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Top Tiger leaders killed in a major debacle for LTTE

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization suffered a terrible blow in the Aanandapuram area of Puthukkudiyiruppu AGA division.

In what may very well be the defining moment of the on going war the tigers have lost a vast array of illustrious fighting commanders as well as large numbers of cadres in a single battle.

More than 525 bodies of dead LTTE fighters have been recovered and a special military intelligence squad is busy identifying those killed. The details are being revealed in stages.

The LTTE keeps “official silence” over the debacle and its propaganda networks keep “mum” but the bad news is spreading slowly yet surely.

[Col. Theepan paying homage to Anton Balasingham, 20 Dec 2006]

LTTE stalwart and head of its sports division “Paappaa” telephoned the elder brother of “Colonel” Theepan living in Canada and informed him of the demise of his sibling.

Likewise different tiger officials are informing close family members of the other tigers about what has happened to their departed relatives.

Among the fallen tigers “Col” Theepan (presumably promoted posthumously as Brigadier) is perhaps the single biggest loss to the movement.

This 20 year LTE veteran hails from Kandawalai in Kilinochchi district and served as overall commander of the LTTE northern front fighting formations.

Velayuthapillai Baheerathakumar alias Theepan was the de-facto deputy military commander of the LTTE after the demise of Balraj.

[Col. Durga, commander of the Soathia Regiment and Col. Vithusha [right], the commander of Maalathy Regiment discussing with Col. Balraj [Photo: LTTE]]

Along with Theepan, the top four woman fighter commanders have also been killed.

Vidhusha, special commander of Maalathy regiment, her deputy and Maalathy regimental commander Kamalini, Durga , special commander of Sothia regiment and her deputy cum Commander Mohanaa have all been killed.

[First female martyr Maalathy’s statue on Kilinochchi junction. She got injured in direct fighting with the Indian Peace Keeping Force, lost her leg-swallowed cynade capsule and sacrificed her life in Kopay, on 10th of October 1987 at the age of twenty-2005 pic]

An unconfirmed report states that womens wing political commissar Thamilini has also been killed.

Among other senior tigers killed were the special commander and commander of the Jeyanthan infantry brigade, Keerthi and Nagesh.The Jeyanthan brigade is raised from Eastern province cadres.

Manickapodi Maheswaran alias Keerthi is a native of Arasaditheevu in Batticaloa district and served as intelligence chief for the east earlier.

Selvaratnam Sundaram alias Nagesh is a native of Periyaporatheevu and has served as district military commander earlier.

Both remained loyal to Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and despite being eastern sons of the soil opted to fight against Vinayagamoorthy Muraleetharan alias Karuna after he revolted against the leadership citing northern hegemony.

Another huge loss is that of Gaddafi also known as Viduthalai and Amuthan. This one-time chief bodyguard of Prabhakaran was later a commander of the Imran-Pandian regiment. Currently he was in charge of the tiger training academy.

The LTTE’s elite special forces division is named after former tiger leader Radha. This force was led by Silambarasan . He was killed.

The deputy-commander of Radha regiment was Anbu. He was seriously injured and captured alive. He died later.

Likewise Asmi the leader of “Ponnamman” mining unit was also seriously injured and captured alive. He too died later.

The leader of “Kittu” artillery unit, Manivannan and chief of “Kutty Sri” mortar unit Gopal were also killed.

An unconfirmed report states that S. Thangan , the deputy-political commissar and administrative officer under SP Thamilselvan has also killed.

Among other senior tigers killed who have been identified are Ruban, Panjan, Aadithyan and Chitrangan. A senior sea tiger Mahindan has also been killed.

There is much bewilderment about how so many top tigers could get killed in a single battle and why so many top commanders got caught up in one location.

Apparently the tiger leaders were holed up in Aanandapuram along the Puthukkudiyiruppu -Puthumaathalan road busily planning a major counter-attack on the armed forces.

What happened however was that the 58, 53 divisions and task force 8 mounted an unexpectedly successful military operation that yielded quick success.

The 58 proceeding south by south – east from northern Puthukkudiyiruppu and the 53 & TF 8 proceeding north by north-east from Southern Puthukkudiyiruupu advanced rapidly and linked up at Pachaipullumottai junction along the Puthukudiyiruppu road behind LTTE positions.

The LTTE cadres engaged in preparing for the major assault were cut off .

Realising that top tigers were stranded in Aanandapuram and suspecting that Prabhakaran himself may be there the army moved swiftly and encircled tiger positions.

Though Prabhakaran was not there other important tigers were ensnared.

The 4th, 6th,8th, 12th,14th and 20th Gajabahu battalions, 5th Vijayabahu,9th Gemunu Watch, 11th and 20th SL Light Infantry along with 1 special forces and 2 commando got into action.

Meanwhile a footpath from Ambalavanpokkanai to Pachaipullumottai used as an emergency supply route by the LTTE was also interdicted.

Thus more than a thousand tiger cadres and leaders were encircled in a two sq km area consisting of coconut plantations and palmyrah groves.

In a desperate bid to break the siege Sea tiger special commander Soosai sent a contingent by sea to aid the beleaguered comrades at arms. The Navy maintaining strict vigil engaged the flotilla and beat back the sea tigers.

Eventually a sizable number of cadres led by “Col” Bhanu succeeded in penetrating the cordon and escaping to safety. Bhanu himself was injured.

The rest of the tigers under the overall command of Theepan were not so lucky.

In a three day siege the tigers were deprived of food , water and medical supplies. Massive aerial bombardment and artillery shelling was also done.

Appeals were made in Tamil through amplifiers to the tigers to surrender but few heeded the call.

The tigers in the courageous tradition of the LTTE fought on against overwhelming odds preferring to “die on their feet” rather than “live on their knees”.

It was all over on Sunday April 5th and the soldiers are now gradually recovering LTTE bodies and identifying them.

On Monday around 525 bodies had been recovered and around 60 identified.

Unsubstantiated allegations have been made by pro-tiger elements in the Diaspora that incendiary bombs and chemical weapons were used to overcome the LTTE.

Military analysts however were sceptical of such allegations as the debacle seemed to be a classical example of a successful outflanking manouevre.

The Aanandapuram debacle was preceded by another incident which proved to be a major loss to the LTTE.

The special commander of the Charles Anthony infantry division Amuthab and its commander Gobinth were killed on March 31st in the fighting in and around Iranapalai east.

The loss of these brave fighters who always led from the front had a demoralising effect on cadres.

This loss of morale is attributed to be cause of weakened tiger defences leading to rapid breaching, linking and encircling by the armed forces.

Apart from this development, senior commander Sornam has sustained serious injuries while another leader Lawrence has received minor injuries.

These were in earlier rounds of fighting elsewhere.

Also, Charles Anthony , the eldest son of LTTE chief sustained minor injuries in the fighting against the 55 division in the coast adjacent to Chalai lagon

The Aanandapuram debacle also resulted in the LTTE losing many weapons including three 130 mm artillery, five 81 mm mortars, 4 12. 7mm anti-aircraft guns and a 30 mm Peddle gun.

This piece of equipment has proved very lethal in previous rounds of fighting.

According to military analysts the Aanandapuram debacle appears to be the major turning point in the defiant last stand being put up by the LTTE.

The armed forces had been expecting a major counter-offensive from the LTTE for quite a while now

Ironically , the tables were turned and the expected offensive was pre-empted and thwarted

In the process the LTTE has been dealt a massive setback from which it may never recover.

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Email: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com


  1. Thank you DBS for this informative article. We were all uncertain about what had happened. Now its clear

  2. This is dark day for Tamils all over the world. They were brave fighters who fought to the last. Thank you DBS for writing that they preferred to die on their feet than live on their knees. That sums up their daring defiance

  3. prabaharan should take this opportunity to appoint commanders based on merit and merit alone. the last year of fighting starting with the kilinochi debacle where the ltte was outflanked and outmaneurved on the pooneryn kilinochi road showed that the sinhala commanders especially brigadier shavindra were better. Also i believe there is too much of centralisation in the ltte command structure as proved by the fact that eveyone had to gather at one point just to decide on a counter attack. if the structure is decentralised and the commanders are given a free hand to make their own decisions then they can achieve their true potential and those that are timid and cant make decisions and dont have initiative will be exposed.

  4. During the Op. Jayasikuru SL Army was intelligence blind and they got bogged down.

    This time they have plenty as people was moving out and this was one of the reason ( this is a well known fact) LTTE was preventing the people from going out to the barbed wire concentration camps, not as human shield.

    Many pundits have started writing that LTTE’s last weapon was Human Shield, in fact it was the information leak that they try to prevent by having people moving out. They same way SLA is preventing people to settle down in the so called High security zones.

    Deja Vu of the Immediate Post IPKF period. So many able guys were killed in Jaffna peninsula.

    Thepan with Balraj will go down in the military history books as some of the finest leaders who broke the tradition of many military myths.

    Balraj was possibly the only one able to cut off the supply route through a seaborne landing that lead to the collapse of the Elephant pass

    Thepan kept the defence in Muhamallai impenetrable until the fall of Paranthan Junction where the LTTE withdrew.

    We should know that Tigers won’t eat grass even when they hungry.

    it is indeed a sad day for the Tamils.

  5. When independnent press or media personnel are not allowed into the war zone form some time now by Gothapaya Rajapakse how to believe or not to believe the versions of the both sides.

