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Lankan Tamil issue to be raised in India’s Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Tamil Nadu State Assembly on same day

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Sri Lanka Tamil issue likely to be raised in India’s Upper&Lower houses of Parliament&Tamil Nadu legislative assembly today August 11th 2011.

Tamil Nadu politicians in well-coordinated moves plan to raise the Sri LankanTamil issue in the central&state legislatures simultaneously.

D.Raja of Communist Party of India (CPI) has given notice to raise this issue in the short duration discussion period in the Rajya Sabha.

5 Upper House MP’s from different parties, ethnicities & states are signatories to D.Raja’s motion requesting a discussion in the Rajya Sabha.

Among signatories cutting across state,partyðnic lines are Sitaram Yechury, Manohar Joshi, Syed Azeez Pasha, SS Ahluwaliya & Vikram Verma.

The Lankan Tamil issue will be raised in the lower house/Lok Sabha on Aug 11th by the Dravida Munnetra kazhagham(DMK)led by M.Karunanidhi.

The DMK’s Parliamentary group leader TR Balu is expected to raise the issue on behalf of the party in the Lok Sabha in a synchronised move.

Sparks are also expected to fly in the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly where the Sri Lankan Tamil issue is likely to be raised today Aug 11.

Members representing the ruling All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(AIADMK)will raise the issue in the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly.

Sri Lankan defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s media interview to India’s”Headlines Today”is likely to figure prominently in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu media have noted that references made by the SL def secy to Tamil Nadu chief minister Ms.Jayalalithaa Jayaram have caused anger.

According to Indian media speculation Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is likely to be under heavy fire in the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly today.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. This is well planned synchronised move. All of India will sit up and take notice due to Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha discussion on Tamil issue in Shri lanka

  2. SL defence secy gotabaya rajapakshe spoke very wrong about our honourable chief minister Jayalalitha amma. I am sure the ADMK party MLA’s will give it really tight to gotabaya fellow. he fully deserves the firing

  3. Gotta said in HD ” Tamilvaani Ganakumarar, how pretty she is, if there were raped happened my officers happened to rape her first then others, how come she said raped happened there , and how she was escaped form raping”

    this is the ground reality in Sri lanka’s diplomacy.

    I thought Gotta gonna show his middle finger to HD.

  4. Shree lanka defense secy is brother of the president Mahinda. This man responsible for so much of killings of innocent Tamil people

    Now he tried arrogantly to attack our chief minister honorable Jayalalithaa madam

    If this man set foot in Tamilnadu we the bhakthargal of our idaya deivam will drag this man and throw him at puratchi thalaivis potthamarai padangal to beg pardon from her

  5. Jayalalitha thinks she is the PM of India. That is why she makes unwanted comments against President Mahinda Rajapakse. If she has the guts and real interest over the welfare of SL Tamils, better go and see how the Tamils live in Sri lanka!

  6. >>>The DMK’s Parliamentary group leader TR Balu is expected to raise the issue on behalf of the party in the Lok Sabha in a synchronised move<<<

    DMK? Would that be any different from Tiffin to lunch Fasting unto death? Now Jeyalalitha has taken over the mantle so there is nothing Karunaneethi or his DMK can do.

    Tamil Nadu has given a mandate for MK to enjoy his life in retirement – so be it…….No more fasting from Tiffin to lunch needed.

  7. GR has really put his foot in his mouth and spoken where he does not have any right to speak. This is within the scope of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Secretary of Defence who is supposed to be a public official has no right to talk. Repercussions of his loose tongue have to be faced by the entire nation. He thinks that he can push his weight everywhere.

  8. It seems the Rajapakshas are leading Tamils to a separate country in Eelam. Please continue chauvanistic and stupid Sinhalese radicals.

  9. compare to functionless lame duck Monhansingh, Jaya is way better, Jaya has the will and gut to become the PM of india atleat duputy PM.

    stop your quacks , things gradually changing towards tamils asipiration.

  10. No discussion, Nothing of that sort will take place:

    If such discussion takes place Sonia’s role during the sri lanka conflict, especially her election rally speach in Chennai on 9 May 2009, will have to be the core of the discussion.

  11. It is a well wortwhile move. The SL leadership and its supportes deserve this firing as rather listening and act accrdingly to the the concerns of the IC and all the concerned people, the regime shutting people done in a ruthless manner. It is glad to see Indian parties are collectively acting on this mission.

  12. If the Defence Secretary thinks he is God almighty just because his brother is the President, and fails to take care of what comes out of his mouth before his brain gets into gear, he has to drop the war trophy and face the consequences of his indiscretion.
    He leads the many who cannot understand the reason why the island today is a limbless,headless torso lying bleeding with the tasteless Lion Flag driven driven deep into it’s heart.

  13. Hon SL defence secy Gotabaya Rajapakshe !
    Well done Sir, We do not need to worry about these jokers Sir !
    We are Srilankan !

  14. Tamil Nadu politicians are clowns. They are not sincere to help tamils in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanak is not part of Tamil Nadu. Your actress can’t do anything to our leader. It is your dream. Our president very soon shake hand with your actress. Our president is more intelligent thanany of your politicians.

  15. One hopes in the intererest of all Lankans in the Island today at least a fraction of the wisdom shown by SriLankan (Aug 11) here will be the lot of those in the driving seat in the regime. GR was not even properly appointed Defence Secy – one of the most crucial positions in the administration – but speaks out of turn in sensitive issues where he should not be. It was only last week he crossed swords with the former CM of Tamilnadu – and today the DMK men in all 3 powerful institutions will respond. In some matters – like China’s unacceptable encouragement of the rogue Army junta in Burma/Myanmar – ethics, morality and reason are consigned to the backseat in the world of realpolitik. The few savvy advisors to the Govt should impress upon them major political parties in India placing the Lankan issue can bring sorry results to us. The right answer lies with us – able, suave and the right diplomatic moves without delay. Yes. CM/TN Selvi Jayalalitha (Amma) gave in to protocol and courteously received our HC in Delhi – but in no time she has reversed gear and is far less than friendly now. What happened to that welcome plan to fly in a group of AIDMK MPs/MLAs here. Putting all our eggs in Hindu Ram’s basket to solve our Indian problems may not be too good an idea
    considering Ram himself is in more trouble in his own business and personal affairs than he can handle.

    With the Indian General Elections in the horizons and with the Congress Party on the defensive, both major parties can make political decisions to attract Tamilnadu votes that may not be comfortable to this regime. The Americans, who can in many ways influence the Indians, too are also not warm with us – for no fault of theirs.




  17. but then what about your genuine TN minisiters and TN M pea nuts ? they also have no right to ask for the seperation of a foreign country or accuse a foreign leader of war crimes and talk abt a so called ‘war on tamil population’it is not diplomacy too.
    if HON jaya is so genuinely concerened abt SL tamils,she should help the refugees in TN.anyway giving 1000 rupee pension is enough to fool the TN audience,who are daily decieved by celluloid cardboard heroes.she should also stop fish stealing by TN ‘good guys’ and help SL tamils to live.
    also who have been nourishing LTTE and by that leading to deaths of SL tamils “fully deserves the firing”

  18. I love my indian brothers and sisters. However we all know they are led by an italian who comes from a country that is brankrupt, controlled by the mafia and frankly a family that has been so selfish that it has destroyed the sole of India’s confidence to become a super power. Ghandhi family in all honesty is a liability for India now.

