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‘Decapitated’ head of Chelvanayagam statue restored in Trincomalee

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pic: TamilWin

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Joint action taken by the Trincomalee UC along with the ,Police has restored the “be-headed” SJV Chelvanayagam statue’s head in Trinco town

The”de-capitated”head of the respected Tamil leader was affixed again through”reparatory sculpture”&the statue”re-opened”for public viewing

The damaged statue being restored in its original position in a “holistic”state with some”imperfection”within 24 hours has reduced tensions

No one has been arrested for the vandalism(and no arrests are expected)but the speedy restoration of the repaired statue has been welcomed

The departed Tamil leader Samuel James Velupillai(SJV)Chelvanayagam is venerated by many Tamils as the “Eezhathu Gandhi”(Gandhi of Eelam)

An ardent apostle of non-violent”Ahimsa”doctrine SJV Chelvanayagam led many political campaigns seeking equal rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka

He was the co-founder&leader of the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katch( Federal Party)& co-founder&joint leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front

Although he passed away on April 26th 1977 the memory of SJVC has not faded&many Tamils continue to refer to him as”Thanthai(father) Chelva”

A statue of Chelvanayagam had been erected by the Trincomalee Urban council on Gnanasampanthan street near the Trincomalee Sivan temple

Tamil residents were shocked to discover on Monday October 31st that some”unknown”vandals had broken off the Statue’s head during the night

The”de-capitated”head was found on the ground near the headless statue. The”hate crime”incident hurt&angered most Tamils in Trincomalee town

It was widely suspected that members of an ultra-nationalist Sinhala Buddhist party with the help of some defence personnel were responsible

Many opined it was done deliberately as a symbolic act of protest against Trincomalee district MP&TNA leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan

Sampanthan leading a delegation of MP’s from the Tamil national alliance is currently touring many western nations for political discussions

This move by theSampanthan-led TNA has angered sections of the Govt&majority community.Sinhala hardliners have accused the TNA of”treachery”

Whatever the motives of the miscreants the act of vandalism against an”inoffensive”statue of a respected dead Tamil leader aroused revulsion

While Tamil political leaders in the Island condemned the act as an affront to Tamil dignity,communal harmony in Trincomalee was threatened

Joint action was promptly taken by TNA chairman of Trinco Urban council S.Selvarajah&Trinco Police DIG Ravi Waidyalankara to cool passions

The area of the statue was swiftly cordoned off while urgent reparatory sculpture was done to affix the head back&restore the statue

The statue was restored in 36 hours&unveiled in a ceremony with religious leaders,Urban councilors, Police & military personnel participating

Speaking emotionally UC chairman Selvarajah stated that racist elements would not be allowed to disrupt racial amity in multi-ethnic Trinco

This is a bundle of tweets posted by DBS Jeyaraj on twitter

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  1. Some years ago they erected Buddha statue in bus stand and created communal trouble

    Now they break up statue of revered leader “Thanthai Selva”

    It is the JHU doing this with help of some Army people

  2. That is exactly happened, Happenning To Tamils of Sri Lanka. Violent treatment to Tamils for non violent efforts.

  3. Yes doctors may join the decapitated head surgically and bring life to That body. Will it end up in Frankestein Monster.

  4. The attack on the Statue of the much respected SJV is an attack on every peaceful citizen Lankan Tamil in the country and outside. It is calculated to be such is easy to figure out.
    That this unprovoked attack took place today is a grim reminder the ghosts of 7/83 can always visit us again
    – courtesy the faceless Buddhist clergy and Sinhala chauvinism. If governance in this fractured society has
    any meaning at, all both the Police and other law-enforcement authorities must arrest and subject the miscreants to
    the full force of the law. Otherwise, to the Tamil physche it will be the continuation of Galenbindunuwwea
    (Bandarawela area) justice that thereafter visited those innocent youth in Trincomalee.


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  6. ..Many opined it was done deliberately as a symbolic act of protest against Trincomalee district MP&TNA leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan..

    We happened to watch a video clip of Mr Sampanthan’s speech recently.

