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Countdown begins for ‘Great Heroes Day’ showdown

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The count down has begun for “ Great Heroes Day” (GHD) on November 27th. Rival factions of the overseas Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)competing with each other to commemorate the event in Western countries where substantial concentrations of Sri Lankan Tamils are prevalent.

November 27th falls on a Sunday this year. This has reinforced the efforts of both factions as the chances of drawing massive crowds is greater because of Sunday being a holiday.In a scenario similar to a market place both factions are doing their best to ensure that the Great Heroes Day(GHD)events organized by them get the highest number of attendees.

The LTTE faction led by Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan has the advantage of being in control of the existing overseas tiger structures known as “kattamaippu”.Utilising those structures the Nediyavan faction is going ahead with the usual agenda of conducting the event in different western cities.

However it is not smooth sailing for Nediyavan’s mainstream LTTE as there is a rival contender for the crown. The faction led by Segarampillai Vinayagamoorthy alias Vinayagam has jumped into the fray this year. The Vinayagam faction is also planning to stage “Great Heroes Day”(GHD)events in some Western countries.

Since the Vinayagam faction is the “underdog” when compared to the “mainstream”LTTE faction led by Nediyavan, the former is mobilizing its limited resources and conducting a limited number of commemoration events.

The strategy adopted by the Vinayagam faction is to stage a solitary Great Heroes Day(GHD)commemoration event in each country on very grand scale. The idea is to attract a huge crowd for the event to prove that their faction is the most popular one with the people.Since the nascent Vinayagam faction lacks the capacity to conduct several functions simultaneously in a single country or city it is making a virtue out of necessity.

The Nediyavan faction on the other hand is using its comparative strength and resources to stage multiple GHD events in different countries and cities. The various LTTE branches,fronts and affiliated organizations are conducting several GHD events in a bid to diversify the commemoration and dilute the anticipated crowds for the rival faction event.


Currently the Nediyavan faction is planning to commemorate the GHD in countries such as Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Malaysia, Britain, France, Germany,Belgium,Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and South Africa. In some instances there would be several functions in different parts of the country. In some cases there would be more than one function in different parts of a city.

The Vinayagam faction is planning to commemorate the GHD in Britain,France,Germany,Italy and Switzerland.It is also frantically trying to stage it in European countries such as Denmark,Netherlands, Sweden and in Australia and New Zealand. It is unclear as to whether these efforts would prove successful or not.

Initially the Vinayagam faction scored over the Nediyavan faction when it booked the prestigious EXCEL(Exhibition Centre London) located on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock at London Docklands in the borough of Newham.The Excel built by Sir Robert McAlpine is owned&managed by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company&has won many awards for best event venue.

The Excel has been used as venue in the past by the LTTE to stage the GHD event.Big crowds attended particularly when LTTE ideologue and political advise Anton Stanislaus Balasingham spoke at the event.Getting Excel was a feather in Vinayagam group’s cap as the prestigious venue was expected to attract massive crowds this year too.

The Vinayagam faction suffered an unexpected setback when the Excel cancelled the booking at short notice and returned the deposit of 50,000 pounds paid in advance.Exact reasons for the sudden cancellation are not clear but websites supportive of the Vinayagam faction have accused the Nediyavan faction of sabotaging it by carrying “tales” about potential violence erupting to the Excel management.

The Vinayagam faction has now rented out a fairground in London’s Harrow area. The group is erecting a big stage and “pandal” for the event. Interestingly the Nediyavan faction had booked the Shree Kadwa Patidar Centre on Kenmore avenue in Harrow to stage one of the five GHD events planned by it in London. But that too was cancelled at short notice.Now the “vacuum”in Harrow caused by the Nediyavan group event cancellation is being filled by the Vinayagam faction.


In Canada the situation was confrontational for many weeks until a few days ago. As in the case of London,the Vinayagam faction was first off the mark in Toronto and booked the Downsview park for Nov 27th.It also opened a special office called “Maaveerar Panimanai”(great heroes bureau) to plan,coordinate and conduct the event

In a significant departure from the Nediyavan group’s approach the Vinayagam group announced that the November 27th event would be observed as “Maaveerar Naal” (Great Heroes day) without any resort to subterfuges or euphemisms.

This was a slap in the face of the Nediyavan group which had “renamed” the “Maaveerar Naal” as “Thamizhar Thesiya Ninaivezhuchi Naal” meaning roughly “Tamil national resurgence memorial day”.

In a bid to counter the Vinayagam group the Nediyavan faction also set up a special office to plan and oversee the Nov 27th event. This office was called “Ninaivezhuchi Ahavam”(resurgence memorial centre). This group announced it would stage the event at the Markham fair grounds and in Montreal, Quebec.

Several supporters and well-wishers in Canada were troubled by the competition between these factions in organizing the GHD event. Many tried to bring about rapprochement and ensure a united commemoration of the event. These efforts did not succeed. That is until a Football club decided that the rivals should not be allowed to play “panthu” with Maaveerar Naal.


The “Toronto”Blues” is a soccer club whose membership consists mainly of Sri Lankan Tamils hailing from the Vadamaratchy region in Jaffna peninsula.The Toronto “Blues” convened a “Ottrumaikoottam” or Unity meeting and prevailed upon both sides to conduct a joint event unitedly.

Both sides refused to structurally unite but the Vinayagam faction agreed to cooperate functionally by unilaterally cancelling their event at Downsview thereby leaving the field open for the other group. The Vinayagam group however emphasized that they were backing out only this year and that they would commemorate the event separately next year.

So this November 27th will see the GHD being commemorated in Canada as the “Thesiya Ninaivezhuchi Naal” by the “Ninaivezhuchi Ahavam”. The day will see four separate commemorative functions on Sunday at 6.30 am,12.00 pm, 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm at Markham fairgrounds in the greater Toronto area. Another event will be held in Montreal.

The settlement reached in Canada has invigorated the pro-unity elements among the Tamil Diaspora. They have renewed efforts to make the rival factions in Europe to follow the Canadian example and avert competing commemorative events. The idea is to commemorate the GHD on a lavish scale without division. The chances of such a settlement being forged seem rather remote.


An intriguing feature of this factional rivalry in commemorating GHD is the belief of both sides about the importance of the day. There is a mystique about “Maaveerar Naal” that has captured the imagination of a very large number of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora. This is not restricted to Tiger and pro-Tiger elements alone. What makes the GHD tick despite the debacle of Mullivaaikkal?

In that context the evolution and growth of the Great Heroes day event makes an interesting study. This writer has in the past written several articles on the topic. This article therefore draws liberally from his earlier writings. Let me begin by tracing in brief the history of this event.

Sathiyanathan alias Shankar

The first ever Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) member to embrace death in combat was Sathiyanathan of Kambarmalai a northern village adjacent to Valvettithurai, the birthplace of Velupillai Prabakharan its leader. Sathiyanathan alias Shankar also known as Suresh died on November 27, 1982.

Incidently the sea tiger special commander Thillaiambalam Sivanesan alias Soosai was married to Shankar’s sister. Soosai is from Poligandy a coastal village in Vadamaratchy sector. Although Soosai is no more his wife and children were captured by the Sri Lankan navy when trying to escape from the Wanni by boat during the last days of the war. The family is now living in Trincomalee under a restricted release order.

Shankar like Raveendran alias Pandithar-also of Kambarmalai-was a childhood friend of Prabakharan and one of his earliest recruits. Shankar had gone to the Nithiyanandan residence in Navalar Road, Jaffna to warn them of a military crackdown on Tamil professionals and intellectuals suspected of being sympathetic towards the LTTE.


Even as Shankar was communicating with Jaffna University Lecturer Muthiah Nithiyanandan and his wife Nirmala an-ex-varsity lecturer who was teaching at a leading Girls School, a posse of soldiers surrounded the house. Shankar managed to shoot his way out of the military cordon but sustained serious injuries in the process. The Nithiyanandans were arrested.

Later Shankar’s condition deteriorated and another senior LTTE member Thalayasingham Sivakumar alias Anton master who later represented the Tigers at the Thimphu talks undertook a perilous, clandestine journey by boat along with the injured Shankar to Tamil Nadu to procure urgent medical assistance for the latter. This was in the pre-1983 period when the LTTE consisted only of around 25 to 30 full-time activists and had very few resources including even wireless communication equipment.

Leaving the grievously injured Shankar in a safehouse at Kodiaakkarai, on the coast,Anton went up to Madurai where LTTE chief Prabakharan and some others were staying then.

This was the time when Prabakharan was confined by court order to Madurai because of his involvement in a broad daylight shoot out with Peoples Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) chief Umamaheswaran at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai (then Madras). Thanks to the help rendered by Pazhaniappan Nedumaran who was then a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly representing Madurai West, Shankar was brought to a farmhouse belonging to Nedumaran for medical treatment.

The people nursing Shankar in the coastal hideout had ignorantly given a lot of water to quench his thirst. This worsened his condition to a point of no return. Shankar died in Madurai on Prabakharan’s lap mumbling “Thambi, Thambi” (thambi was the endearing term by which Prabakharan was known in the old days) while the visibly shaken and weeping LTTE leader kept stroking his hair. This was one of the few occasions when the LTTE leader ever wept in public. Death in combat of a cadre whether immediate or subsequent was a new phenomenon to the LTTE on that day.


Seven years later in 1989 around six hundred LTTE cadres assembled at a secret venue in the Mullaitheevu district jungles of Nithikaikulam on November 27. The occasion was the newly proclaimed Great Heroes Day or Maaveerar Naal as known in Tamil. This was the time when the Indian army was fighting the LTTE on behalf of the Sri Lankan government. Thanks to the understanding arrived at between the LTTE and then President Ranasinghe Premadasa a cease-fire had been declared on September 21, that year.

A withdrawal of troops had been announced in principle. The Indian Parliamentary elections scheduled for December would determine whether Rajiv Gandhi would be re-elected or not. That verdict would in turn decide the fate of the Indian Army in Sri Lanka. The LTTE leader had in the meantime thought of honouring his dead cadres by observing a unique ceremony called Maaveerar Naal or Great Heroes Day.

The LTTE leader was proud then of the performance of his organisation in having withstood the onslaught of 132,000 troops of the Indian army. When the Indo-Lanka accord was signed and hostilities ceased the LTTE had lost 632 cadres in battle. When a cessation of hostilities with the Indian army was enforced the LTTE had lost a further 711 cadres.

Prabakharan wanted to recognise their contribution, honour their sacrifices and pay tribute to their memory in a collective manner. What better way than promulgating a special day? Which better day than the date on which the first LTTE member laid down his life? So November 27th it was.

The first Great Heroes Day was a restricted affair of which the highlight was a highly emotional address delivered extemporaneously by Prabakharan to his enraptured followers.

It was at this meeting that Prabakharan uttered his historic pronouncement “If ever Prabakharan betrays the Tamil Eelam cause you all must kill me”.