    Why did Gotta speak like that ? He knows at the end of the day Indians wont have the guts to take Sri lanka on other than in a cricket pitch. All these shouting in assemblies wont mean anything. Sri lanka is safe and China & Ruissia will help us. India doesnt have the guts to control that region and now its controlled by China. So unfortunately India has to do more than just in shout in their local parliament. If they have the guts let them put an embargo against Sri lanka along with the western countries. Which we all know they wont do so keep shouting and empty vessel makes the biggest noise. That is what the west and India is all about. So Rajapakse played it well and great move. Sorry that is the reality!!.

    For me I have given up hope in India and the West influencing any power to bring these war criminals to justice. I might as well support the devil like KP does cos this devil will outlive the promise of justice in my life time.

  19. “War Crime Tribunal” was setup after the ROME convention. Many countries refused to accept it because it was political. USA, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries did not accept it. Without knowing this fact Jeyalalitha and others make noise about “International Tribunals’ and so on! That tribunal is valid for the countries which signed the convention.

    Illeterate Jeyalalitha or other DMK people first go through the validity of their claims. Even after Ban Ki Moon refused to take any action on the reports of his own commitee, what else these “Trouble Rousers” of Tamil Nadu want to do?

    As far as Indian central government support Sri Lanka, nothing will happen against Sri lanka.

  20. So its all going to begin all over again. Only this time lessons learnt by the majority might be in vain. Even if we were to think that we can offer peace and live in harmony will perhaps be useless.

    The more this sort of thing takes place the more moderates will be turned away.

    Well…… can I say

  21. Very good news, but there will be no results! Sonia+Congress will not do anything but make a useless statement condemning Kota but that is it, since Sonia has blood on her hand too.

    Kota openly said, there will be no political solution to Tamils! That is much bigger statement than anything else… Would they consider this?

    As the saying “..adimel adi adithal ammium nakarum..” more of this kind need to be raised proactively & consecutively on all three assembly in order to get any fruitful results without waiting for Kota/Rumbukwela to come up with something…. Also all parties should work together on this issue without any party politics. Will they do it?

  22. If a murderer after killing a person keep his children in a normal livelihood, is it okay for the Janissary to take no action. Every citizen in Sri Lanka still paying for the heavy cost of ammunition and destruction made to lives & property.

  23. Whole world has knows, what happened 2009 tamil genocide ( please watch Headline today )and what is happening now. Tamil Nadu chief minister Ms.Jayalalithaa Jayaram knows what is the plan of action. She is one of the smartest politician.This is the time for her to proof it. We wil watch who will win.

  24. But Gota is “Everything” in the island.
    Having retired from the army unable to face LTTE, he went to USA and worked as a Seven-Eleven attendent and managed to get US citizenship.
    When his brother Mahinda won the 2005 elections he was called back to advise on security matters and was appointed as Defence Secretary.

    He is the one responsible to order the army “to finish the job” and kill even civilians and surrendered cadres.
    He is a hot-tempered fellow and has a problem in facing interviews by the media.

  25. SL not cheated only Tamils but India too. how many lies about political solution and cover up about human rights violation? This is the awakening moment for India and payback time soon.

    “தன் வினை தன்னை சுடும்”

  26. What is the use when ManMohan Singh (Sonya) said no action against Sri Lanka openly to Mr. Vaiko.
    The first thing is to get rid of the Swiss bank account holders in India. Then there could something productive happen.

  27. Ramprasath,
    This is a pathetic situation of Srilankans, who are ruled by these Rajapasksa goons. Gothapaya Rajapakse did similar response to BBC, when asked about Sarath Fonseka, former Army Chief conducted the war against LTTE. He said he is a traitor and he will hang him if it is proofed.

    Srilanka, for name sake and rest of the world is a democratic country. Present govt govern like an Authoritarian State. I hope rest of the world soon realize that and revisit their foreign policy in dealing with present Srilankan Govt.

  28. These actions by Indian politicians are long overdue. After the loss of thousands of innocent civilians at least I hope they are acting genuinely in dealing with Thamil’s issue in Srilanka. Hope these are not another round of political gimmicks by Indian Politicians.

    Tamils in Srilanka has no life line left to fight with anyone playing with their lives. After watching UK Channel 4 video, Headlines Today’s recent videos on “Srilankan killing Fields”, and reading UN panel of experts report on Srilanka, I hope rest of the world now understand the pathetic situation of thamils within Srilanka. These evidences give a little hope for thamils who had immense suffering in the hands of Sinhala politicians since 1948, so called independence from Britain that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  29. no m.sivananthan posing as tamil your Gotabaya is jus an official and semi ilitrate thug posing as a srilankan government.

  30. why dont you shut up and go away. You pretend like a civilized sinhala, you are not. its like cat drinking a milk. Behave like moderate. WE tamils suffered enough of you people. Let us live in our own land and tell your people get out from land. EVil monster praba created all thease. you people dancing with gothabaya raja pakse. Hope he and his ruthess gang will be punished soon….

  31. Jeyalalitha still has the “security” from the Central” government after the LTTE threats. That is given to her at the mercy of Manmohan Singh!

    She is better to dance and not fit to be an “ALL INDIA POLITICIAN”.

  32. The world knows that over 50,000 innocent Tamils been brutally killed by the Sri Lankan Forces. War crimminals should be brought before the International Court of Justice.

    India will never debate the Genocide of these Tamils.

  33. The International media should keep shoving a microphone under Gothabaya’s mouth often. He is his own enemy and his true vicious thinking comes out fast. None of that diplomatic niceties from the Army Colonal turned Unix Administrator turned war criminal.

    Having said that, the TN politicians should have a well thought out plan of attack against the Rajapaksa regime and not some knee-jerk reaction. Any serious or real action against the Rajapaksa regime will require a regime change in Delhi. I am sure Chief Minister Jeyalalitha is aware of that.

  34. after LTTE, after LTTE…… i don’t know why you still keeping the stray Lizard in your pants, let it go and talk about the reality.

    JJ is the very strong leader, and she is stand on her decision firmly whatever circumstances.

    JJ said very clearly and represented Tamils view on Gotta “devil is chanting Veda”

  35. This is not a baby making process to tell. JJ is trying to get central government’s support, what you think is she trying to make dry fish in ramanathapuram ??

    Rome convention or UN or USA nothing will change Sri Lanka’s arrogant manner only india can change.

    JJ has the half of India’s CMs supports. BJP and Lefties also with her on sri lanka’s issue.

  36. Hahaha here comes a guy who pretends to be a moderate but in real a scorpion or like poisonous snake living among civilians. On my personal take, i’ll put you with JR Jeyawardene in comparison. Hardliners can be changed or made to understand but individuals like you are a bad weed in the community.

