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Nedumaran writes new 1000 page biography of LTTE leader Prabhakaran

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Pazhaniyappan Nedumaran

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

A 1000 page book on the life of Veluppillai Prabhakaran,leader of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is to be released in January 2012

The book “Prabhakaran: Thamizhar Ezhuchiyin Vadivam” (Prabhakaran; Personification of Tamil resurgence) is written by Pazhaniyappan Nedumaran.

Nedumaran a well-known TamilNadu politician & leader of the “Thamizhar Thesiya Iyakkam” (Tamil National Movement) is supportive of the LTTE

Nedumaran allowed LTTE to stay&train in his farm in Madurai in the late 70’s &early 80’s during the early days of the Tamil militancy

Nedumaran closely interacted with the LTTE leader during the time when the LTTE leader stayed in Tamil Nadu & established close rapport

Nedumaran also visited Sri Lanka 4 times both openly & clandestinely & interacted with Prabhakaran & other senior LTTE leaders in the North & East

Nedumaran has written books on the LTTE & Prabhakaran but this one will be his “Magnum opus” recollecting his 30 years relationship with both

A sgnificant feature of the book will be the inclusion of of hitherto unpublished correspondence between Nedumaran & Prabhakaran in the past

Nedumaran will also reveal several facts &intersting anecdotes about Prabhakaran & other LTTE leaders unavailable in the public domain so far

The book will also include a vast array of photographs in colour & black & white that have not been publicly available in the past

The 1000 page book is priced 800 Indian rupees or 20 US dollars & will be released in a book launch scheduled for “Thaipongal day” in 2012

As Nedumaran is one who says Prabhakaran is alive there is wide speculation whether the new book will acknowledge the LTTE chief’s death.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. Waiting to read this book . More curious about Nedumaran’s version of Prabhakaran’s final moments and also his theories with regard to why he still considers Prabhakaran to be alive .By the way Anita Pratap wanted to write the Biography of Prabhakaran and was in regular touch with him but she herself said that Prabhakaran was not open to reveal himself completely and was always postponing this book project saying that he is right now fighting a war and has no time to sit and talk about his life . Anita Pratap said that after Prabhakaran’s death there is no point writing about his life as only Prabhakaran can best explain why he did what he believed in doing and others version can only be just as assumption of why he did and it wont reflect the correct picture .Anyway since Nedumaran is considered to be the closest to Prabhakaran we can expect many interesting information about Prabharana that were not available in the public domain so far .


    As if Prabhakaran would have told the “truth”about how and why he did or did not do certain things to Anita Pratap. He would only rationalised his actions from his perspective and told her about his version of things.
    When you read the Anita Pratap interviews with Prabhakaran that have been published this becomes so obvious.

    As for Nedumaran I think his biography will turn out to be a hagiography

  2. Nedumaran Aiya is without money these days as the LTTE diaspora doesnt sent any money to him these days.Only Seeman is getting most money now with a little going to Vaiko

    So Nedumaran aiya try to write ook and get some oney and also make overseas tigers happy with him again

  3. We, the Sri Lankan Tamils, especially who are from the Jaffna area, do not need a foreigner tell the story of a man whom we have come to know through many reliable sources. Mr. Nedumaran, by endeavoring to write a story about Prabhaharan is just trying to earn some name and money from among the diaspora die-hard LTTE. I am sure he will try to create some sort of a mythical figure out of Prabaharan in order to boost the ‘nationalistic feeling’ of the Tamils the world over as well as the personal benefits associated with it.

  4. Will it be available in SL ??


    If Gota allows it. Now that Duminda is out of the scene maybe Mervyn or Namal can persuade Gota to allow them to import the book through proxies & make a few bucks as commission.Later the terrorism investigation dept can “swoop” and arrest the Tamil booksellers selling and Tamil readers who bought them as suspected terrorists.

    Thereafter the “honest brokers” will come into the picture and get some released by getting family &friends to pay hefty bribes

    Its a win win situation for Nedumaran who gets his money at one end and the SL state agencies & powerful politicians at this end.

