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Rival LTTE factions in Canada clashing over ‘Great Heroes Day’ event unite due to soccer club efforts

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Both Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) factions in Canada have agreed NOT to have different”Great Heroes Day”functions on Nov 27th 2011

Clashing LTTE factions in Canada have decided to conduct one “Great Heroes day” function in Ontario Province&another in Quebec Province only

The Canadian situation is in striking contrast to Europe where rival LTTE factions are competing with each other to stage Great Heroes days

Overseas LTTE factions led by Perinbanayagam Sivaparan (Nediyavan) & Segarampillai Vinayagamoorthy (Vinayagam) have been clashing on this issue

In Canada “Vinayagam” faction opened a separate “Maaveerar Panimanai”office to organize&conduct the “Maaveerar Naal”(great Heroes day)event

“Nediyavan”faction opened a “Ninaivezhuchi Ahavam”(memorial resurgence centre) office to conduct a”Thamizhar Theseeya Ninaivezhuchi Naal”

The Nediyavan faction has”renamed” Great Heroes day” as”Tamil National resurgence Commemoration day”(Thamizhar Thesiya Ninaivezhuchi Naal”)

The Vinayagam faction wanted to stage the event as “Maaveerar Naal”(Great Heroes day)as was the custom in the past instead of changes

The “Maaveerar Panimanai” office of Vinayagam faction announced it would stage their event at the Downsview park in Toronto on November 27

The “Ninaivezhuchi Ahavam” of Nediyavan faction announced it would stage the event l at the Markham fair grounds & the Quebec event in Montreal

Both factions claimed their event was the authentic one&competed in many ways to draw the larger number of participants & spectators to them

While this intra-tiger battle raged in Canada as among LTTE factions in Europe a “unity” conference was organized by a Tamil soccer club”

“Toronto Blues” soccer club whose membership is predominantly from Vaqdamaratchy region in Jaffna wanted unity in staging the Nov 27th event

The Soccer club achieved what seemed impossible by getting both factions consent to a single event by one faction only for this year .

The Vinayagam faction has abandoned its project of staging a “Maaveerar Naal” on Nov 27th at Downsview park in deference to the unity call

The “NInaivezhuchi Ahavam” of the Nediyavan faction will stage” Great Heroes Day”as”Thamizh Thesiya Ninaivezhuchi Naal” on NOvember 27th

The event on Nov 27 at Markham Fair Grounds will have 4 separate functions conducted on the same day at 6 .30 am, 12.00 pm, 3.00 pm & 6.00pm

Dr.Sivalingam, Canada based “deputy Premier”of Transnational Govt of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has said Canadian”unity” example be followed in Europe

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. i dont know how relevant the celebrations are going to be except for the fact that it may galvanise some tiger activists.one hopes that these events are used to raise funds for people in north so that something constructive takes place.

  2. Unity and resurgence of LTTE in Canada and Europe is bad news for suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. Govt will use Diaspora LTTE as excuse to persecute poor Tamils back home

  3. LTTE in Canada will end up as the largest MAFIA in that country. The LTTE MAFIA will make Italian Mafia in USA look like Kindergarten Kids. This is because LTTE has already specialized in passport rackets, kidnapping, blackmailing, stand over tactics, murder, rape, prostitution, bombing, genocide, robbing and most of other crimes known to mankind. Well, for Canadians, all we can say is read the bible, Galatians 6:7, ” Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

  4. Is this news such impotant/ any use full? I am organizing a memorial event at Glascow with our friends in 27th Nov. So Wedo not care about these nonesense.



    Why are you organizing this “nonsense” in Glascow if you dont care about it?Is it useful?is it iportant?

  5. Canadian Tamils have set example for other Tamils fighting to conduct Great Heros event by uniting to have it on one day

    Others also must follow Canada Tamil example

  6. I am giving respect those who have fought for the Tamil cause, We may have different opinion in the approach, but we all want to have good future for Tamils in Eelam. The guys so called “maveerar” who have believed that the arms struggle only the way to find the prosperity in the ground. They have followed leadership and died for good cause. We shall find the fault on the leadership not on the warriors. Above that the enemy is not allowed them to sleep their own ground peacefully ( have demolished all the memorial places) So I am feeling that from hear the sole will kill enemy day by day (Little spiritual too) .
    What I mean “nonsense” is fighting for the event by some gangseters outside Sri Lanka with the name of tigers. I am strongly belive that there are no more Tamil Tigers in the world aftermath of “ Silencing the gun” . These fighters have hidden agenda, well back up.. you would have understand what I meant…


  7. So, terrorists are still roaming in Canada though there leader is in a special cell in hell?? Canada should stop these terrorist supporters from breaking the peace in Canada. They have done this for a long time harassing innocent Canadians and innoccent Tamil Canadians. They still extrort money, harass people. This is their only livelihood.

