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Fifth death anniversary of TNA Jaffna MP Nadarajah Raviraj

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Nadarajah Raviraj (Jun 25, 1961-Nov 10, 2010)

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Hello Friends,

It was on November 10th 2006 that Nadarajah Raviraj was brutally gunned down along with his Police bodyguard in broad daylight near his residence in Colombo. Five years have passed and no one has been punished for the murders of the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) MP from Jaffna district nor Sgt.Lakshman Lokuwella the bodyguard.

It was blatantly clear then and now that the murder was an officially sanctioned unofficial execution. The lawyer cum Parliamentarian was killed by suspected agents of the state for speaking out against the repression unleashed by the Rajapaksa regime then

I wrote a few articles then about the killing,its aftermath and about Raviraj. I am collating a few of those articles written five years ago and posting on my blog now to mark the fifth death anniversary of Raviraj’s death.

Here it is Friends-DBSJ

Tragic demise of Nadarajah Raviraj in Colombo

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Nadarajah Raviraj , one of the bright young stars in the Tamil political firmament is no more. The 44 year old Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian from Jaffna district was brutally shot dead on Friday November 10th.

The Tamil National Alliance MP from Jaffna district and his bodyguard Sgt. Lakshman Lokuwella from Gampaha were shot dead in broad daylight at about 8. 39 am in Colombo.

The shooting occurred close to Raviraj’s residence in Manningtown, Narahenpita.

The spot where the shooting occurred was in close proximity to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Registrar of Motor Vehicles Department.

The Jaffna MP had returned home after a discussion – interview on “Derana” TV from 7. 00 am – 7.30 am. He had quickly changed clothes . had breakfast and started out again to his law office.

Raviraj a lawyer by profession had his own law firm: “Raviraj and Associates”.

Though the MP had his own driver the man was on leave. The driver had requested a further extension of leave a few days before the killing.

According to Raviraj’s brother in law the MP had then told the driver good – humouredly ” Even if I die you can have your leave”.

The TNA Parliamentarian had first tried to use his wife’s car but finding the battery had run down chose to use his own vehicle.

Raviraj had asked his bodyguard Sgt. Lakshman a native of Gampaha to get in and climbed into the drivers seat.

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado bearing the No WP KE 1279 was then slowly driven along Martha road by Raviraj. The vehicle was turning into Elvitigala Mawatte when a motor cycle numbered JE 3507 came near from the opposite side.Two men with helmets were on it.

One got down from the pillion , removed his helmet , went across and stood on the pavement . He had a shoulder bag.

Raviraj’s vehicle was cruising along very slowly when the man tore apart the bag he was carrying and started firing. The weapon was a T – 56. The assassin did not pull the gun out but fired while it was yet inside the bag.

The assassin fired away at point blank range on Raviraj’s vehicle from the front, side and rear. An entire magazine was exhausted in the firing. He then ran quickly and climbed on to the motor cycle pillion again.

The assassins had then turned into Martha road and sped away. The bag containing the T – 56 as well as the helmet of one rider were found on the side of the road.

Police also say that a three – wheeler parked close to the spot had also driven away after the shooting. It is suspected that the three – wheeler driver was a “look – out” for the assassins and had tipped them off by mobile telephone about Raviraj’ s vehicle approaching.

Raviraj was hit five times and Lokuwella eight times. Both victims were taken to Colombo National Hospital speedily. Lokuwella was pronounced dead upon admission.

Raviraj was in critical condition and urgent surgery was done but Raviraj was dead at 9. 20 am.Hospital sources said the MP was “clinically dead” even when admitted.

Raviraj is the second Tamil National alliance MP to be assassinated after Mahinda Rajapakse became President. Veteran Eastern Province Parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham was shot dead last year at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Batticaloa during midnight mass for Christmas. Joseph was returning to his pew after partaking of Holy communion from Batticaloa Catholic Bishop Rt. Rev Kingsley Swampillai when the assassins came from near the altar and shot him dead in full view of the terrified congregation

Rajavarothayam Sampanthan, Leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) told the press, “Raviraj’s assassination is a clear attempt by the paramilitary operating with the Sri Lanka Army to stifle the Tamil parliamentarians’ voice in and out of the Parliament to inform the International Community of the Sri Lanka Government’s genocide against the Tamils.” Sampanthan further said, “Almost an year has passed since the assassination of Batticaloa parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingam and the Sri Lanka government is yet to bring the killers to book. This reveals the covert connections the government has with them.”

Ranil Wickremasinghe, the Leader of the Opposition and the head of United National Party (UNP) condemning the assassination said, “Within a year of parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham’s assassination Raviraj has been killed. This is a threat to democracy. We strongly condemn this cowardly act and urge the government to take legal actions to bring the killers to justice besides providing adequate security measures to Tamil parliamentarians.”

S. B. Dissanayake, a senior member of UNP, after visiting the Colombo National Hospital morgue where the remains of Raviraj is kept said, “The Sri Lanka government should hold itself responsible for Raviraj’s assassination without blaming Karuna group or any other and tell the public who the killers are.”

Mano Ganeshan, parliamentarian and leader of Western Peoples’ Front party said the GoSL should take responsibility for Raviraj’s assassination.

‘Tamils’ struggle cannot be contained by this cowardly killing,” said TNA parliamentarian Sivajilingam. He added that the killers of Raviraj are the paramilitaries operating with the Sri Lanka Army.