    As usual the Tamil booksellers&readers will suffer

  5. It is a welcome news at-last. How-ever way the so-called (half baked) educated Tamil class, want paint VP black, VP IS A GOLD. The more he is abused the more he will shine. People like Nedumaran will see to it. My regret is, there are quiet a number of Tamils, who tried to spread stories like, Prabaharan was a coward, he never stood in the front-line and lead a war and so on and so on. This is where I hate my tribe and ashamed of calling my-self a Tamil. In-fact I was a vocal critique of the LTTE, even in their own territory between the periods 1987 and 2009. But, it is among my people only. But any where else I proudly stood by them. To any stranger I justified their cause and actions, though my self disapproved the way they prosecuted the war. To those Tamils who is trying to discredit VP’s and the LTTE’s bravery, I will say only this. Though Gemunu was a Sinhalese, he built a monument to Ellalan after Ellalan died in the battle with him, in respect of Ellalan’s bravery. I would say, Gemunu must have been also a real brave man, because only a brave person, can have the heart to accept and acknowledge the enemy’s bravery.


    As I said before Nedumaran wont be writing a biography but a hagiography.I am sure you would love it. Get Nedumarans autograph on it. It will be a collectors item

    Another funny thing this is the first time I hear from you that you were a vocal critic of the LTTE from 1987 – 2009 among your people. I have never heard even a pipsqueak out of you and have always known what a sycophantic minion of LTTE you were justifying all their human rights violations and attacking all those criticising the LTTE as traitors.

    You and many others commenting on this blog and on my website transcurrents remind me of the German people after the fall of Hitler. Almost everyone claimed to have been anti-Nazi, anti- Hitler and lovers of Jews.

    Likewise many Tamils who were LTTE disciples and propagandists now claim they never supported the tigers in the past and use to criticise them. They have now transformed into ardent human rights champions. Hypocrites.

    Dont compare Ellalan with Thamby. Dutugemunu honoured Ellalan because he was a just ruler and also because the old Ellalan consented to single combat with the young Gemunu despite having military superiority

    Finally unlike you I am very proud of being a Tamil. My pride is based on the notion so well articulated by Namakkal Ramaligampillai one time poet laureate of Tamil Nadu

    “Thamizhan Endror Inam Undu -Thaniye
    Avarkkor Gunam Undu
    Amutham avanathu Mozhiyaagum
    Anbe avanathu Vazhiyaagum”

    (There is a race called Tamil. They have unique characteristics. Their language is Ambrosia.Love is the path they follow)

  6. spend your time and money helping the tamils, gain back dignity, education and basic needs. We have ample time latter to reflect on the past and how you were involved in a struggle that got us nowhere. Just another politician that is using this for personal satisfaction and political gains. The LTTE by no means represented all Tamils at all times. In the beginning, perhaps we had no choice and their direction was right. they never changed with time. No ‘Tamil Eelam’ citizen had a say in anything they did – Lets stop kidding ourselves. And they got us nowhere. We need practical solutions that will give our people what we need. Dignity. Equal rights, and a say in matters where we live. If we spent all the money spent on weapons, in peaceful means, in my opinion, we would have more than we have now. The last 8 years, was a waste of our sons and daughters lives and future. Nedumaran, wake up. If you want to help us, do things that will give us results.

    We all know how great of a warrior most of the youths that took up arms were. We have no time to gloat on that right now!

  7. For how much longer will Nedumaran take Eelam Tamils for a ride with stunts like this? for how much longer are Eelam Tamils going to be taken up the garden path by tricksters like Nedumaran?

