. Are you Jaya Muthu or just jealous Muthu? Where did you learn such beautiful language from Muthu?? Very sweet words

  106. Let me answer it from the words of Dayan J. He said that JVP and the LTTE are like two sides of the same coin. I agree with it. JVP did not ask for a separate state but, tried to take over the country. However, they joined the democratic main stream. They were never violent and brutal like the Terrorists LTTE.

    Of course DBS is a respected Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka is his country and I am proud of him. Don’t talk nonsense without knowing the facts. he also does not use a pen name like you do

  107. Some sycophants in the diaspora were worshipping the ‘SunGod’ when he was alive and winning battle after battle against the occupied Sinhala forces. Now, when he is no more it is easy for them to question his education and diplomacy.

    If I can borrow some quotes from Martin Luther King Jr, ‘Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. During the oppression, the question everyone of us asked, If I fight for our freedom what will happen to me. But velupillai Prabaharan reversed the question If I do not fight for our freedom what will happen to our nation/people!

    ANY IDIOT WILL UNDERSTAND THAT VP IS NEITHER A LEARNED PERSON NOR A DIPLOMAT. He was a military genius whose creative military tactics brought havoc and distruction to all three sri-Lankan forces for three decades. Having said that, I do not agree with some of his tactics such as suicide bombing and assasinating world leaders.

    Whether we like it or not There will be a permanent place in the history for him. His legacy will be the first leader of a liberation movement which had all three forces, first to run a shadow administration in the areas under his control. After Sankilian first person to keep the traditional tamil homeland under tamils control and brought it to fine print with the MoU he signed with Ranil. What is our qualifications and diplomatic experiece to evaluate his abilities. He was definitely misguided by diaspora sycophants and some individuals in Tamilnadu, consequently most of his dicisions were wrong when he was in the crisis mode which caused his ultimate defeat.

    Once again I conclude with quote of Martin luther king Jr,’The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and contraversy’ He stood by his principles and focused on his goal until his last drop of blood spilled.


  108. I believe in the freedom of expression. But, not wild ass journalism and insults and when people do journalism hiding behind politicians. All journalists are not journalists today, sadly. Things have changed. Also no one has the right to take anothers life.

  109. Hi,

    Soosai was killed/commited sucide in the final moment.

    How about the dangerous boy “Pottu amman” ?


  110. Thank you Diyasena for your courage and courtesy. You stand out among the Sinhala vocal warriers, by requesting them ike this.



  112. DBSJ

    please dont waste your valuable time replying to wretches like this.Just censor them totally. The world will be a better place

  113. ILLAI – for which Question – DBSJ?


    Please dont waste my time by posting for sake of posting.

    Three questions asked.Three Illais given

    Why display your stupidity here?

  114. Hi BJ,

    You are right about separate cell in the hell. How about Jet Black hair President Mahinda Rajapaksa…at 66 why can’t he let the ‘War Hero’ too in Welikada cell use hair dye? and most importantly get medical access?

  115. Even without Eelaam, if Mr Solheim was allowed to whisk him away to a safe house in Europe,at the last minute. few of the posters here would have been taken care of by Primpanayagams and Vinayagams in the West for sure.

  116. Don’t harp.Go back to the times the Tamils were hounded out of their homes,raped and murdered.
    Prabaharan was 4 yrs old when all that happened by the singhala thugs.

    and you should not be on this page holding a Government position.Take the advise of your singhala bretherem.

  117. Pray hard for the Tamils.
    The south is fighting like crazy lunatics because now they can’t say the Tamils are the cause for whatever mess they are in the SOUTH.
    believe me when they can’t solve their own stink they will turn around and brutalise the Tamils
    and give another excuse.!
    Then plunder all their goods and rape and murder them.

  118. Thank you Farook for sharing your thoughts,

    It is always good to hear such thoughts from someone from a minority community than someone from the majority, which is readily labelled as hegemonism etc..

    I too hope for a Sri Lanka devoid of language, religion and caste based discrimination, where power is devolved to the regions (with restructured regions to ensure equitable allocation of resources) based on administrative and economic efficiency not on tribal lines.. Where people of an electorate vote on the person’s personality and qualifications not because he is ‘one of us’.. A just free island with equal rights, equal responsibilities and equal opportunities.. We might be far away atm, but this is definitely possible..

  119. Mr. BPJ. At least Mr. DBSJe has some International Protection, so you guys cannot touch him easily. Where do we go… in White Van or in Kelani Ganage. Semantics not going to help ether. I am not pun at my words too, Nor LTTE supporter. I still believe that Tamils can live together in United Srilanka and they still live in south. For Me JVP is Terrorists Doesn’t mean they are in mainstream politics now and they are Lilly white. Violence is violence. Both Killed innocents. Both took Srilanka Back 40 years of development and prosperity. If not Srilanka wouldn’t be a migrant labour exporter and we would have been better then Singapore now. Hopefully next time please take stand rather than playing with words.

    We don’t want you to be Joseph Goebbels. We listened enough of LTTE and its atrocites. Now time to move on get the the country in to order. Don’t tell Peace is in srilanka if so why is your government spending so much on defence budget. Are they afraid of any?

    Also What’s your solution to National problem. All we know LTTE is no more and what’s your Masters planning to do solve the National Problem. Still going to be talkfest for another decade and because of No LTTE they can get away. Tell the Rest of the World one in Privately and tell something different to Sihalese majority. Cannot go for too long….

  120. BOORUWA mind your buisness!!!
    You mean an extra one in his pocket with already one hanging round his neck?
    Maybe the Brigadier gave it to the soldier who said he found the LEADER first to SHUT HIM UP.

  121. Mr. BPJ. At least Mr. DBSJe has some International Protection, so you guys cannot touch him easily. Where do we go… in White Van or in Kelani Ganage. Semantics not going to help ether. I am not pun at my words too, Nor LTTE supporter. I still believe that Tamils can live together in United Srilanka and they still live in south. For Me JVP is Terrorists Doesn’t mean they are in mainstream politics now and they are Lilly white. Violence is violence. Both Killed innocents. Both took Srilanka Back 40 years of development and prosperity. If not Srilanka wouldn’t be a migrant labour exporter and we would have been better then Singapore now. Hopefully next time please take stand rather than playing with words.

    We don’t want you to be Joseph Goebbels. We listened enough of LTTE and its atrocites. Its time to move and get the counrty in to order. Don’t tell the Srilanka has Peace, if so why is the Srilankan government is spending so much in Defense Budget. Are they afraid of any?

    Also What’s your solution to National problem. All we know LTTE is no more and what’s your Masters planning to do solve the National Problem. Still going to be talkfest for another decade and because of No LTTE they can get away. Tell the rest of the world something in privately and tell something different to Sinalese majority in publicly. Cannot go for too long….

  122. Here we go! Torontonian. Now you are hiding behind Toronto. People like you are nothing but liabilities to the Tamils. You are talking about equal rights for Tamils. Did Tamils give equal rights to Tamils? The elites treated the low cast Tamils like animals. It was an apartheid regime in the N&E before we became Ceylon. At least those people got some recognition and rights under the Sinhala government. However, Tamil elites-are they prepared to give equal rights to low cast Tamils in the N&E. Even places where Tamils colonised overseas, we learn that they practice the caste system. Clean up your dam mess before you speak about equal rights. I was never ever discriminated by the Sinhalese government. However, Tamils who have not seen the other side of Vavuniya are generally xenophobic. People like you uprooted straight from Jaffna bush to Toronto, what we could expect. Attempt to understand anything with pure reasoning.

    It was the Tamils who colonised the South. Tamils colonised Colombo 4, 5, 6 & the South. In the 50s, every gobbledygook office had significant number of Tamil Officers, but not Sinhalese. However, the total N&E population was quite under 11% of the total population. Do you think you can become the PM of Canada or do you want to ask for a separate state called Scarborough? Everywhere we go, we have a humdrum tradition of building temples with statues weapons in their hands, curry houses, spice shops, jewellery shops. Now that you have a MP for Scarborough, you may plough through for a separate state called Scarborough? You may have Canadian citizenship, but you can never become a Canadian.

    Just think before start writing any gobbledygook.

    Now Gopi,

    Why do Tamils in India praise Pomman? Do you think any of the leaders in TN is a Tamil. Chennai, Madras and most places are full of Telugus, Malayalis or Karnatakas. Who is MGR, Who is Vaiko, who is Vijayakanth? Who is AVM? Tamil Nadu people are inflicted with cinema illusions and they vote for Rs500++. Do you think it’s ideal democracy that prevails in India. I don’t care whether Pomman is a Naidu, or Nayar, but the Tamil boobs still praising Pomman? I cannot digest. Do you think most Tamils in TN have intelligence?. Most people in TN can speak Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Karnataka etc. Why is that TN is instigating SL Tamils for a separate country? Are they indirectly waging a war with Delhi?

    Let us cut the babble and come to the real world.

  123. I think Prabhakaran and Roahana Wijeweera are very similar. If either of them were to get power they would have turn sri lanka in to another hell hole like Cambodia under Pol Pot.

    They were so drunk on idealogy they completely forgot their humanity

  124. Yes definitly, he is a coward with no intellectual capacity, but quickly got married to Mathivathani in 1984 to ascertain his status among the Tamils. No wonder KP who was a degree student (economics) at SL Uni left the gobbler and has now joined the democratic stream with the SL government.

  125. GUYS!

    We had two rebel leaders in Sri Lanka. Velupillai Prabhakaran and Rohana Wijeweera. Both of them were failed. WHY? though they were leaders they did not come front. every time they were hidden and command. Also I believe both groups had killed civilians to reach their targets. this will be never ever accepted by the majority of the community throughout the world. UNLESS NORWAY. but however it is really sad to see the amount of young people died in this power struggle. WHAT WE SHOULD REALIZE IS NONE OF THE LEADERS ARE COMING TO POWER TO ERADICATE POVERTY OR HELP THE COMMUNITY. THIS IS A DAMN FACT FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE FROM MAHINDA, PRABHAKARAN WIJEWWERA, PREMADASA.

  126. Here is the class act from a Sri Lankan Consul General Toronto (former), this pretty much shows the class act of Sri Lankan Government. To the rest, please ignore this classless man and get on with your life.

  127. Dear DBSJ,
    Can I’ve Ur Reply ??? May be U didn’t See or didn’t want to reply!!!

    I’ve written on this please search&read…………DBSJ

  128. Perhaps, Badula can take some lessons from you. Dear tamil friens, it’s your day to mourn so please don’t let the likes of BJ distract you all.

  129. Best thing ever happened to Tamils in Sri Lanka was the death of blood sucking terrorist VP & his gang. way how they died is no matter. If VP was tortured before the death,that was the best way to feel for himaself how tens of thousands of innocent people felt when they died due to LTTE terror in SL. I think terror VP richly deserved the torture. Now Tamils in Sl north, east, colombo every where live in peace,No more child soldiers & children go to school, No more fear , No more road blocks & tamil brothers engage in their trade & employment etc, some of former LTTE cadres who joined mainstream are govt. ministers & North & East are being developed ,roads, schools,hospitals ,water supply, electricity, markets,are being constructed / suplied by SL govt. So Tamil, Muslim, Sinhala people at last live a decent & prosperous life with a hope for a better future for their children.

  130. kurikaatuwan says:

    “Prabharan was a ruthless communist and wanted to ruin our great culture and religion.”

    We all know he was ruthless however when did prabahran become a communists? This is a news to me as this information did not reach me in the deep jungle.

    What is it great about your culture and religion? Prabaharan was a product of your culture and religion, wasn’t he?

    I don’t see any greatness in a country where it produces VP, JVP, Ponna, Rohana, DS, Nayakas, Mervyn, MR, Gota, 10% (may be 25% now due to inflationer impact),Udugampolas, Pottu, child abusers,Kamlika,war criminals, Weerawamsa, Somawansa, Sinhala racists Tamil racists (caste concious Tamils)………………………………….

    By no means the above list is exhaustive.

  131. DBS, there are those who consider Naturam Godse the assassin of the Mahatma, a hero. Such people such as Bal Thackeray are considered (Hindu) fanatics, fundamentalists and fascists. Now what can you call those (all of them belonging to the Tamil community) who commemorate as a Great Hero, the man who ordered the blowing up of Nehru’s grandson (who had earlier saved the murderer from a Nandikadal-type fate in 1987)?

  132. Yeah, Lord Meghnad Desai, the President of Vietnam…and as for those outside the Buddhist Nikayas, haven’t you taken a look at the Catholic vote belt…?:))

  133. Citizenship wise yes I agree with you, but when it comes to ethnic homelands Tamil Nadu is the homeland of the Tamil Nation and Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese Nation. There are no two stories about this. Tamils have invaded Sri lanka from time to time and have tried on numerous occasions to steal Sinhalese land and claim it as theirs. The Sinhalese have always fought back and reclaimed their land. ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ are merely remnants of these invasions. Nothing of note of the Tamil people took place in Sri Lanka – their civilisation, language and history centers in what is now Tamil Nadu. Even today Sri Lankan Tamils look to Tamil Nadu for succour and sustenance. The North and the East were populated by the Sinhalese people before they were pushed down south by Tamil invasions. The Sinhalese have a longer presence in the north and the east than either the Tamils or the Muslims. The Muslims only got there during the period of the Kandyan kingdom.

  134. You are one of the prolific contributors to this blog. One never saw any conciliatory attitude towards the Sinhalese(or Sinhala Buddhists) Your hypocritical desire to see a separate Tamil homeland for a section of Tamils leaving the majority in Sinhala areas and your ill will towards Sri Lanka are the very anti-thesis of what you are preaching above.

  135. Hey Uthayakumar, what on earth has the fight against ‘Sinhala Buddhist nationalism’ got to do with murdering, as Prabhakaran decreed, Sri Sabaratnam, Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran, Neelan, Kethesh, Rajani, Mrs Yogeswaran, Mr and Mrs Sam Tambimuttu, K Pathmanabha, Mahattaya and a whole host of tamils who were themselves opponents or critics of ‘Sinhala Buddhist nationalism’? If the Tamils are in poor shape today it is not because the Tigers were destroyed by the Sri Lankan military, it is because none of these leaders/personalities were left alive by Prabhakaran!

  136. jan

    The North and the East were populated by the Sinhalese people before they were pushed down south by Tamil invasions.
    Then how do you explain elara in the third BC.North of the mahaweli was ruled and inhabited by tamils under elara,while south of the mahaweli was ruled by king kavantissa,who was not by the way a sinhalese,but a naga.His son dutu only invaded the north of the mahaweli and ruled the whole country.The first invasion was done by him,not by the tamils.

  137. When are you guys ever going to get logical and rational enough to figure out the two following basic truths:

    1. If Prabhakaran was a Great Hero because he fought for Tamil rights against ‘Sinhala Buddhist nationalism’, how come he murdered Sundaram, Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran, Yogeswaran’s widow, Sri Sabaratnam, K Pathmanabha, Mr and Mrs Sam Thambimuttu, Neelan Tiruchelvam, Rajani Tiranagama, Kethesh Loganathan, Mahattaya Sri et al, who were also fighters for Tamil rights and critics of ‘Sinhala Buddhist nationalism’?

    2. If the Tamil people are in a pitiable state today, it is not primarily because the ‘ Great Hero’ and his army were utterly vanquished by the Sri Lankn state forces, but because Tamil political society has been decomeuiated by the above mentioned murdered decreed by the Great Hero? Can you folk not imagine what Tamil politics and Tamil standing in Sri Lanka and overseas today would have been, had Amir, Neelan or anyone of the other victimes of the Great Hero been alive?

  138. my friend, Sinhalese also came from India as well as buddhism, Srilankan natives are the Vedda. You stole their land.

  139. Jagan

    In the photo balachandar does not seem to have been tortured.The face is peaceful like as if he has been shot in his sleep.he may have been blindfolded so would not have been aware of his impending death.

    prabha’s face looks volatile and not peaceful and as DBSJ says may have died in battle .I believe a body guard would have shot him to avoid his capture because his body guards were very loyal to him and would never have allowed him to fall into the armed forces hands.Prabha is not such a fool as to surrender,because he knows what would have been in store for him.They would have split his head with an axe to check the bullet to see whether one of theirs had killed him or shot by his own.I believe the bullet was not of the armed forces type.

    interestingly when he was killed a woman who claims she was his cousin and living in kerala was very distressed.There seems to be some keral connections to his father.


