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Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra: A tragic anti-hero

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra , gunned down brutally on October 8th 2011 was a vibrant personality who could be portrayed as an “anti-hero” of real life. The circumstances of his untimely end casts him in the mould of a tragic anti-hero.

In literature, stage and screen an anti-hero is a complex character with some negative qualities of the typical villain while also retaining some of the positive attributes of the conventional hero.The anti-hero character is a blend possessing heroic qualities and intentions on the one hand and villainous personality flaws on the other.

The concept of an anti-hero has evolved due to a tendency on the part of authors,dramatists and screenwriters to present “villains” as characters whose motivations are not inherently evil and sometimes even good.The line demarcating an anti-hero and villain is at times unclear.

Funeral of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, Oct 12-pic: sundaytimes.lk

The anti-hero could be defined as a paradoxical character who is within the context of the narrative a hero, but could be also seen in a different context, as a villain or vice versa.

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was one such person. His demise is depicted as being decreed by fate on the basis of the saying ”He who lives by the sword dies by the sword”. His death is explained away as being due to a shoot-out between two armed groups fighting a political turf war.


There is however a counter-narrative too. Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra’s friends, supporters and well-wishers prefer to see their beloved “Lucky Aiya” as a knight in arms who was constrained to take up arms to fight against the forces of evil.In an exhibition of modern chivalry he is said to have rushed to the aid of a distressed damsel or dame and was murdered in a cowardly fashion.

Whatever the actual situation concerning Bharatha Lakshman’s death there is no doubt that in popular perception he died a heroic death at the hands of cowardly assassins There is also sympathy because of the opinion that he had been betrayed by those for whom he fought valiant political battles.The manner in which Bharatha Lakshman was killed and the events that followed thereafter have evoked widespread anger and resentment.

While the main narrative of Premachandra’s death is being viewed through the prism of political rivalry and law and order there has also emerged a sub-narrative that looks upon him as some kind of a latter-day folk hero. The massive crowds attending his funeral at Umagiliya grounds and the spontaneous popular response to his daughter vowing to follow in her father’s footsteps are indicators in this respect.

Hirunika Premachandra

In the emotional aftermath following his murder,Bharatha Lakshman’s attractive daughter Hirunika Premachandra announced that she would continue in her father’s example and take to politics. This was welcomed by many but her mother Sumana Premachandra did not approve. Later the daughter calmed down and said she would make a decision after about four years. Such a long delay would deprive her of the opportunity to ride the crest of the current sympathy wave.

It remains to be seen as to whether the daughter would enter politics but there is no doubt that if Hirunika were to don her fathers mantle she would be a smashing success. South Asian politics is replete with instances of such “daughters of destiny”. His son Yohendra too may follow suit but given Hirunikas personality and goodlooks she has a better chance of making a mark.


Vijaya Kumaranatunga

The English metaphysical poet John Donne wrote ”Each man’s death diminishes me for I am involved in mankind”. Bharatha Lakshman’s death saddens me as I knew and interacted with him slightly in the eighties of the last century. His mentor and leader was the late Vijaya Kumaranatunga.

Like Vijaya , Bharatha too was devoid of communalism. He stood for a multi-ethnic Sri Lanka where the minority ethnicities would not be discriminated against. While being firmly committed towards the unity and territorial integrity of the countryt Bharatha was also supportive of power sharing through devolution.The Tamils and Muslims have lost a friend.

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was literally and metaphorically a “child of fifty-six”(Panashaye daruwo). He was born in 1956 on January 26th. (which is Indian republican day)He belonged to a generation whose day in the sun had been ushered through the 1956 revolution of SWRD Bandaranaike.But to his credit Bharatha Lakshman was not a Sinhala chauvinist or supremist.

He came from a non – elitist but progressive background. His father worked at the Ceylon Petroleum corporation and was an active trade unionist. Cabinet minister Tissa Vitarane has stated that the father was a Sama samaajist.The son inherited the father’s leftist perspective.

Bharatha was one of seven children,two boys and five girls. At the time of his Bharatha’s birth the family was living in Wellampitiya. Later it moved to Kolonnawa. The Premachandras were not rural folk but lower middle class semi-urbanites.

Bharatha Lakshman studied at Ananda College, Colombo. After leaving school he is reported to have worked for a very short time as a bookkeepers assistant.However he took to political activism in his early twenties and was virtually devoted to it full time.


Despite his left leaning tendency Bharatha Lakshman joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) in 1979. TB Illangaratne who represented Kolonnawa electorate in the late sixties and early seventies was the party organizer.Bharatha’s idol and leader was Vijaya Kumaranatunga.He became engaged in trade union work for the party.

This was the time when the United National Party(UNP) under President Junius Richard Jayewardena was ruling the Sri Lankan roost. Kolonnawa was represented by Weerasinghe Mallimarachchi .The SLFP was a feeble force facing overwhelming political odds. The party itself was faction ridden

The spirit of defiance, protest and resistance within the demoralized party was spearheaded by Vijaya. Bharatha was one of the many courageous youths who were inspired by the charismatic politico – actor.The 1982 Presidential elections where Vijaya worked tirelessly for Hector Kobbekkaduwe was a campaign in which Bharatha cut his political teeth.

Kolonnawa was then under the thuggish rule of Mallimarachchi and his sons. It was a formidable task to paste anti-UNP posters, distribute leaflets and even hoist the SLFP blue flag.Bharatha Lakshman was courageous enough to give the lead in these matters despite the Mallimarachchis and their minions.

It was during this time that I first met Bharatha Lakshman through fellow journalist on “The Island” and friend Ajith Samaranayake. I can recall a prolonged discussion lasting several hours with him. Interestingly Bharatha had requested Ajith for a meeting and wanted me to participate in it

I remember vividly Bharatha trying to convince Ajith and myself that violence could only be met and overcome by violence. He would say that UNP authoritarianism in general and Mallimarachchi hectoring in particular left him no choice but to offer fierce counter resistance.


Looking back, I feel that it was this situation caused no doubt by the hegemonic UNP that moulded and shaped his future politics. The brave young political lieutenant prepared to face violence with violence for his party and leaders transformed into a captain who relied on the adage “brothers are not helpful as blows”.

One fact that impressed and endeared Bharatha Lakshman to me was his positive and progressive thoughts on the Tamil national question. The Tamil armed struggle was still in its embryonic stages then and the “ethnic problem”had not assumed massive proportions then.

Nevertheless Bharatha seemed to realize even in 1982 that the problem if not resolved satisfactorily would become a major calamity. He even quoted Sagara Palansuriya about the light from the northern cigar engulfing the South in flames

Going on the campaign trail with Kobbekkaduwe and Kumaranatunge to the North had broadened Bharatha Lakshman’s political horizons. He was happy that the Tamil people were bold enough to vote against the UNP despite its hegemonic authoritarianism. The fact that more Tamils in Jaffna voted for Kobbekkaduwe than Jayewardena was a source of heartening satisfaction to him.


Bharatha’s soft corner towards minority ethnicities extended to the Muslims also. A veteran Muslim journalist told me about how Bharatha had helped the Muslims in the area. A large number of Muslims have moved into the Kolonnawa region in recent times.

When the Muslim people tried to construct mosques in their new areas of habitation some persons belonging to the majority community resented it and tried to block it. The Muslims turned to Bharatha who intervened in the matter and resolved it amicably. Several mosques have been constructed without any communal disharmony due to Bharathas efforts.

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra due perhaps to the influence of Vijaya Kumaratunga had an enlightened attitude and approach towards the Tamils and Muslims. He kept the Kolonnawa area a safe haven for Tamils and Muslims to reside in.The large number of minority community mourners at his funeral testify to his bona fides on this key aspect.


Within weeks of this meeting with Ajith and myself where I got to know Bharatha Lakshman well, the fiery particle was in custody along with his hero Vijaya. This was the time when JR came up with the notorious “Naxalite conspiracy” charges against Vijaya and his supporters and jailed them. This was a ploy to keep them out of the controversial referendum polls campaign.