    According to that speech current government of Sri Lanka is nothing but *!?@#$%

    Perhaps MR&Co didn’t like that truth coming out of Sri Lanka…

  7. i do remember very well that when Vadukodai crarp he was praralyised and funny enough Mr Amir and Nrs Amiir was able to hear what he wants and NOW WHAT WE GOT like traiters looters murderus liars druug leaders people smugglers credit card frudstres

  8. DIG Ravi Waidyalakara is decent man.He took prompt action. He stopped Sinhala mob from shouting at Tamils

    Ravi knows who is behind this beheading but cant arrest anyone because Governor Wijewickrema is tying his hands up

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  10. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for writing this news and setting our inds at ease instead of whipping up hatred and passions like some other Tamil websites

    Reading about this revived memories of “Periyavar” Chelvanayagam. Truly he was a great man. Sadly the Sinhala leaders did not resolve the problem with him

    Now look where we all are.

  11. Can any one find the statue of Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiyappa now? LTTE destroyed it.

    Clerk Kandasamy’s statue was destroyed by Sinhalese in Colombo. This man was shot and killed by British in 1949 during the HARTAL organized by the public service trade unions but G.G.Ponnampalam cried that Sinhalese killed him!

    Selva’s Gandhian followers happily called the “Tamil criminals” as “boys”. Gandhian Thanthai Selva’s legacy evolved as LTTE. How?

  12. This act will support the claims being made in USA against MR over the death

    of 5 youth in Trinco. The mentality will never change.

  13. Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiyappa’s statue was destroyed by LTTE.

    Kandasamy’s staue was destroyed by Sinhala mobs in Colombo!

    Now S.J.V’s.

    Nation is progressing!

  14. Trincomalee in microcosm is Sri Lanka.If one compares the Official Census of 1881 and 1981 of Trincomalee District one will understand this.When a simple Sinhalese from Gandara walks into Trincomalee he becomes a Maharajah.All the privileges of the state is showered upon him. All the members of the Armed Forces will serve him.Trincomaleeans know that curfew in Trinco is curfew for Tamils in Trinco and not for the Sinhalese because they belong to the ruling class.They could do anything and no action will be taken.Police Officers however good they may be individually can do nothing to maintain law and order because their hands are tied. There were good Police Officers before also like SSP Hettige. Nelsonpura,Mihindapura Sjnhala colonisation in Trinco town are like Padviya,Weli Oya etc., Srimapura is like Allai-Kantale.Even now some Some Conflict resolution experts refer to the present situation in SL as post=conflict situation whereas without doubt it is only a post war situation, the root causes for the conflict having not even been addressed while the conflict being made critical in every way.The present mindset of those who could resolve is that no conflict exists at all.What a wastage of time all these years.Closing your eyes to the problem will not solve the problem. If there is a problem face it. If there is an allegation answer it and then really the problem may vanish if you are on the right side. In any event breaking that poor man’s head is not the answer in a civilised world.

  15. Mr Sengutuan,

    Do you have evidence that that the Buddhist clergy and the Sinhalese did this this decapitation?.

  16. It certainly shows that this country is in the hands of thugs and there is no government in the true sense. What a pity that our island claims that we have the highest literacy level in this region! Has this education helped us to think properly? No way! We are continuing to prove that we the descendants of Vijaya have our own culture and style of living, which is unique and far from the accepted norms

  17. Shankar,

    Really you are great. When Maheseh praised you a lot I thought Mahesh exaggerates and that is because of Kopperunchozhan-Pisiranthaiyar type of friendship between you two. Now I understand that you are really great. Even many TN Tamils are not able to map Karayalar surname to Aayar caste.

    To other readers: ‘Aayars’ are the people of ‘Mullai’ land (forest and the associated land) and by occupation they are cow herds and shepherds. Aayars are popularly known as Idayars in Tamil Nadu. Their popular surname is ‘Konar’. Other titles are Pillai, Karayalar, Nambiyar, Servai, Ambalam (Servai and Ambalam are used by both Idayars and Mukkulathors). Had given my surname as ‘Konar’ Shankar and others would have guessed much earlier. My family uses the surname ‘Karayalar’. Shankar is very intelligent in mapping the unpopular ‘Karayalar’ surname to ‘Aayar (Idyar)’ caste.