    You are referring to the UTHR(J)University Teachers for Human Rights(Jaffna)high level military sources were saying that he was tortured and his son also tortured in front of him.After that initial statement they seem to have gone quiet,probably realising that they were being misled.You can always rely on DBSJ.I remember he said at that time prabha was definitely dead while so many others were claiming he was alive including those donkeys vaiko and nedumaran.


  140. Dear Soma,

    Myself and ISS have had many a verbal bout over his views vis-a-vis the Sinhala populace and Maha sangha.. But with time one realises that some of his occasional sarcy comments are a product of life experience.. I do not know his exact age but I feel he has seen the goings on in our nation from the infamous 50-50 demand right down to Nandhikadal and his knowledge and experience seems vast.. More over despite all that has happened he has not left the island and being a vocal warrior from abroad, for that I respect him.

    He has come a long way from justifying LTTE actions on transcurrents to a more conciliatory approach.. We (As in you, I and him) do not see eye to eye (and probably never will) on many issues (homelands, re-merger, Sinhala settlers, restructuring provinces, extent of devolution etc. etc.).. But there is always room to have some common ground (full implementation of Tamil language use, immediate relief and rehabilitation to the war affected people, allowing political space for the TNA and other minority parties to operate freely within the parameters of our constitution)..

    But the most important thing is to keep talking until we can find some sort of arrangement which makes both sides partially happy (or partially unhappy for that matter).. A fully autonomous federated Tamil N-E that ISS dreams of will never come about nor will a benevolent Sinhala Buddhist Republic which I dreamt of as a teenager.. When DB Wijetunge likened the majority to a tree and the minorities to creepers which surround it, many took offense but in a biological sense it has much deeper meaning.. Sinhalese are the tree not because they are better, because they are numerically larger.. But it is a symbiotic relationship and the creepers are no less important.. The tree cannot survive without the creepers nor can the creepers without the tree.. Only together can they survive diseases, parasites and other elements of nature..

  141. “As they were of European origin they left with the British and they did so for their own reasons.The natives certainly did not chase them away.”

    They certainly made it difficult for the Burghers with the Sinhala Only Act. My father and grandfather and their generations were educated in English, and therefore had as rough a time as a Tamil when it came to jobs in the government and civil service. This was the main reason behind the departure of so many Burghers. They may have been closer to the Europeans than the Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims, but they were certainly native where the Brits were concerned, and considered themselves native too, except perhaps in the very highest of the upper class. Most Burghers were middle or working class.

  142. I watched the opening of the Southern Expressway on Sunday from Melbourne. I was very happy to see that all the commentaries were done in Sinhala, Tamil and English, and the religious activities were conducted in all major religions.

    After the brutal ethnic war, if we have learnt some tolarence towards other ethnic groups atleast it is a plus.

  143. Pardon me DBSJ, because Dr.D.J’s question was for you.I am thinking of Dr.Brian Seneviratne.(Even that says a lot)To Dr.D.J.,I have never considered V.P. to be a hero.But the wounds have to be healed.Please do your utmost in this regard.

  144. Thirupporur Murugan temple is a small and beautiful temple. Away from the maddening crowd of Chennai city but at the same time reachable from Thiruvanmiyur within 50mts to 1 hour in car. Because of the serenity of the place I like the place very much. Later I came to know that Prabhakaran got married in that temple. I told this to my wife. After that my wife asks me whether I come to Thiruporur because of Murugan or because of Prabhakaran? (may be teasing). Truth is even before hearing about Prabhakaran’s marriage Thirupporur Temple is my favourite temple in around chennai because of the serenity of the place.

  145. DBS, to me VP’s head wound looks like a one from a high-powered rifle bullet exiting diagonally from an entry wound at the rear left of the skull. Other pictures show some blood at the back of the head from the entry wound. I have seen similar head wounds close up, and a military doctor I know was of the same opinion. If the wound was from an axe or similar weapon, there would be bruising around the edges of the wound. Also, there is no sign of another bullet wound anywhere on the front or side of VP’s face or head, or to his chest, to indicate a self-inflicted shot. Where did he shoot himself?

    I think I’ve said enough for the moment. Rest can be revealed when the right time comes.By the way Have you seen all the pix of VP or only the earlier ones?………DBSJ

  146. Why didn’t he carry a cyanide capsule like others? Never heard of a man shooting himself with an axe.

    Leo Fernando,you top my list of morons. Who knows you may chop yourself with a gun…………DBSJ

  147. Sri Lanka is a multi cultural multi ethnic country,

    Economic benefits should be devolved to all communities.

    We should give equal status to Sinhala Tamil and English.

    When such a system is evolved, All Sri Lankans can live happily as a one family.

    We should have a political system that enables and respect basic human rights of all the Sri Lankans.
    The people living in respective areas must have political freedom to govern them selves, at the same time, that freedom should be enshrined by law so that it will not be mis-used against the minorities in the area.

    The only time Sinhalese were willing to accept this truth is when we felt the might and savagery of the VP.
    That is sad and as majority Buddhists we should understand the rights of minorities. That is what Buddha preached. Tolerence.

    At the same time Tamils must accept the brotherhood of Sinhalese how difficult it may be, if they want to live in SL, Like it or not Sinhalese are coming to Jaffna. They have to get used to it.

    It is sad to see the trend in leadership of both communities is to go in the reverse direction.

    The ultimate loosers are citizens of SL, whose basic human rights are suppressed by the disunity and untrust of the communities.

  148. Dr Dayan

    While agreeing to your point, but when did we as Sinhalese were willing to accommadate tamils as equal citizens? It is not only Prbhkaran’s fault. It is our fault too. We paid the price by 60,000 lives. If we do not treat the human right issues in SL, This will destroy another 60,000. The massive destruction of 50,000 sinhalese youth by army and UNP. are all results of this impunity we have in our society (not just political system.)

  149. Shankar,

    Elara was a South Indian Chola king and not a native of Lanka. Sinhalese have never attempted to conquer anyone else’s country. Their only effort to date was to safeguard their country. Their survival for thousands of years depended on it. Many who do not understand this get stunned by the ferocity of defense displayed by Sinhalese. At the same token Sinhalese are very hospitable people. They are open to ideas and cultures accross the seas may be because they are islanders. The evolution of Sinhala nation itself is based on internalisation of communities and cultures within and outside the island. That tolerant nature has been a weakness too. The story related to how Portugese got their first foothold due to the kindness (or foolishness?) of Sinhala king was one such example. Therefore working (& living) with the Sinhalese and not against them would be the best way forward for all other communities who make Sri Lanka their home. Ethnic based segregation is certainly not the way.

  150. DBSJ,

    Does achieving Tamil rights mean, having an ethically pure ‘homeland’?

    Why pretend to be stupid when you are not?………….DBSJ

  151. Very interesting and most of the LTTE rump is venting. Not a bad thing to do rather than using violent methods. There is a not so distant dream of the President to have an express way to Jaffna. It will happen. Come to Sri Lanka and help people out here. May you have peace of mind.

  152. Yeah – then the legend has that Sinhala people were from Tamil mother. So, ALL Sinhala people are at least half Tamils?

  153. You are right, the LTTE’s rap sheet of human rights abuses is appalling, and I’m ashamed that I and many others thought they were necessary to protect Tamil rights in Sri Lanka. However, I never turned a blind eye to their crimes and regularly pointed out to others that they are destroying themselves through these actions. Furthermore, I have always thought the conflict could be solved through federalism. But I’m sure you’re aware that most of their unconditional support in the Diaspora among the youth comes from early indoctrination into the LTTE’s brand of Tamil nationalism. The LTTE’s insignia and VP’s photo is a common sight in many Tamil stores and the overseas LTTE are almost always involved in cultural activities. If you are a Tamil child in the West it’s difficult to escape this indoctrination. That’s why all those kids were waving LTTE flags around the world and shouting pro-LTTE slogans while refusing to believe that the LTTE was using civilians as human shields. There is definitely a problem with Diaspora politics as many people still refuse to change their hardline attitude.

    I understand that generalizing all of the Armed Forces as war criminals is misleading but crimes were committed and the government continues with a fairytale that “troops went to the battlefront carrying a gun in one hand, the Human Rights Charter in the other.” The LTTE rightfully paid for its crimes with global proscription while the GOSL faces no consequences for ordering soldiers to march on even if it meant trampling on civilians. There is gory video evidence indicating human rights abuses and many now claim the government is altering the demographic of the northeast. Current military and political officials associated with war crimes deserve international sanctions. Any international assistance in the continued militarization of the northeast must also cease. But to achieve awareness or even marginal action on these matters and to economically help the remaining Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Diaspora must abandon the overseas LTTE and separatism. While this task seems impossible now, your writings are of great importance because they inform people of reality. I and probably many more realized the stupidity of supporting the LTTE long before May 2009 because of your writings.

  154. Dayan, Similarly can you let us know a single non Sinhala worthy persomality consider Your paymaster boss Mahinda not just as a hero as a true leader.

  155. thumbnail,

    One problem is the interpretation given by Tamils to ‘self determination’. For them it is an ethnically exclusive preserve for them while being able to live anywhere else. Can you elaborate as to how we could ensure ‘self determination’ for Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils,Muslims, Indian Tamils, Buddhists, Catholics etc (are there any other eligible groups)?

  156. David,

    Only a soldier seen battle can express such ground truths. You tend to appreciate the feelings and motivations of your opponent only when you face them on the battle field. To the rest it could be a spectator sport with x numbers of enemy kills as opposed to y number of theirs with no regard that those who died were humans with parents, kids, spouses, brothers & sisters etc.

  157. Rohan,

    Yeah, I have written elsewhere abouth the relationship between Sinhala and Sri Lankan Tamil people, though Kuveni was not a Tamil.

  158. Anonymous,

    I was sympathizing as Diyasena does, with those who are privately mourning their dead. I am not sympathizing with the those who want to make political capital (probably more of cash capital) out of a tragedy and seed more tragedy.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  159. Diyasena’s is a quite rational approach. However Soma has a valid point in that I read ISS comments elsewhere (even very recently). It borders very much on duplicity. ISS will show the true colours if Eelam is recognised in concept by even a single country. It is good to keep talking in the fervent hope that the other might see reason. However, it is also better to be on the guard against wolves in sheep clothing rather than be sorry later.

  160. anonymous

    srilankan govt has not hidden anything about prabha and family dying.They have admitted that the whole family was killed.

  161. sivananthan mudali

    Govt has admitted that they are dead.Are you saying that govt is lying.If so what does it gain?

  162. Hela,

    Thank you for the kind compliments 🙂 And yes of course there are/ will be safeguards against such transgressions.. In such case we shall always,

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you –
    Ye are many – they are few

  163. Yogesh

    look at the way the US handled japan and germany after the war.The US only were proactive in conciliation,and see the results of that policy.It made the japanese and germans change their mentality completely and become one of the most peaceful people,from one of the most agressive.The americans though they were not bhuddhists followed the Lord bhuddha’s advice to conquer hate with love like putting a fire out with water.So everything is in the hands of the victor,how he behaves after a war.

  164. Dayan, Why are you flogging a dead horse are you still scared of dead LTTE/Praba mate, Coward !!!

    Did you read fully what DBSJ has written why Piraba killed Amir? Piraba did not fight for rightis and crums as you think, he fought for Eelam weather the demand it was right or wrong another thing. He has fought what he believed and died unlike People like you are selling your self for Petty money.


  166. Isn’t it also true that lots of Kereala (Malabar) people migrated to North during Dutch time for Tobacco cultivation?

    Many Malayalam words like, ‘mooney (Mahane), ‘enna Paraiyinam’ (what are they chatting), ‘enna thuliko’ (going far)and foods items like Pittu, String Hoppers, Coconut milk curries all came from there. (comparing to Tamil Naadu’s Iday, Vadai and Thosai, sambar)

  167. shanky.a
    thank you for the information on prabas death.after the war in tamil magazines published in tamilnadu began to speculate that balachandar was having torture marks.i was very disturbed because though praba committed heinous crimes i could not digest the fact that his son who was just 12 years should meet such a death.it was before the end of war one kerala woman from kollam claimed that prabas father was her uncle who left kerala for srilanka.i guess she was trying to get some inpublicity or it would have been the handiwork of srilankan intelligence to tell the world that praba is a malayali.pillai is a surname which is used by nairs of kerala hence the confusion.in fact when i was a school student in 80s i was told by many that mgr was helping praba becoz he was also a fellow malayali which is not true.i dont know what happened to the old lady after the war why she did not render help to her beleagured uncle who was languishing in camp as idp.

  168. Dwaraka is still in Ireland. The LTTE propaganda used the killed Isaipriya as Dwaraka. Mathivathani is in Denmark.

    Which government admit the “whole”family killed?

    Government showed the bodies of Prabhakaran and son Anthony and not the others!

  169. LTTE was created by “outsiders” in order to destroy ecconomy and to create an enclave like East Timor to be used by the American and their allies in the future. That idea of Reagonomics failed. That is why Mahinda is now facing “threats” from USA. USA tried to turn the table at the last minute by using Fonseka. That is also a failure. Now USA cries to release Fonseka. Even Sambanthan asked the Tamils to vote for Fonseka.

    LTTE killed all the Tamil “Intelegentsia” because their “masters” asked them to do so. If the “peace” achived earlier, Eelam cannot be there. Foreiners tried everything to make an enclave under the control of LTTE. Ranil, a stooge of UK/USA carved out an area for the LTTE with many powers!

    Prabhakaran was an AGENT of American interests and nothing to do with any Tamil interests! That is why LTTE never care about killing Tamils.

  170. But my dear Diyasena one must have even a modicum of respect for the other party if we are destined to live in one place. In this country one never refers to Maha Sanga as “faceless Buddhist Clergy”. You don’t insult what other people worship – taking a couple Bikkus to task is another matter. Even among terrorists it is extremely unnatural to attack places of worship of the stature of Dalada Maligawa or Sri Mahabodhi over which political Tamils drank champagne.

    For ISS mass killings of praying innocent Muslims is a ‘minor incident’. Thirty years of LTTE brutality is a part of ‘humane endeavor’. Security of India is of paramount importance over economic interests of Sri LAnka. He takes the side of Indian fishermen over our northern fisher folk who are struggling to stand on their feet after 30 years of war. He carries on his anti Sinhala Buddhist campaign while living in Colombo.

    However ISS is not alone in this stinking hypocricy of demanding a solution for a section of the ‘Tamil Nation’ to solve the ‘National question’.

  171. I salute our valiant soldiers who fought the war

    I prostrate myself before their mothers,wives,sisters and daughters in gratitude

    Instead of flowers I will place my lips on their flowery feet and worship them

  172. Dear Hela,

    According to Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa, the Sinhalese are the descendants of the invaders Vijaya and 700 people. According to these chronicles this happened 543 years before the common era. Could any of the Sinhala Buddhist scholars tell how the year 543 B.C. was decided as the year of Death of Buddha? Do you know how the dates of the prominent rulers were determined in Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa?
    You people talk about Dutta Gamini, Ellara etc. Can you prove with scientific evidence Dutta Gamani and Ellara are historical truths? Go through the Mahavamsa carefully and tel me whether Dutta Gamani was a Teravada Buddhist or Mahayana Buddhist. Could you explain the flag that he was supposed to be carrying(Dambulla Cave painting) when he fought Ellara?
    I challenge you, other Sinhala extremists and scholars to prove with scientific evidence that they are the descendants of the ‘origines’ of Lanka or Vijaya and 700 people.
    My dear. You do not know the history of the thousands of South Indian who fled the Muslim invasions in 1307, 1310 and 1320s and settled all over the island.
    In the 15th century also, thousands of South Indians settled in the South and North.
    During the Colonial period thousands of people from South India, Malaya and Indonesia were settled by Colonialists. Not only these. Thousands of Indians were sold as ‘SLAVES’ during the Dutch period(1690s).
    If you go through the early family history books of the Sinhala politicians, most of them have claimed that they came to Sri Lanka in the 15th century and settled here on Kings invitation!
    If you do not know these. please go through the Hansards to confirm how your Sinhalese politicians were accusing one another as recent settlers in the island.
    Dear. Do not imagine and say that all the Sinhalese are the descendants of of the ‘origines’ of Lanka and Vijaya.
    The descendants of these late comers only needed power to establish themselves among the Sinhalese communities. Thus they want to show that they are the Sinhalese patriots and they are the real Buddhists! Thus they only became Sinhala -Buddhist extremists.The poor real Sinhalese are struggling for their lives in villages following Buddhist preaching.
    To get the votes and capture power, the descendants of the late comers have indoctrinated those poor village people with imaginary and false Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.
    By the way dear, into what category you put yourself? What scientific proofs you have got?