Bharatha Lakshman now identified as an efficient deputy of Vijaya was also arrested. The Police encouraged by politicians in power offered the young man a way out of incarceration. Bharatha Lakshman was asked to betray his leader by making a statement implicating Vijaya. If he did so he would be set free without any conditions ,Bharatha was told

The young political activist was made of sterner stuff. He refused to do so. This honourable refusal was indeed laudable and was perhaps the turning point where the “boy” became”man”.So Bharatha Lakshman too was imprisoned.Later the so called “Naxalites” in the SLFP were all released unconditionally.

Vijaya and Chandrika split from the SLFP and formed the Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya (SLMP) in 1984. Bharatha Lakshman too followed and was one of the founder members of the SLMP. He immersed himself in developing a trade union movement within the party.Bharatha was particularly successful at the Colombo harbour.Later he was appointed SLMP organizer for Kolonnawa electoral division.

Vijaya and Chandrika held positive views on the resolution of the Tamil national question. They were bold enough to travel to India and meet the Tamil militant group leaders. Later Vijaya along with Ossie Abeygoonesekara and Felix Perera went north and met the LTTE Jaffna commander Sathasivampillai Krishnakumar alias “Kittu”.


Bharatha Lakshman was excited about these happenings and firmly supported Vijaya’s initiatives. I remember Bharatha giving me a video cassette of Vijaya’s Jaffna trip and waxing eloquent about the breakthrough this would cause in Sinhala – Tamil relations.Alas!That was not to be so.

The Indo – Lanka accord was signed on July 29th 1987. The SLMP despite its opposition to the dictatorial JR welcomed it. Vijaya actively campaigned in support despite the violent opposition to it by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Ultimately Vijaya was killed in February 1988.

Some of the Tamil groups regarded as left of centre maintained contact with Vijaya. One of these was the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) led by Kandiah Umamaheswaran alias Mukunthan. The Indo-Lanka accord provided for a general amnestry and created space for Tamil militant groups like PLOTE to enter mainstream politics.

The PLOTE led by Umamaheswaran wanted to engage in democratic politics. Umamaheswaran wanted to relocate some of his cadres to Colombo to do political work.

There was however some anxiety and concern for their safety. The UNP govt was not trusted by the PLOTE. The LTTE was also feared. So a request was made to Vijaya Kumaratunga to provide security.


Vijaya agreed and delegated the task to Bharatha Lakshman who rented out a few houses in the Wellampitiya area. The initial batch of PLOTE cadres sent to Colombo were housed in these houses. Bharatha Lakshman and some of his SLMP activists provided round the clock security to them.

Later Umamaheswaran himself came to Colombo and a party office was set up in Kollupitiya.Other safe houses were set up in Colombo and the Mt.Lavinia-Ratmalana areas. The Wellampitiya safehouses were dismantled.

Although of short duration amounting to a few months the role played by Bharatha Lakshman in this exercise was commendable. I remember Him bringing a PLOTE member known as “Maran” and introducing him to me as the media liaison man. Maran used to bring PLOTE press releases and propaganda material to journalists in 1987 – 88.

While working as a trade unionist within the SLMP Bharatha Lakshman also got involved in electioneering. He first contested and won a seat at the Kotikawatte-Mulleriyawe Pradeshiya Sabha polls. Later he was a member of the Kolonnawa urban council too.

After joining the SLMP Bharatha Lakshman contested the western provincial council elections in 1988. He was elected as a Western Provincial councilor. This was the time when the JVP was targeting politicians participating in provincial councils created because of the Indo-Lanka accord.


It was during this time that a lone gunman suspected of being JVP targeted Bharatha Lakshman at his residence. But Bharatha’s father despite his age bravely confronted the would be assassin.There was a scuffle and Bharatha too plunged in.Then in an unbelievable feat of bravery, Bharatha Lakshman seized the firearm and shot dead the man who came to kill him.

This incident increased Bharatha Lakshman’s image and stature within the party and area. He was now regarded as a tough guy and acquired a “chandiya”persona. The fact that he had fought and killed in self – defence was overlooked.Nevertheless this chandiya image helped him counter the twin threats posed by UNP and JVP.

Chandrika Kumaratunga retuned from her self –exile in Britain and engaged in politics. After breaking up with the SLMP she teamed up briefly with Dr. Rajitha Senaratne and then returned to the SLFP. She forged a multi-party front led by the SLFP known as the Peoples Alliance(PA)

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra too followed her and in 1994 contested on the PA ticket. He was elected as a Parliamentarian from the Colombo district. I think he won in two subsequent elections also but was not assigned any ministerial portfolio.

Disappointed, he drifted away from Kumaratunga politically. Bharatha had always enjoyed good rapport with Mahinda Rajapaksa but now he got closer. This was a time when the man from Medamulana was a virtual loner in the SLFP where the Bandaranaike family hold was firm.


Bharatha however was not lukewarm in his support to Mahinda within the party and backed him strongly as opposition leader, Prime minister and Presidential candidate. He worked tirelessly for Rajapaksa in the 2005 presidential campaign where Mahinda was a virtual underdog.

Despite Mahinda’s success Bharatha was not so fortunate. He failed to get elected in 2004 to Parliament. This effectively deprived him of an opportunity to be a minister or deputy minister. He also lost the post of organizer for the electoral divisions of Borella and Kolonnawa to UNP “crossers over” Thilanga Sumathipala and Duminda Silva.

President Rajapaksa appointed him as a special presidential adviser on trade unions and provided him with an office at the Presidential secretariat. He was also given two bodyguards from the Presidential security division. Premachandra functioned effectively and helped resolve some prickly trade union issues through behind the scenes negotiations.

After Premachandra’s demise, a visibly affected President was to tell media heads of how he had offered the Ratmalana electorate organizer post to Bharatha who had turned it down He had also declined an invitation to contest the mayoralty stakes as UPFA nominee for the Colombo city this year.

President Rajapaksa’s statements indicate that being a pugnacious political fighter , Bharatha Lakshman did not want to be driven out from his home turf. After all this was the area where he spearheaded a SLFP renaissance against the formidable UNP amidst tremendous hardship. He was in no mood to abandon the electorate he nurtured to a Johnny come lately with a disreputable track record.

Premachandra defied the party leadership in his own way by continuing to nurse the Kolonnawa electorate despite being replaced as organizer. He rejected offers to move elsewhere and with dogged determination aimed at re-establishing his hold on the area and regaining his lost status.


Duminda Silva

The local authority elections of 2011 saw a proxy battle for preference votes within the UPFA between Bharatha and Duminda in the Kotikawatte-Mulleriyawa Pradeshiya Sabha. Bharatha backed his disciple and incumbent chairman Solangaraachchi. Duminda Silva worked against him and propped up others

The campaign was nasty and affected by violence. Bharatha Lakshman with three decades of political experience turned it into a moral crusade against drugs and drug dealers.Popular antipathy towards the “kudukaraya” menace struck a responsive chord in the hearts and minds of the voters.

Seated crosslegged close to the casket containing the remains of slain Presidential Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, Prasanna Gunasinghe Solangaarachchi who polled the highest number of Preference votes in the Kolonnawa electorate mourns the death of his mentor. Pic by M.A. Pushpa Kumara-courtesy: sundaytimes.lk

When results were announced it was a great political triumph for Bharatha.His “candidate” had got a record number of 42,322 preferences. His rival’s nominee had only got 5811 preferences. The voters had overwhelmingly endorsed Bharatha Lakshman’s war against the drug mafia. In the process he had demonstrated that he was yet a political force in the area

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra

Sadly Bharatha Lakshman was not alive to savour his victory.Fate’s moving finger had written his epitaph already. Bharatha Lakshman met “Iyaman or Mara ” the god of death on October 8th. Upon hearing of an attack on the wife and mother of Solangaarachchi, Bharatha Lakshman rushed to the spot. The unarmed Premachandra confronted Duminda Silva and in the process embraced death.

The circumstances of his death are mired in controversy. There are strong doubts about the various reports appearing in the media about what really happened. There is also strong suspicion that powerful elements are conspiring to thwart and obstruct the course of justice. Bharatha’s siblings residing in Canada have levelled accusations against the President.