Meanwhile relatives of slain MP told media personnel in Jaffna that a member of a Tamil paramilitary organization linked to the Government had tried to target Raviraj when the TNA Parliamentarian visited Jaffna a few weeks before his death. Raviraj was the first MP to visit Jaffna since A9 was closed following the escalation of hostilities since August 11. He journeyed to Jaffna in an Air Force plane and was given security from Palaly to his home in Chavakachcheri.

According to relatives the Tamil paramilitary operative was suspected of working with the Sri Lankan military intelligence. He had visited Raviraj’s Chavakachcheri residence and questioned people about Raviraj’s movements. Suspecting an assassination attempt Raviraj had gone elsewhere and slept at another place before leaving for Colombo.

Nadarajah Raviraj wa a native of Chavakachcheri in the Thenmaratchy sector of Jaffna. His father was a schoolmaster at Chavakachcheri Hindu College in Sangathanai.His mother taught at Hindu Ladies College,Chavakachcheri.

Friends recall with affectionate nostalgia that Nadarajah Master’s nickname among students was :”kilangu” (potato). Soon Raviraj too was called “kilangu” in his student days due to this.

An old boy of Driebergs College, Chavakachcheri and St. Johns College , Jaffna Nadarajah Raviraj passed out as a lawyer and took his oaths in 1987. He joined the Attorney – General’s Dept in 1990 and worked there till 1993.

He quit the AG’s dept in 1993 and became a human rights lawyer attached to the Home for Human Rights . He worked there till 1996. Thereafter he began private practice and soon set up his own law office Raviraj and Associates. Raviraj was involved in human rights work from 1984 onwards during his law College days.

Raviraj became enamoured of democratic politics at a time when most Tamils of a younger generation were aligning with militant groups. He joined the Tamil United Liberation Front and worked actively for the party along with other young Tamil lawyers like former Jaffna mayor Pon. Sivapalan and ex – Batticaloa MP Thurairajasingham.

Raviraj owed his rise in politics to TULF stalwart Veerasingham Aanandasangaree who regarded his younger colleague as a protege’. Sangaree who was senior vice – president of the TULF then promoted Raviraj within the party.

Raviraj became TULF central Committe member in 1990. In 1998 he was appointed Legal adviser to the party. Raviraj was made TULF Politbureau Member in 2000 and in 2001 became Administrative secretary of the party.

The TULF of an earlier era faced great danger at the hands of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Other militant Tamil groups now functioning as “democratic” parties were also not well – disposed towards the grand old democratic party of Sri Lankan Tamils.

It was amidst great physical danger that the TULF contested the Jaffna Municipality in 1998. Raviraj too was on the list. The TULF with its slogan of “unarmed democracy” (Aayuthamatra Jananayagam) topped the polls in Jaffna despite not having resources like other parties such as EPDP, PLOTE , TELO and EPRLF.Raviraj became a municipal councillor.

Sarojini Yogeswaran became mayor and was shot dead by the LTTE. Pon. Sivapalan then succeded her. Sivapalan along with Jaffna military commander Brigadier Mendis and several others were killed when the LTTE exploded a claymore mine concealed in the ceiling. The mayoral aspirant Pon. Mathimugarajah was assassinated by the LTTE in front of the Nallur Kandaswamy temple.

In spite of the danger involved Raviraj backed up by Aanandasangaree came forward to don the mayoral mantle. Raviraj was appointed deputy mayor in 1998. Instead of becoming Mayor immediately Raviraj functioned as acting mayor. He was the de – facto and not de- jure mayor for a while.

Raviraj adopted this razor’s edge stance and managed to survive . In 2000 October Raviraj contested the Parliamentary elections on the TULF ticket but failed to win a seat. In 2001 Raviraj was formally appointed as Jaffna mayor. But within months Raviraj was elected to Parliament and resigned Mayoral office.

By 2001 there was a sea change in Tamil “moderate” politics. The TULF, Tamil Congress, EPRLF and TELO joined hands and formed a loose alliance known as the Tamil National Alliance. They started moving close to the LTTE and began toeing the tiger line.

The TULF then faced danger at the hands of Douglas Devananda’s EPDP which treated the new political formation as potential danger. When the TULF went into the Islands to do propaganda the EPDP saw it as an affront and challenge. The EPDP had for long regarded the Kayts division as its fiefdom.

A gang of EPDP goons led by Napoleon and masterminded by Mano accosted the TULF in Thambatty in Naranthanai and launched a brutal assault. Raviraj driving up in the front vehicle displayed great physical courage in combatting the challenge. Two TULF activists were killed and people like Mavai Senathirajah and MK Sivajilingam sustained injuries. It was this incident which turned the tide against the EPDP then.

Raviraj too won and entered Parliament for the first time in 2001 December. There was however a split in the TULF during this time when the old warhorse Aanandasangaree fell foul of the LTTE which wanted him ousted. The TNA was now fast becoming a puppet of the LTTE. Sangaree resisted LTTE domination and paid the price as most of his colleagues and followers deserted him and paid pooja to the tigers.

The unkindest cut for Sangaree was the “transformation ” of Raviraj. The young MP had initially backed his political mentor but gradually parted ways with his senior colleague.

In 2004 April Raviraj was re- elected as Jaffna district MP but Aanandasangaree was defeated in an “undemocratic” poll conducted under dubious means. Raviraj soon became a rising star in the TNA which contested under the house symbol of the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK).

One of Raviraj’s strong points was his fluency in Tamil, English and Sinhala. This enabled him to participate fully in Parliament debates, media discussions and interviews and public meetings. He was a forceful speaker and conveyed his views precisely and clearly.