    Many Aayars in Tamil Nadu believe that they belong to the Yadava community at the national level. I don’t believe in it. Yadavas are North Indians. Aayars (Idayars) are Tamils. Golla, Kuruba and Erumakar refer to the Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam counterparts. I never thought it will be necessary to discuss about the caste system in such a detailed manner. It happened only because of Sinhala Modhaya M.Sivananthan. I am very sorry to become a victim of M.Sivananthan

  18. Sivanantha,

    You understand about the ‘Palai’ lanad and its inhabitants properly. Palai refers to unproductive land. Unproductive means a land that is not suitable for hunting and gathering, cattle rearing, farming, and fishing. In a land that is not suitable for any profession there is a chance for the inhabitants to choose robbery. That does not mean that Tamil Culture has accepted theft as a way of bread winning.

    Moreover, according to few Tamil scholars any other land becomes ‘Palai’ when it becomes unsuitable for other profession. Otherwise ‘Palai’ is not a separate land. This we can realize from the fact that Tamil Nadu does not have deserts according to geography.

    Do you mean that Sinhalese community does not have thieves since it does not have a caste like ‘Kallar’ or ‘Maravar’? One theory says that Sinhalese are nothing but the social outcasts among the bengali/oriyan who were deported from the mainland to the island due to their heinous activities like animal sex, whoring and robbery. Ironically as Shankar has told Kallars have raised to greater heights in the society and the so called upper caste in the sinhalese society (govigamas)(MR & GR) are becoming the plunderers of public property.

    You can’t become a civilized human being untill you have faith in low caste/high caste. You are a caste fanatic who has faith in superiority by birth. You are a Sinhalese hiding in a Tamil name. Sad thing is that your fellow sinhalese are gullible and they believe that you are a Tamil who is generous enough to criticize the Tamils.

  19. ISS, Why don’t you divulge the names of the miscreants involved? It is your moral responsibility. I know what you are going to say. Pass them on anonymously to Tamil Nadu and ‘international community’. They will do the needful.

    I was disconcerted to read ‘faceless Buddhist clergy’. Dare to say the same thing to christian clergy? Now I can suspect who could have been the ‘ideological input’ to Aranthalawa massacre and attacks on Dalada Maligawa and Sri MAha Bodhi.

    We can accommodate your hatred towards the Buddhist clergy and your democratic right to say anything. But you have to be little bit more polite Mr.ISS.

    Please don’t write these things in Tamil.

  20. So you Summarise righte time to be beheaded. Restoration shows your wronge is wrong; and some rights doing the righte.

  21. ISS, Why don’t you divulge the names of the miscreants involved? It is your moral responsibility. I know what you are going to say. Pass them on anonymously to Tamil Nadu and ‘international community’. They will do the needful.

    I was disconcerted, to the least, to read ‘faceless Buddhist clergy’. Dare to say the same thing to christian clergy? Now I can suspect who could have been the ‘ideological input’ to Aranthalawa massacre and attacks on Dalada Maligawa and Sri MAha Bodhi. And also who advised LTTE on techniques on saving bullets.

    We can understand your consuming hatred towards the Buddhist clergy as well as accommodate your democratic right to say anything. But you have to be little bit more polite Mr.ISS.

    Please don’t write these things in Tamil.

  22. In which century you are living now?

    In every society thieves are living. But Tamil Lemurs (half monkey, half man) are the only uncivilized two legged creatures recognize theft and robbery as a profession. Tamils accept CRIME as a way of life. Dot you feel shame?

    Sinhalese or any other language group never recognize “THIEVES” as part of the society or a CASTE but Tamils do. We see how the mentality of thieves in evry aspect of Tamil life.

    If these people cry TAMIL, Rights etc, we can guess they are going to steal or rob the Tamils and others!

    You may be AAYAR or Shepperd but belong to the team of Kallan(thieves).

    Neither you or idiot Shankar is unable to show any Kallan as part of any army in the old days but blabbering about Kallans because you guys are part and parcel of the same Tamil Criminal group!

  23. Karayalar = karai + Aalar = Rulers of the coast. Only fishing folks in Tamil nadu use this word proudly but you cry that you are a cow-boy but carry the name of fish-boy! May be a DRAVIDA PAARAMPARIYAM!

