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Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole facing ‘jail without bail’ situation leaves Sri Lanka

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Professor S. Ratnajeevan. H. Hoole

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Professor S.Ratnajeevan.H.Hoole, UGC Coordinator for Engineering, University of Jaffna,has flown out of Sri Lanka to a Country in the west.

Prof.Hoole has left Sri Lanka against the backdrop of “legal action “initiated against him by cabinet minister Kathiravelu “Douglas” Devananda.

Douglas Devananda, secretary-general of Eelam Peoples Democratic Party(EPDP) is regarded as the most powerful Tamil politician in the North.

Devananda’s power&influence extends far beyond the portfolio of Traditional Industries held by him in President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s cabinet.

For instance,It is alleged that several senior govt officials, Jaffna varsity academics & judicial officers are controlled by Douglas Devananda.

AGA divisions of Delft,Kayts&velanai within the Kayts electoral division in Jaffna district are considered to be strongholds of the EPDP.

When local authority elections were held in the north on July 23rd 2011 the EPDP was able to win in only these three Pradeshiya Sabhas.

Prof.Hoole visited areas in the Kayts electoral division on election day & discovered many excesses & violations of election laws taking place.

He wrote an article“Pitfalls in the President’s Alliance with the EPDP–A Visit to Kayts on Elections Day”based on his first-hand experience.

EPDP news website of July 29th said Kayts Police had questioned Prof.Hoole concerning a defamatory article written by him about Devananda.

EPDP news website of Aug 1st said Prof.Hoole had agreed to come to the Kayts police station on July 31st but had not come after telephoning.

Prof.Hoole issued a statement refuting the news items in the EPDP news website. He said the Kayts Police had not contacted him as mentioned.

Subsequently Prof.Hoole was contacted&Inspector Silva & Sgt.Nandakumaran of Kayts Police recorded his statement in Jaffna on August 2nd.

Prof.Hoole in his statement responded to six charges made by minister Devananda in his complaint to Kayts Police about the article at issue.

Prof.Hoole said in a statement that minister Devananda by pursuing legal action was attempting to scare him&stop criticism of the EPDP chief.

On August 4th a Policeman went to Prof.Hoole’s office with a “summons” requiring him to be present at the Kayts courts on August 5th at 9am.

Nature of the summons indicated that Prof.Hoole would face a criminal charge & that he may be remanded in custody unless otherwise given bail.

It was also feared that the reason for a complaint being filed in Kayts instead of Jaffna was aimed at “jail without bail” for Prof. Hoole.

It was alleged magistrates have not found it easy at times to control the large numbers of EPDP cadres usually present in Kayts courts.

Since the hastily issued summons gave him little time for making adequate preparation,Prof.Hoole decided to seek a later date from courts.

He found several lawyers refusing to appear in the Kayts courts because of the influence allegedly enjoyed by the EPDP in the Kayts area.

Some lawyers were apprehensive about appearing at the Kayts courts in a case antagonistic to Devananda as they feared deadly repercussions.

Finally a lawyer instructed by senior attorney&ex-Jaffna TNA MP -N.Sri Kantha- represented Prof.Hoole at Kayts courts& sought a later date.

Prof.Hoole’s absence was deemed as contempt of court by the Kayts magistrate who issued a warrant against him on that count.

A warning was issued that an open warrant for Prof.Hoole’s arrest would be issued if he failed to be present in court on August 15th.

It is in this potential “jail without bail” situation that Prof.Hoole has left Sri Lanka.When he will return to Sri Lanka is the key question.

This is a bundle of tweets posted on Twitter by DBS Jeyaraj

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  1. As a well wisher of Jeevan Hoole I advise him to stay put in the west and not return to Jaffna. Devananda is a snake that has been hit(adi patta pambu)He will always take revenge.So avoid returning

  2. by hook or crook EPDP chief has won.He has chased Prof.Hoole away from Jaffna. Devananda has won but Jaffna university,Tamils and Sri Lanka has lost

  3. I am from Karamban.I have suffered EPDP atrocity. I know how dangerous Duglas is. If the professor went to Kayts courts he will be put in jail without giving bail. In jail Duglas will get his catchers to harass the Professor. Good he dont go

  4. What a pathetic situation in Sri Lanka, and especially in Jaffna. Why do we need this sort of democracy? My understanding is that Prof Hoole is an ardent critic of the LTTE and for the same reason was much liked by the majority government. My brother is also at the Jaffna University and he told me about the happenings there. It all finally comes down to the way the country has been run. The clean up requires from the top.

  5. From what I read in another website, Prof. Hoole is to address a commemorative meeting for the late Prof. Sivathamby, in London. I hope this is correct. If Prof. Hoole has decided to return to the west, it will be a tragedy for the Tamils. His return to Jaffna, was a good beginning and a pioneering step preceding the return of many Tamil expatriates. His involvement in political issues were the beginnings of sober and sane politics in Jaffna. If he does not return to Jaffna, it would be an abortion of a process pregnant with possibilities. The Tamil man may have paid a price of banal politics once again.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  6. Very very sad, He was a friend of Rajapaksa, like Sarathfoska he could have ended up in jail.
    All i can say is join the diaspora if you ever want return home as free man.

  7. I remember a former TNA MP piyasena saying that SLFP can win NE seats without support of EPDP,karuna.
    And the reason for SLFP defeats is their support to these goons.It is gov own inability to restore democracy not only
    in jaffna but throughout SL that strengthen the hands of SL ‘s enemies.
    although i am not in full acceptance with mr.hoole’s views according to what i knw he is one of the rare but genuine activist for people rights.

  8. Please dont say he is a powerful politician, rather say he is a powerful in north for thuggery activities.

  9. Another sad day for Tamils,
    This shall be the beginning of end of Dougie uncle.

    Any one knows the name of the magistrate in Kayts who wants to survive in minor judiciary licking Dougies’s bloody boots.

  10. Douglass is a thug, I am happy that he allowed Hoole to live to this date.

    All the best Prof. Only Tamils in Jaffna are going to suffer in the hands of criminals.

  11. Hon Devananda is wanted criminal in India. In his native lands, he is a hero. He extends his authority over the leagal system in the North. Prof Hoole has made a strategic but pitiful exit from Sri Lanka. A bit of cowardice, I should say.

  12. We had the support of Douglass during the darkest days of the history of Sinhalese people. And like President JRJ, DD lived on, despite many a attempt on his life.

    The blood thirsty, Tamil, low cast so called leader VP, would have been able finish us off with Tamilnadu support; if not for the people like DD and world powers like China, Pakistan.

    Lets chase out all wolves in sheep’s clothing, and keep guard during 21st century!!

  13. It is very sad for jaffna. I also one of the few who asked Pro Hoole come and serve to Jaffna university . I feel very much empty.I hope My friend Douglas Devananda will realise soon his deeds otherwise history will not forgive give him.
    How can any one come to Jaffna to serve or invest or help the tamils?

  14. I totally agree that finally Douglas has won by chasing Prof Hoole out of North. It is sad that Jaffna continues to lose people of this calibre. I am sure he will and we want him to continue his good work.

  15. Douglas must be thanked for his valuable contribution to the brain drain from the country.

    The country will be left with nothing but thugs and idiots in charge. No sorry, let me re-phrase that – it already is. What a waste.

    Who will they appoint as his replacement? Professor Vermin Silva?

  16. Set back for civil society, but prof. has to take care of him self and he don’t have to risk his life, in reality he can’t change any thing in Jaffna since it is part of SL Govt policy to keep the north&east under fear psychosis. We all know what happened to Uthayan news editor Kuhanathan. Eject prominent tamils from north and east, replace them with sinhala or some one who can dance to their tune or with vicious goons, call for financial help from diaspora while set a deadly trap for them on grounds, keep the the North under iron grip and make sure no one raise their voice, do development which will generate employment for southern workers and a high return for southern entrepreneurs, Despite more Than 5000 graduates unemployed in north a number of clerical workers and other support staff brought from south, not even a single house built out of an Indian programme of 50,000 houses for IDP’s, displaced remain displaced in their own lands but govt laid foundation stone for a international stadium in Kilinochchi, build hotels, develop resorts, carpet roads, but real needs such as education, livelihood for IDP’s, family support programmes, health care programmes are ignored. What is going on in Jaffna is “AAdi VEL” festival not sustainable development.