  37. India shouts pretty often but as it seems it has no negative effect on Sri Lanka what so ever. Many here must come to terms that SF once publically called “TAMIL NADU JOKERS” and no actions were taken against him. We must understand Dheli’s stand on Sri Lankan issue will remain the same regardless of who comes to power in Tamil Nadu. After all, Tamil Nadu is only a state and we have seen many leaders come and go and we have heard shoutings after shoutings from them which yielded no result in anyway.
    Anyways, start believing in yourselves and that’s what we are lacking. Start believing in follow Sinhala brothers/sisters. Many good ones are out there, who are ready to work together for the betterment of unified Sri Lanka for both of our bright future. Sri Lanka is a great nation with Sinhala and Tamil speaking nationalities. We can live together if we start building a true trust and friendship between us. This will definitely force our southern brothers/sisters to choose the right leader for power for all of our better future.
    India has done nothing good to Sri Lanka instead it paved a way for mistrust between races for it’s own better. Anyone please go around and ask a southern citizen about India, it’s a disgust/mistrust feeling. As a tamil, i feel betrayed and insulted. Over all, we must understand India has it’s own agenda which is only good for India, NOT Sri Lanka. Just like that, as Sri Lankans let’s have our own agenda for our own betterment. Sinhala & tamil can work together and build a trusting bridge between us.

  38. I dont have to shut up and go away. This time I will stand up and fight for what is mine. and also for what is yours.

    Interference aiding and abetting under various guises only helped murder of innocent lives both tamil, sinhalese and other communities.
    The WHOLE of Sri lanka belongs to all – sorry but you cannot have a ‘homeland’, If I can live with tamil neibhours so can you with Sinhalese.

    Why dont you ‘shut up’ and accept that the ‘War’ was lost and its time to build up peace.

    I just think that most of the people who shout here are sore losers.

    Look at JAPAN now – take a lesson – they didnt go about shouting on human rights on bombing Hiroshima – they just built thier nation into an econimic powerhouse benefitting all their people.

    What do you do – just shout and paint a racist picture even if a coconut falls on a tamils head – stating it was planted by Mahinda Rajapakes government.

    Please understand the the Government of Sri Lanka and the People of Srilanka is together in the common motive of not having people like Prabhakaran again – in whatever form vaiko or jayalaitha or whatever.

  39. T.R. Balu of DMK honored MR offering him the traditional ( Ponnaadai ) Golden shawl in Colombo after the war was over. It would be interesting to hear what he is going to say this time around in Delhi.


  41. India never bend to the demands of LTTE diaspora. JJ thinks Sri lankan problem is some sort of DRY fish making. This JJ cannot even get the support from neighbouring Kerala.

    Indian CMs are dependents of Sonia. CMs are like Pillaiyan. You can shout but you cannot deliver anything on foreign policy.

  42. nirmal

    what jaya forgot was srilanka was not a terra nullis(uninhabited)island before vijaya came. These cannibals were roaming around and got assimiliated with people that came subsequently from india and other countries.

  43. Very well said Ramprasath. Srilankan and Indian Govts continue to fool the public and try to hold on to their chairs by LTTE fear mongering tactics

  44. [It seems the Rajapakshas are leading Tamils to a separate country in Eelam. Please continue chauvanistic and stupid Sinhalese radicals.]


    Because of Rajapakse family there’s peace today. They paved the way for all Sri Lankans to get a peice of Elaam country.

    Our country… our way.

  45. Mini Jaffna, an inner suburb of Colombo, namely Colombo 6 has the richest people in Colombo if not the richest in Srilanka..

    In fact, all of them are Tamils and they probably account for 80 percent of the Colombo 6 population.

    In fact, the pooerest in Colombo 6 are the Sinhalese and the Muslims, who are slum dwellers in the main.

    Most lanes and avenues in the rich part of Colombo 6 bear Tamil names.

    None of the Video shops in this part of town stock even one Sinhal Video either Movie or Music.

    Haven’t these Nadu MPs been to this part of Srilanka?,

    Are these Naduans that dumb not to realize the current plight of the Northern people are the result of the insurrection launched by their ex PM Mrs Gandhi?.

    Are they so ignorant not to realize that an Eelaam,encompassing the Tamil birth place in South India is their main aim and game ?.?.

    Whether Mr Gopalswamy’s lot achieve their greater Eelaam is their business.

    Srilanka has more pressing problems to improve the lot of all lankans who have been sort of Tsunami struck by the 30 year LTTE insurrection.

    A point that come to mind however, is whether the Muslim dominated states in India will come to the rescue of the Muslim population in Srilanka which is far more in number than the Tamils?.

    If the TNA achieves its goal of self rule with, free hold titled North and the East , which part of Srialnka are these Muslim brothers and sisters going to occupy with their own Police? and Freehold Titles?..

    Muslims are the poorest sector in Srilanka at present, although they are the largest minority.

    Their experience in the North and the East, when the TNA Military wing was in charge is legendary.

    Are the people who were left there or resettled here, after their eviction by the TNA Military wing leader. going to be confident enough to resettle under the rule of the TNA leader who acted as the LTTE Political Wing Leader?.

    which are frequented by all n

  46. Hi DBS,
    If the outcome of these assemblies are known it’ll be useful to the readers, otherwise this seemed to be a hyped up advertising gimmick by TN politicians full of gas no substance as none of major news papers in India highlighted anything today in their headlines, if this is going to be a do or die issue for India.

    Secondly UN Secretary has not accepted the civilian death figures. It’s like an auction started somewhere around 10000 and now raised to 50000 wonder this will merged with TN population and run into millions!

    Thirdly you have stated in an earlier blog, devolution was provided in the Constitution, suppose at P.Council level (I haven’t read it) If so what is the issue now? Claim of post 1948 grievances and Chola invasions have passed the use by date, don’t you think?

  47. Instead of living together & fighting like hell for so many years, you guys in Srilanka can separate and live in peace like Malaysia/Singapore.

  48. Infant

    Do you remember the late Sri-Lankan President Premadasa also was ‘nourishing LTTE’ to get rid of the Indian army.

    When the neighbor is abusing his spouse, it is a moral responsibility to intervene. The (war) criminals never think what they are doing is wrong because they are psycopaths in nature.

    Look at your regime, it is coalition of war criminals,(mahinda, gotha…) Terrorists (karuna, douglas,wimal) budhist fundamentalist monks, sinhala ultranationalists or racists. All of this bunch of thugs should be rehabilitated in correctional facilities. Their cognitive abilities are impaired.

    The other day I was watching an interview,gotha was talking like a prison guard. I was surprised to see his body language, attitude,tone and most of all the content. This guy needs some intensive behavioral therapy and a crash course in politics and diplomacy.


  49. Hi Ghost,
    MR brothers regime made a mistake by eliminating the obstacles (LTTE and Prabakaran) of tamil justice.
    Now Tamil Eelam is inevitible.
    Thanks MR and other hardcore…

  50. If India starts melting then it is really an alarming sign for GoSL. GoI or Sonia may be stead fast about the course of actions they want to follow on this subject, but what they should bear in mind is it is a biggest democratic country in the world. When people see the duplicity and cover up GoI endeavours to safeguard GoSL, every one will starts questioning what is it that SL Tamils and free world are asking. Only an inquiry, why do not face it. If you are clean, well, this is an opportunity than a threat. If the causality was zero, go and teach a lesson on arithmetic to these UN folks. The figure gets revised upward somewhat by Prof Rajiva Wijesinga in the interview he gave it to BBC, and every one thought he was going to be taken for task by Gotta, but he did nothing about this. What does it say? Gotta seems happy with the number presented, because it was very low, I guess. To get to the real number from GoSL, or rather MOD, a trial and error method needs to be adopted looking at Gotta’s rejection. To narrow down this pursuit to a range, I guess another minister should go overseas and say a number on the high side, he/she may not be able to return back to SL, but this would help reduce the steps. Rajiva said he was able to come up with the number he put out only by watching the Tamil net. More than two years have passed now, yet I have not seen GoSL saying a definitive figure of deaths on their own. This is a total disregard of duty of care of a Government for its citizens, very basic responsibility. On the other hand, ask anyone how many runs did Mahela scored in the first limited over match two days before. That says something about GoSL’s attitude- a run Vs a human live, the misplaced priority. Not that I am against cricket or Mahela, but a comparison of record keeping the importance attached to them.