This writer saw the video cassette in which the event was recorded. Prabakharan was tracing the history of the LTTE while enraptured cadres listened. At one point he stated that Amirthalingam was killed by the LTTE. “Amirthalingam had supported Tamil Eelam at one time but later betrayed it. That is why we killed him. Tomorrow if Prabakharan betrays the Tamil Eelam cause then you all must kill me. Whoever betrays Tamil Eelam must be killed” the tiger leader pronounced


The nineties of the last century saw the LTTE controlling the greater part of the northern province and substantial pockets in the eastern province. During this period the LTTE developed to a great extent, the ceremonial aspect of paying homage to its fallen heroes.

MP3: Kallaraiyil Villaketri ~ LTTE Song: Homage at the Tombstone

There exists in the martial tradition of the Tamils a concept known as Nadugal Valipaadu which literally means worshipping the planted stone. Tombstones were erected at the graves of great heroes fallen in battle. These were honoured regularly through special Panegyrical rituals.The classical Tamil literary works of the Sangham era are replete with references to this Nadugal Valipaadu concept.

The aftermath of the Hindu renaissance period saw Brahminism becoming dominant and altering a way of life drastically. The decline of Tamil dynasties along with the advent of Moghul, Nayakkar and European colonialism saw the martial tradition among Tamils becoming debilitated. The custom of paying homage to heroes fallen in battle became non-existent in an environment where war was virtually unknown for generations.

Now the LTTE went back to the roots of the Tamil martial culture and revived its most potent symbolic and ritual form. From 1991 the entire week from November 21-27, was declared as Great Heroes Week. Interestingly the birthday of LTTE leader Prabakharan was November 26. Since this day was now within the Great Heroes Week more importance was attached to it.

An outpouring of emotion both genuine as well as sycophantic emerged. The focus shifted from Great Heroes Day to the leader’s birthday. Some even thought that Great Heroes day was to celebrate the leaders birthday. Soon Prabakharan acted firmly and clamped down all festive activity connected with his birthday. The week was for the fallen heroes and the red letter day of that week would only be November 27, the Great Heroes Day he decreed.

Nevertheless various religious observances were undertaken by followers and well wishers on November 26, seeking divine protection and blessings on the man who supposedly personified Tamil resistance to Sinhala chauvinist hegemony.


Utilising its control to the maximum of the north and parts of the east during the 1990-1995 period the LTTE conducted elaborate demonstrations and events as part of observing the GHD.

The week culminated in a grand function on the 27th at a special location attended by Prabakharan himself. With the passage of time GHD ceremonies became decentralised. Several observances would be conducted simultaneously but pride of place however was naturally awarded to the one in which Prabakharan participated.

The LTTE also established several cemeteries called Maaveerar Thuyilum Illangal (abodes where the great heroes slumber). While the departed cadres were laid out in neat rows of graves marked by single tombstones a pavilion commemorating them collectively with names and relevant dates was also constructed.

The most touching spectacle of the great heroes day observance was the mass participation of family members at these cemeteries and memorial pavilions. Later G. H. D. ceremonies were observed in foreign cities where substantial concentrations of the Tamil Diaspora lived.

The security forces have demolished many of these “abodes” after seizing territory from the tigers. These types of action by the security forces have been condemned by many who felt the dead must be respected notwithstanding they were enemy fighters. Also the families of the cadres and relatives would be hurt and angered it was felt.

As the ethnic conflict kept continuing the casualty rates also increased. This meant that more and more Tamil families were suffering the losses of their loved ones and becoming grief stricken. Gradually the event became mass oriented.


This column has witnessed Great Heroes Day ceremonies held overseas as well as films of functions in Sri Lankan Tamil areas. There is no doubt that the sight of grief stricken emotional outpourings over their loved ones by family members was a profoundly moving one. The families of fallen LTTE cadres were called Maaveerar Kudumbangal and were often given preferential treatment in spheres that came within the ambit of LTTE control.

The LTTE by nurturing this cult of martyrdom achieved many things. It provided those cadres among the living a bond of affiliation with their departed comrades. The cadres got a feeling of reassuring comfort that he or she too would be honoured in similar fashion when dead. The LTTE cadres had fought and died in the belief that posterity would remember and honour their memory and martyrdom.

The GHD observances provided them with the feeling that by sacrificing their lives they would grasp eternity and ensure immortality. Likewise the kith and kin of the departed souls too were gratified that the loss of their loved one has not been in vain.

The emotive content of GHD observances also motivated other youths to join the LTTE. The spectacle also inspired the general population in continuing to appreciate the LTTE sacrifices and render support.

The annual great heroes day address by the LTTE leader began to assume great significance and importance over the years. Since Prabakharan was quite reclusive and shunned direct media exposure the GHD appearance became one of those rare occasions where he interacted with the public.


The annual speech was also considered to be something akin to a policy statement by the LTTE.It was dissected by analysts to ascertain what the LTTE leader envisaged for the immediate future. In later years Prabakharan did not deliver extempore but read from a carefully prepared text usually written by Balasingham.

The setting up of the LTTE’s own radio station Puligalin Kural (Voice of Tigers) enabled it to be relayed out. With the development of information technology the speech was later relayed simultaneously via Internet. The LTTE also had its own “Nitharsanam” TV and GHD proceedings were telecast to the world at large from the Wanni.

The emergence of several Tamil broadcasting stations in the western world created a situation where the speech was heard in Tamil homes throughout Europe, Australia and North America. Likewise the acquisition of various television stations by pro – tiger Tamils enabled wide televised coverage too.

The GHD observances were multi-faceted and diversified. The highlight of the ceremonies was the lighting of candles and torches by those assembled.

While people holding these flickering lights lined up and formed an illuminated corridor, a glowing torch was brought in relay form by LTTE cadres in similar fashion to that of the Olympic games.

The flaming torch was then given to the chief guest who then lit a large eternal flame known as Eegai Chudar (Flame of sacrifice) at the Memorial monument. This was followed by the lighting of a myriad lamps and torches making the occasion a festival of lights. Several senior LTTE figures were chief guests at different ceremonies.


The flames at various memorials were lit by senior tiger stalwarts. All the ceremonies were attended by members of great hero families taken by procession to the various memorials from different spots. Music was played by troupes from different LTTE formations. The different venues were also decorated with pandals.The red and yellow flags were hoisted widely.

The primary ceremony however was at the site in which Prabakharan himself participated. A newly constructed memorial was the usual venue.After the LTTE flag was hoisted a display demonstration by selected squads from various units of the LTTE was held.

A march past was held after which Prabakharan accepted the ceremonial salute. Prabakharan then began his address at 6. 05 pm the time that Shankar breathed his last.. The speech was usually about 30 to 40 minutes.

Prabakharan thereafter accepted the flaming torch brought in relay form and went on to light the premier flame of sacrifice. After observing two minutes of silence along with the massive crowd in attendance, the LTTE leader garlands a picture of Sathiyanathan alias Shankar the first great hero.Thereafter the LTTE leader accompanied by other tiger members lit the small lamps and placed flowers before the pictures of martyrs.


This then is the history behind the GHD significance. So great was the importance attached to the day that the LTTE opened a special office in Kilinochhi to handle the event as well as affairs concerning dead LTTE cadres and families. A retired educationist Pon.Thiyagam was in charge of this office.He is now living outside Sri Lanka.

It is against this backdrop that the current Maaveerar Naal mystique must be viewed.LTTE and pro-LTTE elements within the Diaspora think it is their “historic duty”(varalaatrukkadamai)to commemorate the event on November 27th.

Even though the war has ended and the LTTE is no more in Sri Lanka the tiger and pro-tiger sections of the Global Tamil Diaspora continue to commemorate the event worldwide. Given the demise of Prabhakaran and defeat of the tigers in the Island, it remains to be seen whether the overseas LTTE can sustain the same vigour and interest in the GHD in the years to come.

Currently however the GHD concept remains potent and valid amidst the Diaspora. The power struggle between rival factions of the LTTE have seized upon the event to test and demonstrate their popular support as well as generate more funds. Such is the significance, relevance and importance of the Great Heroes Day. The countdown for the tiger vs tiger showdown has begun. Who will emerge the victor?

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached on djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. Thamby Jeyaraj

    I am a retired teacher now living in North America

    My daughter is an LTTE martyr. She joined willingly in 1987 after the IPKF attack and died in the April 2009 days of fighting in Anandapuram under Theepan

    You had written a very moving account of that battle. I have a copy of that article which I read again and again.I thank you for that

    My granddaughter is typing on computer as a comment what I am now telling you through her.

    I am so thankful to you for having traced the birth and growth of our great heroes or martyrs. No one has done so eloquently and informatively about their history as you have.I thank you again. This is something I cherish and will proudly show my non -Tamil friends

    What you have written about the divisions in the movement and the competition between factions is distressing. Like Christmas this day too is being commercialised

    As for me I am glad I am living with my son in a City where there are very few Tamils.Hence there are no commemorative events here

    I shall think of my daughter and all other sons and daughters who laid down their lives for the freedom of their motherland,sing a few Thevarams and go to a nearby Church though I am a Hindu but educated in a Christian school. I will fast and meditate the whole day

    I want you to know this Thamby because I know you will understand my grief and pain.

    Many people misunderstand and malign you but I having read your articles from your “Behind the Cadjan curtain”column days know where your heart lies

    Do not be depressed or frustrated and stop writing. You must keep on writing for the betterment of our people.

    I can see that there is no Tamil Eelam but our people must live with rights and self-respect

    Down we may be but there will certainly be a new dawn with bright sunlight I hope

    Thak you again Thamby and keep on writing.

    My prayers,wishes and blessings to you.


    Thank you very much.

    Mikka nandri Amma.

    My heart goes out to you and all other families who hae lost loved ones in this cruel conflict

    Your daughters sacrifice and the sacrifices of so many others will not be in vain.

    “Nichayam Iravukku Pagalundu”.

    The day will come when we Tamils will live as equals with dignity in peace and amity with others in a united Sri Lanka.

    The immediate need is a social,economic and cultural renaissance

    I hope and pray our vocal warriors understand and accept existential reality

    And yes I will keep on writing Amma.

  2. Jeyaraj annan

    Thank you for super duper article on great heroes day and history.

    Like all your other articles about LTTE matters this one too is so interesting.

    What I like about you is that you are critical of the LTTE also but will write articles like this too.But one thing lear is that you know your subject

    I will state loudly that you are the best writer on LTTE matters. No one to touch you in this

    Thank you………..DBSJ

  3. DBS J

    How does this LTTE’s Great Heroes Day neatly fit into the week in which Prabaharan’s birthday also falls? Was it coincident, accident, or delibrate action on the part of VP to proclaim 27th being the Heros day?

    Did Shanker actually die on 27 November?

    Please read the article again…….DBSJ

  4. No. Not Heroes. But, cowards who killed innocent people. Cowards who recruited child soldiers. Cowards who killed all the Sri Lankan Tamil leaders. Cowards who did not respect Sri Lankann Tamil leaders. Cowards who did not allow children to study. Cowards who practice abductions, extortions, narcotics and more. Terrorists nothing else.


    One man’s “Coward”is another man’s”Great hero” just as one man’s “terrorist”is another man’s “freedom fighter”.

  5. Very Canadian saying DBS. This case is different my friend. You know it. But, you have to return to Sri Lanka to see what these ‘Heroes’ did to all of us. I know you miss Sri Lanka. Time to visit here buddy.