He was capable of quick repartees and often made pithy and pungent comments.He also participated in demonstrations particularly those concerning freedom of _expression. Raviraj had many friends among the Colombo media.

He participated in many TV shows in all three languages. He was perhaps the best known :face among TNA Parliamentarians” to the “Sinhala” South.

Raviraj was in Canada some years ago and I heard him speak at a public seminar on the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Raviraj was the last speaker. There were a couple of Canadian mainstream MP’s at the meeting. As is usual among western politicians who “grace” minority community occasions just to keep up “appearances” the two gentlemen began moving out as Raviraj was on the rostrum.

The young Tamil MP was not fazed and made a public appeal that both MP’s should not leave but sit and listen to his speech. Taken aback both men promptly returned to their seats, tuned in and after it was over engaged in long discussions with the Sri Lankan Parliamentarian.

I also recall that Raviraj could not have dinner with me as arranged earlier because his departure from Toronto had to be expedited due to an urgent matter. I was not at home when he called to inform me of the sudden change of plan.After returning to Colombo Raviraj was courteous enough to telephone me and apologise profusely .

The situation in Sri Lanka began deteriorating after Mahinda Rajapakse became President. An undeclared war is being conducted against the Tamil people. The basic human rights of the Tamil people are being violated with impunity.

Raviraj was in the forefront of those resisting this creeping state terror. He joined hands with those of different political beliefs and ethnicities to fight for common causes. A case in point was his active involvement in the Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC) set up to monitor extra – judicial executions, disappearances and abductions.Raviraj worked with people like Siritunga Jayasuriya, Mano Ganesan MP (Colombo District), Vasudeva Nanayakara MMC, Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne, and Appapillai Vinayagamoorthy etc in this regard.

I also know for a fact that Raviraj was one of the few Tamil MP’s who interacted closely with diplomats, human rights activists and media persons about issues affecting the Tamil people. Though he did not hog the limelight in this Raviraj worked quietly behind the scenes in keeping the “world” informed about what was happening in the Island.

Raviraj has participated in conflict resolution workshops hosted by Institute of Federalism in Switzerland, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Germany and Peace Institute in Austria among others.

Raviraj along with a few other MP’s was the livewire of the TNA. The TNA was being forced to adopt a more militant yet non – violent stance in espousing the Tamil cause. After many non – violent demonstrations in Parliament the TNA began taking to the streets to articulate Tamil grievances. The demonstration opposite the UNHCR office in Bullers road was the beginning of a new series of envisaged protests.

Once again Raviraj played a crucial role in organizing and conducting the demonstration. 19 of the 22 TNA Parliamentarians participated. Apart from handling logistics Raviraj’s voice could be heard shouting slogans and demands loudly in all three languages.He also interacted with the media and obtained much publicity for the event.

Given the prevailing political culture where all Tamil dissent is ruthlessly suppressed a voice such as that of Raviraj’s too had to be silenced from the viewpoint of those wielding power in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

There is a coordinated campaign going on in the North – East where all Tamils with leadership potential are being killed, disappearing, leaving the country or simply becoming invisible.This trend spills over to Colombo frequently.The instruments of state terror are very often Tamil groups and organizations aligned with the Government

Nadarajah Raviraj was one such Tamil who had to be silenced.The brutal murder of Raviraj is a calculated attempt to terrify and intimidate the Tamil people and their representatives in Parliament.His fellow Parliamentarian Selvam Adaikkalanathan of the TNA expressed this viewpoint succinctly.

“A democratic voice of Tamils has been silenced in Sri Lanka’s capital today.Resourceful Tamil politicians, journalists and activists are being systematically killed in Sri Lanka. Raviraj tirelessly worked to improve the conditions of the people living under economic embargo to relieve the humanitarian catastrophy. He had a convincing way of dealing with even the crude bureaucracy of this failed state,” Mr. Adaikalanathan said.

“He fought from their platform. His voice in the Sri Lankan Parliament, and in the South, where injustice and oppression originate, was much feared.” By silencing the democratic voices of the Tamils, the Sri Lankan military and its paramilitaries such as the EPDP will not be able to silence the Tamil struggle,” the MP added.

LTTE supremo Velupillai Pirapakaran has conferred the customary “Maamanithar” title on Raviraj describing him as a courageous Tamil who defied Sinhala oppression from within its citadel.

Raviraj was married to Sashikala a teacher at Bishops College, Colombo. He has a daughter Praveena (15) and son Yuthishtran (10).

Nadarajah Raviraj leaves behind his mother, wife and two children. My condolences to the family. May Ravi’s soul attain eternal peace and solace.

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  1. Dear DBSJ
    Thank you for keep these memories alive, which reminds everyone involve in Srilankan politics, that justice is waiting to be served for thousands of such case.

    One such killing has a life long impact on minimum another three human beings his wife and two children. Why we in a society allow such killing get unpunished at least to find the truth by due legal process?

    I need an answer from a proud Srilankan.

  2. Diyasena: A ‘hybrid race’ with a mixed gene pool is far better than Yogesh’s ‘pure’ race. The sinking down to denigrating slurs when one’s views are challenged is quite indicative of his ‘pure’ inbred stock.

    A person being an inbred stock or crossbred stock is not under his control. You try to project as if inbred stock is inferior to crossbred stock. How do you come to the hasty conclusion that crossbred stock is better than inbred stock? Civilization flourishes in the central area of the ethnic group and not in border areas. Cultural capital of Tamils of TN is Thanjavur. Kanniyakumari (much affected by Malayalis) or Chennai (much affected by Telugus) can not be the cultural capital. All folk arts and development in carnatic music developed only in Thanjavur. In your Sri Lanka also, Kandy is the cultural capital of Sinhalese. Hambantota or Auradhapura can not become the cultural capital of Sinhalese.