  8. People of Maldives cut off face of ‘Sri Lanka Lion’

    People in the Addu Atoll of Maldives on Friday early hours cut off the face of the Lion statue installed by Sri Lanka last week in the Maradhoo island of the Addu Atoll, to mark Sri Lanka’s participation in the 17th SAARC Summit held in Addu between 10-11 November. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s monument in the Hithadhoo island of Addu Atoll was also set on fire on last Monday. The Islamic Ministry of Maldives on Thursday ordered the relevant government authorities to remove the irreligious SAARC monuments, which it said, breach the nation’s law and religion, reported Maldivian media Haveeru on Friday. In the 1990s SL President Premadasa built a clock tower in Male, with a dome resembling a Buddhist stupa. It was modified later due to public protest.

    SL statue in Maradhoo island was doused in crude oil Tuesday night and the head was destroyed Thursday night [courtesy: haveeru.com]

    “A group of people have destroyed the Sri Lankan monument erected in Maradhoo for the SAARC Summit that wrapped up in Addu last week,” Haveeru said.

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  10. Old timers know what a humbug Anita Pratap is.Her first interview with VP for”Sunday” was not taken directly though she portrayed it as such. She submitted a questionnaire which was answered and given her. The answers were written by M. Nithiyanandan now in London bur Anita pretended she got them from the horse’s mouth

    The LTTE realised Pratap’s pretensions and her links to “agencies” belatedly. That’s why they cit off her access to the VP and she had to abort her project

  11. sadly…………….. the truth.

    Anyway, I hope this book will be something useful.

    Whatever the differences what VP did and achieved is extraordinary.

  12. Once a pauper Nedumarana is a millionaire now with the money from LTTE. His siblings and elatives run super markets in Australia with LTTE money which was looted from SL Tamils.

    Tamils in Sri lanka ak Rajapakse for help that include former LTTE cadres also!

    LTTE made many outsiders wealthy.

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  14. DBSJ,

    Thanks for this reply and defining what being a Tamil means. I am glad you reminded me of this verse.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    You are Most welcome……….DBSJ

  15. I have great respect for Nedumaran. But no one can come close to Nediyawan. V Jochim must be joking to say that KP will give leadership to Tamil Eelam. Even if he escapes he will think about amassing his own personal wealth and women. again, Nediyawan is the only hope for Eelam. Rudrakumar? He is a day dreamer

  16. Why is it so hard for you people to accept the simple fact of history. When many others failed, Prabaharan, in which-ever way, was very successful in building up a very effective organization. That one fact alone proves he is a genius. He believed in the “actions speak louder than words” theory, unlike the majority “Vaaichollu veerar” exist among us Tamils. To the question of how much the the book is going to be credible, if we look the comments here, most writers here have already judged the book according to their perception of Prabaharan and Nedumaran. This judgements also their opinions only and not facts. If someone learnt a bit of the subject Sociology, they will know , most part of any article appear here in this blog or ‘transcurrents.com’ also writes opinion only. The real facts a very little. Isn’t it? Actually, an average intelligent person, should look at VP’s real actions, not even his words. If looking like that, HE IS A REAL GENIUS.

  17. Now people such as Nedumaran are trying hard to catch the last chance to earn few bucks as the gravy train has dried up. If he says the guy is alive why not get a video of him hold the new book as publicity? LOL

    As DBSJ stated so many Tamils supported LTTE when in power. But they have all of suddenly become human rights champions. After all a a victory has many fathers and a defeat is an orphan.

  18. we see ltte terrorist out-fit work against tamil people asprisation.
    and how prbarakan planning to kill many innocent sinhalese people in sri lanka

  19. Let Nedumaran write Biography of LTTE or VP. Nothing wrong in writing about LTTE. In fact recent history of SL (especially Eazham) can be written under three sections namely pre-LTTE era, LTTE era and post-LTTE era. Such a writing can emphasize what ignited LTTE and other movements, what were the right and wrong things done during LTTE era and what is to be done in the future. However Nedumaran’s work will be full of jingoism. Nedumaran may reveal some intersting events during the LTTE era. But we can’t believe that all of them are true. Any way, I am eagerly waiting for the book.

