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Two venues booked for ‘Great Heroes Day’ event in London cancelled at short notice

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)faction led by Segarampillai Vinayagamoorthy alias Vinayagam has suffered a major setback in Britain

LTTE Vinayagam faction is in a quandary because it is unable to conduct the”Maaveerar Naal”(great heroes day)on November 27th as planned

Earlier the Vinayagam faction scored over the faction led by Nediyavan(Perinbanayagam Sivaparan)by booking the Excel hall for the event

The EXCEL which was used in the past by the LTTE to stage the great heroes day event was to be used by the Vinayagam faction this time

Both LTTE factions engaged in a power struggle are competing to outdo each other by staging the Maaveerar Naal in style to prove a point

The Vinayagam faction getting Excel was a feather in Vinayagam group’s cap as the prestigious venue was expected to attract massive crowds

The Nediyavan group was compelled to book other smaller venues to counter the huge advantage gained by Vinayagam group in getting Excel

In a severe blow to Vinayagam faction it is learnt that the Excel management has cancelled the booking&returned the 50,000 pounds advance

The EXCEL(Exhibition Centre London)is located on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock at London Docklands in the borough of Newham

The Excel built by Sir Robert McAlpine is owned&managed by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company&has won many awards for best event venue

LTTE Vinayagam faction is frantically attempting to persuade EXCEL management to withdraw the cancellation&enable”Maaveerar Naal”to be held

In a separate development,Sangeethan the Vinayagam group leader in Britain is being questioned”for reasons unknown” by the Police in London

Like the Vinayagam group the LTTE Nediyavan faction also suffered a similiar blow in London as a venue booked by it in Harrow was cancelled

Of 5 venues booked by the Nediyavan group for Nov 27th the Shree Kadwa Patidar Centre on Kenmore avenue in Harrow,Middlesex has cancelled it

While the Vinayagam group had booked only 1 venue the Nediyavan faction had booked 5&is less likely to be affected by the Harrow cancelling

It is however not known whether other venues booked for “Great heroes day” event on November 27th will also be cancelled at short notice

Both the LTTE factions are now united in efforts to get the cancellations revoked or find alternate venues in a hurry before November 27th

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. If they cared about the Sri Lankan Tamils, that 50,000 pounds advance would have gone to the war ravaged northeast, but this investment is for personal gain as fools will empty their pockets when they hear the fairytale of VP’s survival and some imminent need for cash to finance the upcoming war. What I don’t understand is how some people can even believe such stories. The LTTE suffered utter annihilation with the deaths of top commanders and loss of all territory. The northeast is completely militarized and ordinary Tamils suffer daily as they have lost everything. Even if VP was alive, how could these idiots want to put their hands on the stove again. This mass stupidity is rampant not only among the elders but also the university kids. These overseas LTTE leeches should be ashamed of themselves.

    Tamils must understand the LTTE brand is toxic in the West. If the Diaspora want to help Tamils in Sri Lanka, then a new organization without LTTE elements should take on the task.

  2. There is a saying in UK that the faction that has got Adel Balasingham is the real LTTE. But the old tigress is not coming to the scene much now. Heard she’s writing a book about her ‘God’ Balasingham

  3. Tamils have only one option: disown the VP’s LTTE, ditch the flag of guns & bullets and rally round the TNA. Any other approach would be destructive and detrimental. My heart goes out to the families and friends of young cadres who made supreme sacrifices but on the other hand I’m relieved that VP will not deliver his Maveerar Urai on 27 Nov.

  4. I living in London didn’t know Excel was cancelled.But DBS living in Toronto has written about this.Good journalist DBS

  5. r1
    This is only a deposit they spend about ÂŁ300 000 for that particular day.1 st prority is to bring back the financial establishments,these two not selfish they all doing in it on behalf of Tamils,

    keep in mind they need a lot of money to file lot of cases against so many diplomats to Monks in various countries when ever visits by Chuvanists.

    Back home Tamils is there fate beliving our Thanthai Chelva already stated only god will save Tamils

  6. r1,

    I agree. The money being wasted (villallukku irraitha neer!) would have gone a long way to re-establish a school or even build many houses for the homeless in the Vanni. I am once again reminded of the old Tamil proverb, “Thannai Petra Aathaal Kinni Pitchai Eddukka, Mahan Kumbokonathilay Koe Thaanam Panninanam”( When his mother was begging on the streets with the tin can, the son was donating cows in Kumbakonam!). Shame, Shame, shame—–.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  7. 50 000 pounds spent just for hiring a hall to celebrate death, murder and violence? Is this what the great Tamil Hindu culture has come to?

