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Tamil Nadu reverts to observing Tamil New Year from January to April

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Tamil New Year will once again be officially observed in Tamil Nadu in midApril instead of Thai Pongal day in midJanuary as being done now

~ Happy Tamil New Year Wishes ~ written in Tamil

Although Tamil new year had been observed in April by Thamizhians for centuries the DMK govt of M.Karunanidhi changed it officially in 2008

The Tamil new year day was changed from first of Sithirai(April)to the first of Thai(January)in the Hindu almanac in a controversial move

As a segment of Tamil nationalists regarded Thai Pongal(the harvest festival day)as the Tamil new year the DMK “officially” made the change

The change was opposed by many Thamizhians all over the world who continued to observe Tamil new year in April instead of January as decreed

Bill presented in Tamil Nadu assembly by Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Minister Shanmuganathan making the change was passed Aug 23rd

This is a bundle of tweets posted on twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. I applaud the return to time-honoured tradition. This is excellent. We in Jaffna have been celebrating the Tamil new year in April for centuries. I am thrilled that the Jayalalitha administration reverted to the April new year and had reversed the controversial enactment of Karunanidhi. January marks the celebration of the farmer festival. Jaffna’s economy is now post-agrarian. The same applies for Sri Lankan Tamils living abroad. Moreover, not all Tamils are of the farmer caste.

  2. Tamil new year is and always will be Sithirai varusham(April new year). DMK did utterly stupid thing which was disliked by Thamizhians. Now only people are happy

  3. I think the Tamil New Year day was changed to satisfy the whims and fancies of Karunanithy, who, after having been in power for a long period of time than any other chief minister in the state, although in and out, might have thought that the future history would name him as the one who defined the day of Tamil new year. Also, he wanted to do something against the religious belief of the Hindu Tamils. He would not have dared to do anything against the beliefs of other religions, but only hinduism is a play thing for him. Another thing I observed was the LTTE and the Eelam supporters seemed to welcome this change by the DMK government as it would furher help divide the Hindu Tamils and Budhist Singhalese as this is the only national festival celebrated throughout Sri Lanka by Singhalese and Tamils. If the politicians believes that it is okay to change the age old religious and cultural beliefs to suite their purposes and interests, then it should be okay for anyone to change his ethnic identity as well in order to further his/her interests. I have known many Tamils who have been living in the western world name English as their first language since they have started to communicate with their children in English. This also happened to many Tamils who went to live in the Negombo areas, who adopted Singhalese as their domestic language.

  4. This is not good, because it gives rise to arguments whether sinhala buddhists and we Tamils have soemthing in common.

    Haven’t we had enough with sinhala buddhists? We must target to achieve Elaam.

  5. Very good news. Now all Tamils in all parts of the world will have Puthaandu in April and Pongal in January

  6. SUN enters every RASHI each month and that day is known as SANKRANTHI.

    Makara Sankranthi is in January. Tamil Hindus celebrate it as Pongal.

    Mesha Sankranthi is in April and that day is celebrated by Hindus in Tamil nadu,Sri Lanka, Bengal and Orissa as NEW YEAR. Malaylees celebrate it as VISHU.

    For thousands of years Tamil Hindus and Sinhala Buddhists celebrate the NEW YEAR on the same day!

    The Pallavas who were remnants of Magadha Kingdom, I hope, started this habbit of celebration

    Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka were ruled by Pallava clans for many centuries!

  7. DMK decision left Sri Lanka Tamils in dilemma because they celebrate April new year together with their Sinhala friends and DMK decision affected it

    Now Singalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka can jointly celebrate April new year together on same day with love and friendship

  8. There is always two sides of the story.

    Per DMK, it is the decision of “Maraimalai Adigalar” a Tamil Scholar in the early 20th century who made the decision and they implemented this.

    In my Point of view, I thing DMK succumbed to the racial politics ( as they seems to have divided the Tamil New year Vs Hindu (Shivan based) New year.

    By the way, Mr. M. Karunanithi is an Atheist and but has a love for the language and this might explain the decision of moving the new year to Thai !!

  9. It is heartening to note that common sense has once again prevailed in Tamil Nadu with the restoration of the Chitrai Varuda pirappu in April. This is what our mothers, grand mothers and great grand mothers had been celebrating in our homes and families for a very long time. Thank you for this news item. The Tamil new year is in April.

  10. We dont want to celebrate with Singalas. They are genociding people dont give us our Eelam. We must ask Jaya to change it back and we must also celebrate with our brothers in TN in Thai

  11. This is no good, TN should go back to Thai and we must also follow them. When we have Elam we can celebrate on Anna’s bithday as our new year day. Our brothers must stop celebrating with singalas buddhistas

  12. Guys … please note that above is a comment of a LTTE memeber but not represent tamil people. We love to share same new year with sinhalese

  13. The first day of the First month of the year should be the New Year. It is logical .What is farmer caste? Dalit? One of the good things done by Karunanidhi is to change the New Year from chithrai to Thai. He corrected the mistake we followed for years dictated by Brahmins. Pongal is unique festival celebrated by Tamils it has nothing to do with any religion.
    Jayalitha, who is a Brahmin, want to please them.
    Periyar, founder of DK and reformist of Tamils once said “if you see a Brahmin and a snake same time, kill the Brahmin”. The worst enemy of us is Brahmins of South India in the South Block and Media, not the Singhalese in the south
    Jayalitha will show her true colour soon.

  14. Could anyone clarify my doubts.
    The question is what is New Year? To my knowledge that is the day when the Sun enters Mersham to start the orbit.
    It is not the same with the English Calendar. The Sun enters Mersham on January to start the orbit.
    The Chinese are different and the North Indians are different too. They celeberate their New year in different months of the year. There can be only one Sun and one orbit.
    Of course the Hindus have celeberated the new year in Sithirai over hundreds of years. But which is correct?

  15. and as it is an ‘orbit’ where is the beginning (and end)? When it is a circle, you can take any point as the starting point ?

  16. What benefit this change is going to bring to our
    communities in Tamilnadu?

    This is totally a political showoff… which might
    be reversed after a few years.

  17. January 01 being the New Year is more a Christian tradition that came with the British in the late 18th century to India that has celebrated its New Year for many a millenia before that. Pudu-Varusham or New Yar has been in April in the Roman Calendar in the Tamil-speaking areas of South India from whence it came to North-East of Sri Lanka. DMK/Karunanidhi tried to play the Brahmin and Non-Brahmin (more the Dalit) card for parochial purposes wherever he can – which most of Tamilnadu viewed with dismay and total disapproval. The DMK, AIDMK and all other parties must not mix
    party politics with religion, rituals, ancient religious and cultural festivities etc


  18. I don’t know the sigificance of the Chitirai New Year but know the significance of Thai Pongal which is a an annual thanks giving to the Sun for facilitating the harvesting season. Thai Pongal is also followed by Maatu (Cow) pongal which is also celeberated for a similar reason. I do not understand the logic of changing the new year to Thai since it is a tradition of Thamils for thousands of years. It is also an example that that Singhalese and Thamils are inextricably inter-twined with each other as their culture mostly built on that of the Thamils and other Indian communities. 🙂

  19. M.Karunanithi is not an athiest, He is an anti-Hindu only. He go to Muslim Mosque and drink “Nonpu Kanji”. I think he hate Hinduism because he cannot have two or more women as wives legally but Islam allows many women as wives or “harem’ women!

    New Year is decided by the Hindu Kings thousands of years ago. Who is this cine fool Karunanithi to change it?

  20. greece yaka is the biggest nonsence we ever had in this country. of course it is GOSL’s fault!. It happennes only to tamil women!. tamils have another oppertunity to flog the singhalese!! New year is celeberated in this country both with tamils and singhalese for a thousad years and we exchnage gifts and food to either of the communities. some idiots writing here say tamils should NOT celeberate it with singhalese. these people are living abroad and this shows what they know about SL. these idotic people must first go to SL and live there with the community for 2 years at least and form a proper openion of whats going on before opening their big mouths.

  21. It is a useless and waste of time for the TN government to make it as a law for when to celebrate the new year. What if people celebrate or not celebrate on one of these days? Will they be punished? The government should have removed the act without putting it back on Siththirai. Too much for politicians. Concentrate on more important issues such as poverty and education for all.

  22. The Orbital path of the nine planets is divided into tweleve Rasis begining with Mesham and the calendar year where the Sun orbits begins from Mesham and ends in Meenam and similarly other planets. This is according to ancient dravidean asrologers.

  23. Thank you Mr.Sivananthan. I am a progessive man.
    When this earth is going to be a dry and baran star, you and I won’t be there to follow anybody.

  24. Anonymous
    You are more venomus person than snake.
    What you expect from Srilankan intelligent?

    You are angry because she supported tamils.
    She is the world tamil leader.
    Chief minister Jayalitha is the Protecter of the Tamils.
    We care less about, When is tamil New year. We are going to celebrate both days anyway.

  25. In January no one harvest paddy. Then how can anyone do a thanks giving? The main reason is son moves out of COLD in January according to the Hindu Calender. So, the farmers celebrate the day because the coming days are good for farming as the temperature always rise!

  26. From Wikipedia which confirms that it is a thanks giving…and has no reference to religion. Regardless of any religion, tamil speaking people are all Tamils.

    Thai Ponggal (Tamil: தைப்பொங்கல்) is a harvest festival celebrated by Tamils in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Indian Union Territory of Puducherry and in Sri Lanka. Pongal coincides with the festival Makara Sankranthi celebrated throughout India. Pongal in Tamil means “boiling over” or “spill over”. The boiling over of milk in the clay pot symbolizes material abundance for the household. Thai Pongal, celebrated at harvest time, is traditionally intended to thank the Sun God and farmstead livestock that helped create the material abundance.

  27. The last day of the Saraswathy poojai is to thank all tools/equipments/books called Ajutha Pojai. Navarathiri is Hindus days for thanking and Pongal is Tamils day for thanking; similarly Thanksgiving Day celebrated by some western countries. Not just Tamils “Thank those who help in their survival” but the entire human race does; but chooses to do in different day or different way.

    I don’t take that Pongal is for vellalar cast. In my opinion Pongal is pure Tamil/Dravidian’s festival regardless of their cast to show our gratitude to all those who help in our survival. I believe we properly started doing this even before Hindu Vedic and its varnam started to take control over us. Pongal celebration properly started when father/mother plugged the rice filed while their son/daughter went for fishing and other sons/daughters were hunting while others stay home cleaning house and toilets to keep their living space clean and healthy.

    Then why Pongal is centered on Sun. It is scientifically proven that if no sun no life on earth. Sun is not just providing required sun-lights and energy to crops/plants, it is also providing required lights for us to come back home after fishing all night, help us dry cloths (and other materials) after washing, make concrete/clay dry and stronger when building towers and bridges or making pots. It doesn’t matter what we do, Sun is required for our everyday life.

    So my father thanked Sun for providing required energy for the crops and my brother thanked sun for providing enough sea livings (fish/crab etc…) and taking him back home after fishing, and I thanked Sun for helping me dry the clothes so I can return them to my customers at promised time. We all thanked Sun for our family to survive; but not limited to Sun; we also thanked Bulls/Cows/Goats/Boats/Tools etc…

    Even though Chitirai varudup pirapu also Tamils day but it got more Vedic influences. But in a good site, it helped us to show that we southern (Telugu, Tamils, Sinhalese, and those Dravidian who perform holy duties [Tamil Brahmins, Buddhists Monks], etc…) people are from same root, as we all celebrating this Day together.

    Before Vedic influence, I think our ancestors never bothered with New Year day as they thought every day is a New Year day. No fight, no issues, happily lived and enjoyed every singe day as New Year day. Even though they thanked immediately to those who helped but decided to have a special day called “Pongal” to re-thank, and thank those who were missed inadvertently and to those who require special thanks specially the nature (Sun, Water, Rain, Ocean etc..).

    Yes, I do celebrate Citirai Varudap Pirapu but I am more happier when celebrating Pongal, because it has more meaning to me than New year/Deepavali. I was not happy when DMK made/downplayed this beautiful day as Tamils’ New Year day. Pongal is more than New Year to us Tamils!

  28. Sarweshwaran:

    Agreed. This is what 50 million Tamils want and in need. The northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka are Tamil homeland called Elaam. We need serious action from our leaders, without engaging in useless political stunts. We need create divisions among Sri Lankans in order to rekindle our thirst.

  29. Dear Surya

    Thai Pongal is very Brahmanic. It is called Makara Sankranti throughout India. It is a farmer festival based on worshipping the Sun God.

  30. Dear Paripooranam;

    I do agree that Pongal coincides with the Makara Sankranthi/Uttaravan. Gujarathi and Telugu friends, we do wish each other at my workplace; but I do not agree that “Thai Pongal is very Brahmanic”. Transition of Sun into Makara/Capricorn on its celestial path may be Brahmanic but Pongal is not Brahmanic. Just because Christmas falls in December, we are not going to say x-mas is part of Thiruvampavai or Ramadan is part of Deepavali. I strongly believe Pongal is outside its religious and cast boundary. Unlike Makara Sankaranthi/Uttaravan, Pongal belongs to all Tamils (Christians, Muslims, Hindu and even Atheist)

    Hindusim is not brought by Aryan. It is amalgamation of already existed tribal practices. Aryans wrote the vedam book in Sanskrit by putting together the local tribal practices and added/spiced up with Varnam venom into it. Respecting nature is one core aspect of any tribal communities (african/european/asian), it is not something invented by Aryans.

    Since Hinduism is amalgamation of all communities in the sub-continent, it also absorbed all local festivals in it. Even though some festivals are regional, still it came up with religious stories to make those festivals more Brahmanic. However those religious stories do tend to reflect the regional touch, for example, vijayadhasmi in north is celebrated as Ram’s victory over Ravanan. We do celebrate vijayadhasami more like Ahuytha Pojai in Jaffna, but not a victory over Ravanan; I believe it is same in most of TN.

    Basically, we can come up with a religious story to any festivals including Pongal. But unlike other festivals, Pongal does not require any religious stories to make it special and to make people to celebrate. Pongal inherit its own specialty of “Thanking”, which cannot be branded to a particular religion. Bottom line, “Thanking” belongs to all human race, Tamils choose Pongal Day to “Thank”. Pongal belongs to all Tamils without any religious/cast boundary! Of course it is my personal opinion/understanding.

  31. With my limited knowledge, Thai Pongal in January is a “Thamil Thanksgiving day” to Earth, Sun and Cow without theses human life is non-existence. This is a farmers fest only.

  32. New Year days always determined by religions and not by language.

    SANKRANTHIS are important for Hindus.

    Makara Sankranthi is celebrated by Hindus all over India and other parts of the world.

    Now the idiotic TAMIL politics try to fool the history and Hindus by creating this damn thanks giving stories.

    Makara Sankranthi is celebrated in the South India with rice and jaggery. Pongal is the food made on the day of Makara Sankranthi. Other Hindus make different foods to celebrate the Makara Sankranthi.

    Now some cry, it is the festival of Tamils. How? Tamil Christians and Tamil Muslims never celebrate the day because it is a day for Hindus.

    Hindu festivals now celebrated by Hindu Tamils along with other Hindus. DMK fools have nothing to claim the “ancient”ness of their DRAVIDA tomfoolery and stealing Hindu practices as TAMIL.

    Tamil new year and Pongal fall on the days of SANKRANTHI. Hindu practices are ancient than any others. Now the anti-Hindu elements try to fool others by interpreting different stories!

    What is Brhamanic? Brahmans are a section of the Hindu society and they are not farmers. Hindu Tamils (all castes) celebrate Makara Sankranthi. Are these Tamils tell here that Fisherman or Carpenter cannot celebrate?

    Those who have no knowledge of Hindu religion make many foolish stories to satisfy their current politics!

    Remember no Tamil politics before the Christian rule.

  33. E.V.Ramasamy nayakkar, tried to equate himself with Brahmans and not with Pallans or Parayans. Now the Tamils want to become HIGH caste and not casteless! Jaffna is a good example!

  34. Protector of Tamils? hahaha
    First she better stop frauds in Tamil nadu by her “DRAVIDA” goons! Then she can bark about the Tamils live outside of India!

  35. Not sure why did TMK change it in the first place; may be to divert the focus of TN people from Spectrum. There are several law reforms that could be done to uplift the living condition of the poor, yet this visionary Mr MK saw this change as a matter of high priority. It is good it has been repealed while he is alive.

    Both Tamils and Singhalese in SL celebrate the New Year in April, and it has always been the case regardless of what MK does. It is good to see TN people have also followed the same tradition. Thai Pongal signifies as day of paying respect and gratitude to the sun by farming communities in SL for being provided a favourable weather pattern for their crops to maximise the production and to fruition a bumper harvest.

  36. Of course! Sinhalese and Tamil cultures are inter twined without a doubt.
    During my school days Ananda Bhavan was the McDonalds for us school boys. “Those Kade” was a part of our culture along with “Veeravagu’s Surrutu Kade” where we went for the “Thal Pinatu” from Jaffna.
    Those places are long gone now, but they forever remain a part of my memory of a place called Sri Lanka.
    Still, every time I visit Sri Lanka, I religiously go to my old watering holes in Colombo and Kurunegala.
    Those were the days my friends!
    I still enjoy wade and dosa which has become a part of my culture. I even introduced them to my non-Sri Lankan wife and she does not seem to notice the Tamilness of it.For her they are simply Sri Lankan food.
    In my humble opinion,the path to reconciliation should be started at the Those Kade.

  37. [With my limited knowledge, Thai Pongal in January is a “Thamil Thanksgiving day” to Earth]

    Sure… little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  38. as expected jayalalitha has reverted tamilnew year from thai to chithirai.thamizh new year is celebrated in parts of srilanka,singapore,malaysia and tamizh nadu also only in april.kalaignar in a zeal to find a place in history changed the new years from chithirai to thai. tamils celebrate pongal,which is followed by mattu pongal and kanum pongal.kalaignars move can be compared to m aohammed bin tuglak act of shifting capital from delhi to daulatabad which was later reverted.any attempt by the so called rationalists and dmk leaders to separate tamizh culture from hinduism is bound to fail,rather than taking these efforts i wish dmk leadership take some genuine efforts to help srilankan tamils and malaysian tamils who are sufferring becoz of their ethnicity.

  39. Ayub:

    We have no time and money to do these usesless referendums. The appointed leaders will make the decisions using votes and the change will take place accordingly.

  40. Do you believe that Tamil Christians and Tamil Muslims celebrate Pongal? Pongal is the festival of non-converted tamils who are nothing but hindus. Anti-brahmin ideology has met its goals already and this is the right time for adieu to the anti-brahmin ideology.

  41. What Jayalalitha Jayaram did is correct. But some Hindu fanatics think that it is their government. It is a secular government.

  42. What Jayalalitha Jayaram did is correct and what Karunanidhi did is wrong. But some Hindu fanatics think that it is their government. It is a secular government.

  43. Half baked Sinhala Modhaya Sivanantha, Have you started writing your half baked comments? You neither know the details about SL Tamils nor TN Tamils. Being half baked I think you don’t know the proper details about Sinhalese also. Why can’t you keep quiet without barking (in your style) at others?