  173. Dear Dr. Dayan Jayatileke,

    Almost all the Liberation Movements knew pretty well from 1985 that the USA, West European countries were against Prabaharan and the LTTE. Almost all the Liberation movements have been operating in the West European countries. Thus, they kept silent just because Prabakaran and the LTTE lost the war!
    By the way Doctor, have you spoken to the Leaders of all the other Liberation movements and asked for their opinion about Prabakaran and the LTTE?
    Let us know the names of the world’s Liberation Movements that condemned Prabakaran and the LTTE?
    Doctor! the FBI, CIA and other intelligence organisations still try to find out how the LTTE was able to purchase arms from 1984, how they transferred money collected all over the world to some specific places.

  174. Dear Dr. Dayan,

    If you really do not know anything about some of those killings,I fear you will not be able to have a complete picture of the history of the liberation struggle of the Tamils of Lanka.

  175. Dear Jazz,

    You are a real paid armchair analyzer working for ‘others.’

    Dear! India, the USA,West European countries decided to crush the LTTE in 1985 itself when the LTTE managed to purchase and transfer its first consignment of modern small arms in October, 1984.

    Mind you dear. At that time the standard weapon of the SL infntry was the semi-automatic Belgian made FN FAL. The Tigers chose the reliable and effective AK-47 as the standard weapon. In addition they procured RPGs and Ati-tank weapons also.

    These and the training they gave to their cadres made them to overrun in 1985 the Jaffna Police Station within 40 minutes and Mannar Police station within 15 minutes. This only made the Sri Lankan army to kill tens of people and injure hundreds in Mannar. Thousands of people fled to Tamil Nadu.

    These only made India, the USA and the West European countries to join in hand to crush the LTTE.

    Prabakaran and some of the senior LTTE members knew it.

    The Sri Lankans did not come to know about the French authorities arresting 3 who worked for the LTTE in 1985 and detained for 3 years.. Germany banned the LTTE in 1986. In Germany 12 were arrested in January 1987 and detained for 3 years.

    India banned the LTTE. It could give the reason that LTTE only killed Rajiv Ghandi. But, why should the USA and the allied countries banned the LTTE?
    LTTE never attacked and killed US citizens within the territories of USA or outside. LTTE never attacked the US Emabassies or their industries or business establishments outside the USA territory.

    LTTE never did the same in the territory of the USA.

    Then why the USA declared the LTTE as an International Terrorist Group in 1997?
    Why the other Western countries and Australia banned the LTTE as international terririst organisation?

    It was for the simple reason that wanted to safeguard their interest through Sri Lanka!

    Those countries wanted India for their trade and investments.

    Dear Jazz! You do not know one simple strategy? My dear, after deciding to crush the LTTE, the most important thing for India and the other countries was to see that the LTTE did not get protection through negotiated settlement.

    Do you know how the Indian Government and other countries were working hard to prevent the LTTE having peace negotiation with the Premadasa Government?

    Ultimately, he broke the peace process and signed the agreement with VOA giving 1000 acres of land in Iranavila!

    The Media controlled by the West and its allies only did propaganda that LTTE was intransigent during the Norway peace talk.

    Dear Jazz! To crush the LTTE militarily, these countries wanted no political solution was reached. They played the game jointly and crushed the LTTE.The Tamils know this very well.

    So, do not try to fool yourself and the others by writing foolish things.

  176. Dear Dr. Dayan

    I have been keeping out of this discussion but this … “Yeah, Lord Meghnad Desai, the President of Vietnam”, too much to resist!

    Lord Desai (and is that the best you can do?) wrote about Rajapakse in Feb 2010 on this site. ( http://transcurrents.com/tc/2010/02/it_may_sound_callous_to_say_th.html) “I write this because within India’s neighbourhood we have had a civil war, which has just ended. The man who led the nation to a victory has just been re-elected President. Yet he is widely reviled internationally and even within Sri Lanka. Except that a majority of his people re-elected him, Mahinda Rajapakse has few friends in high places. There are allegations of fraud and from all signs we have, the Tamil minorities and other non-Sinhala groups voted for his rival Sarath Fonseka. The issue of the relief and rehabilitation of the Tamil refugees remains urgent”.

    Nowhere is he praising King Mahinda…. The closes he comes to is …”It may sound callous to say this, but Rajapakse would be regarded as the saviour of his nation”

    Not a ringing endorsement, is it?

    He goes on to say “The best way forward is shown by South Africa, where the end of apartheid was achieved without a war. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was vital to let bitter enemies confront each other and work through their anger and grief. It could not have been easy. I met Albie Sachs, now a judge in the Supreme Court of South Africa, who told me how he met the man responsible for his loss of limb, but they did talk it through. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was instrumental in making the Truth and Reconciliation Commission possible. Now someone of his stature has to come forward from within Sri Lanka and begin the process of binding the wounds. A nation is whole not just when its territory is single but only when its people feel they all belong to it equally.”

    So are you endorsing a Sri Lankan “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission”?

    As for your questions about Tamil Leadership, may I ask you about the current Sinhalese leadership, the ones that you work for…? Mahinda, Gota, Duminda, Mervyn, etc etc etc. Your leaders can’t even behave like civilized adults in the highest forum in the land……..(The Parliament, in case you don’t get the reference).

  177. Have you heard of the mahadanamutta’s story and how he took the goat’s head. Your suggestion is as good it gets.
    The anagram of your name is EMU + GNU
    I think you are not an EMU but certainly a GNU

  178. Dayan,
    I opposed the LTTE from the bottom of the heart. Now read whatever I have to say.
    None of the governments or any liberation movements moaned due to the fact it was not in their interest to do so. The interest was in the Tamil Peoples’ heart and they moaned.
    I oppose/d the LTTE as much as you do/did. I am patriotic as much as you are.
    I wonder where we went wrong? is it the conflict of interest, which I have and you do not?

  179. Shankar,
    You have to understand the political context in which US offered its hand to the defeated Germany and Japan. It was not done out of goodness of their heart and Buddhist principles, but because of a bigger threat posed by USSR and Stalin. They also want to make sure that most of German and Japanese technology did not end on the hands of the Soviets. Compare that to what US did to the Vietnam after the war. They did not normalize the relations until 30 years later.

  180. I LKsword will also prostrate myself in front of the women in our army,navy and airforce who fought the LTTE

    I am theirs to command .I will be thankful if they use me as a carpet or rug or footstool to place their feet with boots on

    If their feet hurt I will remove their boots ad stockings and give their feet a massage……….

  181. Hela

    Why cannot both the stupid Tamils and Sinhalese keep out of discussing about my people?

    After stealing our land both stupid people pretend to speak for our people. No thanks.

    You say:

    “Kuveni was not a Tamil.”

    Neither was she a stupid Sinhalese.

  182. Is it regarding the Channel 4 video incidents like the Isaipriya matter.
    Rest assured that LLRP would ‘take care’ of it.

  183. They paid the market rate compensation to the lands acquired for the freeway constructions.
    But the Tamils whose lands were acquired for the expansion of Palaly Road and KKS Road were not compensated.
    Is there a double standard of whether the Asian Bank,World Bank, Japan and other Domors won’t pay for any developments in North and East.

  184. Is that St John’s Bosco or St Johns College.
    I heard they studied in the former after returning from India since birth.

  185. I miss the previous numbered type of comments,in responding to repeat articles, where the comments section becomes more informative.

    The death of the two women were also confirmed by Mathivathani’s mother who was in Wanni then, detained and released with Mrs Velupillai and only died a few months earlier in a foreign country.
    Her funeral was not given wide publicity but many knew what she told her relatives. Only the date and place of her daughter’s and grand daughter’s death was unknown.

    There are many variations of stories regarding VP’s death and initially the army tried to take credit and even a corporal’s name was mentioned as who fired the fatal shot. But after Sarath Fonseka’s adventure into politics and many army personnel supporting him, new and some true versions surfaced with additional information. Hopefully one day we’ll get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  186. No,because he was fed to the sharks.Gota was enjoying with saliva dripping out of his mouth.

    Does anyone wonder why gota’s pets are not dogs or cats ,but sharks.

    Where do the missing people end up?

  187. bandula

    There is a not so distant dream of the President to have an express way to Jaffna.
    connectivity by roads will solve the ethnic problem-mahinda chinthanaya

  188. Oh BJP, your view is accepted, but how long you going to sing and dance for your supper to sit tight in your position. Irony is in BBC Tamil News two days ago a Karinagar Pradeshiya Saba Councilor’s house was fire bombed ,because he gave an interview to BBC Tamil service saying Army wouldn’t allow them ring the temple bell after 6PM for some or other reason. Is that waht you call Peace? You ae saying building a express way to Jaffna is going to bring Peace. Please wake up, I know you don’t have JHU mind set. Nearly 2 1/2years is very little changed. Only thing you guys are fighting rest of the world to hide something. Truth cannont be hidden for too long.

  189. Yogesh, probably it happened that way because there was no German or Japanese diaspora trying to strangle US or a GNA or a JNA carrying forward Nazi ideology.

  190. Siva; You are more than 100% correct.What you say is the essence of whole drama. (I rekon you to be a really a political scientist at it’s best). This is global politics.I dont waste any more time.

  191. Hey Veddala attho,

    Kuveni is an ancestor of Sinhalese. Her tribe Yakka was a component of hela.

    Umbe varige gena danne neththam, mee humbahak kadana kala nida ganin.

  192. U,

    Please read Wilhelm Gieger’s analysis and conclusions of Mahavamsa time lines.

    Good to see you recognise 13th century as the time line of early advent of Tamils. Please tell that to your Eelamist siblings.

    The lineage of Sri Lankan political leaders you mentioned proves that how liberal thinking the general Sinhala population is. They were not particularly concerned about the ethnic background of the leaders so long as those leaders accepted the dominant culture of the land and ready to abide by the ethos of that dominant culture. The Tamil king Sri Wickrema was accepted as a king by Sinhalese primarily because he became the guardian of the sacred tooth relic symbolising the acceptance of the Buddhist heritage of the land and his royal lineage.

    The only Tamil leader in the recent past who could have the potential to rise up to such a status is Lakshman Kadirgamar. The exclusivist Eelamists and their boys in the LTTE knew the danger of such an evolution to their project and eliminated him.

  193. Ranjan toronto

    Compare that to what US did to the Vietnam after the war. They did not normalize the relations until 30 years later.
    That is because they were not the victors.It is upto the victor to reconcile with the defeated,because the defeated will be feeling humiliated and any act on his part for reconciliation will be construed as cowardice by his people.Someone will always win or lose in war,but the victors behaviour will shape the post war events,not the behavior of the vanquished.

    Regardless of the motives the americans,there behaviour post war towards the germans and japs coincided with what Lord Bhuddha said to put out hate you need love.To the germans and japs the path embarked by the americans postwar would have been bewildering indeed,compared to what they would have done if they had won.That is why the people changed permenantly.They would not have thought so hard about the motives.

    The tamils follow the sinhalese like samll brother following the big brother.After independence when the sinhalese embarked on violence the tamils copied them.Now it is upto the sinhalese to channel them into the correct path.For that they must set the example by at least for once following lord bhuddha’s principles.

  194. VP is not a communist, though he tried to show leftist leanings by keeping Che’s portrait etc (not sure whether he knew what is left or right for that matter)

  195. Shankar,

    65+ years on the Americans have a military presence in both Germany and Japan..
    All the Nazi memorials and monuments were torn down in Germany, Nazism was vilified regularly in the media post-war..
    Germany was broken down into small Landers (states) to reduce a unified German resolve and a weakened Federal republic formed in 1949..
    Nazi collaborators were hunted down both in Germany and abroad..

    GoSL’s process is no different to above..

    For the first five years Germany’s economy was dismantled, whilst the rest of Europe was allowed to rebuild under the Marshall plan.. Only in the 1950s were the Germans allowed to re-industrialise..
    Compare that to the large infrastructure and economic projects the GoSL is doing in the North..

    The Japanese had very little say in the promulgating of their pacifist constitution, essentialy written by American lawyers and shoved upon them.. The GoSL for all its worth is still talking to TNA, despite the latter’s ideological intransigence to face upto post-LTTE realities

    And yet you hold the American methods better? Perhaps the problem is not with the victor’s attitude in our case..

  196. Good reading for the second time. It is a pity that such a charismatic person turned to be a blood thirsty mass murderer.

    It had to be none other than Mahinda Rajapakse who could finish him off. If MR didn’t come into power, Prabha would have been still there killing more and more people (Tamils , Sinhalese, muslim etc.). Mahinda was the only leader who was not afraid of death threats, war crime charges, International pressure and interntational opinion . All the others were wimps. Sri lanka is very lucky to have Mahinda Rajapakse. Deep down most of our Tamil brethren think the same way, but no one want to express that yet, although when I read some comments I can feel that the mood is changing.

    God bless you all.

  197. Actually he is ‘powerful symbol of the Tamils self-determination’; He proved practically Autonomy is possible within Srilanka’s North East region rather than SJV Selvanayakam or Appapillai Amirthalingam.
    It is a very good article about our Tamil Legend of the recent time.

  198. Mahinda, taking advices from these so called educated doctors like Dayan and uneducated doctors like Mervin has made a stupid of himself in the International arena.

    By the way Dr D.J, do you know that a non-tamil personality, Ranasingha Premadasa the democratically elected President of Sri Lanka, considered and openly said that Prabhakaran a hero and a brave Sri Lankan for fighting and packing off the Indians our of our motherland.

    It was a known fact that Indians came NOT to help the Tamils but for their own strategic interest. Wasn’t Premadasa right that it was because of Pirabhaharan, that Sri Lanka was safeguarded from another occupation attempt?

    If you come away from your usual petty view for a moment and look at this from the point of view of how President Premadasa seen it you will accept that, whatever issues we have between us Sri Lankans, Velupillai Piraphaharan did a wonderful duty to his motherland and in that aspect alone was correctly considered so by the country’s president by then.

    If not Dayan, you and me will be speaking Hindi by now and you boss may be hanging around in Delhi Loksabha as a member of Hambantota (or South) with your former buddy Perumal as the Governor of the Island.

    Calling a spade a spade was a gut that took R Premadasa to the top job of the country from the very low start of his life and I hope you too have that gut to openly admit it here without bluffing.

  199. TropicalStorm

    After WWI , the same was said about Germany… “The game was over for Germany”… The Germans were humiliated, impoverished and there was a land grab… Then Hitler come to power WWII began

  200. Dear Dr Dayan:

    Rather than trying to answer your questions, and I think the best person for that is VP himself, I sharpen further a little bit differently though for the benefit of the readership.

    Q1, If you tried to work out how come Duminda raised his gun at Laxman although they were from the same political party, working a the famous siblings and espousing the Mahinda chindanaya, you would be able to work out how VP’s brained could have worked given his was not a political party but a terrorist movement by definition. You may argue the relevancy of the analogue, but there is uniqueness in the answer. I am not trying to say he was a Hero or a Great Hero but your flocking has the potential to make him become a Great Hero. The correct answer to your question can only be given by VP. You would not expect him to document these reasons and archived them. But Dumintha is still alive, and if you are desperate to know a closed- match answer pursue him or the partners in crime. Having made things easier for you, I concur with you that the untimely death of those who listed a great loss for Tamils and all Sri Lankans. So were the losses of Lalith, Gamini, Ranjan and so on. If there is such a thing gun culture, I believe there is, that is what we saw in the past and see right now.