    It is really encouraging to note that this issue is taken up in ILS, IRS and TN-SA concurrently. This issue was discussed in every legislative assembly in the free world, one way or other whereas in India, was only in the TN-SA. It was well over-due and GoI thought it could put a lid over it, hope will provide the necessary awareness to the masses that will in turn bring to bear some sort of pressure upon GoI. Being the partner in crime, GoI would then prevail upon GoSL to find a lasting solution. All indications are, and Gotta has been very open about it, that finding a solution is not something that GoSL thinks necessary. The funny thing is one of the MR’s siblings says there is no need for a solution as LTTE is no longer exists, while other says they need another 6 months. Either does not know what they talk or, cheating all- SL Tamils, IC, GoI and, Singhalese as of late. What is necessary for Tamils in SL is a certainty; they cannot rebuild something despite the hardships that they went through and loosing every thing on the run including their loved ones. The extremists on the both side do not understand this fact or, even the moderates that believe this is not the time finding for a permanent solution but to look after affected ones. Even after so much trouble they had to face, people from Vanni voted for TNA, it is because they want a certainty about their future. This is the underlying fear that I noticed in my recent visit they have right now. SL army is every where and although they are friendly for time being, if an order comes they could turn nasty. This is another fear. Only way to address this issues is the friendly approach; give their dues; meet their aspiration, not every one wants Tamil Elam; accept the majority rules and they are majority in NE, and not to thrust something upon these people. Good starting point is to implement full what is already exist, the Provincial Councils. This is for every province. It is abundantly clear that the ball is in GoSL’s court, but its pity narrow political agenda does not allow it to play a fair game, even after being shed so much blood. GLP goes to India says something and when he returns in SL says something. All in all, the kind of ducking, weaving and dodging responsibilities when confronted by India or IC, as in the past being resurrected and continues. Bad comes to worse, putting blame on Diaspora, TN, IC, UN, TNA, CH4 the list goes on. Every one wrong except themselves.

    Gotta is a very likable person by foreign media, and at times he becomes his own enemy. His comment about the “other girl” was appalling. Yet he would be the only hope to get a solution for this problem.

  51. This is the way it should be done.

    Not by giving arms to terrorists or by financing terrorist organizations.

    Our politicians have to welcome this move and act accordingly.

    This is the decent people’s way of solving problems.

  52. I read somewhere that the motion was postponed to 16th and the issues are about rehabilitation and other related issues. Nothing about the war crime or any other matters expected by the LTTE propaganda!

  53. Kaz

    Any serious or real action against the Rajapaksa regime will require a regime change in Delhi.

    you are spot on there.tamils will have to be patient. In the meantime actions taken currently by tamilnadu will expose the current regimes complicity in the massacre of tamils. Everytime they reject the tamilnadu proposals they put themselves in an embarassing position and show their real face to the rest of the world. So tamilnadu should ceaselessly keep agitating for the next 5 years 24/7,365 days of the year and become a sore boil in the arse for this regime.The regime is in aposition where it can’t remove the boil too.tamilnadu has nothing to worry that india will say please leave the union of you don’t like us.So regardless of how many times this regime rejects whatever tamilnadu asks tamilnadu must go on and on asking and creating as much discomfort for this regime. The tamils must clearly understand that this regime where foreign policy and also sonia’s personal comforts are determined by a keralite cabal are a deadly enemy of the tamils and they should never fall for their ploys until a regime change takes plaace. After that only results will come. For example for the tamils it would have been a pathetic situation if a regime change did not take place in tamilnadu. karunathi would have made all the right tamil nationalistic noises but would have blocked everything. Same for the present central government who will profess love and sympathy for the tamils but block everything,but agitation must continue non stop to embarass and expose them to the rest of the world.

    As the agitation continues a guy like seeman can put forward a proposal to have a UN sponsored referendum in tamilnadu,to see whether the people still want to continue to be part of the indian union or prefer an arrangement like for example greece in the EU where tamilnadu can have its own army and control its own policy and continue to be a part of the indian union.That should jolt all the indians and they will wake up and won’t take tamilnadu for granted anymore,and pressure will mount on the current regime to do something about srilanka.I believe someone like seeman or even vaiko can do this because they are not members of parliament and according to the 17th amendment only members of parliament have to take an oath that they support the indian union.I may be mistaken because i don’t know much about the indian law,but even if you have to go to prison you will become a hero overnight and how many millions can they imprison.

  54. this is nothing to do with LTTE or Tamil Diaspora. Sri Lankan Tamil problem started a way before LTTE born , it has 60 years of History.

    LTTE was a response of the GOSL but the root cause still there, Tamil problem is a well rootted problem. come on wake up dont get weed from Gotta Goon.

    no one asks india to get funny bone, try to understand the India’s consitution instead of talking to the ROME convection. INDIAM PM choose by provinces that means through CMs’ parties. INDIAN PM not like Sri lanka’s president. INDIAN PM should listen MPs form provinces.

  55. Well said Dilshan… More these TN drama involve in Sri Lanka’s matter more SL people who actually matter in deciding SL’s fate, will be in defensive mode making the opponents to their sentiments vacate SL gradually. Prabhakaran made Sri Lanka a hostile place for tamils and no sooner Jayalalitha and TN jokers will do the rest. These idiots don’t know it is the people living in very soil feel bad end of the day with their image building shows. They are only making MR govt stronger and stronger, letting all sinhalese to settle under one leader for country’s interest with all these allegations.

    If TN do not let tamils co-exist with sinhalese arousing all sorts of tamil centric attitudes, it won’t be too long before the rest of the tamil population too migrate to where most of their relatives live. Because individually what people badly need is the ability to live, study, work and enjoy life/culture than political power. God bless tamils as a community in Sri Lanka..!!! Your big brother is creating another mess for you all in the same way it did helping LTTE in 1980’s.

  56. Jayalalitha knows people in TN can be fooled by creating a circus over Sri Lankan tamils. She also knows why her predecessor had to go home, i.e., not being able to keep enough fire on showing problems at somewhere else to divert matters that they cannot practicaly address in their own soil. She wants to make sure that she won’t do the same mistake that Karunanidhi did under the pressure of central govt. May be even central govt of India doesn’t want to make this new actress with a substantial vote base and the popularity at its height upset at once. So JJ is dancing as it’s her dancing time. But she has to learn if she overeacts with the same mantra for a while, TN people will be bored again and start looking for something else to get fresh excitements. That day most of the garbage dumps in TN will be toppled with JJ’s TN govt and the dust bin over pork staight will be no more attraction.

  57. M.Sivananthan
    Time for Sinhala baila Now , These TN jokers won’t/ cann’t help us.
    Only best solution for us make Doucles Devananda as CM in NP in 2012 election !
    He will implement 13 amendment step by step .

  58. Tamilnadu politicos are clowns, all right. But, look at what we got in Lanka. We are blessed with kudukaraya and badukaraya. Doktor Mervin Silva all the way 🙂

  59. The fact that Gota had to attack JJ implies the impact the lady has on Sri Lanka leaders. UPFA destroyed the social system, then the political system, now the country. People get the leaders they deserve. Well done!!

