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Nediyavan-Vinayagam intra LTTE power struggle results in Paris attack on France Tiger Chief Parithy

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The October 30th attack on France-based chief of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)is attributed to an on going internal power struggle

Nadarajah Matheenthiran alias Parithy a.k.a Regan,head of the LTTE front in France,Tamil Coordinating committee(TCC)was attacked in Paris

When Matheenthiran&2 bodyguards left the TCC office on Sunday (30th)night a gang of 6 with clubs&knives were waiting outside the premises

The LTTE trio were clobbered with clubs&hacked with knives.TCC head Matheenthiran or Parithy bore the brunt of the attack&is hospitalized

Matheenthiran has told Police that some of the assailants were members of his organization who had broken away &were functioning separately

The overseas LTTE is split into two factions led by Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan & Segarampillai Vinayagamoorthy alias Vinayagam

There is an on going power struggle between the LTTE factions led by Nediyavan based in Norway &Vinayagam operating from France&Germany

Matheenthiran alias Parithy is a Nediyavan loyalist &the attack on him was launched by “suspected”members of the Vinayagam faction

There is constant friction between both factions over wresting control of overseas LTTE finances&organizations& enterprises run by tigers

The immediate cause for the attack on Parithy is said to be over the forthcoming”Maaveerar Naal” (Great Heroes Day) events in late November

Both factions are competing to stage world-wide “Maaveerar Naal” ceremonies as these events are used to raise huge amounts of money

There were several attacks on Nediyavan faction tigers by Vinayagam faction LTTE in the past in Europe but this is the most high profile one

This is a bundle of tweets posted by DBS Jeyaraj on twitter

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  1. I suppose this is how any future Eelam State would also operate .. No different that what Sri Lanka is supposed to be today.. Which begs the question, why bother to sacrifice Tamil lives in a pointless war if we are going to murder each other at the end of it anyway ?

  2. .
    It’s time diaspora Tamils stop supporting any of these Ltte factions.

    These guys are nothing but bunch of losers.


  3. arrest them all. if western governments turn a blind eye these crooks, they will become a fully fledged organized crime organization.

  4. Things hotting up in Paris due to Nediyavan-Vinayagam rivalry

    Attack on LTTE leader wont go unavenged

    Great Heros day cellebrations may become violent

  5. This has nothing to do with the interest of the beleagured Tamil people within and outside Sri Lanka.
    These are money-centred brutes battling to divide the spoils of the LTTE. The Lankan Tamil nation
    must show their contempt to these gangsters – who only bring discredit and shame to us all.


  6. These goons are going out of control, they need to be arrested and deported back to Sri Lanka. You are not helping at all but putting entire Tamil community to trouble/disgrace. The money you are fighting for is not yours and the people don’t care about those money anymore too. Many well educated/experienced (engineers/accountants etc..) Tamils did/does wash dishes and cleaned/cleaning toilets in many restaurants to support their family, so you don’t have to feel shame on doing any legitimate work to support your family. If you really want to help Tamils, just work with TNA to open up a legitimate/transparent charity to develop north-east/Tamils back home, send all collected money to the betterment of the poorest there.. You go to work and take care of your family.

  7. Aiyo Jeyaraj Anna!

    How sad to read this. Already we Tamils are down on ground.We must unite and rise up.But these people are fighting with each other no?

    Aiyo Theivame!!

  8. I am deeply disturbed by this development Mr.Jeyaraj. Looks like internecine warfare is going to debilitate the diaspora further

  9. These idots will never learn lesson after going throgh the suffering and missaries for so long. If our community wants to live peacefully with respect in the western world these rascals should caught and put behind bars.