    Q2, With due respect to the Tamil leaders Amir, Neelan, Yoges, etc, and their loved ones, I am not going to use the quote no one person is indispensable. But I hope we all moved on. There were assassinations and untimely deaths, like Gandi, JFK, Indra, Rajiv, Bhuttos, etc. but sky has not fallen over. Further, TULF did not have the wisdom to see what was coming at the beginning, but when they realised and pulled their nose out, it was all too late. Coming back to your point, I do not see the current plight of Tamils in SL would have been in better state than what it is today even if the above moderates were still alive in an environment where LTTE is no more. Or, put it as you portray, I do not agree the primary reason for their pitiable state is necessarily the moderate political leadership vacuum. On the other hand, such hypothesising you put out would make you look like you were sympathising for the dead ones, however it may be considered by some quarters as an insult on the current leadership or questioning their capability. Sampanthan and Co have had a tough time but I am sure they know what is needed for Tamils in SL and they would work towards it. We do not need all to be Dr and legal eagles to represent us, although it is desirable. What is relevant most is who delivers and who keeps the trust of the people. What I consider is the primary reason for the pitiable state of Tamils now is the GoSL, do not get me wrong thinking I am blaming them just for wiping out LTTE, but because of their stands before, during and after the war. You know what I am taking about and India and other countries barred China and Russia helped in their war effort also know. I guess if they were really on about war crime or care about Tamils and so on, the measures they took of late could have been begun immediately after the war. You would know this; I think you have done a wonderful job up there in the UN despite the odds you had faced. The countries helped have lost patient with GoSL in its failure to even start a process for providing a political solution. Having worked in the N-E provincial council, you know what it means for Tamils. Being the majority of this region and able to have a say on matters relevant to them would make them enjoy the democratic rights in the right sprit.

    By simplifying your truths or rather sharpening, I endeavour to put things in perspective and do not intend to upset, you Sir. You know every one looking through different microscope, mine is different to yours-that is all.


  201. TSK,tsk,tsk.Excuses,excuses,soma.grasp anything so that you need not follow the great man’s teachings.Why become a bhuddhist when you find it so hard to follow his core principles.Peter the great wanted a religion for the russians and was advised that islam was a great religion.When he looked at it and found that it prohibited alchohol,he said no way that russians the will be able to follow this religion.Good thing too,because not only would they have drunk vodka like water and died in their early sixties as they are doing now,they would also have brought islam into disrepute.

  202. he is a marxist. he had read a lot about socialist books and about personalities of socialist leaders. he knew alot more than your fat sinhala thuggish leaders.

  203. We dont want sick vermin like you touching our feet let alone worshipping
    Maybe you could clean and polish ous slippers and sandals daily but with polish not your dirty spit

  204. rightly said gopi kattabhoman was not a tamil but a telugu hailing from a place near kovilpatti.his remains are buried in a place called kayathar which is between kovilpatti and thirunelveli.objectively speaking he was a petty chieftain who indulged in extortion and robbery.when britisher tried to stop he began to ask whether britishers grounded turmeric lol .he belonged to kambalathu naicker caste which is also known as kammavar naidu to which vaiko,narain karthikeyan belong to.in fact narain karthikeyans wife hails from place called arupukottai which is near to kovilpatti.


    Which is why B.R.Panthulu who produced-directed the movie about him sort of “Tamilised” the title by calling it “Veera Padiya Kattabhomman”.

    This was at a time when Thamilvanan (Kalkandu editor) was campaigning against Kattabhomman calling him a Telungu Kollaikkaaran while MP Sivagnanam (Ma.Po. Si) leader of Thamizharasu movement campaigned FOR Kattabhomman

    Even Kannadasan produced “Sivagangai Seemai” about the Marudhu Paandi brothers and released it before Kattabomman

    But it was a flop and Kattabomman ran successfully besides winning awards at the Cairo festival for film and est actor

    Whatever anyone may say Sivaji Ganesan’s performance in the film particularly in pronouncing the powerful prose of Sakthi.Krishnasamy has Tamilised Kattabomman and endeared the laird of Panchalankurichi to Tamils via the movie

  205. M Sivanathan,

    You are absolutely “RIGHT..” LTTE may have started with a genuine way to high light grievances of Tamil minority. However “WESTERN WORLD/POLITICIANS” have high jacked their cause for their hidden agenda…s!

  206. while for you external recognition is a barometer for one persons revolutionary credentials.prabakaran may not be a revolutionary who can measure up to your icons like fidel castro,hugo chavez et al but he made a name for himself among the tamil community not only in srilanka,but among tamils residing all over the world.unfortunately he was not a pragmatist person who could have seized an opportunity to make peace so that eelam could have been achieved in the long run though i doubt it would have been possible during his lifetime.for people like you who are arm chair intellectuals quoting gramisci and trotsky liberally ethnic nationalism is not your cup of tea.finally you cant claim to be supporter of revolution when you are enjoying fishes and loaves of offices handed out by a despot who is hardly democratic.it is akin to running with hare and hunting with hound.as far as you winning the vote in the aftermath of last days of war in united nations human rights council the countries which supported srilanka themselves have seen revolutions which has resulted in change of leadership and the remaining countries which have not witnessed change are hardly known for respecting human rights of their own countrymen.if you think that vote in human rights council is a vindication why not srilanka accept calls for independent enquiry into last stages of war.

  207. Comrade Dayan of the ” Vikalpa Kandayama”- did not your father, the Late Mervyn De Silva confer Pirabaharan the “man of the decade” award ? memories are shor…?

  208. I don’t sing and dance for my supper like many of you have done to the tune of terror of late Velu P. I work for my country. It is your country too. Time for you to have inner peace and look foward

  209. It is always good to debate with rational citizens like the cultured Mr.Diyasena. There is, not unusually, some doubts in his mind about where I stand in issues – that I shall try to set right.

    Having grown up in a secular background in the heart of Cbo I benefitted from my teacher – a Muslim and a former All-Ceylon Cricketer in the late 40s.Most of my friends and our family friends are Buddhists. 2 of the men who helped me reach heights in the commercial world via their standing in the State banks are Sinhala Buddhists of the highest calibre. My English teacher when I was young was part-British and Christian. Some of my closes friends then and now
    are from that beloved Burgher community. Believe me, I have some Veddah friends too since I am interested in the Adivasis. I speak all 3 languages fluently – read and write as well. Though I am of a commercial background I held
    high office in the State sector and moved closely with the major political players of the country for many years.
    I worked for decades to build friendship between India and Sri Lanka. I count many friends in the diplomatic and political landscape in India as well where I am often invited to speak in the higher schools of learning. My last
    talk was on the subject “Is there a future for the Tamil enterprenauer and professional in Sri Lanka?” where my
    reference to COYLE (the Sinhala Only – Chamber of Yooung Lankan Enterprenauers (and until recently Buddhist only)
    stimulated much media interest. Buddhist Sinhala Only in 2011 – you might ask ????

    I was too young for 50:50 but in the course of my research later undertstood GGP had 50% of seats in Parliament for the Sinhala Buddhists and the balance to all other – including Sinhala Christians. But this was distorted then to the day – by those who gained political mileage. Even those dry cows of Cbo 7 indulged in communcalism then if you remember ECB Wijesinghe’s great play “Fifity Fifty” I asked my close friend Kumar P to join me in set the wrong impression right – but he merely smiled. That learned, talented, Tamil Nationalist-Lawyer sadly is no more. He loved the Sinhalese as I do. He had many Sinhala friends. Very few will believe this. On the day he was killed on a Ratwatte/Moratu Saman endeavour I saw Lasantha W and Daya Perera in a daze at his Queen Road home.

    I think a Separate State is not in the interest of the Tamils. Today the TNA works on this premise. I am for the restoration of the pre-Portugese reality (1505) that SWRD acknowledged as he returned from Oxford in 1926 (Jaffna)
    that recognises the historical inhabitance of Tamils in the N-E Province. This can be delayed but cannot be entirely denied for too long.

    My thoughts are VP was a true and passionate Nationlist from the mid-70s until the mid-80s ready to sacrifice his all for the Tamil good. I lost my respect for him as he decimated other Tamil militant groups, Tamil academics and became anti-Indian in the mid-80s. The fascistic VP, who held the Tamils to ransom and reduced them to zilch, did the greatest harm to the Lankan Tamil. His removal was a happening that was in the common good of Lankan Tamils.
    His greatest mistake was to use Premadasa’s gullibility to chase away the IPKF. He believed his Eelam was at hand and that the IPK were on the way. The IPKF too made terrible mistakes – the chief of which is their patronising attitude. Like many foolish Indians, they took Lankans for granted because we are a small country. VP, like our Cricketers, taught them the lesson though Sri Lanka is small we can do a few things of our own too -better than them. Premadasa did away with the IPKF not in the interest of Sri Lanka but merely to win over the then powerful JVP to become President. I regret the killing of Rajiv – who was a mediocrite anyway. But I have to be convinced VP, who was nearly 200 miles away when this happened, did it. Dhanu was clearly an LTTE cadre who had an axe to grind with the Delhi leadership. Money may have been the motivating factor in the conspiracy. I believe Kartikeyan’s book on the killing was hogwash – and built around circumstancial evidence. The Indian establishment needed a scapegoat to escape the wrath of the Indian public.

    I firmly believed then and now it is India that can help the Sinhalese, Tamils and Sri Lanka solve our problem and help in our economic future. There is little doubt economically we have destroyed ourselves – more specifically in the past 5 years when 22-carrot mules have taken over the running of the country.
    It will not be long before Lankans to seek employment in India – reversing the Kallathoni history. Like the Rajapakses, Ranil and CBK I believe our peace and unity will come from them. To this extent I beleve the Weerawansas/Ranawakes and similar street scum, the JHU, the Nalin de Silva/Amerasekeras harm Sri Lanka’s good and interest by broadcasting anti-Indian venom merely to hold position here. I am, therefore, obliged to be critical of them when necessary. If this is taken as my being anti-Sinhala or anti-Buddhist so be it.

    I believe Buddhism is a tributary of Hinduism and is a magnificent set of codes of conduct. If real Buddhism is taught well here and if the people actually practise it, Sri Lanka will be light years away in gaining the respect of the world. What I take objection is against the ambitious, politcally-inclined Buddhist priests who seeth in anti-Tamil and anti-Indian prejudice. I have been a follower of Buddhist classes at Bambalapititya – where elderly men
    and women of much learning gather regularly to discuss the great merits of Buddhist thought in a calm and serene atmosphere of a Buddhist Temple. I have been critical of the Mahanayakes (the original Prelates in Kandy which has now become more than 4) to the effect they have failed to come to the assistance of the Nation when it is in virtual disintegration. They withdrew from the only worthwhile effort they made when violence and intimidation was threatened -lead by another Mahanayake aspirant priest-street politician. I believe it was my regular extortions that the Kandy Prelates should go to Jaffna that took one of them to Nagadipa. I believe, when the time is right, both Kandy Prelates should visit Jaffna for 2-3 days and be with the common Tamil people – sympathising with them and preaching to them.
    This will do trillion times more good than that trick that utterly spoilt Prince Namal played on the Jaffna Tamil people about a bogus Swimming Pool for the people of Jaffna.

    DB Wijetunga’s analogy, while being tenable, was made at the wrong time. The Tamils know, taken as a whole, they are a minority. But in their own land – that is until the Portugese changed the equation – they remained the dominant majority. One of their greatest irritants today is to be ruled over by former Army men. This is rubbing it too deep.
    There are enough leaders/administators from the Tamil side – even from Cbo – who can do a better job.

    I have not referred to the new feature of our Muslim brethren here – and will do so in due time.

    As to the current bogey of the Tamil diaspora, I wish to assure my Sinhala friends this is merely a delusionary fear.
    This is more a creation of political spin doctors to keep the Sinhala consternation a vote-winning factor.
    Neither the Sinhalese (other than the workers in the Gulf) or the Tamils are likely to come back there – except a few seniors in the evening of their life. Our leaders have done enough to destroy the country. Take my word – as one who travels several times a year to those countries in which the Tamil diaspora live – their only interest is to help their relatives in the Tamil areas. Never to harm the Sinhalese. They have neither the intention or the time for it.
    In fact many Sinhalese travelling to the West stay with their Tamil friends- largely who lived in South Sri Lanka. My son has at least several friends visiting him every year.

    That emotional Separation in the minds of the Sinhala and Tamil people is now fait accompli – after deep wounds in the post-1956 period. The 30 year old war only cemented the feeling both sides are condemned to the “you” and “we” reality.
    In their own interests the Sinhala and Tamil Nation will have to work out the ways and means to live in one undivided country in the future. Because the Tamils are about 15% of the population and, therefore, can be run over by a numerically superior armed might has been proven wrong. The current emphasis to keep this going will be no more valid.
    CBK is the first major Sinhala leader to say Tamil land is being stolen by the armed forces and that much harm was done to them. Many others, hopefully, will follow.


  210. More than Seventy Thousand Tamil supporters were there says the headline of the LTTE Web Sheet.

    What a fabulous turn out.

    If each attendee donated 10 Bux Clothing and a Food Hamper for the coming festive season could have been provided to thousands of survivors of the last battle as well as the relatives of the LTTE cadres who perished.

  211. ranga

    premedasa and prabha were two of the most stupid,industrious leaders srilanka ever produced.The problem with them is they did not have the intelligence to see the big picture.You can see the big picture of a town from helicopter,but you can’t see it when you drive through a street.So you got to have that elevation to see the big picture,ie-higher intelligence.They would have been good no 2’s,under the direction and overall supervision of a no 1 who can see how things are all connected and interelated,like the parts of a motor car.Their ego’s was so big they would not accept a subordinate position and made huge strategic mistakes.

  212. State TERROR destroyed the Tamil identity!! May be they will reap what they sow in the future!!! who knows what is in store for the oppressors?

  213. kalu

    Who counted whether it was seventy thousand.You have to be careful when disseminating information given by tamilnet which is a pro eelamist news.For example one of the venues they showed in their photograph was huge,but i did not see that many people in it.

  214. You got your work because you are relation of the ruling clan, not because of your merit. This is what you call nepotism!!!

  215. By doing so VP the terrorist destroyed whole Tamil Nation & It will take generations to come back to where they were in 1982.
    Never forget, Tamils of Indian Origin (brought in by British) in Sri Lanka, protested against sending them back to Tamilnadu /India according to Sirima-Shastri Pact of 1964. Their agitation for SL Citizenship carried on as late as 2002, (LTTE war started in 1983).& they all (over one million) Tamils of Indian origin got Sl citizenship from 1977 to 2002.
    Would they ever agitated for SL Citizenship if SL Govt.,(Sinhalese ?)mistreted, killed, tortured, raped,….Tamils?.
    Their Leaders became cabinet ministers of all SL govt. from 1977 to date & no any terrorist incident in areas where over a million Tamils of Indian Origin live during 30 years of war.

  216. Truth

    please don’t criticise bandula for what is not under his control,such as being a relative of MR,but do criticise him for any lapses on his part if he does not do his work efficiently.

    Anyway if you are a able person(idon’t know about bandula at all,first time i see him on this blog )why should you sit back and not do something for the country,just because you are related to the president.See the amount that gota contributed to the fall of the LTTE.If he had just waited in the US and mahinda had not called him back because he felt that nepotism is not good,then srilanka would have been worse for it.

    All srilankans are welcome to try to add value to the country,in whatever possible ways they can.

    I dont think Bandula Jayasekara is related to President Rajapaksa………..DBSJ

  217. Shankar,

    While I am not a great fan of VP, I can’t simply tolerate Dr DJ’s idea and challenge that others are ignorants and have no ideas of history specially when he considered himself as a journalist.

    Apart from this, I am a great admirer of President Premadasa and how he ‘positioned’ himself very cleverly against all odds to become to the top job. Like Srimavo B in 1971, JVP issue of 1988-89 was the great black mark of his political carrier.

    But mate, he did not have the Dumindas, Mervins and Sajiths to do all dirty work openly. He had chosen the best officers in the country’s civil service to run the country. Heard of ‘Pancha Linghas’ in his administration?

    It would be make more sense to compare VP with MR. Both lived/live in their own world and never bothered/bother about the world opinion. That brought one down and the other is facing it. Both were/are bit shy of keeping the intellectuals near them for advices but kept ‘yes sir, no sir’ guys close to them. (Consider the achievements of Chandrika with Kadirkamr as Foreign Minister).

    Apart from these, your comparison words are corrects when you compare these two.