    I hope Nedumaran would have read Veerakathi Dhanapalasingam’s recent interview in Kumudham’s Theeranadhi (a literary weekly magazine). Dhanapalasingam (I think he is the chief editor of Thinakkural) expresses his views about Tamil Nadu regarding SL issue. He says that politicians of Tamil Nadu (Vaikko, Nedumaran and Seeman) do not understand the SL problem in the context of new millennium rather they are still in the mindset of 1950s and 1960s. He says intelligentsia of TN understands the SL issue in a better way than TN politicians.

  20. I think the first thing our Tamil Community need to learn is to respect everyone’s opinion. Until we do that we cannot progress. Because we go down the devisive path because of varying opinions. This has been the downfall of our community for years. Sinhala political leaders learnt about this and they have been very successful in using against us and hence we fail!!! to achive Freedom for our community!!!

    Please allow anyone and everyone to express their opinion – be mature and comment intelligently. But focused on the mail goals for the Freedom and Just Living for our Community!!!

  21. Main motive for nedumaran writing this book is to give the sales proceeds to the suffering people of the wanni.At last his conscience is bothering him.It goes to show there is good and bad in all of us.


    To the Suffering people of Wanni?Oh really?Kezhvaragil Nei vadiyuthu…

  22. don’t be too hard on afool,DBSJ.maybe he is like the chinese,and never speaks his true feelings.If you had looked closely at his face during that period you might have been able to discern the disgust he had towards the LTTE.

    Paarthaal Pasi Theerum……….DBSJ

  23. Just forget about making VP a genius. If he had just common sense, he could have easily avoid death and escape either by land or sea. He waited until its too late. Had he escape, the LTTE could have continue on death and destruction for some more time.

  24. Will this biography have details of how VP surrendered, begged for mercy, fell on the ground and worshipped soldiers and asked forgiveness?

    Will it also relate how VP was chopped on the forehead, stripped naked, rolled in the mud and then paraded in underwear?

  25. Who is this joker Nedumaran. Why can`t he look after the starving millions of people in Tamil naddu. Prabhakarans father is a recent migrant to Sri Lanka from kerala. He has come looking for a Nattami`s job. Parents of most nothern tamils who ask for a separate state have come either as kallathonis or labourers because they were dying of starvation in india.They must be actually grateful to the Sinhalese for allowing them to settle down. Instead two generations later the ungrateful tamils try to grab their country and explode bombs and demand a separate state. Tamils are a race who are never happy. They are a problem where ever they go. Malaysia,Singapore,south africa. They want more more and more. why cant they eat some Dosai and masala waday and stay in Tamil Nadu where they rightfully belong to . Ady enna da. Jeyelelitha,Nedumaran, vaiko Hoo Hoo Hoo who are these uneducated jokers. They must think of making some public toilets for Tamils who relieve themselves on Beaches. EElam Joke of the century only in tamil nadu my dear

  26. There are lot of good things in Tamil language and there are good Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, but when they started this terrorism it ruined it all.

  27. VP was a genius. He stood and fought for what he believed in, against all odds. What finally defeated him was not was the 50% mental capacity of the Sinhalese, but 21st century Western technology.

  28. No LTTE elements from Tamil Nadu help any Tamil people in Vanni. Now KP is the only person help the Vanni people because of his LTTE past hurt him.

    But this fool Nedumaaran try the last chance to make little more money for himself!

  29. Hello Mr True Tamil, are you living in Sri Lanka or abroad? If you are living in the Island your comment can be acceptable, if not please stop taking us for a ride.

  30. This impending “Hagiography” has aroused a lot of interest.

    It will be a definite Dollar spinner among the Diaspora and the Colombo Elite.

    However It has to come in an English version,as the Tamil reading skills among this customer base will be a bit rusty and it will be a struggle to read 1000 pages.

    In contrast, At 8 bucks a pop, it will be out of reach for the most who can read Tamil especially in Srilanka.

    Therefore it is not going to have any undesirable or desirable effects as far as the Srilankan inhabitants are concerned.

    In India of course it wil be a different story.