    Inshaah Allaah!………DBSJ

  6. R.I.P.
    We will never forget your sacrifices. Day will come sinhala barbarians will be thrown out from our beloved land.

  7. DBSJ
    Thanks for a very comprehensive and excellent article on the GHD but Can u clarify the following:
    1)When Karuna was in control of East (before the split ) , didn’t he have his own GHD ceremony that was parallel to what VP did ?
    2) No doubt VPs speeches were written by Balasingham but after his death I heard EROS Balakumar wrote it .Is it true ?
    3) What about the fate of those leaders in LTTE like Mahattya etc who were executed by LTTE as traitors , I heard that their family was being supported by LTTE even after his execution in recognition of the services that he did for the organization .So were these traitors also recognized as part of Martyrs as LTTE was still supporting their families who were inside their area of control?
    4) Now that all Maveerar graves have been demolished does anyone now in LTTE have the list of all those who dies ,when they died ,how they died etc ? At least for sake of history is that documentation available or has it all been destroyed and now only respective families need to mourn the death of their departed ones remembering when they died , how they died etc ?
    5) As regards Killing of Amirthalingam while it is true that LTTE did it and in fact they had decided to eliminate him for his betrayal but the fact it was done by Mahattya’s men without the knowledge of VP and Pottu that created suspicion in the mind of VP and Pottu about Mahattya and his intentions .There is a feeling that RAW had instigated Mahattya to do it to discredit the LTTE and that was why they felt he was a RAW agent .Might be you need to write a separate article on Mahattya .
    6) What is the fate of those LTTE Cadres who were missing in war i.e whose bodies could not be recovered and no one knows whether they were killed or taken into secret captivity ? Did LTTE treat them also as Martyrs ?
    7) Last but not least are the overseas LTTE structures willing to accept that VP and Pottu have died and that they should also be treated as Greatest Martyrs ?

    No hurry DBSJ ,you can clarify these questions in your own time . Just wanted to share my doubts with you . Once again thanks for a well written article .

  8. “The day will come when we Tamils will live as equals with dignity in peace and amity with others in a united Sri Lanka.”

    DBSJ, this is my fervent hope too.

    So long as Tamil political leaders insist on “solutions” based on separate geographical areas based on ethnicity (and that too for a section of ‘Tamils’ leaving out those living in Colombo district, up country estates and Tamil speaking Muslims) that day will be that much farther.

    We are fully conscious of what the Tamils had to go through for 30 long years. About a couple of months prior to the end of war you wrote a detailed account of the predicament of Tamils.

    A person who believes that “All Sri Lankans must be absolutely equal in every respect, with right to live anywhere with the use of Tamil language facilitated in interactions with the state machinery” is a Sinhala racist!

    His feelings towards suffering innocent Tamils is pooh-poohed as crocodile tears.

    If these celebrations are meant to incite “other people’s children’ for yet another battle, well I don’t know.

  9. I agree 100% with Bandula. If any person thinks this ‘coward’ as a great hero, he/ shee must be in a mental hospital.


    How to go to Mental hospital in Angoda-Mulleriyawa nowadays Aney? Armed gangs with govt backing are shooting each other with Police DIG watching no?

    Also how do you identify a mental hospital? some people would have confused courts and Parliament for a lunatic asylum on Nov 18th and 21st .

  10. Dear Jeyaraj,
    World knows Hitler and you cannot make him a Hero just because you happen to be a journalist.

    What would have happened if Hitler won world war 2?………….DBSJ

  11. One man’s “terrorist” at one time, was the same man’s “freedom fighter” at another time. This happened during R.Premadasa’s time???

  12. Mr. Jeyraj,

    You may be a good writer I appreciate it. But how can you describe LTTE as a freedom fighters. Please Be honest sir. You know how many innocent civilians LTTE have killed in very brutal manner. They have killed so many innocents,No matter they are Sinhaleese, Tamils or Muslims. Including pregnant women, innocent children, religious leaders so on. LTTE is a group of barbarians who seek for human flesh and blood. They have violated all human values. Don’t insult freedom fighters by putting LTTE in to that list. Thank you


    It is a fallacy to think of “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” as two distinct entities in separate compartments. Both can overlap at times.One can be fighting for freedom but adopt terrorist methods. One can practise terrorism for the goal of freedom

  13. GHD should be renamed as Great Stupids Day (GSD) for they rejoice in the slaughter of the innocent. They seriously believed that killing and intimidating they can carve up a big slice of Sri Lanka. They are now just resigned to a footnote in history books, where they rightly belong. This day in Nov we Sri Lankans declare another victory day over butchers of Tamil civilization in Sri Lanka. Thank God the Sinhala did not do this, but Tamils did onto them.

  14. Great article DBS Anna!

    No one has written about the LTTE martyr history like this

    That Ammas comment and your reply made me cry

    We will all laugh one day Anna

  15. Thank you very much for the article. The comment made by that amma and your response are very moving. She mentioned…..’know where your heart lies’ it came from the bottom of her heart, that is absolutely true and I agree with her. In your responce you said their sacrifices will not be in vain, I also believe that. I salute and pay homage to all our men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. My heart goes out to all my brethren who lost their loveones during this liberation struggle. It is amazing, for three decades tens of thousands of young men and women voluntarily involved themselves for the collective betterment of our nation. They all beleived the dawn was near.May their souls rest in peace.

  16. Nonesense, DBSJ. You can dance around semantics however you want. They were and still are cold blooded killers. Perhaps those who still believe in bloody terrorism will never understand that killing gets nowhere because their genetic mutation is never be restored to any level of social process in the 21st century. They breath, eat, drink, dream and vomit about how to cause death to others!


    Aiyo Randeniya Aiya!Pin sidda Vechava!!

    Dont e too harsh on “terrorists” because there are terrorists and terrorists. One species is “State terrorists”. They are still alive and kicking in Pembara Lanka still

  17. Thanks Mother for your touching remarks.
    If your daughter has joined in 1989, she must have held a senior position.
    One of my close relative, who also held a senior position,died in Ananthapuram, but still they are not acknowledging his, as well as several others’ demise and hence they are not Maveerars.

  18. Listen Mr jeyraj, the only way that the tamil people in srilanka (including in the north) is going to prosper and indeed as a result, srilanka is going to prosper is for the sinhalese, tamils and muslims to work together and living together in harmony. This is increasingly happening now thankfully and this process should be strengthened. The tamils such as yourself who are in the west on the one hand has a great responsibility to promote brotherhood between the sinhalese, tamils and muslims and if you cannot then you should leave srilankans alone to develop their country and leave them alone!!!

    People who are living in western countries have no buiness to create disharmony and disrupt the peaceful lives of tamils or indeed sinhalese and muslims living in srilanka and even from a religious point of view, promoting brotherhood (extremely important) and promoting living and working together is the right thing to do and coutinuously whipping up hatred towards the sinhalese and muslims amongst the tamils is a very,very, very wrong and evil thing to do i think. At least think about the next generation since this generation has suffered enough whether sinhalese, tamils or muslims and i dont think the next generation wants that.


    posting the same thing for 3rd time? Aney monkey enough of this monkeying

  19. Now dead and gone worst and cowardly terrorist Prabhakaran misled so many innocent Tamils, brain washed them, forced them, dragged innocent children, women and even grand mothers from their homes to fight for his lost ’cause’. If he was geunine about his lost ’cause’ he wouldn’t have killed so many Tamil leaders and intellectuals and others. He wouldnt have led a high life sacrificing the innocent Tamils. He saw to it that other children were killed while his children were protected. Like Anita Pratap says in her book Prabhakaran is nothing but a megalomanic.

    Therefore a coward cannot declare a heroes day. The megalomanic fooled the Tamils. Once I wrote in the Daily Mirror after having met a Sri Lankan Tamil who protected his 3 daughers from the LTTE, that real heroes are the Tamils who were forced to live under his jack boot whilst suffering. I propose that we declare a cowards day for late Prabhakaran and let all those cowards who protest from Canada whilst harassing lots of innocent Tamils still celebrate it

    Countdown has begun………..DBSJ

  20. Kumuduni, we all can laugh together if we stand up as Sri Lankans and develop the devastated North East and the rest of Sri Lanka. TOGETHER

  21. If you are talking of the pipe dream of late Prabha you were never near Hari. But, if we talk of how close we as Sinhalese and Tamils were … I say we can be closer as Sri Lankans. We can do it as one

  22. With a nice name like Muthu you should not use evil words. We have Muthulingams and Muthu Bandas. See the beauty of it and be a civil Muthu and not an evil Muthu

  23. Ohhh from Canada? Have you occupied Canada too now? Oh! Muthu with a such a nice name you talk of Barbarians who came from the West

  24. Fighting and dying against incredible odds indeed takes great courage. It wasn’t the people but the cause that was wrong. Emotively known as the ‘Tamil Cause’ when seen against backdrop of riots etc looks justified. However the Tamil cause began as a movement to make Tamil equal to Sinhala. Whats wrong with ‘Equal Rights’ anyone would think. Many misunderstand this to mean equality of a Tamil as an individual. However this is not the case. Its an effort to make Tamils equal to Sinhalese as a collective. In other words or to make both ‘parity in status’. After LTTE was defeated the President of SL made a proclamation there are ‘no minorities’ in SL. This is essentially to placate the Tamil cause.

    What would this look like in the real word? Tamil-Sinhala parity existed before Ceylon became a democracy. The power pie was carved out more or less Sinhala-40%, Ceylon Tamil-40%, Malay, Moors, Indian Tamil and Burger receive 5% each. Tamil cause is essentially an effort to bring this pie back and retrofit it into a democracy. It was not practical as one would imagine. Its impracticle if anything because it takes away individual rights of Indian Tamils and Moslems. But a compromise was made with the Soulbury constitution. It was after Ceylon became a republic abolishing the Soulbury constitution all hell broke lose.

    FP/TULF campaign was to essentially to achieve Sinhala-Tamil parity. I doubt average village Siva really understand the practicality of the demand. When its wrapped in nationalism it was easy to convince even simple Siva justification of the cause. Prabarakan was a simple man who was convinced he was fighting for a noble cause. Its unfortunate because that kind of determination would have done wonders if the cause was actually noble.

  25. “Now dead and gone worst and cowardly terrorist Prabhakaran misled so many innocent Tamils, brain washed them, forced them, dragged innocent children, women and even grand mothers from their homes to fight for his lost ’cause’.”

    Enough of this faking as a gentleman, Bandula. Do you know how many innocent civilians were killed by the bombs, shells and other weapons used by the armed forces of Sri Lanka in 2008 – 09?

    This is lik, a man-eater sitting under a Bo Tree and start preaching like Buddha….

  26. This stupid heros make mess of civil life in Sri Lanka. The were thrash like rats by SL Army.Now heros has something to celebrate far away from Sri Lanka. That is their defeat. Now they going to mess civil life in western countries. Soon , westerners will thrash them. They had enough with the drama of these clowns in their countries.

  27. Mr.DBSJ, One day you must write an article thanking LTTE for helping so many Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and South Indians with forged birth certificates and ID Cards to obtain political asylum in western countries. Actually LTTE helped Sri Lankan government in long run.