    So Dr. Kumar David was right that in the NE war how you win the war is more important than lose or something to that effect. If LTTE has used more inhumanitarian than GOSL and Sarath Fonseka’s army and prevailed things would be different .
    But Mahinda regime with the help of India, Pakistan and China and US has fooled the moderate Tamils and para military groups well and are helping the Gothabaya, Sarath to win the war militarily for their strategic interests at the expense of the Tamils without any political solution is sight since the formation of APRC.

  6. I doubt whether the many Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala victims of these people will be shedding tears. What a waste of life and talent. Why weren’t these qualities put to use for the Tamil people’s benefit rather than for Prabha’s glorification and the top leaders’ luxury? Those who live by the sword…….

  7. This is not dark day for all the tamils all over the world, It’s for All LTTE suppoters and all babarians all over te world.

  8. I can’t Believe you people respect these blood thirsty terrorists who made innocent Tamil people life miserable. Also eating up all the hard earn money from innocent people who live foreign countries. They will straight to goto hell and soon to be other rats who are hiding behind the civilians in No war zone …

  9. What about the civilians that the brave Tigers are hiding behind? Anybody crying for them? Shame on the diaspora for being such blind fools.

  10. Prabhakaran…the coward…its time to surrender…with ur associates…there r times whch da decisions should be made..u shd knw wen to giv up…EELAM is more than a dream…a myth…free the innocent families who r trapped…their children fought for ur cause n died…ur will be named as the biggest coward in the history…

  11. Dear Tamil Diaspora,
    It is quite hard when your brothers and sisters die in vain. I also understand that you gain tremendous pleasure when suicide bombers set off claymore mines among innocent civilians in the south. It’s quite easy to beat war drums from Scarborough, London and other safe havens whereas, it is not so easy for the rest of the Tamil people who live peacefully or under constant shelling and yelling in the conflict zone.
    The dollars, pounds and euros are quite good but only if you make good use of it. One day you’ll be lost souls in a developed country unless you declare Eelam in scarborough or wherever in Canada.
    Therefore if you are not interested in Sri Lanka forget it but if you are interested use your intelligence and your finances to develop this country. This is the only country which is yours, which you can be proud of.
    Eelam is utopia. You will never have it or even if you have it, no one will allow you to be in peace. So having Ealam is not equal to having freedom or liberation. You can’t have Nazi type of pure states by eliminating other colours and races; you have to learn to live together and respect others as you do “on your knees” in the western world. You should do this “on your feet” in Sri Lanka.
    I know the Sinhalese haven’t been that fair but yet they have been fairer. You’ll gained great heights in this country whereas not so great as a diaspora; I do agree you have accumulated a great wealth though.
    Open your eyes, think Sri Lankan, the future is yours!
    Ayubowan, wanakkam Hare rama Hare krishna

  12. Where VP led Tamils to? We all know now. When we told, we were called as traitors and killed. I salute those fallen heroes not VP

  13. Even the Lanka defence ministry respects the tigers who died like Theepan etc. See what even defence ministry website says about them in the following paragraphs

    The Defence Report paid an honourable tribute to these fallen commanders that befits the role and nature of an Armed Force of a civilized state. It said that these fallen commanders “were different from the politicians who would instigate communal hatred to grab power or tell the most abominable lies against their own country just to get some media attention, and other rewards. They never knew that it was because of such politicians that they had to fight against their own country, their own people. They never knew that it was because of such politicians that they had to fight against their own country, their own people.

    “The men and women in the professional arms of the security forces value honour more than anything else. They fight for the cause they believe in and seek honour by contributing towards its realisation.

    “This is the reason that the armed forces personnel are trained to respect the fallen enemy. We do not wish to insult Theepan, Vidusha, Durga, Gadafi, Gopith, Nagesh, and the rest who died in the recent fighting. Indeed, they were the cream of the LTTE fighting cadre. It is a shame that they had to die for the wrong cause. They fought for the destruction of their own motherland and their own nation.

  14. It is unfortunate to die some Tamil Sri Lankans and the total responsibility should goes to V. Prapakaran who was never ready to accept any kind of political solution. This is because of his day dream to become the supreme god of Tamil Nation by force. See how the same kind of LTTE leaders like Karuna Amman and Chandrakanthan now serving to their nation and please study the progress of development in Eastern Province where LTTE terrorists were destroying few months ago.

    The whole world should remember and should know, even yesterday president appealed to Prabhakaran to surrender without further killings. There is no response from this bloody Sri Lankans’ killer.

  15. Rathnam master also martyred.

    A hundred or so surrendered but this is a war that never took any prisoners from either side.

  16. “My eyes are tearing for this great loss”
    -Prema .S.-

    Do those same eyes tear when innocent civillians are massacred by the LTTE?

  17. a moments silience for the brave warriors. They died for a cause they beleived in. Unfortunately it was a cause that was based on lies. The leadership of the ltte should be held accountable for the death of these braves sons and daughters of lanka. Until you diaspora realise that it is you, through funding of the megalomaniac prabhakran or pirapiharan or p.diddy.palan or whatever you call your sungoat these days who sent these brave men and woman to death, more will die needlessly. Get in touch with your families and friends in the LTTE. Tell them to lay down their arms and enter a peaceful, united society.
    that is all.

  18. well, it was revealed to CNN by senior Sri lankan military personnel that about 110 of them preferred to live on their knees and surrendered. It is not by co incidence that the army knew that this is going to be their day, they had on the spot intelligence and were well prepared to meet their opponents while the poor chaps were betrayed by Bhanu who chose to leave them early on as well as and left all important flank poorly secured , leaving the whole bunch to be boxed inside. This time around LTTE is finding it difficult to messure the correct depth to defend as evident by this foolish attempt of counter strike and annhiliation when the war is all but won by the other party.

  19. we are also heart broken when we see such a load of humain lives being the victims to the fancy immoral wishes of Prabakaran. The difference between you and us is that we shed tears not only on sinhala victims but also on tamils . Infact tamil dispora is also fully responsible to this tragic situaion as they approved of all what this mental derained person did to tamil people. I dont think you all represent the sufferings of the tamil people in Sri lanka, you are comfortably seated in cosy divans while enjoying the refugee status given by the respective countries, enjoyed 30 years of unstable and the deplorable situation in Sri Lanka.It is high time you open your eyes and see at things without any heatred and suspicion or take a decision to have your own state of Elam in the respective countries you are in now. It is evidently proved that Prabakaran has done nothing to your brethren with the money you have pumped . Has he done anything to these innocent tamil people?They have contnued to survive their live with the facilities provided by the goverment. So you cant shirk your responsibility to the the plight of the tamils who were governed by Your blood thirsty Prabakaran. It is the moment to turn the tune and think all of us as Sri Lankans and to discuss our differences together which was never entertained by Praba, to find a amicable solution forgetting the bitter past .

  20. DBS
    Thanks for an objective & informative update. My eyes are also tearing up. For the losses suffered by the SLA in annihilating this band of nihilistic terrorists.

    This is indeed a ‘dark day’, for race-based terrorism. Every death at this stage is due to the LTTE not recognising its impending annihilation, like Wehrmacht in the last days of The Third Reich in Berlin.

  21. DBS,

    Is it true that Pottu Amman cried over when he realised what was happening here? Is he in the safe zone? Certain sources say that he surrendered to the Special Forces and is in GoSL custody in the south now.

  22. Thanks for the article DBS. Please keep us informed about these final stages. The history of Sri Lanka is being written. We all hope for peace in the near future and voice for the Tamil people.

  23. “daring defiance” and dumb strategy and tactics. how on earth did a movement which in september 1987 was offered 7 out of 12 positions including the chair of an interim administration of the merged north and east, with a token/minimum surrender of weapons, and with the sri lankan army confined to barracks, come to this? by contrast, look at the Nepali Maoist guerrillas, now in power, having switched to negotiations and the democratic reformist path in time!

  24. Kumarakulasingham says “dark day for Tamils all over the world” ? does that include the families of Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran, Thiruchelvam, Padmanabha, Loganathan, Thiranagama, and Kadirgamar?

  25. O Lord!

    As a Tamil I am crying for the Liive lost ( LTTE & Civilians).

    All because of VP. Who couldn’t understand the post 9/11 world.
    He has met his match in Gothapaya Rajapase Who is also ruthless and using the same tactics. Eliminating anybody who opposes.


    Innocent Blood is being shed.





  26. It is sad how suicide cults are perpetuated by catchy little epithets like “Its better to die on your feet rather than live on one’s knees”. Did any of these young men live on their knees in the 70s before Prabakaran offered to liberate them? Men like Prabakaran, Wijeweera and even the govt these days have found the magic formula to win recruits for their respective supremacist causes. Pseudo Patriotism, Nationalism, Glofirying sacrifice and romanticising war are potent tools in the firmament of the demagogue who’s only aim is to recruit sufficient numbers of gullible village idiots as cannon fodder to further their causes.

    Do they ever think “Oh, I’ll settle for a little less in order to save the lives of all these people” No. Prabakaran will happily sacrifice the entire Tamil race in order to be master of the entire North and East. And ditto with Rajapakse. Did he ever think, let us give the Tamils their Jaffna and Batticaloa and share the land equally with them and avert carnage? Again no. He will have nothing less than being president of the whole of Sri Lanka even if the Tamils(and many Sinhalese) cant bear the sight of him.