  60. Kalu Albert,

    Tamils generally a hard working lot, and if they are rich, that we earned it. Often your people loot us with the help of Sinhala forces. My family lost everything in 1958, 1977, and 1983. It wasn’t easy to re-start all the time. This is why we Eelam Tamils need safeguard our selves from Sinhala looters and thugs. No Sinhala government can guarantee this.

    Other point of Tamil speaking Muslims; If you are really concern of them, then you should let them live in Colombo peacefully. Don’t you know what goes on in Muslim dominated Grandpas area? Also, if you read the history of India, Muslim dominated states of India are now called Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

  61. Balraj Theepan says: August 11, 2011 at 11:56 am SL not cheated only Tamils but India too. how many lies about political solution and cover up about human rights violation? This is the awakening moment for India and payback time soon. “தன் வினை தன்னை சுடும்”
    We have more resons to suspect India and as well as tamils.


  62. What is Jyalaitha ammas stand on attacks on Sri Lanksn Buddhists pilgrims in tamilnadu? Will she encourage these acts or take action to stop attacks.will they discuss more attacks on Sri Lankan Buddhists pilgrims in Loksaba as well?

    I didnt hear any official statement from Tamilnadu state government.That mean they approve the attacks and in future also it could happen.I think in this situation Sri Lankan Government has a responsibility to issue a travel ban to Tamilnadu state by Sri Lankan Buddhists pilgrims.All the tour operators should find alternate routs through other states to pilgrimage site.Ie thru thrivendram or hydrabad etc.The Deputy High commission office should be relocated in TRivendrum or in another southern state.The Sri Lankan Government should take these actions to safeguard travailing sri lankans and the high commission staff.

  63. If the hardline I take is about Sri Lanka devoid of War and Death and destruction of all communities – then so be it.

    I dont know whether you are in Sri Lanka or have travelled to the north lately and seen the destruction war has put upon those people.

    It has always been a selfish stand by most tamil politicians. In India too its the same. The people voted them in for social betterment for them and for improvement to their ( indian tamil ) living standards. And they shout about something else. DO you think they are clean – dont we know what happened to the last lot? do you think this lot is different?

    While the politicians shout the community is left behind.

    Have a look at the south where there is a positive outlook for the future.

    With politics like this WHO WOULD WANT TO INVEST IN THE NORTH.

    My Hardline as you say – No more Homeland, Peace and equality for all.

    To all you diaspora out there – do you think you will ever get a homeland where you are?

    But you enjoy the benefits of a free and equal society.

    In order to create that the present moves by the Tamil politicians is not the way. You tried it and it failed.

    So go by other books.

    get the People developed first.

  64. I cannot understand why these tamilnadu jokers do not volunteer and stop trade between Sri lanka and india.Why wait for central government decision? Seeman can Stop export of all the tamil films to Colombo, And Jayalalitha can ask all the farmers and exporters in Tamilnadu to stop exports to Colombo.They can ask not to sell sarees to sri lanka.

    these are very simple steps that they can implement even without center approval.All these are jokers acts only.there is no any seriousness in these economic sanctions.

    All these are fake shows only.So many indian Tamil artists came to Rajapaksha election stage musical show in kilinochchi.Why did they come?Did seeman stopped them?

  65. ramprasath says: August 11, 2011 at 8:08 pm
    JJ is the very strong leader, and she is stand on her decision firmly whatever circumstances.
    Drae friend ,


  66. Dont cry man. You talk and praise too much about JJ. You guys continue the LTTE propaganda even after the death of Prabhakaran. But you all never acknowledge the death of Prabhakaran and heavily dependent on TN politicos for the continuing LTTE propaganda! Because TN politicians like Gopalasamy and few others are still fooling idiotic Tamils by telling Prabhakaran is alive and coming back!

    Gotabhaya is the defence man, a Colonal, a computer/communication expert and an achiever in destroying a worst terrorist gang in the world. What the hell this JJ did to her Tamil voters? Falling down on her feet? Tamils are good example for spineless people!


    Most of tamils living in Tamilnadu are living with SINHALEES PILGRIMS suport.
    If you have hesitate you better ask froma a Three wheeler driver. These pilgrims are coming to India to spent DOLLERS, noteare single cents from India.

    Do you have same idea for Tamil nadu person who visit Sri- lanka.
    There are coming here for smuggling.


  68. Gotta Boy , you like “other girl” do not you ???
    We know what you want to say , thank god you did not say any in that india TV interview !

  69. Well M.sivanathan it is possible and She can become Indian Priminister and Indian Constitution allows and on the po[pularity and if she wants she can mate In srilanka can a tamil become priminister?? even you wit a tamil name? If Sonia an Italian wish she would have become priminister.

  70. Dear Dilshan F,Where were you or your father during 1958.1961,1077,1983,and so on You could not prevent the destruction even majority of youe have voted for nthe racistic policies of yore polity. dont just talk rubbish mate.

  71. My Dear sinhala machaan,
    I dont trust any sinhala, you can say anything you want. Your people still in stone age, i knew you will never going to accept. You know very well after two years LTTE defeated, tamils struggle for freedom still exist. Again i still beleive tamils much bettter off their own land and state which robbed from us evil british colonialist. After two years ltte defeated, whats a solution for burning question of tamils? Nothing your moronic leadership, never going to accept and planting sinhala budha every where? If your people are civilized, after defeating mad Praba should withdraw all sinhala forces from our beloved land..you should know they are evil and not liberators of our people. You should know whtas happeining in tamil land. I will tell you jathika hela urmaya much better than you people. You people never accept any solutions for our question? You kind of people behind this evil forces. Do you know how many sinhala christians fleeing from sinhla budhist..leave it you please defend evils. Please please dont give me a bull shit like 99% tamils live happily with loving sinhala budhist. I know how they live and surviving with your people…

  72. Don’t look at the image of the people you idiot.. Image is not what they gave you, you yourself only created it for you… In fact look at what they say… That’s the OBJECTIVITY we badly need in Sri Lanka to resolve any problem…. Don’t go after people creating whatever images you want to create about them cos you’re no one judge another person. Just take the message if he/she delivers it consistently and logically. Someone has nothing to do with your own fantacised judgements.

  73. I dont have fantasiced judgments –
    Just a simple law in life. If it bothers others so be it.
    I dont need to create an image – my own image is enough.

    I have seen enough death and destruction caused by others meddling in our won affairs

  74. dilshan f

    yes buddy it will go on,but this time non military path.Do you know why it is going on?Because there are ‘moderates’such as you who offer peace on your terms.When there are ‘moderates’ such as you who would grudge even giving an ice cream to people who had their own country for centuries after coming and destroying it all the way from portugal,who needs hardliners anyway. Let the ‘moderates’ Fernando,perera,silva,fonseka,ferdinando proudly keep their portuguese surnames and also turn away as you say and they can keep on scratching around with the rest of the world since the country full of ‘moderates’ seem to enjoy that.

  75. I think you have to learn a lot about Indian politics.

    Dont cry like a fool and talk about Tamil Problem! Is that why LTTE joined UNP in 1987 and scuttled the N/E merger and the provincial administration?