Given the passionate sentiments within the party and people justice must not only be done but should also appear to have been done in the case of Bharatha Lakshman’s tragic demise.

Meanwhile in a land devoid of true heroes even a tragic anti-hero like Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra is likely to be viewed by a segment of the population as a hero. Time will tell whether this impression will last for ever or like all others this shall pass too.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

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  1. While first tribute to the soul passed away, RIP

    Thank you DBSJ for this fine piece covering salient points, very many, every word meaningful in the article as always, only DBSJ could do this. Thanks once again.

  2. Mahinda dropped Bharatha and embraced kudu king Duminda because he could supply more cash. Ungrateful man our great president

  3. Lucky Aiya was very popular. His murder make people very angry.Lots of protests against govt because of this

    If Hirunika nangi comes to politics all of us will support her against Rajapaksa govt

  4. Mahinda&Gota trying to suppress truth, absolve Duminda & blame Bharatha in this

    But people are not fools. If justice is denied there will be serious repercussions

  5. Those who live by the sword die by the swerd. They all are the same. People in Sri Lanka do not want thugs in form of Silva or Premachandra. They want to live in peace without bookies, drugs, violence, guns. Opinion of the Sinhala, Thamil, Muslim and other ordinary Sri Lankans is that all these people are/were a menace to a free and a just society

  6. This article does not present the biography of Duminda Silva. I will have a mediocre attempt at it now.

    Biography of Duminda Silva:

    – ex (not so friendly) -“boyfriend” of Anarkali.
    – Thug.

  7. I came to understand Bharatha Premachandra through this article. It is sad that the Tamils and the other minorities lost a person like him.

  8. Bharatha was a lover of Tamils so is Duminda. Then, why did they clash? – was this a turf war? No. The answer is below:

    Namal Raja had a relationship with Bharatha’s daughter, Shrianthi Rajapakse was furious about this. Did Rajapakses give contract to Duminda to finish off Bharatha? Yes. Gota was a part of the plot. May be Bharatha’s daughter has the answer.

    Why President is furious with Thilanga Sumathi? Thilanga Sumathi conveyed the news to Bharatha through a 3rd person that Duminda had slapped Solanga’s wife and assaulted his mother. Bharatha rushed to the scene. The fight started unexpectedly; this was not the way how Presidnet and Shiranthi (they are not in good terms either) wanted to finish off Bharatha.

    Who will get into the shoes of Bharatha? Daughter? I don’t think so. It will be Hector Bethmage. A fantastic politician, again from Kolonnawa.

  9. I know you had a rare meeting with Gadafi. Why don’t you reveal it at least now, as the brute is gone

    also can you please touch base about Duminda De Silva – is he a good man? Why is the Presidneet surrounded by thugs and kudu karayas

  10. Thanks DBS,
    For providing the human side of a person that was just a name to a lot of us. It is a fascinating read.

  11. DBJ, Many thanks for this fine appreciation of the late Bharata Lakshman Premachandra. I did not know this person but i sit daily at a cafe in front of a building owned by him. If I thought of him on that account while he was alive, i begin to think of him more now after his death.
    DBJ, you have cleared for me a big puzzle -that is how Bharata came to regarded as a ‘Chandiya’. It was a politician from an opposite camp who explained to me that he was a ‘tough guy’ as I was looking at the building one day. So it was that act in self-defence, as you say, which earned him this negative/positive image of a tough man.
    A few months back I had invaded his ‘territory’ when I tried to park my vehicle in a parking lot which i thought was a public parking lot.I was challenged by two guards and unknowingly I asked with my old authoritarian style what they were going to do about it. I expected some fall out from that incident the people in the neighbourhood asked me to avoid being getting involved with these people. but nothing happened and and I found these guards have since been showing much respect to me. As such, I carried the impression that the boss must be a “good-tough-man.”
    I convey my deep symapthies to Mrs,Premachandra and the children, especially, the daughter, Hirunika..

  12. Death of Lucky Aiya will be avenged politically if Rajapaksa regime denies fair justice to guilty party Duminda

  13. Gota malli perverting course of justice in Bharatha murder&trying to blame the victim for his own death. Dangerous game. Will blow up in gota face

  14. Ramani Peiris says
    Namal Raja had a relationship with Bharatha’s daughter, Shrianthi Rajapakse was furious about this.


    So if Shiranthi was furious why did she wanted the father killed not the daughter?

    These are the ‘lida langa genu’ gossip.

  15. Great article DBSJ.Waiting for a long time but worth the wait,you selected a good one.The last few paras show that there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Going against drug barons is dangerous indeed,in any part of the world.From the article i glean that Baratha’s election strategy of anti drugs helped to get 42000 votes and probably resulted in his death too.He should have done a cost-benefit analysis first.Is 42000 votes worth your life?

    His death could have nothing to do with drugs too or maybe partly.Only time will tell whether this is going to be another cover up like the Lasantha case and the many others.

  16. Premachandra raised the SLFP to power in Kollanaawa and Gampha areas. He met many odds and won the hearts of the people. That is why Rajapakses enjoy support in the area now. Now criminals take over the real party stalwarts through crime and money.

    This is a bad trend to Rajapakses if Duminda a UNP criminal not punished!

  17. Some politicians are real murderers. Ranil was behind the burning of Jaffna Public Library in 1981. Ranil ordered and witnessed the execution of hundreds of innocent young men from Kelaniya area in his torture chamber in Batalanda in 1989 which was confirmed by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which comprised retired judges. The courts rejected charges based on technical issues, not factual issues. Since Ranil committed these horrendous crimes in Batalanda, Ranil had to abandon not only his electorate of Biyagama, but also the Gampaha District. Ranil’s very close family members own several newspapers, broadcasting and telecasting stations which promote Ranil and help to prolong his political survival.

    -Nalliah Thayabharan

  18. All the old SLFP loyalists are angry at how Bharatha Lakshman was sidelined by Mahinda in favour of Kudu king Duminda

    I big revolt may take place in the party over this issue

  19. I was one PLOT cadre looked after by Mr.Premachandra in 1987. He took care of us well and kept us safe. He is a good man. He will get to go to heaven

  20. If he was born on 26th jan 1956 his life path number is 3.

    1.very creative
    2.wonderful communication skills
    3.achievement is mainly through expressing his thoughts and feeling in a original manner.
    4.live life to the fullest without worrying about tommorrow.(typical srilankan)
    5.lack of concern about money.Therefore not good at handling it.When you have it you just spend it.(again typical srilankan.kaapalla beepalla jolly kerapalla)
    6.warm and friendly
    7.loves connecting with people.
    8.very open and social and a great talker,a delight to listen to,and a good listener too.
    9.makes others feel at home.
    10.very sensitive.So when hurt will retreat into a shell for a long period,but comes bouncing back for more.Very conscious of other peoples feelings and emotions because one’s own sensitivity to hurt.

    Those who know premechandra only will be able to see whether these traits are correct,but if if it is right then it is going to be hard to chuck his murder under the carpet as usual.It will keep on popping out because he would have connected with some people very deeply during his lifetime.

    I call it murder and not manslaughter,because i think it was predetermined,and not done on the spur of the moment.He fell into a trap and the slapping of that woman was the bait.

  21. In the Tamil movie named ‘Nayakan” (hero) the anti-hero role was played by Kamalhasan. Before he was gunned down at the end of the movie his grand daughter asked him “Grandpa are you a good man or a bad man”. Kamalhasan responds ‘I do not know it for myself’. The movie is a fitting tribute to Bharatha’s life.

    Bharatha was a good man in heart but he used violence to protect his people against thugs and immoral politicians. He died fighting for his people. Solongarachi for whom he ended his life fighting his formidable enemy, should take the mantle of his mentor and should avenge for his death.

  22. Best joke is just noticed that mahinda’s lifepath number is also 3.So he will have identical traits of premachandra.Probably would have used him as a substitute for himself when he does not have the time,because he will know that Premechandra will handle the problem the same way he would have.

    Difficult to imagine mahinda having such traits.Must be the reason he is popular with the ordinary folks who are willing to forgive his many transgressions.

    I presume premechandra and mahinda would have got along well.