    E.V.Ramasamy Nayakkar (who is neither Telugu Kamma nor Tamil Vanniyar, who is a Kannadiga) never tried to equate himself to brahmins. Do you have any proof? As usual your comments are coming from a fool’s paradise. Hinduism is nothing but a synthesis of Indo (Dravidian) Aryan culture. Hindu astrology is nothing but a combination of Dravidian and Aryan knowledge in astronomy.

    You fool, you know that Saivam and Vaishnavam are the real religions and Hinduism is only an umbrella term. The term ‘Hindu’ was coined by the muslim (either Arab or Mangol (Moghul)) invaders. You show me the term ‘Hindu’ in Vedas, Saastras or even in Bhagvat Geetha. Hinduism is being used by the Saffron brigade to capture the power. Even the Saffron brigade has leaders who recognize the pluralistic nature of Hinduism. (Atal Bihari Vajpai, Bal Thackaray, Uma Bharathi, Shankar Sinh Vaghela, Arjun Sampath etc). Hinduism is not a monolithic religion like Islam or Christianity. I just remind you the statement of the leader of ‘Indhu Makkal Katchi’ Mr.Arjun Sampath ‘Tamil vaeru Saivam Vaeru alla’ (Tamil and Saivam are one and the same).

    A real pious Hindu does not have any problem with Islam and Christianity. Only half baked gooses like you who try to use ‘Hinduism’ to capture power are allergic towards Christianity and Islam. You use the term ‘Hinduism’ in a similar sense to the notion of ‘Indian Nationalism’ as used by Congress to wipe out all regional customs, habits and culture. As I have already told Hinduism will remain the binding force of the sub continent only if it recognizes pluralism and diversity. If it becomes a puppet in the hands of few mad elites, next second it will loose all it’s power and it can no longer be the binding force of the sub continent.

    You use Hinduism and Christianity to divide the Tamils. But the fact is both of them unite Tamils. I am not sure about Islam.

    Now you can start your barking.

  44. NEW YEAR on the same day and same time in Sri Lanka for Hindus and Buddhists.

    SANKRANTHI is celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists for thousands of years. Buddhists also follow the Hindu Calender or Astrology which is the oldest in the world.

    In Sri Lanka hinduism is taught in schools. In Tamil Nadu nothing is taught about any ancient traditions or religions. That is the trouble of Tamil nadu.

  45. hahaha..
    New Year for Sri lankans comes from Hindu Astrology. There is no Sinhala astrology! Tamils are Hindus but Sinhalese follow HINDU(Tamil) traditions to their neck!

    Dont you know Buddha was a HINDU Prince?

  46. In which country you harvest paddy in January? Do you know anything about paddy farming?

    WIKIpediea is not a History book! You can post and amend any damn thing!

  47. Brahman Subramaniya Bharathy tried to promote a Parayan as Brahman but this textile seller E.V.Ramasamy barked against Brahmans only. What about other castes who discriminate low castes?

    You dont know the caste of this Ramasamy Nayakkar. His name itself shows his KAMMA origins.

    Tamil fools once cried that Jeyalalithaa too a Kannadiga Brahman! What a half baked Tamil idiots! It took them quarter century to know her Tamil origins!

    Pious Muslims got Pakistan and still bomb India. I think you are happy about it. Christian churches cry against Hindus.

    You are not a Hindu and try to fool others.

    Dravidian knowledge of Astronomy. hahahahaha Where is that? in DMK or ADMK or in any other DMK?

  48. So far you were pretending to be a vellala. Now you pretend to be a brahmin. But I don’t believe. You are a sinhalese hiding in a Tamil name and try to belittle Tamils. You fool, you look at my comment. I have never used the term ‘Brahmin’ anywhere. In fact in one of my earlier comment I have told that there is no point in continuing with Anti-Brahmin ideology even now.

    I never pretend to be someone else. I am a backward caste hindu. You find out my caste from my surname. You cliam that you know everything about TN tamils. Then you should be able to map my surname to the corresponding caste. I never said Muslims are peace lovers. Only your Sonia government is pro-muslim to tackle the saffron brigade. Moreover some christians with traditional sanskrit names enjoy power (eg. Vayalar Ravi who is a christian, Rajasekara Reddy who is also a christian) in Antanio Maino’s government.

    Congress does not bother about religion, culture, habits, customs etc,etc,… It’s only botheration is Power.

    Come out of fool’s paradise Sivanantha.

  49. According to you notion of Hinduism, one is a hindu only if he is well versed in vedas and other saastras. Then not even 25% of India are hindus. Sikhs have clearly declared that they are non-hindus. Dalits (Schedulde Caste) are claiming that they are non-hindus. If OBCs (Other Backward Castes) are also excluded from hinduism then what remains? Only brahmins and few other upper caste hindus who don’t constitute even 20% of Indian Population. Then. according to you Hindus are not majority in India. We can only say that non-muslims and non-christians are the majority in India. In my notion non-muslims and non-christians are the hindus. Hence hindus are the majority in India. But you think that only few lunatics like you are hindus and others are not.

  50. I never claim that I am that or this but you cry that I am Sinhala, Vellaala or something which I never be.

    You live in a fools’ paradise which is Tamil Nadu! I know well about Tamil Nadu but you know nothing about Sri Lanka but barking too much about it!

    Your problem is Tamil Tigers who were managed by smugglers.

    Who cares about your Congress or others but Congress dealt the LTTE effetively and destroyed it! That is your problem. Smugglers of both sides never worry about the Tamil but use it to fool others!

    You cry Sonia is a Christian but you dont know the LTTE’s handlers are also Christians.

  51. Who cares about your Indian information! But Sri lankan Tamils are 90% Hindus and will be Hindus in the furture too.

    To be a Hindu you dont need to know VEDAS and other Hindu scriptures! I never say anywhere but you bark like a stoned dog because you are not a Hindu!

    Sikhs are only 1% of the Indian population. What is the point of mentioning them here? More Muslims are in India than Sikhs.

    Your clarification of Hindus comes from Christian propaganda. You tried to tell the Hindus are “minority”. This is the same thing LTTE cried that they can “defeat” 74% Sinhalese while the Tamils are only 8%.

    Your information make some anti-hindus happy but it is not the truth.

  52. Sivanantha, You claim that you are a Tamil (of Nallur Rajadhany) and you say that Tamils are idiots which implies that you are an idiot (of the first order).

  53. You only discuss a lot about Hinduism which is not the matter in this blog. I never care about religions and caste. You criticize christians a lot and lick the boot of Anatanio Maino. You say you don’t bother about Congress You only use terms like vellala, hindu etc (why vellala/brahmin why not vellalan or iyen if you say karayan, pallan, parayan etc). This shows your belief in birth by supremacy. First of all you claim that you are a human being.

    Days are gone sivanantha in which upper caste dominated and others accepted it. You don’t deserve to quote about Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathy who sung that ‘Paravaroadu Kuravarukkum Maravarukkum viduthalai’. But still you believe in supremacy by birth. Zionism and Brahminism (not Hinduism) (both of them believe in supremacy by birth) are the two root causes of many problems in the world.

  54. You say that you don’t bother about Congress. But why do you fall at the feet of Antanio Maino?

    You say that who cares about India? But you fall at the feet of Congress and Antanio Maino.

    You say that you don’t care about India. But the hindu identity (which is not really true, you are a buddhist sinhala rascal) what do you claim has its roots in India.

    You idiot, you talk as if TamilNadu is not a part of India. Whatever Indian government does role of Tamilnadu is also there. South Indians are the regular tax payers and Indian Khazana is filled mainly by these four states.

    You idiot you know that you are from a begging state and I am from a country which is generous enough to sanction loan (not even loan it is freebie). Never say you don’t bother about India. You can’t live without the help of India.

    Your country is a Buddhist country man. Nothing to feel proud about your Hindu identity in the tiny island.

  55. Idiot! Makara Sankranthi is a HINDU festival and only Hindu Tamils celebrate it. So, dont bark like a fool that this blog is nothing to do with Hinduism!

    Your problrm is smuggling and now that is over.

    Your barkings are not different from the Dravida fools! There is no Brahmanism in this world. If such thing exist, it is a matter of cast. Karayanism, Vellalanism, Pallanism are also exist.

    Brahman like Subramaniya Bharathy have the courage to call the shots in public. But what the hell you guys are doing? Supporting smugglers!

    You bark Sinhala, Vellaala and all the other terms and now cry that I am using those terms.I hope you are affected with amnesia. Check your mental health!

    Further in India CASTE is recognised in the LAW books. In Sri lanka no such legal status for caste.

    Antonio Maino was the father of Sonia Gandhi but you bark like a silly dog by invoking that name. You are a good specimen for Tamil fools!

  56. If you are an Indian, better shutup and leave. You bark at the Congress which helped to destroy smuggler led terrorist gang in Sri lanka. Go and cry infront of S.M.Krishna who is your FM!

    S/Indians pay taxes but DRAVIDA heroes like M.Karunanithi steal it! Dont cry for other states like a fool. They always support the destruction of Tamil nadu criminal smugglers.

    Babsaheb Ambedkar who was a Buddhist and the father of the Indian constitution! Dont you know it idiot?

  57. Sivananthan you are a gone case. It is very difficult to impart some new information into your brain. Any way I think it is my responsibility to correct the wrong information given by you so that at least others know the fact.

    Nayakkar title is not the sole property of the Kamma caste. Nayakkar comes from the sanskrit word ‘Nayaka’ which means a leader. Many communities have adopted this title. Kammas in Andhra Pradesh never use the title Nayakkar. They use Naidu, Rao, Chowdhry as surnames. Even Kapus and Balijas of A.P. use the title ‘Naidu’. Kammas of North TamilNadu use ‘Naidu’ only and never ‘Nayakkar’. Even telugu Yadavas of North Tamilnadu use the title ‘Naidu’. So the term Naidu does not indicate the caste name.

    Nayakkar is being used by the Kammas (telugu) in South Tamil Nadu (erstwhile Pandiya kingdom) and by Vanniyars (tamil) in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur and some parts of Vellore district in North Tamilnadu. This title is also used by some kannadiga communities of Erode region and E.V.Ramasamy Nayakkar belongs to one such community. Rajakambalathar and Kavara are few other telu communities in South TamilNadu who use the title ‘Nayakkar’.

    So ‘Nayakkar’ is not the sole property of the Kamma caste (to which Sivananthan’s close friend Mr.Vaiko belongs).

    Sivananthan, don’t say that all this are Indian information in which you are not interested. DBSJ’s original article is about the decesion taken by TN government which is an integral part of the Indian Union regarding Tamil New year celebration.

  58. “Nayakkar” is the name belong to the Vijayanagar Royal families. Vijayanagar rulers are belong to KAMMA of Andhra.

    Vijayanagar ruled Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Part of Karnataka. I hope these E.V.Ramasamy Nayakkar family which has a Telugu origin and endedup in Karanataka during the time of Vijayanagar like your Diesel smuggler Vai.Gopalasamy in Tamil Nadu.

    Makara Sankranthi is celebrated with Pongal(food) by Tamil Hindus. DMK which hate HINDU practices and tried to change the Hindu celebrations to fool the people.

    You cry that you are an Indian but hate the leader of the Congress Party. Better learn to respect others.

    Tamils, majority uneducated, always try to show something “HIGH” in the society by adding OLD Royal connections.

    In Kanchipuram all castes use the word MUDALI(YAR) which was used by only a single caste before British! Mudali means Pallava. How can Vellala and other castes use it? For pride Tamils do any fraud!

    I think you are very weak in your own history! Learn more and cure your brain instead of crying for smugglers!

  59. [Although Tamil new year had been observed in April by Thamizhians for centuries the DMK govt of M.Karunanidhi changed it officially in 2008]

    –and the Thamizhians officially changed the DMK govt in 2011 so that the new government can officially change it back to april.

    The message here is very clear.If you make any changes we don’t approve,then you can go and have a bath.That is the principal difference between monarchy and democracy.Karunanithi should have realised he is not karikala cholan,but a poet.Probably his ancestors would have been court jestors in the royal court.

    DBSJ,i was intruiged by your word Thamizhians.It is so hard to pronounce i don’t know whether the ‘z’ is hidden or not in pronunciation.The word tamil is so easy,why we are making it so difficult to pronounce?

    The next thing that jeya should officially change is the state name of tamilnadu.She should change it to Dravida.That should send a clear message to new delhi about the possible future course of south india.Hence forth tamils will simply refer to themselves as dravidians,and not tamils.The gauntlet can be thrown to the other southindians and also to the sinhalese to either refer to themselves as dravidians or continue to call themselves by their telugu,sinhalese,kannada or malayalee or whatever. That way we will know who is really proud of being a dravidian and those who secretly admire and wish they were aryans.

    Officially i am from today a dravidian and not a tamil. If anyone asks me iwhether iam a tamil or sinhalese which is a common question,i will say neither,i’am dravidian of the nation of dravida.

    Sinhalese also must decide whether they want to call themselves dravidians or aryans. IF they want to be aryans go back to aryan lands of northindia.If they accept and call themselves dravidians then welcome to continue to stay in the dravidian lands of the south into which we have been pushed back by the indo aryan hordes that invaded the harappa and mohendajaro civilizations from western and central asia.

  60. DBSJ

    If you continue to take a extended holiday without further tweets or articles for discussion, i promise i will be spewing a lot of crap here.

  61. Whatever you say about origin of south indian people I want to insist that some of their womenfolk are like fairies and goddesses

    I just saw the film “Mangatha” with the beautiful Trisha as heroine. What a figure! what a face.What complexion. What a voice.

    From her attractive hairstyles to her alluring feet Trisha was a walking goddess. poetry in motion.

    When I saw her sizzling legs and her fair and lovely feet I wanted to go and fall at her feet and worship her

    If I get a chance to lick her soles and suck her toes I will regard it as a passport to heaven

    Oh divine Trisha! I am your devoted slave for ever and ever. Command me with your feet.I will obey with my head

  62. WORD!!!!!
    Being reading silently for a long time, never felt compelled to comment till this. Shankar you have said the truth. Im talking about the last 2 paragraphs.

  63. Attention bloggers!
    Some body is masquerading in my name. Difference is in Karayalar. I am Karayalar and he slightly twists that as Karayelar.

  64. Sivanantha, You are a Sinhalese vermin bearing a Tamil name or hiding in a Tamil name.

    I accept that you are the best in using in insulting words and unparliamentary words like idiot, fool, dog, silly dog, karayan, pallan, parayan etc. Now come to the point.

    You: If you are an Indian, better shutup and leave
    Me: Your beggar govt has got crores and crores of rupees from India. You Sinhalese racists are answerable. I will continue.

    You: Caste is not given importance in SL.
    Me: Biggest joke of the millennium. You a sinhalese rascal, you only started using the caste names in this blog for the first time.

    You: You cry that you are an Indian but hate the leader of the Congress Party
    Me: Indian democracy permits an ordinary citizen to criticize even the PM of the country. India is not Colombo to use white vans for abducting and killing.

    You: Better learn to respect others
    Me: Good joke. You are notorious in this blog for your rude and arrogant nature. Look at the mirror before advising others.


    You: Brahman like Subramaniya Bharathy have the courage to call the shots in public
    Me: Bharathy is a mask for people like you to defend brahmin supremacy and Sinhalese racism. Bharathy is an exception and he was tortured by his fellow brahmins. I can tell thousand brahmin names who practised untouchability. Exception can’t become a rule.

    You: S/Indians pay taxes but DRAVIDA heroes like M.Karunanithi steal it
    Me: I’ll be the happiest person if you sue or kill Karunanidhi.

    You: Tamils are idiots. Tamils are uneducated.
    Me: Why do you bother about the way in which Tamil New Year is celebrated? Bother about Buddha Poornima or some other Sinhalese festival.

    You: Learn more and cure your brain instead of crying for smugglers
    Me: The discussion is about the surname ‘Nayakkar’. In what way it is related to LTTE (smugglers). I have given details about the origin of surnames like Nayakkar, Naidu, Nayak etc. I have also given details about the way in which those surnames are used in recent times.

    You: Vijayanagar ruled Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Part of Karnataka. I hope these E.V.Ramasamy Nayakkar family which has a Telugu origin and endedup in Karanataka during the time of Vijayanagar like your Diesel smuggler Vai.Gopalasamy in Tamil Nadu.
    Me: Vijayanagar empire was established in 1336 by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Yadava Lineage. It is mentioned as only Yadava Lineage and confusion still persists whether they are telugus or kannadigas. You claim that Nayakkar comes from Vijayanagar kings who are telugus. No vijayanagar king had the title ‘Nayakkar’. Most of them had Raya (especially sngama dynasty, which is the major clan in vijayanagar empire) as the surname. None of them had ‘Nayakkar’. Only one king had the title ‘Nayaka’ (Tuluva narasa nayaka who belongs to Tuluva dynasty who are closer to kannadigas than thelugus). Don’t be proud of your half baked knowledge. Go through history books before vomitting something here.

    You: Mudali means Pallava
    Me: What a half baked historical knowledge! No Pallava king had the title Mudali. Varma or varman is the title of Pallavas. Mudal means capital in Tamil. Hence wealthy landlords were called as Mudaliyars. Mudaliyar or mudali is not used anywhere in AP or Karnataka. Used only in Tamilnadu. As usual you sinhalese had theft the Mudali title and some sinhalese are also using now.

    I won’t stop my tirade against the most dangerous sinhalese vermin, that is, you.

  65. Sivanantha,

    You: I am crying for smugglers
    Me: I am not crying. I am grilling you with cross examination of your half baked comments. I’ll continue to grill you even in the future also. If you are not able to tolerate better you run away from this site.

    You: Babsaheb Ambedkar who was a Buddhist and the father of the Indian constitution!
    Me: Bhimrao Ramji (original name of Ambedkar) embraced Buddhism only because of the heinous crime of untouchabilty practised by upper caste hindus. Ambedkar got a lucrative offer from Hyderabad Nizam to become a muslim with his followers. Ambedkar hesitated since Islam is a religion from foreign soil. Bharathy, Ambedkar are masks for people like you to establish aryan supremacy.

    Observe Shankar’s comment:
    Sinhalese also must decide whether they want to call themselves dravidians or aryans. IF they want to be aryans go back to aryan lands of northindia.If they accept and call themselves dravidians then welcome to continue to stay in the dravidian lands of the south into which we have been pushed back by the indo aryan hordes that invaded the harappa and mohendajaro civilizations from western and central asia.

    This is applicable to you also. Decide whether to be in the north western province of SL or to run away to aryan homelands.

    Shankar, one small correction. North India is not the homeland of aryans. Their homeland is central asia (all stans like Tajkistan, Uzbekistan which were disintegrated from the erstwhile Soviet Union). North India is also the home land of sons of soil (may be dravidians or some other tribes).

  66. You prove that you are a real Tamil idiot again by crying like a stoned dog!

    MUTHAL and MUTHALI are not same in Tamil, idiot!

    If you know the Tamil grammar, better check it! I think you are a half baked potato and cannot know any Tamil grammar. Check Tholkappiyam! That will teach you a lot!

    Nayak is the title of Vijayanagar rulers. If you dont know it, it is your problem. No Chola kings had their names as CHOLA! Pallava rulers never had names as Pallava.

    I am happy to educate a fool from Tamil Nadu!

  67. Sad to hear that former Indian cricket captain and erstwhile ruler of the Pataudi kingdom in India Nawab of Pataudi (Munsoor Ali Khan) has died. He was dashing and debonair and an aggressive batsman known as “tiger”.