    Definitely Tamils of SL are more of crossbred stock than Tamils of TN. Inbred stock of TN Tamils have a smooth sailing in India. Crossbred stock of SL Tamils faced all problems. No body is clear whether Prabhakaran is a Karayar or a Mudhaliyar. Somebody suspects that Prabhakaran has some Malayali connection also. Why Prabhakaran was not generous enough to accomodate himself with the pluralistic society of SL? Don’t judge one based on whether he/she belongs to inbred stock or cross bred stock. It is up to an individual. Do you know one thing? A Tamil of inbred stock is very happy in leading a simple life by worshipping Ayyanar or Pillayar. Only the crossbred stock talk about utopian Dravidian ideology (people like Karunanidhi), Hindu rashtra (Brahmins who are more crossbred than other Tamils), Al-Qaeda (Tamils with Arab mix) and all other non-sense.

    You crossbred were silently watching when your co-crossbred Sivananthan was belittling Tamils continuously. When I reacted all crossbred joined together and you try to project as if I am not able to tolerate different views being an inbred. If you say that Sivananthan’s approach is better because of his crossbred nature, then I am able to understand how the crossbreds will behave and I’ll be more careful with crossbreds. Diyasena, you are a severe critic of LTTE and other separatists. But you never belittle anybody. Sivananthan is habituated to belittling.

    Even at the international level, you observe that globalization is a fiasco. European economy collapses, US economy collapses and so on. There is every possibility to relate globalization to the so called cosmopolitan societies. Cosmopolitan society is the breeding ground for crossbred society. Globalization has lead to destroying the original inhabitants of the lands and formation of private armies (like Salva Judum in India). Ofcourse globalization has few advantages also.

    So Diyasena, don’t come to hasty conclusions like crossbred is better than inbred.

  3. Sri Lanka keep on killing tamil prominent political leaders, who can communicate well in both languages. It is very sad to know that even a single man has not been identified for the assignation. Same to Mr. Pararajasingham as well.
    There is no doubt this killings are ordered by Mr. Mahindha and brothers. So who is going to arrest them. It is intersting now their gun turned against sinhalese as well.


  4. peacelover

    The killing of people in Sri Lanka is so many, it is hard to keep a track of people killed for so many different reasons. I am not making light of any killing, but in Sri Lanka life is so cheap just like any other overpopulated third world country.
    It is a very sad fact. I have heard in hospitals some doctors openly say “why do you want to waste money on this person because he is going to die any way, might as well spend that money to buy some milk powder for a small baby”. If a doctor in a western country say like that, he will not be a doctor any more. After thirty years of a bloody war, people in SL have become so used to death. So many young healthy Sri Lankans ( Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim, Burgher and Malays) have been killed and maimed during the psst thirty years. So many guns around, and if someone doesn’t like one’s face, pull a gun and kill him. Can you remember that Burgher family in Mt. Lavinia how they were bludgeoned to death in their sleep due to a property dispute. What about Lasantha Wickremanthunga ?. The list goes on. In a real world, these crimes should have been solved, but unfortunately not in Sri Lanka.

    Hopefully one day some genuine honest politician will come into power and solve all these crimes,the same way it happened in Cambodia. So please don’t loose hope.

  5. There is nothing to be proud of in Sri Lankan. We are a nation with the blood of thousands on our hands. We boast about humanitarian wars and operations. We deny recompense and justice to the victims of war.
    Yet we pride ourselves in our 2500 year legacy although that legacy is tatters. The way of peace, the way of freedom, the way of humanity and compassion taught by the blessed one is lost. All we know about is racial politics and the corruption and impunity of power.

  6. A Tamil politican and his Sinhala bodyguard being killed by a Tamil paramilitary on the orders of his Sinhala paymaster. This is how the 2 main ethnic groups in this island function, killing and dying with each other.

  7. A young talented life was removed in the brutality of the day – annointed as the normal process in a grotesque “democracy” The wider held view is this is the job of the “Unit eka” taking orders from a
    war super-hero above the law. The killing came by as Raviraj in his own manner of speaking the Sinhala
    language (often on Sinhala TV channels) “was talking too much” It was said at the time
    the 2 biking assassins calmly drove away on Elvitigala Mwa (Narahenpita Rod) and vanished into thin air.
    There is a massive army camp in the same road.

    A young mother was left a widow and the happy life of his young children have since turned into a nightmare.


  8. You will not get an answer from the “Proud Sri Lankans”!!! They are all just donning the mask “proud” Once you tear the masks you will find that they are all members of the “MAFIA” which runs the”supposedly elected” government!!! I am sure the readers of this blog can identify them by their fancy names and the speed in which they come to defend the Mafia!!!

    The worst person is of course G.L Peiris. Others may have to do this just to keep their home fires burning. But I still cannot fathom how a supposedly “learned” and “devout” Budhist like G.L.P could stoop to this level? Is it greed? I wonder how he sleeps during the night after telling so many lies to defend the MAFIA? He has a responsibility to the innocent victims of this Government and the previous governments to stand for justice and fair play!!! Even if he cannot have the courage to defend the victims, fearing for his LIFE, he could at least refrain from supporting the murderers!!! It is time that he retires and “smell the roses” instead of the “gutters”

    Same thing applies to Rauf Hakim as well. Don’t they realize that they are walking on the “knife” Tomorrow the fate of Lasantha,Raviraj, Pararajasingham, Kumar Ponnanpalam, Kathirgamar, Sivaram, Mayilvaganam, and several others killed by the STATE TERROR will visit them. It is prudent to walk away from the CRMINALS than associating with them!!!