  218. Aiya, my friend and fellow SLMP Politburo member Bharatha Lakshman daughter could and has gone to courts and appeared on national TV to seek justice for her father! My friend Rajani Tiranagama’s daughters could not appeal to any court or TV station to obtain justice for their mother who was slaughtered on Prabhakaran’s orders. Nor could my father’s friend Neelan’s sons! so don’t be an imebecile and comparae Duminda Silva with Prabhakaran! Furthermore do not try to compare the democratic South, in which the closest approximation to Prabhakaran, Wijeweera, still has a following which secures a total of 3% of the vote, with the North, with the Tamil community which still has to reject and marginalise the ghost of Prabhakaran!

  219. Hi Rationalman, I am so glad you didn’t ‘ stay out ‘ of this because it gives me a chance of revealing that you are a typical symptom of the intellectually less than honest, embittered Diaspora ( note that i didn’t say Tamil Diaspora). You have engaged in one type of lie: ‘suppressio veries, suggestio falsi”, meaning by suppressing the truth you have suggested the false. You have conveniently edited out the reference and implicit analogy with Abraham Lincoln!

    Here, for the benefit of readers is the relevant quote:

    ‘Unity in Diversity: Sri Lanka @62’, Lord Desai writes:

    “Was Abraham Lincoln a war criminal? He took the US or at least its northern states to a war with the south, which resulted in the largest loss of lives in that nation’s history. The south was ruined and did not recover economically for at least 50 years.

    The Black slaves were freed, but their condition remained miserable for another 100 years. Lincoln fought in the name of the Union, not for the abolition of slavery, which did not happen till halfway through the War, while the Southern Confederacy fought in the name of States’ Rights. Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, remained a hero in the south as did General Robert E Lee. Lincoln remains a hero not just for the Americans but the world over.

    I write this because within India’s neighbourhood we have had a civil war, which has just ended. The man who led the nation to a victory has just been re-elected President. Yet he is widely reviled internationally and even within Sri Lanka. Except that a majority of his people re-elected him, Mahinda Rajapakse has few friends in high places…

    By some device or other, Rajapakse, whom many underestimated, took the decision that he would end the war regardless of the loss of life involved. The carnage was incredible but in the end, Prabhakaran was defeated and killed. The LTTE’s gamble had failed.

    It may sound callous to say this, but Rajapakse would be regarded as the saviour of his nation. Modern nations, especially post-colonial ones, value the integrity of their territory and do not entertain violent sub-nationalisms. India has had its share in Khalistan and in the many struggles in the north-east and continues to have problems in Kashmir. Yet, Indian citizens have allowed their government to ride roughshod over human rights as long as national integrity has been preserved…”

  220. Was Prabhakaran a ‘military genius’? Now that’s another comforting myth out there in the Tamil diaspora, and I am saying this with the benefit of hindsight. Here’s a fragment of a response by me to prof peter schalk, which appeared on dec 31, 2009 on groundviews and refers to an exchange at a seminar in Washington DC in 2005, BEFORE the final war commenced.

    “…Prof Schalk should spend his time analysing how the armed movement and the leadership he thought were militarily so superlative as to be undefeatable by the Sri Lankan state’s armed forces, were decimated earlier this year. When we last met at breakfast at the faculty club of Georgetown University in late 2005 I had just told the audience of the seminar we attended and Prof. Schalk personally, that by any international standard the LTTE’s strategic achievment was unimpressive and that this time they would lose.”

  221. Diyasena brother you are a man with quite a sharp sense of logic. Now put yourself in the shoes of a Sinhalese and listen to this statement. “I lost my respect for him as he decimated other TAMIL militant groups, TAMIL academics and became anti-INDIAN in the mid-80s.” coming out of the mouth of a Tamil businessman living in Colombo. Now please tell me how do feel as a Sinhalese and what judgment you can make of the gentleman’s racial bias.

    Let me apeal to your sense of fairness. Tamils want to reestablish the “pre Portugese” situation. If so arn’t the Sinhalese entitled to ask for the same? We too wish to see our upcountry in pre Portugese situation. In fact Ponnabalam is supposed to have insisted on that and Sirimavo worked out a compromise which JR scuttled. And Colombo district where the Tamil gentleman above doing his business as well. Also pockets all over the island inhabited by Tamils who practise Islam as religon. Grand idea is a one way street isn’t it? Furhter North and East are also full of Tamils converted to Chritianity and those embraced Islam. Going back to pre Portugese era is a trifle difficult, isn’t it?

    Suppose you have to choose betwwen 50:50 on ethnic (language) basis or 50:50 on religion basis. Leaving aside the unrealistic ratio which is the more ridiculous criterion for administrative division in your opinion brother?

  222. it is ironic that you are talking about ones right to express their opinion.i guess you are press seceratery to president mahinda rajapakshe .in fact i was surprised to see your name with picture of mahinda rajapakshe going through the report of llrc at his official residence.the photo was published in the hindu.any way if you are the same person welcome to this blog.


    It is the same person.Like Dayan Jayatilleka, Bandula Jayasekara too posts his comments under his own name. This gives other readers a good opportunity to engage with both constructively. Sadly I do not see much of that happening here.Instead I see people simply attacking both often on a very personal basis.

  223. dear bandula,
    people in your country will not use the pen name if white van does not visit them if they criticise government.can you explain why poddala jayantha was kidnapped from his home and still one journalist i forgot his name pragathi ekkalagoda sorry for the misspelling is missing and no one knows where he is whether he is alive or not?.if this is going to be the atmosphere in srilanka how do you expect people to write in their original name.

  224. Dear Hela,

    You say:
    “The exclusivist Eelamists and their boys in the LTTE knew the danger of such an evolution to their project and eliminated him.”
    I think you have to do some investigation before making such a statement.
    How many shots were fired at Kadir? How many bullets were found in his body? Where they were found?
    There are only two people who could answer these questions.
    One is the doctor who did the postmortem and the the person whom embaled Kadir’s dead body.
    Anyway, you have analyze the political situation prevailed in the South also.

    Kadir was proposed to the post of Prime Ministership. This was supported by the JVP also!Even UNP was not opposed to it !! Now Mrs. Kadir is silent also.

  225. yes as long as the diasspora continues to bray and the threat of foreign interference remains, a million soldiers are needed in the North to make sure that no terrorists crawl out and start blowing up innocent civilians.
    After 30 years of tamil terrorism, we need 30 years of military surveillance. After all acording to the terrorist loving friends Nedumaran and Vaiko, Velu is still alive and about to launch full scale ethnic cleansing to achieve tamil only homeWorld.

  226. Aiyo! I am no relation. Mr Truth’ the truth is I love my Motherland. I am proud of Mahinda Rajapaksa because he brought peace to Sri Lanka after 30 years. He won the peace for us. I am also proud to do my duty for my/our Motherland.

  227. I never contributed any money nor did I support their terrorism, so I have nothing admit to seek a public pardon. I have never condoned violence against civilians. Perhaps your unconditional support for the armed forces, an institution that has extensively used terror against civilians, warrants such an admission and public pardon?

  228. ISS,

    It was a good piece. Last week I met a popular Sinhalese surgeon in London who was putting up at his Tamil Patient’s son house during his work related visit. The son invited all his friends including me for a party on Saturday.

    The surgeon was obviously moved by the friendly attitudes of the Tamils friends and said I never visited Jaffna and all my view about Tamils was negative. I felt that the SWRDB’s great blunder of removing English as the educational medium made social interaction between communities impossible.

    My only hope is to get back to English and make all children to learn both Sinhala and Tamil so the future generation will grow up more closely.

    Also I pray for more intelligent leader for the country to come out who will remove the ‘political risks’ for investments to facilitate Sri Lankan diaspora to invest back home. The hard working diaspora is wealthy enough to bring prosperity, jobs to those who are there.

    1. Inida is supplying to almost all Sri Lankan diaspora’s food. This can come back home.
    2. Indian Tamil Film industry is thriving by diaspora audiences in the west. We can get them to shoot in Sri Lanka with special Tax scheme that is not available in India and there by bringing in Jobs.
    3. Call Centres and software: India can only do this in English. But if government look in to these the diaspora is capable enough to provide this up in all western languages.

    Is the government going to send the Weerawansas/Ranawakes and similar street scum, the JHU, the Nalin de Silva/Amerasekeras home and ensure a great future for Sri Lanka and its citizens or keep on sinking old destructive song on racial line is the million dollar question.

  229. Shankar,

    I do not agree with Jan that Tamil Nadu should be considered the homeland of Sri Lankan Tamils. But it is true that the Tamil culture evolved and developed in Tamil Nadu and was introduced to Sri Lanka at a latter stage. It is also true that the Sinhala culture evolved and developed in Sri Lanka. I dont think any one can argue with that. Elara’s conquest of Anuradhapura around 170 bc or even Sena and Guttika’s conquest of Sri Lanka at an earlier date does not alter this fact one bit. The cultural influences of the early Tamil invasions of Elara, Sena and Guttika will today be found in the Sinhala language and culture. The descendants of their invading armys will today be among the Sinhalese as over 2000 years have elapsed since then. However since the 13th century Kalinga Magga invasion there have been Tamil kingdoms in Jaffna except for brief periods when the country was reunified under Parkramabahu VI. This meant Magga’s men and subsequent migrants from Tamil Nadu have not had sufficient time to integrate into the larger Sri Lankan Sinhalese community. It will inevitably happen over time. If not for the war it would have happened sooner due to intermarriage and intermigration. This process however has somewhat slowed down due to the current inter ethnic climate.

    I hope the Sinhalese understand that the Tamils need somekind of homeland within Sri Lanka around Jaffna and Batticaloa to administer as their own. If this area is in proportion to their numbers it will not affect the rights of the Sinhalese. The Tamils need to realise that by demanding all of the Vanni and Eastern Province which belonged to the pre colonial Kandian kingdom, they are jeopardising any chance of self rule over a proportionate and fairer portion of the Sri Lankan landmass.

  230. Hela

    Kuveni is an ancestor of Sinhalese. Her tribe Yakka was a component of hela.
    kuveni was indeed a member of the yakkha(demon worshipers)tribe,but can you tell me how come she is an ancestor of the sinhalese?

    The mahawamsa states that indeed vijaya married kuveni,and his 700 followers too would have probably married yakkha women.Viyaya has 2 children by her,a son and a daughter,so probably his 700 followers also would have had children through their yakkha wives.

    now here is the rub.After 5 years of marriage,vijaya married a pandya princess and his followers too married pandya women.Vijaya banished kuveni and his two children and she went back to her people the yakkhas who stoned her to death.Her children escaped into the jungle.

    Before she left vijaya kuveni cursed him and his kingdom and all future rulers,stating that no ruler would be able to rule this land without bloodshed and strife.The curse did not work for vijaya apparently because he ruled peacefully for 38 years and died without any children by the pandya princess,so there was no heirs to the throne from him.

    Now ,pray tell me from all this how can the sinhalese claim they are the descendents of kuveni and her people?Vijaya and his followers banished their wives and disowned their children and took new wives from out of the country and continued the sinhalese race with them.They obviously looked down upon these people as primitive types and wanted a have a race of people that would be of their perceived standard and looked towards the royal clans of south india for that.

    The present day veddhas are the descendents of these tribal people who inhabited the country.The sinhalese banished them from their society and brought in more and more people from south india.Now it seems like when making claims to the country,they have become their long lost relatives.Where is the evidence for that?The evidence in the mahawamsa is contrary to that,showing how vijaya and his followers used the gullible yakkha queen kuveni,used her to rule the country and when they felt they were strong enough to take it over with south indian help,got rid of them and from then on the south indian hold on the country increased marginalising these tribal people and making them a minority in their own land.

    So if you say that elara who came to the country 200 years after vijaya and ruled north of the mahaweli for 44 years is an invader,then what do you call vijaya and his 700 followers who took the land through stealth and cunning?

    The only difference between the sinhalese race of people and the tamil race of people on this island is,one can trace its origins to orissa and the other can trace its origin to tamilnadu.

    Vijaya came 2500 years ago and elara came 2300 years ago.So just because he came 200 years after vijaya are you saying that the north of the mahaweli which he ruled was not invaded by dutu.Even kavantissa,dutu’s father forbade him to invade it because he knew it was wrong,but dutu sent him some womans ornaments to ridicue him as woman.Dutus real name was only gamini,but he was called duthagamini after that because his father thought that he is going to bring grief to this country.Sure enough after the first invasion of duthagamini we have had a seesaw battle here upto now with the tamils invading and taking back elaras north of the mahaweli kingdom and then the sinhalese kings taking it back and so forth,with also kuveni’s curse also working even now.

    So vijaya,and duthagamini are the chief culprits who disrupted a peaceful land initially one with stealth and cunning and the other with brute force.

  231. idiocy and genius is not always far apart. Someone in the LTTE proved they were a military genius during the Elephant Pass battle and other instances. Of course someone also proved to be not so bright during the last war. But you have to admit, holding off a modern military for so many years was impressive albeit horribly bloody and a curse on the local population.

  232. Hey Dayan,

    Whatever you say, short it may be but Piraphaharan reigned a kingdom of his own where he met foreign delegates and diplomats. He had a Police force, Tax collection system, Visa system and three armed forces.

    Are you going to deny this fact? You can not rewrite the history after all.

    For Tamils VP will take place in the history book like the Last king of Jaffna, Sankiliyan and the Last King of Wanni Bandara Wanniyan. No one is immortal after all.

  233. So you are saying as long as the majority, who largely remain ignorant or passive to the injustices of state policies in those areas, should allow their government to trample over human rights as long as national integrity is preserved?

    India’s abuses in Kashmir continue today under the excuse of preserving territorial integrity. Violent sub-nationalism is a product of failed state policies. The onus is on the state to accommodate the aspirations of minorities. If not, the state’s legitimacy is based solely on military power in minority areas. Military power is Sri Lanka’s only basis of legitimacy in the north, not consent by the local population. Both India and Sri Lanka know that holding a plebiscite in such areas would result in separation due to their oppressive policies. In practical terms, Sri Lanka has firmly entrenched its claim to the north through military power. However, there is no moral basis for this claim.

    Do you think you would appreciate what you just stated, if you were one of the several minorities who continue to be subjugated around the world? On another note, don’t you think it was hypocritical of Rajapaksa to advocate for the human rights of JVP members and Sinhala civilians during their insurgency while denying such rights to civilians and militants of the Tamil minority? Through the 18th amendment, democracy has already been compromised. How long do you think it will take him to let the military loose on the majority when they eventually rebel against his growing dictatorship. It was done before and will probably happen again as checks on power remain nonexistent.

  234. Dear DBSJ
    Hope you are doing well. I have read this article when I was posted and again once more now. It is more interesting than last time specially with your additional updates for your readers. Hope there would be more Diyasena’s and ISS’s grow through your bolg.

    Bala M.

    Than you Bala……….DBSJ

  235. 100% true! But the “Masters” are trying again and will try again to protect their interests of world domination. It’s going to be very difficult to dodge this.

  236. “It won’t be long before Lankans seek employment in India ,like the Kallathonis did in Srilanka” says Mr Sengutuan.

    Jaffna growing at 22 % and the rest of the country averaging 8 % plus , the above statement does not make sense.

    Besides India has 400 Million living below the poverty line ,and Srilanka has brought down its portion of people below poverty to less than 8 %.in 5 years.

    Of course the Tamil speaking people ,specially the youth who have Commerce Degrees from the West may find employment with Multinationals in India where Western educated with Western values are much in demand.

    With the retail business in India opening up for competition recently, with min US100 Million investment , American and Australian supermarket chains are already in the hunt for talent from overseas Indians.

  237. What a strange twist of events!!!

    I can’t help but think of the strange twist of events.

    When the world media was writing and blasting against the Tiger terrorism all the ‘Vocal Warriors’ from the Tamil side were blasting out in Tamil web media while those in the opposite camp were having access in those western media like London Times, National Post of Canada etc.

    Now the opposite is true in that while we see people like Suren Surendran, Rev Immanuel have access to the western media ‘Vocal warriors’ from other site swap places.

    And we can see one or two here too.

    Is that telling us Sri Lankans, something?

  238. How could one even respond to people who fail to give their full names and write and laugh like Ghosts. Give it a thought and be for real

  239. Ranga, this is what you call a win-win situation. You are happy over the past and we are happy over the present.

    Again Let me say Your wit is at its devastating best today………..DBSJ

  240. Ranga, I always had this confusion. How is that JHU is a communal party while TULF, TNA and Muslim Congress are not?

    We want our ‘street scum’ in parliament as long as you want your ‘street scum’ in parliament – we will have to strike a deal.