    He married the beautiful actress Sharmila Tagore. Their son Saif Ali Khan and daughter Soha Ali khan are actors too

    I am very sad by his demise

    I am going to India to pay my respects.

    I hope to prostrate myself before the dainty feet of Queen Sharmila and shower kisses on them as token of my sympathy

    I also want to lick the feet and suck the royal toes of her majesty Princess Soha Ali Khan

    This will be my way of showing my sorrow. I am so sad that I may shed tears on their divine feet when worshipping them

  68. Mate, Yogesh!
    Let me ask you something, when a ‘mad’ dog bites you do you bite the dog back?
    I thought you bring very constructive and appreciative comments, so waste no time and continue your good work without being distracted.

    BTW, what happened to DBSJ? anparae, thaangal nalam thana?

  69. I forgot to mention two other gorgeous Indo-Aryan goddesses in my earlier post about Nawab of Pataudi.

    It is about Chota nawab Saif Ali Khan who will now become the Nawab

    The father was tiger in cricket but the son is a tiger with dames and damsels

    Saif Ali Khan was first married to actress Amrita Singh with whom he has two kids

    Now he is hitched to Bollywood’s reigning queen Kareena Kapoor, daughter of Randir Kapoor and Babita.

    It is nothing but proper that I pay my respects to these two lovely ladies who have acquired a royalty status by associating with Saif Ali Khan

    I declare hereby that I will prostrate myself before Amrita and Kareena and worship them by pouring kisses on their fair and lovely feet

    I will also lick their soles and suck their toes to show my sympathy over their bereavement

    I am particularly looking forward to being a floor rug for the divine Kareenaji to dry her dainty feet on after she washes them after the funeral

    The very thought of Kareenas feet being dried by my service is itself sending me to ecstasy

    Even if I die at her feet it will be bliss for I shall have tasted heaven on earth

  70. Dear yogesh

    Sivanantha, You are a Sinhalese vermin bearing a Tamil name or hiding in a Tamil name.

    dear yogesh

    I’am sure sivanantha is a tamil.Don’t think he is a sinhalese because he calls tamils fools etc. Tamils in srilanka don’t mind self deprecating comments about themselves. That is how we improve ourselves.

    People in tamilnadu such as you might think the sinhalese are vermin after seeing channel 4 video and hearing other stories about what happenned after we got independence,but just thinkof the atrocities done by the LTTE.Can we say tamils are also vermin because of LTTE.Same for the germans and japanese due to hitler and hirohito and tojo.Let us pin responsibility for crimes exactly on those who commit them,without tarnishing an entire race.

    Incidently i miss the sinhalese a lot.It was amazing to think that they could be so pleasant and cheerful with all their financial problems.When i used to come to office a pleasant smile and greeting is always there,even though i know they must be suffering on their paltry salaries.That is why i want to see this country become a developed one quickly.One of the reasons for all this problems is we are like a bus crammed with people(size wise 122nd in the world ,but populationwise 57th).Once i got into a bus in srilanka and this busconductor kept on saying to us to go back some more so that he can cram some more people.If he could have put some on top of the bus,he would have done that too.As i was going back and back and nearing my destination i was wondering how i’am going to get out,because there was no door at the center,and this idiot was was hollering for more and more people to come and get in,though we could not even breathe inside.When i got out i felt like i had been in a spin dryer in washing machine.This is the way people come to office,but still they are pleasant and cheerfull.

    Needless to say that was the last time i got into a bus,though i was a battle hardened character during that bitch sirimavo’s tenure hanging onto the footboard for dear life,the footboard used to go right down nearly to the level of the road with more than 5 people hanging on, thank god those british made buses like that,otherwise we won’t be here today.

  71. Mr.Jeyaraj,

    Are you all right? or Are you on vacation? I am waiting for your next article or at least for your bundle of tweets.

  72. I don’t mean the entire sinhalese are like that. I am noe sure whether Sivananthan is a Tamil or Sinhalese. But I am sure that he is a lunatic fellow suffering from old age degenerative disease.

  73. You are a GERM or a Virus from TN. You are almost uneducated on History, religion or any other social matters.

    You still cry about the defunct DMK propaganda. That is good for Jeyalalithaa to take away the wealth from foolish Tamils!

    ARYA means EDUCATED or LEARNED person. It is not a RACE. Catholic Germans under Hitler made ARYA as RACE. DMK fools hang on to it!

    If Arayan is a RACE, BLACK Brahmans cannot exist in Tamil Nadu.

    You just copy something told by some NAZIS and others here.

  74. sivananthan

    ARYA means EDUCATED or LEARNED person. It is not a RACE. Catholic Germans under Hitler made ARYA as RACE. DMK fools hang on to it!
    There is some confusion in this area because what you refer to is arya and what yogesh refers to is aryan.
    Arya is a sanskrit word,not english.
    In sanskrit it denotes noble.
    The word aryan is a english word.
    Though it is derived from the sanskrit word arya,english has not borrowed the meaning of arya(which is noble).It has just borrowed the word only and created the word aryan to denote various other meanings that have nothing to do with the sanskrit meaning of noble.
    So,so far you are right,when you say arya means noble and aryan has nothing to do with the original word meaningwise.
    Where you have gone wrong is when to completely discount the meaning of aryan by making out that hitler and the nazis only created this as a fictitous race of people.
    Well before hitler came into the scene the word aryan was firmly established in the english language.In fact more than 200 years before hitler was born. You are referring to his master race theory that the germanic people of germany,britain,scandinavia,netherland,belgium are the pure aryans,unadulterated with others.So hitler went one step further and took a master race out of the aryan race of people.
    So in english the word aryan language denoted the indo-iranian languages and the indo-european languages.
    The speakers of the indo-iranian languages were the easterners such as northindians,iranians etc and the speakers of indoeuropean languages were the westerners,the europeans.
    Though all these people were classified in english as aryans,because they were the descendents of the original speakers of indo-iranian(eastern) and indo-european(western)languages,hitler rejected the indo-iranian and part of the indo-european language speakers such as the southern europeans and slavs in his master race of people and called it the pure aryan race.
    So unlike hitler,in english the classifiction of the aryan race was based on language.and you cannot dispute that with your sanskrit word arya just because it was borrowed by the english language,because the meaning of noble was not borrowed,only the word itself was borrowed.
    We,dravidians are not the descendents of the original indo-iranian speaking people.Why do you think there was an uproar in the southern states of india when the northindians tried to impose hindi on us. we wanted to maintain our distinct identity as a different race of people who are the descendents of those who spoke original languages that were spoken in india before the indo-iranian speaking people came from west asia and central asia and colonised india.I think the local dravidians got assimiliated by them, but as they did not come as far as southern india,the south indians would have maintained their distinct dravidian race,culture and languages.You can see from the historical friendhip of the two people that this would have been more of a settlement and integration type of happenning than a invasion such as the muslims later on.There does not seem to be any evidence of aryan dravidian wars,so probably this was apeaceful happening and the present northindians will have dravidian genes too.

    So don’t discount the aryan and dravidian history of india,because this divide was mainly due to the importation of the indo-iranian language into india,which was later noted in english as an aryan language,because if you do, you will be tossing the baby out with the bathwater,language and all.The coming of the indo–iranian language such as hindi etc are of huge historical significance in india,and to say that aryan is something fictitous in india will be like saying the languages spoken in northindia did not originate from indo-iranian languages,but have their origins from south india.Language scholars have done the research in that regard and the verdict is clear.

  75. Sinhala Modhaya Sivanantha,

    No body is a pure aryan or no body is a pure dravidian in the subcontinent. You go through ‘Discovery of India’ by Jawaharlal Nehru. He gives a reasonable explanation about this Aryan-Dravidian issue. According to Nehru in Discovery of India Afghans are on on extreme (almost aryans) and the Tamils are on another extreme (almost dravidians). Others come somewhere in between. When two different groups are in the same land mass they’ll mix. Presence of black brahmins does not rule out the possibility of the existence of aryan race.

    I have told you many times that Hinduism is nothing but the synthesis of Dravidian and Aryan culture. In fact Hinduism is more dravidian in nature. Idol worship belongs to Dravidian culture. Worshiping the nature is the practice of aryans. Idol worship is followed by the major section of the Hindu society. Arya Samaj and Brahma Samaj were started by few elements who were not able to digest this fact. Even Adhishankara conceived the idea of ‘Advaitha’ with an aim of eradicating dravidian identity of idol worship or establishing aryan supremacy. Any way he was not able to succeed. Because people like Ramanuja (with whom the percentage of dravidian gene may be more than the percentage of dravidian gene in Shankara) defeated Advaitha by disclaiming that it is Mayavatha.

    Existence of aryan race is not confined to Asia alone. Some authors include caucasians also in aryans. Bose (Subhash Chandra) was able to seek the support of Hitler based on aryan lineage. Some dalit organizations accuse Bose for his pro-aryan mentality. Any way historians and scientists claim that bengalis are more related to dravidians than aryans. Bengalis are termed as ‘Manglo Dravidians’ who were aryanized later along with the religion. So even if you say that you are a descendant of bengali or oriyan you can’t escape from the dravidian identity. Whether you are a sinhalese or tamil you are more dravidian.

    I believe one single idiotic psychopath can’t change the facts.

  76. Arya and Aryan are used to denote a RACE nowadyas. DMK used the same.

    Chandra Bose supported Hitelr because of Anti-British and not for the stupid Aryan race theroy. Idiots of your kind have no clue about anything and vomit after reading some books authored by English or pro-English fools.

    Bengalis( Bose was a Bengali) never claim they are Aryan Race!

    You are now crying for yourself. I again stress the Tamils are fools!

  77. Sivananthan

    It is in india ,you fool,from where your ancestors came from and which you are now talking of like cow dung.When you keep on calling yogesh as an tamilnadu fool etc,tell us from where your ancestors came from?Great Britain?Woudn’t you love that.

    Look at the following website.You will see that there are 3 rice seasons in tamilnadu.One is from June to sept which is called kuruvai which has 15.7% of the paddy production area,aug to january which is called the samba season which produces on 74.7% of area, and the third dec-april called the navarai on an area of 9.6%.

    So you can see the samba season of aug to january is the major production area of 74.7% and dushyanthan is quite right when he says thai pongal seems to be a thanksgiving for harvests.You are asking him as usual rudely whether he knows anything about farming. His ancestors ,yours and mine were all farmers for sure,but he and i are not fit to be farmers at the moment,but you certainly should go back to the vanni where you belong and do farming,because that is your ideal profession suitable for you,though you pretend to be a bogus scholar.I,am sure you will start fighting with the other farmers and telling them how paddy should be grown,and that they and their ancestors are fools.


  78. yogesh sorry to intervene vayalar ravi is not a christian rather his wife is christian.her name is mercy ravi i guess he belongs to ezhava caste and married out of his religion for that he was humiliated by guruvayur temple authorities,as far as rajasekar reddy he was a christian and his son in law is a pastor.ironically his brothers name is vivekannda reddy and his sons name is jagan mohan reddy perfect hindu names though they are christians.it is not uncommon to find christians having hindu names that too sanskritised names lol like ravi mathew,vinod thomas this phenomenon can be found in kerala reflecting their catholicity.

  79. I am always ready to kiss the fair and lovely feet of divine brahmin dames and damsels of India. Doing so gives me aesthetic pleasure and also earns me merit in the next birth because brahmin beautys are living goddesses and paying pooja to their dainty feet is equal to worshipping god

    But I will not do so to the dark, ugly Indian non -brahmin women of inferior castes. Tamilnadu women except for Iyers and Iyengars are dark and inferior

    I wont even touch them let alone kissoing their feet. But as for the brahmin goddesses I am always at their feet as their slave for them to command.

    Washing their feet and drinking it is like drinking Ambrosia

  80. Shankar,

    Excellent explanation about the origin of Hindi. Many etymologists and lexicographers have endorsed this view.

    I also accept 100% with you that aryan-dravidian issue is not a physical war and rather it is a logical war. Most of the advertisements are based on this logical war. Especially fairness cream ads in India is based on this psychological war. Not only fairness cream, even the entire advertising world revolve around this. If a foreigner sees Indian ads he/she may think that Indians are very fair. But the fact is 60% of Indians are dark in complexion. This psychological war has created a permanent inferiority complex with Tamils and even Tamils who are fair tease the Tamils who are dark. This is nothing but the handiwork of the descendents of Indo-Iranian language speakers. Their role is confined to Asia. At the international level Indo-European language speakers do this.

    One slang is popular in Chennai even now. ‘mokkai vaanginaan chappai mookkan’. Used often by people who are relatively fair to tease others who are relatively dark. This slang is popular among Tamil Brahmin community to tease their fellow brahmins who are black. They don’t use this slang against non-brahmins due to the fear of violent backlash that may arise.

    Hence as you said those who still believe their aryan lineage should shed their false belief and should not consider others inferior.

    Any way Shankar I am confused a bit. Previously there was one Shankar who claimed to be Sri Lankan. Are you the same Shankar or somebody from Tamil Nadu?

  81. Yogesh

    Any way Shankar I am confused a bit. Previously there was one Shankar who claimed to be Sri Lankan. Are you the same Shankar or somebody from Tamil Nadu?

    I think the other shankar you are referring to is hyde shankar,a srilankan woman residing in a western capital.I’am jekyll shankar.As for me being from tamilnadu,in a way i’am because i consider myself a citizen of dravida(a nation yet to be formalised in the UN but will in the near future) which encompasses southindia,srilanka,maldives and the andamans and nicobar islands.
    Hope i have sorted out your confusion.

  82. Sivananthan

    You are talking nonsense again.I have never heard of netaji ever saying that he is not an aryan. In fact he ran to talk to hitler to bond the germans and northindians together based on the common ancestry of aryans,but hitler would have nothing of it.He had the pure aryan theory that excluded those who had an admixture of genes with nonaryans,and that included anyone who was darkerskinned than the germans such as the northindians.however he humoured netaji and helped him,but would have turned on him,just like he did to the russians at the appropriate time.That idiot hitler and his stupid theories forgot that the swastika was an ancient indian symbol and the real aryans are here.Infact the shah of iran was known as the light of the aryans.

    please read about savitri devi in the following link(that is if you have the time when you are not farming).This highly educated PHD european woman knew the origins of the aryans better than hitler whom she admired,and she changed her name to indian.


    As for the bengalis that you claim do not claim they are aryan,i have not heard of them saying that they are not aryans,though i have met so many,because wherever you go in the western world you bump into often.

    They may not like to shout from the rooftops that they are aryans,because they are more darkerskinned than the other northindians i have met,but at the same time they don’ say that they are not aryans,and that they are dravidians.

    The bengalis are aryans because bengali is an indo aryan languagebut as with most northindians they are not pure aryans because there is admixture of genes with mongolo-dravidians(dravidians and mongoloids mixed race) who were the original inhabitants in this area of bengal.Infact if you go towards the eastern states such as sikkim,assam,etc you will still find these tribal people and they look more like southeast asians than indians.The sinhalese also have resemblance to bengalis and assamese.Look at the picture of this assamese girl.There will be some sinhalese girls looking like this.She looks a bit like geetha,don’t you think?

    So don’t forget about the admixture of genes when you talk about the aryans of india,they have been cohabiting the land with the original inhabitants for so long that there is bound to be mixing of the people and resultant admixture of genes.

  83. Netaji met Hitler. So, he was following Hitler. What a funny statement!

    Now Sonia is the powerful person in India. So, all Indians are Italians or Christians! How is this!

    You guys make stupid statements of your wild dreams.

    On those days no GENE theory existed!

    Anti-British was the only reason for Netaji to go closer to Hitler but he never met him! He got the help from the Japanese to form the Indian National Army.Majority of the INA soldiers were South Indians and some Sinhalese too from Malaya! If Netaji was for Aryan theory, he never go against Brits.

    From where you got these stupid stories?

    Prabhakaran also said that Netaji was his Hero. Is it mean that Prabhakaran was for Aryan theory?

    But Gandhi and Nehru agreed to Brits not to celebrate Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. That is why Indians are not remembering or celebrating Netaji even today!

    SWASTIKA is a HINDU symbol of prosperity. Europeans copy many things from India. Even now Americans claim that RICE is theirs. Japnanese want the word “CURRY” as theirs while both originated from South India.

    DMK fools’ theroy of DRAVIDA is more funny than this Arayn theory.

    S/India has a mixture of Negros but how many Tamils acknowlege it? Look at Sai Baba!

    Can you give an exact definition or Aryan or Dravida with color, body shapes or any other features?

    Even White guys wrote that the S/India was LEMURIA. LEMUR means half monkey and half man! Is it the reason the Tamil guys are still behave like monkeys?

  84. LKSword,

    What is your opinion about the Assamiese Girl referred by Shankar? Is she eligible for feet licking and toes sucking? Eagerly waiting for the judgement, your majesty!

  85. Shankar,

    Let us call the nation as ‘Dravidam or Diravida Nadu’ (not Dravidastan since Dravidastan itself is aryan in nature).

    Whether Dravidam is an achievable goal or utopian dream?

    If Dravidam blossoms issues of immediate concerns (political) are

    1. Which will be the official language? All 5 (TMKST) or Telugu (being the largest among 5) can be all 5 in my opinion
    2. Will Hinduism be retained or thrown away (since many view Hinduism as pro-aryan or anti-dravidian)? In my opinion Hinduism can be made more dravidian and aryan components of Hinduism can be eliminated.
    3. Will it be secular nation or Hindu nation? (Can be a secular nation in my opinion)
    4. Will it have a friendly relation with rest of India (most probably the name would have been changed as Bharath or Hindustan) or an antagonostic attitude?

    Economic issues can be decided based on consensus.

  86. sivananthan

    S/India has a mixture of Negros but how many Tamils acknowlege it? Look at Sai Baba!
    I suppose you are referring to sai baba’s hair and thinking he is of african descent.Sai baba is exceptional and is supposed to be a avathar of god.How many people in south india have his type of hair?

    Just because dravidians are darkskinned don’t confuse them with africans.Dravidians are the descendents of the great harrappa and mohenjadaro civilisations that had double storied houses and even flushing toilets,unheard of at that time.Even at the moment how many people on this planet have this?only a small minority in africa.

    Read the link below and learn.First you must read voraciously before you try to impart knowledge to others,otherwise you will be misleading the poor souls.No knowledge at all is better than little knowledge.Fortunately i had that reading habit since i was a child and in between playing sports i was always in the public library,british council or american center.I would be in the back of the class at school reading about the world while the idiot master was droning on his rubbish that has no relevance to the real world.

    In this link you will find that there was two type of black race of people in the world.One has wooly hair and the other has straight hair.That is the way to distinguish between africans and dravidians.

    When you mention negro i presume you are meaning african.Then you are wrong.If you are meaning negro as a black person only,then you are right.We are descendents of a black race of people,the original inhabitans of india,who were pushed back by the aryans into south india.It is i think time to tell the aryans ta ta and get ourselves recognised by the UN at least in the lands where we have been pushed back to,unless you want to continue with your inferiority complex and live well below your true potential.It is only by achievement that you can prove that a black stallion can be as good as a white stallion.If you are under the yoke of someone else who is numerically superior to you and has control,then you can’t.By breaking free of the white people and in the case of singapore the malays, the japanese and chinese are able to show what they are capable of.The dravidians broke free of the british yoke,but have been cunningly tricked into continuing to be under the aryan yoke.They will regret that one day.