  76. K.Albert:
    What about the ESTATE Tamil workers? Are you telling here that they have a better life than Muslims?

    Muslims have their own schools and courts at the expense of Government. Estate Tamils (for the reason of being Hindus) they have to fight for two rupee raise every two years. That is the only community send their children as HOUSE SERVANTS in Sri Lanka.

    You are not talking any ecconomy but support on the basis of their political alliance.

    Even the Muslims get “subsidized” Haj flights to Arabia!

    Talk the truth which will help the society!

  77. Nope. only giving advice for tamils to get their self respect back and not to go from colonial british bondage to aryan and italian bondage.come to think of it the british treated the pure blackfella much better and gave him more respect than the indo aryans who just take him for granted to obey at will.

    When tamilnadu breaks away i would like it to be called dravida which is sanskrit name given to the southern part of india according to text found in the 8th century,because it was populated by the dravidians.Then the door will be kept open for the other 3 dravidian states to join dravida on the model of the EU.The mostly landlocked morons in the north can deal with the muslims over kashmir and the chinese over assam. We have better things to do and focus on southeast asia for economic and military cooperation and partnershps.

  78. She cannot become a PM while she is in the ADMK. The same thing for Tamils of Sri Lanka. If they support LTTE they cannot!

  79. Every action has a reaction.
    Tamilnadu and Tamil extremists who bully Sri Lanka will understand this truth.

  80. J Muthu,

    I think you have got your ‘undies’ twisted here. You are entitled to your own fantasies. I dont have a personal ‘Moronic Leadership’, They are voted in by the majority of this country.

    You can wallow in your own nightmare of not trusting anyone. I am a Sinhala Christian and I am not fleeing.

    Get your wet dreams on some facts not on fiction

  81. Heswaran,

    I was not around in the years you mentioned but was around in 1983.

    Since you ask this is what I did on that fateful day.

    I was a contractor working in a tamil establishment in Galle face court which sells brother typewriters when word came around that shops are burnt in Fort. The place was closed and there was a young tamil gentleman trying to get home.

    I had a small bike and one helmet. I put the helmet on him and took him on my pillion. I came thorugh havelok road as the galle road was in chaos. In front of police park I saw a person getting hammered at the back of a bus. I was stopped at Pamankada by a gang who asked ‘Demalu Innawada’ and I said ‘Ne’, knowing my tamil pillion rider was terrified and sped away. I dropped him off somewhere in Dehiwela
    I dont know his name and I hope he is ok know.

    No I could not prevent destruction then as a lone young man.
    Thats what I did as a 22 yr old and this is how I feel to this day.

    I am ashamed and remorseful of what happened in 1983. Even now the burning of the Jaffna library – though i dont know much of the library itself – is difficult to swallow. I cannot imagine what it is like to have your houses burnt to the ground and hammered and murdered for no fault of yours.

    At the same time I have seen excesses by the LTTE sponsored by some tamil diaspora in western countries and by India.

    I hate the LTTE for what they did but not for one time did I hate any tamil person.

    I cannot change the whole world or this country.
    What I can do will do to make it a better place around me. That is why in my office now I have employed tamils and treat them equal not because they are tamil but because they are human beings.

    I dont tag anyone according to ethnicities.

    If anything like ’83 would happen again I would not be sitting around still as I have seen 30 yras afterwards the death and destruction it caused to all communities.

    Since you asked mate…..

  82. The sad part of tamil politics is this.

    The estate tamil community – previousely a slave labour camp under brits are direct inhabitants of the southern Indian community with relations still in India. Tamil politicians of the North think so high of themselves that to them Estate Tamils are a lessor being. Tamil community in the East is another block.

    Thank God they have sensible politicians like Thondaman who fought for better living standards, schools and facilities for his community and got them.

    He didnt bark up the Racial tree knowing very well the culture of the Jaffna Tamil politician who would not give him a cup of water due to cast issues.

    What I trying to say here is that Jaffna Tamil politicians who run to South India at a drop of a Hat do not seem to be that interested in the welfare of the Estate tamil community.

    Children of a lessor God?………..

  83. Deleted for offensiveness but it is not my idea but how a usa diplomat sees tamils it appeared both in hindustan times and indianexpress websites i sincerly apologipe if it hurt you

    Take it easy……………DBSJ

  84. Gota and mahinda are not war criminals but great heros millions of sri lankans die for them it needed no liberation organisation in the world took their own people as a human shield therefore ltte is a murderous organisation sl govt declared ceasefire to enable the civilians it was the ltte who took civilians as hostages and therefore responsible for civilians deaths as jayalalita said it is natural to die civilians in war could any body tell me any war where civilians did not die thousands of civilians die due to usa bombings in iraq afganistan pakistan 1.5 million civilians died in usa sponsered sanctions usa must mind their own busines usa want break up india using ltte it did not materilise so trying to take vengence sl is a souverign coumtry no body should tell it to how to comduct its affairs it will be decided by people of sri lanka through elected representatives if other countries intervene our affairs because we dont have a strong military power sl govt should take steps to build a strong force like pakistan

  85. vijitha

    The person who kills the hostages is responsible for their death.The hostages that the LTTE killed they are responsible.The hostages that the GOSL killed the GOSL is responsible.Simple way to pin the responsibility is to see from whose gun the bullet or shell came that killed the hostages.

    Jayalalitha did not say it was natural for civilians to die in war.Why should they?They are not taking part in the war.If a human being wants to get on with his business without getting involved with other peoples fights,he should be allowed to do so and left in peace.If you look at the ancient wars we have had in srilanka there is hardly any mention of civilian deaths. War was fought in an honourable way.Combatants were not stripped nude.A for your question where do you find wars without civilian deaths now,please remember this was a civil war,where you are killing your own people.The wars you are referring to are all where one country is attacking another and naturally they do not care,but a special duty of care is warranted when you are killing people in your own country,it is like killing family members and the family cannot live together anymore when large numbers are killed.The repercussions will go on yera after year because the person who killed cannot just go away somewhere far off,he has to live among or close to the people whom he has killed.

    As for your contention that other countries should not intervene in our affairs,remember if the EU and the US ban any exports coming into their country from srilanka,that is not an intervention in our internal affairs. They have every right to decide what comes ino their countries and from where.

    As for your contention that we should have a strong military force like pakistan,compare the two before talking through you aperture in your posterior and putting this country iinto an economic mess.It has 187 million people whereas we have only 22.It has 800000sq.km whereas we have only 65000.Even though it can afford to have a larger armed forces than us it is in a economic mess as it is living beyond its means. Saddam spent all his oil money on armed forces when it could have benefitted the people so much if he had spent it on them instead. Finally what did he get from all that. Even if you have a big armed force there is always someone with a bigger one. So you should have a reasonable armed force to deter any agressive fellows, but the main thing is you must behave in a non agressive manner yourself and behave like a member of the worlds civilized community and earn their respect. That is the best way of safeguarding your country in the long term,not the size of your armed forces.

  86. Hi sinhala machi, you can wallow and twist your lovely panties. We tamils never trust evil sinhala monsters.

    How dare you defend this barbarians. You claim your self chrisitian and how come defending thease evil taliban budhist, hope and will one day you will suffer, and realize its too late…machaann…wake up now or you will suffer.