  10. Surya
    Deported to Sri Lanka? must be joking we already got enough criminals and lot of under world there is one discharged from Sri Jayawardana apparantly he is back to normal amd can write Amma and for the surprise he is heading for foregion treatment with tge bleesing of Mahinda Mama.
    big shortage of drugs at the moment it seems.if these two can help them out the Gota will be glad for his quota

  11. arati
    these guys are nothing- must be joking they brought meyham to our entire nation it will take another 50 yrs to recover

  12. I suspect this is the dirty work of LKsword he disrupted the Canadian affair and now this in Paris,also going after the feet of lovely laddies feet this may be the last warning otherwise my Thalivar dont tolerate things like that

  13. French are clevr than English the reason for it is we had demonstration fast to death.here in uk they left it to entirely disruptive but in Paris authoritive told them you choose what ever you want but cant disruptive so they given a place and by side with an ambulance when get critical took them to hospital after discharrge they ask do you wants go home or to the venue then to the venue as thinking Gandhi

  14. Why are LTTE goons in UK silent.Its time they woke up to their rights .The Lady from Mitchem will help them organise a battle as long as she gets the vote .The irony is she does not know the differnce between a sinhal name and a tamil. All long names are sent letters in tamil in her council. shame on these UK parlimentarians pandering to canvs votes. .

  15. It seemed like they are expanding. Karuna group,Pillayan group,Vinayakam group, Nediyavan group. Thannks DBJ, if they open up any more baracnes please let us know.

    Wny me?I know you know………..DBSJ

  16. Ma-Routi is quite right, these guys caused enough destruction in Sri Lanka and in places where they sought refuge abroad, if they don’t mend their ways at least by now they have only themselves to blame. Terror never wins and it has lost everywhere and will continue to lose wherever it is waged.

  17. Maaveerar Neengalae (!!!! ????)
    Marappoama Naangalae (!!!!! ?????)

    Nediyavan and Vinayagam, mind that another gang (MR & GR who are more powerful than you at this juncture) is also involved in amassing the wealth. Who is going to win?

    Nediyavan and Vinayagam, if you are really intersted in the welfare of N & E tamils, co-operate with moderate sinhalese and try to find out a solution. Give up the rhetoric of winning Eazham through the war machine.

  18. Nediyavan-Vinayagam, are showing off to Mahinda that we can match you in Street violence like you. We are brothers and “oru thay petta pillihal”.

  19. Naga… How R U doing mate? Best were P’kade days.. This is RETRIBUTION…… sad in a way & end is near. can not avoid. Its from above.
    It commenced with ‘Pongu Thamizh’ in Toronto….. Then it was France….. Next ??

    Thillaiambalam…… Disspora were never considerate at least after the War ended. Better get S.J.Emmanuel to provide the final blessings to the member of these factions.

    Its not about the tamil People but luxury living through illgained spoils.

    Gearing up for a brawl on national heroes day??????????????

  20. TNA members now touring the world should rush to Paris to negotiate a settlemenet between these factions. After all they supported them in the past.

  21. Ma-Rout-Ti says:

    “why bother to sacrifice Tamil lives in a pointless war if we are going to murder each other at the end of it anyway”

    What else do you expect from self destructive stupid Tamils and Sinhalese?

  22. Selva

    There are many agent provocateur roaming around the world who have been operating from Gotabhaya’s residence. Franchise can be obtained from Gota and initial expenses are paid by him.

    Gota is on the look out for more recruits. Please send him your application with verifiable references (perhaps from Pottu Amman. Rumour has it that he is a permanent resident at Gota’s home.)

  23. Martin Thomas:

    “These idots will never learn lesson”

    It has taken you all these years to see the obvious.

  24. What happened to the unbending, law abiding, intelligent, smart, loyal, straight forward, hard working, friendly Tamils of Srilanka????????????????????????????????????????????

    Those great Tamil brethren is the unaccounted loss to our country of the Eelam war, now we are left with the left over fighters group ( so called Freedom fighters are already under 6ft of earth).