  27. Sad such men and women who fought for a lost cause, an utopian mono-ethnic home land, die, while those who fund the war while living in luxury are trying to save the tiger leadership. Hope these individuals who die (soldiers included) will not have to face a war in their next life time(s).
    The diaspora who fund the war, and the TNA politicians are far worse than the above.

  28. kumarakulasingham , this is a very bright and happy day for the entire world and Sri Lanka, this was meant to happen brother, these are a cold blodded murderes, terrorosits and they met with their fate, sri lankan forces are amongst the best in the world, let them finish it off

  29. Thanks for the article. Though it is unbelievable, it must be true there are traitor within LTTE gave up about the counter offensive. This is the downfall of us as a Nation.
    No one to blame but us, when will we learn?

  30. Sri Lankan Tamil Brothers & Sisters, Uncles & Aunts please realise this war was a business of both government and the LTTE which simple citizen like you and I never realised. There are and there were hidden games at the expenses of our innocent lives….

    So let’s live together side by side after this…..we were living like this for ages…..CRAZY politics change all these.

    So open your eyes and face the reality….live with reality….whether sinhala, tamil, muslim or bergers

  31. My sarcastic comment;
    I think all these killings are thanks to Indian army.
    SriLankan military is not capable of standing up to the tiger terrorism be they so called colonels or canines.

    The iorny is some sons of this earth are better dead than alive.

    My thanks to DBS for the info…

  32. Yes !!!! The galant forces of Sri Lanka – Army, Navy and AirForce has finally given a taste of bravery and tactical skills to the savage tiger terrorists….
    Sooner the head of the coward – prabha will be dug out from some ditch….
    We salute you our brave soldiers 🙂

  33. Dark days are over for the innocent Tamil People. All tamil people can now move from LTTP’s and enjoy their freedom.

  34. So many courageous lives wasted in the pursuit of an elusive Nation State – a pursuit that may have made sense many decades ago but simply does not make sense anymore. So many courageous lives lost in the pursuit of liberation – a pursuit that does not make sense anymore. Why not? Because the oppressor is not here or there. The oppressor is everywhere, even within ourselves, even within the heart of the oppressed. One persons liberation becomes the oppression of another. One persons oppression becomes the liberation of another.

    What shall we then do? Let us realize that those who must fight for freedom must first fight themselves. They must burn brightly in the fire of introspection till nothing is left to fight for and nothing to fight against – lest like the LTTE they be reduced to the position of “If you want to support us then give us money but do not interfere. . . ”

    The ages of war, of conquest, of colonialism and of national liberation are passing by. We are set upon a path that leads beyond the dualism of “us” and “them”. We are driven along this path of unity by the calamities that loom ahead. We are being driven along this path because it is the only path to the survival of our species.

    So farewell brave warriors, your fight is done. Nationhood has lost its usefulness, has become wasteful and destructive even. I would that I could have guided you beyond to the vision of a new age that is dawning. But you would not listen. So sleep silently now and let the grass grow back on the battlefields and the grief settle slowly in my chest. fare you well.

  35. Thousands of precious girls and boys on both side, are being killed in the country during last 30 years because of a single person. If he didn’t kill Rajiv Gandhi, situation would not be this bad for him.
    According to any religion, a day comes for every body. It has come for Prabha. Look , the way he kills his own people who try to come to the other side. We should undersatand this as Tamils. He destroyed everything for tamils.

  36. Thank you Mr. Jeyaraj for summarising what happened. I’ve read your insightful articles before and your predictions are coming true.
    Reading the few comments, I understand the sorrow Tamil people may feel at this point of time. Regardless of terrorists or not, who died were lives who believed in a cause – if we agree or not is another matter.
    I wish Tamil people from around the world would come together to build Sri Lanka as one nation. We are looking forward and already helping in building the lives of the poor IDP’s in the Wanni.
    Leaving the egos aside, leaving the desires for power aside, I sincerely hope all Sri Lankans will unite in building the North, East and its people who have suffered for so long.
    We live only for so long… I’m a Buddhist. My next birth could well be born a Tamil, Muslim or in another nation. My Tamil friends, it’s the same I believe in you.
    For the little while we live, we should strive to make another’s life better, not worse.

  37. Tamil Diaspora,
    Old men make war, Young men die
    Diaspora make war, Poor Vanni Tamil youth die.

    Diaspora, You are swimming in Vanni Tammil Blood

  38. Almost all our fighters have died unnecessarily. We have not achieved anything other than losing what we had. It looks that our commanders have failed to plan their strategy. We have over estimated our capabilities. Now we must give up this losing battle and try to co-exist with other races in the country. As the saying goes – If we live by the sword we will die by the sword. Remember what Mahathma Gandi said………

  39. 116 cadres surrendered and another 18 were caught live injured.

    As estimated, by looking at the charcoal piles there have been nearly another 120 reinforcements who became charcoal when the two busses and armed truck they were traveling were attacked which burnt both the busses into ashes. They do not include in the recovered body count.

    Government only has recovered 525 bodies, but another 40 or more are found beyond salvage as most of them have burnt into ashes (mainly in the two buildings where they were cornered).
    Troops are still recovering bodies (yesterday they have recovered 60 badly bloated bodies that have been scattered in the field closer to the No-Fire Zone). This has not been taken into the account of earlier 525 body count.

    Also the troops yesterday have found three female cadres live who have hidden themselves under coconut palms and metal sheets for days survived sharing two water bottles and few high-protein biscuits.

    All and all military put the LTTE loss in PTK alone as 825 from 1st of Aril to the 5th. This count does not include the injured who escaped to the NFZ (and whose bodies were taken to NFZ when they were retreating).

  40. I cry for joy for the demise of LTTE. What “Brave fighters”? These are nothing but scum dirty rag clad uneducated cold blooded killers. There is nothing heroic about their fate, completely wasteful.

    Now we can establish the Sinhala nation as it was.

  41. Foolish prolonging of agony for innocent tamils who want to flee the false dream land of EElam. Sure they are brave to stand and die; so did the Japanese imperial army and Waffen SS. But for them to hide behind civilians is the worst form of cowardice from the leader now. He should either surrender, take his cyanide or come out of hiding with his guns blazing. That way all Sinhalese will also respect his warrior status despite his fascist tendency. Will he become Saddam in a hole? A Hitler in a bunker or a Ninja warrior?

  42. I feel very sorry about the poor people who lost their lives wheather tamiles sinhelese or muslimes they are all our sons and daughters of very same mother(SRI LANKA)The only person to blame is Prabahakaran.

  43. It is like the 300 Spartans, brave and stupid. Only difference is their leader is hiding and negotiating his escape, holding his own people to ransom.

  44. I feel very sorry about the poor people who lost their lives wheather tamiles sinhelese or muslimes they are all our sons and daughters of very same mother(SRI LANKA)The only person to blame is Prabahakaran.

  45. Mr.Pirapaharan, How do you go to sleep at night? People like you are to be blamed for all the suffering of Eelam Tamils.

  46. This is sad to think of what we have achieved all this sacrifice.? LTTE was dedicated to the couse but all we see is this is not the best way forward for SRI LANKAN TAMILS.

    All we got is lost of lives, donating all the money the arm dealers. \for 30 years and one generation lost future in education and peace,

    Time has come all of us re-think and way we can live in peace.

  47. It shows just how out of touch the LTTE is with the ground reality today, or for that matter ever since this mess began as they murdered their way into contention in the world to be now recorded alongside the Taliban and Pol Pot in terms of the sick mentality of its followers and admirers, and Saddam Hussein and Hitler in terms of leadership.

  48. Thanks DBS, being a Tamil, you have written the truth. I hope now Pirabhakarn killing machine will stop for ever. This lunatic has killed thousands of innocent people in the name of self autonomy/ eelam. How long did he think that he could go killing like this? At last GOSL has taught him a good lession. Let me ask Tamil diaspora to forget about their dream of Tamil Eelam any more. Let us all live peacefully for the rest of our lives. Don’t waste your money in weapons any more…

  49. Enough is enough. We lost too much in this war and LTTE has to give up this and release our people from death.

    They had a vision, it didnt work, for 30 years Tamils lost more than any race due to this Elam struggle. Well its time for peace. We need to accept its the best for Tamils. We lost a total generation and its enough.

    We should not loose a single more life and lets have new biggining.!

  50. Great work by the Sri Lanka Army. I hear that Theepan died well, he deserves that at least. When you fight a force for 30 odd years with trickery, and unconventional-tactics don’t be too suprised when the tables atre turned on you with devestating consequences.

  51. It is not the loss of these terrorists you guys should shed tears but the hundred or thousands of innocent civilians who have been taken as hostage and subject to continuous tiger atrocities.

    Those civilians are not fighters they do not deserve to be killed just because they chose to live under the jackboot of a terrorists outfit.

    SLA have a greater responsibility to rescue them as soon as possible.

  52. D B S Jeyaraj – Well put it

    Crystal clear. Since covering all rightups from the media I did get enough informations. Yours is the most crdible one that is worthy of preserving and keep for future references. Very well assembled supported by filed pictures thus identifying all LTTE fighters bravely fought for their dedicated cause until departue from the Hell that had been living for three decades ‘dreaming of dreams’ that they never could materialised or Never will be, at any time in future as well. Now they know the truth of the matter. Lonely Prabha called here in half as the half broken man with none to support will surely Do what he has to do now. Pherhaps he may be crying; why the thousands of devoted ardent great LTTE supporters just jumbping to the somewhat cold Thames water knowing very well that the British Police and the divers will save them. With their worshiping Elam flag raised high enough to four feet above their depressed head scream and bark. The result is well known to them. “Barking at the Moon” that will never come down however, greater their barks happen to be. We all know that the Dogs Do Not Know this. Yet I thought different of the LTTE lovers. These cowardly fellows place is not the banks of River Thames but should be protecting thier Comman in-chief Praba and fight for his Golden dream right with him and not running away to Her Majesty’s protection supported by their ‘Welfare’ cheques’ of which a good portion of poor British Tax payers hard earned tax they now enjoy as their rights.