  17. Recently Prof. Sittampalam was threatening by the dogs (“Douglas thugs”) because of his truth expression about Jaffna situation.

    I am also serious concern about Prof. Hoole ‘s safety.


  18. A born Academic will speak out – that his his basic character, compared to the
    many Sinhala Academics. If one cannot stand-up to his ideals, he cannot become
    a leader. All good luck to Prof.Hoole in whatever he undertakes on behalf of
    his bothers and sisters.

  19. No one can fault Prof.Hoole’s decision if he decided to leave the country finding the situation so hopeless, and felt that he could serve the country from abroad.

    I do not know him personally, but from his writings it is possible to judge the man as a concerned and genuine individual who is anxious to dedicate himself towards the betterment of not only the Tamils but the whole country at large.
    I am sure he will not abidicate that responsibility.

  20. We have reached a point in our history where lies are ‘protected speech’ and the truth is ‘criminal’
    My thoughts are with him and wish him protection from injustice and cruelty

  21. If Prof. Hoole leaves the country for good, it will be a great loss – specially for the Tamil community and the the few remaining intellectuals in the north. As i recall, Prof. Hoole had been invited by MR personaly; will MR nocw step in and clear the situation cutting down Douglas to fit size?

  22. Very Sad. Please file charges against Douglas “The Thug”. Put him behind bars. And no bail.

    Professor Hoole is a brave Sri Lankan. He must return to our country, where he belongs and admired by many, at once. Sri Lankans must rally around him and protect him.

    Jaffna was not liberated from the murderous LTTE to be handed over to other kinds of killers.

    Let us fight together for rule of law in the north of Sri Lanka. It will not be easy. But, Sri Lanka has no choice, but prevail.

  23. Douglas Devananda is trying to reconcile Sri Lankans of all races. He is a man who has taken the middle path. Mr.Hoole has nothing to fear from Mr.Devananda. Lets hope Mr.Hoole gets a good overseas job.

  24. Dougieis the tamil mervyn silva. It is a pity that for the second time Hoole had to leave SL becuase of a bully. But I do not understand why Hoole went on inspecting election malpracices which was not his duty.

  25. Pro.Hoole is a great Interlectual Property of SriLanka which belongs to all communities. We wish that he will returned back to the University of Peradeniya is jaffna is not a safe place to him.

  26. This is the continuation of the Mahinda Chintanaya and it is very sad. Only God can save SL from further misery.

  27. DELETED……………DBSJ


    You cannot vilify persons in this manner on this site.If you have courage write under your own name

  28. Do not kid, Proffessor is a too famous person to be remanded like a third grade criminal or hurt, What would have been ideal is our good proffessor face the legal system rather than fleeing. There will be lot of international pressure if he was mistreated.
    Is this another ploy to discredit Sri Lanka?

    Direct your question to Deva……….DBSJ

  29. From another point of view, of what good is the double-degree/DSc Intelligence, if one cannot foresee basic issues in store for Tamils and Sri Lankans in general under the current regime that have been and so vividly obvious to ordinary, uneducated civilians?!

    Who turned out to be right – the highly-educated Prof who, until a month or so ago, had absolute faith in MR’s fairness and altruism for Tamils or the uneducated villagers who sought protection under TNA/LTTE leadership?

  30. Only way this roudy and thug hiding on a minister cover can be stoped is by bringing his keeper Mahinda and co to Hague.

  31. Dear Dr.Rajasingham narendran,

    Unfortunately not every one is ready to lick boots.

    Therefore, for those few who refuse to lick boots Sri Lanka is not a safe place.

    This has been a fact for a very long time, and will only change after serious international intervention.

  32. His problem started with LTTE when Rajini was killed and now with EPDP because EPDP doesn’t want him to be appointed to Jaffana University as VC.

  33. I hope and pray that Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole takes full advantage of his newly earned freedom in that western country and bring out the truth of what is happening to the Tamils in SL.

    Now he has a personal perspective too for the Tamil problems.

    I am sure he would have been also exposed to warcrimes and know potential witnessess in the North East.

    We all knew what happened to Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa. Even though he was a young qualified lawyer, he was thrown out a train in for travelling in a compartment that was meant only for whites. The young and angry Gandhi decided to get back at the whites and went to India to lead the freedom struggle. The liberation of India from the British, in one way, is a sweet revenge by Gandhi.

    Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole should use his intelligence, knowledge and experience in SL (especially this one with Dougy Deva) to be the Gandhi of Eeelam Tamils and lead their struggle against the terrorist state.

  34. Dr RH was once nominated by GoSL for the position of VC for Jaffna Uni. A fierce critic of LTTE, he could not take up the position then. His fall out with DD and his using the judiciary, one in Kayts particular, to meet his end indicates the perilous situation that the north and east left with- a case of from frying pan to the fire. Because of his high profile, this case has been highlighted and is being discussed in several forums. Imagine, the ordinary folk’s plight; that will never be heard of. The court of justice is there for people to seek justice, but the court in Kayts is appeared to be controlled by EPDP goons. One can only sympathises with people of Kayts and the Judge, for them there is no escape. If GoSL wants to win the hearts and minds of the people of NE, they should change their strategy that should include changing the mascot too. It is shame people like Dr RH had to leave SL, and students of our areas who will be the beneficiaries are left with devoid of his service. For his own well being, this seems to be good move. But who are the loosers here?.

  35. Professor left the country without obeying the court order. It is violation of the law. He left with guilty feeling. Do not spread bad news about EPDP. EPDP took legal action against him.Professor didn’t obey the laws.

    EPDP helps People in Jaffna.
    No body helps Jaffna people like EPDP.
    Never spread propaganda agaist EPDP.

  36. HE M.R, Minister of Defence, Mr.G.R ,S/MOD,DIG, North and The Army Comander, North

    The above news and comments are submittted to you for necessary action. In earlier time you have no control over north and you were unable to give protection to Prof Hoole. But now you are celebrating some victory but you are still not in a position to protect Prof Hoole and allow him to serve to the Jaffna tamil

  37. Hoole had no option, but to run away. If he had not, he would have been incarcerated for a very long time.

    The loss of Prof. Hoole’s expertise, knowledge & skill to the Jaffna University students and the civil society are irreparable.

  38. It is who Tamils devide into several factors, like Sinhalease. It’s call power strugle. Devananda, Karuna, Pilleyan…. all are one side of the coin and the other side is Rani, Rajapaskha, Vaasudewa….. The only hero to liberate SL is SF now is in jail…. So it’s better Dr Hoole you stay in west or north america…. nothing to gain except a shot to die.

  39. You cant mess with honourable Douglas Aiya and stay in Jaffna.Oly hope for Hoole is to fall at ministers feet and ask forgiveness

  40. The sooner the EPDP is struck off and sent out to pasture by the MR regime the better, both for the regime and also for the people in the North. It is a no brainer. Why is MR hanging on to him as he has proved to be a liability to the peace process? I can only think of one explanation, one thug befriends the other as thugs together is the only way to fight against justice!

    People say when you don’t have friends you will even make friends with the Devil, just for your own pride. I think it is purely a situation like that where egos overpower the needs of the people and Citizens of Sri Lanka

  41. The Indians will do everyone a favour if they send in troops and arrest Devananda who is wanted for murder in India. While at it, they could also take the is master, at whose bidding DD barks, Rajapakse, for trial for war crimes.

  42. You mean submissional politics is the best process? You do it and get the benefit. Do you know that Devananda is the worse eney than Rajapakses and JHU?


    I have deleted parts of your comment.Please write decently in the future

  43. My best advice to these educated bravos is keep your self out of these Dangerous SLG boot licker Douglas Devananda

  44. Douglas is the worst enemy next to Pirabaharan happened to Tamils in two opposite ways. PEARLY GATES are permanently shut out for him!

  45. Dr. Narendran.R

    Why don’t you register your voice against ugly politics doing by a “Dog” in Jaffna?


  46. Dear Ramprasath,

    I just want to highlight that about this thug, himself and a one of the department head have a guest house in “Chatti”; wherethere they normally bring women to Douglas and few Sri Lankan MPs/Military Commanders .