  25. Some people can be very harsh on these boys but what else do they know? Their only example is the LTTE whose only solution to dissent was to kill. Tamils like ISS says GOSL is corrupt and is in bed with kudu merchants. Singhalese are corrupt. Now who is corrupt and greedy? His very own. He says “The Lankan Tamil nationmust show their contempt to these gangsters” Where the hell is this nation?? Is it in the dreams?  Arnt these, Tamil supremist idea’s? ISS, you are full of it.  It is not only Singhalese who are corrupt. Tamils who were premadasa’s henchmen were all highly corrupt. They collected bribes for Prema and were the go between between him and the LTTE. Finally in gratitude LTTE, bumped Prema off!! Then these Tamil henchmen vanished!! All living abroad with their ill-gotten wealth!! Rajaratnum is another corrupt Tamil. There are many LTTE set up businesses operating in Australia. Two petrol sheds in Sydney and one grocery store in Dandenong and another I think in Preston. Who collects the returns from these places now? That’s why the tamils are fighting. To share the spoils

  26. Looks like the remaining Tiger rump will kill each other.
    Then the Diaspora can breath a sigh of relief and think outside the box.
    some suggestions:

    1. Help rebuild the shattered social fabric in the North and East
    that they funded to ruin.

    2. Come down to Yalpanam again and enjoy a Masala wadai and help
    the local ( north) Tourist Industry.
    3. Lay claim to un-attended ancestral property and become rich
    rather than eking out a living in the west and be URBAN Poor
    for life!!!

    This has been jotted down with zero malice and completely out of sympathy for all Tamil folks.!!!

    Ajith Boralugoda

  27. I accept your views. Instill confidence among the local Tamils as well as Tamil Diaspora. It is the responsibility of the majority to do that as a redemption for the attrocities committed against the minority.

  28. It is sad see people of the same group fighting within themselves. When VP was alive nothing of this nature happened.


    Please dont falsify history so soon when so many of us who know all about Prabhakaran are living. It was Prabhakaran who first started killing fellow Tamils on the basis that some were traitors and collaborators

    It was Prabhakaran who first killed Tamils within the LTTE for “offences” or who had broken away or formed other organizations or from other militant organizations.

    It was Prabhakaran who launched fratricidal warfare on a large scale and killed so many members of other groups

    It was the LTTE that killed so many Tamil political leaders, intellectuals, govt servants , influential citizens saying they were “thurogigal”.

    It was the LTTE that imprisoned and killed so many Tamils as suspected informants

    It was the LTTE that killed so many Tamils for not toeing the LTTE line completely in matters like consription etc

    It was Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman who killed so many LTTE cadres and supporters over the Mahathaya issue and Karuna issue

    I can go on and on

    Please dont do revisionism here

    The LTTE culture of “Tamil against Tamil” continues

    As Shakespeare said “the evil that men do lives after them”

    As I often repeat Prabhakaran and the LTTE has cused irredeemable harm to the Tamil people

    All we can do is a salvage operation to some extent

    But I very much doubt that a Tamil renaissance is possible when I see what is happening

  29. News from the Swiss — some people are NOT going to be happy!


    Friday, 4 November, 2011, 12:04

    Court upholds Tamil repatriation decision

    The Federal Administrative Court has ruled that rejected asylum seekers from Sri Lanka can be sent back to their country.

    The Swiss Federal Office for Migration had ruled Tamil refugees could return to Sri Lanka, and a previous Senate vote confirmed that view.

    Opponents appealed to the court, saying Tamils face arrest, intimidation or in some cases torture if they return.

    The court said the general security situation in Sri Lanka has improved and stabilized since a 2009 civil war between the army and the Tamil Tigers, thus allowing the refugees return.


  30. It is obvious that the Vinayagam is working under the Kothabaya (thro’ Karunai) on the other hand, the Sivaparan is selfish tiger elemnt just want to capture the organization running businesses ( tentatively estimated over $85 millions, but some on official said would be $150 millions). In my understanding that the tamil diaspora is moreover working independently. Some cases without understanding the diaspora falling some events organized by either group. I belive that these groups are only sustain few years then after will be vanished. EU and Norway should arrest these terrorists immediately.

    One of my colleague from London told me that there is no different between Vinayagam, Nediyavan , Karuna, Douglas……I am also feel the same.

    Inbetween Where is Mr. Selvarasa Pathmanthan? showing very silence, Oh! is he silenced the mouth? ( He has silenced the gun since 19th May 2009 if I am not wrong..)

    Preparing to meet Mr. Sampanthan in London in this weekend.