    Enjoying your wit,It is at its devastating best today………..DBSJ

  241. I am not sad about his death.I am only sad he did not die earlier. Had he died earlier the Tamil race wont be in todays pathetic plight

  242. Soma,

    Don’t take my quote out of context and in fact it was a response to Dr DJ.

    There is nothing to be happy of the affairs of our country. History may be a lesson for those running the show at present.

    My concern was that the educated people like Dr DJ should come out to write in a reconciliatory way to make uneducated people like myself to have confidence in the future of our nation.

    If he lower himself to that of Mervin then no hope for our country.

    You will agree that in this blog DBSJ is trying harder to educate all to take reconciliatory approach to his readers. He should be supported at least by these educated people who instead trying beat dead donkeys. Why?

  243. Soma,

    JHU was headed by a Monk, if I am right. We don’t want any monks in politics and if he wants to be in politics let him get rid of the yellow cloths and come. I don’t take side to say this.

    while having respect for venerable monks, I always worry that there are many who become monks to enjoy free perks and to use the available avenues as short cut for their own betterments.

    That why I called them scum. By the way mate I don’t have any respect for the so called scum of the other side TULF, TNA and MC. All are there for there own betterments.

  244. Dear Sigamany,

    You might think like that. Had MR and his GOSL reached a political solution acceptable to all soon after the end of war, certain percentage of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka would have had the opinion like you. But, what the MR Government has been doing for the last three years after the war will never make the great majority of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka to have your opinion.

    You seems to be real …..

  245. Dear Dr Dayan,
    You have siad:
    “by any international standard the LTTE’s strategic achievment was unimpressive and that this time they would lose.”
    What you say is correct. At the latter stages, all the countries decided to crush the Tigers militarily without further delay and India, the USA, and the Western countries got involved in the war directly and indirectly.That was why these countries and the UN kept silent until Prabakaran and the others were killed.

  246. Oh Dayan, Dayan, Dayan,

    You asked “DBS, have you or anyone else figured out why Prabhakaran is the solitary leader of a guerrilla movement (ostensibly) for liberation, who never once received the public endorsement of a single leading personality of any liberation movement, either in or out of power, from Asia through Northern Ireland to Africa and Latin America, nor had his death mourned or commisserated with by a single liberation leader?”.

    In response to such a “thoughtful” question, our friend Native Vedda asked you “If I may sharpen the point further, can you name one Sri Lankan personality (apart from yourself) who considers any Sri Lanky a hero? If not, what does that say about the many within the Sri Lankan community who do?”

    And you gave us two names, Lord Megnhad Desai and the President Of Vietnam. I think you missed out another important person, the late Col. Muammar Gaddafi

  247. Oh Doctor Dayan, Doctor Dayan, Doctor Dayan,

    You asked “DBS, have you or anyone else figured out why Prabhakaran is the solitary leader of a guerrilla movement (ostensibly) for liberation, who never once received the public endorsement of a single leading personality of any liberation movement, either in or out of power, from Asia through Northern Ireland to Africa and Latin America, nor had his death mourned or commisserated with by a single liberation leader?”

    While we were all scratching our collective heads trying to figure out the answers, our good friend , Native Veddah asked you “If I may sharpen the point further, can you name one Sri Lankan personality (apart from yourself) who considers any Sri Lanky a hero? If not, what does that say about the many within the Sri Lankan community who do?

    As a man who thinks highly of his own intellectual prowess and rubs shoulders with the high and mighty of Sri Lanka, I thought it would have been easy for you to furnish us with a better sample than Lord Desai and the President of Vietnam. You missed one other very prominent person, the late and unlamented Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. I thought I would help you by adding that name to the list.

    Now to your response. ….. “You have engaged in one type of lie: ‘suppressio veries, suggestio falsi”, meaning by suppressing the truth you have suggested the false. You have conveniently edited out the reference and implicit analogy with Abraham Lincoln!”

    Desai does ask if Lincoln was a war criminal in comparison to Rajapakse? That does not mean that he is praising Rajapakse. All he is saying is Rajapakse is no worse than Lincoln. And Desai only talks about Lincoln because of the damage caused to the United States by the civil War and not to justify the 50/100 year wait! Even he is not that ignorant to compare the status of Tamils in Ceylon to the Blacks in the USA of the 1860s. That is why I left out his quotes on Lincoln. Because he goes on further to prescribe what it would take for true reconciliation

    You on the other hand, seem to use the Civil War quotes to justify your master’s inaction. I should be appalled at your ignorance when you compare the Tamils with the black slaves of the United States. The blacks were brought in to the US as slaves, worked as slaves, had no family history, assets, land to speak of, they were not indigenous to the United States, they did not have functioning institutions, like schools, universities, hospitals etc, etc etc……….. But knowing you , I am not.

    Going back to Lord Desai, I asked you account his concluding paragraph about need for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. You don’t respond to it. Or to paraphrase another English Lord, “you just “turned a blind eye”.

    You course, you start your defence by attacking me “it gives me a chance of revealing that you are a typical symptom of the intellectually less than honest, embittered Diaspora ( note that i didn’t say Tamil).

    Its OK, you can say it! I am a Tamil. Embitted? I do like bitter chocolates. As for being intellectually dishonest, I am sure our fellow readers are smart enough judge!

  248. Dr.Dayan,

    I am surprised that your benchmark is a terrorist organisation. You should compare the situation in South to that of any democratic country or to us(india). Why are you bench marking your standards with that of a terrorist organisation, fighting against a much bigger army?

    VP could not afford to allow criticism. He had a small bunch of youngsters. His only weapon was terror within and outside. However, the standards prevailing in a small patch of land ruled by local freedom fighters/terrorists should not be used to justify the behavior of a properly constituted, functioning Country.

    Racism is deeply embedded in the psyche of the sinhala-buddhists. Srilanka had a dangerous potion of Religion,language, false racial notions, improper understanding of history and whoever took this went mad and committed horrible deeds. The comments by your President and his team reveal that they too are not different from others who drank this potion.

    Srilanka’s ills didn’t start with VP or Tigers; it will not end with their demise. Unfortunately guys like you, instead of advising and bringing sanity to the victors, work as their henchmen and become willing party to the orgy of violence and crime against a small minority who stood for their rights.

  249. Can Mr Jeyaraj be kind enough to publish the Prabakaran/Balasingham/ LTTE constitution please?

    Ask Karuna.Only he has a copy….DBSJ

  250. Being a straight shooter is your trade mark Badula.

    What happened nowadays… Side tracking from the main topic…

    There are many here with just one name. Why that should bother you…

  251. DBSJ,

    You are right.

    But sadly their attitude seems pleasing those who gave them their jobs but not to betterment of the country. Their responses demonstrates the thinking line of those powers whom they are close with and that is not promising.

  252. Fear, ambition, greed and violence reign supreme and not love in the human and animal worlds as nature meant it to be to eat or be eaten and/or reproduce after it’s kind.

  253. People who are so much interested at VP’s crap,

    You will have no peace until your time is up from current lives you spend. Still vomiting the sheer poison that you guys have been made to eat by a bicycle thief of Valvettithurei in the name of sentiments.

    1) Does that bloody terrorist deserve this much attention?
    2) Don’t you guys deserve something better than this (having to read VP’s crap again and again) atleast after that moron is gone who spoilt everyone’s life for so long?

    Get a life men. Move forward.

  254. kadphises

    It is also true that the Sinhala culture evolved and developed in Sri Lanka. I dont think any one can argue with that.
    The sinhalese culture did not evolve and develop here.It was brought to srilanka from sinhapura.In case you are wondering where that is,it is at Lala,in present day gujarat.You should know the history of the sinhalese and where they came from to understand from where their culture evolved.Their aryan culture like a speck in the dravidian lands is like israel among the arabs.Of course being for 2500 years in a dravidian land,unlike the israelis who came back after 2000 years,the sinhalese and their culture probably has dravidian admixure in it,though they have fought very hard to preserve their north indian culture as much as possible.

    When kuveni was the queen,srilanka was known as heladipa.After vijaya and his 700 followers landed in thambapanni near puttalam in the 5th century BC,and he became the king,he named the new race of people sinhala(lion race)after his grandfather.Why do you think even today the srilankan flag has the lion in it,if the culture as you claim evolved in srilanka.There were no lions here,but there were in gujarat in ancient times.

  255. Sir(DBSJ), thank you for enlightening Mr.Jan. I am sure he will continue to deny the truth.


    Even if he sits under 100 Bo trees for a 1000 years he wont be enlightened.I have found the most vociferous racists in the Sinhala community to have Tamil or Malayalee ancestry.

  256. Brother Jan, you just denying the reality and exposing your ignorance about your “OWN LAND”. The famous Jaffna library was burnt down for the very reason- to deny the truth. You can deny nothing but the truth. One day you will claim that Lord Buddha was born at Matara in Sri Lanka as you are fond of denying the truth.

  257. Brother, you just denying the reality and exposing your ignorance about your “OWN LAND”. The famous Jaffna library was burnt down for the very reason- to deny the truth. You can deny nothing but the truth. One day you will claim that Lord Buddha was born at Matara in Sri Lanka as you are fond of denying the truth.

  258. Yes dear Chinthka!

    We try to move forward. But, the great stumbling block is the Sinhalese – Theravada Buddhist nationalism of the ignorant Sinhala nation based on the imaginary and false doctrine: Aryan – Sinhala – Ther avada Buddhism – Lanka doctrine with one to one correspondence.

    The para 28 of the UN Panel Report of 2011 also confirms.

    What the Tamils and a small percentage of the Sinhalese who understand the truth could do?

    It is really pathetic!

  259. OK, Jan.

    You seems cleverer and so can you please talk Manmohan Singh and Jayalalitha on Tamils behalf to secure necessary migration visas so that all can move for good.

    Perhaps you can ask Dr Mervin Silva to help you.

    This is a blog for people who talk sensibly and for you guys, Dr Mervin runs one and try there.

  260. Kalu Albert must have rhino skin. DBSJ’s rejoinder on your request for the LTTE Constitution must give you an idea
    of your rating here. When I come across people like this, I am reminded of Oscar Wilde, one of the most entertaining writers of all time – but sadly remembered in history for the wrong reason. Wilde’s birthday was celebrated
    last week both in London and Paris. To Alber aiya with compliments “nowadays those who cannot learn take to teaching”


  261. Soma thank you for your patience 🙂 I do appreciate of you voicing the nationalistic viewpoint and also holding a mirror to some glaring hypocrisies in the statements of some..

    50:50 was an attempt to enforce apartheid in another name over the ‘modayas’.. A few crossovers from the Sinhala Buddhist 50% (including the pseudo types such as Ranil W) and voila we would have a minority ruling a majority.. The Soulbory commissioners clearly saw this and quashed the demand.. 1956 was the Sinhala overboard response to such demands and the rest is basically history.. Likewise the JHU was an equal and opposite reaction to the TNA (and all other T-parties) and the SLMC.. Within the next decade or so it and the others would have outlived its use and will fade away

    What is the definition of the pre-Portuguese situation? Apart from the logistics you mentioned, if we go to the pre-Portuguese borders as mentioned by the early Portuguese and Dutch writers, the total landmass of the so-called homeland would not even encompass the present Northern province.. The Portuguese say Trincomalee was under the Kandyan King, the Dutch say the Kandyan Kingdom’s border came upto Elephant pass? We can keep splitting hairs about ancient history about who cam first or who owned what amount goes to whom..

    I am not averse to having a majority Tamil speaking province I am not even not averse to a cap/ceiling on state sponsnored settlements as well as screening to ensure such settlers are of impeccable legal stature) to keep that province Tamil-majority for the forseeable future.. However that province has to be proportionate to the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, it also has to be roughly equal in size and coastal area to the other provinces. Also there cannot be any discriminatory laws preventing natural migration.. If Colombo can become a majority Tamil area under natural migration, there cannot be an issue in Jaffna becoming so due to natural migration of other communities.. I have always maintained that there will be hardly any resistance in the South to such an equitable (all provinces and their inhabitants get equal opportunities to access resources) and sustainable (none of the provinces are large enough and sparsely populated to make secession viable) political solution.. We should be looking towards the future not the past!!!

    I do not share ISS’s hunky dory viewpoint of India nor the diaspora, however I see the room for broader co-operation with both.. There is and will always be a hardline section that we will have to ignore.. Perhaps true to our culture I have learnt to respect those who are older, despite their divergent viewpoints..

    I tend to follow the words of my wise Tamil neighbour (an old widow originally from Pallai) while in SL.. “The older generation of Tamils are bitter and enraged (to a certain degree rightly so), they will always keep demanding separate this and separate that.. The hatred they carry will die off with them, but it is upto the Sinhalese to embrace the younger generations of Tamils to make them feel included (and not take out their frustrations on them), so the venom cannot be passed on. If that is the case peace will dawn within the next generation..

  262. Dr. Dayan, “Aiya, my friend and fellow SLMP Politburo member Bharatha Lakshman daughter could and has gone to courts and appeared on national TV to seek justice for her father!”. She can ask all she wants, but what has she got so far? Your fellow member of the government Duuminda has escaped to Singapore!

    Contrast that with Dr. Manoharan whose son Rajihar was killed by the Armed Forces….(http://www.tamilweek.com/Trincomalee_tragedy_0115.html). Cannot hand has not gone to courts and appeared on National TV for his son…..

    “My friend Rajani Tiranagama’s daughters could not appeal to any court or TV station to obtain justice for their mother who was slaughtered on Prabhakaran’s orders. Nor could my father’s friend Neelan’s sons!” WHy not? Were the Courts and TV stations in Colombo controlled by the LTTE?

    You say “don’t be an imebecile and comparae Duminda Silva with Prabhakaran”. I agree with you on that one. One was a freedom fighter (and a murderer) where as the other was a drug smuggler (and a murderer)

    You also go on to say “Furthermore do not try to compare the democratic South, in which the closest approximation to Prabhakaran, Wijeweera, still has a following which secures a total of 3% of the vote, with the North, with the Tamil community which still has to reject and marginalise the ghost of Prabhakaran!”

    You dont seem to understand the word Democracy! When the majority of the people elect the TNA as their representatives, they are using the rights of self determination. You can call them the “Ghosts of Prabhakaran”, but by any definition they are striving to practice democracy.

    As for the democratic south, I am sure people of the south know what it is.

  263. But no schooling system which was paid and ran by SL government. That is why LTTE was defeated and vanished.

    LTTE had everything to squeeze the money-purse of Tamils and nothing to give to give to Tamils. With the money looted from Tamils used to help Gopalasamies and Condo projects in Colombo! Building CONDOS in Colombo and fighting for EELAM?

    Tamils will read a chapter about this criminal and the damage he did to the Tamil society! Tamils will remember this “coolie” boy of the WEST forever.

  264. Tamil Nadu was born after 67. Before NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tamil Nadu. It was Madras presidency.

    Tamils invaded. Parakrama bahu too invaded S/India. So, what?

    But Tamils are living in Sri Lanka from pre-Historical times. Mahavansa is the evidence!

    King Gemunu’s Army Commander was a Tamil Velu Sumana.

    Dont cry about the old histories which has nothing to do with the current Sinhala-Tamil fiasco which is a product of Christian rulers. That is why Ranil Wickramasinghe carved out an area for LTTE.

    Old kings never fought on the basis of Language. They fought for their property rights because the kings of Tamils and Sinhalese were relatives.

  265. sivananthan

    King Gemunu’s Army Commander was a Tamil Velu Sumana.
    Velu sumana was not a tamil.His father was vasabha, a sinhala village chieftain who had two close friends called velu and sumana.When his son was born he named him velu sumana.If you are thinking because of the name velu he is a tamil you are mistaken.vasabha’s friend velu was a horse trader.

  266. Everyone gets pretty emotional when it comes to race and religion. The truth of the matter is that both the Sinhalese and the Tamils are evil s.o.b.s like all other humans.

    Both the Sinhalese and the Tamils are equally ugly with dark skin tone and mostly aboriginal facial features( though the Sinhalese like to think of themselves as Aryans, except for a few exceptions here and there, they look nothing like the real Aryans of Iran etc ). Visit a few web sites and you can see what others think about the physical appearance of Sri lankans.