    This thug is now taking incharge on the provincial education admistration under the guidence of MR(behind the screen). He is going to appoint all the heads of education based on their supportveness to EPDP. One of the reputed school principal said to me that even he is going to influence the appointment of principal. Oh! god there is big blow up on the education system. Regarding this I do have lot of information but those are seriously affect to teaching personalities in the province.


    I have deleted the names&designation you mentioned……………..DBSJ

  47. it is a pathetic situation for the people of Jaffna, sort of jumping from the frying pan into the fire! They suffered enough at the hands of LTTE and successive governments, only to fall into the hands of EPDP and its goons. Sri Lanka is not a place for honest politics and the rule of law. If professor Hoole thinks he can change things, he is on the wrong side of the road. ‘Where thuggery is a bliss, it is folly to be wise’.

    Hoole should consider his personal safety more than the risk he is able to take in navigating through the mess in SL.

  48. Well educated (and concerned)Sri Lankans like Dr.Ratnajeevan leaving the country is very sad and it is most awful when the reason is the involvement of petty politicians. This is true regardless of the race. I am not a Tamil but I do feel the same way as you do.

  49. Hello Mahinda uncle, do not ignore this kind of things happening in Sri Lanka. Who is there President of SL, you or Duggy?

    Let educated ppl live in peace you know?

  50. Because he is really worry about Sri Lanka, Democracy.
    Does not keep close his mouth as others being practiced in Jaffna. Prof. Hoole also expecting merit basis postings but what is happening there?

  51. Mr. Hoole is only there to trouble making. I wonder what his acadamic achievements have been. He is behaving like a fool.

  52. Why do you bring your brother as an authority on Sri Lankan affairs?? All these people who are talking about Douglas as a thug and a nasty man has gone about doing there thing without any harassment. At the end the very people who try to portray as innocent victims are also able to leave the country unhurt. One wonder whether all this is bogus propoganda for LTTE. Mr. Hoole who ran away from the country at a crucial time, wonder why back to do politics. If he is a brilliant acadamic he should not get involved in politics and conduct his acadamic work par excellence.

  53. One is an illiterate politician who once took up to arms and the other an acadamic with some hopes. Who will win in that part of the world?
    In 1980 I once witnessed a horrible incident in the north in my village. An LTTE gang of four boys caught a boy, probably 17 or 18 years old from another group and who was hiding in our village, tied him to a post, put a tyre around his neck and set alinght. No one approached him to save his life. He was burnt alive. I knew then that the destrtuctrion of the Tamils by themselves have begun.

  54. All over Srilanka this type of things happen and it is common to all whether you are a Tamils or Sinhalese. Who critisise this dirty government would suffer. North or south these piggy politicians are in the same cursed bandvagon.

  55. ‘Confrontational politics achieves nothing’ -Shankar

    Is Mr.Hoole Politician or Genuine Human rights Activist or Freedom fighter?

    I don’t see him fit in any of the above. If he true of his objectives he wouldn’t be in this situation.

    DD “Powerful politicians” even couldn’t contest in the election on his own symbol but pretending to protect
    ‘Tamil Identity’ in NE? What a laugh! When Tamil Nadu police ask interpol to arrest him for his criminal activity in TN, his chapter will be closed.

  56. Prof. Ratnajeevan Hool well done Sir. This is a only way. This is a sad day, but we need you , people of Jaffna,University of Jaffna, and All the peace loving citizens in Srilanka need you.

    Hool………..Cool Man.cool.
    Now you got the big respossibilty. I will see you in London(Walthamstow)

    Dhava.,.,Dava,.,.Thava,,,,,,,,, you already started to dig your own grave,,,,,,,,, VP never had the coffin…..only with underpans…..wish you good luck Dhava….Dava…Thava you need lots of Luck, you dirty warm

  57. First of all, south of Sri Lanka wasn’t ready to handle high energy people like Dr. Hoole.

    How could we expect north of Sri Lanka to accept Dr. Hoole?

    Even university of Jaffna Professors had hard time to work with Dr. Hoole.

  58. “most powerful Tamil politician in the North”?
    After VP’s death he is the new Gang Leader in Sri-Lanka.
    After Douglass it will be Karuna or Pillaiyan!

    Tamil Politicians are all dead or silenced!

  59. Douglas Devananda is a curse for the tamils of Sri Lanka. All good and democratic tamil people in the North are not free to express themselves freely in Jaffna if they challenge this Demon Devananda’s excesses.Many good tamil politicians died during the conflict but the worst of all the worst tamil politicians Demon Devananda is still alive. He is a one man band and without him the EPDP will not exist as a party or a force of evil. I am sure there is someone in the North who has the courage to do the right thing and send this Demon to hell. I sincerely hope there is one.

  60. What the heck Prof. Hoole was doing in Kayts? His job was to study the situation to establish an Engineering faculty in Jaffna. He should have stayed within that bounds. He is a brilliant engineer, and should have worked to contribute to the development, instead of poking his nose into the corrupted Jaffna politics. Now, he has become useless for all. Not for him, his family, nor the tamil community!!!!

  61. .

    All Mr. Hoole has to do is to cross to India…. where Douglas cannot go…he is a wanted man there.

    Or Mr. Hoole can contact Dr. DJ (Doglas Buddy) and start negotiate.


  62. ya ya Doubtless Devanantha knows how to reconcile, if you know the fate to jaffna journerlist Nimalarajan then you wouln’t talk like this.

    During the war in 2006-2009 almost 4000 jaffna tamil men and women killed by his thugs.

  63. He has nothing to do in Kayts, but DD filed a case aganist him in Kayts court, so he should appeared in Kyts court.

  64. Ratna wants a power as a jaffna university VC in his edge retirement age thats all he was expected, but he believed it was runied by DD.

  65. Imagine Catholics are killing Evangicals and Buddhists are blamed for that.

    That was exactly what Sinhalese experience in the eyes of the West during last few decades.

    The fact is Tamils-Tamil discrimination and fighting were much severe than Tamil-Sinhalese, yet Sinhalese got the blame for everything bad happened to Tamils.

    Selfish and stupid elements within both communities screwing up people and country.

  66. Aravinda

    Please ask yourself man. Do you really believe that Douglas is taking the middle path. When LTTE targetted him He told a western journalist who was friendly with him at that time. He could not care less about the Tamil people because they support tigers. But he had a responsibility to provide flivelyhood for the boys who were with him. I guess he is still living up to that.

    He is a corrupt murderous criminal. He will do more to harm to Sri lankans not just to the Tamils to all Sri Lankans.

  67. Tamils lost

    Sri Lankans lost.

    He will be fine his family will be fine.

    If all Tamils speak out agiinst the thugs like Prof Hoole did, Change will come to our land.

  68. Douglas did not come through back door. He gets support from people. If anyone reads the articles of Hoole, they will find the reason why EPDP went to the courts.

    Hoole is running away from the courts and not from Douglas or EPDP!In future Hoole will be charged for ‘contempt” of courts as well!

  69. Selvan,

    Professor was arrested on illegal grounds and therefore Hoole did not commit any crime.There is no rule of law under a thug like Devananda.

  70. Initially I thought professor R.Hoole was making mistake by breaking a cardinal rule of taking on an enemy at his domain, then when I read I realised that he is a very intelligent man from
    the way he handled the court papers. I am so glad that he left the country. We are willing help him in any which way he needs help. He can be a good leader for us.

  71. The women in the University of Jaffna must be devastated.The handsome hoole would have made them drool.

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  73. I just want to tell you guys not to take this story as an act of a Sinhala Govet against the Tamil community.

    As a Sinhalese I am also shocked why people like Mervyn Silva ( openly takes ‘kappan’ from contractors, and others in his electorate ) goes around with thugs associated with drugs, Whose son together with the official guard given smashed several night clubs, and others like Dumindha Silva, and many more politicians who resort to thugery and intimidation still survive the vote and remain and be part of the Govt.

    I can say it was also the same with the UNP.

    So this political scenario is an ASian one or perhaps in the Indian subcontinent – where thugs enjoy more power specially through elections and the democratic process.

    The only way perhaps is to vote them out of office!