  23. Good riddance of bad rubbish. Bharatha was no saint and was equally responsible for thuggery and drug dealings including the cultivation of underworld connections as Duminda.

  24. The burning of the Jaffna library was the personal handi-work of Gamini DissanaYakka and his thugs who he took from colombo for the job.Maybe, as you indicate Batalanda Ranil was also involved. But he played the clean-suit game giving the orders from backstage.

  25. This is a very touching article by DBS. Once the LTTE was finished, one would have thought Peace would have come back to Sri Lanka. But this does not appear to be.

    This brutal regime has to go. Why are Journalists still being targetted? There are some crazy people running the show in Colombo. I was under the impression that LTTE was the source of all trouble in Sri lanka. But this is not entirely true is it? The LTTE was Crazy, how about the Rajapakses?

    The President and his brother have to be brought for trial by the International Community for their Crimes. Sri Lanka should be suspended by the Commonwealth, till a Moderate Regime takes power in the country. Sri Lanka is frittering away all the gains of having destroyed the LTTE. As long as Thugs rule, be it Sinhala or Tamil, Peace will remain a distant dream!

  26. Because if she got the daughter killed, then fingers are pointed. However if the father is killed, the relationship is soured and so the romance is broken forever as Hirunikkang knows who was behind the plot. That way, Shiranthi gets what she wants the safe way.Also the son has lots of big fish in the waters so he will swim on, deeper for the more cultured variety.

  27. It was not Ranil who burned the public library. It was another racist minister. I can not recall the name now. But certainly it was not Ranil

  28. Thanks Mr. Jeyaraj. A very insightful article. Delightful reading as always. I look forward to reading your next.

  29. 3 bullets in duminda’s head and still not dead.
    What does this prove.
    You got to shoot a srilankan politician in the butt.
    Thats where the brain is.

  30. Looks like there is some big behind the scenes in fighting going on in the SLFP. I anm sure that is a lot of unhappiness to the prominence given to the rajapakse family, the removal of the two term presidency and there may fights going on between the rajapakse brothers. The whole SLFP might blow up soon.

  31. I knew Bharatha Lakshman sir for many years. He helped me set up a small buisness in Borella. I am so sad he was killed. I will fight for his family to get guilty people punished

  32. BLP, has taught lesson to MR and Gota by sacrificing his own life. We wait and see whether these two have grab the point..according to latest updates, it seems to be that instead of learning from the lesson, they are immersing deeper and deeper in the same mud pit where they are!!!!

  33. TRN I have no time to waste with idiots like you. If you do not want to listen please me go away to another forum.

    This forum is only for intelligent people.

    Shiranthi is a strong Catholic (so is Mahinda Raja) they want Namal to marry a Catholic. Malcolm Ranjit will fix the deal

  34. I have dedicated myself to serve,protect,support and work for Ms.Hirunika Premachandra in her noble mission to follow her father and engage in politics to uplift the people.

    I place my valiant sword at her feet and vow to serve her like a devoted slave even if people mock and ridicule me

  35. I was emotionally captivated by Premachandra’s daughter Hirunika’s beauty,personality, courage and passion

    I will devote myself to the service of that fatherless child and support her strongly in politics

  36. I note someone mentioned Hector Bethmage – a man from Kaduwela. A remarkaable man who escaped death from Presidnet’s friend Duminda.

    DBS please write about him

  37. Dear Tamil Brother

    Agree. It was another racist minister. Cyril Mathew. A racist thug.

    Hope this refreshed your memory.

  38. Thank you DBSJ for a very informative article. I was anxiously waiting to read an article from you about Mr. Premachandra. May his soul rest in peace!!!! I am waiting till the day when Kudu Duminda comes home & lives his days as a retard always looking over his shoulders, fearing for his pathetic life!!!!!

  39. Thanks DBSJ for the balanced article.
    I am from Kollonnawa now living in Sydney.
    I know Bharatha from childhood.
    He had great qualities as a politician.

    I have lost respect on MR after Bharatha’s death.

  40. Welcome back DBSJ,

    At last some good reading about the much talked about murder in SL at present.

    I agree with you that ‘Given the passionate sentiments within the party and people justice must not only be done but should also appear to have been done in the case of Bharatha Lakshman’s tragic demise.’

    Yes people have spoken by voting & by attending the funeral about what they want. There will be snowballing effects if the GoSL do not take steps in the right direction to restore law & order.

  41. Ramani Peiris wrote “President and Shiranthi (they are not on good terms) either”, did you mean there’ s trouble between the couple too! Lol.

  42. Its really disgraceful how our President and Defence Secretary are moving with Drug dealers and Criminals. This is not a Govt its a Mafia, Rajapakse Mafia. All for big money and deals. The country is being sold and ordinary people are being deceived and short changed. The silence of the Maha Sanga, Archbishops and Religous leaders is pathetic. Are they satisfied with what is happening in this country? have they no conscience?

  43. So you are an astrologer as well?
    The traits that you describe above are what I would call the traits of Sinhalese and Burgers, especially #3, #4 and #5. Would you agree?

  44. This incident of murder of Bharatha and three others and attempted murder of Duminda highlights the fact that the Mahinda Rajapakse regime even now relies on violence to exist.
    Else, MR could have banned armed ‘bodyguards’ in election campaigns, if not even in normal political activities – he has the power.
    But MR has a military regime to suppress the tamils of the north & east and hence cannot deny the gun-culture for politicians of the south. He also cannot move strongly against drug dealers as they – exemplified by Duminda – are an important support base for him & his party.
    The police have to accordingly ‘toe the line’ and, in doing so have complete impunity for other crimes.
    Bharatha – a good man as proved by above narrative – has met his death due to the intransigence of MR.
    This incident must compel all political parties to sponsor a resolution in parliament,to prohibit/abolish armed ‘bodyguards’ especially ‘private’ ones for anyone, especially during elections, when emotions run high.

    The evidence led so far – as reported in the media – at the inquest is confusing and contradictory. Postmortem findings have not been revealed.

  45. DBS you have done it again I read all the SL papers non have given a worthy article about late Mr. Premachandra It seems our readers have to be enlighted about the burning of the Jaffna library who else can do an interesting piece?



    Thanks but this article was written for the Sri Lankan newspaper”Daily Mirror” of October 22nd 2011

  46. well said, shankar…..

    barring one or two, the rest of the 225 or so hon. members in the parliament has their brains in their butts!!

  47. Bharatha’s daughter, while talking to the press,
    was in tears of wild rumours about them and introduced her boy friend with whom she is in love for more than four years and begged the internet users not to engage in spreading rumours about them.I think we should respect this.

  48. Shooting in the head is less deadlier than in the
    chest Shankar.But you are right to locate the
    brain where it must be!

  49. I am extremely sorry for assuming Bharatha was one those. Now we see that anyone associated with u no hoo as criminals but Bharatha seemed to have done his bit. May he rest in peace!

  50. Thanks for the detail information about Mr.Bharatha Lakshman origin and early days activities.


  51. @Ratman, you say “People in Sri Lanka do not want thugs”. This is what you wish but not the reality. People in Sri Lanka want thugs for their politicians. They want that thug to go threaten and chase away anyone standing in their way. They want the thug to intimidate the gov. officers so no legal action will not be taken against your illegal activity.

    This is the real situation in Sri Lanka. Sorry for thinking that most people are not intelligent enough to see the repercussions of their short-sighted decisions; but I just can’t find an alternative rational to explain the behavior of my fellow countrymen.

  52. We are watching to see how Gota Rajapakse is preventing punishment to those who killed Bharatha Lakshma. Rajapaksa regime is under scrutiny on this

  53. ranjan

    you are right about 4&5.maybe 3 also.Burgers of course with borrowed money.When they see you they will come with a beaming smile and tap you for 10 bucks which is a princely sum those days.All my burger pals left to melbourne.When they came on holidays they take us out and give a good feed.

  54. As far as astrology is concerned, if life path No. 3 is good, how come one of
    them killed is first wife. It is therefore No. 3 that prevented charges being
    framed against one No. 3. What is Ranils life path No., as he has something to do with “wife-killing”cover-up – all in the Web – not “linda gava katha.”