    Prabhakaran and others were not heroes but, cowards of the first grade. Those who celebrate cowards too are cowards. If they want to celebrate Heroes… Celebrate the lives of Lakshman Kadirgamar, Neelan Thiruchelvam, Sarojini Yogewswaran and Kethesh Loganathan. They were for real.

  8. .
    Yes, LTTE is banned in Canada same as in Srilanka.

    Like, Ranil who signed deal with LTTE, Namal who had party with LTTE, KP who bought deadly weopons to LTTE, Karuna who killed so many Sinhalese, Pillaiyan still has Tiger in his party,………so on.

    But in Canada, they just give money and wave tiger flag.


  9. You are spot on Bandula, These Do Gooders still can’t get out of separate state illusion. Why don’t these idiots spend the money on well being of people who are affected in the war? There is no more LTTE. Get on with you life and move on. Or Put up or shut up. Help other, try to live peacefully with in the country where you live. Do tarnish the image of good Sri Lankan Tamils with your antics- Mafia works. Enough is enough. No mo BS.

  10. Hi BJ, 

    Look how much abuse the Rajapaksas – Goat Rajapaksa is doing to
    Lashman Kadirgamar. Now they hijack his name for an
    Institution to fig leafing their own agenda.

    Lakshman Kadirgamar, Neelan Tirichelvam and Kethesh Loganathan are all men of principle and of high dignity with exemplary values for truth and humanism.

    Please dont equate them to the cowardly majoritarian politics that is
    fig leafed under the ‘Sri Lanka’ brand by Rajapaksa bros, who have cowardly jailed Gen. Sarath Fonseka and shielding gun carrying parliamentarian Duminda Silva…none of these hypocrisies will be ‘approved’ by the noble persons you mention in your comment. 

    The very same Rajapaksas speak of humanity and patriaotism steal the assets of political opponents and sell the land of the country for foreigners for pennies. 

  11. Indeed. As we should also remember Joseph Pararajasingham, Maheswaran, Lasantha Wickrematunge, Kumar Ponnambalam, etc. One would hope you think their killers and their masters should stop breaking the peace with impunity in Sri Lanka and also deserve a special cell in hell.

  12. We hear you are Mahindas media manager now.Watch out will you?

    You may be used as karapincha like Tiran,Mangala,General,Chief justice etc

  13. These all factions, that I lost the counts of them, are reminds me the days when a dozen or more of militant groups emerged as mush rooms. PLOTE, LTTE, TELO, EPRLF, EROS, EPDP, etc. most of robbed banks and made good money, notably the other Maheswaran gang. The rest hung around for while and faded away them. The rest left for VP to handle and he did a good job of it.

    Same thing, they make money and have a wonderful life, taking about war-crime at leisure times to make the gullible at bay. They will not do anything meaningful, nowadays they do not talk about Tamil eelam, but what they are doing is keeping the pressure on the GoSL. It seems they need a lot of money to keep the pressure. If you ask about any idea of them contributing for the well-being of less fortunate back at home, no..no that is GoSL’s responsibility- no remorse for what they had contributed.

  14. Devil reads from the scriptures!
    The real cowards were/are your leaders who have been leading this country to the brink of distruction socially politically and economically since the socalled independence. If they treated all the citizens of this Island equally and fairly, The arms struggle would not be there in the first place. Those ‘democraically elected’ thugs were using the democracy to subjugate the minority. That is why the liberation struggle started.
    The state terrorists who terrorise the innocent Tamils should be brought to justice at Hague.

    The men and women who sacrificed their lives for our independence should be remembered until the last tamil lives on this planet. We should be eternally grateful for their dedication.Our liberation struggle was just and inevitable. I do not agree with the means and ways especially the tigers carried out the struggle but with Sinhala budhist hegemony accompanied by mahavamsa mind set, the Tamils had no choice.

    Even after all these bitter experiences no lesson learned. The distruction of the Tamil Nation continues in every imaginable form. As long as the atrocities of the terror regime continues, the western countries will turn a blind towards the tamil nationalism in their countries. Now they understand the reality in that rogue state of rowdies and thugs.

    The compition to hold the event between the factions make me sick, these guys have to realise the true meaning of this event instead of commercialising it. The people who claim to be the tiger remanants should leave the scene for good because they have no role to play at the moment. At the same time, for us it is very important to be in touch with our brethren back in homeland and raise our voice for them.