    This Hagiography can be a rallying point for the vast Tamil population in India who have been emotionally stirred up by the same Nedumaran,Vaiko Seeman troika in recent times.

    It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Indian authorities to its publication.

  31. Neither sinhalese nor srilankan goverment destroyed muslims mosques in Srilanka, Muslims and sinhalese lived hundreds of years in history in peace and harmony, side by side like one family, though their respective culture and belief are far different to one another,In history Dalada Maligawa (tooth temple)gifted land to built mosque in Kandy and suburb area,during LTTE peak time in Jafana there were clear ethnic cleansing and muslims lost their homes over the night and lost their hard earnings, meanwhile LTTE massacare hundreds of innocent muslims in eastern region and destroyed many mosques in North and east, so people know from the time of Ponnambalam Ramanadhan how these extreme Tamil feeling towards muslims in Srilanka, One must remember that Muslims in Srilanka never demand independent land in our own pearl island, “JAYAVEWA”

  32. I think he should write how man slaughter Prabakaran kill thousand of innocent people in inhumany way during the war time in Sri Lanka. Praba is excatly equall to Hitler in Second World War. Neduruman is also supporting ethnic clinsing like Praba did for opponents and innocent Sinhalese people. racist traitor.

  33. Any one can write or say anything about Prabakaren. The truth is “Prabakeran is a dead cat,Because of this cat lot’s of people dead.No matter how you put it Prabakeran was a fat greedy rat trying to pretend like a cat.

  34. The true characteristics of Prabaharan is some where between Nedumaran’s
    view and that of that of the Anti Prabaharan view.

    He did make costly mistakes. But he did also stood up to the violent oppression
    by Sri Lankan government for 30 years, in doing ended up violating his own people

    Its tamils every where chose to support or follow the path of violence as means to win the
    rights. That’s where we lost. Not at Mullivaikal in 2009.

  35. DBSJ I am one of those who supported the LTTE blindly and got angry with voices of disent who dared to question the LTTE now when I see the plight of my people I am ashamed and angry with myself
    I have asked the pardon from the sinhalese readers the action of the LTTE which caused so many deaths on the sinhalese civilians but at the same time there were no reciprocal pardon from the sinhalese for the action of the Army on my people ( except for few)
    I came home from my studies because I loved my country and in 83 when I lost evrything yet (I allways tell non Sri Lankans that I was saved by Sinhalese ) I decided that we Tamils cannot live with the Sinhalese and when the LTTE started attacking the armed forces I felt finally we have force to defend us because I experinced the 56,58 77 and 83 riots first hand
    Now we as a nation we dont have nothing but we are getting the support from the west as the victims but if we continue to hold the Tiger flag we will not get anything. Asking the TNA to divulge what they spoke with the state department is stupid would the same people ask the same question when LTTE held talks ?

    waiting for a better tommorrow for my people


  36. Exactly as you have demonstrated by this comment, what really defeated the Tiger movement was their arrogant belief that they were mentally superior to the Sinhalese, and to everybody else, for that matter. And no, VP didn’t fight for what he believed in. He forced 10 year old kids to fight instead.

  37. We have been writing comments on various subjects thinking that we have the right to do so. But, DBSj only allowed us to do so in his web.
    Nedumaran, a citizen of India, could write a book on Velupillai Prabhkaran and LTTE as long as the Indian laws allow him to do so.
    On the other hand, hundreds of people have written about Veluppillai Prabhaharan and the LTTE. So, why can not Nedumaran write a book on Prabakaran and the LTTE? He has the right. Like others have done, Nedumaran also could write so many things about Prabakaran and the LTTE.
    But the question is how the readers are going to judge the writings of Nedumaran?
    There are hundreds of people who have ‘met’Prabhakaran. But there were only a few dozens of people who took photograph with him. But,there were only a very few who worked closely with Prabhakaran. There were only a very few who had discussed freely on various matters with Prabhakaran. Some say that Prabakaran used to speak with some selected people in person and in such occasions he never allowed any others in the vicinity.
    But, we do not know such people. On the other, even if they are alive now in Sri Lanka, they will not open their mouths or write something about Prabakaran and the LTTE.
    Except Pottu, Baby Subramaniam and a very few others, all the others worked closely with Prabakaran at different periods only.
    Nedumaran falls into one of these categories. But, we do not know exactly into what specific category he falls.
    So Nedumaran can write something and those who want to buy his book can buy it, read and make comments or express their opinions.
    Majority of the people who have written about Prabakaran and the LTTE made money out of their writing. So Nedumaran also can do the same. Others have no right to prevent him from doing so. Because, nobody has the sole right over Prabakaran or the LTTE.
    Nedumaran could use the money made out of his book on whatever he wants. Nobody has the right to question it.
    Anyway we can kill our time by having a jaw-jaw fight on Nedumaran’s book now itself.