    Our Tamil brothers: You still have time and money to charter few air planes from Great Britain and and land on those sitll excissting wide and large runways the LTTE had builed ruining our great green forests that brought water to the farm land. One advise; please do not take any LTTE Airways if one is still excisting for you all to travel like the Indian rails that carry people all over the train except moving wheels. This is my sincere advise and I do this as a sympathy to you r great leader who had bravely faced your fight and still fighting alone. Please do not desert him now when he badly need you all; the Lovers of LTTE. Good luck!

    Bonus for you: this will give you all a good opportunity and a worthy chance to participate Sinhala and Tamil New Year with your raised flags of LTTE by eating ‘Kiribath’ and dancing for the sound of powerful crackers that you usually hear during celebrative Occasion. Brothers, do ignore the sound that the Armed Foreces aim frequently now a days. After all they have no crackers to light. So they may be celebrating the occasion with raised guns to the sky as a celebration thus joing all Tamil Brothers and Sisters of our True Nation Lanka.

  53. Why didn’t Praba come to there help instead of staying in the Safe Zone? I wish he would be brave like Theepan. I hope after all this sacrifice by the Tamil people he wont run like a coward.

  54. Their blood has watered the freedom of Tamil Eelam. They are heroes. Brave soldiers never die. They will remain as eternal flames in the hearts of all the citizens of Tamil Eelam.

  55. At least now our people should have understand that LTTE didn’t do nothing for tamil community. They laundered money and had a better life with our donation. half of the money goes to fund raisers. They always use the fake videios and fake storeis to mislead our poeple.


  56. If you take a weapon to your hand you will die form that. I am happy to see that this war is going to be finished. We Sinhalese and Tamils can have a ood life in the countrey where LTTE do not exist……..

  57. It is a lost rebellion because of the bad politics and a fascist Tamil leadership .It has spoiled the democratic demand of the majority of the people. Not only that the Sinhala(JVP) and Tamil (LTTE) petti bourgeois and pro imperialist forces have strengthened the Srilankan armd forces for an unimmaginable strength of 200,000 personnel. Australia which has an equal population very close to Srilalnka ,have a stregth of armed forces of only about 25,000 or less.
    The Tamil national liberation fight, it is really belong to the Eastern people.Because they are the people who have lost their lands and living to the Sinhala chauvinism .But the Jaffna centered tamil rulling class racists who have captured the leadership and lost it.
    Now not only the Tamils but also the majority of the Srilankan people have to find out some other form of democratic action to win their democratic rihts in Srilanka .At present there is a possiblity to follow the foot path of Nepal Maoists.
    It is a good thing that the socalled tamil Saiva, Vellala ,Jaffna hegemonic rulling class have almost lost its power in Srilanka. But it is very cunny and trying to hold it by fooling the tamil diaspora.

  58. Yes, while the brave fighters die on their feet than live on their knees, the real coward leaders Prabahkaran and Pottu will hide among the civilians and survive eventually.

    The two leaders send the dummy fighters out to die while they live in air conditioned rooms!

  59. Our selfishness is the main reason for the current situation of the Tamils.
    Our selfishness took us to these western countries.
    Our selfishness leads us to provide unconditional support to LTTE.
    Our selfishness took us away from our freedom struggle.
    When LTTE take wrong path, we never attempt to correct them. (We don’t do because we don’t have
    Moral right- we ran away from the struggle to protect ourselves and our children)
    We are crying now. This is also due to our selfishness’ to wipe out our guilty conscious.

  60. You can see the bodies lying there with the burn and toxied skin, which proof that the chemical weapons were used.
    You can expect 400 + Tigers died without taking at least 2000 of solders in a battle field…
    This is not a bravery of the solders…..

  61. A Very good information given by DBS. Prabaharan is repsonsible for the deaths of all Tamil youths and young girls. Prabaharan ventured in an unthinkable and some of the dispora supported him in addition to benefiting themselves in the name of Prabaharan. Prabaharan may be a fighter but he had no political vision for the Tamils and cannot be a leader. I think we don’t need one for obvious reasons.

  62. Its really pathetic to hear deaths of hundreds of LTTE Terrorists at the battle front.Just as much as Tamils all over mourning on the loss of their brethren,we Sri Lankan Sinhalese too suffered imensely during the last 3 decades owing to brutalities of the LTTE who were richly supported by the diapora living in confirt on foreign soil, many as refugees who did not want to have a peaceful democratic settlement in Sri Lanka due to the fear of losing refugee status in foreign soil. Had the LTTE & diaspora spent thebillians of dollors on developing the East and North,today N & E would have been a highly developed region,Instead the racist minded fought for a TAMIL EALAM in 2/3rd of SL which will never happen.
    Sri Lankan army has once again appealed to the Terrorists to surrender, but the maniac thinks BETTER TO DIE THAN LIVING IN KNEES??? What a hypocracy???

  63. The sri lankan army is doing what US and British could not do in Iraq and Afganistan. We should get this guys to get rid of Al-Qaida as well! soon it will be over in sri lanka but the Tamil benefit gobblers in the UK will cost us Brits lot of money for many years to come! please take these morons back

  64. whats goes around whats comes around.bad karma followed them.this is the end of dream of tamil elam.any way i fell sorry about the people who died in there because of one stupied idiot(prabakaran).

  65. They fight for the cause they believe in and seek honour by contributing towards its realisation. This is the reason that the armed forces personnel are trained to respect the fallen enemy. We do not wish to insult Theepan, Vidusha, Durga, Gadhapi, Gopith, Nagesh, and the rest who died in the recent fighting. Indeed, they were the cream of the LTTE fighting cadre. It is a shame that they had to die for the wrong cause. They fought for the destruction of their own motherland and their own nation. Their deaths represent the end of the brutal terrorist outfit that devoured some 75,000 lives of Sri Lankan citizens, the lives of their own brethren. But, the mean spirited that mislead them, still desire more deaths, and continued bloodshed in this country. We dedicate this editorial to all Sri Lankans who fully realise the diverse forces that by misleading and misguiding the flower of our youth, brought death and destruction to our country, and are now determined to say – Never Again. (defence.lk).
    above blog sumarise what all sinhalese have to say reagarding this incident, don’t know why i feel sorry n sad, n why my eyes also wet

  66. This lesson is for what LTTE did to Muslim Community in the East and North. Now unfortunately innocent civilians are paying the price along with LTTE.

  67. Does this make sense?

    “For those mislead youth who suffered death to save the lives of cowards

    They were trained from their childhood to hate, murder and to believe whatever said by their leader as the ultimate truth.

    They were different from those who robbed their childhood. They were different because they died for the cause that they truly believed in.

    They were different from their leader, V. Prabhakaran, a megalomaniac, who treats Sri Lankan Tamils as serfs in his personal fiefdom. They believed Prabhakaran and carried out mindless crimes as ordered by him. They never questioned his leadership though he always chose to hide in the background, using the cover of women and children.

    They were different form Pottu Amman, the back stabbing master and the tale carrying expert of the LTTE. They never suspected his so-claimed expertise in intelligence operations, though they saw him killing hundreds of LTTE cadres, including some of its founding members, just to clear his path to success in terror.

    They were different from, Swarnam, Bhanu, Soosai, and Nadesan who called themselves the ruling elite of the LTTE. They never questioned their extravagant lives, scandalous behaviour, and obvious cowardice.

    They were different from the so-called “Tamil Diaspora” who spend luxurious lives in western countries and whose battle is limited to the Internet.”

  68. It is sad to note that so many terrorists have been killed. Tamils living abroad should take the blame for funding these terrorists and living in false hopes of a separate state in Sri Lanka. The funds that the Tamil diaspora poured into the coffers of the LTTE tigers could have been used to develop the North and East of Sri Lanka where the majority of the Tamils live. Instead the Tiger leaders used this money for a luxurious life with limousines, air conditioned bungalows, swimming pools etc. I wish even now the Tamil diaspora will realise the damage that has been done and stop funding this terrorist organisation.

  69. Thanks for telling us the stroy DBS. These Tamil terrorists deserve this sooner rather than later. These idiots will suffer in their death as well as there after life what they have done Sri Lanka.
    Keep up the good work mother Lanka

  70. These LTTE terrorists never spoke for the Tamil people but followed their own objectives by taking the innocent Tamils as hostages and human shields.
    Thank God, they are gone.

  71. DBS,

    CNN has reported that around 120 LTTE cadres heeded the call and surrendered. The Army is not acknowledging this fact for obvious reasons.

  72. Kuamar these guys came forward fought like great heroes and perished trying to serve their people.

    But don’t forget at the same time there is a fat covered who is hiding behind civilians making their lives a living hell.

  73. The LTTE’s back is broken. As much as this may be an emotionally debilitating moment for some tamils, by and large the most significant stumbling block to peace in Sri Lanka has been dealt a mortal blow and now life can take a turn for the better. Soon the rest of it will become history. Hopefully it will be a history from which all Sri Lankans can learn the importance of living in harmony.