  87. I agree but not only salute but worship her like a goddess with flowers.Washing her feet with milk and drinking it and sprinkling on our heads is the best way to show our veneration of this living goddess whose lotus feet are like the taste of heaven to us her devoted slaves

  88. The Indian politicians who attack Sri Lanka will have their tongues cut off by my trusty sword.

    After vanquishing them I will lie down before Queen Sonia,Princess Priyanka and Madam Meera so that they can punish me for doing this by kicking me with their dainty feet. If their pretty feet suffer pain as a result I will massage them softly with fragrant rose petals

  89. J.Muthu

    We tamils never trust evil sinhala monsters.
    Why don’t you speak for yourself without saying ‘we tamils’.There are many tamils who won’t agree with you including myself.You seem to be an out and out racist.You must have lived in the north and had bad experience from armed forces. I have lived with sinhalese from my childhood and they are good hearted and generous easy going people.There are pockets of slums among them where squatters have come for generations and lived which breeds the crime and drugs and thugs.I think gota is cleaning them up.Don’t make racist comments like these without knowing who the sinhalese people really are.First learn to get the correct facts from people like us who have lived with them.

  90. shankar says:
    August 14, 2011 at 2:48 am
    So you should have a reasonable armed force to deter any agressive fellows,

    Good Analysis,
    Nevertheless You didn’t includ CHAINA FACTOR.


  91. Nirmal says: August 10, 2011 at 11:57 pm
    If this man set foot in Tamilnadu we the bhakthargal of our idaya deivam will drag this man and throw him at puratchi thalaivis potthamarai padangal to beg pardon from her
    Dear Nirmal,

    At least 300,000 sinhalees pilgrims annuallery visit India. Most of them are buddhists rest of pilgrims are cristians. In addition to pay for the tickets which impose by the Indian government, they are spending a huge sum of DOLLERS in Thamil nadu.

    Most of your people are economically benifit by suppplying various facilities to these grops. The hotels benifitted by providing lodging facilities. Tourist guides benifitted for site seeing. Merchands benift by Selling various objectives. At least AUTO drivers too benifitby providing transporting means.

    Mind you one thing,
    These people are not coming into Tamil nadu to earn even A PISA, but spending money.

    What you are doiing if,

    1. boycot Tamil nadu and arrainging visit through ANDAR PRADASH.

    2.in order to meet your challange Ask help from MADYA PADESH BUDDHISTS. Mind you there are more or less over 60 million buddhist through in India,

    Therefore be carefull. Think twist,


  92. And I suppose the rest of India will just stand and watch this whole Dravidastan charade.

    The world will just see a re-run of Operation Blue Star, only this time in Chennai..

    It is nothing but arrogance to think you can get what the Kalistanis and the Kashmiris could not.. All though the demand would be proportionate (5-10% land for 5% of the population) it will never see the light of day..

  93. A majority in the East do not want a merged NE.. Why does not the TNA carry the East as they do the North.. You cannot ask the government to respect the will of the majority in the North, whilst completely disregarding the will of the majority in the East..

    It is wishful thinking that the Indian election will be decided on this issue. This is the last thing on the mind of Indians outside TN. Certainly with 40 seats on offer Tamilnaude has some weight at election time, but afterwards whoever governs have to look after the long term interesets of the people who voted the other 505 MPs as well.. At least the TN members got their day in all assemblies to vent their frustration.. But as long as disproportionate and unrealistic demands continue frustration is all they will get, both from GoI and GoSL..

  94. I agree with you 100%. The estate Tamils are the poorest of the poor. They need more attention than the Jaffna Tamils. Jaffna Tamils still live with a mindset of British Era but their contribution to the society is hate and destruction like the UNP Sinhalese.

    Now they expect the same “foreign” elements will come and salvage them.

    Tamil nadu has “blood” relations with the estate Tamils but the TN politicians dont care about them because the estate Tamils dont “smuggle” anything to Tamil Nadu.

    Sinhala politicians must accomodate and respect the “labour” of those estate Tamils than entertaining Jaffna based “trouble” makers!

  95. Thiru Anantha Puram is the good place to have the Sri lankan mission. Sri Lankans can see the “similar” faces and food in Kerala than TN. Kerala people are more hospitable than the TN people.

    TN is run by “rowdy” politics to get “short term’ benefits. Further Kerala has the experience of all “cultures” to accomodate any one!

  96. Samarasekera

    China is a overblown factor militarily. It will not come to our aid with its forces. IF it had to only deal with india,no problem,it will come and bully india,but in the present geopolitics it has to take on the EU+Us combine and it very well knows what the result will be,another humiliating germany or japan for china too. The chinese are smart,without starting anything they will concentrate on building up and building up their economy and armed forces.They won’t risk it for srilanka.

    Srilanka should have not more than 3% of it GDP always allocated to defence. It should forcus on quality,not quantity. The latest weapons and tecnology and training the armed forces to use them effectively.

  97. Diyasena

    If tamilnadu has a referendum and the people want to seperate and have their own country,there is nothing that the rest of india can do about it.You cannot compare it with kashmir and the punjab. Kashmir is originally hindu country and the invading muslims have no claim on it. Punjab also has been a complex area historically with different aryan tribes holding sway at different times,but definitely the sikhs have a good claim on it and rajiv ghandhi had to tread very carefully and finally placated them with a lot of concessions, and probably because of that only the rest of india is now quiet being ruled by a sikh.

    In the case of tamilnadu it has no historical complications like that. Geographically it is at the very extreme of southern india away from the northern aryan part.There is no dispute at all that it is the pure land of the tamils who were dravidians who originally inhabited india. In fact under the cholas and pandyas they conquered more than half of india including the deccan and orissa nad their maritime empire streched all the way to the indonesian archipeligo and srilanka.It is inconceivable that the aryans will take them on militarily and if they stupidly do that what happpenned to the sinhalese by a 3million tamils will be nothing compared to what will happen to them by 72 million in tamilnadu.

  98. Diyasena

    A majority in the East do not want a merged NE
    the problem here is not among the people,but the indo lanka accord which clearly defined a merged north east. The government has to honour its own agreement doesn’t it?Otherwise are you saying that india also can abrogate the kachativu agreement and the sirima shastri pact?

    If the government does not want to merge the north and east as per their own agreement then they should give the tamils 13th amendment plus to compensate them for that.I am okay for a non merged northand east as long as there is a 13th plus such as federalism for the north or something like that to compensate for the nonmerger.

  99. Are you writting story to any Tamil cinema? Who did conquer Orissa? Who was the PANDI won DECCAN?

    Malayalees fought Cholas for 200 years till the end of Cholas.

    You create some lies to make LTTE fools happy!

  100. Orissa was known as kalinga at that time.
    Look at the map below at the chola empire at its height.


    boo to your malayalees.They can only bumsuck the aryans,hang on to a turban or italian sari and come up.They were well and truly ruled by us at one time,so poke your 200 years up your ghand.

    even indonesia was hindu at one time because the tamils were such a great seafaring maritime power like the british later on.Even now bali is hindu.Lanlubbers are people who want to wait with their families 24/7 and have a comfortable life.The adventurous tamils and british,spanish,portuguese were not like that,ready for any hardship and sacrifice.

    If you are yet in doupht look at the pandya empire below


    they were not a great maritime power like the bcholas but did take a sizable chunk of india and srilanka.

    What are we doing with 40 mps out of 545 in the lok sabha.Nothing in fact because we have been cunningly brought down well below our real potential using aryan numerical superiority due to massive breeding in places like uttara pradesh,bengal etc.If we have our own country only we can regain our former glory and achieve our full potential.

    So don’t cry like a fool and bark like a fool,using your own words.