  8. Good EXcel got cancelled. Now all of us can go to other events. I prefer the old tigers to the new tiger group.Old is gold

  9. .

    50,000 pounds must go to IDP’s (with no cuts to Rajapakse & Co) in the north-east of Lanka, only if SL govt stops spending Billions on military and Millions on buddhist temples.


  10. I lost two sons in the war.Both in the LTTE. I am sad about this happening. I wont go to any event this 27th and spend the Sunday in the temple quietly

  11. All these highly intelligent cultured tamils keep selecting these great leaders, unlike the uncultured, uncouth moda Sinhalayas.

  12. Maaveerar thinam is cancelled in Canada too. The Rudrakumaran faction backed off from the celebrations they planned at Downsview Park.

    Other faction(Nediyavan) lead by Thiruselvam and Nehru Guna secretly informing the Venue and that is the Markham Fair grounds. In their posters, no LTTE flags or any pictures of prabhakaran.

    Furhter the nediyavan faction is the former World Tamil Movement which still has the datas of Tamil residents and collect funds! Canadian government has to intervene in this matter!


    I dont think so. The Thamizh-Kamal-Nehru-Thiru faction did not go for unity talks but published false news in Kamal’s “Ulagathamizhar”paper that they are now united.

    They have brainwashed another set of yiuths and students to go around and tear up other faction posters and put up their posters telling shopkeepers we are now united and Maaveerar wont be held at Downsview.

    Also they have more media power and are propagating that view. Only Kalatharan radio gives the other side version

    This is the “Aduthukkedukkum” tactic used by the man you know well who was behind Mayil Amirthalingams death. Same tactic must be given as advice here.

    Remains to be seen whether they will really unite or not

    But the matter

  13. Even the less articulate of the more recent arrivals from the interior of the Lankan Tamil regions in the diaspora cannot be fooled anymore with these “collectors” VP, Bala Annai, Thamilchelvam et al are gone – and will be remembered for their sacrifice. The militant struggle has waken the eyes of the world. Justice to the Tamils will come soon – courtesy India and the world community – from now on in various degrees. The obstacle will be the intransingent Sinhala extremists, who have no other platform to stand on – and some sections of the army who are having it so good in the unsettled conditions. Beggars wound is their swansong. This regime nnd chaunistic Sinhala political parties can last only as long as they keep the divide alive. But economic imperatives will push them towards a reluctant settlement with the Tamils – something that can hurt their future electoral fortunes.

    Of those in the forefront of the peaceful Tamil struggle now are Fr. Emmanuel and Rudra’s TGTE. The rest, it appears to me, are residues of the hated Collectors – some of whom holding LTTE assets. The failure to assemble no more than 3,000 in Toronto recently was an indication the left-overs of the hardliners are losing the support of the majority neutral Tamils in the diaspora. The street-fights in Paris, London and elsewhere are more as to who should own the loot rather than the interest of the suffering Tamils in the Island. The passionate diaspora is more keen to be of assistance to their kith and kin to regain their livelihood. Armed struggle is no more in the Agenda unless the Govt continues to connive in the now ongoing thievery of their land,harm their livelihood and future. Even this regime has better sense than that.


  14. LTTE is now gone, so tamil should be united to give respect whoever have died during the war, should not be limited to LTTE also all ceylonese since the inependence thro’ violence. So I am proposing the month of November is good, but can change the dates that earlier LTTE’s fixed.


  15. I don’t understand what these idiots are trying to do! Are they trying to show they are the leader/Boss? Leader for what? What organization and what are they going to accomplish through their leadership or organization? They all should stop this nonsense.

    After independence, many wanted congress to be dismantled. Congress was respected by all (regardless of any boundary) as a holy/scared movement lead by great Mahatma and many unselfish congressmen/women fought for the cause. Still many (and I) do feel “congress” political party ruining that holy image and used (& using) the name for their political advantages.

    We may not able to compare Mahatma’s Congress with LTTE but many in LTTE exceeded may congressmen/women. Although I believe Mahatma is the greatest, I personally think Thileepan has exceeded Mahatma in his commitment. If we exclude some spoiled rats, many and many have sacrificed their life for the cause. They all (including non-LTTE or anti-LTTE members) should be respected and honoured.