  15. So, the lost merry men of terrorists group LTTE in Canada are having a terrorful time in this forum. No wonder Stewart Bell called you people Snow Tigers. However, it is time for you to wake up and move on because there is peace in Sri Lanka. No one is perfect but, Sri Lankans here wants to move on. You could use your hatred for something else. It will not take us anywhere. But, it also good to vent since many of you are in the cold and we have sunshine here in Sri Lanka 🙂

  16. Way to go Canada boys. With the SL experience you’ve gained, you guys can go longs ways…. Reminds me a story I heard recently…Obama & the Canadian PM……

    President Obama and the Canadian PM are shown a time machine which can see 50 years into the future. They both decide to test it by asking a question each.

    Obama goes first: “What will the USA be like in 50 years’ time?”

    The machine whirls and beeps and goes into action and gives him a printout, he reads it out: “The country is in good hands under the new president, José Fernandez…. crime is non-existent, there is no conflict, the economy is healthy. Vice President Jin Tao has declared Chinese language mandatory in all USA schools There are no worries.”

    The Canadian PM thinks, “It’s not bad, this time machine, I’ll have a bit of that” so he asks: “What will Canada be like in 50 years’ time?”

    The machine whirls and beeps and goes into action, and he gets a printout. But he just stares at it, “Bugger, I can’t read it. It is in some foreign language”

    “I know this language Steve ” says Obama, “It is Tamil!, These guys helped me in my election”

  17. What is this “you people”? BJ (lol), stop terrorizing the blog bud, stop spreading hatred. People have the right to exercise. If you are in SL and not so concerned about LTTE, why do you sound so worked up in your comments? Mate, let me rephrase what your war criminal president said, LTTE is no more. I am telling you the same too, LTTE is no more and there is never be another arm struggle. Get out of your inferiority complex or fearful nightmares. Tamils are paying respect to those lost ones fighting for Tamil people’s rights. You have a sunshine in Sri Lanka, so take a chill-pill and enjoy your sunny days in Sri Lanka. I don’t think Tamils are having terrorful time here, it’s you who is having a constant run because of this event. Get real, get on with your life rather than constantly watching what Tamils are doing worldwide. If you still don’t get it, go see a good psychiatrist.

  18. Hidden agenda??? that’s a joke. Wake up, wake up. Time to wake up. World has started marching in another direction. Guns were silenced for good. As a diaspora tamil, i completely reject another arm struggle or any violent methodology for solution. Enough is enough, we AS SRI LANKANS, have lost enough.
    At this point, we can only pay respect to all the lost lives. If you are organizing something, please pay respect and remember the lost one, just that. There is no more Tigers, Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans. Please do not put the local lives in danger by your non-thoughtful/rubbish comments. Sri Lanka is a beautiful nation, we can live with eachother, and can definitely work with eachother and work for eachother. I am sure one day my fellow southern brothers/sisters will understand the unjustices done to north&east Tamils by Sri Lankan racist rulers.

  19. We Tamils are always caught in the act of extremity. We either take gun and fight or totally surrender to the Sinhalese hegemony. It has become customary for us to defame all who were involved in the struggle. We belittle everyone from Chelvanayagam to Prabhakaran. We blindly say they are terrorists or traitors.

    Sad thing is some idiots say that all those who were involved in the struggle belong to low caste. I think nothing great about weavers. They were one among other citizens of Tamils. In fact they suffered the most in the industrialization process and governments very often go for Kanchi Thotti to quench the hunger of poor weavers.

    JVP which was considered as a terrorist organization once has been accepted as a political party. But EPDP is not permitted to contest in its symbol. Tamil community of SL is facing GoSL’s or Sinhalese triumphalism.

    ‘You’ (Tamils who accept Sinhalese triumphalism or hegemony) try to portray as if Nediyavan and Vinayagam represents the mindset of all those who were involved in the struggle. What is wrong in recalling Mullivaikkal tragedy every year? Let the future generation interprets the tragedy according to their discretion and plan the future.

    What is wrong with Nedumaran in writing a book about LTTE or VP? ‘You’ portray as if Nedumaran is doing that for money alone. Money is required for everything. Even GoSL begs for money from other countries. It also begs KP. According to ‘You’ whatever MR & co does is for the welfare of Tamils and whatever TNA, Tamil Diaspora, etc do is to spoil the life of Tamils in SL.