  101. Are you writting story to any Tamil cinema? Who did conquer Orissa? Who was the PANDI won DECCAN?

    Malayalees fought Cholas for 200 years till the end of Cholas.

    You create some lies to make LTTE fools happy!


    It appears to be MS was fornicated by some Tamils in the past..

  102. Dont preach me, we tamils know how our people suffered and still after 60 yrs of indepentance. You are talking about very few sinhalease. majority never going to accpept our right to rule ourselves. most sinhalease are like kota modaya weather you like it not.

  103. Jmuthu

    Everyone in this world cannot rule themselves.If the sinhalese don’t allow the tamils to rule themselves that does not mean that they are monsters. If you had got eelam and the the muslims in the east wanted to rule themselves what would you have done?Can you tell me?Prabha of course would have told them to vacate in 24 hours leaving all their valuables.

    our dumb politicians,starting with GG.ponnambalam should have known how to get our rights.See how jinnah got pakistan. He did not budge an inch from his goals.GGponnambalam asked for 50:50 because he thought with that he has a chance to be primeminister. When he found that will not come he did not ask for federalism,because he was not interested in being a chief minister of the north and east only. Instead he joined the UNP and forgot about the tamils.

    So blame our leaders without blaming the sinhalese only.Both sinhalese leaders and tamil leaders are to be blamed for this mess. Don’t take it out on ordinary people who have mostly nothing to do with the governance of the country except to go and vote every 5 years. What strikes me is you have a racial hatred for the sinhalese which is actually a mental problem and you better get treatment for it before it gets worse.We have to keep our sanity intact even with all this shit taking place.

  104. Oh.. you learn history from WIKI. That is the trouble. Anyone can write in WIKI or AMEND! So, dont be a fool!

    Bali is Hindu. It does not mean it is Tamil.

    But you dont know the world’s biggest Hindu temple in Cambodia was built by a branch of Pallava kings who are not treated as Tamil Kings now.

    Ankor temple was built by Sooryawarman who belong to the Pallava Ruling clan which ruled Tamil Nadu more than any Chola or Pandiya.

    Sri Lankan kings such as Mana Vamma(varma), Sigiri Kasyappa, Moggalana too belong to the same Pallava Clan. The Sri lankan LAMBAKANNA DYNASTY was established by Pallavas.

    Jaffna Royals too came from Kerala and not from any Pandi who were also not Tamils but ruled Tamils!

    Kerala Varmas too belong to the Pallava Royals. Now the Malayalees are the king makers in Delhi. Tamil smugglers cannot think about those positions! Tamils can be JALRAS or CHIN_CHAS to any one!

    Cholas always on ROBBERY missions. That is why they were chased out from Sri lanka and Kerala.

    You always prove that you are a fool!

    Better read the books by Dr. K.A.Nilakanta Sastri and Dr. Minakshi!

  105. She is a PAPPATHTHI and not qualified for any DRAVIDA tomfoolery. Or you accept a Brahman as a Dravida leader?

    What a comic!

  106. Coming back to the original topic.
    The Congress goons previously changed the topic for discussion from “ Violence against Tamils” to “Reconciliation efforts” had finally blocked the debate no sooner that started in the assembly. Quite understandable from a Congress view point .
    Also in parallel is President’s rejection of clemency plea of those three Tamils, after a long 13 years .
    Is there a message here??

  107. sivananthan

    She is a tamil,that is enough for us.We are not interested in caste or race in the 21st century.We only want our people to be able to live in dignity and self respect and achieve their full potential without the shackles that bind them down.

  108. shankar says:
    August 16, 2011 at 12:02 am
    the problem here is not among the people,but the indo lanka accord which clearly defined a merged north east. The government has to honour its own agreement doesn’t it?Otherwise are you saying that india also can abrogate the kachativu agreement and the sirima shastri pact?
    Dear friend.
    India did not honour NERU-KOTHALAWA AGREEMENT at all.

    So why should we honour Indu-lanka accord.
    Firat of all you must activated NERU-KOTHALAWA AGREEMENT


  109. shankar says: August 15, 2011 at 10:59 pm
    Dear shankar,
    By seen your all analyiss I can make a picture.If I correct I think you too like to make room for reconciliation between tamils and sinhalees. I too have this ideology.


    What I want to tell you is any forms of saccastic(thretern) type approaches would not be materialise with sinhalees.We have ample evidences in this regard.Through the history sinhalees have stronge reasons to suspect India and as well as England. Therefore make leaned to wall theory would not get any success but could incur unrecoverable tamage.

    tamils should have to understand the ferturees of lion’s heart. I could reveal one point.

    supose any sort of problem arisies in the island, did you recognise there is only one factor exist in Sinhala community.

    What is this.

    There are lot of openion for the problem and as well as the against to the problem.



    Ther have freedum to express their own ideology.

    But Tamils are not like that.


    You better distinguish fretures of both nation and and make plan how to bridge the gap.


  110. Your English is better than Gota’s. How do you feel about being our next defense minister? You fetish for feet will do you well in politics!

  111. sivananthan

    Oh.. you learn history from WIKI. That is the trouble. Anyone can write in WIKI or AMEND! So, dont be a fool!
    Don’t cry like a fool.If you can why don’t you amend the maps i have given you and show us.Actions speak louder than words.We can see whether you can transform your words into deeds with wiki without barking like a fool.

  112. M.Sivanathan

    Is anybody requesting your Deputy High Commission to stay put in Tamil Nadu? Is anybody stopping you from relocating to Trivandrum? Move there as fast as you can. Who cares?

  113. Deputy High Commissioner stays in Chennai because Tamil Nadu residents are the #1 visitors to Sri Lanka. Dont you know it?

  114. It was your proposal and preference to move your Deputy High Commission to Trivandrum, Kerala because of the two attacks that happened in Tamil Nadu. Review the comment you made on 15th. My comment was in response to your relocation idea. You seemed to think moving to Kerala which in your opinion is culturally refined than Tamil Nadu with its familiar ring to your food and facial resemblance would serve the best interests of SL. Why should I contradict your conviction? I said okay, go ahead to Trivandrum. Now you say the Commission is there in TN to facilitate the visitors from TN. What do you want to do, stay in TN or move to Kerala. There is no rhyme or rhythm in your disposition.

    The profits of the fish caught in Sri Lankan waters mostly end up in the coffers of fish exporting companies in Cochin and its environs. Do you want to go Kerala and promote fishing industry? Since you seem to have an obsession with smuggling, let me tell you Calicut in North Kerala used to be a major smuggling center in the West Coast.

    I strongly condemn the attacks on the monks and the pilgrims by the disgruntled extremist elements in Tamil Nadu. The miscreants have been arrested and are being prosecuted. Needless to say perpetrators of attacks and murder of Tamils on your side disappear into thin air and are very rarely held accountable. Do I have to remind you Hon. Minister Douglas is a proclaimed offender in Tamil Nadu.

  115. Samarasekera

    The nehru kotalawala agreement only stated that those who are of indian origin and want indian citizenship can get it. So they have to want indian citizenship. None of this people wanted indian citizenship. The nehru kotalawala agreement did not state that they will automatically get indian citienship.

    I reiterate that if srilanka does not implement the indo lanka accord fully then it should hand over katchativu and also give citizenship for the descendents of the more that half a million who were repatriated under the sirima shastri pact and sirima ghandhi pact.

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