  55. It will never happen because if you trace the history of our forefathers you could see thuggery and violence as the salient features. In other words these were and therefore are built in our genes. We blindly believe our politicians who are nothing but thugs and the bhikkus who have abdicated everything good but not violence. The form of education we get does not motivate to break these clutches and to rise above in order to understand and act without our traditional biases.

  56. I see this as a clash of personalities. Duminda was a more westernized, modern, “aryan’ looking guy as compared to Bharatha who looks like an average Sinhala middle class person. The upper classes as well as those in power generally favor good looks and personality and the SLFP especially is badly in need of a personality who can match people like Ranil Wickramasinghe in social class. I understand that Duminda may not have been as sophisticated or upper class like Ranil but at least he had the outward appearance of one.

    I don’t think Bharatha quite realized that he was not ready for Duminda who was in a different league when it came to violence. Duminda was purportedly backed up by ex-servicemen from the commando and special service regiments in addition to underworld characters. He and his group were, in 2006, accused of beating up 3 US marines ( one was a woman sergeant who was a self defense instructor for the marines ) inside Clancy’s night club. It was unfortunate for Duminda too, as obviously there happened to be at least one equally ruthless gunman in Bharatha’s group.

    It is a tragedy for both as they could have joined hands to serve the common interest s of the party.

  57. We Sri Lankans are very gullible, and MR is trying to play a mind game on us. Its pretty clear Duminda Silva shot in the head is a drama played by the government to ensure that “white hoe” is safe, they fear people might just f*ck up that b*stard.

    On the other hand I like what Bharatha’s family is doing, standing up for justice. This is not an issue just to be moaned just by Bharatha’s family but all the concerned citizens of Sri Lanka. Where is our country heading?

  58. So Shranthi became a Buddhist only temporarily to hoodwink the Keralites and enter Guruvayoor Appan Temple? She had got the Indians wrapped in her saree piece

  59. Good article DBJS! I believed there are only certain Sinhalese are racist, those are mostly the politicians. But then reading your articles, I am learning some more politicians are not bad at all and they are fair and do understand Tamils plight. Unfortunately they are dying as we get to know them (mainly through your article). One thing I don’t understand is that, all the leaders in power seems to be racist and or thugs. Sadly they are being backed by many good hearts to bring them to power! Will good hearts ever get to power or will it continue to be ruled by racist and thugs… Or is it the good hearts become evil and racist when they get to power or retain their power? Confused!

  60. Where is our country heading … .. ? Why the surprise?

    As a concerned citizen how did you miss the answer to a simple question such as this? I have to doubt the authenticity of your concern, unless, sadly, you just came out of a long coma.

    The country has been heading this way of doom for several decades. Perhaps, the commotion was too loud! You should be happy, – you managed to get back to your senses.

    You will learn the answer soon.

  61. Before reading this article anyone who read these columns would have believed that the late Mr Premachandra was one of the biggest heroin dealers in the” Drug Capital of Srilanka”.

    From the time of his death , most postings here by the so called knowledgeable Colombsiders, implied that the gun fight on the CMC election day was the final showdown of the two biggest dug barons and there drug distributors.

    According to the details here Mr Preamachndra was a “battler” who made to the top in his side of politics and took up the task to bat for the other “battlers” on his turf.which was a noble deed.

    Hopefully Mr Jeyaraj will write up a resume of the other person , Mr Duminda Silva too, to enlighten us about his background.


    If its an obituary you want theni it will have to wait as he is among the living still

  62. Welcome back DBSJ,

    Hope you had a nice vacation/ break from writing..

    BLP was a real people’s ‘chandiya’ not a steroid pumped ‘nondiya’ . Even if the rule of law doesn’t prevail it seems nature might provide justice after all.. Duminda S would have likely suffered significant brain damage and will be the walking dead, for the rest of his life..

    Hirunika was apparently very political even in her school days and would have succeeded her father anyway. There is no election for the next 5 years, so her decision to stay away from politics for the next 4 years would be a good idea.. Maybe she will finish her higher education and build up her own political base with the help of Solangaarachchi, in time for the next general election..

  63. In any other country this gota fellow will be sacked or asked to resign. But here the defence secretary is going to see a drug trafficking murderer in the hospital. Now under Gota instructions false evidence being supplied to distort investigation. Shameless fellow !

  64. “The upper classes as well as those in power generally favor good looks and personality” – ???

    Gotabaya needs a violent thug that he can direct when he requires violence to be committed against individuals that have crossed him (eg. Lasantha). There are different types of thugs. Duminda is a thug that specialises in violence on an individual level.

    How ridiculous is it that Gotabaya visits the man that killed a respected member of his own party? Would any administrator or head of department visit a murderer in hospital? The political stench coming out of a callous murderer would deem him a non entity in a normal democracy. In Sri lanka, you even publicly back your thugs after they murder an esteemed member of your own party.

  65. Mahinda discarded Bharatha in favour of Duminda because Duminda had drug money. Tried to shape up Bharatha with adviser post. But Bharathas war against kudu mafia made Rajapaksas angry. So Bharatha had to go

  66. What is really wrong is not that Bharatha Laxman is dead but the shooting happened in broad daylight in fornt of many witnesses. The arrests and media coverage seems to have died a natural death just like other cases in Sri Lanka.

    On the other hand readers may be interested to know:..

    One of my workers Uncle was Baharatha Laxmans Bodyhuard he himself was shot through his eye but managed to live. ( the only One ) two others were gunned down.
    According to my source ( unverified ) this is what happened:

    On the day of the elections Duminda Silva and his supporters have been drinking and had approached Solangarrachi wife and had asked ‘Who did you vote for’, She had replied I voted for my husband , he had then asked Who is your Husband?, She had replied Solangaarachi and then he had slapped her and she had run inside her house and locked herslef in. There are other stories to say that another woman was also slapped. This information had gone to Bharatha Laxshman who then proceeded to that area and that was when they crossed. Duminda had got down and gone towards Bharatha Laxshman and he too had got down and asked ‘Arnt you ashamed to hit women?’. At that point both of then started hitting each other and Duminda had then said ‘Shoot’. Bharatha was shot in the leg and thereafter he was shot several times by his bodyguarda at point blank range. Laxshmans supporter or bodyguards who came to his assitance was also shot dead. two died. Most of what I say above has already being on the net. However the one who shot Duminda when he came out of his coma asked, Is he not dead? I shot him 4 times in the head..
    Information on Duminda is hard to come by althoughI personally know the doctor who treats him. out of respect for medical ethics I have not asked about his condition. I am told by others that he may not be quite so normal even if he lives.

  67. Sorry but is another snipet.

    On radio just now – God FM for news they started by saying that two bodhi Pujas have been held in Kolonnawa and Piliyandala for DS recovery. INetrviews of people who said all good things about book distribution gifting wheelchairs ect was mentioned and that DS was a man for the poor.

    ‘They aslo mentioned that he was shot in the head by Thugs while conducting election duties.’
    What they failed to mention:
    6-7 Guns found in DS motorcade. Who shot who and no mention that another parliamentarian died.

    ‘Ane nelum paw ne eyata?’

  68. punchinilame

    I don’t know who you are referring to and what exactly was the circumstances of the case,but only thing i can tell you where romance is concerned life path no 3 is a very ardent and loyal lover.This doe not mean that we can assume that the romance is with the wife.Sadly many people have initially romance with their spouses,but move on to other lovers.So we must know the exact circumstances of the case you refer to.

    The giving disposition of the no 3 often attracts demanding partners.So trying to find a balance in the relationship will be very difficult.I don’t know whether mahinda’s or bharatha’s wives or their lovers if they had any were demanding types,but the root cause of the problem in the realtionship would be the demanding nature of them.Without knowing the facts of the case you mention and whom you refer to how to come to any conclusions?I presume you are referring to one of them.

    Anyway killing another human being is unjustifiable whatever the circumstances.Life path no 3 can’t stand domination and since they like to live life to the full and enjoy,might have to get rid of that domination in order to continue to do so.Though the life path numbers show the inherent traits of people,we are also products of our environment,and our thoughts and deeds are shaped by our parents,teachers,siblings,friends and culture we live in generally.