    ‘You’ hear everyboy. Don’t have any pre-conceived opinion and don’t portray everybody who talks about the Tamil issue as smugglers and terrorists. Even from ‘your’ viewpoint the real terrorists have gone. Those who are fighting in Canada and UK are businessmen. KP is shrewd and intelligent enough to do the business in SL itself. If Nediyavan and Vinayagam are given safe passage, they’ll also do the same.

    30 years of history can’t be forgot in one or two days. ‘You’ never talk about either the Sinhalese hegemony and attrocities or the spoilsport of India. When Jeyaraj wrote about Brigadier Balraj many (‘You’ and sinhalese fanatics) tried to portray Jeyaraj as a traitor or a terrorist. Bagatsingh and Vanchinathan have been accepted as heros/freedom fighters in India. What Vanchinathan did is wrong according to the judiciary. He should have represented the issue to the Madras state governor or viceroy of India or the Queen of England. According to judiciary, it is a murder. But the Govt of India has honoured him on many occasions and they have changed the name of the railway station from Maniyachchi Junction to VeeraVanchi Maniyachchi Junction(the railway statio where Vanchinathan shot Ashe, collector, Tirunelveli district). What Vanchi did is wrong but it does not mean that what Ashe did is correct.

    Rather than pretending as if nothing had happened in the past 50 years, it is better to analyze what were correct and what were wrong in that period and Tamil community can learn a lot from that.

  20. Now the banned WTM changed its name and do the same as a LTTE terrorist proxy with few differences. No LTTE flags, No word of Maveerar, No mention of Prabhakaran and many NOs of LTTE.

    The main man behind this fund collection is Nehru Guna who was hanging as LTTE and all kind of Intimidations of Tamils. But he cried like a wet dog and made a public statement that “HE HAS NO CONNECTION WITH LTTE”.

    Other man is Sinnadurai Thiruselvam who is a notorious Tamil political swindler. He never participate in any issue unless he can make money.

    These people have no contact with Sri lankan Tamils. They use just the “TIGER” to make some more dollars for their enjoyment!

    They have spread a story that they collect dollars to strenthern the hands of Canadian politicians who will deal with Mahinda Rajapakse!

  21. Mahaveerar day is to honor our men and women who died fighting for the Tamil Cause but should not serve to line the pockets of the organisers who have already printed ticket books to serve as receipts. The style is no different from most diaspora temples who also have ticket books of different denominations to suit your budget and the quality of the blessing you receive.
    Too much religion and too little empathy for the downtrodden. Also the Tamil Cinema too has helped them to ignore reality and drown in fantasy. No dark dravidian ever gets a leading role in any film but minor roles as villains, domestics, laborers are the only rolesreserved for them. It is the developed fanatasy they alternate electing DMK or ADMK. Now they want Namm Thaamillar. BUT do not welcome a party named ‘WE german’, ‘WE FRENCH’ or the like in countries wher they live. Irony is most of the diaspora were under sinhal oppression before landing in countries where they now live But now some like the Mahaveerer organisers feel superior to the others they left behind.
    One good thing the people now agitating to oversee the Mahaveerar day have helped some of their compatriots to open lucrative Jewellery, saree, takeaway ahops apart from many others like corner shops, bottle shops, mini super markets, Pangu Irrachi to mention a few.
    Dharma Kartha Ealing Maha Vairaver Kovil

  22. Dear Barath,

    I think you haven’t read fully of my response, I am also saying that no more tigers not only in Sri Lanka also in the world. Those who doing under the name is faked.

    I am also rejecting any violence methodolgy of solution, better listen we should live in the world that have different opinion and try to use someone effectiveness. So do not leave that Tamil tigers have gone problem solved. Your sothern lovable brothers and sisters should understand quickly about the Tamils pain in Sri Lanka, because time is running out. I am not saying Tamil will start the violence but some one (other countries) may be induced that. You have plenty of dogs in the country those will listen outsiders to spoil the Beautifull nation. So better spped up the process as early as possible.


  23. Yes you are absolutely right Aravanda L, In additition Mahinda and Gotabaya with their white vans and parliamentary thugs will be compeeting to up stage theirs in South east asia.

    Kalu, your thought if any are always distorted mate.

    Bandula, Do your preaching to your masters Mahinda and Gotabaya first.

    Lakshman, You are exibiting typical Fear psychosis exibited and still exibiting by the Srilankan Mahavamsa created mindset that let us to this sorry state.

  24. Tamil eelam only exists in the empty warehouses of Scarborough….its time to give up this pipe dream and help those back home rebuild their lives

    LTTE supporters should be ashamed for celebrating maveeer day….a day to celebrate their cadres…what a shame for an organization that collects millions every year couldn’t even provide a pair of shoes for the cadres on the battlefield.