    But I don’t see the need to book an expensive palace or townhalls to honour them. These goons are trying to spoil the sacrifice made by many to their personal advantage or to their personal prosperity. The truth is LTTE is gone; we should not immerse or insult their sacrifice by doing all these stunts. Please stop all LTTE named activities; support and uplift the suffering Tamils back home through legally recognized organizations of donor’s choice. For any political solutions to Tamils, we don’t need another military outfit. Let TNA take care of it locally, let us strengthen them without spoiling the rest.

    I am not supporter of Sampanthan or his crew but supporting the non-violent and legally and internationally accepted political medium to reach a fruitful solution and I think TNA is the only available option to Tamils, not any ex-LTTE members or any Diaspora champions or GOSL support Tamil militant groups… Remember, Pirapakaran did not appoint Nediyavan/Vinagam/Rudthirakumar/KP/Poddu-amman/Karuna-amman or anyone as his successor, he secretly may have appointed them as in charge of selected administrative areas. But knowingly or unknowingly he did one good thing, which was publicly endorsing TNA before LTTE diminish.

    Every Tamil will do an honour on Nov. 27 to their heroes and heroines; there is no doubt about that. But there is no need pay respect to them in a luxury townhall. “Kan vali gangaihal payum, ma veerarin namangal kurum… Vengaikal ahkee videevukal thaedee veluntha veerargalee, Tamil veedukal yavum vilaku-kalaka erum sudruglae”

  16. Intriguing development Mr.Jeyaraj. I suspect British authorities are playing a cat and mouse game with both groups

  17. Dr.R. Narendran,

    Well said,

    I was in the discussion about the commonwealth games finalization, Sri Lanka was bidding the event. I have said to the leader exactly same as you put in Tamil proverb.


  18. It is a crime to pay homage to your son,daughter,brother,sister,uncle,auntie,cousin and grandgenaration .Give us flipping break,will you; I HAVE NO TIME FOR POLITICS.

  19. they aren’t honoring the sacrifice of the countless who gave their lives for their people. whats going on here is clearly the shameless use of their sacred memory for personal gain. grow up and stop being used. this event now is nothing but a ploy to play on your emotions, if you really want to honor their memory help those who are left in the northeast.

  20. how so? do you have some secret information to show that the Diaspora isn’t being played by these opportunists? how many of these new LTTE leaders do you think would be willing to go back to Sri Lanka to restart an armed struggle? how many of them do you think would give up their illicit fortunes for the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka?

  21. The best way to celebrate “Maveerar Naal” is to pay respects to all the people who lost their life for this eelam cause .This includes even cadres , leaders , individuals of other Tamil Organizations ( like TELO ,TULF ,EPRLF etc ) who lost their lives at the hands of either the SL state , the LTTE or IPKF or due to other Tamil Groups . Every Tamil family has suffered in one way or the other due to this Eelam struggle . The pain ,anger ,hatred and suspicion that this 35 years of struggle has created among Tamils will not erase so quickly but at least a “beginning” can be made towards unity and reconciliation among various Tamil groups is to first treat all those who were killed in this 35 year struggle as martyrs and pay respects to all of them .

  22. YOUR blood thing,
    your son,daughter,brother,sister,uncle,auntie,cousin and grandgenaration died for nothing. For nothing. Nothing was accomplished by the LTTE except putting the Tamils into misery.

  23. Thousands of Tamils send money every month to their relatives in Sri Lanka. No bank make a “CUT” to Rajapkase from the remittances.

    But LTTE did it! LTTE taxed the people who got money from their relatives and built CONDOS in Colombo and financed people like useless Gopalasamy!

  24. You forgot to tell these “collectors” have mortgages to be paid off! They need rest after the “hard work” to fool the Tamils and a holiday in Hawai too!

  25. I dont tell they are united but the Rudra faction is backed off and the published telephone numbers are now out of service.

    Thiruselvam-Thamizh-Nehru gang more man power than the other faction.

    I heard a VVT gang mediated and claim that they are united. But this is a circus in order to fool the public.

  26. when people are living outside their country, they integrate into the society of that country. Unfortuntely, Tamils still living in Eelam even in west. Instead, they should fully integrate into the country where they lives

  27. r1:

    the money send to Sri Lanka will be used for genocidal agend and not for rehabilitiation. No good person will ever connect with accussed war criminals.