  24. Trinco DIG Ravi Waidyalankara knows who broke the SJV statue. But his hands are tied.

    The same type of Sinhala Buddhist fanatics (Not ordinary Sinhalese)people who destroyed mosque in Anuradhapura did this in Trinco

    The same powerful persons who protect the Sinhala Buddhist racists in Anuradhapura are doing so in Trinco

  25. Leela amd Kalu Albert are two faces of the same coin. Denial is their inherent nature. There are many good Police
    officers like Ravi Waidyalankara – who, to your deranged minds, is either pro-Tamil or pro-Tiger. The current culture prevents these fine men in uniform to carry out their duty impartially. But all these will
    come out at the right time. As I mentioned before, I have nothing against thst great Code of Conduct that came from India – Buddhism or its good clergy. My critique is the rotten apples there. And boy! there’s quite a bit around. Ask decent Buddhist Sinhalese.


  26. It is very sad to see someone in the comments are try to defend or justify the event.

    I have seen same on the E. Partheepan (Thileepan) memorial statues(In Nallur, Jaffna) also destroyed.It is very sad to learnt from his elder brother in Bristol.

    The people have had strong charectors and they have have prooven that they can sacrify the cause they belive so. These incidents are not good for the country in longterm.


  27. M.Sivananthan

    Gandhian Thanthai Selva was trainned in North Vietnam by Ho Chi Min in the art of Guerrilla warfare in the early 1970s.

  28. ISS

    “I have nothing against thst great Code of Conduct that came from India – Buddhism or its good clergy. My critique is the rotten apples there”.

    It seems that the whole basket contains rotten apples.

  29. Thileepan, a day time murderer, deserve no statues anywhere. If I was in Jaffna I would have destroyed it in public. He killed a man from Hill Country and that poor man was a watchman in a house owned by the brother of late prof.C.Sundaralingam for refusing the keys of the house to LTTE. Ke killed that poor Tamil man at Urumpirai junction.

  30. I and Shankar are part and parcel of Tamil Community. But you are a mongrel. I think you belong to the Koviar caste of Eazham. Few Sinhalese idiots have written that Koviar are not Tamils since Koviar caste does not exist in Tamil Nadu. But many Tamil scholars have proved that Koviars are Tamils and their counterparts live in Tamil Nadu with surnames Oathuvar, Pandaram etc. Sivanantha, remember that Koviar’s rank in the community hierarchy is actually low, but since they are attched to Temple, they boast that they are next to Velalar in the hierarchy.

    Forget about Koviar identity and be proud to be a part of the criminal descendents of Bengal/Oriyan hybrid group (Sinhalese who are experts in whoring, animal sex and robbery).


    I think denigration of Tamil castes on this blog need to end soon.Exchanges with Sivananthan are deteriorating to a very low level.

    Just for the record Sivananthan is of Senkuntha mudali stock. As you know CN Annadurai,Bharathidasan, actor Anandarajan, former TULF MP Aalalasundaram, TELO Leader Srisabaratnam, LTTE leaders Aruna, Sellakkili etc belonged to this social group

    Now enough of this kind of attacks

  31. This discussion on the origins of the castes and sub castes is interesting within the limits and without denigrating anyone.

    Can Sankar, Yogesh, Sivananthanm or Mahesh or anyone elaborate on the “Ealavar’ caste in South India and whether it has any connection with the word Ealam. I know EROS was not popular in Tamil Nadu with its slogan ‘Naam Elavar’.
    Coming back to SJV’s Statute, I was happy to see his statute in Mannar town recently and hope someone would clean that and its vicinity too.

    So why this happened in Trinco. As my real estate friend says everything is location, location and location.
    If us Sri Lankans don’t change and solve our differences among ourselves soon, Trinco might become the Sudetenland of World War III- I am not joking.

  32. Thanks Jeyaraj!

    In my view Koviers of Jaffna are the real owners of Jaffna and nobody else. Others are outsiders! Koviars must be Sinhalese before the invasion of Kalinga Magha!Many Jaffna village names support my theory.

  33. Whilst I do not agree at all with the SJV’s ideology, I deplore the vandalism directed towards the statue of a respected regional politician..

    Is it an nationalist Sinhala Buddhist Party (the JHU) or the ultra national Sinhala Buddhist organization (Sihala Ravaya) that is suspected of the attack? The JHU has some influence in Seruvila and Padaviya, but this is not their way.. The ‘Sihala ravaya’ on the other hand has already shown potential of evolving into a Sinhala-Buddhist version of Shiv Sena and should be put in check immediately..