    Once i read somewhere that if let us say the queen gives birth and without her knowing you exchange her newborn with the child of a prostitute,the child of the prostitute in the environment of the royal palace will become very refined but also very spoilt,while the queens child in the environment of a prostitutes home will become very coarse and vulgar.There will be a battle going on between the inherent traits and the environment and god knows which will win in the end,depending on which is more powerful i suppose.

  69. Bharatha Lakshman was a tough guy who protected not attacked. Even his death was due to rushing to protect and defend the wife and mother of Solangaarachchi

  70. I think there are many who don’t realise, the connection of politicians and people in power to corrupt corporate players and people who break the law, whether drug dealers, prostitution rackets, guns smuggling etc takes place every where in the world especially in developed countries like UK, Australia, US etc.

    I can forgive srilankan’s who are relatively quite poor, trying to make a buck this way but what about in the west where people are quite wealthy? For example maldorf cheated the US public to billions and most of the money was never recovered. I think srilankans should look at these situations from a global perspective.

    Secondly, many think with the death of premachandra, politicians who are favourable to the Tamils are no longer. This is wrong, because there are many Singhalese poly’s who do not have the die hard singhala mentality. Simply because, many Singhalese live in area’s where there are tamils and muslims and they do have friends among these communities.

  71. Kamal says,
    People in Sri Lanka want thugs for their politicians.

    This is not true. What can the people do when the party nominate thugs, criminals, drug Lords and all the underworld to their election lists.

    people have to choose the lesser devil. People have No choice !

    The party heirachy should take responsibility for appointing these substandard politicians and destroying our society.

    People have stood up and voted against these but the corrupt politics continue. Whatever the party that comes to power continue the sordid policies.

  72. Dear Ramani Peiris (Forum of gossip Lanka)

    What brilliant logic u r posting to this gossip forum !

    R u one of the intended brides/ mother of a bride to be, on the waiting list for the eligible first bachelor in town ????

  73. Ramani Peiris says:
    Malcolm Ranjit will fix the deal

    What a disgrace to the Cardinal and his Eminence Malcom Ranjith.

    You think the most high priest of the catholic church will play a marriage broker?

    This shows your low mindset and the pea sized brain you have.

    However your intentions are clear, that is you want to discredit the first lady and her religion (she was born in to).

    Also I will Highlight that Namal & his brothers were educated at a Christian school too (STC).

  74. dilshanferdi

    I am told by others that he may not be quite so normal even if he lives.
    I think you are tongue in cheek.Since he was not quite so normal before the shooting,now your saying not so normal may mean abnormal really.Probably paralysed at least partially because the brain controls all our functions and they have been digging into it and removing some.I believe that they removed 2 bullets from the brain but cannot remove one because of further risk to him.

    What a life that will be for a once proud man roaring like a lion and pissing and marking his territory.A true lion blooded descendent of brother and sister sinhabahu and sinhaseevali and a great patriot as depicted by our lion flag.

    Alchohol brings the beast out in man and it is high time they banned it.Women getting beaten daily by their husbands will thank the president by voting with their feet.I believe that grog consumption in srilanka per capita is the worst in the world.At least we are no 1 in something.

  75. Aus Lankan,

    To give u a deeper understanding of how the ‘R’ brothers work. They decide who will go where. Since GR is not in popular politics and not concerned with votes was sent to the aid of Duminda.

    BR was sent to kollonnawa to settle the people’s problem.

    They work in a very integrated and a smooth fashion the majority get deceived.

    Somethings are more sophisticated that we may never understand their strategies at all.

  76. Sometimes who knows,partial justice might be served in this case at least for the first time.Though duminda may not be arrested the guy who shot will be at least be arrested and of course killed when he tries to escape from the police throwing a hand grenade at them.

  77. Diyasena says:
    Hirunika was apparently very political even in her school days and would have succeeded her father anyway.

    now how do you claim this? were you one of her class mates or one of her teachers?

  78. dilshanferdi,

    For your information Gold FM /ABC radio the CEO is the elder brother of Duminda Silva.

    Duminda Silva crossed over to UPFA to get back the radio licence (which was cancelled by the defence ministry few years ago) for his brother.

  79. 2 suspects of the murder case were apprehended from India.

    The reports said that they have immediately left the country after the shooting. One newspaper reported that they have obtained visa to India one month ago.
    This gives a very different perspective to the whole plot. That this was a pre-planned operation. not an instant impulsive reaction.

  80. Dear Sri Lanka and TRN

    I have no intention of marrying Namal as I am married. Namal is a Christian who was baptized, so why should I give my daughter to her. Shrianthin and Mahinda and family worship inside secret the chapel created in Carlton. Mahinda married Shiranthi in Church, they are both Christian. Mahinda shows a Buddhist face to trick the yeloow robe. Malclom Ranjith may be Cardinal but he can fix anything. In Sri Lanka these things happen. Malcom Ranjith is a best friend of Rajapakse clan and he acts according to Pope’s instrcutions

  81. To the soul of Bharatha, Neenga Nallavara? Kettavara?

    I always believe characters like Bharatha of SL and Varadharaja Mudhaliyar (a Tamil don of Mumbai) are good. But my friend says I have a criminal thought in my mind and he says that had my father not given me education and care I would have decome a criminal or don. So very often I ask the question ‘Daey Yogesh! Nee Nallavana? Kettavana?’ to myself.

  82. Once again worthwhile for a long wait DSBJ my deepest sympathy go towards Mr Premachandra family how sad of our nation killing is the solution for any aspect not only that how these regime trying to protect the criminal.

    This may be the warning to the ordinary law abiding citizens that what will be the fate if anyone against our regime they need Duminda to carry on thretening and intimidation. they may eradict the LTTE but time may tell for this barons people will decide for this corrupt regime.

    One thing is understandable DSBJ had a break but didnt know Shankar is more interested in numorolagy than Sri Lankan politics,Dilshan F nice to know some hints on the matter so you also not away from this blog.hope LKSword may give some comfort to this young lady as we anticipated.

    Imagine if that shooting would have been a Tamil Politician we would have come with UN planes with Mr Moon and bring that country to knee and everything would have been standstill put a curfew and bomb few places with NATO for next mission

  83. Emotionally captivated? Watch your steps carefully.Soon, you are likely to be emotionally castrated.Hirunikkang looks like a tough woman.

  84. He was a tough man but with a heart of gold. He hated Kudu Duminda and tried to clean up Kolonnawa. May he attain Nibbana

  85. Sinhala Modhaya Sivanantha,

    I have already warned not to belittle Tamils of TN.

    Attrocities were committed against Eazham Tamils by IPKF mainly by the Punjabi Regiment. Military men from S.India only saved Eazham women and girls on many occasions against the IPKF attrocities. Punjabis have more Aryan quality than any other Indians. IPKF attrocity is the best example for Aryan thuggery. You will appreciate IPKF since you are an Aryan slave.

    You idiot, you say that ‘Kallan’ means thief. Don’t take the literal meaning of the words. Whether Sinhalese means some body born to lion out of the heinous sexual intercourse between a bengali/oriyan princess and a ferocious lion? I don’t think so. Kallar belongs to the subcaste of ‘Mukkulathor (People of three kulams)’. The three subcastes are Kallar, Maravar and Ahamudaiyar. Kallar represents the spy wing of the army, Maravar represents the fighters (who engage in direct war) and Ahamudiyar represents landlords. One theory says that this how the three subcastes lived in Chera, Chola and Pandiya kingdom. Another theory says that Maravars are the descendents of Pandiyas and Kallars are the descendents of Cholas and Agamudiyars are the refined form of the Mukkulathors who are next to Vellalars in the communal hierarchy. You idiot, you force me to give detailed explanation about the caste system very often which I hate to the most. You are not supposed to use ‘n’ at the end when you refer to a group of people. Always use ‘r’ at the end. (You often say Pallan, Parayan, Kallan etc). Being a Sinhala Modhaya you may not be aware of the importance of ‘n’ and ‘r’.