    Why me?if you want you write………DBSJ

  28. I agree.One can engage in terrorism for the ideal of freedom.

    Israeli PM Menachem Begin, Kenyas Jomo Kenyatta,Vietnam’s Ho hi Minh, Chinas Mao Ze Dong, Cubas Fidel Castro are examples

    If you succeed you get praised as freedom fighterIf you fail you get condemned as terrorist

  29. thanks for giving the history of this DBSJ.I was wondering why this is taken so importantly by some tamils.Now i know.Though i believe in bringing back our age old tradition of respecting tamil warriors who died in battle,i have mixed feelings on this,because they killed a lot of innocents too.True warriours,yes,but murderers and killers,no.How to seperate,the two?I feel the best thing is to bury this whole thing,don’t commemerate anything,because everytime you talk of LTTE,the world will remember tamil terrorists. It is not good for the tamil community to be constantly reminded of the LTTE.

  30. “State terrorists” and parasitic leaders exist and thrive in Sri Lanka because of the political climate created by Tamil separatists. If Tamil demands were for complete islandwide equality among other Sri Lankans such as

    (1) English as national language, Sinhala and Tamil as ethnic languages. English used in all official communication. School education in English without segregation of students based on ethnicity.
    (2) Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity given completely equal religious status
    (3) Stop asking for ethnicity in official documents.
    (4) Complete seperation of executive, legislative and judicial branches of power.

    I bet moderate Sinhalese and Muslims would have also supported the fight for a progressive society fit for the challenges of the modern world. Creating a mono-ethnic state in the north will just change who the “state terrorists” are in different parts of the country.

  31. As long as the LTTE is remembered as heros, Rajapakse’s and hard liners among sinhala community can justify their “Nation saving attitude” putting all other fair demands of people behind. Till they are able to justify their stance, they will be in power. Until they will be in power, no tamil political demands will be entertained and they will make Sri Lanka home for even lesser tamils. So this heros process is to make Sri Lanka further unfriendly for tamils living in Sri Lanka.

  32. Look, the JVP celebrates GREAT HEROES DAY( IL MAHA VIRU DINAYA )IN NOVEMBER for the past 20 years in memory of all who died in 1971 & 1987-1989 armed struggle with the Portrait of the Leader of the JVP Rohana Wijeweera at the Back drop.This time they had 2 meetings and majority of the participants have taken part in the struggle in 1987-1989…..then what is the problem if LTTE holds a remembrance day GREAT HEROES DAY( MAHA VIR DAY ) in memory of all who those who died in their armed struggle with the Portrait of Prabakaran at the Back drop ? ……..IS JVP TOLERATED BECAUSE THEY BELONG TO MAJORITY SINHALESE AND LTTE BELONG TO MINORITY TAMILS ? where is the so called we are Sri Lankan Policy of the Govt…..

    One thing is sure though the JVP was crushed in the same manner that the LTTE was crushed, the JVP was not able to internationalized the issue and the International community too perceived it as a home & home issue……but what the Sinhalese majority and the Govt have failed to understand is that the way the LTTE fought the WAR intelligently & powerfully they also Internationalized their cause in the same manner over the last 30 years…..and the Govt is struggling with nothing but RHETORIC without being realistic of the issue…..all the great intelligent Diplomutts have failed to present a logical yet rational view of a solution convincingly…they sound like empty vessels …morning and noon singing hosannas to their Leaders…..

    The rest in the Country too behave in the same manner that those who have commented here….the Govt and the Defense Secretary whilst speaking of a revival of the LTTE speaks volumes at forums about reconciliation to appease the International community to avoid an International Commission being appointed to investigate the War Crimes…THEY DO NOT KNOW WHOM THEY ARE FOOLING…….


  33. There is nothing wrong with the idea of a remembrance day itself. The problem is overseas Tigers who want to continue hardline positions for personal profit by using the memory of fallen fighters. The LTTE did become a curse to the Tamils in the end but nevertheless the fallen are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, etc. Tigers like Theepan, Balraj and others should be remembered for their life of sacrifice. However the use of their memory for the preservation of income for people who amount to leeches is a crime against the fallen. The LTTE is gone, these individuals in the west who claim to be heirs to its legacy cannot do anything good for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Remember the sacrifice of the LTTE but don’t whitewash or forget its crimes. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  34. So the military, who also committed abuses, should be honored as heroes but LTTE fighters must only be remembered as terrorists? If not, Sri Lanka will always be antagonistic to its Tamil population? You are a Sinhala hardliner with a veneer of concern for SL Tamils. Sri Lanka’s marginalization of its Tamil population isn’t a matter of the long dead LTTE but the undisclosed official policy of successive governments. One good thing that came out of the LTTE demise is that the government’s discriminatory policies no longer have an excuse for existence. The world can see the SL military and political establishment for what it really is, racist. With each passing day the potency of the LTTE as an excuse to persecuting Tamil becomes weak. This is why he world including India, once the Congress it voted out, will turn against the GOSL.

    The overseas LTTE wannabees are ruining the occasion but Tamils should remember all those who perished for what was at its core a liberation struggle. And also learn from the crimes that were committed in the name of liberation. So you and other Sinhalese cannot point and scream terrorist while remembering your dead who also committed crimes. How would you feel if Tamils told the Sinhalese that a political solution would be dependent on their abandonment of those fought and died? Why should the Sinhalese be allowed to remember their war dead without such threats, because they have more power?

  35. I saw two bus loads of school children, women, and old men killed by 2 Claymore mines at Kebithigollawa. That carnage was the hallmark of these great heroes. I buried my friend killed in front of Leela stores by a LTTE bomb. Another great work of great heroes. I hope children of Sri Lankan Tamil parents, now living in Western nations, are not influenced by hate poured out in these gatherings. They are told one side of our sad history. What about the other side of the story?

  36. Its ok, let the tigers make a noise, after all that’s all they know and born for. win nothing, but fail missarably.

  37. As anyone with a fair sense knows this hatred between Sinhalese and Tamils were created by our own leaders Sinhalese and Tamil since independence and steps taken by colonial leaders even before that. No one else including LTTE which was a after effect should be blamed for that.
    Diaspora Tamils should empower those kids who live in affected areas by helping them to excel in education rather than spending billions of hard earned money to celebrate hatred and killing.
    I once again salute DBSJ for another excellent compilation.

  38. Individuals who fought for LTTE with honesty and bravery could be venerated as heroes by their families privately. But there are many other ordinary Tamil people who prevented their kith and kin being recruited to a murderous mob were greater heroes. Also brothers and sisters who put their hands up to join LTTE to spare a horrific future to their younger siblings are heroes. It is much better for the Tamil people to forget these LTTE heroes as they were the most brutal people and set the pattern for brutalism and extreme violence in our little SL. What ever the excuse, freedom fighter or fighter for common rights or champion for the cause of the poor etc trying to justify that cause using extreme violence is not at all heroic. Mao, Stalin etc came to power this way but they were never real heroes to their own people or to the world at large. They shall always remain murderers and VP shall remain qualified as the greatest Tamil murderer. The more Tamils venerate these people, the more it progresses the violent philosophy of the LTTE. What ever the reasons are, we must not encourage or commemorate violence and extremism. Such outlooks only prevail in the minds of low life who do not how to negotiate intelligently or to understand another’s point of view and respect diverse idea’s and view points.

  39. ‘If you have a will, there is a way’. Actually we enjoy one of the best medical care system in Canada but the waiting time is more longer than SL for this type of illnes.

    That this hero denied a basic right(accses to water) for humans by shuting the ‘Mavil Aru’.

    Anna/ Thambi, that was the day the ‘Sri Lankans(Sinhalese, Tamils and all other commiunities)start the ‘COUNT DOWN’

    Jayaweera from Canada.

  40. Yo Randy Bandula,

    Interesting facts. In many ways Prabhakaran is no different from your very own sun god wrapped in his red shawl. Both are dictators; both are nepotistic promoting their kith and kin to high ranks; both men murdered their own kind to get to the highest offices; both men were great at prophesising their own chinthanayas (Praba calling all Tamils supporting him as the real team Tamil souls just like your leader drawing inclination to all supporting him as Patriots and the rest as traitors of the country). Oh and I forgot, one failed his O/Ls and the other couldn’t pass law college so used the influence oh his uncle to pass a referendum through entry to parliament enabling a law college pass.
    The government is taking the country to the dogs. The weak opposition isn’t helping the case either. Corruption is at its highest and democracy is at its lowest (We are ranked 139 in democracies and corruption). People like you will take some time to learn, but you are definitely barking from a glass house. I’m not going to go into great detail, but a lot of money has been swindled from the tax payers on the Mannar Oil & Gas Exploration, the Southern Express Highway and the UDA in Colombo.
    By the way I hope you are behaving yourself these days.. hahaha

  41. killing innocent civilians in bus bombs, train bombs attacking villages with knives and shooting elderly people and children great hero’s work. lolz

    we were watching this crap for almost thirty years.

  42. i disagree, in lanka my children have total right to chant at a stone lingam or wear a execution sign on thier neck. no body cares my friend.

  43. yes. It has killed their own people in herds and finally they also died like rats. And i disagree saying that they don’t have freedom in sri lanka. in lanka people have total right to chant at a stone lingam or wear a execution sign around their neck. no body cares my friend.

  44. I see trees of green, red roses too
    I see them bloom, for me and you
    And I think to myself
    What a wonderful world

    I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
    The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
    And I think to myself
    What a wonderful world

    The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
    Are also on the faces, of people going by
    I see friends shaking hands, sayin’, “How do you do?”
    They’re really sayin’, “I love you”

    I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
    They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know
    And I think to myself
    What a wonderful world

    Yes, I think to myself
    What a wonderful world
    Oh yeah

  45. Jeyraj Anna,

    its blue black and blue all the way to mt lavinia.
    faith alone can move mountains

    god bless, to give yu courage and strenght .

  46. Old weaver man Sivanantha,

    Why do you get irritated if I make some comments in general? You make derogatory comments comments about other communities like Kallars, Parathavars, Aayars etc. You a hypocrite, do not have the guts to reveal your caste. It was revealed only by Mr.Jeyaraj. You continuously belittle other communities. When I make a single comment about weavers in general, you show your ugly face. Apart from your group many other communities are also involved in weaving. Learn about your other mates, you idiot.

    You know very well that the caste of Aayars (Idayars) are known as Yadavas in India. But you try to belittle them by referring them as cow boys. Idiot, you know that not only those who rear cows and bullocks are Yadavas but also those who rear sheaps (shepherd) are Yadavas. Lord Krishna is a Yadava. Even Jesus says he is a good shepherd. You often bark about Vijayanagar Empire. Vijayanagar Empire was established by two brothers namely Harihara and Bukka who belongs to the Kuruba (Kannada Yadavas) (in your filthy language cow boys) community. We can write about the history of Yadavas from Lord Krishna through Harihara Bukka up to Laloo Yadav and Mulayam Yadav for so many volumes. But weavers role is restricted to the useless Dravidian movement which is facing its natural death now.

    You are not a Indian. What do you know about Indian freedom struggle? I think you are one among the fools who believe that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi got the independence (as if it is a commodity being sold out in a shop) as a one man army. Lakhs and lakhs have sacrificed their life to get the freedom. But I think weaver boys were busy with their Dravidian ideology during the Indian Independence struggle. Accept the facts and relax weaver boy.