  74. I think it’s now time for the Diaspora to realize that violence does not bring the homeland and start developing non-violence means to get the lost rights. Unfortunately by blindly supporting LTTE over the years, the Diaspora has knowingly or unknowingly has helped eliminate many moderate Tamil leaders who would have filled in the vacuum that is getting created by the departure of LTTE.
    I think it is time to look back and learn from the mistakes and do it right the next time – violence is not the way and we do not need another LTTE.

  75. Thank you for posting this article and exposing what the Tigers are all about….being cowards and getting others weaker than themselves to fight battles for them.

  76. It is indeed a great lost to the tigers, but it’s in no way the end of them. And it is true that tigers may not be a conventional force after this; nevertheless, as a guerilla force, they will still be stronger than ever. As Prabaharan tells his close associates often, it’s not the victories they make in the battle fields important, it’s how they continue to safeguard their struggle itself. Whether a conventional army or guerilla force, to Gov of SL, the problem will continue to be there. For a while, they can choose to ignore the problem by saying the tigers are no longer a threat, but sooner or later they have to address it properly. From the attention it’s getting internationally now, it’s going to be sooner than later. So what is important is that as united as we are now, all Tamils, we shouldn’t let these great tragedies bring down our voices for our people, they should be even louder now. Knowing tigers, what ever they loose, they will continue their struggle. That is something no one in the world can change. So let this be another great scarification for the freedom of our people, we will continue with our duties.

    -Porradda Vadivankal Maralam, Porraddam Marathu.

  77. It is indeed a tragedy to see human beings been killed, either Tigers or Army. They both belong to Sri Lanka and would have been instrumental in developing the Island.

    Unfortunately, the myth of Tamil Ealam created by ancient Tamil politicians is the main cause for this tragedy.

    There will not be a Tamil Ealam as long as the Tamil Tigers exist. No country in the world would want to deal with the Tamil Tigers, knowing their track record.

  78. I hope that these detramental elements to the Tamil Society are eliminated & peace can be brought to the Tamils,to live happily as good ,and & productive citizens
    in the country.As I am a Sinhalese I am very sympathetic to my Tamil Brotheren.I hope both waring
    factions became shake hands after the war.

  79. I amn’t an expert, but a basic view of some of those photo’s provided by SL army itself shows the death of LTTE cadres is something extra ordinary. I might be wrong, but chances of chemical weapons usage is very high.

  80. What a sad day for Sri Lanka !!

    Just as much as I admire the courage and bravery of our hero soldiers, as a Sri Lankan I grieve these fallen brothers and sisters,who gave their lives for a futile cause of a Satan incarnated mad man.

    Just imagine what these brave fallen brothers and sisters could have achieved ,had they not been brainwashed and used as cannon foder for the pleasure of a wet dream,by this demon “Sun God”!

    Even though their annihilation was a necessary evil to stop a mad man,and while I salute the Sri Lankan military for their great feat,specially the 55 and 53 divisions, who are also my brothers ,my respect also go to the fallen foe.

    Sad day for Sri Lanka,indeed!

    I pray that my good friends at 55 and 53 will send this demon back to hell soon,so we can unite to build a Sri Lanka, where we ALL can live in peace as brothers and sisters of one country ,once again.

  81. kumarkum

    OHHH “” ITS PAIN for last 30 years they killed there own pple now its there time to die so u can give them a crow blessing( in sinhala lang) they call kaputu dane.


  82. As a Sri Lankan I do not rejoice at the death of my fellow countrymen though I am glad the curse of the LTTE is going to be lifted from our paradise. It is a shame that these leaders and countless others had to die for the sake of a fradulent Eeelam project.

  83. Tamils as a whole have forgotton the history of Sri Lankan warfare in the past. Whatever we write on the ongoing battle and trying to give a different face value that this is a war against terror, its the historical battle between the invader and the patriot.

    Reincarnation of Dutugemunu-Elara. We will never come out of that mentality however much we are civilised. Both communities live in that mentality.

    If that is the case its for the good of all to at least now live the way we lived after that epic battle of Vijithapura after which old king Elara died at the hands of young Dutugemunu as a valiant soldier.

    In that respect the bandit Prbhakaran is nowhere near dharmista King Elara, hiding behind innocent and hapless civilians while sending dedicated young boys to the death knell.

  84. Yes they are heroes.
    They fought for the cause they believe in and seek honour by contributing towards its realisation.
    They may be terrorists.
    But,they were different from the so-called “Tamil Diaspora” who spend luxurious lives in western countries and whose battle is limited to the Internet.
    They were different from those who robbed their childhood; from those who financed the outfit that destroyed their lives and those who have made their sufferings a lucrative business.
    They were different because they died for the cause that they truly believed in.It is a shame that they had to die for the wrong cause.
    But they were real heroes…………

  85. Anyone with limited amount of brain power can come to conclusion by looking at photographs released by Ministry of genocide(defense). These people were burned to dead by banned substances, These people were not killed in hand to hand combats nor shells fired by big Guns or tanks.Srilanka is engulfed by dark period with advent of Rajapakse thugs. Every Tamil around the world must carry life long desire to mete out retribution to these thugs who are hell bent on exterminating Tamils in our homeland. Thirst of tigers is Tamil Eelam

  86. I can’t understand what they are fighting for; they already lost the war now. They are not preferred die on their feet, their leader make them to die for nothing.

  87. This is IT!!!!, They were brain washed fighters fought for one stupid reason!!! “Power eagerness”,
    they desrerved that…..
    Well done SLA sons …who fought without any fear in mind with these ruthless brain washed, robotic suicider poor people…..

  88. You justly deserve the praise of all right thinking people for giving a factually correct account of what happened. As humans one naturally feels for the loss of human lives.But this is not the first time so many lives have been lost. The philosopy of the LTTE “Kill or get killed” is paying dividends. Prapaharan’s ego and lack of political foresight has been responsible for this calamity. He has himself to blame.

  89. bravo for government forces due to fight for protect motherland from terror we want to protect our people not terror. we archiving that . our country next generation must safe now

  90. DBS J’s writing and reporting is always not only implicit, lucid clear and ojective, but also unbiased,non parician andnot anti Sinhalese. Most of the intelligent buddhist Sinhalese aare never happy to hear the killing of another son of mother Lanka. I have been spendin an annual holiday in Jaffna with my tamil brother en friends. Ther hospitality and deep concern to us was most touching.The brewing of the poision of Tamil Politics by Polpot Piribahaharan is the cause of all this irrevocable division.

    Division of a country so tiny l is truly idiotic.Lets pray for a a united one country of multi Races, where all can live and let live..

  91. DBS J’s writing and reporting is always not only implicit, lucid clear and ojective, but also unbiased,non parician and not anti Sinhalese. Most of the intelligent buddhist Sinhalese are never happy to hear the killing of another son pf mother Lanka. I have been spending an annual holiday in Jaffna with my tamil brother anden friends in the 60s The hospitality and deep concern to us was most touching.The brewing of the poision of Tamil Politics by Polpot Piribahaharan is the cause of all this irrevocable division.Division of a country so tiny l is truly idiotic.Lets pray for a a united one country of multi Races, where all can live and let live..

  92. I wish to refer to DBS’s earlier article on the pathetic state of Tamils today. Today he is giving us a list of “brave’ fighters who made that possible.

  93. Thank you DBS for providing all of us with this article. This is one of our greatest loss in our long battle to win our homeland. We salute all the fallen brothers and sisters who fought for all the thamil people until their last moments.

  94. I saw in the news in the govt TV that they seized a battle tank. Is that true how the LTTE brought that to the island. If is is true it is also a big blow to the LTTE

  95. I don’t accept VP. VP is the bi-product of the sinhala Buddhist chauvinism. Don’t blame the symptom.

  96. Thileepan the LTTE moron….evidently, you continue to live in a dreamland…what a shame for the Tamil community to have this type of an imbecile in its midst!


    1. “thamileelamists” should have realized long ago that nevermind what they did in SL to subjugate the GOSL and SL people with its unbridled Terrorism, it was never ever going to work. Why? Because India had decided long ago that an independent “thamileelam” was not viable and that it was a threat to India’s federalism (which included TamilNadu) and more so, this position was crystalized after Rajiv Ghandi was killed by the LTTE.

    2. Every intelligent mathematical model, analysis, extrapolation showed that LTTE needed to have a kill ration of at least 20:1 in their favor CONSISTENTLY if they were ever going to have even a meager hope of defeating the SLDF and forming “thamileelam” from Sri Lanka. Given the rapdly shrunk population base that LTTE had to draw its recruits from and given the their inability to procure and sustain a full fledged mechanized brigade (with vast array of MBTs etc.) and an air force (i.e. not a few crop-dusters that is), this was a no brainer.

    I have been repeatedly reminding of this realty check to the Tamil diaspora in various blogs etc. but it amazed me that they would not listen to this realty check and how brainwashed and unrealistically intoxicated they were of grabbing “tamileelam”…!!!

    As for lamenting over these LTTE cadres killed, I remind one and all that this was not an “army” but a band of horrific killers who willfully slaughtered thousands upon thousands of innocent Sri Lankans from all communities. Their horrific massacres of innocent Sinhela villages alone, where they have beheaded children, bashed skulls of infants on tree trunks, cut open wombs of preganant mothers, etc. horrors in my view were likely only matched by the Pol Potists of Cambodia.