  28. It is a sad fact that still Diaspora gives money to LTTE elements.Diaspora helped ruthless killer who eliminated many bright Tamils in all fields to keep remaining Tamils as ignorant so he could command them easily.He never wanted a Tamil society with educated and polite people and sent children to fight a war that brought only destruction to Tamils.He even killed many poor peasents Tamil,Singhalese and Muslims for no clear reason.He sent Tamils 100 years back just to fat his bank accounts and keep the power.Shame on Diaspora who send their kids to good schools and helped PR to sent children to war front.

  29. The colossal amounts that are spending on such activities could be given to some worthwile people in the wanni.For example the war widows,some of whom have to sell their bodies through local representative/pimp devananda in order to feed their children.The 50000 pounds for this venue was just an advance.What would have been the full amount?The money goes to some rich arab owning it while our people whom the LTTE brought to this plight are suffering in the Wanni.

    The government is also not much better.The 880 million rupees that was spent on the commonwealth bid could have been used to rehabilitate the beggers instead of butchering them to beautify colombo.

    tweedledee and tweedledum as once DBSJ aptly mentioned,when he was incarcerated in the 4th floor by the CID and his head and leg broken by the LTTE.

  30. Interesting, I am not aware of Thamizh/Kamal, may be they are one of those spoilers behind the scene. But Nehru and Thiru, I had some respect for them. I remember I used to watch sethi-kanodam/seithiyin-pinnaniyil, I hardly miss the show, specially during 2008/2009. Nehru/Thiru and other so called political analyzers used to make us believe LTTE was going to hit hard… From Mavil-Aru to Puthukudirrupu, they made it as “Puli pathunkuthu… payapokuthu enru” but never ever talked about the reality…. Now I think it is these intellectuals together with other goons who closed all the pores for LTTE to get out even at the last minutes by making the Tamils and UN to believe LTTE was still strong until nanthikadal…. During the hard time, I used to go after work and weekends to show the solidarity in downtown protests. I used to see Thiru and others stands closer to the media trucks giving interviews with suites and disappears once the media truck leaves. If you are one of those in the leadership race, please!!!! I thought we in Canada is better, but it seems we are same! If you want to be rich, work hard, wide Canada provide us with many opportunities… There is no need to do any behind the scene activities, Canada and UN knows our issues and they are with Tamils… Canadian mainstream politics is widely opened to all of us, if you want to do something good, go in there and do it. That is the proper way… Please we need unity (not break ups) now more than ever before….!!!!

  31. If the Sri Lankan state wishes to waste money on such things, it will happen whether the 50 000 is sent to the northeast or not. Meanwhile the homeless and hungry of the northeast will continue to suffer. This money has been specifically raised using the name of Sri Lankan Tamils, so it’s only right that the money goes to them. If Rajapaksa wants a cut, I’d rather give him the kickback as long as most of the money goes to help the war victims than just sit back and use such an excuse to abandon them. The fact that he took the kickback can be used to lobby the international community for more action, but using such funds for extravagant events is indefensible.

  32. This isn’t an excuse, there are organizations that can do good in the northeast. By tying Rajapakse to material support for SL Tamils you are abandoning the people for whom the money was raised. There is nothing wrong with lobbying the international community for amicable settlement but there no need to abandon SL Tamils to achieve the former.

  33. Kc, I totally agree with your first two propositions but not the one supporting TNA. TNA is not going to do what TC, FP, TULF could not do from 1948. In hindsight let us accept that Alfred Duraiyappah of Jaffna, Rajan Selvanaygam of Batticaloa, KW Dewanayagam of Kalkudah, Kanagaratnam of Pottuvil and few other non Tamil parties’ Tamil MPs have done some service to the Tamils than these so called Tamil nationalists.

    Except for Sampanthan and Sumanthiran what is there in TNA now. The fact that Mavai, Suresh and others are Tamil MPs now clearly illustrate that Tamils have a long way for their political needs. Until then, let us lick the boots of UNP and SLFP and get some juice for our survival.

  34. I am one who would like to go to sri lanka and start the arrm struggle as there is no other way to get Eelam. Yes I will do it

  35. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for the wonderful work you do by fearlessly exposing these vultures preying on the poor Tamil community

  36. Do we have a technical term for “””the deliberate and systematic self destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group””””

  37. Dr
    Your masters spent US$ 8 million in St Kitts on bidding whilst your fellow Tamils were going through hell without a roof over their head. I’m sure you will not utter a single word against your beloved masters.