  74. Dear DBSJ,

    Majority of government officers are suffering mentally in the North, because really they do not want to involve in the dirty politics. A divisional secretary told me that if they are not showing support to the EPDP gangsters there are possibilities to loose job.

    I would say Prof. Hoole should have been appointed as a VC of Jaffna since 2001, LTTE did dirty politics regarding his appointment. The man who triggered into the Uni against Prof. Hoole later became MP under the TNA.

    I do not find any different in the government posting aftermath of LTTE, Mr.Smapanthan should voice up against these allegation.

    I believe Mr.Sri Kantha will do his best to protect the Prof. but the issue of personnel security is make me to worry.


  75. What is the wrong with that?

    I have opined that he has the qualification to become Canceller of Universities but still he wants a VC of Jaffna means he want to make good opening to Jaffna students.


  76. Mr. Noel Nadesan: “My friend Douglas Devananda.”

    Dr. Hoole, Dr. Narendran and Mr. Noel Nadesan have all referred to Devananda, at one time or another, as “my friend.” All of them have spoken highly of Mahinda Rajapaksa as well. And they all did that while it was (and is) absolutely clear that Devananda is able to commit his atrocious crimes because Mahinda Rajapaksa wants him to stay in Jaffna and do his bidding. As I have repeatedly said in these forums, the Rajapaksas want an evil man in the mold of Ramzan Kadyrov in Jaffna. But it isn’t just the Rajapaksa regime. Previous administrations, including Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wickremasinghe, also kept him as a useful tool against the LTTE and ignored his atrocities.

    This was and is the Achilles heel of many critics of the LTTE—you cannot fight whatever that was evil in LTTE by using even worse evil and war crimes. If they wanted to hold the moral high ground—in other words, if they wanted to be taken seriously—the critics of the LTTE should have been forceful in their criticism against Devananda and Rajapaksa as well. To pussyfoot around the issue and praise these utterly wicked men, or call them “friends” for the sake of “pragmatism,” is to inevitably invite incidents like this, and thus the charge of ‘hypocrisy.’ While there may be situations where shaking hands with these evil men is unavoidable as a matter of fact, as they hold power and got elected by whatever means, there is no need for anyone to speak well of these madmen under any circumstances.

    Now that Jeevan Hoole is out of the country, he also needs to reevaluate his so-called friends like Carlos Fonseka, who talked to Rajapaksa and urged him to return. What does Hoole’s current predicament—the man at the top whom Fonseka speaks approvingly of, asks him to return, while at the same time allows Devananda to terrorize him– say about people like Fonseka? Or Dayan Jayatilleka, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Rajiva Wijesinha?

    Even at this late stage, one hopes that people will start the necessary naming and shaming of all those who are aligned with evil.

    Hoole now has a couple of options:
    1. He can stay and work in the West while retaining his contacts in Jaffna and publicizing continuing atrocities there by this evil regime.
    2. He can move to India, teach at a university there, support Tamil refugees in India and help Tamil students find places to study there. He could aid the rising tide of criticism in India against war crimes and other evils of the current regime, and try to influence events in Sri Lanka more forcefully than he can from the West, where, despite many NGO’s continuing to raise their voices against war crimes and such, the public will remain apathetic, mired as they are in historic debt crises.

    His family may want the first option, and people will understand that. But if his heart is still in Sri Lanka, then he may want to follow the second option.

  77. Thambi,

    By telling that sun rises in the west and sets in the east, you don’t and can’t make a change! You only ruin your own image and respect. Wake up and come to reality. Douglas is Douglas, முழுப் பூசணிக்காயை சோற்றில் மறைக்க முடியாதப்பா!

  78. The Tamils in Sri Lanka need his valuable service.However it is futile for any honest person like Dr.Hoole to work there at the present time.His well wishers are happy to see he is out of the country.He will not loose hope. right time he will be back.

  79. No! If he has stayed in Jaffna he would have been in jail without bail. And in the jail Doug would have organised one the inmates to kill the Prof. So the move is the right action.

  80. Caste system is a curse brought on all of us. We do not want to teach this low mentality to our children and to the wider world about this shameful custom we had in the past. Hide it as quickly as you can please!

  81. I relatively agree with you this is a long standing curse in the sub-continent but I would say it is not confined only to sub-continent but a problem among almost all of the 3rd world countries. I totally agree with you that these thugs have to be voted out and we clearly saw that in the local elections of the NE whilst we saw the opposite in the rest of the country. I again say that the people have to begin voting objectively based on clear and sustainable policies for the betterment of the country.

  82. Dr. Naren, I expected some sort of disagreement with Devananda in your letter. But it is surprising to note that you failed to express your straightforwardness. It is bitter but the harsh reality is that no one with self respect has a place there. There are two lessons to be learnt in his departure. The first one is Prof Hoole severely criticised the LTTE and mildly the government during LTTE era. But the govt, typically, took LTTE criticism out of context and used it for its own advantage. The govt simply ignored his criticism of the govt. This is what happened with Anandasangaree and many other including, with due respect, you. They use our people like ‘kariveppilai’; that’s all. Our too-intelligent people do not understand this even today. Prof. Hoole was promised his dream position of Jaffna University’s V.C. But the ‘king’ of Jaffna disagreeed. Now the govt weighed who was more important. Of course, the ‘king’so this ‘kariveppilai’ had to be thrown out. We cannot express our honest opinion in this country if that is critical of the government. This is what some of the too-smart people of our community talked loud during LTTE era. Now why are they all silent. 60 years on, this is the curse. I don’t know what can redeem us all.

  83. Hi,

    Good to read your observation on the event.

    Those who are still align with the ruling party (just saying that they do not have option to helping the deprived people) should redesign their stands.


  84. Thavaratnam,

    I have for several years. It is sad you have not noticed or choose to ignore it. Douglas himself knows my stand very well. Further, I refused to sign the international appeal for Prof.Ratnajeevan Hoole to be appointed the VC of Jaffna University, because it was addressed to Douglas Devananda.

    Incidentally, Jaffna University would not have been a feather in the cap for Prof.Hoole, but he would have been the feather in the cap for Jaffna University!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  85. M.Sivanandan,

    It was his duty to be involved! If the educated and the learned in a society do not take the lead, the riff raff will take over.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  86. If Dr.Hoole is the ultimate measure of a man, this criminal thug,
    white van douggie is at the opposite end of the spectram. I know Dr.Hoole along with Dr.Sritharan and Rajini Thirunagama
    when I was a student at the faculty of Science, U of J., in late eighties. He was one of the few who stood up against the LTTE, Indian army Sri-Lankan army other terror out-fits of that time.

    He is man of integrity and dedicates his time and energy for justice and humanrights. He was one of the co-authers of ‘broken palmayra’ which later got him into trouble with LTTE. His website was visited by all kinds of human right activists around the globe. In a nut-shell, he set the standards high in every aspect of his life as a teacher, humanright activist and of course journalist . He made the right decision, to leave the paradise of thugs. I wish him good luck and ask him not to give up on our society.

    Douglas should be deported to India to face the muder charges against him. He is in the most wanted list of US also for kidnapping an American couple in the 80s. When the NATO forces arrive in Sri-Lanka to arrest the war crimanals, they will take care of douggie too. Already 10 US fighter jets flew over Sri-Lankan air space from an undisclosed base in the Indian Ocean.


  87. M.Fern,

    Your usual fare! Sad indeed. It is sad where the ‘so-called non-boot-lickers’ have got us to!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

  88. Sentilan.C,

    Please read my reply to Thavaratnam. Also, see my comment in response to Prof. Hoole’s report on the court case. I have not hesitated to say what I had to Douglas directly on several occasions. The ‘banal’ politics I refer to is also about Douglas. I would have preferred Prof. Hoole to stay on and fight the case. Douglas Devananda should be made accountable and the government should realize he has become a liability. It is unfortunate, if Prof. Hoole has decided to leave Sri Lanka. Any way it is ultimately his choice and his life.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  89. You bark at the wrong tree.

    Rajan Hoole was at the U of J and not Ratna Jeevan at the time of Dr.Rajani.I think you never be at the U of J.

    Douglas arrested CIA agents and not ordinary Americans. Will you ask your Americans to explain why they stationed in Jaffna and distributing money to “terrorists”?