    Indian military is also notorious for its human rights violation just like SL army. How do you say that IPKF was people friendly? Raping is heinous crime whether it is committed by Tamil or Sinhalese or North Indians. Whoring is also equally bad. But GoSL encourages that in the name of tourism and development. I think you are also a strong supporter of whoring.

  86. Sivanantha,

    Shankar says

    I suggest you stop calling yourself a tamil in future and say you are a mongrel malayalee/orissan and start learning malayalam and the orissan language.don’t use the tamil identity only when it suits you.

    Shankar is 100% correct.

    Even though I do not agree with shankar’s utopian Diravidam I object calling Diravidam is a piss based on your ideas. You say that it is not possible to have Diravidam since it is necessary for Dravidians to beg for resources from Aryan north indians. North Indian aryans are begging S.Indians. You come to Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Lakhs and lakhs of N.Indians are almost on the roads of these three S.Indian cities. I object to Shankar’s Diravidam because other Dravidians are equally bad as N.Indians (may be due to the 20-30 percent of aryan genes in them).

    You are always after the fallen bread pieces of your aryan masters and sinhalese masters.

  87. Educated in CHRISTIAN schools? What are they?

    Since 1957 No Christian schools but all are State run schools!

  88. Are you guys sure that Duminda is injured? don’t be surprised if he is living outside Sri lanka in good health!!!

  89. If it happens in UK and Australia, is it alright to be happeing in Sri lanka? The difference is that the law will take care of the accused and the vicims in other countries. But the law and order situation in Sri lanka has gone rotten ever since independence under bot the UNP and SLFP and it has got rotten after the Rajapakse Brothers Inc.!!!

    The problem with Sri Lanka is we have so many people like Gavin, Kalu albert and Leela who comes to the defense of the most corrupt regime all the time!!! If the majority of the population is like that and vote for the murderers year after year, then very soon Sri Lanka will take the last place in the whole world for lawlessness, which is not very far away(already Sri lanka is at the bottom)

  90. That’s why DBS rightly called him as anti-hero.

    For example, on that fateful day Bharath went to protect the innocent wife of Solongarachi and his family who were harassed by Duminda and lost his life in the process of protecting them. Apparently Bharatha’s scolding of Duminda that he was a coward to show his power to the womenfolk, only provoked Dumnda to attack him first.

    He was a hero in the eyes of Sologarachi’s wife but a bad man for you and me for his show off as Chandiya.

  91. dear jey,
    welcome back. politics is no different from indian politics except for the fact that guns are used more frequentlyobviously for a simple reason that guns are available easily.mahinda rajapakshes politics reminds me of one lovely tamizh movie athiradi padai featuring sathyaraj and manivannan.it is a classic and showcases how politicians play their game.welcome back jey i hope i will be reading more of yours in coming days and happy deepavalli for you and all our bloggers.


    Thank you.Happy Theepa varisaith Thirunaal” greetings to you too. Which film are you going to watch on 26th? “7m Arivu” or”Velayudam”?

  92. Dear Silva,
    I am not trying to make excuses as to what is happening in SL and trying to justify injustice. But before we get too hot headed, we need to see what is happening around us. In the west, if you care to study various people conflicts, there is a lot of talk and so called freedom of expression. But at the end, the people who actually complained and who have lost funds or their lives by professional crooks and politicians are never redressed.

    You just look. Bush took US to war in Iraq on false intelligence. Then he took to Afghanistan. Thereby billions were spent by the mad man and finally he retired in comfort. Today he is forgotten and poor Obama has to kill himself trying to pull back the economy. If this happened in SL, Bush would never ever have any peace. He will be slandered. Further the man who made most money in Iraq was Dick Cheney Bush’s deputy whose vast multi million corporations continue to service the war effort.

    Today protestors are gathering in US, UK, Australia to protest against greedy financial corporations who have made millions, and made people in these countries poor. Watch this friend, one of these days these fellows will be kicked out and put to jail. Any different to SL?

    Of course we SLankans always think the grass is greener on the other side and others are holier than us. Don’t believe what I say but watch closely the people’s conflicts in these countries and the solutions. Then you will understand.

  93. Shankar,

    He was definetely not ‘Normal’ You are right I was refering to physical.

    Dont quite agree with you on the sinhabahu part. scum is scum and will remain scum.

  94. To me I dont give a shit about the death of Baratha or duminda…it did not stir any kind of emotion for me….I have seen many precious deaths than this….I wish both died in the shooting along with the thugs and the next in line ..the mervin silva clan as well….inorder for the sri lankan ppl to live a decent living all these thugs and politicians should be evaporated by hook or crook…the more they die the better…I am sorry …

  95. Good one Uma.I got your point.It shows the predicament that bharatha would have been in.Poor fellow.Today in srilanka due to police and courts not being able to do their jobs because of political interference,good people like bharatha have to arm themselves like thugs if they are to protect themselves and their loved ones.

  96. auslankan

    Gotabaya needs a violent thug that he can direct when he requires violence to be committed
    He has one in the north-douglas
    and one in the south-duminda
    probably is fixing up ex armed forces in diplomatic positions so that he will have some in the rest of the world in the future.

    As for mahinda -he has gota.

    as for manmohan-he has mahinda.

    In this world you can always find someone to do your dirty work for you.

  97. yogesh

    I object to Shankar’s Diravidam because other Dravidians are equally bad as N.Indians (may be due to the 20-30 percent of aryan genes in them).
    That is why we have to quickly form dravidam before it becomes 50 percent.Then we have to copulate with them like mad to bring it down to about 10 percent.We have to sacrifice our time and energy and allocate our time to have plenty of sex with them for the sake of their salvation.

    One bun in the oven for dravidam.That should be our slogan.

  98. yogesh

    Attrocities were committed against Eazham Tamils by IPKF mainly by the Punjabi Regiment.
    I was wondering why so many tamil youngsters in northsrilanka are wearing turbans.When asked they don’t reply.Thanks for clearing that one for me.

  99. MR ditched even Gadaffi who gave 500 million pounds to GoSL (Rajapakse brothers). How can we expect MR to be considerate about a small fry like Bharatha?

  100. @Ramani Peiris- You just showed off the empty headed,shallowness of most Sri Lankans in this country who go hanging onto every dog’s tail the media feeds out to u!A relationship with Namal Rajapakse?Oh please!Knowing Hirunika akki personally,i would tell you that this girl is a girl with AND taste and would not go for low-down,money hungry thugs!she’s been with the same boy,Randima,for the past 5 years and their almost married so it would be greatly appreciated if you keep your nose out of issues you don’t even know what you’re talking about!
    Typical Sri Lankans!Always trying to bring the other down,when their in a moment of great grief and trying to overcome it!
    I am confident Hirunika akki will do a fantastic job in bringing justice to her father’s death!

  101. TRN

    Its more likely Gota cancelled the radio license so that Duminda Silvas skills could be out to use by the state

  102. kugan says:
    Imagine if that shooting would have been a Tamil Politician we would have come with UN planes with Mr Moon and bring that country to knee and everything would have been standstill put a curfew and bomb few places with NATO for next mission

    wise crack ! when v think that way yes u r very correct !

  103. Is this Ramani Pieris?

    U remind me of a previous blogger named Wathsala… similar postings never understood how stupid her comments look to others

  104. Anonymous says:
    Shrianthin and Mahinda and family worship inside secret the chapel created in Carlton.


    So u are the laundry woman of the Carlton ???? no doubt !!

  105. What is this nonsense about Aryan’s Canada Mama is jabbering here about? This is pure ignorant and undiluted racism. There is no such thing as Aryans in our history – which is largely a figment from the imagination of chauvinist brains like that of Dharmapala – who termed himself Anagarika (Remember there was another Anagarika from the Ambalangoda District who came to Parliament in 1977 and thereafter slipped away into disgrace?)

    Comparing Ranil to Duminda is to compare cheese and chalk. Canada Mama, political leaders are not chosen for their beefy brawn and the armed thugs they temporarily control – but some brain. Your hero Duminda is best left to the drug-infested slums of Wanathamulla, Dematagoda, Slave Island and the Angoda (Egoda) areas (Kollonnwawa, Mulleriyawa and their own Tamilnadu) – the natural habitat of the rejects in society. That lass Anarkali must be praying 24×7 she had a narrow escape from beef-cake.