  47. Dear Bandula! Have you ever sat down and tried to think to find out the reason, why, such bad guys, in your opinion are worshiped as Heroes? This is where you need some wisdom, to put your self in somebody’s shoe’s and think and understand. The problem with the Sinhalese society is, there are only a handful of Sinhalese who reached that mature thinking capacity. The rest lot are just sheep.

  48. In Vikatan Medai section of Tamil weekly Aanandha Vikatan dated 30.11.11

    Reader’s question: Pulikal thalaivar Prabhakaran irukkirara …. illaiya? (Whether LTTE leader Prabhakaran is there or not?)
    Vaikko’s Answer: Maveerar Thilagam Prabhakaran irukkiraar. Tamizh Eazha viduthalai unarvaalarkalai iyakkukiraar. (Great Hero Prabhakaran is there and he directs the sympahizers of independent Tamil Eazham)

    If we look at the literal meaning it conveys a opinion that Prabhakaran is alive. But if we carefully observe both the question and answer does not include the term ‘alive’. They talk about ‘Being’ or ‘Existence’. Vaikko never uses the term ‘alive’. Moreover he uses the term ‘Thilagam’. Thilagam refers to Kungumam. Terms Thilagam and Kungumam are related to those who are dead or no more in the Hindu tradition.

    I interpret the answer as Prabhakaran remains as a symbol of Tamil Eazham nationalism. Vaikko’s answer implies that Prabhakaran is dead or no more. Vaikko and others hesitate to accept Prabhakaran’s death and give him a Veera Vanakkam since it is related to their business.


    What is Vaiko position about US wikileaks report about him being paid by the LTTE?

  49. If Hitler won the war he would be talking like Mahinda Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa today about ‘reconciliation’ with rest of Europe and say that deaths were due to ‘human shields’ and many Europeans moving to North American

  50. Dear Amma! Your daughter and all other heroes are still living in all our hearts regardless of what political opinion someone holds. Soon, the day will come, you can proudly call her a Tamil freedom fighter even in Srilanka. She will never be forgotten by the Tamil history.

  51. Prageeth Eknaligoda a cartoonist and journalist is missing since January 24, 2010. His wife Sandhya has applied for Habeas Corpus petition in the court. Recently Dematagoda Chamindha, an underworld Don has confessed that he killed Prageeth and disposed Prageet’s body on the direction of Gota. Mohan Peiris, the Sri Lankan representative for the Geneva Convention says that whole Prageeth incident is a drama to spoil the name of the island nation. However Sandhya has told that she’ll wait only up to January 24, 2012 (for the completion of one year) and after that she’ll continue her fight in legal forums.

  52. DBSJ, It seems that you have expressed your desire of coming back to SL. Think twice or thrice before taking the decision. Think about Lasantha, Prageeth and others before moving to SL. Also think about Dumindas and Rajapakses. Visit SL once in a while and continue your realm of impartial and interesting journalism from Canada.

  53. Well by ‘blaming’ Tamils for demanding their due place is going to ‘justify’ governing by Rajapaksas, all Sri Lankans have to see it coming their in the name of ‘Nationalism’.

    The ‘expropriation bill’ affects only the ‘Tamil Heroes’ ugh?

    Please keep loving the Rajapaksa Nationalism.

  54. Soma,

    There are good people and bad people on both sides.

    There are good soldiers in srilankan military and there were good rebels with tamil rebel movements.

    The very same sinhala soldiers killed their own sinhala people in 1971/1989, same as tamil rebels killed their own tamil rebels and leaders.

    Forget the bad people.

    It is our duty to give respect to the good people on both sides.

    Unfortunately, most of the time we look only at each others ‘bad’ people, and this keep our ‘divide’ to continue.


  55. DBSJ, this is a very good article. it is missing LTTE’s killing of Rajiv, if you are to mention all greater importance event, it must be there too. If I ask Bala (Anton Balasingham) is a here or not? he had to fight with Praba to convince him that couse must be changed…. I wonder whether Bala is treated as a hero?

  56. .
    Hi Mr. B. Jayasekara,

    What I noticed is that you are posting comments after comments on this article, but I don’t see your response to few other articles here…

    – Mass struggle must be launched to defeat this dictatorial terror regime, by Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne

    – Daughter Apsara wants signatures for ‘White House’ petition seeking justice for Sarath Fonseka

    – Rajapaksa and Wickremesinghe must weed out their party MPs who misbehaved in parliament, by S.L.Gunasekara

    You should read these as well to better educate yourself.


  57. Sivananthan,

    You defame Kallars continuously. As Shankar has already said, Kallars dominate in almost all fields today. Sivaji Ganesan a legend in cine field belongs to Kallar community. Bharathiraja, Vairamuthu and many others of cine field belong to Kallar community. Politics is undoubtedly dominated by them. Sasikala who is the King maker belongs to Kallar community. Few work as Professors in leading educational institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Institute of Technology (NITs), Anna University, Madras Medical College, AIIMS etc. Poondi Vandaiyar is the biggest landlord in Tamil nadu who belongs to Kallar caste.

    Yadavas (in your language cow boys) are also doing relatively better in TN. Former minister Kannappan is a powerful Yadava leader and he actually defeated Mr.P.Chidambaram in Sivagangai Parliamentary constituency. Later only through some faudulence Mr.P.Chidambaram was declared as the winner. Veeran Alagumuthukone is a freedom fighter who is the contemporary of Kattabomman. More than 25 educational institutions are run by Yadava community in Tamil Nadu.

    No politics can take place in Uttar Pradhesh (the biggest state of India) and Bihar without considering Yadavas. In Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarath, Madhya Pradhesh, Andhra Pradhesh and Karnataka also Yadavas are a force to reckon with by other politicians. Yadavas are the single largest community among the Hindus in India. Yadavas constitute nearly 18% of Indian population.

    But the descendents of Annadurai, Bharathidasan (Kavingar Subbu Rathinam) are always looking for some help from the Chief ministers. Mr.Shanmugam, a big fraud who belongs to some sect of Mudaliyar community is spoiling education in India. His MGR University is notorious for spoiling education. MGR University is blacklisted in many states of India.

    Mr.Shanmugam started a caste organization by name ‘Anaiththu Vellalar Koottamaippu’ which includes various sections of Mudhaliyars and Pillaimars. He claimed that all of them belong to the single community. Interestingly he included Isai Vellars (Nattuwars) also. How can a agriculturist (vellalar) and a weaver (sengunthar or Kaikolar) belong to the same community? Later he renamed the party as New Justice Party (NJP) and he claimed that he is going to rejuvenate the Dravidian Movement in Tamil Nadu. He is one of the biggest flops in TN politics. Luckily TN escaped from him.

    Former TN speaker Thamilkudimahan was a Yadava too?right?………DBSJ

  58. DBSJ,
    Time is right for you to write an article to convince Tamil brethens not to listen or get any support of Western countries. you know what they did to those great countries like Iraq, Libya. we all know the reason…see the humen sufferings now. it will never end. they were willing to help LTTE to find a place for a foot hold as India was emerging. they failed misarably.

  59. Wonder who is “writing” these snippets in news.lk, Sri Lanka govt Information website. The head line is “UNP reminded of their rule of Thuggery”


    So who are the “Thugs” – Didn’t they act in the “National Interest” also?

    I have seen similar headlines accusing UPFA of being “Thugs” on UNP websites,

    “Thugs” will remain “Thugs”, and ALL Sri Lankans will be governed by “Thugs” from either party, be it UNP or UPFA.

    Today its the turn of a neo-megalomaniac with jet black hair at 66, with white sarong and Black shoes as spotted in Perth.

  60. Rohan,
    You forgot to mention the thousands of young unarmed sinhala youth who were brutally killed by the lankan armed forces during Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s rule in 1971, and again during R.Premadasa’s rule during 1987/88/89.
    They repeated this on tamils using hefty firepower – 25,000 bombing missions by the airforce, millions of bullets and rockets by the army & thousnds of shells fired by the navy, but climed “zero” civilian casualties.
    Now the citizens and journalists opposed to the regime are being individually abducted,’disappeared’,’white-vanned’,& tortured in sri lanka.

  61. The Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    November 19, 1863

    On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner commented on what is now considered the most famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. In his eulogy on the slain president, he called it a “monumental act.” He said Lincoln was mistaken that “the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here.” Rather, the Bostonian remarked, “The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech.”:

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

  62. Dear Madam,

    I console with you on the loss of your daughter. Surely you have rought her up as a flower only to be snatched away by cruelty. Your is the story of many mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones in this horrible war.

    May you cherish fond memories of her and may God bring you solace.

  63. Either you are ignorant of the struggle of the Tamil people or you pretend that you don’t know. You should read up how the struggle started. Who voted for the SINHALA ONLY in the first place and who voted for the Chauvinistic parties again and again. If the majority have given into the voices of the Tamil people and joined hands with them from the beginning for the common good of all Sri Lankans, the arm struggle would not have taken place!!!

    Do you think that Tamil youths “WANTED” to die? or the kith and kin wanted their loved ones to die? Most of the youth who joined the movement in the beginning are well educated, well qualified people unlike the Sinhala soldiers, most of them cannot even read or write properly!!!They joined because of poverty!! Even now that is the case, they obey to the STATE TERROR and follow the orders and do the unmentionable crimes against humanity!!

    Even at this stage, your comment is blaming the Tamils and not the STATE TERROR!!! Why don’t you have the courage to call a spade a spade

  64. Bandula, we miss you here in Toronto, Canada. Looks like most of Tamil diaspora now lives in Markham and Scarborough. They forgot about setting fire to buddhist temples, Sinhala restaurents, and how they attacked the local sri lankan consulate here. You were the only person who guts to speak against these acts by these hooligans.We provided Free education to most of these people. Time to forget the past and re build Sri Lanka.

  65. “develop the devastated……. TOGETHER” Of course this can only happen after the “NEEDS” of the Rajapakse clan is full filled!!! But their needs look like a “BOTTOMLESS WELL” As such we can only dream of that day!!!

    Further we have not even started on it as the IDPs are just being DUMPED in the jungles away from the eyes of the world!! The money intended for them is being diverted elsewhere!!!!Their lands are being robbed and given to the blood thirsty soldiers who are there to see that the IDPs never raise their heads!!! They have to get permission from the uneducated, stupid, heartless, murderous, rapist soldiers even to attend to their private matters!!!

  66. DBSJ/Bandula,

    On this day in Toronto, I remember how the local Diaspora set fire to Buddhist temples, sinhala restaurants, demanded money knocking on our doors of our homes, thuggery and forceful closure of local Tamil stores and so on.

  67. Thank you so much for this Jeyaraj Anna.

    I am disgusted with this LTTE factions competing and making great heroes day a buisness.

    My brother died as a great hero Anna. I see you as my Moothanna

    Thak you………DBSJ

  68. Nice Response, DBSJ.

    The article as well as your responses are awesome. Gibberish of People, who knows Zilch about SL affairs must be discarded.