  25. Well the LTTE can wave their flags, play soccer and do whatever they like in Canada (half a world away from my beloved Sri Lanka), but not in my back yard (NIMBY).

    Mainstream Canadians must be thinking “no wonder these stupid idiots could not live in their own birth country”.

  26. What a follower of Gaddfi,if anyone oppress the regime either they will wipeout or put them in Jails.Day broad light front of Police BLP was shot dead,prime suspect is in special medication in foreign country,given tight security and given escort to the Air port,

    Soon Gota visited the hospital he wasnt happy with the chief in the hospital as he followed the moral duty,so he sacked him and replaced now he got to face some charges,

    Police hands are tied,drugs prositutation are the main bussisnees with the blessings.foreign investers are backing off as losing confident with the political apporoach.

    Yes there may not bombs anymore but people are scared now,Mahinda Chintana is way ahead.corruption is normal now, there is no structures or forms Hotels will become private Hospitals soon,big corruption in hospitals,even you have to pay here and there.

    Even right now how many Tamils buissness community in the south have to pay protection money for underworld,if not they will be arrested as LTTE and seize it,there is no one to complain.

    If VP would have abondaon the Ellam project and fight for all Sri Lankans regardless of race or religion we would have been living in a clean enviornment .but for some Canada may be home like M.Sivanathan

    If everyone of us wants real peace we all can make it with our positive apporoach,and stop accusing each other now what ever it is we all are Sri lankans if we came from kerrala or came to do palmayrah cultivation are these all matter now in this modern age,

  27. Hey bandu ..
    Donot worry , that’s how they control their population .send kids to war and let them die or give then cynide to eat in front line .. and seniors get a white flag….
    Those little idiots are still trusting cynide . hik hik hik….and celibrating nov 25th hero day…….

  28. People like you and moderate Tamils in Sri Lanka must well intervene with the sinhalease to take up the position in major political parties in south like UNP SLFP and JVP. . Then one day Sri Lanka will produce a Tamil president, like what happen in America, they produced a black president. Tamils going with TNA likes, will achieve nothing.

  29. Mr. Lingam

    You mean following the foot steps of blood sucking LTTE terrorists. You could do it Canada but no wy in Sri Lanka.

  30. Wave flages,
    eat and drink,
    play football,
    remember the dead,
    sell goodies,
    fight between your selves,
    But, let my tamil brethren who are trying to restart their broken lives with so much difficulty, alone.
    Let my country alone.
    Srilanka is not for sale, Srilanka is not an extention of Canada , US, or Europe, just try to be sensible.
    Whom are you fooling? The tamil diaspora,tamils in Srilanka, Westerners, sinhalease or your selves?????
    Keep your hard earned money, enjoy your week end, but let us be FREE of YOU.

  31. If you ask anybody in Sri lanka. If thre are tigers. Every one says there is no LTTE in Sri lanka But they are everywhere else in the world

  32. We may have difference of opinion with them. But they had shed their life for some principles or causes which were dear to them. Those who shed their life were in their teens or in their twenties. That is the age of idealistic thinking.

    But their tombstones were also uprooted. If the Sinhalese could forget them then it is okay. Or if they hate them then that is also okay. But how can we afford to forget them. They may have shed their life in vain. But if we forget them now it will be like killing them again. If we should think of preventing those same thing happening again it is but we should remember them.

    We should also remember the circumstances which led them to take up to the arms and shed their life.

    Again we should not make a mockery of those who are dead. No politics should be entertained in this.

    Even a fallen enemy needs to be given a decent burial.

    Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.


  33. No issue with Tamils having a terrorful time in the West as long as they don’t try to export it to Sri Lanka. We have got the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sunshine after so many terrorful years. We will be enjoying it don’t worry. Please focus on having your terrorful day.

  34. I feel sorry for you. You dont even have the guts to use your real name and give your comments. Get a life man if you don’t have one.. come to Jaffna and you could help the innocent Sri Lankan Tamils here.

  35. Bandula,
    Your livelihood is bumsucking the corrupt murderous junta – the real official terrorists – alias Rajapakistan vultures who feed on te people.
    Now the junta is shutting down news websites.
    These guys will all end up in a “special hell” but the Junta and supporters like you will attain Nirvana.
    Did you also organise a Special Pooja on your boss’s birthday?

  36. Where is the “peace” in sri lanka?
    One politician and his gang have killed another politician and three supporters.
    Still no judicial inquiry into the Navanturai Brutality ! !
    Still kidnappings & disappearnces are occurring.
    Sri Lanka is moving on – to more atrocities and takeovers of private firms, though the megalomaniacal entities like MihinAir are swallowing the peoples’ wealth with Ten Percent going to your bosses!!