    No, unreservedly, all Sri Lankans must celebrate the death of these LTTE vermin!

  97. DBS,

    Your report looks very informative .

    My tribute goes to the fallen LTTE commanders who worked so hard (without pay) for our motherland.


  98. Dayan,
    You are the first one wrote in lanka guardian abut our struggle- saying this is guerilla warfare not terrorism. In 80s, you came to Jaffna u & gave lecture on Nicaraguan Struggle. We published your book (translator was AJ -Not Sivaram-, publisher MMK) .
    Why are you looking our struggle through LTTE glass now? I know your friends were killed by LTTE. i like to know your view about our struggle.
    Ps I’m not a LTTE sympathizer.


  100. oh my god,what have i done.i’am realy sorry my dear tamil people.

  101. It is a very good day for sri lanka. we showed bloody tamil diaspora what they even can not imagine. more tamils will die in the future if you continue your struggle.

    So what all tamils diaspora should do is stop supporting LTTe or any eelam struggle. more you support we will kill more tamils

    and stay away from sri lankans issue, never try to come back. stay where you are now. forgot sri lanka. we sri lankasn can take care of our country. you need not even step into our motherland.
    Good bye

  102. 29 Compassion ‘Unfortunately I don’t get it WHY OUR BROTHERS STILL SUPPORTING VP & LTTE KNOWING IT IS NOT WORKING…’

    I can tell you why. It’s because the majority of the diaspora don’t support VP through fear or admiration. They HATE the Sinhalese and all things Sri Lankan from restaurents to cricket matches. Supporting VP is their way of getting back at the Sinhalese. Their enemy’s enemy is their friend.



  104. the sinhalese are a warlike race, which kept them surviving for the last 2500 years in this island, we made the portugese eat dogs….only the brits succeeded in Conquering the whole island after much bloodshed.
    the same spirit kept us going for the last 30 years, through misery and poverty

    a gloarious day for mother lanka……

    tamils!! forget eelam and start being sri lankan…

  105. The sad comments abt all the terrorists who got whacked ….any of u felt anything abt the innocent civilians massacred by those blood thirsty terrorists

    anuradhapura town in 1985 ..cn u guyz remember…

    these clowns got wut they deserved for thier crimes.

  106. The LTTE leadership & diaspora seems to be in an auto self destruction mode. the whole eelam exercise has lost its bearings.

    they’ll never get out of this rut.

  107. The bloody & cowardly sinhala regime who lack the
    guts to engage in direct combat with tamil tigers have jointly in association with Indian army thugs
    have perpetrated one of the most despicable and
    inhuman act of warfare in the wanni theatre by utilizing
    internationally proscribed chemical weapon on tiger combatants. Even more depraving is the tight censorship on media coverage imposed by the government to eradicate all evidence of such war crimes thus preventing international awareness. The melted body of a tiger cadre is proof of the magnitude
    of depravity. By this cowardly act, Mahinda gang prove
    themself they are heinous than any devil.

    this shows the melted body of a tiger cadre drenched in chemicals during PTK attack

  108. “5. shankar | April 7th, 2009 at 12:22 am
    prabaharan should take this opportunity to appoint commanders based on merit and merit alone. the last year… eveyone had to gather at one point …”

    whatever ur thougts they are now & soon all will be gathering at one point..HELL!!!

  109. if this debacle happened to SLA so called defense experts like iqbal athas would have been gunning for sarath fonseka. but now they are very silent.

    instead of crucifying vellupillai for the total destruction of self respect & dignity of the tamils forever the diaspora are still trying to save him.

    the extremes of desperation. looks like the LTTE propaganda has fooled themselves much more than anybody else. total dedication at fooling themselves.

  110. did you hered anything from tamilnadu politions…oh may they are bussy with the election now :-):-).this is the truth all these politions crying for there votes.

  111. tamil terorists have destroyed our island for over a generation…but on april 5th the attackers of the dalada maligawa got the return.

    what goes around comes around.

    and remember the old saying “the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist”
    ha ha ha ha ha lets see if the fat diabetic thug takes the cyanide capsule or grovels on his knees and surrenders.

  112. I still remeber the day my nephew who went to collect rise from farmers in the North as he was working for the Paddy Board.In a village Tamil Tigers caught all the Lorries and took the Paddy and burned 11 people alive with my nephew.Once the LTTE went from that place villagers alarmed the Police.They killed 11 innocent people who were just hard wokers who got children to feed.And also the day my cousin died with her 16 years old daughter at Dehiwala train bomb.If Tamils really wanted to fight for freedom they could have done it with the support of the South as in South also the people are suffering.This was the reason JVP was born and 50.000 got killed.By killing innocent civilians blindly (both Tamils Singhalese and Muslims)LTTE lost support from other communities.Tamil Diaspora did not know about many villagers killed by Tamil Tigers by using axes,Machetes or just by crushing the skulls of babies or hit the on trees or floor by grabbing by their legs.What about Muslims and Singhalese chased away from North and east?What about massacres of Mosques and at Anuradhapura? Are they real freedom fighters or a group of blood thirsty and ruthless bandits?.Tamilnet is misguiding Tamils and let them send money to this blood thirsty thugs to just collect and make arms.What projects did they make for people with $600million a year?Nothing.Just arms to kill people.I am happy that I can sleep well seeing the killers of my innocent nephew paying the price alyhough I dont believe in wars .Thanks Mr.Jeyaraj.I respect people like you.

  113. I really admire your writings and independence. Idiots call you tiger but facts are stubborn. You are a Tamil of the old school. Honourable.

    I do feel sad for the boys although they are called terrorists. Prabhakaran is to be blamed for the debacle. He has escaped but the others had to pay the supreme sacrifice. All this is because Prabhakaran wanted Ranil defeated and Mahinda installed. Ranil went out of the way to please Prabha but he pays it back by ensuring Ranil’s defeat. Such ungratefulness has brought his LTTE to it’s knees. fate has a cruel way of punishing ungrateful people.


  114. I think the whole world hates the LTTE now, including the tamils themselves. the barbaris LTTE never wanted peace, because they could never survive in peace. They have killed more Tamil brothers and sisters than anybody else, including Amir, Neelan Thiru, Uma Maheshvaran, Kadirgamar. They were not killed by the SLA or IPKF. They just want to kill, including Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Indians, infants, monks, priests, women-everybody. Their violence has no limit. I think the best answer to the LTTE, is what they got at PTK over the weekend. They should be massacared with no mercy-not at all. We should protect the Tamils at whatever the cost, they are our brothers and sisters. A machanism should be developed to rescue them with the help of ICRC/UN. The LTTE statement sayng that the civillians do not want to go in to the Government held areas is good for a three year old. About 2Million Tamils, about 60 percent of them live with sinhalese. Temporary settlement of these people in IDP camps in a temporary measure. This would only be done until the war is over and all the terrorists mingling with civilians are captured.

  115. Is the dead cadre “Mannivanan” also known as castro ?

    castro was in charge of Kittu arty brigade.

  116. Thileepan… another day dream

    Feel sorry for the inocent tamil ppl…. lets get-to-gether and develop this country…

  117. Let’s make a vow ‘We will not name our children after Prabhakaran’. Let denounced him as traitor who sold two millions Tamils to Mahinda Rajapaska for 450Millon Sri Lankan rupees.

    We will shun name of Prabhakaran just like the way we denounced Idi Amin, Hitler, Kakai Vannian and Eddappan. Now, one more name added there ‘Prabhakaran’

  118. Api okkoma atha paatiyak thaanava.
    Come and join us in the evening.
    At last you learn to know us.

  119. When the appeals were made to surrender who gave the them the order to fight till death. Was it Pottu Amman or Pirapaharan? It’s easy ask someone else to die for you, isn’t it?

  120. Necessasity is the mother of ingenuity! Tamils can only rely on their ingenuity, as time and tide are not on their side.

    The Sinhala supremcists however, have time and tide on thier side. They can play the numbers game, as long as they wish.

    But one thing they lack is civility. They are backward and believers in barbaric Sinhala supremacist ideology. This is why they took the liberty to invade Tamil homeland with an all Sinhala Army and occupy it.

    This barbaric act has rather unwittingly have been supported by the international community with bungling Indian Foreign Service mandarins urging India to rather unwisely play the proverbial monkey that divided the hopper between Tamils and Sinhalese. For all its treachery against Tamils one saving grace is that the Sinhalese are never going to loyal to India. They will always side with Pakistan and China against India to bring weak Indian leaders to their knees.

    It is therefore now necessary to appraise the international community of the illegality and immorality of the invasion and occupation of the Tamil homeland and to bring pressure to bear on the Colombo Sinhala government to demilitarise Tamil homelands forthwith.

  121. Prabhakaran send this leaders for slaughter. In future he may surrender and these leaders may oppose it.

  122. DBS wrote,
    “tigers have lost a vast array of illustrious fighting commanders”
    Indeed it is a loss for the tigers but certainly not for the tamil community.

    You will always remember,
    Tamils lost all of their intelectuals because tigers killed them.Tigers were guided to their demise by the remaining idiots.

    Otherwise the fate of the srilankan tamils would have been different today.
    Their is still time for reconciliation.

  123. By organising the 1983 massacre of Tamils in Lanka , JR promoted Prabaharan as the leader of 3Million Ellam Tamils, now Mahinda by his racist war is promoting him as leader of 80,000 Million Tamils of the world.

    . We, Tamils, should be clear of our objective and proceed towards our liberation.