  106. SD says:
    October 24, 2011 at 6:27 am
    @Ramani Peiris- You just showed off the empty headed,shallowness of most Sri Lankans in this country who go hanging onto every dog’s tail the media feeds out to u!

    Well said !!

  107. Thank you Jeyaraj for a lovely article on Bharatha. I am a friend of his father and he was a real socialist. I can see his qualities on his son.I knew Bharatha only as school kid and I am sorry to see the way his life has ended.I hope his vision to the future of Sri lanka becomes a reallity.

  108. I know Baratha and his family well, sad to see what has happened, hopefully his family will not this case be forgotten until he get Justice by grilling these murderers,
    Baratha is an educated man compares to most of the thugs, Drug dealers and idiots that we have in our parliament,
    May he attain nibbana

  109. Mr Senguttuvan

    I don’t consider Duminda a hero. No human is perfect enough to be considered a hero in my opinion.

    Aryan ancestry in South Asia [including Sri Lanka] is a reality, whether we like it or NOT. i.e the CIA world fact book categorizes India as 70% Indo-Aryan. In Sri Lanka it is highly masked due to admixture ( with Dravidian and aboriginal races ] but some manifestations do occur due to genetic throwback factors which accounts for a certain percentage of people with more aryan features. The Sinhala language is another clue.

    I can debate this matter if you so wish but I am not sure whether this is the right forum .

  110. Canada Mama, my friend:

    I have read a little on this Aryan myth long ago – and am convinced the thing is a concoction of some Brahminic sources during the time the Persian Empire was at its zenith to suggest they came from that side of the Indus river. Indologist Dr Max Muller has done much work here. Remember, the Austrian Hitler himself tried to propagate this delusion aimed at the more vulnerable section of the German political electorate. He tried to prove the Germans were a far more superior race. The fact, according to popular Anthropological conclusion, is that all of mankind came from Africa. We are now in different disguises and colours due to climatic exposure over hundreds of thousands of years. I am sure those who have studied this subject in depth and following this blog can comment more competently.


  111. Dear ISS

    If you get the time read this article and the ones that are mentioned at the bottom.Then you will get a good idea about the dravidian and aryan divide.The dravidians were the original inhabitants of india and got pushed back to the south.The human race is a single tree as you rightly mention in africa, with many branches and the dravidians are one such branch.


  112. punchinilame says:
    “wife-killing”cover-up – all in the Web – not “linda gava katha.”

    Dear punchi for your information all in the web is not absolute truth.

    Most in the web are gossip ! Many Sri Lankans are like what SD says below.

    SD says:
    October 24, 2011 at 6:27 am
    the empty headed,shallowness of most Sri Lankans in this country who go hanging onto every dog’s tail the media feeds out to u!

  113. Dear Mr Senguttuvan

    I am a retired Biologist with two post graduate degrees. If you want to debate this matter at length I can, provided there is sufficient space.

    I hope you will agree that well defined biological differences exist between various human sub-species ( races ). For instance, the caucasoids, mongoloids and the negroid sub-races have obvious phenotypical differences in skin color, skull dimensions and other physical characteristics, due to inherent genotypical variations. Similarly the caucasoid race further branched into ‘semite’ ( jews and arabs) and ‘aryan’ groups based mostly on language and cultural differences, which due to geographical separation later came to be reflected in their genetic makeup such as the R1a1, R1b etc. One of the most prominent human geneticists , Prof Cavalli Sforsa talks about this. I do not want engage in a lengthy technical discussion here

    Aryan ancestry is genotypically defined, and can be traced, by certain genes. But interested parties try to deny this fact due to various – mostly political- reasons as also for reasons of political correctness. Sometimes it may stem from a feeling of inferiority/superiority complex.

    The fact that a group called the Aryans exists cannot be disputed even historically as found in the ancient stone inscription ‘I am Darius, an Aryan ; the son of Aryans ” made by King Darius in Persia.

    Thank you

  114. um// I don’t think so.

    State has enough talents of the likes of DS. So no real need to coax him in to the party !

  115. Please check his Wikipedia profile and then you will see who R Duminda Silva is? very interesting.

    “==Child rape==
    An underage girl was allegedly abducted and raped by Silva and others at a Mount Lavinia hotel on 8 July 2003. On 9 June 2005 Silva, Mohommed Nisham Hansil Ishar and Dilkushan Marlon Francis Kuruppu were indicted before Colombo High Court on charges of abduction and rape.([1]) Silva pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. The case sagainst Silva was dropped on 11 October 2010 after the victim complained that it was causing her “emotional distress”.([2]) Silva was discharged on 24 March 2011.([3])
    Silva was accused of abducting Roger Allan Francis and Chaminda Sumith Kumara Dunusinghe on 6 August 2004 from Francis’ office in Bambalapitya.([4]) Silva, 30, had been having a secret relationship with Francis’ eldest daughter, 20. When Francis found out he objected to the relationship due to the age difference. The daughter moved out of the family home and moved in with Silva. On 6 August 2004 Silva and his gang went to Francis’ office and demanded that his youngest daughter be given to Silva. When Francis refused he and his aide were abducted by Silva and his gang and taken to Malabe. The two were returned to the office later. Silva was charged and tried at Colombo High Court in 2008.([5])
    Silva had been in a relationship with actress and Southern provincial councillor Anarkalli Aakarsha. Aakarsha claimed that the relationship ended when Silva started physically abusing her. She claimed that on 18 June 2008 Silva threatened to kill her and her mother if Aakarsha refused to marry Silva.([6]) In July 2008 Aakarsha lodged a complaint with Kollupitiya Police that supporters of Silva tried abuduct her and her mother from Aakarsha’s home on Swarna Road, Wellawatte on 3 March 2008.([7]) ([8]) The case was heard at Mount Lavinia Court. On 23 September 2010 Aakarsha appeared before the court and tried unsuccessfully to withdraw her complaint.[9]) The case against Silva was dropped on 18 November 2010 because the Attorney General claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute Silva.([10])
    Silva was arrested in 2006 for allegedly asaaulting Western Provincial Council Minister Hector Bethmage in Talangama.([11])
    On 26 May 2006 Silva allegedly assaulted a female American sailor and two other American security officers from the US Embassy at a nighclub in Colombo.([12]) Silva was arrested and borught before Colombo Magistrates.([13]) ([14])–obi2canibetalk contr 17:42, 23 October 2011 (UTC)

  116. Dear Canada Mama:

    The origin of man I referred to precedes by millions of years the time science separated mankind in the 3 groupings you refer to on the basis of pigment, facial features etc., Darius, by this measurement, is more recent.
    The matter has been debated at length – and possibly still continues in the centres of higher learning focussing in these in many parts of the world – making a further effort by both of us in these pages somewhat superfluous.

    If the intent of your comments is to prove Sinhalese are Aryan and Tamils are darker-skinned Dravidian – a widely held fallacy – then I beg to disagree,

    I am pleased men of your intellectual depth and learning participate in the catholicity of views and subjects expressed in these columns to the benefit of us all.


  117. Dear Mr Senguttuvan

    If you read my original post you will notice that I was comparing two Sinhalese ( Duminda and Bharatha ) based on Aryan features. So I was not trying to prove that Sinhalese are Aryan and Tamils are not.

    I was discussing Aryan ancestry in South Asia in general, based on available scientific evidence. Even some South Indian races have Aryan admixture.

    The currently prevalent theories do favor the possibility that human races originally evolved out of Africa, although there is an ongoing debate on this issue.

    Human sub-speciation into identifiable clads or races is believed to have occured after africa. Although all humans possibly evolved from a common ancestor or ancestors, division into different sub groups such as Caucasoids did occur due to evolutionary pressures, and thereby we have the current recognizable genotypical groups such as Aryan Semites, etc etc

    Thank you

  118. Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra: A tragic anti-hero
    21 October 2011, 5:30 pm

    What happned to the article? Only the comments are visible. I had read it before and wanted to re-read it and couldn’t find it. Appreciate if you can restore it

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