  9. Mr.Raviraj’s daughter was my classmate. He was a kind father. He mixed well with us girls too in friendly way

    Now his daughter is studying law. I hope she will fight for rights of suffering people like her father

  10. DBSJ, Luckly you are out of the country and out of the reach of white vans /amd government goons harm way.They are trying to stop electronic media I don’t know what will they do to your web site.

  11. I remember listening to many of his points on various TV debates and really respected the fact that he spoke in Sinhala. I may not have agreed with what he said, but I deplore his still unsolved killing, which I blame completely on the present regime, just like the many other high profile killings they have committed and surprise surprise failed to bring to justice.

  12. I am a close relation of Mr.Raviraj now living abroad. As family members we miss him greatly.My thanks to DBS for rememberig him on 5th death anniversary

  13. dear jey,
    your reproduction is timely.i remember reading about him and i saw some of his videos in youtube.in one of them he says that choclates have been sent from abroad specially for children and another one in a tv debate where he argues against blocking of a9 highway and he compares it to blocking of highway to hambantota.i guess that really enraged rajapakshes to carry out the killing through their eternal henchman douglas devananda.i have always been in favour of international enquiry into the happenings during the last days of war in 2009 not only to provide justice to tamils but also the persecution of rajapakshes will help sinhalese.rajapakshes have become too big for their boots.real danger for sinhalese is going to be not the rump of tamil tigers rather greedy rajapakshes who have the whole srilankan nation.only way the sacrifices of people like raviraj will not go waste is to have a political solution to tamil problem.i hope fervently that this will be achieved and i also convey my deep feelings to ravirajs family.

  14. One day Rajapaksha brothers have to pay the price of all these Killings See what has happened to Gadafy, Mubarak etc . Mahanda uncle it is not toolate for you to change the course.

  15. Sam:- G.L. Pieris is a professional, winner of the Rhodes Scholarship and the most qualified constitutional lawyer in SL probably the only other counterpart would be late Neelan Thiruchelvam. He is not corrupt (he got plenty of wealth on his own) and he was first appointed by CBK and now chosen by MR for his legal brains. He went to Uni with Bill Clinton and a famous old boy of St Thomas’ college. I think, he thinks this is the best way to serve his people although the government is corrupt and all SL govt’s and many foreign govt’s are corrupt. There were some very smart professionals who served under Premadasa well knowing he was very corrupt. Some times one cannot change the world but one can still contribute. At the commonwealth conference recently, when Canada wanted to stir the pot he just said, that’s against the spirit of the commonwealth foundation and went to quote the article and chapter to substiantiate his position. Canada was silenced.

  16. At the end, asian pearl lost another great human being. Weather LTTE claim Raviraj was their man or DBSJ trying to dig deep and put things in place, another good ‘sri lankan’ is lost to ethnic conflict. It’s been 5 years, no justice has been served. Puzzling how the assasins escaped or helped to escape or still enjoying the grand gift out there from their masters. Anyways, tamils learned a unrecoverable lesson by blindly supporting LTTE, now same is prevailing with my sinhala mates. It’s feeling of insecure and concern for my fellow lankans but some may brand it as utter revenge. Clock is ticking for MR & Co. I hope unified Sri Lankans will wake up on time to oust a crimal regime. Cries are turned dear ears for now but justice will never die. I have a cry on my own, hoping one day justice will be served. My prayers are with Hon. Raviraj family and Sgt Lakshman family. May both souls rest in peace.

  17. Who is the most likely culprit when considering the number of TULF personalities gunned down over the years? The odds are on one party we all know very well. Raviraj was for unity the earlier article says. Whose policy does Raviraj directly contradict?

    The COP who was with Raviraj was shot dead too. The assassins seems to have hated Raviraj as well as service personnel. What does that again say?

    Rajiraj will be missed. He was a good human being.

  18. Gavin, I am not debating GLP’s qualification or his ability or his connections. But the way he is conducting himself, he has sold his soul for Rupees and perks!!! He is supporting MASS MURDERERS and THIEVES and DRUG PEDDLERS without feeling any guilt!!!He is also a share holder in the GENOCIDE!!!He will be CURSED by the future generations of Sri Lankans, both by Sinhalese and Tamils for supporting EVIL!!

    “Some times one cannot change the world but one can still contribute. At the commonwealth conference recently, … ……….. Canada was silenced”

    Your saying the above reveals what sort of a person you are. Are you not ashamed to say this? What is the contribution he is making? Contributing to the misery of thousands and thousands of innocent souls(not only Tamil souls, but sinhalese also)

    You are showing your foolishness by saying that Canada is silenced!!!All the like minded pathetic ROUGE states got together and voted for the MAFIA country!!!And you call it a VICTORY!!! Canada has nothing to loose!!! Your country has everything to loose!!!Your country is the one who will go to Canada and other well to do nations with the BEGGING BOWL!!!Don’t think that the readers of this blog are fools like you!!!

  19. Mr Sambandan ,the TNA Leader has stated the following according to the article.

    ” Raviraj’s killing is a clear attempt by the Para Military operating with the Srilankan Army”

    Did Mr Samabandan asked the ex SL Army Commander about this murder of his young colleague and the rising star of his party, when Mr Sambandan signed that MOU with the ex Army Commander ?.