  69. Pingback: indi.ca » Hero Days Of The JVP And LTTE

  70. Tissahamy

    Nice crack at Native Veddah in saying Shankar died on NOv 31st when Nov does not have 31 days. But I doubt our Veddah impostor will understand

  71. As Mr. Jeyaraj said “Nichayam Iravukku Pagalundu” If Sri Lanka wanted to advance, first, as a society, we need build our social capital. People have to learn to respect each other in every aspect. Also learn to respect the heroes who fought for the reason they believed in. It can be Sinhalese solders or Tamil soldiers or civilians who died in the war. We are all losers in this war. Instead of arguing who is terrorist, respect their own lost first and when time comes we all together mourn our loses. I hope Sri Lankan people wail come out from this dark age and show their courage to build this shattered country soon.

  72. dear jey,
    three days back i guess we were discussing about being unemotional about the srilankan crisis and icing on the cake was your appreciation. i was showing off this to my colleague. today before i started reading your article i had the same emotional level may be bit more after reading your article and subsequent response of one lady who wrote about her daughters martyrdom.however rational a person may be when it comes to his culture,religion he turns emotional i am not going to be an exception.i saw certain responses from my sinhala friends i am rather sad that they seem to have such a mindset.no doubt what tigers did was wrong and tamil problem could have been solved during prabas lifetime which he obstinately refused to but what sinhalese need is lot of compassion.they need to understand the feelings of tamils and try to provide them the much needed equality this will only be the best tribute which we can provide to all the departed souls.thanks jey once more for a very good article.i hope that from next maaveerars days it will not be just a tiger affair rather it will be a srilankan tamil affair lets do it.

  73. all sri lanken diaspora tamil brothers and sisteres are enjoing a great vacation in colombo,jafna,batti,hill country and downsouth.

  74. What SL needs is a day to remember all who died in the conflict irrespective of their affiliation.
    The Tamil civilians,politicians,intellectuals,OTHER out fit members(LTTE,TELO,PLOTE,EPRLF,ENDLF,EROS,EPDP etc);
    the so called traitor who were at one point LTTE;
    the sinhala civilians,armed force members,politicians;
    muslim civilians;
    Indian civilians,IPKF members.
    That will be a truely inclusive commemoration of the victims of this sad conflict.
    If SL wants to build a just and peaceful society this is what is needed, not a victory parade or a GHD.

  75. Mr, DBSJeyaraj, can you explain to me what is the difference betwenn journalist and prostitute. In Pali language, it’s says “Aththo Kati bothi suka wiharanaya karathi, Neththo sutta pata arala balathi” and tell me why Indians are telling “if you see the tamil and cobra, killed the tamil first”. I am sure you have answer for these


    I am sorry but I dont know much about prostitutes to make comparisons and comment.You with your superior knowledge and first-hand experience with Prostitutes may be able to enlighten me first

    I am also not familiar with Pali. So I cant comment on what you’ve quoted here.

    So I need you to impart your multi-facted knowledge to me

    But then how am I to gain knowledge from you? If and when you see me you will kill me because I am a Tamil. You have stated so openly

    Regarding you,the best thing for me is to follow a Tamil proverb I learnt in Kindergarten

    “Thushtanai Kandaal Thoora Vilagu”
    (When you see an Evil man distance yourself)

    By the way the popular Indian saying you refer to is about Sindhis &snakes. Likewise EVR Periyar of Dravidian Kazhagham made the same comment about Paambu(snake)&Paarpaan(Brahmin)

    Both these sayigs are despicable and can appeal only to low -class people who quote them with glee

  76. We even knows one man’s food is another man’s poison. One man’s prostitute another man’s lover. Just as one man’s wife another man’s prostitute.

  77. Asoka Jayawardena’s Cobra and Tamils is a figment of his warped imagination. Tamils were never compared in this fashion. As DBSJ states there used to an unfair reference about Sindhis and Snakes. But this was largely a prejudice in North India then when they (Sindhis) came in large numbers during the partition from Sindh in present day Pakistan. This does not halt water today in a community of emigrants that has done so well to enhance the Indian image overseas.


  78. Mr. DBSJ.

    I congratulate you for this article.

    Also, your responses were superb to many pretending to be ignorant readers!

    Please keep up your good work and all the best to you Sir!


  79. The truth is the army, navy or defence force was of SL at the time the troubles started was a mix of the ethnic groups in SL. In fact christians and burgher had far many more numbers in the forces during the 70s and 80s than their percentage of the general population.

    The number of Tamil and muslim soldiers were commiserate with their percentage of the population also. And particularly in the officer ranks the percentage of Tamils in the forces was healthy.

    The forces were not involved in the discrimination or violent excesses of the JR government. Unfortunately once the the forces began war on the Ltte and other separatists many if not all Tamil officers left because the Ltte was very cunning and started assassinating their families in Jaffna, Batticaloa and other regions.

    Their were many officers (and soldiers) from all ethnicities who followed their instructions to the letter when instructed to take no prisoners in the JVP conflict in the early 70s. The forces and the government from their many mistakes over the years and that is why there are so many ex-ltte combatants who can return to their former lives as opposed to being the subject of an extra judicial killing, albeit they retun to devasted homes and villages and constant monitoring from the army.

  80. Dear Sister,

    Great to hear from you. We will move forward from here to toward bright future.


  81. Unfortunately, the prism thru which Tamils are being looked at has not of all plane surfaces.

    The faults and flaws of LTTE was a thing that developed over the prolongued life of LTTE. Though Tamils had given their blessing to their youth to take over the struggle to achieve our political and economic freedoms from the inhuman clutches of hagemonic Sinhalese administrations Tamils are not guilty of giving life to or to the excesses of LTTE.

    LTTE did not emerge out of a ‘vacuum’. LTTE has neither ‘life’ nor ‘death’. The birth of incarnations could be avoided by being responsible enough to address the causes that gave life to LTTE, in the first place.

    Neither the Tamils nor the Sinhalese should blame each other for the past; avoidance of the ’emergence’ of yet another LTTE shall remain the focus of both communities.

    The terrain is still fertile for yet another incarnation. Your pleasure at being granted a ‘Fiddle’, – courtesy of DBSJ – to ‘play’ your ‘tunes’ on the depth and dearth of LTTE, should not be at the expense of beleaguered Tamils. Put out the fire, or be consumed by it.

  82. Uncivilized barbaric humans may destroy your thuyilum illam, you will always remain in all Tamils’ hearts, and you are true heroes and heroines!

    Karthikai-27; paying respect to all fallen GOSL/IPKF forces. Maaveerars your sacrifices are supreme-ultimate; sincere maaveerar vanakam to you all with tear full of eyes. Your sacrifices will not be in vain, your dream will come true one day, whether it is in the form of unified/federal/separated but Tamils’ will attain their political aspiration to take care of their own affairs themselves. Maveerar vanakam to all (all Tamil maaveeras) heroes and heroines; may you all rest in peace!

  83. Read the excellent novel “Fatherland” by Robert Harris to see what the world might have looked like if Hitler had won the war.

  84. There must be thousands of grieving mothers and fathers in both Lanka as well as Overseas like the mum who has posted her response here.

    All these loved ones lost their lives because they were misguided by an illusive doctrine of a megalomaniac.

    Mr Solheim who acted as a minder and protector of this megalomaniac for a long time has come out describing him as nothing but a Warlord.

    How many of these grieving parents could have been spared if Mr Solheim and his powerful backers put a stop to the Warlord as soon Mr Solheim realized that he was one.?.

    Parents who lost their loved ones in Srilanka also must have the right to grieve for them and conduct religious rites according to their religions the same way the Sinhalese and other Ethnic mums and dads who had their beloved ones in the Armed Forces who eliminated the LTTE terrorism.

    But the way this” Great Heroes Day” is organized by the LTTE Rump in the Diaspora is more of a celebration day of the heroics of the Warlord rather than a day of grieving for the misguided youth who sacrificed their lives.

    The factional fighting and the maneuverings to get the upper hand, clearly indicate that the Organizers of the Heroes Day are more interested in the material rewards emanating from these activities for themselves, rather than spiritual returns and remitting merits to the departed..

  85. Prabhakaran never sold the country to foreigners!
    Bad comparison! Prabhakaran never sold the country to foreigners!
    History will mark him as the guardian of the island!
    He fell because he refused to succumb!
    Did you notice how many trips the world delegates made Vanni during the ceasefire time?
    Bad comparison!

  86. Can you please disarm the paramilitary goons in the North & East and withdraw the army from North & East so that the young kids who have lost their parents and the young mothers who have lost their support can be properly helped?
    Thank you.

  87. Dear Amma,
    I feel the pain in your words.
    I have experienced the grief of mothers under similar circumstances. I understand.
    As a Sinhalese I wish I could offer few words that would comfort you for your loss, but I don’t know how. As a human being I wish you peace. As DBS wrote, I too hope that the day will come when the Tamils will live as equals with dignity in peace and amity with others in a united one country.

  88. Bandula

    you sinhalese could not even produce a single suicide bomber but you call yourself brave people? We Tamils and you sinhalese definitely have different culture for sure.

  89. AJ

    Are you the former Army general who was North -East province governor? or are you using that name to bring him disrepute?

  90. do you know what is the initial meaning of barbarians? it was simply non Hellenic speaking people in ancient Greek times

  91. dilshanferdi

    The daughter was not snatched away as you wrote; she was according to mother joined willingly. Unless you are privy to some other credible information that gave you an impression that she was snatched as you suggested, you should not give your own spin, especially on this day of mourning. Such was the moderate majority’s attitude has been.

    I am not a fan of these Maveerar days even while LTTE was still at the helm. Because after I watched one of VP’s speeches on this day and not sure who wrote his speech, regardless, I judged this fellow had an over inflated ego that will ends up in a disaster. There was no politeness that expected of a leader, did not want to care about what India think about them and so on. However, it is fact that there were many like the daughter who joined in 1987 had joined LTTE willingly. I knew a few youths, that escaped deaths from the thugs in the July 83 riot and were deported to N-E giving an impression that this is the only region in the island where you could live safely, this also included the Tamils that were never lived in N-E before, then thought Country had been divided by the then GoSL by this act, and they could not be able to see their home that they were brought upon nor hold on to the job they were working before. Some had fled to overseas; others who headed North did not like to think of going back to Colombo. This type had joined these movements as they did not have much to do while being sheltered in the temporary accommodations, and they felt strengthening these movements was the only way to provide some safeguard for them and to those who live in N-E. A few thought their living was a new lease of life after being escaped from the thugs in this riot. This pogrom and then IPKF’s atrocities due to mad VP’s arrogance turning against Indian Army saw a sort of exodus of mostly young ones and, a few older ones too to these movements, and the so called leaders made the most of it. The ones that hiding in the hide-outs because of bank robberies and murders elevated themselves to a level which is only equal to the god. This was a win fall for them that they never imagined.

    I was wondering you and the one who wrote here before with the name dilshan are the same. If you say yes, then the boy you rode away in the back of your pillion in the midst of 1983 riot to a safer spot from a trouble spot, whom name you forgot find out or forgot would also be one who could have gone to strengthen these groups- you never know. This boy, the daughter of the mother who made comment here and there is others who have their own reasons to join in the movements not were snatched but driven into these hellholes. They did not join to kill innocent people of SL, nor do they join to separate the county. They joined these movements with heavy hearts loosing every thing including their loved ones to prove a point that we are not push over again and again; at least our joining would give some normalcy to others who live in. What happened thereafter once they ended up in Pottu’s hand may be beyond their control. These people will definitely be remembered by their relations and friends, regardless of what you guys branding them.