  38. Tamils chased out of srilanka have established and looklike have become richer than srilanka state itself. Therefore, they could lookafter themselfs in any forein country and in Srilanka.
    It is a simple wish for lot of tamils that a solution need to be identified and partly or fully implementated by the srilankan government so that these tamils can at least wish to come back and invest and possibly settle in srilanka.

    So please let us have pease and goodwill from good Singhalease people. They are always going to be a majority and do not worry about minority politics. This is natural in ant democraatic country.

    best wishes

  39. It seems the troubles and tribulations of the Tamils are not over even after getting genocided, raped, loosing their leadership whom Norway saya wanted to surrender with white flags (cowards who had forgoteen their suicide capsules which they forced gils and boys to wear around their necks). Sadley bad news, defeates, loosing face continue in their new countries though the citizens of Lanka seems to be content even happy in peace though financialy chalenged in comparison to their long lost friends and relations in the west. Perhaps they should realise homeland is where you live and surely they the Tamils are one group with many many more homelands than any other race/group in the world. Rejoice , be happy with this knowledge and have a ball if not in one hall (location) in many halls. English Tamils could have an international function at the coference centers often used by the British political parties in places like Blackpool, Brighton and invite their friends and relatives from Canada, EU, Aus and even Lanka. Now that would be impressive.

  40. And you will go to shallow grave trying. Don’t waste your time or your life. There is no Eelam in this life for anybody. You left your country behind. Leave Sri Lanka for the Sri Lankans who remain there: There are no Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese here, only Sri Lankans.

  41. What can you achieve when VP, a widely acknowledged military genius, couldn’t achieve despite the formidable military machine he built? Another fight means suicide. This isn’t the 1980s, the SL armed forces have completely militarized the northeast. Rebels can only hope to survive in the jungle. Furthermore, any guerrilla campaign will not get any mass support from the local Tamils. Do you think the SL military would have any mercy on the local population if war erupted again? While Western Tamils may have the luxury of fantasizing about a new war, local Tamils have already experienced war and you will have a tough time gaining their support. Launching a guerrilla war now would be immoral due to the suffering it would cause to the already war ravaged northeast. The only way you can possibly hope of attaining Tamil Eelam is through external intervention but that won’t happen in the current or predictable future geopolitical conditions. What do you suppose SL Tamils do while we wait for this external intervention, starve? Why not lobby the international community for an acceptable solution like a federal state and help their economic growth? It won’t cost any blood.

  42. M Sivananthan

    I have news for you please read the following:

    ICC » Press and Media » Press Releases » Press Releases (2010)

    Press Release: 07.06.2010

    Clarification regarding the situation in Sri Lanka


    Following questions, the Office of the Prosecutor would like to clarify that Sri Lanka is not a State Party to the Rome Statute. However, the ICC could potentially have jurisdiction over crimes committed by nationals of State Parties on the territory of Sri Lanka.

    Source: Office of the Prosecutor


  43. Dr.Rajasingham narendran says:

    “When his mother was begging on the streets with the tin can, the son was donating cows in Kumbakonam!”

    Would you give the same advice to your chums in the government and Mahinda? I bet you wouldn’t dare.

    Whatever funds they may raise spend and save, it is business venture has nothing to do with Tamils and with due respect to you Dr it is non of your business.

    By the way have you had time to explore the ways and means of reitrieving the many books stolen from Jaffna Library just before it was burnt down by your southern brothers and stored somewhere in the south?

  44. M.Sivananthan

    They have not only paid off their mortgages on their main house but paid off mortgages on other investments as well.

    It is their hard earned money from this “LTTE” conglomerate and it has nothing to with you. Would you please mind your own business?

    If you need a share from promting such events please contact them. There may be slots available for you to run franchises.

    Now that VP is not around there is no one to audit the books. Mind you these collections are cash in hand income and “excempted from all taxes”


  46. .
    Most of the Tamils don’t want to be associated with LTTE or WTM or even Tiger flag.

    People don’t give money anymore.

    So where do they get money?

    Either from the businesses they (Ltte) owned


    paid by SL govt hired PR firms.


  47. It is learnt that in many countries they have now dropped ‘Maveerar Naal’ or Great Heroes Day celebrations.

    Instead they plan to conduct ‘Thamilar Thesiya Ninaivelutchi Naal’ or National Remembrance Day of Tamils on November 27th.


    The Nediyavan faction calls Maaveerar Naal as “thesiya Ninaivezhuchi Naal” as a facade and tries to continue with observances in the same way they did earlier without of course Prabhakaran’s annual speech and relaying of how observances in Wanni. They think they are smart by changing the label.