  20. DBSJ

    I cannot thank you enough for devoting so much of time and energy for refreshing our memory on matters relating to great tragedies suffered by Sri Lankans in the distant past. Really, given the type of amnesia we are blessed with, it takes great mind like yours to keep us in perspective.

    I selectively used the word ‘blessed’ for it is human nature to forget horrible things that happen to them in order to put them behind and keep on living or surviving rather than living the horror every day. Nevertheless, part of the survival is remembering the past, learning from the past experience in order to face future challenges. You serve that purpose beautifully.

    For me, Raviraj was a Titan among Tamil leaders. His fearlessness when confronting adversaries was unmatched never lost his sense of humor even when facing tough situations. Ultimately the hands of the jealous and chicken hearted leaders extinguished the bright light with one sweep for which I hope and pray they will fry for eternity in hell.
    Let us console ourselves from the words of Sri Krishna to Arjuna ‘……all devouring death am I and the origin of all to come. The Unmanifest is indeed the all devouring death for it is the great Unknown. Human mind is unable to probe its depths. It shudders at the spectacle of total destruction which it brings. But while death is the destroyer, it is also the builder of new forms. In fact death and regeneration are the two sides of a medallion. They co-exist, for, the moment of death is also at the same time the moment of renewal of life………….the shape of things to come lies concealed in the bosom of the Unmanifest.’

  21. Thava,
    Have you seen those Utube videos of Gadhafi and his son’s last minutes . It took 40 years for them to achieve that end .. these blokes are bit faster ..that’s all.

  22. I remember Raviraj’s smile as if it was like yesterday. We were students at the Law College. I remember the mischievous smile of Lasantha too. I remember the days when late Kumar Ponnambalam, Lasantha and I used to talk about politics in the High Court of Colombo. This was usually before the Judge walked into the Court. Mr Vinayagomoorthy ( Mr Ponnamblam’s junior) never took part in these discussions. He was distant, I believe out of respect for his senior.

    It is difficult to digest that Raviraj, Lasantha and Kumar are not amongst the living anymore.

    My view is, regardless of your ethnicity if you take up arms against the SL government, you will be annihilated, even if it amounts to infringing all imaginable rights known to the human kind. This happened during the several JVP insurrections. Take the example of the cold blooded murder of Wijeweera. No one agitated about it. Richard De Zoyza and many others were murdered. No government took steps later to put in place legislation to stop a reapeat of the same. And now, under a constitution, which gives powers to do absolutely anything and get away scot free, we are seeing a repeat of the same atrocities or may be worse. No one who is considered as having some sort of influence in the community, has taken any action to mobilise the people. As a result, a ruthless family is taking the country to the cleaners. Regardless of politics and other divisions, it is time for everyone who is in favour of the rule of law to act in unison. If Ranil cannot give leadership, then it is time for someone from the civic society to give leadership. The people cannot rely on the BASL, the AG’s Dept, the opposition parties, the Police and the Judiciary anymore. However, the people can act through the unions to send a very strong message to the current government how unhappy they are about the status quo. Who is willing to stand up and lead?

  23. My comment above gives the impression that Raviraj, Lasantha and Kumar took up arms and therefore they were killed. This is not what should be construed from it. What should be construed from it is that in an environment where arms have been taken up against the government, history has shown us that regardless of ones ethnicity, the government has gone to any length to suppress it, including infringing the rights of the innocent and outspoken. Which is wrong and hence should be remedied.

  24. Killing people never be a solution to any cause or curse. Sam Thambimuththu(Jr) and his wife Kala were killed when they were on the way to Canadian High Commission to get VISA. How did the killers know the date and time?

    Douglas escaped 13 times from LTTE killers and lost hearing in one ear. CBK lost an eye. Sarath Fonseka survived.

    A.Amirthalingam and V.Yogeswarn were killed by LTTE. The body guard killed those killers.

    Ravi was a “new” breed of politicians. He showed different ways than the “Traditional” Tamil politicians. I have the same “question” of Panhinda in this case.

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  26. We also need an answer from a proud Tamilian, why and who killed Alfred Duraiappa, Amirthalingam, Neelam Tiruchelvam, so many Jaffna Mayors, Kadiragarmer and other TULF MPS.

  27. I agree with Sam. If the ‘beggar’ has so much empty pride in saying ‘Canada was silenced’, then the donor countris always have time in their hands to mete out the right punishment to the rogue / beggar nation called MR’s Sri Lanka. Remember, in Iraq’s case, laws were ‘bent’ and the opposition from majority of the U.N was brushed aside to remove the ‘dictator’ Saddham Hussain citing a ‘false’ reason of WMD. Likewise, these countries (mainly west) always have a reason of ‘tamil discrimination and genocide’ to pummel MR and his gang if they do not listen to the true concerns of the world and take remedial action. No U.N or even majority opposition will mean nothing. So, beggars should not shout too much. They should refine their behaviour and work towards true reconciliation.

  28. Illaya, Thanks for our comment and now I can understand who killed him. He is the only politician I like and respect from Tamil politicians in SL. Although I did not agree with his views sometimes, he has a ability to talk to sinhala audience about tamils and their problems, grievences in a touching and gentle manner with among three,four hardline sinhala politicians. The common sinhala people watching TV debates somewhat believe his views and he is popular among them.If he live today I think his arguments,views and comments might change sinhalese attitude towards tamils and it pave the way for a dialogue among communities for better understanding.