    Most of the people know well the 7th Fleet of USA is in Indian ocean with the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan!

    In 1971 USA threatned India with the same 7th Fleet but did nothing after the ‘warning” from India.

  90. Expatriate,

    You are up to mischief! Yes, I have referred to Douglas as a friend. I will repeat this even now. I have known him from the days he was in shorts and was being brought up by his uncle, K.C.Nythiananda. KC was a man I am proud to have known and much respect. Douglas was also my younger brother’s classmate. Do I agree with his type of political thuggery? Vehemently no. Do I want him out of Jaffna politics? Definitely, Yes. Have I told him this? Yes. What have I done about it? I have written to president about this and have expressed this opinion in my writings and my meetings with those in government. Has any one listened to me? Sadly, no.

    Because I oppose someone politically, a friend does not become an enemy. As to President Rajapakse, I sense that he is working towards a goal of a ‘United Sri Lanka’ in a way, many have yet not understood. He is the first head of state in Sri Lanka to do so. I think he deserves the time and space. However, he is not my enemy or friend. He is the president of ‘MY’ country. I will support him or oppose him, as indicated by my intelligence and perceptions.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  91. Oh Tempora oh mores!!!!

    Now what?? from LTTE Terrorism to Rajapaksha & Devananda Terrorism!!!!

    What has the Peoples of Jaffna done to be treated like this?

    or put it this way, what has gone wrong, where? by whom?

    The Answers to above will serve well for the south too.!!!!!

    Speak up, you will be jailed without bail, look at Gen Fonseka.

    They sell our land, sea , Forest, all our natural resources and our Future( in debt to China etc)
    Our Sports in tatters, schools, universities in a mess, our hospital breathing last sigh!!!
    Sri Lanka becoming worse than Thailand, Garment Industry and Prostitution rampage!
    A Nation for names-sake but really a serfdom to Rajayaksha clan wasting money and bagging ready to run , jump from Thamasha to Thamasha and development only in the MEDIA !!!!!

    So what shall we do now.?
    Get united under one umbrella , Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims chase the THUGS out !!!!
    Just like in Syria, Egypt or just Perish while the THUGS , PIG out on our Future!!!!


  92. Douglas got the “most” preferential votes in Jaffna. Jaffna people like him so much. Your comments are not suitable with the ground reality! Continuation of LTTE propaganda against him never help but bolder him with the electorate.

  93. The Hoole you are referring to is Dr. Rajan Hoole,senior lecturer of mathematics ,brother of Prof.Ratnajeevan Hoole whose academic background is electrical engineering.

  94. Devananda left India without obeying court order. Douglas only want people like Shanmugalingam and Arasaratnam. He know their weeknesses and their malpractices and can easily control them. He cannot control Dr Hoole as Dr Hoole is an outstanding intellectual.

  95. He is there to bring these corrupted culprits ( Douglus and his culprits at University of Jaffna) to the public domain
    Shanmugalingam is a sexual culprit at Jaffna university and Arasaratnam is a corrupted VC and so on

  96. M Fern says,
    only change after serious international intervention

    Hmm so u do not mind licking the boots of IC?

    My point is any one involved in politics will have to lick the boot of some one.

  97. Hoole has decided to return to the west, it will be a tragedy for the Tamils.

    yes, I share the same sentiments. Lost to our country as a whole.

  98. Jaffna University would not have been a feather in the cap for Prof.Hoole, but he would have been the feather in the cap for Jaffna University!


    only men with wisdom will understand the significance of what you say sir. It is very true. Loss for Jaffna is immeasurable.

  99. As an infant you can’t differentiate between good and bad da chellam. Why can’t you keep quiet? Don’t wander in public places. Some body may kidnap or some vehicles may crush you. Drink milk and take rest. Sweet dreams da kanna.

  100. Well said Dr Narendran, although it is sad that basics have to be pointed out. It is all the fault of the silent intelligensia of this country.

  101. Thank you for this informative piece. Ratnajeevan Hoole appears to have antagonized a lot of people – first the LTTE, then Douglas Devananda, not to mention several educated Tamil Hindu activists. This cost him his Vice Chancellorship on two occasions. Hoole should learn from his mistakes and get along with others.

  102. Dear Hon Minister Devananda !
    Thanks, you have profed once again you are in right direction to kid All our SL Tamil community to People democratic
    (ie: If any problm should be sort it out in the court of justis)

  103. Dr. Narendran.R,

    I still remember the day that I met Mr.T Velupillai at Batticalo , the boy Prebakaran was without shorts. Do you think is it enough to judge /justify the V.Prebakaran actions aftermath?


  104. But Dr. Naren, my point is that people like him talked about human rights violations and violations of democratic rights during LTTE ‘regime’ and now think their duty was over with the annihilation of it. What I request people like him is to show the same strength and vigor to highlight the Tamil plight now and expose the govt’s duplicity and force them do us justice. They made themselves available to be used as govt tool and now how can they shake their responsibility and run away like this. OK the LTTE is gone and finished as they wished. But they should see to it that the govt they supported do justice to us and they should not run away irresponsibly in this manner. You cannot say that it is ‘his choice and his life’. He played an active role, rightly or wrongly, against the wishes of many Tamil common man at that time thus became an important individual in our lives. He cannot act at his whims and fancy jeopardizing our interests there.

  105. “It was his duty to be involved! If the educated and the learned in a society do not take the lead, the riff raff will take over.”

    You mean like in the South by people like Mervyn, Patali Champika, Gotabaya, Basil etc?

    Seriously, aren’t you being a little bit elitist? If people are not learned and educated (for example, if they lack a Doctorate), they cannot fit to make decisions about their communities?

  106. I am not a fan of the Hooles, but unlike some people they stick to their principles, through think and thin!
    And what qualified you to call the Hooles, fools? (sound like a bad song doesn’t it?)

  107. What is that supposed to mean? How do you define the middle path? Can you give an example of a leader who is following the middle path?

  108. “If he is a brilliant acadamic he should not get involved in politics and conduct his acadamic work par excellence.”

    He was not involved in politics. He was doing his civic duty by trying observe the democratic process in Kayts.

  109. “But I do not understand why Hoole went on inspecting election malpracices which was not his duty.”
    Of course it is his civic duty and your civic duty if you are in Sri Lanka.

  110. “I will support him or oppose him, as indicated by my intelligence and perceptions”.

    Your “Intelligence and perceptions”?. Thats what worries the Tamil people!

  111. Most of the people forget the thing called Survival. Everyone should protect their family and survive. Initially Doglas made efforts to survive with his men. later he became demon with the political power. Douglas never fought against GOSL armed forces. After defecting from EPRLF he surrendered to chandrika to escape from the LTTE. He did his politics from colombo. At that time he received a sum of 30 million loam from people’s bank on the recommendation of CBK and he has not paid back. This is for his survival in this country. He lived in thibirikasaya mansion to hide from LTTE. After chandrika he pledged support to MR and CO. He is a curse for the Tamil community. Because MR and CO are also thugs they allowed Douglas(like Mervin) to be within the ministry.
    Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole, his brother Rajan Hoole and Sritharan were strong opponents of the LTTE. They critizised LTTE severely and the not the GOSL. Their criticism came to an end when the LTTE was wiped out in 2009. They did not critisize GOSL for the Vanni massacre. They used the name UTHR(jaffna) while they were not teaching at university of jaffna. How can they use the name? It is clear now that the sole purpose of UTHR(J) IS TO ERADICATE THE LTTE because no more UTHR(J) now. Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole is an intellectual and know the history of Srilanka tamil problem and the attitude of the sinhala politicians well. Even he know all these things he believed MR that he will make him to be VC of University of Jaffna. Even he critisized Jaffna university teacher’s qualifications. He sholud not have gone to the extent of checking Douglas in kayts. Douglas is a thuggery man and he can do whatever he wants. If you want to survive in Jaffna either you have to be friend with Douglas or mind your own family and keep your mouth shut. Prof ratnajeevan Hoole took a wise decision to leave the country.


  112. Political involvement in Public Service is not NEW to Sri Lanka. Every government come to power transfer their political opponants in the public service. Douglas or any other politician cannot be different.