    As far as the Maveerer events that have been organised by these two groups today, I am very sceptical about their intentions. Their attempt as I see is to resurrect the LTTE and spread the fear psycho and to make some money from Diaspora Tamils. By doing this they are again playing into the hands of GoSL, enabling it to squeeze the Tamils that are living in SL and to keep this family in power. They have no sympathy to those who sacrificed their lives or care about those who survived and living in SL.

  92. It should be a Sri Lankan society. We all have suffered and we all should work towards making this a peaceful place. But, members of the Diaspora who do not understand add fuel to the fire or lets say they want to keep the fire

  93. I am first a Sri Lankan. And you should be ashamed Mr Cowardly Suicide Bomber promoter who mislead innocent Tamils to kill others and blow themselves up.

  94. I am anti LTTE. I like many others suffered for 30 long years due to them. My focus is on the LTTE and the LTTE rump.

  95. DBS, Well Done and keep it up. Time to write about Ajith Samaranayake after five years of his death. late Mr Prbaha is down under in hell. Great Ajith Samaranayake is in Heaven and only you remain and in Toronto. Be safe. Keep well

  96. r1

    So the military, who also committed abuses, should be honored as heroes but LTTE fighters must only be remembered as terrorists?
    First see that the western nations don’t continue to proscribe the LTTE.So get that lifted.Then the world will see them as not terrorists anymore,though they were once terrorits,and those dead who are being commemerated can rest in peace.It should be easy to get that proscription lifted now that they are knifing each other in paris.

    I agree that one persons terrorist can be another persons freedom fighter,but in this case it is one persons freedom fighter is the rest of the world’s terrorist.Tiny srilanka can embark on their crusade against the rest of the world like ghaddafi and saddam and the burmese,northkorean and iranian rulers,but i don’t want the tamils to do that.I want them to respect the rest of the worlds opinions on behavior and blend into it,instead of trying to be outstanding and thinking that by standing apart from the rest of the world you are somehow great person.Go with the tide,don’t try to vainly swim against it.

    Another point i wish to make is when the militant movement started there were a lot of groups,not only the LTTE.The LTTE became the dominant group not because they were more popular with the people,but because they massacred the youths of the other groups.Paranoid prabha did not even want to absorb the poor fellows into the LTTE as he felt they could be a future danger to him.So if he had differences with the other groups leaders and could not work with them,he could have killed the leaders only.Instead of that he massacred all the youths lock,stock and barrel.Some of them died horribly,by burning alive and tying to lamp posts.Now all these youth joined the militant movement after the 1983 riots because they had enough of the sinhalese brutality and bullying of innocent tamils.Did they deserve to be killed like that?Should not their names too be included when comemerating the war heroes.Potential war heroes who could not become heroes,because they were stopped in their tracks by their own people before they could embark on their heroics.

  97. bandula
    Great Ajith Samaranayake is in Heaven and only you remain and in Toronto. Be safe. Keep well
    DBSJ,looks like he is hoping you will also go to heaven.Don’t know whether white van service is going to be started in canada with all this globalisation stuff.What with srilanka becoming the hub of this and hub of that,at least it has sucessfully become the hub of the white van service.

    Anyway heaven is not a bad place to be in from what i have heard of it.I don’t believe in this seven beautiful virgins nonsense,but surely god will provide one at least,if he has a heart.

  98. and DBSj,that may be the reason why bandula is always asking you to come to srilanka.He wants you to join Ajith samaranayake,prageeth eheliyagoda, and lasantha in heaven.

  99. That will be the case whether your kids are Sinhalese or Tamil. Just like the LTTE killed Tamils with impunity, so too the current state with Sinhalese. In fact in 2011, more Sinhalese may have disappeared that Tamils.

    Don’t think Sinhalese are happy with the current situation. However, just like Tamils tolerated the methods of the LTTE because of because of the end goal, so too the Sinhalese with the Rajapakses.

  100. Asoka J,

    I’ve heard the Indians of various linguistic/ religious group using the cobra reference against other groups with which they have rivalry against (Muslims, Gujaratis, Tamil, Malayalis etc etc etc, changing according to who says it).. it is only a bit of banter and should be treated as such..

    It is a display of your vile racism, to say that the rest of India says this about Tamils and to mean it in a serious manner..

  101. Indeed the “Sinhala Only” policy was absurd, not only discriminating against Tamils but enslaving the whole nation to communicate in an obscure language (Tamil is better but not much so). The majority the population indeed may have voted for these policies but consider who the majority are.

    These were poor illiterate Sinhalese villagers, who had little access to education and view English as a sword (referred to as a “kaduwa” in popular Sinhalese vernacular) that the upper class use to keep them down. Relatively few English language schools were created in Sinhalese areas during British rule and the average rural Sinhalese person was completely helpless speaking English. Given the demographics of the country the “Sinhala Only” act was obviously a popular political tool, but certainly not with all Sinhalese – especially those who were fortunate enough to be educated in English during British rule.

    The seeds of this communal conflict were sown long ago by the British. Disharmony between the races was highly beneficial to colonial rule. While Sinhalese need to create an environment in modern Sri Lanka that their fellow Tamils feel comfortable in and can flourish, Tamils need to try to acknowledge the unfortunate colonial causes of discriminatory policies such as the Sinhala Only act.

    As you must already know, there was just a ceremonial armed forces and nominal police presence in Sri Lanka until the 1980’s. Hence the claim of the direction of causality of the “state terror” machinery. The militarisation of society that we see in Sri Lanka today simply did not exist before 1980. The unquestioned dominance of the president is also relatively recent.

    I am indeed unfortunately ignorant of the deep beauty of the Tamil language, but somehow doubt that having to speak Sinhala in official communications is a rational cause of killing oneself in an attempt to create a mono-ethnic state. Without India’s training of Tamil separatists during the 80’s and opportunist Tamils trying to use the war to gain power and money I bet Tamil grievances wound have found resonance with other communities through non-violent means. It is surprisingly easy to get discriminated young people to take up a cause and sacrifice themselves in a fight for an ideal. The sad thing is that all around the world we see opponents rallying around and fighting for extremist positions while hardly anyone takes up the fight for a moderate cause that is in everyone’s benefit.

    Your claim that most Sinhalese soldiers cannot read or write has little factual basis as I doubt you are referring solely to literacy skills in English. Sri Lanka currently has one of the highest literacy rates in the whole of south Asia. Now that schools are present even in rural Sinhala areas the Sinhalese population is reasonably educated (although not in English). The poor educated Sinhalese population now have the potential and perhaps desire (because of discrimination when looking for jobs) to transform into a native English speaking population. Most of the Tamil population always had this potential. Speaking in Sri Lanka’s two native languages will always have a negative economic impact, segregate ethnicities and cause distrust between different communities to fester deep into the future.

    Transforming into a English speaking society won’t be easy and will inflame deep-seated emotions among rural Sinhalese who worry that they will once again be alienated from government machinery. Without massive political and international pressure it won’t be possible to make this change. It might even take close to two decades to complete the transformation. But given foreign investment (English speaking donor countries will be falling over themselves wanting to help) and hands-on support from the Tamil and Sinhala diaspora it will be possible to create a seamless society where it is not possible to distinguish between a Sinhalese and a Tamil, where there is no segregation in schools and society, and where an English speaking labour force can aggressively compete on an international stage.

  102. Madayan,

    Yes we did not produce suicide bombers to blow up buses, trains and buildings filled with women and children.. But when the lives of their comrades were under threat many have given their own lives to save the lives of many others.. Hasalaka Gamini (a survivor of the Aranthalawa massacre) who threw himself at a bulldozer rigged with explosives, sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers at Elephant Pass camp, is one such example..

  103. Unfortunately worship isn’t a good measure of truth or fact. Religions have historically sprung up based on all sorts of crackpot mythologies. Human’s are by nature irrational beings. Try to accept and understand the irrationality but not be controlled by it. You will always find there is a machiavellian puppet master pulling the strings, controlling irrational humans.

  104. Unfortunately worship isn’t a good measure of truth or fact. Religions have historically sprung up based on all sorts of crackpot mythologies. Human’s are by nature irrational beings. Try to accept and understand the irrationality but not be controlled by it. You will always find there is a machiavellian puppet master pulling the strings, controlling irrational humans.

  105. Asoka Jayawardane,

    Are you talking about your origin mate. Were you the decendants of Grand son of the Lion prostituting with a ‘human’? Do you still believe this crap?

  106. YADAV is a word used by North Indians and not by DRAVIDA fools. You cry as DRAVIDA but you are a cow boy with a name of a fish-boy!

    You praise KALLANS because many of your guys identify themselves as Kallans or thieves!

    MUTHALI is the name of the SENGUNTHAR. Now that is too stolen by Vellaalar, Agampadi, Thuluva and Kallan around Kanchipuram. Muthaliyar cannot be a single community.

    Do you know the meaning of the word MUTHALI?

  107. Cow Boys naturally ally with Kallans(thieves). COW BOY is not a filthy word or a bad language compare to your barkings about Sinhalese.

    You are a shameless creature and joining thieves(Kallans) and feel proud to be a part of swindlers of Tamil nadu.

    Further cow boys are everywhere. You cannot cry a Chinese cow boy or a Sri lankan cow boy as a YADAV. So, Dravida cowboy cannot be a YADAV.

    I also can write about the Kai Kula warriors who are coming from the Veera Bahu who was the commander of Lord Muruga!

    WEAVING is an honest profession which provide clothing. You know well about clothing and its usage. But being Kallan or Thief?

    Your claim over Vijayanagar is another joke! Kammas will beat you to pulp!

    In Sri Lanka Kai Kolar never had a history of weaving. That was done by CHENIYAR. Kai Kolar does not mean WEAVER. Try to read the Pallava inscriptions at Madras Museum or Mahavansa to know the meaning of the word!

    SILK weaving was introduced by Pallava Royals from China. Kings owned the weaving industry. In TN still it is at the hands of the descendants of Pallavas(MUTHALIS).

    Kings were proud to have name as SALIYA(weaver). Son of SL King Dutu Gemunu’s son was SALIYA. Weaving was always a job of warriors during the peace times!

    WEAVERS of TN always support Congress and not the stupid Dravidian parties. C N Anna durai was an exception and he too never had any idea of promoting his caste through Dravida politics!

    But Kallans and others now swindle TN through Dravida politics. Kallan and their allies always feel they have a right to steal others wealth.

    After DBS published my caste only, you bark because I have no intention of talking about the caste superiority. You cry all the time about caste because of the TN politics still swing around CASTE. Without knowing the facts you tried even to call me KOVIYAR in order to redicule me but you never know the fact that Jaffna was once owned by Koviyar. You barked at me that I am Sinhala… What is your problem?

    Indian Freedom struggle is a well known history all over the world. So, it is not necessary to be an Indian to know the history of Indian Freedom history.