  29. Dear Jeyaraj!

    Thank you for posting Dr.Brian Senewiratne’s long article on your website -www.transcurrents.com. You have given a good headline too

    I read your website transcurrently regularly like I read your blog.


    Situation in Sri Lanka Today is the most serious Tamils have faced in 2500 years of Recorded History
    10 November 2011, 11:34 pm

    By Dr. Brian Senewiratne

  30. We should condemn all types of political violence whether organized by the government, opposition, drug cartels or any other groups. For people who had a sigh of relief after the bombs became silent, the menace continues with murders even among politicians. The GOSL should investigate and punish the culprits. international community is watching us very closely. One thing very touching with Raviraj’s murder and that of Appapillai Amirthalingam was our Sinhalese brothers gave their lives in protecting these men.

  31. Dear Sam, You say GLP has sold his soul for rupees and perks and supporting mass murderers. Well GLP would have got more money and perks if he worked for a private company any where in the world and he comes from a very rich family. What GOSL gives him comparatively is a pittance. Secondly, he is doing his job and this is his contribution to SriLanka not so much to GOSL. Of course as he is making the mark,  many LTTE Tamils are very angry with him. I can understand this because they were also angry with Kadiragarma and went to finally kill him! What was Neelan Thiruchelvam doing? He was deemed to be supporting CBK when he was not and LTTE Tamil’s killed him. All these killers had your frame of mind and made unashamed judgments of people,  fired up emotionally.  If GLP  is supporting a corrupt murderous government, that’s exactly what all government servants are doing in the west. There is no difference. If you want to change corrupt murderous governments, best of luck. There were Tamils, Paskaralingham, sivalingham, mahalingham working very closely with Premadasa. Did you tell them they are supporting a murderer and indulging in corruption?  Did you openly tell the LTTE they were murderous, corrupt and killing their own people with impunity and forcibly sacrificing their youth for a lost cause? Your slip is showing my friend!

  32. He was the only Northern politician I have had the pleasure of speaking with many years ago,.. Whilst I certainly did not agree with his ideas vis-a-vis remerger, homelands and ancient kingdoms I was saddened by his death as I was on the day Kadiragamar was gunned down..

    We can mourn and argue as much as we like on forums, but as MP Dayasiri Jayasekara said in parliament about BLP’s death, ‘In the end it is the family which has to live with the pain of the loss’. I hope Mr. Raviraj’s widow and kids are faring okay..

  33. Yogesh,

    I was talking in a purely genetic sense on inbred and crossbred populations. But with the sheer size of human populations such simple dynamics do not apply. It was meant in jest (you don*t need to use words such as wh*res and animal sex to rib someone 😉 )

    Sivanathan is indeed an interesting character.. Whilst he certainly used deragotary terms such as smugglers, thiefs etc., he never used sexually explicit deragatory terms and he certainly did not aim them at an entire race..

    I have long suspected that Sivanathan maybe a Sinhalese who is versed in Tamil (as I suspect LKsword to be a Tamil versed in Sinhala and Native Vedda someone who has never stepped foot in Bintenne).. Maybe he is a Koviyar as he claims.. It is entirely upto him whether he wants to be Tamil, Sinhalese or have a special Koviyar identity.. I haven’t met someone from that caste in real life so I do not know what their poliitical views are in general.. Last year I had a chat with a person from the Eastern Vedda community, who said he’d rather be identified with the other Veddas than as a Tamil (though he spoke Tamil generally, and also a bit of Sinhalese).. He said there were many others that shared the view, but I don’t know because I met only him and that is only his view.. Similarly Sivanathan’s view is exclusively his and may not view the majority view within his caste..

    So denigrating an entire caste or race based on one person’s view is not very mature.. It is okay to trade the odd insult but do it a dignified or veiled manner (Shankar does this brilliantly). Sivanathan is provocative in his approach, but that does not mean a person as cultured as yourself should go down to the level of using filth to abuse him..

  34. On totally different note..

    It is Anuradhapura, not Kandy that is the spiritual and cultural capital of the Sinhalese people.. Kandy only has the Temple of the Tooth, whereas A’pura has the Bo tree, the Three great Stupas, Mihintale (from where Buddhism was introduced) and the glory of the tank civilization.. Kandy is more of political significance being the last bastion against colonial encroachment plus the current location of the Tooth relic and the lesser known sword of Natha (both being symbols of sovereignty)..

  35. Looks like the whole country is corrupt isn’t it? each and every one is only interested in “what’s in it for me” It seems we may have to wait a little while longer for the kind of leader you have in mind and in the mean time try and do the best we can with what we have now cos becoming leaderless or replacing for the sake of it won’t help either.

  36. “Ranil cannot give leadership, then it is time for someone from the civic society to give leadership. The people cannot rely on the BASL, the AG’s Dept, the opposition parties, the Police and the Judiciary anymore”
    Seems like the whole country is corrupt,is’nt it? Everyone seems to think of only themselves.We may be a little too far away from the kind of leader you have in mind and I think its better to make do with what we have now rather than be leaderless or worse raplacing with the same.

  37. I am deeply worried over the death of Mr. Raviraj.As a sinhalese i don’t now most of the tamil politicians, But Mr. Raviraj was very polular among the sinhalese. He never talk or work as a separatist. His point were clear and logical. I still can remember is smile and charming sinhala pronunciation. I don’t know who killed him. But i must tell you they are the agents of the hell.