    In Jaffna people always accept the habbit of bribe and other ills. Even many get more ‘dowry” for getting more bribes. It is known as “vettu, koththu”.

    I remember well how Jaffna people were going to Colombo with “karuththa kozhumban and Murunga” to catch a ruling party politician. I know how many agents of the ruling party worked in Jaffna and got bribes.

    Now the commentators write something which is new and started by Douglas and EPDP. Influencing a politician is a centuries old habbit in former British colonies.

    Many LTTE supporters too got help from Douglas when they approached him with some problems. Thamil Selvan and Puthuvai Rathnathurai families are good examples!

  113. I know LTTE was responsible for killings of many people they deemed traitors. But not a single person was killed in the manner you said here. I am not writing this in support of LTTE. But when you make comments in public forum like this, be true and sincere. It is the lack of these qualities that has lead us where we are now. If you want criticize someone, do it.. but confront with truth not lies.

  114. Dr. Naren, Though I don’t agree with some of the sentiments expressed, I admire your straightforwardness and sincerity in what you say.


  115. Hay Genius Selvan,

    LEarn more about the Civil cases Vs Criminal cases

    Learn more about the legality of Defamation and which part of the Earth where Civil cases are treated like Criminal cases ?

    The Bottom Line is I am nothing to do with wither Doglash Dievanda or Hools but something Terribly Wrong in the legal system of Srilanka

    In which country a Chief Justice can ask the government to fix the Petrol price ?

    In which Country a Chief Justice can become advisor to the President ?

    WHere on the world that a Chief Justice would like to contest election ?

    No Hool has pointed out the Holes in the Whole legal system and it seems He already planned the exit and this incident expidited his exit.



  116. This comment applies to both personal involved.

    “When a woodpecker goes pecking at trees and tries to peck at a banana tree,it learns a lesson”

  117. you may not be knowing what Peradeniya did to Jeevan, Most of our universities are so corrupted it is not for simply Jeevan even if it is any sinhalese it is the same case.

  118. DELETED……………..DBSJ


    I would have released the comment in full but for your unwanted reference at the end.You guys think you all are smart dont you?

  119. Aravinda L, you are a fool or naive to think that douglas has taken a middle path. an abominable man. Douglas was a terrorist, now a tool of the terror government.He and his misguided fools are terrorising the Jaffna people, and this rajapaske government using these imbacile to do the dirty works and escaping the international condemnation. This devious man has to be taken along with Murali and Rajapaske’s for war crimes and crime against humanity and be reported to ICJ courts.

  120. Rationalman, you have hit the nail on spot.Srilanka has had many and will have many more riff raff’s to ruin the country. douglas is equivalent to Mervyn.

  121. Dr.Rajasingham narendran do you want Prof Hoole killed? I am sure you know that the whole country is in a mess. Jaffna has lost many interllects, through violence. many industrious people through state’s poor governance. The remaining population being bullied by the Army and douglas. As SJV said, but I doubt whether God can save our people.

  122. “Douglas Devananda is trying to reconcile Sri Lankans of all races.”

    Is that why the Tamils of the North East gave him a humiliating defeat in the recent elections?

    “He is a man who has taken the middle path.”

    Middle path according to the miliant nut-job Sri-Lankan Buddhist monks as opposed to the middle path of the Buddha? Very true.

  123. M.Sivananthan

    You are right. I was talking about Dr.Rajan Hoole. I appologize for the confusion.But most of the things I mentioned can be applied to Ratnajeevan Hoole too.

    We need big brother US to tell this terror regime to do the right thing. Assimilation is NOT an option for the Tamil national question.

    I was at the U of J from 1987 to 1991. There was a Sivananthan from Karainagar in my junior batch (physical science), I do not thing it was you, Because he was very polite and cultured.


  124. Narendran,

    “Because I oppose someone politically, a friend does not become an enemy.”

    This kind of twaddle misses the whole point of my argument. It is not just a question of “opposing someone politically.” One cannot remain “friends” with people who are so utterly depraved without his own moral standing and credibility being called into question.

    Coming nearly 6 years after he has been president and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, your assertion that “… many have yet not understood” Rajapakse, and that he needs time, is so ludicrous that it makes me wonder whether age has taken its toll on your rationality. Your arguments are self-contradictory, and it is pointless for me to continue.

  125. Rationalman,

    Does one have to have a degree to be educated and be learned? Some of the degree holders are the most stupid. In your estimation I am probably one! I have met men more learned and educated than University professors in my life – they had not gone beyond high school. They taught me a lot and I cherish these to this day.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  126. Senthilan,

    Yes. he should not have involved in politics to the extent he did, if he did not have it in him to face the consequences. However, as I said earlier it is his choice and life. However, Jaffna seems to have lost a man of conscience (hence a poor politician!), while also losing an excellent academic.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  127. hahahaha M.Sivananthan that’s a classic joke man. You are friend’s with Mr. Ratna Hoole? That must be a joke of the century. It’s more like you must be a good friend of criminal class-less Dougie and Co. Latter makes more sense and go together really well. Still i like your sense of humour man…..hahahahahaha!! I am surprised no one noticed this funny antique of yours.

  128. Dr.Easwaran,

    Did I imply any where that I wanted him killed? I am sure he would not have been killed. However, he would have faced many consequences, including being remanded. At the expense of being misunderstood and being accused of being heartless, I wish he had remained to court the consequences. This was the kind of spirit t the Tamil man needs. Prof. Hoole could have been our Gandhi and inspired thousands to resist the likes of Douglas Devananda.
    The Tamils have lost an opportunity that comes only rarely. The conscience of the world would have been stirred by a clear cut case of injustice. Our court system would have been put to the test. President Rajapakse would have been forced to make some long delayed decisions.

    Despite all this, I wish Prof. Hoole well and hope he returns to serve the University of Jaffna. He should not however touch politics with even a barge pole!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  129. Thavaratnam,

    In politics one can agree or disagree, praise or condemn and join or keep a distance. Although I vehemently disagree with Douglas and condemn what he does, I do not consider him an enemy. I did not consider Prabaharan an enemy either. I recognise his extra-ordinary abilities and am not afarid to say this. However, I do not agree with how he used his abilties. I condemn him for that. I wish he lived to see the consequences of what he did. I am sure you remember the boy without shorts yet and wished he had used his abilities to serve the Tamils better.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  130. Rationalman,

    Thank you very much. You have inadvertently promoted my cause by referring the readers to what you have cited. let the readers judge, the nature of my mischief, versus yours.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  131. “Douglas Devananda says Prof.Hoole praised him in the LLRC hearings. Then turned against when he knew he was not chosen VC of Jaffna Uni” reports RKKrishnan (The Hindu)

  132. Fern, this kind of thoughts occur in your mind because you have no inner sympathy for the war ravaged innocent Tamils. Strangely you seem to be in the majority. Dr. Narendran is concerned of their wounds. At this point in time politics is secondary to him. Even ‘KP’ appears to have realised this truth.

  133. I totally agree with you Dr.Naren on who the learned or educated people are. I have always said this to many of my friends. If all the University educated people are really educated why is this country in this plight today.. they administer the country and the govt.

    By the way, I just want to quote from today’s Daily Mirror. This is what Prof.Hoole has said: “True nation building is about celebrating our differences without suppressing them and addressing grievances. I am afraid that the government is missing the point in its ever effervescent and exuberant pronouncements about unity,”

    At one point of time all our people had to say this.


  134. Dr. Naren. I wished to believe your hope that Prof.Hoole left to attend a meeting in London. But you were wrong. This is what he has told Hindu today :

    “Yes, I left through Colombo airport for London before [sic] I am arrested. I will work in the U.S. till lawyers can sort this out for me,” he told The Hindu via e-mail, when asked if he had fled Sri Lanka. “I will return because Sri Lanka [Jaffna in particular] is my home,” he asserted.

    I hope he will now understand why he was petted by the govt. all these days. His use is over. Now, he will, like his predecessors Sir Pon Ramanathan and many others, say “I was betrayed by the govt.”

  135. I have to agree with Rationalman here, shankar. “Middle Path” does not apply for everything. People took a “middle path” to dealing with Prabakaran and he just took advantage of the situation. Only a fellow extremist like MR could get rid of him.