    Unlike many Tamil vocal warriors who blabber here without understanding the basics or knowing the facts, SElvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP is continuing to do some constructive work in uplifting the fallen Tamils through NERDO and also looking after innocent Tamil children orphanned due to the war through his abode of love “Anbu Illam”

  31. It is happy to hear from you that a former LTTE leader also can contribute constructively.

    What I’ve seen from Sri Lanka ,all the former tamil military organizations making more harm to their own society that more than the Sinhalese do.


  32. Well said DBSJ,

    Some independent group should be documented all the tamil militaries violance again the humanity. I believe that it is very important show case for future tamils (That they should not go any weapons struggle in any time on the ground)


  33. I will try to make contact with the boy P. Sivaparan to know what his goal to control the money. I also will urge him to spend the all what is he controlling to North and East war affected people. I don’t think so he will agree but it is my duty to say him.

    UN report clearly stated that the tamil tigers also played major role on the human right violation through out the struggle. In my understanding the international tribunal those who are demanding/ playing the leadership of the organisation must face charges against the organitation.

    Tamil diaspora should urge both (Sivaparan(Nediyavan) and Vinayakam(Arivalakan?) ) to face trial before demanding GOSL to face. Global Tamil Forum should look in to this. Another factor just now I’ve realized that a member incharge of the TRO also claimed the leadership who is in UK now. I will write a an email to secrateries of the Foreign and Defence ministries about the TRO leader.



  34. Yogesh Karayalar:

    Nediyavan is keeping himself to himself in Norway.

    Vinayagam was living with Gota until myteriously surfaced/manifested in Europe.

  35. Suriya says “Work with the TNA”.

    The TNA is hand-in-glove with the Diaspora Tamils, and they are still singing the pre-1980s song and dreaming of a separate state with Sampanthan as the king. Now they think Robert Blake would help them!
    Blake should arrest them and put them into the same jail that some of the arms procurers of the LTTE are languishing.

    Until we have a new leadership Tamils living in Sri lanka will not get anywhere.

    We need to DUMP the TNA. They got voted in purely because the elections were held too soon, and old habits and old heierachiesdie too slowly.

  36. Sorry I did not want them to go back and ruin the beautiful Island but since they were fighting here, they should go back and fight there and die for the cause or go to GOSL’s concentration camps and live there. They should be thankful for being outside the island, go to work and take care of their family. If they can, then help the poor back home through someone they trust wheather it is their family member, friend, or NGOs or through GOSL from their own hard earned money.

    Yes TNA may be slow but what is Tamils alternative? Eventhough I think Sampanthan and Sumanthiran seems to be doing good, more matured youngsters should join TNA and help or take over the leadership instead of killing TNA or opening a new political parties. Tamils don’t need multiple Tamil parities at this time. Whatever it is, there should be only one political party to represent Tamils and their representative must be officially elected by the people backhome. Otherwise, they will be used by hawks (RAW/US/INDIA) in the background to control GOLS but turned down from participating any legal conferences at international levels.

  37. Dear DBSJ

    Nediyavan and Vinayagam are rascals. If Both should have died in Nandikadal. Tamil people will have been very happy


  38. Dear DBSJ

    This tiger vs tiger clash is going to be very serious I think. All due to Pirapakaran wrong leadership

  39. The types of Nediyavan and Vinayagam will not get the support of diaspora. There is already strong and sensible leadership emerging from sections of tamil diaspora to carry forward war crime campaign and demand for just rights including self determination of tamils. Nediyavan – Vinayagam fight can amuse the sinhala nationalist section. U.S and friends would already have started working on splitting the sinhala polity from within Mahinda’s party. Gadaffi did not realize his enemies were stronger until last. Similar fate will befall MR if he ignores history and miss the bus for true reconciliation. Then there will only be time to find bunkers and dewage pipes for escape when it is too late. There is already talk that Basil has been bought over by the Indians and the West and he is just waiting for the right time to split.



    I dont know about you but I have not caused irredeemabla harm to the Tamil people as VP and other “heroes” have done.

    You are right. I could never do so much harm as what VP and other”heroes” have done to the Tamil people. How about you?

    By the way when you use a false Sinhala name at least get the spelling correct

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