    Late PM Lal Bahadur Sastri Memorial library donated all the books to the University of Toronto’s Robart’s Library. Those books are occupying more than three floors of the Library.

    You guys not even bother to go and read in the Madras Library.

    TN fools are better for barking than reading!

    If you are a YADAV, what is the point you have to bark about TAMIL or Dravida? North Indian Yadavs never..never support EELAM or stupid Prabhakaran who was a cross breed of MUTHALI and PILLAI of Kerala!

    Further, the last King of Jaffna was Paranirupa Sinha MUTHALI. Check the Portugeuse records. Then everyone knows why Kai kolar or Sengunthar have the name MUTHALI.

    Now the word Muthali also stolen by the Vellaala bosses of Kallan and others when Vellaala caste name is PILLAI! The realtion with vellaalan and kallan is a known fact!

    To know more about the Kai Kolar, try to read the books of Prof. K.N. Nila Kanta Sastri or Dr.Minakshi!


    Apparently raiding and seizing herds of cows and bulls from the “enemy” was part of warfare those days.

    It was called “Aairai kavarthal” or “appropriating cow herds”

    In the Mahabharatha the Pandavas and Draupathi spend their “Aggadhavasam” (living without revealing identity) in the King Viraadan’s kingdom. When Duryodanam tries to seize Viradan’s cows Arjuna is forced to fight and protect the cows thus revealing himself

  108. You are right. Indian groups talk the same way to redicule other groups or caste! In Kerala, they say Kill Paandi(Tamil) first!

  109. thalaivan irukkiraan mayangaathey
    oru thalaivan irukkiran mayangathey

    ennathaan nadakum nadakkettume
    irutinil neethi marayattume
    thannale velivarum thayangathe
    thalaivan irukkiran mayangaathey

    god is greater
    allahu akbar

  110. AIA,

    No I didnt say snatched by LTTE !. This mother is greiving as any mother would on the loss of a daughter or son.
    I said snatched away by cruelty.
    War is cruel.
    Today is not a day to ask who or why but to grieve.
    I think you got me wrong. AIA.
    I do not condemn any LTTE member or sla as they fought on their own conviction. each time i heard news on radio on no of tiger deaths I was sad becuase it meant a father or brother wouldnt be there to go homw. It was the same when I heard SLA deaths or any other death due to bombings ect.


  111. DELETED………….DBSJ


    You are neither a Patriot nor Diplomat

    You are a Sinhala supremist

    Such blatant Sinhala racists like you or Tamil racists like the one posting as Karuppan are not welcome here

  112. “Only you remain in Toronto. Keep safe and well” Is this Bandula character mental as he looks. He will never reach the journalistic and writing heights of the beloved Ajith Samaranayake = who virtually killed himself. Ajit waa a delightful writer whom Carlo Fonseka called “the Prince of Valedictories” From the angle of public funds what was spent on him (Bandula) in Toronto was a total waste. He was sent here “to win over the diaspora and put an end to the remaining backing for a Tamil political reality (as different to a separate State) in Canada. But look around, they are stronger – with one Federal MP, one Town Councillor and several in the wings to high political office. As they say in Ole Blighty “you need thoroughbreds to win the Derby – not donkeys” One more example of packing unfit relatives in high positions hardly bring any returns.


  113. Every victim of the civil war should be honored and remembered including LTTE fighters, they are all victims of this era of hate. But when one person tells the other that their grief is illegitimate that is unacceptable. There is no need to argue about the legality of the LTTE or their crimes. Everyone is aware of their crimes, just as everyone is aware of the government’s crimes. Both the LTTE and government failed to uphold basic humanity, but many fighters on both sides fought and died without committing human rights violations. Why should government soliders be painted with a broad brush as honorable while all LTTE fighters labeled terrorists? If you want to hate the all LTTE fighters for the LTTE’s human rights record, than you must also hate all government soldiers for the government’s abuses unless your a hypocrite. I’m not white washing the LTTE, but people have the right to mourn the deaths of their loved ones. This right applies to all those who perished in the war including civilians, LTTE and non-LTTE causalities, not just government soldiers and LTTE victims. Everyone victimized each other, this war wasn’t a one way street.

  114. Oh yes!

    We have ambitions too… among them the following:

    a)to make sure you live up to your name
    b)Tamil Elaam remains 100% pure, floating daydream.
    c)to destroy or obliterate any room to claim a Tamil homeland, heartland or assland within Sri Lanka.
    d)to control the birth and growth of fools like you

  115. Thank you Ranjan then why you all are resisting Fedration in the form of United states of America /India /Canada. Why cant we be united Nations of Sinhala and Tamil. Both can live equality and dignity.

  116. Keep it up sir,

    You are a true son of Mother LANKA who always speaks out against terrorism. May tripple jems bless you

  117. DBSJ

    Can I be the sole racist in this forum as I don’t belong to any of the two groups you mentioned in your response?

    Nopes cos you are a pretender………DBSJ

  118. Freevoice:

    He sold his services to Indians, Sinhala Buddhist state and the west. The question then was when would Prabaharan work for the Tamils? He never did.

    The services he provided had immensely benefitted the racist Sinhala Buddhist state.

    We already have enough myths in our memories to destroy the island many times over I suggest please stop creating more myths.

  119. DBSJ, In that case Aayars (Yadavas) are the victims of Thieves. But what Sivananthan says is the opposite of this(Cow Boys naturally ally with Kallans(thieves).

  120. Thanks Dilshanferdi for your clarification. I admire your expression that Today is only to grieve. Sorry sir, if you indeed meant to say she was snatched by fate. You know LTTE snatched several at the height of the final war. I tried to draw a distinction between the two, although all of them were terrorists by definition: ones snatched by LTTE; the others were willingly joined. The difference is the loved ones of the latter feel a bit of proud while grieving theirs’ loss, the former’s feel shock, anger and disbelief while grieving. They say time will heal but knowing several of this type, I knew the life for them will never be same as before. I am also aware of the fate of the widows of SLA.

    VP would have also thought with 300 odd fully trained carders around 24/7, he was one of the protected species. He is not with us any more-gone for good.

  121. What made Hitler to hate Jews? Wasn’t suppression started it all ?
    If things would have gone his way, we may have known him as a great artist.
    This does not mean that what he has done for the mankind is right.

  122. “It might even take close to two decades to complete the transformation. But given foreign investment (English speaking donor countries will be falling over themselves wanting to help) and hands-on support from the Tamil and Sinhala diaspora it will be possible to create a seamless society where it is not possible to distinguish between a Sinhalese and a Tamil”

    Successive governments should have done this ie. established schools in the remote sinhalese and Tamil villages instead of spending enormous amount of money since the mid 1950s to subjugate the Tamils with bombs and shells, and spending so much money to destroy their villages, lands and cultural identity etc. in short annihilating the Tamils!!!

    Even at this stage, the government is not doing anything towards reconciliation. Government is accusing every Tamil to be LTTE (their favorite phrase is the”LTTE rump”) On the other hand the Government is inviting the Diaspora Tamils to come and invest!!! Tamils visiting Sri Lanka are subjected to “White van” ride or sometimes arrested, abducted for ransom!! Tamils do not even have the freedom to grieve for their dead relatives, neighbors or loved ones!!

  123. Aravida L, You need to study the “other side of the story” to realise that the Sinhalese politicians created the LTTE!!! Read about the 1956, 1958, 1977, 1983 STATE SPONSORED well planned pogroms against the innocent unarmed Tamils in the capital Colombo and other towns and villages!!! 1983 put Sri lanka on the world map as the VIOLENT COUNTRY(government) which persecuted its minority!!! After that they started bombing and shelling, multi barrel attacks on the Tamil villages and towns away from the eyes of the world, prohibiting foreign journalists from visiting affected areas!!! 2009 Genocide surpassed all previous atrocities!!!

    Tamils have seen whole villages, killed by bombs!!! They have seen hundreds of refugees sheltering in churches and temples and schools bombed blowing them to pieces!!! They have seen children, babies, old and infoirm buried alive in their bunkers!! They have seen their charred bodies with chemical bombs!!!They have seen the burning of the library!! Bombing of the hospitals, schools nothing was spared!!!

  124. DBS-
    LTTE and pro-LTTE elements within the Diaspora think it is their “historic duty”(varalaatrukkadamai).

    It is a varalaatru karumaya that the LTTP will be forever hung around the necks of the tamils

  125. why don’t you go and fight for your maveer status. go behind the LTTE tax collectors and go and get your badge.
    when you walk on the streets -of whatever foreigh city you live in- little children will point in awe and say there go the maveerar puma

  126. wow that’s great madayan, the entire world knows the greatness of a diasspora who thinks producing suicide bombers is a a sign of greatness. did you give up your sons and daughters to the boom boom brigade?

  127. Sri Lankan governments past and present have not and will not try to create a seamless English speaking society since virtually no one in the country (nor outside) is agitating for this change. Most business decisions are made by calculating the discounted return on investment of a strategy. It’s a shame politicians think they know better.

    Enormous amounts of money was not spent on bombs and shells targeting Tamil areas from 1950-1980. Sri Lanka hardly had a conventional military at all before the 1980s. Government military spending before the 1980s was concentrated on suppressing the Sinhalese JVP (such as the rebellion in 1971 = 15000 dead). The Sri Lankan central government always was more concerned about a grassroots Sinhalese Marxist revolution than the Tamil separatist movement.

    All Sri Lankans far from Colombo feel that they are discriminated against. Sinhalese in the south rallied around Marxism, while Tamils in the north under the banner of separatism. The Tamil separatist movement lasted far longer since their cause was in the international spotlight because of affinities with the Tamil diaspora. JVP insurgents were not so lucky and 50000 were killed between 1987-89, wiping out their leadership, with hardly anyone outside the country even blinking an eyelid.

    If Diaspora Tamils come up with proposals for an islandwide constitution that transforms the whole country, then I bet moderate Sinhalese in Sri Lanka will also start to agitate for these changes. With a bit of international pressure (and support), the Rajapakse government will have to at least consider these proposals. Remember it is not only Tamils that end up in government white vans, the Sinhalese do too. If the Tamil separatist struggle succeeded, the only change will be different drivers of the white vans in the north.

  128. I guess bandula jayasekara definition of barbarians would go like this:
    non sinhala speaking people in northern Sri Lanka who called themselves tamil tigers.

  129. This query may be off the track, but I am curious to know
    the meaning of ” vaiyithuk kuthai nambinaalum vadakathiyanai nambathae” (could trust the stomach ache but not the Northerner).

  130. Sengunthars were part of Indian National Congress party rather than Dravidian parties before independence and continued to do so after independence. One instance i would say is Anna(born Sengunthar) was defeated by a congress candidate SV Natesa Mudaliar (born Sengunthar) in Kanchipuram. I had read in history that Gollans (claiming to be part of Yadav community) suffered cattle loss by Kallans of Tondaimandalam

  131. Dear fellow Sengunthar

    (Saiva) Vellalar of Tondaimandalam (not a clear proof is available but they might be having this title earlier to sengunthar) were having Mudaliar title as early as kaikkolar since Medieval Chola period. Later migrated Vellalars from Srisailam (Tuluva vellala mudali of current day) and Agamudayars (agamudi mudaliar of current day) started to use it.

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