    I believe SL will wont be peaceful until we address the true need of tamils as Mr. Raviraj correctly pointed out . God please save good men like this. But you let us down here.

  38. sambandams statement does not implicate sarath fonseka rather its is directed against rajapakshes.attempts are being made to implicate fonseka for every killing let it be raviraj or lasantha rather it is. basic kalu in a democratic country army chief reports to supreme commander in this case president.i dont believe that even if it was committed by an army chief supreme commander would not have been in loop.

  39. i agree ltte was responsible for many killings.but srilankan government which was elected democratically and which is resposible for all citizens welfare irrespective of the race,ethnicity to which the belong to should not have indulged in wanton killings.ltte and srilankan government cant be compared.

  40. A well versatile d article .well done Mr.Jeyaaj.Iam one of your favorite readers from my school days on

  41. Dear Nathan,

    The difference is: SL has ‘always been’ a beggar nation. Other countries (the so-called ones you suggest) have got loans from time to time, but have been able to improve their economies by erasing the deficit through planned actions. I have never seen GOSLs of past and present focusing on economy. They rather focus on communal politics and use it as a reason to beg more and more.

  42. Asoka,
    You show your colour how racially polarized person you are. I throw my question to Srilankans in general not to Sinhalese alone, if they are proud to call themselves as “Srilankan”. I just brought one such killing as an example and of course, there are many more killings made Srilankans shameful in civilized world. The killings are continued to this day.
    Killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra
    These killings are beyond ethnic divide. The ruling regimes in Srilanka eliminate every possible opponent, who challenges their existence. You may not know or forgot the fact that thousands of innocent Sinhalese were killed during the JVP upraise under UNP government. Srilankans have nothing to proud themselves until law, order, peace, justice, human rights and good governance are established in that country.

  43. Very well said Marusira! Before my depart from this world, I would like to see that island as a peaceful, democratic, law abiding, treating everyone equal under the rule of law.

    To see that happen first step to take place is the reformation of Academic institutions in that island. These institutions are under threat and to be reformed to civilized world standards. I am expecting Sinhala Academia whom failed so far to play a major role in promoting peace, law and order in that island.

    Our lives are passing day by day on the hopeful days lies ahead us. Let’s hope together.

  44. Bravo Fonz! You hit the nail on the head!

    Except the people with fading memory of the political history of Srilanka, everyone knows what Srilankan history at least for the past 63 years taught us. Killings in this island are beyond ethnic divide.

    People in unison! need of the hour.


  45. dear ashoka,
    alfred duriyappah paid a price for being too loyal to sinhalese rather than tamils.if i am right in the year 1974 when world tamil conference took place in jaffna he was responsible for death of tamils at the end of the conference.never i have come across a community people being killed in their own place when world conference was taking place.though i dont support any of the killings when tempers are running high it is the responsibility of elected representatives of that community to assuage the feelings and bring down the heat.when it is not done we have to witness the killings of this nature.as far as amirthalingam and thiruchelvam killings it was one of the big mistakes of tigers.srilankan tamil problem illustrates the fact that when moderates are sidelined extremists will take over where the moderates left .my greatest regret with prabakaran has been that when he was having an upperhand he was offered chief ministership of north and east for ten years he should have taken it up and if he had integrated the tamil areas and tamil population it would have been no mans guess that eelam would have been formed in future.still i rue the chance that praba missed .what a historical blunder.



    I dont want to write at length but what you have said about Alfred Durayappah is not correct. It is part of the hateful propaganda done by the FP and Tamil Congress against the man who was independent and remained the uncrowned king of Jaffna because of the service he did to the Jaffna municipality.

    Alfred was maligned as a Thurohi by these elements who began and encouraged the politics of assassinating those with different political ideology.

    Firts you character assassinate him as a traitor and recommend that traitors be weeded out (Kalaieduppu). Then they are physically eliminated.

    The TULF comprising FP &Tamil Congress did this first with Durayappa and the culture of traitorization began. Many decent Tamils were either vilified as traitors and killed or killed and then vilified as traitors

    Ultimately the traitorisation process turned against the Tamil politicians who started it and then turned inwards as inter-militant killings and intra-militant killings

    LTTE conntinued with traitorization killings agaist others and among themselves. Now the Nediyavan-Vinayagam groups are traitorising each other

    As for the Tamil reserach conference it was Not Durayappa who was responible for the deaths as popularly charged by his political rivals. He was not even in Jaffna at that time

    If any single person should be blamed then it is ASP Chandrasekara who ordered the baton charge and Tamil Nadu’s R. Janarthanam who was the root cause of the provocation

  46. Thanks for the Article Mr. Jeyaraj. My mother got the chance to read it. I did not want to write more.Thanks for every one who wrote the comments.


    Thank you.my regards to your mother.May God bless your family.

  47. Hahaha

    Sofar, I never wrote any “lies” to promote anything. TRUTH is always an enemy for the people who try to hide their real intentions and their involvements in politics.

    VVT is entirely a SMUGGLER village. Even some VVT people who are in public service or in other profession always support the smugglers. They feel “smuggling” is an honarary profession.

    Caste is history but caste based discrimination is bad!

    Jaffna politics surrendered to the smugglers. Even A.Amirthalingam appointed a well known smuggler Kuttimani as an MP. How can you respect these deeds? A smilar “trouble” of Rajapakses with “Duminda”!

    Further I am a Tamil person for many generations. Sinhala or Tamil should not be used for political advantage of few.

    Did Sinhala make all the Sinhala population prosperous?

    Smugglers are smugglers and Thieves are thieves.

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