    All this sweet talk about who is right and who is wrong and who came first and who did what is irrelevant. This is called ‘tribal mentality’ in Science. Also called ‘us against them.’

    The Tamils in the North are equally discriminatory against their own people when left alone. I remember a MLA ( C sundaralingam ? ) trying his very best, including sleeping in front of the entrance, to prevent lower caste Tamils from entering a kovil in the 60’s or 70’s. The Sinhalese are equally bad to their own brethren. The Army tortured and killed thousands of youth during the JVP insurrections.

    Both the Tamils and Sinhalese should stop wasting time trying to justify the madness that humans do and look after their own families and lives. The world is a crzy joint and no one can define or explain life and what happens in life.

    As they say ”too many arm chair pundits are bad for your health.”, I suppose.

  267. I hope Sabaratnam and Bobby and all the TELO rascals who shot and killed Das and his group after decieving and taking them unarmed to Jaffna hospital rot and rot in hell

  268. We the real TELO functioning in Eelam have arrangement with LTTE and joined TNA. We met LTTE leaders in Kilinochi and had freindly discussions. So dont try to put lies here .We kow you are EPDP

  269. Thank you DBSJ, a timely article which help most of us to revisit the past.
    I wanted to comment on this, never had a chance till now.
    My take on Veluppillai Pirabaharan AKA VP (LTTE) is, he blindly follow his dream of Thamil Eezham on the expense of everything including his own life.
    This was his biggest mistake. He is apolitical as well known in the diplomatic circles around the world.
    Survival of Successive Sinhala Governments & Sinhala Opposition Parties: Since the so-called independence in 1948, successful Sinhala governments and opposition parties utilize ethnic card for their survival. The results we have seen as “Sinhala Only Law”, “Standardization”, 1958, 1977, 1983 and many more ethnic pogroms supported by then governments peaked at the war against LTTE in May 2009 and continuing till this day as I pen this comment. Cleverly planned ethnic cleansing or genocide of Thamils by the Sinhala polity is the main reason for the formation of Thamil political parties to democratically fight against the Sinhala governments. When such struggle failed to achieve its objective, frustrated Thamil leaders encourage Thamil youth to take up arms to achieve the same. Time to time Thamil political leadership also play the ethnic card for their survival. They have done negligible damage to the existence of Thamils in the island compare to Sinhala political parties and Thamil militant groups.
    Survival of Thamil militant Groups: Various Thamil militant groups formed after 1983 to fight against Sinhala governments and later it became a survival war for many of those groups. Finally LTTE succeeded in the survival struggle and continued the tactics until it was militarily defeated in May 2009.
    Survival of Thamil Diaspora: Some of the hardcore LTTE supporters also to be partially blamed for the failure of VP (LTTE) because they blindly support LTTE without questioning or providing any guidance to its leadership. Also existence of LTTE in the island became a must for another group of LTTE hardcore supporters for their survival in their settled countries.
    Thamil’s issue in Srilanka itself became a survival tool for many as such local and foreign NGOs, International and Local media, religious mainly Buddhist leadership, local and foreign political (or academic) institutions, and many more such examples I can bring here for my arguments.
    I am not here to blame anyone for their struggle for survival. When such struggle became a power struggle to control or influence another human being or group of people influenced by greediness then it will become a problem, which is not acceptable.
    As I heard in one of the International Media that the main reason for the Palestinian problem to drag on for years without reaching any solution is because beyond Israelis and Palestinians, the issue itself became a survival tool for many stakeholders such as Universities, NGOs, research institutions, media, foreign countries, etc.
    The bottom line is, in my opinion every human being born in this world has the birth right to survive first followed by other lives in this world. In that survival struggle knowingly or unknowingly every human impact other humans’ life. Local and international laws, rules and regulations are developed to minimize such impacts.
    I am asking my Sinhala brothern and sistern to obey the local and international rules, law and order which will pave the way for comparatively peaceful life with freedom and dignity for Thamils in that island.

  270. Yeah Ranga, and Prabhakaran repaid Premadasa by blowing him up on a street, just as he repaid Rajiv Gandhi. As Brad Weerakoon, Susil Sirivardhana and Neville Jayaweera( who disagreed with me) will testify, I repeatedly warned Premadasa against Prabhakaran and urged him to go for a military victory, but he didn’t listen and paid for it with his life.

  271. Old Kotti, don’t be slippery and dishonest, or foolish. As Mervyn De Silva explained in the Lanka Guardian that named Prabhakaran ‘Man of the Decade’, it was not a value judgement by any means, but an objective assessment that Prabhakaran had dominated and determined the course ofr Sri Lankan events in the 1980s. So what’s wrong with that assessment? I still stand by that. It was true of Hitler and Europe in the 1930s too!

  272. So long as you guys stick to commemorating, justifying or defending Prabhakaran and the LTTE, reconciliation will be difficult– not least because you will strengthen hardline Sinhala opinion. The day you guys break with that project and shift to a moderate democratic line which denounces terrorism — as does Mahmood Abbas and the PA- then, reconciliation will move forward speedily.

  273. Dr Dayan,

    I know of many Sri Lankan Tamils who will stand by the side of the LTTE and the Prabhakaran no matter what?

    They will stand by the VP in fighting the IPKF, in his going against the deal, may be many probably will support him for the assasination of the Rajiv Gandhi (There are reports which say that personally many of them supported that).

    When the 1987 accord was signed and the IPKF was sent into the island the Sri Lankan Tamil students studying with me were telling in one voice that they oppose it and even when the LTTE fought the IPKF they vociferously supported the LTTE much to out chagrin.

    What do you have to say about this Sir.

  274. Sir, Please don’t act like an innocent person. The credit for killing Rajiv Gandhi should have fallen in your (Sinhalese) lap. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for VP you escaped then narrowly.

    Had the Rajiv Gandhi been killed by the Naval rating then what would you have called yourself now?

    Don’t forget the broken accords of your Govt Sir, which were the reason for this rise of VP.

    What do you have to say about this Sir.

  275. India is a Democracy but yours is a mobocracy. In Indian context a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or anybody could become the President or the Prime Minister. How many Tamils of your country have become President or Prime Minister.

    What is the percentage of the Tamil Population in your army and police.

    What is the number and percentage of Tamils in your Judiciary and the civil service?

    The Indians have not allowed their govts to do anything illegal.

    There are vociferous human rights groups, there is an independent Judiciary and a very independent Press.

    There may be shortcomings here and there. But this arrangement is working well. This is a over all picture.

    Here no Lasantha is murdered.

  276. Okay Sir. It is accepted that the VP is the villain and you the Sinhalese and your Governments are Hero’s. Why is it that your small country a little island nation suffering from bouts of civil war every other decade.

    The JVP insurrection happened in the early 70’s then the LTTE had its murderous march for the next 30 years and again in the aftermath of the 1987 agreement the JVP once again started its campaign.

    Please tell us about these aspects Sir.


    Please answer these questions Sir.

  277. which will fuel and intoxicate the Ealam minds.Look at here. All the Terrorist are @ present. Hail the Praba. Insted of breaking walls you want to build walls. I thought you are a knowledge person with a sound mind.

  278. The Rajapakse brothers are keeping the Sinhala civilians in an ’emotionally happy’ feeling over the Tiger victory just as same as the LTTE kept the Tamils feel emotionally over Eelam dream.

    The path of the Rajapakses will lead to the destruction on Sinhalese people in the same way how the destruction visited the Tamils.

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mohabe famously told British PM Tony Blair, ‘Blair, you keep your Britain intact and let me keep my Zimbabwe intact.

    Weather we accept it or not, the successive governments and the LTTE for long did not solve the issue and both behaved in the same way as suggested by Zimbabwe.

    The continuing war kept the outsiders away from Sri Lanka. An attempt by India to move in spoiled by both parties joining as sons of Mother Lanka (VP and RP).

    Now many can see the vultures are flying over the Sri Lanka’s skyline.

    China’s ambition on sitting at Hambantota and watching the sea as long as Australia and as wider as between South Africa and Malaysia will earn the wrath of the West, Aussie and India.

    For China it may be development and Russia it may be oil exploration to land while India feeling desperately that it losing the influence fast in the island.

    For the west only ‘handle’ available now is war crime and human rights and so it engages TNA and Tamil diaspora. It may soon engage the UN and UNHCR.

    The result will be Sri Lanka will soon be a battle ground of the vultures who are about to land. One thing is clear that China that invested a lot will not leave and for that reason west will not keep away. It was also unfortunate that the country get lots of financial aid from China due to it economical problems and financial mismanagement.

    Another argument was that the Sri Lankan state was helped to destroy the LTTE and VP so as to remove the ‘entry barrier’ and so battle has commenced who to come in first.

    One day the Sinhalese politicians would feel and openly say that their survival was somewhat secured in the era of VP and LTTE.

  279. Dr Dayan

    There is a saying ‘Give the devil its due’.

    If VP was not a military genius then how could he have survived and even thrived for a number of years before he was defeated and killed.

    While you were pursuing him you had the support of the govts like India, US, UK, Canada, China, Pakistan etc.

    If you had fought with only your strength it is debatable how long you would have taken to kill him.

    You people talk about the near victory of yours in the pre 1987 period.

    During that period the militants were more dependent on the Indian govt for the arms.

    The India didn’t give them the necessary arms, so as to not to make them stronger.

    India wanted to keep the Sri Lanka engaged but didn’t want to unsettle it, these are the words of Sabanayakam author of Pirabaharan.

    Then it also intervened in the form of the Operation Poomaalai.

    It was a stalemate enforced by the Indian Govt.

    May be some military analyst would be able to answer it better.

    Don’t forget the tens of thousands of army deserters.

    On the contrary how many LTTE would have been caught by you. They took cyanide to end their life, most of them.

    The real turning point came when the LTTE went against the other militant groups, took on the IPKF and killed the political leaders and of course the Rajiv Gandhi assasination.

    His subsequent victories were breath taking. Don’t forget the Elephant pass battle.

    Don’t belittle your enemy.

    Bandula Jayasekara

    You say you work for your country. VP and his people will also say they fought for their land and their rights.

    Were your airforce pilots serving your country when they were hurling bombs at the civilian hide outs in the Tamil areas.

    Digging a bunker to escape the air force bombing was a regular feature in the tamil areas.


    Please don’t talk as though you are all as white as lily.

  280. Dayan

    I wonder whether he bumped off premedasa because he was angry that preme knocked off athulathmudali and blamed it on him? There was a lot of rumours about the killing of lalith.It fitted in too neatly with preme’s fortunes.

    As for rajiv,the indian general stated that he had been ordered to kill prabha when he appeared for talks with him by dixit.Dixit would not have given such an order without approval from rajiv.It was kill or be killed for prabha i suppose.The grave mistake he made was to initially get on the wrong foot with rajiv.he let down the tamils for his own selfish reasons.

    As for preme,i consider him stupid because he asked the IPKF to leave.He should have let them finish the job they came here for without giving arms to prabhaharan.After they had mauled each other and they had finished off the LTTE,he could have asked them to leave.Maybe he was worried that they may never leave one day,but when a head of state of a sovereign nation asks them to leave it is embarassing for india if they continue to stay as it would amount to an invasion then,not peacekeeping.

  281. dayan

    as does Mahmood Abbas and the PA- then, reconciliation will move forward speedily.
    Mahmmood abbas has been elected leader of the palestinians in the west bank for a long time now.The israeli hardline primeminister benjamin netanyahu has been stringing him along,showing the carrot and moving it away as he comes toward it.Now abbas went direct to the UN for recognition for the state of palestine and has got the tacit approval of the UN it seems,even with america which is controlled by jewish diaspora opposing it strongly.Obviously Abbas has got fed up.While talking peace they are building further settlements,exactly the same as GOSL,that is only interested in settling sinhalese in predominantly tamil areas and taking over large tracts of the north and east for various dubious projects and for the armed forces.I am not against that as long as it is done within a framework of a political solution.The way it is being done now the bona fides of the government is questionable.

    Benjamin netanyahu seems to be a similar character to mahinda.Tamils could look at how abbas wasted so many years before going to UN for recognition,and do so also without being taken for a ride by mahinda,if mahinda is not interested in a political solution.Lee kuan yew has studied mahinda carefully and said that he is not interested ina political solution.So talks with him should be terminated by the tamils once thay have talked sufficiently with him to expose to the world his hardline attitude,instead of stringing along with him like what happened to your favourite abbas with netanyahu.Mahinda has successfully strung along the stupid TNA now for nearly 3 years after the war.This has helped him immensely to consolidate himself in weak areas and bought him a lot of time.

  282. DJ,

    I never defend VP or LTTE and in fact as I can see lots of Tamils want to forgot it and move forward except for those who want to see some quick money by keeping the feeling alive.

    Professionals like you should ignore that fact completely and talk in a professional manner to give confidence to normal civilians.

    Instead of ignoring the Tigers cemetery magnanimously that their parents and relatives have a right to pay visits, they were razed off. Now the relatives abroad, (You may prefer to call them LTTE rums) are buying lands in many countries to build model cemeteries.

    Publicity wise that will do more harm to Sri Lanka.

    If I were you I would advice the President to appoint a ‘clean’, ‘spotless’ individuals to form a body to recommend a just an reasonable solution to the national issue and to announce that ‘he will fight to the death’ to implement the recommendation.

    This is the only way he can get the Tamils to come out of the LTTE era mentality and consider they are Sri Lankans and that would be the better way forward for national reconciliation.

    And the Sinhalese civilians will see soon that this is the only option available for them.

    You said you guys should denounce terrorism…. You would be asked what about state terrorism?.

    You said about Mahmood Abbas… You would be asked.. what is going on there then?

    If you take care to look what is happing from Kolpity to Dehiwela where the Tamil diaspora buys lands and people selling and move and since they are foreigners and it is foreign investment they are protected somehow. Hence Gota’s ideas of diluting Tamils dominated areas with forced settlements will not work out in the long run as when diaspora feel safe to return all these settlers will sell and get back.

    So let us speak some sense and do more for our country.

    Above all Tamils are Sri Lankans too.

  283. Dear Dr Dayyan:

    Thanks for your response. I knew this is a belated response yet did not want to let past this opportunity.

    I am not sure what you are trying to get by saying Laxman daughter was able to go seek justice whereas others in the past weren’t able to. You seem quite confident about her prospect of getting justice, but the poor girl and her brother were not sound as much optimism as you expressed. I read she was telling like wants to seek international help to get justice. This is a day-light murder, ironically happened when people of Kolanawa were exercising their basic democratic right, and shockingly committed by a sitting MP who supposed to uphold these very values. Yet, more appalling was, a public office holder and in-charge of law and order had visited this felon in a matters of hours- what does it say to you. Does it a sign of democracy in South at its best? Do you believe Laxman’s daughter can keep faith on our legal system? I have not known that a sitting MP in the past killed a former MP in SL, nor have I read in the history of SL that opposing parliamentarians were attacked by the ruling party MPs in the august assembly of this nation before, bad enough this had happened while HE himself was at presence. This is a extra ordinary precedence which being set as a benchmark for future Governments. Despite all these things, you advise me to not compare the North to the South

    We, readers, knew there was a long list of people who could not go get the justice then that include Mrs Peremadasa, Dr Mrs Fernandopillai, Mrs Raviraj, Mrs Pararayasingam, Mrs Lasantha, Mrs Sivaram, The boys’ parents of Trico, The loved ones of French Aid workers, Mrs Amirthalingam, Sonia Ghandi, etc. It is plausible that you cannot list them all; however my suggestion is random sampling representing all data across will help give more credibility to the outcomes- you know that. Your pick and choose these figures to suit your agenda tells it all. Although some of these offences were committed out side of LTTE controlled area, the SL Governments were not able to charge any? Did it imply GoSL’s complicity on these crimes? If Laxman’s daughter as you says can go to the court today, what was preventing those who you quoted from going to the court then? Do you say the courts in Colombo also were controlled by VP?

    Instead of picking MR Vs SF scenario, which was a character assassination, I picked Duminda because it resulted in deaths. I care about the present time; look forward to a better future; coming out of war, putting an end to these types of crimes is a must to show others that normalcy returns to SL. By going after VP and his Ghost, you seem to have interested more in the past than the present or future. Although history teaches us all some lessons, dwelling in it and boasting as victors while the traumatised people have been struggling to meet the ends would not do any good for reconciliation or for any goodwill building measures. Not sure if you do this with the intention of propping up the family in power. As for your comments re Tamil community- rejected, marginalised, etc you have got to see them, spent time with them. Despite all these trauma, hardships and suffering, the resilience they saw is remarkable. Yet what GoSL does is putting more and more burdens upon them, asking proof of ownership of land they occupy with the intention of grabbing them. Hardly can you do anything without being noticed by the Forces, such was their presence.