  38. That was the war pre/post-May 2009 mostly about. Police, Army, Navy and politicians in the South made billions from people held on “suspicion” under the PTA. Some merely for being in possession of books, periodicals where the letters LTTE figured in. The weeks/months after May 2009
    was the boom-time for these blood-suckers. It is well known families held in the “Concentration Camps”
    were helped to escape from camp to the Colombo airport via Palaly airport at a high fee. There were different types of “Tariffs” – separate for individuals and families. Those with some tangible evidence of some remote connection with the LTTE (like a distant relative being in the movement) had to pay the largest amounts. There was a tariff to be merely released from the Camp.
    Then there were different rates to be taken in State vehicles – past the many checkpoints – to the village of those escaping. There were Tamil “Agents” – men and women; some lawyers while others not – in the Camp area who too cashed in. They acted as go-between those held and the Camp authorities in the Army/Police.

    In Colombo and other parts of the South “Tamil suspects” were taken in large numbers on the flimsiest of grounds. I know of two cases where large amounts were paid to the
    Police (both Inspector and higher levels) One involved a multi-millionaire holding an Australian passport. He owned several properties in residential Colombo worth billions. Interested parties mounted a campaign against him in a Sunday English paper linking him with a sensational killing. The Sunday paper carried it in 3 consecutive weeks. My friend contacted me and asked me to help. I checked with my sources and found the next Sunday’s papers will continue a further feature article. We asked our friend to go and live elsewhere – that he did – for 2 months. One day in a routine search operation in the Ratmalana area he was found living with some Australian (White) friends and was asked to explain why he lived with them. With the Police/Army unable to find a scapegoat in the sensation killing “manufactured” a story linking the 620-yr old man and he was taken in. Even prime-time TV featured the story with his ppictures. He was held by the TID – when I visited him. This pleasant man was going about as if it was his home. The policemen there told me he is yet another innocent man and held so that some big money will be made out of him. They talked to me as if this was the daily norm. He hired an average lawyer (PC) who demanded Rs.600,000 immediately. My friend – connected via family to top lawyers in the country – asked him if he can get him out in the first date and was told that can be done (the case was weak) The PC failed in the first date. On the 2nd date he asked for the same sum and my friend firmly asked him if he will succeed this time – and was told Yes. He failed again and my friend gave him the verbal lambasting this lawyer would have ever got and told him his services will not be required. We told him to hire a very successful lawyer – whose fee was astronomical – on the next appearance. This PC, also known to me, told me in Courts my friend will be out that day. But the 2 Police SPs who were there created a problem when the case was heard and the matter was put up for the afternoon while the PC was in another Court leaving the matter to yet another able assistaqnt. My friend told me the two Policemen were trying to get some big money out of him. I spoke to the PC.He arrived in the noon and had my friend released. His family sent him to a hospital from Courts. Later I heard there were moves to take him again. He quietly slipped out of the country and now waits for the day he can sue the Govt both for illegal arrest and defamation.