  37. Tamil thinking in a pickle………. No nothing about peace, live and let live.
    But, aware how to siphon $$$$$$$$$$$
    Way to goooooooooo……………… get the disspora indebted

  38. I went to north srilanka just last week. Killinochchi town is being rebuilt. There are banks there including the pan asia bank in killinochchi, who would have thought! The water tower that the LTTE destroyed is now a tourist attraction. The A9 is being repaired and rebuilt. There are so many buses plying the A9( from colombo/kandy to Jaffna. In Jaffna it is bustling with people shopping. All kinds of businesses have branches in Jaffna now including all kinds of banks and even food city (supermarket) and other supermarkets! All the govt buildings have been rebuilt including schools/ hospitals/post office/ telecommunication towers and there is even a new hotel. At kokavil on the A9 is srilanka’s tallest telecom tower!The Jaffna people are totally geared towards tourists from the south. Went to Nallur temple even that is being renovated. Went to nainativu islands and all the causeway roads have been rebuilt by the srilankan navy. The fishermen are busy in the lagoons with their prawn nets. On the road back, there are miles and miles of rice fields being cultivated.

    On the A32 there is a new bridge across the beautiful Jaffna lagoon and there is a new road across the beautiful lagoon. In Mannar the road to mannar island has been rebuilt and it is located across the causeway there. There is a bustling fishing port in Mannar.The road from Mannar to madewachchiya has been very well rebuilt actually developed country standards road. The menik farm IDP area is now only a few thousand people only and we could see that very good facilities were provided for those remaining people. The danish mining group along with the srilankan army is busy demining everywhere in the north. the people we met everywhere were friendly and helpful although we were sinhalese. In fact there are some sinhalese and muslim people in Jaffna doing business and sinhalese and muslims are in mannar I am sure since it is so close to anuradhapura and puttlam. There are water supply projects as well in the northern province. There are indian and EC sponsored housing schemes on the A32 and the A9 road for the originally displaced people but more needs to be done in this area.

    Beyond this there is a lot of cultivation and the produce from the north to the south is at its highest I think. At the moment almost all the tourists to the north are from the south but I think before long foreign tourists will also have enough facilities to visit the north. I saw a few foreign tourists in Jaffna town but there are chinese engineers working on the A9.

    All in all the LTTE and its symperthisers in the west are living in cloud cuckoo land and srilanka including the srilankans in the north are moving on and it seems that these LTTErs in the west including canada are living in a different planet to the srilankans who are moving on after over 30 years of conflict.

    Why dont these people visit the north and see for themselves whats going on and how increasingly sinhalese, tamils and muslims are trying to work together to better their collective future?

  39. Barath..with all due respect to you…we southern sisters (ofcourse brothers not forgotten here)have said sorry for the 83 riots which was all very political done by the UNP goons at that time…it was funny that over the years LTTE and the tamil dispora was leaning over the very political party who set fire to tamil houses…..well I think that is what politics is all about no matter ethnicity and religion…
    even now I laugh out when I see the UNPers fighting for the tamil rights……well they should be made pay for their sins …..’Racism “was never part of sri lankan history..there were tamil rulers as well..that was what sri lankan history is all about…tamils and sinhalese go together to fight the colonialism long time ago…but we imported racism as a result and lost many lives…

    but I agree with you that sri lankans can work and live with each other…not like in libiya..where all the libiyans united to fight for Mrs Hillary clintons War….(she said wow……those stupid idoits fought our war good job ha ha )and got the country bombed to the stone age….I think sri lankans are politically may be divided but they will not be able to fooled by the west pathetically as in Libiya…that is my only wish……Sri lanka is for Sri lankans….how true?…loved that statement….thank you

  40. yes indeed we really miss him….we need a man who could speak in a language that the canadians understand..no offence…but that is the truth…..

  41. Yogesh Karayalar

    …but remember Vanchinathan only killed Ash Dorai the Britisher who was perceived to be a representative of a foreign colonial power which was arbitraly exerting it’e power and influence.In my estimation I would say Vanchinathan was himself a coward for doing what he did and India did not become free because of Vanchinathan.Would you agree?

    But your Sun God killed many Tamils and Sinhalese and his mafiosi Fascist set up which had sections of the Tamil diaspora who saw a chance to better their economic interests supported him in his vile venture.He justified the killing of many Tamil political leaders and sincere activists and supporters of the Tamil cause.His rouge organisation inducted young Tamil school kids and compelled them to become gunfodder,and he parrotted empty slogans and promoted a gun culture and smuggled drugs which deserved condemnation by even those sympathised with the beleagured Tamil community,and turned upon a neighbouring India which intervened to help, by fighting it and also killing it’potential prime minister,who himself was hit by a misguided Sinhalese naval rating in the presence of the island’s President who came up with an inane excuse for the incident…..thereby displaying his stupidity.