    I do not think you have refuted the points I put forward, instead you wasted your effort with trying to show your relationship to Laxman, Neelan and Rajini, which, do you think that I should know? Ironically, Dumintha is the living one among the people that are being discussed here but you seemed distance yourself from him- not saying if he was a friend or not. And, then you went to compare VP to Duminda. My attempt was not to compare these two, but to compare the circumstances under which these crimes were being committed by these two. VP killed, he was a terrorist, and he suspected these people who he killed were working or plotting against him and leaving them alive was a real danger for him. What do you expect from him? Dumintha, a sitting MP, not a terrorist, having close link with GoSL, kills another former MP of the same party at a time when GoSL is proudly trumpeting the peace is dawn in SL after 26 years. Has the peace come to those families whose loved ones were lost lives with Laxman?. This reminds me of a saying in Tamil “ padikirathu thevaram edikirathu sivan kovil” just like “chanting preeth in pubic and breaking the vihara walls that house the till in private”.

    Imbecile- I like it….. does it an indication of some sort of frustrations due to going against the conscience or what?. Readership would welcome you attacking the points raised; not the person, I do not need to tell this for a person of your calibre Sir. Country needs people like you to say what you think are right because what you say has a weight. I do not see many have problem with your stand on LTTE, I really do not, particularly after people like Rajini had been murdered. Now, at this time of peace you’re going along with whatever GoSL does while the golden opportunity to make amend for all the wrongs of the past being missed will only help prop up a family as one of the three pillars, not the COUNTRY. Suppose if an economic embargo imposed on SL, for its failure to meet the accountabilities that it agreed with Mr Moon, who is going to suffer most from? The down trodden ones regardless of whether they be S, T or M. Why do you wait till someone outside tell you do this and that?

    I saw one of your latest comments, in which you sound like so long as LTTE rumps and Tamil Diaspora keep going with Remembrance Day celebrations, this problem will not be sorted out. Essentially what you are saying is, for reconciliation to gather momentum these mobs should stop all these antics. Do you expect these morons to stop? This stand is just being used as an escape route for GoSL to skip its responsibility and play on the games that previous GoSLs played in the past- finding whatever reason not to advance the peace effort- does not matter how pettiest it could be. Do not think this an extra ordinary bs, on the one hand, when it waged war and pouring innocents with artilleries GoSL was kept saying to those who questioned the motives it is an internal problem, leave to us; we sort this out. When it comes to finding a solution, it will no longer treat the issue as its internal problem; saying noises coming from outside of SL makes them feel not to make a move towards peace effort; would not surprise me even if they say they wait for all the planets to line up. Why cannot GoSL go on and put forward its solution and implement? Let see what is store. In doing so, it has a case to argue that at least it had attempted to solve the problem. If the solution is fair and reasonable, I am sure the people who understand the reality will accept it- that will definitely marginalise all these LTTE rumps and Diaspora that are trying to teach a lesson to GoSL, not for it delaying a solution but destroying the LTTE.

  284. Ranga said “One day the Sinhalese politicians would feel and openly say that their survival was somewhat secured in the era of VP and LTTE.”

    Agree without any reservation

  285. i hope i am not in the list jey?.i dont attack commentators personally and i always engage them in a peaceful manner.

  286. dr.dayan no one disputes the fact that prabakaran killed all these tamil leaders.let us think from prabakarans perspective if all these guys come into an agreement with sinhala government and the government also tells the world that it has come to an agreement with tamils only tamil tigers are not agreeable to this peace deal.it would have been detrimental to tamil interest.in a war no one would like to compromise and i dont think prabakaran could have been an exception.this does not mean that i support what tigers did and i endorse their tactics.i have been supportive of 13th amendment since inception and i have no doubt that you also support it i am happy about it.but the reality is tamils are not a strong vibrant homogenous community.it is a reality that though they are populous if you take into account southern india,srilanka they cant even implement the rights which have been legally approved eg 13th amendment,mullaiperiyar issue,cauvery issue etc.hence tamils had to rely on people like prabakaran and i dont find anything amiss in it you sinhalese refused to listen to chelva,amir but you were prepared to listened to prabakran this itself shows amply why prabakran is a phenoemnon who cant be ignored by history.dont see prabakaran as a person see him as an embodiment of tamil aspiration which i am convinced is not greedy.prabakaran will be proved right if still sinhalese continue to dither on 13th amendment and constitute committees after committees to postpone the eventuality.i differ with dbsj when he said few students in jaffna university celebrated maveerar day.yes very few did it they did it inspite of the fact that srilanka is a totalitarian country where freedom of expression is hardly there.see their celebration as an yearning to get their rights dont see it as separatism.

  287. dr.dayan there is a fundamental difference no doubt nathuram godse is revered by hindu fanatics like as you said bal thackeray.then srilanka also has wimala weerawansa who is as much a fanatic as bal thackeray and whose fast against united nations was ended by your president if i am right.was not there a clamour for release of naval officer who tried to kill rajiv gandhi while he was taking guard of honour.dont you think that it is a manifestation of sinhale chauvinism.as far as kashmir indian government has been providing kid glove treatment if any other country had a problem like kashmir it simply would have appointed a military governor and employed lakhs of armed forces whereas indian government has allowed a democratic government to function and if it had been like say srilanka would have sent white vans to pick up opposition leaders from their home.can you explain why your fellow traveller china is not allowing tibetans to lead a normal life and it has been trying to change the demography of tibet by settling han people in tibet.i guess dayan your friend mahinda borrowed this idea from chinese comrades to change the demography of north and east so that they need not be merged in future.

  288. dr.dayan yes bharatha lakshmana premachandras daughter could go to court.she has the rights but i doubt she will ever get justice.i am not prejudging or casting aspersions on judiciary but with all the forces ranged against her i dont think bharathas daughter will ever get justice.you conveniently gave a miss to the news item that duminda was visited by his excellency mahinda rajapakshe at hospital whereas mahinda rajapakshe did not even go to bharathas house to commiserate with bharatas family.justice in srilanka is a weird concept under mahindas rule former army general architect of victory against tamil tigers languishes in prison whereas supporter of rajapskes duminda gets a government paid treatment not only in srilanka but also abroad.long live justice in srilanka and still you have the termerity to say that justice was not there during prabakarans time lol.

  289. i dont understand one thing why are you insisting on real name do you want our addresses also so that you can conveniently send white vans to pick us up.what is important is the content and you are free to respond instead repeatedly harping on real name and fictitious names are not going to add anything to an interesting debate that is going on here.ok bandula even if i give my name and address you cant do anythoing becoz i am across the sea you need to cross the palk strait are you happy now ?

  290. Idiocy and genius may be compatible in the same person, but never in the same field of competence. A genius scientist may be an idiot with women, but he will never be a genius in one scientific area and an idiot in another. Most of the genius attributed to VP was in reality idiocy by his enemies. He was a competent guerrilla commander, fighting a state that was totally inept at fighting an insurgency. Most SL Army commanders and senior officers had been trained in conventional warfare in the ’70s, and were unable to adapt to the specialities of asymmetric warfare in the ’80s and ’90s. The government too was unwilling and unable to take the actions needed to combat a popular uprising. This is often the case with states and armed forces that haven’t faced such a challenge in their recent histories (eg: the French in Indochina and the US in Vietnam). Once SL Army officers who had served as platoon, company, and battalion commanders, fighting the Tigers, reached senior rank and brought their expertise to the top, VP and his officers had no answer. Genius invents and reinvents and is never overtaken.

    There was nothing ingenious in VP’s eventual capture of EPS. The base had grown too large and indefensible and it was a fairly straightforward matter to capture it. VP’s utter defeat in his previous attempt (June ’91) shows that he was no genius. Contrast that with Vo Nguyen Giap’s titanic feat to capture Dien Bien Phu from the French, or Orde Wingate’s use of mobile airheads to destabilise the Japanese in Burma, and you will know what a real guerrilla genius is.

  291. history repeats, all one man’s shows starting with hitler, saddam, mu ammer al quedafi and thamby ends with the same fate and consequences, which is total failure and death of several innocents.

  292. Oh David,

    Even though you are late, you must have come with something subdtancial.

    The world is telling us now that there is no genius is defeating terrorism by killing civilians in their 1000s.

    After all you won’t burn your house with your family to destroy some rats. Unless ofcause you have ‘other reasons’ to do so.

    The other reasons is now robbing the sleep of our bigboss.

  293. I don’t think SF, GR, or anyone else in the GoSL were geniuses either for defeating the Tigers. But they had vision, planning, and determination. What they did to reorganise the SL Army, combine the three armed services, and coordinate it all with the diplomatic efforts was basically the commonsense approach that previous administrations and commands had lacked. Killing civilians wasn’t what brought victory; if that was so, JRJ would have won the war by 1987. What won the war was the ability to out-think the Genius of Nandikadal.

  294. david
    reorganise the SL Army, combine the three armed services, and coordinate it all with the diplomatic efforts

    Correct me if i’am wrong.The major credit for the three objectives you mention should go to

    reorganise army-fonseka
    combine it with navy and airforce-gota
    coordinate with diplomatic efforts-mahinda

    So the three were more or less equally responsible for winning the war.

    After the war mahinda started to claim full credit.Gota didn’t mind because he was the brother and would have thought “if aiya wants to further his political career taking all the credit,that is okay by me”,but of course fonseka would have none of it and also claimed full credit.So the inevitable confrontation occurred,because mahinda and fonseka could not admit that all three should equally share the credit.

    You mention these three objectives only,but what about at the ground level.Shavendra pips in saying his breakthrough at pooneryn to elephant pass road only created the LTTE debacle.

    So should it be shared by four,not three.

    I believe the correct people to share credit for this victory were fonseka,gota and shavendra.What did mahinda do?Prabha already did everything for him on the dipolomatic front by getting offside of everybody and kicking own goals.Mind you mahinda was the one who was always reluctant to go to war and fonseka and gota only convinced him it was winnable.If fonseka and gota did not have able commanders like shavendra then they might have got stuck at pooneryn.

  295. Everyone should get their fair share of the credit; their fair share, and no more. I think Mahinda should get as much credit as GR and SF, because without political will, nothing is possible. Just as Shavendra says his attack was vital, there were many other actions that were vital each in their own way, right down to Pvt Silva or Fernando who knocked out a Tiger machine-gun or killed a sniper. Should they too go to the top of the credit pyramid? Patton thought he was due more credit than Montgomery too, but credit must be aportioned by historians and not by media hype.

  296. I cannot agree with DBS anymore. I am Sinhalese but I believe that Sri Lanka belongs to Sri Lankans, not just for Sinhalese. Get that right quickly or you racists (like Jan) will create another Prabakaran. Let us (Sinhala,Tamil,Muslim,Burger,Malay etc) develop our country together.

  297. Hi DBSJ

    A fantastic piece on Prabaharan.The only time I met him was when he was about 17 years old, in Jaffna.Thank you.

  298. DBS Jeyarajah

    A fantastic piece on Prabhaharan. I have met him in 1977 when he was 16/17 years old.

  299. Hi DBSJ

    Your response is very ascertive and forthright. Thanks. I have met him in 1977 at Jaffna, when he was only 16/17 years old when I visited the Federal Party offices.

  300. Hi DBSJ

    You must be a product of Jaffna College, all the hall marks are there. The war on terror started by Bush, travelled a long way, nation to nation, country to country, and ended up at Mullivaikal in the form of genocide.A very sad end indeed.Prabhaharan brought the Sri Lankan army to his own back yard, to carry out the genocide. I do not think that this will be the end, as we all know that the second world war started as a result of Western powers clamouring for African states.If that great country- Soviet Union can be devided into so many countries, I can see what is in store for India. Only time will tell.

  301. it was not prabha’s fault that tamil ealam couldn’t be achieved. there were differences among the ealam tamil people, tsunami in 2004 and breaking of karuna amman played major role in the end of LTTE arms struggle. Now the world over know the condition of srilankan tamils and you all to start political struggle. Prabha gave a global forum to fight.

  302. Dear DBS Jeyaraj.

    Your article was a fantastic read…. I am from Chennai and I love anything tamil per se… I have visited Sri Lanka three times which is no doubt one of the best countries in the world… I had the opportunity to interact with many sections of the society during this intense struggle period…I was baffled about the way LTTE had portrayed the life of Tamils in Srilanka; on the contrary, I found that there were many wealthy Tamils who were having a fantastic life.. Businessmen, Goverment servants, small businesses, etc and yet I was given the perception that Tamils were treated as Second Class Citizens. I could not find a single Tamil telling this… Maybe in the North areas under control by LTTE, the story might have been different…

    I have seen the comments of so many people and I fully endorse some of their views. Somewhere down the line LTTE led by VP lost their direction. There might have been historic opportunities wherein he could have negotiated and extracted so many concessions and then he could have continued the struggle in peaceful and political ways. I am sure Norway contributed alot to the Peace Efforts and there were several times peace proposals were negotiated and agreed but in the last minute VP reneged on all agreements. Norway was fed up many times and many of us were wondering what VP wanted afterall was only the creation of “Eelam” and nothing short of it. Today Nelson Mandela stands tall amongst World Leaders because the way the Blacks got their rights in apartheid South Africa. But VP was just a bloody killer on whose hands are the bloods of so many of his own people let alone the Sinhalese.

    In fact, I was a witness to the 1982 shootout in Pondy Bazaar, T.Nagar (where I live) when he was not even known. I was told that rival tamil gangs from Sri Lanka were fighting in the streets of Tamil Nadu. Right from the beginning he seems to have taken only the path of violence and eliminated any one who opposed him. That is fascist and dictatorial mentality and he trusted no one. That is not the way Liberation movements are run. He had no business to eliminate rival gangs in a foreign land. There was also another incidence of LTTE killing everyone in a flat in Zachariah Colony, Kodambakkam, Chennai. This was another incidence of intolerance to dissent. The final nail in VP’s coffin was killing of Rajiv Gandhi. I was told he regretted later about this decision but such impulsive decisions, intolerance to criticisms, virtually dictatorial attitude, lack of power structure in LTTE, recruiting child labour, blackmailing tamil families for money, and so many innumerable and wrong decisions were the reasons for his downfall and the movement he created. I have heard that so many Srilankan Tamils themselves loathe him and his ways and means to get the Eelam which has become a pipe dream now. I am sure the present generation of Tamils as well as the Sinhalese Government will ensure that no such movement will ever rise once again in Srilankan soil. Nor the Tamils of Tamil Nadu will ever support a movement with terrorist and violent means. The only solution to the Tamils in Sri Lanka is the Political and peaceful methods demanding their equal rights….

    One good thing VP did for the Tamils is the emigration of tens of thousands of Tamils in the name of Refugees to the west such as Canada, Australia, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA, etc and they are living a life of luxury and reasonable wealth. I am sure these people would never return to their homeland for any political or freedom struggle. They will just write stories and will do nothing for the uplift of their brethren in Jaffna or VVT or in the Northern Sri Lanka. They must be thanking LTTE & VP for indirectly contributing to their good life styles otherwise they would have undergo the same life as other sri lankans do in their homeland.

    Finally, it is my opinion that even assuming VP had met his demand of a Tamil State of “Eelam” carved out of Sri Lanka, the citizens of the so called Eelam would have been subjected to the same dictatorial rules his movement had. He would have treated the state as his personal fiefdom and his end would have been similar to Saddam Hussein, Muaammar Ghadhaffi or Adolf Hitler…. Such leaders can never have a peaceful end…..

  303. Dear DBS Jayaraj

    If Prabhakarn had been a lot more tolerant and unselfish, the freedom struggle would have gad fruitful results. Ordering the assassination of India’s most charismatic leader, he nailed the fate of LTTE and with that the people of Jaffna. He can never be forgiven and all Indians lost their sympathy for Tamils in Lanka. Let us burn the VAIKOS and Nedumarans making the cause of Tamils as mere vote banks. It is high time that we ensure domestic peace in our neighboring country and should never encourage separatism.

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