    See the statue of vishnu.How different it is to what it is today.how the features have been changed.


  87. So, you accept that you are a foolish monkey (since you claim that you are a Tamil). I appreciate your generosity. Sinhalese are also a part of Lemuria (according to those white guys). I realize the reason for the monkey behaviour of Mahinda and Gota.

  88. Yogesh

    Archeologists unearthed inscriptions of the 8th century,which called the southern part of india into which dravidians were pushed back and lived in as dravida.

    I prefer an fully autonomous arrangement for dravida in the model of the european union.In otherwords tamilnadu,kerala,andra,karnataka,srilanka,maldives will be countries,but part of the greater dravida nation.Southeast asian countries that want to join also will be welcome,but those who eat snakes are excluded as our ancestors were naga people.muslims of indonesia and malaysia are welcome because hinduism is a aryan import and not a religion really.It only brought dirty things like the caste system from the aryans.We were idol worshippers and snake worshippers,so our religion also can be called by some other name.
    Dravida will have having bhuddhists,muslims and vedism which was our ancient religion,from which the vedas originated.

    From today onwards i’am a vedist,not hindu.

    DBSJ,see what is happenning when you don’t put out even a tweet,let alone a article. Very soon i will be running aroung in ammudi carrying a spear like the following ancestor of mine.If india splits up you will be the cause.


    Each country will have its own currency.Only when 2 countries have become one in nature in every other way only,currecy will be merged into a single one.Otherwise one countries financial problems will drag the other down.

  89. There are some eccentric fellows like Sivananthan who claim the following.

    1. All languages of the world originated from Sanskrit.
    2. Logic and Philosophy were developed only be Indians (to be more specific only by Aryans).
    3. Sanskrit is the best language in the world.
    4. Mathematics is the brain child of Indians (Aryans)
    5. Any invention is by Indians (Aryans) or by stealing ideas from Hindu Mythology

    I hope they are living in the foll’s paradise.

  90. Yogesh

    I think in addition to her feet and toes,he will also lick that pimple on her left cheek,slurp,slurp slurp for at least 23 minutes to put her out of her mental misery everytime she looks at it in the mirror.

  91. Idiot!

    I never say that all languages are originated from Sanskrit but Karawa Yogesh invented it.

    Check the history of English from a documentary by BBC in the 90s. It started with the word “DEVA” a sanskrit word and the commentator tells it originates from Sanskrit and DEVA is the root word of DAVID.

    In that documentary he mentioned many English words with origins from Sanskrit. Further the concept of King (Raja), Queen(Rani) and Kingdom are the indian products.

    Mathematics is a brain child of Hindus. Before it well bloomed to public they were destroyed by the MUSLIM invasion.

    The current nemerals(1,2,3…) are all developed by Hindus. In the Mathematics department of University of Toronto, all the Hindus are very happy and proud when the Prof tells the current numerals are HINDU NUMARALS!

    Sanskrit words have ONLY one meaning for each word and not like Tamil. Latin is the same quality like Sanskrit. One word and one meaning for it. That is why
    British Parliament always write and translate their Laws in LATIN and the Latin version is always FINAL.

    Your WHITE masters agree how they got many things from Hindus.

    But this Dravidians, I mean the people of Lemuria who are half monkeys and invented Jayalalitha and Karunanithi and 2G spectrum frauds only!

    I forgot one more thing. The famous KOOVAM also an invention of Dravidians. The smell from it also the product of Draviada Lemurs!

    If American tells Tamils are ‘DIRTY”, TN Tamil idiots say “Yes” sir we agree but give us a green card for the slave service!

  92. Negros went by boats up to Papua New Guinea passing S/India and Sri Lanka. I hope many landed in S/India and became residents.

    Micheal Jackson too had the hair like Sai Baba. Better pray the Jacksons and other Africans as Avatars because of the hair!

    That is why the NEGRO hair,color, and faces exist in Tamil Nadu. When the African stopped coming the people from the North india come and mix with the S/Indians. That is why the Tamils are always crazy for a “WHITE” skinned woman. Tamil cinemas are the evidence.

    Mohanjadao and Harappa had no connection with the current negro-Tamils. Even the west defines the TN people as 70%> are Negroids.

    Dravida foolish theory never accepeted by any others because the so called DMK fools or their followers are still unable to give a “definition” for a DRAVIDIAN.

  93. I think we Sinhalese have acted unjustly towards our Tamil brothers and sisters. It is time we accepted our past sins,apologise genuinely,make amends and seek forgiveness

  94. Saroja M,

    You are right; we Tamils who funded Tamil terrorists also think we have been unfair to the Sinhalese. We were enoucraged to hate… and we fell into the trap. Never again.

  95. Yesterday I saw a Tamil movie “Azhagar saamiyin Kuthirai”(Horse of Azhagarsaami). I got a shock because how the Tamil people digest it.

    That movie really reflect a part of Tamil Nadu, traditions and beliefs. This kind of movies bring the Tamils who now think of New York, down to earth!

  96. Dear Jeyaraj

    Thank you for highlighting the Great Tamil traditions.

    To me Tamil is the Greatest of the Traditions, far superior than the North Indian or Sikh religions. Tamil films (Koliwood) is far superior than Boliwood.

    I am a Sinhalese Catholic living in Melbourne, Victoria. My father is Lionel Bopage. Our family has worked hard for the Tamil cause. My father fell out with Rohana Wijeweera because my father simply love Tamils, so does my mother. Our family still fight hard for Tamil rights and Tamil justice. We have run a photo exhibition in Melbourne to commemorate the Great Tamiselvan.

    Per my dad, Wijewwera and Gammanpila despised Tamils. The current JVPers are not too bad. My father joined JVP as a result of Bala Thampoe, my father’s political guru, a Great Tamil.

    Kind regards.



    Dear Chitral

    Thank you for this comment. You seem to be a chip of the old block

    I have tremendous regard for your father although we do not see eye to eye on some issues

    All the best

  97. If S.C.Bose chooses armed struggle Aryan slaves like Sivananthan will appreciate. But if a Tamil Prabhakaran goes for that they will criticize to the core.

    They will appreciate the decision of India in forming Bangladesh (one of the main terrorist producers in the world). They will cry foul play if India shows some interest in Eazham.

    Appreciation of S.C.Bose emerges from the belief that Sinhalese have their origin from Bengal. Few Tamil idiots (like Sivananthan) also believe that their origin is from Bengal. There is one theory that says Sinhalese are nothing but the fugitives of Assamee-Bengali mix who were forcibly driven away from the mainland because of their heinous activities like animal sex, murder and robbery. Sinhalese Thug Sivanantha adulates fellow thugs DD and Pillayan because of the criminal link in his genes.

    Tamils do not have any hesitation in accepting the fact there is a negro mix. Among Tamils only those who believe in Aryan supremacy consider it as a shame to have the mix of negro. Negros are also human beings. One is not a modern human of being of 21st century who still believes in superiority by birth or colour or race or creed. Sivanantha, are you a civilized human being or a barbarian of stone ages?

    You fool, you have almost accepted my accusation. Except one or two you claim that everything is an Indian(Aryan) invention. You idiot, can you tell me any useful inventions like train, atomic energy, multimedia by Indians (Aryans). All are invented by the western world. Pseudo Aryans invented nothing but some stupid mythology.

    You stupid, look at the publications in leading engineering journals. Most of them are authored by western authors. Even Chinese and Korean publish very good articles. Publications from Indians (Aryans) (pseudo Aryans according to Hitler) are very less or almost nil. Even Egyptians publish good articles occasionally.

    You are a Sri Lankan. You are a Dravidian. You are a Lemur. You have negro mix. Whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese you are also a black foolish monkey (according to your statements). Don’t jump like a monkey as if you have come from heaven. Neither your Aryan masters (pseudo Aryans of India, Afghanistan and Iran) nor the real Aryans (according to Hitler) of Germany (Europe) will accept you. Because according to them whether one is a Tamil or a Sinhalese he/she is a black foolish monkey. I think you are a masochist. Please check with a good psychiatrist.

    As usual with your half baked knowledge you have come to the conclusion that I belong to the Karayar (Karawa in your Sinhalese) caste from my surname Karayalar. No Karayar or Karawa has the surname Karayalar. I don’t bother about your half baked knowledge. Any way it may mislead the readers. Readers, if you are interested in associating Karayalar to the caste name you google terms like Sattanatha Karayalar, Muthusamy Karayalar etc.

    Barking dog Sivanantha, you claim that you are a Tamil and you assign all adjectives like monkey, robberer, etc etc to Tamils. Before saying anything you start with a self declaration like ‘I am a black foolish monkey from Sri Lanka’. Now start barking.

  98. sivanantha

    If American tells Tamils are ‘DIRTY”, TN Tamil idiots say “Yes” sir we agree but give us a green card for the slave service!
    Are you saying green card holders are slaves?What about gota and fonseka.They are green card holders too.Why are you condemning tamils only for wanting to go abroad and live?What about you?You must be living in canada on the dole?The venom with which you speak about your own race is mystifying?Micheal jackson’s doctor is unemployed at the moment after his one and only patient died.

  99. sivananthan

    Negros went by boats up to Papua New Guinea passing S/India and Sri Lanka. I hope many landed in S/India and became residents.
    —and they were singing as they rowed ‘row,row,row the boat,gently down the stream,merrily,merrily,merrily,merrily life is but a dream’.

  100. I saw the film “Mankatha” in Tamil yesterday

    I was bowled over by the enchanting beauty of Trisha Krishnan and Lakshmi Rai. Gorgeous fairies both of them

    I LKsword though a patriotic heroic Sinhala veeraya am ever ready to lie down at their fair and lovely feet and shower them with kisses

    My trusty sword will fight anyone to the death in their service.

    They have only to point their painted rose bud toes at enemies and I shall brandish my sword and teach them a lesson by making slippers out of their skins to adorn the dainty feet of the goddesses Trisha and Lakshmi.

    In one scene there is a close up shot of Lakshmi’s feet as she is dressing

    In another Goddess Trishas lotus feet are shown as she gets down from a two wheeler

    What a beautiful sight!

    If I get a chance I will worship both by doing pooja with araliya mal for their feet

  101. jey what happened to u?whenever i open the internet i log into the website and i find same old thamizhar thirunal story.what happened to you.instead of reading fresh dbsjeyaraj story i am reading your stories before the nandikadal debacle.jey annen sudu soru sappidalamnu utkarntha pazhaye kanji sapida vuttutele anna.pls start writing.happy ayudha puja and dussehra for all my blog mates and especially you.


    Thank you for the wishes and the very same to you and others

    As for the other question my answer is a quote from Vathiyar in the film “Neerum Neruppum”. MGR plays identical twin brothers and the elder one is captured by villain Asokan who asks puratchi nadigar “Enge un Thambi”?(Where is your younger brother)

    To which MGR replies “Varavendiya Nerathil Varuvaan.Unakku Tharavendiyathellam Tharuvaan”(He will come at the time he should come and give you all what needs to be given”.

  102. Dear Mahesh,

    after my Indian trip, I make coment on one of Indian habit and seeking your reply in this regard. Since you are scilence I think you missed the coment. So herewith I copied the orignal coment and seeking your reply.


    samarasekara says:

    September 27, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    after spending 14 days in India, and spending $ 500 dollers I just returned in Sri lanka. Through out the country I travelled more than 7000 kilo meters. Therefore I am thinking that I qualified to male a coment in this regard. During the whole jurney I used air condition transport mode,but I am not prevented from decies,still I am suffering from fevear.

    I realised two things,taht should be discuss in lengthly.

    First one, from the children to elderrary people are habitually begging money,sopes ect. I wonder why they are acting like this. More or less they do not have shame to begging.

    The other thing is lack of sanitory facilities. Irrespective of man and weman they are using open toilets for removing human waste. Human wates are in every coner in India. In the morning and everning weman too come to the roads for passing uring and ect. What an auful country.

    Some parts of Dillieh is ok but you will find the hell in rest of the parts . Capital in Lowkno has a soficisticate enviornment plan. It is just like New Zealand where I I spent one year in last year.
    My arguement is why not other provinces are trying to follow Loknow’s management system.

    My humble pointing out is insted of critising Sri lanka India should have focuse in these poroblem.


  103. Thanks

    My father and mother send their regards to you too. My father has a great admiration to you.

  104. It is great to see that young guns like you are coming out expressing your imprsessions openly and frankly. Lionel Bopage is a great Sri Lankan. He was neither a Sinhalese nor a Buddhist, but a Sri Lankan. Though some brand him so, I have never considered him out to be a terrorist. For DBS to respect him, Bopage must be some man.

    If Bopage led the 1971 insurrection (not Wijeweera)the Tamils in Sri Lanka would have been a very very happy lot today

    Good luck to you Chitral, keep talking your mind

  105. You say that mind your own business and it is none of India’s business to meddle into the affairs of the sri lanka.

    does it mean that you can kill scores and scores of tamils and your politicians could publicly say that we the sinhalese can kill you or we can save you.

    I cannot accept your words. How can we remain mute spectators when you by the sheer strength of your numbers put the tamils to disadvantage perpetually.

    You say that came to India and travelled a lot.

    That doesn’t qualify for you to say we should not meddle in your affairs.

    If you say like that then we may be tempted to say that there are two eelams in sri lanka.

    One is tamil eelam and the other one is singeelam.

    Singeelam wants to usurp the lands of the tamil eelam and also to dominate them politically.

    This cannot be tolerated.

    You are saying that I am on silence.

    DBSJ is on silence. Ask him to post some new articles before concluding that I am silent.


    “Mayakkam enathu Thaayagam
    MOUNAM enathu Thaai mozhi
    Kalakkam enathu Kaaviyam -Naan
    Kanneer varaintha Oviyam

    (TMS in “Kunkumam”)

  106. First one, from the children to elderrary people are habitually begging money,sopes ect. I wonder why they are acting like this. More or less they do not have shame to begging.

    It is a tradition taught by Buddha and followed by monks. Any thing wrong?

  107. Patriotism has its limitation in Sri Lanka; it is always the racial priority first and then the country, a few, particularly in the majority, able go past race and see a future for SL, this was even before the emergence LTTE, one of them is your father. But now this is very rare. Even if there are a few, they will simply be marginalised, and their voices be never heard. There are four groups, good and bad educated ones and good and bad uneducated ones. Looking at post LTTE time, in SL, the bad ones of these two groups, are fast accomplishing their number one targets in the name of patriotism and reconciliation, fooling the masses.

  108. Jey,what DBSJ is trying to say is he is getting ready for battle again.If you read our tamil history or see the film verrapandian kattabommai you will realise the amount of time they spent getting ready for battle.Battle is taken very seriously by ancient tamils.First the mother who wholeheartedly gives away her sons has to be worshipped.Then god has to be worshipped.Then you say goodbye to your wife,children and friends,because you will never come back a coward who ran away or surrender.When you go to battle you have decided to die and will face a arrow without blinking an eye lid as per tradition. Then you have to don the armour and and sharpen your trusty sword,in this case the pen.So give DBSJ some time to do the rituals.


    Vetri vadivelane
    Sakthi Umaipaalane
    Veeram Vilaitha Kugane
    Utrathoru Pahai vella
    Tholilum Nenjilum
    Ongidum Valimai Arulvaai
    Arulvaai…aaaa…aaa… aaa

    (From “Veerapandiya Kattabomman”)

  109. Please stop with recalling Anand Bakshi’s lyrics. Don’t become another LKSword. One LKSword is sufficient for this blog.

  110. Correecta sonna Vathiyarae. Romba Thanksba. Seekkiram vanthuru Vathiyarae.(Chennai slang, don’t mistaken me Mr.Jeyaraj).


    Vaa Vaathyaare Vootande-Nee
    Varaankaati Naan Vidamaatten
    Jaambaajaar Jakku-Naan
    Saidapettai Sokku

    (Manorama sings in her own voice on screen first time in “Bommalaattam”)

  111. Samarasekara,

    I would like to answer your questions. Mahesh may do it later.

    First of all, why so many spelling mistakes? I think you were in a hurry in writing the comment.

    I accept that GDP per capita is considerably higher in Sri Lanka than India. Inflation is less in Sri Lanka. Percentage of population below the poverty line is also less in Sri Lanka. However, you please note that GDP growth is slightly higher in India than SL (8.6% Vs 8.2%).

    Sri Lanka is a small country and it is easy to maintain. India is a big country with so many racial, linguistic and religious groups. SL finds it very difficult to manage just two linguistic groups (Tamils and Sinhalese are not two different racial groups). Indian polity finds it very difficult to satisfy all these groups. Unity in diversity is just a slogan repeatedly uttered by the government to keep the things under control. Except those who are in politics, military and other government services I don’t know how others think about this slogan. What is the emotional bondage between a person of Tamil Nadu and a person of Jammu and Kashmir? If Prabhakaran is killed, it disturbs an ordinary Tamil than the assassination of Rajiv Ghandhi. If Bhutto is hanged an ordinary Kashmiri is more disturbed than the assassination of Indhira Gandhi. You see how difficult it is to satisfy groups like these with own equations and interests.

    To eradicate poverty, corruption and other unwanted elements immediately India may choose China’s option. But an average Indian does not like that extreme measure. China is glowing from other’s perspective. Environmental pollution it is facing and the psychological state in which Chinese kids are today are really pathetic. There was a cover story in Malayala Manorama publication’s Week (an English Weekly) with the title “Survival of India”. It has pointed that India is not meant for those who seek quick solutions to the problem.

    A more federal setup may help India to improve it’s economic status. But power hungry Congress and BJP are for a monolithic government. Rather than being India, constituents of that can be a Indian Union (similar to that of European Union). Distribution of wealth is not uniform in all parts of the country. Distribution of wealth is good in South and West. But it is very bad in Central, North and East (Bengal is an exception). Religion, caste and language are being used by the administrators to divide the people and deviate their attention from development.

    But Samarasekara, all this has nothing to do with the external affairs of India. India has every right to interfere in Sri Lanka (Both of them are closely tied physically as well as culturally). Samarasekara, if economic prosperity is the only goal, Sri Lanka would have progressed much faster if N & E provinces have been seceded. Sinhalese hardliners (like JHU) express the view that N & E pull down the progress of Sri Lanka. Ponder over these ideas and facts.

  112. Why are you seeing only the toes of these dainty damsels. It is like Lakshman saying that he only saw the jewels in the feet of Sri Sita.

    I don’t think either Trisha or Lakshmi Rai will bother if you see them from their top to toes.

    Next time I request you describe about their other parts from their top to toe.

    If you have any problem in describing them, then take the help of Mahakavi Kalidoss.

    He will elaborate the travails of one drop of water from the Goddess Parvathi Devi from top to her hip in Kumarasambavam.

    Read all those classics and enrich yourself. May be if you happen to see Trisha or other angels you could floor them using such similes.

    Or better come out with some of your original stuff.

    By the way why not post some Sinhala beauty in this blog. I like to see some beauty from the Sinhala side.

  113. Shankar tell us something about Steve Jobs and how he stole the heart of the people of this generation. Tell us about the rivalry of microsoft and apple.

    How come microsoft copied all the ideas from the apple but still beat them in their own game.

    Now that, Steve is gone what lies ahead of for the apple. Why he didn’t come to India for business.