    The Vinayagam faction is planning to observe the day straight forward as “Maaveerar naal” instead of resorting to subterfuges which fool no one.

    This too is a major divergence between both factions

  48. Lets invest in the future. Educate our people. provide basic needs. Invest in creating new leaders that truly want the Tamils to have equal rights and shall no longer allow us to be marginalized. we have ample time to spend on heros of the past latter. its not getting us anything. just my thoughts.

  49. r1
    You are dead right.I would also like to add that violence begets violence,and an eye for an eye will make the country blind.

    The answer to this problem is to get a reasonable political solution that will be permanent.For it to be permanent it should be balanced equally without tilting either way.To get that correct balance will be the difficulty because it is a subjective line that divides fairness to one community against unfairness to the other.

  50. Native Veddha

    It is their hard earned money from this “LTTE” conglomerate and it has nothing to with you. Would you please mind your own business?
    For a veddha you are very interested in defending the LTTE.of course if we say you are a LTTE supporter you will revert back to asking us all to go back to india.

  51. KC and Native Vedda,

    The government of Sri lanka- KC calls them my Masters and Veddaa calls them my Chums!- has done things that matter for the war affected Tamils in an admirable manner. More has to be dome. I have not hesitated to point these out when warranted. The parasites in the Tamil community who sucked their (Tamil) blood and left them almost dead, have done nothing, though now hungry for more blood. I will not lie because I am a Tamil. I also believe in the dictum ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’. Tamils in the north and east are beggars in every sense of the word now. I talk/write of only things that matter to them in their unfortunate collective status as ‘Beggars’. They do not need ‘Buriyani’, but a regular plate of rice with some vegetable and gravy! Those who refuse to see this situation, are living in a dream world.

    Further, the rather extensive library in our home in Jaffna was also looted by the LTTE. Can ‘Native Vedda’ tell me where I can find these? The LTTE also looted my furniture and I was later told that there were in a LTTE leaders house in Kilinochchi! Thieves and cads were on both sides of the fence!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  52. Are you joking here? ICC has no binding over non-signatories. If the ICC has jurisdiction, they must prosecute Georgr Bush and other NATO head of states first!

  53. Thiruselvam, once a reporter to the notorious “Lanka Puvath” and later became LTTE propaganda man. He will be presnt anywhere, he can mak some dollars. With his education (grade 5) he cannot apply for any decent job anywhere! He claims he is a journalist but he is really a “pettition” writter of Sri lanka breed. Real “pethsam Kaaraya”.

    LTTE criminals actually need criminals of this kind to do propaganda to fool the people!

  54. sivananthan

    LTTE criminals actually need criminals of this kind to do propaganda to fool the people!
    Well said.same as gota says he needs the underworld to participate in elections in the democratic socialist republic of srilanka.

    people are between tweedledee and tweedledum like in a sandwich.

  55. If they can change the name/label given by their leader, they can change the date too.

    I would prefer to commemorate it on April 4th when Theban and many other cream of the fighters as well as over 600 cadres perished at Ananthapuram where the decisive battle was fought.(It also comes in the same month of my birthday).

    Another suitable date is June 5th, when the first militant Pon Sivakumaran died in 1974, and it would be a truly ‘thamilar thesiya ninaiveluchi naal’ without any one outfit taking credit for the struggle.

    Even if we take the tigers, according to Aiyar, one of their founder members, the first tiger to die is Michael in 1976(probably in June) when it was TNT, and Patkunam after it became LTTE on May 5th 1976, both were murdered by VP himself. Sankar only died many years later on 27th Nov 1982.

  56. shankar says:

    “For a veddha you are very interested in defending the LTTE”

    I have no love for LTTE nor the state. VP and MR are two sides of the same coin.

    Veddas are a peace loving people. We are now left with not a single piece of land to call ours.

    As a Sri Lanky obviously you did not get my point. The point being LTTE and its net work was a money churning industry, a conglomerate with various divisions of diverse business interests.

    Those who closely associated with LTTE’s fund raising activities did work hard using all kind of methods.

  57. Thank you Dr Rajasingham. This government has done a great deal for the North and East although the LTTE remnants like ‘vedda’ don’t see them, mainly because they live in a dream world and completely brainwashed by their masters.These people propagate hatred even in their younger generation. It will take generations before this curse is removed from the world at large.

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