    Devananda is cut from the same mould, although unlike Prabakaran he has to hide behind security forces. I can only salute someone who would stand up to this bully using legal means.

  136. Infant
    If what you say is correct, hoole must have tried to pull the wool over dougie’s eyes. He did not know that doug is an experienced sheep shearer himself.In fact prabha tried to shear him about 10 times and failed,because kind knows kind they say.In fact in one of DBSJ’s recent articles you can see dougie cycling on a bicycle that prabha robbed when he was a cycle thief in vavuniya where his father was transferred.Set a thief to catch a thief they say,now dougie says the bicycle belongs to him,as it is an abandoned bicycle.

  137. You better learn history or listen to people who know the history. Without doing such things, your comments are waste and matter for laugh!

  138. Sorry you misunderstood me, what I implied was he would be killed if he stayed on. I also inderectly ment, If he had remained to defend in Srilankan courts, he will have the same fate as Sarath Fonseka, or he would have faced what kittumani and 53 others faced in 1983. The Politicised and corrupt courts and police in Srilanka; will a Tamil man get justice? recently a news item said 7 Tamil political prisoners in Bogambara jail were threatened by guards that they may face the fate of Kittumani Dr.Rajasundaram and the rest. I had only witnessed 1958 riots, then grew up among Sinhalses classmates,schoolmates and neighbours. I was so disgusted I left the country for good. I am longing to spend my retirement, but I would stay put rather than go into hell hole.

  139. When this EELAM issue cameup, many LEARNED and EDUCATED supported the unachievable idea. Further I personally witnessed an academic shamelessly calling KITTU, a professional criminal, WELCOME GENERAL.

    Most of the Jaffna’s learned and educated foolishly promoted the ARMED insurrection. Further this EELAM was imported from LONDON, UK.

    Now what is the problem of Hoole with Devananda? If Hoole want to fight the ills of the Jaffna society, why should he single out Devananda? I hope Hoole and Deva have some “private” issues and those must be settled privately and not in public. Hoole cannot claim that he is the “saviour” of Jaffna people!

    Are you all now blaming Devananda is the “SOLE” cause for the problems in Jaffna?

    What about SJV,Amirthalingam, VVT smugglers,LTTE criminals, fraudsters, bribe takers, Prabhakaran, “Shabra”Saravanabhavan, Kerosene Maheswaran, and others?

    Devananda is the choice of Jaffna people. That is why he got the MOST preferential votes in Jaffna district. Can anyone explain why Jaffna people put him on the TOP?

  140. Sivananthan

    Devananda is the choice of Jaffna people. That is why he got the MOST preferential votes in Jaffna district. Can anyone explain why Jaffna people put him on the TOP?
    Why are you going on shouting for Devananda?Why are you not telling the figure he received? Is it because it was only 28585 votes?I presume you are referring to the 28585 votes he received at the april 8 2010 parliamentary elections.168000 people went to the polls in the jaffna district and douglas got only 28585 preferential votes(17%)and you are crowing about jaffna people putting him on top.Now the elections commissioner says there are only about 320000 registered voters in the jaffna district whereas at the time of the elections it was 720000,a reduction of 400000 and he has cut the MP’s from 9 to 6.So let us assume that when the parliamentary elections were held there was 320000 registered voters as per the latest updated figures then only about half came and voted.50 percent are uninterested in any srilankan politics let alone devananda.Out of the total registered voters his 28500 will only be 9% and for which you are crowing so much.can’t you see you dumb ass that he is a rejected politician by the tamils.Getting 9 % can he become the leader of the tamils.Mahinda has to ditch him and look for someone else. KP comes to my mind as a good candidate,because he is not considered a thug. Prabha,douglas,karuna,pillayan etc all have been rejected by the people because the average tamil has an inherent dislike for thugs and violence. Repeated thuggery and arrogance by the sinhalese politicians only made the mouse turn and indirectly support a fightback,but now the people have gone back to their old ways and culture and the sinhalese also have become better and all want to move on without these thugs anymore.

    Even the 28500 preferential votes that douglas got for your infomation was due to the the fact that he piggybacked on the SLFP label and also got votes from the armed forces stationed in the district.It is a waste of time for mahinda to continue with this man because he is damaging himself. Mahinda should bring KP and professor Hoole into politics and create some competition for devenanda who seems to be taking him for granted,otherwise it will become like ranil losing election after election without any change at the top.

  141. Expariate,

    You seem not to understand there is nothing ‘Absolute’ in this world. Everything is relative. We beleive in a “God’. because we have to define the absolute. I was asked something as a teenager by a Saivaite Swamy (I think narikutti Swami)who was visiting our home and I replied ‘Never’. He said, “Never say never”. I did not understand the meaning then. I think I do now.

    We can disagree with Douglas and even condemn him. But we should be ready to deal with him when it becomes necessary. Once, you call a person an enemy, this option is closed. I call Douglas a friend because, he will respond to me as a friend should and call be ‘Anna’ with respect, if I have to some day deal with him as someone I have known for a long time and not as a politician. It is very unlikely I will go to Douglas as a politician. However, ‘never say never’.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  142. Better learn about voting system in Sri Lanka.

    Idiot, Armed forces cannot vote in Jaffna! Thier votes are not registered in Jaffna.

    But you guys are unable to swallow the “fact” why Duggie is the favorite horse in Jaffna!

  143. I think you use some kind of ‘drugs”. How many Tamils killed by LTTE?

    You better ask your Karaitheevu men who went to the funeral of Sarojini Yogeswaran and how this Nimalarajan threatned the President of Jaffna Traders Association after he publicly claimed Mayor Sarojini was killed by LTTE. After two weeks the same man was killed by LTTE. Nimalarajan was a GHOST writter from LTTE and not a journalist of any kind!

  144. Wije

    Middle path will change according the circumstances.For example take the bollinger curve that is widely used by trend analysts in the sharemarket.In the middle of the curve you get the 20 point moving average curve that is the middle line.Above the middle line the curve becomes overbought territory and below becomes oversold territory for the share.When volatility increases the bollinger curve becomes very big like a balloon and so the middle line also moves accordingly.

    So in a nutshell the middle line we talk in life is also like the 20 point moving average curve inside the bollinger band,not a static one but shifting according to the circumstances.

    Now with a madman like prabha obviously we are dealing with extentuanating and one off type of circumstances and our middle path also should move accordingly.Eliminating him and the LTTE was following the middle path because it was unavoidable and had to be done. Where the rajapakshes deviated from the middle path was the way they did it,the lack of transparency,killing and injuring 40000 civilians,raping and killing women and photographing their nude bodies and genitals,executing surrenderees,locking up in barbed wire fences 300000 civilians for more than a year,raping many women in the camp etc etc. In a bollinger band it would have reflected as gone well out of the band itself,let alone the middle line and for a share market analyst would have been like a red light flashing to sell the share,or if he hasn’t already bought it not to touch it with a barge pole.

  145. The only way perhaps is to vote them out of office!


    Don’t blame the masses.
    Ask the political parties not to nominate thugs or criminals to their nomination lists.

    The discipline should come from the top to bottom.

  146. So you are teaching me about the voting system in srilanka eh.
    The armed forces went and put their votes,you donkey,and they don’t need to be registered for that. Didn’t you know that there is an official voting system as well as an unofficial one in srilanka. Why do you think the elections commissioner was imprisoned in the presidential compound with his family for 2 days after the presidential election.

    The armed forces have to only get the ballot papers of people who are not voting or who have left the country and they can go and vote for them. Who is going to check their identity when basil rajapakshe himself sits in the polling center and directs operations.

  147. I think KCN is not a real uncle of Douglas (D). Former MP Sivathasan is related to D.
    Sivathasan is little hire cast than KCN from Chunnakam related to LSSP Nagalingam.
    I was told, Uma Mahes, D and other Boys were working for KCN who was in Fraces Rd Wellawatta.
    D used to call KCN as Uncle.

  148. Abey you seems to be sufferring from delusion to the extent to paranoia, visit angoda for treatment,take with you the Dogulas And Gota. Dark history of Ceylon and now Srilanka were caused and continuing to be caused by Paranoic Sinhala politicians, and people like you-Nation distroyers. Today Srilanka’s future is passed on to Chinese, future generations to pay all the debts incurred under Rajapaske. A doomed history being writen by people like you Wimal, JHU and gunadasa. Shame on you read what you have written. What do you know about cast system of Tamils? you are wrong VP is not from low cast.