    Tell us all these things. There is not a person other than you who can tell all about these matters in this blog.

    If you tell all these things then I will once again say ‘I LOVE YOU’.

  114. mahesh

    beautiful sinhalese woman-one of my favourites geetha kumarasinghe.


    When she went to a funeral recently one chap tried to stab her,but was held back.He was drunk and was unknown to her.That is srilanka,never a dull moment,not like your boring country.Even just now one parliamentarian shot dead and another critical.Though from the same party,they did not see eye to eye on many matters.Two lions can’t share the same territory.When one raises the leg and urinates on a tree ,the other should get the message loud and clear,without coming and pissing on the same spot.We have to blame all this on sinhabahu.

  115. mahesh

    Here is another one of her’s.This should keep you occupied for some time,after all success they say is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent pespiration.I have given you the inspiration,it is upto you to now come to srilanka,woo her and start pespiring.




    Geetha acted in Sridhar’s “Mohanappunnagai” with Sivaji. The song “Thennilangai mangai,Vennilavin Thangai” was pictorised on her

  116. Dear Chitral Bopage,

    It is not my forte to speak despairingly of your dad. It is always nice to see a son speaking well of his father. However truth should prevail. I lived during the time of 1971 JVP insurrection in SL where your dad, wijeweera and others were the ring leaders. The boys of the JVP who did the fighting and died for the cause came from improvised and under privileged back grounds. while they laid their lives, the leaders lived ok. eventually, the Bandaranayaka government brought them to justice and your father decided to become a crown witness against the very own JVP boys. An act of a traitor as the JVP boys then believed. He did this for a few pieces of silver and probably to look after his future. If he did not do that, probably he would not have his current comfortable life in the west and neither would you. The families of those who sacrificed their life for the “che guvera” cause still lament in SL biting the dust. The story is fairly similar to the role played by Tamil LTTE leadership and their faithful followers.

    If Lionel is sympathetic to the cause of Tamils, then why on earth did he not show that sympathy to the poor boys of the JVP who followed him? Isn’t this hypocrisy?

    I know in the west, Lionel is trying to portray himself as a man on high moral ground.

  117. Mahesh says:
    October 7, 2011 at 3:09 pm
    You say that mind your own business and it is none of India’s business to meddle into the affairs of the sri lanka.
    Dear friend ,

    you were totally misleaded or blinded.
    Better to read my coment twice.

    What I said was

    1. Begging is not a good pratice. It proved nothing but poverty.

    2. Open toilet parctice too unhuman thing. It proveing you are too closer to animal than civilised human being.

  118. What can i say about steve jobs,mahesh.You are asking the wrong gal.Only thing i can say is everytime we wake up in the morning,ask yourself the question,if this was my last day on earth what would i do.Don’t waste a minute of your precious life and regret later.

  119. You say that mind your own business and it is none of India’s business to meddle into the affairs of the sri lanka.
    Dear friend.
    I am sorry to say that you were totally blinded or misleaded. It is very sad. Trying to get rid of this pathetic situation and trying to retaining with balance mind.

    I pointed out only 2 things.

    1. Why allnormal Indian people are begging? If priest are begging it is ok, because they don’t have other means of living.

    2. Why people using open toilet? These people are closer to animals than civilised human being.

    Trying to answere to my points. What is the cause behind it?

    I wonder why you are interesting to make sujessions for tamil problem which we faced.

    We alredy solved it by killing tamil terorists. If it will come again we are not hesitate to treating it to the same way.

    When I was in India there were bomb blasting. In this situation what I feal was we as a nation are preventing from this sort of pathetic situations from year 2009, when India would free from these sort of terorists attacks.

    So it is time to asking you again BETTER TO ANSEWRW MY TWO POINTS.


  120. But why JVP villified the poor estate Tamil workers as the agents of India? I asked this when JVP had classes in Vavuniya in the seventies, but they did not give a correct answer.

    If the JVP follow Marxist ideology, how can they “limit” their working class to Sinhalese only?

  121. This blog has a very good collection of readers. Some readers (like Shankar, Diyasena) always give a detailed account on any issue based on references, some good listeners (like Mahesh) those who write comments very rarely but write the comments at the appropriate time, some fellows who are very hasty and rude in describing others (like my friend Sivananthan), some persons who are silly in engaging in duel (like me) with others, some fellows suffering from foot feitish disease (or at least pretending to be a sufferer of the disease) (LKSword). Any way, everybody contributes some good stuff for the thought process under the stewardship of Mr.Jeyaraj.

  122. Hi DBJS

    Can you please go to Sri Lanka and report to us the conditions there. I know you’ve got lots of frineds there. Will they let you into the country at the Airport is a problem. I know you are not LTTE but the Government hates you because you write the truth about Sri Lanka including the Rajpakse corruption and how Tamils were massacred/raped by the Rajapakse Government



  123. Dear Shanker,

    I just go through your web site which describe about Kandy city. Actually Kandy is a small hilly city. More or less 200,000 people are living in the city limits but more than 400,000 people are daily visiting the city. As a citision in Kandy city, I think I could elloborate a lot.

    As far as concern about hygienic condition I accepted what was saying HINDU PAPER,but there is a room for improve a lot. I mean all garbeges should be transport before sun shine is starting. I mean before 5.30 a.m. it should be finished. In this regard we are still in minus point.

    And other think we should prohibite the open garbege collection spots and must provid three garbege storing cabins to each and every house holds units, one should for put to re-clying things,second one is grass and so on, third one is normal. The municipal can collect them in a sheddule time table by once a week or once in the fortnight.

    In the mean time after the local election that held yesterday, the ruling government party capable enough to accequared the power of the municipality. I think hearafter we could seen better Kandy enviornment.


  124. Dear Yogesh Karayalar,

    Thank you very much for your kind explanation.

    But begging is not excuse for irradicate poverty. When a person starting begging he is not only depride by himself but depriding whole country.

    Actullly India is developed country. I think India is 50 years ahead of Sri lanka. The reason is former prime minister Jawahallal nerhu continously executed 8 five year plans for the country. The basement of present development is nothing but nerhu’s effort. Therfore cost of living is more less in India.

    India earned a lot of foregin currency by selling goods to sri lanka. In addition India earns a remarcable sum of dollers through buddhists pilgrimis. Therefore India should think about sri lankans specially sinhalees as milking cow.

    Normal citisions of India are known this factor. If you go BARANAS,BUDHAGAYA,KUSINARA,PATNA DHILIE Bazzar,and AGRAA, and so on you could hear a lot of SINHALA speaking Indian people. They are trying to sell their articles for dollers,for Indian rupees even for sri lankan rupees. It is very hard to hear TAMIL words.

    Therefore leave to solve tamil problem to us. We solved in year 2009, if it would come again we will applying the same solution.
    Central government of India too know it.But tamils in tamil nadu is objecting. But India is no Tamilnadu.

    How about open toilet practice. I saw even weman are too not prevent from open toiletting.Every river banks and road corners are full with human waste and urine smelling. IS IT GOOD FOR INDIAN PRIDE?



  125. dear jey and shanky,
    for the past one week i have been reading some of the uthr stuff.i also read ben barnvik jottings.i dont know whether my change of heart is correct or not.what i have read tells me that tigers never enjoyed support of tamils.rather tamils reluctantly supported them becoz of tina factor.i read about their forceful conscription of children for their armed struggle.deep in my heart i feel that tigers debacle seems to be a blessing in disguise though rajapakshe government has not endeared itself to tamils by any meaning reconcilliation measures.as a tamil i am duty bound to support my fellow tamils.i hope sincerely that north and east are merged and tamils bounce back.

  126. kamalesh

    I don’t think DBSJ need to go to someplace to report on what is happening.He is a very experienced journalist with extensive contacts and will not put pen to paper unless he is sure of something.So you can be sure that when he states something it is the truth,unlike others who let their emotions control their professionalism and spew out a lot of biased stuff.When you read them you don’t know what is true and what is not because you can see that they are biased.That is why i stick to DBSJ.

  127. Dear Gavin

    Mr Bopage knows me and I consider him as an acquaintance.

    I have a great respect for him.

    I was in my mid 20s when the JVP insurrection happened, so I have a good knowledge about it too. Lionel Bopage became a crown witness because Wijeweera would not corporate with the Government. After the insurrection, there was immense pressure on Mr Bopage to confess and also to dob-in others, otherwise they would have sentenced him for life with fraudulent murder charges against him. Mr Bopage did bank robberies including the Rs 6 million robbery in Ambepussa, conspired to kill, maimed people and manufactured weapons but he did not kill anyone, so why should he be found guilty for something he did not commit? In regards to Tamil emancipation, I think Mr Bopage is one of the few Sinhalese who believe that a separate state must be created for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. That is the only way to emancipate the Tamils. In 1986, Mr Bopage convinced me this at a one to one meeting in the Colombo Public Library. I have believed in his wisdom and still follow him.

    Gavin, let’s agree to disagree.

    I hope the son, Chitral will agree with me too.

    Best regards.


  128. Srithar,my favourite director would not have given her a chance unless she has great acting talent.I still remember Srithar’s film with then unknown kamalahassan where he is the brother of a girl who ges to another town and discreetly prostitutes herself in order to fund him through medical college and after he becomes a doctor and finds out he disowns her completely and treats her like trash.It is etched in my mind even now,though i have forgotten the name of the film.That is srithar,he can get the best out of the actors.kamalahasan and that girl who i don’t know the name were just fantastic.Srithar can get an unknown actor or actress and make them great actors.Some of them fade off while some become stars.

  129. Samare

    all the garbage bins will get stolen by the underworld,who will recycle it by melting them.First you have to eradicate crime like in singapore. Gota did a good job when he disposed of some underworld leaders,but there is a long way to go before we become like singapore a crime free country.

  130. I thought that this blog is about politics and not begging. You are diverting the topic in hand. Just because some Indians are begging doesn’t mean we should not be concerned about the tamils there.

    Yes open toilet practice is inhuman. Does killing Tamils human. Denying them their rights human. Usurping their land human.


    The traders will talk in your language. They will also talk in Spanish, German and even Swahili to sell their goods.

    Just because some Budhist pilgrims come to India we cannot allow the sinhalese to kill tamils.

  131. Yes. I have seen her in the youtube. Nice damsel. But the one who floors me is the one who bewitched your Prince. Her name ends with Kamage and starts with S.

    Now that I have got my inspiration I will certainly be motivated to visit sri Lanka and do the rest 90 per cent needed to succeed.

  132. Thank you Sir.

    I also like Shankar and Diyasena. Diyasena is on the other side and Shankar is on this side with reference to my views.

    I also like Jagan Sriram. His views and my views converge to a large extent.

    I also like people like Meikandan who do write here, though occasionally. ISS is very detailed and knowledgeable. I miss Navin.

    There are still others who will engage in light banter and make this blog an interesting place to visit.

    I like to cross swords with Navin and Diyasena.

  133. Shankar, you are spot on your reply to Kamalesh.

    Kamalesh is too naive to suggest DBSJ (the veteran) what to write and what not to and where to travel to.

    I must say I have been an avid reader of DBS’s ‘under the cadjan tree’ when he was writing to island during Upali Wijewardane era. Apart from Vijitha Yapa, another great writer that I most admire is the Great Lucian Rajakarunayake. The humor he brings to his readers is immense

  134. mahesh

    good.you can kill 2 birds with one stone too,having a gondola ride without going all the way to venice.The navy will show you around the town via the canals.Since you are a brahmin and vegetarian you will have no problem because the army will be selling vegetables all over the place.

  135. Dear Ranjith,

    Firstly, let me salute you for your very civil gesture to say ‘lets agree to disagree” I consider you are a reasonable man with whom I can have a dialogue.

    In 1971 I was also in my mid twenties when the insurrection broke out in April. In addition, most of my very close friends were JVP’ers. As a consequence, I just escaped arrest and death. I never saw many of my friends there after. The information gathered by me is from the few who lived to tell the tale. Some of them are now abroad. Bopage may have told you this reason for him to turn a crown witness but that’s a load of BS. He just turned a traitor to protect his meal ticket. But he was a very good organiser of people and a man who can win others. Therefore I am not surprised he convinced you. But in 1986 he was a different cup of soup to the comrade he was in 1971. He had changed colours!!

    There are very many people who will espouse any cause to show they are knights in shining armour. Tamils issues make a good subject for these schemers. Jayalalitha and Karunanithi are classic examples. Hitler is another fake who fought for the Aryan people and German heritage when he himself was an Austrian!!

    Assume LB was now fighting for the Tamil emancipation. But what about emancipation of the under privileged rural Singhalese? Are they better off than the Tamils? Not so. They are all in the same boat. For one to show moral high ground, one has to show one is fighting for a deserving cause. That’s what this guy is doing.

    If you ask srilankans in Canberra where he lived and some others who know him, you may get the correct picture. Many srilankans who know the man give him a wide berth because of his past history.

  136. Mahesh says:
    October 9, 2011 at 10:59 pm
    Just because some Indians are begging doesn’t mean we should not be concerned about the tamils there.Yes open toilet practice is inhuman. Does killing Tamils human. Denying them their rights human. Usurping their land human.Just because some Budhist pilgrims come to India we cannot allow the sinhalese to kill tamils.

    Dear Mahesh,

    We are not killing tamils, but irradicating terorists. As far as concern about terrorism we are not keen about their origin.
    Whatever is the race terorists are terorists.

    You may remembered JVP terorists uprising in year 1971 and year 1988/89. What happend to them. Wijeweera the leader of JVP lively put into gas burn in the cemetry. Was he a tamil ? no but a SINHALEES. Had he subject to post motem, DNA test or commission. NO No rehabilitation process took place but irradicating.

    The same rule too followed tamil terorists too. No acception.
    If you have soft corner to them WHY NOT CALL ALL TAMIL BACK TO TAMIL NADU?


  137. samare

    We are not killing tamils, but irradicating terorists.
    If you have soft corner to them WHY NOT CALL ALL TAMIL BACK TO TAMIL NADU?
    What about the 40000 civilians you killed in the last few days of the war,including those in hospitals?
    You can’t compare with JVP because if they were sinhalese civilians held hostage by the JVP,you would have adopted a different strategy without shelling the whole lot.

    As for calling tamils back to tamilnadu,you can say call them to tamilnadu,not call them back.When you say call them back instead of call them,you are implying that they are recent arrivals to srilanka,whereas they were there since the third century BC with elara and also had their own kingdom for 403 years since the 13th century until the portuguese took it over.Then if you say they can be called back to tamilnadu then sinhalese also should be called back to orissa.Also the recent arrivals who became sinhalse who are the JVP’ers you refer to should be called back to kerala.If you talk of going back to tamilnadu,that can backfire on the sinhalese,who will have to vacate dravidian lands and go back to aryan lands of north india which they invaded and chased the dravidians into the south india.

    However you have given me a great idea to put pressure on new delhi.The tamilnadu people should clamour for the tamils to be granted indian citizenship if they so wish.Jeyalalitha if she really cares for the tamils should take it up with the center.I don’t think she really cares.Whatever she does is when there is pressure from the people only.Even after she took over the malayalee businessmen are still trying to take the fish of the poor tamil fishermen in srilanka by using the tamils in tamilnadu and she has not stopped it.Gota made a very valid point at the interview when he said if she really cared for the tamils of srilanka why is she trying to rob their fish,now only they can earna decent livelihood after so many years of war.

    Coming back to the indian citizenship issue,if jeya goes on that track new delhi will get rally rattled and want a quick political solution,because they will have to grant citizenship if tamils can’t live in srilanka as equal citizens.

    I don’t think she will because these people as gota rightly pointed out only hink of themselves.That clearly proves my point that the tamils have lived in srilanka for so many centuries that other than the linguistic and religiuos common identity everything else has dissapeared and they have very little now in common with the people of tamilnadu and more i think in common with the sinhalese.This is inevitable when people live for centuries ina particular geographical location with others,they gradually loose their roots. the very same thing will happen to the tamils living in the western countries.after a few centurie s it will be difficult for them to find common identity with the tamils still living in srilanka.

    So stop wasting your time about tamilnadu because you are going on the wrong track.Concentrate on solving the problems of the tamils in srilanka so that you can have a united country.See what happenned when we were disunited with three kingdoms and landed under the colonials.

  138. Hey guys/gals all of you have mentioned a lot about Jayalalitha and I thought it’s apt
    to mention what a lovely actress she was in the 1960s. I just watched her on the ‘youtube’ singing “Kannan enhum mannan perai solla solla” and dancing. I recommend all you people (Doesn’t matter whether you are Tamil, Sinhala or any other) to watch some of these very popular Tamil songs. This particular song was very popular those days, and I remember when I was waiting at Borella bus stand, it was blaring off from the Thosai boutique. I went to lot of trouble to get the words of this song, and finally a very good Tamil friend gave me the words to me. Now I am enjoying these songs on the youtube, and thanks for those who put them there.

    God bless you all.

  139. The name of the movie is Arangettram. It was directed by another veteran director K. Balachandar. It was inspired by the Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali.










  141. Saheli Gamage is nice looking girl with ravishing beauty. She is homely too. She also seems to be intelligent. Your Prince’s taste is good. I wish him well, if he sticks on to this nice apsara like girl.

    May be I will be a guest of the State and wish to be taken in the boats of the navy if I am invited to their marriage.

  142. Beacuse I admit the truth even though I am a Sinhala patriot.

    The truth is our Sinhala women are pretty but they are nowhere near the North Indian women or South Indian upper caste women particularly the brahmins

    It is very hard for me to say this because I love and admire all things Sinhala and will use my sword to hack to pieces anyone trying to harm anything Sinhala but still being truthful by nature I have to reluctantly admit that our Sinhala women are not a patch on Indian women

    The little toe of Aishwarya Rai has more beauty in it than the face of a Miss Sri Lanka.

    From Madhubala,Vyjayanthimala,Padmini, Nargis, Asha Parekh, Saira Banu, Sharmila Tagore,Mumtaz, Nutan, Hemamalini, Rekha,Jayapradha to present stars like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif,Priyanka Chopra, Asin, Tamanna,Shreya,Trisha,Sonakshi Sinha,,Deepika Padukone etc these Indian actrsses surpass Sinhala actresses in beauty

    Even political leaders like Jayalalitha, Priyanka Wadera etc are 1st class beauties

    I regard them all as divine goddesses with pretty feet and dainty toes

    I humbly worship these goddesses by paying pooja to their fair and lovely feet.

    I will deposit a 1000 kisses on each toe nail of Aishwarya Rai and attain heavenly bliss and merit

    If I can wash the feet of Priyanka and Kareena and Katrina and drink the water it is like the food of gods for me

    So I will live my life by being their slave and devotee

    I am ready to lick the soles of Kangana Ranaut, suck the toes of Sonama Kapoor and put the dust on the chappals Shilpa Shetty on my forehead,be a floor rug for Ayesha Takia to wipe her feet on or be a footstool for Anushka Sharma to place her feet on

    This is my worship of their divine beauty. By serving these goddesses I will attain Moksha and Nibbana

    Are you jealous?

    I am greatful to DBSJ for giving me space to air my views openly and make the world know about my special way of worshipping god in a beautiful attractive form and to demonstrate my patriotism and heroism

  143. Sri Lanka is a theocratic state. India is a secular state. In India even hinduism is not taught in the schools.

  144. Evr Periyar didn’t equate with the bramins. He was against Braminism. Get your facts right Sir. Not only tamils and budhists share the same new year. But also the Punjabis and many other share the same new year. After all there are only two calendars one based on the moon and the other one based on sun in the sub continent. Therefore don’t say that as a focal point of unity between the tamils and the sinhala budhists.