    We have risen from adverse situations. We will show to the world that we will reach our objective. We ask world Tamil diaspora to give its support. We will form our Tamil state in this island of Sri Lanka.

  124. thileepan u ‘r mad y can’t u come to reality.

    Y r u in the internet y not go to the battle field in the wanni & fight with the army the final battle.

    Please v had enough of mad men like u.

    now its time for reconcilliation, not madness.

    Enough is enough of war and revenge and false heroism.

    Think rationally think humanely not as a racist.

    Thank u compassion for the words of wisdom.

    thank u old carzymans for u’r truth seeking poetry.

    And more than all DBS for investigative journalism. I didn’t believe this until I read u’re column. hope people like u will give tamils leadership in the future.

  125. Did not these poor fellows have enough sense to retreat or surrender than act like great heroes just to face certain death?

  126. Innocent Trinco & Manner TELO carders were burned alive by kittu.
    Kanthan Karunai massacre.by Aruna

    Iyako vethaithathi arukenroma.

    We have to respect the dedication & devotion of the Innocent LTTE fighters

  127. contrary to the above, pictures are speaking of the use of chemical weapons ( possibly some thermal weapons)

    PIctures cannot lie

  128. these tamil warriors have sacrificed their live without surrendering to combat the foes
    this is surely the turning point in the war
    prabhakaran is no fool
    the tamils must become united against india and its chemical weapons
    we will win

  129. tamils will never bow their heads to the lion flag
    sinhalese occupied this tamil lands through trickery not bravery
    they will get a tast of their own medicine
    all tamils stay united to honour our ancestors who ruled this land
    for the sake of the tamil blood that runs in you prepare for the final assault
    have hope
    this land is ours
    victory is ours

  130. no matter how many ltte’r are killed. One think you can’t change about sir lanka. That is its sihala buddist country for sihalese. Tamils must have their freedom one way or another. I do not belive all the bull **** comes out of defence establishments. Sinhala sri lankan can keep killing tamils. Sonner or later sri lankan’s will pay for this.

  131. Due to a technical glitch on April 8th, several comments posted by readers for this piece were irretrievably lost.

    Those whose comments posted on the 8th have not appeared here are requested to kindly r-send them for posting – after moderation.

    The inconvenience caused is regretted.

    Thank you
    DBS Jeyaraj

  132. The meek shall inherit the earth.
    How is that possible?
    When the not so meek have killed each other.

  133. Thank for the update DBS,

    It seems now this comes to the end of LTTE. It’s not right at all keeping our own people as a human shield. It’s obvious LTTE is now loosing the reamining leaders in near future. VP should release the innocent people in no war zone and fight the battle like a true leader if he really wants to fight this battle to fulfill his dream that never comes true.


  134. U killed innoncent chena farmers, pregnant sinhala mothers, sinhala infants,, suiciide bombings in sri lanka ;hacked innocent sinhalese to death. whole world is silent about them. i curse you Tamil Tigers, I am waiting for the death of fat prabha. I will eat kiribath for 7 days upon his death

  135. how come the Tamil diaspora does not believe that the Tigers are on their knees? They are educated men, women and children who continue to believe that the Tigers are the saviours of the Tamils, which they are not.

    Just look at the tens of thousands of civilians they are holding hostage inside the cramped safe zone area… if they care for them so much, they should let them go

  136. Though it is difficult to accept it is true Sinhalam has won.
    I am prepared to carry the Sinhalam on my shoulder as Seevalum Mayilum carry Murugan after Suuran was defeated.

    When International Community including India Bow Down or kneel down in front of Sinhalam noshame for me to carry Sinhalam on my shoulder.

    Anyway Mahinda is a greatest Leader in the world.

  137. any way its really nice to c ur artical but no tears for ltte muders but feel really sad about innocent tamil people and children.i hope that they will have good future soon.

  138. The Buddhist Sinhala wave of 1956 and its aftermath in showing the door to the Tamils from the family of Lankans gave birth to the Tamil struggle. This was conducted via the Parliamentary path for over 25 years. Both the SLFP and the UNP together-with their birds of passage calling themselves as Coalition partners-not only ignored the highly visible peaceful protests but brought in criminals and thugs to attack the Satyagrahis.

    The Sinhala governments miscalculated and believed with the force of arms the Tamil mass protests can be settled easily. Mrs B unwisely sent the Army to the North East-the hitherto Tamil homeland for those functions that could have been handled by the multi-racial Police force. Excesses of the army and police gave birth to the militant groups and eventually Prabakaran and the LTTE violently took over. They told the Tamils �this is no time for democracy. Once the war is over we will all have democracy. Until then join me to free the Tamil homeland from those who are out to destroy the Tamil race in the island. The end of VP and/or the LTTE in no way means the end of the Tamil issue.

    The end of the Tamil issue is when Tamils over Sri Lanka can breathe free; talk openly in Tamil in the trains, buses, roads without insults and attacks on them; When overseas Tamils can, without fear and in true safe conditions, build sufficient civilised conditions to hold their weddings and other social gatherings in Sri Lanka, now held in Chennai (Madras).When those of them not proficient in English or Sinhalese make their Police entries in the South in their language; When they are not asked to get out to your areas (NEP) because you do not belong here no less by senior State actors who provide the transport for the unlawful eviction; When low-level security men at check points cast insults and threats to Tamils especially our young women. When the North East is developed with all those grandiose projects and infra-structure development solemnly promised for the past many decades including those by the Rajapakse Govt; When the Sinhala political leadership take urgent and objective steps to remove the ‘You’ and ‘We’ syndrome among the two major communities. That could be a good start.

    Meanwhile, we grieve for the lives of all those gallant young men and women across the divide ‘both in the Lankan armed forces and those opposed to them-who lost their lives in a war that both sides and both people lost. We pray with all those families among the Sinhalese and Tamils who lost their near and dear ones in the battle field and elsewhere. We have all erred. We must liberate ourselves from our prejudices. In these difficult times we must forgive and forget to build anew. We must rebuild. We can rebuild. We can, together and hand in hand, walk together again to that glorious future that was ours only a short while ago. We are broken but not entirely destroyed. We must walk towards that multi-coloured rainbow in peace, towards national unity to realise the prosperity and the potential out there. Yes! Indeed, we can.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  139. OaO Asithri,
    It seems from your reply, you are very agitated and disturbed by my response to this article. I am sorry but thats the truth. The struggle will continue, it will continue till the Tamils find their freedom. Today Theeban and tomorrow could be Pottu Amman and after that it may even the Prabakkaran. But the struggle for freedom will prevail and it will continue with renewed strength as long as there is oppression. It may be India or America can try to help your government, but as long as there is oppression, the oppressed will raise and fight the oppressor. This is just a fact. Tamil has risen and fighting for 30 years now and they wont stop till they get their freedom. And now that they have moved all over the world, they will continue even if you kill all those are in Sri Lanka now. Not only your government, but also those helping it with these chemical weapons will be forced to realize this.

  140. They fought HARD, but not SMART.

    This is what you get when you elevate a street thug as your supreme leader and ignore age old common sense. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

    [BTW: That goes for the Sri Lankan government thugs as well – My critique of the LTTE does not absolve the SL government of their brutal destruction of the country]

    Destroying the Educated and thoughtful leaders were cheered by many among us. As a concerned Tamil, if you point this out, you were called a traitor.

    The sad fact is that more Tamils have been killed by Tamils, and more Sinhalese have been killed by the Sinhalese, in the last 25 years.

    SL could have been as prosperous as any western country (eg. Singapore) provided they had the visionary leaders. This may be the end of LTTE, but this is definitely not the end of the conflict. If you want to save this country, the Sinhalese should come up with an offer that the Tamils can’t reject. Both will benefit if they learn from this mess. I’m not holding my breath given the quality of the powers in Colombo. God save us all!

  141. Many people don’t know Theeban very well…

    I can say Theeban is the military version of Mr. Anton Balasingham. Both were wise, geniuses and legends in their respective fields. Unfortunately, Pirapakaran had exploited, wasted and now has lost both of them…

    I am now hoping for a miracle to happen and save the Tamils and free our nation!

  142. i dont understand what to write but some of these stupid comments made me sad.
    VP is hero to some of the tamils who left sri lanka shamefuly . if you guys really want VP to come his mad dream true go to mulathiv because ltte needs you service.
    by the way you could send your kids at the age of 7 or 8.as you know they recrute child soldiers.
    say some thing meanfull to your nation who suffer in thewar zone

  143. DBSJ,

    Thank you for your article.

    Can you do more research into the allegations that the Sri Lankan army used incendiary bombs and chemical weapons, such as nerve gas, to overcome the LTTE?

    This is a very important detail. It is crucial that we find out.

  144. ltte is not a feedom fighter
    they murdered inacent villagers
    they bombed public buses
    they assisinated president Hon.premadasa
    they killed indian prominister Hon.Rajeeve Gandhi
    they murdred buddist monks
    they bombed central bank
    they killed tamil leaders like amirthalinga
    they distroyed other tamil orgernizations
    they distroyed Madu Church
    they killed muslims who live in east and north
    they must be funished by
    all srilankn singhalise tamils muslims and all
    others.we need peace in sri lanka

  145. Hi DBS,

    I noted that Gadaffi has been killed. Is it the same thug who fired SA-7 SAM at the Avro in the mid 90s? I am curious to know

  146. I can’t add to the poetic words of ” Crazyoldmans ” or the message of hope from ” Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan .

    When the dust is settled, will we have a ” New Srilanka ” ? this is my hope.

  147. All the people who are threating to carry forwad the freedom strugle,

    please tick

    Offer money and key board sevices

    Fight on the FDLs

    Offer therir children for the fighting.

    or fight with other people’s children

    very sad

  148. Thank you DBS. I always read your articles with great interest. Though I am considered a sinhalese by birth, I consider myself as just another human being only. When
    I look at this whole sad drama I keep asking what the hell is wrong with these people? Atleast blood sucking Rajapakses, Prbha and other politicos know what they are doing and what they want. Why the hell does the ordinary innocent sinhala and tamil people take sides and kill eachother. What do we get at the end. We dint bring anything to this world and we wont take anything when we die. We are all brothers. Lets not hate eachother but hate our so called leaders who are leading us to destruction.

  149. 1.1983-beginning of civil war
    2. 1972-name changed to srilanka
    3. 1948-won independence
    4. 1900-ceylon a colony of great britain
    5. 1815-fall of the kingdom of kandy. entire country a colony of great britain.
    6. 1800-except the kingdom of kandy the rest of the country a colony of great britain.
    7. 1796-the british east india company established control of the island except kadyan kingdom.
    8.1700-except kandyan kingdom rest of the island under dutch rule.
    9.1600-except kandyan kingdom rest of the island under portugese rule.
    10.1505-portugese arrived.
    11.1500-island consisted of 3 kingdoms-1.kandy-central hills. 2.kotte-western coast.3.yalpanam-north.
    12. 2000-country still wracked by civil war.
    13. 2025-country still wracked by civil war.
    14.2050-2100-country of eelam-consisting of north of the island.
    15. if federalism was given to north of the island before 1983 srilanka one country. now too late. unfortunately don stephen senanayake, swrd bandaranayake, sirimavo, junius richard jayawardene not as intelligent as jawaharlal nehru.

  150. After carefuly examining all the photos, videos, articles and other materials one’s suspicion is aroused whether
    1. It was a mass suicide by the tigers
    -the body found with the face wrapped in clothes and soaked in ‘kerosene’ and burnt beyond recodnition is one of their top leader’s or heir’s
    2. It was an inside job
    -Prahaharan and Banu gave away these young men and women as they were planning to surrender. Most of the bodies are seen with their hands raised and many are not in their military fatiques. It should be remembered that when retreating from Kilinotchi Banu ordered all the injured tiger caders to bite cyanide and those who did not comply were shot.

    Is the military, knowing the truth claiming undue credit or are they playing time to get the whole truth.

    The suspicious circumstances are:
    -So many tigers including their top commanders converged in one place
    -They did not seemed to have made a valiant fight
    -Their injuries are mostly covered in the pictures, but seems like from burning and bomb blast from within the building;some have frost marks in their mouth, though cleaned a bit(Cols Vithusha & Theepan).
    -Banu seemed to have made a miraculous escape.
    -No postumous promotions or recognition of their services or praising songs(as seen in the case of Thamilchelvan,Balasingam & Balraj in recent times)are seen in pro tiger media so far.
    -No pictures or video clips from the tiger media outlet sent so far other than reproducing defence web clips.
    – The recent report of the talks between KP and Norway, and the unconfirmed reports of a proposed deal via KP, of Prabhaharan and some top leaders with the Goverment for safe exit and surrender of others, and its sudden suspension.

  151. comment 171. Defeated Mind | April 9th, 2009 at 7:17 am
    You said,”Though it is difficult to accept it is true Sinhalam has won.
    I am prepared to carry the Sinhalam on my shoulder …”

    No need to carry us.
    Be equal and share the wealth with us.

    We did not win over you.
    We together won over the agressor who over time became your enemy.

  152. Sinhalese are artful when it comes to Tamil politics. They seems to have very short memory. They have simply forgotten all the anti Tamil pogroms that was systematically implemented and alienated the Tamils from socio-political development. No money ever come to NE. Plus all the anti-Tamil riots unleashed on them, time to time and killed thousands of the Tamils. ALL were sponsored by the successive governments. Kept the whole world away from the Tamils by denying basic infrastructure to the region. Now they are changing the story as to all the problems are because of the LTTE and 100,000 people died are killed by LTTE. My salute the fallen Tamil heroes. I sincerely hope, the UN will soon get in to NE to protect the Tamils from the murderous south.

  153. This is a tragedy for all Sri Lankans, as was the case when 1200 soldiers lost their lives when Elephant Pass was overrun, or when 800 policemen were massacred in the East. The incidents of human carnage are too numerous to mention. These are all Sri Lankans we have lost and for each death, there is a weeping mother, father, brother, and sister. A country gets its strength from its people and we (as a collective) have managed to wipe out an entire generation of youth who were full of promise, and as a secondary consequence, created thousands of orphans on both sides of the divide. The people who have gained from this are the merchants of war; the unscrupulous arms dealers, the corrupt politicians, foreign governments that needed field tests for their newly developed arson, and the misguided proselytizers of racial and state divide.

    The need of the hour is a genuine effort by the government to listen (and not preach) to the grievances of the minorities and extensively devolve powers within an unitary framework. Everyone should have the right to live in dignity and peace throughout the island.
    This should apply equally across the divide – a Tamil living in the South should be free to make a complaint at a police station in Tamil, while a Sinhalese living in the north should be able to do the same in Sinhala. Secondly, a national identity needs to be established. What does it mean to be Sri Lankan? Unsurprisingly, we have a lot more in common amongst all communities than we have different; the warm hospitality afforded to visitors-which is sometimes to a fault, respect for our elders, the value of education and appreciation of intellect, and many more. We have lost our sense of national identity and values. Maybe we never had one to begin with.

    I hold hope for the nation but there is a lot of hard work ahead of u

  154. Tamil Victim,

    prabhakaran has done more damage to the tamils than all the sinhala governments combined. the sooner tamils face that stark reality the better for them.

    joseph goebell’s theories don work in this day of mass information.

    being in denial mode has lead to the certain degradation of the LTTE supporting tamils in the eyes of the world as criminals, liars & deceptors. the only achievement apart from the mass graves built lavishly. there seems to be no sense at all anymore in what they say or do.

    don try to find external excuses for sponsoring and investing in a mass murderer in the name of liberation.

    the tamil diaspora can correct that to a certain extent by appealing to prabhakaran to give himself up & release the human shield instead of blocking traffic & jumping into the thames river.

  155. For all these who made the comments about LTTE and dispora Tamils:

    LTTE will never go down in the history and Tamils will free their land one day. Do not waste your time.

    The Sinhala community is living under a dreem world under the current leadership and fail to realize these guys are thugs ruining the country.

  156. I feel sad when i read this article. This is a gratest loss to the tamil people.I Think, human value is very important.Every body needs to live more years with their freedom .Both sides need to get good decesion for the people.

  157. I am a neutral person with no locus standii on the ongoing dispute.

    It is sad to notice the happenings back in SL. Look at the mad crap being perpetrated by the lunatic diaspora ..so myopic that they can not even read the writing on the wall…sitting in the plush comforts of civilized nations …and the very shameless and senseless crowd who ran away from sufferings like cowards …puttig up a buffonary infront of the whole world so unabshedly….and the same senseless do not want the innocents to suffer at a gun point…I can not comprehend what type of justice is this? If they have so much concern for their berthern back in SL..go to the scenario and fight ..but do not do this type of show …it is an utter insult to all the lives lost on both the sides…what are you trying to prove with all this? If you want to alleviate the suffering…please ask that sick megalomaniac who is hiding so shamelessly behind the childern, women and old…as I feel there is brave able young progeny left any more ..as all have been consumed by this VP monster..nationally and internationally…this person now wants to save his skin..and wants to live….What about all the life that is lost…who is responsible for all this mess? Why is his life so precious ..and why is he not swallowing that pill..which he made it appear like a candy for all those who have consumed it?

    In a civilized society there is place for every one and there are way to achieve your goals..look at Gandhi, MLK, Mandela, Mother Theressa..the examples are countless…had he shown some balance of mind..some sensibility..the international community would have had enough reasons to intervene ..but he made the entire world an enemy…from freedom fighters , the LTTE is now a terrorist organization…from a father figure..now he is the most wanted TERRORIST in the world….what a degenaration ..and what an insult to all those who have sacrifised their lives so happily and so selflessly for the cause…This VP lives in plush air condioned comforts..his family is in alien lands…he has the human shields…and still claims that he is a great fighter….and all the front ends who die like birds…..there is no to even pay attention to the loss of life…the bodies rottening…bloating…and no one to take care of the ageing parents…entire families having come on to the roads…my thoughts are wandering every where at the plight of the sufferings of the innocents…..


  158. Dear DBS J!

    I have sent some details about Theepan but not visible why.
    Urs Keatharan

    DBSJ responds: Sorry, we are having a minor technical problem and some postings are getting “lost”. Can you please re – send it ?

  159. Dear DBS J!

    Most of the details are in your last article. When u writing about Kandawalai u wrote abt Kurdles . His details Major Kurdles(Mahalingam Thileepan) Died 14-02-1987.his brother Major Kandeepan (Mahalingam Kandeepan).Died 07-03-1990

    Urs Keatharan

  160. I am Sinhala but I must admit that Army used poison gas to kill brave tiger fighters

  161. Thisanayagam got 20 years. You DBS will get 40 years. Don’t ever thinking of going to Sri Lanka

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