  149. Ratnajeevan Hool should be selfish and should stayed at University of Pittsburg, instead of going to Lanka to help Tamils, overall his decision is perfect and he should bit even dream to serve Tamil community, he better useful for United State’s citizens they will be thankful and treat him well!

  150. Every vote can be traced and can know who casted the ballot.Donkeys like you can spread rumours and not facts when your propaganda fails.

    Further the voters list of 1981 was used in the election. Many dead Tamils also voted to TNA.

    TNA and their fraud lawyers never go to courts because ‘their” votes are also at risk!

    I heard my vote in Nallur also casted for TNA when I live in Canada for the last two decades.

    Now the voters list corrected. In the next election EPDP will get more MPs. That is the reality.

    If ARMY casted ballots, why should it was LESS? They could have voted all the ballots. So, fools like you better learn the reality and cry here!

    You are an idiot and do not know how the votes are casted! Polling agents of all parties agreed and accepted the voting but you, a brain-washed idiot cry something not happened there!

  151. Read Prof. Hoole’s letter to Sunday Leader on 14 Aug 2011, then you know how ‘honest’ and ‘popular’ this man is.

    Anyway Prof.Hoole also deserve the reward he got from him for the ‘services’ he rendered to the govt through his various reports in UTHR undermining the Tamil cause.


    Could you explain what you mean when referring to the “Tamil cause undermined by Prof.Ratnajeevan Hoole through UTHR(J)reports?

    What is this Tamil cause?is it the same as that of the LTTE cause or different? Do you think the LTTE cause was the Tamil cause?

    Which are the UTHR(J) reports with which RATNAJEEVAN HOOLE” was associated ?

    In which way did the UTHR (J) reports undermine what you call the Tamil cause?

  152. DBSJ,

    Thanks for contrasting the LTTE cause and the Tamil cause. This is the confusion that is being exposed in a multitude of comments here in transcurrents. Those who yet think an independent Tamil Eelam is the only solution and it should be the ‘Cause’ of all Tamils should say so openly and boldly. Those who think the solution should be found within a united and a federated Sri Lanka should also define their cause and position. Thirdly, those who think the solution can be/ should be found within a united and unitary Sri Lanka should also state their position clearly. I for one think the first is an impossibility, the second although desirable, is also extremely difficult to achieve with the political realities in Sri Lanka and the third is the ONLY OPTION that is available NOW and is achievable. I also think that a political solution is not a priority under circumstances prevalent in the north and east. Given time for passions to cool, wounds to heal, the north and east to recover and the communities to reconcile and trust each other, the second option or something very near to it may be achievable. Is stoic patience the answer, given the conditions that prevail in the north and east now?

    Let us openly discuss these options, without boxing with pretense.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  153. M.Sivandandan,

    I have learned a lot from your comments on many subjects. You seem to have a deep understanding of many subjects connected with Tamils and Sri lanka. However, I cannot understand the reasons for your defending Douglas. My interactions and information indicate that he is beyond the pale. Of course I will not deny that Douglas is very courteous and does not lose his cool in public. He has faced many a threat to his life and is obviously a threat to others. He also cultivates people and reaches out to them. Unfortunately, there is a dark side.
    Can you please explain your reasons for defending him? Do you think, despite the problems, he is the best available?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  154. Punithan,

    KC as far as I know is a maternal uncle of Douglas. I stand to be corrected. I also remember T.C. Rajaratnam who was working for and supporting Douglas for a while, referring to him as a relative of Sankiliyan, our last King! This was however, the height of sycophancy.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  155. University Teachers of Human Rights-Jaffna (UTHR-J)

    What happened to UTHR-Jaffna? It used to be a credible organization which investigated, verified, documented and published articles at regular intervals.

    Since the demise of LTTE, after one article following May 2009 debacle, the organization has gone silent.

    DBSJ Would you be able to find out the details. It is one organization that can credibly bring activities of Devananda’s private army.

  156. Getting “MORE” preferential votes become a joke to you. Better learn the electoral system of Sri Lanka which was introduced by the Tamil’s beloved party UNP!

    Further you cannot bark on the support Douglas enjoy in Jaffna because of the evidence of preferential votes.

    Are you calling Jaffna people “jokers”?

  157. Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    “Although I vehemently disagree with Douglas and condemn what he does, I do not consider him an enemy.”

    Fairly reasonable.

    “Once, you call a person an enemy, this option is closed.


    “I call Douglas a friend because, he will respond to me as a friend ”

    Disagreed. How do you deal with a person who by all acoounts is believed to have committed capital crimes ? Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are !

  158. sivananthan

    Every vote can be traced and can know who casted the ballot

    If ARMY casted ballots, why should it was LESS? They could have voted all the ballots

    Polling agents of all parties agreed and accepted the voting

    votes can be traced by whom?The rajapakshes?Don’t talk like a buffoon.Nothing can be done in srilanka without the approval of the rajapakshes.One day it may come to a stage where even to fart you may have to get their permission.

    Obviously the entire army can;t go and cast their votes fradulently you fool. There are international election monitors i suppose,but they can’t monitor everything.After the election the verdict by such impartial people was that the election was thoroughly flawed and was not upto international standards.

    As for polling agents agreeing everything was hunky dory,this is the first time i heard of it.You must have been one of the polling agents because of your PLOTE connections and being ghandlicker of douglas.If they were silent about it that was because they would have been killed by douglas.

    And for your information mahinda got 44000 votes from the jaffna district in the jan 26th presidential election,whereas devananda got only 28500 that you are crowing so much about at the april 8th parliamentary elections. It clearly shows mahinda,a sinhalese is more popular in the jaffna district than devananda,a tamil. That is why i say mahinda has to get a popular tamils on his side and sideline devananda.

    Furthermore douglas got the 28500 votes after bashing up the SLFP candidates.EPDP did not contest seperately in the parliamentary elections,and contested joinly with SLFP on the UPFA ticket.One week before the election SLFP candidate ramanathan ankarajan and his supporters were attacked by EPDP goons at midnight.It was like a slap to mahinda himself to keep out and let douglas get as much of the preferential vote he can.

  159. yes From what I learned from reading many comments on this column, One of the memers of UTHR-J is Prof. RatnaJeevan Hoole’s brother.

    So you can understand why DD wanted him out of jaffna at all costs. May be that’s why the president is silent / inactive on the issue.

  160. Very true Dr. Eswaran. When Tamil fights a Tamil, we should blame it on the sinhalese. If Prabhakaran kills the cream of the Tamils, blame it on the Sinhalese. If DD and Hool fight, blame it on the Sinhalese of course!

    Common culprits for the usual Tamil Vs Tamil cat fights are the Sinhalese, Chinese, Gota, Rahapaksha, Wimal, JHU, Gunadasa ect ect. Maybe Wimal and Gunadasa Amarasekara flew all the way to Kytes to help Hool and DD fight each other? OR maybe the Chinese are plotting to have these two Gentlemen at each others throats, just so that they can sell chinese made knives to Jaffna? How about you Dr. Eswaran? I bet whenever you and your wife (if there is a person blessed enough to be your wife that is) get in to a fight over who broke wind, you blame it on the sinhalese too?

  161. So what shall we do now.?
    Anonymous/Synonymous, only option or the best available jump to the Indian ocean !

  162. DELETED…………….DBSJ

    Cowardly propagandists like you are not welcome here.Hope you get the message and voluntarily stay away


  163. Mr M.Sivanadan,

    You are an irritation to other readers.

    The whole article is about why Dr Hoole had to leave the country.

    You idiot writing comments without reading the whole article. Enough for God’s sake.

  164. Even academics can’t open their mouths in the North.Then what sought of liberation has the Government brought to the people? ?

  165. I see Dr Narendran and Dr. Nadesan has been critical about Doglas Dev. AS they have treated Doglas before they are in the best position to advice him and give him the proper medicine. Both Dogtors are great leaders of Tamils. They know how to get the maximum benefit for themselves oops sorry for the Damils

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