  145. Dear Gavin You cannot compare rural Tamils with rural Sinhalese, the former is most downtrodden. Tamils do not have the right to express their views in Sri Lanka. It for these people that Bopage and Chitra fought hard for, and still fighting for. Chitra was a nun in 1971 and she gave sanctuary to Bopage in her church. Later they got married. LTTE had to take up arms because our Sinhala regime failed Tamils miserably. If you do not agree to this, I am sorry to say Gaving, you are a bloody racist. Only what the Sinhalese did was killing the Tamils, raping the Tamil women and maiming the Tamil children. Look at Channel 4 again carefully (even Chandrika  Kumaratunga stated Chanel 4 is true). It is only a handful of Sinhalese who have given a voice to Tamil emancipation – Bopage, Jehan Perera, Sunila Abeysekera, AT Ariyarathne, Vasudeva, Jayadewa Uyangoda, Vickramabahu, Nimalka Fernando are few names that comes to my mind.  I salute all of them. Bopage is a larger than life figure. Boapage spent a sojourn in Canberra where he worked very hard for the Tamil emancipation. But look at who worked with him – Willie Senanayake, Anura Weerarathne, Asanaka Perera, Hudson Perera etc. They are all good Sinhala Buddhists. Then, you will have to blame them too, but they are all accepted by the Australian Sinhala community, except Bopage. This shows the hypocrisy of our fellows. Bopage would have been the best President for Sri Lanka and second only to Vijeya Kumarathunga, but Sri Lanka is unlucky to have him as our leader. Now Australia is getting best out of Bopage; man got a PhD the other day. Ranjith

  146. Gavin,

    You are a very polite person. I say that because when the name Lionel Bopage is mentioned people become very angry and use swear words. Lionel Bopage is a man who dragged our beloved Sri Lanka back 25 years. He and his henchmen did an untold damage to Sri Lanka and partly responsible for what happened in 1983 Black July.
    Lionel Bopage is a number one hypocrite (Awasthawadiya). I will tell you why. All his life he was preaching about socialism. That is jealousy. Hate the rich people and make every one poor = not every one rich, but make the rich the person poor too.
    In 1971 what they did was go around and destroy all the rich businesses. The hardworking people made their wealth by working hard and making sacrifices, and in one night everything was in flames These are all local businesses. To cut a long story short, at the end he became a traitor and migrated to a Western capitalist country – not Socialist Cuba, China, North Korea or USSR ,but Australia and now because he does not have a place among the Sinhala or other Sri Lankans, he is so patronising towards the Tamil people. He doesn’t have friends in Melbourne and as I mentioned earlier, when his name is mentioned people swear and spit. I am sorry this is the truth. He thinks people have short memories, but he is wrong.

    As Gavin stated, Chitral Bopage admires his father. But facts are stubborn.

    Gavin my friend I am saying it again. You are a very polite man and God bless you.

  147. dear ranjith

    In regards to Tamil emancipation, I think Mr Bopage is one of the few Sinhalese who believe that a separate state must be created for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. That is the only way to emancipate the Tamils. In 1986, Mr Bopage convinced me this at a one to one meeting in the Colombo Public Library. I have believed in his wisdom and still follow him.
    dear ranjith,can you elaborate more on this conversation and what convinced you that this was the best option for tamils.

    I have always believed since i was a teenager and this eelam talk came up,that seperation would be a loss loss situation for the tamils as well as sinhalese.When i told it to tamils they got annoyed.

    I always even at that time in the early eightees believed that quasi federalism for the north and east(with or without amalgamation) like the indian model was a win win situation for the both sinhalese and tamils.When i told that to sinhalese they get annoyed.

    Finally i saw the way the country was heading,and i thought what is the point of waiting here and annoying these people,let them learn it the hard way,and went abroad.

    The reason i did not like seperation was,the two countries will be arming themselves to their teeth.Let us face it,military expenditure is not productive at all.Some people are saying that hambantota harbour and airport are white elephants,but in my opinion infrastructure expenditure will always pay off one day,and it hundred times better than spending on military expenditure,even if it takes a while to get back some returns.

    You will have to export tens of millions of garments or shoes to buy one sophisticated piece of military equipment.When srilanka buys it eelam will be forced to follow suit because of paranoia.

    Today the war has shifted form military to economic.With the computers you can shift trillions of dollars in a minute from one country to another and make one go bankrupt overnight.That threat like the sword of damocles hangs over the head of those countries that are vulnerable to foreign influence.

    the war is actually between regions of the world now.Bitter enemies like the germans and french patched up and created the EU,in order to keep the asian giants out of the decision making in carving out their economic empires.

    In 1947 at the malta conference three people,namely roosevelt,churchill and stalin carved out the world into there speres of influence.

    Now 60 years later they can’t do that anymore.Nobody cares a fart for russia,with or without its nuclear weapons,because they do not have economic clout.Now at the dinner table US,EU and china will sit down and carve the world into their spheres of influence. By forming the EU the europeans have effectively seen to it that india and japan are not sent invitations for dinner and are voiceless and powerless in global decisions made,but this could change in the future,just like it changed since 1947.

    My point is when the world is going in such a direction,tiny srilanka sqabbling with its own family members and trying to split up shows a lack of maturity.If it splits up and joins again in the form of the EU,then okay,but if it splits up as the india pakistan model it will have disastrous consequences for the people.Why take the risk?Better to have a political solution and have a win win solution for everyone.

    I think Mr.Bopage’s thinking on the tamils issue is a retrogade step for tamils,just like the JVP insurrection that he helped to organise was a disaster for the Karawe sinhalese.It would have been better if he had followed thondamans politics, to empower his people from the deep south instead of head on clashing with the govigamas.

    Emancipation,is to free someone from someone else’s control.If you get sufficient powers for the north and east to run their own affairs,you free yourself from the control of colombo.There is no need to seperate.

  148. You say that you were able to hear Sinhalese in many places in India. That does not mean that India has sizable Sinhalese population. It has been estimated that number of Sinhalese living in India is less than 5000. Being a Sinhala Buddhist, you would have visited religiously important places. In those places besides Sinhalese you can hear Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Thai also.

    You say that you were not able to hear Tamil anywhere. Many Tamils know Hindi. Hence no need for them or the vendors to talk in Tamil. Do you know one thing? Which city has the second largest number of Tamils in the world? It is Mumbai. First Chennai. Third is Bengaluru. Fourth only Coimbatore. What I come to say is Tamils (especially visiting North India) know Hindi (by and large) and Tamils are widespread throughout India. That is why; you were not able to hear Tamil in North India.

    I want to share my experience with you. Once I visited Hyderabad city with my wife. I booked a package with Andhra Pradhesh state tourism corporation. Tourists were of a mixed group (few from Tamil Nadu, few from other parts of Andhra Pradhesh, few from North India and few foreigners. Crew contained one driver, one cleaner and two guides. One guide (the senior one) gave explanation in English and another one gave in Hindi. Senior one told that English explanation is for foreigners. Others had to go behind the fellow who was guiding in Hindi. I am more comfortable with English than Hindi. When I argued that fellow (senior guide) told me that being an Indian I am supposed to know Hindi. (Later I came to know that guide did like that in order to get tips in dollars from the foreigners). Guide is a Telugu fellow. If even a Telugu fellow is with that mentality (Hindi is the national language and everybody is supposed to know it) then you imagine the mindset of a person from Hindi heartland. North Indians will talk in Sinhalese, Korean, Burmese, French, German etc, etc,…but not in any other Indian languages. In turn I had irritated so many north Indians by not uttering even a single word in Hindi or English during their visit to Tamil Nadu.

    Tamils are also not interested in migrating to North India for job now a days. Assume that one Tamil joins a job in Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand) for a central government job for salary of Rs60,000. He can visit his home town in Tirunelveli District only once in a year. For that he has to spend three days in train (one way). Economic condition will not allow him to travel by air. Assume that if the same person works in Malaysia or Singapore he can visit his hometown thrice or four times in a year (matter of 3 or 4 hours by flight). Even from US or Canada one can visit twice because of the hefty salary.

    So no body bothers my dear friend, if Tamil is not spoken in North India. But the fact is lakhs and lakhs of North Indians come to Tamil nadu in search of job every day.

  149. No Tamil justifies the way in which Rohana Wijeweera and his associates were eliminated. It is a war. One side wins and the other side looses. Why to show the cruelty and vengeance over dead bodies? What stops you from giving a decent burial or cremation to the slain leaders? Let it be Rohana Wijeweera or Veluppillai Prabhakaran. Sinhalese hardliners (or the so called sinhala nationalists) are very proud of their way of torturing dead bodies and they happily shout that dog like funeral was given to them. Is it the way a civilized society will behave? Let Wijeweera and Prabhakaran be terrorists. You people show terrorism against the dead bodies. Whether Premadasa and Mahindha alone are that much cruel or the entire Sinhalese race? You answer my dear friend. Not much difference between the behaviour of Aghoris and SL defence forces.

    You appreciate Govt of India. Govt of India is the root cause for the SL problem. Tamils of SL or Tamils of TN did not think about an independent Eazham initially. The idea was developed only because of Sinhalese racism and the crooked thought of Indian administration. Don’t sing in praise of GoI just for the reason that it helped SL to eliminate Prabhakaran. If SL leaders do not dance in tune to their music they will not hesitate to create another Wijeweera or Prabhakaran.

  150. If Sri Lanka wants to get rid of all its ils, clear the name and allow Tamils to live in their own separate state; Bopage is the only and best man to do the job. I ask all Tamils to vote for Bopage as he is ready to contest the Presidential election next time

  151. Dear Shankar

    Bopage is of padu caste not karawa. Wijeweera is from Karawa which is higher than Padu. Bopage’s father was a kerosne bullock cart rider in Habaraduwa/Welgama areas. Bopage and clan did not even have a tin roof on their head but a straw roof with warichchi wall house. Bopage has a feeling for the minorities, because of his own low caste. He likes Tamils because Tamils are a minority in Sri Lanka and get hammerred at every corner. Bopage loves Prabhakaran and had a photo of him in his purse. Bopage relates to Prabhakaran due to low caste. Bopage is a brilliant organiser and works hard to achieve his ambitions. He now lives in utmost luxery in Melbourne Australia as lots of NGOs give him money. Bopage intends to run for Sri Lankan Presidency, we must all support him

  152. Ranjith Dharmasena,

    Read again slowly and see whether I have written anything at all against the Tamil people. Of course, I wrote against your friend Lionel Bopage, because he is trying to pretend that he is a friend of Tamils. Tamil people do not need a friend like Lionel Bopage I remember in the late 1960s when they were preaching to the innocent Sinhala youth about how to change the system (kramaya wenas karanawa) they were talking against other cultures too. They were against English speaking people too. I wonder whether LP got his PHD in Sinhala. Earlier LP was singing “Samajawadayata Jayawewa, Dhanapathiawadaya Bangawewa” (Long live Socialism and Destroy capitalism) and now he is in Australia singing “samajawadaya bangawewa, Dhanapathiwadayata jayawewa” (End socialism and long live capitalism). What a hypocrite ?.

    Did he get the PHD for Hypocrisy ?.

    In Melbourne few years ago some one invited LP to the Sinhala radio station to talk.
    Guess what ?. The telephone line nearly caught fire, because there were so many calls
    protesting against bringing him to the station. All were saying the same thing in unison “who brought this A hole to our radio station ?.”

  153. It is great to see that young guns like you are coming out expressing your imprsessions openly and frankly. Lionel Bopage is a great Sri Lankan. He was neither a Sinhalese nor a Buddhist, but a Sri Lankan.

    I realised two things,taht should be discuss in lengthly.

    First one, from the children to elderrary people are habitually begging money,sopes ect. I wonder why they are acting like this. More or less they do not have shame to begging.

    Though some brand him so, I have never considered him out to be a terrorist. For DBS to respect him, Bopage must be some man.You say that you were not able to hear Tamil anywhere. Many Tamils know Hindi. Hence no need for them or the vendors to talk in Tamil. Do you know one thing? Which city has the second largest number of Tamils in the world? It is Mumbai. First Chennai. Third is Bengaluru. Fourth only Coimbatore. What I come to say is Tamils (especially visiting North India) know Hindi (by and large) and Tamils are widespread throughout India. That is why; you were not able to hear Tamil in North India.

    I want to share my experience with you. Once I visited Hyderabad city with my wife. I booked a package with Andhra Pradhesh state tourism corporation. Tourists were of a mixed group (few from Tamil Nadu, few from other parts of Andhra Pradhesh, few from North India and few foreigners. Crew contained one driver, one cleaner and two guides. One guide (the senior one) gave explanation in English and another one gave in Hindi. Senior one told that English explanation is for foreigners. Others had to go behind the fellow who was guiding in Hindi. I am more comfortable with English than Hindi. When I argued that fellow (senior guide) told me that being an Indian I am supposed to know Hindi. (Later I came to know that guide did like that in order to get tips in dollars from the foreigners). Guide is a Telugu fellow. If even a Telugu fellow is with that mentality (Hindi is the national language and everybody is supposed to know it) then you imagine the mindset of a person from Hindi heartland. North Indians will talk in Sinhalese, Korean, Burmese, French, German etc, etc,…but not in any other Indian languages. In turn I had irritated so many north Indians by not uttering even a single word in Hindi or English during their visit to Tamil Nadu.

    Think about it.

  154. This is also a response to Samarasekara. However, this is also to all sinhalese hardliners who are in an exalted mood about the elimination of JVP and LTTE.

  155. As a Tamil who has faced immense discrimintion under the hands of Sinhalese government since independence, and now in Canada, I say that we need more people like Bopage and not Wijeweeras. We need 100s of Bopages and 0 of Wijeweeras. I hope Bopage’s son will be like that of his father.

    I take my hat off to brother Anandasangari for his statement to the Indian Foreign Secretary. Not a single Sinhalese should be allowed to go to my motherland – Tamil Ealam

  156. Shankar,

    I don’t accept with your utopian Diravidam or Diravida nadu.

    Being a Sri Lankan you are with just another linguistic group of Dravidian race. You may be comfortable with Sinhalese. But many Sri Lankan Tamils are not so.

    Being an Indian, I have to adjust with three other linguistic groups of Dravidian race. Except Tamil Nadu, people of other three states are not even aware of their Dravidian origin. Only the educated in those states are aware of their Dravidian root and they also intentionally decline that. Aryan supremacy has created a permanent inferiority complex among these people. Brahmins or some other group who were at the top of the hierarchy in vedic days had intelligently declared that Aryan means learned and civilized and Sanskrit means the language of the civilized. Malayalis, Telugus and Kannadigas are not able to think outside this box. They believe that Sanskrit is the DevaBhasha. They want to project as if Tamils alone are Dravidians and they are Aryans (or at least non Dravidians).

    Genetically Malayalis are close to Tamils. But they hate Tamils to the most. That may be because of insecure feeling. They fear that if they accept Dravidian ideology and if it is proved that Malayalam is nothing but a dialect of Tamil then they’ll loose their identity. More over Chera-Chola wars were quite common in the historical period (Cholas were the winners on most occasions). Next Kannadigas are close to Tamils both genetically and linguistically. But because of the sizable Tamil population in Bengaluru city, they also fear that they may be completely sidelined in Dravidam. Any way even in their secretariat building (Vidhan Shoudha) it has been written that the structure is based on Neo-Dravidian style. Recently Kannada has also got the classical language status (Other languages that have got this status are Sanskrit and Tamil). Regarding Telugus they don’t have any aversion towards Tamils. (Because people of Tamil Nadu allowed Telugu people (Pallavas, Nayakkars of Madurai, etc) to rule them. But it has been proved that Telugus are not close to Tamils either linguistically nor genetically). Moreover Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada belong to one sub group of the Dravidian languages (Southern parts of the sub continent) whereas Telugu belongs to some other group (along with some other Dravidian languages spoken in Central India). In the name of Diravidam others have ruled Tamil Nadu (M.G.Ramachandran is a Malayalee, Karunanidhi, Kumarasamy Raja, Omanthur Ramasamy Reddiar are Telugus. If RajiniKanth (Kannadaiga/Maratti) had become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu then Periyar’s dream would have become true). But Tamils have never become chief ministers of other three states. This is the scenario in India. You know the situation in Sri Lanka very well.

    In my opinion, we can go for complete Balkanization of the main land and the island. If we go for a complete Balkanization it will not be like India-Pakistan partition and it will not create any tension between the neighbors. But if it is divided into two major constituents like Diravidam and Hindustan it will be worse than India-Pakistan partition. After balkanization we can think about a model similar to that of EU. Hence either complete Balkanization or status quo.

    Moreover as I have already told if Tamils of the main land or the island decide to form a separate nation Tamils from the other side need not to do the same. In my opinion TN and Eazham can never become a single country. Hence once again I stress ‘ either complete Balkanization of the sub continent or status quo’.

  157. Luxmi

    Not a single Sinhalese should be allowed to go to my motherland – Tamil Ealam
    Your motherland is now canada,not eelam.If it is eelam,then go back to eelam.You can’t have it both ways.

    As for sinhalese not living in eelam,i suppose tamils living outside eelam with sinhalese is okay,but sinhalese should not live in eelam.

    Anyway first learn the correct spelling for your motherland first.

    Lock your house up,use the sinhalese mans house as well as the white mans house.

  158. Dear Rangith,

    According to you, Rural tamils are worst off than rural Singhalese. How did you come to this conclusion? You are telling this rot to a man who lived among both communities in peace and served both communities with dignity. This is just warped thinking.

    Bopage was with the JVP which was 100% anti Tamil, anti english, anti Burger, anti muslim, anti capitalist, anti rich etc etc. He was a leader of the JVP who wanted to capture power by sacrificing the poorer boys. When that failed, he turned against them for a better life.

    When you call people racist, such hasty judgements cloud your vision. You cannot think straight and you seem to depict these signs. Don’t get your knickers in a knot and start raving at me because if you read my previous comment I did not attack any Tamils. I am just not interested in that Bull. There is enough of that going onn already.

    If you think channel 4 is correct because Chandrika says so, you have lost your powers of reason.

    You say LTTE took up arms because of the Singhalese. JVP took up arms because oppression against poorer Singhalese. Hitler did so to protect the Aryan race. Finally where did all this end? By getting thousand of their own people killed. What a great outcome. But it didn’t kill your mother, father, brother, sister etc..So you are probably happy. Doesn’t your heart bleed for these people who sacrificed their supreme lives as well as their family members because of these idiotic leaders? May be you are insensitive to the suffering of others. But for you, these are real leaders!!

    Idiots who cannot think, who have not moved among the races of the world, who has never sat and listened to other peoples openions, who cannot negotiate successfully, or who think they know everything under the sun are those who resort to violence to solve problems. these idots come in all races, sizes, colours and you seem to be a guy who admires one of them.

    You say, Vijaya Kumarathunga and LB could have been presidents of SL. Well, Vijaya went to Jaffna to sort out the LTTE with blessings from JRJ. He was fed with thosi, vaddai and bull shit. He was bathed with thala thel and dressed with a verti. A large poddu was fixed on his temple and sent back to Colombo politely. What a joke. The guy achieved absolutely nothing. Now if your friend LP is president material, why on earth doesn’t he contest even now? Who is holding the honorable gentleman back?