    I can list all of Prabakaran’s defaults endlessly but what’s the point….if the Lakan Tamil community is fated to undergo the consequences of the idiocy of that stupid megalomaniac who thankfully met the end he richly deserved and if Mullivaikal is to be celebrated as an event for that purpose not only in Canada but right round the world then then it is fine.I am for it.

    But is it being celebrated for that purpose is the question?

  42. I think you are a Shingala ruffian. What you mentioned “passport rackets, kidnapping( white van Master Gota), blackmailing, stand over tactics, murder, rape(world known), prostitution, bombing, genocide, robbing and most of other crimes known to mankind” all these are born habits of Shingalese.

  43. Sri Lanka is a beautiful nation. But there are lot of thugs and war criminals hiding in the name of parliamentarians, president, ministers, secretaries and army commanders. How can you tell that Sri Lanka is a beautiful nation with all these criminals. These criminals should not be punished sir?

  44. Hi Mr. Bandulla,
    What kind of peace (piece) we have in SriLanka?
    you better go to some Canadian universities to learn what is the meaning of peace! or better buy a good Oxford Dictioanry!

  45. You are an idiot from India and know nothing about SL but depends on LTTE propaganda.

    You guys in TN are non-losers and profiteers from this TAMIL crime in Sri lanka.

    You try to degrade the Indian Freedom struggle with the Tamil Criminal Smugglers of Jaffna.

    Have you any plan to help the remaining Tamils in SL? Or bringing more trouble to do diesel smuggling by Gopalasamy?

    No one heard any KALLAN or cowboy involved in Indian Freedom struggle. But weavers of TN had Thillaiyadi Valliyamma, Thiruppoor Kumaran and many others. In this case every Sengunthan or Kaikolar or weaver is proud. Thillaiyaadi Valliyammai was the FIRST person died in Gandhis’s struggle in South Africa. That is why weaver’s thread making apparatus became the emblem in the flag of Indian national Congress! DMK also built a STATE building in Chennai in the memory of Thillaiyadi Valliyammai!

    Further you foolishly cry that EPDP is not allowed to contest with its symbol. Mahinda RajaPakshe too not contesting under his party symbol.

    UPFA has a common symbol. The constituting parties have different symbols.

  46. Shame……..where Tamils has to unite.. these “Money and Power ” hungry thugs making things hard for people living in Sri Lanka.

  47. Can you please write down the definition of peace in Oxford Dictioanry?

    Is it related to suicide bombing, child conscription?

  48. “the people we met everywhere were friendly and helpful although we were sinhalese. In fact there are some sinhalese and muslim people in Jaffna doing business and sinhalese and muslims are in mannar I am sure since it is so close to anuradhapura and puttlam.”

    Oh No, the Sinhalese and Muslims are moving freely and spoiling the Pure Tamil Bantustan.. Genocide, Genocide…

  49. Na na na. Spokesman. Only your Prabha wore boots. Jack boot. But, not a killer like Prabhakaran. Not, a supporter of terrorism.

  50. Ohhh So, your killer Prabakaran is a saint. How much money did you send him? You dont have the guts to give your full name like all LTTE terrorists

  51. Huh and take over a university like York and teach those students terrorism and then go on to block an express way with innocent children like how your late killer boss recruited child soldiers. Ohh Canada what have you learnt from these terrorist backers

  52. This has been the case from the day the liberation struggle started. You can never correct Tamil men. “Thamilan thirunthawe maattan”

  53. This has been the case from the day the liberation struggle started. You can never correct Tamil men. “Thamilan thirunthawe maattan”

  54. Listen Mr jeyraj, the only way that the tamil people in srilanka (including in the north) is going to prosper and indeed as a result, srilanka is going to prosper is for the sinhalese, tamils and muslims to work together and living together in harmony. This is increasingly happening now thankfully and this process should be strengthened. The tamils such as yourself who are in the west on the one hand has a great responsibility to promote brotherhood between the sinhalese, tamils and muslims and if you cannot then you should leave srilankans alone to develop their country and leave them alone.