    It would also have been a nice gesture if the central government paid for the repairs and the military carried it out (unless this was the case anyway)

  34. Ezhavar is a community in Kerala only. They claim they came from Ezham (Sri Lanka). Their main profession is toddy tapping from coconut trees.

    Ezham is a word used for toddy in some Pallava inscriptions.

    Ezham is another name WHOLE Sri Lanka. I think that word come from the “HELA” which is the parent language of Tamil, Malayalam and Sinhala!

    EROS guys never know this Ezhavar of Kerala. When I asked a guy from EROS, he was upset and unable explain but he tried to fool me as usual!

    Many Jaffna people dont know anything about their Kerala connection while they have some famous words of Kerala: Kalliyang Kaadu, Koilaa Kandy, Kovalam, and many more.

    Another famous Kerala village name is Kaayang Kulam(in Vavuniya).

  35. Koviyars may have been Goviyas before the Portuguese overrun of Jaffna.. But it hardly doesn’t matter what caste one person is nowadays in the Sinhala community (both in SL and abroad).. It is upto the individual if one remains to be a Koviyar or return to the ways of his ancient roots and become a Goviya.. Such barriers will not exist in the years to come..

    A ‘hybrid race’ with a mixed gene pool is far better than Yogesh’s ‘pure’ race.. The sinking down to denigrating slurs when one’s views are challenged is quite indicative of his ‘pure’ inbred stock..

  36. Erasaiaah is one of my good friend, I don’t know every action of E.Partheepan, but I would say he is one of the tamil legend. If I compare with the “pimp” douglas he (E. Partheepan) is “God” .

    Second you said that Thileepan has killed one or two so he deserve it, So how about the Mr. Mahindha and brothers, Tamil Pimps (Douglas, Karunai, Pillaian, Sam, Nepolian…..) Are you also smae group?

    You guys no worry or any guilty feeling that sending your mothers and sisters as maid to other countries, One of my neighbour (in Singapore) who said he got a maid from Sri Lanka.. I feel my self I am depressed. Rather talking these nonesense why don’t you stop to sending your mothers and sisters as maid to other country. You gouys wven don’t have any shame on the action? I would say you and your leader no need to wear clothes I meant can walk like naked …


  37. Good to read Mr Diyasena again and his welcome enlightened position. This incident brings back once again the fears politicians perched high up in the system can inflct “shared punishment” to Tamils countrywide along the 7/83 lesson, if the former is rubbed on the wrong side. We had a taste of it when the Big Chief returned from London/Oxford sheepishly. He reacted, in a matter of a few days, characteristically and with vengeance in the matter of the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil in their areas. Tit-for-tat is the trademark. God Forbid, if things get hot in the West – in Courts in the USA, the Hague etc – Tamils could well be torched far more savagely.


  38. Thileepan killed an innocent Tamil. I saw it with many others. So, he must sentenced to death if he is alive.

    Criminal Thileepan may be your GOD because you guys support Douglas at home bark against him in Europe.

    Why cannot you tell your fellow theevu not to vote Douglas!

  39. Thanks Sivananthan for your response on Eazhavar. Coconut tappers are mainly found in Negombo area and the Palmyra tappers in Jaffna are called by a different name.
    Yes there are many towns in present day Kerala with similar names. There is also a Mannar in Alappuzha district in Kerala.
    There is also connections between Elu and Hela languages and the evolution of Malayalam and Sinhala as distinct languages.

    Your theory on Koviars as the indigenous people of Jaffna may be correct but we need more research as to whether who came first-Koviars or Govigamas or Karayar or Karawas
    It is again like which came first-the hen or the egg.

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, why don’t you write about your days in Jaffna Elamurasu.

  40. If we do research on Jaffna, the so called Tamil Nationalism or Tamil Homelands theory die instantly!

  41. puma

    Thanks Sivananthan for your response on Eazhavar
    Now that the cat is out of the bag, why don’t you write about your days in Jaffna Elamurasu.
    You are right.here is a previous comment of his

    [M.Sivananthan says:
    July 31, 2011 at 8:45 am
    Where were you all when LTTE captured Tamil daily “EELAMURASU” and killed its owner/Publisher Myl Amirthalingam and the staff reporter I.Shanmugalingam who brought out the murder of a Jaffna university student Vijitharan?]