    What has LB getting a Phd got to do with all this? have you lost your nuts?

  159. Marusira, many thanks for your honest comments. I am trying to be polite. I dont want to say what I really know about LB. No point in wasting peoples time and space on Mr jayaraj’s blog. Gavin

  160. When JVP insurrection happened everyone believed it was the work of N.Korea and other communist countries. But now we realise JVP and LTTE came from the same place in the WEST!

    JVP and LTTE almost had the same policy of hating India. Both created billions of loss to the SL public. Anti-Indian policy is always American foreign policy. America talk so much about “democracy” but it always support Pakistan where democracy is a joke.

    JVP which claims it is anti-American but follow American policy. Why?

    Sri Lankans have no reason to go against India which is the ancestoral land of all Sri Lankans!

  161. Mahesh,

    You require detail answare otherwise your BRAHMANA ideology would harm you and as well as rest of the world.

    YOU ARE NOT A TAMIL OR NOT LIVED IN SRI LANKA, so you have no any concern about tamils. Nevertheless you are always criticising Buddhism and Sinhalees. Though you shows your performance are aim for benifit of tamils,it is not true, It is a mask, As other Brahma people your intention is nothing but to harming Budhism and Sinhalees who protecting buddhism. It means we are not accepting all criticism but we well come all reasonable criticism.

    But it is clear fact that we do not accept India as elder brother. We are refussing Elder brothers’s authority. It may be ok in BUTHAN and NEPOL but not in Sri lanka.

    In order prove my point herewith I call upon your predessiors ill activities.

    After SHANKRACHARYA DAMAGE the brahmees in Kerala made friction called RAMAYANAYA. Ramayanaya is the book against Buddhism and Sinhalees. The other book call BRAHMANDA PURANAYA mensioned even it is a powerful trategy if a brahmana man enter into buddhist house he compelled to incure heavy curce.

    The drama called MUCHACHAKATIKA mensioned seen in buddhist monk it is unfair seenery.

    VISHU PURANAYA mensioned that buddhists are ASURA. By destroying them is promoting dharma.

    SHANKER’S buddhists eradication that took place in 8 centure published as shanker’s jubilation. Due to this eradication the buddhism in india dissapiered. Specially Kerala,Tamilnadu,Karnataka and Andra which main four province’s buddhism collapsed.

    Hereafter the main challane of Brameen is Srilanka where protact buddhist Dharma.Therefore they make a friction RAMAYANAYA.This friction was chanting infruent of RAJASABA. Therefore in year 1214 king Rajendran 1 invaded our country. His ambition was destroied the buddhism. Unless the prince Kirthi coming into battele from down south there will be no buddhist country.

    In year 1214 MAGA (hindu) invaded srilanka with 24000 comandos. All are from Kerala. Maga’s predissiors came from Andra padesh to south India.His whole ambitions was follow the role that described in RAMAYANAYA and destryied ASURA DESH (sri lanka). They did a massive damage to buddhism and as well as Sinhalees.

    Even today Indians celebrate a function called DASHAHERA to remind the birth day of RAMA.What Indian are doing in this function? They are making stature of RAWANA AND SRI LANKA and fired it at all.

    Even today the place called BARABARPAHAD is at near BUDDHAGAYA. Begining of the stairs there is a sranding buddha’s stature. Bramees teach in order to get blessing to climbing people they must attack to this stature with a piece of rack. Half of this stature covered with attacked rock.

    Mahesh , There pre plenty of incedence that could elleraborate to cinvince your predessior’s inhealt

    You too doing same thing. You believing thefriction RAMAYANAYA and criticised MAHAWANSA. If MAHAWANSA was not there how you aware your prominant king ASOKA”S name.

    It the best time to come out from your BRAHMANA ideology. Perhaps You may think that being a low casted person I am criticising your higher cast.
    NO. I am belong to highest sinhala cast in Srilanka. I know my padegory up to seventhe generation. Have you this type of luck.

    infact if your next birth would be DALITH or Sinhala what happend to your BRAHMANA IDEOLOGY.

    My advice is think rationally. But I know you would be defth for it.


  162. Dear, Shanker,

    In a short reply I could say ,

    Sinhala it self a mixed race. It orgine amagalmation from the four races called Yaksa,Naga,Deva,Raksha. Hereafter many races including tamils absorbe into main race and rest of sinhalees treated as equally. Raacent examples are JRJ and Bandaranayakes. First one came from Muslim and later one came from tamils.

    The problem occured in 18 centure and after. Douch imported KOOLI people for tabacco farming from KORAMENDAL COUSE. and British imported COOLIES for tea palntations.

    Because these two with the patronised by their masters were trying to established seperate specif nations. That’s how hameland concept generating. Because of selfish ideology of both coolies these whole problem occured.
    So you aware the concequences.


  163. //Well, Vijaya went to Jaffna to sort out the LTTE with blessings from JRJ. He was fed with thosi, vaddai and bull shit. He was bathed with thala thel and dressed with a verti. A large poddu was fixed on his temple and sent back to Colombo politely.//

    Do Sinhalese have any food of their “own”?

    Buddha statues also have BIG POTTU. What are you going to do?

  164. yogesh

    balkanization will create small countries that are uncompetitive.That is why you need dravidam.First let tamilnadu seperate and become the first nation of dravidam.The others will know that the door is now open for them to join.Comparing dravida to the EU,let us assume tamilnadu is france and andrapradesh is germany.Then andrapradesh will be the next to join dravida (EU).Tamilnadu and andra will not have any restrictions on any free movement of the people or goods though they will be seperate countries in the UN.Monetary union should be done cautiously.Andra ruppee and tamilnadu rupee will become dravidam rupee only when both countries are satified that they have identical finacial systems,living standards and fiscal policy.

    The door is kept open for others to join dravidam,and same principles apply as the union between tamilnadu and andra.Even maharashtra and bengal can join one day if they wish because there is a lot of admixture of genes there between aryans and dravidians in those states.Also indonesia and malaysia because they are also monglodravidian stock.

    This way we shift the power from the north to the south and also have nothing to do with the quarells that the aryan invaders have with the muslim invadors and the aryan border disputes with china due to the macmahon line drawn up by the british.These are not our quarells really.

    I don’t understand what your problem is with this type of arrangement just because there are different linguistic and ethnic groups.In the EU(dravidum),the germans(telugu),french(tamils),british(kannada),italian(malayalees)are coexisting without any problems aren’t they,though they were much more bitter enemies massacaring each other in millions throughout history.

    As for srilanka it can also join dravidum,provided it satisfies all the criteria of respecting dravidians etc.If it does not want to join,no problem.just like switzerland it can be on its own,but just like switzeralnd respecting the EU,srilanka will have to respect dravidum,unlike the way it has been behaving towards dravidians at the moment.

  165. Samare you make me laugh. I never expected this reply from you. In some schools for the children in the KG classes they will show a picture and ask them to tell story.

    You have done a good job similar to that.

    Tell me what is exactly your question and I will answer to the best of my ability.

    You wished that in my next birth I should be born as a Dalit or a sinhala.

    I don’t mind being born in those races though.







  166. ranjith

    Bopage relates to Prabhakaran due to low caste.
    Prabha was of karayar caste.In sinhala they are called karawa.They are not low caste. In fact they don’t accept the vellala and govigama as higher caste than them.They feel they are the rightful rulers but due to ballot system that favours numbers they can’t rule. Hence they discard the ballot and opt for the bullet. Govi and vellala have been mostly farmers,while karawa/karayar have been mostly soldiers. So we all got a dose of their military genes.

  167. I am immensely grateful to honourable Tamilnadu chief minister madam Jayalalitha for regulating the traditional Tamil new year to be on par with the Sinhala aluth avuruddhu of April

    For this wonderful gesture I reciprocate with my gratitude in all humility.

    My fervent desire is to visit the sacred soil of Poes Garden in Chennai where this living goddess of the heart resides and pay obeisance

    I will prostrate myself at her golden lotus feet and pay pooja to her rosebud toes with my lips

    I will lick the honey dewed soles of her dainty feet with my tongue

    I will lie down at her fair and lovely feet so she could place her pretty feet on my face and use it as her footrest

    In this way shall I demonstrate my gratitude for the new year arrangement

  168. M.Sivananthan says: Sri Lankans have no reason to go against India which is the ancestral land of all Sri Lankans!

    This is correct, but in recent times, India cooked it’s goose by arming LTTE. Now, they did that for good reason. Because Indira G did not trust JRJ. If Mrs banda was there, it wouldn’t have happened. But sadly the outcome was, many srilankans turned anti India. However, it appears MR has mended the fences quite well. Although people like Jayalalitha raises up the rhetoric, Centre does not allow that to mar the relationship. In this department, Mr Singh, PM has shown a very steady hand, much better than Indira or Rajive. Singh has put the national interest of India in the forefront rather than the squabbling issues of different ethnic groups. A very sensible and mature approach to international relations. In fact, there are many Sri Lankans who appreciate Singh’s leadership.

  169. James Thenuwara,

    Just go ahead and do whatever you like with your tongue James. Put it anywhere you like and lick whatever you like. Just don’t have to broadcast to the whole world about it.

  170. M.Sivananthan says: October 13, 2011 at 6:46 pm //Well, Vijaya went to Jaffna to sort out the LTTE with blessings from JRJ. He was fed with thosi, vaddai and bull shit. He was bathed with thala thel and dressed with a verti. Do Sinhalese have any food of their “own”?Buddha statues also have BIG POTTU. What are you going to do?

    Dear friens,

    Didn’t you taste POLOS AMBUL or ALAKALA MAALUWA when you were in Sri lanka?

    Very sad situation. Go back to sri lanka and taste it it is partaining only to Sri lanka.

    Lord Buddha didn’t have BIG POTTU. but URNA ROOMA DHATUWA. It is a curley hair which cieculating into write side and was in the middle of fore head.


  171. Mahesh says: October 14, 2011 at 3:04 am Samare you make me laugh. I never expected this reply from you. Tell me what is exactly your question and I will answer to the best of my ability.
    Dear freien,
    My problem is your unfair criticism Buddhism,monks and as well as Sinhalees.

    You may think that you have authority to do this we as Sinha ?Buddhists comple to hear it.

    Both you and myself aware that thare is a timil problem in Sri lanka.

    How it occured.
    Mere reason was in douch period the coolies who came hare for tabacco cultivation and in british period the coolies who came here for tes plantation did not amalgamated into Sinhala race. Proir to this occations all tamil when they came here went back or amalgamated into the sinhala race. The amalgamated person been treated equal rites and so on. There were many examples in this regard.But I quot only JRJ and BANDARANAYAKE. First one came from Muslim origin and later one came from tamil orign.

    But these two coolies pretented to act as they have specific identity and hameland. That’s how the problem occured.

    You wished that in my next birth I should be born as a Dalit or a sinhala
    Be good to re read my coment. I didn’t make any wish in this regard. I purposly mension IF.

    So better to think about it.

    you are a tipical brahmine man who opposing to Buddhism and as well as to Sinhalees.

    What’s the wronge SINHALEES done to India?
    They visit India with their own expenses andpumping Dollers into India. They make many income generation of your people by providing many means to those pligrims.

    India (tamilnadu) make room for increasing tamil terirists activities. They funding to terorists.

    On the other hand if India would solve all their problem it may be an excuse, but definetly you know India is still lac to solving sanitory problem and open toilet problem of its own people. That’s why I am sujesting before forcussing into
    our problem you should forcussing to solve your own problem.


  172. ranjith

    Bopage intends to run for Sri Lankan Presidency, we must all support him
    Waste of his time and money.For the next 25 years at least it will be a govigama,low country sinhalese.Sometimes after 25 years the next generation might not look at caste and be more enlightened,but at the moment with this generation it is useless trying to change their way of thinking.They are a brainwashed generation and will carry those caste theories of the aryans to their grave.

  173. yogesh

    Being a Sri Lankan you are with just another linguistic group of Dravidian race. You may be comfortable with Sinhalese. But many Sri Lankan Tamils are not so.
    Not only me but many tamils are comfortable with the sinhalese.That is why there are so many living outside the north and east.It is those who are in the north and east who are not comfortable.naturally they like to run their own affairs,but they are not allowed to do so.If they are given the powers to do so,they will be also quiet.

    i can’t think of anytime where tamils living outside the northa nd east have created any problems for the sinhalese.

    Anyway you say that the sinhalese are a dravidian race,but i think they think they are aryans,because of the mahawamsa stating that vijaya came from orissa with his 700 followers.Sometimes they are also confused and ask me whether it is correct that they are aryans,and i say no.They are confused by the mahawamsa and are not taking ground realities in living in dravidian lands for more than thousand years and the admixture of genes.Today there are 16 million sinhalese and vijayas mob was only 700.

  174. LTTE was armed by UNP Sinhalese as well during the rule of Premadasa! LTTE was saved by UNP from extinction at the hands of IPKF. LTTE got a new life and able to kill thousands including Premadasa who fed them! Why did Sinhalese (pro-American UNP) support LTTE?

  175. You may not like north Indians because you are from South India but I must truthfully state that north Indian women particularly brahmins are the loveliest beings created by God.

    They are so beautiful that they have acquired divineness and so are worthy of being worshipped as divine goddesses

    to place my face as a footstool or carpet for them to place their fair and lovely feet on is a blessing for me

    To lick their pretty feet or kiss their dainty toes is like experiencing heaven on earth

    I was in Batticaloa last week and killed a lot of jellyfish with my sword

    Some Indian tourists saw this and were impressed. One exquisitely beautiful woman was full of praise and asked me to help her

    Her lotus lovely feet were tired of walking on the beach she said and asked me whether I could remove her foot pain without touching them with my hands

    I said yes and proceeded to lick her feet roughly and then suck her toes gently

    After 20 minutes her footpain was gone and she felt no tiredness

    She thanked me &when talking said she was a Ms.Jha and that she was a Mythili brahmin

    As a token of her gratitude she presented me her pair of Kholapure chappals with her footprinf etched on it

    I brought them home and worship them each night by putting flowers

    I will have a chance to serve her and some of her female relatives very soon I hope

  176. sivananthan

    Why did Sinhalese (pro-American UNP) support LTTE?
    Because they considered the IPKF a greater threat to their sovereignity than the LTTE.I thought that was plain as a pikestaff.Not only the UNP,but all the srilankans too wanted the IPKF out.Nobody wants a foreign army on their soil.Why do you think that the afghans and the iraquis want the american troops out of their countries?

    Don’t ask these foolish questions,due to your need for anti UNP propaganda.We have all moved on from that,so talk about the future and how to repair the damage done to the country.

    However personally i think premedasa made a major mistake in helping the LTTE against the IPKF.He was a fool and not like the old fox JR,who would have let them bash each other up.This is what happens when you have fools like premedasa and prabha as leaders.A minimum standard of education is needed for the job.Today’s parliament is also full of such fools.Two of them shot each other recently too.There should be minimum education levels and intelligence requirements to enter parliament and public service.This should be done through legislation requiring educational certificates(not forged) and an IQ test as minimum entry level requirements.Otherwise we can say goodbye to becoming a developed country.

  177. LKsword,
    you lucky fellow
    how I envy you
    I too had a similiar experience some years agowhen I was at the Adyar beach in Chennai

    There was this beautiful Sindhi girl about 16 years who had sprained her ankle when her sandals tripped her up in the sand

    I rushed to her side and put her dainty foot on my lap and massaged it till she felt better.

    Her mother a dermatologist was full of thanks to me. I then carried her to the car in my arms and put her on the backseat

    The mum asked me to sit with her and tend to her daughters feet. I did so as it was a privilege and pleasure

    The teen aged girls foot was had a golden hue. The soles were a glorious pink. The toenails painted in bright red were radiant rosebuds

    For 20 minutes the car went and all the while I held her beautiful feet in my hands and on my lap gently massaging them

    She was quite mischievous and with a smile on her lips would rub my cheeks with her foot without her mum who was driving looking.

    She also rubbed my lips with her toes and put them in my mouth and wiggled them

    She also closed my eyelids with her foot and I slowly licked foot with my tongue

    After we reached their home I found a lot of servants there to do their bidding but the mother and daughter wanted me to do the needful

    So I carried the girl upstairs and got down hot water and pad and gave a massage seated on the ground while she sat like an imperial queen on an armchair

    Afterwards I applied eucalyptus lotion to both her feet. Pretending to smell the fragrance I kept kisding her feet. She laughed and patted my head with her feet

    Then her mother came in and asked me whether I could give her a foot massage too. I did so

    The lady’s feet though not freshly youthful like the daughters were also fair and lovely

    I enjoyed washing, drying,massaging and rubbing foot lotion

    She asked me what reward I wanted for my services but I said allowing me to kiss hers and daughters feet a 100 times each was reward enough for me

    So they allowed me to do so. They wanted me to come the next day also and tend to their feet, But unfortunately I was returning to Colombo that morning

    So with great sadness I took their leave by falling at their feet and kissing them

    On my request the mother gave me a pair of slippers and the daughter a pair of chappals to remember them by

    I still keep them with my valuables and fondle them occasionally

    When I lef I told them that the exceptionally beautiful girl would be a great film star if she took to acting. I said the world will be at your feet and your fans will be your slaves like me

    She laughed like bells tinkling and said lets hope so

    Today what I said has come true!

    That girl is a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu films

    You all can guess who she is but I wont tell you because I am a gentleman

    Gentleman dont kiss and tell

  178. M.Sivananthan says: Why did Sinhalese (pro-American UNP) support LTTE?

    Simple. The Singhalese thought at various stages, supporting the LTTE will make LTTE change course. They failed to realize, as long as they could not match LTTE militarily, LTTE will not cow down. Rajiv realized early and wanted VP eliminated but did not happen. Finally, after all the blunders, MR and Co realized this. By that time, thousands have been killed. We can always look back and say if Hitler was eliminated, millions would have been saved. But what’s the point of this exercise? We cannot change the past but we need to do our best to eliminate people raising unnecessary racial issues and inflame passions, in the future.

  179. The tea plantation workers problem was solved by the Srima Sastry pact and also by the another pact with Indira Gandhi.

    You are masquerading your intention to kill Tamils with that of the plantation tamils problem.

    Just because you are coming to our country doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye to your evil ways.

    Again you are talking about my next birth. do you think that being born as a Sinhala a curse or a blessing.

    Tell me this and I will answer your question.

    As for me I don’t mind being born as a Dalit or a Sinhala.

    Saint Ramadoss was a dalit and he was honored in the udipi temple. Nanadanar was a dalit and he was honored in Chidambaram.

    Kannappa Nayanar was a tribal and he was honored in Kalahasthi.

    I have no problem in being born as any of them. I would consider it a blessing.

    What is the use of being born in a bramin family and forgetting the God. If I am able to remember the Lord and reach him then any birth is good for me.



  180. james

    I really enjoyed this one.I wonder whether you have a vacancy for an assistant whom you can train to do male feet,while you do the females.