    People who are living in western countries have no buiness to create disharmony and disrupt the peaceful lives of tamils or indeed sinhalese and muslims living in srilanka and even from a religious point of view, promoting brotherhood (extremely important) and promoting living and working together is the right thing to do and coutinuously whipping up hatred towards the sinhalese and muslims amongst the tamils is a very,very, very wrong and evil thing to do i think. At least think about the next generation since this generation has suffered enough whether sinhalese, tamils or muslims and i dont think the next generation wants that.

    Ehemai Wandura……….DBSJ

  55. Listen Mr jeyraj, the only way that the tamil people in srilanka (including in the north) is going to prosper and indeed as a result, srilanka is going to prosper is for the sinhalese, tamils and muslims to work together and living together in harmony. This is increasingly happening now thankfully and this process should be strengthened. The tamils such as yourself who are in the west on the one hand has a great responsibility to promote brotherhood between the sinhalese, tamils and muslims and if you cannot then you should leave srilankans alone to develop their country and leave them alone!

    People who are living in western countries have no buiness to create disharmony and disrupt the peaceful lives of tamils or indeed sinhalese and muslims living in srilanka and even from a religious point of view, promoting brotherhood (extremely important) and promoting living and working together is the right thing to do and coutinuously whipping up hatred towards the sinhalese and muslims amongst the tamils is a very,very, very wrong and evil thing to do i think. At least think about the next generation since this generation has suffered enough whether sinhalese, tamils or muslims and i dont think the next generation wants that.


    Of course.How can I disagree?

    Your pseudonym reminds me of something we used to chant while playing When I was a kid –

    Oh I went to Kandy
    To buy a bottle of brandy
    I saw a Monkey
    sitting on a kambi
    without a jungee
    Just like you

  56. From your name I can see that you are from the Eelam Mafia which killed so many innocent people. But, please don’t drag the name Tamil. Tamils have nothing to do with this. They are cultured people and not killers. It is you people who disgraced the Tamils.

  57. “You mean following the foot steps of blood sucking LTTE terrorists. You could do it Canada but no wy in Sri Lanka.”

    Why? Do you mean to say, blood-sucking has been taken over in Sri Lanka by the Rajapakse Family and their cronies now??


  59. Mr. Monkey!
    There is a Tamil saying ” Kakaikum than kunchu Ponkunchu”, means even for a crow it’s child is prestigious! That is how your observation in Northern peninsula looks like! My brother is a teacher at Kilinochchi Central College and my friend is the principal of that school, if you have a chance you better learn the ground view from them!

  60. Hey Mr. Bandulla!
    I am wondering whether you read or pay attention to Canadian main media streams! Oh I see you still learning English and those medias never spoken Sinhalese! Mr. Bandulla wake up man! G20 protest which is worse than blocking the express way , bring a lots of people attention regarding social justice! We didn’t kill any one by blocking the express way! It’s the right of freedom of protest in this beautiful country! We thank the RCMP for their patient! Not like your rowdy police officers they treat us well and respect our request! Mr. Bandulla the after math of that incident was Ontario premier call upon the protesters and the next day Candain parliament have a debate on Lankan issue! Don’t forget out prime minister said that he never shown up for upcoming common wealth summit unless your boss show a progress to resolve the issues in SriLanka in a satisfactory manner! You better tell your boss to earn respect from our Honarrary Prime Minister Stephen Harper! Otherwise it will bring a big shame not only for your boss but also for entire Lanka identity! We Tamils want a Quebec based resolution ! As we believe that Canada eager to welcome that , you better please Mr. Mahinda to earn a good name instead of a war criminal! As we respect Sinahelse as most of my professors are Sinahalese I respect them well , well they respect the Tamils !

  61. Nice language. I am sure you studied at late Prabhas tutory. Don’t spread hatred. That is the biggest problem you have. Until you respect Sri Lanka and its people you will never come to terms with the reality. I have no problems with Tamils. We all are Sri Lankans. The problem is that you are confused.

  62. Sir, It is you who have lost touch with reality not me! Are you even living in srilanka if not as I said earlier don’t spread hatred towards the sinhalese and muslims amongst the northern tamils since you are doing a great disservice to them. It is childish and ultimately pointless. I dont think the northern tamil people will fall for these stupid tricks again anyway.

  63. Dollar collection among diaspora Tamils is not for the welfare of the Tamil people in Sri lanka! That is for the purpose of their mortgage payments.

  64. All hail the undead sun god, if still dead the new thesiya thalaivar sebastian semen will erupt in Canada in 4.4.12 All hail semen.

  65. santosh:

    you are talking about what the accussed war criminals going to do based on this celebrations. Do you care about war criminals ? If you so, you are part of war criminal. If not, you should avoid fear mongering which is a barrier for freedom of speech.

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