    The other was in respect of an old couple who had arrived from Jaffna to be with a relative – who had come from the UK and suddenly fell ill. She was in a leading Hospital and the old couple were living with some relatives at Colpetty. Suddenly the Police arrived – “tipped” off by a 3-wheel driver of the area whom they had used to go to the Hospital. They were kept in the Police station for 2 days and released after – only after a substantial “deal”

    Even today Tamils of all social levels live in fear of arbitrary arrests made for the purpose of making money out of them. Not because they are a threat to the State.

    When I asked a senior TNA leader what they are doing about such instances and the large number of Tamils held in cells and outside in many Colombo Police Stations he replied helplessly “How many Police Stations can we to go, men. There are hundreds held. The most effective thing we can do is to keep the diplomatic community informed since the Police deny all our charges of these illegal arrests” I can’t blame him entirely. These incidents also go out to divide the two major communities and the concerned Tamils will always carry very bitter memories. Many people we know have borrowed from others to meet these hostage charges and are still struggling to pay.
    To illustrate this is not a Sinhala-Tamil thing enitrely I might add my friend Dr. Vickramabau Karunaratne joined me in having 2 Tamil families released on 2 different occasions. I learnt from him he has similarly helped many Tamils from these hostage situations.


  39. yes there were but your Great Ponna ambalam Ramanadan defend along with very few Sinhala extreme leaders who provoke Sinhales to get in to riot,,,

  40. Interesting,

    A$ 6000 and another higher( astronomical !!) amount adds up to a lot of money for no result.

    How can an Australian Citizen be allowed this sort of rip off? specially if he is an innocent person, when the Australian Govt prodides legal assistance through their High Commissions or Ambassies even to drug smugglers?.

    And on the last occassion, when a youngster was arrested with Dope in his pocket,the PM of Australia intervened directly,according to Media reports and even spoke to the suspect personnaly.

    Do the Australian foreign affairs have two sets of rules when it comes to helping their citizens involved in litigation overseas over criminal issues?.

  41. Kalu Albert should stick to areas and subjects that his limited intellect and knowledge can hold. He was caught with his sarong down far too often in these pages when he ventured beyond his capacity – to be taken
    too seriously. If it satisfies him there was an Australian HC official on every day of the hearing. He might be interested to learn that DBSJ knows every bit of this particular case.


  42. Prabhakaran was the greatest of tamil ever lived. Had the Tsunami didn’t come & Karuna didn’t break, Tamil Ealam was possible because Prabha had achieved always what he wanted.

  43. I like it how these singhalese pose as Tamils and post their comments trying to create division between us Tamilans. Its laughable ! They evidently don’t know what it means to be a Tamilan!! VP is the greatest!!!! Ever!

  44. Hello Ponnusamy,
    You are exactly talking like Sinhalese!
    Haven’t you studied the history of Sri Lanka? Don’t you know we Tamils lived there even before their legendry hero Vijaja came from North India to Sri Lanka? Are you trying to say that this land, which was separated only by a narrow, shallow sea from Tamil Nadu, was not seen and occupied by the South Indian Tamils long time before that hero landed? Why are you trying to call the Indian Tamils kallathonis who were brought by the British to work in tea estates in the central part of Sri Lanka? Although they are all Sri Lankan Tamils now, they were not allowed to settle down in other parts of the country.
    In case of our Tamils history, we have been chased from our original land by the invaders all the time right from our indus valley civilisation era!
    The story continues with some traitors help.

  45. Its thoughtful of Nedumaran to write a book about Prabakaran and the LTTE. But, whats on the minds of the diaspora is war crimes investigation and the creation of Tamil Eelam. It would be good if he can release something for the people of Tamil nadu to work on with their government. Policies and bureaucratic work to help the diaspora in the creation of Tamil Eelam.

  46. Dileepan,you have to contact VP through nedumaran,vaiko or shreedaran to get the book.I’am afraid there is no other way,because only these three know where he is.

  47. sir ,i be proud of you .you is eleder brother of my national leader mr .prabhakaran .i feel happy that i am so leaving in same period in tamil nation .sir we will fight for our tamil nation on my leaders world untill we die .

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