  181. If what JT says is true the Sindhi girl now a lovely actress must be Tamannah Bhatiya or Hansika Motwani

    Tell will you James

  182. You are a fool.

    India never support a separate nation for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Only LTTE among Tamils wanted IPKF out and all other Tamils liked the presense of the IPKF. The honey moon of LTTE and UNP went further in carving out an area for LTTE by Ranil. Ranil gave all the un-limited powers to the LTTE. SL police had no right to enter LTTE areas. LTTE never tried to kill Ranil but killed all the middle leaders higher to Ranil and paved the way to be the leader of the UNP.

    LTTE had a free hand in killing pro-Indian elements among Tamils even after the IPKF left.

    Even the LTTE goons danced with UNP Sinhalese and cried Premadasa “aiyah” and Prabhakaran Thambi. Then for what LTTE was fighting?

    That was a classical example of Unity among American slaves. LTTE fought for an area for their American masters to set a foot hold near to the main land mass of Asia.

    That kind of terror was defeated with the help of India now. That is why all the LTTE backers are crying against Rajapakse!

  183. Are you joking? Giving GUNS and money to a terrorist gang change anything?

    The same elements in UNP are still supporting LTTE!

  184. sivananthan
    Only LTTE among Tamils wanted IPKF out and all other Tamils liked the presense of the IPKF.
    I suppose all the tamil women raped by the IPKF,and the innocent youths and old people killed by them also liked the presence of the IPKF.

    The atrocities done by the IPKF during that short period would be more than the total atrocities of the srilankan armed forces upto the time the IPKF arrived.

    Ask Dr.Rajasingham Narendran what they did to his family.

    If as you say the LTTE was pro american and anti india,i welcome that because tamils should firmly tell india which is controlled by the aryans to piss off.When one day dravidum is formed we will welcome that part of india into our family.

    Even trusting the americans is not good.We must try to sort out our problems with the sinhalese.That is the best path to follow.Sinhalese are more or less family with 55 percent common DNA.Family squabbles should not be allowed to get out of hand.

    However i condemn stupid prabha for going against india.This giant next door has to be handled more carefully.That is why i say prabha and preme were fools to take on india head on.We have to use our brains to deal with india.

  185. Why do you want to be my proxy or shadow? Write something on your own. If DBSJ permits I’ll quote a dirty joke. Yogesh Kareyalar (you) will marry a girl and Yogesh Karayalar (I) will …..
    Get out of this site, you idiot.

  186. Regarding JVP, China is the culprit. China gave books and periodicals that teach Marxist Ideology to JVP. Same China gave weapons to GoSL. GoSL eliminated both JVP cadres and the material given by China, ironically using the weapons given by China.

    China is the biggest expansionist in the world. In China’s view, any part of the world in which people live with yellow complexion need to be annexed with China. China does not demand Arunachal Pradhesh alone. It demands entire North Eastern states of India. According to one research Bengalis are Mongolo-Dravids. Hence, China has an eye over Bengal also. If we extend the Mongolo-Diravid theory then Oriyans and Sinhalese can be considered as Diravido-Mongols. Hence, China may demand Sri Lanka also. Sad thing is, foolish Sinhalese will readily accept to that just because of the silly reason that more Buddhists live in China than in India. (Look at Mahindha watchfully, he looks like a Chinese from few angles)

    No Sinhalese hardliner has responded so far for the dog like funeral given to the leaders of the JVP and LTTE. Let it be Rohana Wijeweera or Veluppillai Prabhakaran. Dog like funeral is not acceptable in a civilized society. It is a war. One side looses and the other side wins. You people (SL forces and sinhalese hardliners) show terrorism over dead bodies. How do you justify dog-like funeral? In my opinion only dogs will give dog like funeral to the dead. I expect the Sinhalese hardliners to behave like human beings at least in the future.

  187. M.Sivananthan says: Giving GUNS and money to a terrorist gang change anything?

    Currently, Israelis are releasing 1027 Palestinian activists to one soldier. Same principle. Some times governments try anything trusting there could be some accord or understanding. I don’t agree with you that US is behind the UNP but traditionally UNP was partial towards Tamils while SLFP was more a Singhala nationalistic party. The only change to this position was when Chandrika was at its helm. She does not have a singhala nationalistic mind frame.

  188. All the Tamil people welcomed the IPKF.

    Just you vomit LTTE propaganda. LTTE started the anti-Indian propaganda even before the arrival of IPKF. If you read OLD EELAMURASU and EELANADU, you will know it!

    Your Dravidian story is a real piss. You have no idea how to live in that region!

  189. sivananthan

    All the Tamil people welcomed the IPKF
    Initially yes,but theur attitude changed after the IPKF started to rape women and kill old people and innocent youth.They realised that india had a jekyll and hyde personality because of the two races,one the cultured dravidians and the other the thuggish aryans.You can see the crime rates in south india and north india and see the difference.

  190. yogesh

    No Sinhalese hardliner has responded so far for the dog like funeral given to the leaders of the JVP and LTTE. Let it be Rohana Wijeweera or Veluppillai Prabhakaran. Dog like funeral is not acceptable in a civilized society.
    Wijeweera got a good burial.He was cremated in the hindu way.

    I know many people who have urns of their dogs ashes in their houses.

  191. Palestinian Activist = Giving Guns to LTTE ??????????????????????

    What kind of joke you make man!

    Dont you know why Robert Blake said SL should be under US control to save the US interests in the region?

  192. Sivananthan

    Your Dravidian story is a real piss. You have no idea how to live in that region
    [M.Sivananthan says:
    September 17, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Many Jaffna people came from Orissa and Kerala. I am happy if any one send Tamils to Orissa where Perumal and his 50,000 people live.]

    Yep,i can see you are a tamil who thinks he is a malayalee and northindian mix,who would like to send the tamils to your orissa.Now it is clear why you are so antitamilnadu and anti dravidian.

    I suggest you stop calling yourself a tamil in future and say you are a mongrel malayalee/orissan and start learning malayalam and the orissan language.don’t use the tamil identity only when it suits you.Don’t be slimy and just become what you think you are.No one is stopping you,because we don’t want unnecessary pollution of our community.We will achieve our greatness again and rid our people of the inferiority complex that people like you are suffering with due to brainwashing that tamils are meant to be ruled,not rule.

    Tamils have enough quislings without having trojan horses within,who dream they are northindians mixed with any southindian other than tamil,because of an inferiority complex.

    If as you say tamils in jaffna are malayalee/orissa people,pray tell us why they speak tamil and not malayalam or sinhalese or some other language they brought with them or created like the sinhalese creating the sinhala language. Why adopt a language from neighboring tamilnadu?

    You say you are happy to send all the tamils in jaffna to orissa. I am not calling you a tamil traitor,your statement is labelling you as such.You can suffer from the delusion that you are a malayalee and as such hate tamils,but please don’t call yourself a tamil in future,because then your statement is branding you a tamil traitor.

    Are you accepting that infuture you will call yourself a malayalee/orissan mongrel and renounce your tamil identity?
    We will not be the losers not having people like you as part of our race.

    I think tamils on this blog are sick of you spewing out venom towards tamils and are bewildred,so better you clarify this once and for all.

    Wanting to transplant the tamils in jaffna enmasse to orissa with your idiot varatharajah perumal mob,was the last straw i believe.

  193. I looked up the actresses Tamanna Bhatiya and Hanshika Motwani. Both are of Sindhi origin and top stars in Tamil and Telgu films

    I havent seen any of their films but I saw pix&video clips&wallpaper on the net of both

    Both of them are beautiful,gorgeous girls and represent the finest examples of north indian aryan beauty

    No South Indian can come anywhere near even if they wash the feet of Tamanna&Hansika in milk and drink it daily

    Both of them have wonderful legs,thundering thighs, alluring ankles,fantastic feet,tantalising toes and sizzling soles

    It will be my greatest blessing for an opportunity to wet their fair and lovely feet with my tongue and cool their dainty toes with my lips

    I will pray daily for the chance to serve Tamanna and Hanshika

    But James please tell me was it Tamanna or Hanshika

    Tell,tell, tell…………

  194. There were three kingdoms in aincient Sri Lanka. One sinhala, one Tamil and one Muslim. What Tamils are asking from International Community is to establish that Tamil kingdom once again.

    Is that too much Shanker?

    Do not complicate these simple matters.

  195. dear barry

    first get your facts right.There was no muslim kingdom.One tamil kingdom and 2 sinhala kingdoms.

    The tamil kingdom did not have a rule that sinhalese can’t live there.In fact the jaffna kingdom was the ally of the kandyan kingdom when they fought against the kotte kingdom.The jaffna royals and nobles married kandyan royals and nobles and jaffna kings had plenty of sinhalese working for them and vise versa.

    so i do not like the mentality of telling sinhalese don’t come and live in the north.especially when so many of us have migrated to the south.

    As for asking the jaffna kingdom back,it should be a last resort only,when everything else has failed and no reasonable political solution is possible.

    As you rightly pointed out,we had 3 kingdoms at one time and what happenned.For over 300 years we had to bear the ignominy of being ruled by foreighners.Finally because of our disunity,not only did we lose our kingdoms,but also our self respect and dignity and got brainwashed as a inferiour people due to our colour of skin.Many of us are still brainwashed to the extent that even after 60 years of independence we have not got our self confidence back and are still thinking that we are good for only climbing coconut trees.Same thing happenned to india with their inumerable kingdoms,but they fixed it up now with devolution,but we went on opposite path.

    So are we to make the same mistakes again and split up,especially when we see the former colonials getting ready for another bout of this time economic wars and exploitation with their formation of the EU?Are you saying that when they are getting bigger and stronger we should get smaller and weaker?

  196. Thank you Shankar for the information I was in badly need of.

    This shows the racist attitude of the Sinhalese hardliners.
    If the terrorist (as per GoSL’s perception) is a sinhalese, he is given a decent burial. If the terrorist is a Tamil (as per GoSL’s perception) is a Tamil, he is given a dog like disposal.

    Whether Wijeweera was a Hindu or Buddhist?

  197. Do you come to say that you were Hyde and has become now Jekyll? But in the story Jekyll completely becomes Hyde and commits suicide. The duality of human nature is considered as good and evil in that novel. It is not woman and man. I think you are a woman. That’s why Mahesh says ‘I love you’ often to you.

    Am I correct? or Jeykill and Hyde are just for fun?

    I am already afraid of this site after reading comments from people like LKSword. Recently James Thennuwara has also joined that line. Some thing is going between you and Mahesh.

    Srilankans are really different personalities to comprehend and understand. I wish you to be Jeykill till the end and to have a long and sweet life.

  198. Shankar, for people like Sivananthan,

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    Verily, verily, verily, verily,
    Life is down the drain

  199. Samarasekara

    You try to portray the Sinhalese-Tamil problem as a Hindu-Buddhist problem or Buddhist-Brahmin problem. You do this intentionally to deviate the problem. Religion or caste has nothing to do with the current scenario. It is either a racial issue or linguistic issue between two different groups of the same race.

    No doubt that Brahmins are a group of people who believe in supremacy by birth besides jews. Ironically Brahmins helped the Sinhala Buddhist to eliminate Hindu Tamils. Brahmins who are interested in establishing superiority by birth and Sinhala Buddhists who have the hallucination of protecting Buddhidsm (which has been injected into their genes over centuries and centuries thorough worthless stuff like Mahawamsa) joined hands together in enacting a brutal genocide of 21st century.

    Brahmins are selfish people to the extend that when Subhash Chandra Bose and Shenbagaraman Pillai started attacking India from Indo-Burma border they started learning German. But now the issue is totally different and it has nothing to do with Brahminism or Hinduism or Christianity.

    Similarly Sivananthan projects as if the problem is Hindu/Buddha Vs Christian problem. Moreover, he looks at the problem always from the caste angle. According to him Tamil Karayar and Sinhalese Karawa are close to each other. Then why did Sarath Fonseka eliminate Prabhakaran? By the way Samarasekara, why did you give a decent burial to Wijeweera and a dog like disposal to Prabhakaran? This shows your racist attitude.

    According to you except few coolies who were brought by Dutch or Portuguese everybody belongs to the amalgamation of four tribal groups of the island. Then why did you differentiate between LTTE and JVP (at the level of cruelty in eliminating the leaders and isolating core militants from the public)? Among the 50,000 people who were killed definitely 90% of them are sons of soil and only 10% are coolies (according to Samarasekara and Mahawamsa). You are equally bad as brahmins (brahmins eliminated thousands of Jains and Buddhists in S.India) in eliminating a race which thought about its originality/identity.

  200. DBS

    Why are you silent these days? Why not write about current affairs? especially about Baratha-Duminda fight. we are earger to know the truth.

  201. Rape women! This is always a complaint against any army. But you do not know why LTTE went against India even before the IPKF arrived.

    When IAF dropped food, the LTTE and their para-military EROS went and confistigated all the food dropped by India. The Tamils who took the food-drop were beaten and warned.

    After the arrival of the IPKF, LTTE did everything to provoke the IPKF. At the check points Tiger girls were caught for carrying granades in their genital parts. I witnessed the incident at Elephant Pass.

    The other day LTTE medias cried that TAMIL women are disgraced by Indians. How is that? Your Dravida girls are more sloppy and shameless to carry granades in the underwares to provocate a friendly army.

    LTTE and other groups agreed to hand over all the weapons but LTTE cheated everyone. Other groups obeyed. They tried the same technique and failed during their last days.

    In Jaffna, IPKF announced the people must go to the temples or schools but the Jaffna idiots refused and let their old family members at home when IPKF was advancing. Tamil fools left their old relatives to guard their AMMI and AATTU KALLU. Whose fault is that? IPKF shot the old or any one in any home. How can you blame IPKF while the others went and stayed in the temples and schools and escaped? Did they expect the IPKF must sing songs with the grand paas while they hunt for LTTE?

    Jaffna fools never care their old relatives but expected IPKF to save them for the purpose of guarding their AMMI and AATTU KALLU!

    Dravidians of Jaffna proved they are irresponsible and criminals by every deed!

  202. Better read the history of Jaffna and find out who were your foolish DRAVIDIANS!

    Jaffna King was a RAJSEKARAN which was not a name of any Tamil King.

    Kalinga Magha established the Jaffna Kingdom.

    Indian foreign office know the history of Jaffna very well. That is why they sent Perumal and his 50,000 followers to Orissa!

    Dont you know how the Tamil Nadu Dravidians hunt and rape helpless Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu?

    Only in TN theft is recognaized as a profession. That is why there is a caste known as KALLAN(thief). How is that dravidian culture you fool!

  203. Some thing is going between you and Mahesh.


    Yes. You are right and also you are wrong. I love Shankar. I love Shankar and I love Shankar. I Love Shankar for his wits, for his depth of knowledge, for his humor, for his candid …I don’t know how to express my love for him.

    Words do fail me in this respect. You are right in this Sir.

    Apart from this I know little about Shankar. He says he is woman. I do not believe in that. No woman gives such lucid and lurid details about intimacy, don’t pass such comments. Most of the women will maintain some restraint in some intimate matters.

    That is the reason I believe that Shankar is a man.

    You suspect something going on between me and Shankar, which is sadly not true.

    I would like to meet him sometime. I do not know when or where or how or if at all I will meet him.

    The day he stops writing in this blog will be a sad day for me.

    They say that you can love without even seeing one another. Example Pisirandaiyar’s friendship with a Chola (I suppose) King.

    I don’t know our friendship could be compared to that, but I do have friendly feelings for him.

    I would like to meet him and exchange pleasantries with him.

    There are a few people also in this blog whom I do like and have a desire to meet. I we get an opportunity to meet it will be nice.


    It was Kopperunchozhan. Now who is Pisiraanthaiyar and who is Kopperunchozhan?

  204. [I think you are a woman.Am I correct? ]
    Correct.At last someone who has got it right,unlike kalu albert etc,whose thick srilankan male chauvinistic skulls prevents them from thinking rationally.
    [Srilankans are really different personalities to comprehend and understand.]
    That is because we are a polsambol.Due to our strategic location all the tom,dick and harry’s dropped in here for the past 2000 years while they pass through and put a little bun in the oven.Greeks, Arabs, Moors, Cheran, Cholan, Pandian, Bengali, Malay, Chinese, British, Scottish, Dutch, Portugese……..we were the biggest whore in asia.Even now difficult to stop that habit because it is embedded in the genes.The highest bidder gets the honey.At the moment the chinese are using the pussy but if a higher bid comes from india……..who knows.

    When we can’t undrstand ourselves how do you expect others to.

  205. Yogesh

    Here is an excerpt from a british MP in the parliament, which clarifies my comment about our whoring skills and abilities

    [There is a saying that one judges a man by the friends he keeps. In the same way, one can judge a Government by the allies they keep. In the past decade, Sri Lanka’s key allies have been Iran, North Korea and Colonel Gaddafi. Colonel Gaddafi gave Sri Lanka £500 million in financial assistance for so-called development projects. In return, Sri Lanka strongly opposed the no-fly zone in Libya and offered him sanctuary. Even after Gaddafi was threatening Benghazi, Sri Lanka organised mass rallies in his support, protesting against NATO intervention.]

    So now it is roughly about 500 million british pounds or 800 million USD a shot.For that we will give you a good time,the time of your life infact that you will remember for the rest of your miserable life. Our ancestors would see stars at the current price and wonder why they just gave it away at that time for practically nothing,but little do they know about the cost of living these days and the mansions you have to build just to keep up appearances.

    Now that that fool ghaddafi is dead,thanks for the 500 million and don’t expect us for the funeral.

  206. and yogesh,sanctuary indeed for ghaddafi.When we srilankans say come and stay with us we don’t really mean it.That is why we never tell that to indians,because they do not have the habit of telling in advance that they are coming, and we don’t want to find them at out doorstep with their bags.You must understand the culture here.We tell why don’t you come and stay with us to make you feel comfortable,not to really have you in our house.

    When ghaddafi was hiding in Sirte he must have been wondering what the hell happenned to that offer of sanctuary.All the time mahinda is busy with this damn UN Human Rights Commission and his secretary says he will call back soon.

  207. Fool!
    Those things are available in Kerala/Tamil Nadu.

    Check the Buddha Statues in Thailand or in Nepal! If you have problem with your eyes, change your glasses! Curly hair in RED?

    Very soon you will tell Buddha went to Kusinara from Dematagoda!

  208. Dear DBJS;
    I hope all is well with you! Getting little worried, I pray you prosper and be in good health.

    Very eager to read your articles on Duminda, Gadaffi, TN election results, and of course as always to see if there is any progress on TNA-GOSL talks? Anything on Sharuk’s Ra-one! promoting better than Avatar and Enthiran/Robot

  209. the april festival is actually(saiwam) hindu new year.the sinhalese too embraced this before buddisam was introduced in srilanka.thus as a tadition and practice the sinhalese are yet celebrating , though buddisam does not mention any thing about this function or celebrations.Actally Wesak , the birth of lod Buddha should be the new year for the sinhala buddists.

  210. The April festival is actually Hindu Saiwati, and this was embraced by the Sinhalese before the advent of Buddisam in Srilanka.After the introduction of Buddisam they continued to celebrate this festival as a custom, although Buddisam does not mention any thing about this day.

  211. marcus

    Actally Wesak , the birth of lod Buddha should be the new year for the sinhala buddists.
    I can’t understand your rationale in stating Wesak should be the new year.Lord Bhuddha is not going to be born over and over again on his birthday.

    The new year depicts something new starting.Invariably at that time food was critical,evrything depended on a good harvestand i suppose new year would have something to do with farming and harvesting i suppose.

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