    Also i notice that eelamurasu committees are referred to as eelamurasu sivananthan commitees. There is a Leela Sivananthan also in the associate committe.Must be his daughter wife or daughter.

  42. Diyasena

    Koviyars may have been Goviyas before the Portuguese overrun of Jaffna..

    This is a misconcepion among sinhalese because of the similarity in the names.The tamils know better about koviyar.

    Before the portugeuse came they were known as kovilar.They were the people who rendered their services to temples.The portugeuse destroyed more than 500 temples and went on a rampage against hinduism.Just like prabha,the tamil king sankili brought the wrath of god on himself by killing about 600 hindus converted to catholism by portuguese.Sankili went personally to mannar and gave an ultimatum,either become hindus again or die and these matyrs chose death,so grest was their faith in catholism.Sankili should have left those who believe in god in peace,instead of persecuting them.He did not realise all roads lead to rome and one god,and building and worshipping in temples is of no use if you are a sinner.

    The portuguese attacked the jaffna kingdom and in 1621 it was no more existent.Sankili lost his kingdom,but i don’t think it was his anyway because i believe he was an usurper to the throne killing the rightful heirs.So before douglas garlands the statue of sankili,he better remember that.You should never have statues for killers like sankili and theepan.I agree with sivananthan theepan killed a innocent fellow in urumpirai junction.God works in mysterious ways they say,and finally he died in agony from his own hand.

    Coming back to the kovilar,with the portuguese ramage against the temples,the temple authorities sold their kovilar temple servants to high caste tamils.From that time onwards they became known as koviar.It is a name derived from the tamil word koviam,meaning bonded service.

    When the dutch codified the customary laws,the thesavalamai code,koviar,chandar,nalavar,pallar and others were termed as kudimakkal or adimaikal-slaves.The europeans were i suppose well versed in these slaves dealings.In my opinion the whole caste system should have been abolished by the europeans instead of encouraging it.If the americans had colonised us instead of the europeans that is what would have happened.The caste system has nothing to do with the inherent qualities of the person,but forces them to do the jobs their parents did.The whole system originated to make people do certain categories of work and prohibited labour mobility to other areas which is a fundamental deprivation of human rights.Those who believe in the caste system must understand that they cannot talk about their human rights as they are also violaters.You got to practise what you preach first.

  43. puma

    It is again like which came first-the hen or the egg.
    It was the fish

  44. sivanandan

    Why don’t you do the research and tell us without broad comments insinuating that there was no jaffna kingdom.

  45. siva

    Jaffna kingdom was established by magha who was from kalinga(orissa).Iam not disputing the fact that he was not a tamil.However do not forget that he relied on south indian troops when he first invaded srilanka by attacking the Pollonnaruwa kingdom in 1215 CE.

    When magha ascended the throne of jaffna in 1215 CE ,he called himself “segerajasekeran singhai ariyar chackaravarthi”.

    Now why would magha adopt a tamil name segerajasekeran,unless his troops and the populace were mostly tamil.He could have continued with his orissa name no?Obviously he had to do it in order to be formally accepted as a king of the tamils. Just like the king of kandyan kingdom was kannusamy.Do you think the sinhalese would have allowed him to be crowned as the king with a name like that.That is why he had to change it to sri wickrema rajasinghe.Same for magha too.He had to change his name to segerajasekeran to be acceptable to the tamils.

    So don’t spew out nonsense that the jaffna kingdom had nothing to do with the tamils,just because the first king was from orissa.Being a king sometimes has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the people.Queen elizebeth also has some german ancestry.That does not mean that the english are germans.

  46. sivananthan

    Why don’t you answer puma’s question which is “Now that the cat is out of the bag, why don’t you write about your days in Jaffna Elamurasu.”, without worrying about my lack of knowlege on eelamurasu.I ‘am quite happy not to have anything to do with eelam,but are you?

    We are talking about your connections to eelamurasu,not my knowledge of it,which you are cleverly deflecting to.

    If you had nothing to do with eelamurasu just say so without beating about the bush.

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